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Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a lego game of.... Marvel's comic book characters.
If you don't know what Lego is, please, go out and buy a set. Best building
blocks I grew up with. As for Marvel's comic book heroes, uh, I'm sure you
know at least one of them. Watch the movies or read the comics, whatever
floats your boat, but this game mashes the best of those worlds together!
Note: This game follows the comics more than than the movies, IMO.


1= Controls
2= Walkthrough
3= FAQs


I must say, this game is best with a gamepad, preferably the XBOX360
controller, which will work for Windows. As such, in my guide I will be
referring to this controller, so if you are using the Keyboard, refer to
here on which keys are what. XBOX controls are first, followed by the

MOVE LEFT:              Left Stick Left or A
MOVE RIGHT:             Left Stick Right or D
MOVE UP:                Left Stick Up or W
MOVE DOWN:              Left Stick Down or S
TAG:                    XBOX Y or U
SPECIAL:                XBOX B or K
JUMP:                   XBOX A or J
ACTION:                 XBOX X or H
CHARACTER TOGGLE DOWN:  Left Button or Left Ctrl
CHARACTER TOGGLE UP:    Right Button or Space
START/PAUSE:            XBOX Start or Enter
SHOW MAP:               XBOX Back or M
ROTATE MAP:             Right Thumb Stick or R
LOOK LEFT:              Right Thumb Stick Left or L
LOOK RIGHT:             Right Thumb Stick Right or '
LOOK UP:                Right Thumb Stick Up or P
LOOK DOWN:              Right Thumb Stick Down or ;
UP/DIVERT BEAM:         D-Pad Up of F
DOWN:                   D-Pad down
LEFT:                   D-Pad Left
RIGHT:                  D-Pad Right


Before Starting, keep in mind these gameplay tips:

-Beat up whatever object you can see. This will enable you to get "True
Believer" on each level for collecting 100% pieces.
-Typically, using a character's ability means keep mashing the buttons
it says to onscreen. Some characters require you to just hold the button,
so keep that in mind.


Saving Stan: requires Hulk

After the unskippable cut scene, you're in charge of Hulk, and you need to
smash your way through these cars. Once you smash a number of cars though,
sand enemies will form up so you'll need to get rid of them. Once you get
further, you can switch to Iron Man if you haven't already, and shoot the
fire hydrants on either side of the bridge. Shoot at the wall, and once
cracked, switch to Hulk and smash the wall. Then grab the green handles on
the bus by tapping B, and keep tapping to charge the bar until the bus is
dismantled. Once you get to the fuel tanker, switch to Iron Man, press and
hold X to aim shoot at the glittering section of the tanker, and fire. Then
build Green handles using the B button, once built, switch to Hulk and do
what you did with the bus earlier. Fight Abomination using Quick Time Events
(QTE's), either X or B button when it says.

After the cut scene, save at the console at the left, then proceed to grab the
Green handled object a bit to the left. PRess X to aim-throw it at either
of Sandman's hands, then switch to Iron Man to shoot at the glittering white
stuff at the right, then switch to Hulk to grab and X-throw it at the other
Sandman hand.

After you take care of hands, you might hear Stan Lee calling for you. Use
Hulk to jump to the upper left platforms and Hulk smash the thing on the poor
guy. Saving Stan gives lots of money brick pieces, so do so when you can.

Proceed with the story, and beat up the number of guys that poured out of
the train (number of enemies is at the top of the screen). Then proceed
through forward and Sandman will form a wall blocking your path, you need
to switch to Iron man and shoot at the light ball thing on top, when it
blows to pieces, use Iron man to build a water cannon out of it, jump
aboard it and fire at the wall.

Proceed forward and Sandman will build two cannons, after doing so, switch
to Iron Man to shoot the white glittering stuff at the right, and build
Hulk handles with the pieces, switch to Hulk and throw at the green glowing
wall inbetween the cannons.

After the cut scene, use Iron man to shoot at the glittering stuff to the
left, and then switch to Spiderman to pull the handles of the generator
thing (walk up to it and keep tapping B when it says). Then go to the
generator on the right using Spiderman to web sling to the upper platform
to its right, and keep tapping B until the object falls. Use Spiderman to
build Hulk handles, and use Hulk to keep tapping B to launch the thing.

Switch to Spiderman, and spidey sense the Big A sign, and then keep tapping B
to pull the sign. During this short cut scene, it will focus on something you
need to do. Use Spiderman to sling the object at the white targeting reticle,
and then use Hulk to switch to Banner mode, and climb the web rope up, and
switch to Hulk mode and grab the green handles (keep tapping B), and once
you let go, the water tower will blow, use Spidey or Stark to build a water
cannon, and jump aboard and use X to keep firing water at Sandman.

Once Sandman goes down, use Hulk to smash the green glowing wall, and once
you are back in control, go a bit further back, and to the left is an orange
thing for Hulk to smash, after you smash, use Spidey/Stark to build Hulk
handles and X-throw it at Sandman. Hulk smash the green wall that shows up.

Once back in control, Spidey must web shot then activate the switch at the
left, and Iron man must take care of the right. Once the water container
is filled, use Spidey to spideysense it, and then webshot the area atop the
water container. Mission Complete!


From here, activate the control panel to go down into the Helicarrier
control room, and replay missions, or head towards the diving area by
following the trail of brick pieces. You can use Captain America to throw
his shield around here to collect bricks, otherwise proceed to dive.

A slight mini game here, dive through the hoops to earn extra bricks, and
once you land at the park below, you'll see a lampost beside the gate, use
Captain America to bust it, then build a sewer for Mr Reed. Use Reed to go
through, and on the other side of the gate, you'll see a satellite dish
thing, break it, and build something, and use Reed to... use it to open the

So, face the Baxter building, and to the right is a very patriotic thing for
Captain to throw his shield at, and it will bring a ladder down. USe Reed to
climb up, and to the left jump and glide over (took me several tries, it's
jump then at the top of his jump press A again while holding left on the
stick). Activate the panel there, and then pew pew laser will start firing
at you. Use Captain to stand on the emblem at the front of the door, and press
B to deflect the lasers to the center of the area above the door (it looks
like a generator, it should be glittering).

Ah, the good Doctor. Beat up the tentacle things, then proceed up right to
some loose bricks, build something for Reed and then use him to... unscrew
that patriotic thing for Captain to throw his shield at. It will activate an
elevator, go up, small cut scene, then use Captain to use his shield as a 
shield to pass through the flames, and go left and down the ladder (make
sure you let Reed go up the elevator, somehow he'll pass through the flames
if you switch back to Captain). Down this ladder, is what looks like a safe
on the wall, use Reed to pull the object, then build something with the

It's a partiotic thing for Captain, so throw his shield at it, and it will
activate something, and a short scene will reveal a control panel at the
upper floor near the flames, only Reed can operate this so send him up there.
It will activate a laser, so jump atop the red button with Reed, and use
Captain to go down where the laser blew up the pieces, and build a platform
for Captain to deflect the beam to two glowing things below both sides of the
flames, they will look like they are filling up, once they do the Fantasti-
vator will arrive.

To the roof! Save console on the lower part, and then Reed will have to glide
on over to the other side, remember at the top of your jump, press A again to
glide, then spiderbots will show up, fight them off then stand in front of
a red thing atop the wall, and press B followed by BBBBBB, then it will reveal
an opening, build a ladder from the broken pieces, and go up and through,
smash what you can inside here, and build a lever out of these pieces, and
push until the dish rotates around, then, switch back to Captain, jump up
to those blue bars, monkey swinging over to the other building.

Just down the stairs beside the JJ billboard, beat up the stuff here, and
build a Reed platform, then go further right, and throw your shield at the
patriotic thing and it will shut off the airflow where Reed is at, switch
to Reed and go through the grate (if you don't switch, Reed will automatically
go through lol. Now, use Reed to go to that platform Captain built earlier,
and press B, and once that thing Reed injected blows up, build the zip line
on top, and proceed.

Once you cross the zip line, that character will be caught, press Y to switch
to the other character and beat up Doc Oct, once he leaves beat up some
spiderbots, then proceed right. In this small area, you'll notice a green
sign hanging, use Captain to throw his shield at it for brick pieces, then
proceed to where Doc Oct climbed the Hotel sign, use Captain to throw his
shield at the aiming spot, then then aim at the other spot to bring the sign
down. Go up the sign ramp and proceed right.

On this Hotel building, will be spiderbots, beat them up, then further right
is a patriotic thing for Captain to shield, it will reveal a ladder, and go
up and left and into the building. Now, both characters will need to split up,
Capatin through the flames at the right, Reed to the left, Captain will need
to wall jump Titanfall style (lol), while Reed stretches up. For Reed to go
up, Captain has to beat up the roof fan near his Titanfall jumping area, and
build a thing to throw his shield at, to activate the elevator. Once Reed is
up, you might want to beat up some stuff for bricks, otherwise proceed to the
roof jumping point, and have Reed glide over to the next building, and more
spiderbots will show up, beat them up, then at this part where you landed,
beat up the stuff, and build a zip line for Captain.

At this place where Doc Oct is lounging, use Captain to throw his shield at
him, then once he leaves, to the farthest right is a grate for Reed to go
through, and it will go up to where Doc was, press B then BBBBB, then drop
down and build a platform for Reed, and press B to activate a cut scene :D

Save at the save console, then go a little right with Reed and press B to
bring down something to use as a bridge. Spiderbots come over, so beat them
up, then use Spidey to sense the glittery red-blue stuff, it's a place to
climb up on, once Spidey goes up, spidey sense again, beat up the spiderbots,
then press B in front of the object he sensed and BBBBB. That will make a way
for Reed and Captain to get up, then go right. Beat up the part to the left of
this fence, and build a control panel for Reed, then use Reed to activate it.

Go to the next building, and beat up all the spiderbots, then head right and
use Reed on the Reed platform. Reed will activate slinging spots for Spidey,
so switch to Spidey and web sling both spots, and pull down the billboard.

Here, Doc Oct will make a hole in the wall, so beat up the spiderbots here
then follow him through. It's boss time! After the cut scene, save at the
console to the right, and then proceed to beat up the Doc. To beat him, you
have to wait until his foot get's stuck, you'll notice this by the green
circle that shows up below his stuck foot, use a character to stand on the
circle and press that characters fight button, continue beating up spiderbots
until the next time Doc gets his foot stuck, and repeat this. Once the Doc
is down to one arm, you can target him directly, so beat him up to end the


Saving Stan: requires Magneto

In control of Hawkeye, have target practice in front by shooting at aiming
points to that building across. Your main target points are at the bottom
most of the building, shoot arrows there, then head backwards down the ramp
and to the right, then go forward to that building you were shooting at and
do the monkey bars jump over the pit. Just a little to the left is a wall
jumping Titanfall part, use Black Widow first to go up because only she can
use the control panel up there (GASP). PRess X on the arrows, it will shut
off the power so that you can proceed through the allow back down there.

Go through the alley, and use Hawkeye to open the gate. Go up to the Oscorp
building with Black Widow, activate her cloak, then go to the switch and
pull it. Enter a cut scene!

Back in control, trying to head right will close the door, so use Black Widow
to use the control panel. Pay attention here, when Black Widow uses the panel,
the Oscorp screen beside her will have these colors flash, in the order that
the colors flash, press X on the dot of that color to open the door.

Proceeding right, you might have to deal with Oscorp employees who ar baddies,
so beat them up, in this room on the ceiling is spots for Spidey to pull
down more brick pieces, then switch to Hawkeye to shoot at the glittering
fridge-looking thing. Build a control panel out of those pieces for Black
widow to use. Once the door is open, proceed right and then Goblin will
bust through, closing down the emergency shutters. Switch to Spidey to use
spidersense, then sling the door open.

Once through, Goblin is shootable, so shoot him and it will trigger him to
bring a lift down, opening a way for you. Use Spidey to spidersense this area,
this will allow Spidey to climb up the wall, and use him to web shot a part
further up, it will bring some stuff down and then it will activate a ladder
for Hawkeye and Black Widow to go up. USe HAwkeye to shoot the glittery box
up top, and it will open a path for him to shoot a arrow up to create a rope
to go up.

Go further up, and Goblin will bust through again, and you fight more Oscorp
employees. Once at the blockade, use Spidey to spidersense and web shot the
two parts that appeared, and then once it reveals a shootable spot, use
Hawkeye to shoot at it, then an opening will appear. Use Black Widow to get
through this area, and then at the right, jump and she'll grab hold and pull
a lever, then use Spidey to sling the newly revealed spot. Cut scene!

Once down the chute, beat up the pieces here, then use Hawkeye to shoot the
glittery part above, and then build a ladder using those pieces you just
beat up earlier. Up the ladder is a save console! Then proceed right and
beat up the venomous baddies. Once done, you towards where Venom was, and
you'll see an Oscorp sign with 2 glittery shooting spots above, use
Hawkeye to shoot them, then spidersense there to reveal web slinging spots
for Spidey. Pull it, and it will reveal a ladder going up. On the second
floor, watch out for symbiote traps, they have this black oozing look on the
ground, if you get stuck, just keep pressing A.

On the 3rd floor, is a Black Widow control panel, once she activates it, the
large cylinder that rotates will reveal Hawkeye targets, so use him to shoot
them. Once his arrows are in place, use Black Widow to monkey bar up to a
place where she needs to cloak, and then use her to flip the switch, and a
set of ladders will activate, so climb them once they're done.

A save console is here, then proceed right until a scene shows Venom going
into a room. Just beat up the obstacles blocking your path here, and go
further right, and you'll see 2 web shooting spots for Spidey, shoot and pull
them, then pieces will be ejected out of that thing, then build something for
Hawkeye to shoot an arrow to. Use Black Widow to monkeybar up there, and use
the control panel up there. You will then need to rotate some Lego pieces,
use your directional buttons to place the cursor on a piece, then press X to
rotate them. They need to form a pattern like this:

-|  ---|
 |  |  |_
Sorry if that looks crude, but I'm sure you'll see it. This will open the
place where Venom was, and more doors will open, so proceed to that larger
part of the room you were in, and inside the two large containment rooms
beside the door Venom went through, are Red buttons on the floor. Use a
character to jump on them to activate them, and then the door will open. It
will reveal some bad guys, so beat them up, then proceed to destroy what you
can in this little room, including the flashing light on the wall to the
right. Once all the pieces are in, build something for Spidey to web shot
and pull for some loud noise :P

Go through, and you are automatically in the next area. In this part, is Stan
Lee, but you'll need Magneto, so come back later. Further ahead is a save
console, and a cut scene, then some baddies to beat up. On either side of the
room glittery panels for Hawkeye to shoot, they will reveal web shot handles
for Spidey, so clear the spot in the middle of the room, and use Spidey to
stand there and web those handles and pull. Go further, and cut scene!

Mini bosss time. Or Boss time. There's a lot of baddies here, so make short
work of them, and a scene will happen where Venom jumps atop something, and
it will scatter pieces on the floor, build a boombox with Spidey, and when
Venom is going crazy, you can attack him directly, then he'll destroy the
boombox, and jump away. Beating up some more baddies will reveal the next
switch, and use a character to pull the level, and it will reveal a turret
to use, so use a a character to jump on it, and aim the flames up at Venom,
and you can attack him directly again, then once you punch him he'll
destroy the flamethrower, and to the right will be a place for Spidey to use
spidersense, and it will reveal web handles for Spidey to shoot at, and once
you pull them, pieces will fall to the floor, so build something for someone
to shoot at, and it will cause Venom to be attackable again, so hit him for
the final hit. Mission complete!


Ah, an open world lol. You can GTA someone's car, and drive it using Iron Man.
There are sidequests and stuff, but this is a story walkthrough section, so
I will be dealing with the story here. Drive (or fly, walk, however you want)
to the direction markers on your map, it's a pier on the edge of the city.
Once there, drop down to the pier, and use Stark to shoot the container that
is on the boat. Once you do, a sailor Captain guy will come down, talk to him,
and he'll say you need a ticket. A scene will show you a garage that opens, so
go back up to the higher ground, and build something out of the pieces inside
that garage, and then a ticket will pop out, so pick it up. Go back down to
the captain, and jump into the boat.

Once at the prison, head on to the main doors, and use Hulk to open them, and
then switch to Stark to shoot the part in the middle. Go on through for a cut
scene. Here we'll meet some new characters, including Wolverine. Then
suddenly we'll be outside, and it's raining. Go on through, and bad guys will
come out of the door in front, beat them up, then drop through the broken
fences to the right, to proceed.

When you go down near the bridge, it will get washed away, so you need to
switch to Iron Man, and fly over to the other side, build a lever from the
parts shown in the cut scene, and push it counter-clockwise to bring the
bridge back up. Have the rest of the gang join you, and go up the dirt
path, and at the top of the ramp, is a diggable spot for Wolverine, use him
to dig up some pieces, and build Hulk Handles. Switch to Hulk to grab hold
of the wall and pull, and some baddies will come out. Beat them up, then
switch to Wolverine, and go right on the outside, and his senses will tingle
a spot to the farthest right to climb up. Climg up, and attack the yellow
stuff to the upper right, and have him stick his claws into it to activate
the elevator for Hulk.

Once Hulk goes up, alarms will trip, and you will need to switch to Stark
to take out the turrets you will see in the cut scene, so pay attention. Have
Stark fly, and lock on via the X button. Once the turrets are taken care of,
switch to Hulk to pull out the green handles, and proceed through.

Switch to Wolverine, and Sense once he gets near to the left, and it will
reveal a place to climb up. Go up, and pull down what looks like a lever, but
it's actually a ladder, and proceed up and right to slash at the yellow
shining wall. Activate the console with Stark, and then the main gate will
open. Barge on through, and at the far end, Hulk smash the wall. Go through
it for a cut scene!

And you'll be near a save console, so save up. Going forward will trigger a
Leader to create a barrier, and he will  draw in some glittery objects for
Stark to fire at. Do so while paying attention to incoming baddies, and once
the shield is down, take down the Leader. Be careful, as he can mind control
a party member, rendering them useless, so I suggest using Hulk to take him
down. Going further, and to the right, is a place for Wolverine to Sense a
wall to slice up, and slicing that wall will reveal another place to Sense,
a way to climb up to the second floor. Have Wolverine stick his claws into it,
then a gated area will open up, so go through there with your party.

A scene shows Abomination, so go forward and further right, beat up some
baddies, and to the farthest right, near the big generator thing, beat up some
pieces to build a control panel there for Stark to use. After Whiplash gets
electrocuted, have Wolverine Sense, and it will reveal Hulk handles, so
switch to Hulk to grab and pull. Once Abomination falls, a zip line will pop
out, so have Stark fly up there (I know lol), and aim a shot at the chains
binding the door, and go through, blasting another door, until you get to an
area where Stark has to shoot a glittery thing (aim shot), then build a thing
for Wolverine to stick his claws into, and the main gate where Sabertooth
went is now open. You can go out the window here, and head to the big door.

Beat up some guys, and to the left of the big desk, is a panel for Stark to
use. When the map screen shows up, just press X on the question marks, you
have to go over each one until you see Sabertooth, so go up to the center
of the room, and wait for Stark to bring the elevator down. Once the door
opens, go through for a cut scene.

You will now be on an elevator, and there's a save console in the foreground.
Save up, and proceed to kick a lot of butt. I suggest using Hulk to kick
butt, and then once you kick enough butts, Magneto will stop the elevator,
and then you'll have to switch to Wolverine to build something for Hulk out
of the fallen rubble. Use Hulk to throw the object at Sabertooth, and this
goes on 2 times, and on the third time, there will be two items to build for
Hulk, and two platforms to throw at. Afterwards, cut scene!

Back in control, there's a save console to the left, at the white circle, and
after that, you need to go to the dirt patch beside Abomination. Don't go
there when he's still near it, it will breathe bad breath at you if you go
near him. Once he's distracted, dig and then build a ladder to go up. Up and
to the right, have Wolverine Sense, then climb up and use the giant
flashlight. Aim it at Abomination, then a meter will fill up, and wait for
the cut scene to end. Then proceed to the right of the screen, and have
Wolverine Sense again, and then switch to Hulk, and have him pick up
rubble by pressing B, then aim-throw it at the shining box. Have Wolverine
build something to jump on out of those tires, and make sure to keep
Abomination away because it's frustrating trying to jump up while he's
burping. Once you get on top of the containers, go right and wall jump up
to the top platform, and have Wolverine stick his claws into the object, and
same thing as before, aim the light at Abomination, then beat up time with

After that cut scene, you'll see a new door open up, and stay open. Go there,
and the lift will bring you up, and jump up on the monkeybar thing and jump
up again, when up here, a new door will open up, beat up the guys, then use
the switch inside that new room. Go back out, and beat up the only object
outside to have pieces to build a claw machine for Wolverine, and use it.
Then shine the light again at Abomination, then beat him up with Hulk and it's
mission complete!


Saving Stan: Requires Sandman

Go to that Ferry you rode earlier to get to the mainland, and once there
follow the purple line to the objective. I suggest "borrowing" someone's car
because it's quite a ways off. Once there, switch to Captain, and aim at the
"A" in the Stark sign on the Stark Building, and throw Captain's shield at
it. It will reveal a patriotic thing to throw his shield at, so do it again.

After the cut scene, look up to the left side, on top of the barrier door, is
a thing to throw at, use Captain to throw his shield at it. Once the barrier
goes down, have Captain beat up everything in the room, and then build
something for Stark, and have Stark use the control panel. While Stark is
pressing buttons on his calculator (lol), you need to use your joystick to
move the mouse cursor over the dot on top of the vertical beams on screen,
and it will partially disable the other barriers blocking your path. Switch
to Captain, and when a barrier goes down, pass through, and once you pass the
3rd barrier, a laser cannon will pop up, and you need to run over a bit to
the right to stand on a Captain spot, press B to deflect the beam back at
the cannon, 3 times and it's toast. Pieces will come out of it, so build a
control panel for Stark to use.

When Stark uses the control panel, the camera will move a bit to a part behind
the glass doors, and you will be in control of a floating drone thing. You
have to guide it up and right, use the A button to raise altitude, then press
Down to bring it through the opening above the glass wall, and guide it to the
right where the blue arrow is pointing down, and it will open a suit for

Now a scene shows Aldrich, so go up to that barrier door, and have Stark aim
at the object above this barrier, and have Captain throw his shield at it to
open the barrier.

Up to the next area, is a save console at the white circle, and some baddies
show up, beat them up, and you might notice Stan up to the bottom left, you
can't save him now as you need another character, so just remember that. Go
a bit further right, and go up and you'll see a white circle, pull that lever
and it will open up the next control panel, go to it with Stark, and use it
and keep pressing X to move Captain to the other side, then switch to
Captain, move over the flames using your shield, and break the control panel
at the end, and the barrier will come down, and Stark will rejoin you.

Beat up the bad guys here, and you'll notice a barred door with white glittery
fasteners, use Stark to aim-shoot them, then switch to Captain to monkeybar up
and to the right, go further right and back into the room, and you should see
what looks like more monkeybars to the upper left of this entrance, and have
Captain jump and pull the lever down, and Stark will rejoin you.

Go to the right, until you see another of those vertical blowers, use Stark to
shoot at the white thing hanging on the wall, shoot twice to drop all the
peices, breaking the fan, so you can no go down. Beat up some baddies after
the short scene, and then destroy the box in front of the barriers to reveal
a Captain spot, then use Stark to go right and destroy a door fastened by
white glittery locks, and switch to Captain to wall jump up and to the left,
and push that thing from the green side that the baddie was pushing in the
short cut scene earlier, and switch to Stark to aim-shoot at the revealed
section of this turntable.

Lasers are now firing at that Captain spot earlier, so have Captain deflect
the beams to the blue squares on both sides of the large circle-door, and
go through the door and destroy the box in the middle to reveal another
Captain circle, and baddies will push a laser to shoot at you, have Captain
deflect the laser back at the laser cannon, then beat up the baddies and use
the destroyed laser pieces to build handles to pull on, have Captain pull
one bar, and Stark to pull the other, and it will open the door to the next

Beat up the baddies in here, then have Captain shot his shield at the
patriotic things on either side of the wall at the end of this room, and it
will have lasers pointing to the Captain spot in front of Jarvis, so deflect
the laser to the right side of where the left laser is pointing at, and once
Jarvis is partially restored, use Stark to stand on the white circle. Once he
has his Mark 42 suit, you can use the laser on that box to the right by
pressing and holding B, once you're done, face that golden square wall, fire
and use your laser to cut out a square opening on that golden wall. Cut scene!

Save at the foreground, and proceed to kick butt. The pattern is, beat up
baddies, then when Mandarin controls Stark's mind, use Captain to beat up
Mandarin, and Aldrich will come towards you and beat him up. This happens
3 times, and after Aldrich is defeated, Mandarin will use the Hulk Buster,
to do this part, beat up all the baddies, and when you see a arch bar on top
of the Mandarin, use Captain to aim-throw his shield at Mandarin, then after
the house party protocol is enabled, wait until Mandarin destroys all the
suits, then build something for Captain out of the fallen pieces once all the
suits are destroyed. Then throw Captain's shield at the device, and then one
last throw at the Mandarin, and then switch to Stark and aim and fire the
laser at the gold circle on Mandarin's back. Mission Complete!


You can have fun on the Helicarrier, but to continue the story, head to the
rear of the Helicarrier, and to the diving spot and jump off. You need to
land on the street, if you land on the roof of that building, make your way
down to the street and "borrow" a car, and follow the purple line objective.
It will update your location as you move, so follow some more.

Once at the objective, as you head forward, switch to Black Widow and activate
Stealth, and have her flip the switch. It's a false location, so get back in
your car, and head to the objective marked on the map. At this part, look to
the buildings along the road, and the store is a sushi place, it has a
shrimp logo on the glass window, use Hawkeye to shoot at the thing on the
top of the store door, and pull pieces down, and build something out of them.

Shoot an arrow at the Hydra logo, and then jump on the trampoline to grab onto
the arrow you just shot, and monkeybar up and the Hydra logo will rotate,
revealing an opening. Head through and to the next area you go!

Switch to Black Widow and go through the security lasers to ride the elevator
up. Once up, go left and wall jump up and beat up what you can up here. It
will deactivate the lasers, and Hawkeye will join you. Build something out
of the pieces that fell, and then use Black Widow to jump up and pull the
lever, and while she's still holding on, switch to Hawkeye to shoot the
white glittery spot that was revealed. It will stop this thing from rotating,
so jump on it and move right to the next part.

Beat up what you can to the right, and then build something out of those
pieces, which is a control panel for Black Widow, so let her use it, and
you need to move the mouse cursor over the tubings, and press X to rotate
them to link from one end to the other. Go through the tunnel for a cut scene.

From where you are standing, is a save console, and from here, facing the
save console, head right and down to the lower platform, and have Johnny
flame the golden wall in the shape of the cut out, and then a console will
appear for Black Widow, now on the screen, are 3 puzzles, you have to rotate
the four corners of the fan box so that the white laser beams match up with
the design you saw onscreen, using the mouse cursor and press X to rotate.
Once all 3 puzzles are solved, the bridge is formed, so head up to it and

On the other side of the bridge, is something in the wall with the same
colors, and a handlebar on the right. You might know already, but you can
have Johnny burn up the gold thing beside it. Anyways, pull the handle down,
and it will activate the lift, so go on it and go up, and after the short
scene, go further left and up until you see the security laser, Black Widow
through the door, and beat up the parts attached to the electric wire thing,
and it will allow the others to go through.

Switch to Hawkeye and fire an arrow at the red loop, and you can make it
funny by switching to Johnny and fly over, and the other characters will
follow on their own. Further right is a console for Black widow, first have
Hawkeye jump up onto a rope, and Black widow's control panel will make her
move it to the other side, once Hawkeye is over, switch to him and shoot the
red loop right beside up, pull it, and it will reveal a handlebar, pull that
and it will reveal a golden thing for Johnny to burn, do so, and it will
reveala spot for Hawkeye to shoot an arrow, revealing monkeybars for Black
Widow to jump on over to the other side.

Head further right, switch to Black Widow, and go Stealth. To cross, wait for
the bridge parts to rotate, and stand on one part and let it turn to the
other side. From here, go up to the control panel and switch it. Now, as
Hawkeye, go further right and stand on the yellow painted part on the
floor, and fire an arrow to the red loop, and when you pull it open, bad
guys will come out, beat them up and go through.

We are in a new area. Save, then as Johnny, burn through the golden wall,
and a ladder is revealed, climb up, beat up the baddies, then have Hawkeye
shoot at the white glittery stuff here, and once they are destroyed, build
using those pieces, a wall jump area to go up, so go up there, beat up the
baddies, then use Black Widow stealth forward and to the control panel you
saw in the short scene, and use it, and the guns will destroy each other,
revealing a new type of enemy. They have golden armor, so use Johnny to burn
them up, keep doing so until their armor goes out, beat them up, then go
through the door.

Boss time! Save at the left, then beat up the baddies, and as Captain America
deflect a Red Skull shot back at him, then beat him up, and Zola will
activate the guns, and baddies will appear, take care of the baddies, then
shut off the guns, first on the right, pull down the lever that appeared,
then use Johnny to burn the gold, then beat up the object that slotted out,
and then to the gun on the left, there are some pieces near it, build a
patriotic thing for Captain to throw his shield at, then once the golden
wall is revealed, use Johnny to burn it, then beat the thing that pops out.

Red Skull will go back to his old spot, so use Captain to beat him up, then
the last two cannons will activate, and it is just the opposite side of the
above solution. Once Red Skull goes back to his old spot, beat him up and
it's mission complete!


You'll be outside the city, so "borrow" a car, and follow the purple objective
marker. You'll run into Thor, who will open a Stargate Wormhole that you fly
though like those diving sessions. Only this time, there's obstacles, and
they will hurt and lower your health, so keep an eye out for those.

Once you're at the other side, to your right is a save console. Now, have
Johnny fire up the place surrounding the center, including the monument. Or
you can simply Flame on and walk around the ice, it'll melt too XD Now
some pieces will be revealed, so build something, then switch to Thor and
press-hold X on the monument to charge it up, and it will open up the next

Go through, and this next area is very simple: brawl you're way through, and
once you reach the other side, if you switch to Thor and approach Loki, he
will mind control him, so switch to another character to beat up Loki, then
he will vanish, so have Johnny Flame On and melt the ice on the door, and
use Thor's hammer to aim-throw at the door, and go through.

This next area has a save at the left, and you have to beat em up again. Once
the baddies are finished, send a flying character up to Loki, Johnny or Thor,
Loki will mind control one of them so send the other up to beat up Loki,
then he will scram again, and leave some rubble up there. Beat up the fallen
pillars, then build something with the pieces. Once the bridge is built,
switch to Wolverine to Sense and climb the wall to the right, and then further
right is a place to stick his claws into. It will open up the area below, and
the gang will pile in. Switch to Thor and press-hold B to charge and release
an electric wave, and then walk up to the thing on the wall and press-hold X
to activate it, and the other door will open.

Beat up the baddies, then have Johnny burn up the golden statue here, and use
the pieces to build something for the Captain. Throw his shield at is, and it
will reveal a lever to push, push it from the green side and stairs will
form up. Up on this second level, is Loki, going closer will cause one party
member to be incapacitated, so switch to someone to beat up Loki. Now switch
to Wolverine, and SENSE and dig at the dirt spot, build those pieces for him
to stick his claws into. It will reveal a thing for Thor to charge and
electrify, and once you do that, the lift will activate, bringing the whole
gang up to the upper level. Have Wolverine SENSE to the right and it will
reveal a crack o nthe statue, have Thor throw his hammer, and the head will
fall revealing a golden spot for Johnny to burn up, and that in turn will
reveal pieces, build them and it will reveal a path to the right, and
Loki will run for it, follow him with Wolverine, and when you see the real
Loki, go towards him, and he will control that character, so use another to
beat him up, and he'll cause more damage and leave, so build something of
those pieces for the Captain to throw his shield at. It will open a door, so
go through it to the next area.

Ah, boss fight. Save is on the right, and you'll need to beat up a lot of
baddies until one of them mention how indestructible the Destroyer is, so
build a Captain stand out of the pieces, so that Captain can deflect the beams
at Loki, and once Loki is stunned, switch to Thor and go to the spot to press
X, and then do this 3 times, beat up baddies, build Captain spot, deflect,
Destroy, and when the Destroyer is defeated, switch to Wolverine to SENSE the
real Loki, in which Loki will control Wolverine, so send someone to beat up
Loki, and it's mission... .complete? Where'd it go? :D


Saving Stan: requires a "Hulk" class character

Take control of Jean, and go up to the mansion's front door, then go right
and press B near Stan to control him and have him build the rest of the
water piping. Then press and hold B to manipulate the wheel, and the
fires will be doused. Go right, and press-hold B to move the piece onto
the wall mount using your directional buttons, and then a door will open,
so go on through.
Once you are in the mansion, to the left, use Cyclops burning eyes to melt the
golden thing, and then have Jean manipulate the bookcase, and it will reveal
a switch, use the switch and the students on that side are free. Move on to
the right, at the rubble blocking the stairs, beat up the rubble then use the
pieces to build stairs, then go up those stairs and have Jean manipulate the
poster of herself, and it will reveal a golden wall for Cyclops to eye-beam an
X out of them, and pieces will fall out, build a switch out of them and have
someone pull the switch, and then those students are free.

A scene happens with Juggernaut barging through a door, so follow him. In this
next area, is a save console, then go right until you see Juggernaut crash
through the wall, and then he bashes through a door. Use Jean to mind-control
the person on the other side of this burning debris, and move him into the
first place Juggy broke through, and build something out of those pieces on
the floor. I will water sprinkle a door, so use Jean to manipulate the door
into an opening, and go through and further right to beat up some baddies. Use
Cyclops to burn that gold object near the 2nd bashed door Juggy went through,
and then use Jean to manipulate that broken door to go through.

Hello Storm! Walk up to and switch to her, then keep pressing X, until Toad
is lighted up. Then switch to Jean, and go behind this table, and manipulate
the chair forward (facing you), then have Cyclops destroy the Piano for some
funky dancing, and then build a chair out of the piano's pieces. Have Jean
manipulate that chair, and then move to the right side of the room, near the
fireplace, have Storm hover over the flames to put them out, and have Jean
manipulate the chair. It will reveal a place for Storm to charge up, and
that will open up a hole for the students to escape. Afterwards, baddies will
arrive with a barrier closing behind them, so beat them up, and have Cyclops
fire at the golden part, and something will stick out. Have Jean manipulate
it, and it will reveal a spot for Storm to charge up. Once the barrier opens,
go on through.

This next area has a save right beside you, then have Storm hover on over to
the right, and you'll see Iceman and... fire dude, switch to Iceman when
prompted, and keep pressing B till Fire is frozen. Then have Iceman beat up
the fountain near you, and freeze the water until Juggy and Collosus is
covered, then walk up your new ice stairs to the upper floor. Go right,
douse the flames, and have Cyclops beam the golden part, and when it
explodes, have Iceman freeze the water on the other side till a bridge is
formed. Cross, beat up the baddies, then have Jean manipulate the overgrowth,
and then have Cyclops beam through the gold (Cutout the shape of the door).

In this next area, is a save console, and beat up the baddies, then have Jean
Manipulate the bookshelf to the left of the flatscreen TV (?), and mind
control the guy on the other side to pull the lever, then something on the
floor will be revealed, step on the pieces as it says on the TV, then an
escape tunnel will open for the students. Once MAgneto is done talking,
baddies will bust through on the second floor, beat them up, then build a
platform for Jean to manipulate. It can hold only one at a time, so switch
to a character, jump on, then switch to Jean to manipulate it. Once everyone
is aboard, have Cyclops destroy the Grandfather clock, it just creates a
ladder in case someone falls XD Have Iceman douse the flames near the big
door, then have Jean manipulate the pieces to create a bridge, and have
Cyclops burn the golden hinges off the doors. Go forth!

A save console in front of you! Hey, remember this place? :D Head right, and
a short scene with Juggy will happen, make your way up to that upper floor
with Iceman leading the way putting out fires (remember he can only put out
lego type fires, not the 3D graphics fires). Put out the fires where
Juggy tripped, and build two things there with those pieces. It's a blue
and a red statue, have Jean manipulate them onto their respective colors.
It will reveal a spot for Storm to Charge up, so have her hover in front of
it and press-hold X to charge it. It will open a hole in the wall, so walk
into there to trigger a cut scene.

Bossing time! To beat Juggy, you have to use Jean to grab what Juggy is
throwing by manipulating it, and it will get thrown back at him, then where
he lands, put out the fires, and build a lever from the pieces he was sitting
on, and this lever will attach to one of the garage doors, have one character
hang on each of the bars, and the garage will open, and a box will fall out.
Beat up this box, and use the pieces to build a boombox, which Juggy will
crash into, and use Iceman to freeze the water underneath him, and then use
Jean to throw him. Repeat this a second time, except instead of building
handle to hang on, you build a console for Beast to use, and then beat up the
parts that fall out, and use Ice or Jean to build a clock, Juggy will crash
into it, use Ice to freeze the water and Jean to throw him again. Last part,
Juggy will throw something and it will crash and scatter debris around, build
at the glittery colors a console for Beast to use, and it will bring up a
screen. You must move the mouse cursor over the directional arrows, and then
move the thing onscreen to Juggy's location on the screen. Then when his
helmet is removed, use Jean to mind control him, and you can beat up some
baddies with Juggy, but our main concern is to make him grab those green
handles and pull them, then switch to Ice and freeze Juggy, then finally
Jean can manipulate-throw him away. Mission Complete!


Saving Stan: requires a character with SENSING (Spidey)

"Borrow" a car, and head to the objective marked on the map. Have Invis
woman manipulate the ice cream cart, and build a Reed platform out of the
pieces that fell out. Have Reed step on and activate, and once the
Fantasticar is revealed, jump aboard!

When you jump off the Fantasticar, it's a dive, so you can gather pieces,
but they are rather hard to see because of the snow effects. Once you land,
there's a save console on lower left foreground, then have Ben wreck the
stuff beside the save console, and there will be something for him to grab,
grab it and look up to the breakable wall, and when it says X, press X to
throw the object at the wall. Now, beside the purple mat on the floor is a
red loop for Reed to grab and pull, and once the pieces scatter, use Invis
Woman to manipulate them, it's 3 pieces, just stack one beside two so that
you can jump to the upper floor. Once up there, have Reed go up to the left
where Ben threw the object, and Reed will climb up, have him go until you see
a lever, pull it down, then have Invis Lady go up the ladder, beat the baddie
then stand on the platform to the right, and aim the beam to the sat dish's
pin in the middle, keep it there until a scene shows a bridge is formed.

Cross the bridge, and further right, after the scene, have Ben grab and pull
the green handles, and then use Invis to build a platform for Reed, and use
Reed on it, he'll reveal a control panel, so use him on it, and you need to
move the mouse cursor over the red X onscreen, and press X. A bridge will be
formed, so cross it, and have Ben destroy the glowing wall, and have Invis
manipulate the objects, line them each with the purple lines on the wall.

Once up there, use Invis to turn invisible by pressing B, then go into the
little room beneath the security laser, and stand on the button on the floor
and manipulate the object, and pieces will burst on the upper floor. Use Reed
outside to stand on the white circle, and use Reed to bungie up there, beat
up all the baddies then build a lever and push it to kill the lasers. Use
Ben to go up these stairs and clobber the wall, then use Invisy to manipulate
the object on the upper floor. It will reveal a grate for Reed to go through,
send him up there and you need to jump glide to the other side. Have him grab
and pull the red loop, then build a platform out of the pieces and let him
use it to transform and unlock the bridge and gate below.

Save console beside you, then head down the stairs, and have Ben clobber the
wall, but then a baddie will kill the bridge, so have Invisy go invisible,
go into the door and beat up the baddie, then go further right until you can
manipulate an object, pull the plug then have Reed use the console the
baddie used earlier. Stan is in this area, so keep that in mind for future
playthroughs. Cross the bridge, then have Reed pull on the red loop to bring
a ladder down. Climb up, then have Ben grab the green handled thing, and
throw it at the glowing wall across, then the laser will destroy something,
build a platform out of those pieces for Invisy, and have her deflect the
laser to the other side of the bridge, then cross the bridge. Beat up what
baddies are left, and then go to the upper left and have Ben grab the green
handles to reveal a ladder.

Climb up to see Fury, and then use Johnny to burn the golden thing on the
wall, then flip the switch, and use Invisy to walk up to the turret up
there and manipulate it, once it's done turning, you have to flip the
switch again, and the laser will reveal a small room, beat up the stuff
inside then have Reed pull the red loop, and that will cause the main
elevator to come down. Have Ben stand on the green part in the middle of
the elevator, and on to the next area!

Save console is behind the elevator. Those windows Goblin was crashing
through? Beat up enough baddies and then build something out of those for
Ben to throw at Goblin, and when Goblin falls, beat him up (preferably with
Ben), and the second time around, beat up enough baddies, then build a
racket for Invisy to manipulate, and she'll swat Goblin, beat him up again,
and then beat up enough baddies again, and Goblin will crash through a
window, at that window build something out of the pieces for Reed, have
Reed use the platform, and it'll... knock Goblin off? Beat him up and
it's mission complete!


Saving Stan: Requires magnetic characters (like Magneto)

This level has sections for the following Character(s):
-Captain America
-Telekinetic character (other than Jean)

If you are Stark, try not to fly off the Helicarrier :D Dive off the rear
of the ship, and if you landed somewhere in the city instead of in the
drink, make your way to the water via the purple line guides. For fun I
just went and swam over to the boat. Nearing it will trigger a cut scene.

Once inside, beat up the baddies, then beat up the stuff in this very
same place you arrived at. Build a control panel out of the pieces for
Stark, it will douse flames to your right, then have Stark burn a cutout
of the golden wall, then have Spidey SENSE in here, climb the wall, then once
up there, SENSE again and web shot the red loop pieces and pull. Further right
is Stan, but we need Magneto or similar, so leave him for now (sorry guy :P)
Now have Spidey go down to the rest of the flames, SENSE, and pull the red
loops. Destroy the stuff the fire was burning, then build a charge station
for Thor to use.

Go on through, and there'll be some baddies. Going further right will reveal
more baddies, and that section will be closed. Go right down the steps, all
the way until you see a boat, have Stark fly to the top of it, aim-shoot at
the white boxes, and have Thor go up there and charge the thing. Switch to
Spidey to SENSE the thing the arm moved, and pull the red loops. It will
reveal some pieces, build a control panel out of them for Stark. Okay, this
will let you control an underwater drone, Right Trigger is to move forward,
and just crash into the two red things underwater, and pick up that lego piece
down there while you're at it (get it before hitting the red spots).

Cross the bridge, and have Stark burn the golden box at the other end. Build
a charge spot out of the pieces that came out, and have Thor zap it. Go up
to the part where Doom went, and it's a mini boss battle! Straightforward is
this one, simply beat up the baddies, and hit Modok when he falls to Earth.
This goes on for 3 times, but the 3rd time you might want to beat up baddies,
then take a shot at Modok, I don't think you have to keep beating up the
baddies, but it was going on for a while until I had Stark fire at Modok.
Once he's defeated, cut scene!

And you're underwater! Have Thor beat up that sunken mini fighter-sub thing,
and crack the floor beneath. A whirlpool comes out, so build something out of
those peieces near you, and have Spidey SENSE the starfish, and pull the red
loops. Baddies will come out, beat them up then proceed up the ramp and right,
going further right , until Stark asks Jarvis something, have Spidey SENSE in
this area, and pull the red loops on the temple looking thing. Then have
Thor destroy the wall, beat up the rest of the temple pieces if you can't get
past, beat up some baddies, then proceed further. When you reach a ramp going
up-left, to the right of this ramp is another special piece.

Now go up the ramp, and have Stark shoot at the wall blocking your way, then
have Thor smash the wall. Go forward, and have Stark burn the four golden
spots on the tentacles hugging the pillar, then have Spidey SENSE and web-
pull the pillar down. Make your way forward, and baddies will swim to you,
then make your way to the crashed sub and Thor-smash the wall. And that is
mission complete lol.


Saving Stan: Requires a cosmic powered character

This level has sections for the following Character(s):
-Telekinetic character

I suggest switching to Reed, and jump off the Helicarrier at the dive spot
in front of you. Dive onto the glowing red circle on your map, and then
press Y to jump into the plane.

After the cut scene, have Hulk keep pressing B until they break out, then go
right, and have hulk jump into the Ninja Turtles goo, and break the wall
there. Then move right while the rest of the team jumps on the platforms,
and use Hulk to climb the ladder and bust the yellow wall there. Have
Wolverine stick his claws there, and have Reed go down to the object that
rolled out and beat it up to build a platform for Reed. Use it, and once
the Liberty hand moves away, have Hulk go down the steps and onto the ooze,
and pull the Green handles near here, and then have Wolverine go to the edge
of the floor he's one and SENSE and climb the walls to the side along the
yellow-blue brick path you see, and have him slash the yellow wall, then have
Reed press B on the red loop, jump up and glide along and operate the control
panel that Wolverine revealed. Before you keep pressing X, move Hulk onto the
elevator, then have Reed bring the elevator up, and Hulk will be below you.
Have Hulk grab the green handle thing, and throw it on the glowing yellow
part on the wall, then when Liberty moves her hand, jump over the bridges and
to the right.

Here, switch to Reed, and have him use the control panel, and when the
platform rotates over, Wolverine should jump on, let go of the control panel
and it should rotate back. Have Reed to the furthest right and go through
the grate, and he'll come out the other side. Beat up the baddies, then have
Hulk grab the green handle things on either side of this part, and have
Wolverine stick his claws into both places. Then have Hulk stand in front of
the elevator here, on the biggest orange piece on the floor, and the other
two members will stand on their places. Go up!

In this next area, is a save console, and have Hulk grab the green handles
blocking your way, and make your way through without touching the yellow
electric things. On the other side, have Wolverine stick his claws into
the yellow thing, and right here is a zip line to Stan. You can't save him
now, so come back here later. Make your way right through these double
pikachu things, and then have Hulk grab the green handles and pull, then use
Wolverine to SENSE and climb the wall up, then beat up the baddies. Go right,
and SENSE and wall climb around the reactor, and beat up the baddie below and
stick his claws into the thing. Have the rest of the gang join up past the
reactor, beat up the baddies, then have Reed grab and pull the red loop on
the door, and go to the next area.

A cut scene, and you're inside some steel :D Save console is here, and to
the left of it is a place for Wolverine to SENSE and climb the wall, have
him stick his claws into the thing, and have Reed and Hulk jump onto the
elevator thing, and have Reed go through the grate. Once he's out on the
other side, beat up the only thing standing in here, and build a loop for
him to use, and grab it and pull. Stay in control of Reed, and Hulk and
Wolverine will join you shortly. Now have Hulk grab the green handles and
pull, and proceed up the stairs. Up here near the flames, is a grate for
Reed to pass through, on the other side, beat up the baddies, then have Reed
beat up the red box in this area. Be careful, as you can fall all the way down
from here. Out of the red box is pieces, have Reed build something for him to
use, and then use it, and the bridge is ready for the rest of the team. Have
Hulk smash the rubble blocking the stairs up, and proceed up.

Go foward until there's another grate for Reed, then go through and have him
grab the red loop handles on the ceiling, and pull. Once the bridge is made,
have Hulk grab the green handles, and a ladder is revealed, go up with
Wolverine and Reed, and your way will be blocked, destroy the red box here
and build a gangway, then have Reed go a little bit left here and pull the red
loop, to activate the elevator to bring Hulk up, then have Wolverine and Reed
cross the gangway, and have Wolverine destroy the yellow wall, and build a
platform for Reed, have Reed use it, and once the fire is put out, have Hulk
grab the plane and then proceed up.

Beat up the baddies, then have Wolverine stick his claws into the thing here.
Then cross the bridge and up the stairs, and boss time! Save first, then
this one is a weird battle. Master of the Mind will take control of
Wolverine, so beat up the ghost Sabertooth's and Wolverine as well, then when
Wolverine starts to walk away, change to him and hit the corresponding
buttons. Same thing happens to Reed, but he will try to capture someone, so
just beat him up, and switch to him when he tries to walk away. For Hulk,
when Mastermind controls Hulk, beat him up until he turns into Banner, then
beat up Banner. For the last part of this fight, have Wolverine SENSE to find
the real Mastermind, and slash him. Mission.... finished. lol...


Saving Stan: Requires a character that can permanently douse flames.

This level has sections for the following Character(s) with:
-Burning powers
-Digging ability

Dive off the front of the Helicarrier, and meet up with Black Widow at the
red spot on your map. After the cut scene, to free Ben, have Captain throw
his shield at the four green leaf looking things (3 on the wall, a 4th on
the sand), and build a pump out of the pieces. Then have Captain jump on
the pump, make him jump, once he reaches the bottom of the pump let it
inflate and jump again. Once Ben is free, baddies will come, beat them up
then have Ben smash into the wall blocking your path, and proceed up.

Be careful, as there's an active turret at the end of this path, have
Captain deflect a shot with his shield back to the turret, then have Ben
grab the Rock there and throw it at the yellow glowing wall, and then have
Captain throw his shield at the part that was revealed, and once the electric
gates go down, beat up the baddies, but don't venture to the left, as a
turret is over there. Proceed right, and there will be a turret up here,
so deflect that, then have Captain throw his shield on the big leaf on the
wall, then have Ben grab the green handles and pull. Then have Captain
build a lever to push, so push until the bridge is back up, and cross it.

There's a turret waiting for you, and some baddies, so deflectt he turret.
Now use Captain to go down the right side of the cliff, and monkeybar to
the other side, and beat up that leaf blocking a cave, and throw Captain's
shield at it, and the electric walls come down. Have Ben leap up onto the
upper part, where the crane is, then grab the green handles and pull.

New area, and the save console is all the way to the left. Have Ben attack
the giant log blocking your way, and grab the green handles and give that log
a toss. Proceed right, and... it's Jurassic world lol. Beat them up, then have
Ben grab the green handles on the airplane part and heave it. It will reveal
monkeybars up top, so send Captain up there to jump across, and use Captain's
shield to walk over the flames on the lower right, and beat up the dino, then
pull the switch. Now Ben can go up, so go up and right, and beat up the
crates in this part, and build green handles for Ben to pull.

Once you go through that airplane fuselage, it's clobbering time, so give
them no quarter, including those brown crates in here. Stan is also here,
but you need someone who can douse flames, so we can't save him for now.
Now build something out of those pieces that came from the crates, it's a
rocket car so have Captain ride it. Once the wall is broken, more baddies,
and then go forward and have Captain go to the lower right of the cliff,
underneath the bridge, and jump and grab onto the railings, and get to the
other side and go up back onto the bridge, beat up the baddies, then flip
the switch, and now Ben can go through.

There are two turrets here, so deflect their shots back at them, then have
Ben grab the green handles and pull, then defeat the rest of the baddies.
Then have Ben grab the rock beside the ladder to the right, and throw it
at the glowing wall, then send Captain up there to build a part to throw his
shield at. Once the electric barrier is down, proceed on through!

After the cut scene, beat up the baddies, then have Ben tear up the big leaves
on the wall and break the wall. Have Captain build a part for Storm to charge
up, and when the gate opens, go through, and beat up the baddies, but
prioritize the brown crate in the center. Laser guns will activate, so you
need to have that spot for Captain to deflect the beams. You have to deflect
the lasers back to the laser turrets, then go forward a bit and build using
pieces near the right of the object in the center to build a charge spot for
Storm. Charge it (might need to press hold B, then press-hold X), and go on
through the gate that just opened.

Boss time! Not Magneto though, we have Rhino to deal with too. Beat up some
baddies, along with the brown stuff in the center. Do these two things
until some brown pieces start hopping, and then build a large round thing
and leave it, Rhino will eventually run into it, when he does, use Ben to
clobber him.

That is the first act, next up is Magneto, he will use his powers to keep
hammering you with a large object, wait until it drops and breaks for good,
then build a giant anvil out of it for Ben to throw at Magneto. Beat up
Magneto when he falls, then for the 2nd fight, Magneto will try to use a
large alarm clock against you, wait until it collapses, then build your own
for Ben to throw at him. For the last act, MAgneto will try to swat you with
something, so wait till that collapses, build a... large frying pan, and have
Ben heave it, then defeat Magneto. Mission complete!


Switch to Iron man, and fly to the mainland. Once on the streets, borrow a
car, and drive to the objective marker. Once there, go up to the pier, and
have Spidey SENSE to reveal a control panel, have Stark use that. You just
need to match the blue dots to the one in the top center, and rotate the
bottom disc to align with the color at the bottom of the middle disc.
After the cut scene, jump aboard the plane!

Once inside the hangar bay, there's lots of baddies to beat up, then go to
the left side and have Stark shoot at the white glittery part on the wall to
reveal a part for Thor to charge, press-hold-B then X, and then have Spidey
SENSE the same-looking place to the right, and web-pull the red loops, and
it will reveal a place for Stark to shoot, then have Thor charge that spot
too. This should give you the bricks you need to build a lever, build then
push the lever, and it will open the big door. Go on through it.

Next area, the save part is to the left a bit, then beat up the boxes
portruding from the wall beside the floating rock. Use the pieces from that
the build parts on the wall to its right, and then..... switch to Thor and
fly on over to the other side. Yeah, Stark and Spidey will follow lol, so
whatever it is you built, must be for later. Go on up, destroying those golden
lavatory's did nothing for me, and have Spidey go near the glass wall to the
background to SENSE it, and have Thor pound through the crack. Behind that
hole in the glass is a red loop for Spidey to pull on, so have him pull on it
and some pieces will fall near the rest of the team, so build with those. It's
a charge station for Thor, so press-hold X and let those pillars rip.

Go on over with Spidey, and have him SENSE the wall to the background, and
have him climb up, when he's climbing up, you should notice some black pieces
rising and falling from/to the ground. Have one of your characters (Thor or
Stark,jump on the handlebar on the top of this, and leave that character
there, then go to the right of the big doors Magneto closed, and beat up the
stuff to the right of where the other handlebars should be, and build the
handlebar out of those pieces. Have Stark or Thor hang on, then have Spidey
pull on the red loops on the giant door.

Go on through, and have Spidey grab and pull those red loops, and it's a
control panel for Stark! Keep pressing X to bring out the bridge, and proceed
on to a.... boss battle! Save at the foreground, and then beat up as much
baddies as you can, and wait for Magneto to throw enough parts, keep an eye
on them, when they start bouncing, have Stark build something for him to use
against Magneto. Beat up Magneto as much as you can once he falls.

Round 2 has Magneto shooting at you, so wait for the pieces to start hopping,
then build something with Thor for him to use against Magneto. Again beat up
Magneto when he falls, and for round 3, Magneto will make 2 sweeps left and
right covering 80% of the field with a sword, jump when he does, then he will
throw large pieces at you, so wait for the rubble to start hopping then build
something for Thor to charge, once it's charged use Spidey to throw it at
Magneto, and that is mission complete!


Once you have control of Invis woman/Reed, just head to the left around the
corner to the shining thing down the street, and go to the Helicarrier. Once
there, go down the elevator to the Control Room, and talk to Fury by standing
in front of him and press B. Cut scene!

Once you regain control, beat up the baddies and head up the stairs to the
right. Go a bit to the right with Spidey and have him SENSE to reveal a red
loop on the giant fan. Pull that, then send Captain to the left of here, and
wall jump up and to the second floor, and jump and beat up the patriotic
looking table in front of the bridge, and build a spot for him to throw his
shield at. It will reveal a charge spot for Storm, so have her stand in front
of it, press-hold B to electrify, then hold X to charge it. You'll notice
some flames on top when the bridge is lowering, so have Storm hover up there
to put out the flames and grab the piece.

Go on right over the bridge with Ben, and have him grab the green handles and
pull. It will reveal a spot for Captain to throw his shield at, which in turn
will reveal a red loop for Spidey to grab and pull. A laser will pop out, and
destroy the box near you to reveal pieces, have Captain build a platform to
deflect the laser to the circle with 4 red dots to the right of the laser,
and a bridge will come out, and baddies, so cross over the bridge and have
Ben clobber the yellowy wall, which will reveal a charge spot for Storm, have
her use it, and an elevator will come down, switch to Ben and go on the
elevator, and once up top grab and pull the green handles, which will reveal
red loops for Spidey to pull on. Once clear, go through to the next area.

Save spot here! Going further right will activate two small turrets, have
Captain deflect the shots with his shield right back at them, then proceed.
Switch to Storm to hover over the reverse floor, and have her charge up the
unit at the other end of this backwards floor. Trying to go further right
will activate small turrets again, so have Captain deflect the shots back,
then switch to Spidey to SENSE and pull on the red loop. That will pull
out pieces to build a shield switch for Captain, so throw his shield at it,
and it's another reverse floor, have Storm hover up and beat up the box in
the middle of the path, and build a charge unit for her to charge up. Have
Spidey proceed right, SENSE the blocked path, and have Ben bash through.

Two turrets will activate here, so have Captain deflect them, then head right
and have Ben pull the green handles, then have Captain to wall jump up and
push the green lever until it stops, then have Spidey go to the left of the
main room, SENSE and climb the wall, beat up the thing inside the small room,
and build a lever for him to push. This will reveal a charge spot, so have
Storm charge that one up. Once the fan like thing stops spinning, have Ben
grab the green handles and pull, and this part will be a space diving part.

Once you get back to land (space?), it's boss time! Save at the left, and
beat up as much baddies as you can, and then Doom will press a red button.
This will bring in a Ben-like character, ignore it, and let it rampage until
it runs out of breath. Once it stops, beat it up with Ben, then once Ben
beats his head into a red loop, have Spidey pull on that loop and bon voyage!

Doom will then jump aboard his laser, and fire randomly, bringing in some
pieces for you to build a Captain platform, once it's built, have Captain
deflect Doom's laser to the rotating things above him, for me it was middle
rotating thing, bottom then top. This will overload his Laser, and proceed
to beat up baddies again. This is then a repeat of round 1, with the Big
Doom Ben, so deal with that, and then afterwards is again a repeat of round
2, deflect doom's laser to the middle, bottom and top rotating things.
3rd round has him abandoning his laser plan, and just takes control of your
character, so switch and beat him up. Mission accomplished!


Go up the elevator, and dive off the middle section of the Helicarrier.
Once down there, follow the purple objective line to MAgneto. After the
scene, have Magneto borrow a car and drive to the objective marker, and
once you meet up with Doom, go to the side of the jet, and have Magneto
magnetize the clamp, and then press Y to get aboard.

NOTE: Galactus will annoy you by tilting the Helicarrier left or right,
or taking a deep breath. Counter act this by following onscreen instructions.

After that amusing cut scene, this is simply a boss fight, so have Goblin
aim-throw bombs at the shiny white parts stuck on the Helicarrier's fans,
and have Ben grab the green handle part to the left and aim-throw it to
the glowing yellow piece. This will cause a fighter jet to crsh down, so
have Ben grab that and toss it, and pieces will be left, build a red
loop for Spidey to use, which will bring up a control panel for Mystique
to use, which will raise the helicarrier fan and switch to Spidey to sense
near it to reveal red loops, then have him pull on those.

Galactus will move to the right when you do that, so now it's Team 2's turn.
Have Stark burn up the golden piece to the left, and it will reveal a control
panel for him to use, once the fan is raised, switch to Venom and have him
travel all the way around to the top, around right, and to the other side of
those flames, SENSE and pull on the red loops that appear, and once Galactus
damages the fans, have Stark keep pressing B until he's done, then Team 2 is
finished for this turn.

For Team 3, switch to Reed, and free the Helicopter to the left, and it
will reveal a Reed platform, use it, and he will hammer up a box which will
reveal pieces, use Captain to build with those pieces, and it will also
build a control panel, have Doc use it, and you need to align the colors to
each other, pressing X will only lower the colors downwards, once that is
done, a laser will fire, but it will go off course, so send Captain to build
a platform for him to use, and deflect the beam to the black hole in the sky,
until it gets bigger, then it's team 4's turn.

Have Magneto press-hold B on the blue object in front, and it will reveal a
Storm charge unit, so have her charge that, it will bring up a platform of
pieces, build something with it, then switch to Magneto and press-hold B on
the blue parts to the left of here, which will reveal pieces, so have him
build onto the previous object you were building, and then switch to Storm
to douse the flames on the right, and beat up the pieces to reveal pieces
to add to your sphere, and finally switch to Cyclops to burn the gold
to the foreground left, and add those pieces to your sphere. Mission
complete and you just saved the world! Enjoy the ending!

3= FAQs

Q: How to save Stan/get all level items?
A: I advise beating the story first, so that you can unlock the characters
needed to play the particular part of a level. The game will tell you
who you need to do so.

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