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___ WHO ARE THE CHARACTERS? __________________________________________________

AIAI: The head of the household
MEEMEE: AiAi's wife
BABY: AiAi and MeeMee's child
GONGON: A new character!

___ WHAT ARE THE GAME MODES? _________________________________________________

Put the monkey in a ball and get him to the goal as fast as possible
Normal mode - Up to 4 people can play but in 1 player mode you get play points
Practice mode - This is for the player to practice the stages alone
Competition mode - 2-4 people race for the goal at the same time

1 person can play but it's much more fun for 2-4 players
Monkey Race - Control at high speeds is necessary in this circuit race
Monkey Fight - 1-4 players try to punch each other out of a ring
Monkey Target - Up to 4 players fly through the sky and try to land on target

Unlock the mini games by playing Main game in Normal mode
Monkey Billiards - 9 ball game with all the strategy you'd expect
Monkey Bowling - Control the ball to hit as many pins as possible
Monkey Golf - 

___ HOW DO I PLAY NORMAL MODE? _______________________________________________

Use the directional controller to move your monkey (in ball) around the stage.
The aim is to get to the GOAL as quickly as possible, and definitely within
time limit.

Points are scored according to:
- Time left when you finish (each second is worth 100 points)
- Special time beaten (if you use less than half the time you get 2x score)
- Warps (if you find a level warp, you get a score multiplier)

Bananas do NOT increase your score, but if you collect 100 within one
continue, you get an extra life. Basically, speed is the name of the game.

___ WHY WOULD I USE PRACTISE MODE? ___________________________________________

Good question, since you can only play the levels you've already reached in
Normal mode and it doesn't give you anything extra.

Well, the main reason I've found is to find all the kick-ass shortcuts that
seem impossible otherwise. Because there's no risk of wasting all the effort
you've been through to maintain perfect results on earlier stages, it's easy
to take huge risks, and if some of these risks involve dangerous moves, you
should practise them to perfection here before trying them out in Normal Mode.
Unfortunately, scores are not saved when you quit a stage.

___ BEGINNER STAGE TIPS ______________________________________________________

If you complete 01-10 without losing a life you'll get three extra stages to
have a go at. You can use continues to pass these once you get to them.

01 - Just head straight for the goal. No nonsense.
02 - Navigate round the diamond hole to the goal OR back up the ramp, drop on
     to the small platform below and warp to stage 5.
03 - Two ways round this course, but both are the same distance.
04 - You can get across this level without waiting.
05 - I do the outer square then the inner but there may be a quicker way.
06 - Don't follow the ramps, jump off the side of the first platform onto the
     next, repeat for the second platform and then roll down to the goal.
07 - Haven't found a special way to do this yet. Straightforward.
08 - Again, no special way, just be patient.
09 - Nice and easy. Risky to take the ramp diagonally.
10 - Take the first ramp, jump from the platform to avoid two ramps and
     navigate the rest as quickly as possible for the 2x bonus.


01 - Maybe possible to get across in one go, but I do it 2 or 3 at a time.
02 - Obvious but sometimes tricky.
03 - Full thrust ahead from the start and a little bend to get round the top
     of the v, then u-turn to the right and head for the GOAL.

___ ADVANCED STAGE TIPS ______________________________________________________

01 - Straightforward.
02 - Simple but lengthy.
03 - Easy.
04 - Possible without waiting if you go for the edge of the platform.
05 - Same as easy 05 but less time to spare.
06 - Back up the ramp and drop down to hidden exit will jump to stage 10.
     Otherwise wait till the moving half is falling but nearly level and roll!
07 - If you go almost straight from the start you can make two jumps and cut
     out a lot of track to do the stage in about 15 seconds.
08 - Full speed ahead with a little steering.
09 - You can do this in one pass, about 13 seconds.
10 - Difficult, I do the inner circle first.
11 - Many choices, but I can't do the thin ones yet. So no jump gate for me.
12 - Spin round the bowl. Anti-clockwise is quickest.
13 - Just be patient for the jumps.
14 - Light touches make this level quicker.
15 - Skip two lengths by jumping across in front of you. Rest is simple.
16 - No need to slow down on this stage.
17 - No short cuts... combine speed and control for the optimum time.
18 - Drop off the track at the start to get the red exit or chase the blue
     exit (easy catch -> stage 19) or green exit (moderate catch -> stage 20)
19 - Drop off the platform (right and back) for a risky sub-6 sec finish.
20 - Weave in and out of the bounce pads as quickly as possible.
21-30 to come soon.

___ LINKS ____________________________________________________________________

Official game site (in Japanese) :

The author of this FAQ's homepage :

___ CREDITS __________________________________________________________________

This FAQ was written by Jonathan Lumb (and shall not be reproduced without
consent). v0.1 was written September 2001. If you have any questions,
comments or contributions, please send them to [email protected] I can't
guarantee I'll respond to everyone, but credit will be given where it is due.

The latest version of this FAQ will always be available at Cheat Code Central
at http://www.cheatcc.com and GameFAQs at http://www.gamefaqs.com (unless it 
decides to become re-affiliated with IGN).

___ PREVIOUS REVISIONS _______________________________________________________

None so far.

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