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  When will the GameCube launch? 
The GameCube will be released on November 18th, 2001.

  How much will the GameCube cost? 
The GameCube will cost $199.00 on its release date. This is the price of the console 
only. If you buy the GameCube in a package, the package price may vary.

  Where can I buy the GameCube? 
GameCube will be available at any major video game retailer. These include 
Electronics Boutique, EB World, Babbages, Wal-Mart, KMart, Toys 'R' Us, and many 

When did Nintendo announce the GameCube? 
Nintendo's pre-E3 press conference in 1999.
  Was the GameCube always called "GameCube"? 
No. The Nintendo GameCube has been known by several names. When the press first 
caught wind of the new console, it was dubbed "N2000". During early development, it 
was known as Project: Dolphin. Before it was given its final name, it was called the 
Nintendo Star Cube, a name which Nintendo actually registered as a trademark. The 
final name was confirmed at E3 '99.
  When was the GameCube actually introduced? 
Nintendo's SpaceWorld 2000 conference, over a year after its introduction.

How big is the Nintendo GameCube? 
It is 4.5 inches tall, 5.9 inches wide, and 6.3 inches long. A very small form 
  What is the form of the GameCube? 
The Gamecube is a box, with 4 controller ports on the front. Under the controller 
ports, there are 2 DigiCard slots. On the top, there are 3 buttons - Power, Reset, 
and Open - and the top-loading door for the GameCube Optical Disc media. On the 
bottom, there are 3 covered ports; 2 seral and one high-speed parallel. On the back, 
there is a power connection, digital and analog A/V connections, and a handle.
  GameCube has a handle? 
That's right. The GameCube is so small, that it is very easy to transport. Nintendo 
foresaw this, and made it even easier by adding a built-in handle. You will probably 
find yourself using this feature more than you think you might, even if just to move 
the console away from the TV.

  What is the controller like? 
The controller is shaped like a Playstation Dual Shock 2 controller, but is 
contoured to fit perfectly into your hands. Your left thumb commands a rubberized 
analog stick and the D-Pad. Your right thumb hovers naturally over a very large, 
green [A] button, with easy access to the [B] button to the left, the [Y] button 
above, and the [X] button to the right. Your right thumb also controls the 
rubberized, yellow, analog [C]-Stick below. Your left index finger fits naturally 
into the analog [L] trigger. Your right index finger falls similarly into the [R] 
trigger, with access to a [Z] button above the trigger. The triggers feature 
multiple levels of sensitivity, and a 'digital click' when pressed all the way in. 
The gray, rubber Start button is in the center of the controller. 

  Does the controller have any slots? 
No. The memory card slots are on the front of the cube, and the rumble feature is 
built in to every Nintendo GameCube controller.

  What about wireless controllers? 
Nintendo is releasing a wireless version of the GameCube controller. It is called 
the WaveBird, and has the same features as the wired controller.

  What are the specifications of the Main Processor? 
The Main Processor Unit (MPU) of GameCube is called "Gekko". It is manufactured by 
IBM and runs at a clock speed of 485 MHz. This may not seem like much when compared 
to other systems, but the Gekko is based on IBM's PowerPC technology, which makes 
the chip effectively as fast as other chips with double the clock speed. It is based 
on IBM's PowerPC 750, also called the G3, which is also the powerhouse inside Apple 
Computer's iMac and iBook computers.

  What are the specifications of the Graphics Processor? 
The Graphics Processor Unit, or LSI, is called Flipper. It was designed by ArtX, who 
was bought by graphics giant, ATI. It runs at 162 MHz, and features tons of built-in 
graphics magic to make developers' lives easier. The list includes: Volumetric fog, 
subpixel anti-aliasing, eight hardware lights, alpha blending, virtual texture 
design, multi-texture mapping, bump mapping, environment mapping, MIPMAPping, 
bilinear filtering, and real-time texture decompression (S3TC).

What media is used for GameCube software? 
The media is called the GameCube Optical Disc (GCOD or GOD for short), and is based 
on DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) media. It is like a DVD, only it's 8 cm (3.5 in) in 
diameter, and features advanced copy protection.

  How much data can a GCOD hold? 
A GameCube Optical Disc can hold up to 1.5 gigabytes of data, about 24 times what 
the largest N64 cartridges could hold. If necessary, game developers could use dual-
layer discs, which would up the storage space to over 3 GB, but would also raise 

  Optical media? That means "Loading" screens, right? 
Not necessarily. The launch titles for GameCube have demonstrated that it is 
possible to eliminate load times completely, and most have at least reduced loading 
to a couple of seconds.

  Will GameCube be able to connect to the Internet? 
Yes. Nintendo has made it clear that GameCube will be able to connect to the 
  How does GameCube connect to the Internet? 
Nintendo is releasing two adapters. The V.90 modem adapter is for gamers with a dial-
up internet connection. The BroadBand adapter allows Cable Modem/DSL/LAN users to 
plug the GameCube into a network hub, providing high-speed access.

  Does GameCube come packaged with an adapter? 
No. Online gaming has yet to become mainstream, and the online hardware costs money. 
Nintento wants to keep the base cost of the GameCube down, and so they're allowing 
consumers to decide whether or not to spend the extra money.
  What is Nintendo's online strategy? 
Nintendo's net-gaming group (called Nintendo Online) is still working on new, 
innovative ways to work online play into their games. Third parties are already 
planning to utilize the online capabilities in games like Sega's Phantasy Star 

   Does the GameBoy Advance work with the GameCube? 
Yes. The GameBoy advance connects to the GameCube to open up new worlds of 
possibilities for communications between a developer's GameCube and GameBoy Advance 
  How does the GameBoy Advance connect to the GameCube? 
Nintendo makes a GameCube to GameBoy Advance link cable, allowing the GameBoy 
Advance to function as a GameCube controller and private screen.

  How would this expand gaming possibilities? 
Developers could build secrets into GameBoy Advance games that can only be unlocked 
by connecting to the GameCube. Or, by finding a secret in a GameBoy Advance version 
of a game, you can open a secret section of a GameCube game. The GBA can also 
function as a special controller, like the tilt functionality in Kirby Tilt-n-
Tumble, and can be used to make private gameplay decisions, like betting or choosing 
a play.

   What goes in the DigiCard slots on the front ot the Cube? 
The Nintendo GameCube DigiCard is an all-purpose memory card. Although it can only 
hold .5 megabytes of information, it can store a lot of game data. For those who 
need more space, Nintendo offers the DigiCard SD Adapter. This allows a gamer to 
plug a tiny SD (Secure Digital) card into the GameCube's DigiCard slot, providing up 
to (currently) 64 MB of storage. Secure Digital media is getting larger all the 
time, and soon GameCube gamers will be able to save as much as 512MB or even a 
gigabyte of data on SD cards with the SD Adapter.

   Which games will be released on November 18th? 
Batman: Vengeance
Disney's Tarzan Untamed
Already Released
Luigi's Mansion
Wave Race: Blue Storm
NHL Hitz 2002
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
FIFA 2002 - Road to World Cup
Madden NFL 2002
Super Monkey Ball
Madden NFL 2002
Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2

  What hardware peripherals will be released on November 18th? 
Nintendo Products
Nintendo© GameCube™ Controller
Nintendo© GameCube™ Memory Card
Nintendo© GameCube™ AC Adapter
Nintendo© GameCube™ Component Video Cable
Nintendo© GameCube™ Memory Card 59
Star Pad Controller
Advance Link Cable (GBA/GameCube)
Knockout Pro Arcade Stick
Mobile Monitor 5.4
Super Pad
4-Megabit Flash Memory Card
Pelican Accessories
G3 Arcade Stick
G3 Controller
G3 Mini Disc Cases
G3 Extension Cable
G3 HD Component Cable
G3 Racing Wheel
G3 RF Switch
G3 S-Video/AV Cable
Mad Catz
4-Megabit Memory Card
Extension Cable
RF Adapter
S-Video/Audio Cable


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