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For play on Sony PlayStation
Presented by BoredGamer
Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 9/25, 2001.
Phase: About Half-Done

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This FAQ will be a long, on-going project.  Any information you can send 
me that has not been missed or asked for is MUCH appreciated.  This game 
is packed full of Easter Eggs up the wazzoo.  I don't think there will 
be a clear-cut end to this too soon as there is quite literally tons of 
stuff in the game and with its gigantic world size, mapping it will be 
nearly impossible, especially when considering that there are a ton of 
caves, lakes, and many other landforms all over the place.  The enemies 
and plants will be no trouble.  

As many of the FAQ writers have done, I would like to express my sincere 
condolences for those who lost their lives in the events that took place 
on September 11, 2001, considered one of the most emotional, saddening, 
and enraging acts in history as four US planes have been hijacked.  Two 
of them were crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, one 
into the Pentagon, and one into a field in Pennsylvania.  May such a act 
never be repeated in our world's future.     


9/11/01- I'm still getting over the day of tragedy we here in the US 
have just endured.  At 10 PM Pacific time, I decided I would resume life 
the same as I had before the inncident.  I decided to move on and 
continue FAQ writing by creating a FAQ for this game.  Today, it sees 
it's official birth as I call it.  Legal Bit is up and running (Section 
12).  Got a start on the FAQ.

9/12/01- Section 11 started.  Started and, to my knowledge, completed 
the animal list.

9/13/01- Added a map of the world with some key points.

9/14/01- The progress on this has been rather slow.  Added a new section 
for cave locations. Completed Section 5. Section 1 completed. Got a 
start on the weapons section.  Added an animal I forgot about.  Got a 
small start on Section 9D.

9/15/01- Completed Sections 3 and 4. Added to FAQ and tips.  Also 
touched up the South Island on my maps.

9/23/01- I decided to take a short break from FAQ writing.  Added a bit 
to Section 2 and pretty much completed it.  I will probably add more to 
it as time permits.  Plants section is now up and running, although not 
all the plants are described therein.  Added Gathering Items #1-4, 8, 9, 
11-17, 19, 21-29, 31, 33, 34-36, 38-43, 50, and 52.  Discovered a new 
cave.  Discovered some strange plants near a huge lake.

9/24/01- Added Gathering Item #10, 18, 20, 30, 32, 37, 45, and 46.  
Added three more Easter Eggs and a new weapon.  Added a new cave. Added 
permisable site usage.

9/25/01- Added one question to the FAQ.  I'm not sure how much I'll be 
able to put up in the next few days as my schooling does start tomorrow.

9/26/01- Despite the rough and rugged first day of class and the major 
headache my 15 ton bag gave me, I am alive and in one piece.  Hence, I 
will add some more to the FAQ tonight!  WOOPEE!  Got a good start on 
Section 9.  Completed the sub-section on beginning the game for the most 
part, but I might add a little more to it.  Also got a start on the 
"Middle" sub-section there.  

Reference Credit goes to...

The instruction book for the world map.

Contents According to Joe*
Section 1: Introduction
1A: The Dawn of Man
1B: Pure Life and a Gigantic World
1C: Playing the Game
Section 2: Animals and Hunting
2A: Animal List
2B: Hunting For Food: Basics
2C: Hunting for Food: Tips
Section 3: Your Culture and Populatuion
3A: Cultural Advancements
3B: Weapon Upgrades
3C: The Population
Section 4: Death, Dying, and Hazards
4A: Your Own Funeral
4B: Keeping in Good Health
Section 5: Tatoos and Stats
5A: Tatoos
5B: Body
Section 6: The Lay of the Land
6A: Layouts
6B: Exploring and Easter Eggs
6C: Cave Locations
Section 7: Building Your Tower
Section 8: Gathering
Section 9: Getting Started on a New Game
9A: Starting
9B: Working in the Middle
9C: Completing the Game
9D: General Tips
Section 10: FAQ
Section 11: A Call For Info!
Section 12: Legal Bit
Section 13: Thank You and Goodbye

*Contents are subject to change as time goes by.  This FAQ is going to 
take a lot of work to put together and I only hope I can get a good 
start on it before my junior year of college starts on 9/26.

What to expect in future additions: More detailed island maps, locations 
of (hopefully) each Easter Egg, hopefully the key to unlocking each 
ending, much more overall content and completion of items listed above.



[NOTE: I am not taking this from history or claiming it to be part of 
our history, I'm merely setting up an introduction for this guide]

The world is quiet... Waiting to be filled.  Slowly, the planet began to 
show vast transformations.  Giant rains filled oceans in.  Eventually, 
life sprang up.  As time went by, more and more life began to appear, 
even plant life.  Along with all these animals came the rise of one 
being in particular... HUMAN!  Human started as a small group.  Human 
seemed to have a vast reasoning and social intelligence.  Out of the 
humans, one was picked to become their leader and main hunter.  That one 
did most of the hunting and gathering.  

As human minds grew, so did human desire and ambition.  They looked ot 
the sky and noticed all the time that there was something up there.  It 
looked as though it were burning and wouldn't stop. It was The Sun.  The 
humans began a new course in life.  They wanted to seek out a good 
enough resource to build a gigantic tower so that they could catch what 
they thought was the Tail of the Sun.  They found the best resource to 
do this with was the tusks of a huge mammal called the mammoth.  This 
was an immensely powerful beast that could only be killed by the most 
powerful weapons and the most skilled hunters.  So, in order to fulfill 
their desire, the humans pulled together to find a way to kill this 
creature effectively and make their way to the Tail of the Sun.  
However, first thing's first.  They've got to get their population and 
culture booming and under control.   


In Tail of the Sun, you take command of a small village of early humans.  
At first, you only start with a small handful of people, only three of 
which are playable (they do not display any children in the game as they 
are not mature enough to be playable, but they obviously have to exist 
somewhere).   This game was created by a lesser-known company called 
Artdink.  Before this game had hit stores, Artdink had done a similar 
game called Aquanaut's Holiday.  Aquanaut's Holiday was not well 
received by the gaming world, magazines in particular.  Many claimed it 
to be just pointless exploration.  This game is somewhat the same idea, 
only with a point added into it.  In this game, you have an objective 
that can be accomplished by fulfilling one easy, yet time consuming side 
objective.  You must kill and collect the tusks of mammoths which live 
far up north.  However, it cannot be done when you just start the game.  
Well, so it "can" be done, but not very effectively considering you are 
bare handed.  So, your first big objective is to help your population 
and culture advance further and further until you finally have some good 
enough weapons to get the job done.  

The mammoths are not the only thing you can interact with.  You have 
before you a gigantic world full of other animals, plants, and 


Prairy- The open grasslands you have built your "base of opperations" 
on. This area is quite spacious and is probably the most common you will 
encounter throughout the game.  

Desert- Arid, sandy regions.  There isn't a whole lot of plants and 
animals here.  You will every now and then see a lizard or even a 
monkey, but that's about it.  Seen mostly near the south.  

Tundra- An arctic region full of ice and snow.  There really isn't a 
whole lot of foo up here.  You will now and then bump into a lizard 
(yes, a lizard in the tundra) or a hippo.  In the ealier parts of the 
game, pray you never bump into a mammoth.  It's best to do with a better 
weapon.  Found far north.

Mountains- Areas if extremely high elevation.  These usually lack food 
as well.  On some of them, you can find plateaus and high-up ledges with 
plants and/or animals inhabitting them.  

Lakes and Rivers- Smaller bodies of water seen in the continent.  most 
of them don't get too deep, but there are a couple that are quite so.  
Careful as you can drown in the water.

Ocean- Open areas of water that make up most of the game's world.  There 
is said to be some Easter Eggs hidden in the ocean, but they are VERY 
well hidden as there really aren't any reference areas to go by in the 
ocean.  You will have to cross these to get to other islands, but I only 
recommend doing so with the Swim tatoo. 

Caves- Subterranean areas cut into the ground or mountains.  Usually 
don't have too much in them, but can have plants, animals, or even 
Easter Eggs.  If you're lucky, you can stumble on one that has free 
mammoth tusks.  


One thing that can be very bothersome in this game is the camera angles.  
You will just have to deal with them...

Anyway, this game is a 3D rendered environment.  You can run in eight 
directions searching for, well, whatever it is you're searching for.  
Scattered all over are different plants represented by a certain kind of 
Japanese sugar cakes.  No, you are not really eating sugar cakes on the 
ground, the sugar cakes REPRESENT different types of food such as leaves 
and plants.  Then again, why would someone want to eat a sea shell?  
Anyway, you can pick up and eat the sugar cakes to restore your hunger a 
little bit.  There is no gauge or anything displaying your hunger.  
You'll pretty much have to guess at it.  

To keep your tribe alive, you must bring them food.  So, you must walk 
around areas until you find an animal that is easily killable and attack 
it.  Hopefully, it will succumb to your attacks and forfeit some meat.  
You can then bring the meat back home or eat it yourself.  As time goes 
by, your character can die (see Section 4) either of old age or of your 
own mistakes (OOPS!).  Okay, so this isn't quite as "real life" as 
something like Shenmue, but I guess you can say this is sort of the 
"Shenmue of the Stoneage."  

Directional Buttons- Move
Select Button- Enter Option menu
Start Button- Pause
Triangle Button- Pick up, throw (only with rocks, tusks, and trees), eat 
(only with food).  
Circle Button- Attack, throw (only with rocks, tusks and trees), eat 
(only with food), Wake up (must be tapped several times).
X Button- Jump
Square Button- Run (must be held)
Shoulder Triggers (R1, L1, R2, L2)- Move camera (must be held down)
Not used- R3/L3 (PS2 controls only), analog sticks.

-Option Screen-
Body- Displays Body stats and shows current tatoo.
History- Shows the animals you've killed throughout the game.
Tower- Shows your population and how high your tower is.
About- Gives you a small credit page for the sugar cakes.



Throughout the game are many different types of animals you can hunt 
down and claim for your food.  Each animal ranges in power and defense.  
Some, like the birds and monkeys, are quite weak.  Others, like the 
mammoth and smilodon, are powerful and aggressive.  Some are recommended 
you only attack with more advanced weapons like spears rather than fists 
or sticks.

Animal Name- Strength rating/description; Demeanor- Description

Monkey- Fast attacks; Docile unless provoked- Small primates that walk 
around in various areas of the world.  Very easy to kill, even with your 
hands.  Do not let them get too much of an upper hand on you or they can 
kill you.  
Locatios: Directly north of the village (near the lake with the dinosaur 
bone in it), near the Tatoos, on the South Island, far east of the 
village, East Coast (in the sandy areas). (other locations to come)

Bird- Fast motion; Docile- Animals that fly through the air.  They're 
found in very scattered areas of the world.  
Location- Near Stone Henge, east of the village, South Island. (other 
locations to come)

Boar- Moderately powerful and fast; Fairly aggressive- Wild pigs that 
will attack unrelentlessly if you get too close.  Stay clear of these 
until your get much better weapons and also learn better how to fight 
and time your attacks.  I very much advise against fighting these ones 
with bare hands.
Directly west of village in the more wooded areas. (other locations to 

Deer- Very swift; Docile unless provoked- Big, four-legged mammals with 
antlers.  If you attack, they will try to run most of the time.  
Sometimes (especially when cornered), they will turn around and fight.  
On either side of the West Mountains, randomly in caves, northeast of 
the village (near the east coast, high north).  (other locations to 

Bat- Hard to find and slightly quick; Fairly aggressive- Winged mammals 
that live exclusively in caves.  They are pretty hard to find (I 
actually went completely through the game without encountering one).  
Not very tough as they can be killed in a mater of a couple hits. 
Randomly found in caves. 

Shark- Pretty powerful, especially since they're in water; Aggressive- 
Viscious, carniverous fish that attack the instant they see you.  
Sometimes, they seem to attack out of nowhere.  Not very tough, though.
Found in lake north of the village (not the one with the bone, the one 
connected to the North River), all over the ocean.

Hippo- Strong, but slow; Docile unless provoked- Sluggish mammals that 
make a good feast.  You can actually kill these early in the game if 
you're skillful enough.  They still take a number of hits to kill.
Found north of the village (just follow the North River right a little 
ways until you come to a small pool near a very small desert), all over 
the tundra, West Mountains (near the top on the patches of green). 
(other locations to come)

Ostrich- Extremely fast; Docile- Big birds that are very fast.  They 
will run if attacked, good luck catching them.  They're a lot easier to 
kill with stronger weapons, especially ones that provide a one-hit kill 
on this animal. 
South Desert, South Island. (other locations to come)

Kamodo Dragon- Moderate abilities, except very slow- Docile unless 
provoked- Giant lizards that walk around very slowly.  They only attack 
if attacked first.  They're also quite easy to kill.
South Desert, South Island, Tundra. (other locations to come)

Buffalo- Quite strong, but slow- Docile unless provoked- Huge mammals 
that run along the plains.  If you attack them, they will turn around 
and attack quite ferociously.  
Found west of the village on the plains. (other locations to come)

Smilodon- Very fast and powerful; Very aggressive- Probably the most 
trouble some creature and the hardest to kill next to the mammoth.  
These guys will jump all over you and attack the living heck out of you 
until you're dead (or they are).  I would recommend fighting these ones 
with spears and nothing less.  
All over East Coast, South Island, Areas in the very far north east 
(slightly away from the coast). (other locations to come)

Mammoth- Extremely powerful; Aggressive- While they are a bit slow, they 
are also VERY strong and can literally kill you in a few hits.  It's 
best to try to kill them only when you have a spear, especially Level 3 
Tundra, Northwest Island, far northeast (south of Tundra).

Aliens- Fast and run in random directions; Docile- Strange creatures... 
Very strange.  They basically look like a regular human body, only 
everything from the waist up is completely gone.  Basically, they just 
look like an abdomen with legs.  When you hit them, they let out and 
eerie laugh.  
Found mainly on the Southwest Island.  I've also found them once on the 
Northwest Island. (other locations to come)


I'm sure you've seen the idea beaten to death all over this FAQ.  It is 
necessary to kill animals to bring in food.  Failure to do so is quite 
fatal.  Not only do you die, but so does your tribe.  So, with that 
being said, here are some basics on hunting.

When you first start out, hunt only weak animals like monkeys and maybe 
birds (they can be killed effectively if you throw a rock at them).  Do 
not deal with the bigger and badder enemies until your culture level has 
climbed drastically enough.  There are two animals in particular that 
you want to avoid like the plauge until you have a spear.  Those two are 
the smilodon and the mammoth.  The reason being is that they are the 
most powerful and aggressive creatures in all the game.  

Most any aggressive creature is to be avoided until you have a stick.  
Sticks do increase your range just a bit, but also just enough to make 
fighting a bit easier.


-Hunt weak animals when you start.  Beware of aggressive creatures when 
you don't have any weapons.

-Learn to throw stones at birds while they are flying towards you.  You 
can get some easy kills that way once you are much better with stone 

-If an animal is too fast to kill, wait until you have a really powerful 
weapon that can kill it in a couple shots or so.

-Before hunting down a mammoth, try to throw some rocks at it to soften 
it up a bit.

-Use jumping to your advantage.  if a strong animal is charging at you 
and you jump, it will be quite likely that the thing will run underneath 

-Learn to attack when coming down off a jump.  This can especially help 
when fighting hippos unarmed.  This way you can get a lick in before you 
are in range to be effected by an attack.  

-Just because you killed an animal doesn't mean you need to bring the 
meat back to the camp.  You can eat it yourself and that is a good idea 
if you wish to do some extended exploring.  

-Do not be afraid to back down from a fight.  If you are being seriously 
hurt, run and run quick.  When you are finally out of the reach of the 
animal, eat some food and run off to kill a weaker animal and bring its 
flesh back home.  Remember, every time you return home, you are fully 

-It isn't worth chasing an animal to your doom.  If an animal runs out 
into a compromised position in the water, don't persue it unless you 
have an easy way to get back up to the surface.

-Sometimes, however, water can be good.  When chasing an animal, 
sometimes it will fall into the water and begin spinning 360 Degrees.  
Don't touch it because that means it's drowning.  When it drowns, it 
will leave meat for you to pick up.

-When going on a long hunting trip, don't forget to eat plants to keep 
your energy up and your hunger down.



It's a given fact.  As your village grows, so does their intelligence.  
As their intelligence grows, so does their culture.  As your culture 
grows, so do your tools.  As time goes by, depending on how high your 
intelligence is, you will gain what is called Culture Levels.  As your 
Culture Level grows, so does the power of your weapons.  You also may 
notice the quality of your huts around the village may look a bit 


As time goes by, your culture will increase.  The speed it increases 
depends on the strength of your brain, whether or not you bear the Inner 
Eye or Fertility tatoos, and the size of your tribe.  All of these can 
lead to upgrades in different weapons.  The better your weapon, the 
quicker you can kill enemies.  


Bare Fist: The weakest "weapon" in the game.  You initially start with 

Stick: The first actual hand weapon you can get.  While it is better 
than the bare fist, it still lacks in strength and range.  (can to go 
level 4)

Axe: Stroner than the stick.  Still lacks range, but has good power.

Spear: The strongest weapon, especially at its finally level.  Good 
strength and range.  (can go to level 3)


There are two things that ultimately decide your populations growth: The 
strength of your propagate stat and your food intake (that is, the food 
you return with).  The more food you return with, the more there will be 
for your village.  You village can then thrive and reproduce.  One thing 
to keep in mind is that the stats of your villagers is also reflectant 
on your stats.  Also remember that population and culture go hand in 
hand.  The higher population you have, the more characters you can use 
as others die.



One thing almost every game has in common is the light brushstroke on 
the subject of death.  This game is no stranger to it, especially 
considering that you are dealing with a life.  Basically put: You are 
not immortal (not without cheats, anyway).  Your character can age and 
die with time just like in real life.  Also a like real life, your 
character your character can die by means other than old age.  There 
isn't a whole lot of different ways to die in this game, but each way is 
pretty easy to do, especially if you're careless.  

-Old Age-
Each character has a life span.  I really do not know what the life span 
is for each character, but I think your actions can influence how long 
or short (s)he lives.  When you first grab someone, immediately look to 
the upper right of the screen.  If you do not see anything there, that 
means you grabbed a considerably young buck (or doe).  However, even 
young bucks get old.  After a while, you will see a circle of flames 
dancing around at the top right of the screen.  These flames will mark 
down your last moments alive, assuming you don't get killed before then.  
Each flame disappears with a moderate length of time.  I think it could 
be in the neighborhood of 15-20 minutes per flame.  As soon as the last 
flame is getting ready to disappear, the Bird Spirit will appear.  When 
it has finally burned out, the Spirit will come and take your last 

You do not have gills!  You can stay underwater for a little while, but 
not very long.  While underwater, make sure you can easily jump to the 
surface and get a breath of air every so often.  If not, then you better 
get to a location where you can do so or make sure you have the Swim 
Tatoo.  If you should stay underwater too long, you will die.  

-Beaten to Death-
This is probably the most common death amongst those who are careless.  
Some animals will fight back when provoked.  Each animal has a different 
power level as it pretains to attacks.  If you are hit too often and 
sustain major wounds, you can die.  It's pretty much common sense there.

You must feed your character.  If you have gone a long time without 
food, then grab some plants to munch on.  In times of need, do not be 
picky.  If you kill an animal and bring it back to your village, keep in 
mind that it does feed you as well.  This also restores your "life" to 

Your character sleeps for a reason.  This is the only way (s)he can 
restore much needed strength.  You can interrupt sleep, but it's best 
that you don't unless you're about to be attacked.  If your character 
doesn't sleep often enough, (s)he will eventually start to fall asleep 
more often.  If you keep interrupting the schedule more, eventually the 
character will not be able to function and (s)he will just die.


These are just some basic tips as far as keeping your character in good 

-Eat often enough.  Make sure you are very careful when going into a 
place that lacks life like a desert.  You could starve easily.

-Sleep well.  Do not interrupt your character's sleep unless it's 

-Beware of deep depths of water if you cannot cross them easily.

-Do not get careless in battle.  Being arrogant is a good way to get 
killed.  Make sure that you do not sleep in an area that could have a 
dangerous animal nearby.  Animals like the smilodon are notorious for 
attacking you in your sleep.



South of your village lies five monoliths, each with a different crest 
on it.  You should definitely get one of these right away when starting 
a new game (see Section 9).  Once you have chosen a tatoo, you will have 
that tatoo until you grab another one.  So, once you have a tatoo on, 
you can never be without a tatoo.  

Leap- The tatoo furthest on the left.  This is great for helping cover 
distance when jumping.  It allows you to jump higher and longer.  I 
personally don't use this one too often, but it helps if you're trying 
to jump a long distance. (increases jump strength)

Fertility- Lies to the right of Leap.  This increases the power of your 
propagate system.  With this, your village will grow faster.  With more 
people, your culture level will also rise.  (increases propagate 

Inner Eye- Lies to the right of Fertility.  This increases your mental 
capacity and intelligences, causing your culture to grow radically.  
Very helpful anytime in the game when you need some new weapon 
advancements. (increases intelligence)

Swiftness- In the front row (a few feet further south of the first 
three), on the left.  This increases your leg strength enough to make 
you extremely fast.  This is good for tracking prey or eluding 
predators.  It's also great if you're trying to get from Point A to 
Point B a bit faster (as long as Point B is on the Main Continent).  
(increases run strength)

Swim- To the right of Swiftness.  This one is also very helpful.  I 
hevily recommend this if you plan to investigate the surrounding 
islands.  You almost cannot make it to the islands without this.  In 
fact, there ARE a couple that you cannot make it to without this.  This 
increases your arms, leg, and lung strength to give you the ability to 
swim like a dolphin.  With this, you can remain above water the whole 
time that you swim by pushing the Jump button repeatedly.  (increases 
swim strength)


In this game, your stats are referred to as "Body."  To view your Body 
stats, push select during any time in the game and select Info.  From 
there, select Body and you will be given a breakdown on your body.  
There are six different parts of the body and six different colors.  
Each color illustrates how strong or weak each part of the body is.  You 
cannot have two parts of the same color.  So, you cannot have a body of 
all red stats.  There can only be dominate parts and weak parts.  
Anyway, from weakest to strongest, the colors are: purple, blue, 
greenish-yellow, bright yellow, peach, and red.

Each of the six different Body stats effects your advancement in some 
way.  If you wish for a certain part to become stronger, you must eat 
certain plants (see Section 8).  

Brain- This is your intelligence. This effects your culture level within 
the tribe.  

Swim- Strength of your lungs.  The stronger this is, the better and 
further you can swim.  

Hand- Your arm strength.  Effects your fighting strength and ability.  
Also keep in mind that the weapon you're using can effect your fighting 
strength just as well, if not more than this stat.

Propagate- Your reproductive habits.  The higher this is, the more your 
village will increase in size as more are born.  

Jump- Your jumping ability.  Effects the height and length you jump.  

Run- Your speed.  The higher this is, the faster you are.


These are maps, so to speak, of the entire world and such.  These maps 
may not be totally to scale, but they are slightly to scale in 
accordance to pages 22-23 in the instruction book which I used as a 
guide when piecing together these maps.  I have each section marked to 
tell you what exactly it is.  

NOTE: World map not to exact proportion.  Only done as space and ASCII 
can permit.

  _   ___________       _____    ____
 / \ /           \     /     \__/    |
 \_//____  a    __\    \             |      _/\___
         \_    /       /     1       |      \ b__/
           \__/       /              |____   \/
                   __|                    \____
              ____/                            \_______
             /                                        /  _   _
      ______|                                        /  /_\ /_\
      \  2                                           |    _  c_
       \                                        ____ |  _/_\ /_\  _
        \     5              f  6              /    \| /_\       /_\
        /                                     |     /\
       /                                      |_    || 
      /   ___                                   \   \/ 
      |__/   \                                   \____ 
              \                                       \ 
               \                                ______/
                \                               \
                 \__                /\___        \
                    \              /     \        \
       ____          \         ___/       \        \
      /    \          \        |          |         \
     /     |          |  4     |          |          \
     |   d |          |        /          |           \
     |     |           \       |          /           |
     |     |            \      |          \__         \
     \     |             |__   |             \         \
      \____|                \  /              \    3  __\
                             \/               /       \ 
                                             /        /
                                            |        /     
                                            |       /
                                            |      /
                                            |     /
                  __                        |    /
               __/  \_                      |   /
               \      |                     |  /
               |  e  /                       \/
              /   ___|
             /    /

KEY- This is how I will refer to each area in the game.
a- Northwest Islands
b- Northeast Islands
c- Broken Islands
d- Southwest Island
e- South Island
f- Main Continent

1- Tundra
2- Valley Shoreline (otherside of West Mountains)
3- Giant Peninsula
4- South Desert
5- West Mountains
6- Plains


Note that locations are approximated

  _   ___________       _____    ____
 / \ /          G\     /     \__/    |
 \_//____       __\    \             |      _/\___
         \_    /       /             |      \  __/
           \__/       /              |____   \/
                   __|                    \____
              ____/                H           \_______
             /                E            I          /  _   _
      ______|        F                               /  /_\ /_\
      \  B                                           |    _   _
       \                      C                 ____ |  _/_\ /_\  _
        \                     A                /    \| /_\       /_\
        /                                     |     /\
       /                                      |_    || 
      /   ___                 D                 \   \/ 
      |__/   \                                   \____ 
              \                                      J\ 
               \                                ______/
                \                               \
                 \__                /\___        \
                    \              /     \        \
       ____          \         ___/       \        \
      /    \          \        |          |         \
     /     |          |        |          |          \
     |     |          |        /          |           \
     |     |           \       |          /           |
     |     |            \      |          \__         \
     \     |             |__   |             \         \
      \____|                \  /              \       __\
                             \/               /       \ 
                                             /        /
                                            |        /     
                                            |       /
                                            |      /
                                            |     /
                  __                        |    /
               __/  \_                      |   /
               \      |                     |  /
               |     /                       \/
              /   ___|
             /    /

Easter Eggs and Monuments
A: Your Village
B: Stone Hand
C: Stone Henge    
D: Tatoo Stones
E: Dinosaur Bone (found in a pond)
F: Strange marsh plants (found on a bank on the northwest section of the 
G: Stone Eye
H: Stone Circles
I: Orange Lakes
J: Caveman and Cavewoman turned to stone


NOTE: More cave locations to come.

Also note that some caves are actually connected.  Listed below are cave 

  _   ___________       _____    ____
 / \ /           \     /     \__/    |
 \_//____       __\    \             |      _/\___
         \_    /       /             |      \  __/
           \__/       /              |____   \/
                   __|                    \____
              ____/                            \_______
             /                                        /  _   _
      ______|        1                               /  /_\ /_\
      \                                              |    _   _
       \                                        ____ |  _/_\ /_\  _
        \   2                0                 /    \| /_\       /_\
        /                                     |     /\
       /                                      |_    || 
      /   ___                   3                \   \/ 
      |__/   \                                   \____ 
              \                                       \ 
               \                                ______/
                \                               \
                 \__                /\___        \
                    \              /     \        \
       ____          \         ___/       \        \
      /    \          \        |          |         \
     /     |          |        |          |          \
     |     |          |        /          |           \
     |     |           \       |          /           |
     |     |            \      |          \__         \
     \     |             |__   |             \         \
      \____|                \  /              \       __\
                             \/               /       \ 
                                             /        /
                                            |        /     
                                            |       /
                                            |      /
                                            |     /
                  __                        |    /
               __/  \_                      |   /
               \      |                     |  /
               |     /                       \/
              /   ___|
             /    /

0 = Your village
1... This cave is found in the mountains.  It shouldn't be too hard to 
find.  The small river north of your village eventually flows into a 
huge lake.  On the west bank of the lake will be the mountains.  
Somewhere on that west bank should be a huge patch of grass on the 
mountain, a platform of sorts.  Somewhere in that huge patch of grass 
should be cave.
2... This one is very hard to find.  Somewhere on the west side of the 
mountains toward the south should be a strange path that leads you up to 
a rectangular opening in the mountain.  This cave seems to be 
particularly full of bats. 
3... Not to hard to find.  Just south of the village and a little to the 
east.  It's found on the north bank of a lake (with water running into 
it).  Very small, but has some food inside.



The small tribe you have founded does not live on hunting alone.  Well, 
at least you don't.  You need to get nourishment often enough to be able 
to stay alive.  Stocking up on plants and other edibles lying around is 
most important when you are going long distances, and even more 
important when that traveling involves crossing mountains, deserts, or 
the tundra (as those locations very much lack food).  Hunting can be 
quite a consuming task that you need some faster food, and since Arby's, 
White Castle, and A&W haven't been invented yet, you have to rely on a 
different source.  That is, you must become a gatherer as well as a 
hunter.  Spread throughout the plains are vast amounts of food.  Food 
which is represented by a sugar cake made from Japan.  Each one you grab 
not only knocks down your hunger, but it also gives a little boost to 
one of your stats, depending on the color that flashes and which part of 
the body flashes.  There are 52 different plants in all.  Now, in order, 
is a description of each plant and its effect on your body.  Each one is 
placed in order of appearance in the "Item" under "About" in your info.  
So, if you want a good visual aid as to which food item I'm referring 
to, count the sugar cakes as they appear in the Item section of the 

Color indicator:
Purple- Very minute amount added to stat.
Blue- Small amount added to stat.
Greenish-Yellow- Mediocre amount added to stat.
Bright Yellow- Large amount added to stat.
Peach- Considerably large amount added to stat.
Red- Very large amount added to stat.

NOTE: To tell blue and purple apart when you eat, remember that this 
shade of blue is quite light, so the body part receiving the stat 
increase should appear very light blue as oppose to one getting a 
purple, which will appear quite dark.  Bright Yellow and Greenish-Yellow 
are also very hard to tell apart.  You just have to remember that Bright 
Yellow always shows up extremely bright.

Number in "Item" 
Plant Description
Stat boosted

Looks like a clam with some major scuffs on top of it
Swim; Bright Yellow

Looks like a seashell with the joint pointing to the lower right
Swim; Bright Yellow

Round seashell with the joint pointing to the lower left
Swim; Red

Looks like a semi-triangular seashell
Swim; Greenish-Yellow




Looks like a couple of baby onions
Swim; Blue

Looks a bit like a mint leaf
Hands; Purple

Looks like a big leaf with a brown spot near the top
Run; Peach

Looks like a blade of grass with a coil at the top
Brain; Blue

Looks like a blade of grass
Run; Blue

Looks like a light pink flower with a spot in the middle
Swim; Purple

Looks like a solid, pink flower with five petals and nothing in the 
Run; Bright Yellow

Looks like a green maple leaf
Run; Purple

Looks like a pink flower with four petals
Brain; Blue

Looks like a pure white flower with five petals
Hands; Blue

Looks like a blue flower with a huge, blue splotch at the top
Brain; Bright Yellow

Looks like a light pink flower with five petals and a lot of pollen in 
the middle
Swim; Bright Yellow

Looks like a white flower with a red circle in the middle
Swim; Peach

Looks like a pink flower with five petals bunched together
Run; Blue

Bright, orange flower-shaped clay(?) with a fossil imprint on it
Brain; Blue

Looks like a blue flower with six, pointy petals
Run; Purple

Looks like a very well detailed, bright pink flower
Run; Greenish-Yellow

Looks like a big, blue flower with many petals
Run; Greenish-Yellow

Looks like a yellow flower (also kind of resembles a banana peal)
Swim; Bright Yellow

Looks like a red maple leaf
Arms; Greenish-Yellow

Looks like some exotic fruit related to a peach
Brain; Blue

Looks like a bright blue, swirly thing
Swim; Greenish-Yellow

Looks like a blue disc
Brain; Red

Looks like a roundish flower with pollen down near the bottom
Run; Bright Yellow

Looks like a white, rectangular object
Hands; Purple

Looks like a budding plant
Brain; Blue

Looks like a pine cone
Run; Bright Yellow

Looks like an almond
Hands; Blue

Looks like a strange, brown seed of some kind.  It's somewhat V-shaped.
Run; Blue

Looks like a pea pod
Hands; Purple

Looks like an egg
Brain; Blue

Looks like a mushroom
Hands; Peach

Looks somewhat like a pear
Brain; Blue

Looks like a cattail (also somewhat resembles a sword)
Swim; Bright Yellow

Looks like a green peach
Swim; Blue

Looks like a peach
Swim; Peach


Looks like an exotic fruit
Hands; Peach

Looks like a pink piece of candy
Run; Red




Looks like a green and white pretzel
Hands; Red

Looks like an oval-shaped, white flower with some pollen in it
Hands; Greenish-Yellow

Looks like an oval-shaped, pink flower with a bit of pollen in it
Brain; Bright Yellow



-Preliminary Actions-
The first thing that you should do is set the difficulty.  If you really 
want to take it easy your first time through, then I do suggest easy.  
There's also medium and hard modes if you don't feel like taking things 
too lightly your first time through.  Now, begin the game.  You will see 
a person in the middle of the screen.  This represents a new game.  
Select the person and you will move on to a naming selection.  Here is 
where you name your file so you can tell your file apart form anyone 
else's that might appear on the memory card.  After naming your file (or 
keeping it at Adam&Eve if you wish), you choose whether you want stereo 
or mono sound style.  Grab either/or and move on.  Time to start the 
game for real!

You will start the game selecting one of your three initial characters, 
of which you have two adult males and one adult female.  Grab whichever 
one you wish.  They all have the same stats.  First thing is first.  
Head south from your village.  A little ways down, you should bump into 
some monkeys.  You CAN kill the monkeys if you want, but it would 
probably be best to wait on killing anything until you grab a tatoo.  
The tatoo I highly suggest you grab first is the Fertility Tatoo.  With 
this, your propagate organ will be given a boost.  The result will be a 
faster growing population and a faster growing Culture Level as well 
since you have a lot of people in your group.  Now, you've got your 
tatoo.  Let's get ready to hunt.

-Early Hunting-
This early in the game, I don't suggest you hunt anything too viscious, 
especially with bare fists.  It would be almost impossible to hunt out 
anything like smilodons or mammoths right now.  Start with the weaker 
creatures.  The best creatures to hunt right now would be monkeys, which 
can be found just south of your village.  You can also find them far 
north (about halfway between your village and the Tundra) and far east.  
South is probably the best since it is a lot closer.  This early in the 
game, there's a few places and things you want to avoid.  Avoid the east 
coast, particularly the far north and far south areas of it.  These 
areas are full of smilodons, which are extremely aggressive and will 
most likely kill you on sight.  Fighting them with a bare fist is 
practically suicide.  I would highly suggest you wait until you at least 
have an axe before fighting them.  Avoid the Tundra, there is nothing up 
there worth killing.  The only anmials there you really can kill this 
early are hippos and kamodo dragons, even though they can be found in 
other, safer areas.  Try to avoid fighting boars and sharks this early 
as well.  Fighting sharks is actually quite risky since you need to go 
underwater to do so.  I would also recommend you avoid fighting buffalo 
at least until you can get better acquainted with the battle system and 
your own personal fighting skills.

As I've stated before, monkeys are a great source of food for the early 
game.  There are a few other good sources, but probably not nearly as 
good as the monkey.  Birds are okay, but they're somewhat hard to kill 
early in the game unless you use rocks.  This can take a bit of 
practice, but try picking up rocks and throwing them at birds (hint: 
it's easiest achieved when the bird is flying at you).  The main reason 
birds are hard to kill is their speed.  They can get away pretty 
quickly.  Hippos I would only recommend fighting when you're very well 
normed enough with fighting skills.  The best skill I've noticed towards 
fighting them is to jump in the air just before they initiate a bite 
attack and hit them right as you come down.  Just make sure you do it 
before they can bite you as you come down.  This way, you'll actually 
move them back when you hit them and you can hit them before they can 
hit you.  Deer aren't too bad because they're not very aggressive.  They 
are quite hard to catch, though.  I wouldn't exactly use them as a chief 
source of food.  Kamodo dragons are easy to kill because they are slow, 
but they're quite rare.  They're mainly found in the south desert.  Good 
luck finding an ostrich.  They're also super rare and hard to kill to 
boot since they are very fast.  Bats are weak, but hard to find and 
unreliable.  You mainly have to do a lot of searching in the mountains 
to find bats.  My recommendation is to use bats as a food source when 
you're exploring rather than bringing it home.  Just eat them yourself.  
They're great for when you're lost in a cave and can't find any other 
sensible food aside from the usual Gathering Items.  Aliens are not 
something you want to persue for a chief means of food.  They are flat 
out HARD to find.  If you actually come across one (it'll proabably be 
jumping up and down in place), pat yourself on the back.  They're 
probably the rarest animal next to the bat and the ostrich.  Here's a 
breakdown of the animals for you...

Monkeys: Great early in the game.
Birds: Try killing with rocks until you get stronger weapons.
Boars: Avoid until you get better weapons.
Deer: Not bad, but can be easily killed with better weapons.
Hippos: Develop basic fighting skills.  Learn to use jumping to a 
fighting advantage.
Buffalo: Avoid until you get better weapons and improved fighting 
Bats: Should only be used when traveling far from home or lost in caves.
Orstrich: Good luck finding one, and when you do, good luck catching it.  
Mainly wait until your weapon is stronger.
Sharks: Avoid until you get a better weapon and have the Swim Tatoo.
Kamodo Dragon: Kill them any time if you can.  They're a decent, yet 
easy kill.
Aliens: Not something you want to persue as a chief source of meat.
Smilodon: Avoid until you have much better weapons.
Mammoth: Avoid until you get a spear.

-Getting Familiar With Your Surroundings-
All you really need to know early in the game is which types of regions 
are bound in which directions.  North will lead you to some grasslands 
and a small lake.  Eventually, you'll hit the Tundra.  Northeast has 
some nice, wooded areas full of smilodons, deer, buffalo, and some 
mammoths.  It also has a great beach area and some small mountains.  
East has a grassland and some small beaches.  Southeast is mostly a wet 
area and has a huge peninsula.  South is half grassy, have dry.  
Southwest is mostly grass area.  West is the main way you want to go to 
get to the west mountains.  This is a nice place to explore, especially 
since it has its share of caverns that are almost impossible to map.  It 
also has a nice valley on the other side.  Northwest has a few lakes and 
some more hilly areas.  

-Waiting on Weapons-
Keep hunting until you feel your population has risen enough.  How do 
you check on your population levels?  For one, you can go into your 
Tower section inside your info menu (push select).  This will show 
relatively how much your population has grown.  There is also a small 
cut scene that will take place from time to time dealing with your 
villagers parading around the village square.  This is an event that 
shows your village has grown significantly.  When your population has 
risen, you can either keep the Fertility Tatoo and gain a whole slew 
more people, or you can just say "Screw that!" and grab one of the other 


-Grabbing a New Tatoo-
My suggestions as far as grabbing a new tatoo when you're tired of the 
Fertility Tatoo goes to one of the following two: The Inner Eye Tatoo or 
the Swim Tatoo.  Both are very helpful in this game towards the middle.  
The Inner Eye Tatoo will cause your intelligence to raise a little, 
resulting in a faster increase of Culture Level.  This will also spell 
some new weapons for you much faster.  The Swim Tatoo can be helpful if 
you wish to explore other islands.  That is the only way you can get to 
other islands without drowning is through the Swim Tatoo.  Otherwise, 
your character will remain stuck underwater for too long and either 
drown or be killed by sharks.  


9D: GENERAL TIPS (see also "Hunting Tips" for more tips)

-Use the shoulder buttons every so often if you need to see a bit 
further in one direction.  Be sure to learn to use combinations.  If you 
want to see up without looking the left or right, then hold both R1 and 
L1 at the same time.

-Remember, trees and rocks can be used as throwing weapons.

-Try to keep away from the East Coast until you've gotten a bit 
stronger.  There seems to be a lot of smilodons out there.  

-Eat often.  If you're trying to keep a certain Body stat at the most 
dominant level (or making it as such), then eat only plants that will 
affect that stat.  

-Sleep when asked to and don't interrupt your character too often.  If 
you do not allow your character to sleep, (s)he will either fall asleep 
on their own and not wake up until they're refreshed or die.  

-Remember, climbing mountains and swimming expend a lot of energy so 
your character may tend to sleep earlier due to too much climbing or 

-When eluding a predator, using jumping to an advantage. 

-Before going to a place that does not have very much food (i.e. 
mountains, desert, tundra), make sure you eat plenty of food to keep 
your hunger down.  

/  SECTION 10: FAQ  \

Q: What is that bird thing that sometimes appears?
A: That is a Spirit that comes to take your soul away.  It usually 
appears just before you die or if you're getting hungry or overly sleep 

Q: What happens when I don't get enough sleep?
A: Your cave(wo)man will pass out and lay there automatically and you 
won't be able to wake them.  They can also die if they don't get enough 
rest and run out of energy.  Energy and hunger levels are two you must 
sustain of your own accord, especially considering that you cannot 
actually see them in quantity.  You basically have to guess at how 
healthy your character is.

Q: Is there anyway to interact with the village? 
A: Nope, the huts are just there for the heck of it, really.

Q: Is there any real point to this game?
A: Yes, and it is to collect enough tusks to make a tower that reaches 
the Tail of the Sun (hence the game's name).

Q: What are those bones I sometimes see (they look like upside down Y's) 
sometimes just in the middle of the land?
A: Those are graves.  Anytime a character dies, no matter where, a grave 
will appear.  

Q: Can I pick up trees?
A: Yes, but they're very hard to use as weapons unless you throw them at 
a large target like a mammoth.

Q: What is an Easter Egg?
A: An Easter Egg is something hidden in a game that cannot effect your 
gameplay one way or another, but is merely just there for you to look 
at.  Easter Eggs appear in almost any game.  Castlevania: Symphony of 
the Night has quite a few (i.e. the giant eyeball that can be seen in a 
window in the background of one area).

Q: If my character dies, does the tatoo go with him?
A: No, the tatoo will automatically be put on the next character.

Q: Is it possible to get a "Game Over?"
A: If you run out of people...

Q: How does Culture Level increase?
A: With time.  As your gain more to your population and have a high 
enough intelligence factor, you culture will increase.

Q: Why is it that sometimes I will see my villagers parading around?
A: That is to signify that your population has hit a new level.

Q: I pushed Triangle over and over again and my character never picked 
up the meat/plant/rock.  Why won't it work?
A: One thing I've noticed about this game is how picky it is when 
picking items up.  You have to be at just the right angle.  If you can't 
get it from the angle you're at, keep trying from different angles.

Q: What is the influence behind all the endings?
A: One influence is which body part you have most nourished.  However, 
there are nine endings and six body "parts," so there has to be another 
influence.  What that is, I'm not certain.

Q: How can you tell that your swim stat is being increased when you eat 
something when playing as a female?
A: Your shoulders will flash and you can just barely see her torso flash 
under her dress.

Q: Is there any difference between playing a female and a male?
A: Not that I've really noticed outside of audio and visual differences.  
Of course, both male and female have different voice actors and sounds 
for eating and they also both have their own seperate hair styles and 
clothing.  Basically, everyone in your village shares the stats of the 
chief, whether (s)he dies or not.


I would appreicate for anyone to give me the following info on the 
following bits below.  If you do, proper credit will be given for all 
information that you contribute!  

Animals- If you can give me any animals that are not listed.  I do not 
accept different variations of animals listed (i.e. different colors), 
but I do accept those not listed that I may have list.  I would also 
like to have the official name of the "aliens" as I do not know what 
they are.  

Land- Any pieces of land that are not mapped on the layout.

Easter Eggs- Easter Egg locatios not mentioned (that is, any momuments 
that are in the game).  The one I'm looking for the most is the undersea 

Caves- Any cave locations will be accepted, but only posted when I can 
actually find the cave as I certainly don't want someone sending in 
false caves.  

Endings- If I could get a list of endings and how to influence each 

Gathering Items- Any Gathering Items I can't find, particularly #5, 
which looks like a clam (see the info section of your game to see which 
clam I'm talking about.  It should be the fifth one they display in the 

Any other baisc, yet important information and fallacies- If you see 
anything incorrect or any important information that wasn't touched on, 
please e-mail me...

-None yet, silly buns!

-Today, I found a huge place near the top of the West Mountains with big 
patches of grass and plants.  This area was also inhabitted by hippos 
which I had never seen there before.  
-I found mammoths that live outside the Tundra.
-Found a cave in the West Mountains with a hippo in it.  The cave also 
had a lot of bats and a rectangular entrance.


This FAQ is copyright 2001 to Joe Shaffer, aka BoredGamer.  Any use of 
this FAQ for commercial purposes in any way, shape, and form without 
confirmed consent of the author is strictly prohibited.  This can be 
used for personal use and freely distributed, as long as there is no 
profit being made off the FAQ without my approval before hand (this 
includes magazines).  This also cannot be posted on any websites without 
my solid approval.  Any failure to comply with said premises can, and 
probably will, result in legal actions.


Thanks to...

Jeff "CJayC" Veasey for maintaining GameFAQs.

PlayStation Cheat.net for having a great site on PSX cheats and for 
asking permission before adding this FAQ to their site.  I really 
appreciate that.

Artdink for putting together this quirky, pointless, yet strangely fun 

(c)Joe Shaffer 2001

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