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ORIGINAL FAQ DATE:  April 06 2001 (04/06/01)

           T H E  S I M S : H O U S E  P A R T Y  E X P.  P A C K
                            Unoffical FAQ

Author        - James Paterson
Version       - 1.1
Last Updated  - April 08 2001, at 5:12pm EST
E-Mail        - [email protected]
Web           - http://www.tscentral.net/


Q:  What do you call a level 40-60 Bard?
A:  Rare
- Insult on the EverQuest character class, Bard, who are rarely seen above
  level 40.


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Update and Revision History

April 08
- removed French remarks (read below)

April 07
- added the FAQ section because of an e-mail I received

April 06
- Began writing FAQ


ATTENTION!!  I am assuming that you've read the manual to the game, and that
             you know a fair bit about the Sims.  If not, then you should
             read the excellent FAQ by Dan Simpson.  His FAQ covers both
             Livin' Large and the original The Sims.  My FAQ only details
             House Party and the enhancements to this specific addon, and
             nothing else.

REGARDING FRENCH:  The previous version of my FAQ had deragatory French
                   refrences in regards to the Caterer.  Seeing as how it
                   pissed off a lot of people, and seeing as how those
                   people have no sense of humor, I have removed the French
                   refrences.  I'd just like to clear a couple things up:

                   1) I live in Canada, and know plenty of French people
                      from Quebec.
                   2) The French themselves are not a race, so I cannot be
                      racist towards them (which I was accused of on the
                   3) Someone wants to send me a virus.  Please go ahead.
                      Not only will it be deleted and quarantine, but the
                      IP address and appropriate information from the
                      e-mail header will be saved and sent to the person's
                      ISP.  I have done this before, and I will do it
                      again.  Remember kids, virus' are illegal, and you
                      WILL get in trouble.


Table Of Contents

[1] Contact Information
[2] Webmaster Information
[3] Where This FAQ May Be Found
[4] Other FAQs Written
[5] FAQ Information
[6] Author Biography
[7] House Party Copyright
[8] System Requirements
[9] House Party Review
[10] Installing The Sims: House Party
[11] Neighborhood
     [11.1] How To Switch and Control Different Neighborhoods
     [11.2] How To Create Extra Neighborhoods
[12] Items
[13] New Non-Playable Characters
     [13.1] Campfire Ghost
     [13.2] Caterer
     [13.3] Entertainer
     [13.4] Mime
     [13.5] Party Crashers
     [13.6] Secret Celebrity (the celebrity is.....)
[14] Building A Good Party House
[15] Preparing Your Sims For A Wild Party
[16] How The Game Scores Your Party
[17] Keeping You And Your Guests Happy
[18] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
[19] Bugs
[20] Maxis Credits


|-[1] Contact Information-|

Feel free to contact me at the following address:

[email protected] OR

james (at) tscentral (dot) net

E-mail is checked every two days, and a quick response is almost
guaranteed.  When e-mailing, DO NOT ask for the following:

- hacks, cracks, warez, or other illegal materials
- any additional information for The Sims: House Party, as everything I
  know is contained in this FAQ

I appreciate the following e-mails:

- questions.  If I receive enough questions, I will probably add a
  Frequently Asked Questions section.
- bugs and glitches (to be added to [19] Bugs so people know what to look
  for and how to get around it
- information you have that I have missed
- corrections to parts of the FAQ
- suggestions to make the FAQ better or more informative
- site's where this FAQ has been posted but is not listed under heading
  [3] Where This FAQ May Be Found
- compliments
- hate mail (legitimite and intelligent hate mail will be responsed to, but
  unintelligent pieces of garbage, such as *ur fak sux* will be promptly
  ignored and added to a filter)


|-[2] Webmaster Information-|

If you wish to post this, or one of my other FAQs on your website, you may
do so as long as the following conditions are applied:

- the FAQ will remain as is in .txt form
- you give me 100% credit
- you send me an e-mail informing me the FAQ has been posted and where it
  has been posted (either a general URL or a direct URL to the FAQ)
- you keep the FAQ updated by regularlarly checking GameFAQS


|-[3] Where This FAQ May Be Found-|

This FAQ may be found ONLY at the following websites:

Cheat Code Central    http://www.cheatcc.com/
GameFAQS              http://www.gamefaqs.com/

If you have my FAQ posted on your website with my permission, but your site
is not listed here, don't worry; it will next update.


|-[4] Other FAQs Written-|

|        GAME       | Platform |      Date     |
| Nocturne          |   PC     |  24 Feb 2001  |
| Unreal Tournament |   PC     |  24 Feb 2001  |
| Serious Sam       |   PC     |  27 Mar 2001  |

NOCTURNE and UNREAL TOURNAMENT are under the name of Droogie, my name I
used in the Half-Life add-on, Team Fortress Classic.  Both FAQs can be
found at Cheat Code Central at http://www.cheatcc.com and GameFAQS at


|-[5] FAQ Information-|

Number of Pages : 22
Word Count      : 4604
Line Count      : 756
Best Font       : Courier
Best Font Size  : 9


|-[6] Author Biography-|

My name is James Paterson and I am a computer networking engineer with a
MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) certificate.  I own and operate
a local computer store that sells a variety of products, such as laptops,
white-boxes, pre-built PC's, games, hardware, etc.

I enjoy playing a variety games, and recently I have gotten really into:

- EverQuest
- Onimusha: Warlords (PlayStation2)
- Shadow Of Destiny (PlayStation2)
- RollerCoaster Tycoon (oldie but a goodie)
- Clive Barker's Undying (greatest horror game I've played in a while)
- Project I.G.I. (bad reviews, but I find it to be a good game)
- Serious Sam
- Tribes 2

I also watch a lot of movies, and my favorites at the moment are:

- Se7en
- American Beauty
- Little Shop Of Horrors (1986 movie-musical version, with Rick Moranis)

I've also really gotten into the HBO TV series "The Sopranos."  I've got
season one on DVD and have taped the entire season two (since it hasn't
been released on DVD yet) and am in the process of taping season three.
It is a great show about a mafia boss in the 2000's who has to put up with
his family and his other family, and needs to see a psychiatrist.  I
recommend fans of GoodFelllas, Scarface, etc. to watch the show.


|-[7] House Party Copyright-|

© 2001 Electronic Arts Inc.  The Sims, EA GAMES, the EA GAMES logo, Maxis,
the Maxis logo, and Electronc Arts are trademarks or registered trademarks
of Electronic Arts Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.  All rights
reserved.  EA GAMES and Maxis are Electronic Arts brands.

This FAQ is not endorsed or supported in any way by Electronic Arts, Maxis,
it's staff or affiliates.


|-[8] System Requirements-|

 - Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/2000
 - The Sims installed (Livin' Large not needed, but you will NOT get LL
   objects, careers, etc. unless it is installed BEFORE installing House
- 233MHz Intel Pentium or AMD K6 processor
- 32 MB RAM
- 4x CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive
- 255 MB free hard disk space plus space for saved games (additional space
  required for Windows swap-file)
- High Color (800x600 resolution) capable 2 MB video card with DirectX 7.0
  compatible driver
- DirectX 7.0 compatible sound card; Keyboard; Mouse


|-[9] House Party Review-|

Coming soon...


|-[10] Installing The Sims: House Party-|

1.  Start the Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/2000 operating system.
2.  Place The Sims: House Party Expansion Pack CD in the CD drive.  The
    Autorun menu appears.

NOTE: If the Autorun menu does not automatically appear, click the START
      button on the Windows Task Bar, then click Run... At the Dialog Box,
      type D:\start.exe, then click OK.  The autorun menu appears.  If your
      CD-ROM drive uses a letter other than "D", please substitue the
      letter of your CD-ROM drive for "D".

3.  Click the Install button to install the expansion pack.

NOTE: You may exit the setup program at any time by clicking CANCEL.

4.  Read the General Installation Information, then click NEXT.
5.  Enter the serial number from the back of your CD-ROM case.  Click NEXT
    to install The Sims House Party.
6.  After the installation has finished, you are given the choice to
    register the product.
7.  Choose whether or not you would like to install AOL 6.0.  Make your
    selection to continue.
8.  Click FINISH to exit the install wizard.

NOTE: After you install House Party, the House Party CD is the only CD you
      need to insert into your CD drive in order to play The Sims.  Even if
      you install The Sims Livin' Large Expansion Pack, the House Party CD
      is the CD you use to play the Sims.


|-[11] Neighborhood-|

A Neighborhood is where your Sims live.  They play, work, and obviously
party with other Sims in the same neighborhood.  Each neighboor can support
up to ten houses on ten lots.


|-[11.1] How To Switch and Control Different Neighborhoods-|

With House Party, you have a total of eight neighborhoods at your disposal,
for a total of 80 houses!  To switch between neighborhoods, use the left
and right arrow buttons at the top left of the neighborhood screen.  The
number in the center displays the neighborhood you are currently in.

You can have ten houses, which equals ten families, in one neighborhood.
When you create someone in, for example, Neighborhood 1, they are only
useable in Neighborhood 1.  They cannot be switched to 'hood 2, and they
can only interact with other Sims in the same neighborhood.


|-[11.2] How To Create Extra Neighborhoods-|

Make sure you have a totally empty neighborhood, with no houses or Sims
what-so-ever, otherwise you will make an exact duplicate.

Go to your Sims root directory, which is usually, if your hard drive is C:.
C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\.  Once there, you will see folders which
are labelled "UserData1" through "UserData8"; each number corresponds to
it's neighborhood.  Your families, pictures, houses, etc. are stored within
these folders.  Highlight the folder that has an empty family by
left-clicking on it.  Press CTRL+C to copy the folder.  Return to the
desktop and press CTRL+V to paste a copy of the folder.  Right-click the
newly copied folder and click "Rename".  Rename the folder to "UserData9"
or any such number up to 50.  Left-click on the folder once and press
CTRL+C again.  Return to the \The Sims\ directory and paste the new folder.
When you go to the game, you will now have a ninth neighborhood in which to
run or ruin the lives of more Sims.


|-[12] Items-|

There are over 50 new objects in House Party.  They are listed here.  If I
am missing any (which I most likely am, cursed real life), send me an

I am not going to list any items, because there is already a great Item
Guide available at GameFAQs, written by PS2pcGAMER, and it is quite an
excellent piece of work.  It's available here:



|-[13] New Non-Playable Characters-|

There are six new NPC's that I have encountered so far.  There may be more;
there may not.  If I see any other then the ones listed here, I will add
them to the FAQ.


|-[13.1] Campfire Ghost-|

When you have a group of Sims gathered around a fire, order a Sim with a
Charisma rating of six or higher to "Tell A Story".  When a story is being
told, there is a 1 in 10 chance the Ghost will appear and haunt your Sims.
The haunting lasts until the fire burns out.


|-[13.2] Caterer-|

The Caterer is the main item at your party.  He will fill your Punch Bowls
and Buffet Tables, and re-fill them when they get low.  Although you can
direct your Sims to perform aformentioned tasks, the Caterer does a better
job, and you may forget to tell your Sim to re-fill due to the fun you're
having.  The Caterer will work until 11:00pm, then he will empty the punch
bowls and buffet tables, and leave so he can get his "beauty sleep"
The downsides to the Caterer is he costs §350 for the day, and when he's not
busy cleaning or filling, he will talk to your guests, and most guests will
lose relationship points with the host or hostess of the party, as he has
really bad social skills.  He will occasionally go to your Costume Trunk (if
you have it and it's opened), look at the clothes, and make a rude remark.
If he is no longer needed before 11:00, you can "Dismiss" him, and being the
gentlement that he is, he will clean up before he leaves.  Oh I almost
forgot.  If he's mingling with your guests, direct one of your Sims to
perform the action "Back To Work".


|-[13.3] Entertainer-|

The Entertainer pops out of the Fancy Feet Cake Treat, and is either Male
or Female, depending on which you choose.  They will do a little dance for
you, while the entire party watches.  When the dance is over, the Entertainer
will stick around and party for a while.  Sometimes, she may even grab a
Sim, fling him backwards, and kiss him, giving him her number as well.  If
another Sim is in the same room and has a heart for the relationship, they
will not take that kindly and either slap the Entertainer, the kissed Sim,
or both.


|-[13.4] Mime-|

NOTE: Shame the bastard couldn't suffocate in his invisible box.  That
      would REALLY liven the party.

When your party is doing bad, the Mime will show up.  He will mingle with
your guests, perform stupid mime tricks, and steal things.  The first two,
even though your party is bad to have attracted him, have a positive effect,
and will slowly raise the party mood.  If you ask him to leave, he won't.
The guests need to be entertained before he will leave.


|-[13.5] Party Crashers-|

When your party is doing good, you may have a Party Crasher show up.  The
crasher is either male or female, and the female crasher looks like a
frickin' goth zombie.  Anywho, the party crashers add to your overall mood.
They will participate in the campfire, bubble blowing, dancing, etc., and
most group activites.  If the party starts sinking while the crasher is
there, they may break things, such as a dishwasher, your DJ table, TV, etc.
You can ask the crasher to leave whenever you like, but expect a nasty
remark about it.


|-[13.6] Secret Celebrity (the celebrity is.....)-|

When your party is doing exceptional, a black stretch limosine will show up
outside your door.  Who is this secret celebrity?  Here's a few hints for

a) he's fat (not really fat, but he ain't skinny)
b) wears dorky black glasses
c) has two TV shows (a comedy and hosts a comedy improvisation show)
d) has friends named Kate, Lewis, and Oswald
e) hate's his boss' secretary (who dress wild and wears inhuman amounts of

Any idea yet?  No?!  Where have you been living???  Drum roll please....
(da da na num)
Thank you.

Mr. Drew Carey!

That's right folks!  Old Drew himself will show up at your door when your
party is the talk of the town.  He will stand outside your door for one
hour, while all your Sims flock to him with pictures of Drew in their
thought bubbles.  If your party continues to escalate for one hour Sim-time,
Drew will phone up his agent and tell him to take off, as he has a night of
wild partying to do.  Drew will come to your house, dance, eat, and do all
other group activities.  He will stay for a maximum of four hours, and for
most of that time, your Sims are thinking nothing but Drew.  After he
leaves, they are STILL thinking about him.  When Drew shows up, you know you
can throw a good bash.


|-[14] Building A Good Party House-|

I won't go into too much detail here.  Build a house like you would in The
Sims or Livin' Large, but for House Party, take care when designing the
party area.  Make sure your guests have access to other forms of
entertainment, such as a pool table or television, preferably within the
same room.  Create a kitchen with dining tables and chairs, and be sure to
have one or two Buffet Tables (more depending on how many people you want)
and a punch bowl or two.  Make sure there is plenty of bathrooms, as your
guest Sims may not like each other enough to use the bathroom while someone
else is in it.  Without the proper bathroom set up, your party can go sour
fast.  Build two tile bathrooms, with nothing but a toilet, and designate
these as bathrooms with the two new doors, Men and Women.  Your Sims will
obey the door signs, and will not enter a bathroom of the opposite sex.

Make sure all these rooms are connected together somehow, so your Sims have
less travel time, which keeps them happier, and possibly keep the party
running later.

NOTE: If your party goes past 11:00pm (same time when the Caterer leaves),
the police will show up at your door explaining that neighbors have
complained about the noise (doubtful since they're probably at your house
right now).  If more then five people (not including the resident sims) are
still in the house when 12:00am rolls around, the cop will show up again
and fine you.

Here is a checklist of items you should have for the ultimate party, with
the amount of that item in brackets:

- DJ Turntable (1)
- Dance Floor (5-10)
- Buffet Table (2+)
- Punch Bowl (2+)
- Go-Go Cage (2+)
- Club Code Thrill Light (4+)
- Pool Table (1)
- TV (1)
- Furniture, such as couches, for the Comfort rating (5+)
- Dining Table (2+)
- Toilet (6+)
- Hot Tub (1)
- Pool (1)


|-[15] Preparing Your Sims For A Wild Party-|

Here is a checklist of things you should do with your Sim(s) leading up to
the party.  This will ensure their in the best of moods:

8:00am to 9:00am - The Sim with the highest cooking skill should "Serve
9:00am to 10:00am - Have your Sims partake in a Fun Group activity (TV,
                    Pool, Hot Tub, etc.)
10:00am to 11:00am - Send Sims to improve the Hygiene and Bladded motives
11:00am to 12:00am - Nap (either on bed or couch for four hours)
4:00pm - 5:00pm - Wake up your Sims just before 5:00, and take care of any
                  motives that are less then half, then call the Caterer.
5:00pm - Use the phone and select the option "Throw Party".  Five random
         guests from the neighborhood will show.  Although some may ring
         the doorbell, don't greet them; they will walk in within the hour.
6:00pm - Make sure your first set of guests are eating (if not, grab
         something to eat, as they almost always follow the hosts' actions)
7:00pm - Use the phone and select the option "Throw Party".  Five new
         random guests will come.  After each hour, choose the same option,
         as new Sims are brought when the hour passes.
8:00pm - Purchase a Fancy Feet Cake Treat and hire an Entertainer.
8:30pm - Look for unhappy guests and dismiss them, as they drag down the
         party score.
10:00pm - Start asking your guests to leave, so the house will be quiet
          before the cop arrives.  Unless, of course, you don't care about
          the fine, in which case let your guests stay.
11:00pm - Caterer will approach the Sim who phoned him and will tell him he
          is ready to leave.
After 11:00pm - Your house is a mess.  Phone the Maid (if you don't already
                have one), use the bathroom, take care of any other red
                motives, then go to bed, dreaming of your next party.


|-[16] How The Game Scores Your Party-|

As soon as your house has five Sims (not including the resident Sims) and a
Caterer, the game engine activates a toggle that tells it a party is
underway and to begin keeping score.

The game bases your party mood on the overall mood of all the guests in the
house, including the resident guests.  HINT: Buy the Moosehead and place it
in the party room.  The position of the antlers gives you a rough idea of
how the party is.  The higher the antlers, the better the mood.

When 90 minutes game time have passed, the engine decides whether or not to
send the Mime to your house.  If your party score is 20 or less (there is
no in-game way to determine the numerical value of your party) the game will
send the Mime.  As soon as your party is above 20, the game will tell the
Mime to leave.

When 120 minutes game time have passed, the engine decides whether a party
crasher will make an appearance.  If your score is 40 or higher, a crasher
may show (sex of crasher is random).  You can boot a crasher from the party
by asking him/her to leave, and they will, but not without making a nasty
remark to you first.  If your score drops below 40, the crasher will leave
on his own.

When a party is going on, the game will drop the Fun factor of each sim by
two points every five minutes, in addition to the regular drop.  When there
is less then five Sims in the house, the game says to itself "Okay, the
party is over, so I'll stop tracking." and your score is no longer counted.

The game refreshes your score every 20 game minutes, which is how it tells
whether to send an NPC or not.  The game adds two mood points per guest, so
the more sims you have, the harder it is to keep your party score going up,
as one unhappy sim can seriously deter the party score.  However, having
more guests who are happy increases your party score.


|-[17] Keeping You And Your Guests Happy-|

This is a no brainer.  Use the motives of your Sims to determine the needs
of the guests.  If one of your Sims is hungry, then there's a good chance
some or all of the guests are.  Getting low on Comfort?  Sit down, watch
TV and invite someone to join you, as they are getting tired too.  Need
some fun?  Play pool, go in the hot tub, and invite the guests to join,
because they most likely need some fun too.


|-[18] Frequently Asked Questions-|

Q: I call the Caterer, but he stands outside my house, doing nothing, and I
   can't dismiss him.  What's wrong?

A: You do not have a Buffet Table or a Punch Bowl, or you have them, but
   they are positioned so that no one can access them.  Flip the items
   around and wait one Sim-hour.  The reason you can't dismiss him is
   because he's not activated yet, since he has nothing to work on.  Your
   Sim will have the option to "Dismiss", but as soon as you select it, it
   disappears from your action queue.  This is also a bug, which you can
   find below.


|-[19] Bugs-|

Report bugs to: [email protected]

A) Caterer won't work, and just stands outside.
      Please read the FAQ above for the common solution.  However, this is
      also a bug, and if the solution presented in the FAQ section doesn't
      work, you have to exit to the neighborhood screen (without saving),
      then reload your house.


|-[20] Maxis Credits-|

Game Designer:          Will Wright
Producer:               Kana Ryan
Art Director:           Charles London
Simulation Engineer:    Jamie Doornbos
Graphics Engineer:      Eric Bowman
Development Directors:  Jeff Charvat, Jim Mackraz
Engineers:              Patrick Barrett, Don Hopkins, David Oester, Trevor
                        Perrin, Alex Zvenigorodsky
Audio System Engineer:  Paul Wilkinson
Lead Animator:          Eric Hedman
Artists:                Jami Becker, Eric Chin, Bob King, B.J. West
Additional Artists:     Margaret Foly-Mauvais, Dan Goldman, Stefan
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Designers:              Claire Curtin, Roxy Wolosenko, Luc Barthlet
Associate Producers:    Chris Trottier, Tim LeTourneau
Assistant Producers:    Melissa Bachman-Wood, Chris Baena, Sean Baity
Product Analyst:        Michael Lawson
Audio Directory:        Jerry Martin
Sound Designers:        Kent Jolly, Robi Kauker
Original Music Compositions:  (C) Electronic Arts Music Publishing Inc.
                              (ASCAP) except "Neighborhood1",
                              "Neighborhood2", "Latin4", "Buy2", "Buy4",
                              "Build4", "Jazz4", "Jazz5", (C) 2000 Road
                              Wing Music, Inc. (BMI)
                              (P) 2000 Electronic Arts Inc.
Composers:              Jerry Martin, Marc Russo
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                    Justin McCormick, Christine McGavran, Sid Meier, Terra
                    Morais, Josh Rose, Colleen Schuman, Ihssan Sekandari,
                    David Shiner, Eric Todd, Don Walters, Ilona Webb, Andrea
                    Weber, Cassidy Wright, Charlotte Yates, Massimo, Walnut
                    Creek Model Railroad Society, Inc, Everyone at Electronic
                    Arts and Maxis

Dedicated to the memory of Dani Berry.



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