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The Typing of the Dead FAQ v1.1  by Gene (5/15/00)

Frequently Asked Questions
How to play / Controls
Play Modes
Item List

I  Introduction
This is the FAQ for the Dreamcast game The Typing of the Dead.  The game was 
released on 3/30/00 in Japan only.  There are no plans to release the game in America or Europe 

This game is a typing game that requires the Dreamcast keyboard.  
It can be purchased separately.  The game sells for 4800yen.  
A Dreamcast keyboard pack-in option is also available for 8800yen.

The game can be played with one or two players.  
The keyboards are used in ports one and two, with the VMUs used in three or four 
(a bit of a pain)

You cannot play the game without the keyboard.

The game is the same engine as the House of the Dead 2 (also available on the 
Dreamcast).  Instead of shooting the zombies, you must type the word that appears on the screen.

The game also appeared in the Arcades in Japan for a while, complete with keyboards.  

The game is quite addictive and surprisingly fun.  The typing aspect offers quite a bit of 
tension.  The game received excellent reviews from the Japanese magazines (including Famitsu), 
but has not sold well.  This is probably due to the relative unpopularity of the Dreamcast in 
Japan and the few number of keyboard users in the Dreamcast community.

II Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  Can I play this game in the US?
A:   Although there are no plans to play this game in the US or Europe, it is widely available 
on the internet through the various importers (Tronix is my favorite).  The game can be played 
with the US keyboard, assuming that you have hacked or modded your Dreamcast to play import 
games (or with the swap trick).  The words are Japanese, but you type in English.  The only 
difficulty is the 3rd stage boss (Tower) when you are asked questions in Japanese and given 
three options.  I usually guess if I don't know.  But the game is fun and playable even if 
you have limited knowledge of Japanese.

Q:  How hard is the game?
A:  Well, I find it rather difficult.  The phrases on the final stages get quite long and it 
is by no means an easy game.  I have slightly above average typing skills and I got at least 
30 hours of playing time out of it.

Q:  Do I need the Keyboard to play?
A:  YES!  One is required and two makes it tons of fun.

Q:  Graphically speaking, what is changed from The House of the Dead 2?
A:  Not much really, but the changes are funny.  Instead of guns, the characters have 
keyboards and Dreamcasts strapped to their backs.  It looks quite hilarious.  Otherwise, 
there isn't much difference.  There are three endings now to the game, rather than just the 
one in The House of the Dead 2.  But, the bosses are all the same, and so are the levels.  
There are some minor differences in the zombie's weapons.  Sometimes they carry golf clubs, 
tennis rackets, bananas, etc.  It can look quite amusing.

Q:  Is the VMU required to play the game?  Are there any VMU games?
A:  The VMU is not required to play, but it is highly recommended.  The game saves a lot of 
info (like new options) and it would be tiring to do that every time.  It takes 22 blocks of 
memory.  There are no VMU games in The Typing of the Dead.

Q:  Why does the word / phrase change when I am typing it sometimes?
A:  There are two ways of entering the letter "N".  Usually in a Japanese word processor, you 
press "N" twice to enter the character "N".   The game switches between pressing "N" once or 
twice automatically.  You can use either method to enter the words, but the game will switch 
the display automatically for you.  Similarly, you can enter "shi" as "si" or "shi" with the 

III  How to play / Controls
The game requires the Dreamcast keyboard.  Enter is the equivalent of the Start button.  
It is used to begin and continue during the game.  Arrow keys direct the movement in the menus.

The player must type the Japanese words as they appear to destroy the zombies.  Each button is 
similar to a bullet in The House of The Dead 2.  A mistyped letter represents a missed bullet, 
etc.  The Kanji of the word appears in the top line, with the Romaji or English below (both are 
typed exactly the same).  The players can change the input of the keyboard from Kana to regular 
input in the options mode.

The player receives a Rank from A - E after destroying each zombie depending on their speed.

There is a Perfect gauge in the top left corner of the screen.  If the player scores perfect, 
the gauge rises a little.  Once the gauge is filled completely, the player is rewarded with a 
Life +1, but cannot exceed their maximum.  Also, the current streak of Perfects is displayed 
below the gauge.

Each stage has a Mission.  The first stage's Mission is to destroy ten zombies in thirty 
seconds, without taking any damage.  If you take damage, the mission is automatically failed.  
When completing a mission, a player is rewarded with a random item.

You can re-start typing a word by pressing the Esc key.  This is helpful with the Axe throwing
Zombies.  For example, midway typing the word "taimingu", the zombie throws an axe, the "q", so 
you can press Esc, hit "q" and re-type "taimingu" to avoid the damage from the axe.

F1-F4 controls the use of items in Original Mode.

Pause brings up the pause screen (a blank screen with the word Pause) and pauses the game until 
it is pressed again.

Ctrl-Alt-Del is used to soft boot the system.

F12 is used in the Drill mode to return to the menu.

After each stage, there is a scoring screen.  Scoring depends on your accumulated Ranks, 
Accuracy percentage, Rescued civilians, Mission completion, etc.  There is a thermometer 
looking gauge on the left, with the Average and Top scoring.  Here, the player also enters 
his or her name if a High score is achieved.

IV Play Modes
Arcade Mode
This is the regular mode that is the same as the arcade.  You are given two options when 
selecting Arcade mode: Training or Story Mode
  Training Mode
This is basically a part of the second stage, beginning with the first building.  It only 
lasts a couple of minutes.
  Story Mode
This is the regular play mode.  Once you begin, you can select any of the first five stages.  
The sixth stage remains locked until you beat the fifth stage.  If you jump ahead a stage, you 
can't go back to an earlier one.

Original Mode
This is the Dreamcast only mode.  The only difference is that you may use some of the items 
collected during the game by pressing F1-F4. (see Item List)

After the scoring screen, there is an additional coin screen.  Characters may receive a coin 
depending on their skill in completing that level.  Every five coins, the player is rewarded 
with a present.  Here are the list of coin objectives and presents.

Coin awarded for each of the following: (only receive each coin once)
- Stage cleared
- 4000 points or more (can vary per chapter)
- 95% or better accuracy
- Every zombie Rank A
- Stage cleared using no continues

5 coins - 5 life available in option mode
10 coins - start with 2 firebombs in Original mode
15 coins - 9 continues available in option mode
20 coins - 6th stage playable from start
25 coins - Free play
30 coins - item bonus?

Tutorial Mode
This mode teaches the player how to type and tests their ability with a number of tests. 

Drill Mode
This mode tests the player's ability in Speed, Accuracy, Reflex, Special Keys, and a 
final test.  At the beginning, only the first levels are accessible.  After receiving a 
Level 3 grade, you can pass on to the next test of that mode.  After all the tests are 
completed with a Level 3 grade, you can access the Final Test.  Generally, these are the 
same graphically as in The House of The Dead 2.  There is the Flipping Coin, the Docks, 
the Underground parking area, etc.  The player is shown a result screen with level achieved 
and problem keys.

Boss Mode
Similar to The House of the Dead 2, players can fight the bosses.  There are five levels in 
each boss, and "fight All bosses" option.

Here players may view their scores in the various levels, including drill and boss modes.

Difficulty (Arcade / Original)
- Very Easy to Very Hard

Life (Arcade / Original)
- Begins at three, can unlock up to five

Continues (Arcade / Original)
- Begins at five, can unlock up to nine

Input Method
- Romaji or Kana input

Word Size
- Large or Normal (not much of a difference)

- Stereo or Mono

Sound Test Special Effects
Sound Test Music
- Test sounds

Blood Effects
- On / Off (red gore not available in The Typing of the Dead)

Display Adjustment
- Allows you to change the size of the display

Password Entry
Similar to NFL2k, Players may enter passwords, which have effects on the game system.  
I have no passwords yet.

V  Strategy
First Chapter
  The first chapter isn't really too difficult.  The second civilian is difficult for beginners 
to save and the third civilian is even harder.  The paths are not that different in difficult.
  The Mission is really quite easy.  Kill ten zombies in thirty seconds.
  Boss:  Judgment
  The boss is rather easy too.  At first, you must type quickly before Karl hits you with his 
large axe.  After killing Karl off, you must shoot the gargoyle once the counter reaches zero.

Second Chapter
  The second chapter is longer and a bit more difficult.  The first civilian in the car is 
really hard, but if you are quick, you are rewarded with a shorter and easier path.  The Mission
is really simple.  Some of the zombies require only one key to kill.  This path takes you to the
key area.  Always get the key.  I think that it leads to the easiest ending.  The hawks are 
hard, but everything else is easy.  
  If you cannot save the first civilian, you have to go through the building.  The second 
civilian is also a bit hard.  After leaving the building, you get the mission.  It is easy, but 
not as easy as the other route.  Kill ten zombies in thirty seconds.
  Boss:  Heirophant
  The fish guy.  Actually he is really easy in the Typing of the Dead, and much harder in the 
House of the Dead 2.  For the first part, his words will phase in and out.  The player can only 
type them when the words are in-phase.  It is really pretty easy.  Afterwards, he jumps at you 
and you just have to type fast to kill him off.

Third Chapter
  The third chapter is shorter than the second, but there are a lot of quick enemies, like 
piranha and bats.  The best way to go is to save the gatekeeper.  He can open the gate, which 
leads to the easiest type of boss.  
  The mission is another kill ten zombies in thirty seconds.
  Boss:  Tower
  This is the hardest boss for non-Japanese players.  A question is asked and there are three 
options (one for each head).  I usually have to guess unless it is an easy one, and I end up 
using a ton of continues here.  After the questions, the last head snakes out of the room and 
into either the waterfall or sand ruins area.  The key here is to be quick, but I think that 
the sand ruins area is easier.

Fourth Chapter
  This level has a lot of pathways, and the zombies require a lot of typing.  Furthermore, 
there are two sets of bats which you have to type quickly.  The major pathway is saving the 
civilian who is being pulled down the hole.  I think that it is best to let him die because 
it leads to the easiest ending.
  There is a mission at the start of this level.  You must survive the thirty seconds to 
receive the random item.  It can be hard because sometimes zombies throw items at you when you 
are typing a long phrase.
  Boss:  Strength
  This boss is difficult.  There are three sets of long phrases that you have to type to damage 
him.  It can be tiring.  But, you only have to do it several times to kill him off.

Fifth Chapter
  This board is difficult mainly because of the bosses, specifically the final one.  The hardest
enemy is the zombie that shoots out the leech when killed.  It can be difficult to shoot 
quickly.  First, you must fight Judgment again, followed by Heirophant.  Just before Magician, 
there is a difficult part.  There are three enemies.  You must shoot the middle one first, 
followed by the one on the right and finally the left.  
  There are no missions in this level.
  Boss:  Magician
  At the start, you must relax and type accurately.  If you miss one letter, you lose a life.  
It can be difficult at times.  Then, he shoots fireballs at you.  There are three fireballs you 
must hit.  The words get longer if you are successful and shorter if you are not.  You have to 
hit him six times, and you are almost guaranteed to lose some life.

Final Chapter
  The final level is inside Goldman's headquarters.  There are no paths here.  The enemies are 
quite long, but the real difficulty is the Tower boss that you have to re-fight just before the 
final boss, Emperor.
  There are two mission in this level and no pathways.  The first mission is very difficult.  
You must destroy seven zombies without losing a life.  Finally, before Emperor there is an easy 
mission.  You must survive the thirty seconds without losing a life. 
  Boss:  Emperor
  He is difficult because not he shoots these balls at you and you have to type quickly.  He 
changes into the other bosses, but these parts are where you can do the most damage to him.  
Finally, there are three questions, but whether you get the questions right or not only gives 
you a different ending.

VI  Item List
Arcade Mode
  Life +1
  Diamond (+100 points)
  Category (allows the next set of zombies to have similar words or phrases
 	which allows easier typing)
  Boss Category (allows the boss to have similar words or phrases which usually
 	allows easier typing)
  Strength potion (makes enemies stronger = longer words)
  Needles (Red, Green, Blue and makes opponents weaker = shorter words)

Original Mode 
  Life +1
  Diamond (+100 points)
  Strength potion (makes enemies stronger = longer words)
  Needles (Red, Green, Blue and makes opponents weaker = shorter words)
  Category (allows the next set of zombies to have similar words or phrases,
    	usually allows easier typing)
  Boss Category (allows the boss to have similar words or phrases which usually
  	allows easier typing)

  The Original Mode also has the following items which are accessed through the 
Function Keys.  These items may be carried over between stages, but may be used only once.
  Vitamins (increases Life)
  Golden Hands (Any key is correct.  This last about 10 seconds)
  Purple Potion (damages opponent)
  Health Potion (protects the player for a few seconds from attack)
  Firebomb (damages opponent)

VII  Endings
- There are three different endings for the game.  What ending you see depends on the final 
three questions asked when fighting Emperor, the last boss.
- If you answer zero correctly, you see the explosion ending.  Here, Goldman jumps off and 
there is an explosion when he nears the ground.
- If you answer 1-2 correctly, you see the bungee ending.  Here, Goldman jumps off of the 
building and bungees back up to the top and burps.
- If you answer all three correctly, you see the flying ending.  Here, Goldman flies off the 
top of the screen.

Staff Roll / Vs. Cpu Mode
- After completing the game in The House of The Dead 2, the player is shown escaping the 
building with the credits and finally seeing all of the rescued civilians at the end.  The 
Typing of the Dead is different.
- Here, the player sees a wide-screen view of ten tubes with zombies inside.  The credits 
roll at the bottom of the screen in Kanji and Romaji.  The player types the names and frees 
the zombies from their tubes.  Once freed, the zombies dance to the music of the ending.  
There are ten categories of personnel, and if you type all of the names in that category, you 
free a zombie.
- Once all of the zombies are freed, a password is given and Vs. Cpu Mode is 
- Vs. Cpu Mode is a two-player option for Arcade and Original modes.  After Chapter select, a 
special Vs. Cpu Mode screen is presented.  The player may choose from five characters to join 
as the second player.  The computer controls the player and types for you.  There are 
originally only three characters and the final two are unlocked by beating the game with the 
others.  The five characters have different abilities in speed, accuracy, etc. 

--  Arcade Mode Staff Roll				Original Mode Staff Roll
--------------------------				------------------------
Arai Shun						Arai Shun
Nakagawa Rikiya						Nakagaw Rikiya
Kawagoeta Kayuki					Kawagoeta Kayuki
Shimamura Masato					Shimamura Masato
Ichikawa Hiroshi					Kawase Satoshi
Kawase Satoshi						Tanaka Tomoharu
Tanaka Tomoharu						Takanashi Makoto
Takana Shimakoto					Shimura Keisuke
Shimura Keisuke						Kouzaki Tatsuya
Kawauchi Tetsuya					Kumatani Fumie
Tomita Haruyoshi					Nakamura Teruaki
Kenda Nanae						Takahashi Naoto
Ueda Tensei						Ueda Tensei
Nakamura Teruaki					Watanabe Isao
Hironaka Yoshinori					Hironaka Yoshinori
Takahashi Naoto						Satouo Samu
Sugita Masahiro						Oouchi Takayoshi
Araki Mika						Hisada Hiromichi
Hisada Hiromichi					Satou Yoshinao
Satou Yoshinao						Ooto Kouji
Ooto Kouji						The House of the Dead 2 ti-mu
The House of the Dead 2 ti-mu				Iidana Ohiko
Murahashi Takashi					Ogawa Eiichi
Tamaizumi Shunsuke					Kawauchi Tetsuya
Takase Katsuya						Takase Katsuya
Shiino Masamitsu					Dori-mukyasuto Magajin Henshuubu
							Famitsuu DC Henshuubu
							Dengekidori-mukyasuto Henshuubu
							Shuukanfamitsuu Henshuubu
							Moriyata Kuji
							Imase Kenichi								Watanabe Kouichi
							Desumasu Yarou
							Satou Yuuji
							Kuuzyou Q Tarou
							Hiro Kun
							Baka Purio
							Shiino Masamitsu

VIII  Secrets
- Sometimes when you finish the first stage, your player turns into a zombie or a civilian 
after destroying the boss.  Weird...  I have no idea what triggers this.
- Along with the zombies, there is a monkey in the test tubes in Goldman's headquarters.
- Sometimes, Big Head mode is activated without using a password.
- One of the categories you can receive is a Sega Game System category.  You have to type 
the words, Super 32x, Mega Drive and even Dricas 2.. Strange.

Gene ([email protected])

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