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Aidyn Chronicles 64 - The First Mage
A FAQ/Walk-through by LoneSoldier
Version 1.12 (last update 05-01-01)
E-mail: [email protected]

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction/Dedication
2. Preliminary FAQ
3. Directions from City to City
4. The Shops
5. Items Lists Etc.
    A. Spells
    B. Potions
    C. Weapons
    D. Armor
    E. Shields
    F. Everything Else
6. Enemies
7. Portals
8. Legal
9. Credits
10. Version History
11. The Last Word.


1. Introduction/Dedication
    Hi! Welcome to my first ever (published) FAQ.
This FAQ is for the latest RPG for the Nintendo 64:
Aidyn Chronicles - The First Mage.

This FAQ/walk-through is dedicated to all the game player's out there
who got lost looking for Shamsuk's Tower or couldn't figure out how 
to use the Lighthouse Scroll.

One more thing...
...if you want to ask me a question I'll give you a hint...
...I check the Aidyn Chronicles discussion board on GameFAQs more
often than I check my E-mail. (so if you want an answer fast, create
a topic like "Hey LoneSoldier!" & you might get a faster response)
Just make sure that the answer is NOT in this (or any other) FAQ
first! (If you send me information for use in this FAQ via e-mail,
you will NOT get a reply; but I WILL give you credit for it;-)

Now let's get down to business....


2. Preliminary FAQ

Q. What kind of Walk-through is this anyway????????
A. Like it says in brackets in section 3 it's a "half-ass" walk-through

Q. So what the h*** is a "half-ass" walk-through?
A. A stripped down bare-bones guide to a game that tells you how to
   get to where you need to be but doesn't hold your hand & take you
   through the whole game step by step.

Q. I followed your directions to (insert city name) but I got killed
     by a (insert enemy name) why didn't you warn me?
A. The directions given in part 3 of this FAQ simply show you one 
     possible route to take you from one place to another. I am not
     going to list EVERY enemy encounter that you MIGHT run into.
     (see next Q.)

Q. Why didn't you list the encounter with (enemy name) in your 
     directions to (city name)?
A. 1. I'm a jerk who thinks it's funny to surprise people.(kidding ;-)
   2. Most enemy encounters are somewhat randomized; the group you
      fight can change size depending on whether or not you sneak up
      to them/ they attack you from behind, time of day, etc. ...
   3. I can only show you the way, you have to take the time to build
      up your own party so that they are strong enough to survive.

Q. Why doesn't this FAQ include a full walk-through for the game.
A. Sorry, but that would be far to large of a project to undertake;
   there are too many pathways to properly document in a text-only 
   document. (That, and you might not like the way that I played 
   through the game)

Q. I can't find (item name) listed in your FAQ! How am I supposed
    to know what it is for? (see next Q.)
A. 1. If I missed something, let me know and I'll correct it in the
      next version update (I'll even give you credit for it IF you
      are nice about it ;-)
   2. Go to the INVENTORY screen, highlight the name of the item,
      and press C-Down on the controller to see the in-game 

Q. You didn't list (spell name) Scroll in your Items List; Why?
A. I thought it was pretty obvious what they did, so I didn't 
   bother Listing them. (I might add them in a later version though)

Q. The manual says that the Merchant skill lets you know if you are
   getting a good deal or not, but it isn't working; why?
A. When you are buying an item, press C-up while the item is 
   highlighted & then you will see if it is a good deal or not.

Q. Where can I get Life Gems?
A. You can't get what doesn't exist. (see next Q.)

Q. What do you mean Life Gems don't exist; the web-site says you can
   get them!
A. I sent an e-mail to THQ & H2O and they responded by saying that the
   Life Gems were removed from the game at the last minute due to a 
   "fatal" error (instead of saving a character's life, they would 
   randomly kill a member of your party while walking around in the
   game) They also apologized for not updating the web-site.

Q. What does a Sapphire Gem do?
A. Nothing, but you could sell it if you're short on gold.
   (Some gamers [including myself] think that this is all that remains
   of the Life Gems)

Q. OK, so how do I use the Lighthouse Scroll? It says you need a 
   Wizard rank of 11; but 10 is the max I can get.
A. 1. It only says that you need Wizard rank 11 because you CAN'T learn
     this spell. Just press "A" next to the unlit lamp and you will
     automatically use the scroll. (provided that you have it ;-)
     (see next section for directions)
   2. Actually in MY game it says you need a Wizard skill of 0!
      (so I don't really know why people ask this Q)

Q. Who should I take with me when I'm forming my first party?
A. I really don't care who YOU take; But I usually take Abrecan,
   Rheda & Brenna. (It really depends on your playing style)

Q. Help! The enemy is beating the crap out of me! what can I do?
A.  1.Try increasing the following:
      Dexterity; gives more turns, improves chance of dodging/hitting
      Strength; lets you dish out more damage
      Endurance/Stamina; lets you take more damage
      Warrior Skill; improves ability with ALL weapons & enables
                     critical hits.
    2.RUN AWAY!

Q. Why do I STILL have Crawdawgh's body in my inventory after I 
   talk to Ardra?
A. You have to BURY HIM!!!
   (go to the mansion in South-West Talewok, you'll see a cutscene
    with Sheridan, then another cutscene of the funeral will play)
    **unless, of course you like having dead bodies just lying around**

Q. Where can I learn the "Wall of Bones" spell?
A. See Section 3 of this FAQ under the directions from Talewok to
   Terminor for directions to a scroll for this spell.

Q. I give up! What's the answer to the riddle of the desert gate?
A. If Pandara gave you her amulet you can ask her for help.
   (if not see next Q.)

Q. I don't have Pandara's Amulet! What is the proper answer the riddle?
A. 1."Then say your riddle."
   2."I need some time to think, Great Jundar spirit..."
   3."There is one gift that's yours and yours alone."
   4."Something else..."
   5."I know my greatest gift."

Q. How do I make armor & shields from Hides?
A. Select your Mechanic Skill, then pick which armor/shield you
   want to make.

Q. Why didn't you list what the shops charge for what they sell?
A. Simple, as you increase your Merchant Skill, they charge you less
   gold for the product.

Q. What is the maximum level I can raise my character's stats to?
A. Intellegence = 30
   Willpower    = 30
   Dexterity    = 30
   Endurance    = 40
   Strength     = 30
   Stamina      = 90
   All Skills   = 10
   All Spells   = 10
   *NOTE* some items can raise certain stats above the maximum level


3. Directions From City to City  (The Half-ass walk-through)
   (I love to tell people where to go & how to get there! ;-)

Oriana's House to Castle Gwernia

  If you just woke up in her house then it's easy.
  Follow the glowing balls of light until you get to the path & then
  just follow the path to the stone bridge. Cross the bridge & you are
  in the city of Gwernia. The castle is on the North side of town
  across another bridge.

  If you didn't just wake up, then there aren't any glowing balls of 
  light to follow. From her house, take the East passage (there are 6
  ways out of this clearing: South-West, West, North-West, North,
  North-East & East) the East passage is dirt floored. Keep heading 
  East until you get to a grassy area with a raised section along the
  East side, then head South-west. Continue heading South-West through
  the next open area. After going through the clearing take the next 
  passage heading east (if you find the portal you've gone too far 
  South) Keep going East until you come to the path (it will take you
  the rest of the way)

Gwernia to Erromon

 Path one:
  Backtrack to Oriana's House; Leave her clearing via the South-West
  passage, follow that passage until you see a road (it runs from the
  South heading North, then curves Westward) take the road north (the
  South has more powerful enemies on it) and follow it as it winds it's
  way Westward. When you come to the crossroads take the North branch &
  follow that into Erromon.

Path two: (harder enemies)
  Go to the beach due south of Gwernia, you will find a narrow passage
  heading uphill to the South-West. Follow along the raised area to the 
  West until you get into the forest. Then head South; after a short 
  distance you must turn West, do so and continue West through the 
  clearing until you find a road (it's just behind two large mounds
  of dirt) Follow that road west across the river. When you reach the 
  crossroads you have a choice: North is easier, West is harder. (if 
  you go West, then you have to go North-West at the next crossroads)
  either way follow the road until you reach ANOTHER intersection & 
  take the north branch to reach Erromon.

Erromon to Kitarak's Tent (Shortest path)

  From the Palace of King Txomin, head north along the river, FOLLOW 
  the river as it turns North-West (keep the water to your left) When
  you reach what appears to be the end of the river (it's not) there 
  are two paths (the left one has a cave bear on it & on the right 
  one the road disappears under the snow) The two passages meet after 
  a short distance (the road reappears as well) Follow the road 
  North-West until you get to 3 trees; then look for a narrow passage
  going uphill to the West. Follow that passage to the bridge, cross 
  the bridge & immediately turn right (South-East). That path will 
  curve around the mountain to the North-West (stick to the right side)
  eventually you should end up at the top of another hill beside a 
  tent. Go counter-clockwise around this tent. Stop when you get to the
  door on it's north side. Kitarak's tent is just up the next hill 
  (north) & you can see it to the North-West (it's got torches around 
  *Quick Hint* You have to talk to Kitarak to start the fight, but if
          you walk behind him, you can open his chest first to get the
          Acid Wand!

Erromon to Talewok

  From the Inn (Erromon), take the road south out of town & follow it
  back to the crossroads where you met the paranoid traveler. Take the
  South branch (follow the sign). Follow the road until you come to the
  next crossroads. Again, take the South branch. Follow that LONG road 
  until you reach Talewok. 
  *Quick Hint*(If you see the Spirit tell him to get away from you)

Talewok to Wizard's School

  You shouldn't need this but...
  Go back to the Knight's roll in Talewok, then head west; When you
  come to the dirt path, Follow it to the school.

Wizard's School to Dryad Forest

  Leave the school & walk behind it (a cutscene will play) then head
  North-West (You'll know when you've arrived when you come to a 
  **Quick tip** The group of wolves/ spirit wolves regenerates!

Talewok to Port Saiid

  Leave Talewok via the Southern entrance (just West of the inn).
  Follow the road to the crossroads & take the West branch. After 
  quite a while you will cross a bridge; keep going along the road to
  the next crossroads. This time take the South-East branch which will
  take you to... ...Port Saiid!

Port Saiid to Lighthouse Scroll

  When you first enter Port Saiid; the first building you come to 
  (along the stone path) is a shop. Look around (north of the shop)
  to find a narrow passage down to the beach.) There is a cave that
  opens onto that beach. The scroll is somewhere in the cave.
  (happy hunting!  you can also find Shamsuk's Amulet in there.) 

Port Saiid to Lighthouse

  Leave Port Saiid (North) & go along the path to the crossroads.
  Take the unmarked path (South-West) & follow it all the way up
  to the lighthouse (it will change from dirt to stone).

Port Saiid to Chaos Island
  After lighting the lighthouse (no pun intended) return to Port
  Saiid & talk to Captain Amann (he's on the dock) to set sail.
  **Quick Tip** If Amann tells you to come back before the next tide,
  just walk past him along the dock (towards the ship) to set sail.

Chaos Island to Cradawgh's Island

  To leave Chaos Island you have to enter the temple & then make it
  back (alive) to where you landed. (sounds simple doesn't it? ;-)
  (Kill a Marquis, get a scroll of teleportation, play with some
   portals & get completely turned around... ...lots of fun!)

Cradawgh's Island (Namer's Isle) to Port Saiid

  Once you've found Cradawgh, return to where you first arrived on
  his island & Amann will take you back to Port Saiid.

Port Saiid to Talewok

  (Just back-track, see "Talewok to Port Saiid" for details)

Talewok to Terminor

  Leave Talewok via the Southern bridge and follow the road to the
  crossroads. Take the South branch and follow that road until it ends
  abruptly at the edge of Darkling Bog. (That paranoid idiot is here)

  [if you want a Wall of Bones Scroll... ..stop at the end of the path,
   face due North then turn the camera SLOWLY to the left (West) until
   you see the closest raised section of land. On top of this hill is a
   chest. (the scroll is inside)]

  If you follow the idiot's directions this time you WILL get lost.
  Instead head West until you reach the cliffs, then head SOUTH along
  the coast until you reach a stone bridge. Cross the bridge & continue
  South along the coast until you come to another road. Follow that
  road to Terminor.

Terminor to Shamsuk's Tower

  From Terminor: Leave through front gate, follow the stone path, when
  it meets the dirt path head north, follow dirt path to the stone 
  bridge, then take a sharp right (south-east) & follow the river 
  until you see a flat grassy hill to the northeast & the river chasm
  stops. Walk northeast around the flat hill until you come to a 
  Zombie standing in some sand, (talk to it & then kill it) after 
  killing the Zombies go through the narrow passageway to the north.
  Follow it until you see the dark green grass of the Darkling bog. 
  Head southeast, keeping to the flat part of the swampland.
  Continue southeast for quite a while until you come to a broad flat
  clearing in the swamp with a few murky streams & several weeping 
  willows. There is a large hill with a flat top in the distance. 
  Approach the hill & circle around it to find the 
  Tower of Shamsuk the Necromancer.

Elisheva's Tomb (side quest)

  The tomb lies in the Darkling Bog to the North-West of 
  Shamsuk's Tower.
  (That all the help you get from me though)

Shamsuk's Tower to Terminor

  (again; Just back-track) Head west until you reach the cliffs, then
  head south along the coast to the bridge...

Terminor to The Jundar Gate

  Leave Terminor through the front gate & follow the coast South-East
  until you come to a deep river chasm. Cross the bridge to the East
  (It's guarded by TROLLS ) Kill the trolls and continue
  going South-East. Eventually (long walk isn't it!) the scenery will
  change to that of a desert. Keep heading South until you come to a
  magical blue barrier: The Jundar Gate.

Jundar Gate to Ugarit

  Once you get through the gate (wasn't that fun?) head South-East
  across the desert. You should cross a long land-bridge, after which
  you will see an enormous black & purple structure. This is Ugarit.
  Run towards it and enter through the front gate (the black pulsating

Ugarit to Maxxen (via Fyrsil the hermit)

  From the main gate of Ugarit, head North-West until you come to the
  skeleton of a large beast, then head North (slightly North-West)
  until you come to a gap in the Northern rock wall. The gap opens into
  a downward passage. Follow this passage down & around to the 
  South-West until you get to the bottom. Head basically South from 
  here but take the first right (west) available. After the first fork
  head South again but stay to the East side (Fyrsil is sitting on a
  ledge a short distance away)
  [When you're finished talking to him he will train you (see sect.4)]
  After training with Fyrsil, continue South-West until you come to a 
  deep pit with a narrow path going down. Follow that path to the 
  bottom of the pit & there should be a locked door (Min. Thief=8).
  This is the entrance to Maxxen: Lodin's Tomb.

Maxxen to The Barrow

  Backtrack to the skeleton of the large beast in the desert. From the
  skeleton head due west until you come to a land bridge heading north.
  Cross the bridge & head north through the path between two large 
  hills. Once you pass the hills head due West until you come to a 
  stony rock wall. Follow the wall South & continue following it as it
  curves to the West. When you see the blackened land with the goblet
  shaped mesa, head North-West & a cutscene will play as you reach the 
  *Quick Tip* The game tells you to do the Barrow at night, but I 
  always complete it during the DAY! (the guardians are lunar-aspected,
  so they are weaker during daytime)

Return to Erromon

  You have almost finished the game. You should be able to find your
  own path from this point (You can find all the cities now).
  Good Luck & Good Hunting!


4. The Shops

Oriana's House (only BEFORE you form your party)
  Trains Skills: Healer(4); Stealth(2); Wizard(4); Sword(3);
  Trains Spells: Strength(4); Air Shield(4)

 To get to the shops; cross the bridge into town, follow the path
 towards the castle, but turn right (up the hill) before you get to
 the archway of the second bridge. at the top of the hill, shop A is
 to your left, shop B is straight ahead.
 Shop A:
  Sells: Healing Potion, Club, Dagger, Hatchet, Hunter's Bow, Javelin
  Trains Skills: Alchemist(1), Diplomat(1), Healer(1), Loremaster(1),
                 Mechanic(1), Merchant(3), Ranger(1), Stealth(1),
                 Thief(1), Troubadour (1), Warrior (1), Wizard (1),
                 Hafted (1), Missile (1), Pole (1), Sword (1)
 Shop B:
  Sells: Healing Potion, Gemstone, Herb, Spice
  Trains Skills: Alchemist(1), Diplomat(1), Healer(1), Loremaster(1),
                 Mechanic(5), Merchant(2), Ranger(1), Stealth(1),
                 Thief(1), Troubadour (1), Warrior (1), Wizard (1),
                 Hafted (1), Missile (1), Pole (1), Sword (1),
                 Thrown (1), Shield (1)
 To get to the shops: From the South entrance along the East side of 
  the town; the order of buildings is: Inn, Library, Shop A, Shop B,
  Shop C, Shop D, Txomin's Palace. Shop E is directly across the bridge
  (to the south). & Shop F is in the caves under the city.
 Shop A:
   Sells: Antidote Potion, Dexterity Potion, Fire Flask, Inferno Flask
          Sleep Gas Flask, Stealth Potion, Strength Potion
   Trains Skills: Loremaster (6), Merchant (3)
   Sells: Gemstones
   Trains Skills: Merchant (4)

 Shop B:
  Human (Becan) 
   Sells: Fire Flask, Healing Potion, Restore Potion, Battle Axe, 
          Broadsword, Club, Dagger, Gladius, Great Axe, Great Bow,
          Great Sword, Hatchet, Hunter's Bow, Longbow, Longsword,
          Poleaxe, Sabre, Short Sword, Throwing Iron
   Trains Skills: Ranger (4), Stealth (3), Warrior (5), Hafted (5),
          Missile (3), Shield (3)        
 Male Mirari
   Sells: Leather Cloaks, Phantom Cloaks
   Trains Skills: Merchant (3), Stealth (5)

 Female Mirari
   Sells: Air Shield Scroll, Remove Poison Scroll, Wind Scroll, Herb
   Trains Skills: Merchant (2), Wizard (5)
   Trains Spells: Air Shield (5), Remove Poison (5), Wind (5)

 Shop C:
  First Female
    Sells: Air Shield Scroll, Debilitation Scroll, Dispel Naming Scroll
           Stupidity Scroll, Bardic Gloves
    Train Skills: Merchant (2), Troubadour (5)

  Second Female
    Sells: Mirari Cloak
    Trains Skills: Diplomat (4), Merchant (1)

  Third Female
    Sells: Curing Potions, Healing Potions, Stamina Potions,
           Gem of Sensing
    Trains Skills: Healer (6), Merchant (3)

  Fourth Female
    Sells: Hunter's Bow, Short Bow, Throwing Iron, Boots of Adamant,
           Leather Boots, Woodsman's Boots
    Trains Skills: Merchant (2), Ranger (6)

 Shop D:
    Sells: Cloth Armor, Iden Scale, Leather Armor, Scale Armor,
           Talewok Mail, Bronze Shield, Buckler, Heater Shield,
           Large Shield, Small Shield, Gemstone
    Train Skills: Merchant (1), Shield (4)

    Sells: Herb
    Trains Skills: Loremaster (5), Merchant (1)

 Shop E:
    Sells: Herb, Spice
    Trains Skills: Merchant (2), Wizard (4)

    Sells: Cloth Armor, Dragon Armor, Leather Armor
    Trains Skills: Merchant (2), Shield (3)

 Shop F:
    Sells: Light Wand, Shield Wand, Acid Bolt Scroll, Darkness Scroll
           Sense Aura Scroll, Spirit Shield Scroll, Stamina Scroll, 
           Stupidity Scroll, Gemstone, Sapphire Gem, Spice
    Trains Skills: Merchant (5), Wizard (8)
    Trains Spells: Dispell Elemental  (8), Fireball (8),
                   Strength (8), vs. Elemental (8)
    Sells: Leather Cloaks, Mirari Cloaks, Phantom Cloaks, 
           Jundar Gauntlets, Plate Gauntlets, Belt of Life,
           Mercenary Belt, Chainmail, Leather Armor, Partial Platemail,
           Talewok Mail, Buckler, Hoplite Shield, Kite Shield
    Trains Skills: Merchant (7), Stealth (6), Shield (6)

 To get to the shops: From the North entrance (Knight's Roll), head
 South-West until you come to an L-shaped building, Shop A is the door
 on the south half without a red lantern, Shop B is north of Shop A &
 also has no lantern. Head north from Shop B & follow the path to the
 fountain, then head south to the main crossroads. Turn West & you will
 find another L-shaped building. Shop C is on the South half & Shop D
 is on the West half (exact same layout as the building for shops A&B)
 Return to the main crossroads & head East, the Inn is the large
 building on the right, Shop F is located behind the Inn & Shop E is in 
 the South-Eastern corner of town (you can't miss it; there is a guard 
 in front of the door)

 Shop A:
    Sells: Healing Potion, Club, Hatchet, Javelin, Mace, Staff,
           Throwing Iron, Leather Cloak, Mirari Cloak, 
           Phantom Cloak, Chainmail, Cloth Armor, Leather Armor,
           Scale Armor
    Trains Skills: Diplomat (3), Merchant (5)

    Sells: Ironwood Staff, Boots of Adamant, Leather Boots,
           Woodsman's Boots
    Trains Skills: Merchant (2), Ranger (2), Troubadour (4)

 Shop B:
    Sells: Chainmail, Cloth Armor, Leather Armor, Scale Armor,
           Talewok Mail, Bronze Shield, Buckler, Heater Shield,
           Large Shield, Small Shield
    Trains Skills: Merchant (3), Shield (3)

 Shop C:
    Sells: Curing Potion, Fire Flask, Healing Potion, Gemstone, Herb
    Trains Skills: Alchemist (3), Merchant (2)

 Shop D:
    Sells: Battle Axe, Broadsword, Great Bow, Hunter's Bow, Long Bow,
           Longsword, Maul, Morningstar, Pike, Poleaxe, Scythe, Spear,
           War Hammer
    Trains Skills: Merchant (4), Warrior (1), Hafted (1), Sword (3),
           Shield (2)

 Shop E:
    Sells: Earth Smite Scroll, Exhaustion Scroll, Mirror Scroll,
           Remove Poison Scroll, Map7
    Trains Skills: Loremaster (5), Merchant (4)

 Shop F:
    Sells: Beast Hide, Chitin Plates, Darkenbat hide
    Trains Skills: Mechanic (5), Merchant (3)

Wizard's School (after you talk to Ardra)
  Prof. #1 is on the main floor (usually near the stairs up to floor 2)
  Prof. #2 is in the small room to the right of the main entrance
  Prof. #3 is on the second floor in the other small room (not Ardra's)

 Professor #1: 
    Trains Skills: Alchemist (8), Merchant (5), Wizard (8)
    Trains Spells: vs. Elemental (8), vs. Naming (8),
           vs. Necromancy (8), vs. Star (8), Mirror (8)
 Professor #2:
    Trains Skills: Healer (8), Merchant (5), Wizard (8)
    Trains Spells: Brilliance (8), Stupidity (8), Teleportation (8),
           Endurance (8), Weakness (8)

 Professor #3:
    Trains Skills: Loremaster (8), Merchant (5), Wizard (8)
    Trains Spells: Immolation (10), Dragon Flames (10), 
           Earth Smite (10), Lightning (10), Wind (10)

Dryad Forest (if Pandara didn't like your performance)

  Dryad (some may vary slightly)
    Trains Skills: Loremaster (10), Stealth (10), Troubadour (10),
                   Wizard (10), Shield (10)
    Trains Spells: Debilitation (10), Wind (10), Lightning (10)

Port Saiid
  To get to the shops: Follow the main path from the gate into town.
  The first building on the right that you see is Shop A, then 2 
  houses, then the Inn, 1 house, Shop B, 2 more houses, the path now
  dips down into the lower section of town. At the bottom of the hill
  Shop F is the first building on your right (South-West) & Shop C is 
  the first building on the left (North-East), Shop D is North of 
  Shop C & has 2 houses beside it. Shop E is across from (South of)
  those houses.
 Shop A
   Female (upstairs)
    Sells: Acid Flask, Sleep Gas Flask, Dagger, Hatchet, Poison Dart,
           Stealthblade, Throwing Knife
    Trains Skills: Merchant (3), Thief (5), Missile (3), Thrown (4)

   Bandit (downstairs)
    Sells: Dexterity Potion, Stealth Potion, Strength Potion,
           Bow of Shielding, Dragon Fang, Great Bow, Throwing Iron,
           Phantom Cloak, Enchanted Hide, Leather Armor
    Trains Skills: Mechanic (5), Merchant (8), Stealth (8), Thief (8),
           Warrior (5), Missile (5), Thrown (5)

 Shop B
    Sells: Brilliance Scroll, Endurance Scroll, Stupidity Scroll,
           Gemstone, Herb, Spice
    Trains Skills: Loremaster (5), Merchant (1), Wizard (3)
    Trains Spells: Brilliance (3), Stupidity (3), Endurance (3),
           Weakness (3)

 Shop C:
    Sells: Plate Gauntlets
    Trains Skills: Mechanic (6), Merchant (5)

 Shop D:
    Sells: Battle Axe, Broadsword, Great Bow, Great Sword, 
           Heartseeker Bow, Ironwood Staff, Javelin, Longsword, Maul,
           Pike, Poleaxe, Scythe, Spear, Staff
    Trains Skills: Merchant (4), Warrior (3), Hafted (3), Pole (3)
           Sword (5)

 Shop E:
    Sells: Chainmail, Enchanted Hide, Partial Platemail, Scale Armor,
           Talewok Mail, Kite Shield, Large Shield, Small Shield,
           Tower Shield
    Trains Skills: Merchant (3), Shield (5)

 Shop F:
    Sells: Stealth Potion
    Trains Skills: Merchant (3), Troubadour (7)

  To get to the Shops: From the main gate walk West to the crossroads,
  at the south end is the Inn & at the North end is Shop A and the 
  stairs to the second level of town. On the second level if we follow 
  the West wall we will find: empty house, empty armory, empty house,
  Shop B, Shop C, Stairs to level 3 of town, empty Tavern, Shop D,
  empty house, Shop F (open at night only), empty house. The third 
  level of town has two shops on it; Shop E along the west wall & 
  Mago's House (follow the path north, then turn west up the hill)

 Staggering Ogre Inn:
    Sells: Charisma Potion, Strength Potion, Defense Potion,
           Fire Flask, Pike, Poleaxe, Spear, Spike, Ring of Healing,
           Boots of Adamant, Boots of Speed, Jundar Shield, 
           Spirit Shield, Gemstone
 Shop A:
    Sells: Fire Flask, Strength Potion, Great Sword, Heartseeker Bow,
           Scythe, Amulet of Pork, Phantom Cloak, Plate Gauntlets,
    Trains Skills: Mechanic (7), Merchant (7)

 Shop B:
    Sells: Antidote Potion, Curing Potion, Healing Potion, 
           Restore Potion, Stamina Potion, Gemstone, Herb, 
           Sapphire Gem, Spice
    Trains Skills: Alchemist (10), Healer (10), Merchant (10)

 Shop C:
    Sells: Bow of Accuracy, Dragon Fang, Great Bow, Heartseeker Bow,
           Long Bow, Tinker's Gloves
    Trains Skills: Mechanic (9), Merchant (8), Ranger (5)

 Shop D:
    Sells: Charisma Potion, Harp of Igone
    Trains Skills: Diplomat (7), Loremaster (5), Merchant (4)
           Troubadour (10)

 Shop E:
    Sells: Acid Flask, Sleep Gas Flask, Sense Aura Scroll
    Trains Skills: Loremaster (10), Merchant (3)
   *There are some books in this shop that you may want to read*

    Sells: Battle Axe, Chaos Sword, Dart of Distance, Enchanted Blade,
           Great Axe, Javelin, Longsword, Maul, Morningstar, Pike,
           Scythe, Helm of Defense
    Trains Skills: Merchant (6), Warrior (8), Missile (6), Sword (10)

 Mago' House (middle floor)
    Sells: Aura of Death Scroll, Darkness Scroll, Stamina Scroll,
           vs. Necromancy Scroll, Spice
    Trains Skills: Merchant (5), Wizard (9)
    Trains Spells: Immolation (9), Control Elemental (9), vs. Star (9)

  To get to the Shops: From the Main Gate (upper level of town) head
  North along the path, the last building is Shop A. Follow the path
  South (the last building is the Inn) & just before the Inn there is
  are stairs going North-East, at the bottom of the stairs, Shop B is
  the door to the East, Shop C is North-West, & Shop G is North-East.
  Cross the bridge in the middle of this level & following the right
  wall it goes: Stairs to lower level, Shop F, Library, Shop D, Shop H.
  Go down to the lower level & to the North you will see a building 
  with 4 doors (pick a door, any door; they all go to the same room)
  go inside & then go into the rearmost room to find Shop E. 
  *NOTE Shops A,B,C,D & E are open during the DAY, Shops F,G & H are 
  open at NIGHT*

 Shop A:
    Sells: Fire Flask, Stealth Potion, Poison Dart, Tantos, 
           Cloth Armor, Leather Armor
    Trains Skills: Merchant (9), Stealth (5), Thief (10)

 Shop B:
    Sells: Bow of Accuracy, Dragon Fang, Great Bow, Heartseeker Bow,
           Hunter's Bow, Long Bow, Short Bow
    Trains Skills: Merchant (6), Warrior (10), Missile (10)

 Shop C:
    Sells: Battle Axes, Broadswords, Enchanted Blade, Great Axe,
           Great Sword, Ice Stiletto, Mace, Maul, Poleaxe, Sabre,
           Scythe, Staff, Sword of Might
    Trains Skills: Merchant (8), Hafted (10), Pole (10), Sword (10),
           Shield (7)

 Shop D:
    Sells: Leather Cloak, Jundar Gauntlets, Plate Gauntlets, 
           Boots of Adamant, Leather Boots, Woodsman's Boots,
           Mercenary Belt, Cloth Armor, Jundar Leather, Leather Armor,
           Beast Hide, Hellhound Hide
    Trains Skills: Diplomat (10), Merchant (8), Ranger (8)

 Shop E:
    Sells: Web of Starlight Wand, Dispel Elemental Scroll,
           Frozen Doom Scroll, Stellar Gravity Scroll,
           vs. Elemental Scroll, Web of Starlight Scroll
    Trains Skills: Merchant (7), Wizard (10)
    Trains Spells: vs. Elemental (10), Dispel Elemental (10),
           Web of Starlight (10), Stellar Gravity (10),
           Frozen Doom (10)

 Shop F:
    Sells: Darkness Scroll, Haste Scroll, Wind Scroll, Leather Cloak,
           Belt of Teleport, Chaos Robes, Sapphire Gem
    Trains Skills: Mechanic (8), Merchant (10)

 Shop G:
    Sells: Acid Flask, Defense Potion, Dexterity Potion, Fire Flask,
           Inferno Flask, Sleep Gas Flask, Strength Potion
    Trains Skills: Alchemist (10), Merchant (7)

 Shop H:
    Sells: Charming Scroll, Dexterity Scroll, Teleportation Scroll,
           Bardic Gloves
    Trains Skills: Loremaster (8), Merchant (6), Troubadour (10)

 Library (Other end of Purple Portal)
    Sells: Acid Bolt Scroll, Brilliance Scroll, Control Zombie Scroll,
           Solar Wrath Scroll, Helm of Wisdom
    Trains Skills: Loremaster (10), Merchant (8), Wizard (3)

Fyrsil (on route to Maxxen)
   Trains Skills: Merchant (7), Shield (10)


5. Items Lists Etc.


A. Spells

 Abbreviations used in chart:
   Sch (School): 
           name   = naming
           necro  = necromancy
           N      = neutral
           ele.   = elemental
   Comp. (component):
           gemst  = gemstone
   ST (Stamina cost)
   As. (Aspect):
           L      = Lunar
           N      = Neutral
           S      = Solar
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Name               Sch   Min. Comp. ST  As.  Description
Acid Bolt          necro   4  spice  8   L   fires a spurt of acid
                                             that burns for 1d6 per            
                                             round until spell expires
Air Shield         ele.    1  spice  6   S   all friends within range
                                             add 1/rank to Armor value
Aura of Death      necro   4  spice  5   L   causes some solar-
                                             aspected enemies to flee
Aura of Solar 
        Wrath      star    4  gemst  5   S   causes some lunar-
                                             aspected enemies to flee
   Elementals      name    4  gemst 15   N   banishes any 1 elemental
                                             within range
Brilliance         name    2  gemst  6   L   target gains 2 IN per 
                                             rank of spell
Charming           name    3  gemst  6   S   turns target to fight on
                                             your side (must have a
                                             true name)
Cheat Death        necro   6  gemst 10   S   cast on the living, if
                                             they die; they come back.
                                             works once, target must
                                             have a true name.
Clumsiness         star    2  spice  6   L   target loses 2 DX per rank
                                             of spell
Control Elementals ele.    4  spice 10   S   one elemental within range
                                             can be controlled.
Control Marquis    name    3  gemst 10   L   one Marquis within range
                                             can be controlled
Control Zombies    necro   3  herb  10   L   one zombie within range
                                             can be controlled
Crushing Death     necro   7  spice 15   N   inflicts 7 damage. target
                                             must human-size or smaller
Darkness           necro   2  gemst  6   L   changes the aspect of the
                                             combat arena to night time
Debilitation       ele.    2  herb   6   S   target loses 2 PS value
                                             for each rank of the spell
Dexterity          star    2  herb   7   N   target gains 2 DX per rank
                                             of the spell
Dispell Elemental 
            Magic   N      1  herb   7   N   chance of dispelling any
                                             active elemental spell in
                                             area of effect
Dispell Naming      N      2  spice  6   N   chance of dispelling any
                                             active Naming spell in
                                             area of effect
Dispell Necromancy  N      2  gemst  6   N   chance of dispelling any
                                             active Necromancy spell in
                                             area of effect
Dispell Star        N      2  herb   6   N   chance of dispelling any
                                             active Star spell in area
                                             of effect
Dragon Flames      ele.  2    spice 10   S   inflicts 2 damage.
                                             target(s) are attacked by
Earth Smite        ele.  6    gemst 10   S   inflicts 4 damage. target
                                             must be human-size or
Endurance          name  2    spice  6   S   target gains 2 EN per rank
                                             of spell
Exhaustion         necro 2    gemst  6   S   target loses 2 ST per rank
                                             of spell
Fireball           ele.  5    gemst 15   S   inflicts 1 damage, caster
                                             throws a fireball
Frozen Doom        star  6    herb  10   L   inflicts 3 damage, target
                                             is frozen solid for spells
                                             duration (must be human-
                                             size or smaller)
Haste              necro 4    spice  5   N   all targets within range
                                             gain +2 movement per rank
                                             of spell
Immolation         ele.  4    spice  8   S   inflicts 1 damage. target
                                             catches fire & takes 1d6
                                             damage per round for life
                                             of spell
Light              star  2    spice  5   S   changes the combat arena's
                                             aspect to daytime
Lightning          ele.  3    gemst  3   L   inflicts 1 damage. target
                                             hit by lightning
Mirror               N   6    gemst 10   N   effectively reflects the
                                             next few spells cast on
                                             the target
Neutralize Poison  ele.  2    herb   4   S   neutralizes the effects of
Photosynthesis     star  3    herb   8   S   targets regenerate some ST
                                             each round for the
                                             duration	of the spell
                                             (must by daytime)
Sense Aura         name  3    herb   7   L   target reveals it's stats.
                                             information increases with
                                             rank of spell
Shield of 
       starlight   star  3    gemst  8   S   all friends within range
                                             add 1/rank to their Armor
Spirit Shield      necro 3    herb   6   L   all friends within range
                                             add 1/rank to their Armor
Stamina            necro 2    gemst  6   L   target gains 2 ST per rank
                                             of spell
Stellar Gravity    star  2    spice  6   L   target loses 2 movement
                                             per rank of spell. (if
                                             movment is reduced to 0
                                             target can't move)
Strength           ele.  1    herb   7   S   target gains 2 PS value
                                             per rank of spell
Stupidity          name  2    herb   6   L   target loses 2 IN per rank
                                             of spell
Tap Stamina        necro 3    spice  5   L   drains 2 ST /rank and adds
                                             it to the caster's total
                                             for the duration of combat
Teleportation      name  8    gemst 10   N   castor teleports to a
                                             chosen point on
                                             battlefield within range
                                             of the spell
vs. Elemental        N   1    gemst  5   N   increases resistance to
                                             any Elemental spell by 6%
                                             per rank
vs. Naming           N   1    spice  5   N   increases resistance to
                                             any Naming spell by 6% per
vs. Necromancy       N   1    herb   3   N   increases resistance to
                                             any Necromancy spell by 6%
                                             per rank
vs. Star             N   1    gemst  5   N   increases resistance to
                                             any Star spell by 6% per
Wall of Bones      necro 5    herb  15   L   prevents target from
                                             acting for the duration of
                                             the spell (target must
                                             have a true name)
Weakness           name  2    herb   6   L   target loses 2 EN per rank
                                             of spell
Web of Starlight   star  3    gemst 10   L   inflicts 2 damage + 
                                             additional damage until
                                             target breaks free (target
                                             must be human-sized or
Whitefire          star  6    spice 15   S   inflicts 4 damage. target
                                             must be human-sized or
Wind               ele.  4    herb   7   S   inflicts 2 damage to one
                                             target & dispells any fog
                                             in the combat arena
Wraith Touch       necro 8    gemst  2   L   drains 2D6 points from one
                                             random characteristic of 


B. Potions

Name             Effect                Min.  Herbs   Spices  Gemstones
                                       Rank  Needed  Needed  Needed
Acid Flask	     continuous damage to    5              2       3
                 target in combat
Antidote Potion  Prevents HP loss due    3      2       3
                 to poison 
Charisma Potion  Temporary bonus to      2      1       2       1
                 Diplomat skill
Clarity Potion   Temporary bonus to      3              3
                 Loremaster skill
Curing Potion    Recovers many HP        3      3       2
Defense Potion   Temporary bonus to      2                      2
Dexterity Potion Temporary bonus to DX   2      2       2
Fire Flask       Damages targets in      1              1       2
Healing Potion   Recovers a few HP       1      2
Inferno Flask    More powerful Fire      1              1       2
Restore Potion   Restores any stats      3              2       2
                 affected by enemy
                 magic spells
Sleep Gas Potion Drains target's ST in   5      3       3
Stamina Potion   Recovers all ST         5      2
Stealth Potion   Temporary bonus to      2      3       2
                 Stealth skill
Strength Potion  Temporary bonus to PS   2      2               2

C. Weapons

Name                Skill   Min.  Base  Damage  Other Abilities
                            PS    Hit           /Effects
Battle Axe          hafted  14    65      3
Blood Axe           hafted  20    50      5
Chaos Maul          hafted  25    30      7
Chaos Scythe        hafted   8    50      3     Debilitation
Club                hafted  10    55      2
Cyclops Club        hafted  25    40      5
Elisheva's Scythe   hafted  18    40      4     Wraith Touch, -5 DX
Giant Axe           hafted  28    30      6
Great Axe           hafted  19    65      4
Jester's Mace       hafted  10    65      3     Lunar-Aspect,
                                                Stupidity, Resist 
                                                Necromancy 50%, +15 DX
Lizard King's Axe   hafted  22    75      5     EN +5
Mace                hafted  16    55      3
Mace of Glory       hafted  20    75      5     Solar-Aspect, Light,
Maul                hafted  19    45      5
Morningstar         hafted  18    55      4
Poleaxe             hafted  18    45      4
Scythe              hafted  18    45      4
Spellbreaker Axe    hafted  20    75      5     Mirror, 
                                                Resist Magic 50%, +5 WL
War Hammer          hafted  15    60      3
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Bow of Accuracy     missile 15   100      3     DX+5
Bow of Shielding    missile 10    45      3     Air Shield
Bow of Thunder      missile 20    55      4     Lightning 
Great Bow           missile 18    30      5
Heartseeker Bow     missile 10    50      5
Hunter's Bow        missile 16    35      3
Long Bow            missile 16    30      4
Short Bow           missile 14    35      2
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Archmage's Staff    pole     8    70      5     Spell Battery +10
Breklor's Firestaff pole     8    55      3     Dragon Flames, Resist
                                                Fire 50%, Spell 
                                                Battery +20
Chaos Staff         pole     8    50      2     Dispel Elemental, Spell
                                                Battery +15
Ironwood Staff      pole    10    50      3
Pike                pole    18    50      3
Spear               pole    15    50      3
Staff               pole     8    45      2
Staff of Lugash     pole     5   100      2     Lunar-Aspect,
                                                Web of Starlight,
                                                Stellar Gravity,
                                                Spell Battery +30
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Broadsword          sword   15    40      3
Chaos Sword         sword   25    20      5     poison
Dagger              sword    7    35      1
Dagger of Night     sword    5    55      2     Lunar-Aspect, Darkness,
                                                Resist Lunar 100%,
                                                Stealth +3, DX +2
Enchanted Blade     sword   10    55      4
Firedrake Fang      sword   20    65      6     Dragon Flames,
                                                Resist Fire 50%
Gladius             sword    8    40      1
Great Sword         sword   22    40      4
Ice Stiletto        sword   10    45      2     Frozen Doom, 
                                                Resist Fire -50%
Lodin's Sword       sword   15    75      5     Solar-Aspect,
                                                Whitefire, Resist
                                                Necromancy 100%,
                                                Warrior +3, PS +5
Longsword           sword   17    45      3
Sabre	              sword   10    45      2
Sheridan's Sword    sword   20    80      5     Poison
Short Sword         sword   10    40      2
Stealthblade        sword    5    55      2     +2 DX, +3 Stealth,
                                                Resist Lunar 50% 
Sword of Might      sword   18    50      4     PS +5
Tanto               sword    7    70      1
Trahern's Sword     sword   15    55      3
Warfang             sword   20    55      4     Darkness, Tap Stamina,
                                                Spell Battery +15
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Cyclops Hurlstar    thrown  20    45      5
Dart of Distance    thrown   5    75      2
Dragon Fang         thrown   8    60      4
Hatchet             thrown  12    30      3
Javelin             thrown  14    35      4
Poison Darts        thrown   8    20      1     Poison
Spikes              thrown        30      3
Throwing Iron       thrown   7    30      4
Throwing Knife      thrown   7    35      2

D. Armor

Name                Protection     DX     Stealth   Special
                                Modifier  Modifier	
Beast Hide               2         -2
Chainmail                5         -2        -5
Chaos Armor             12
Chaos Robes             10         -1
Cloth Armor              1                    5
Darkenbat Hide           3                   20
Dragon Leather           6                   10
Enchanted Hide           4         -1         5
Enchanted Plate          9         -2       -15
Full Platemail           7         -3       -20
Hellhound Hide           4         -2               Resist Fire 50%
Iden Scale               5         -2       -10
Improved Plate Mail      8         -3       -20
Irondrake Plate Mail    10                          EN+5
Jundar Leather           7                   15
Leather Armor            2         -1
Partial Platemail        6         -3       -15
Pome Scale               6         -2        -5
Royal Platemail         10         -5       -15
Scale Armor              4         -3        -5
Scorpion Scale           7         -1
Sheridan's Armor        10         -1
Talewok Mail             6         -1

E. Shields

Name               Prot.  Def.   DX    Stealth   Other
                                Mod.   Mod.	
Bronze Shield        4      4     -3
Buckler              1      2
Chaos Shield         8      8
Heater Shield        1      2
Hoplite Shield       5      5     -7
Jundar Shield        4      6     -5
Kite Shield          4      5     -4
Large Shield         3      4     -3
Moon Shield          3      6     -3     10      Must be Lunar-
                                                 aspected to use
Scorpion Shield      5      5     -2
Sheridan's Shield    4      7
Small Shield         2      3     -2
Stardrake Aegis      6      8                    Resist Star 100%
Sun Shield           4      6     -3    -10      Must be Solar-
                                                 aspected to use
Tower Shield         5      6     -6
Turtleshell Shield   3      5     -4

F. Everything Else

Name              Effects/ Spells                     Requirements
Amaranth Root     Fulfills Dryad Forest Quest, used 
                  by Ardra to heal Alaron
Amulet of Pork    Resist Physical -100%, -5 EN,
                  -2 Warrior
Banner of Gwernia +2 Diplomat                         Must have Becan
                                                      in Party
Bardic Gloves     +2 Troubadour
Beast Hide        Used to make armor
Belt of Escape    Escape, +1 Armor
Belt of Life      Cheat Death, Resist Necromancy 100%,
                  +1 Armor                            Solar-aspected
Belt of Teleport  Teleportation, +1 Armor
Black Key         Opens Doors in Shamsuk's Tower
Blood Key         Opens Doors in Shamsuk's Tower
Bone Key          Opens Doors in Shamsuk's Tower
Boots of Adamant  +2 Armor
Boots of Speed    Haste, +1 Armor, +3 DX
Boots of Striding +5 DX
Bowden's Key      Unlock's storage room with 
                  Trahern's Sword
Chitin Plates     Used to make armor & shields
Cradawgh's Body   Fulfills quest to find Cradawgh
Darkenbat Hide    Used to make armor
Enchanted Hide    Used to make armor
Ethereal Ring     +5 Armor                            Solar-aspected
Gem of Sensing    Sense Aura                          Min. 15 IN
Gloves of Healing Endurance, +2 Healer
Harp of Igone     +3 Troubadour                       Min. 20 IN
Heart of Elisheva Crushing Death, Resist Solar,
                  -5 EN                               Lunar-aspected
Hellhound Hide    Used to make armor
Helm of Charisma  Charming, +2 Diplomat
Helm of Defense   +5 Armor, Resist Physical 100%
Helm of Tempests  Lightning, Resist Air 100%,
                  +1 Damage, +1 Armor, +2 Warrior
Helm of Wisdom    +1 Armor, +5 WL
Herb              Used to make potions/ cast spells
Horn of Kynon     +6 Troubadour                       Min. 18 IN
Gemstones         Used to make potions/ cast spells
Jundar Gauntlets  +1 Damage
Kendall's Hat     +1 Armor, -1 Stealth
Leather Boots     +1 Armor
Leather Cloak     +1 Armor
Letter to Kitarak Gives information about Rabisat's 
                  plot against Alaron
Letter to Txomin  Required to get Goblin Quest in 
Lighthouse Scroll Relights Port Saiid Lighthouse flame
Lodin's Key       Unlock's door to room with 
                  Lodin's Sword (& his ghost)
Lunar Ring        +5 Armor
Magedrake Ring    +17 Spell Battery, +3 Wizard
Map2              Fills in part of the overworld map
Marquis' Amulet   Control Marquis
Mercenary Belt    +1 Armor
Mirari Cloak      +2 Armor
Moon Gem          Detect Moon Phase                   Min. 15 IN
Namers Ring       +10 Spell Battery
Nightdrake Mantle Darkness, +2 Armor, +2 Stealth,
                  +5 DX
Oriana's Letter   Directions to Gotzone & Zurene's 
                  House (in Erromon)
Oriana's Scroll   Strength Scroll                     Min. 2 Wizard
Pandara's Amulet  Teleports Pandara to Desert Gate if
                  you can't figure out the riddle     Solar-aspected
Phantom Cloak     +3 Stealth
Plate Gauntlets   +2 Armor
Rabisat's Asp     ?????
Ring of Healing   Photosynthesis, +5 EN
Rope	+2 Thief                                        Must have a Thief
                                                      in party
Sapphire Gem      Rare & expensive stone
Shamsuk Amulet    +10 Spell Battery
Shield Amulet     Protection vs. Magic, +10 Armor,
                  -3 EN
Spice             Used to make potions/ cast spells
Spiritdrake Helm  Resist Magic 100%, +1 Armor, +5 WL
Stormbreaker      Dispel Elemental (storms)           Min. 20 IN
Stormdrake Claws  Lightning, +1 Armor
Tinker's Gloves   +1 DX, +2 Mechanician
Witch Ring        +2 Wizard                           Min. 17 IN
Wizard Hat        +15 Spell Battery, +1 Wizard
Wizard's Wand     +20 Spell Battery, +1 Wizard        Min. 15 IN
Woodsman's Boots  +2 Ranger


6. Enemies

Abbreviations used in chart:
Apct = Aspect
        S = Solar
        L = Lunar
Attack: (Attack Type)
        H = Hand-Hand (Melee)
        M = Missile / Thrown
        S = Spells (Magic)

 *NOTE* if more than one strength of a particular enemy can be 
        encountered in the game, the lowest-highest values are listed.
        If an attack type appears in brackets, then only the stronger
        version of that enemy can use that attack method.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Name              Level  Apct Attack  Resistance(%)      HP    XP Value

Air Elemental      20    S    H       Physical (100),    110   3300
                                      Air (100)
Assim              15    L    H, S    Physical (100)     65    6900
Bandit Boss        8-20  L/S  H, M, S                    68-   1575-
                                                         108   6075
Bandit Woodsman    5-13  S    H, M                       44-80 450-3075
Bear               10    L    H                          85    750
Behrooz            15    L    H, S    Physical (100),    60    4125
                                      Magic (50)
Boar               3     S    H                          54    450
Cave Bear          6     L    H                          89    1200
Chaos Lieutenant   25    L    H, S    Physical (25),     165   7500
                                      Magic (25)
Chaos Major        30    L    H, S    Solar (50)         200   6000
Chaos Scout        5     S    H, M, S                    55    675
Chaos Slayer       20    L    H, S    Physical (75)      120   3075
Chaos Sorceror     12    S    H, S    Magic (25)         102   1200
Chaos Spellweaver  12    S    H, S    Magic (25)         87    1200
Chaos Stormer      12    S    H, S                       87    1650
Chaos Trooper      12    S    H, S                       87    1725
Chaos Warrior      10    S    H                          90    1500
Chaos Mauler       20    L    H, S    Physical (75)      130   3225
Cyclops            12    S    H, M    Lunar (25)         87    2250
Darkenbat          8     L    H       Solar (-50)        68    1350
Dire Wolf          10    L    H       Lunar (25)         75    1200
Dracovern          17    S    H       Lunar (-50)        107   2700
Dryad              8     S    S       Physical (50),     43      -
                                      Magic (50)
Dust Devil         20    S    S       Physical (75),     65    1350
                                      Air (100)
Earth Elemental    20    S    H       Physical (100),    140   4050
                                      Earth (100)
Fire Elemental     22    S    H       Physical (100),    112   3300
                                      Fire (100)
Firelord           25    S    H, S    Physical (100),    175   7500
                                      Magic (50)
Giant Bat          2     L    H       Solar (-25)        17    75
Giant Boar         8     S    H                          81    900
Giant Golem        20    S    H       Physical (75),     200   5175
                                      Magic (50)
Giant Rat          1     L    H                          31    150
Giant Scorpion     15    S    H                          100   2250
Giant Skeleton     15    L    H       Cutting (75),      105   2700
                                      Smashing (-50)
Goblin             1-6   S    H,(M)                      43-64 225-825
Goblin Poisoner    5-9   S    H, M                       50-71 450-2625
Goblin Scout       3-6   S    H, M                       33-61 225-1575
Goblin Sergeant    3-10  S    H, M                       48-85 450-2025
Golnar             15    L    H, S    Physical (100),    60    4350
                                      Fire (50)
Gorgon             10    L    H, S    Physical (50)      70    2025
Gryphon            15    S    H                          90    1500
Harpy              10    L    H, S                       66    1050
Hellhound          18    S    H, M, S Physical (25),     78    1200
                                      Fire (100)
Hobgoblin          5-15  S    H, S    Naming (-25)       65-94 1200-
Human Bandit       4-17  S    H, M                       52-93 450-3975
Kitarak            10    S    H, S    Naming (-25)       91    1500
Ksathra            15    L    H, S    Physical (100)     65    6750
Large Scorpion     4     S    H                          39    750
Lava Hound         12    S    H, M, S Fire (100),        97    2175
                                      Water (-100)
Lizard Man         14-20 S    H,(S)                     79-145 975-3450
Lizard Man         17    S    H, M    Water (25)         96    1200
Lugash             25    L    H, S    Physical (100),    165   7500
                                      Magic (100)
Manticore          16    S    H, M                       91    1425
Marquis            30    S    H, M, S Magic (75),        210   7500
                                      Physical (75)
Mehrdad            15    L    H, S    Physical (100),    60    4425
                                      Star (50)
Minotaur           5     L    H                          50    525
Minotaur Lord      15    L    H       Magic (50)         145   5250
Nasim              15    L    H, S    Physical (100)     60    4350
Ogre               8-10  S    H                          74-85 900-1200
Ogre Boss          12    S    H, M                       102   1800
Plague Zombie      20    L    H       Physical (50),     160   1950
                                      Magic (50)
Pochangarat        30    S    H, S    Physical (75),     210   7500
                                      Magic (75)
Prince Sheridan    20    L    H       Magic (75),        170   7500
                                      Physical (75)
Salamander         17    S    H, M    Fire (100)         77    975
Sand Worm          20    S    H, M    Fire (50),         160   2250
                                      Earth (50)
Shadow             25    L    S       Physical (100),    0     175
                                      Magic (100)
Shamsuk            25    L    H, S    Physical (50),     115   3750
                                      Magic (50)
Shatrevar          15    L    H, S    Physical (100)     90    5850
Skeleton           8-12  L    (H)     Cutting (75),      58-77 975-1200
                                      Smashing (-50)
Skeleton Archer    12    L    H, M    Cutting (75),      77    1350
                                      Smashing (-50)
Spirit Wolf        12    L    H, S    Physical (100),    72    2925
                                      Lunar (50)
Stone Golem        15    S    H       Physical (50),     105   3075
                                      Magic (50)
Tomb Rat           4     L    H       Fire (-50)         44    300
Troll              15    L    H       Fire (-50)         135   2700
Water Elemental    20    L    H, S    Physical (100),    125   3750
                                      Water (100)
Wight              22    L    H, S    Physical (100),    132   3900
                                      Magic (50)
Wolf               2     L    H       Lunar (25)         56    675
Wraith             20    L    H, S    Physical (100),    80    3525
                                      Magic (50)
Wyvern             11    S    H, S    Air (-50),         51    525
                                      Magic (50)
Zombie             15    L    H       Physical (50),     105   1650
                                      Magic (25)


7. Portals 
     (I'll fill this in as I figure it out ;-)

First Portal                            Matching Portal

Basement, Castle Gwernia               Caves of Erromon
Osin Forest (outside Gwernia)          Shamsuk's Tower (ruins)
Chaos Island (peninsula)               Chaos Island (temple bsmt 1)
Chaos Island (temple bsmt 2)           Chaos Island (temple next floor)
Crawdawgh's Island (1)                 ??????????
Crawdawgh's Island (2)                 Wizard's School Bsmt
Shamsuk's Tower (1)                    Oriana's Hut (one-way/one time)
Shamsuk's Tower (2)                    ??????????

8. Legal

This FAQ was created by LoneSoldier, you may not copy, edit, link to,
or post this document in whole or in part, without my permission 
(& even then you MUST give me FULL credit). Currently the only 
web-sites that are authorized to post this FAQ are:

GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)

If you see this guide posted on any other sites, please inform me so
that an appropriate action may be taken.


9. Credits (thanks ;-)

  CJayC; For allowing this to be posted in the first place.

  CyricZ; For writing the FAQ for OB64, and giving me some ideas.
          (I still don't know how you ever finished it though)

  viciousglacialbear & The Shadow Man; For sending me some Portal info.

  Darth Mom; For some Item list corrections.(see version 1.11)

  Evilmage; For helping me fix a small problem. (version 1.12)

  PrimaGames; even though the prima-guide was missing lots of 
              information, it was still worth the $$$.
              (the maps helped a LOT with directions)

  My Friends; Even though you didn't want credit; You still made the
              largest contribution to this FAQ.


10. Version History

1.01 Finished the game for the first time, made a list of "all" the
     items etc. (that I found. Pretty pathetic actually)

1.02 Tried to create a full walk-through (but kept falling asleep)
     Added more weapons to the list.

1.03 Decided to scrap the full walk-through, opted for brief? 
     directions instead. (the half-ass walk-through)

1.04 Found another item & some more armor that I'd missed

1.05 Started a section on shops & added more directions
     Added an old joke (see section 11)

1.06 Started a section on portals, corrected a minor error in 
     directions & added the shops of Erromon.

1.07 Finished a section on enemies (I hope I got them all)
     & added more items to the list.

1.08 Added the shops of Talewok & The Dryad Forest.
     & yet another Item that I'd missed

1.09 Finished the Directions (section 3), added to the preliminary FAQ,
     added more shops (Port Saiid & Terminor) & A few MORE items etc. 
     that I'd missed (this will never be complete, will it?)

1.10 Finished the Shops, Corrected an item description, added more
     Q. & A. to the Preliminary FAQ.

1.11 Found MORE Shops in Ugarit (only open at night), corrected a HUGE
     error in the weapon list (too bad someone noticed before I did),
     & added some Portal info.

1.12 Found ANOTHER shop in Ugarit (I think I found them all now), Fixed
     a small error (I wish I'd seen it before I posted version 1.11),
     added another Q&A to the preliminary FAQ & explained the enemy 
     list a little more clearly (I hope).


11. The Last Word (small joke)


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