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    Bound by Flame
    May 15, 2014
    version 0.5

    This currently a work in progress
    A more complete walkthrough will be submitted on Monday, May 19, 2014.

|  [TOC]                                                                    |
|                            TABLE OF CONTENTS                              |
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    [bbf-intro] Introduction


    [bbf-00]   Prologue

    [bbf-11]    Act 1 - Chapter 1
    [bbf-12]    Act 1 - Chapter 2
    [bbf-13]    Act 1 - Chapter 3

    [bbf-21]    Act 2 - Chapter 1
    [bbf-22]    Act 2 - Chapter 2
    [bbf-23]    Act 2 - Chapter 3

    [bbf-31]    Act 3 - Chapter 1

    [bbf-41]    Act 4 - Chapter 1

    [bbf-eq]    Equipment Lists

|  [bbf-intro]                                                              |
|                            INTRODUCTION                                   |
|                                                                           |
    ---------- NOTE on version 0.5 ----------
    This is a complete walkthrough following the Demon Path. The walkthrough
    may not hit upon all the possible side quests. A future revision will
    have information on following either path through the game

    --------- TIPS ----------
    Welcome to Spider's new EuroRPG Bound By Flame. This is a much more
    polished effort after Spider's Mars: War Logs.

    This is not a hack-and-slash! Combat is much more strategic. Learn to
    time your attacks, blocks, dodges, and parries.

    There's going to be a lot of awkward English and voice acting. It's
    part of the charm!

    There's going to be a lot of climbing up and down tiny ledges and going
    through doors. These are disguised loading screens.

    Lootable containers are sparse, but can contain valuable items.

    Crafting. It starts out slow with sparse materials, but it pretty soon
    snowballs into a massive quantity of crafting materials.

    You have traps and the crossbow for a reason. The crossbow starts out
    as your highest damage weapon.

    Using daggers is more hack-and-slash friendly because you can dodge all
    attacks, even ranged attacks.

    You can romance two of your companions in one play through. If you're
    the male Vulcan, you can romance the two female companions. The female
    Vulcan can romance the two male companions. There's no same gender
    romances available.

    Romances may depend more on completing Companion side quests than
    actual dialog choices, but this would need to be verified by comparing
    multiple play throughs.

    There are missable side quests.

|  [bbf-00]                                                                 |
|               Prologue - The Temple at the Top of the World               |
|                                                                           |

---------- THE ESPLANADE

Main Quest: At the Service of the Red Scribes

    [ ] Meet up with the Captain in front of the temple

Go straight and loot the ROCK PILE for some crafting materials. Follow the turn
 in the path and search another ROCK PILE. The Captain calls out to you. Loot
 a third ROCK PILE near the top of the path.

    [ ] Talk to the Captain of the Freeborn Blades
Run up to the top of the Esplanade to speak with the Captain.

    [ ] Pick up some equipment

There's another ROCK PILE by the stone torch pillar and the tree across from
 the Captain in the southwest area of the Esplanade. Stay to the right and move
 up near the temple. You can find a ROCK PILE and a BARREL to the south. You
 can talk to Buffalo by the main gate for some background. Head over to the
 camp and kick open another BARREL. Loot the CHEST for the equipment.

    [ ] Create 10 Explosive Traps

Press [I] to open the Bag Menu. Craft 10 Exploding Traps.

    [ ] Give the traps to Peeler

Peeler is the guy standing on the left side of the main gate. Talk to Peeler
to give him the traps.

    [ ] Trap the accesses to the temple (0/4)

Head back out near the captain. There are four marked areas on the ground.
Move to a marked area, press [TAB] to open the Tactics menu, and click on the
explosive trap. Placing the fourth trap triggers the first fight.

    [ ] Defeat the Deadwalkers

The first Deadwalker is easy. Just use LMOUSE for a quick attack, RMOUSE for an
area attack, or hold down RMOUSE for a charged attack. Press SPACE to parry or
hold SPACE to block. If you time your parry so it activates just prior to
getting hit, you do an automatic counterattack.

The second Deadwalker has a shield. Press [Q] to do a guard break.

The third type of Deadwalker is an archer. You won't be able to one-hit kill
the archers with your crossbow, so get in close an do a melee attack then
press [2] to finish it off with the crossbow.

Now that the combat basics have been introduced, a second wave attacks. Use the
middle mouse button or [R] to lock onto a target. Use the [LEFT] and [RIGHT]
keys or the scroll wheel to switch targets. Kill all the Deadwalkers.

The third wave is lead by a Juggernaut. Everyone falls back to the Temple.

    [ ] Defend the front entry

Kill the two ice Specters. More Specters will spawn, but you can ignore them as
you'll get no experience for killing additional Specters.

    [ ] Check the East Wing

Before going up the steps, head south for some loot. There's a ROCK PILE in the
small alcove. The larger room to the southwest has a CHEST with some gold in

Go up the steps and go to the left for a ROCK PILE. Go up the stairs on the
right to the upper level of the Temple. Go into the small chamber. Loot the
CHEST on the left.

    SIDE QUEST: None shall pass ------------------------------------------
        [ ] Find Buffalo in front of the invoking chamber

    Talk to Buffalo to complete the side quest.

Exit the small chamber and take a right. You find a dead mercenary and get
attacked by a Deadwalker. The Ranger style of combat is unlocked. Use your
daggers to kill the Deadwalkers. Enemies will now drop a tiny loot bag so be
sure to pick those up. Look by the right wall for a ROCK PILE.

At the next encounter, you are prompted to use [X] to activate stealth. Sneak
up and attack one of the enemies. Loot the CHEST to get new weapons: the sword
CLEAVER and BITING daggers. Press [I] to equip the new weapons.

You should also level up. Press [Z] to spend your Skill Points and select a
Feat. Probably the best Feat to get is Practical, which gives you 10% more
experience earned.

Continue through the Temple. Duck into the side passage on the right. Loot the
CHEST on the right. You can also pick up the Exploding Trap.

    SIDE QUEST: A brother in danger --------------------------------------
        [ ] Find Peeler

    Go down the stairs and help Peeler kill the Deadwalkers. Pick up any
    monster loot and kick open the CHEST.

Exit the side passage and take a right. There's a ROCK PILE by the top of the
stairs. Go down the stairs.

    [ ] Defend the East Wing

Kill the Deadwalkers. A new Deadwalker shows up, the Spewer. The best way to
kill the Spewer is with daggers and using [Q] to dodge its attacks. Grab the
monster loot and loot the CHEST after you evade the Juggernaut.

    [ ] Get to the Red Scribe in the invoking chamber

Head up the stairs and fight your way back to the small chamber where you meet
up with Buffalo earlier. This is a good time to SAVE YOUR GAME. Enter the
Invoking Chamber.

    [ ] Protect the Red Scribes

Kill the Hobblers. You get fused with a Demon.

    [ ] Defeat the Juggernaut

The Juggernaut is pretty easy. It has a simple attack pattern: a ground slam
followed by a ground sweep. Use Orbs of Fire and/or Burning Weapon for extra
damage. Attack the armored wrists and ankles. While you're doing this, deal
with the Skeletons and Hobbler archers. You can hide underneath the Juggernaut
and not take too much damage. Trying to fight at medium range will get you
swatted and stomped on.

Open wide for some Plot.

Dialog choice
    --> Keeping watch on me, Sergeant?
    --> Fine with me, let's go

Dialog choice
    --> He didn't get to be Captain by accident
    --> Keep that up and you'll never judge anyone again
    --> What are you doing in these swamplands?

    --> Interesting venom, huh? Comae along with me then, Sybil
    --> Rhelmar, you know the way

You can choose to take the Fire Mage Sybil or the Ranger Rhelmar with you.
Sybil has heals and a side quest in the Swamps. You won't be able to complete
Sybil's side quest on the way to Valvenor. Rhelmar is primarily a ranged
attacker so more of a combat support role.

You unlock the Pyromancer Skill Tree.

|  [bbf-11]                                                                 |
|               Act 1 - TWISTS AND TURNS IN VALVENOR                        |
|                    Chapter 1 - A Village of Refugees                      |
|                                                                           |


    Side Quest: On Safari with Sybil -------------------------------------
        [ ] Show Sybil the local fauna

    Take Sybil through the Swamps and fight a Chrysalid, an Impaler, and
    a Ripper.

    [ ] Drive back the hostile creatures of the swamp

As soon as you start down the path you get attacked. The floating spider-like
creatures are called Chrysalids, the most common monster encountered in the
swamps. There are smaller Chyrsalids and larger Chyrsalids. Both use their
claws, but the larger ones also have a projectile attack.

Ask Sybil about the Chrysalids after the fight to work on completing her Safari
side quest.

Continue along the path. There's a ROCK PILE in the dead end on the right with
a Chrysalid.

When you get to the three-way intersection, take the middle path. Kill the Whip
Vine. Loot the ROCK PILE on the end of the wooden bridge. The Whip Vine doesn't
count toward Sybil's side quest as Whip Vines are flora, not fauna.

Return to the three-way intersection.

    The path that goes south has some Chrysalids. If you stay on that path
    you'll run across some Parasites.

    The clearing in front of the Southern Delta exit has Chrysalids and
    a Parasite. Search close by the exit for a TREE STUMP.

    On the southwest path that's between the Southern Delta clearing and
    the broken bridge clearing there's a TREE STUMP.

    The clearing that's below the broken bridge has Chrysalids.

    The northeast clearing that leads to the Path of Ruins has Chrysalids
    and Parasites. Climb up to the west for a ROCK PILE. Climb up to the
    Path of Exile. Loot the skeleton to get a new sword, Fate.

Let's grab the sword by climbing down and heading east toward the Path of the
Ruins. Search the ROCK PILE. There are some Chrysalids and Parasites in the
clearing. Parasites are also considered flora and not fauna. Climb up to the
northeast and loot the skeleton for the FATE sword.

Climb up the short path to head toward the village. Search the TREE STUMP.
Climb up to the path. There's a new monster, the Impaler or Sickle, to the
east. Ask Sybil about the Impaler. Go west to the end of the broken bridge and
loot the skeleton to find a new weapon, the axe SLICER.

    [ ] Get to the village of Valvenor
    [ ] Secure the village entranceway

When you're done exploring the swamp, head to the village. Kill the Chrysalids
attacking the man fighting by the village gate. His name is Randval. After the
fight, go back and loot the TREE STUMP and pick up any monster loot.

    [ ] Get to the Captain and the Steward in the village hall

Enter Valvenor. You can converse with Randval to get some information on the
village and on The Knight Who Speaks in Third Person.


    Cross the bridge. There's a ROCK PILE to the west.

    Go through the door at the end of the bridge for a BARREL.

    Go down the wooden ramp. Look under the bridge for a CRATE.

    Look for a narrow path near the smoky campfire and go east to the other
    side of the village. Look to the south by the tents for a BARREL.

    Look for another campfire in the northwest. Cross the short bridge to
    get a ROCK PILE.

    There's a TREE STUMP at the start of the path to the Southern Delta.

    There's a CRATE at the Mercenary Camp by the Southern Delta door.

    The east exit to the Center of the Village by Buffalo has a ROCK PILE.


    One CRATE behind a wagon near the west exit.

    TREE STUMP on the dead end near NPC Mason.

    CHEST on the wooden platform by NPC Miranda.

    CRATE inside the small building between the west and east sides
    of the Center of the Village.

    CRATE and BARREL by the stables on the west side.

    ASSAEL, a BLACKSMITH, is located on the west side.

Go up the wooden steps to the Village Hall.

    There's a TREE STUMP down by the west door.

    To the east is a BARREL by a tent. To the west of the east door
    there's a BARREL hidden behind a stack of crates. Go up the east
    steps and loot the CHEST on left for the ELVEN GREAVES.

Here's a good place to make a SAVE. Enter the Village Hall using the middle

Dialog choice
    --> Whatever. It's no big deal
    --> Everyone' gonna be afraid of me
    --> It means that you'll leave me the hell alone


    There's a CHEST upstairs in the Guest Room.

    There's a BARREL tucked away behind the bar by the Steward.

    In the Cellar is a CRATE under the stairs with the hammer STUNNER.

    In the east half of the Village Hall you find the Mercs in the
    Dormitories. Open up the small CHEST on the table to grab the

Talk to the elf, Rhelmar, in the Dormitories for a side quest.

    Side Quest: A cure for the Prince ------------------------------------
        [ ] Talk to Silban
        [ ] Collect the components during the night (0/2)
        [ ] Give the components to Silban

    Go to the Path to Valvenor at night. There are two clearings with a
    large number of Chrysalids and a purple Chrysalid queen. The Chrysalid
    Queens have a ranged poison projectile. Kill all the enemies in each
    clearing to get the Chrysalid Queen Poison for the quest. Return to
    the Village Hall with both poisons and talk to Silban to complete the
    side quest.

Approaching Randval automatically triggers his side quest. When you're
ready, accept Randval's challenge to a duel. You'll automatically move to the
Center of the Village for the fight.

    Side Quest: The Duel -------------------------------------------------
        [ ] Fight Randval in single combat
        [ ] Win the duel against Randval

    Randval uses a sword. He has a kick guard break that always knocks you
    down and leaves you open for an additional attack. His normal attacks
    are blockable. Get Randval down to about 10% health and he yields. You
    also get the GUARDIAN sword and a new side quest.

    Side Quest: The recruitment of Randval -------------------------------
        [ ] Suggest to the Captain of the Freeborn Blades that he recruit
        [ ] Introduce Randval to the Captain

    Recruit Randval at the Village Hall. The captain can be found by the
    door to the Southern Delta. Tell the Captain about the new recruit to
    complete the side quest. Randval then leaves the party.

Talk to the Steward and ask about the Healing House, the Guards, and the beast.

    Side Quest: Problems of stewardship ----------------------------------
        [ ] Talk to the Steward about Valvenor's problems (0/2)
        [ ] Talk to Mirana, the dispensary healer
        [ ] Talk to Mason, the guard chief

        Talk to Mirana and Mason and start their side quests to complete
        the Steward's side quest.

Exit the Village Hall. Both Mirana and Mason can be found in the eastern half
of the Center of the Village.

    [ ] Talk to Mason, the guard chief

        Side quest: The greenhorn's training -----------------------------
            [ ] Talk to Mason to train the greenhorns
            [ ] Train the new recruits
            [ ] Fight the new recruits again
            [ ] Give the new guard recruits a last combat lesson

        Defeat the two Rangers and two Archers three times. You get
        the LIFE REDUCER Axe as a reward.

        Side quest: The disappeared guards -------------------------------
            [ ] Find Mason's men who disappeared in the Swamp

        You'll complete this quest by following the Main Quest

        Side Quest: The guard's equipment --------------------------------
            [ ] Find a smith

            [ ] Complete Assael's raw materials
            [ ] Complete Something to beat iron with

            [ ] Inform Mason that a blacksmith is ready to repair the
                Watch's equipment

        You get the SWORDSMAN'S HELMET for completing the side quest.

There are two ways to finish the Guard's Equipment side quest. The obvious way
is to talk to Assael, the blacksmith located on the west side of the Center of
the Village. The other way is to talk to Renko in the western area of the
Refugee Camp.

        Side quest: Assael's raw materials -------------------------------
            [ ] Collect ten pieces of Raw metal for Assael
            [ ] Collect ten hides of Leather for Assael
            [ ] Collect five pieces of Refined metal for Assael
                [ ] Bring Assael the materials he needs

        Talk to Assael once you've gathered all the materials. Assael
        says he can start once he has twice as much. So bring Assael
        another set of materials.

            [ ] Collect ten more pieces of Raw metal for Assael
            [ ] Collect ten more hides of Leather for Assael
            [ ] Collect five more pieces of Refined metal for Assael
                [ ] Take more components to Assael

        Side quest: Something to beat iron with --------------------------
            [ ] Collect ten pieces of Raw metal for Renko
            [ ] Collect ten hides of Leather for Renko
            [ ] Collect five pieces of Refined metal for Renko
                [ ] Collect the materials Renko needs for his forge

        Side quest: A forge for Renko
            [ ] Find Renko's cart and forge

        You'll find Renko's cart and forge in the Swamps.

    [ ] Talk to Mirana, the dispensary healer

        Dialog choices
            --> I do pretty well with my tools
            --> I could possibly prove to be useful, you never know
            --> I know how to concoct potions
            --> I don't want to spend all night on this

        You get the hammer GUARD BREAKER for talking with Mirana.

        Side quest: The dispensary resources -----------------------------
            [ ] Collect food for the dispensary (0/4)
            [ ] Take the provisions to Mirana
            [ ] Take five healing potions to Mirana

        Side Quest: Humanitarian services --------------------------------
            [ ] Collect food for the refugees
            [ ] Find Mirana's assistant, who disappeared in the Swamp

        Go to the Cellar of the Village Hall. Kick open the BARRELS to
        get three of the four rations for the Dispensary. The fourth
        ration can be found at the small camp near the door to the
        Southern Delta. After bringing Mirana the provisions and the
        healing potions, you get the axe ALGANDRIAN.

        Complete the Lost Assistant side quest to complete Humanitarian

        Side quest: The lost assistant -----------------------------------
            [ ] Take Heymon to Mirana

        You can find Heymon in the Southern Delta.

Complete Randval's side quests. Start the side quests A Cure for a Prince, The
Lost Assistant, The Disappeared Guards, and select a Blacksmith. Recruit a
companion at the Village Hall: Sybil, Randval, or Rhelmar. You can finish
Sybil's Safari side quest in the Southern Delta.


Fight your way through the Whip Vine and Chrysalids.

Look for a pair of barrels on the south side of a wooden wall. One is a Ripper
or Mimic. Killing this Mimic completes the side quest On Safari with Sybil if
you have Sybil as your companion. You get the SWORDSMAN'S BREASTPLATE armor as
a reward.

You find the daggers STEALTHY inside the BARREL.

    There's a corpse by the door to the Path of Valvenor.

    Look for a corpse and a barrel in the southeast area of the western
    clearing. The barrel is a Mimic. Loot the corpse for the sword ELVEN

The north has some Chyrsalids and Impalers. There's a ROCK PILE by the base of
the waterfall behind a large stone. If you talked to Renko, you'll find Renko's
Cart in this clearing. Go to the front of Renko's Cart and bring it back to the

    This completes Renko's side quests and unlocks Renko as a

Go up the natural southeast ramps to the upper part of the Swamp. Look for a
TREE STUMP in the dead end at the top of the first pair of ramps.

In the large eastern clearing you spot some Chrysalids that are not attacking.

Kill the nearby Impalers. Look for a CHEST hidden behind some green bushes and
loot the COMMANDO HELMET. Climb up a small ledge to the north to loot a TREE

    You can climb up to get on a path that leads back to Valvenor.
    There's a BARREL and a Mimic along this path.

    On the path to the Eastern Zone there's a corpse to the north behind a
    tree with the LEGIONARY'S CUIRASS. Just beyond the corpse are a couple
    of Impalers.

Kill the Chyrsalids on the wooden platform in the eastern clearing. Talk to
Heymon, the dazed man on the platform, when you're ready to take him back to
the Village. Mirana gives you the LEGIONARY'S GREAVES as a reward for
completing the Lost Assistant and Humanitarian Services side quests.

Go through the Path of Valvenor and enter the Path of Ruins.

---------- PATH OF THE RUINS

    [ ] Find the lair of the "Werebeast"

    Along the north path is a TREE STUMP and a ROCK PILE.

    In the south clearing with the Chrysalids and Whip Vines
    there's a TREE STUMP.

    The south path has a couple of Mimics and a ROCK PILE.

Continue along the south path to find the disappeared guards.
        [ ] Collect the guards' equipment (0/3)
        [ ] Take the guard's equipment to Mason

Just beyond the guards there's a TREE STUMP.

Continue north to the next clearing. Before you climb up, turn around and loot
the body to the southeast. You gain the sword IMPERIAL BLADE and the ARABESQUE
daggers. This is a good point to SAVE YOUR GAME.

Climb up to the lair of the Werebeast. You can't block the Werebeast's melee
attacks with a weapon. The Werebeast also stands and summons roots behind him.
At long distance, the Werebeast will send its tendril through the ground and
attack you. The Werebeast is vulnerable to fire, so use Flaming Weapon, Orb of
Fire, or whatever Pyromancer skills you've unlocked against the Werebeast. I
killed the Werebeast using the Flaming Weapon, daggers, and [Q] to dodge its

    --> Who are you?
    --> What you doing here anyway, Eolas?
    --> [free her]
    --> [don't free her]

    --> Vulcan, powder [master/woman] of the Freeborn Blades
    --> I don't owe you anything...
    --> I'm your new jailer...

There's a dramatic little scene here concerning the witch Edwen and Eolas.
Sybil runs off and Edwen joins the party.

|  [bbf-12]                                                                 |
|               Act 1 - TWISTS AND TURNS IN VALVENOR                        |
|                    Chapter 2 - The Evil Eye                               |
|                                                                           |

    [ ] Report the facts to the Steward

Climb up the ledge to the southwest and grab the ROCK PILE. Cross the bridge to
return to the Path to Valvenor. Return to Valvenor.

Talk to Mason. You can return the equipment or tell Mason none of it was
salvageable. Either way you get a pair of COMMANDO GAUNTLETS.

Return to the Village Hall. Edwen waits outside. Go inside and talk to the

    --> The Red Scribes are manipulating you
    --> Your "good man" had a few things to answer for.

    --> (don't mention Edwen)
    --> He wanted to kill his captive...

    --> I have no idea
    --> She seems...suspicious

    [ ] Investigate the villagers who are behaving strangely.

Go over to the Dormitories. If you have the two Chrysalid Queen Poisons, talk
to Silban to complete A Cure for The Prince side quest. Talk to Sybil to
complete a quick side quest.

    Side quest: Orphan ---------------------------------------------------
        [ ] Talk to Sybil
        [ ] Cheer Sybil up

    Talk to Sybil about what happened with Edwen and Eolas.
    You must tell Sybil that you're sorry about her dad to
    successfully complete the side quest

    Dialog: --> We have to talk...
            ---> I'm Sorry about Your Dad

Exit the Town Hall. Approach Edwen.

    Side Quest: Edwen's request ------------------------------------------
        [ ] Accept Edwen's request
        [ ] Investigate the villagers who are behaving strangely with Edwen

    Allow her to join you to complete Edwen's request.

Go to the Mercenary camp by the Southern Delta door. Talk to the Captain. Ask
him about the villagers. Ask about Hawk to start the Missing In Action side
quest. Go and ask Buffalo about the villagers. The suspicious villagers are
typically found sitting on the ground gazing at their navels.

The suspicious villagers can only be found from dawn to dusk. Henriot is at the
Mercenary Camp by the Southern Delta door. Melieve and Nigella are in the
southwest part on the western half of the Refugee Camp. Talk to Nigella to
learn that the strange villagers are sneaking away at night.

Go over to the eastern half of the Refugee Camp. Under north end of the bridge
you'll find Agartha and Hugbert. Talk to Hugbert and he tells you about an
expedition into the swamp lead by one of the guards. Edwen prompts you to ask
Mason about the expedition. Go and talk to Mason.

    [ ] Inform chief Mason of your discoveries
    [ ] Find the suspicious villagers at nigthfall
    [ ] Defeat the possessed villagers

Go to the Refugee Camp during the night. The possessed villagers are hanging
around in the south part of the western half of the Refugee Camp. Kill all the
possessed villagers. Mason runs in to tell you some Plot.

    [ ] Investigate the phenomena to the East of the Swamp
    [ ] Look into what's happening to the East of the Swamp with Edwen

Before heading to the Eastern Zone, complete any side quests that are still
pending. All side quests must be completed before entering the Lair of

Make sure Edwen is in the party. Head to the Southern Delta. You can tell the
Captain about the Deadwalkers. Enter the Southern Delta. Head south to the Path
of Valvenor door where you'll find the elusive Hawk.

    Side quest: Missing in action ----------------------------------------
        [ ] Find Hawk
        [ ] Defeat the creature
        [ ] Report to the Captain

    On your way to the Eastern Zone, talk to Hawk. Agree to help him kill
    a huge creature he spotted in the swamp. He joins the party. Kill the
    big Impaler to complete the side quest. Hawk leaves the party.

Go back to Valvenor and talk to the Captain to complete the side quest. Go
through the Southern Delta and enter the Eastern Zone.


The first clearing has a BARREL and Chrysalids.

Right before you climb down into the second clearing there's a ROCK PILE. The
second clearing has Impalers. Look for a ledge to the southwest. Climb up and
Loot the CHEST for the hammer ANVIL.

The submerged clearing is full of Parasites and a Whip Vine. Search the
submerged corpse for the SWORDSMAN'S GAUNTLETS.

North from the first clearing and the east from submerged clearing there are
two paths that go up. There's a ROCK PILE at the base of the tree between the
two paths.

The eastern path leads to a CHEST with the COMMANDO GREAVES guarded by some

The north path leads to some Impalers.

The northwest clearing has Deadwalkers. Kill the Deadwalkers. Here's a good
time to SAVE YOUR GAME. Make sure you've explored everywhere, completed all the
side quests, and bought everything you want at the merchants at Valvenor.

    [ ] Find the lair of the creature that has apparently been corrupting
        the villagers

Enter the Lair of Whispers.

You are given a choice to either follow the Demon or find an alternate way. If
you choose to follow the Demon, you become more powerful and more corrupted.
Following the Demon Path gives you the Demonic Spark Feat which makes you 20%
less ice resistant while granting you +20 maximum magic.

Dialog choice
    --> All right. Do what you gotta do. [Demon Path]
    --> Let's turn back around... [Human Path]

    [ ] Confront the cave creature

If you choose the Human Path, you get a new objective.

    The Lair of Torments -------------------------------------------------
        [ ] Find a safe way to enter the creature's lair

    Return to Valvenor by going through the Southern Delta. Talk to Silban
    in the Valvenor Hall Dormitories and ask Silban for something to
    protect your spirit. He gives you two Mental Protection Potions.

    Make sure Edwen in in the party. Return to the Eastern Zone.

Enter the Lair of Whispers. Before you go under the stone bridge, climb up a
ledge on the right. Loot the CHEST. Go under the bridges. Loot the corpse on
the right for the CLEAVER daggers.

Continue along the path and go up into the Depths. Kill the Deadwalkers. Over
by the Mouth there's a CHEST with COMMANDO ARMOR and a body with the
LEGIONARY'S HELMET. Head west toward the Sanctuary and search the ROCK PILE.

    [ ] Kill the Tormentor
    [ ] Kill the Tormentor with Edwen

Hop down into the Sanctuary. Fight the Tormentor and the Deadwalker adds. The
Tormentor flies around and uses melee attacks. The Tormentor has a projectile
attack. When the Tormentor forms a magical pentagram, it attacks with a magical
beam. Any purple attack curses you if it hits you. The Tormentor also has a
purple Curse aura. The Curse slowly drains your health and mana. Use potions to
counteract the effects of being Cursed.

Defeating the Tormentor ends Chapter 2 and starts Chapter 3.

|  [bbf-13]                                                                 |
|               Act 1 - TWISTS AND TURNS IN VALVENOR                        |
|                    Chapter 3 - The Funeral March                          |
|                                                                           |

    [ ] Return to Valvenor

Exit to the Southern Delta. The Swamp is now full of Deadwalkers. Go to
Valvenor. Kill the Deadwalkers. Buffalo orders you to the Village Center.

    [ ] Get to the village hall

    Side Quest: The defense of the village
        [ ] Defend the west barricade
        [ ] Defend the east barricade

The west barricade is located near Private Bumpkin. Kill all the Deadwalkers in
that area to secure the barricade. Go back to the east. Do not go into the
village center from the bridge as you'll miss defending the east barricade. The
east barricade is by Mason and the House of Healing. So go up the wooden ramps
and enter the village center from the east side. Kill the Deadwalkers fighting
Mason to complete the side quest.

Now enter the west side of the village center.

    [ ] Defeat the Deadwalker General

Prince Arandil is going one-on-one with the Deadwalker General and the
Deadwalker General starts the fight concentrating on the Elven Prince. The
Deadwalker General has some special ice attacks. The General is surrounded by
an ice aura. This slows you down. The General can concentrate and surround
itself with ice that does massive damage if you're caught in the area of
effect. The General also uses his axe for the typical melee attacks.

Once you get the General down to about half health, it turns its attention to
you. Prince Arandil and your companion will still attack, but the Deadwalker
General will start running after you almost exclusively.

Use Pyromancer attacks to do the most damage. Don't try to stand toe-to-toe
with the Deadwalker General because of the ice aura and ice AOE attacks.

    [ ] Swear allegiance to Prince Arandil or follow the Demon's advice

This is a major decision. Talk to Prince Arandil and let him know if you plan
on following him or following the Demon.

|  [bbf-21]                                                                 |
|               Act 2 - BATTLE IN THE ICY GRIP                              |
|                    Chapter 1 - The Dead City                              |
|                                                                           |

    [ ] Investigate what happened to the Freeborn Blades deployed in Caraldthas

Rhelmar joins the party. Loot the CHEST to get the Ranger's Helmet. Speak to
Rhelmar to start a side quest.

    Side Quest: The souls of the Elves
        [ ] Collect as many Elf souls as possible (0/20)

Blacksmith, BARREL by the Blacksmith. Silban sells potions and some components.
Renko sells weapons, explosive traps, and crossbow bolts.

When you're ready to set out, talk to the Sentinel.

    [ ] Look for a way to enter the city

Talk to High Commander Vahlen and ask him about the perimeter of the city. If
you offer to take the watchtowers you get a new side quest.

    Side Quest: The watchtowers
        [ ] Recapture the two watchtowers

Talk to Sybil and agree to help her locate some books for a side quest.

    Side quest: The icy library
        [ ] Find the library

Talk Randval and let him reconnoiter to start a Side Quest.

    Side Quest: Randval the loner
        [ ] Let Randval reconnoiter

When you're ready, go to the Frozen Waterway.


One corpse in the southeast dead end.

The north watchtower is guarded by some Deadwalkers lead by a double shield
Deadwalker. Some Deadwalkers now have Icy Auras or use Ice magic. Make sure to
retrieve the Elf Souls from the two dead elves.

There's an ICE BLOCK by the door to Upper Caraldthas with the crossbow Ringer.
The door to Upper Caraldthas is not openable from the Frozen Waterway.

The first small clearing has some Deadwalkers lead by a Deadwalker with an Icy
axe and a couple of Icy archers. There's also a BARREL.

The southern watchtower is located on an upper level. Look underneath the
bridge for a CHEST with the Serpent Tongue daggers.

West from the southern blockade you'll encounter a group of Deadwalkers. Kill
them to begin a Side Quest. Recover the three ELF SOULS.

    Side Quest: The Blockade
        [ ] Defeat the blockading patrol
        [ ] Inform the commander of the Elf army

A Spewer patrols along the bridge leading to the southern watchtower.There's
another double-shield Deadwalker by the watchtower. Gather up the three ELF
SOULS and loot the CRATE.

The northern clearing has a Spewer with some supporting Deadwalkers. Break open
the ICE BLOCK to get the Protector sword.

There's an ICE BLOCK in the small northwest clearing

The large clearing just south of the Caraldthas Gates just has a ROCK PILE.

The southwest path has a bridge with a BARREL at one end and three ELF SOULS at
the other end.

Head north to the Caraldthas Gates. Just in front of the gates you'll find a
Deadwalker fighting other Deadwalkers. The odd Deadwalker is Mathras. Duel
Mathras. He uses Ice Magic. He has an Icy Wave AOE attack. His favorite spell
sends out huge ice blocks in an arc in front of him, so stay to his sides or
back. Once you get Mathras down to around 50% health he yields. You can have
Mathras join as your companion.

    [ ] Enter Caraldthas

Climb up to the CARALDTHAS GATES. There's an ICE BLOCK with the Ranger's Vest
on the easternmost path. There's a BARREL along the north path just before the
large clearing. The gates are guarded by a pair of Spewers. Go through the door
to Lower Caraldthas.


    [ ] Find and free the Deadwalker's prisoner's in the city

Directly south from the door is a body with an ELF SOUL.

You can enter the building just to the west of the door. Along the northwest
path there's an ICE BLOCK with the axe Devourer.

The building on the west side has a frozen CHEST with the Reapers daggers.

Climb over the southwest wall. The room to the east has a BARREL guarded by a
Specter. Another Spectra guards the stairs. Go up the stairs and loot the CHEST
for the Ranger's gloves. There's a group of Icy Deadwalkers outside in the
northwest corner.

Get on the northeast path. Go up the stairs and loot the BODY. In the northeast
corner is an ELF SOUL. There's another ELF SOUL just outside, but watch out for
the Spewer and the two Icy archers at the top of the stairs. The Ranger's Boots
can be retrieved from the ICE BLOCK in the short east dead end path. Go up the
stairs and get the ELF SOUL and loot the CHEST. Inside the chest is the hammer
Morning Star.

Go through the broken wall by the cart. Open the door and enter a courtyard.
Kill the Deadwalkers. Go to the west and go through the door to the north.
Speak to Velannis. Kill the Deadwalkers that drop from the ceiling. Talk to
Velannis again.

    [ ] Look for King Arandil IV in uptown Caraldthas

Enter the Commoners' Quarters.

This is the famous library. Exit the first room and go the left. Loot the
frozen CHEST under the stairs for the Royal Guard's Helm. Go up the stairs and
climb down into a courtyard. You get attacked by a four armed Ice Spirit with
four blades. Fight it off. You'll hear Prince Arandil calling to you.

Together, you find King Arandil IV. If you have chosen the Demon Path, you
absorb the energies from King Arandil IV and gain two new Demonic Feats.
Demonic Inspiration prevents you from wearing helmets because of your new horns
and gives you +2.00 magic regeneration.

    [ ] Go back to the Elf camp

Before you leave, break open the ICE BLOCK for the sword Royal Cleaver. Head
south to the door. Loot the CRATE by the wagons for some materials. Continue
south. The only available exit goes back to the Steppes of Caraldthas.

Get back to camp. Mathras automatically leaves the group.

Chapter 1 ends when you walk into the part of Camp where Prince Arandil is

|  [bbf-22]                                                                 |
|               Act 2 - BATTLE IN THE ICY GRIP                              |
|                    Chapter 2 - Reconquest                                 |
|                                                                           |

You get a bunch of new main quests.

    Main quest: No one left behind
        [ ] Find the group of Freeborn Blades held prison in Caraldthas

    Main Quest: The legendary forge of Caraldthas
        [ ] Find the forge

    Main Quest: Water of life or death
        [ ] Gather the plants needed for Randval's  preparation (0/5)

The High Commander tells you about a traitor.


    Side Quest: A Traitor in the Camp
        [ ] Investigate the traitor

    Talk to your companions and the other people around the camp.

    Confront the traitor.

    Tell High Commander Vahlen about the traitor and get the Cuirass of the
    Royal Guard as a reward.


Talk to High Commander to complete the Blockade and the Watchtowers side quests
and get the Tracker's Gloves.

Talk to Sybil and ask her about Mathras for a side quest.

    Side Quest: Timid Request
        [ ] Ask Mathras for details about his sex life

    Have Mathras join your party and you can ask him about his love lies.

        [ ] Talk to Sybil about Mathras' past

    Now go talk to Sybil to complete the side quest.

Head over to the Mercenaries' Camp. You find them with a Deadwalker that Edwen
is interrogating.

    Side quest: The Interrogation of a Deadwalker
        [ ] Participate in the interrogation

Edwen picks up some information from the Deadwalker, but at perhaps too high a
price. The side quest completes once the interrogation ends.

Talk to Randval at the Mercenary Camp to follow-up on his reconnaissance. Agree
to help him attack a Deadwalker Convoy. If you don't agree or try to put off
the attack, you fail the side quest.

    [ ] Attack the convoy with Randval.

Go to the Steppes of Caraldthas and gather the five plants for Randval. Look
for the bushy tree stumps.

    [ ] Take the gathered ingredients to Randval

Enter Upper Caraldthas, go to Lower Cara;dthas, and show Sybil the Icy Library.

    [ ] Collect the books (0/3)

Search the bookcases for the books. After you get two books, some Deadwalkers
attack. One of the books can be found among the fallen bookcases.

Let's go back to Upper Caraldthas.


Inside the first building is a BARREL.

Up on the Balcony there's a CHEST guarded by Deadwalkers.

On the west side there's an ELF SOUL and an ICE BLOCK with the Officer's

Go up the northwest stairs and go out on the roof. Loot the body for the Honors

Theres a Spewer on patrol in the large courtyard to the west. There are also
three ELF SOULS to be found.

    [ ] Free the Freeborn Blades held by the Deadwalkers

Northwest from the large courtyard you find Seawolf and some Freeborn Blades.
Talk to Seawolf to free them. Seawolf tells you about another group of

    Side quest: The last prisoners
        [ ] Find the last group of prisoners

Check the ruins to the southeast, Behind some boxes is a CHEST.

Check along the west path for a broken wall where you can cross to the
Residential Quarter.


The first courtyard is full of Deadwalkers including a couple of Specters.
Search the body under the rubble to the northwest for an ELF SOUL.

You have to climb over a wall to get to the south path. The prisoners are in
the first building. Kill the Deadwalker and surprise Specters. Talk to the
Prisoner to tell them how to escape the city.

Exit the building and head west for a CRATE.

The north path has an ICE BLOCK with the hammer Lightning. Closer to the
northwest corner is a BARREL.

On the west side is an ICE BLOCK with some materials.

The door in the southwest corner is locked for now.

Go up to the Square of Arandil


There's a BARREL by the south stairs.

    [ ] Neutralize the Deadwalker smith

The Square is guarded by a Cursed Spewer, the Deadwalker smith. All attacks by
the Cursed Spewer cause you lose health and mana. Instead of spitting poison,
the Cursed Spewer has a cursed projectile attack. When the Cursed Spewer
surrounds itself in purple energy, stay away. Any attacks you do will damage
you. Wait for the purple aura to disappear before attacking again.

    [ ] Take the Caraldthas forge equipment (0/3)

Loot the CHEST and two BARRELS to gather the forge equipment

    [ ] Give the forge equipment to Castianor or Renko

The gates of Caraldthas is still locked, so we have to go back to the Uptown
Market and return to camp that way. You can just run through the Upper Market
and exit back to the Steppes. From there it's a short trip back to Camp.

Talk to Thelmar once you have 20 Elf Souls to complete the Souls of the Elves
side quest.

Talk to Rhelmar after giving him the Elf Souls for a new side quest.

    Side Quest: Camp security
        [ ] Give traps to Rhelmar (0/10)

    Talk to Rhelmar when you have 10 traps to complete the side quest.

Talk to Randval once you have his ingredients. You automatically drink the
potion to get the Blood of Algandar Feat which permanently grants you +10 to
both Max Health and Max Magic.

You can give the forge equipment to Renko or return it to Castianor.

If you give the forge equipment to Renko...

Once you complete the No one left behind, Water of life or death, the legendary
forge of Caraldthas, and the side quests, you have completed the preparations
for a Freeborn Blades assault on Caraldthas.

    [ ] Report on the situation to the Freeborn Blades Captain

    [ ] Defeat the Freeborn Blades Captain in single combat

If you took the Demon Path, you have to kill the Captain to take over the
Freeborn Blades.

    [ ] Talk to Prince Arandil

When your ready to take part in the assault, speak to Prince Arandil. Two
companions will automatically volunteer to go with you.

|  [bbf-23]                                                                 |
|               Act 2 - BATTLE IN THE ICY GRIP                              |
|                    Chapter 3 - The Assault                                |
|                                                                           |

    [ ] Get to the city drawbridge

Go to Upper Caraldthas via the Frozen Waterway. Go through the Market to the
Residential Quarter. The Caraldthas Gate is in the southwest corner.


Inside the building just to the west is a BARREL.

South of the main courtyard is a BARREL tucked away in a dead end.

On the north side of the courtyard is an ICE BLOCK with the Greaves of the
Royal Guard.

There's a Spewer that walks around the courtyard and Deadwalkers up the stairs.
Go up the stairs and through the doorway. Loot the CHEST for some items.

Go northeast to the Caraldthas Bridge.


The central courtyard has some Deadwalkers and a four-armed Ice Spirit. Go
through the arch to the east and look immediately to the right for a frozen
CHEST. Inside the chest are the Daggers of Thorn. You can check the roof.

Hop over the wall to continue to the west. There's a ROCK PILE in the northwest

Head toward the Gate. You spot a Concubine. You can either fight the Concubine
or save the men.

If you choose to fight the Concubine, Rhelmar runs off in a rage.

    [ ] Defeat the Concubine

The torso and the legs act independently of each other. The legs will kick you
if you stand directly in front or directly behind the Concubine so attack from
the sides. At long range, the Concubine shoots ice projectiles. Most of the
Concubine's attacks are ice-based magic such as an ice aura, ice spikes from
the ground, and an icy wave.

    [ ] Fight Lord Blackfrost

Get Lord Blackfrost down to about 75% health and he decides to run off.

|  [bbf-31]                                                                 |
|               Act 3 - ASSAULT ON BLACKFROST'S PALACE                      |
|                    Chapter 1 - The Lion's Den                             |
|                                                                           |

    [ ] Get to Blackfrost's domain

So after the cutscenes you end up with Edwen in the Sewers.

    [ ] Go back up through the sewers of the old city

The first part of the Sewer is guarded by a Bone Golem and skeletons. The Bone
Golem mainly attacks using dark magic so you get cursed. It has a Curse Wave it
uses periodically. It can also drop to the ground to recover some of its
health. Defeat the Bone Golem and the Skeletons to continue.

Check out the body on the right for the Tracker's Helm.

Enter the large chamber that's full of Deadwalkers and hidden Bone Golems.
There's a BODY in the northeast with the axe Equalizer.

Inside the east chamber is an extra large Bone Golem and a CHEST with the
Sabertooth sword.

Go through the hole in the wall to the north. Get the Icy Hearts daggers from
the BODY. Go up the passage to the Upper Waterway.


The northeast area has some Skeletons, a Bone Golem, and Double-Shield Hobbler
all guarding a BARREL.

Follow the long narrow passage to an upper level of the large chamber. Check
out the dead end in the southeast for a BODY with the Officer's Gauntlets.
Climb up the ladder to the next level of the chamber.

    Side Quest: Edwen's artifact
        [ ] Locate the source of power

There's a BARREL in the northeast part.

Go to the south doorway where Edwen detects the artifact.

    [ ] Unblock the accessway

For now just go north and kill the Deadwalkers in the chamber. Just inside the
doorway to the east is a CHEST. Continue north and climb up the ladder to the
Makeshift Camp.

If you follow the Demon Path, you'll find Lyestas, Silban, and Renko. Mathras
is off scouting.

Health Potion, 40g
Mana Potion, 150g
Gemstone, 40g
Tainted Blood, 5g
Heart Dust, 100g
Tainted Steel, 2000g
Tainted Bones, 1200g
Tainted Gemstone, 4000g
Tainted Leather 800g

Iron Grip
Dragon's Tear
Eye of the Dragon
Deadly Breaths daggers, 10dmg, 1104g, 3wt, 12% crit, 7 interrupt, 60 Stealth
Deception (crossbow)
Elite Soldier's Gauntlets, 5 defense, 1056g, 5 wt, 5%  vs magic, +1 interrupt
Officer's Helm, 6 defense, 856 gold, 4 wt, +2 interrupt resist
Exploding Trap, 150g
Crossbow Bolts, 20g
Raw Metal, 5g
Leather, 8g
Refined Metal, 20g
Steel, 200g

    [ ] Find the entrance to Blackfrost's palace

In the next room to the east there's a CRATE behind the short north wall.

The large central courtyard has a big Ice Spirit, a small Ice Spirit, and some
Deadwalkers. There's a CHEST near the south door.

The next room to the east has a Tormentor and a BARREL.

The northeast room has a mini Ice Spirit and more Deadwalkers.

The south door goes outside. Go due south and you'll hear cries for help.

    Side Quest: Save the Elf soldiers
        [ ] Find the Elf soldiers

The door south is locked. Turn around and go up the west passage where there's
an ICE BLOCK. The east path is empty. Enter Blackfrost's Domain.


By the north west door is an Deadwalker General.
By the northeast door is an Ice Spirit.
On the upper path between the two doors is an ICE BLOCK.

Go down the steps by the northwest door and going east. There's a Tormentor
inside and a small Ice Spirit outside. Further to the east is a ROCK PILE.

Down the stairs from the northeast door is a big Ice Spirit floating around

There's an ICE BLOCK on the lowest path to the west.

From the westernmost path go east toward the center. A Deadwalker General
guards the central door. There's also an ICE BLOCK in the southwest corner with
the hammer Cross of the North.

    [ ] Free the Elf soldiers (0/2)

Go through the door to find the Elf soldiers. Kill the Bone Golem. Loot the
CHEST for the Elite Soldier's Armor. Remove the barricade and open each door.
The Elves are to the west. The Freeborn Blades are to the east.You get the
Elite Soldier Greaves for rescuing both sets of prisoners.

    Side Quest: The Blades enslaved
        [ ] Find the missing Freeborn Blades

Remove the barricade from the north door. Now you have a quicker path back to
the Makeshift Camp.

East from the central door is a CHEST.

In the southeast corner you find Mathras. He tells you about the Guardian and
her three Concubine sisters. The sisters must be defeated in order to defeat
the Guardian. Just north from the climb down is a CHEST with the Elite
Soldier's Helm.

There's a north-south path to the southeast that has a frozen CHEST holding the
Dragon Bone daggers.

     [ ] Go back to the Red Scribes' camp

You can explore the East Wing, but most of the doors are blocked by corruption.
Return to the Makeshift Camp.

    [ ] Ask Lyestas' help to develop a strategy

Talk to Lyestas. He wants you to gather crystals.

    [ ] Collect crystals to protect the camp (0/6).

You can also ask him about Renko, who is missing.

    Side Quest: Save Renko
        [ ] Find Renko in the Sewers

Talk to Buffalo and ask him about the other Blades. This unlocks some
additional side quests.

    Side Quest: A Damsel in distress
        [ ] Find Sybil

    Side Quest: A Knight in distress
        [ ] Find Randval

    Side Quest: Improve the camp's defenses
        [ ] Collect the artifacts (0/4)


Go to the Sewers and climb down. You find Renko cowering in the southeast
alcove. Speak to him.

    [ ] Escort Renko back to the Makeshift Camp

Climb up the ladder and go back to the Makeshift Camp to complete the side

Now, for the crystals.

The first crystal is in the northeast room. Run over there, kill the mobs, and
gather the crystal. You can click on each crystal twice. You need to click 6
times to get the crystals for the talisman and four more times to collect 4
artifacts to improve the camp's defenses.

Now go south through the door and run up the east ramp. Enter Blackfrost's
Domain. The next crystal is in the small courtyard just south from the door.
Kill the big Ice Spirit ad Deadwalkers. Gather the crystal.

The fastest way to the southwest corner is to go back to the Makeshift Camp and
use the middle door. Go to the southwest courtyard. You'll see Sybil.

    [ ] Help Sybil

Check on Sybil once the area is secured. Give Sybil a health potion. You can
let her join or send her back to camp.

Continue south to the East Wing.


Along the west half of the north path there's a ROCK PILE.

The north central area has a Deadwalker General.

You can get the Tracker's Boots from a frozen CHEST in the east section of the
north path.

There's an ICE BLOCK in the northeast corner.

Go up one level. The east courtyard has a Tormentor and a small Ice Spirit.

There's a FROZEN BLOCK by the west courtyard. Outside is a large Ice Spirit.

The upper west courtyard has a large Ice Spirit.

In the middle of the upper path there's a ROCK PILE>

The upper east courtyard has a . a large Ice Spirit.

The upper path that goes south has an ICE BLOCK with the axe Pelts.

Finish collecting the 6 crystals. Now you can collect the 4 artifacts from the
crystals. Head over to the northeast area. Go up the ramps to the top

    [ ] Give Randval a hand

You find Randval fighting a big Ice Spirit. Kill the monsters to save Randval.
You get the axe Precious for saving Randval and completing the side quest.

Head back to the Makeshift Camp once you have all the crystals, saved Sybil,
and rescued Randval.

You encounter Rhelmar and Prince Arandil in the central courtyard.

    [ ] Make an example of those who betray you

Kill either Rhelmar or Prince Arandil and you automatically finish off the
other one.

    [ ] Convince Lyestas to get back to work on the crystals

Talk to Lyestras to give him the crystals. Convince him to make the talisman
for you.

    [ ] Develop a plan of attack with Mathras and the others

Go to the campfire in the other room where your companions are hanging around.
You can choose to take Sybil, Randval, or Edwen. If you turn down all three,
then you get to go with Mathras. After you make your choice, Lyestras delivers
the anti-corruption talisman.

|  [bbf-32]                                                                 |
|               Act 3 - ASSAULT ON BLACKFROST'S PALACE                      |
|                    Chapter 2 - Witch Hunt                                 |
|                                                                           |
    [ ] Kill the Stalker
    [ ] Kill the Watcher
    [ ] Kill the Creator

Talk to Lyestras again and give him the crystals for the camp to complete that
side quest.

Take the middle door to Blackfrost's Domain.

The Concubine in the southeast is the Guardian. She's last.

There are three Concubines that buff the Guardian. Kill the Stalker in the
southwest first. If you don't, the Stalker will join the other Concubines until
the Stalker is killed. You do not want to fight two Concubines with adds.

The Southwest Concubine

Go to the southwest area where you rescued Sybil. Go through the west door. Hop
down and meet the Stalker. She's a basic Concubine and the easiest of the three
you have to kill. Watch out for her Ice AOE attack, her ice projectiles, and
melee attacks. She is alone so the fight should be pretty easy.

The South Concubine

Go toward the southeast East Wing Door. Go west and go through the door. As
soon as you drop down, this Concubine summons Deadwalkers. I'm guessing that's
why she's called the Creator.

Try to kill the archers first. Don't get knocked off your feet. Getting knocked
down is pretty much a death sentence with all the mobs and projectiles flying
around. Also, you can only use potions when you're on your feet. Don't step
into the ice trap that the Concubines spam onto the ground. This does massive
damage and knocks you down. Traps, the crossbow and Orb of Fire are great for
whittling away the health of all the enemies.

Once you kill the Creator, you can take Edwen to the Sewers to complete her
side quest about the artifact of power.

The East Wing Concubine

Go to the east wing and head south. Go up the ramps and go through one of the
doors. You find the Freeborn Blades.

    [ ] Some Freeborn Blades were killed during the fight against the
        Concubine (0/3)
    [ ] Defeat the Watcher while sparing the Freeborn Blades under her control

The Watcher uses dark magic attacks that curse you if you get hit. See has the
Pentagram Beam and a Projectile attack. She has the front and back leg kicks if
you get in too close. Meanwhile, the Freeborn Blades attack you during the

In order to successfully complete the Blades enslaved side quest you need to
kill 3 or fewer of the Blades or spare all of the Blades.

    [ ] Take Edwen on the team
    [ ] Free the power of the artifact

Before fighting the Guardian, go back to the Makeshift Camp and recruit Edwen.
Go into the Sewers. Go to the south side. You can now enter the alcove. Use the
Tablet. Combine your fire magic with Edwen's ice magic. Nothing else appears to
happen. Return to the Makeshift Camp.

Pick out your companion for the Guardian fight. Go to the southeast corner of
the Great Square and climb down. Despite her posturing, the Guardian is not
that tough. She relies on her ice magic with the rare Pentagram Curse Beam.

Defeat her and your companions join you by the gates. You also go full Demon.
You get a new Demonic Feat: Puissance Demoniaque which gives you +20% fire
damage but at the cost of 20% less physical resistance.

    [ ] Besiege Blackfrost's palace

Enter the Royal Chamber.

    [ ] Defeat the Lord of Frozen Shadows

There are three Blackfrosts. One is armed with a bow. Another uses a dark magic
weapon and fires a really powerful ice bolt. The third uses ice magic. Defeat
all three Blackfrosts.

    [ ] Enter the rift

Enter the rift to go to the Worldheart.

|  [bbf-41]                                                                 |
|               Act 4 - THE WORLDHEART                                      |
|                    Chapter 1 - Battle of Egos                             |
|                                                                           |

    [ ] Get to the Worldheart

    [ ] Deal with failure

A ghostly Eolas admonishes you. Kill him and the ghostly Sybil, then kill the
ghostly Blades.

    [ ] Deal with responsibilities

At the next clearing you find the Captain and Randval. Strike down the ghosts
and kill the another group of ghostly Blades.

    [ ] Deal with treason

Your next encounter is with Rhelmar. Climb up to the last area.

    [ ] Defeat the corrupted spirit of the Worldheart

Here's a huge tip to make this long fight much easier. Load up on crossbow
bolts and use your crossbow.

The fight starts out with the Corrupted Spirit in humanoid form. Block or dodge
the charge attacks. When the Corrupted Spirit surrounds itself with white
energy, it is about to spam projectile attacks. The white energy projectiles do
massive amounts of damage. Best bet is to run away and run out of the path of
the projectiles. Get the Corrupted Spirit down to about half life.

The Corrupted Spirit summons a massive Dragon. The Dragon has white energy
projectiles and a white energy breath attack. The vulnerable points of the
Dragon are its feet and head. Dodge its attacks. Damage both feet and the head
to drive off the Dragon.

The Corrupted Spirit starts attacking again. This time the Dragon flies around
and shoots projectiles around the battlefield. Whittle down the Corrupted
Spirit's health until the Dragon shows up again.

Drive off the Dragon a second time. Switch your attacks to the Corrupted
Spirit. At about 10% health, the Dragon shows up again. Finish off the Dragon
and defeat the Corrupted Spirit.

    [ ] Decided what to do with the Worldheart and Veritel

SAVE HERE. You have three choices:
   - Purify the world with fire
   - Rule the world
   - Ask your companions for advice

Roll credits.

|  [bbf-eq]                                                                 |
|                      EQUIPMENT LISTS                                      |
|                                                                           |

INCOMPLETE as of 5/15/2014

SWORDS        |Dmg | Wt |Speed |Crit  |Interrupt |  Cost  | Value
Default Sword | 10 |  2 |  75% | +00% |     8    |    0g  |    0g
Cleaver       | 12 |  4 |  50% | +00% |    10    |    0g  |   17g
Fate          | 12 |  2 |  75% | +00% |     9    |    0g  |   17g
Elven Scimitar| 13 |  5 |  50% | +00% |    10    |    0g  |   26g
Imperial Blade| 15 |  4 |  75% |  +3% |     8    |    0g  |   51g
Guardian      | 13 |  3 |  75% |  +3% |     8    |    0g  |   26g
Pain          | 14 |  2 |  75% | +00% |     9    |  179g  |   44g

AX            |Dmg | Wt |Speed |Crit  |Interrupt |  Cost  | Value
Slicer        | 11 |  7 |  25% | +10% |    13    |    0g  |   17g
Life Reducer  | 14 |  6 |  25% | +12% |    12    |    0g  |   51g
Algandrian    | 12 |  4 |  25% | +12% |    12    |    0g  |   26g
Impaler       | 13 |  5 |  25% | +10% |    13    |  179g  |   44g

HAMMER        |Dmg | Wt |Speed |Crit  |Interrupt |  Cost  | Value
Stunner       | 12 |  8 |  0%  |  +8% |    14    |    0g  |   26g
Guard Breaker | 11 |  6 |  0%  |  +5% |    15    |    0g  |   17g
Anvil         | 14 |  9 |  0%  |  +8% |    14    |    0g  |   51g
Iron Grip     | 13 |  7 |  0%  |  +5% |    15    |  179g  |   44g

DAGGERS       |Dmg | Wt | Crit |Stealth | Interrupt |  Cost  | Value
Spare Daggers |  6 |  1 |  +4% |   30   |     4     |    0g  |    0g
Biting        |  6 |  2 |  +6% |   40   |     6     |    0g  |   17g
Stealthy      |  8 |  4 |  +4% |   40   |     6     |    0g  |   44g
Arabesque     |  6 |  4 |  +4% |   35   |     7     |    0g  |   26g
Crafty        |  7 |  3 | +10% |   50   |     6     |  204g  |   51g

CROSSBOWS     |Dmg | Wt | Crit | Interrupt |  Cost  | Value
Spare Crossbow| 25 |  2 |  +5% |    20     |    0g  |    0g

TORSO         | Armor | Wt |  Cost  | Value | Resists
Mercenary's   |  10%  |  8 |     0g |   22g | +12 Interrupt, +8& Poison
Swordsman's   |  12%  |  7 |     0g |   57g | +12 Interrupt, +10% Poison
Legionary's    |  13%  |  9 |     0g |   82g | +14 Interrupt
Elven         |  11%  |  8 |   129g |   32g | +12 Interrupt, +8% Magic

GLOVES        | Armor | Wt |  Cost  | Value | Resists
Mercenary's   |   1%  |  1 |    0g  |    6g | +4% Poison
Commando's    |   3%  |  4 |    0g  |   64g | +4% Magic
Swordsman's   |   3%  |  2 |    0g  |   14g | +5% Poison
Legionary's   |   4%  |  3 |  156g  |   39g |

BOOTS         | Armor | Wt |  Cost  | Value | Resists
Mercenary's   |   1%  |  1 |    0g  |    6g | +4% Poison
Elven Greaves |   2%  |  4 |    0g  |   11g | +4% Magic
Legionary's   |   4%  |  3 |    0g  |   39g |
Commando's    |   3%  |  4 |    0g  |   64g | +4% Magic
Swordsman's   |   3%  |  2 |   56g  |   14g | +5% Poison

HELMET        | Armor | Wt |  Cost  | Value | Resists
Mercenary's   |   1%  |  1 |    0g  |    6g | +4% Poison
Swordsman's   |   3%  |  2 |    0g  |   14g | +5% Poison
Elven Helm    |   2%  |  4 |   46g  |   11g | +4% Magic


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