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--- A Complete FAQ/Walkthrough for Daikatana 64 by Simdoom
--- Contact me at [email protected] 
--- Copyright 2001
--- Check Other Information chapter (at the bottom) for Legal Details
Table of Contents

I   - Intro (The Basics)
II  - Episode 1 Walkthrough

III - Episode 2 Walkthrough

IV  - Episode 3 Walkthrough

V   - Episode 4 Walkthrough

VI  - Weapons

VII - Other Information
	   A - Version and Updates
	   B - Codes and input
	   C - Legal Stuff
	   D - Conclusion


Chapter I
Intro (The Basics)

A - Overview

B - The Controller
C - Basic game play     

A - Daikatana First came out on the PC a few years back. It was made by the same 
dudes as DOOM and QUAKE. Then, In 2000, It came out as a rental only for the 
N64. Today, Daikatana for the N64 can be a bit hard to find. Although Daikatana 
isn't as good as Doom 64 or Quake II for the 64, It's still a good shooter for 
the system. 

B - The Controller
The following describes the function of each button on your N64 Controller 
during game play. These are based on the default button configuration.

Pauses the game and brings up the main menu.

-D Pad-
Pressing it left and right cycles through the weapons.
Pressing it up and down toggles Walk/Run 

-Control Stick-
This is for character head movement and turning around.

-C Buttons-
For Strafing and moving forward/Backwards.

-Z button-
Fire your weapon.

-A button-
This is the action button. Use this to open doors, talk to characters, and use 
special items. Holding A and pressing R will enable your character to crouch.

-B button-
Brings up the weapon wheel. Use the control stick to cycle through your goodies. 

-R button-
Enables your character to Jump.

C - Basic game play

This section simply explains to you how to fight monsters and explains what all 
those crazy numbers mean in your status bar.

Below are some battling pointers. Actually, these can be used for almost any 
first person shooter.

-Most monsters are usually simple to kill. All you have to do is aim your weapon 
and fire. 
-Make sure the enemy is close or on your Crosshair. The closer the better.
-When the enemy is firing back, try using C-left and C-right to strafe. This 
will make it harder for the enemy to get a shot on you.
-Walls and columns are great for defense. Hide behind them while your enemy is 
firing. Then, when you feel fit, let em have it.
-Conserve ammo. Don't go spraying off rounds everywhere you go. 
-Use the right weapon for the right person. There's no need to use your Shock 
Wave Gun on those wimpy little guards. That's what the Ion Blaster is for.
-When you are being ambushed by too many enemies, find cover. Try and equip a 
powerful weapon, maybe find some health, then go back and get those enemies. 

Here is a few things you need to know while exploring the worlds of Daikatana

-Open doors with the A button. Some doors need keys and others have buttons that 
need to be pressed. 
-If something is too high to be accessed, you'll have to jump to the area. 
-If something is too low to be accessed, you'll have to crouch.
-For some reason, when you go into water, you don't get to float around. You are 
stuck to the ground. 
-Talk to people. They may be the key to venturing onward. 
-Most of the time, your probably going to wanna run from area to area. But in 
some cases, you might want to walk. Such examples are if your jumping from 
platform to platform and you don't wanna slip. 

-The Status Bar-
Here, you will learn What everything on your status bar represents.

Health- When you get hit by an enemy, you lose health. You start out with 100 
health. Once you health reaches zero, you die and the level mission must be 
started over.

Armor- When you get attacked, and you have armor, some of the damage that was 
going to be inflicted on your health gets put on your armor instead. Your not 
fully immune to attack, but it does take a load off.

Ammo- Shows the amount of ammo you are carrying for each gun. Remember, some 
guns eat up more than one point of ammo per shot. Some weapons don't use ammo 
(the hammer). Instead, this area shows how much your weapon is charged.

Exp.- This stands for Experience. Whenever you kill an enemy, points are added 
to your experience. 

R/W- This stands for Run/Walk. Use the D-Up and D-Down to toggle this mode.

The 5 skills- There are 5 points under each skill. Whenever your Experience hits 
a certain point, a skill point is added to one of your skills. These skills will 
help you throughout your quest.  

Your Mug- In Doom, this area shows you how much damage you've absorbed and where 
the direction of attacks. In Daikatana 64, this area does almost nothing. His 
face doesn't get bloody from attacks, and he doesn't turn to see where enemy 
attacks are coming from.

Chapter II
Episode 1 Walkthrough

 Mission 1 - The Marsh

 Mission 2 - Solitary

 Mission 3 - Ice Labs

 Mission 4 - The Vault

Episode 1
Mission 1
The Marsh

     Have a nice trip? Well, get over it. It's time to start your quest. OK, 
retrieve the Ion Blaster that's in front of you. In the room to the left there's 
a Turret so watch out. In the next room there's 2 Turrets on the pipe on the 
ceiling. Follow the next hallway until you get to that Big Turret. You can't 
destroy it by shooting at the turret itself. There's a pipe connected to the 
Turret, and at the other end of the pipe is a CPU screen. Shoot the screen and 
the Turret will be history. Go to where the turret was and turn left to the next 
hallway. Watch out for those big flies. Make sure you get the armor on the way. 
The next room has a ledge leading into a pond and a railing. Take the railing 
around and watch out for the Big Turret. Shoot its CPU and head to the next 
room. There's 2 Turrets on the above pipe and a Big Turret in front of you. This 
next room has a door that you have to crawl under. Just in case you forgot, in 
order to crouch you have to hold down the A button and press R. Go below the 
door and up the hallway containing 2 turrets. In the next room there's sirens 
going off and there's 2 enemies to your left. Go into the water below you and 
take the hallway to the next outdoor room. To your left there's a door. You must 
press the button to open it. Go through the hallway to the next room. This room 
has a lot of computer gadgets in it. From the way you entered, there's a button 
to your left. Press it, and the lift in the room will come down. Go up the lift 
and go left. Follow the water and to your right is the exit.

Episode 1
Mission 2

     There's a door in front of you when you start. Hit the button next to it 
and get ready to fight the robot. In the room you accessed with the button 
there's a flight of steps with an area below them. In that area is a skill power 
up. Next to the 2 workers is a button. Hit it and the door in front of the 
window will open. Go back to the starting area and take a left down the hallway. 
Pickup the Side Winder and go up to the next room. Your in a cell block. At the 
end of the room there's steps. Under the steps (you have to crouch to get under 
there) is this blue and purple motor. Blow the motor up. The door in front of 
the steps is now accessible. Open the door to the next room. Take the lift in 
the center of the room to the top. In front of you is a cage with an enemy 
inside. To your right is a platform with a button. Jump to the platform and 
press the button. Take the lift up again and the cage bars are gone. Go through 
the former cage until you hit a door that is locked. Next to the door there's a 
box with sparks flying out of it. Shoot that box to open the door. Follow the 
hall, get the C4vizatergo gun, and keep following the hallway until you hit the 
next right. In the distance, you'll see a red sign that says CELL 3. You have to 
raise the bridge before you can get to that area. Drop down to the room with the 
2 tanks containing robots. To one side of the room there's a lift. To the other 
there's a tiny room containing a button. First, hit the button next to the lift 
and make sure the lift is at your level. Now, go to the tiny room and hit that 
button and the bridge to CELL 3 will draw. Hurry up, the bridge will not wait 
long. Follow the hall to the lift. Follow the railing (don't drop down) until 
you get to the door with the button next to it. Fight the robot, and enter the 
next room. There's 3 red beams, and they will kill you if you touch them too 
long. Drop down into the area below the beams. Go to the other door next to the 
beams. The next room is a circular room. Go up the left side of the room to the 
green Mishima sign. Blow the sign up, and get the key within. Go inside the 
small inner circular room within the big circular room and press the button on 
the wall. The door next to you opens. Follow up the ramp, through the door, and 
to a room with stairs leading down and a railing. take the railing around the 
stairs and on the wall is a red button. Go down the stairs and follow the hall 
to the caged elevator. You reached the next cell block. Open up the door across 
the block to the next area. Go down into the level with 4 red lava columns. Take 
a right up the stairs and follow to where the pit is. Don't fall in the pit. To 
the left there's a path to the next room. Kill the 2 guys torturing your buddy, 
and open his cell. Talk to the guy being tortured to end the level.  

Episode 1
Mission 3
Ice Labs

     Go through the door in front of you. Go up to the console and try to open 
the next door, but your password is rejected. Wait for the employee to come by 
and open it for you. Follow the hall to the turbine room. To your left is a room 
containing the Scockwave Weapon. Then, go through the door to the right of the 
room and follow the hallway. There's a door to your right when you hit the end 
room, but you have to wait for the workers to open it. Take a right and follow 
the railing until you hit a room with a pipe through the floor. Take the pipe 
down, and to your left is another pipe leading up. Go up to the next room and 
take the elevator up to the next floor. Take a right and keep following all the 
way to the cage elevator. Go forward to the next room and keep heading forward, 
up the ramp, until you hit the big room with the green force field in the 
middle. To exit the level, you have to blow up the computer generator on the 
green force field. Talk to the girl who was in the force field. 

Episode 1
Mission 4
The Vault

     Go up the ledge, a left up the stairs, and into the next room. I'm going to 
call this the center room. Hit the small door in front of you and receive the 
power up. To your left and right are little gray air ducts. Actually, there's 4 
in the center room all together. Take the one to your right on the other side of 
the room (from where you entered). You'll drop down and there will be a railing 
to the right of you. There's another railing above you. Well call this room the 
Railing Room. Follow the lower railing up and turn left into the black and 
yellow hall. You hit a room with 4 workers. To the right of this room there's 
another room containing 2 buttons Go back to the Railing Room. Jump to the 
higher railing in the Railing Room. Follow the path until you reach a room with 
a green thing in the middle. There's a railing above the room. Jump up there, 
and go through the gray air duct. Go through the door in this small room and you 
have reached the vault. Hit the caution button and a bridge will draw above you. 
Now hurry and get to the platform across the room (Its not the platform right 
next to the caution button, but the one across the room from it). Take the 
platform up, and turn right (right while your facing the big thing in the middle 
of the room). Jump from the individual platforms to the next raising platform. 
Go into the tunnel at the top of the raising platform, and take the next 
platform down. To the right is the next tunnel. Take the platform to the bridge 
and cross into the Vault. You have officially completed Episode 1, and have 
found the Daikatana!

Chapter III
Episode 2 Walkthrough

 Mission 1 - Lemnos Isle

 Mission 2 - The Catacombs  

 Mission 3 - Acropolis
 Mission 4 - Parthenon 

Episode 2
Mission 1
Lemnos Isle

     Hey, aren't you in that land from the Odyssey? Well, this isn't story land, 
so get your weapons ready. Get the Poseidon Trident and walk up to that door in 
front of you, the one with the red siding and the big brown crack in it. That 
door can be blown up. Go down the hall and get the Discus in the next room. Go 
up to the water that's on your left. If you look at the very right side of the 
coastline there's a path right under the water. Remember this area. Follow the 
path until you get to the area with the wrecked canoe. In one corner of the room 
there's a hallway to the next room. You'll need to crawl under one part. Jump up 
on the boxes to your left and go through the tunnel. Follow the tunnel and the 
room and you should pick up a golden coin. Now, go all the way back to that 
point I told you to remember. In this area there's a broken column that's 
curved. Take this column up to the next floor and blow up the door. Follow the 
hall to the next big area. Drop down, go to the other end of the room, and go to 
your left. Jump up all the way to the top, and make sure you pick up the horn on 
the way. Take the hallway up top to the docks. Walk up to the end of the pier 
and hit A. Your instrument will play and a boat will come along. Give him the 
coin you found earlier, and he'll take you to the next level.  

Episode 2
Mission 2
The Catacombs

     Turn around and take the path to the next area. Turn left, and you'll see a 
blocked path. Jump above the door and you'll see a hole. Take the tunnel until 
you hit the first right. Don't turn yet, though. Go forward and blow up the wall 
and get the goodies within. Now take the turn and follow up to the next room. 
Turn left and fall into the pit. Climb up the pit, and follow the path (you 
shouldn't get lost) until you reach the door with the button next to it. Go 
through the door, and meet Mikiko again. She'll tell you it's a dead end. Walk 
behind the rock and you'll push the rock through the man made wall. Go to the 
newly discovered area, and don't fall into the little hole. Go up the steps and 
follow the water until it hits a dead end. On the left side of the dead end is a 
broken brick that can be destroyed. Follow the next path until you reach outside 
again. Cross the bridge and walk up to the pile of bricks hampering the doorway. 
Blow up the bricks and under the next room. Go downstairs, and before you go 
outside, make sure to pick up the Hammer Weapon. Go outside and at a corner of 
the room is a tiny hallway leading to a button. Press it and look out the window 
next to the button. That area is now accessible. Follow the area to the 2 flying 
women. Kill them then go through the columns. Take the ramps to the exit. 

Episode 2 
Mission 3
     Kill the 2 statues. They can take a beating, but their not invulnerable. 
Now, in this level you have to find 5 pieces of a tablet. The first piece is 
behind the door that opens after killing the statue. Go up the steps, and go 
into the next room. I'm going to call this the center room. Go through the 
accessible door on the north end of the room. Go to the end of the hall, turn 
left, and you'll see a pile of rocks. Blow them up and in the next room is the 
2nd piece. Go back to the center room, and go through the door on your left. Go 
into the room with the big fountain in the middle. Go to the steps but don't go 
up them yet. There's a cubby under the steps with a stone table in it. Destroy 
the table, and get the 3rd piece. Now, go up the stairs. Once you hit the top 
jump up right next to the gate. If you look over you can see the other side of 
the fence but you have to get over there. Follow the gate (on your side) to the 
other end. You'll see another hallway. Follow the path to the other side of the 
gate. On the left wall, the next door leads you to a 2 way path. The right 
contains health. Go left, don't fall down the hole and go up to your first 
right. Don't go in yet. Instead of turning into the right, continue going 
forward until you hit your next left. Go through the left and you'll be outside 
again, facing a gate bridge. Turn left, and at the end of the ledge is the 4th 
piece. Now, go back across the gate bridge, back up the steps, and back to the 
hallway, where you can turn right or left. Go left and follow the path outside, 
in the room with the broken column in the middle. There's 2 other doors in this 
room, but one is inaccessible. Go to the accessible path, go up the ramp, and 
drop down. Inside the broken house is the last piece. Now, crawl under the wall 
where the water is trickling, in front of the house. Next to the lion head is a 
path that leads outside. Turn left, go up the steps, and exit the level.

Episode 2
Mission 4 

     Go to the back of the statue, and there's a path leading down to a stream. 
Follow the stream and fall down to where it ends. Take the hallway to your left 
into the room with the ladder. There's also a hallway on the bottom floor, but 
don't go there yet. At the top of the ladder, turn right and follow the ledge 
and you will come to another part of a the previous room. To your right is a 
crap load of goodies. Now, go back to the room with the ladder, go down the 
ladder, and continue onward. Go through the hallway that you didn't explore, not 
the one that you came into the ladder room from. Follow the hall all the way 
into the water. In the water, locate a ledge leaning out of the water. Travel up 
the railing and onto the platform with the skull dudes. Up here, there's an area 
of wall boxed in red, and it looks like it's hampered by cheap rock. Blow up the 
rock, and behind the door is another water path. Explore, and you'll find 
another ramp leading into the next room. Follow the hallway next to the room all 
the way down to the green water. Don't touch the green water, though. On the 
opposite end of the green waterfall is a door that's covered by rock. Go through 
the door, down the hall, and fall down into the green slime room, but not in the 
slime. You'll see a blocked door and to the left of it a crawl space. Go through 
the crawl space and follow it to Medusa. 
     Medusa, I feel, is an extremely easy boss. The best weapons against her are 
the Trident and the Hammer. Just pump up the hammer and let her have it. Don't 
stand by her too long, or she'll swipe you with her tail. Once Medusa is 
defeated, You can say you have conquered episode 2. 

Chapter IV
Episode 3 Walkthrough

 Mission 1 - Plague Village

 Mission 2 - Wyndrax's Tower

 Mission 3 - Naharre's Tower
 Mission 4 - Garroth's Castle

Episode 3
Mission 1
Plague Village

     Aw, Rats. You let the villain get away again. Oh well, I guess it's time to 
go medieval on the ass of foe. Go around the house to the right of you, and 
you'll, come to a gate (not the door that leads inside the house. Open the gate, 
and continue to the next building. Destroy the green bricks blocking the way 
into the temple. Go into the big room inside the temple, and to your left 
there's a hallway. Go through the hallway and talk to the monk (Well, some type 
of hole figure) in the next room. After the conversation, go back into the main 
church room, and on the right side of the alter is a golden instrument. Hit A on 
the instrument and music bars will come up. Play the notes in the following 
order with one being the leftmost gong and 7 being the rightmost: 4-4-5-4-3-2-3. 
The big block of wood on the alter has moved, and the basement is now 
accessible. Go down the hall, and you'll see rock slabs in the lava. Jump to the 
center slab (the one with the small shed on it) and retrieve the key. Now head 
out of the basement and out of the temple. Once you exit, turn left and go 
around to the side of the temple. Take the path with the green health and the 
Bolter weapon to the gate. Put the key in the hole, and continue through the 
gate and into the building in front of you. Take a left up the ramp and up to 
the next dialogue sequence. Continue your path and drop into the water. Across 
from you there's a ramp that'll take you up to high ground. You'll hit an area 
with a tower to the north of you, but there's no way to get there. If you look 
to your right there's barrels that you need to shoot at. Follow the path to the 

Episode 3
Mission 2
Wyndrax's Tower

     Go down the hall to your first right. Take the path all the way to the 
door. Follow outside to the steps beside the moat. Take the steps up to where 
there's a chamber on your left and a locked door on your right. Go into the 
chamber and take the elevator down to the lower level. Kill the enemies and the 
blue energy field at the other end of the room will be gone. Get the key and 
also pick up the silver claw. Go back up the elevator and go through the locked 
door. Go around the big wall and you'll come to a 2 way hallway. To your left is 
a locked door, and to your right is a flight of steps. Remember where that 
locked door is. Go down the steps and in the next room there's a door to your 
north and a door on your left. Go up the north door. The next room has the same 
deal. Go through the left hallway, NOT the north hall. Follow the hall and go to 
the next room with a big set of steps. Go to the back of the staircase on the 
lower level and take this path to the key. If you look below, there's some 
goodies. Now go all the way back to that locked door I told you to remember. Go 
through the door and take the hallway to the wizard. 
     Wyndrax might take a try or two to beat. Most importantly, DO NOT FALL INTO 
THE LOWER LEVEL. Once your down there, your dead. Now, while he's on the center 
column and he's charging up, watch out. The charge might push you to the lower 
level. If he spins around with that beam of blue energy, you will need to jump 
over the beam. When he's on the outside ledge shooting at you, that's when you 
shoot back. Just strafe and fire away. I'll say this again: DO NOT FALL INTO THE 
LOWER LEVEL. It's ganna take a good amount of shots to take down this foe, but 
you can do it. 

Episode 3 
Mission 3
Naharre's Tower
     Go through the gate and across the graveyard. Go into the building and open 
up the first door. Now get the green health to the left of the room and go into 
the hallway on the right. Go down the steps and in the next room pick up the 
Wyndrax Wisp Weapon. In the room you see what looks like a coffin with a big 
crank next to it. Turn the crank and drop down the coffin like thing. Follow the 
hall, through the room, and to the green health and Stavor's Stave. Cross the 
bridge over the lava pit to the next area. Follow the ramp up and in the next 
room you'll see a bunch of pipes and a door across the room. Get to the door and 
follow the hallways to the room with the 2 guys in green shooting at you. To 
your left is a small doorway that leads to another bridge over lava. Cross the 
bridge and take the next hallway to another lava pit. Jump down to the pit, and 
get on the side ledges. On the ledge there's another hallway leading to the 
     I don't find Naharre too difficult. All he does is summon a few standard 
enemies and maybe fire a shot or two. Just circle strafe around him and pump 
some rounds into him. He shouldn't be all too difficult. Once he's dead, pick up 
the Naharre's Nightmare.

Episode 3
Mission 4
King Garroth's Castle 

     In this level you have to acquire 7 pieces of the purifier sword. Then you 
take the assembled sword to the king. The room you are in now will be called the 
starting point. Right in front of you when you start is a hole. Drop down and 
there's 2 paths. Take the one that leads to the fire pit. If you hit a 2 way 
path, you have taken the wrong hallway. Walk up to the first set of steps, but 
don't walk up the steps, look to your right and you'll see a ledge going around 
the lava pit. Jump to the ledge and take it all the way around and into the 
hallway. Go up to the lava gate thingie and get the 1st piece. Go all the way 
back around the pit to where the steps were. Go up the first 2 set of steps and 
you'll see a ledge next to the 3rd set of steps. Jump to the ledge and follow 
the hall to the 2nd piece. Go back to the steps and go all the way to the top of 
the room and into the hallway. Now your at the top room again where you started. 
Go through the doorway across from you (don't drop down the pit) and follow the 
hallway to the snow covered bridge. The room at the other end of the bridge 
contains the 3rd piece. Now turn right in the room and take the path all the way 
down to the base level. Now, once you hit base level there should be a room 
right in front of you and 2 to your right, the 2 room to your right contain 
pieces 4 and 5. Once you acquire those pieces, return to the starting point. Go 
down the only hallway you haven't been to on the top level. It should lead you 
to green health and a new fire pit. There is an outer ledge leading around the 
pit and in inner ledge leading around the center room. Take the inner ledge and 
go to the opposite end of the room. You see pillars of stones leading out of the 
lava. Jump to the big pillar and get the 6th piece. Go into the center room, and 
go to the ramp and jump up to the ledge. Go up to the topmost level in this room 
and you will see 2 doors. One is blocked off and the other leads to the king. 
Destroy the wood blocking the other path and follow the small corridor around 
until you get the 7th piece. Now go to the kings chamber and get ready for 
     Kingie is all talk and no fight. Just strafe around him and pump out some 
rounds. Believe it or not, 7 100% swings with the Hammer will take this foe 
down. Anyway, once defeated, you can get ready to battle in the last episode. 

Chapter V
Episode 4 Walkthrough

 Mission 1 - Alkatraz

 Mission 2 - Mishima Research Center  

 Mission 3 - Mishima Hideout
 Mission 4 - Navy Seal Training Complex 

 Mission 5 - Nuclear Reactor Chamber 01

 Mission 6 - Nuclear Reactor Chamber 02

Episode 4 
Mission 1

     First you teleport yourself into the middle of a disease filled village. 
Now you've managed to end up smack in the middle of Alkatraz, the famous high 
security prison. Oh well, just another challenge for you to meet. Find the steps 
with the Glock 2020 in front of them and descend.  At the base you should see 3 
jail cages to your right. In the one farthest away from you there is a man 
sleeping. Talk to him and he will give you an explosive needed to escape 
Alkatraz. There's a door near the cage. Go through the hall and you'll hit a 
room with a door to your north and one to your right. The room to your north 
contains a Kineticore. Follow the path to your right until you hit the dead end. 
Near the dead end room there's a hole in the wall. Go through the hole and drop 
down the tunnel. Go into the water and follow the water until you reach an area 
that must be jumped to. To swim up underwater, rapidly tap R. When you finally 
get out of water, you will see a ladder in front of you leading up a pipe. Go up 
the ladder and walk up to the door in the next room and hit A. You'll arm the 
bomb and the door will explode. Follow the hallway back outside. Follow the path 
in front of you all the way to the ramp that leads underwater. Go underwater and 
there's another ramp in front of you leading back out. Follow the hall and it 
will lead back underwater. Explore underwater and you will find another ramp 
leading back out. Take the door to your left and follow the hall to the cage 
room. Take the ramp below the room and you'll find a hole in the wall. Take the 
next path to the exit. 

Episode 4
Mission 2
Mishima Research Center

     Get the Rip Gun To your left. To the wall to the right there's a small 
door. Take it to the guy in the radiation suit. Kill the guy and pick up his 
key. Now go to the hall labeled "Elevators" and take a left. Take the elevator 
to the next floor. Keep going forward and take the second right, not the first. 
Follow the hall to the door and open it with your key. One of the guards in this 
room has a key that you need. Get the key and continue down the "Elevators" 
hall. Take the elevator up to level 3. Take your first left then take the next 
left to the door. Open it with your key. Kill the second worker to your left to 
get the key.  Continue into the next hallway and take a right. Take the elevator 
to the next floor. Take the "Storage" hallway to the next door. Open it with the 
key and fight the 2 robots. Then go to the left end of the room and jump up on 
the platform. Kill the worker and get the lab key. Now head back to the "Lab 
hallway on this level and go exit. 

Episode 4
Mission 3
Mishima Hideout

     Open the door in front of you and enter the next room. I'll call this room 
the starting point. Take a left and follow to the door.  Go into the next room 
and to your left is another room containing a lift. Take the lift up and follow 
the hall to the caged outdoor room. Hit the button in the cage room and go back 
to the starting point. Go through the opposite doorway and follow the hallways 
to the outside bridge. Cross the bridge and go through the door to your right. 
Follow this hallway into the room with Japanese armor. Across the room is 
another hallway leading to the exit. 

Episode 4
Mission 3
Navy Seal Training Complex

     Before attacking the trucks, get the Nova Beam to your left. Attack the 
turrets on top of the trucks with the Nova Beam. 2 Direct shots to the guns 
should do it. Now go through the door to the left of the big gate. Go out the 
next door and destroy the truck to your left. There's a door across from where 
you entered back outside. Follow this hallway to the elevator. Take the elevator 
down and take a left into the computer room. To your left is another hallway 
leading to another elevator. Take it up and follow this next big hallway. Take 
your first right and keep following. Take the last left and there should be a 
door to your right and left, with yellow and black above the left door. In the 
yellow and black room is a slugger cartridge. Take the right path and follow it 
to the elevator. Take the elevator down and walk straight forward until you drop 
down to the pool area. Dive into the pool and to one end there is a hole on the 
ground. Drop down and on this level there's 3 ramps leading out of the water. 
Take the biggest ramp that leads you to a bunch of enemies (the other 2 ramps 
simply lead you to health, no enemies). Take the doorway in this room around to 
the next elevator. Take the elevator up to the next room. There's 2 hallways up 
here. One leads to a computer room, and the other is completely blocked by a 
door. Open the door and exit. 

Episode 4
Mission 5
Nuclear Reactor Chamber 01

     YES! Its time to fight Mishima himself. You even get to use the Daikatana. 
Now, Kage might be a bit difficult at first, but there really isn't any trick. 
Just circle strafe around him. If you don't know what that means, hold down c 
left or c right and make sure he's always in front of you. When you fell he has 
let his guard down, give him a swipe or two. Remember, he wields a Daikatana 
too, so don't stay too close to him for long. When he splits in 3, just swipe 
one of the characters and he will come back together again. Just get enough 
swipes in him and he'll go down. 

Episode 4
Mission 6
Nuclear Reactor Chamber 02

     Woah, weren't expecting this to happen, were ya. Don't worry, Kage was able 
to put up a better fight than she ever could. The best part is that you get all 
your weapons. Just circle strafe around her. She has much more speed than Kage, 
so remember to put Run On. Always keep your distance from her. Start off with 
the slugger. Then go to another chain gun like the Shot Cycler (If you still 
have ammo for it). Then, finish her off with your rip gun. Congratulations, you 
have conquered Daikatana. 


Chapter VI

A - Episode 1 Weapons

B - Episode 2 Weapons

C - Episode 3 Weapons

D - Episode 4 Weapons

-Below are all the weapons from all 4 episodes and their functions. If you see a 
*, that means that the weapon is my personal favorite for that episode.

A - Episode 1 Weapons

Disruptor Glove - No ammo used - Your very first weapon, and possibly your 
weakest. Since you can acquire the Ion Blaster in the very first part of the 
game, this weapon isn't going to be used much on land. This is the only weapon 
that can be used underwater.  

Side Winder* - 2 rounds per shot - This rocket launcher can obliterate guards 
and also do a number on robots. The best part about this gun is that ammo for it 
is abundant in episode 1.

Shock Wave - 1 round per shot - Reminds me of the BFG in doom. This cannon blast 
can take out an entire room of weaklings, and even some of the heavy duty foes. 

C4vizatergo - 1 round per shot - Reminds me of the Napalm Gel from Turok Rage 
Wars. The round will instantly explode if it hits an enemy. The grenades can 
also stick to walls and have a delayed detonation. 

Shot Cycler - 5 rounds per shot - This weapon should be mainly used for the big 
robots that need to taste a lot of lead before leaving the planet.

Ion Cannon - 1 round per shot - This weapon is perfect for small guards. The 
rounds can even reflect off of walls in case you miss your designated target. 
Although good for shooting guards, this weapon does nothing for robots. 

B - Episode 2 Weapons

Discus of Daedalus - 1 round, but can be retrieved - This handy weapon can be 
used during exploring and you run low on ammo. The discs can slice right through 
your enemies. Sometimes the discs even come back to you. If they don't, you can 
easily retrieve them.

Venomous - 1 round per shot - This weapon can kill any biological enemy with one 
shot. It just takes a few seconds. This weapon will do nothing for Statues. 

Poseidon Trident - 3 rounds per shot - This is a good all around weapon for 
episode 2. The only drawback is that it eats ammo like popcorn.

Hammer* - No ammo, but must be charged - This weapon is EXTREMELY powerful. If 
you are going to use it, hold down Z and wait for the ammo box to reach 100 
percent. Then, get close to your enemy and let them have it. 
Sun Flares - 1 round per shot - This is like a molotov cocktail. When it impacts 
it sprays flames all over the place. Watch out, because the flames will damage 
your health as well.

C - Episode 3 Weapons

Silver Claw - No ammo used - This weapon is like the Disruptor Glove, weak and 
almost useless. If you want to use a weapon that doesn't use ammo, go for the 

Bolter - 1 round per shot - The medieval pistol, also known as a crossbow. This 
weapon is perfect for the small guys.

Ballista - 1 round per shot - When I think of Ballistas, I think of that big 
sucker from Warcraft 2. Anyway, this weapon is similar to the Bolter, only the 
rounds explode upon impact, and the weapon has a recoil.

Stavor's Stave* - 1 round per shot - The Medieval rocket launcher. The rounds 
explode upon impact, causing some serious damage. 

Wyndraxs Wisp - 1 round per shot - This weapon fires a round, and it sprays out 
lightning bolts to the surrounding foes as it passes by.

Naharres Nightmare - Doesn't use ammo, but takes a while to charge. Once 
charged, this weapon fires one helluva blast that seeks out the nearby enemies 
and slices em up. 

D - Episode 4 Weapons

Glock2020 - 1 round per shot - A standard pistol. Great for taking down the 
little guys.

Kineticore - 4 rounds per shot - This weapon fires 4 pulse shots that reflect 
off the walls and bounce around. The weapon doesn't really do as much as it 
should for the bigger enemies.

Meta Masher - 1 round per shot - Like a grenade without the shrapnel. It 
explodes upon impact.

Nova Beam - 1 round per shot - Sends a concentrated energy beam directly to your 
enemies. It isn't a very powerful weapon, but it can get you out of a tight 

Rip Gun* - 1 round per shot - You can make this weapon look as futuristic as you 
want, but when you boil it down it's just a shotgun. But that's the beauty of 
it. This weapon sends high velocity slugs to your foes. 

Slugger - 10 rounds per shot - Reminds me of the chaingun from Quake 2. You can 
either direct the fire to one enemy or spray it around the room at a bunch of 
little guys.


Chapter VII
Other Information

A - Version and Updates

B - Codes and Input

C - Legal Stuff

D - Conclusion
Version and Updates

-Version 1.0 - This document is version 1.0. Consists of the basic walkthroughs, 
fighting techniques, and weapons list. I need your input and I'll add it to the 
Codes and Basic Info section. You will get credit for any info. My Email address 
is [email protected]

Codes and Basic Info

---This section is dedicated to YOU. I told you all I had to say. Its your turn 
to tell other what you know about Daikatana 64. I will gladly post anything you 
have. My Email is [email protected] Just so long as its not already mentioned in 
this guide, and its about Daikatana 64, it will be posted. I will gladly give 
you credit where it's deserved, too. 

-First off, I would like to put GAME FAQS name in here for accepting my guide 

-Most Importantly, John Romero and ID software. Need I say more?

---Codes - From the IGN Code Monkeys (well, that's where I acquired it, anyway) 
-All Weapons - do at level intro screen (Where it says the level name, episode 
and mission number) - c left, c down, c right, c up, z, L, R,      c left, c 
down, c right, c up. You will hear a gunshot go off.
-Stage select - do at level intro screen (Where it says the level name, episode 
and mission number) - c up, c right, c down, c left, R, L, Z, c up, c right, c 
down, c left. You will hear a woman scream. 

C - Legal Stuff

-This document was written by me, Simdoom (my real name is Scotty).
-Wherever I acquired info from someone other than myself, Their name was put 
with the information.
-You may save this document to your hard drive (It will save you some hassle).
-If you wish to use something from this guide, or would like to post it on your 
cool website, just let me know. I'll have no problem with it. Just make sure my 
name is in there somewhere. 
-Do not sell this document to anyone. This is free to the public. 

D - Conclusion

     Well, I hope this document helped. It's the first walkthrough written for 
the public about Daikatana 64. It's also my first FAQ. It took me some time to 
write this thing, and in the end I think it was worth it. I know many don't like 
this game that much, but for those who do, this guide is for you. And thanks ID 
software, for making some of the best games this planet has ever seen. 

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