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.hack//Infection FAQ/Walkthrough

By: Hawque
Initial Version: 1/23/03
Last Updated: 1/23/03 - Version 0.95

Table of Contents
1.0 - Introduction
2.0 - Revisions
3.0 - FAQ
 3.1 - Gameplay questions
 3.2 - Other game questions
 3.3 - .hack//Liminality (OVA) questions
 3.4 - Other .hack questions
 3.5 - General questions
4.0 - Walkthrough
5.0 - Items
 5.1 - Equipment
 5.2 - Reg. Items
 5.3 - Scrolls
 5.4 - Books
 5.5 - Treasure
6.0 - Skills
 6.1 - Ability
 6.2 - Element
 6.3 - Healing
 6.4 - Drop
 6.5 - Converge
 6.6 - Raise
 6.7 - Tornado
 6.8 - Weapon
7.0 - Credits
8.0 - Legal stuff
9.0 - Contact

|1.0 - Introduction|

Initially, I started a .hack FAQ to keep common questions off the boards, in an
effort to keep down stress on those who feel the need to answer questions, but
get annoyed by questions asked over and over again *cough*.

So, I wrote up an initial FAQ, that had to do with everything .hack. Through
several versions, I fixed it to where I thought CJayC might be willing to post
it. That didn't happen.

I figured, maybe it should have only big common questions for the non-game
part of .hack. Maybe that would help to get this up.

So, I reformatted, removed a lot of questions, and beheld my FAQ.

Which there wasn't a lot of left.

So I went back to the drawing board, and decided to convert it to a .hack
FAQ/Walkthrough. Just one problem: I didn't have the game yet, as it wasn't out
in the US. What to do, what to do.

Then I heard demos were to be given out to those that preordered. Which I had
done, but no demo. So I called, and went to pick it up. The demo covers a large
part of the beginning of the game, with nothing disabled in that part save for
saving. So I thought it could be a good idea to write part of this Walkthrough
based on the demo. This way, people who have trouble on the first day, before I
would have had time to get one up otherwise, would be able to find at least
some help, without creating questions to clog up the boards.

And so, I started playing the demo, with my sister's laptop next to me, typing
up a guide as I went, and fixing as I realized things were wrong. And so, the
first day of my playing this game was largely for this FAQ. Also to satisfy my
fanboy-ism until the game comes out.

I've still yet to beat it, and am not entirely sure on where to go next. Once I
figure this out, I will work on continuing the Walkthrough. But for those who
might like to have it with their demo copy, I submit this now.

|2.0 - Revisions|
Version 0.95 - All is new. Not enough for me to say 1.0 yet. Need more
Walkthrough information for such, methinks.

|3.0 - FAQ|

  3.1 - Gameplay Questions

   3.101 - "What's the gameplay like?"
The gameplay is a sort of mix between Phantasy Star Online and Kingdom Hearts
with some Star Ocean 2 thrown in as well (or Secret of Mana if you really need
a rough old-school idea). The AI controls your other party members while you
control Kite. The game pauses when you bring up the menu, and you're presented
with the standard game menu, with options and whatnot.

It is indeed a Real-Time battle system, and not turn-based.

   3.102 - "How long is the game?"
It depends not only on how fast you are, but also how into sidequests you are.
Some have reportedly beaten it in about 15 hours, I've heard others taking as
long as 30.

   3.103 - "OMG, dude. Is this game online?"
-_- No, it is not online. The game is a simulation of an MMORPG. Meaning you
control the guy controlling Kite in The World. Your character is in an MMORPG,
but you are not. Sorta confusing at first, I guess. Seems that way, since so
many people don't get it anyway.

   3.104 - "What's data draining?"
Data draining is an ability Kite obtains near the beginning of the game. When
you fight monsters down to a certain HP, you will see a "Protect Break". When
this happens, you can data drain the enemy. When you do so, it turns them into
a lesser monster, that's easy to kill, but gives minimal experience. Doing this
you can obtain rare items and virus cores. On the other hand, various negative
effects can also occurs, such as cutting your HP in half, or giving you a
System Error and Game Over.. It's risky.

   3.105 - "Then what are virus cores?"
You use virus cores for Kite's special ability, Gate Hacking. You use them to
infect the code and allow you access to fields you are trying to access.

   3.106 - "And fields are...?"
Fields are where the dungeons live. There is also a spring in which you can
throw items. Monsieur or Grandpa will pop up, and ask what you lost. You'll
then get an item back. Maybe better, maybe not.

   3.107 - "How do I get to fields?"
In towns, there is something called a Chaos Gate. You go here to access fields.
You can either go to one you've heard about in BBS or email, go to other
or create other dungeons using 3 keywords.

   3.108 - "Do I need a Network Adapter for my PS2 to play?"
Well, you can get one for the game if you really want, but since the game's not
online, it's not really needed... at all... for anything. Really.

   3.109 - "What's the character system like?"
There are some required characters, but about as many optional. You can get
them by going to their dungeons if you choose. Later, they might email you and
ask to go with them to certain other dungeons. Of course, it's optional, but
you can often get rare items there.

Sometimes, you will have to take certain characters to story dungeons. When
this happens, the others just happen to not be online. Convenient, huh? There
are also some solo dungeons that Kite has to go alone.

  3.2 - .hack Game Questions

   3.201 - "When do the games come out?"
The first game, Infection, comes out in February 2003. The second is in May,
the third in August, and the fourth November. (3 months apart) Though, I
wouldn't put it past Bandai to make a special edition with all four, the OVA's,
and something special thrown in to suck away at our money some more.

   3.402 - "Who's this Kite guy? I thought Tsukasa was the main
Tsukasa is not the main character. Nor is he a party member (unless for some
reason he is in vol. 4). Nor are Mimiru, Bear, Subaru, Sora, Ginkan, or Krim.
They are just not here for the games.

However, some of the characters do make cameos in vol. 3, and possibly 4 (it's
not out even in Japan yet, so I don't know for sure).

   3.203 - "But... but why?"
Because they had their story already! >_< Stop wanting them in Infection. Just
watch .hack//SIGN if you want them, ok?

   3.204 - "Is this game cel-shaded? That would ruin the game. I don't wanna
buy it if it's cel-shaded."
Shut up.

   3.205 - "Should I get this game or ?"
That's your choice. If you let others dictate what kind of games you play, you
need to stop. Play games because you want to, not because others tell you to.

   3.206 - "What is the plot?"
Basically, your friend Orca invites you to play The World with him. When you
get in and are playing, he gets data drained. You soon after obtain this
ability, but discover Orca has fallen into a coma in real life. You set out to
find out the answers, feeling they can be found in the game.

   3.207 - "Are there plans for other .hack games than the 4 out
... Apparently. According to Famitsu Weekly (translated by RPG Fan), "Bandai's
Shin Unozawa said his company has plans to develop a follow-up to its popular
Project .hack series of PlayStation 2 RPGs."

   3.208 - "Why do Tsukasa, Mimiru, and Bear go by different names in the
Because those aren't them as the main characters in the games. They are Elk,
Black Rose, and Orca respectively. It's an MMORPG, people can look basically
the same. Besides, can't you tell the differences? They're not exactly minor,
really. Well, a lot aren't, anyway.

   3.209 - "Is there voice acting in the game?"
Aye. You can select either English voices, or Japanese subtitled in English.
if you want, Japanese without subtitles. Though if you wanted that, you could
just import the JP game...

   3.210 - "What's parody mode?"
Parody mode is unlocked after you beat the game. It allows you to play through
making the game more humorous, basically becoming satire. I'm sure it'll be
quite fun if it makes it stateside (there's a chance it was replaced with dual
language... or at least will be later on in the series... :-/)

  3.3 - .hack//Liminality (OVA) Questions

   3.301 - "So the games come with .hack//SIGN DVD's?"
No. The games come with OVA's, with the title of .hack//Liminality. They
feature the real-world happenings during the events of the games (OVA 1 during
vol. 1, OVA 2 during vol. 2, etc.)

  3.4 - .hack Questions

   3.401 - "When does .hack//SIGN air?"
.hack//SIGN is starting on Cartoon Network on February 1st at 3 PM Eastern and
Pacific. That's 2 PM Central and 1 PM Mountain. For people in Alaska or
Hawaii... figure that out yourself. I don't understand your time zones.

   3.402 - "What about the DVD's?"
   The DVD's are going to be coming out starting in March. There will be
special versions of each one, with something extra thrown in. However, only
15,000 each of the special versions will be released. (Note: Not extra on the
DVD, extra such as a soundtrack or a Puchiguso plushie. Or a lot of stuff.)

   3.403 - "Is there nudity in the show?"
   ... No. So if you're looking for it, look elsewhere. If your parents want to
shield you, then the show's safe. This has been asked several times, so I
thought it should be here.

   3.404 - "Is .hack//DUSK coming out here?"
This is changing now. According to the video on the demo disc for the game,
there *are* plans to bring at least the manga of .hack//DUSK over here. And it
mentioned the anime as well, so maybe that too.

  3.5 - General Questions

   3.501 - "Who is Balmung?"
Not sure why, but I've seen this quite often lately. Balmung is a legendary
warrior in The World, in addition to being the bishounen of the series. He will
offer to join you in vol. 3, Erosion Pollution/Outbreak.

   3.502 - "Are there any tips you can give me?"
Yeah. When on the forum, don't listen to Crimson Phantom. He's most likely
wrong, and will soon be corrected, most commonly by either Rhyste or myself.
Or both.

   3.503 - "Where I can find more information?"
... I see how it is. My FAQ wasn't good enough for ya, eh? Fine then. Be that

Probably one of the best sources for information is:

Also, check on the boards. I don't mean post a message immediately. Search
around. If you're not a newbie, you should have that option on the board's
action bar. Use it. Love it. We'll love you if you don't post questions that
have been answered 1000 times already.

|4.0 - Walkthrough|
When you first start your game, you're greeted with a short movie consisting of
a reading of sorts of an epitaph.

After this, you hear Kite talking for a minute "IRL" (In Real Life... aka, not
game-Kite), and you get to choose a Username and Character Name for The World.
For purposes of this guide, if you rename Kite, remember the name Kite. 'Cause
I'll call him that.

Now, you get to see Altimit OS for the first time. You can change the look if
you want by going into <<>> and selecting one of 3
looks (orange, red, blue... that's all you have now).

Read your mail, read the news, then once you're ready (if you're not on the
demo, you may as well save), go to The World. Here, you can Login or go to the

The first BBS posts are pretty much just explaining the system. Read through
'em, get to know them, since you'll be using this for the next 60 hours
(figuring 20 hours a game... maybe more... though you're probably not playing
them in order and in one sitting... feh. Whatever.) A few posts about the News
items you may have read (if you cared), but nothing major.

Now, once you've read the BBS, head to Login. You'll head to Mac Anu, the Delta
Server root town.

  |Mac Anu|

Once you login, you'll be greeted by Orca. He'll tell you to call him Orca, and
not Yashuhiko, his IRL name. Then he'll go through a short tutorial of inviting
someone to your party.

You'll notice emoticons. A lot. Especially :-)

Next, Orca will lead you through a tutorial about keywords.

  |Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field|

More tutorials. Camera, Attacking, and Chat Commands.

Now, Orca's quite the high level (level 50, actually), so go around fighting
whatever you can, and let him do most of the work. He'll do upwards of a couple
thousand damage, and you get 60 EXP per Goblin that he kills for you (in one
hit, might I add). Not that you shouldn't fight too, just don't get yourself

Once you've cleared the field, head to the dungeon. Another tutorial, about
treasure chests, including 2 for you free just for starting out.

*cough* Yeah. So, keep on, and there will be a cutscene involving a mysterious
white girl being chased by what seems to be a high-level monster (Orca makes a
reference to "something like that in this level?" which leads me to believe it)
 If you've seen SIGN, you know who the girl is. I won't spoil it for those that
don't, however. :-p

Now. Dungeon time.

The entire dungeon is pretty much tutorial. Just get used to seeing it for a
little while.

Floor B1:
Head forward, and you'll see a two-way split. Head to the right, where the girl
went, and you'll find a dead end with a Speed Charm. Now where did she go?

Head out, and down the other side of the split. Orca will explain trapped rooms
and you fight a goblin. Moving along. Stairs down.

Floor B2:
Empty hall. Keep moving.

Uh-oh. 3-way split. Which way to go?

In front of you is the Gott Statue, signifying the end of the dungeon.

But, if you want a bit more experience and treasure first, head left and right.

Leave the room after opening the Gott Statue chest, and there's another
cutscene. The girl from before gives Orca a book, and a monster appears (the
same from before). Just when you think it's gonna be a boss fight... Orca takes
a stand. And, unfortunately, it doesn't look good for him.

Orca is taken out, and the next you know, it looks to be coming after you.
But you get a System Error, and the book floats down on you (It's the Book of
The Twilight, an Event Item).

Look, it's a man-guy.

A monologue by Kite (the game doesn't show the real world, just The World, so
it wouldn't show what actually happened). Now, you're back in Altimit.

You'll have mail explaining you can only login to the Delta and Theta servers.

Go to the BBS, and Kite will post a message about Orca. Nothing new here
other than that, go Login.

Heh. You can't. I wonder why.

Quit, and you should have mail. It's from "Au]$". The message is partly
messed up, but it says:
  To the one who holds the book.
  Skeith is looking for me.

  There is no time.
  Please. Help me.

That sounds bad. Go back to The World, and try logging in now. Nothing on the
BBS yet. What? It works now? Wow.

  |Mac Anu|
You log in, and find yourself being circled by a female Heavy Blade User.
She'll confront you about staring at her, and ask if you're a newbie. Kite
won't answer, so she leaves.

Walk down a bit. The man to your right is a Recorder. If you're not playing
the demo, he can save the game for you.

Keep walking. Off to your right, just before the bridge, the path leads down,
and to an healing item shop. Buy some if you want, if you feel you have enough,
whatever. Your call.

Do weapon shopping if you want, trade with some of the people there. When you
are ready, go to the Chaos Gate and Examine it. Black Rose will come back to
you, asking you to take her to the Forbidden Hidden Holy Ground. Battle level
6. Not a good idea, but you have no choice.

  |Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground|
Big cathedral. Head towards it. Kite will fight a Goblin (cutscene). Black Rose
about pissed her pants. Who's the newbie now?

Another cutscene, around a statue of Aura. And who shows up... but Balmung of
the Azure Sky. He comes in, kicks some ass, and tells you to leave. Pretty
standard routine for him.

Black Rose attacks the infinite HP monster, and Kite flashes back to Orca.

He hears a voice, telling him to open the book. Here, you use Book of Twilight.
No choice. You use it.

Kite gains his mostly unique ability here, the ability to data drain. And his
clothes change. For whatever reason. You find a Virus Core M, and Balmung calls
you "the same as the virus". Another series of cutscenes.

  |Mac Anu|
If you want some better trading items, or just a good weapon to have around,
head back to Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field. You can throw your amateur blade
in the Spring of Myst there and get Phantom Blades. Or you can do smart trading
with items you found and possibly get Shadow Blades, an even higher level.

The trading people are random, so I can't tell you for sure if you'll find any-
thing in particular, just look around, talk to people, and try to trade.

Anyway, you can log out now, and there are a few new posts on the BBS. Or so
it seems. Your post about Orca was deleted. Odd.

There's also a post about a game of Tag. It's a Goblin. If you beat him, you
win something. He gives you keywords or it. May as well try, right?

But first, go check your mail. You'll have 2 mails, one from Helba and one from
Black Rose. Reply as you want. News about "The World for Idiots". Whatever.

  |Mac Anu|
Let's go play Tag. Login, and you'll be back in Mac Anu. Wait. Maybe no tag
yet after all. Those guys have interesting news... Go find the Catgirl and the
guy with her. Mia and Elk. You'll see a cutscene with them, and Elk talks
about Aromatic Grass. *cough* Mia wonders about the bracelet neither Elk nor
Kite can see. Yup. Now go play Tag.
It's the Detestable Golden Sunny Demon.

  |Detestable Golden Sunny Demon|
You're greeted by Stehoney, and asked to play tag. Well, that's the point of
coming here, right?

Chase him around, attacking him. If you're having trouble, feel free to use a
Speed Charm to help out. Otherwise, it's not difficult. Not like he attacks
back or anything.

Yay, you get the Goblin Cap for beating him. As well as 130 EXP. Not bad.

Now, find that annoying bouncing thing. Investigate it, and you'll get the
Mandragora Key Item. It's Grunty Food. There are several of these, and they
will come in hand once you can get to Theta.

Just go around, examine stuff. Whatever. Then Gate Out.

Call up Black Rose to join a party, and head on back over to Bursting Passed
Over Aqua Field.

  |Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field|
It can never hurt to level up, and 2 swords are better than 1. Or is it, 3 are
better than 2, in this case? Whatever. In the rooms next to the Gott Statue,
the Portals will be back. Kill, and take treasure.

The Gott Statue is, of course, still gone. So go ahead and leave. For me, it
was enough for level 2. Hopefully for you as well. Also, if you didn't before,
you should have gotten All Dungeon Portals Open this time. That's good.

You may want to continue leveling up. Head to a new field (just choose one...
make sure it's not too powerful).

Now, once you think you're ready, log out. Go read the BBS. You should have
several new Keywords to use.

|5.0 - Items|

 |5.1 - Equipment Tables|
Key: PAt - Physical Attack  PAc - Physical Accuracy
     PDe - Physical Defense PEv - Physical Evade
     MAt - Magical Attack   MAc - Magical Accuracy
     MDe - Magical Defense  MEv - Magical Evade
     EEa - Element Earth    EWa - Element Water
     EFi - Element Fire     ETh - Element Thunder
     EWo - Element Wood     EDa - Element Darkness
     ECh - Element Charm    EHe - Element Heal

  Twin Blades
    Name        Lv.   PAt   PAc   PDe   PEv   MAt   MAc   MDe   MEv   Skill
             EEa   EWa   EFi   EWo   ETh   EDa   ECh   EHe
Amateur Blades   1     2     1     0     0     1     1     0     0  Saber Dance
              0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0

Steel Blades     1     3     2     0     0     1     2     0     0  Tiger Claws
              0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0

Phantom Blades   2     4     3     0     0     2     2     0     0  Staccatto
              0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0

Assassin         3     4     4     0     0     2     2     0     0  Saber Dance
              0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0

Spark Blades     3     4     5     0     0     2     2     0     0  Flame Dance
              0    -5     5     0     0     0     0     0

Lath Blades      4     4     6     0     0    2      2     0     0  Orchid
             -5     0     0     5     0     0     0     0

Shadow Blades    6     4     8     0     0    2      2     0     0  Dark Dance
              0     0     0     0    -5     5     0     0

    Name        Lv.   PAt   PAc   PDe   PEv   MAt   MAc   MDe   MEv   Skill
             EEa   EWa   EFi   EWo   ETh   EDa   ECh   EHe
Basic Sword      1     2     1     0     0     0     0     0     0  Cross Slash
              0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0

Gakaku           3     5     0     5     0     0     0     0     0   Revolver
              0    -5     5     0     0     0     0     0            Ap Ruem

Nodachi          6     9     5     0     0     0     0     0     0   Hayabusa
              0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0

Ends of Earth    11    30    28    0     0     0     0     0     0  Cross Slash
              0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0           Crack Beat

  Heavy Blades
    Name        Lv.   PAt   PAc   PDe   PEv   MAt   MAc   MDe   MEv   Skill
             EEa   EWa   EFi   EWo   ETh   EDa   ECh   EHe
Adventurer       1     3     1     0     0     0     0     0     0    Death
              0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0             Bringer
Stun Sword       5     7     6     0     0     0     0     0     0   Calamity
              0     0     0     0     5    -5     0     0

    Name        Lv.   PAt   PAc   PDe   PEv   MAt   MAc   MDe   MEv   Skill
             EEa   EWa   EFi   EWo   ETh   EDa   ECh   EHe
Thunder Axe      5     6     3     0     0     0     0     0     0  Rai Break
              0     0     0     0     5    -5     0     0

  Long Arms
    Name        Lv.   PAt   PAc   PDe   PEv   MAt   MAc   MDe   MEv   Skill
             EEa   EWa   EFi   EWo   ETh   EDa   ECh   EHe
Water Spear      2     8     4     0     0     0     0     0     0  Triple Doom
              0     5    -5     0     0     0     0     0

    Name        Lv.   PAt   PAc   PDe   PEv   MAt   MAc   MDe   MEv   Skill
             EEa   EWa   EFi   EWo   ETh   EDa   ECh   EHe
Earth Wand       2     0     0     0     0     4     3     0     0   Gan Don
              5     0     0    -5     0     0     0     0

Fire Wand        3     0     0     0     0     4     5     0     0   Vak Don
              0    -5     5     0     0     0     0     0

Adian's Rod      11    0     0     0     0     4     8     0     0   Ani Don
              0     0     0     0    -10    10    0     0           MeAni Kruz

  Light Head Armor
    Name        Lv.   PAt   PAc   PDe   PEv   MAt   MAc   MDe   MEv   Skill
             EEa   EWa   EFi   EWo   ETh   EDa   ECh   EHe
Cougar Bandana   11    0     0     0     0     0     0     3     8   La Repth
              1     1     1     1     1     1     6     0
Thunder Torque   31    0     0     0     0     0     0     3     12  La Repth
              2     2     2     2     4     0     10    0            Rip Maen

Rat Crest        76    0    -10    2    -10    2     0     8     16  Phal Repth
              1     1     1     1     5     0     12    6            Rip Maen

  Medium Head Armor
    Name        Lv.   PAt   PAc   PDe   PEv   MAt   MAc   MDe   MEv   Skill
             EEa   EWa   EFi   EWo   ETh   EDa   ECh   EHe
Nomad's Hood     2     0     0     1     1     0     0     1     1    Repth
              1     1     1     1     1     1     0     0

Goblin Cap       6     0     0     1     0     0     0     0     0   Maj Lei
              0     0     0     0     0     0     0     20

Hunter's Hood    12    0     0     2     3     0     0     2     3    Repth
              4     1     1     1     1     1     1     1

Ice Hunter Cap   17    0     0     2     4     0     0     2     4    Repth
              2     4     0     2     2     2     2     2

Fire Dance Hat   22    0     0     2     5     0     0     2     5    Repth
              2     0     4     2     2     2     3     3

  Heavy Head Armor
    Name        Lv.   PAt   PAc   PDe   PEv   MAt   MAc   MDe   MEv   Skill
             EEa   EWa   EFi   EWo   ETh   EDa   ECh   EHe
Mountain Helm    13    0     0     3     8     0     0     0     0    Ap Ganz
              1     1     1     1     1     1     0     6
Fire Helm        23    0     0     4     10    0     0     1     1    Ap Vakz
              2     0     4     2     2     2     0     8

  Light Body Armor
    Name        Lv.   PAt   PAc   PDe   PEv   MAt   MAc   MDe   MEv   Skill
             EEa   EWa   EFi   EWo   ETh   EDa   ECh   EHe
Hiking Gear      11    0     0     0     0     0     0     3     8    Gan Zot
              1     1     1     1     1     1     6     0

  Medium Body Armor
    Name        Lv.   PAt   PAc   PDe   PEv   MAt   MAc   MDe   MEv   Skill
             EEa   EWa   EFi   EWo   ETh   EDa   ECh   EHe
Leather Armor    2     0     0     1     1     0     0     1     1   Vak Kruz
              1     1     1     1     1     1     0     0

Wyrm Scale       17    0     0     2     4     0     0     2     4   Rue Kruz
              2     4     0     2     2     2     2     2

Firedrake Mail   22    0     0     2     5     0     0     2     5   Vak Kruz
              2     0     4     2     2     2     3     2

  Heavy Body Armor
    Name        Lv.   PAt   PAc   PDe   PEv   MAt   MAc   MDe   MEv   Skill
             EEa   EWa   EFi   EWo   ETh   EDa   ECh   EHe
Blaze Armor      23    0     0     4     10    0     0     1     1   Ap Vakz
              2     0     4     2     2     2     0     8
Fire Beast       69    1     0     9     12    0     0     2     4   Vak Rom
              5     0     10    5     5     5     4     12           Ap Vakz

  Light Hand Armor
    Name        Lv.   PAt   PAc   PDe   PEv   MAt   MAc   MDe   MEv   Skill
             EEa   EWa   EFi   EWo   ETh   EDa   ECh   EHe
Fishing Gloves   17    0     0     2     4     0     0     2     4   Rue Kruz
              2     4     0     2     2     2     2     2

Fire Bracer      21    0     0     0     0     0     0     3     10  Vak Rom
              2     0     4     2     2     2     8     0

  Medium Hand Armor
    Name        Lv.   PAt   PAc   PDe   PEv   MAt   MAc   MDe   MEv   Skill
             EEa   EWa   EFi   EWo   ETh   EDa   ECh   EHe
Leather Gloves   2     0     0     1     1     0     0     1     1
              1     1     1     1     1     1     0     0
Miner's Gloves   12    0     0     2     3     0     0     2     3   Gan Don

  Heavy Hand Armor
    Name        Lv.   PAt   PAc   PDe   PEv   MAt   MAc   MDe   MEv   Skill
             EEa   EWa   EFi   EWo   ETh   EDa   ECh   EHe
Hands of Fire   23     0     0     4     10    0     0     1     1   Dek Vakz
              2     0     4     2     2     2     0     8

Electric Hands  79     1     0     10    13    0     0     2     5   Rai Don
              5     5     5     5     10    0     6     12           Dek Vorma

  Light Leg Armor
    Name        Lv.   PAt   PAc   PDe   PEv   MAt   MAc   MDe   MEv   Skill
             EEa   EWa   EFi   EWo   ETh   EDa   ECh   EHe

  Medium Leg Armor
    Name        Lv.   PAt   PAc   PDe   PEv   MAt   MAc   MDe   MEv   Skill
             EEa   EWa   EFi   EWo   ETh   EDa   ECh   EHe
Safety Shoes     2     1     1     0     0     0     0     1     1
              1     1     1     1     1     1     0     0

Fire Lizard      22    0     0     2     5     0     0     2     5   Ap Torv
              2     0     4     2     2     2     3     3

  Heavy Leg Armor
    Name        Lv.   PAt   PAc   PDe   PEv   MAt   MAc   MDe   MEv   Skill
             EEa   EWa   EFi   EWo   ETh   EDa   ECh   EHe
Used Greaves     3     0     0     2     6     0     0     0     0
              1     1     1     1     1     1     0     4

Mountain Guard   13    0     0     3     8     0     0     0     0    Repth
              4     2     2     0     2     2     0     6

Rare Greaves     49    1     0     7     10    0     0     1     1   Rai Kruz
              4     4     4     4     4     4     1     11
 |5.2 - Reg. Items|
  Healing Items
   Health Drink - Restore 150 HP
   Antidote - Cure poison, paralysis, speed down, and decrease in Phys. Status
   Restorative - Cure charm, sleep, confusion, charm, decrease in Mag. status
   Resurrect - Revive a dead ally.
   Mage's Soul - Restore 100 SP
   Noble Wine - Restore HP and SP to the maximum

  Stat Increase Items ("Blood" Items)
   Hunter Blood - Physical Accuracy
   Hermit Blood - Magical Attack

  Misc. Items
   Fortune Wire - Disarm trap on Risky Treasure boxes
   Fairy's Orb - Unknown areas on the map are displayed

 |5.3 - Scrolls|
    Hellstorm - Lv. 3 Tornado
    Lightning Bolt - Lv. 1 Drop
    Thunderbolt - Lv. 3 Drop

   The Hanged Man
    Paralysis. Unable to move.
   Speed Charm
    Temporary increase in movement speed.
   The Moon
    Sleep. Unable to move.
   Health Charm
    Recover HP with time.

    Temporary decrease in target's Thunder Element.

   Light Cross
    Recover target and any nearby member's HP by 150.
   Divine Cross
    Recover target and any nearby member's HP to maximum.

 |5.4 - Books|
  Insight Book - Magical Attack parameter +1

 |5.5 - Treasure|
  Grunt Doll
  Rainbow Card
  Yellow Candy - Sell for 1,000

|6.0 - Skills|
 |6.1 - Ability|
  Dek Vorma
   Decrease target's magic defense.

 |6.2 - Element|
  Ak Vakz
   Increase target and any near-by member's Fire Element.
  Ap Ruem
   Increase target and any near-by member's Water Element.

  Dek Ruem
   Decrease target and any near-by member's Water Element.

 |6.3 - Healing|
   Restore 150 HP.
  La Repth
   Recover target and any near-by member's HP by 150.
  Phal Repth
   Recover target and any near-by member's HP to maximum.

  Rip Maen
   Revive target from a ghost.

 |6.4 - Drop|
   Lv. 1: Gan Don
   Lv. 1: Vak Don
   Lv. 1: Rai Don
   Lv. 1: Ani Don

 |6.5 - Converge|
   Lv. 1: Rue Kruz
   Lv. 1: Vak Kruz
   Lv. 1: Rai Kruz
   Lv. 2: MeAni Kruz

 |6.6 - Raise|
   Lv. 1: Gan Zot

 |6.7 - Tornado|
   Lv. 1: Vak Rom

 |6.8 - Weapon|
   High-speed Slash - P: S:
    Lv. 1: Staccato
    Lv. 2: Flame Dance - Fire
           Orchid Dance - Wood
           Dark Dance - Darkness
   Spin - P: R:
    Lv. 1: Tiger Claws

   Quick Draw - P: R:
    Lv. 1: Hayabusa

  1H Sword
   Jump Strike - P: R:
    Lv. 1: Crack Beat

   Diagonal Slash - P: S:
    Lv. 1: Cross Slash

   Spin - P: R:
    Lv. 1: Revolver

  2H Sword
   Above & Below the Waist - P: S:
    Lv. 1: Calamity
   Somersault Strike - P: S:
    Lv. 1: Death Bringer

  2H Axe
   Spin Strike - P: R:
    Lv. 2: Rai Break - Thunder

  2H Spear
   Above & Below the Waist - P: S:
    Lv. 1: Triple Doom

|7.0 - Credits|

Well, the inspiration comes from, for one, Bandai. Since, you know, they made
the game.

Also, from all the stupid questions posted on various .hack message boards.

Thanks goes to Rhyste for helping me to figure out what Element is what, since
it doesn't say in the game.

|8.0 - Legal Stuff|

This FAQ is copyright 2003 Josh Miller. It may not be reproduced in whole or in
part without my permission. If I find it posted somewhere without said
permission, I will not be happy. I may be liable to take action as well. So if
you want it somewhere else, email me and ask. It's that simple. Really.

In addition, all of .hack is copyrighted and trademarked by Bandai. Including
the games, anime, everything. I am not part of Bandai. That is all.

|9.0 - Contact|

Email: [email protected]

Due to my hate of spammers, only those on my buddy list can see me on AIM and
thus IM me. I'm sure you're not a spammer, but because of them, email or the
boards is the only method of contacting me. Sorry. Oddly enough, I don't have
problems with spam email. But that's mostly because my filters catch most of


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