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Droid Arena FAQ
Author: SkiD_PL8
E-Mail: [email protected]
August 18, 2001
Last Updated
August 19, 2001
Use this document at your own discression. I don't care what you do with it.
Just don't edit it. You can print it out, sell it, publish it on your site
or in your magazine. Do whatever you want just DO NOT EDIT it.
                            *About Droid Arena*
Droidarena is an online/web based game. The only thing you need to play it 
is a capable browswer. I have used IE and Netscape on it and they both work 
great. It is located at http://www.droidarena.com and is a strategy game that 
allows you to build a robot then improve it by researching new things for it. It 
has a very good guild system that is an integral part of the game.
* Table of Contents*

    *A. Newbie Guide to your first few days-

1. How to build and what to build first
2. What is a corp and how to join
3. How to research and what to research first
4. What is an arena and how to join one

    *B. Corporate Intranet

1. Join requests
2. Resources
3. Forum
4. Members
5. Radio
6. Leave Corp

    *C. Arena Organization

1. Why do it
2. How to do it

    *D. How to get results from your battle.

1. What is the black room
2. How to read the jibberish
3. An easier way to read the jibberish

                *A. Newbie guide to your first few days*

1. The first thing you need to know is to get anywhere you have to build.
   To build click on "Construction" on the menu. First you need to build
   8 Living Quarters. When they are complete you will be able to build a
   radar array. Build it and when it is done you will be able to connect
   to MonsterNet(Message Boards) and the Corp intranet.

2. A corp is like a guild, it is a "team" for you to join and play with.
   you fight together in arenas, and can share resources. I suggest that
   you join "Deceptacons", that is the corp I am in and we are growing
   rapidly. To join you go to "Corp Intranet" on the menu and there is a
   dropdown list with every corp in the game in it, select one you like,
   try out Deceptacons.

3. Research is how you get new buildings and weapons. To research click
   on "Research" on the menu. Click on the name of the research topic to
   get a description of what it is and, what it will give you when
   completed, and also what it costs to research it. The first things
   you need to research are BABE, and Ocult Robotics.

4. Arenas are where you show your power.It is where you robot battles.
   To join an arena you first have to be in a corp, (see topic 2) if
   you are in a corp then all you have to do is click on "Arenas" on
   the menu then find one that you meet the requirements to join. It
   is best to find one that will keep you battling with people close
   to your level so at this point you probably want to join one that
   is let's say for levels 1-3. Arena Battles earn you XP and CR, and
   you never lose anything for battling so you want to get in as many
   arenas as you can.

                *B. Corporate Intranet*

1. Join requests are requests to join the corp. To access this section
   you have to be given the job of aproving membership requests.

2. Resources are the donations of members of the corp. CR, CP, and RP
   can all be donated to the corp. This page will tell you how much of
   each resource is available to be distributed. There is a person in
   charge of each of the resources and distributing them. It will tell
   you who does what on the members page. Go to the forum to request
   some of the resources.

3. The forum is the bread and butter of the corporate intranet. It is
   where you go to communicate with other corp members. Post messages
   and read old messages. It is a basic message board.

4. The members page will tell you all of the members in your corp. If
   they are online it will put a * beside their name. It will also tell
   you what, if any, arena they are in. Last but not least it tells you
   what job they hold in the corp, this is useful to find out who is in
   control of what resources so you can send them a message instead of
   just leaving a message in the forum.

5. The radio is a very useful communication device. You put in your
   message and send it and it is displayed in the right hand column of
   every members web browser. Three messages are displayed at a time so
   radio messages get bumped frequently.

6. The leave corp link will allow you to quit a corp if they are not
   meeting your needs. I suggest you find a good corp and stick with it.
   One last shameless plug, try Deceptacons we have never had a member leave
   so we must take care of them pretty good.

                *C. Arena Organization*

1. Why should you organize your corp in arenas? The answer to that
   question is simple, a team is always better that a loner. You
   will have a much better chance of winning the arena and finding
   the doll if you have teammates fighting alongside of you.

2. There are 20 arenas how do you get your corp mates to go to the
   same arena? Get them checking the members page and communicating.
   It tells you what arena every member is in on the members page on
   your corp intranet. Also make use of the forum and corp radio.

                *D. How to get results from your battle*

1. The Black room is where you go to examine your little black box
   that keeps track of what happened in the arena. It is also where
   you set you robots Retreat Percentage and taunts and last words.

2. At the very top it tells you flat out wheather or not you made it
   to the end of the battle, if you were on the winning team, and if
   the doll was in your cargo hold. This is really all of the relavent
   information but if you want to know what happened in the arena you
   need to read all of the jibberish underneath that. Basicly it will
   say a name followed by and ascii arrow to another name and then
   either a number or the word miss. It looks like this.
   Radar Jammer ====> Target Practice 11
   That means that Radar Jammer hit Target Practice and did 11 damage.
   At the very bottom of the log is the amount of CR and XP you earned
   for the battle.

3. Now if you are one of the lazy types (like me) then you can select
   all of the jibberish and copy and paste it into the translator at
   http://spin-disk.cjb.net it will give you a nicely formated version
   of the stats for the fight.
Well I hope that this is of some use to someone out there. If it is send me 
e-mail and let me know. Also if there is anything that you would like to add
that I missed send me an e-mail and let me know, I will credit you with the
update. Thank you all in advance hopefully this will grow to be the 
guide on droid arena.

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