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Kratos returns to PS3 in a prequel adventure from Sony Santa Monica Studios!

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough
   Prison of the Damned
   The Sewers
   The Guardhouse
   The Hecatonchires
   The Village of Kirra
   The Cistern
   The Tower of Delphi
   The Python's Belly
   The Temple of Delphi
   Delphi Catacombs
   The Oracle's Chamber
   Passage to Delphi
   The Grotto
   The Harbor of Kirra
   Prison of the Damned (2)
   Martyr's Chamber
   Delos Landing
   The Foot of Apollo
   The Gauntlet of Apollo
   The Forearm of Apollo
   The Ribs of Apollo
   The Furnace
   The Shoulder of Apollo
   Eyes of Apollo
   The Lantern of Delos
   Trial of Archemedes
   The Fury Citadel
3. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
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Before Kratos was the God of War, he was just a man. God of War: Ascension 
explores the adventures of Kratos before he tangled with the likes of Ares and 
other gods and titans.

L2 - Item
L1 - Block
R2 - Magic
R1 - Grapple
D-pad (up) - Lightning of Zeus
D-pad (left) - Fire of Ares
D-pad (right) - Ice of Poseidon
D-pad (down) - Soul of Hades
Triangle - Heavy Attack
Square - Light Attack
Circle - Secondary Weapon
X - Jump
Select - HUD
Start - Upgrade

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2. Walkthrough
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To dodge the incoming attacks, wait for the legs to glow blue and for the game 
to go into slow motion. Then tilt the left analog stick to the left, and Kratos
will dodge. Then start wailing on her with the square and triangle buttons, 
alternating between heavy and light attacks while continuing to dodge her moves
until Kratos manages to break free.

Upon landing, jump over the fallen pillars. The second pillar will be too high 
to get over with just a regular jump, so double tap the X button and Kratos 
will perform a double jump to get over it. This level is basically the tutorial
level to teach you all the different mechanics of the game, so get used to 
doing one basic action after another for now.

Upon rounding the corner, large fly-like enemies will swarm after Kratos. You 
can break the pots here for red orbs, so do so and then attack the flies. They 
are easily killed. Follow the enemy. There will be a gap to jump over with 
flies running around in a pit below. You can choose to kill them or ignore 
them, but I recommend killing them for the orbs.

The floor underneath Kratos's feet will be destroyed, and you'll find yourself 
in a prison with actual cells. Prisoners will be possessed by the flies, and 
will charge after Kratos. This is where the game teaches more basics of the 
combat and core gameplay.

Fight these guys like normal. If you want to roll out of the way, you can tilt 
the right analog stick in any direction to accomplish that. When white arcs 
appear above their heads, you can press circle to perform grapple attacks. More
and more of these enemies will come in as you kill them off. They will start 
spawning with swords even.

If you tap circle, you can disarm them. Press R1 to pick up the sword, and from
there you can use it as a weapon. You can throw the sword by holding L1 and 
triangle together. Keep killing these enemies until they stop spawning and the 
main enemy scurries away again.

Press R1 to zip up to the ledge and then run forward. Open the green chest to 
replenish Kratos's health and then go down the hall and break open the red 
chest to gather orbs. In the next area, continue pursuing the Fury through the 
gate, and then you'll have to fight a bunch of tiny flies. Use L1 to block the 
flies as they try to bombard you, and then otherwise just smash the hell out of
them. The Fury will then retreat and create a giant fly monster thing. Welcome 
to the first boss!

This boss is very easy. Just dodge its pincers by rolling to the right as it 
is about to slam them down. Then just jump up to its face and slash it a bunch.
Eventually, a QTE will be activated. Perform the QTE, and then you will 
continue the battle.

This time, the boss has two different attacks. It will slam its pincers in the 
center of the area, which is easily dodged by rolling to the right or left. If 
it slams its pincers on the far left or right, then roll into one of the two 
holes in the area. It will slide its pincers across the entire platform, and 
down here you can avoid its attack easily. Then jump back up and start slicing 
away at the boss again until yet another QTE is activated. Complete the QTE and
this boss will be defeated.

Kratos will then start sliding down the area. You can steer him by moving the 
left analog stick. Dodge the obstacles the best you can as you slide down the 
area. When Kratos fall through a hole, he'll go straight down a wall, and this 
part is a bit tougher. When Kratos lands in the water, it's time for the next 

Upon landing in the sewers, take note of the white bricks poking out of the 
walls. Jump onto the brick and then start scaling the walls to the top. At the 
top, kill the enemies and then open the chests. Pull the lever and then 
backtrack a bit and start walking through the building.

A monster will rip this out and you'll have to fight waves of enemies as it is 
twisted and turned every which way. Eventually, this will prompt a mini-QTE of 
sorts and Kratos will land elsewhere.

Clear the area of enemies and then pull the flashing object outward. This will 
open a nearby door. Go through the door, smash the chests, and then pull the 
lever, which will activate a nearby ladder. Climb the ladder to get back to the
other side, and then pull the object out again.

A cyclops will climb up onto the area and start fighting with Kratos. This 
fight is pretty easy. Just keep rolling so that you stay mostly behind the 
cyclops and then keep wailing on him until he kneels and you can grapple with 
him. Then Kratos will be in control of the cyclops. Use him to kill all the 
enemies that spawn, and then when the cyclops dies, pull the object out again, 
which will cause the door to open again.

Go through the door, up the ladder, and then swing across to another chest. 
Smash the chest for red orbs on the other side. Go around and grapple onto the 
ledge hanging out, and then Kratos will start smashing himself into the wall. 
Press square when prompted (you'll need to do this twice), and Kratos will 
succeed in smashing through the concrete.

A short scene will play, and then the boss fight with the big fly boss will 
resume, though it's a bit different. This time will smash down almost directly 
on Kratos each time and swing his pincers together to make it impossible to 
roll out of their way. You need to time your jumps to get above them, and at 
the height of each jump, slash at his face.

Eventually, the grappling symbol will appear above his head. Perform the QTE, 
and then he'll try to smash Kratos into a barrel. Mash L1 and R1 alternatively 
to break free and continue the battle with the same strategy as before. From 
there, you're free to continue the pursuit for the fury, which will lead you 
onto a lifting platform.

Fight off the dogs. When the platform comes to a stop, latch on to the broken 
pieces of wood sticking out of the wall and climb up as the gears also come up 
to try to kill Kratos. Move up the wall as fast as possible. At the top, open 
the chests and then start climbing the ladder.

At the top of the ladder, take a left. Go through the door by tapping R1. After
the cut-scene, it's time for another boss fight. The giant head of the 
Hecatonchires will be taken over by the Fury. Two huge pincers with purple weak
points will grab onto the platform Kratos is standing on.

Ignore all enemies and run over to one of these when they appear. Just pick 
one and constantly pursue that one with attacks until it is damaged enough that
the Hecatonchires loses the grip on the platform. Then you'll have to fight the
large fly boss again, but this time it is pushing you into the hard claws of 
the Hecatonchires.

Avoid its pincers and keep on it until a grapple point appears above its head. 
Activate it and Kratos will take control. Mash on square and triangle to deal 
damage to the large Hecatonchireshead. Eventually, Kratos will get off the 
fly boss through QTEs, and you'll be face to face with the furry. Mash on the 
square and triangle buttons to deal damage to her.

Following the cut-scene, destory the wagon and pots outside for extra red orbs 
and then move forward into the village. Grab the club off the ground and get 
ready to fight some elephant man! These juggernauts can be tough. Make choice 
swings with the club to deplete their armor quickly, and be mindful of the 
other enemies helping them out.

When the grapple icon appears above their head, grapple them. If it is a white 
grapple icon, then Kratos will jump on the back of the elephant man and you can
use it to take out all the other enemies in the area. If it is a red grappling 
icon, then Kratos will drag the elephant man's head to the ground. You deal 
damage to its head by stabbing it using square and triangle, and tilt the left 
analog stick to the left if it tries to grab you. This will result in Kratos 
cutting open its skull and gaining health back. This fight is tough, so I do 
recommend trying to get health whenever possible.

It's also possible that the elephant men will grab you. If they do this, mash 
on the attack buttons to free Kratos. Once these guys are dead, check the 
houses for breakable doors, in which you will be able to gather more red orbs 
by destroying the furniture. There is a fork in the path, one that goes left 
and one that goes right. Take the path on the left.

You'll find a crank here. Turn the crank and a wire will snap into place behind
Kratos. Backtrack to the fork and then this time go to the right. Grab the 
object here and push it over to the house that the wire appeared above, with 
the red chest on top. Use this object to climb on top. Access the chest, and 
then swing across the wire.

Grab the javeline if you want. This is a long-ranged secondary weapon, but it 
will run out of ammo eventually. Kill the bugs on the other side of the bridge 
and then round the corner. Interact with the flaming pedastal to gain the Fire 
of Ares.

The Fire of Ares is the first magic you receive in the game. It can be used in 
a couple of different ways. For one, you can click in both the left and right 
analog sticks when the rage meter is filled and Kratos will unleash a powerful 
attack on an enemy. The other option is to press R2 when your magic meter is 
sufficient, and Kratos will stab the ground, causing enemies to fly in the air.
If you press O at the right time, you can do more damage and get more red orbs 
from this attack. Practice incorporating the Fire of Ares into your moveset 
on the enemies that spawn here before continuing through the doors.

Heal using the chest and then continue into the next room. You'll have to fight
goat men. Or yak men. I haven't quite decided. At any rate, you'll first want 
to take out the guys on the nearby ledge that will constantly be shooting 
projectiles at Kratos. Once they're dead, taking out everyone else is pretty 
easy. You're then able to leave this place once all the other enemies are 
defeated, but check a ledge to the left of the exit for red orb chest and a 
chest containing a gorgon eye.

You'll reach another bridge next. If you'd like to learn more about the 
backstory of this village, pick up the notes lying on the ground and what-not, 
otherwise begin to move across the bridge. There will be a Sling on the ground.
Grab it and use it to take out the enemies that are using a sling themselves. 
Be mindful of the flying enemies as well. They are weak, but they can become a 
hassle in larger scale battles.

At the end of the bridge will be a chest alternating between healing orbs and 
MP orbs. If you need health, wait for it to be green before opening. If you 
need MP, then wait for it to turn blue. When you're done, start scaling the 
mountain wall and make your way all the way around to the next piece of solid 

Multiple enemies will be here with projectile weapons, but a turned over pillar
blocks their attacks. Wait for them to attack, then charge and take them all 
out. Now go behind the water wheel to find a couple of hidden red orb chests. 
Then go to the front of the water wheel and pull the device back as far as it 
goes to get the wheel spinning.

Climb up the broken piece of wood and then jump across to land on the platform.
When the wheel stops moving, jump across. You'll find notes on the ground 
explaining the broken water wheel and how that destroyed the town. Sad. The 
big doors can't be opened, so shimmy across the ledge. Kill any enemies in the 
way and go down the path, checking out that broken chest as you do. At the 
end of this path, kill all the enemies, loot the chests, and then keep going 
until you reach another building. Go inside.

As you move forward, you'll notice a spikey wheel moving around this area in a 
circle. Enter the room as soon as it passes Kratos, and run in the direction 
that it is moving. There will be wooden plans blocking the center area of this 
room, so smash them. Quickly jump across the gap, and then start pulling the 
three different levers into the middle. When this is done, make a mad dash for 
the three wall segments that get pulled out and use them to reach another lever
in this room. Loot the chests, pull this lever, and then exit the room and 
backtrack to the beginning of this area.

Pull down the damaged pillar and then use the rubble to climb up. Fight the 
Gorgon and once defeated, open the double doors and go through.

Check the halls for chests as you move through the Cistern. You'll then reach a
room with a giant goat statue. Kill the enemies around the statue and then jump
on top of the statue to reach the upper level. Kill the enemies and then slide 
down, avoiding the obstacles. When Kratos is shot out over the chasm, press R1 
to use the grapple point to swing across to the safety of the cliff wall.

Scale the cliff. Back on solid ground, open the chests and then grab the Ice of
Poseidon. Use the Ice of Poseidon to kill the enemies in this area. When they 
are all dead, the doors will open. You can switch between the Fire of Ares and 
the Ice of Poseiden by using the left and right d-pad buttons.

Jump on the giant snake statue. Pull out the object blocking it on its back, 
and then it will start moving. Once it comes to a stop, scale the building. At 
the top will be eggs. Break the eggs before they hatch to stop the flying 
enemies from spawning. Kill them and then continue to the top of the tower.

First you'll have to fight a chimera. I'm having Dragon's Dogma flashbacks, 
and it ain't pretty. Luckily chimeras are much easier to fight in God of War: 
Ascension. Basically, just treat him like a normal enemy. Evade his attacks and
lay into him until eventually the grappling symbol appears above his head. 
Complete the QTE to get rid of his snake tail.

Now the chimera is even easier to fight. Keep at it and then Kratos will stab 
out the lion's eyes in the next QTE. Then finish off the goat. The goat has a 
charging attack that is somewhat difficulty to dodge, but don't worry about 
running low on health as there are a couple of health chests in the next areas.

Once the chimera is dead, pull the lever to the center of the place. This will 
cause a large red snake statue with a gaping hole in its side to slither up to 
the top of the tower. Jump inside the hole. Loot the chests and then exit out 
the next hole to be on top of the snake.

Go all the way to the left to find a sequence of grapple points. Uses these 
grapple points to swing Kratos all the way across. Upon landing, start moving 
through the next snake statue. You'll find yourself in a long tunnel with a 
ton of eggs and two enemies with shields. If you want to get a huge combo here,
rip the shields off the enemies, pick one up, and then just start smashing 
through all the enemies and eggs all the way to the other end of the snake 
using the shield.

Next up to add to Kratos's arsenal is Zeus's lightning. Grab it and then use it
to defeat the enemies. The doors will then open up. To equip Zeus's lightning, 
press "up" on the d-pad. To equip the Fire of Ares or the Ice of Poseidon, use 
left and right on the d-pad respectively. Keep that in mind. Use your favorite.
I prefer the Fire of Ares myself. Use your red orbs to upgrade the Blades of 
Chaos and whichever element you use the most.

Exit this snake statue through the hold to reach the roof again. Jump off to 
the left and land on the next snake statue that has a red orb chest on it. 
Open the chest, and then drop down the hole. What follows is another sliding 
segment. Complete it and then press R1 when prompted to grapple on to the cliff
wall. Climb to the top, complete the next QTE, and Kratos will smash through 
the side of yet another gigantic hollow snake statue. This guide now wins the 
award for the most time the words "snake statue" have been used, I bet.

Exit through the hole and continue traveling down the top of the snake. A bunch
of eggs will be there, so try to smash as many as possible. A few dogs will 
be guarding the eggs, but grappling them will result in a one-hit kill anyway, 
so don't fret too much about them.

Kratos will then slide down a slope. Complete the QTEs, and then climb to the 
top of the snake as it is pointing vertically. Rip off the guard and the snake 
will then move into position at the center tower. There is yet another snake, 
however, as shown by the dynamic camera angle. A winged monster will fight 
Kratos next, so complete the QTEs that occur because of this, and then jump 
through the hole in the top of the blue snake. Go down the slope, press X when 
prompted, grapple, and then climb up. You'll have to go through more sequences 
of swinging and sliding and what have you, but there's nothing too taxing, and 
it's all very straight forward and linear platforming. Be mindful of chests, 
however, as there are a few lying around, including one that allows you to 
choose between healing orbs or magic orbs.

Once you reach the head of the blue snake, rip off the guard there and then it 
will activate, sliding into a cavern with Kratos on top.

Immediately destroy the wood in your way, and then take to defeating the 
enemies that appear. As the snake slides through the cavern, more wooden 
obstacles will be in the way. You have a choice of either destroying them or 
simply moving out of the way.

This next part of the game involves a sequence of these same segments 
repeating. Basically, you will fight enemies on the snake, and then went the 
snake reaches a wall that Kratos can't pass through, there will be a grapple 
point. The first time this happens is the trickiest. Jump off the snake and 
then use the grapple point. Then you need to climb the scaffolding to the top 
very quickly before it all breaks, and then jump on the snake again when 

The ones after that are much less eventful. Finally, the snake will reach its 
designated area and power up the tower. Now work your way to the top, and at 
the top, be ready to fight the winged beast from before.

He will fly above Kratos and spit fire. Jump up and slash at him while avoiding
the flames. It may be a better idea just to wait for him to land if you are low
on health or something. When he lands, it's much easier to wail on him and 
drain his health.

Once enough damage has been inflicted, a QTE must be performed. The end result 
of that QTE will be that one of the monster's wings will be severed by Kratos. 
After that happens, the fight is much easier, but he has a new attack. He 
can spit out those flying enemies from before. This is no matter for now, 
just focus on the big guy.

The next time you can grapple, Kratos will mount him and you can go crazy 
with stabs. Watch his tail and be ready to dodge when it stabs at the back of 
Kratos. Keep stabbing the enemy and then he will be defeated. Take out any 
remaining enemies and then make your way to the temple proper, go down the 
fancy steps, loot the chests, and then go through the large double doors.

Immediatey inside the temple, you will have to face a cerberus. When it is at 
about halfway health, you can take control of it and use it to kill all the 
little dogs that spawn here. Then shake the left analog stick back and forth 
once it starts resisting, and then finish it off. When it's dead, the spikes 
will lower and you can explore this room further.

Loot the place. Then grapple the stairs and pull them out to make a complete 
staircase. Go up the stairs and then go to the left. Step in the Gateway Gas. 
The room will start to decay. Destroy the double doors in the center, but do 
not go through yet. Keep going to the right instead and destroy the door here 
to find two chests with a gorgon eye and a feather, plus a note on the ground 
you can read.

Go through the double doors and step forward. Watch the scenes, and then use 
the gas. Go to the right and destroy the door. Kill everything in this hallway 
and then grab the statue and take it to the only open room here. There is 
another room with a breakable door that has a bunch of goodies in this hallway 
as well, so check that out. But anyway, drag the statue to the other room.

Step in the gas and watch as a panel falls. Wait for the gas to wear off, and 
then position the statue under the panel. Use the gas and then jump up on the 
platform created by the panel and statue. Jump over to the chests and open 
them, and then backtrack to the center room where the cut-scene played.

Step in the gas again, but this time take a left. Kill the enemy here and then 
find the next room. Go through the gas again, and the floor will disappear. 
Jump to the red orb chest and open it, then drop down. Roll down the hallway 
before the floor can fix itself as the effects of the gas wear off.

Open the chests and then take the power of Hades. Yet again, kill all the new 
enemies with this new power, the Soul of Hades, equipped. You can equip it by 
pressing down on the d-pad. Once the room is cleared, the door that is made up 
of the body of Hades will open for Kratos.

On the other side, two statues swinging hammers will come to life. These are 
called Talos. Kill them, and then take the unfinished statue head and drag it 
under the ladder. Climb on top of it and then climb up the ladder. Hop off the 
ladder and open the chest, grab the note, and then head to the right. You 
will find an elevator with a lever in the center. Pull the lever and then 
ride the elevator.

Go through the hall. Jump on the chandelier and then grapple the snake heads 
and Kratos will be doused in the gas. This part can be tricky, but bare with 
it. As soon as the gas hits Kratos, the chandelier will fall. Quickly go on 
the platform to the right and then make your way across. As the second 
chandelier rises, jump forward and Kratos should grab onto its rim. Climb up 
on top of it.

Then pull the next two snake heads and then the process will repeat. Jump on 
the floating piece of debris to the right, and then leap to the glowing green 
mark on the wall. Grapple it and Kratos will zoom over to the necessary area.

Loot the chests and then in the next room, activate the gas. Go near the gate 
on the right and wait until it opens. Run through the next room and then loot 
the chests in the final room. Backtrack and activate the gas again, and this 
time sprint to the gate that was near the chests and go through before the gate
closes, and then kick open the doors.

You'll find yourself in the room with the large hourglass. Two enemies will 
spawn. They will create ghost versions of themselves and can be quite a 
nuisance. Ignore their ghostly versions and attack their full forms. If they 
dig into the ground, attack the tops of their bodies as they slide around the 
area, and you can get them to come out for more direct assaults.

When they're all dead, head to the upper righthand area of this room. PUll the 
lever and a snake statue nearby will start spewing the gateway gas. There's a 
green chest next to this lever as well. Run to the gas, then return to the 
lever. Smash through the door behind the lever and run down the hall for 

Return to the center room with the hourglass and then activate the gas again. 
This time, turn your attention to the pillar on the left. Rip it down and then 
if you are quick enough, zip up to the upper area, climb to the top, and then 
shimmy to the right. Jump on the chandelier, and then press R1 to swing the 
chandelier to the hourglass. At the peak of the swing, jump off on top of the 
hourglass and then up on the next area.

Loot this place, and then go through the door on the left. Through here you 
will find the room you were in earlier with the ladder. Pull the lever and the 
ladder will descend all the way to the ground, plus a snake statue will start 
spitting out that gas. Run over to the gas and let it hit Kratos. Then jump 
down and push the statue head crate that you used earlier to reach the ladder, 
and push it on top of the panel that falls when the gas is activated.

When the gas wears off, the box will be brought up to the upper level. Use the 
gas again and smash through the door here. Then push the box all the way to the
hourglass room and kick it down to where the hourglass is. Push it to the 
front of the room, near the pillar you pulled down, and place it on the button 
here. This will open a door in the northwestern part of the room, facing the 
hourglass. Collect the goodies there, then return to the box, pushing it as 
close to the chandelier as possible.

With that done, activate the gas again and then jump on the box. Jump on the 
chandelier when it drops, and then run to the front of the chandelier. Press R1
and Kratos will swing the chandelier's point directly into the hourglass, 
causing all the sand to spill out in the process. Kratos will automatically 
land on the elevator below. Just ride it down.

At the bottom, Kratos will be introduced to the creepy dude with the staff 
from earlier. Watch the scenes, and then chase him down the passage. Start by 
jumping from the platform Kratos is standing on, and then go straight ahead. 
Jump when necessary, grapple when the green lights show up, and then finish 
the slide with a couple of QTEs based around the X button.

Finally, at the end of this chase will be a pretty intense boss fight. The 
first phase of the fight will see you dodging his attacks and taking swipes at 
him as much as possible. When rocks appear on the ground, grapple the rocks and
throw them to knock him down, allowing for a flurry of offense before he 

He will then stab his staff into the ground and pieces of the ground will 
start disappearing. Run around in a counter-clockwise circle, and be sure to 
stick to ground that remains the correct color. The pieces of ground that turn 
grey are doomed to fall into the chasm below.

He will then take to the pillars surrounding the area. The pillars are decayed,
so attack them to make them crumble. Roll to avoid the blasts he shoots, and 
if you succeed in knocking down the pillar he's standing on, you'll get in 
another flurry of offense. He'll teleport around and be an annoyance for a 
little bit longer. Use the rocks to hurt him, but your magic will be pretty 
useless in this fight.

He will become very angry and then make nearly all the floor disappear. Run 
straight for the camera in the center, and Kratos should be safe. The game then
switches to a first-person mode. The boss will attack. Kratos will block the 
attack. Alternate between L1 and R1, and then rush him and grapple him. Mash 
the dude's face in, and then the weird little creature growing out of his ribs 
will take over the fight.

This part is tougher. There is a green aura surrounding him, and when Kratos 
steps into that aura, time slows down. The trick is to stay out of range of 
the aura and slice at him without Kratos getting stuck in the time warp, or 
whatever you want to call it. If you have javelines, they are also helpful 
here, but they won't do as much damage as the good old Blades will.

Once he's been damaged enough a final time, he will start making the entire 
place crumble. He also tries to kill the Oracle. Rush him and then grapple him 
again. When you land on the ground far below, crush the disgusting crawling 
little thing that looks like it was ripped out of the pilot episode of The 
Walking Dead, and then walk over to the more human looking dude and steal the 
amulet from his chest.

This amulet allows you to heal and decay parts of the environment. This is used
to solve puzzles and for platforming purposes. Hold L2 to activate it, and then
press square to start the process. Walk over to the rubble and then stop when 
the pieces start slowing down in the middle. Then use the platform to get up 
on the higher ledge. Loot the chest, and then approach the rubble at the end. 
Blast it with the amulet, and then you will be able to finish healing the 
structure completely.

Jump up on top of the now-finished structure and approached the crushed body of
the Oracle.

Following the scene, start moving through the area. Everything is calm and 
sort of pretty, which is strange for God of War, and probably threw Kratos 
off balance. Anyway, you'll eventually be ambushed by a shielded enemy and a 
couple of other goons, and this is where the game teaches you how to use the 
amulet as a weapon. If you blast enemies with it, they will spin around in mid-
air, suspended in time.

Take out these guys and then Kratos can continue. You'll then find a destroyed 
aqueduct. Rebuild it using the amulet and then cross. Fight the lightning 
lady and her two helpers. Focus your attention on her, though, otherwise she 
will bombard you with electrical attacks that are very annoying and cause a lot
of damage. When they're all dead, build the next part of the aquaduct and the 
water will flow all the way to the end.

You're now back at the Cistern. Drop off here, and kill the enemies that spawn.
Backtrack all the way to the spot where you first entered this area, when the 
bridge gave way under Kratos. There will be a couple of chests you can rebuild 
along the way, plus more aquaduct to throw together. Fix the bridge and keep 
backtracking to the water wheel.

At the water wheel, heal it to the middle point and then leave it suspended 
there. When the parts start slowing down, that's when you can let go of L2. 
Go to the lever and pull it all the way back. Then let go, and then decay the 
water wheel back to the state you found it in. This will cause part of the 
structure to block the lever. Climb up the floating debris, and be VERY careful
as you jump to the blue platform. Otherwise you'll fall down on the red 
platform, and you will be forced to heal the water wheel again just to get out,
which is a pain and will make you restart the puzzle all over.

On the blue wheel, heal the water wheel all the way. Then at the top, heal 
the aquaduct to finish piecing it back together. Kratos will then ride the 
water wheel to the caves below automatically, and dive into the water at the 

Dive and follow the passageway to dry land. Two icey hammer-wielding foes 
will drop down to fight Kratos. They can activate ice armor, which makes them 
temporariy invincible. Once they're defeated, use the amulet on the two cranks 
here. Decay them to cause the chains to break and open the door.

Dive into the next pool of water and swim through it. Avoid the spikes as you 
swim, and then once you reach dry land again, loot the chests before heading 

This is another short level. Go all the way to the left to find a Gorgon eye 
and a feather. Then approach the boat from the side. Go to leave, and then the 
wooden platform will drop, allowing access on the boat. Get on the boat, and 
then watch the cut-scene.

Back in present day, fight off the ceberus. Then grapple it when possible and 
use it to kill the other enemies. When everything is dead, use the amulet to 
rebuild the entire city. Walk forward and then take a left through the open 
gate that was closed during your first visit and watch the scene.

When that's done, be sure to use the chests if needed, and then walk through to
the next area. An Empusa is your reward. This annoying bug-like chick thing 
is shrouded in poisonous gas on top of all the other things it has on its 
body that can hurt you. Keep your distance best you can. Doing damage will make
her gas disappear, so that you can get in closer and deal more personal 

When she's dead, start scaling the wall using the ornaments sticking out. When 
you reach the top, use the amulet to rebuild the city from afar. Then jump 
down and use the grapple on the end of the chain. Grapple from point to point 
until Kratos lands on solid ground again.

In this building, the first thing you need to do is solve a puzzle. It's not 
that difficult though, but if you were having trouble -- hey! that's what I'm 
here for! First thing you're going to want to do is decay the pillar in the 
middle so the body of the prisoner that is chained can hang there freely. Then 
rip out the other body from the torture device in the room.

Grapple the body hanging on the wall and drag it toward the camera. Move Kratos
to the right so that the body is hanging in front of the point on the torture 
device, and then let go. This will trap the dude's body inside the mechanism, 
which will raise the nearby crate thing, allowing access to the elevator on the
other side.

Pick up the dead body pulled from the device and step onto the elevator. Toss 
it down to the far right or left, and then approach the middle of the elevator.
Grapple the controls to ride the elevator to the top. Pick up the body again 
and then step out of the elevator and walk forward until the camera shifts to 
an overhead view. Toss the body off the ledge here and onto the button below. 
Now use the box thing to get across to the other side and loot the chests. If 
you screw up and forget to throw the body on the button, then the dude with 
the chains will be ripped apart, and you'll need to use the amulet to heal his 
body and start the puzzle over again.

Go up the stairs and kick open the door. Kill the enemies in this room, and 
when they're dead, pull out the next thing and use it to get to higher ground. 
Then go outside and complete the QTEs. We'll now be treated to another 

Off the boat, run forward. Kill the goat men that attack. When they're dead, 
walk over to the dead body with a spear in it. Examine the body. The pier will 
be destroyed. Heal it halfway, and then use this to platform over to a small 
cliffside. Then heal it all the way and use the lever to reach the top of the 

At the top of the cliff, civilians will be terrorized by monsters throwing 
spears. Kratos will automatically grab javelines. Waste them into these guys 
from afar, and then rush them and finish them off. Go to the grapple point and 
try it, but then complete the QTE that interrupts the process. Next, platform 
up the mountainside even higher.

Kill the elephant man. Then continue. Grapple when possible and bust through 
the wall into the next building. Grapple the wheel, and then jump on the 
object blocking the gears and ride it to the other side. Press Kratos against 
the wall and shimmy through the small opening. Jump to the next platforming 
point, and then Kratos will fall down.

Wipe out the enemies here. First, however, you'll want to get rid of all the 
eggs lying on the ground. When they're destroyed, finish off the remaining 
enemies. Now it's time for yet another puzzle, God of War style. Yay! And 
there are some hidden goodies with this one.

To start this puzzle, first you'll need to grab the stack of gears blocking 
the wheel on the left. Drag the stack of gears over to the lever. Then use them
to jump on the roof and destroy the debris blocking the chain. Then go to the 
center of the chain and use the amulet to fix the chain. If you want extra 
orbs, a feather, and a gorgon eye, then first drag the stack of gears back to 
the wheel where you got them.

Go back to the lever and pull it all the way to the left. Shove the gears in 
the open space on the wheel and then go to the left side of the wheel. Use the 
cracks to platform up to the goodies. Then pull the stack of gears out and 
return to the lever. Pull it all the way to the right and shove the gears in 
the space there to make the platforming cracks appear on the right side of the 
wheel now.

Decay the chain using the amulet to make the green grapple point get closer. 
Now climb up the right side of the wheel and use the grapple point to leap 
across. Loot the place, kill the bugs and their spawn, and then shimmy through 
the small opening. Keep platforming and moving forward until you reach a large 
boulder blocking the door. Kick it out of the way.

Climb up the wall and then use the pipes to reach the higher area. Climb up 
the cliff to the left, and then keep going until you meet a new enemy and 
series regulars. A blue Amazonian woman with a spear will be flanked by a 
couple of harpies. Kill them all, and then destroy the dilapidated wooden 

Climb up to the chests and then continue scaling the wooden beams to reach a 
grapple point. Swing off the grapple point into the wall and Kratos will 
slide down onto a zpiline that he will then ride. Upon landing on the platform,
pull the lever to get it moving.

Harpies will attack from all directions. Take them out, but stick to the 
platform. Eventually, the sea monster from earlier will destroy the platform. 
Grapple to avoid falling to your death, and then climb up the broken platform. 
Leap over to the concrete blocks that are hanging from the rope, and then leap 
from them over to another zipline and ride it through into the next building.

As soon as Kratos lands, TWO of those annoying electric chicks will spawn. 
This fight will be very tough. If you have any magic, I recommend using it 
right off the bat to get their health down as much as possible before you try 
to fight them without any magic.

When they're dead, go over to the chain on the far end of the room. Mash on O 
to make the mechanism raise. Keep pulling the chain until you can't pull on it 
any longer, and then jump on the mechanism. Double jump from the mechanism to 
the upper level before it is able to recede.

Loot the chests up here and then turn your attention to the wheel near the 
green chest. Turn the wheel and a block will pop out. Kick the block over to 
the wall and then use it to climb up. Pull the chains here to get the gears 
moving, and then quickly use them to get through this area. Fight your way 
through the enemies, and then use the next zipline to get across to more wooden

Follow this platform and drop down. You'll have to fight two centaurs as well 
as another Amazon chick. Focus on the centaurs first and then kill the Amazon 
girl. If you're lucky, she's likely to ignore you while you're fighting the 
centaurs anyway. When they're dead, approach the rusted chain and grapple it so
Kratos can rip it apart.

Use the broken piece of chain to reach the wooden platform. Walk to the left 
under the ledge to find a red orb chest and open it up. At the top of this 
platform will be a chest with a feather in it. When ready, continue down the 
proper path to be in a rather sinister looking room with flames spewing out of 
the walls and two buttons on the floor.

You'll need to step on the bottom closest to your TV screen first. Stay on it 
until it is just about ready to touch the flames. Then run over to the other 
button and step on it quickly so it rises a bit again. Then you can jump over 
to the chests and loot them. Then continue to more wooden beams you can use 
to climb up further.

As you walk forward, the bridge will collapse. Jump to the green point to 
grapple across and then continue. The floor will continue to collapse, so jump 
to the terrace and use it to climb up. Up here, you'll find a bunch of chests, 
but also a bunch of eggs. Demolish the eggs before opening the chests, and 
then continue to the next green glowing grapple point. Use it, and then hit 
square twice to once again break through the wall.

At the end of this next hallway will be a bunch of bugs crawling around as 
well as a couple of chests. Kill the bugs, and then destroy their spawning 
sac that is attached to the wall. LOot the chests and then climb the wall and 
jump over the other wall, hitting the grapple point as you fall.

A bunch of Spartans will attack Kratos. You need to get behind their shields 
or use magic to take them all out at once. One of the Furies, I apologize that 
I can't seem to keep track of their names, but the spider-lookin' one with one 
arm, will attack with the spartans.

Fight her off, and when enough damage is done, she'll retreat to the rooftops. 
Grab a javeline. If there aren't any, kill the spartans she spawns and take 
theirs. Then start throwing them at her while she's on the roofs. She'll 
bounce from roof to roof, but then become annoyed and start fighting you 
directly again. Keep damaging her until a QTE appears and complete it.

Now you have to fight the illusionist chick along with her pterodactyl thing. 
This fight is actually pretty easy in phase one. Just roll around to avoid her 
attacks and slash at her. The ground will flash blue in the areas that she's 
about to drop her dimension-altering attacks, so use that as a means of 
dodging while you fight her.

Keep the fight on her until she kneels. Then grapple her and complete the QTE 
that follows. When that's done, the spider lady will help her fight. You have 
to fight them both at the same time. She'll help the spider lady by putting a 
force field around her occasionally and stuff like that. When that happens, 
just focus all your attention on the illusionist chick.

Finally, another set of QTEs will signal the ejection of the spider lady. 
Grapple the illusionist chick one last time and complete one last QTE to finish
this mission. The QTEs in this level are a bit tricky, mind you, as they 
incorporate the analog sticks for the first time. When a slashing motion is 
on the left side of the screen, swing the left analog stick down. The opposite 
goes when the slashing motion is on the right side of the screen.

After the cut-scene, you'll be introduced to a new power called the oath stone.
Turn the crank, and then use L2 and triangle in conjunction to use the stone. 
This will create a double to hold the crank. Jump on the lowered platform, 
and then press L2+triangle again to make the double disappear and ride the 
platform to the top.

Make a clone on the pressure pad. Then use the grapple point to swing across 
to the platform. You are then taught how to use the oath stone in battle. Do 
so and watch your clone go to work and help you kill all the enemies. Clear 
this room.

When everything is dead, start climbing the wall. Keep going until you find a 
movable platform. Grapple it and pull it toward you as far as it will go. Let 
go, and then run forward and jump across before it gets too far away. Then jump
from here to the teeter totter, and place a clone at the left side of this. 
This will allow you to run up the other side and start climbing.

You'll then backtrack to the place where you fight the centaurs and the amazon 
chick. This time, you will fight another blue girl and a ceberus. There will 
be a green and blue chest here in case you need to refill your health or magic.
Kill everything, and then turn your attention to the chains. Heal them half 
way, and then use the chains to get back up to the fire area.

Inside the fire area, place a clone on one of the pressure pads. As the lift 
goes up, enemies will start to spawn. Kill the enemies as you ride the lift 
up. The clone will disappear, and when this happens, go to a pressure pad 
quickly and place another clone before you lose too much progress. Keep doing 
this until you reach the top, kill the remaining enemies, and then continue 

Go to the left and start swinging using the grapple points. This next section 
is almost entirely platforming. You'll be using grapple points, completing mini
QTE sections, and climbing beams. There are hardly even any enemies, but when 
you do come across them, kill them quickly.

Eventually you will reach gears you need to push. Press R1 to start pushing 
them and then you will be able to access the next area.

Kill the Cyclops and then destroy all the eggs. This level is basically one 
big puzzle. Destroy the wooden planks you see next to the gear, and then pull 
the pile of wood out from the area on the right. Turn the crank by mashing on 
O, and a platform will come to you. Ride the platform across.

Go to the left and then platform your way to the next area. You'll find an 
artifact on the desk, plus there's a chest here. Kill the enemies and then 
pull open the flap on the furnace. Make a clone to hold it open, and then go 
through. Drop down and then loot the chests. Approach the next gear and crank 
it to open the gate.

Grab the pile of wood and take it to the opening next to the crank, where the 
sparks were shooting while you were turning the gear. Turn the gear again with 
the wood in position to light the wood on fire. The wood will burn up, but 
don't worry about it. Take it back where you originally got it, and then use 
the amulet to revive the wood and fire. This will then power up the oil.

With the oil in place, take the burnt up wood pile underneath where the oil 
lets out, right next to the first gear you used in this area. Turn the gear 
now, and then oil will fill up the container. Now take it back to the room 
where you first lit it on fire and put it in the center of the room. Use the 
amulet to revive the fire and wood, which will spark the oil and cause a 
massive flame, reawakening the furance.

Back in the center area, kill the gorgon and the other enemies that spawn. Use 
the gear to make your way across again and back up to the furnace proper. Kill 
or ignore the flying enemies, and time your jumps on the flaps to reach the 
top of the furnace. Shimmy along to the elevator and ride it to the top.

Jump across the gap. Move along the conveyor belt until you reach another gear.
Turn this gear. The conveyor belt will turn off and wheels will start moving 
with platforms on them. Be sure you have full magic for this next part, and 
start backtracking down the conveyor belt.

Enemies will attack by the dozens, plus lava will be poured from both 
directions. Kill the enemies as fast as you can. Abuse your magic to kill 
them quicker. If they're killed fast enough, Kratos will be spared. Make your 
way to the wheel, and then use the platforms on the wheels to get all the way 
across to another grapple point. Time the grapple so you don't hit one of the 
buckets full of hot oil.

I've decided to group Furnace (2) together with Shoulder of Apollo because 
otherwhise Shoulder of Apollo is just pathetically short. Well, to begin with, 
kill all the enemies that spawn. This will include three elephant men and a 
bunch of opposition from shielded enemies. Enemies with clubs will constantly 
spawn until you get rid of the guys with the shields.

When they're dead, fix the chain using the amulet. What follows is another 
sliding segment. Slide down the area and avoid falling off into the lava. Use a
criss-crossing pattern for the easiest way to get to the bottom. You will land 
back in the furnace area.

Go to the gear and turn it again to open the gate. Then go to the other gear 
and turn that to cause the entire base area of the furnace to start rising like
an elevator. A dog will spawn, so grab it with R1 and then aim with the left 
analog stick and press O to throw the dog into the fire in the center of the 
elevator. This will power it and cause it to rise quicker.

Armored enemies will start spawning, so you'll have to get rid of their armor 
before throwing them into the fire, which makes this take much longer. You 
will eventually reach an area where the elevator stops. At this point, use the 
chests to replenish your health. Drag the lever to the center of the room and 
then activate a clone.

Run over to the gear and turn it. After this, the elevator starts moving. 
A hammer guy will be your opposition, plus a few other enemies. Focus on the 
hammer guy, and then turn your attention to the weaker enemies, once again 
using them to fuel the fire. The second hammer guy that shows up is best 
avoided, as you can't throw him into the fire and he'll just make this process 
much longer. Wait for dogs and other weaker enemies to spawn and use them to 
fuel the flames and make the elevator keep rising.

As the elevator reaches the top, the enemies will fall as the center pieces 
give way. At the top of the elevator, uses the chests, and then jump into the 
glowing elevator. At the top, walk to the base of the broken bridge and use 
the amulet to piece back together the statue of Apollo.

Push the stone block off of the big block of ice. Push it to the far left and 
jump up to find a lever. Pull the lever to raise the ice block. Now this next 
part is tricky. Kill any enemies that spawn, and push the stone block all the 
way to the right. Use it to jump up to the next area, and then climb up the 

Grab the feather and gorgon eye, then continue to the conveyor belt by jumping 
across the gap. Create a clone on the conveyor belt, and then drop down. 
Quickly push the stone to against the far wall and use it to climb up and 
reach a chain. Grab the chain with R1 and then mash O to make a device pull 
out of the wall.

Let go of the chain as the ice block is coming down. The device will trap the 
block in that position, which will aim the lasers correctly, and in turn make 
a ladder fall down. Climb the ladder to the top and watch the cut-scene. Next 
you'll have to fight that purple winged creature from before, so employ the 
same strategy here and you'll be fine.

Go over to the large double doors and start pulling it open by alternating 
between L1 and R1. Then go to the handle that pops out of the center 
mechanism. Pull it until it stops and then removes the barrier on the portal. 
Create a Kratos clone and then go through the portal.

Open the next set of double doors and then grab the Eyes of Truth. Use these 
to free the platform and then start riding it down. Get ready for a few 
waves of enemies in an extremely hard aprt of the game.

The first wave of enemies is the combination of those irritating witches and 
gorgons. This wave can be incredibly hard, but there's an easy way around it. 
Basically, just spam the hell out of clone Kratos. Focus your attention on the 
gorgons first so that they don't turn you to stone and kill you. When they're 
dead, then worry about the other chicks. There will be multiple waves of these 
enemies, so don't get too comfortable.

When the first wave of enemies is killed, the fire blocking the hall will 
subside. Move through the hall. More enemies will spawn, and fire will start 
spewing out of some of the mouths on the wall. Kill the enemies and avoid the 
fire to best of your abilities. Then at the end of the hall will be a room 
with spikes on either side and a centaur and those ghostly dudes from earlier 
to battle. Kill them all and the hard part will be over.

The platform will go back up. Run over to the double doors and then shut the 
doors using your chains. Run back to the center of the room and use the Eyes 
of Truth on the handle. Pull the handle all the way and then create a clone to 
hold it there. Run over to the portal and blast it open with the Eyes of Truth 
before stepping through. Go through the next door to trigger another cut-scene.

Grapple the lever and pull it all the way back, as far as it goes. Create a 
clone to hold it in place and then use the grappling point to get over. Delete 
the clone and Kratos will be swung across the wall to the other side. Kill 
the enemies that spawn here. Then use the amulet on the gap to create a large 
staircase that you can use to reach the next set of doors. Go through the doors
and do the QTEs as you watch the cut-scenes and prepare for the finale!

Approach the Furies and then use the Eyes of Truth when prompted. Watch the 
cut-scene, and then suddenly Kratos will find himself on a boat. Kill the 
waves of enemies while avoiding the attacks from the Furies. The boat will 
get attacked by the sea monster from earlier. Use the Eyes of Truth to remove 
the barrier blocking Kratos's path, and then attack the tentacle until the 
option to grapple it appears and do this. Then resume fighting after the scene,
repeating the process. You'll then have to do a serious of QTEs as you continue
fighting the tentacles.

After the QTEs, you'll resume the final boss fight. Avoid the tentacles and 
grab the javelines. Use these to damage the sea monster. The Furies will show 
up eventually to fight you. Turn your attention to them while also being sure 
to dodge the attacks of the sea monster. Grapple with the sea monster when 
ready, and complete the QTE sequences.

Walk to the Fury and do another QTE. When that's done, continue fighting the 
final Fury until you are able to grapple her and put her away. Finish the final
QTE sequences of the game, and you'll have successfully completed God of War: 

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3. Conclusion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I hope this guide helped you beat God of War: Ascension exclusively for 
PlayStation 3!

Please feel free to check out all my other content on Cheat Masters and 

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