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       ________         _________        ___         ____                 _____    _____________________          _____
      /       /|       /        /       /  /\       /   /\               /    /|  /                 \    \       /    /|
     /_______/ |      /________/       /__/  \     /___/  \             /____/ | /                   \    \     /____/ |
    |        | |     /        /       /   \   \   |    \   \           |    |  |/                     \    \   |    |  |
    |        | |    /        /       /     \   \  |     \   \          |    |  |        ______         |    |  |    |  |
    |        | |   /        /       /       \   \ |      \   \         |    |  |       /   /  \        |    |  |    |  |
    |        | |  /        /       /         \   \|       \   \        |    |  |      /   /    \       |    |  |    |  |
    |        | | /        /       /           \   \        \   \       |    |  |     |    |     |      |    |  |    |  |
    |        | |/        /       /             \   \        \   \      |    |  |     |    |     |      |    |  |    |  |
    |        | /        /       /               \   \        \   \     |    |  |     |    |     |      |    |  |    |  |
    |        |/        /       /       / \       \   \|\      \   \    |    |  |     |    |   |\|      |    |  |    |  |
    |        |        /\      /       /   \       \   \|\      \   \   |    |  |     |    |   | |      |    |  |    |  |
    |        |       /  \    /       /   / \       \   \ \      \   \  |    |  |     |    |   | |      |    |  |    |  |
    |        |       \   \  /       /   /   \       \   \ \      \   \ |    |  |     |    |   | |      |    |\ |    |  |
    |        |        \   \/       /___/_____\       \   \ \      \   \|    |  |     |    |   | |      |    | \|    |  |
    |        |\        \   \                          \   \ \      \   |    |  |     |    |   | |      |    |  |    |  |
    |        | \        \   \                          \   \ \      \  |    |  |     |    |   | |      |    |  |    |  |
    |        | |\        \   \    _______________       \   \ \      \ |    |  |     |    |   | |      |    |\ |    |  |
    |        | | \        \   \ /   /           \        \   \ \      \|    |  |     |    |   | |      |    | \|    |  |
    |        | |  \        \   \   /             \        \   \ \           |  |      \   \   |/       |    |       |  |
    |        | |   \        \   \ /              |\        \   \ \          |  |       \___\__/        |    |       |  |
    |        | |    \        \   \               | \        \   \ \         |  |                      /    /        |  |
    |        | /   / \        \  /               |  \        \   \ \        | / \                    /    /\        | /
    |________|/   /___\________\/                |___\________\___\ \_______|/   \__________________/____/  \_______|/
    (c)James Yu 2001

KANON FAQ/Walkthrough For the Dreamcast version

Ver 1.0
This FAQ is complete for now, unless any error is found!

Last updated May 14, 2001
by Koji Tajii ([email protected])

   I. Forewords
  II. Song Translations
        1. OP Theme
        2. ED Theme
        3. Sound Mode
 III. How To Play
        1. Title Menu
        2. Basic Controls
        3. System Menu
  IV. Characters
   V. Walkthough
        1. Prologue
        2. Intro
        3. Flags
        4. Extra CG Flags
        5. Story Synopsis (Spoiler)
  VI. Update Info
VIII. Credit & Disclaimer

I. Forewords

The reason I made this walkthrough is because I wanted to introduce others to Kanon.
Kanon was originally made for the PC, and for only adults to play.  This was commonly known as Hentai.
Hentai literally translates to abnormal.  However, I found nothing abnormal about this game.  With a
fantasic storyline along with a cast of characters, music, and a presentation to blow the mind away,
what I have discovered was a masterpiece.  I've been playing video games for a long time, but this is
one of the few games I cried, and also laughed so hard playing.  This is rated the Japanese best PC
game of 1999 and easily makes it to the Top 10 Dreamcast games ever made.  It gave me a whole new insight
to what is possible in a game.  Now I want to share this ultimate experience with everyone.

II. Song Translation

Music in Kanon is really impressive.
I frequently notice myself turing on the game just for the sound mode!

1. Last Regrets (Opening Theme)

     arigatou iwanaiyo                      I won't say Thank you
     zutto shimatte oku                     I'll have it put away
     sayonarawa kagerinai                   Goodbyes have no shadows
     yume no ato shizukani oritatsu         They quietly land after a dream

*    ryoute ni wa furi sosogu kakera wo    In both hands, the fragments that fall
     itsumademo itsumademo daite           eternally eternally holding on
     saigo made waratteru tsuyosa wo       The strength to smile till the end
     mou shitteita                         Already, knew it

     ohayou mezame wa                       Good Morning Waking up is
     mabushikute kanashii                   Too bright and sad
     sayonara yurusenai                     Goodbyes aren't permissable
     bokutachi no yowasa ga yokatta         Our weakness was good

     futari ni wa arifureta yasashisa       For the two, the abundant kindness
     hana no youni koi no you ni utsurou    Like a Flower, Like love
     hikui kumo kaze wo matsu shizukesa     The shallow cloud, Silentness that waits for the Wind
     mou kikoenai                           I can't hear it no more

     (*  Repeat Chorus)

     Mou nakanai Mou nakanai nakanai...     I won't cry anymore, I won't cry anymore, won't cry...

2. Kaze no Tadori Tsuku basho (Ending Theme)           Final Destination of the Wind
--------------------------------------------           -----------------------------

    Ashimoto ni Kaze Hikari ga matta                   Wind at the foot, light dances
    Nichijyou ni dake tsumotta bun no kiseki ga        Miracles that only pile up daily
    Miagereba kumo tooku e no kiro                     Look up and the clouds are there, crossroads to the distance
    Osanai hi no jibun yori mo hayaku                  Faster than myself in the childhood days

    yukidoke wo matteita kodomo no youni               Like a child that has waited for the snows to melt
    hashiru hikaru shizuku haneteru                    Runs, shines, water spatters
    asu no deai sae kizukazu ni iru                    Doesn't even realize tommorow's encounter
    kisetsu no nakade kagayaite iru yo                 It's shinning within the seasons

*   sekaijyuu ni wa donna omoi mo kanau hi ga kuru    In the world there is a day that any desires can come true
    zutto tabi wo shite yuku bokura ni                For us who's on an endless journey
    chiisana sei tachi maioriru                       Small spirits flys upon

    Deatta basho mo midori wo nashite                  Even where we met is filled with green
    yuruyakani nagareru toki ni yudanete               Leaving our body into the gentle stream of time
    haruka ni aogu machinami no roji                   The extending town alley
    osanai hi no jibun ga mada kakeru                  It's still being hold on by myself in the childhood days

    ano sanpo michi kara kikoetekuru                   Could be heard from the walking road
    kigi no koe ya hibi no zawameki ni nita            Like the voice of the trees, the commotion of the days
    kiseki no ashiato ni kizuitara                     If we realize the footsteps of miracles
    konna ni mata tsuyoku nareru futari dane           We two can get strong as this again

    sekaijyuu afureru omoi ni kaze ga muiteru          All over in the world Wind is facing the overflowing desires
    zutto konna koto kurikashite                       Eternally repeating itself
    sayonara no nai tabi wo suru                       Going on a journey without a goodbye

    (* Repeat Chorus)

3. Sound Mode

!!You can get here after you beat the game with a good ending!!

(First Column, Top to Bottom)
Steps Toward
The Voices of Trees, the commotion of the days
The girls' opinion
In the other side of the smile
the fox and the grapes
The town of sunshine
Prison of the Girl
The Snow Girl
pure snow
Sea of Mist

(2nd Column)
Morning Shadow
Fireworks in the Winter
Newly born Wind
The Remaining Light
Frozen Plateau
Mark of the Dream
The day I waited for the Wind
Last Regrets
Final Destination of the Wind
Little Fragments

III. How To Play

1. Title Menu

- From Beginning
    *You get an option of choosing Full Voice mode OR the Original.
    *You can also keep the name default OR choose a name for the main character.
    *The default name is Yuuichi Aizawa.  By leaving the name default, the
     characters will speak the name in the voice mode.

- Load
    *Yes is on the right, No is on the left.

- Goodies
    *After you beat the game, you get a CG Mode a Music Mode

2. Basic Controls

- A button: Choosing an option, Forwards sentences (cuts voice/effects)
- B button: Cancel, Forwards sentences(will not cut voice/effects)
- X button: Calls back scroll screen
- Y button: Help menu
- Start Button: Open System menu
- L Trigger: Fast Forwards message you've seen.
             (By pressing all the way, it cuts all effects as well.
              By pressing half way, it won't)

- R Trigger: While pressing, it hides the message window and date.
- Others: pressing A + B + X + Y + Start will reset you to the Title.

3.System Menu

- Save
- Load

- Message settings
   - L Trigger: skip message already read OR skip
   - Speed of Fast Forward
   - Speed of Message Display
   - Default
   - Discard Change

- Display settings
   - Display date: Yes OR No
   - Font: Gothic OR Myouchou
   - System Color Contrast
   - System Color Red
   - System Color Green
   - System Color Blue
   - System Color Brightness
   - Default
   - Discard Change

- Sound settings
   - Channel: Stereo OR Mono
   - System Volume
   - BGM Volume
   - Sound Effect Volume
   - Voice Volume
   - Default
   - Discard Change

- Voice settings
   - Full Voice
   - No Voice

- Name Change

IV. Characters

- Yuuichi Aizawa
   * Main character, High School 2nd Grader, male.  Because of family issues,
     he needed to leave his hometown and live in his relative's house.  He
     supposedly visited this town 7 years ago, but he doesn't seem to remember much.

- Nayuki Minase
   * Yuuichi's cousin and he's going to stay at her house.  It's been 7 years
     since they last met.  She doesn't feel any resistance to live with him, though.
     They happen to get in the same class at his new school.

     Fav Food: Strawberry Sundae
     Voice Actor: Mariko Kouda
     Intro Quote: "Do you still remember my name?"

- Shiori Misaka
   * A 1st grader (High school Freshman) who goes to the same school as the main character.
     But because of her sickness, she is temporary absent from school.  Since the day she
     meets the main character, she starts to show up at school. However somewhere under her
     bright expression, she seemed lonely.

     Fav Food: Ice Cream
     Voice Actor: Hiroko Konishi
     Intro Quote: "It's called a miracle because it doesn't happen"

- Makoto Sawatari
   * A girl who lost her memory.  The only thing she remembers is the hatred towards the main
     character. She forcefully stays at their house and goes around chasing the main character.
     He doesn't even remember what happened between them.

     Fav Food: Meat bun
     Voice Actor: Mayumi Iizuka
     Intro Quote: "I wish Spring came, and it continued forever"

- Kawasumi Mai
   * A senior at school.  She is fighting something at the evening school ground, everyday.
     Even more so than this strange act, the main character gets interested in herself, who
     looks like she forgotten how to smile. He decides to try to make her lighten up.

     Fav Food: Beef Bowl
     Voice Actor: Yukari Tamura
     Intro Quote: "Because I am the one who hunts demons"

- Ayu Tsukimiya
   * On his first day of arrival, a girl he accidently meets at the station.  They bump to into
     each other while she was running without paying for her food.  She seems to be a student at
     an another school, but they meet each other frequently at the town square.

     Fav Food: Taiyaki (A Fish shaped snack with sweet red beans inside)
     Voice Actor: Yui Horie
     Intro Quote: "It's a Promise"

- Akiko Minase
   * Nayuki's mom and the main character's aunt.  She's always going on her own pace, but she's
     a great cooker and extremely forgiving to everyone.

     Voice Actor: Yuuko Minaguchi

- Kaori Misaka
   * Friend of Nayuki and main character's classmate.  She's always calm, mannerful, and smart.

     Voice Actor: Ayako Kawasumi

- Kurata Sayuri
   * Best Friend of Mai and she always has a big smile on her face.  She's really easy to talk with.

     Voice Actor: Kawakami Tomoko

- Mishio Amano
   * A first grader at school.  She's a mysterious girl that always seems to be by herself.

     Voice Actor: Maaya Sakamoto

- Jyun Kitagawa
   * Classmate, male. sitting in the back seat of the main character's.

     Voice Actor: Tomakazu Seki

V.  Walkthrough

1. Prologue

It was Snowing
From the heavily clouded sky, pure white snow slowly came down
the cold air, a wet wooden benchi

Yuuichi "...."

I stood myself up from the benchi and dusted off where I sat.
People still poured out from the station which the roof was fully covered with snow.
As I exhaled my breath was visible, I looked towards the clock inside the station plaza. It was 3:00PM.
It was still afternoon, but I couldn't see the sun which was beyond the thick clouds.

Yuuichi "..She's Late"

As I sat myself again on the seat, I breath out a single word
The sight gets blocked by white mist, but it soon gets blown by the northern wind
Winter wind that peneterates my body
and then the Snow that falls without stopping
It might be just me, but the density of the white pebbles might have gotten thicker
Once again, I look up in the sky with a sigh
Something slowly blocks that view

Girl "..."

Like it covers the snow clouds, a girl was was looking in to my face.

Girl "Snow is piling up"

Comments out a small white breath

Yuuichi " Well, because I'm waiting for 2 hours..."

Sure Snow will pile up

Girl "...huh?"

With my answer, she turns her head.

Girl " What time is it?"

Yuuichi "3"

Girl " Wow, I'm surprised"

Regardless of what she said, she didn't seem a bit surprised at all
Her speech that seems strenching somewhere, and gentle acts.

Girl "I thought it was still like 2"

Incidentaly, 2 will still be an hour late.

Girl "Can I ask you on question?"

Yuuichi "yep."

Girl " Aren't you cold?"

Yuuichi "I'm cold"

The snow that were interesting at first were now just a pain

Girl "Here, I'll give you this"

As she says that, she passes me a Can of hot coffee.

Girl "In apology for being late"

Girl "and..."

Girl "to congratulate our reunion"

Yuuichi " A congratulation of a reunion after 7 years is a can of coffee?"

As I receive the can, I look up to her face again
The coffee was too hot to hold it in a naked hand
but that warmth felt good to my numb fingers

Girl "7 years, wow its been that long"

Yuuichi "yep, that's right"

As I rolled the can within my hands...

I tried to overlay my childhood memories of the snow scenes that
I thought I forgot long ago...

Girl "Do you still remember my name?"

Yuuichi "How about you, you still remember mine?"

Girl " yes"

In the snow...
In the town that is deocrated by snow..
As if filling it up with one breath the 7 years of time...

Girl " Yuuichi"

Yuuichi "Hanako (Pathetic name for girls)"

Girl "No, it's not~"

Yuuichi "Jirou (common name for guys)"

Girl "I'm a girl."

Her eyeblows bends together as if she's troubled
Each words fill up the empty memories, just like the snows that covers the ground
The snows that are falling over the shoulder of the girl was still gaining density

Yuuichi "Maybe it's about time we leave here."

Girl "My name..."

Yuuichi "Let's get going"

girl " Name..."

In the town since 7 years

Enclosed by the snow since 7 years

Yuuichi " Let's go Nayuki"  (small word joke here, in Japanese, "7" is "nana", and "snow" is "yuki")

A new life, blown by the winter wind, slowly starts to flow

Nayuki " oh..."

Nayuki "yes!"

2. Intro
(This is from the manual, the first verse
is what you see at the end of the OP movie)

It was snowing.
White snow flakes fill my mind
At this White hazy town I come to visit after several years
Under the snow that continues to fall even today
I met a girl

January 1999
Without any time for me to get used to the new year, I was
forced by my parent's circumstances to leave my home town.

This was my place of reminiscence during childhood
Row of houses covered with dearly snow
This town that I visited in 7 years was just like how it used to be and welcomed me
I got to stay at my relatives house, and I met my cousin after so many years
I couldn't find the girl's figure in my memory, but the her smile was just like the old days

Reunions and new encounters
The town of Snow, A new life begins
The 5 Girls I met there

While the snow starts to melt, the story of those winter days return to my mind...

3. Flags!!!

These are flags that you can choose depending on who's story you choose to go with.
I think the earlier ones take priority over the one that comes later, but you can keep in
touch with couple of characters at once.
(If you find any errors, please let me know!)

- Shiori
   *Monday, January 11
    Do not try to find a shortcut to school with Nayuki (1st Choice)

   *Monday, January 11
    Choose to go back to class after lunch (2nd Choice)

   *Friday, January 15
    Choose to go out (1st Choice)
    Choose to go to school (2nd Choice)

   *Wednesday, January 20
    admit that you like her (1st Choice)

   *Sunday, January 24
    Promise her (1st Choice)

- Ayu
   *Thursday, January 7
    Have Nayuki show you around town(1st Choice)

   *Sunday, January 10
    Get Help from Ayu (1st Choice)

   *Monday, January 11, 12
    Help Ayu search for what she lost (1st Choice)

   *Tuesday, January 13
    Go get an umbrella (2nd Choice)
    Hope Ayu will find what she lost (2nd Choice)

   *Sunday, January 17
    Go watch the movie with Ayu (1st Choice)

   *Tuesday, January 19
    Go with Nayuki to fix her watch (1st Choice)
    invite Ayu to come over (1st Choice)

- Mai
   *Monday, January 11
    Go get Nayuki's Notebook at night (1st Choice)

   *Tuesday, January 12
    Eat lunch with Mai and Sayuri (1st Choice)
    Go to school at night (1st Choice)

   *Thursday, January 14
    Stay with Mai (1st Choice)

   *Thursday, January 21
    Admit that you like her (1st Choice)

   *Wednesday, January 27
    You learned how to dodge (1st Choice)

- Makoto
   *Saturday, January 16
    Do not get involved with any of the characers above

   *Sunday, January 17
    Follow Makoto (2nd Choice)

   *Saturday, January 23
    Look for Mishio (1st Choice)
    Leave without talking to Mishio (1st Choice)

- Nayuki
   *Sunday, January 17
    Do not get involved with any of the characters above

   *Tuesday, January 19
    Decide to go with Nayuki to get her watch fixed (1st Choice)

   *Thursday, January 21
    Tell her you're not prepared for the test (1st Choice)

   *Friday, January 22, 23
    Study for the test with her (1st Choice)

- Sayuri
   *Tuesday, January 26
    2nd time around playing Mai's game, ask her a question (1st Choice)

4. Extra CG Flags!

These are flags to get the CGs that aren't related to the endings.

- Nayuki
   *Friday, January 8
    Go into her Room (1st Choice)

   *Monday, January 18
    During Makoto's scenario
    Imagine the cat with Nayuki (1st Choice)

- Makoto
   *Monday, January 11
    Visit her room (2nd Choice)

   *Tuesday, January 12
    Take your clothes and go outside (2nd Choice)

   *Monday, January 18
    Go in with her (1st Choice)

!!!!!!!!!SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Story Synopsis!
Story Synopsis for the individual characters.


A mysterious girl with a sword who is fighting invisible demons at night.
Yuuichi from pure curiosity wants to see what's going on and brings her dinner everday.
The thing that is funny is that all his menus are oriental and cheap,
such as Beef bowls and rice crackers.
It certainly destroys this fantasy like setting.

Meanwhile in the day time, they spend time eating lunch along with Sayuri.
Sayuri brings her own home made lunch and they all eat it together upstairs.
Yuuichi easily gets along with the two and teases Mai everyday.
One way he plays with Mai is through a traditional Japanese word play game.
In this game, you take turns coming up with a word that begins with a letter
that a previous word ended with.
For example, Ri-n-go, go-ri-ra, ra-ppa and so on.
You lose the game if you say a word that ends with a "n" sound
When Mai says an animal name, she always puts a "-san" after it, so she always ends up losing.
(BTW, -san after a name is used as politeness in Japanese)

One day they find a stray dog at school.
While everybody is scared, Mai takes out the dog and feeds it with Nayuki's lunch.
Yuuichi later learns that how Sayuri and Mai met each other was like this.
When Mai was feeding an hungry stray dog her fist(yeah),
Sayuri asked her if she wanted to give Sayuri's lunch to it.
Since that day two years ago, Sayuri and Mai were best friends.

Yuuichi starts to make plans to brighten up Mai and let everyone know how kind she really is.
Such as making her hold one of those stop signs so childrens can cross the road.
This plans fails tho, since there were no children in the front of their highschool...
As she was pathetically holding the stop sign in front of the school,
her reputation among the students further falls.
However Yuuichi sees Mai helping an old woman crossing the road
and further realizes her internal kindness.

As a second plan Yuuichi suggest her to go to the school dance party.
They succeed in making her go, and Sayuri gets her a nice dress.
However, the demons suddently start to attack the party.
While Mai was running out from the gym to get her sword, a body is thrown in front of her.
It was Sayuri.
Mai in rage starts slashing all over the place.
Fortunately Sayuri was not badly hurt, but Mai was kicked out from school.
Yuuichi and Sayuri tries to get her back to school by talking to the student body and such,
but in Yuuichi's surprisement, Mai just pops back at school.

Yuuichi seriously starts thinking of helping Mai fight the demons,
and starts training himself with a wooden sword.
From no where, a pan flies out at him and he's knocked out.
It's mai, helping his training?
The next thing he knows a fire extinguisher flies at him.

Meanwhile, Sayuri and Yuuichi was planning a surprise birthday present for Mai.
Sayuri chooses a stuffed Ant Eater...
On the day of her Birthday, they were going to give it to Mai,
but misses the opportunity at day time.
At night time, Yuuichi realizes Sayuri might have gone to school to see Mai.
Sayuri might not have known the existance of the demons and their danger.
When he gets there, Yuuichi sees Mai leaning on the wall...
the stuffed animal soaked in red...

Fortunately again, Sayuri's life wasn't at risk but she's heavily injured.
Mai heads on to the school again to finsh the battle with the demons.
Yuuichi follows.
With their coorporation, the last demon is killed, but Mai is hurt badly.
She says its going to be fine, and Yuuichi gets her the beef bowl he promised when it was all over.
As yuuichi was heading back, he realizes the number of the demons today
was missing one from what Mai told him earlier.
As he rushes back to the school, he sees an illusion of a small girl.
Yuuichi starts to remember he met a girl 10 years ago.
This girl had no friends and yuuichi was the only person who played with her.
The day he needed to leave the town came and trying not to make him go,
she makes up a lie.
"Demons are attacking our place, we needs to protect it together..."

In confusion, he finds Mai on the floor.
Yuuichi starts to talking to her,
"it's over, there's no demon in the first place, you were creating them, its your power"
Observing Mai who's not responding, he puts a cute bunny ears that he got from Nayuki on Mai.
"we can start over, lets live in an apartment together with Sayuri, Life will be so joyful"

You see her flashback when she was a child.  Her mom was always sick, she could never take Mai out.
One day she determines her end was near and tries to take Mai to the Zoo.
She can't go far and stops at a benchi.
Mai tries to lighten her up and makes Snow bunnies.
However, all her work is powerless and her mom slowly closes her eyes.
Back at the hospital, she prayed her mom will be back.
She miraclly returns.
That's when she realized her power, and was the beginning of a miserable life.
Her relatives used her power as a show and everyone started to treat her differently.
She and her mom were forced out of town and had to live an lonely life.
There he met Yuuichi.

Going back to the school..
Mai asks Yuuichi "I might start crying"
Yuuichi "Don't worry I'll be always there to comfort you"
As she determined something.. she stabs herself...

few month later, after the graduation ceremony.
Yuuichi "I shouldn't make the main heroine wait"
Sayuri "Am I the heroine??"
Yuuichi "yup, Lets go princess"
::A chop on Yuuichi's head::
"You tried to leave me behind..."
Sayuri "Oh the real heroine's here!"

- Makoto

First time they meet in the town, Makoto starts hitting Yuuichi, but she falls down exausted.
Yuuichi didn't know what to do and takes her to his house.
They find out Makoto lost her memory, so Akiko with her famous one second reply of "Understood,"
permisses her to live with them until she remembers something.

Every night Makoto tries to play dumb tricks on Yuuichi while he's sleeping,
but it all fails since he always know beforehand.
One such example is throwing noodles on his face.
On top of that all she does in the daytime is eat meatbuns and read comics.
The family tries to make her childishness go away by treating her as an adult,
especially Akiko who's extremely forgiving.

While at the town, Yuuichi finds a cat and thinks an interaction with animals will make her sympathetic.
However she drops the cat on a bridge and it drives off on a truck.
Yuuichi gets furious, but soon the cat is found by Makoto, who tried hard to find it.
The cat is going to live with the family, again with Akiko's "Understood".
Yuuichi comes up with the weirdest names for the cat, such as "Meatbun", but it's finally named "Piroshiki".
Makoto doesn't know that this means something in the line of "Meatbun," in Russian.

One day Yuuichi finds a mysterious girl called Mishio who said, pointing to Makoto,
"Do you know her?"
She seemed to know something, but doesn't want to explain it.
Mishio strangely says Yuuichi met her before, and that,
"The cost for a miracle is its memory and its life."

Yuuichi soon realizes what that word meant.
Makoto was starting to forget how to do things, normal human things, such as using a chop stick.
In panic Yuuichi struggles to reteach her how to do stuffs,
but it fails, what's worse she even begins to forget words.

He tries to contact Mishio if there is anything he can do,
but she doesn't want to talk to him. Finally he receives a call from Mishio.
There she tells him of a myth of a magical fox who brought bad luck to the people.
Yuuichi at first couldn't belive it, but soon realizes Makoto is a fox.
The fox never brought bad luck to people, but in fact wanted to experience human coziness.
Mishio met one of them before and knew what comes at the end.

Yuuichi decides to be by Makoto's side till the very end,
and so he reads her comics, talks to her everday,
and goes out with the family and takes a picture.
One day he remembers when they were reading a comic,
she mentioned she wanted to get married,
so he takes her to the field and has an wedding together.
That day, she passes away...

Few days later, Mishio and Yuuichi are talking to each other.
Mishio "If you can make a wish what would it be?"
Yuuichi "Mine? mine would be..."

- Shiori

Shiori's a suppose to be a sick girl who can't come to school.
Yuuichi didn't know how sick she was, but decides to hang around with the lonely girl.

Shiori totally loves Ice Cream.
For one thing she eats its it everday, in dead winter.
Shiori also has a pocketfull of medicines:
headache pills, stomcach aches pill, cough drops, you name it.
Yuuichi mentions the pocket must be 4 dimensional (Joke from a famous Japanese manga Doraemon)
Her hobby is to draw, but she sucks.
She says her family runs away everytime she mentions she'll draw them.

He finds out Kaori is her older sister,
but when he asks Kaori about Shiori, she denies the fact that she has a sister.
Yuuichi soon finds out Shiori has only has to her next birthday, February 1, to live.
Kaori couldn't stand the fact that she has a dying sister.

Shiori then asks Yuuichi to treat her like a normal girl until that day.
Yuuichi now realizes how much she means to his life and tries to do his best.
Since then she starts coming back to school,
they go out to the hidden park, and go around the shopping district.

One day when they were at a cafe(ordering Super Jumbo Puffet DX), they see Nayuki and Kaori.
Kaori sees her sister living in a positive attitude,
and on their way back she finally accepts her as a sister;
"Of course she's pretty, you know she's my sister"

Everything was going well, that you thought she's not going to die after all, but that day comes...
You bought her a birthday present, a sketch book, but you could see in her eyes that she's not feeling well.
They spend the whole day together, and the clock was almost 12.
He lets Shiori rest while he takes out his present...
"Happy birthday,"
but that word never reached..

Few days later school, carfeteria,
Yuuichi looks in the refridge for an Ice Cream.  there's none.
As he sighs, he stoods up thinking it's not the season.
Then a girl with an handfull of ice cream cups stumbles upon him...

- Ayu

The first day you see Ayu, she's running away from not paying for her Taiyaki snack.
You try to dodge her, but for her clumsyness you get rammed.
She has an weird habid of saying "Ugu~" either happy or sad.
Yuuichi's first impression: "What a weird girl"

They get along pretty well(actually Yuuichi just teases her everyday).
One day she tells him she needs to look for something she's lost, but she can't remember what.
Yuuichi decides to help her out in the search.

While they are together Yuuichi starts to remember in his dream that they actually met 7 years ago in this town.
Ayu was just going through a sad state that her mother just died.
Yuuichi felt sad for her and tried to lighten her up in everyway.
One day they were at a video game arcade.
Ayu wanted to get this doll from this crane game.
No matter how hard they tried,they weren't able to.
The next day, Yuuichi borrows money (permanently) from Nayuki and gets the doll.
As she presents the doll to Ayu, he tells her this is a magical doll and you can have three wishes,
except it has to be something he's able to do.
Ayu first wishes that Yuuichi would never forget about her,
even if he goes back to his hometown, she wants him to remember there was this little girl...

Going back to the present.
Nayuki invites Ayu to stay at their house.
Ayu can't cook and makes a huge mess at his house.
Ayu stays at their house for a while, doing chores for Akiko.
One day, Akiko gets an fever and Ayu panics.
Yuuichi and Nayuki had to go to school that day, but with Ayu's hard work, Akiko recovers.

Yuuichi starts to notice something strange about Ayu,
for one thing she said she can miss her school any time she wants,
and second of all, they both watch the same dream about their past.

Finally Ayu said she'll take him to her school. but when she got there,
there was only a empty space and a tree trunk that was cut down.
Ayu starts to panic and she runs off and started to dig a hole saying she needs to find it.
In the midst of that she mysteriously disappears, leaving her backpack with feathers.

In Yuuichi's next dream, Ayu and he was playing at the same place, in the woods.
As her second wish, she wishes she could go to school with Yuuichi.
Yuuichi tells her alright, this place will be our school.
There will be no test, no homework, and we can miss school anytime we want.
Ayu suggest hiding the doll underground so she can make a wish in the future, like a time machine.

Back to the Present.
That day Yuuichi asks his friend to help him search for the doll.
They do find it, and Nayuki voulunteers to fix the worn out doll.

In the dream that night, Yuuichi was holding a present to Ayu, a hair band.
As he got to the woods, he finds Ayu up on the trees again.
However, a wind blew.
The body of the girl falls to the ground like a doll and a blund sound is heard.
The white snow starts to dye in red,
Yuuichi runs up to her trying to comfort her.
As she loses consciousness, the scene blacks out.

Back to the Present.
Yuuichi goes back to the woods again with the doll and the backpack.
He waits there all night, and finally in the morning Ayu appears.
He hands her the doll and backpack.
In a fading tone, she makes her third wish:
"Please forget about me"
Yuuichi hugs her gently and asks her
"Is that what you really want?"
Ayu starts crying and admits that she still want to be with Yuuichi and eat Taiyaki with him.
Yuuichi tells her lets do that then, but soon Ayu disappears from his hand.
Yuuichi although in an empty heart felt that Ayu was able to smile at the last moment.

Morning, few days later, it seemed like an another typical day.
Akiko was watching the local news,
and tells him that an unconcious girl that fell from the tree woke up after 7 years...
her name was...

- Nayuki

Nayuki can never wake up by herself up in the morning.
She has multiple alarm clocks but they don't work.  (They work on Yuuichi next door)
Yuuichi is given one of her alarms with a voice recorder:
"Morning, It's morning, eat breakfast and go to school~"
He comments that it makes him even more sleepy.
Because of her, they never get to school on time without running.
The only reason they make it is probably because Nayuki's on the track team.

Nayuki is filled with happiness when she eats Strawberry Sundae, 880 yen(tax not included).
She always gets the A set Lunch at the school because there's a Strawberry ice cream as an desert.
That's how much she likes Strawberry sweets.
Nayuki loves cats but has a cat allergie...
She also has a weird stuffed frog called "Keropii" (hmm? heard of it somewhere? heh)

Nayuki's watch breaks one day and they go to a shop to get it fixed.
On the way home, he said he can buy her something small, and she asks him to get a 10 yen marble.
He is puzzled why she would want that, but she was happy.
That marble was later used as an eye of a snow bunny found at school.

If you haven't noticed by now, Nayuki always liked Yuuichi, not as a cousin but as a girl.
Yuuichi, however, never realized that.
The story goes back to 7 years ago, few days before Yuuichi was leaving her town.
Yuuichi was crying on the benchi after a tragic event(you guess what tragedy).
Nauyuki makes a snow bunny trying to lighten him up, but Yuuichi was in no mood for that and crushes it.
Nayuki weakly tells him that she wants to tell him something and will be waiting at the benchi tommorow.
Yuuichi never showed up.

Going back to the present time.
While they were studying for the test.
Yuuichi slowly remembers the past and finally realized Nayuki's feelings.
He hugs her in the porch and tells her he loves her too.
Nayuki at first didn't know what to do, but soon accepts that fact.
"I'll forgive you with 7 Strawberry Sundaes"

When everything seems to go well, Akiko gets in an car accident.
Nayuki couldn't recover from that tragedy, and locks herself up.
Yuuichi tells her everything will be alright, Akiko san's not going anywhere, but she won't stop crying.
As the final plan, he tells her he'll be waiting at that benchi.
He leaves the voice recording alarm clock by the door.
Yuuichi doesn't go to school and waits in the front of the station all day.
The clock had reached 12, nothing...

and then you hear a girl's voice "Oh found a ditcher"
Yuuichi, "that makes two of us"

flash back to Yuuichi's recorded message...
"I can't make a miracle happen"
"But I can be by your side"
"I promise"
"If you're in despair I'll comfort you"
"At happy times I'll laugh with you"
"Even in Winter, filled with snow"
"Even in Spring, when the sakura tree blooms"
"Even in the quiet Summer"
"Even in Fall, when the color of leaves change"
"and even if the snow starts to fall again"
"I will stay here"
"I won't go anywhere"
"Because I"
"really like you"

- Sayuri

Sayuri had a little brother.
Her parents asked her to treat her brother strictly.
Sayuri knew that they were strict towards her too, that's why she was able to grow up so mannerfully.
So she decides to be harsh on her brother.
She never plays with him, although she really loved him.
However, he grew sick..
Sayuri couldn't stand her little brother suffering so much, and for the first time disobeyed her parents.
On the bed of the hospital, Sayuri brought him toys and candies.
"When you get well, lets go out and have fun"
her brother smiled a bit.
However, he never got well and his short life was over.
From that day on Sayuri has been always smiling...
trying to make someone happy....

- Things to Think about

These things are up to your imagination.

 * What is the overall theme of the game?
 * What was Ayu's last wish for the endings other than herself?
 * What is Akiko's job, and what in the world is the ingredient of her
   homemade orange colored jam that always scares Nayuki away?
    (mystery/joke throughout the whole game)
 * Is there a point for Jun Kitagawa's existance in this game?
    (personal joke)

VI. Update Info

- April 5, 2001 ver .001
Decides to make a walkthrough

- April 6, 2001 ver .002
Starts some translation

- April 7-9 ver .003
Ready for Public Release??

- April 10-11 ver .004
Fixed Errors and organized the Flag section

- April 12-15 ver .005
Wrote an FAQ section, Fixed the Flag section

- April 16 - May 14 ver 1.0
Wrote a Story FAQ section and the Extra CG section
decides to finish the FAQ off.


- Where can I get this game?

Some online site I know are
www.gamesgarden.de (Germany)

- Is it out in English?

No, please use this FAQ.

- What other games did this company, "Key" produce?

So far, they only produced one other game: AIR
AIR is a similar game created in 2000 for the PC, and it actually surpasses Kanon in everyway!
A Dreamcast version of AIR is coming out summer 2001, and yes I'll be writing a FAQ for it!

Their homepage(in Japanese):

- Do you consider Kanon as Hentai?

I think 'hentai' is a word for games that are really nasty and wrong.
Kanon's great storyline can be enjoyed by everyone, males and females,
so I don't consider it as hentai.

- How about the Original PC version?

Yes there are nudity and minor sex scenes in the PC version.
However in a movie, do you consider a scene where a guy is comforting a lonely girl
with sad music playing in the background, bad?
It's certainly an adult situation, but there's nothing wrong with it.
Moreover, it builds up the drama.

- Are there any Kanon collectible items available?

There are trading cards, pencil boards, etc.
but it's really difficult to get anything outside Japan.
I often try my luck at auction sites.
There isn't a soundtrack for Kanon,
but a soundtrack for the creator of the OP and ED songs exists.
It's a group called "I've", and the soundtrack is called "Regret"
However this is also a rare item...

- When is your next update?

I'm done for now, unless any error is found.
See you in the AIR FAQ!

VIII. Credit & Disclaimer

- Special Thanks to:

    Key - for creating this Awesome game.
    Sega - for making the awesome system of Dreamcast.
    I've - for their great soundtrack, "Regret," and having the OP and ED lyrics on it.
    My Friend James - for grammer, presentation, etc...
    My Casio Electronic Japanese Dictionary - for helping me with the translation
    Droshalla and Rance - for giving me advices.

- This document is Copyright (c) 2001 Koji Tajii. -

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