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+-+			  Table of Contents                                 +-+

	[A1]	|	Introduction
	[A2]	|	Controls
	[B1]	|	Chapters List
	[B2-10] |	Individual Chapters
	[C1]	|	Characters
	[C2]	| 	Weapons
	[C3]	|	Vehicles
	[C4]	|	Enemies
	[D1]	|	Multiplayer
	[D2]	|	Botzone
	[D3]	|	Co-Op
	[E1]	|	Trophies
	[E2]	|	DLC Trophies
	[F1]	|	Final Words

+-+			[A1]	Introduction                                +-+

This guide has been written while I played through on Elite difficulty and as 
such is designed to get you through it although I will try to provide the best 
methods to deal with each situation elite difficulty is challenging and will 
require a lot of skill. Anyone who has beaten Killzone 2 on Elite difficulty 
should be able to beat killzone 3, larelgy thanks to not having to face Radec. 
I will be playing with a wireless controller using the Alternate button 
configuration but you should play using which ever setup you are comfortable 

+--+ Ending Notes From Killzone 2 +--+


Killzone 3 follows on from the events of Killzone 2, after defeating colonel 
Radec and finally confronting Scolar Visari who is killed by Rico in cold 
blood. The unplanned death of Visari leads to evacuation of ISA troops from 
Helghan while an internal conflict begins for control of Helghan.


+-+			[A2]	Controls                                    +-+

Killzone 3 features 3 control choices: Standard, Alternate and Motion. 
Standard and alternate are pretty much the same except alternate may be 
preferred by some for it's similarities to the Call of Duty series.
Standard controls use [L2] as cover, [L1] as melee/Jetpack and [R3] as zoom. 
Alternate uses [L2] as cover/Jetpack, [L1] as Zoom and [R3] as melee. Choosing 
which one you feel comfortable with is important on harder difficulties.

Motion controls take time to get used to but they work pretty well, I don't 
recommend it for playing on elite difficulty but they are pretty good when you 
get used to it. Motion controls require experimentation to find the set-up 
which suits you best. When you finally feel comfortable using the PlayStation 
move with this game aiming can be very easy and offer an advantage to players.
I wouldn't recommend anyone buy PlayStation Move just to play this game but if
you already own it or are interested in other move games it's worth trying.

+--+ Motion Control Settings +--+

+| Deadzone Width

The width of the deadzone represents the area you can move the controller 
without turning, when it's set low you will turn much quicker but it may not 
be beneficial when trying to target enemies while stationary.

+| Deadzone Height

The same as above but this controls the height of the deadzone, having it 
set low makes you look up and down more frequently and can be a problem when 
try to look at something.

+| Crosshair Sensitivity

This controls how quickly the crosshair moves across the screen, you may 
prefer to have it higher than default for faster aiming and turning. You'll 
definitely need it higher for multiplayer where enemies are much faster and 
less predictable.

+| Turn Speed

This is for controlling how fast you turn, I recommend increasing Crosshair 
Sensitivity and decreasing the Deadzone width instead of tinkering with this 
but you should go with what you find best.

+| Lock Assist

Lock assist is activated by holding the zoom button, there are three 
possible settings for it which are:

*Camera - the default option, it snaps the camera view to an enemy and allows 
you to move the crosshair around to shoot them.

*Crosshair - Snaps both your camera and crosshair to the enemy for easy 
shooting, it's not available for multiplayer or the harder difficulties but 
for an easy play through it's useful.

*None - Provides no help for aiming, for the hardcore move fans.

You can check/change the controls any time by pressing start and selecting 
options and then wireless controller or motion controller.

+-+			[B1]	Chapters				    +-+

-A New Beginning [B2]
--Stahl Arms Compound
--Factory - Sub Section
--LithReich Labs

-Evacuation Orders [B3]
--Escaping Visari's Palace
--Roodtop Showdown
--Dead End
--Bilgarsk Museum
--Broken Highway

-Pyrrhus Evac [B4]
--Senlin Beach
--Salach District
--Ground Zero

-Six Months on [B5]
--Jungle Valley
--Behind the Vale
--Cruiser Wreckage
--Kaznan Deep
--ISA Camp Seige

-Icy Incursion [B6]
--Frozen Shores
--Akmir Rig
--Nilfrost Rig
--Providence Bay
--Providence Station

-Stahl Arms Infiltration [B7]
--Stahl Arms east block
--Ward 5
--Assembly Line #17
--Sharp Pursuit

-Scrapyard Shortcut [B8]
--Scrapyard Perimeter
--Fenced In
--Blind Yards
--Mobile Factory
--Belly of the Beast

-The Reckoning [B9]
--Freight Elevator
--Ashen Skies

-Interception [B10]
--Outer Tunnels
--Power Vacuum
--Inner Sanctum
--Fleet Battle

+-+			[B2]	A New Beginning				    +-+

+--+ Stahl Arms Compound +--+

This is just the introduction chapter, it shouldn't pose any problems as 
it's very linear and has no enemies.

Leave the cable-car and head towards the check-in booth in front of you then 
wait to be let in. When you are cleared head through and follow the path 
forward, you will notice some ISA being brought in from a ship to your left. 
Head through the door way in front of you and follow the hall the way to a 
door, press circle on the nearby control panel to open it. 

+--+ Factory - Sub Section +--+

Continue to follow your buddy to the weapons testing room. Head to the left 
in the firing range to see the guy who is going to give you some weapons 

After the guy says a few words, grab some ammo [circle] from the shinig 
weapons crate at the side of you. It's time for some basic training, If 
you're on elite difficulty you won't have any cross-hair onscreen unless 
you press the zoom button.

Wave 1:

Shoot all four targets, the shoot button will be either [R1] on controller 
or [T] on Move. 

Wave 2:

Grab the pistol from the armorer [square], this time there is a friendly 
amongst the targets, to the top-left is a helghast (wearing black) who 
you must NOT shoot.

Wave 3:

Switch to the Assault rifle [d-pad left], take out the bottom-left and 
top-right targets.

Wave 4:

This time you only need to take out the top-left target but it's far away and 
hidden behind a metal panel. It's harder than the others but still simple, 
just don't take too long otherwise the targets disappear (only to return 
within seconds any way).

Wave 5:

Press the cover button to take cover behind the metal plate in front of you, 
and press up on the left analog stick to peek up. Peek up and take out the 
bottom two targets.

Wave 6:

Take cover and press the zoom button, take out the bottom-right target.

Training Complete!

+--+ Lithreich Labs +--+

Leave the shooting range and follow your fellow helghast to the next location, 
if you get lost press [d-pad up] to find your way. After heading down several 
flights of stairs a cutscene will trigger ending the chapter.

+-+			[B3]	Evacuation Orders			    +-+

+--+ Escaping Visari's Palace +--+ 

The chapter starts on a rooftop, follow your team mate along the route to 
reach the ground. When you finally run in to the first enemy sneak up behind 
them and use a melee attack to kill them and net your first brutal kill. 
proceed forward a little and take out the next helghast in the same fashion. 
Head down the slope and over the rubble, navigate through the cars to join 
up with some of your fellow ISA troops. Take cover behind one of the nearby 
pieces of stone and take out the enemy with your assault rifle, even on elite 
diffiulty the shouldn't pose a threat. Head up the stairs but immediately 
take cover to avoid incoming bullets on the left, if any grenades come your 
way run down the stairs to avoid the blast radius. Fortunately if you die 
your team mates can resurrect you although this isn't guaranteed so if you 
sustain damage take cover to give yourself time to heal. As you dispatch the 
enemies in the top area move forward and take out the ones in the area a small 
drop below, there's quite a few here so take cover and be patient. There are
two rocket troopers towards the back of this area, keep some distance and try 
to take them out, one is to the left and one is to the right. I got the one on 
the left with the assault rifle but the one on the right was the last enemy 
so I ran in for a brutal melee.

With the area clear pick up the VC-9 rocket launcher which fills your heavy 
weapon slot [d-pad right] and re-stock your ammo at the shining ammo crate 
where the left rocket trooper was. Walk towards Rico to trigger a cutscene.

+--+ Rooftop Showdown +--+

Head down the stairs and through the doors [circle], sprint towards the 
helghast and perform a brutal melee. On the other side of the pile of rubble 
is a group of helghast, pop up and shoot taking time to heal as needed. 
Watchout for them throwing grenades. An easy way to take out the group of 
helghast is to cook a grenade (hold the grenade button and release just 
before it detonates) and throw it in to the middle of them. They may scatter 
as you throw the grenade but you can pick off any stragglers with your gun. 
Follow the path round and you will enter quite an open area, try not to head 
down the stairs yet, pick off as many helghast hiding behind pillars as you 
can using the corner for cover. You will probably be able to clear the room 
from this vantage point. After all enemies are dead head down and through 
the doors at the opposite side of the room.

+--+ Dead End +--+

Head forwards a little and take cover by the sand bags, take out as many 
helghast as possible moving closer to the other ISA if you need to although 
the helghast seem to avoid you if you remain at the sand bags. I recommend you 
use the VC-9 you picked up earlier to help dispatch of groups of enemies. When 
you've cleared enough enemies to head up the stairs, run up but becareful of 
enemies from the right. At the top of the stairs is an ammo crate which you 
can use to top up your ammo. Walk up to the valve and turn it, jump down to 
the now open door way and join up with the rest of the team. Head through the 
hole in the building and follow the path until you have to interact with Rico 
to climb the ledge which triggers a cutscene.

+--+ Bilgarsk Museum +--+

Walk towards the minigun and interact with it [circle] to start wiping out 
helghast. The minigun makes short work of the helghast but on higher 
difficulties you may want to leave it to take cover and heal. When you have 
taken them all out Rico will blow the doors open, use the minigun to take out 
any helghast near the door. Pick up the minigun [triangle] and walk over to 
your team at the door, using the door for cover take out as many helghast as 
possible then sowly move in with your minigun ready to take out the helghast 
which run in. Watchout for enemies on the balcony, they're the ones most 
likely to take you out. Grenades will be regularly coming for you so 
listen for there beeping as a warning to run. After clearing the room and 
heading through the doors at the end, head up the stairs where more enemies 
await on the balcony. Use the big metal object for cover and peek out to 
shoot the enemies. Follow the balcony round and up more stairs, cook a grenade 
at the top of the stairs to throw at the helghast waiting on the roof. Stay 
in the door way for cover and shoot any helghast you can see, when you feel 
safe to do so, run towards the ammo crate opposite to stock up. You now have 
your minigun back up to full ammo to take out the rest of the enemies. After 
you've cleared the roof a drop ship comes in with more helghast which 
shouldn't be an issue as you have a minigun with all the ammo you need thanks 
to the ammo crate. When you've cleared the area head towards the door to lay 
a D-Charge and blow your way through. Just around the corner from the door is 
a helghast waiting for you, take him out how ever you like, just over the 
pile of rubble is another helghast who is no match for the minigun. After 
dealing with these helghast stock-up on ammo again at the nearby ammo crate 
and smash through the door.

+--+ Broken Highway +--+

Head across the bridge with Rico, smash the next door and drop down to the 
room below. Take the door to the left or smash the door infront of you to end 
up in a bedroom which you should exit through leading to a door which will 
trigger a cutscene. Re-fill your ammo if needed then follow the other troops 
across the highway. Keep back and try to shoot any helghast you see from a 
distance using smashed cars and rock for cover. As you reach the bridge you 
try to stick to the APC until you've taken out any nearby threats, when it's 
clear head to the left and restock your ammo. Pass under the bridge and 
enemies will emerge to the left, take cover and kill them all, watch out for 
enemies on the right too. The wreckage by the ammo crate here provides good 
cover. When the enemies on the left are defeated your team will start to move 
forward and you will notice several drop ships in the distance. Continue 
across the bridge taking out the last few enemies until a cutscene triggers.

+-+			[B4]	Pyrrhus Evac				    +-+

+--+ Senlin Beach +--+

You start this chapter in control of the gun on one of the ISA vehicles. It's 
kind of difficult to give advice for this section because you're stuck at a 
gun turret, the only thing you need to remember is to take out major threats 
first: AA guns, Armored vehicles and Drop ships all pose threats larger 
threats than regular infantry. During the scene where you are chased by the 
APCs, use both [R1] and [R2] to take them out as quickly as possible. There 
are several trophies to get on this little section:

* Mopping Up - Kill 40 foot soldiers
* Sawn-Off - Destroy all APCs
* Smoking Wrecks - Destroy all Tanks

+--+ Salach District +--+

You won't have a team mate to heal you in this section, so be careful. Run up 
the stairs and smash the wooden door at the top with a melee attack. Continue 
through the rooms and break the next wooden door and the one following it, 
this room contains a helghast at a mounted machine gun. Use the mounted 
machine gun to provide support to your fellow ISA. When the ISA move forward 
head toward the next wooden door and break through. In the next room you will 
be greeted by a helghast sniper opposite you which can be easily taken out 
with your machine gun. When the sniper is down, head left and turn right at 
the end where you will find another two snipers. After defeating the enemies 
be wary of enemies on the opposite building. When all snipers are dead head 
across the bridge and up the ladder on the other side.

After the cutscene head up the stairs and follow the route around until you 
reach the conveniently placed VC32 Sniper Rifle. Pick up the sniper rifle and 
take out the helghast as Rico directs you to. First take out the machine guns 
on the ground and the one on the first floor of the building opposite. Next 
you need to take out the snipers in the building. The third sniper (building 
to the left) will require you to head up the stairs from where you came and 
so will the next. Continue clearing out snipers as directed and when they are 
all gone help finish off the ground troops.

+--+ Ground Zero +--+

You are now in an Exo, Follow Rico forward until you reach some destroyed 
buildinga with enemies to take out. You will encounter a tank which shouldn't 
be to much trouble with a few rockets. if you press up you will see two 
targets for you to take out. After the targets are destroyed, follow Rico in 
to the trench. The next area has a lot of enemies in different areas so try to 
keep moving and avoid being hit as you take them out. If you need cover use 
the broken bridge to recover health. After taking out the enemies at the 
front head around the left side of the building and take out the rest of the 
enemies using the corner for cover. There is a tank at the back of the 
building too, take care of it with your rockets.

You are now without your Exo or Rico, in this section you need to be wary of 
pyro troopers. The first pyro trooper is an easy kill so move forward when 
he's dead. Stay near the corner for cover and pop out to take out the 
helghast as you can, there's a few heavily armored enemies to face now. When 
they are dead, head up the ramp and walk along the route until you get to the 
corner where you will come across two pyro troopers which can easily be 
finished with a cooked grenade. After dealing with the pyro troopers, 
progress forward a little and shoot the helghast just after where the pyro 
troopers were. Kill the enemies below and drop to where they were, you need 
to clear the next area of enemies which can be made a little easier if you 
look out for explosive containers. When the area is clear move into it, 
you're at a checkpoint which is useful because you're about to get stormed by 
some tough enemies with shotguns and an enemy vehicle. If you have some 
grenades spare, now is a useful time to use them, it's the end of the chapter 

+-+			[B5]	Six Months On				    +-+

+--+ Jungle Valley +--+

Gameplay takes a strange twist now as it becomes stealth based. There is a 
new threat in the form of plants and insects which will attack you if you get 
close, there easy to take care of with your M66 so no need to worry. This is 
where you earn the "Never There" trophy for getting through unseen, if you get 
spotted you can pause the game and restart the checkpoint. You can also get a 
trophy for melee killing one of the capture troopers.

From the start of the mission move forward and out of the cave, shoot the 
scorpion plants to avoid getting attacked by them, it only takes two shots on 
elite difficulty and you have unlimited ammo. Follow the path up and round to 
Kowalski who will tell you about the plants. Shoot the plants by the cave 
entrance and head through. On the other side Kowalski will be attacked by bugs 
which can be cleared easily with a shot to the stinger plant just past him. 
Follow kowalski in to the next cave which triggers a cutscene at the other 

When action resumes shoot the nearby Helghast in the head followed by the one 
on the ledge. It is important to make sure all attacks are headshots to kill 
them without them alerting others or brutal melees for instant-kill. 
Throughout this mission you should stick to dark caves and tall grass and use 
use crouched movement to avoid detection. When the Helghast are dealt with 
follow Kowalski to the tall grass and crouch to stay hidden from sight while 
the Helghast walks towards you, when he reaches you he will turn around and 
give you the perfect oppertunity to perform a brutal melee. Follow Kowalski 
in to the caves to stay hidden from sight, you will see two helghast at the 
other side of the cave, when they are in range shoot the stinger plant to take 
them both out. Follow Kowalski again and press circle when prompted to climb 
up the ledge. Follow Kowalski again until you reach the end of the cave where 
you will be warned of the troop carrier.

To take out the guards you will have to wait for them to split-up and then 
pick them off. Your first move should be to move left in to the cave and 
brutal melee the nearby Helghast. After the soldier falls, aim across where 
you will see another who can be taken out with a simple headshot. Stick to 
the left to move in to another cave, you will see another two helghast which 
are best taken out using the stinger plants. Follow Kowalski, staying to the 
left until you reach another group and some tall grass to crouch down in. 
First take out the guard up on the walkway, then when there is space between 
the two guards on the ground, shoot the one who is furthest away in the head 
followed by a quick headshot to the nearer one. Head forward and follow the 
cave through to the other side until a cutscene triggers.

+--+ Behind the Vale +--+

Follow the path round and you should see two guards in the next area, wait 
for one to start leave and shoot the one left behind in the head and wait for 
the other to get near the stinger plant to the right of the entrance of the 
distant cave. Shoot the nearby Helghast and quickly shoot the stinger plant 
whilst the other is close to it. Head through the cave to a new area with 

As you enter the new area you will see several guards patrolling, First kill 
the guard who stops below the ledge directly infront of you then quickly take 
out the guard above him. Move to the left without leaving the cave so you can 
see the other two guards, take out the one in the distance, by the cave and 
then the nearer guard who is at the edge of the cliff. Taking out the distant 
guard can be difficult but if you don't kill him just pause and restart last 

Move through to the next area, there's nothing to worry about so progress 
through the area crossing the bridges and dropping down ledges until you 
reach an area with metal plates on the floor. Stay hidden in the darkness 
while three of the guards leave. When there is only two guards left shoot 
the one on the ground while the other is facing you then take out the one on 
the ledge while he is facing away. Move towards the next area but becareful 
because there is a guard in the cave although if you stay crouched he 
shouldn't see you.

This is a very busy area so stay crouched and slowly move to the right 
through the tall grass until you reach the dark cave at the end. Stay stay 
crouched in the darknes and keep moving through and you will see another tall 
path of grass to follow which will lead you to another cave and the next 
area. In this area the only threat is a group of spiders which can be taken 
out using the nearby stinger plants, walk through the area being careful not 
to fall and when you reach the cave at the end another cutscene will trigger.

+--+ Cruiser Wreckage +--+

First take out the one in front of you then wait for the one on the left to 
stop and shoot him. When the coast is clear head right in to the nearby cave. 
At the end of this cave take out the nearby guard followed by a quick headshot 
to take out the one to the right. Head out the cave and head to the comms 
system to complete the current objective although on elite I recommend you 
pick up the nearby LMG before completing the objective.

Cook a grenade to take out the helghast on the bridge who are coming towards 
you, there's several ammo crates in this area so you don't need to worry 
about running out of grenades and ammo. Focus primarily on taking out the 
troops and dodging the troop carriers fire. When most of the enemies are dead 
use grenades and your LMG to destroy the troop carrier. A second troop carrier 
will appear in the distance, move a little closer to it, over the bridge near 
the other ammo crate. When the area is clear press the d-pad up to find your 
way out of the area.

+--+ Kaznan Deep +--+

After progressing through the jungle you will reach another open area where 
you will be attacked by the helghast. There will be pyro troopers and various 
assault infantry in the area but nothing as bad as before. After killing the 
enemies progress forward and you will be hit by another wave, the cover isn't 
as good for this part but there isn't as much of a threat. After killing them 
all, move forward and follow the path until you drop to the area below. Turn 
left and through the cave where you will be greeted by yet more helghast.

There isn't many enemies in this section so move slowly in while crouched and 
aim for a quick kill with the LMG, moving back if you need to recover health.
When the four enemies are dead move forward and two more will emerge from the 
cave if you use your LMG you should be able to take them both out before they 
can either fire a shot. Progress through the cave and you will find more 
helghast, take them out but be prepared for capture troopers to dash towards 
you and don't let the plant at the exit of the cave explode while you are near 

When the helghast are dead replenish your ammo and move on to the next area, 
which will take you on a long walk through multiple caves, you will eventually 
meet up with your ISA team mates who need assistance. There will be a helghast 
below you, to the left side. Jump down to the area below, follow your team 
mate and take out any helghast that appear, make sure you keep an eye on the 
left and right side. Watch out for the exploding plants in this area, they can 
be a serious hazard. After clearing the area with the exploding plants you 
will head up to a raised area where there will be multiple infantry as well 
as a capture trooper. Work your way around the raised section and eventually 
you will meet up with another ISA, follow him and you will eventually meet up 
with the rest of the ISA at their camp. There is an ammo crate here so you 
can top your ammo supplies up. Continue to follow your team mate until a cut 
scene triggers.

+--+ ISA Camp Siege +--+

Follow the path down to where the other ISA are, the helghast are coming from 
the back of this area, help to take them out but watch out for troop carriers.
If you need cover head to the back of the area for safety, I recommend you 
use the LMG if you still have it to take out troop carriers. Eventually a smoke 
will come over the area and a cutscene will trigger. 

+-+			[B6]	Icy Incursion				    +-+

+--+ Frozen Shores +--+

The start of this chapter is fairly easy, it's mostly just holding down the 
fire button and destroying anything you see. Keep following orders, destroying 
fuel line and when they appear takout the dropships. Soon enough a cutscene 
will trigger and combat will return to land.

+--+ Shipwreck +--+

Follow Rico and take cover ahead while you take out the helghast. When the 
helghast are dead progress forward and prepare for more helghast, these are 
best to take out from a distance as one of them has a shotgun and is deadly 
up close. When they are dead keep moving forward (d-pad up to see where to go)
until you reach a building, watch out as there is a helghast above. I 
recommend you cook a grenade before you enter the building as there are 
helghast waiting in there. When the room is cleared head up stairs and prepare 
for a similar fight to what you have just done. When the room is cleared head 
inside and drop out of the room which will trigger a cutscene.

A dropship flies in and drop off some jetpack troops, they move a lot and on 
elite difficulty can kill you very quick. I managed to keep covered and Rico 
took them out for me, When the jetpack troopers are dead you will have to 
take out the helghast in the distance, I used the VC-9 to take them out. When
the area is clear head to the end and use Rico to climb the ledge. A cutscene 
will trigger and you will now have a jetpack.

+--+ Akmir Rig +--+

Use the jetpack to jump across the icy platforms and reach the tanker. Jump 
across the gap in the tanker and head through the door. Head up the stairs and 
shoot the wooden beams off of the door. Continue through the tanker until you 
reach the end of it and jump over the gap to reach the rig. Jump up on to the 
rig and prepare for battle. Press the d-pad left to equip your rifle so you're 
not relying on your jetpack. Keep taking out the helghast and press d-pad up 
to make sure you're heading the right way. When you eventually reach the AA 
gun cook a grenade and throw it in to the room where there will be two 
helghast waiting. When it's clear plant a D-Charge, get clear and detonate it.

After the cutscene equip your jetpack and jump over to the ice platforms. 
When you reach the area for the next rig equip your rifle and run to the 
nearby hole, head through to the other side and takeout the helghast waiting 
for you. Try not to expose your self for too long as a jetpack trooper will 
appear. After the jetpack trooper is defeated two more will appear from a 
dropship, finish them off use the same methods you used to defeat the other, 
stay in the hole and top up your ammo when you need to. A well timed grenade 
is good for taking out jetpack troopers and with an unlimited supply of ammo 
it's definitely the best course of action. When the area is clear, shoot the 
glowing targets and use the jetpack to fly up to the part which fell down and 
a cutscene will trigger.

+--+ Nilfrost Rig +--+

Equip your rifle and start to take out the helghast from the cover of the 
starting position. When you've taken out the enemies move forward and 
replenish your ammo at the ammo crate on the left. Just after the ammo crate, 
on the right is a flight of stairs with a helghast waiting for you. Progress 
down the stairs and be ready for another helghast. Equip the jetpack and jump 
around the platforms, if you get killed by the enemy try equipping your M82 
rifle for better accuracy. Plant a D-Charge on the first pipe and you will 
get attacked by two jetpack troopers here, it can be a difficult fight but use 
the pipe for cover and try to time your grenade throws for an easy fight. When 
you reach the next pipe I find rushing them is the best method, fly over to 
them and unleash your jetpack gunup close and it should work out for you. 
Plant the D-Charge and a timer will start, go through the door, take out the 
jetpack trooper and make your way upwards. Take out any helghast you see and 
give yourself chance to recover, don't worry too much about the time as you 
have plenty. When you finally get outside switch to your rifle and take cover.
Takeout the ground troops and then the jetpack trooper, it can be very 
difficult, grenades help if you have any. When you've killed them all follow 
the path and eventually a cutscene will trigger.

+--+ Providence Bay +--+

Follow Rico, watch out for enemy fire although Rico can revive you if you fall.
continue past the containers and up the stairs, watch out for the helghast 
waiting for you on the stairs. Turn right and head up the next set of stairs 
with a cooked grenade, head back down the stairs and make sure all helghast in 
this area are dead. When all helghast in the upper and lower area are dead, 
head in to the room on the right at the top of the stairs. There will be a 
helghast in the room but he is easy to beat head in to the next room and 
replenish your ammo then head up the stairs. There will be a helghast on the 
stairs, and more outside when you reach the top make use of the explosive 
barrel to when fighting the one on the raised section. When they are all dead 
use the WASP to give support to the ground troops. When you've done 
as much as you can take the WASP and leave the way you came.

Follow Rico and head to the opposite side, take out any helghast you see as 
you head up the stairs. Continue up the stairs and into the room similar to 
how you did previously, take out the guy waiting inside then head back out 
and on to the roof of te room and take out the two helghast waiting for you.
Destroy everything you see as before and head down the stairs after Rico. When 
you reach the ground head through the door in to the room. When you're inside 
a cutscene will trigger and the next section will begin.

+--+ Providence Station +--+

Replenish your ammo if you need to and head outside, use the WASP to take out 
the tank and replenish your ammo again. Head towards the hill taking out the 
helghast on the way up. For an easy time make use of the WASP and the nearby 
supply of ammo to quickly destroy anything in sight. A checkpoint will be 
reached on the hill when another tank arrives and there is also an ammo crate 
nearby to top up your WASP. Just after the tank you will reach another group 
of enemies to defeat, the easiest way to do this is to keep using your WASP 
and running back to replenish your ammo. When you've cleared out some of the 
enemies there is an ammo crate in the first building on the right which you 
can utilise for an easier time. Enter the building and follow the path up the 
stairs (d-pad up if you need to find where to go). When you reach the top of 
the stairs take out the helghast on the right and enter the door way near 
where the helghast was to trigger a cutscene and end the chapter.

+-+			[B7]	Stahl Arms Infiltration			    +-+

+--+ Stahl Arms East Block +--+

This should look familiar to you as the start of the game, when you regain 
control head forward and through the security gate. On your left you will 
once again see your ISA buddies being brought in by the helghast. Continue 
forward as before, open the door and head through in to the factory. Head 
down the stairs and through the big open doorway and turn right and follow 
the route until you reach the valve you need to turn.

When you're outside follow Rico to the door and wait for it to open and head 
inside, after a conversation with the guard head in to the body scanner and 
wait to be scanned. After being scanned continue through the door and through 
the next two, head down the stairs and walk towards the guard. After speaking 
to the guard follow Rico through the rooms until a cutscene starts.

+--+ Ward 5 +--+

You start this section with one of the most powerful guns in the game, one 
charged shot from the StA5X can take out many enemies. After clearing the 
first room replenish your ammo and move on to the next room fire a few 
charged shots in to the next room and replenish ammo supplies before you 
move in to the room. After clearing the room progress forward and head up the 
stairs which will trigger another  cutscene.

Head through the doors and charge a shot with the StA5X to take out the 
helghast waiting for you. After taking him out take cover because several 
helghast will come out and start shooting. If you need more ammo there is a 
crate waiting for you in the area wher you killed the first helghast. when 
you think you've got them all head to the back of the room and follow the 
stairs round where you will find more helghast above you, there is also an 
ammo crate here to top up stock if you need to. When all the enemies are dead 
the door nearby will open and you can head through which will trigger the 
final cutscene of this section.

+--+ Assembly Line #17 +--+

Head down the stairs and through the door. Take out all the helghast in the 
room, after a while three jetpack troopers will appear, take these guys out 
and head up the stairs at the end of the room. Going across the walk way you 
will see an ammo crate so make use of it because grenades and StA5X ammo are 
very useful. Continue to follow Rico up to the next floor and follow it around 
until you are attacked by a group of helghast. As soon as the helghast 
opposite are killed, stock up on ammo and continue on your way and jump on the 

When you exit the elevator kill the helghast on your left and use this area 
for cover while you take out the other helghast. When all the helghast are 
gone, head through the door at the back of the room and stock up on some extra 
ammo for the next section. Jump in the elevator with Rico and hit the button 
to go up. In this next room you will be with some of your ISA team mates. 
Take out the helghast making sure to get the guys carrying a VC9 because 
they hit hard. When the room is cleared head outside where a lot of helghast 
will be waiting.

I recommend the StA5X for this section and if you run out of ammo you can head 
inside to top up, if you would prefer to use a jetpack then grab one on the 
left as you exit the building. When all the helghast are defeated an ATAC will 
fly in, the safest place is the garage near the ramp. The easiest way to win 
this battle is non-charged shots from the StA5X but if you run out there are 
VC9's available in the garage. If you want to do this with the StA5X you can 
stay near the doorway at the top of the ramp and keep running back to top up 
the ammo. When the ATAC goes down a cutscene will play starting the next 

+--+ Sharp Pursuit +--+

This is difficult especially on elite, you are piloting an Ice-Saw on the 
bright side, it's nearly impossible to do this part on elite with out 
getting the "Iced" trophy. You need to steer the Ice-Saw avoiding obstacles 
and shooting enemies, obstacles can be taken out with the chain gun while the 
homing missles should be reserved for enemy vehicles. The dropships can be 
especially annoying on this section but practice makes perfect! When you're 
finally done a cutscene will transition you in to the next chapter.

+-+			[B8]	Scrapyard Shortcut			    +-+

+--+ Scrapyard Perimeter +--+

Follow Rico down the hill and with Rico's help vault over the obstacles and 
continue the path through the scrapyard. When you reach a dead end Rico will 
point out that he has gone the wrong way, look around for a group of red 
barrels to shoot and blow a hole in the wall. Continue the path until you 
reach a bridge, just over this bridge you will find an ammo crate and then a 
weapons rack. Use the weapon rack to pick up the Bolt Gun. Follow Rico up the 
hill and after the cutscene head back down. When you reach the bridge destroy 
the drones that fly in using your boltgun. When the drones stop flying in 
helghast troops will start coming in on the other side of the bridge. When 
the helghast are done re-stock your ammo and follow Rico over the bridge.

On the other side of the bridge take out the helghast waiting for you and 
follow Rico along the path, a drone will be waiting for you around one of the 
corners along with helghast on a raised section. Plant a charge on the door 
and detonate it. On the other side of the door will be several helghast 
waiting for you. After you take out the enemies carry on and pick up some 
more ammo along the way and eventually a cutscene will trigger.

+--+ Fenced In +--+

This area has snipers, drones and regular troops, first take out the drones 
with the bolt gun and then grab the sniper rifle which is not far from the 
ammo crate. Try to take out the sniper before the other troops because 
snipers can do more damage. When all helghast are dead follow Rico to the 
crane and climb up with him. At the top an enemy dropship will fly in with 
reinforcements, take out all the troops from the safety of the crane, several 
waves will come at you and they may also come from the ladders at either side 
of the crane. You will know you're at the end of the assault when two drones 
appear. Climb down the ladder and follow Rico.

+--+ Blind Yards +--+

There is a lot of tough enemies in this area so becareful and don't stray too 
far from Rico. Keep progressing forward taking out the helghast, I find the 
boltgun works great here, eventually a cutscene will trigger introducing a 
heavy. I recommend using the bolt gun to take out some of the helghast then a 
grenade at the heavy to turn him around followed by a shot to his tanks from 
the bolt gun. When all the helghast are dead head to the back wall and with 
help from Rico climb the wall.

+--+ Mobile Factory +--+

Grab the bolt gun from the weapon rack and follow Rico in to the room to take 
out the enemies and then down the ladder. Down the ladder you will confonted 
by more enemies which shouldn't pose too much of a threat. When the helghast 
are dead, continue following Rico until multiple drones attack you, quickly 
take cover and try to take them out with the bolt gun. Follow Rico who will 
take you up a ladder where more helghast will appear opposite you. I recommend 
your assault rifle to take them out because it will provide good accuracy 
over a distance. Rico can take any that get close while you focus on the ones 
in the distance. When they're all gone follow Rico across and in to the room 
where you can replenish your ammo reserves. Head out the room and around the 
side, three jetpack troopers will attack you so take them out with your rifle.
Continue to follow Rico, you will run in to a helghast with a VC9 near an ammo 
crate, he can be dealt with quite easily with a shot to the head from your 
rifle. Keep following the route around until you run in to more helghast. 
They're not too much of a challenge but be careful and they shouldn't pose 
a threat. When the helghast are dead head up the stairs and to the nearby 
door, cook a grenade for the helghast inside. Rico will open the door so you 
can join up with your fellow ISA.

+--+ Belly of the Beast +--+

Head up the stairs and take cover by the container while you take out the 
helghast. When they're gone, head a little further up, take cover and use your 
rifle to take out the jetpackers from behind cover. Take one of the miniguns 
and head on a little, some helghast will appear but they're no match for the 
minigun. Head a little further up and replenish ammo stocks. Use the minigun 
to destroy the guns ahead using the ammo crates if you need them. When the 
guns are destroyed head forwards where you will encounter more helghast 
finish them off with the minigun and keep moving forward killing any helghast 
you see until you reach the door to plant the D-Charge. When the door blows 
use the minigun to clear the room of helghast and finish the chapter.

+-+			[B9]	The Reckoning				    +-+

+--+ Trenches +--+

Run forward to join up with your team, watch out for the helghast snipers. I 
recommend using the small hill to the left, near your team. After taking out 
all the enemies head up the hill and follow the tanks through the chainlink 
fence. After the cutscene, head to the end of the trench, around the corner is 
a helghast waiting on a bridge with another below him. After defeating them, 
head further down and two pyro troopers will appear just ahead of you, take 
them out and head a little further forward, another helghast will be waiting 
around the corner. After taking out the helghast move to where he was and 
around this corner several helghast will be waiting to take you out. Keep 
moving down and take out the helghast that pop out from the sides. Eventually 
you will head through a gate at the bottom and trigger a cutscene. Keep 
following the path until you reach the MAWLR.

+--+ MAWLR +--+

Grab a WASP from inside the building, you're going to need it. Use artillery 
mode to take out the cooling vents on the MAWLR, they will be glowing so you 
can see them easily. After taking out the first vent take cover and wait for 
the attacks to finish before you strike again, this time aiming for the 
machine guns, when they are gone take another shot on the next cooling vent.
If the building you're taking cover in is in bad shape then move across to the 
next. Take out the next set of machine guns and when you can shoot the 
cooling vents again. A dropship will fly in with some ground troops and a 
tank will appear with some troops, take them out with the WASP. After taking 
out the troops run out of the bunkers as the MAWLR will target them with it's 
canon. When the cooling vents are open target it and fire to finish it off.

+--+ Freight Elevator +--+

Run forward and head down the stays on the left, continue on over the bridge 
to meet with some members of your team. Use the building near your team to 
take out the enemy, I used the M82 for better accuracy. When most enemies are 
dead move forward to get a better shot at the more distant enemies. There is 
a mingun available from the center platform near an ammo crate if you want an 
easier challenge. When you've cleared the enemies, head to the back of the 
area and up the stairs to the freight elevator. Push the button to hed up and 
trigger a cutscene for the next section.

+--+ Ashen Skies +--+

This part can be quite difficult but be quick and it is simple enough. Take 
out the turrets that pop up to shoot you. Eventually you'll fly in near it's 
arm, shoot the capsules around it's arm until it falls off. Keeping shooting 
at it, there won't be much of a threat now. If you want the MAWLR 
Completionist trophy you should be really quick to take out the turrets 
because some aren't visible for long.

+-+			[B10]	Interception				    +-+

+--+ Outer Tunnels +--+

Move forward and through the door, take cover by the nearby crate, watch out 
for the little exploding spiders. Take out the helghast running toward you and 
keep moving forward on the lower section using the crates for cover. Head 
forward with your team until you reach the next group of enemies near a bridge.
Stay on one side of the bridge and shoot them with your M82. Grenades are very 
useful here too. When you finally clear them and get over the bridge replenish 
your ammo supply.

Progress on a little and you will reach another fire fight at a corridor with 
lots of crates. Head down the left side for cover and shoot them from there 
where you are safe. When they are dead, head in to the air lock and hit the 
button to trigger a cutscene.

+--+ Power Vacuum +--+

Use your revolver to shoot the spider just outside the doorway, and the ones 
that comes after it. Head towards the stairs and take out the spiders around 
the area. At the top of the stairs switch to the StA3 LMG if you have it and 
prepare for a battle. Drones will fly in infront of you and the LMG will take 
them out quickly and easily. If you don't have the LMG there is a weapon rack 
on the left side of the corridor. Gravity will be disabled so keep this in 
mind as you progress towards the helghast. After taking out a few helghast 
more drones will fly in, take them out with the LMG. Head up to the higher 
level to take out the helghast up here. At the back of the area there is 
helghast with a VC9 who can be a threat unless you take him out quick. When 
all the helghast are dead head to the platform at the back and turn the valve 
to turn the gravity on.

Head to the door where Rico is and take out the two soldiers with VC9's and 
prepare for more helghast to come in on the left elevator followed by drones 
on the right elevator. Take out the drones quick with the LMG and then focus 
on the heavy. This bit can use quite a lot of ammo so use the ammo crate to 
the left of the door way if you need to. When the heavy goes down jump on the 
elevator with your Narville and Rico and head up.

+--+ Inner Sanctum +--+

Head forward from the elevator and shoot the spiders that you run in to on 
the broken platforms. Head left and go through the container, head left on the 
other side and follow the path route until you run in to some helghast on the 
right. Take out the helghast with the LMG and head in to the air lock to 
trigger a cutscene.

Quickly run forward and jump down to the area below. Use the cover in this 
lower area to carefully take out the helghast above you using the M82. Watch 
out for the sniper at the back of the area. When all the enemies are dead move 
forward through the area until you reach the backm climb one of the ladders 
at either side. At the top of the ladder grab the weapon of your choice, 
the're all pretty good but I recommend the StA5X. Move forward taking out 
each enemy as you can, not a problem if you went with the StA5X. If you run 
out of ammo feel free to run back to the ammo crate to replenish your ammo. 
Keep moving down the corridor until a cutscene triggers for the next section.

+--+ Fleet Battle +--+

This bit can be a real pain, the best advice is to practice until you know the 
pattern. Use your rockets to take out groups and machine gun when not using 
rockets. You'll probably die a lot on this section, listen to any of the 
advice that may be shouted at you by your team. Eventually you will reach 
stahl's ship and trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene start working on the 
cruiser, fire at anything you can, when you reach the warp coil make sure to 
take it out quickly, it shouldn't be difficult as there are no other threats 
to worry about. After attacking the warp coil twice the cruiser will begin to 
fall. As the cruiser is falling it will launch missiles at you, keep the 
crosshair mostly around the middle of the screen and make the most of the 
machine gun and missles for this final part. As soon as you are prompted, hit 
circle to fire the nuke and end the game.

+-+			[C1]	Characters				    +-+

+--+ ISA +--+

+| Tomas Sevchenko

Tomas 'Sev' Sevchenko is the main protagonist of both Killzone 2 and 
Killzone 3. You will play as Sev during the single player campaign.

+| Ricardo Velasquez

Ricardo 'Rico' velasquez has been in every Killzone game, his reckless actions 
in Killzone 2 are what lead to the events of Killzone 3. Rico will regularly 
acompany you throughout many missions of Killzone 3 and will be invaluable on 
harder difficulties because he can revive you when you die.

+| Jason Narville

Narville is the captain who relays orders to Sev and Rico, the orders from 
narville drive the story of the game as you try to escape Helghan with all 
the ISA troops alive.

+| Shawn Natko

Natko fought alongside Sev and the rest of alpha team in Killzone 2, His 
appearance in Killzone 3 is as the secondary player for the Co-Op Campaign.

+--+ Helghast +--+

+| Scolar Visari

In Killzone 1 and 2 Visari was the Autarch for the Helghast, at the end of 
Killzone 2 Sev reaches him and attempts to arrest him for war crimes but Rico 
appears and kills him which leaves space for some one new to take over rule 
of the Helghast.

+| Orlock

In killzone 2 Orlock was an Admiral but after the death of Scolar Visari he 
took it upon himself to take over as leader of the Helghast. Orlock controls 
the Helghast armies to find and eliminate any ISA on Helghan.

+| Jorhan Stahl

Head of Stahl Arms, Jorhan Stahl is responsible for developing weapons for the 
Helghast to use against the ISA. Stahl plans to take control of the Helghan 
army using his position as the weapons developer.

+-+			[C2]	Weapons					    +-+

*Information provided is for shots fired when zoomed in.

+--+ ISA +--+

+| M4 Revolver

Damage:		|----  |
Rate of Fire:	|--    |
Accuracy:	|----  |
Range:		|---   |
Ammo Capacity:	Infinite
Reload Time:	2.6 seconds

+| M66 Machine Pistol

Damage:		|----  |
Rate of Fire:	|-     |
Accuracy:	|----- |
Range:		|---   |
Ammo Capacity:	Infinite
Reload Time:	2.2 seconds

+| M82 Assault Rifle

Damage:		|---   |
Rate of Fire:	|---   |
Accuracy:	|----- |
Range:		|----- |
Ammo Capacity:	256
Reload Time:	3.0 seconds

+| M82SE

Damage:		|---   |
Rate of Fire:	|--    |
Accuracy:	|----- |
Range:		|----- |
Ammo Capacity:	256
Reload Time:	3.0 seconds

+| LS57 Sub-Machine Gun

Damage:		|---   |
Rate of Fire:	|----- |
Accuracy:	|---   |
Range:		|---   |
Ammo Capacity:	256
Reload Time:	2.4 seconds

+| M224-1A Light Machine Gun

Damage:		|----  |
Rate of Fire:	|---   |
Accuracy:	|----  |
Range:		|----- |
Ammo Capacity:	288
Reload Time:	5.9 seconds

+| Minigun

Damage:		|------|
Rate of Fire:	|------|
Accuracy:	|----  |
Range:		|------|
Ammo Capacity:	300
Reload Time:	0 seconds

+--+ Helghast +--+

+| StA18 Pistol

Damage:		|---   |
Rate of Fire:	|---   |
Accuracy:	|----  |
Range:		|---   |
Ammo Capacity:	Infinite
Reload Time:	2.6 seconds

+| VC8 Shotgun Pistol

Damage:		|----  |
Rate of Fire:	|---   |
Accuracy:	|---   |
Range:		|-     |
Ammo Capacity:	Infinite
Reload Time:	2.6 seconds

+| StA2 Battle Pistol

Damage:		|----  |
Rate of Fire:	|-     |
Accuracy:	|----  |
Range:		|---   |
Ammo Capacity:	4
Reload Time:	2.4 seconds

+| StA52 Assault Rifle

Damage:		|---   |
Rate of Fire:	|----  |
Accuracy:	|----- |
Range:		|----- |
Ammo Capacity:	320
Reload Time:	3.3 seconds

+| StA52SE

Damage:		|---   |
Rate of Fire:	|--    |
Accuracy:	|----  |
Range:		|----  |
Ammo Capacity:	320
Reload Time:	3.3 seconds

+| StA14 Rifle

Damage:		|----- |
Rate of Fire:	|---   |
Accuracy:	|------|
Range:		|----- |
Ammo Capacity:	60
Reload Time:	3.6 seconds

+| VC32 Sniper Rifle

Damage:		|------|
Rate of Fire:	|-     |
Accuracy:	|------|
Range:		|------|
Ammo Capacity:	24
Reload Time:	3.8 seconds

+| LS13 Shotgun

Damage:		|------|
Rate of Fire:	|--    |
Accuracy:	|--    |
Range:		|--    |
Ammo Capacity:	32
Reload Time:	5.5 seconds

+| StA11 Sub-Machine Gun

Damage:		|---   |
Rate of Fire:	|----- |
Accuracy:	|----  |
Range:		|--    |
Ammo Capacity:	384
Reload Time:	2.4 seconds

+| VC1 Flame Thrower

Damage:		|----  |
Rate of Fire:	|---   |
Accuracy:	|--    |
Range:		|--    |
Ammo Capacity:	200
Reload Time:	3.2 seconds

+| StA3 Light Machine Gun

Damage:		|----  |
Rate of Fire:	|----- |
Accuracy:	|---   |
Range:		|----- |
Ammo Capacity:	256
Reload Time:	3.7 seconds

+| VC9 Rocket Launcher

Damage:		|------|
Rate of Fire:	|-     |
Accuracy:	|----- |
Range:		|------|
Ammo Capacity:	3
Reload Time:	2.7 seconds


Damage:		|----  |
Rate of Fire:	|----  |
Accuracy:	|----- |
Range:		|----- |
Ammo Capacity:	27
Reload Time:	5.2 seconds

+| VC21 Bolt Gun

Damage:		|----- |
Rate of Fire:	|--    |
Accuracy:	|----  |
Range:		|----- |
Ammo Capacity:	20
Reload Time:	3.7 seconds

+| StA5X Arc Cannon

Damage:		|------|
Rate of Fire:	|----  |
Accuracy:	|----- |
Range:		|---   |
Ammo Capacity:	100
Reload Time:	0 seconds

+-+			[C3]	Vehicles				    +-+

+| Hammer

This vehicle is used on senlin beach, it is equipped with a machine gun and a 
canon. You should use it's machine gun mainly for infantry and the canon to 
take down groups and large targets. The canon has better range and damge than 
the machine gun but has lower accuracy.

+| Exo-Skeleton

This is like a powerful extension to your character, you maintain the ability 
to run and jump but you now carry a heavy machine gun and rockets. When you 
hear the warning sounds it means you've taken far to much damage and need to 
take cover to recover health. The EXO is available in both the campaign and 

+| Ice Saw

The Ice Saw is armed with a chaingun and missles, you can only control weapons 
and steering in this vehicle, it's powerful but can be a pain to use. Co-op 
controls has player 1 control steering and the chaingun while player 2 
controls the missiles.

+| Space Fighter

Armed with a heavy machine gun and missiles, it's similar to the ice saw 
except you have no control over it as it is piloted by Rico. It doesn't make 
an appearance until the section "Fleet Battle". 

+-+			[C4]	Enemies					    +-+

+|Assault Infantry

Your standard Helghast, Armed with an StA52 and Frag Grenades. These guys 
appear from the start of the game and are easy to kill. They appear on Icy 
Incursion in a snow outfit.

+|Advanced Assault Infantry

These are almost identical to the standard assault infantry, the only 
difference is these guy take a few more hits.

+|Patrol Trooper

Once again they are the same as the standard assault infantry, they patrol 
the jungle in the Six Months on chapter.

+|LMG Trooper

These guys carry a StA3 LMG, they take more hits than the standard infantry 
and carry a better weapon. They won't appear until you reach the scrapyard.

+|Mounted Gunner

Same as the standard Helghast except these also use emplaced weapons like the 

+|Pyro Trooper

They can take quite a few hits and are armed with the VC1 Flamethrower. They 
start to appear at the Pyrrhus Evac chapter. They don't take cover and they 
have limited range so they shouldn't prove a problem.

+|Shock Trooper

These fast movers appear early in the game, they carry an StA11, Knife and 
Smoke grenades. They can cause problems because they like to get close but you 
can take them out with a few well placed bullets.

+|Elite Shock Trooper

They look different to the regular Shock Trooper and take a lot more to kill, 
they carry teslite grenades in place of smoke grenades. Luckily you don't have 
to deal with these guys until the last parts of the game.


They like to get close to utilise their LS13 shotgun on you, they have a lot 
of health so you should avoid letting them get to close. They make an 
appearance from Pyrrhus Evac onwards.

+|Hazmat Trooper

Massive amounts of health, and a seriously powerful weapon, these should be 
taken out with headshots to dispatch of them quickly. Their weapon of choice 
is the VC5 Arc rifle, you will run in to them at Stahl Arms.

+|Capture Trooper

They are the very fast moving troops which appear in the jungle, they are 
easy enough to kill if your reactions are quick but if they get close to you, 
you're dead.


They carry an StA14 rifle which is powerful but they have low health so you 
can take them out pretty easily. They're similar to the standard infantry but 
with a rifle instead of an assault rifle.


Cloaked helghast with a VC21 sniper rifle an StA18 pistol, you first run in 
to them on Pyrrhus Evac when you have to take them out to progress. The best 
way to take these out is to counter with a VC21.

+|Support Trooper

They don't have much health but they carry some heavy weapons, armed with a 
rocket launcher and the shotgun pistol they can be a serrious problem up 
close and from a distance. They appear from the early stages of the game.

+|Jetpack Trooper

These appear on Icy Incursion and can be a real pain, they have a mounted 
machine gun and use their jetpack to fly around. They never use cover so an 
accurate shooter shouldn't have too much problem. 


These are a mini-boss which are quite easy to deal with if you know how, they 
carry an StA6 which is very powerful so you need to take cover. To beat these 
you need to shoot them until they turn around and show their tanks, when you 
can see their tanks shoot them to blow them up. The first heavy appear at the 


The ATAC first appears at Stahl Arms, it has a machine gun and missles 
combined with the ability to take a lot of damage which makes it a very mean 
adversary. Rocket launchers and miniguns make light work of these guys but 
they can be taken out with a standard assault rifle with careful shooting and 

+-+			[D1]	Multiplayer				    +-+

	| Game Modes |

Multiplayer comprises of 3 game modes:

+| Warzone
+| Operations
+| Guerilla Warfare - TDM

Each game is different  so I will explain what each game mode is and which 
maps are available.

Warzone - This mode is the same as Killzone 2, it is the main multiplayer 
mode, it offers varied gameplay with several objective to complete. The 
objectives you will have to do are things such as capturing positions, 
planting explosive charges and killing as many opponents as possible. It is a 
good mode for people who don't want to just run around shooting everything 
because of the way the missions break it up.

The maps available for this mode are:
	-Corinth Highway
	-Pyrrhus Crater
	-Bilgarsk Boulevard
	-Turbine Concourse SE-6
	-Frozen Dam
	-Akmir Snowdrift
	-MAWLR Graveyard

Operations - This is a purely objective game mode, it features cut-scenes as 
you progress through the mission. The ISA team play the attacking team and 
the Helghast are defending, as the ISA break through the Helghast defences new 
areas of the map become unlocked.

The maps available for this mode are:
	-Frozen Dam
	-Akmir Snowdrift
	-MAWLR Graveyard

Guerilla Warfare - This is your standard team deathmatch mode, you run around 
and kill anyone of the opposite faction. The maps are made a little smaller 
for this mode so you will never be far from the action when playing. There are 
no tactical spawn points in Guerilla Warfare so tacticians are of less use in 
this game mode. 

The maps available for this mode are:
	-Corinth Highway
	-Bilgarsk Boulevard
	-Frozen Dam
	-Akmir Snowdrift
	-Kaznan Jungle

	| Classes |


Engineers are able to repair objects and place sentry turrets, the most 
effective way to use an engineer is to learn the maps well so you can place 
your sentry turrets in the most effective areas.

-Primary Wepaons

+| M224-1A LMG - Cost: 0
+| StA11 SMG - Cost: 2 UP
+| StA3 LMG - Cost: 3 UP

-Secondary Weapons

+| StA18 Pistol - Cost: 1 UP
+| VC8 Shotgun Pistol - Cost: 2 UP
+| StA2 Battle Pistol - Cost: 3 UP

-Primary Ability

+| Repair tool

Cost: 0

Allows you to repair ammo boxes, mounted weapons and EXOs

+| Repair Tool+

Cost: 2 UP

provides the ability to repair objects twice as fast.

+| Repair Tool++

Cost: 3 UP

Repair objects three times faster than normal, you can also hack enemy turrets

-Secondary Ability

+| Sentry Turret

Cost: 1 UP

Allows you to deploy a sentry turret, you may only have one active turret, 
deploying a second will destroy the first.

+| Sentry Turret+

Cost: 2 UP

Halves the sentry turret deployment time and increases it's rate of fire.

+| Sentry Turret++

Cost: 3 UP

Adds rockets to your sentry turret and gives it much better accuracy.

+--[Field Medic]

Field medics are there to revive team mates but they also are equipped with a 
pretty good set of weapons so they can survive aagainst enemies easy enough.

-Primary Wepaons

+| LS57 SMG - Cost: 0
+| M-224 1A LMG - Cost: 2 UP
+| M82SE Assault Rifle - Cost: 3 UP

-Secondary Weapons

+| StA18 Pistol - Cost: 1 UP
+| M4 Revolver - Cost: 2 UP
+| M66 Machine Pistol - Cost: 3 UP

-Primary Ability

+| Revive

Cost: 0

Allows you to revive fallen team mates, really useful when trying to plant 
charges as you need as much help as possible.

+| Revive+

Cost: 2 UP

Revive team mates and provide ammo and an explosive to them.

+| Revive++

Cost: 3 UP

Provide more ammo and 2 explosives, you will also 25% extra health making 
them better than when they initially spawned.

-Secondary Ability

+| Triage

Cost: 1 UP

Provides an aura which heals your team mates who are within range.

+| Triage+

Cost: 2 UP

Gives you a Medi-Droid which will attack any enemies and provide covering 
fire for you.

+| Triage++

Cost: 3 UP

Allows you to revive instantly after being downed with full health and ammo 
with the ability to continue your kill streaks.


Infiltrators are fast and able to disguise them self as the enemy, speed is 
important as an infiltrator as you don't want to get spotted by enemies when 

-Primary Wepaons

+| LS13 Shotgun - Cost: 0
+| StA11 SMG - Cost: 2 UP
+| StA52SE Assault Rifle - Cost: 3 UP

-Secondary Weapons

+| StA18 Pistol - Cost: 1 UP
+| StA2 Battle Pistol - Cost: 2 UP
+| VC9 Missile Launcher - Cost: 3 UP

-Primary Ability

+| Disguise

Cost: 0

Allows you to disguise yourself as an enemy team member, shooting an enemy or 
being targeted by an enemy will revel your identity. Disguise only lasts 60 

+| Disguise+

Cost: 2 UP

Disguise will be revealed only when you are targeted from 30m or less, you are
also undetectable by machines such as drones and turrets. Disguise has no time 

+| Disguise++

Cost: 3 UP

Disguise is revealed when target from 15m or less, you can also use melee 
attacks without losing your disguise.

-Secondary Ability

+| Survivalist

Cost: 1 UP

Let's you run faster and have more stamina.

+| Survivalist+

Cost: 2 UP

Gives unlimited stamina with the speed increase.

+| Survivalist++

Cost: 3 UP

"Use" actions are quicker for things like placing explosives.


Marksman are ideal for long range combat with abilities which strongly 
compliment their weapons.

-Primary Wepaons

+| StA14 Rifle - Cost: 0
+| StA52 Assault Rifle - Cost: 2 UP
+| VC32 Sniper Rifle - Cost: 3 UP

-Secondary Weapons

+| StA18 Pistol - Cost: 1 UP
+| VC8 Shotgun Pistol - Cost: 2 UP
+| M66 Machine Pistol - Cost: 3 UP

-Primary Ability

+| Cloak Suit

Cost: 0

Makes a marksman almost invisible, it will last 60 seconds or until you fire. 
movement will make you more visible but slow movement while crouched will 
only make you slightly visible.

+| Cloak Suit+

Cost: 2 UP

There is no longer a time limit to the cloak.

+| Cloak Suit++

Cost: 3 UP

Hitting an enemy with a shot will briefly show you but kills will disable 
the cloak unless you're using a silenced weapon.

-Secondary Ability

+| Scramble

Cost: 1 UP

Hides your position from enemy radars within 15m.

+| Scramble+

Cost: 2 UP

Hides your team from enemy radars within 15m of you.

+| Survivalist++

Cost: 3 UP

Completely disables enemy radars within a 15m radius.


Tacticians are pretty good all-round class who can handle most situations.

-Primary Wepaons

+| StA11SE SMG - Cost: 0
+| LS13 Shotgun - Cost: 2 UP
+| M82 Assault Rifle - Cost: 3 UP

-Secondary Weapons

+| StA18 Pistol - Cost: 1 UP
+| M4 Revolver - Cost: 2 UP
+| VC9 Missile Launcher - Cost: 3 UP

-Primary Ability

+| Tactics

Cost: 0

Capture Spawn Points, neutralize in 7 seconds and capture in 13 seconds
+| Tactics+

Cost: 2 UP

Neutralize in 5 seconds and capture in 10 seconds. 

+| Tactics++

Cost: 3 UP

Neutralize in 3 seconds capture in 7 seconds. Also provides faster speeds for 
Capture and Hold mission.

-Secondary Ability

+| Recon

Cost: 1 UP
Marks the position of enemies for 30 seconds.

+| Recon+

Cost: 2 UP

Summons a sentry drone to the battle field attacking anyone near the beacon.

+| Recon++

Cost: 3 UP

Sentry drone becomes faster moving with a higher rate of fire.

	| Experience |
Earning experience points in Killzone 3 is no challenge, most actions will 
reward XP as long as you stick to your objective and kill anyone who gets in 
your way. Below you will find a list of actions and their associated XP value.

|    Name     |                          Detail                      |  XP |
| Kill        | Kill an enemy soldier.		                     | 100 |
| Assist      | Shoot a player which is then killed by a team mate   |  25 | 
|             | within ten seconds.                                  |     |
| Bot Kill    | Enemy killed by your Medi-Drone.                     | 100 |
| Turret Kill | Enemy killed by your Sentry Turret.                  | 100 |
| Sentry Kill | Enemy killed by your Sentry Drone.                   | 100 |
| Bot         | Destroy an enemy Medi-Drone.                         |  50 |
| Destroyed   |                                                      |     |
| Turret      | Destroy an enemy Sentry Turret.                      |  50 |
| Destroyed   |                                                      |     |
| Sentry      | Destroy an enemy Sentry Drone.                       |  50 |
| Destroyed   |                                                      |     |
| Exo         | Destroy the EXO while it is in the control of the    | 200 |
| Destroyed   | enemy.                                               |     |
| First Blood | Get the first kill of the match.                     | 100 |
| Double Kill | Two kills within four seconds.                       |  50 |
| Triple Kill | Three kills within four seconds.                     | 100 |
| Multi Kill  | More than three kills in four seconds.               | 150 |
| Headshot    | Get a head shot kill.				     |  50 |
| Jetpack     | Kill a jetpack soldier while they are in the air.    |  50 |
| Melee       | Kill an enemy with a melee attack.                   |  50 |
| 3 Kill      | Kill three enemies without dying.                    |  50 |
| Streak      |                                                      |     |
| 5 Kill      | Kill five enemies without dying.                     | 100 |
| Streak      |                                                      |     |
| 10 Kill     | Kill ten enemies without dying.                      | 150 |
| Streak      |                                                      |     |
| Repair      | Repair an ammo box or mounted weapon. (Engineer)     |  50 |
| Hack        | Hack an enemy turret. (Engineer)                     |  50 |
| Revive      | Revive a team mate. (Medic)                          |  50 |
| Area        | Capture a tactical spawn point. (Tactician)          |  50 |
| Captured    |                                                      |     |
| Assassin    | Assassination target downed.                         | 250 |
| Executioner | Kill the assassination target.                       | 250 |
| Deadly      | Assassination target downed and killed.              | 500 |
| Assassin    |                                                      |     |
| Survivor    | Survived as the assassination target.                | 250 |
| Bodyguard   | Defend the assassination target from enemy attack.   | 100 | 
| Charge      | Plant a D-Charge.                                    | 250 | 
| Placed      |                                                      |     |
| Demolition  | Plant a D-Charge which destroys the objective.       | 250 |
| Man         |                                                      |     |
| Demolition  | Plant both D-Charges and destroy the objective.      | 500 |
| Expert      |                                                      |     |
| D-Charge    | Disarm an enemy D-Charge.                            | 250 |
| Disarmed    |                                                      |     |
| Red/Green   | Kill a player attempting to disarm a D-Charge.       |  50 |
| Wire        |                                                      |     |
| Defuse      | Kill a player attempting to place a D-Charge.        |  50 |
| Area        | In Capture & Hold, Neutralize a captured enemy area. |  50 |
| Neutralized |                                                      |     |
| Area        | Be within a capture area when it is captured.        | 200 |
| Captured    |                                                      |     |
| Scavenger   | Capture the scavenge area.                           | 250 |
| Speaker     | Pickup the propaganda speaker.                       |  50 |  
| Pickup      |                                                      |     |
| Speaker     | Speaker dropped off at target location.              | 500 |
| Returned    |                                                      |     |
| Carrier Kill| Kill the player carrying the speaker.                |  50 |
|                  ##The following are post match awards##                 |
| Best K/D    | Have the best Kill/Death Ratio of the match.         | 100 |
| Zero Deaths | Achieve more than 30 kills without a single death.   | 250 |
| 30 kills    |                                                      |     |
| Runner-up   | Finished in second place.                            |  75 |
| Chapion     | Finish as the number one player.                     | 100 |
| Most        | Get the most kills and complete the most mission     | 100 |
| Valuable    | objectives.                                          |     |
| Player      |                                                      |     |
| Most Mission| Complete the most mission objectives.                | 100 |
| Points      |                                                      |     |
| Longest Kill| Kill the most players without dying.                 | 100 |
| Streak      |                                                      |     |
| Flawless    | Your team wins without losing a mission objective.   | 250 |
| Vicotry     |                                                      |     |

	| Ranks |

The experience points you gain will level you up through many different ranks,
These ranks occaisonally unlock a new ability or weapon for you to use.

+| Private I                | 750 xp
+| Private II               | 2000 xp
+| Private III              | 3750 xp
+| Lance Corporal I         | 6000 xp 
+| Lance Corporal II        | 8750 xp    | Armor Unlock
+| Lance Corporal III       | 12000 xp
+| Corporal I               | 15750xp
+| Corporal II		    | 20000xp
+| Corporal III		    | 24750xp
+| Sergeant I               | 30250xp	 | Unlock Proximity Mines 
					 | and Silent Footsteps
+| Sergeant II		    | 36500xp
+| Sergeant III		    | 43500xp
+| Sergeant-Major I         | 51500xp
+| Sergeant-Major II	    | 60500xp
+| Sergeant-Major III	    | 70500xp	 | Extra ammo
+| Lieutenant I             | 81000xp
+| Lieutenant II	    | 92750xp
+| Lieutenant III	    | 107000xp
+| Captain I                | 123750xp	 |Extra Primary Weapon
+| Captain II		    | 143000xp
+| Captain III		    | 164750xp
+| Major I                  | 189000xp
+| Major II		    | 215750xp
+| Major III		    | 247500xp
+| Lieutenant-Colonel I     | 284250xp
+| Lieutenant-Colonel II    | 326000xp
+| Lieutenant-Colonel III   | 372750xp
+| Colonel I                | 424500xp
+| Colonel II		    | 481250xp
+| Colonel III		    | 548000xp
+| Brigade-General I        | 624750xp
+| Brigade-General II	    | 711500xp
+| Brigade-General III	    | 808250xp
+| Lieutenant-General I     | 915000xp
+| Lieutenant-General II    | 1031750xp
+| Lieutenant-General III   | 1168500xp
+| Major-General I          | 1325250xp
+| Major-General II	    | 1502000xp
+| Major-General III	    | 1698750xp
+| General I                | 1925850xp
+| General II		    | 2192950xp
+| General III		    | 2500050xp
+| Commander I              | 2957150xp
+| Commander II		    | 3714250xp
+| Commander-in-chief	    | 5000000xp

+-+			[D2]	Botzone					    +-+

Botzone is like practice mode for online multiplayer, it allows you to get the 
multiplayer experience without playing online. You play against computer 
controlled bots with variable difficulty, for a more authentic experience you 
should play this mode on Elite or Veteran difficulty.

Botzone offers no chance to unlock new abilities and weapons as they are all 
available from the start, this means both you and your opponents are equally 
matched for equipment. 

When creating a game in Botzone you can decide the game mode which you play, 
the map which you play on, the number of Bots playing and the difficulty of 
the AI. This level of control allows you to practice and get to know the maps 
and game modes in a way which multiplayer will not allow.

For information about classes, game modes and anything gameplay related read 
the Multiplayer section.

+-+			[D3]	Co-Op					    +-+

Co-Op mode allows two players to play through the game on the same TV, this 
offers new strategic options throughout the game but not enough to write a 
extra guide for. Playing Co-Op mode is essential for getting the platinum 
trophy and at this point in the PS3's release you should either have two 
controllers or know someone who can provide a second. If you want to play 
Co-Op on your own for the trophy you will need to set crouch to toggle so you 
can leave player 2 behind cover while you take out the enemies.

The two Co-Op trophies are:

Double Trouble - Reach the river in Co-Op

Stranded Together - Reach the extraction point in Co-Op

You don't get to jump to any chapter you completed in single player so just 
play through the game until you have got both trophies. 

An important note if you're trying to do this on your own is that only one 
player needs to reach a point where you trigger a cutscene but you but the 
chapter won't end until both players reach the end.

+-+			[E1]	Trophies				    +-+

All trophies are listed in XMB order with the name of the trophy and the best 
way to obtain it. Story progression trophies will just have the trophy 
description as they are unmissable.

Collect all Killzone 3 trophies

+-Ready For Battle - Complete weapons training [Bronze]
Story related, Complete weapons Training in Prologue.

+-In Your Face - First Brutal Melee [Bronze]
Follow Ricos prompts at the start of the game to stealthily take out the 
unaware Helghast.

+-Time For A Dip - Reach the river[Bronze]
Story related, reach the corinth river.

+-No witnesses - Destroy all dropships on the Highway[Bronze]
On chapter  there are four drop ships to 
take out, the best way by far is to use the minigun but if you are attempting 
this from the chapter select screen that won't be an option so instead play 
on recruit difficulty and each dropship can be taken out with one shot off 
of the VC-9 Rocket Launcher. The dropship locations are:

(1) Above the bridge with the VC-9 Equipped Helghast, after the ISA soldier 
in the EXO clears a path run towards the nearby ammo crate and pick up the 
VC-9 to take out the first dropship.
(2) At the second ammo crate another dropship will appear while you are being 
attacked by Helghast soldiers.
(3) Just after the last section, when the APC breaks through the destroyed 
cars they will be taking off ahead of you.
(4) Same as above.

If you have trouble taking out the dropships try to aim for the back of them 
with the VC-9.

+-Mopping Up - Kill 40 Helghast foot soldiers[Bronze]
On chapter  Kill 40 Helghast soldiers on Senlin 
beach, If the trophy has popped up by the time you've destroyed the two 
dropships you've failed and have to try again. This requires killing pretty 
much all Helghast you see, learn where they are and keep trying until you get 
them all.

+-Sawn-Off - Destroy all chasing APCs[Bronze]
On chapter  Destroy every APC you see, the only one 
eaily missable is the first one which is parked under a bridge, the rest will 
be chasing you.

+-Smoking Wrecks - Destroy all tanks on Senlin beach[Bronze]
Also on chapter  you must destroy the four tanks 
you come across after destroying the APCs, they are much more heavily armored 
and take longer to destroy but as long as you are accurate you should get this 
with out much trouble.

+-Save The Intruders - Arc APCs destroyed[Bronze]

Story related, Successfully assisted in defeating the ARC APCs.

+-Turn The Tables - Melee kill a Capture Trooper[Bronze]
On , as soon as the section begins the first 
enemy you come across is a Capture Trooper, Shoot him in the body to stun him 
then perform a brutal melee with [R3]. 

+-Spiky Personality - Kill a Helghast using a Burster[Bronze]

On , during the sneaking section use one of the 
plants to kill a Helghast. For more information follow the walkthrough.

+-Never There - Sneak past the Helghast[Bronze]

On , you must get through the entire section 
without being spotted by the Helghast, you should try to be seen as little as 
possible anyway but if you have trouble play on Recruit difficulty so the 
Helghast die easier and you will be more certain of a 1-hit kill. See the 
walkthrough for a guide to sneak your way through the mission.

+-ISA TV - Establish communications[Bronze]

Story related, Make contact with earth.

+-Minigunned - Destroy all targets[Bronze]

On , you must destroy all the destructable parts 
of the oil rigs. The things you need to destroy are blue fuel crates, the 
fuel pipes and the small silo's on the rig. If you stay alert you should be 
able to get everything.

+-Aerial Superiority - Kill 5 Helghast while in the air[Bronze]

On , all you need to do is use the jet pack to fly 
up and before you hit the ground kill a Helghast. I recommend doing this on 
Recruit becuase Helghast are easier to defeat and you can take more damage 
while exposed in the air.

+-Quick Exit - Escape the Oil Rig quickly[Bronze]

By no means difficult, on  after planting the explosives, 
you must escape within 2 minutes. This is very simple just keep using your 
objective marker [d-pad up] to make sure you're going the right way, utilise 
your jetpacks abilities and watch out for any threats. Most people will 
probably get this with out trying.

+-Into The Lair - Reach the cable car[Bronze]

Story related, reach the cable car to Stahl Arms South.

+-Jail Break - Liberate Narville[Bronze]

Story related, Liberate Narville from Stahl Arms South.

+-Go Down And Stay Down - Destroy the ATAC[Bronze]

Story related, Destroy the ATAC outside Stahl Arms.

+-Shattered - Destroy all glass in the Labs[Bronze]

When in the labs you must destroy all the glass panes which have the Stahl 
Arms Logo on them. Look around carefully and you shouldn't miss any, just use 
your gun to smash them.

+-Iced - Destroy all Ice-saws and Dropships[Bronze]

This is done on Use your homing 
missiles and machine gun to wipe them out, the missiles only fire when they 
are locked on so don't worry too much about wasting missiles.

+-Pinpoint - Kill the Heavy with an StA-14[Bronze]

On , Get the StA-14 from the ammo crate at 
the start of the section. Shoot him in the head with the rifle and he will 
turn around exposing the fuel tanks on his back, as soon as he turns line up 
your shot and shoot the fuel tanks. It will take several shots to his tanks to 
beat him but it's not a problem, play on recruit for an easy time.

+-You Drive - Drive the Mobile Factory[Bronze]

Story related, you get it during the cutscene where you take control of the 
mobile factory.

+-Bring It Down - Defeat the MAWLR[Bronze]

Story related, defeat the MAWLR at the space elevator.

+-Completist - Destroy everything on the MAWLR[Bronze]

You have destroy everything during both parts, on foot and on the intruder. 
There's a lot to take out on the MAWLR but pay attention to where you're 
shooting and you can get this trophy.

+-Let's Go Home - Destroy Stahl's Cruiser[Gold]

Story related, beat the game on any difficulty.

+-Victory - Complete Campaign on elite[Gold]

Complete every section of every level on Elite difficulty.

+-Evening The Odds - Kill 500 Helghast[Bronze]

You will likely get this during your first play-through.

+-Now It's Personal - Kill 1000 Helghast[Silver]

You will probably get it while trying to get the other trophies.

+-Fight To The Last - Kill 1500 Helghast[Silver]

If you don't get this while trying to get the trophies then just keep playing 
the campaign until you get it.

+-Cagefighter - Kill 10 Helghast using Brutal Melee[Bronze]

Use your brutal melee a lot and you should get it.

+-Close Quarters Killer - Kill 25 Helghast using Brutal Melee[Silver]

Use your brutal melee a lot and you should get it.

+-Hand To Hand Master - Kill 50 Helghast using Brutal Melee[Silver]

Use your brutal melee a lot and you should get it.

+-Frag out - Kill 3 Helghast with 1 Frag Grenade[Bronze]

There are plenty of chances to get this, Bilgarsk museum has 3 Helghast close 
together as you descend the stairs or you could just cook a grenade and throw 
it at APC just as a group of Helghast exit it.

+-One Each - Kill 3 Helghast with Shotgun Pistol, no reloads[Bronze]

Play on recruit and this is simple, you first get the Shotgun Pistol on the 
Stahl Arms Infiltration chapter so any point after this will provide 
oppertunities to get this.

+-Eagle Eye - Every Sniper Rifle bullet is a kill[Bronze]

On , when you have to wipeout all the snipers 
grab the sniper rifle, make sure your clip is full and take them out without 
missing a single time. If you need to you can also target the ground troops 
to use up ammo.

+-Frazzle Dazzle - Kill 3 Helghast with one shot from the StA5X Arc Cannon

As soon as you get it, charge a shot and release, you should easily get it 
while still at Stahl Arms.
+-Power Spike - Nail a Helghast to an exploding object[Bronze]

This is pretty easy, on the Scrapyard shortcuts chapter use the VC21 Boltgun 
against a Helghast with an explosive barrel behind him which should stick him 
to it.

+-Excessive Force - Kill a lone Helghast with the WASP secondary fire

This is simple to get, when you have the WASP, kill all enemies but one and 
use the secondary fire to take him out.

+-Spread The Love - Kill 5 Helghast at once with the WASP secondary fire

I got this on , It's very rare for 5 
Helghast to be together while you have the WASP. I may have gotten lucky but 
keep trying and you will get it eventually.
+-Double Trouble - Reach the river in Co-Op[Bronze]

Do this with a friend or just use a second controller on recruit difficulty. 

+-Stranded Together - Reach the extraction point in Co-Op[Bronze]

Do this with a friend or just use a second controller on recruit difficulty. 
+-Up Close & Personal - Brutal Melee another player[Bronze]

You get this during online multiplayer, Using the disguise or coak abilities 
will allow you to sneak up on an enemy easier and take them out that way or 
try hiding behind door ways.

+-Team Player - Play a match as part of a squad[Bronze]

Invite a friend from your friends list to join your squad and when you start 
the match you (and your friend) will get the trophy.

+-Grand Slam - Win a match in 3 multiplayer modes[Gold]

Win a game of Warzone, Operations and Guerrilla Warfare playing online 
multiplayer. This should come over time if you play enough. Make sure to
 play each game type until you win.

+-Pilot's Wings - Mid-air kill[Bronze]

You find the jet pack on the turbine concourse map, jump in and while in the 
air kill some one with it's gun. It can be difficult because you're an easy 
target but keep trying, you will get it eventually.

+-Iron Man - Get a kill with the Exo[Bronze]

The Exo is on the Corinth Highway map, get in it and take out an enemy 
soldier, other team members may get there first so you may have to wait until 
you can get it.

+-Medic! - Revive another player[Bronze]

Play as a medic and as soon as a team member falls, revive them with the 
medic special ability [d-pad left].

+-Handy Man - Repair an object[Bronze]

Play as an engineer and repair one of the broken ammo crates scattered across 
the map.

+-Now You See Me -Kill using Cloak[Bronze]

Play as a marksman and kill an enemy soldier while cloaked [d-pad left], find 
a vantage point and take someone out with a headshot. It's easiest to get this
 with the VC32 Sniper Rifle.

+-Spy Game - Kill using Disguise[Bronze]

Play as an infiltrator and use the disguise ability to get close for an easy 
kill, don't get in their line of site otherwise they're crosshair will turn 
red. I find the best way is to brutal melee someone as they come around a 

+-Turf War - Capture a tactical spawn point[Bronze]

Play as a tactician and find one of the gray spawn points to capture. You can 
also capture the red ones but they are harder to capture.

+-+			[E2]	DLC Trophies				    +-+

These trophies are NOT required for the platinum trophy.

+- Demolitionist - Destroy Objectives[Silver]

Demolish both buildings by wining Search & Destroy as ISA and Helghast in 
salamun Market.

+- Tactical Mastery - Help Capture Tactical Spawn Area[Silver]

Be playing at the moment your faction secures all four tactical spawn areas 
simultaneously in Salamun market.

+- Death By Proxies - Proximity Mine Kills[Silver]

Using Proximity Mines, kill two enemies within one minute in Blood Gracht.

+- Blood Streak - Kill Streak[Silver]

Get a 5 kill streak in Blood Gracht.

+- Brutal Footsteps - Silent Killing[Bronze]

With the Silent Footsteps skill active, Brutal Melee an enemy player.

+- Little Big Weapons - Kill With Secondary Weapons[Silver]

Get 15 kills using secondary weapons in a single match.

+- Automata For The People - Automata Destruction[Silver]

Destroy an enemy Sentry Turret, Sentry Drone and Medi-Droid in the same match.

+- Jetpack on Exo Action - Destroy Exoskeleton[Silver]

Destroy an enemy Exoskeleton with yout Jetpack while in flight in the junkyard.

+- Exo on Jetpack Action - Kill a Jetpack[Silver]

Kill a flying enemy Jetpack with an Exoskeleton in the junkyard.

+- Deadly Threesome - Triple Kill[Silver]

Get a triple kill while playing in Stahl Arms.

+- I See You - Minigun a Marksman[Silver]

Kill a Marksman with the Mounted Minigun in Stahl Arms.

+- Highly Decorated - Unlock Ribbons[Bronze]

Unlock all Ribbons in a single match while playing Operations or Warzone.

+- 5 for 5 - Lots of Guns[Silver]

Kill 5 enemies with 5 different primary, secondary or explosive weapons in a 
single match.

+- Jack of All Trades - Kill all careers[Silver]

Kill one enemy of each career type in a single match.

+-+			[F1]	Final Words				    +-+

That's the guide over, I may update as needed but for now it's finished, 
congratulations if you've got the platinum trophy, it can be quite challenging.
I tried to include all the inforamtion I could but if you would like something 
expanding or adding please get in contact at (FFADDICT01[at]hotmail[.]co[.]uk).

This document is copyright 2011, I do not give permission for it to be sold or 
reproduced for any reason except personal use, you may not modify this guide. 
To request permission to host this guide please email me and I will try to 
reply within a few days.

Thanks for reading, I hope it's been of help.

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