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Mega Man II FAQ/Walkthrough
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Version 1.2

=======Version History=======
Version 1.2-Changed Hard Punch to Hard Knuckle, and fixed some other stuff.

Version 1.0-Wrote the Guide
FAQ last updated August 6, 2001

=======Table of Contents=======

1. Legal Stuff
2. Walkthrough
3. Codes
4. Credits
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========Legal Stuff========
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This FAQ is copyright me (Sir Gareth/ Josh Burr) 2001. You may not sell it or in any 
way use it to gain a profit. Use of this FAQ is free and it will remain that way. 

Now that that's over, on with the FAQ!!

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Basic Controls

Left/Right: Move left and Right, respectively.

Up: Go up ladders.

Down: Go down ladders.

A button: Jump

B button: Fire currently selected weapon. You can change weapons on the pause 

Slide: Press Down+A. Used for going through small spaces and for avoiding some 

There are 10 Mega Man weapons, some of which are effective against certain enemies, 
and some which are not. Each weapon has a particular use:

Arm Cannon: You start with this at the beginning of the game. It is your main 
weapon, and it never runs out of energy.

Clash Bomb: A bomb is shot and will attach it self to the first surface it 
encounters. It will explode after a few seconds. If it hits an enemy, it will 
detonate immediately.

Metal Blade: This weapon can be aimed in 8 different directions, depending on the 
direction(s) you are pressing on the d-pad. Most useful weapon in the game. You can 
get around 60 shots from a full energy bar.

Leaf Shield: A ring of Leaves protects you. It will fly away in the direction you 
press, destroying any enemies in its path. Beware, not all enemies are stopped by 
this shield. 

Air Shooter: Three small tornadoes come out and go up in an arc. Useful for hitting 
enemies above you. 

Needle Cannon: Rapid-fire Needles. Not much more to be said about this weapon.

Magnet Missile: Semi-smart missile. Works good on enemies out of reach. 

Hard Knuckle: A Fist will start out slow, but speed up. Slightly controllable if you 
press up or down. 

Top spin: Jump and press B to spin. Note: you only use energy on this weapon when 
you hit an enemy with it.

Sakugarne: I think this is the coolest weapon in the game. It's like a big pogo 
stick. Hold A to bounce higher.

Well, this is a Mega Man game, so there's no particular order in which you have to 
beat the bosses. But there is a certain weapon that will beat each boss:

Clash Man: weak to Air Shooter
Metal Man: weak to Clash Bomb
Wood Man: weak to Metal Blade
Air Man: weak to Leaf Shield

Needle Man: weak to Air Shooter
Magnet Man: weak to Needle Cannon
Hard Man: weak to Magnet Missile
Top Man: weak to Hard Knuckle

I will do the level walkthroughs in the order shown above.

Level 1: Clash Man

First, avoid the floating things and make your way up. Be careful of the tall thing 
that explodes when you shoot it. Progress on the moving platforms may seem 
difficult, but if your timing is correct you should have no trouble at all. When you 
start going back down, watch where you fall. Try to stay out of the way of the 
shooter guys' shots. When you get to the pits, jump carefully. Destroy any Floaters 
before you jump each pit. When you go back up, do it as quickly as possible. You 
don't want those birds to deal with. When you get to the 3 ladders, take the right 
two first. They will lead you to an Energy Tank and a large life refiller (or 
whatever they're called). Get up close to the last Shooter guy to kill him. Then go 
to Clash Man.

Boss: Clash Man

Weakness: Air Shooter
Weapon you get: Clash Bomb and Rush Coil
Difficulty: 4
Strategy: Clash Man is a relatively easy boss. He follows a strict pattern that is 
easy to spot. Run at him, then jump and shoot. He will jump when you shoot, so your 
shot will hit. Repeat this until he is vanquished. Also avoid the bombs he throws on 
the ground.

Level 2: Metal Man

The most annoying enemies in this level are the spring things that come at you when 
you're on the same platform. Just dodge them as much as you can. Go right and down. 
Be sure not to fall on the spikes. When you see a large spinning wheel, destroy it. 
If you don't, a guy will fall on it and roll towards you. Just shoot them both. Go 
down, and be quick going under the spiked things. Weave your way through the small 
screws, then kill more rolling guys. The hardhat things shouldn't be too much of a 
problem. Use the Rush Coil to get the 1-up when you see it. Then just a few more 
rollers, and it's on to Metal Man!   

Boss: Metal Man
Weakness: Clash Bomb
Weapon you get: Metal Blade and Rush Marine
Difficulty: 4.5
Strategy: You must use the same jump/fire technique you used on Clash man. After you 
shoot Metal Man, run back and jump over the blades he shoots at you. Repeat until 
he's dead. 

Level 3: Wood Man

In the first part of this level, stay away from the bird things and shoot the 
rabbits. Go down past more birds to the big wolf-like thing. To destroy it, stand on 
the small lower platform. When he shoots the fireballs at you, jump over them and 
shoot. In the next part, you can go on top on foot or below with Rush Marine. If you 
choose to go on the bottom, it's not hard, just go straight across. The top, 
however, is slightly harder. Don't get hit by the spikes that come down. Shoot the 
hardhats and cannon things when they open up. Kill some more birds and hardhats, 
Then go back above ground. To get past the ostriches, slide under them when they 
jump. Then just one more rabbit, and you're at Wood Man.

Boss: Wood Man
Weakness: Metal Blade
Weapon you get: Leaf Shield
Difficulty: 6
Strategy: Wood Man will start off by protecting himself with a Leaf Shield. It's 
possible to shoot between the leaves, but it's difficult. Then he will throw the 
shield at you. Jump over it and avoid the leaves that fall from the ceiling. Now is 
when you shoot him. After the leaves fall, he will create another shield and repeat 
the cycle. Do what I just told you about 4 or 5 times until he's dead.

Level 4: Air Man

In my opinion, This is the hardest of the first four stages. When you begin, go 
right. Shoot the bird, and proceed to jump from platform to platform. This is very 
tricky to do without getting hurt. They will not be visible until you are close to 
them, so just jump into thin air. They will appear and catch you. Avoid the screws 
on either side and the small monsters that will come at you. When you finish with 
the platforms, go right and drop down. Go all the way left behind the cloud, then 
face right and slide. You should be sliding on the bottom. If not, it's not a big 
problem. On the next screen, if you landed on the small ledge in the middle of the 
screen, go left and drop again. If not, Destroy the worm things as fast as you can, 
then jump over the worm generator. After a little more running and shooting birds, 
it's time for your favorite...face platforms. Be careful shooting the wind guys-you 
don't want to fall off. Then comes the tricky part. Shoot the guy flying in a 
circle, then jump on his platform. Do this about 6 times, then go right and drop 
about 3 times. Destroy another Worm Generator, then it's off to Air Man! 

Boss: Air Man
Weakness: Leaf Shield
Weapon you get: Air Shooter and Rush Jet
Difficulty: 7
Strategy: Air Man will begin by blowing you back against the wall. Then he will 
shoot several small tornadoes at you in differing patterns. Dodge them, then shoot 
him with the Leaf Shield. Air Man will do this three times then jump over to the 
other side of the room and start again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

After you finish the last of the four writers, A small cutscene will show. It shows 
Mega Man and Dr. Wily, and Mega Man falling into a trap. He will then have four more 
bosses to beat. Unlike other Mega Man games, here it does not tell you which boss is 
where. Here is where they are in relation to each other:

Hard Man              Top Man

Magnet Man           Needle Man

Level 5: Needle Man

The beginning of this level is rather easy. All you have to get past is a few spike 
shooters. Just watch out if they start rolling. Go up the ladder. You can go back to 
get the weapon refill if you want. Go all the way up to the cannon thing. You have 
to use either the Rush Coil or Rush Jet to get over the one platform. Then slide on 
the bottom of the maze. Get past some more cannons, then avoid the dragonfly things. 
Get the Energy Tank, you will most likely need it later in the game. Then go down. 
If you miss the 1-up, you can use the Rush Coil to get it. Be very careful under the 
spikes-you don't want to get hurt. Then go up again. You an only hurt the guy 
swinging the ball when his eye is black. After you dispatch him go up again. To 
destroy the last hopping thing, shoot when hid eye is open. You can slide under him 
if you have to. Then it's time for needle man.

Boss: Needle Man
Weakness: Air shooter
Weapon you get: Needle Cannon
Difficulty: 7.5
Strategy: Needle Man is the Hardest Boss yet. Shoot him with the Air Shooter when he 
jumps up. Dodge his shots by going up close and running away. DO NOT be up close to 
him when he lands-he will stab you with his needle head. Just keep shooting and 
dodging until he's dead. 

Level 6: Magnet Man

You must be very careful in the beginning. Don't let the magnets grab you while 
you're over a hole. Once you've gotten past them, go down. Those large, slow-moving 
things shouldn't be a problem. Just watch out for that thing they shoot. After 
you're done with them, go down some more. On this screen, wait until the two top 
ones are going left, then drop and shoot. Do down again when they are all gone. 
Here, wait until the walkers fall into the hole. Do this twice, then go down yet 
again. On the next screen, you have to time your jumps correctly or you're dead. A 
helpful hint is to shoot the shooter thing with the Air Shooter or Metal Blade 
before you go up. If you can't jump up, just use the good ol' Rush Jet. The next 
part is very hard if you don't now what you're doing. You can use the Rush Jet the 
whole way if you don't want to risk getting killed. If you want a challenge, 
remember about the magnet things-they suck you in. Go past the hardhat, then come 
back to get the Energy Tank and the other stuff. Then it's just one more enemy to 
Magnet Man. 

Boss: Magnet Man
Weakness: Needle Cannon
Weapon you get: Magnet Missile
Difficulty: 6
Strategy: Magnet Man will start off by jumping at you. Slide under him, then shoot. 
Dodge his magnet missiles, then shoot again. At some point he will pull you in 
towards himself. Just run in the opposite direction. Note also that while he sucks 
you in, he is invincible. As always, repeat until he's dead. 

Level 7: Hard Man

The main thing to avoid in the beginning of this level is the bees. If you get too 
many bees around you, use the leaf shield. Once they're gone, run across the claw 
things. You may not know where the claws are, but if you stop moving, you will. So 
just don't stop moving right now. Go up the ladder. You can get the 1-up if you want 
to. Then destroy the ball-swinging guy and continue up. The best way to get past the 
gorillas in the next part is sliding. Try not to worry about shooting them too much. 
Go up again, past a ball-swinger and another gorilla. Shoot the bulldozer on the top 
to kill it. Then just get past a few more bees and claws, and it's off to Hard Man!

Boss: Hard Man
Weakness: Magnet Missiles
Weapon you get: Hard Knuckle
Difficulty: 5
Strategy: Hard Man will first fire two fists at you. Dodge them, then shoot before 
he jumps into the air. Get out of the way when he lands. You will be frozen for a 
second after he hits the ground. Repeat until...aww, you know what to do. 

Level 8: Top Man

Just start by going right and down until you get to the water. Use Rush Marine if 
you can't make the jumps. Go down again until you get to the big cat. Shoot the 
balls and small jumping things while shooting it as well. You can get seriously hurt 
here if you're not careful. Go down past the top shooter to another cat. Just slide 
past this one, you don't need to shoot it. Shoot the top guy you fall next to, then 
get the Energy Tank and go down some more. Shoot some more top guys, then jump 
carefully between the moving platforms. You can also, as always, use the Rush Jet as 
well. Dispatch one ,ore top guy and go to Top Man.

Boss: Top Man
Weakness: Hard Punch 
Weapon you get: Top spin
Difficulty: 5
Strategy: Top man is the easiest boss in the game. Dodge his easy-to-dodge tops, 
then jump over him when he comes at you. Shoot when you're not jumping, it's that 

After you defeat the last of the eight bosses, you will fight Quint.

Boss: Quint
Weakness: None, use Arm Cannon
Weapon you get: Sakugarne (pogo stick)
Difficulty: 4
Strategy: I lied. Quint is the easiest boss you will fight in the game. Shoot his 
head, then move when he jumps. You get a cool pogo stick when you defeat him. 

Level 9: Dr. Wily's fortress

This is a very easy level. Just make your way through. There are tricky parts, 
however. There's a gorilla that's very annoying, and you have to use Rush Marine in 
another part. 
Once you get to Dr. Wily, make sure you have at least two Energy Tanks. 

Final Boss: Dr.Wily
Weakness: None, use Arm Cannon
Weapon you get: None
Difficulty: 9
Strategy: Stage 1: Slide under him when he jumps. Jump and shoot his head. Dodge the 
ball and low spike. Repeat until the legs get blown off.
               Stage 2: Jump and slide to dodge the two energy balls, and dodge the 
bouncing thing. Shoot when not dodging.
               Stage 3: You should use the Sakugarne for this stage. Jump on top of 
his head. If it runs out, just use the Arm Cannon. Dodge the thing he shoots at you, 
and don't get hit by the things he throws from above. Shoot between dodging and 
jumping, and you've won the game!

Then enjoy Dr. Wily get blown up, and watch the ending credits. Congratulations! You 
have beaten the game!

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Game Genie Codes:

Infinite Lives:   008-C4D-E6E

Start with 10 Lives:   09B-F8F-E62

Start with 7 Lives:     06B-F8F-E62

Start each stage with 1/2x energy:   49C-55F-808

Infinite energy: A75-FDC-B30

Infinite power on all weapons:   A7A-14C-A28


Past first four bosses: A2, B1, B3, C1, C2, D1, D4

Past 8 bosses: A1, A3, A4, B3, C1, C2, C3, D1, D3

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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I would like to thank the following people:

My grandmother, for buying me this great game so long ago. 

Capcom, for making this great game so long ago. 

Me, for writing this FAQ (not so long ago). 

If you have any questions, email me at:

[email protected]  


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