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The Complete Megaman Xtreme FAQ / Walkthrough
Written by Bolt Kraken
[email protected]
Version 2.07, 2/9/2001

The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at:
GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com
Megaman Outpost - http://mmoutpost.cjb.net

Please note, if you see anything missing or out of date, please
check the version at Megaman Outpost first before e-mailing me
with suggestions!  Thanks!

Table of Contents

- 1. Version History
- 2. Introduction
- 3. Story
- 4. Characters
- 5. Controls
- 6. Normal Mode (Level Walkthroughs)
- 7. Hard Mode (Level Walkthroughs)
- 8. Xtreme Mode 
- 9. Item Descriptions
- 10. Capsule Upgrades (Now with Final Capsule info!)
- 11. Zero Capsules
- 12. Heart Tank Locations
- 13. Sub Tank Locations
- 14. Teleporter Room
- 15. Unexplained
- 16. Legal Stuff
- 17. Thanks

1. Version History
2/9/2001  v2.07 Clarified prerequisites for the Final Capsule... again.
1/27/2001 v2.06 FIXED a number of things.
1/21/2001 v2.05 Again, altered Final Capsule prerequisites.
1/21/2001 v2.04 Clarified prerequisites for the Final Capsule.
1/19/2001 v2.03 ADDED Final Capsule!  Fourth Zero Upgrade.  Other additions.
1/17/2001 v2.02 ADDED Location of final Heart Tank, other things fixed
1/16/2001 v2.01 FIXED Description of Cannon Upgrade Location
1/16/2001 v2.0 public release of FAQ file
1/14/2001 v1.0 first incarnation of this FAQ file, limited release

2. Introduction

Megaman Xtreme is a fun Game Boy game that features bosses and 
levels from the Super Nintendo classics Megaman X and Megaman X2.  
Xtreme functions on all Game Boy units, including the original Game 
Boy, the Super Game Boy peripheral, and the Game Boy Color.  
However, the game is best played on the Game Boy Color system, as 
there are frequent slowdowns with any other system.

3. Story

(From the game manual)

In the year 21XX, humans co-existed with Reploids.  These amazing 
cyborgs have the same ability to think and reason that humans do.  
But they're not human - they're machines.  World peace had been 
achieved.  Hunters started to forget the days of constant battle.  
But one day, a saboteur hacked into the Mother Computer at the 
Hunter Base.  The data in the computer was rewritten, changing 
the way the Reploids operated.  The world was gripped by chaos and 
confusion as a result of this dangerous hack.

In a desperate attempt to stop the chaos, the Hunter Base called in 
Megaman X to take on the dangerous mission. Who hacked the Mother 
Computer?  What is this invisible enemy's purpose?  Now Megaman X 
prepares for battle, ready to protect world peace and save the 

4. Characters

(From the game manual)

Megaman X
The leader of the Hunter Unit 17, Megaman X has sworn to fight for 
world peace, though an inner hatred of violence sometimes holds him 

Middy is a computer genius Reploid.  Together, he and Dr. Cain 
support X.

Techno used his superior intelligence to hack the Mother Computer 
and rewrite data.  He joins with Zain and Geemel to hassle Megaman 

Zain is a "Shadow Hunter," a Reploid specialized in combat.  He 
makes big trouble for X with his gigantic sword.

Zain's partner Shadow Hunter, Geemel is cunning and mean.  He gets 
his kicks harassing Megaman X.

5. Controls

ATTACK (B button)
- If you tap B, X will fire a single shot.  Three shots can be on 
screen at any given time.
- If you hold B, X will charge his X-Buster.  Releasing B will then 
let loose a more powerful, charged shot.

JUMP (A button)
- Tapping A will cause X to jump.  How long he stays aloft 
corresponds to how long the button is pushed.
- If you hold the direction pad towards a wall and jump, X can climb 
up the wall.

DASH (Down + A button OR Double tap left or right)
- This will propel X ahead for a few moments at a speed faster than 
- Dash can be used in tandem with jumping; this is called a Dash 

There are also options for Auto-Charge and Auto-Fire.  These are 
self-explanatory, but highly useful!

6. Normal Mode (Level Walkthroughs)

Ah, yes.  It's the familiar highway level from the first X game.  
This level will give you good practice for getting used to this 
game.  As you walk along, you will encounter two Bee Helicopters.  
These will take multiple hits before they are destroyed.  Also of 
note are the obnoxious purple robots that fly in from above and 
plague X from all angles.  Try to destroy these things as they 
appear on the screen so they don't get into their attack formation.  
Segments of the highway will fall beneath you where you see jagged 
cracks in the concrete.

BOSS: Vava
Vava (or as we Americans more commonly know him, Vile) comes 
charging at you in his assault mech.  He has only got half an energy 
bar though, so let him have it with your X-Buster.  Leap over him 
when he charges.  In this game, you can actually destroy him at this 
point.  Doesn't that feel good?

This stage, like the others, is a replica of the Maverick's original 
level in the SNES game.  You can use the Ride Armor.  Be sure to get 
the Dash Upgrade from Dr. Light's Capsule (you can't miss it - 
literally).  Chill Penguin will attack using Shotgun Ice as well as 
by creating ice statues of himself.  It would seem that he only 
slides and does the blizzard attack when he's energy is halfway 
depleted.  Your shots won't go through the Shotgun Ice.  They will, 
however, cause Penguin to recoil whenever he is hit.  Try to keep 
him on either the far right or left of the chamber.  He is 
vulnerable to Flame Stag's weapon, also.

Although Spark Mandrill is technically the next in order, you might 
actually want to challenge Storm Eagle before going there.  This 
level is a heavily truncated version of the SNES game's version - 
meaning that there's a lot less platform jumping!  Storm Eagle isn't 
too difficult.  Constantly dash while firing at him when he tries to 
blow you away.  Take out the smaller birds when they hatch (or 
better yet, the egg that produces them).  Eagle's dive bomb attack 
is the hardest to evade - particularly the first time he does it.  
Always dash to get out of his way.  Because you can score so much 
damage when he's not doing this attack, it's not really worth trying 
to attack him as he dive bombs.

It helps to have an E-Tank going into this level.  Unfortunately, 
unlike in the SNES game, you can't beat Storm Eagle and expect the 
power to go out.  The sparks will run across the floor at equal 
intervals.  The large blue robots will fire either two missiles or 
two spark shots.  When it gets dark, move slowly and constantly 
shoot ahead in order to prevent the fireflies from hitting you.   
Avoid touching the bubble sub-boss and pelt him with normal shots.  
If you get stuck in the goop, move back and forth quickly to escape.  
The motorcycle-like robots come fast - if you happen to have Flame 
Stag's weapon, I'd use it (larger damage radius).  Spark Mandrill is 
tough, even with Shotgun Ice.  Just keep firing at him, but always 
be ready to leap.  Often times when he unthaws, he won't get frozen 
right away by the next shot.

Okay, this level ought to be kind of easy now that you've gone 
through everything else - it's short at least.  The Dash Upgrade 
helps immensely in outrunning the volcano eruption.  Step on the 
thin columns and hop to the next one before they melt into the lava.  
The beetle excavation robots will bash certain walls, one leading to 
an area where you can fight Zain (See section below for tips on 
fighting Zain).  Use Storm Tornado on Flame Stag.  You'll probably 
take some damage.

This is a replica of the first level in Sigma's fortress in the 
first X game.  There are fewer platform jumps, however.  There 
really isn't anything here you haven't encountered before.

BOSS: Zain
Zain is kind of tricky.  You'll encounter this little punk in a 
secret area of Flame Stag's level and again in the Shadow Hunter 
Base, Station 1.  Equip yourself with Shotgun Ice.  Zain will leap 
high and swing his sword and this will do some serious damage.  
After doing this twice, he'll leap in the air and execute a spinning 
attack on the ground when he lands.  You can tell he's about to do 
this because he goes into a blocking stance.  The trick is to dash 
under him when he jumps in order to shoot him in the back (sort of 
like the strategy used to beat Toad Man).  Then, when he spins, 
climb onto the wall.  When he stops spinning, immediately dash 
behind him and begin doing the shooting / dash maneuvers prescribed 

Now, there's a challenging vertical segment.  This really got 
me because, in the original game, you could use Chameleon Sting to 
make yourself invulnerable.  No such luck here.  If you take it
cautiously and slowly, though, you'll get by.  Charging up
Armored Armadillo's weapon can also help as it will act as a
temporary shield.

BOSS: Spider
The Spider robot is back from the first X game and it is still a 
tricky thing to defeat.  The Spider will follow the path its 
webbing, which randomly appears, takes it.  Only when it touches the 
ground (and opens its eye) can you hit it.  Shotgun Ice works best 
against it.  Be careful - the Spider can feign a descent, only to 
drop four smaller spiders instead.  If you're still having trouble 
against this machine, try staying against the left wall.  As the 
Spider appears on the right, climb the wall quickly, fall down, and 
shoot at it when you land (time this so his eye will be open at this 
point).  This is kind of a tricky strategy, but if you can get the 
Spider going in this pattern, it will make the battle much easier.

This level is based off of the third X-Hunter level in Megaman X2.

BOSS: Serges
This X-Hunter comes from X2 in that strange and powerful machine of 
his.  Use Mandrill's Electric Spark to destroy the four gun pods, 
and then use Flame Stag's weapon to hit Serge in the head.  Each of 
the four gun pods sends out a different attack.  Serge's pod will 
fire shots that go out in crossed patterns.

Ah, now you have to fight those virtual Mavericks all over again!  
Going clockwise from the upper left, the order is Storm Eagle, Flame 
Stag, Spark Mandrill, and Chill Penguin.  The order is really up to 

BOSS: Sigma
Seriously - did the thought ever cross your mind that Sigma /wasn't/ 
behind all of this?  Shame on you!  Sigma is pretty easy to defeat 
here, although it will surely wear out your thumb.  When the fight 
starts, climb up the wall and wait for Sigma to begin bounding from 
wall to wall.  Right when he touches the opposite wall for the 
second wall, drop down and shoot him with either the X-Buster or the 
Electric Spark.  Immediately rush back up the same wall and stay 
there until Sigma returns to that target position.  Ignore him if he 
mindlessly slashes his lightsabre down below - he'll jump 

BOSS: Sigma
It's the living head of Sigma!  And it has plugged itself into a 
giant battle body!  Big trouble?  Nah, it's nothing you shouldn't be 
too worried about.  When the battle starts, climb up the wall behind 
you and leap onto the left hand.  Now, listen up, this part gets 
complicated.  Fire at his head... over and over again.  Think you 
can handle that, hotshot?  I thought so.  Seriously though, just be 
on the lookout for when the right hand comes over to slap you, or 
when Sigma shoots those spark shots.  He does a lot of damage when 
he actually hits you.

7. Hard Mode (Level Walkthroughs)

At this point, if you haven't already read the manual, you're 
probably thinking, "That's it?  That's the end of the game?"  Well, 
thankfully, the answer is no.  You've only gone through a quarter of 
the game.  Happy, now?  After the credits roll, Middy (who I guess 
is just back from the dead) activates Hard Mode.  Now, you have four 
more Mavericks to face, once you get through the Intro Stage again.  
The adventure has only begun!

Return to the robot junkyard of Megaman X2 as you go after this 
robotic bug.  The androids with the shields can be shot with a 
charged blast in order for them to lose their shields and become 
vulnerable.  The blue junk robots that hang from the ceiling should 
be hit in the head to be destroyed completely.  The green bug-like 
robots are very pesky, so dispatch them as soon as you see them.
Twice in the level you will have to fight a large junk bot 
controlled by a pink bug.  Hit the junk bot in the head (if its 
parts fly off, keep firing at it!).  It is only vulnerable if it 
faces you.  When you destroy the junk bot, hit the pink bug with all 
you've got.  Likely, the bug will survive and find another junk bot.  
Repeat the strategy until the pink bug is destroyed.  Morph Moth has 
a cocoon form and a robot form (he switches when his energy is half 
depleted).  For both, use Speed Burner to fry the Maverick.  His 
homing laser, which he only uses in Moth form, is pretty powerful, 
so keep moving.

It's back into the mines again.  Some points of interest - the 
Armadillo Excavators won't immediately kill you (you can run through 
them and take the hit).  Also, because the level is shorter than in 
the SNES version, don't expect get off the mine carts at the normal 
points.  In fact, if you're used to the SNES game, you might want to 
forego the carts altogether (except for the third one, which is a 
necessity).  Armored Armadillo is a bit trickier this time around - 
he will actually block the Electric Spark attack.  One thing you can
do to counter this is to activate rapid fire and then use the Spark.
Once it connects, he'll get electrocuted and lose his armor defenses.
Then, he'll just roll up and careen aimlessly around the room.
Continue to use Mandrill's weapon.

Evade the circular lights to avoid setting off the security system.  
You'll eventually get to a section of large, shifting blocks.  Don't 
get crushed by these!  There aren't enemies around at this point, so 
take this part slowly and methodically.  You'll have to face a mid-
boss that is easily disposed of using the X-Buster.  Just dash under 
him when he jumps and leap his projectiles.  Right after this, 
you'll be thrown into a room of falling blocks and a moving square.  
For each time the square hits you, the mid-boss clone will be more 
powerful.  Following this room, you'll face the clone.  And after 
the clone, beware of the falling blocks that comprise the floor and 
be ready to evade more large shifting blocks.  Truthfully, though, 
there aren't many robotic enemies to be had in this level.  As for 
Centipede, use Silk Shot to rip away his tail.  This battle is fast 
and frantic, so keep dashing around and randomly firing the 
Silk Shot.

You're back on the Dinosaur Tank from X2 in this stage.  Be on the 
lookout for an arm cannon upgrade to be had beyond a ceiling 
passageway.  There isn't much else to mention about the stage 
itself.  Use Magnet Mines against Wheel Gator.  If he jumps up and 
bites you, wiggle the directional pad to escape.  Wheel Gator is
a surprisingly difficult boss (compared to how he was in X2).

Now you have the option to go to the Shadow Hunter Base again.  
These levels will progress as before, but now you'll have to fight 
Geemel instead of Zain.

BOSS: Geemel
Equip X with the Speed Burner and fire it at Geemel.  Get over his 
boomerang-like weapon by climbing up the wall or by jumping.  When 
Geemel teleports, keep moving to avoid hitting him when he 
reappears.  Continue the previous strategy.  When his energy is 
halfway depleted, Geemel calls in a chair-like machine.  Climb the 
walls to hit him with the Speed Burner.  If you keep the pressure on 
him, Geemel is actually easier than Zain.

Now that you have Silk Shot, I recommend that you use this weapon 
against Serges' tank.  It fires downwards, so you don't have to get 
on the same level with a turret to destroy it.

8. Xtreme Mode

After you go through the Shadow stages again, you'll unlock Xtreme 
Mode.  There are a handful of changes between this mode and the 

- You have to take down all eight Mavericks.

- You no longer have any adaptors, enhancements, Heart Tanks, or Sub 
Tanks.  You have to find them all over again.

- There is no story to speak of.

- You have to fight both Zain and Geemel in succession.

- When you fight Zain, he seems to move slightly faster.

- You have to fight all eight Mavericks in the capsule room.

- Sigma's final form has a new, electrical bolt attack.  The claws 
will also teleport in and out of the room.

- Sigma has a nasty little trick (see "15: Unexplained" below).

9. Item Descriptions

Won from Chill Penguin.  Normally, this shoots a small cube of ice.  
If it hits a wall, it bursts into three pieces that radiate 

Won from Spark Mandrill.  This weapon fires straight ahead.  If it 
hits a wall or an enemy, it will break into two pieces - one 
ascending, one descending.

You get this from Storm Eagle.  Powerful wind blast that reaches 
halfway across the screen and is capable of hitting enemies 
repeatedly as it flies across.

This is Flame Stag's weapon of choice.  Shoots a blast of fire 
straight ahead.  It has a hit radius that is taller than X.  If 
charged up, it turns X into a fireball that speeds horizontally.  

Gained from defeating Armored Armadillo.  This item sends a sphere 
along the ground that decimates anything in its path.  If charged 
up, you will become invincible and can even walk on spikes.

You get this from defeating Wheel Gator.  It is a buzzsaw-like 
weapon that rolls along the ground.  Can be used to cut through 
walls and expose secret passages.

Gained from Magna Centipede.  This weapon attaches itself to a foe 
by means of a magnet before detonating, neutralizing the threat.

This is your prize for defeating Morph Moth.  The Silk Shot fires 
downwards and, upon hitting the ground, separates into four smaller 
projectiles that go out at 45 degree angles.

10. Capsule Upgrades

The Leg Upgrade can be found in Chill Penguin's icy domain.  You 
can't miss it - literally.  This will give X the ability to 
automatically Dash Jump from wall to wall.

The Armor Upgrade can be found in Flame Stag's fiery lair.  It will 
increase the amount of damage X can take before he perishes.

Found in Storm Eagle's stage, the Helmet Upgrade will allow you to 
break certain blocks.

Make sure you have the Helmet Upgrade.  Then go into Spark
Mandrill's area.  In the second darkened portion of the level, look
for some bricks you can break out of the ceiling.  The Cannon Upgrade
is up there.

NOTE: You have to have all Heart Tanks, Sub Tanks, and Capsule
Upgrades before you can even attempt this, along with all weapons
end all eight Mavericks defeated.

From Chris Call:

"It's in the 2nd sigma stage. If you remember, the stage is the
same as the Agile Stage in MMX2.  And as such, the secret capsule is
in the same place as in the SNES version. So find the ladder at the top
of the screen as with the SNES version, except, this time, Charge up your
round shield and jump off the spikes to get up the ladder. Then enter the
auto-save and continue through the room using charged R. Shields to get
over the spikes. After clearing the last of the spikes, slide down the
left wall until you reach a transparent wall you can walk through.  
Then get the Capsule. I'll give you the secret abilities from MMX AND
MMX2!! Both of which you can use as many time as you want, even if your
energy bar isn't at maximum!"

It has also been brought to my attention, though many writers,
that it is possible to get this capsule on Normal Mode ("easy
mode") as well.

Tamamo Nube reports:

"Yes, you CAN get the capsule in normal mode.  You just have to
have all the items from that mode.  Notice the red platform in the
area before the spike wall? yes, you have to navigate by jumping and
changing the direction of the platform every so often.  It takes a
while, but it's worth it. One more thing, you do not, I repeat NOT
need full life or full subtanks, (seeing as you only have 2 in
Normal Mode) for the capsule to appear.  You can charge up flame, or
just dash jump to aviod all the spikes.  Yes, even the 2nd set.
Slide down the left wall until you have fallen into the fourth
screen, where the side seems thinner than usual.  I assume that you
know how to use the hadoken (charge, down, release) and shoryuken
(charge, up, release) and that they only do 4 bars of damage to a
boss.  If you continue into hard mode from the save file (Yes, these
can be saved) you do not have to get them again. Hope this helps."

11. Zero Capsules

These capsules let you call in Zero to do some heavy damage to the 
enemies on the screen.  They all feed off a single energy bar that 
refills itself completely at the end of missions.

You can find this after the final mine cart ride in Armored 
Armadillo's level (where you'd find the Hadoken in the SNES game).

In Wheel Gator's level, once you enter the Dinosaur Tank's interior, 
look for a gaping hole in the ceiling.  Dash up here and across to 
find this capsule.

When you enter the factory in Morph Moth's stage, look for a segment 
of the floor that is completely beige and right before a step.  Use 
Wheel Gator's weapon to expose a passageway in the ground.

From Chris Call:
"The Dr. Light blurb says it's the strongest attack in the game, which
is a good thing of course ^_^.  You can find it in the Magna Centipede
Stage, at the part where the blocks are falling down and the Radar
thingy's chasing you and trying to read you. Basically right before the
second Sub-Boss.  Well, you just climb up the left, (or right, it doesn't 
matter) wall up to the top. The jump off the wall and unleash a charged
flame attack for an extra dash, and land on a small platform. Then
proceed to break the blocks on the roof and climb up to the capsule.

12. Heart Tank Locations

Come here after you defeat Flame Stag.  When you get to the part 
where you have to get out of the mobile armor, go up and to the left 
to find a long stretch of terrain.  At the second dome-like 
structure you encounter, fire the Speed Burner at it three times to 
expose a Heart Tank.

When you encounter the first lift with a flamethrower on it, destroy 
the flamethrower and ride the lift up.  When it reaches its peak, 
jump to the left and run behind the blue glass.  You can't see it, 
but there is a Heart Tank here.

You'll eventually come to a part with a ladder that goes down and a 
motorcycle robot waiting below.  There is a great big hole in the 
ceiling.  Dash jump from wall-to-wall to reach the Heart Tank on 
top.  This is in the area right after the long stretch with many 
turtle robots.

As you scale the volcano, where the lava rises beneath you, look to 
the left for a Heart Tank.  You will have to destroy a robot to get 
over there.  You should be able to get the Tank and still be able to 
escape the volcano.

Thanks to The Kris:
"When, in the junkyard, you get to the factory building, look at
the overhang above the entrance. It's within reach. Dash to it
and jump up. You'll find a one-up, a shieldbot, and this level's
heart tank."

With care, avoid setting off the security system.  Eventually you'll 
see a gap in the ceiling and, since you didn't set off the system, 
you'll also see one of the box lasers still mounted to the ceiling 
beside the hole.  Go over to the right and up the small step, turn 
and dash to the left, aiming to cling to the side of the box laser.  
Once you finally are able to do this, continue your 
ascent to find a Heart Tank.

On the second chase with the Armadillo Excavator, get ahead of it 
and climb the hole in the ceiling to find a Heart Tank.  You must 
get there before the robot does.

After the outdoor segment where you ride in the mobile armor, climb 
up the ladder.  You'll see some spikes on the left wall.  Go over to 
the right and destroy the shield robot there.  Stand where this 
robot was and charge up the Speed Burner.  Dash jump to the left and 
let loose the charged Speed Burner.  You should be able to get the 
tank this way.

13. Sub Tank Locations

When you get to the highest point of those moving lifts at the 
beginning of the stage, dash jump to the left.  With any luck, 
you'll land on top of a building and score a Sub Tank.

Right before you leave the large chamber you start in, there is a 
ladder that leads down (this is all before the first continue 
point).  Follow the chain of ladders down and eventually you'll get 
to a small area with a Sub Tank.  You'll have to bash some blocks to 
get there.

After the area with all of the shifting steel boxes, you'll cross a 
long chasm.  At the other end, there is a hole in the ceiling.  Jump 
up and cling to the edge and continue to ascend the narrow corridor 
to find the Sub Tank.  You might have to jump more than once to get 
the initial grip.

When you go down the first shaftway, where the Armadillo Excavator 
emerges, go behind where it originated from to get a Sub Tank.

14. Teleporter Room

In Normal Mode, clockwise from where you enter the room:
Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle, Flame Stag, Spark Mandrill

In Hard Mode, clockwise from where you enter the room:
Armored Armadillo, Wheel Gator, Magna Centipede, Morph Moth

In Xtreme Mode, clockwise from where you enter the room:
Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle, Armored Armadillo, Wheel Gator, Magna 
Centipede, Morph Moth, Flame Stag, Spark Mandrill.

15. Unexplained

There are a few unexplained things in the game.

Most of these have been identified by various readers to be merely
remnants of the Super Nintendo levels.  It is highly probable that
they are nothing more than artifacts.

- If you get on top of the first beetle robot in Flame Stag's stage 
and ride it until it stops, dashing jumping to the left will get you 
to a floating platform.  Is there a point to this platform?

- In the second Shadow Hunter stage, there is a narrow corridor 
right before the area with the directional platform.  The corridor 
has spikes on the ceiling and floor and it just seems to wrap around 
on itself.  Is there a reason for this corridor?  (Note, I do not 
speak of the Street Fighter II weapon also hidden in this level).

- When you are given the option by Sigma to save your game following 
the end of Xtreme Mode, it clears all progress made in Xtreme Mode.  
Is this a bug, or is it intentional?

- In the intro level, you can encounter a pit between support
columns that has two segments of highway that will fall when
stepped upon.  However, stepping on the segment mounted to the
column will cause only that segment to fall, leaving the other
one floating in mid-air.

- (From XLord007)
"I found an interesting glitch in the game that you may be
interested in.  I was playing the game on Normal Mode, and I got to
the boss selection room (right before the first form of Sigma).
I did that for a little while and then decided that I wanted to go
back and collect the stuff I missed (a heart tank and  the weapon
upgrade) with the help of a FAQ (I found yours at GameFAQs).  While
doing this, I went through Storm Eagle's stage and went to the boss 
room.  Instead of warping me back to the countinue screen, it warped
me to Storm Eagle's teleporter chamber on the top left side of the
teleporter room in the Sigma stage.  On the right side of the room,
there is a weird looking  fire-eye thing.  Moving around in this
room caused the sprites to start  getting funky and then it kicked
me back to the continue screen after a short time.  Weird, huh?"

16. Legal Stuff

This FAQ was written by Bolt Kraken.  You must freely distribute 
this document as long as it is for non-commercial purposes and 
intact in its original form.  I would, however, appreciate you 
notifying me of your doing this.  My e-mail address is 
[email protected]  Portions of this text, character 
names, and related Megaman indica are the property of Capcom 

The rest is (c) 2001, Megaman Outpost (http://mmoutpost.cjb.net).

17. Thanks

Thanks to the many people who e-mailed me with suggestions!
The Kris, Chris Call, Graham, Jared, FC, Jae, Stew, Liquid Cross,
Ryouga, Dr. Cossack, Qohip, Archlich, Tamamo Nube, and Crimson

Be sure to visit Megaman Outpost at http://mmoutpost.cjb.net.  I 
have covered all of the original series and X series titles with in-
depth strategies for each.


Bolt Kraken
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: http://mmoutpost.cjb.net

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