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I----------------------------------I SYSTEM: Sony PS-X Playstation (Japan)
I                                  I TITLE: moon Remix RPG adventure
I     M   M   OOO   OOO  N   N     I GENRE: Role Playing Game (RPG)                 
I     MM MM  O   O O   O NN  N     I DEVELOPER:ASCII, LUV-de-LIC          
I     M M M  O   O O   O N N N     I PRICE:?          
I     M   M  O   O O   O N  NN     I AVAILABILITY: -Now-           
I     M   M   OOO   OOO  N   N     I FEATURES: Chose own BGM, no battles,
I                                  I           realtime characters, soul-
I         FAQ Version 1.5          I           catching
I                                  I KNOWLEDGE LEVEL OF JAPANIESE: High 
I----------------------------------I ESTIMATED TIME TO COMPLETE: 60+?   
I       FAKE<---------->REAL       I PLAYERS: 1 
I----------------------------------I MEMORY CARD: 1 Block/3 Saves 

 Hello fellow japanese extreme gamers(I believe that you are japanese).
Welcome to the world's only Moon FAQ/Walkthough. Well I created this since
it seems like I am the only one in the United States who has this 
addictive game. If you even try to search for this FAQ/Walkthrough you will
get hits from Sailor Moon so..............

 Stealing any of the work from this FAQ/Walkthrough will not be tolerated.
If you don't give me any credit for this work you can try to create your
own FAQ/Walkthrough. If for any reason I find any of your FAQ/Walkthrough 
material similar to mine and if you don't even post my name on the credits 
section of your FAQ/Walkthrough, I will personally make your life like hell
if I ever find you. It's time to stop all of this FAQ/Walkthrough-stealing 
injustice as this crap has gone way too far. This FAQ/Walkthrough can be
reproduced, retransmitted, and redistributed as long as the contents of
this FAQ/Walkthrough are untouched, unedited, unmodified, unmutilated, and
unpiratedand. This FAQ/Walkthrough can only be redistributed and obtained
in its entirely original format. You may not edit or update this
FAQ/Walktrough for any reason. Also, please don't make any money out of my
work by selling printouts of the FAQ/Walkthrough or by using any of the
material from this work as part of your magazine articles.

*Note* If you can't read japanese, sell the game. You're doomed since all
of the text and clues are in japanese.


A. Controller keys
B. Menu
C. MD disks
D. Inventory 
E. Story
F. Soul-catching
G. Credits      

A. Controller keys

square   - inventory
triangle - main menu
x        - cancel
o        - confirm/search/soul catch
L1       - back one song
R1       - foward one song

B. Menu

MD Player  < - >  Inventory
  Configuration/Screen Adjust

C. MD Disks

There are a total of 36 disks.
No:Name/Author:                 How obtained
 2 Bikouteki/IMAGE SOUL         Bought
 3 Bought 
 4 Bought
 5 Bought
 6 Bought
 7 Bought
 8 Bought
 9 Bought
10 Bought
11 Bought
12 Bought
13 Bought
14 Bought
15 Bought
16 Bought
17 Bought
18 Bought
19 Bought
20 Bought
21 Bought
22 Bought
23 Bought
24 Bought
25 Bought
26 Bought
27 Bought
28 Bought
29 Bought
30 Bought
31 Bought
32 Bought
33 Moon Trips/Get from Wanda
34 Flower Waltz/Get from Flora's room.
35 Kara Ma-Go/Kris chan/Get from Kristie.
36 Get after rescuing the Sacrifice Animals.

My Personal Playlist:
1 10 14 16 23 24

D. Inventory

Card - Cards used to talk about someone.
Food - Food eaten to refill the limit meter.
Fish - Same as food.
Chip - Chips for hints.
Junk - Useless stuff. Sell everything here except the ship parts.
Tool - Tools like magniflying glass/batches/etc.
Etc. - Bones/Toys.

E. Story

The Story is basically non-linear. This will be a Q/A section after people
start E-mailing me.

Q. Is it necessary to buy all MD's?
A. No, but you will have too much excess money anyway.

Q. What is a good way of making money?
A. 1. Talk to the guitar player after you predicted the black bird. You 
      will get 100+ No. of times you received from him.
   2. The fishing spot in the desert, sell everything caught.      

Q. What do those Chips do?
A. Those are hints, use them on the decoder machine, its in Hager's lab, it
   looks like a blue box.

Q. What does the rocket game do if you beat it?
A. Haven't beaten it.

Q. How do you get to Bari Bari Island?
A. 1 Make sure you have at least enough hearts for 1.5 days.
   2 Visit the bird cage before sunrise and talk to the bird. Choose to go
     to Bari Bari island and stay there and when he announces to go to the 
     island, go inside the cage.     

Q. Where is the magniflying glass found?
A. When the dude at the general store goes downstairs, go outside and knock
   on the green door. You now have 4 new items to get.

Q. What is the use of the glass?
A. You are supposed to use it behind one of the signs which B-hab(Ahab?)
   the pirate left a note on. Here are the locations notes.
   1. Behind the sign before you enter the town.   
   2. Behind one of the rocks at the bottom the screen in Rainbow Rocks.
   3. Behind the yellow box of records.
   4. The dot in the character "ou" on the pipe of fireworks.   
   5. On the bottom of the screen in the ecology club.
   6??? The last clue reads "X1O", which I don't have a clue except that X1
    could be read as Batsu Ichi, what Billy the guard calls himself.

Q. Is there a easier way to disable Robi?
A. Nope, you just need a really good memory.

Q. How do I get love from the baker?
A. On the night of the echo he goes drinking. When he returns to his house
   he forgets to lock the door. Go to the last room in his house and you 
   will find out who he really is.

Q. How do I get love from the Billy the guard?
A. Billy flies a plane I believe on the day of the sun. Go see him fly a 
   couple times.

Q. How do I get love from Nouji, the kid from the toy kingdom?
A. He wants to play a gamestation(playstation).............

Q. What are those green "things" in the middle of the dessert?
A. Those are flowers. Try playing track 34...............

Q. What is the significance of the telescope?
A. The telescope used to catch a monster which flies around.

Q. Is it necasary to donate money to get in Hager's workshop?
A. No, but I did. First go to American House at night. Search the fridge to
   get a black badge. Now show that badge to the king when he's at the 
   throne. He'll trade that for the super golden badge. Now you have acess.

Q. What does that flower do?
A. Its a intstant transportation system. You will have the option to 
   teleporting to 3 destinations, but first you must give it pollen from
   the 3 different locations.

Q. What is that green note in the castle?
A. Its a note from the economy club. Not really significant.

Q. What is the significance of the bath?
A. Its an elevator to go to the economy club. Once you jump in they talk 
   about a code. ReiTanReiReiTan. Rei meaning the refridgerator and Tan
   meaning the cabinet. To access it, during the night, enter the mill, 
   open those in that order and the water will be drained from the bath,
   which leads to the club.

Q. In the haunted house how do I feed the man?
A. Look at the picture for like 10 secs. then it will open its mouth wide.
   Move away from it and you'll be sucked in.

Q. What do I feed the man?
A. 1st time:Cookies from grandma.
   2nd time:Bread from the bakery.
   3rd time:Black Caviar/tadpole that you fished in the fishing spot at the
            mushroom forest. 

Q. How do I talk to the restless oyaji?
A. First buy a porolohomu(a blue vile) at the general store. Show it to him
   and he'll sleep, then talk to him. From him you can buy Tako-chu, an 
   item which takes back to where you slept.

Q. Where are all the parts for the spaceship?
A. One is the bottle you got at Baribari Island. Another is Robi's Chip, 
   take it away from him when he's recharging. The charger and the 
   refridgerator is obtained at the fishing spot in the mushroom forest.
   The rocket fuel is the fireworks.

Q. According to the world map, the place where the Fireworks was found is a
   place that manufactures the fireworks, How can I enter there?
A. Wait till sunset, then the pipe will throw out a dud firework, just
   run into it and you're in.

Q. What is the combination for the fireworks?
A. From decoding the Tao's chip you get this.

     5                                  7 5 4
    -+=                                  -+=           754
    /4=2 which solved would be equal to 8/4=2 and then 842
    *==                                  *==           193
   1   3                                1 9 3

Q. Where is Tao's chip?
A. When at night follow the dog all the way and you will arive at a secret
   location. When its day time he will leave, leaving a hole on the ground
   which you can search 3 times. Once for a chip, then an arrow then a bone   

Q. What does the white arrow do?
A. Some say its cursed. I dunno what it does. On one chip it says to shoot

Q. How do I get love from the granpa who lives in the mill?
A. During day time play track 25 and try to open the door.

Q. Do I continue?
   What have you freakin learned in this GAME?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?
   The whole point of the game is to f***in tell you that there is a better
   world out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damnit! Stop playing games and
   go outside. BTW if you say yes, you(the real you) will become the fake 
   character of you who dies.  

F. Soul-catching

This section is dedicated for help on capturing souls which give you love
during the game.

Name:location:How to catch

?????:Outside Grandma's House: 
Maimai:Rainbow Rocks:Catch him at night when the dog passes by. After that
          he's all yours. 
Tutsuperi:In the Mushroom Forest:First you must be friends with the kakuri 
          people, then you must eat the mushrooms in this order at night. 
          Then do the ritual. Go back to the tropical forest and touch all
          of the fishies there and repeat the ritual.          

G. Credits

Jenkin Chiu for buying me the game.
Mark Kim for the opening statement.
Iwata Shoji for the System/Title thing.
Eric([email protected]) and 
Setzer Gabbiani([email protected]) for no apparant reason.

This FAQ/Walkthrough was created by Duo Maxwell. Updates and saves are at
You will not find any updates there though but if you are bored, go there.
Any additions/questions? E-mail me at [email protected], ICQ me at 13329280, 
AIM me at DethScythH, Yahoo page me at F_91 or with IRC my nick is 
Duo_Maxwell and will be on DALnet at #GundamW and #SuperRobotWars.

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