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                      PAPER MARIO
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By Bastille
E-mail me at: [email protected]

Note: I bought this game the day after it was released so I was one of the first 
people to own it in Western Canada, maybe Canada, maybe all P.S.T ers' maybe all 
North America so I had discovered a couple of these tricks before they were known 
to the boards like the Old Style Mario which I discovered two days after the game 
was released.

This is my first walkthrough so do not blame me if it is a bit low quality.

Version 2.1
This walkthrough was last updated (3/29/2001)

1. Characters
2. Controls
3. Walkthrough
4. Weapons
5. Badges
6. Star Spirits
7. Star Pieces
8. Recipes
9. Cheats and hints
10. Letters
11. Quizmo's Quizzes
12. FAQ's
13. Copying info
14. Special Thanks
15. Copyright
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1. Characters:

Mario- Yep, he's back and he is ready to kick butt.

Bowser- He is also back and he has kidnapped Princess Peach as well as stolen the 
Star Rod, which gives him a major power upgrade.

Kammy Koopa- Bowser's helper. No more needed.

Princess Peach- She too is back and has the role as the damsel in distress as well 
as a character who you play as.

Twink- He is a star that befriends Peach and acts as a sidekick and an info source 
and question asker.

Goombario- A young Goomba who helps you out as an information source and has a lot 
of head attacks. He is one of Mario's partners.

Kooper- A Koopa Troopa whose shell you can toss to retrieve items and hit switches 
from a-far. His attacks are very-fast shell attacks.    Another one of Mario's 

Bombette- This bob-omb helps you by exploding herself to break through weak walls 
and rocks. Her attacks are a body slam and a three bomb attacks. She is another of 
Mario's partners.

Parakarry- He is a mail-delivering winged Koopa Troopa who can fly Mario across 
gaps. He has many flying attacks including the powerful attack Shell Shot. He is 
yet another of Mario's partners.

Lady Bow- This female Boo acts as an invisibility cloak and can scare away enemies 
as well. She has two strong Smack attacks. She is Mario's second female partner. 

Watt- This female light bulb helps you by illuminating dark areas as well as makes 
invisible blocks appear. She has some powerful electrifying attacks. She is yet 
another on of Mario's partners.

Sushie- This female Cheep Cheep has two good uses as she can transport Mario 
across water (he is paper, remember) and can dive for treasure. She has some long- 
range water attacks. She is the last female partner of Mario.

Lakilester- This Lakitu who prefers to be called Spike acts as a transport over 
dangerous terrain for Mario. He has a couple of attacks that consist of him 
tossing Spinys and gusts of wind.

Merlow- He sells you badges in exchange for star pieces.

Rowf- He sells you badges for coins.

Chuck Quizmo - He gives you quizzes and if you get them right, you get star 

Tayce T. - She is a chef who can bake new items using any item you give her.

Merlon – For five coins, he will tell you what to do next.

Merluvlee- For five coins she tells you where to find star pieces, for twenty 
coins she tells you where to find badges and for fifty coins she tells you where 
to find a super block.
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2. Controls:

A: select things in battle, is used in some moves in battle, jump when not in 
battle and does something when an exclamation mark appears.

B: back to previous menu, and is used in some moves 

Z: go back to another sentence when talking to people and spin around on the world 

Joystick: move around and is used in attacks.

Down C: use partner's ability, also used in one attack

Left C: use an item that is not a key one.

Up C: shows status of Mario.

Right C: change partners

Start: pause game.

R/L: Nothing except at title screen changes Stereo/Mono

D-Pad: Absolutely Nothing
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3. Walkthrough:
The game starts with Parakarry delivering a letter to Mario and Luigi's house. You 
are invited to Peach's castle. You automatically head there. All doors except for 
the double doors and the kitchen are open. There is nothing good in the kitchen so 
just keep heading through the brown doors. You can talk with the people for some 
info about them but that is it. When you meet up with Peach, she will talk and 
then the ground will shake. Watch as the castle floats up into the sky. Bowser and 
Kammy Koopa break through a window and you fight him, after three damage he uses 
the Star Rod and powers himself up. Now you cannot hurt him but just keep 
attacking. You cannot win so Bowser uses his fire breath and you die but do not 
worry because you come back to life later. Bowser knocks Mario out of the castle 
and when he passes through the clouds it shows the Paper Mario sign and then the 
prologue sign. 

Mario lies on the ground when all of a sudden, the seven star spirits appear and 
heal Mario back to life but not they don't have enough time to heal him fully so 
he can move again. The stars disappear and Goombaria appears and takes you to a 
Toad's House. Mario gets a vision of Eldstar who tells Mario that they will tell 
him something important up at Shooting Star Summit. After this Mario wakes up and 
goes outside. Enter the house next to the Toad's House and enter the door to the 
back and talk to Goompa then head to the right of the town and talk to Goompapa 
and then the gate will be smashed by a yellow block summoned by Kammy. Save at the 
save block (it is rainbow coloured and has an S on it).  Head back to where Goompa 
was and you will fall down. After talking head left into the playground. Gramps 
gives you a helpful lesson about the game then you will start looking for the 
hammer. Search all of the bushes to find the hammer and five coins. Hit three 
trees to get two coins and a doll of Peach. Do not forget to smash all the blocks 
in the playground before you leave. Just as you leave the playground Jr. Troopa 
appears and you fight him. Just keep using the hammer. After you obviously beat 
him, he will vow revenge. Hit the question block for a coin then smash the tree 
for a mushroom then finally smash the yellow block. Hit the Life block to fully 
recover (you should not waste the mushroom here). Pay no attention to the stone 
block here as it cannot be broken until after the Dry Dry Ruins. Bounce on the 
spring to collect the coins and the fire flower then head right. Here you will 
meet up with your first enemy encounters so be careful because you cannot jump on 
the spiked goombas. When you reach a divider head up then left to get your first 
star piece then exit the area to the right to return to the village. Give the doll 
back to Goombaria, wait for Goompa to give you a badge, be happy as Goombario 
joins your party, heal at Toad's and then smash the block and continue on. Head 
right defeating the enemies as you pass and checking everything until you reach a 
life block. When you see the spring you are attacked by the Red & Blue Goomba 
brothers. If you have saved the fire flower then use it. After that heal and save. 
Continue heading right and you will battle the Goomba King and the bros. Again. 
First, hit the Goomnut tree with your Hammer to kill the bros. and damage the 
king. Just keep using power jump and headbonk and you will be fine. After you beat 
him, hit the Goomnut tree for a star piece. Listen to their conversation and check 
the bushes for the switch. Hit it and cross the bridge. Head to the bottom right 
and smash the block to make another one appear in the air. Hit it to make a Super 
Shroom appear. Continue heading down and do not forget to get the Sleepy Sheep 
from the block. Hit the tree to make the spring appear and use the spring to 
bounce on the roof and open the treasure chest for a badge then enter Toad Town. 
Head right to the next area and hit the first tree you see for a star piece. Then 
head up and head up when you reach the divider. Head left to get another star 
piece then head up the path and talk with Eldstar. After some talk you have the 
option of saving then it will go to Peach. After the talk, leave the area and as 
you head back to where the castle used to be you will be bumped by Twink. He gives 
you the Lucky Star and tutors you on how to do more damage in attacks by timing 
them. Then you battle one of Kammy's helpers (Even helpers have helpers). Beat her 
using your new ability then head back to Toad Town. Go to Merlon's house and knock 
twice as the door will not open. He will tell you what to do then go there and 
talk to the four dark toads which are oddly coloured the same as the Koopa's bros. 
Then head back to Merlon. Talk to him when you are in front of him and he will 
clear the toads out of the way. Save and go the way they were blocking.
-End of Prologue

Chapter 1-
Keep heading right until you reach a tree and hit it to make a switch appear. Hit 
the switch to make a bridge appear and cross it. Continue heading right until you 
reach a sign and then head down into Koopa Village. You will hear about their 
Fuzzy problem from Koover. Get back his shell by hammering the Fuzzy. Help all the 
other villagers by doing the following: Two follow on the same track so just lie 
in wait then hammer them, jump up to hit the block, hit the tree, another fuzzy is 
on a fixed track so wait and hit him, one will keep running so you must sneak up 
on it by slightly tilting the joystick then hammering him, push the block so it is 
under the block and smash it, hit the tree to set loose another fixed track Fuzzy. 
Once this is done, enter the shaking house. Talk to Kooper and follow the Fuzzy. 
Once you catch up with it, you will have to play a game of "Where's the Fuzzy?". 
You must use your ability to guess where that Fuzzy is three times each time 
harder. If you get it wrong, you must battle a Fuzzy or get a coin. After getting 
Kooper's shell back and giving it to him, you must fight four Fuzzies. Use 
Kooper's Power Shell and have Mario use anything. After defeating them, go back to 
the village and do not forget to pick up the HP Plus Badge before you head back. 
Head into the house to the right to meet Koopa Koot, a man who gives you the 
Silver and Gold Credit, he will ask for a book which you get from Kolorado's Wife 
so ask her and return to receive a coin then he'll ask for a Sleepy Sheep so buy 
one and give it to him then talk to him again to receive the Silver Credit. Go 
outside and push the box to get the Star Piece. Head left and there may be a worm 
there so talk to him and answer his quiz (He has 64 quizzes) and get a Star Piece. 
Save and heal yourself and buy as many POW blocks as possible then head towards 
Koopa Bros. Fortress. Be careful of the coins, as it is a trap. Do not forget to 
hit the block so you can hit the block so you can get the Thunder Bolt. Head right 
then head to the corner and hit the switch using Kooper's shell. Cross the bridge 
and continue to head right. Smack the tree for a Star Piece and continue on. Heal 
at the Life Block then save and enter the Fortress. Battle the Koopa and Bob-omb 
to get a key and enter the locked door. Battle the two Bob-ombs then head outside 
to heal your FP. Head to the room behind the two Bob-ombs and battle the Koopa to 
make a switch appear. Hit the switch to make the stairs drop and head down the 
stairs and head to the left. Battle the two Parakoopas and the Koopa to make the 
walls return to normal then continue on to get a key. Return to the floor above 
and insert the key into the lock. Head to the door at the bottom to save then head 
up and hit the block. You will fall into the dungeon and start to talk with 
Bombette. Use her to blow up the crack in the wall then heal yourself and prepare 
for a little battle then heal yourself again after the battle. Head back to where 
you saved on the floor above the area where you fell and head right and blow up 
the crack and open the chest there to get the Refund Badge. Head back to where the 
three jail-like cells were and blow up the two holding the Power Bounce Badge and 
a key. Head to the door that is close to the area where you fell and enter the 
door. Use the key on the opposite door then take out Kooper. Walk beyond the first 
| wall but stay behind the __ wall and use Kooper's ability to flick the switch. 
Head just in front of the next ___ wall and hit the switch. Repeat this until you 
are at the other end. Kill the Koopa and hit the switch to lower the stairs. Go 
down the stairs and blow up the wall to get a key. Head back up the stairs and use 
the key. Press the switch and head up the stairs. Do not enter the door and get 
the Smash Charge Badge. Head outside and head right. Jump to avoid the Bullet 
Bills or you can battle them. AS you head right, forget to head down first chance 
you get to receive a Maple Syrup. Head up to the cannons but head down to heal and 
save then battle them. After that, heal and save then head into the door. They 
will attack with a fake Bowser so use the Thunder Bolt on it and then Bomb it. 
Repeat until they appear (the Koopa Bros.). Use Bomb to knock them down then use a 
Maple Syrup followed by Bomb's and POW blocks. After a couple turns, they will be 
dead. Touch the card and watch what happens. It will switch to Peach and you get 
to play as her (just like in Super Mario RPG). Check behind the painting next to 
the fireplace to find a switch. Press the switch and go into the secret area and 
press the switch to the left. You will be in Bowser's Room (Do Not worry). Head to 
the left and read his Diary. Peach will be caught and Twink will go find Mario. Go 
back to Toad Town and do not forget to blow up the crack and enter the pie to get 
a badge. On your way back you will fight Jr. Troopa so just kill him by using 
Power Jump and Bomb. As you enter, you will meet up with Twink again. After that 
head down to the Train Station (it is at the bottom of Toad Town) and use Bombette 
to blow up the rock. Go talk to the person in front of the train and head to Mt. 
-End of Chapter 1

Start of Chapter 2-
 Get off the train and save. Head up the path and meet Parakarry. He will tell you 
his trouble then set out to find his letters. The first is found on a cliff, 
sorta, so use Kooper to retrieve it. After this head right and up until you reach 
a broken bridge. Head down and right to find the second letter then return to the 
screen before and head left this time and get the Star Piece. Use the jump and 
continue left. You will see the letter but not be able to reach it yet so continue 
left. When you reach a sort of cave head in there and left to go in a secret path 
to get a Damage Dodge Badge. Use the spring and head right then head down the 
ramp. Land and head right to pick up the letter. Return to Parakarry and then he 
will join your group. Return to where you got the first letter and head to there 
then cross to the next platform to get the Quake Hammer Badge (it really helps in 
the temple) then to where the spring was before the third letter and go across to 
get a Star Piece as well as a couple coins and the seed located to the right of 
where you head up to reach either letter three or letter two. Head to where you 
could not reach before and cross there. When you reach the other end, Buzzar will 
come and you should not fight him yet so say your name is Luigi (heh heh heh, what 
an ignoramus, heh heh heh). Head down and heal and save. You will be at Kolorado's 
site (give him his letter for a Star Piece). Continue heading right while staying 
on the path and avoiding the pokeys and bandits. When you reach a stone pokey, get 
caught in the tornado and jump up between the three trees to make a badge appear 
then head down. When you reach a sign, head down two areas to reach an oasis 
containing trees the contain a lemon (needed for Sheek) and a lemon as well as a 
Super Block for upgrading a party member (I recommend Kooper as his shell 
abilities are useful against the pokey mummies in the ruins). Return to the sign 
and head right to enter the outpost. Head to the very end of the city then return 
to where the store is then return to the end. Talk to Sheek and give him a lemon 
and laugh at what he says (Oh, heavenly! A Lemon!! The nicest of nice things!). 
Select "How to see Moustafa" and he will say "buy a dried shroom then a dusty 
hammer". Head to the store and buy these. Return to where he was and enter the 
door. Head up the boxes and head from rooftop to rooftop picking up the letter on 
the way until you reach a door. Enter the door and talk to "Sheek". He will reveal 
himself to be Moustafa. After some talk, he will give you the pulse stone so you 
can find the ruins. I now suggest you go behind the crates between Toad's house 
and the house Sheek was blocking. You will find Merlee who will, for coins, place 
a spell on Mario that will give him various things at various times for a certain 
amount of time depending on what you pay for. Buy the best you can afford and 
stock up on good items and head out to find the ruins. After the area with the 
stone cactus, keep heading up and you will reach a podium with a hole in it. Place 
the pulse stone in it and watch the ruins rise. Heal and enter the ruins and save. 
Take out Kooper and have the Power Quake badge on. Defeat the enemies here and 
grab the Spike Shield Badge from the second coffin. Head down and grab the key. 
Return to the previous room and use the key on the door up above. Step on the 
switch. Head out and heal then return to the room where you got the key and enter 
the now accessible door. Head up the stairs and use Parakarry to carry you across 
the gap then use Bombette to blow up the crack. Step on the switch then grab the 
Star Piece. Grab the key from the room below then head down the stairs and unlock 
the door. Go to the end of the room and hit the block. Three pokey mummies appear 
and you must beat them to get a key. I recommend the combo of Power Quake and 
Kooper's Power Shell. After beating them, grab the key and unlock the door. Use 
Parakarry to carry you across the gap and enter the door. Press the green switch 
then hit the one that is at the top of the stairs. Head down to the stairs and 
head to the top of the platform across from the switch you just hit. Head down the 
pink stairs and hit the switch. Head up the green stairs then the pink stairs. 
Head down the stairs and work your way to the other end then fall of into the 
upper area and head to the left to pass through a hidden wall to get the Slow Go 
badge which is pretty much useless. Fall down and pick up the Super Hammer then 
smash the Stone Block. Head back to where you fought the pokey mummies and hit the 
switch then smash the block to get Artifact. Head to the room to the right and 
enter the door on the right. Smash the Stone block and get ready to fight a Stone 
Chompa. Grab the Pyramid Stone and then fight the Chompa. I now recommend you heal 
outside of the ruins then return to the room before the Super Hammer. Blow up the 
crack and fall down. I recommend you use the Super Block on Parakarry (because he 
is a real big help on the boss). Blow up the crack in the wall and be ready to 
fight another Stone Chompa because there is one in the block. After that is done, 
grab the Diamond Stone. Jump on the spring to head back up. Head to the room to 
the right and head into the room at the bottom and then press the switch and get 
the key then head left and pass the enemies. Return to the room with the five 
Chompa statues and use the key on the door. Hit the switch and head down and 
across the sand and enter the new room to get the Lunar Stone. Head back to the 
room with the five statues and put the stones in in this order [Pyramid-Nothing-
Diamond-Nothing-Lunar] and stairs will be created. Head down them and heal and 
save. Take out Parakarry and prepare to face Tutankoopa. He has 30 HP so it should 
not be that hard. Keep using Shell Shot and Jump attacks and when he has out his 
Chompa use Quake Hammer instead. After you beat him, you watch the funny part of 
Chompa betraying him. LOL. Touch the Star Spirit Card to free Mamar. When it asks 
to save, save. It will switch to Bowser going to Peach's room and he gets told 
that the Star Spirit flew away from Tubba Blubba's castle. Then as Princess, you 
must use the secret passageway and head out the door then enter the door below it. 
You will be in the Library. OOT veterans should find this easy, as you must sneak 
around the Library without being seen. It is easy as the guards can only see what 
is in front of them. Work your way to the left and do not forget to pick up the 
Power Rush Badge. Once you reach the end, you will over hear a conversation about 
Tubba Blubba. Read and then Princess will be caught. It will switch back over to 
Mario and Mamar. She will give Mario an extra Star Power called Lullaby. Give 
Kolorado the Artifact for a Star Piece then as you are heading to Mt. Rugged's 
train station do not forget to kill Buzzar. Then head back to Mt. Rugged's train 
station after this and ,sorry, but do not forget to smash the Stone Block to get 
another Super Block (I recommend Bombette). Once you are ready, head to the guard 
house which is located across the bridge in the area where the Toad Tunnels and 
Tayce T.'s house are. Follow the ghost into the forest.
-End of Chapter 2

Beginning of Chapter 3-
The forest will turn dark and a Boo will appear. He will tell you his story then 
you might wet yourself. Head into the forest. When you reach flowers that laugh, 
go that way. Next, talk to the guy then check for eyes that appear out of a stump. 
Next, head the way with the different flowers. Head left until you reach an area 
where you can head up and do it so you get a Magical Seed then head the way with a 
tree with a face (you must wait). Head to the path to the right and check around 
the area there to get a HP Plus Badge then head back. Take the path that contains 
the most mushrooms. Now this time head the way with the flowers that laugh (you 
will have to check the flowers). This time look for a SIGN as in signpost. Head to 
the right of this and enter that area. Head left and up to get a FP Plus Badge. 
Return to the sign and enter. Enter the gate and heal and save. Enter the mansion 
and head up the stairs. Head to the empty portrait and it will tell you what to 
do. Head into the room closest to it and BOO!!!! You will see a big Boo so do not' 
worry. Open the middle cabinet to release the Boos. Win their little game to 
receive the record. Head to the room to the left of it and use the record. Do as 
it says to play the record. Play it to draw the Boo away from its chest. You will 
receive the Weight. Go to the furniture on the main floor and jump on the brown 
piece. Use the weight and enter the door. Open the chest then head downstairs. 
Blow up the right wall and in the end of the room, you will see Boo's Portrait. 
Head back to the room before and enter the door. Enter the door and open the BIG 
chest. Talk to the Boo in the corner then test your new ability in front of him. 
Smash through the floorboards then hit the three switches and leave. Return to the 
room where you got the record. Hit near the middle of the carpet to reveal a Star 
Piece. Head to the room beside the secret room. Smash the two lower blocks in the 
right side of the room for some apples. Use the box on the left side to do the Old 
Mario trick (Note: You can only mini-jump in this form). When you are done fooling 
around smash through the floorboards. Head straight up and switch to Parakarry. 
Use him to carry you across to get Boo's Portrait. There is a Star Piece in the 
bottom box in the room so get it as well. Head back to the portrait and talk to it 
to place the portrait back in then jump in the picture. Enter either doors and 
watch the events. Head to the entrance and head to the right of the mansion. Go 
through the gate and Spin Stomp the ground in front of you to find a hidden panel. 
Head right, past the Hyper ParaGoombas and you will enter a village (kind of) 
where you will be greeted by a ghost. Save then enter the next part of the town. 
Heal if needed then head right and watch in horror or not as Tubba Blubba comes 
and eats a ghost (bleak!!) right before your eyes and no it is not scary. Continue 
heading right and be sure to get the Repel gel from the block as well as the 
letter. Head to the next area and use Parakarry to go across the gap. Grab the 
Star Piece from behind the rocks and continue on heading right. You will be in 
front of TB's castle. Save and enter the building. Take out Bow and use her 
ability to shield you from the "Siren Men". Head left while using Bow so you don't 
battle any one until you reach the next area. Now, if you don't want to die then 
tip toe around  the sleeping guards and run like heck past the awake ones. When 
you reach the end, enter the room above and get the star piece. Then head into the 
door to your left. You have to get into the upper left room behind the pacing 
guard so distract him and enter it. Head to the bottom while avoiding the two 
slumbering guards and smash through the floor boards. Get the key from the chest, 
heal and return to the main area with the siren guards using the stairs to your 
left not forgetting the Super Block , I recommend Bow so she will do more damage 
against TB's heart, and you'll know how to reach it from there. Unlock the area 
and run towards the stairs while avoiding the two guards. More next time as I 
haven't relieved myself from my writters block but I will still answer any 
questions that you may have.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
4. Weapons
|Weapon Name | What it Does                      |Where you get it       |
|Hammer      |Can smash yellows blocks           |Jr. Koopa's Playground |
|Super Hammer|Can smash stone blocks             |Dry Dry Ruins          |
|Ultra Hammer|Can smash metal blocks             |Mt. Lavalava           |
|Boots       |Allows you to jump                 |You start off with them|
|Super Boots |Allows you to ground-stomp         |Boo's Mansion          |
|Ultra Boots |Allows you to jump higher and stomp|Underground Pipe System|
Graph done by Raganook
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
5. Badges:
Name:                           Where you get them:
Power Jump                            Before fighting Goomba Bros.
Mega Jump                             In Crystal Palace
Multibounce                           Bought from Rowf
Jump Charge                           Bought from Rowf
S. Jump Chg.                          Found in the clouds of Flower Fields
Shrink Stomp                          Bought from Rowf
Sleep Stomp                           Bought  from Rowf
Dizzy Stomp                           Underground pipe system
D-Down Jump                           Tubba Blubba's Fortress
Power Bounce                          Koopa Bros. Fortress
Power Smash                           Bought from Rowf?
Mega Smash                            Crystal Palace
Smash Charge                          Found in Koopa Bros. fortress
S. Smash Chg.                         Bought from Rowf
Spin Smash                            Bought from Rowf
Quake Hammer                          Mt. Rugged
Power Quake                           Lavalava Island
Mega Quake                            Bought from Rowf
Hammer Throw                          Roof in area before Toad Town
D-Down Pound                          Bought from Rowf
Double Dip                            Bought from Rowf
Triple Dip                            Found in Crystal Palace
Group Focus                           Bought from Rowf
Quick Change                          Merlon's house
Peekaboo                              Got from trading with Merlow
Dodge Master                          Bought from Rowf
Happy Heart (2)                       Ralph's tree
                                      Got from trading with Merlow
Happy Flower (2)                      Got from trading with Merlow
                                      Flower Fields
Deep Focus (3)                        Peach's Castle
                                      Shy Guys Toy Box
                                      Outside Bowser's Castle
HP Plus (3)                           Behind Kooper's house
                                      Bought from Rowf
                                      Forever Forest
FP Plus (3)                           Before Koopa Bros. Fortress
                                      Bought from Rowf
                                      Forever Forest
Flower Saver (2)                      Got from trading with Merlow
                                      Tossing a Blue Berry into Flower Field well
Power Plus (2)                        Beating Anti-Guy
                                      Got from trading with Merlow
Defend Plus                           Shy Guys Toy Box
Damage Dodge (2)                      Bought from Rowf
                                      Mt. Rugged
P-Down, D-Up                          Found in Crystal Palace
P-Up, D-Down                          Found in Crystal Palace
HP Drain                              Got from trading with Merlow
All Or Nothing                        Bought from Rowf
Mega Rush                             Tubba Blubba's Castle
Last Stand                            Peach's Castle
Power Rush                            Peach's castle
Close Call                            Road before Goomba Village
Pretty Lucky                          Got from trading with Merlow
Lucky Day                             Gotten from Goompapa
Ice Power                             Somewhere in Shy Guy Toy Box
Fire Shield                           Mt. LavaLava
Spike Shield                          Second coffin near entrance of Dry Dry Ruins
Feeling Fine                          Got from trading with Merlow
Zap Tap                               Got from trading with Merlow
Heart Finder                          Got from trading with Merlow
Flower Finder                         Got from trading with Merlow
Run Away Pay                          Found in Dry Dry Desert
Refund                                Found in Koopa Bros. Fortress
Money Money                           Got from trading with Merlow
Pay Off                               Got from trading with Merlow
I Spy                                 Given when you return Rowf's calculator back
Chill Out                             Got from trading with Merlow
Speedy Spin                           Bought from Rowf
Dizzy Attack                          Road behind Funny Toads
Spin Attack                           Dry Dry Desert
First Attack                          Bought from Rowf
Bump Attack                           Bought off of Rip Cheato
Slow Go                               Found near Super Hammer
Attack FX A                           Got from trading with Merlow
Attack FX B                          Hit boxes before Koopa Village left,right,top
Attack FX C                           Dry Dry Desert
Attack FX D                           Given to by Pop Diva
Attack FX E                           Found in Shiver City
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
6. Star Spirits:
Focus- Raises star power
Refresh- 1 star power needed- heals 5 HP and 5 FP and cures poison and shrinking.
Lullaby- 1- if it works, puts enemies asleep
Star Storm- 2- Deals 7 damage to all enemies
Chill Out- 2- If it works, temporarily lowers opponents attack by three levels
Smooch- 3- heals 20 HP
Time Out- 2- if it works, enemies cannot attack for a certain time
Up & Away- 2- if it works, enemies turn into stars and float away
Star Beam- 0- stops effects of Star Rod
Peach Beam- 0-an upgraded Star Beam for when you fight Bowser on his arena
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
7. Star Pieces: (this is the order of which I got them in)
1- Found on a ledge in area before Goomba village
2- Return Peach doll to Goombaria
3- Hit Goomnut tree after battle with king
4- Hitting tree near Merlon's house
5- To the left of the path leading up to where you go up to chat with the stars
6- Once you get Kooper, go down on the road and knock Kooper across the gap
7- Answer Quizmo's question #1
8- Push the block under the stone block and smash it
9- Hit first tree after bridge before Koopa Bros.
10- Found below area before ramp used to reach third letter
11- Across from spring before third letter
12- Give Kolorado his letter
13- Answer Quizmo's question #2
14- Give Nomadimouse his letter
15- Room with second switch
16- Give Kolorado the Artifact
17- Giving Koopa Koot some Koopa Tea (three in total for this)
18- ||
19- ||
20- Answering Quizmo #3
21- Delivering Mort T. his letter
22- Answering Quizmo #4
23- Give Merlon his letter
24- Answering Quizmo #5
25- Answering Quizmo #6
26- Floor panel in front of Boo
27- Middle of rug in Mansion
28- Library box smash
29- Answering Quizmo #7
30- Answering Quizmo #8
31- Answering Quizmo #9
32- Hidden panel in front of gate for Gusty Gulch
33- On table in Tubba Bubba's Mansion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
8. Recipes:                             What it does:
1-Fried Shroom- mushroom (any)          7 HP
2-Super Soda- any syrup                 5 FP and cures shrinking and poison
3-Fried Egg- egg                        7 FP
4-Koopa Tea- Koopa Leaf                 7 FP
5-Cake- Give cookbook back and Cake mix 15 FP
6-Spicy Soup- Fire Flower               5 FP
7-Tasty Tonic- Coconut                  Cures shrinking and poison
8-Hot Shroom- Volt Shroom               10 FP
9-Potato Salad- Iced Potato             10 FP
10-Special Shake- Melon                 15 FP
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
9. Cheats and hints.
Easy money: Clear all items and head to Mt. Rugged. Go to where Whacka is and 
whack him for his bump. Exit area to the right and head back and repeat until you 
cannot hold anymore bumps and sell the bumps in the store at the front of Toad 
Town to get a lot of money.
Note: Whacka may die from this so be careful.

Infinite hearts: Go to the sign where you are between Toad Town, Koopa Village and 
Koopa Bros. Fortress and circle around the striped pole guy. After doing a 
complete circle, you will hear the music change and a heart will appear and you 
can do this as many times as you like. You can also learn of this from Russ T.
Submitted by GameSage4

Luigi's secret diary: After getting the Super Boots, head to your bedroom and 
stomp the area where the ground looks like it is lifted. You will be taken to an 
under-ground room where Luigi keeps his secret diary.

Old style Mario: Go to the room next to the one behind the bookcase and jump in 
the vase. 

Amazy Dayzee: Go to the tree where Blue Berries come from and keep going back and 
forth until you see a sparkling flower. Battle it and you'll get a  lot of Star 
Points. Be careful though, they are cowards but when they attack they do a lot of 
-	- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
10. Letters:         Found:                              Gotten from delivery:
1. Kolorado        One of Parakarry's needed             Star Piece
2. Goompapa           ||                                 Another letter
3. Merlon             ||                                 Star Piece
4. Mort T.         Tree before Dry Dry Outpost           Star Piece
5. Nomadimouse     Roof before Moustafa's house          Star Piece
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - 
11. Quizmo's Quizzes:
1.	What is the name of Goombario's sister? Goombaria
2.	What color of block can you smash with the first hammer? Yellow 
3.	What ability does Goombario frequently use? Tattle
4.	What color of pants were the Goomba King wearing? Red and White
5.	Which of Mario's battle commands is on the far left? Strategies
6.	How many windows does the Goomba House in Goomba Village have? 1
7.	What's the name of the Red and Blue Goomba Bros. Leader? Goomba King
8.	What color are Luigi's pants? Blue 
9.	How many members are there in Goombario's family? 6
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
12. FAQ's:
How do I get through the Forever Forest? Take the path opposite the start then the 
left then another left then a right then a left then a right then a right and 
you're there.
Send more in and I'll place them.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
13. Copying Info.
Yes, you can use this walkthrough but you have to ask for my permission.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
14. Special Thanks:
Bastille ([email protected])(me) for doing this walkthrough
Raganook ([email protected]) for helping me out seriously as this guide's graphs 
were done by him and he also proof-read it so it made sense. Thank You!!!!!!!
GameSage4 (Another Aol'er) for the cheat and for telling me some corrections
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
15. Copyright 2001. Bastille.

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