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                      PPPPP  AAAAA  PPPPP  EEEEE  RRRRR
                      P   P  A   A  P   P  E      R   R
                      PPPPP  AAAAA  PPPPP  EEEEE  RRRRR
                      P      A   A  P      E      RR
                      P      A   A  P      E      R R
                      P      A   A  P      EEEEE  R  RR

   		      M M M  A   A  R   R    I    O   O
                      M M M  AAAAA  RRRRR    I    O   O
                      M M M  A   A  RR       I    O   O
                      M M M  A   A  R R      I    O   O
                      M M M  A   A  R  RR  IIIII  OOOOO

 						Thinner Mario. Bigger Adventure!


				       "Paper Mario"
				      For Nintendo 64
               Game and characters Copyright of Nintendo & Intelligent Systems
  This Strategy Guide is copyright of Rodri316 and may not be partially/totally copied in any way
without full credit and written permission of me. I have a shotgun in case someone breaks this rule.
         This guide is not affiliated in any way to Nintendo or IS. Totally unofficial.
                 Major source from: Nintendo Power's Official Paper Mario Guide
 				  Version 1.0 - 03/01/2001
 					 By Rodri316



 I. Story
 II. Controls & Moves
 III. Battle Time
 IV. Meet The Paper!
 V. Miscellaneous
 VI. The Beginning
 VII. Goomba Village & Goomba Road
 VIII. Meanwhile...
 IX. Toad Town & Shooting Star Summit
 X. Toad Town Tunnels
 XI.  Pleasant Path & Koopa Village
 XII. Koopa Bros. Fortress
 XIII. The First Star
 XIV. Mt. Rugged
 XV. Dry Dry Desert
 XVI. Dry Dry Ruins & Dry Dry Outpost
 XVII. The Second Star
 XVIII. Forever Forest
 XIX. Boo's Mansion
 XX. Gusty Gulch
 XXI. Tubba Blubba's Castle & Windy Mill
 XXII. The Third Star
 XXIII. Shy Guy's Toy Box
 XXIV. The Fourth Star
 XXV. Yoshi Village & Jade Jungle
 XXVI. Mt. Lavalava
 XXVII. The Fifth Star
 XXVIII. Flower Fields
 XXIX. The Sixth Star
 XXX. Shiver City
 XXXI. Shiver Snowfield & Starborn Valley
 XXXII. Shiver Mountain
 XXXIII. Crystal Palace
 XXXIV. The Seventh Star
 XXXV. Bowser's Castle
 XXXVI. Peach's Castle
 XXXVII. The Ending
 XXXVIII. Enemies
 XXXIX. Badges
 XL. Star Pieces
 XLI. Items
 XLII. Tayce T.'s Recipes
 XLIII. Letters
 XLIV. Koopa Koot's Favors
 XLV. Quizzes
 XLVI. Other Side Quests
 XLVII. Closing



	When Peach throws a party at her castle, on the road between Toad Town and Shooting Star
Summit, all of the dignitaries of Mushroom Kingdom attend. There's the Mayor of Shiver City, a
friendly Koopa from Koopa Village, a mysterious mouse from Dry Dry Desert and, of course, everyone's
favorite hero-Mario! After enjoying the company of his new friends and sampling the buffet, Mario
hopes to have to see that Mario could attend. The plumber and the princess may be shy around each
other, but they do like to be together.	
	All joyful moments must eventually come to an end, though, and the reunion between Peach and
Mario turns sour in a hurry. Bowser, the ultimate party crasher, lifts Peach's Castle to the sky,
bursts through the window and flattens Mario. Bowser is able to make such as mess of things because
he has one of the most powerful and prized possessions of Star Haven, the mystic place that looks
over the Mushroom Kingdom. As long as Bowser has the incredible Star Rod, no one will be able to
approach his power--not even Mario. But Mario is going to give it a try. With the help of the Star
Spirits and the people of the kingdom, the hero will rise again.

"Bowser may have the all-powerful Star Rod, but you have this Strategy Guide, so Bowser doesn't
stand a chance against you!" -Rodri316



Control Stick: Move in Game (Mario is 2-D, but the world isn't!), Move in Menus
Control Pad: Move in Menus (Alternate way)
Z: Spin Dash (In overworld), Change Order (In battle)
Start: Bring Up Game Menu , Close Game Menu, Confirm (Title Screen), Pause, Unpause
R: Select Mono (File Select Screen)
L: Select Stereo (File Select Screen)
B: Hammer, Cancel
A: Jump, Confirm, Action Button
C-Up: Check Status
C-Left: Item Screen
C-Right: Partner Screen
C-Down: Use Partner's Special Action



Well, without battles, what would any RPG be? And Paper Mario is no exception. On a battle, there
are loads of strategies.

OK, a battle starts when you touch an enemy (or an enemy touches you) in the overworld. You go to
the Battle Screen. Mario and his partner are on the left side, while the enemies are on the right.
You take turns to attack, first you then the enemy.

Mario's stats for battle include HP (Heart Points), which is the "life energy" number of Mario. It
decreases as he gets hit. The same thing happens with the enemy. FP (Flower Points) are used for
Special Attacks of both Mario and his partners. It decreases as certain Special Attacks that require
FP are used. Both HP and FP can be recovered with certain items, some badges, etc.

-First Strike-
If, in the overworld, you jump on an enemy or hammer it, you get First Strike. With First Strike you
can attack that enemy the way you did in the overworld before the battle even starts. Be careful,
though: The enemy can also get First Strike by jumping on you or doing something special on you.
And if you get First Strike by jumping on a spiked enemy, it is you who will take the damage.

-Battling Process-
In the battle, when it's your turn, you can choose from one of five things.

Strategies--The red flag icon. Lets you change party member, run away or do nothing.
Items--The Fire Flower icon. Lets you take up Mario's turn by using an item.
Hammer--The hammer icon. Lets you use your hammer or any hammer Special Attack you have equipped.
Jump--The boots icon. Lets you use your jump attack or any jump Special Attack you have equipped.
Star Spirits--The star icon. Lets you use any star attacks you have.

If Mario's HP goes down to 0, it's Game Over. You will start from the last time you saved the game.
If Mario defeats all enemies, you may Star Points, Coins, flowers, hearts, and sometimes, an item.
These flowers and hearts you collect from winning battles recover 1 FP or 1 HP each. Coins can be
used to buy things.

-Star Points & Leveling Up-
Each time Mario gets 100 Star Points, he goes up 1 level. When he goes up a level, you can choose
to either raise its

HP by 5
FP by 5
BP by 3

Also, you are fully recovered when you level up. Your Star Point Meter starts from 0 again.

This is extremely important in the game. Nice!, or "Timed Hit", happens when you do a certain thing
before you attack or are attacked. You will do 1 more damage point with Nice!, and you will take 1
less damage point if you're defending yourself. With some moves it's easier to do it than with
others. For defending yourself, press A right before you are hit. When attacking others it varies
depending on what attack you use. Some require pressing A, some require control stick using, etc.
This is a list of how Nice! may be performed when attacking and in some special cases, when

Button Masher: You must press A repeatedly. The more you press the more damage you do (or the less
               damage you take). In some cases, it's A+B.
Tricky Timing: Many attacks, especially jumps, require pressing A right before hitting the enemy.
               This applies in most cases to defending.
Aiming Attack: With a few attacks you need to control a special aim and release the control stick
               where you want to shoot.
Countdown Smash: In this case you have to hold the control stick to the left and then release when
                 a big red star button lights up.
Control Stick Action: Sometimes you need to move the control stick to the left repeatedly. The more
                      you do, the more damage you deal.
All Or Nothing: You hold the control stick left to raise the gauge power, staying as close as you
                can from the end for more damage, but if you actually touch the end, you will do
		minimal damage.

-Switching Partner-
In battle, you can switch your partner. This will take up the turn of either Mario or the partner.
Also, if you press Z, you can change the order in which you attack, between Mario first or partner
first. This may be useful in some cases.

-Partner Battling-
On their turn, partners can: change partner, do nothing, or attack with its own attacks. The Item,
Jump, Hammer and Star Spirits icons are replaced by a single icon to attack with your partner's
moves. You can still do Nice! with your partner. Only 1 partner allowed at the same time.

-Know The Enemies-
Some enemies may have spikes. Some may be flames. Whatever the case is, there are some enemies that
by common sense, you can't jump on or you'll get burned, stinged, or whatever. The Hammer should
be used for this. Some enemies are flying and can't be hit with the hammer or with ground attacks.

-Using Items-
Without items, it would be virtually impossible to beat Bowser and his followers. There are HUNDREDS
of items, from attacking items to healing items to many others. In battle, Mushrooms will help
recover Mario if he's low on HP, Honey will recover FP, but those are few between hundreds of other
items and different things they do. You can carry 10 items on you at most, but don't worry--the
bank can store up to 32 other items for you, though you won't be able to use those in battle unless
you withdraw them first. So stock up on'em and get ready for battle!

-Attack and Defense-
An enemy's status consists on HP, of course, but also on its Attack and Defense. Attack Power means
how much damage the enemy will normally deal. Defense is another story. The average defense is 0,
which is most enemies have, so that the damage you deal will equal your attack's Attack power.
However, if an enemy has 1 or more Defense power, it will take less damage. If your attack would do
5 damage, then the enemy with 1 defense will take 4 damage. If the enemy has 3 Defense and you have
4 Attack, the enemy will take 1 damage. If your attack isn't strong enough to penetrate the enemy's
defense, the enemy will take no damage at all.
So basically:

Attack = Basic Attack Power
Defense = Attacker's Attack Power - Defender's Defense Power = Damage Taken by Defender



Such a hard and long journey, Mario just can't take alone. No less than 8 characters will join you
in your way to Bowser for different purposes. Believe me--they will help you. Now, each partner
starts with 2 attacks. When it is super-ranked, it learns its 3rd attack, and when it is ultra-
ranked, it learns its 4th attack. Also, each partner has a Special Action which will be vital for
your quest. Partners start with this Special Action and it can be used only outside battles, as
many times as you want. It does not require any FP or whatever.
Now here's a list of the crew that helps Mario:

Found in: Goomba Village
Information: Goombario is the son in a large Goomba family. He's a big fan of Mario, and gets
             extremely happy when Mario takes him on his quest! It likes bonking enemies with his
Special Action: Area Tattle (tells you about the surrounding area)
1st Attack: Headbonk--FP: 0--Damage: 1/2 (Normal) 2/4 (Super) 3/6 (Ultra)--This attack is actually
            the same as Mario's Jump attack.
2nd Attack: Tattle--FP: 0--Damage: 0 (All)--Tells you about one enemy, and shows its remaining HP
            for the rest of the battle.
3rd Attack: Charge--FP: 1--Damage: 0 (All)--Attack +2 for Goombario for the next turn.
4th Attack: Multibonk--FP: 3--Damage: 1-Unlimited (All)--Goombario keeps hitting and hitting until
            you miss doing Nice! at a rate of 1 damage per hit, meaning unlimited damage!

Found in: Koopa Village
Information: Kooper is a merry Koopa who loves spinning with his shell. After Mario retrieves his
             shell from a Fuzzy, he decides to help Mario on his quest.
Special Action: Shell Reach (lets you reach some things by kicking Kooper's shell to it)
1st Attack: Shell Toss--FP: 0--Damage: 1/2 (Normal) 2/3 (Super) 3/5 (Ultra)--A normal ground attack
            in which Kooper tosses his shell to the enemy.
2nd Attack: Power Shell--FP: 3--Damage: 1/2 (Normal) 2/3 (Super) 3/5 (Ultra)--The same ground attack
            as Shell Toss, except it hits all enemies.
3rd Attack: Dizzy Shell--FP: 4--Damage: 0 (All)--Kooper will spin his shell very fast, making all
            enemies dazed (therefore immobile) for a few turns if it works.
4th Attack: Fire Shell--FP: 5--Damage: 1-6 (Ultra)--Kooper will heat his shell by spinning
            extremely fast, and then ground-attack all enemies with fire and shell power mixed up.

Found in: Koopa Bros. Fortress
Information: Bombette is one of the best blowing Bob-Ombs around. She can blow up almost every wall
             if she tries her best. She joins Mario to help him and to take revenge.
Special Action: Big Blow Up (blows up any cracked wall)
1st Attack: Body Slam--FP: 0--Damage: 1/2 (Normal) 2/3 (Super) 3/5 (Ultra)--Bombette's hard body is
            also good for body slaming one enemy.
2nd Attack: Bomb--FP: 3--Damage: 1-5 (Normal) 1/6 (Super) 1/7 (Ultra)--Bombette's specialty, blowing
            up, will work well against 1 enemy.
3rd Attack: Power Bomb--FP: 6--Damage: 1-6 (Super) 1-7 (Ultra)--Like the Bomb, only that it hits all
            the ground enemies.
4th Attack: Mega Bomb--FP: 8--Damage: 1-7 (Ultra)--Like the Power Bomb, only that it hits all the
            enemies, ground or flying.

Found in: Mt. Rugged
Information: Parakarry is a busy flying Koopa postman that can really help Mario. He joins Mario to
             help him as thanks for bringing him back his lost letters.
Special Action: Karry (carries Mario in the air for a short time)
1st Attack: Sky Dive--FP: 0--Damage: 1/2 (Normal) 2/3 (Super) 3/5 (Ultra)--Parakarry dives into an
            enemy by air.
2nd Attack: Shell Shot--FP: 3--Damage: 0/5 (Normal) 0/6 (Super) 0/7 (Ultra)
3rd Attack: Air Lift--FP: 3--Damage: 0 (All)--Parakarry can take an enemy out of the battle with
4th Attack: Air Raid--FP: 6--Damage: 2-6 (Ultra)--Parakarry will bounce around helped by a great
            gust, damaging all enemies.

Found in: Boo Mansion
Information: Bow, the Lady of the Boos, is an awesome fighter especially earlier in the game. Her
             strength is slapping. She can repeatedly smack enemies with 0 Defense with high damage.
	     She joins Mario to take revenge from Tubba Blubba.
Special Action: Invisible Mario (turns Mario invisible until he starts walking again)
1st Attack: Smack--FP: 0--Damage: 1-4 (Normal) 1-5 (Super) 1-6 (Ultra)--Bow smacks the enemy
            repeatedly, at 1 damage per smack.
2nd Attack: Outta Sight--FP: 2--Damage: 0 (All)--Although you can't use Bow in the next turn if
            you use Outta Sight, it can prove extremely useful, especially for boss battles, since
            Mario will not be hit in the next turn by being turned invisible!
3rd Attack: Spook--FP: 3--Damage: 0 (All)--Especially useful in battles with many fairly strong
            enemies at one time, it will scare enemies away from battle (and still get the stuff)
            if it works.
4th Attack: Fan Smack--FP: 5--Damage: 2-10 (Ultra)--Awesome against 0 Defense enemies, it is
            exactly the same as Smack except each slap does 2 damage.

Found in: Shy Guy's Toy Box
Information: Watt is a powerful spark which, of course, bases itself on electric attacks. It joins
             Mario because he wants to help out.
Special Action: Illuminate (lights up a dark area)
1st Attack: Electro Dash--FP: 0--Damage: 1/3 (Normal) 1/4 (Super) 1/5 (Ultra)--An awesome attack!!!
	    When you have those pesky high-defense enemies or bosses, this attack is strong AND
	    penetrates defense!
2nd Attack: Power Shock--FP: 2--Damage: 0 (All)--This attack can paralyze an enemy for a few turns.
3rd Attack: Turbo Charge--FP: 3--Damage: 0 (All)--Watt will charge Mario up with electric waves,
	    therefore raising his Attack power for a few turns.
4th Attack: Mega Shock--FP: 5--Damage: 0 (All)--Like Power Shock, but it paralyzes all enemies if
	    it works.

Found in: Lavalava Island
Information: This Cheep Cheep is a nanny of the 5 Yoshi Kids also known as the "Fearsome Five" in
	     Yoshi Village. After being saved from being stuck on a tree, she decides to join Mario
	     to rescue the kids, although she ends up staying with Mario.
Special Action: Water Transport (carries Mario across water)
1st Attack: Belly Flop--FP: 0--Damage: 1/2 (Normal) 2/4 (Super) 3/5 (Ultra)--A powerful belly flop
	    for being a fish, Sushie will belly flop a single enemy with this.
2nd Attack: Squirt--FP: 3--Damage: 3-5 (Normal) 3-6 (Super) 3-7 (Ultra)--A great water attack,
	    especailly against those fire enemies in Mt. Lavalava, Sushie will shoot a powerful
	    stream of water at an enemy.
3rd Attack: Water Block--FP: 3--Damage: 0 (All)--The opposite as Watt's Turbo Charge, this will
	    cast a cube of water to sorround Mario, therefore raising its Defense power a few turns.
4th Attack: Tidal Wave--FP: 6--Damage: 0-Unlimited (Ultra)--This attack is fun. By pressing A, B or
	    C-Down when it appears on the screen, Sushie will deal 1 damage to all enemies per
            button correctly pressed!

Found in: Flower Fields
Information: A Lakitu who tries to be cool, especially when his girlfriend Lakilulu is around. It
	     used to work for Bowser's army, but now he decided he wasn't getting anything good out
	     of it and also that he likes helping others, so he joins Mario for good. While he can
	     carry Mario for unlimited time, he will drop to the lowest height possible without
	     touching the floor, which is the difference from Parakarry. He likes to be called
Special Action: Cloud Carry (carries Mario around for unlimited time, but at a low altitude)
1st Attack: Spiny Flip--FP: 0--Damage: 0/3 (Normal) 0/4 (Super) 0/5 (Ultra)--Like Parakarry's Shell
	    Shot, it's all or nothing. Aim with the control stick at the enemy, and if your aim is
	    right, you'll hit with a Spiny at one enemy.
2nd Attack: Spiny Surge--FP: 4--Damage: 0-2 (Normal) 0-3 (Super) 0-4 (Ultra)--Although it's not as
	    strong as a single Spiny, it will hit all enemies instead of one.
3rd Attack: Cloud Nine--FP: 4-Damage: 0 (All)--Advantage over Bow's Outta Sight: Lakilester is
	    usable the next turn after making Mario protected from attacks for a turn. Disadvantage:
	    It won't always work right.
4th Attack: Hurricane--FP: 5--Damage: 0 (All)--A little more effective than Bow's Spook, it will
	    blow some enemies out of the battle.



Here is some miscellaneous stuff that you'll find in the game.

-Badges & BP-
What are badges? There are 69 badges in the game. There are all kinds of badges--from one that
changed sound effects to a powerful hammer attack badge. Some badges require FP to use their a
attacks, while some are not even attacks and work automatically. Now, what are the requirements to
wear badges? Badge Points, or BP. Some badges take up more BP to equip than others. BP is a given
number of points by which you can equip and disequip badges as long as you have the required number
of BP. For example, if you want to equip 3 badges that use up 3 BP each, and you have 9 BP, you can
equip them all but you won't have space for other badges. You can disequip badges to make room of
BP for other badges. Increasing your BP can be very useful later on in the game.
Now, where do you find badges? Anywhere, from deep in a dungeon to Rowf's Badge Shop in Toad Town.
There's 1 Badge of each type in the game except for a few exceptions.

-Star Pieces-
There are 160 Star Pieces hidden in the whole Mushroom Kingdom. Like Badges, they are found anywhere
although they can't be bought. The Star Piece breakdown is:

64 from Chuck Quizmo's quizzes
15 from Koopa Koot's favors
11 from delivering Letters
70 hidden around Mushroom Kingdom
      160 Star Pieces

Getting them all without this guide is virtually impossible, so check out the Star Pieces section
(Section XL, under Information) for a complete guide to how to get them all!
Star Pieces are good for buying badges, but in Mario's House you can still check out the total
number out of 160 you got so far, not minding the ones you spent from buying badges from Merlow.

-Tayce T. the Cook-

Now, what's really fun is cooking up items and seeing what you get from it, right? Or even better,
mixing two items together and getting a brand new item that can only be gotten from that recipe?
Seeing if your little experiment will result in a new food discovery or in a useless Mistake? Well,
Tayce T., the best cook in Toad Town, is there to cook up stuff for you. First you can only cook 1
item at a time, but after you do a certain thing, you can mix up 2 if you want! Usually the item
you recieve will be better than the two other combined, or than the last one you had. For a full
list of Tayce T.'s recipes, take a look at Section XLIII under Information.

-Toad House-
Toad Houses are places in which you can rest to recover your HP, FP and Star Energy.

Shops, or Flower Houses, are places in which you can trade coins for items, trade items for coins,
deposit items, or take out deposited items.



Peach is hosting a party at her castle! People from all over the place--Toad Town, Dry Dry Outpost,
Shiver City, everywhere in Mushroom Kingdom, are invited, and of course, Mario.

You will start on the outside of Peach's castle. Go in Peach's Castle, and you'll be in the
entrance hall, where you'll meet many people including toads, rats and penguins. Go up the big
stairs and in the door. In this room you'll find even more people, all waiting for the buffet to
begin. Go up the big stairs and open the big door. You'll be in a thinner room with a single person
who wants peace and quiet, and a guard. Just follow the stairs to find yourself in the hallway
where you'll find Peach. Talk to her for a while, until Bowser will barge in through the window and
ruin the party. If you try to attack him, the attack will be nothing for him, and he will splatter
you in one hit. Now, Mario has been hit bad. Next thing that you will know is that Mario is in a
place sorrounded by a Goomba kid. Not only the Goomba will be present, but also 7 weird Stars.
The Goomba will recognize Mario, and will take him to the Toad House. However, in the middle of the
night, an elderly star appears to Mario, telling him to go to Shooting Star Summit. When Mario
finally wakes up, the people are glad, since he has been asleep for so long.



As you get out of the Toad House, talk to the several people there: Toad, Goombario (a big Mario
fan), Goombaria (Goombario's sister, also Mario fan), Goompapa (the dad), Goomama (the mom), Goompa
(the grandpa) and Gooma (the grandma). Shortly after, you will find out that Kammy Koopa has come
to make things bad, blocking the path out of Goomba Village with a Big Block! To break it, you
surely need a hammer or something like that. Goompa must have one, since he's working on the
veranda for the balcony! Go to the Goomba house and then to the balcony. However, there's a little
problem...there IS no balcony! You'll fall down to Goomba Road. There's a Big Block blocking the
way, however. Now, Goompa will tell you to shake bushes and explore. Go a screen left, and shake
the bushes until you find one with Goompa's hammer. You got the HAMMER! This is the first level of
hammer. Also hit the trees in there to find the Dolly, which Goombaria surely lost while messing
around. Oh, and by the way, you Mario starts with the BOOTS, which are the first level of boots.
Now that you found the Hammer, you can try breaking the block without any problem, right? Wrong.
Just as you're going to leave the screen, a little kid Koopa on a broken egg will appear. He's a
bully in the Goomba area, and he will dare you to a fight.
Sub-Boss: JR. TROOPA (1) -- HP: 5 -- Attack: 1/2 -- Defense: 0
Your first sub-boss! Your first battle against Jr. Troopa will be easy. Just remember to hit with
your hammer over and over. If, for some reason, you are about to lose, your Fire Flower may help
After you beat him, he will learn you're not a guy to mess with, although he won't admit it. Time
to head back for Goomba Village! Go a screen right so you should be in the screen where you fell.
Now, go to the place where the broken veranda is and you should see a tree nearby. Hit it with your
Hammer, and get the Mushroom that falls from it! And don't forget to go right a bit too, and then
reach the high platform by using the jumping pad to get a Fire Flower. And there's a Stone Block
that has a Repel Gel under it, which you can't break yet, but keep this in mind for later! It's
convenient to keep a paper and check off the things you got or have to get later, or better, maybe a
little notebook for things to do in the future. Now, go another screen right. Follow the uphill path
and you'll arrive back safely to Goomba Village. As a thank-you, Goompa will give you something
that's really worth it: your first Badge, POWER JUMP! Now you can equip Power Jump. He will also
offer you a free course on how to use Badges, so it is recommended that you accept. Before leaving,
however, a family discussion will take place resulting in an important thing: GOOMBARIO joins your
party! Now you have your first partner, Goombario. He can Headbonk or Tattle. Great! And don't
forget to go back to the veranda after it's fixed to get the awesome Shooting Star! Also, hit the
tree next to the Goomba house for a Goomnut. If you give Goombaria the Dolly you found, you'll get
a Star Piece. Now rest, save, break the block with your Hammer, and get ready to set off! Go right
a screen so you'll be on Goomba Road. If you read the sign, you'll get a Goomba to fight you.
Continue right 1 screen, until you reach a second sign. It talks about eating mushrooms to regain
your energy, and yes, you'll get a new Mushroom! However, before you continue walking right, walk a
few steps left, staying on the middle of the path, and jump, and if you did it on the right spot,
you'll get your second Badge: CLOSE CALL! Believe me, it'll help you. Heal with the Heart Block.
Now keep on going right 1 screen. At one point, you will be stopped by 2 Goombas, one red and one
blue. They're bigger than Goombario or any normal enemy Goomba. They say that they have orders from
Goomba King not to let anyone pass. And that includes you.
Sub-Boss: RED GOOMBA (1) & BLUE GOOMBA (1) -- HP: 6 (Blue), 7 (Red) -- Attack: 1 -- Defense: 0
These two are brothers, and Red Goomba is the oldest and strongest. Blue Goomba is younger. There's
not much difference but 1 HP, though, and they are not as strong as they look. You shouldn't use
your Fire Flower yet, though. Just finish off Blue Goomba using the Hammer and Goombario's Headbonk
and then concentrate on Red Goomba. Remember that you have your Power Jump attack (if you equipped
it). They should be beaten in no time.
They will run back to Goomba King like chickens. Good job! Save and go back to the Heart Block,
then go back to the Goomba Brothers screen and continue right 2 screens. What will happen is that
you'll get to a little fortress. Try to go in and the Goombas will notice. They're not too bright,
however, and after a sequence, Goomba King will get angry and attack. Beware, as you'll now fight
a boss!
Boss: GOOMBA KING -- HP: 10 -- Attack: 1/2 -- Defense: 0
      Red Goomba (2) -- HP: 1, Attack: 1 -- Defense: 0
      Blue Goomba (2) -- HP: 1, Attack: 1 -- Defense: 0
Goomba King will be aided by Blue Goomba and Red Goomba, but they'll be so tired from battle that
they'll only have 1 HP each! Now's the best time to start off by using your Fire Flower. It should
finish both Goomba Brothers and leave Goomba King with 7 HP. If you hit the Goomnut tree, a Goomnut
will fall on the Goomba King's head for 3 HP damage! Use Headbonk with Goombario and Power Jumps
with Mario until you run out of FP, then use your normal attacks. He should be by far the easiest



The scene will now focus on what's happening with Peach's Castle.
You will watch how Bowser cruelly sends the Koopa Bros. to stop Mario and guard the Star Spirit,
talks to Peach about his huge power, and Peach wishing for Mario to return. ...Wishing? As all
wishes are supposed to be granted by the stars, a little Star Kid will come through the window.
He's Twink from Star Haven. He came to grant Peach's wish. Twink and Peach decide they will work
from inside Peach's Castle to help Mario however they can. Twink sets off to talk to Mario.
Back to business...go right one screen. In the way, you'll find a Block with a Sleepy Sheep on it
if you hit it by jumping. Take it, and go right one screen. You should be in Toad Town. Before
anything else, however, go one screen right and one north, then another one right and you'll be in
a starry place as you follow the path. When the road comes to a fork, take the upper path. You'll
be in Shooting Star Summit, an area in Toad Town. Go up the mountain and when you get to the top,
you'll meet the 7 captured images of the Star Spirits. Talk to them for a while, and then on your
way back, you'll meet Twink. He will give you the Lucky Star, an item from Peach, that lets you
perform Timed Hits! Finally you get to so Timed Hits. Twink offers a brief course on Timed Hits.
It's important. After you're done with Twink...

                         CHAPTER 1: STORMING KOOPA BROS. FORTRESS


Ahh, Toad Town. Toad Town is the heart of Mushroom Kingdom. All the chapters, therefore all the
places, in Mushroom Kingdom, are reached from, or from a path beginning on, Toad Town. There are
TONS of things to do in Toad Town. More than a walkthrough, this section is more like a list of
things to do and information about the different stuff in Toad Town.
First, we have the screen that is the first one you'll see when coming from Goomba Road. Let's call
this "Area A".

-Mario's House-
You will find a pipe leading to Mario's House right between the entrance to Toad Town and Russ T.'s.
Here you can talk to Luigi, you can sleep, you can check Mario's mail and you can check Mario's
status blackboard which tells you how many Badges you got, Star Pieces, how many Quizzes right you
answered, how many times you battled, how many coins you earned, etc.

-Russ T.'s House-
You will also find Russ T.'s house, which is the northwesternmost. Russ T. is a very smart Toad who
loves reading. He can tell you valuable information for free.

-Toad Town North Shop-
The Flower House right of Russ T.'s is the first of the 2 shops in Toad Town. Here you can buy
basic items, check, claim and sell.
Fire Flower: 10 coins
Fright Jar: 5 coins
Honey Syrup: 10 coins
Mushroom: 5 coins
POW Block: 5 coins
Sleepy Sheep: 10 coins

The blue easternmost house of Area A in Toad Town is the famous Dojo. Here you can train against
other apprentices in the Dojo, and recieve higher degrees (instead of belt colors) as you beat
stronger enemies. If you're good enough, you can face the Master. The better degree card you get
the more you can brag about your skills, both in Paper Mario and in real life. Here is a little
walkthrough on all the enemies.
1st Opponent: CHAN (HP: 15, Attack: 2, Defense: 2)
Reward: 1st-Degree Card
Recommended Time of Challenge: First time around Toad Town
Tips: The easiest of the trainees, Chan has no good Attack, although he does have his 2 Defense
points. Use your strongest attacks to penetrate his defense, mixed with the Nice! technique. The
only challenge should be getting to do damage.
2nd Opponent: LEE (HP: 20, Attack: 5, Defense: 0)
Reward: 2nd-Degree Card
Recommended Time of Challenge: After Chapter 1
Tips: Go for the quick kill! The quickest you beat him, the better, since his Attack is 5 but he
has no Defense. Always remember to do Nice! when defending, and don't forget to bring a Mushroom or
two just in case. Use your best attacks. Forget about FP. You can recover after the battle.
3rd Opponent: THE MASTER (1) (HP: 50, Attack: 6, Defense: 0)
Reward: 3rd-Degree Card
Recommended Time of Challenge: After Chapter 4
Tips: The Master himself will challenge you! You need more power now. Bring recovery items, and
things that paralyze, sleep, etc. His 0 Defense is an advantage, so you should try using your best
attacks. Bow's Outta Sight will work awesome! Use it all the time!
4th Opponent: THE MASTER (2) (HP: 75, Attack: 8-11, Defense: 0)
Reward: 4th-Degree Card
Recommended Time of Challenge: After Chapter 6
Tips: It gets harder as The Master uses his transformation skill and attacks with up to 11. A great
thing is that he still has 0 Defense, so again, use your best attacks. Keep using Bow's Outta Sight
and the deadly combination is the S. Jump Chg. and the Power Bounce.
5th Opponent: THE MASTER (3) (HP: 99, Attack: 10-18, Defense: 2)
Reward: Diploma
Recommended Time of Challenge: After beating the game at least once
Tips: Don't do exactly what I say and you'll be facing the hardest battle in the game. Use my
strategy and this will be easier than the last one. This battle can practically be beaten one way.
First, you should have Zap Tap (trading with Merlow) and Bow as a partner. And you should have
equipped S. Jump Chg. and Power Bounce. When it's your turn, do this: First use S. Jump Chg. with
Mario. With Bow, use Outta Sight. The Master won't hurt you. Then, do the best you can with the
Power Bounce--you should take out around 15 HP. Now here's the tricky part: with Zap Tap, The
Master will take damage too after the first hit and will stop attacking. Which results in 5 HP
damage to Mario instead of 18!!! Repeat until beaten =P

-Family House-
The house left of the entrance is a Toad family house. They are a normal family living normal lives.
Nothing special.

-Island Pipe-
There's a little island with a pipe on the lake. You can only get in there when you get Sushie,
after Chapter 5. It warps you to a special place in the Toad Town Tunnels.

One screen right of Area A is what we'll call Area B. In here we have...

-Star Gate-
The road north leads to Shooting Star Summit.

-Merlon's House-
The house with the spinning magic roof is Merlon's House. Merlon here will tell you what to do
next in your advanture, and all for free. When you learn Spin Jumping, do it three times inside
this house to get QUICK CHANGE Badge!

-Post Office-
The blue house in this area is the Pos Office. You can check the mail for your partners. They get
mail too, you know!

-Toad House-
The yellow house right of the Post Office is a Toad House.

-Flower Garden-
A flower garden kept by Mihn T. She wants you to being back all 4 Magical Seeds to plant there. If
you do so, the Flower Gate will open leading you to Flower Fields.

-Rowf's Badge Shop-
Available only after Chapter 1, in this shop you can buy 16 new Badges for your collection. They
only have 3 different Badges at one time available for sale, but about every half an hour or so
they change their Badge stock so that you can get all 16. As you beat more chapters, the shop's
Badge selection gets bigger.
Badges available after Chapter 1
-SPEEDY SPIN - 50 coins
-D-DOWN POUND - 75 coins
-MULTIBOUNCE - 75 coins
-FIRST ATTACK - 100 coins
Badges available after Chapter 2
-SLEEP STOMP - 75 coins
-DODGE MASTER - 100 coins
-DOUBLE DIP - 100 coins
Badges available after Chapter 3
-JUMP CHARGE - 50 coins
-SPIN SMASH - 75 coins
-GROUP FOCUS - 100 coins
Badges available after Chapter 4
-ALL OR NOTHING - 100 coins
-HP PLUS - 150 coins
-FP PLUS - 150 coins
Badges available after Chapter 5
-S. SMASH CHARGE - 100 coins
-DAMAGE DODGE - 150 coins
-MEGA QUAKE - 200 coins

-To Pleasant Path-
By going right, you can go to Pleasant Path.

By going through the Star Gate, you can enter Shooting Star Summit...in which there is:

-Shooting Star Summit-
The actual mountain. Said to be the closest point to Star Haven in Mushroom Kingdom.

-Merluvee's Fortune Telling-
You can find Merluvee and Merlow's house by going to the lower road instead of the upper road when
there's the fork in the road. Merluvee will either tell where a
Star Piece is for 5 coins
Badge is for 20 coins
Super Block is for 30 coins

-Merlow's Badge Swap-
In the upper floor of the same house, you will find Merlow, who will trade Star Pieces for badges.
He has 15 new Badges for your collection.
Badge                        Star Pieces

PAY-OFF 			  1
CHILL OUT                         3
HAPPY HEART                       8
HAPPY FLOWER                      8
ZAP TAP				  10
FLOWER FINDER                     12
HP DRAIN			  15
POWER PLUS 			  25

>From Area B, go down to enter Area C (only accessible after Chapter 1!). In here you will find many
things, like...

-Tacye T.'s House-
Yes, the famous cook Tayce T. lives in the yellow house in Area C. She will cook up all kinds of
stuff for you by mixing 2 items or simply cooking 1 item. She can't cook 2 items, however, until
she gets the Cookbook. For a complete menu of Tacye T., take a look at Section XLIII, Tayce T.'s

-Mysterious House-
That blue house left of Tacye T.'s is mysteriously locked from the inside...mysterious...Actually,
it is a shortcut to Rip Cheato's place in Toad Town Tunnels, and you need to open the door from
the inside to be able to use the door.

-Private Pipe-
The Private Pipe is found in the southwest part of Area C. It is the main entrance to the very
complex Toad Town Tunnels. It is also the north entrance from Toad Town, the south being through
the Mysterious House.

Yes, there's a Bub-Ulb in the grass of this area. Talk to him to recieve a Magical Seed.

-To Forever Forest-
The path that goes right is the entrance to the very weird Forever Forest. It's impossible to get
through Forever Forest without some help, so if you're thinking of going before you beat Chapter 2,
forget about it. Also, Fice T. is found near the entrance to Forever Forest.

>From Area C, go left and you'll find yourself in Area D. Here's a list of things you will find in
Area D of Toad Town.

-Chet Rippo's Place-
As you enter Area D from Area C, you will see, north of you, a weird-looking, large-nosed guy in
dark blue, left of a normal green Toad. This is Chet Rippo. He will raise either your HP, FP or BP,
but lower the other two a little in the process. Personally, I don't do it, but if you're in
desperate need of one of these stats, then this might help in extreme cases.

-Toad Town South Shop-
The other shop in Toad Town sells better, but more expensive, items.
Dizzy Dial: 15 coins
Stone Cap: 30 coins
Super Shroom: 20 coins
Tasty Tonic: 5 coins
Thunder Rage: 20 coins
Volt Shroom: 10 coins

-Sister Toad's House-
A normal family house. A normal town has to have residential areas, you know?

-Shy Guy House-
The last house from the right in Area D in Toad Town is also a very suspicious-looking one at first.
When you enter, this looks like a totally empty house. However, a hint in Section XXII, The Third
Star, will tell you it's not...this house actually contains Shy Guy's Toy Box.

That's all in Area D, but if you go left from it, you'll be in the most peaceful part of Toad Town,
The Port.

-Club 64-
This is place where Pop Diva sings, the Lyricist Toad makes up his own lyrics, and Toads can sit
down and listen to music while having a drink. There's something for Mario here, however: If you
talk to the Composer in Dry Dry Outpost, then talk to the Lyricist Toad here in Club 64, he will
give you the Lyrics. Now go back to the Composer to upgrade your Lyrics into a Melody. Finally,
come back to Club 64 and give the Lyricist Toad the Melody so the Pop Diva can sing again and you
will get the ATTACK FX D Badge!

And of course, the actual Port. There's nothing much to it, it's just a simple Port. But after
Chapter 4, this will become your way of getting to Lavalava Island, with the help of a whale who
Kolorado calls a huge tuna fish.

Going back to Area C, if you go south from there, you'll be in Area E. The main attraction here is
the Train Station, although there are a few other things too.

-Train Station-
By hopping on the train in the Toad Town Train Station, you can quickly reach Mt. Rugged.

When your coming from Area C, immediatly go left and you'll see a small way that ends in a tree.
Hammer that tree to make a pipe appear. If you go in the pipe, you'll appear on the Playroom. You
can't play anything first, but after completing a little part of Koopa Koot's favors, you'll
recieve a Silver Credit which lets you play the Jump Attack game. After doing more favors, you'll
get a Gold Credit, which lets you play the Smash Attack game.
Jump Attack
You need pure luck on this one. There are 11 blocks. If you choose 5-block game, the game will end
after you hit 5 blocks or hit Bowser. 7-blocks after 7 blocks, and 9 after 9. The different kinds
of blocks you can get are: 1 coin gives you 1 coin, 5 coins gives you 5 coins, x5 coins multiplies
the amount of coins you have so far by 5, and Bowser ends your game and you win nothing. Try your
Smash Attack
In this one, luck does not play such a big role. You need to smash a certain amount of Peach cards
in a certain time. You need to be quick of hammer and eyes.

-Li'l Oink Farm-
The right part of Area E is a farm with a kind of pig house and a yellow block over it. If you hit
the block, you will spend 10 coins and get a Li'l Oink Egg. Smash the egg to make a Li'l Oink come
out. You can keep up to 10 Li'l Oinks in your farm. NEVER ENTER THE FARM, or they'll all run away!
Now, who wants to see how Li'l Oinks move around? The real purpose of them is that there are 10
different kinds of Li'l Oinks. After you get your 11th Li'l Oink, the 1st will leave and leave you
an item! The item they leave depends on the kind of Li'l Oink. Here are the Li'l Oink kinds listed
in order from the most common to the rarest.
Tiger: Thunder Rage
White: Super Shroom
Black: Dried Shroom
Star: Shooting Star
Pink: Fire Flower
Question Mark: Repel Gel
Flower: Maple Syrup
Shroom: Life Shroom
Silver: Jammin' Jelly
Gold: Ultra Shroom

And this is Toad Town. A lot of things to do on it. However, the Toad Town Tunnels are almost as
big as Toad Town. Without a map, it is very hard for me to explain, so I'll do my best, OK?



(I'll do my best!)
------ Connection between rooms
--==-- Locked connection between rooms (requires key)				
                |                   |
		|                   |
                F---------G         |
                |                   |
                ^                   |
               H I                  |                             U--
                                    |                             |
                                    |          			  |
 					      |          |
                                              |          |
                          P---------O---------N          R--------S--

(Is that my best?)

The key is: Room Letter (after what chapter it is accessible)

ROOM A (after Chapter 1)
The main room. From here you can go right to Room B, or left to Room D. Room D is only accessible
after Chapter 2. You can also break the weak spot on the floor to fall to Room J, but you need to
Spin Jump, therefore it's only accessible after Chapter 3. You can also find a Save Block over here.
The accessible pipe leads to Toad Town, Area C.

ROOM B (after Chapter 1)
See all those wood blocks? And see that there's a missing spot between 2 of them? Jump there to
reveal a Super Shroom.

ROOM C (after Chapter 1)
Here, you will find the Blooper. Note: This is assuming that you visit this place first.
Sub-Boss: BLOOPER (HP: 30, Attack: 3, Defense: 0)
This enemy is pretty strong, but it's not so hard. You can easily take him down by using Goombario
as a partner.
If you beat it, the way will be clear to a chest containing the SHRINK STOMP Badge!

ROOM D (after Chapter 2)
Believe me, you will use this room bigtime. From here you can warp to Goomba Village by using the
right pipe, to Koopa Village by using the middle pipe and to Dry Dry Outpost by using the left pipe!
But only after you beat... (assuming you already beat Blooper)
Sub-Boss: ELECTRO BLOOPER (HP: 50, Attack: 4, Defense: 0)
Much harder than Blooper, but still not that bad. It will sometimes charge itself electrically, so
when he does, hit him with an attack that does not physically contact him, or use that time to
recover, charge-up, or anything like that.

ROOM E (after Chapter 2)
Of the three blocks, the middle one contains a Snowman Doll. You can reach the pipe by jumping on
the rising platforms.

ROOM F (after Chapter 2)
You can go left to Room H, right (with the help of the platforms) to Room G, or you can go down the
pipe on the floor to Room I.

ROOM G (after Chapter 2)
This Room is divided into 3 sections: north, southwest and southeast. You start on the southwest,
then you can get on the rising platform to go to the north section or to get the Star Piece (see
Section XL, Star Pieces), and from there you can fall into the hole in the right part of the
section to finally reach the southeast section in which there is a Super Block! Go back to the
southwest section by taking the pipe.

ROOM H (after Chapter 2)
Destroy the wood block so the jumping pad falls, then jump to the higher platform to get the POWER
SMASH Badge!

ROOM I (left part after Chapter 2, right part after Chapter 5)
You can't really do much here until you are able to break the Metal Blocks to reach a Super Block!

ROOM J (left part after Chapter 3, right part after Chapter 5)
You can only go left to Room K or take the pipe to go back to Room A here until you get Sushie.
When you get Sushie you can swim over to the door leading to Room M, or to a very important pipe
that warps you to Yoshi Village! When you cross the little lake with Sushie, however, you'll meet
someone you don't want to meet...
Sub-Boss: SUPER BLOOPER (HP: 70, Attack: 4-9, Defense: 0)
Much stronger than the Electro Blooper, this guy can take some time to beat. It is very, very big,
and its HP is very high. You need strong attack in this battle. Bow can help by using Outta Sight,
but only if you have some strong attacks with Mario. If Mario isn't that strong then get a partner
who is along with some healing items.

ROOM K (after Chapter 3)
Here you will find a very helpful pipe that warps you to the entrance to Boo's Mansion.

ROOM L (after Chapter 3)
The Super Block can be reached this way: first of all, the blue block should always be in the line
of the 3rd tile from the north. Now roll the blue block the most you can to the left, get on it and
jump. A block should appear. Now roll it to the very middle still in the 3rd-tile-from-the-north
line, and jump again for another block, and then finally do it again by rolling it the most you can
to the right. Now you should have a nice bridge to go over.

ROOM M (after Chapter 5)
You can go anywhere in this room except for that pipe guarded by spikes which you can only get to
with Lakilester. The block you see contains a Shooting Star. The door on the right leads to Room Q
while the pipe leads to Room N

ROOM N (after Chapter 6)
There are 3 hidden blocks here. For the first one you need to go left as soon as you get to the
room through the pipe, then jump for a Maple Syrup. The second is somewhere almost at the very end
in the horizontal passage below the one with the pipe, and contains a Stop Watch. The last one has
a Volt Shroom on it and is very close to the block you can see.

ROOM O (after Chapter 6)
There's a block pattern in this room, which is (starting from the left):
Wood Block - Yellow Block - Wood Block - Hidden Block - Wood Block - Yellow Block - Wood Block
Notice that to get the Hidden Block you need to jump between the two wood blocks in the middle. It
contains a Life Shroom.

ROOM P (after Chapter 6)
You need to break the wood block to get the jumping pad, and then get the Ultra Boots, but for more
specific information about his see Section XXIX, The Sixth Star.

ROOM Q (after Chapter 5)
You can either go to Room R by using the pipe on the floor, or you can use Watt to discover hidden
blocks that you need to uncover to make a bridge to reach that blue door on the high platform which
leads to Room T. You need to do something before you can open the blue door, though, which is
explained in Section XXIX, The Sixth Star.

ROOM R (after Chapter 5)
On the right wall there's a weak spot which can be blown up by Bombette to go to Room S.

ROOM S (after Chapter 5)
This is Rip Cheato's place! Rip Cheato sells stuff for 64 coins without telling you what they are.
Most of them are things you'd normally get for no more than 10 coins. Why bother then? OK, the
things Rip Cheato sells follow a pattern. And the 1st, 5th and 10th items are Star Piecs, and the
3rd is a Badge. So if you wanna get everything, you need to waste a few coins on this guy. Here's a
list of the order of things he sells:
1st: Star Piece (!)
2nd: Life Shroom
3rd: BUMP ATTACK, the Badge (!)
4th: Repel Gel
5th: Star Piece (!)
6th: Super Shroom
7th: Mushroom
8th: Dried Shroom
9th: Dried Shroom
10th: Star Piece (!)
11th: Dried Shroom
This room also has an exit/entrance to the Mysterious House in Toad Town.

ROOM T (after Chapter 6)
This room has a single pipe leading to Room U.

ROOM U (after Chapter 6)
To the left you'll find a Super Block, and to the right the pipe that warps you to Shiver City!

And that's all for the Toad Town Tunnels. Pretty big, huh?



>From Area B in Toad Town, if you choose the path to the right, you can go to Pleasant Path. There's
a little problem, however: there are 4 Toads, with strangly dark caps, blocking the way saying that
it's dangerous to go through (...). Go to Merlon and tell him about it. Merlon will follow you to
the Toads, cast a spell, and reveal that they were no other than the 4 Koopa Bros.! The Koopa Bros.
run to the Fortress to protect the Star Spirit while Mario gets on its way. Enter Pleasant Path...
On the first screen you just go right. You will come upon a red block that contains the DIZZY
ATTACK Badge! And a yellow block that contains a Fright Jar. Go right 1 screen. You'll see a yellow
block with a POW Block on it. However, you'll reach a spot in which there's no bridge to cross to
the other side. So Hammer the tree next to that place and a blue switch will fall from it. Step on
it to make a bridge appear. Continue right and on the way you'll see a yellow block that contains a
Sleepy Sheep. Go right 1 screen. As soon as you appear on the next screen, you'll see a fork in the
road. Take the lower path by going "downstairs" and you'll come upon 3 blocks on the floor. Hit the
left one first, then right, then rear to make a red block appear. Hit it to get the ATTACK FX B
Badge! Continue right a screen to finally reach Koopa Village.
Times aren't golden in Koopa Village, however. The Koopas happen to be missing their shells, all
because the Fuzzies there stole them. On the first screen, save all the shells by Hammering the
Fuzzies. Try to find them all. When you got all of them in that screen, go right 1 screen and get
back all the shells there. When you're done, you'll meet a Koopa called Kooper (he's the one with
the red handkerchief on his neck). Enter his house after talking to him, which is the green-roofed
one, and from inside the house enter his garden. Follow the path right until you get to the screen
with a lot of trees all together. Now you'll play a little game with the Fuzzy in which there are 4
Fuzzies and you have to watch the one with the shell, and then Hammer the tree in which the Fuzzy
with the shell is. After beating the game, you will get the shell. Kooper will join your party!
Now you have Kooper as a partner. Go back left, but before entering the house, notice that on the
road there are 2 tree stumps. Get on the reachable one, then launch Kooper's shell to the other
stump to get the HP PLUS Badge! This Badge is EXTREMELY important and you should ALWAYS wear it, no
matter how much BP it uses up (which in this case it is 3). Anyways. In Koopa Village you can find
Koopa Koot (see Section XLIV, Koopa Koot's Favors), Kolorado's House, and a few other houses
including a Toad House and a Shop. The Shop sells...
Dizzy Dial: 10 coins
Fire Flower: 8 coins
Honey Syrup: 8 coins
Mushroom: 4 coins
POW Block: 4 coins
Volt Shroom: 15 coins
After you shopped, healed, visited and took thanks from Koopas....leave the village and head left.
After you go up the "stairs" in the cliff, turn right and go that way 1 screen. In this screen, you
can see a Thunder Bolt over a wood block. Go up the platform and from there launch Kooper to break
the block and get it. Continue right until you get to a stream with a switch on the other side.
Obviously, launch Kooper to hit the switch and form a bridge. See the 2 wooden blocks? Jump in
between them to find a Fire Flower. Anyways, go to the next screen and you'll go through archways
and you'll also see a Heart Block and a Save Block. Go to the next screen to finally reach the
outside of Koopa Bros. Fortress. Enter...



On the first screen you'll see that you can't move on without a key. Fight the enemy there to get
a Fortress Key. Open the locked door. Now go right 2 screens and you'll be in a screen with locked
cells. The middle one has a Badge on it. Go to the right wall of the cell, and in the intersection
of the right wall of the cell and the big wall, you can slide through if you push. Get the POWER
BOUNCE Badge! If you didn't get this, move on, there's another way to get it. Go to the next screen
to find an enemy and a stairway that doesn't lead you anywhere. Defeat the enemies on that screen
to reveal a switch that lowers the stairs so now you can go downstairs. Go downstairs and then left
1 screen. Now, the exit and entrance of the room will slide up and out of your reach. You gotta
beat the all the Koopa Troopas and Paratroopas in that room to get the doors back. When you do, go
left. In this room you'll find another Fortress Key. Go all the way back to the room where you
found the switch to lower the stairs, and use your Fortress Key on the locked door on the right.
Now, you'll see Yellow Ninjakoopa doing something...strange. This is a spiral room. Before going up,
go down until you see a door (leading south). Go through the door to go outside and reach a Save
Block. Now go up the spiral until you get to the platform and a block. Hit the block and you'll
fall...Bam. You're on a cell with a few other good Bob-Ombs. A pink one will come and talk to you
about why they got jailed and stuff. Her name is Bombette. After a brief chat, she will join you.
Bombette joined your party! Now bomb the cracked wall on the northwest part of the jail to blow it
up. There's a Heart Block inside the jail, by the way. Now get out of jail. However, a Koopa Troopa
and a Bob-Omb will hear your explosion and you'll get on battle. Beat them and go left. Now go
upstairs and left to find yourself back in the cell room. Blow up the cracked wall on the right
cell to find a Fortress Key, and if you missed the Badge, the middle one too. Go 2 screens right,
so that you're on the big spiral room, and go down all the way. You'll see a cracked wall. Bomb it
up, to find a treasure chest with the REFUND Badge on it! This is a very good Badge since it gives
you coins when you use items, and it only costs 1 BP to use. Anyways, go back to the spiral room
and go up all the way. Instead of going to the platform, however, you'll see a door to the left.
Go through and then go left one more screen by opening the locked door. Now, be careful not to mess
up. Get Kooper and launch him to the red switch. Go all the way left 'till a wall blocks you. Now
turn back and launch Kooper to the switch, so the wall in front of you doesn't block you, etcetera.
Repeat until you get to the other side. Now, go through the door at the left and then hit the blue
switch you see. Go downstairs and stand on that platform there and bomb the cracked wall. You'll
gain access to the otherwise unreachable cell in the cell room. Get the last Fortress Key and head
back upstairs and then 1 screen left by using your Fortress Key. You'll now be in another spiral.
Hit the switch and then go upstairs. When you reach the door, however, don't enter, but continue up.
You'll then get to the SMASH CHARGE Badge! Now enter that door you passed. You'll now be on the top
of the fortress, and the Koopa Bros. will be there. They will set up Bill Blasters to shoot Bullet
Bills at you. Avoid/fight them, and when you get to the cannons, if you go down, you will see a
Heart Block and a Save Block. Now fight the 3 Bill Blasters and when you beat them, enter the final
door. You will now be in the boss room.
Boss: KOOPA BROS. -- HP: 5 (each), Attack: 1 (each), Defense: 1 (each)
      Bowser??? -- HP: 10, Attack: 1, Defense: 1
The Koopa Bros. made a Bowser costume which they control from the inside. It's called Bowser???.
It's easy, just follow this pattern: Hammer, Body Slam, do Nice! when defending. Repeat it and you
should beat it taking little or no damage. After you're done with Bowser???, it's time for the real
thing: the Koopa Bros. They will do a group formation, and this is what to do: get Kooper. Let
Kooper go first. Hit them with Kooper so they sway, and then with Mario so they fall. Then, with
Kooper use the Power Shell to hit them all, and attack normally with Mario. Then they will do the
formation again. Repeat this process until you finally beat them all -- Red Ninjakoopa, Black
Ninjakoopa, Yellow Ninjakoopa and Green Ninjakoopa. Shouldn't have any troubles at all. And a POW
Block is a good alternative to make them all fall in one turn.



A light will appear in the place where the Koopa Bros. used to be. The light will decompress into
a card. Touch the card and watch how the Star Spirit inside it gets released. This time, it's
ELDSTAR, the elder star and kind of 'leader' of the 7 Star Spirits! End of Chapter 1! You will now
look at what Peach and Twink are doing up there in Peach's Castle. Twink correctly predicts that
Mario beat the Koopa Bros. Peach, however, decides that she should escape from the room and find
information the next Star Spirit's whereabouts. She remembers that the Minister told her there's a
secret exit out of Peach's room. Now it's your turn to control Peach! As Peach, you can check many
things in the room. Check the picture right of the fireplace to reveal a secret door behind the
fireplace! Exit the room through that door and you'll be on a hallway. At the end of the hallway is
a platform with another switch on it. Press the switch and the platform will turn to another room.
Left of this room, you will find Bowser's Diary--open! Read it to find out that the next Star
Spirit is on the Dry Dry area. This is important information to tell Mario! Unfortunately, Bowser
and Kammy Koopa enter the room and find Peach. The guards take Peach back to her room, but anyways,
you already know the information. Peach sends Twink to tell this to Mario.
Back to Mushroom Kingdom and Mario, now. Eldstar will talk to you about the Star Spirits and all
that stuff, and that you must save the other 6. However, at the end, he gives you a "Star Power".
Now you have a new icon to use Star Powers on your battle screen! You will also get a Star Meter.
A Star Meter shows the amount of Star Energy you have. Right now, you have 1 Star of Star Energy.
As soon as you get the Star Meter, you automatically get a default Star Power--FOCUS. FOCUS will
add more Star Energy to your Star Meter than usual, however, it takes up a turn. Eldstar will grant
you his own Star Power: REFRESH. You'll be using this Star Spirit a lot! It recovers 5 HP and 5 FP!
It costs 1 Star of Star Energy. After you use it, the Star Meter will go down 1 Star (in this case,
completely) and little by little it will recover itself. Now that you have Star Power and saved
Eldstar, go back to Toad Town. On your way, however, you'll find a familiar-looking Koopa on an egg.
He told you he would be back, and here he is! Jr. Troopa is back to take revenge!
Sub-Boss: JR. TROOPA (2) -- HP: 15 -- Attack: 2 -- Defense: 1
He's gained much more power since the last time you met him. Your main obstable will be his 1 point
of Defense. He has a special attack now: hiding inside his shell, which is what gives him the
Defense. Jumping on him -will not work-! Hammer him or Power Jump him with Mario, while Bombette
should use up all the FP by exploding. When your FP or HP goes low, you can always use Refresh.
15 HP is not so much. Just attack, defend, attack, defense, recover.
After the way is clear, you can reach Toad Town once again.
In Toad Town, go down to Area C. Now the road is cleared and you can continue to this area! It is
recommended that you upgrade your items by cooking some of them (please refer to Section XLIII, Tayce
T.'s Recipes), and that you visit the 3 so-far-available screens in Toad Town Tunnels for the Badge
(remember you must defeat the Blooper). You can look around the new areas and the Port, but your
goal now lies in Area E. In the Train Station, you will hear from Toads that the train can't move
since there's a rock blocking the path. Blow that rock up with Bombette, get on the train and get
prepared for Chapter 2.

                           CHAPTER 2: THE MYSTERY OF DRY DRY RUINS


Train stop at Mt. Rugged! All passengers get off the train. Welcome to Mt. Rugged, the entrance to
the driest area of Mushroom Kingdom. You can find an Egg by checking the upper one of the 4 bushes.
As you go up the mountain, you will meet Parakarry, a postman Paratroopa, who is usually flawless
but has lost Letters today. He will ask for your help in finding Letters. Go right 1 screen, then
continue going right through the upper path and into the next screen, or through the lower path to
find a Sleepy Sheep and then go back to the upper path. On the next screen you'll find a Save Block
which you should use, and a Letter in a high platform. Use Kooper to retrieve the Letter! Now
continue right to the next screen, and go up the rocky stairs and turn left to exit left, but
through the upper path. On the next screen you're gonna have to slide through the mountains and
you'll land on the next mountain. Go left. On this screen, continue left. The block you see
contains a Mushroom. Now, when you get to a part that you see 2 cave entrances, enter through the
left little cave and go left from inside the cave to find a hidden passage that leads to the DAMAGE
DODGE Badge! Go back down and continue left to find a jumping pad, which will take you to the
highest point on Mt. Rugged. Go right and use the big slide like the one before, and continue right
to find another Letter. Now fall from there and go right to the next screen, and fall through the
slide. Now, go right as you did before to take the first slide (the big one), but now instead of
taking it, go right through the upper path and into the next screen. Now, staying always in the
upper path, go right another screen. Now you'll see a cliff with a broken bridge. Fall down the
cliff to find a third Letter! Now go back to Parakarry. Give him all the Letters and he will thank
you and pay you back by joining your team. Parakarry joined your team! He's great in battle. Now
go back to the place where you found the first Letter. You can fly over to the platform otherwise
unreachable with Parakarry, and you can fly to the next platform too to get the QUAKE HAMMER Badge!
>From there, go right through the lower path and then go up the rocky stairs, but only a little bit.
Go right through the path that is not either upper or lower but in the middle. Use Parakarry to
reach a place where a Bub-Ulb lies. Talk to him to recieve a Magical Seed. This is very important
for later on in the game, just hold on to it for now. Now, go back to the place with the cliff and
the broken bridge (in the screen where you found the last Letter). Now you can fly over the cliff!
Continue right through the bridge. At the end of the bridge, however, you'll be stopped by Buzzar,
a big vulture. You can talk your way out of battle by answering stupid things, but if you're smart
and high on HP and decide to battle, here's how. It's not so hard, try it.
Sub-Boss: BUZZAR -- HP: 40 -- Attack: 1-4 -- Defense: 0
Buzzar's main attacks are grabbing you with his talons, in which you have to press A repeatedly as
fast as you can to take no damage (otherwise you'd take 4) and flapping wings toward you, in which
you should also press A repeatedly since the more you press the less damage you take. Otherwise,
the battle can be won easily if you use Mario for jumping or focusing and always recovering FP if
it goes under 3, while Parakarry should always do Shell Shot. It takes out 5 HP!
Follow the path until you reach a Save Block and a Heart Block. Go right once more to enter the
driest and maziest section in Muhsroom Kingdom.



This is the desert layout.

                      A      B      C      D      E      F      G

                  1   -      -      -      -      -      -      -

                  2   -	     -	    -	   -	  -	 -	-

                  3   -	     - 	    -	   -	  -	 -	-

                  4   -	     -	    -	   -  	  -	 -	-

		  5   -	     -	    -	   -	  -	 -	-
		  6   -	     -	    -	   -	  -	 -	-

		  7   -	     -	    -	   -	  -	 -	-

You get from Mt. Rugged to A4.
49 nice and confusing screens for you to look at. Here's info about all of them.

A1: A Fright Jar is in one of the blocks. There are enemies in this screen.
A2: There's a hidden block with a Thunder Rage on it on the right part of the screen.
A3: See that block in the ground that looks already hit? Hit it 1 time to get a Mushroom. Hit it 10
    times to get a Super Shroom. Hit it 100 times to get an Ultra Shroom!
A4: Your starting spot. Kolorado's camp is in here for a while. Talk to him as soon as you enter
    Dry Dry Desert. He will tell you about his research to find Dry Dry Ruins, without success so
    far. Also, you can deliver the Letter to Kolorado you have from Mt. Rugged here.
A5: Nothing special in this screen but enemies.
A6: No enemies, nothing special.
A7: The southwesternmost point of Dry Dry Desert has enemies but nothing special.
B1: Enemies but nothing special.
B2: Same here.
B3: Nothing special, no enemies. How boring!
B4: Enemies rule this screen.
B5: Same as B3.
B6: This screen is only good for battle.
B7: OK, in this screen, you will see a rock in the very middle. Get on the rock and jump, to reveal
    a red hidden block with the ATTACK FX C Badge!
C1: The entrance to Dry Dry Ruins, but it won't be there unless you follow the walkthrough in this
C2: Just enemies.
C3: There's a Fire Flower on the block in the middle.
C4: Enemies. Only.
C5: More enemies...no items...aaaah...
C6: No items or enemies. A real Dry Dry Desert-ed screen!
C7: Here's something original: Nothing special but enemies!
D1: Again, nothing special but enemies.
D2: Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out (see above).
D3: Not an item, not an enemy.
D4: Finally! There's a Star Piece and a cyclone here. This cyclone helps you since it takes you to
    a place where there are 3 palm trees. Jump in the middle of them to reveal the RUNAWAY PAY
D5: No items or enemies in this screen. Please try again.
D6: Back to nothing special but enemies.
D7: More enemies, no special stuff.
E1: Nothing special but enemies.
E2: There's a Honey Syrup in the block.
E3: This screen has 3 palm trees and in the center you can find a Badge. See D4 for more info,
    although you can get it from here too.
E4: You will find Nomadimouse here. He is resting under a palm tree. He is the recipient for a
    certain Letter you'll find later on.
E5: 3 in a row was too many. Back to nothing special but enemies.
E6: There's another helpful cyclone here. Take it to reach an otherwise unreachable ledge in F5 to
    get the SPIN ATTACK Badge!
E7: Nothing here.
F1: There's a Fire Flower in the middle.
F2: Nothing but enemies, Part I
F3: Nothing but enemies, Part II
F4: Nothing but enemies, Part III
F5: Here's that Badge that you can only get from E6. See E6 for info on how to get it.
F6: There's a Tasty Tonic southeast on the screen.
F7: Nothing nothing nothing.
G1: You can only find enemies here.
G2: Enemies: No. Items: No.
G3: You can find only enemies here (see it's not the same as G1!)
G4: Go right from here to reach Dry Dry Outpost. Or you can hit the easternmost palm in the lower
    row of palm trees for another Letter to deliver!
G5: There's a very important Life Shroom if you jump on the block in the middle and from up there
    jump again.
G6: THE OASIS! This is an Oasis screen. You can find the Lemon and the Lime by hammering the thick
    trees, which can only be found here. There's a Heart Block and even a Super Block!
G7: The last screen in nothing less than a "nothing but enemies" screen.

And that is Dry Dry Desert. Back to the walkthrough. Go to G4 and go right to enter Dry Dry Outpost
finally! Here you will find, in the first screen, a Save Block. The first building (the greenish
one) is the house of a mouse who knows a lot of information about the desert. He might be helpful.
The turquoise house in the middle is the Dry Dry Outpost Shop which has VERY cheap prices and some
items that can only be gotten there. Here's the stuff.
Dried Pasta: 3 coins
Dried Shroom: 2 coins
Dusty Hammer: 2 coins
Honey Syrup: 5 coins
Mushroom: 3 coins
Thunder Bolt: 5 coins
The pink house at the right of the first screen is no less than the best, finest and most famous
Composer's House. This is to take part of the Music Trading Quest (See Section XLVII. Other Side
Quests). Moving on to the second screen, we have a house that doesn't have an entrance...well, at
least on the lower floor. Its entrance is on the upper floor! The second building is a pink one and
is the Toad House of this town. Between the 2nd and 3rd building, there's a passage. You can go to
that passage to reach Merlee's Tent. Merlee will offer you 3 courses, the more expensive the
longest. While the course works, Merlee will randomly appear and help you on battle either by
raising your Attack or raising your Defense for a turn, or giving you more coins. Anyways, the 3rd
building in Dry Dry Outpost is not accessible, and the last building, the blue one, is Sheek's
House. You will find Sheek outside. He will ask you to give him an item. Give him a Lemon, his
favorite fruit which can be found in the Oasis (G6 in Dry Dry Desert) and he'll tell you to buy
items in a certain order to reveal important information about some 'Moustafa' guy. Go to the Shop
and buy first a Dried Shroom and then a Dusty Hammer. The shop owner, Little Mouser, will see that
this is a special sign and will know that you come for a special purpose. Now go back to Sheek's
House. Enter, and come out through the right wall. Climb over the buildings, and go to the very
left until you reach the green house that was inaccessible from below. Sheek will reveal himself
as Moustafa! He will talk to you about Dry Dry Ruins and give you the Pulse Stone, which will glow
faster as you get closer to Dry Dry Ruins. Now set off for Dry Dry Ruins. Go through the screens to
Screen C1 as you notice the Pulse Ring glows faster and faster. When you finally get to it, you'll
find a block in the middle. Put the Pulse Stone on the block and watch how the Dry Dry Ruins rise
from the sands! Time to enter the second dungeon where another Star Spirit should be held!



Dry Dry Ruins...the ancient place Kolorado and many other archaeologists have spent so much time
looking for. On the first room there's a Save Block. Go to the next screen and you will see 3
mummy coffins. While the first and third one contain Mummy Pokeys, the middle one contains the
SPIKE SHIELD Badge, good against Mummy Pokeys! Go on to the next screen through the lower door. Get
the Ruins Key there and go back to the coffin screen and go through the locked door in the upper
door. Press the switch there to pass the sand on this room to the room below this one. Go back and
through the lower door. Now you should reach the door that was unreachable otherwise. Go to the
highest point in this room. Use Parakarry to get to cross the gap, the bomb the wall with Bombette
and go on to the other rom. Here you will another sand-draining switch. Press it. Go back to the
last room and go downstairs once so you go right through the middle door. Get the Ruins Key since
the sand now lets you. Go back to the stairs room and go downstairs and left through the locked
door. In this long passage with coffins, go to the very left of the room to find a yellow block.
Hit it and the coffins will open, revealing Mummy Pokeys! Beat all of them in the room to get a
Ruins Key. So now go left 1 screen through the locked door. Now, instead of going downstairs, use
Parakarry to cross the gap, and go left through the door. Now you'll be in the largest room of Dry
Dry Ruins. Now, hit the switches around, remembering that the blue switches turn the blue staits
and the pink switches move the pink stairs, so that at last you can get to the stairs in the
highest level of the screen. When you get through the stair puzzle, you should be on the
northwesternmost stairs (brown). Now, without falling, walk around the wood bars so you get to a
secret door on the left wall and find a chest with the SLOW GO Badge! Now, go to the wood bar place
and fall. You'll find a big chest. It contains the...SUPER HAMMER!! Now your Hammer Attack
increases by 1 and you can break Stone Blocks! Now break that Stone Block there are go right 1
screen, then another one right through the upper path, and then right again. You should now be in
the room with stairs. Go right through the lower door. In this room, break the Super Blocks and get
the Pyramid Stone in the chest. Now go left 2 screens so you will be on the long coffin room. See
the grayish stairs in the right part of the room? Go up them and then press the switch to make the
stairs turn, then go right to the next platform, breaking the Stone Block, and get the Ancient
Artifact. Go 1 screen left, then left through the lower path, blowing up the cracked wall with
Bombette. Go left through the hole in the wall and fall down the cliff to reach a Super Block. Use
it and go left. Break the Stone Block, but before you gain access to the chest, you'll have to
fight Stone Chomps. Beat them and get the Diamond Stone. Now go right 2 screens and you'll be in
a long, narrow hallway. Go to the next screen and break the Stone Block. Now, press the switch that
was under it, and then go up the newly-formed stairs and collect the Ruins Key. Go back 2 screens
and jump on the jumping pad. Then go right and then right through the lower door, and then you'll
be on a room with 5 Chomp Statues. Go right through the upper door one more time using the Ruins
Key. You'll now see other 5 Chomp statues. Press the switch on the right side of the room to drain
the sand, and the bottom of the statues will reveal a code:
	            Triangle - Blank - Diamond - Blank - Lunar
The order in which you must place the stones! Now go back left and right through the lower door.
Now that the sand is high, you can get to the door in the right. Break the block and defeat the
Stone Chomps. The chest contains...the Lunar Stone! Go back right 2 screens. Now, place the Lunar,
Diamond and Triangle Stones according to the pattern that the other 5 Chomp statues showed. Bingo!
Stairs going down reveal themselves. Go down the stairs, use the Heart Block in the way, then when
you reach the floor go right a screen, save, and go right another screen. After a short speech, it's
boss time!
Boss: TUTANKOOPA -- HP: 30 -- Attack: 2/3 -- Defense: 0
      Chomp -- HP: 4 -- Attack: 3 -- Defense: 3
Tutankoopa one tough Chomp! The best strategy is for Parakarry to Shell Shot Tutankoopa constantly
while Mario recovers FP and attacks the Chomp with the Super Hammer. It shouldn't be that hard,
since Tutankoopa wouldn't be much without Chomp. You might even want to beat Tutankoopa without
worrying about Chomp, and you might beat Tutankoopa before Chomp beats you. Offensive items can be
great since they penetrate Chomp's defense.
After you beat this guy, the second card with a star on it will appear. Touch it and watch how it
is freed. End of Chapter 2!



We will now focus on Peach's Castle. Bowser is worried about Mario beating Tutankoopa, but finally
decides that Mario has no chance against the even harder 5 remaining guardians, and of course--
himself. Bowser, as usual, will tell Peach that Mario is a good fighter but doesn't stand a chance
against his next guardian, "Tubba Blubba," since he is actually invincible. Peach and Twink set off
in a mission to find out about Tubba Blubba's weaknesses. Exit the room through the fireplace as
usual, and when you get to Bowser's Room, exit through the door to the right. Now, be careful not
to be discovered. You can only be discovered if you step on a guard's light. From the exit of the
room, stay close to the wall, and get on the first door you see in the wall next to you. You
should now be on the Library. Sneak around the bookshelves and the guards, and at one point you'll
see a Badge between 2 shelves. It's the POWER RUSH Badge. Now, this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: If you
forget to put whatever you find in the Special Chest in the Storeroom, you'll lose that stuff
forever once you went through all the Chapters! Forever! It happened to me, don't let it happen to
you. Go to the Storeroom which is the easternmost door in the 2nd floor Hall. If you enter, you'll
also find the DEEP FOCUS Badge. Put them both in the Big Chest. Anyways, if you get to the end of
the Library, you'll hear 2 guards talk about Tubba Blubba. This information is important! Good job.
Of course, Bowser will find out and the guards will take you to the room, but you already got that
information. And one thing that Bowser let slip out while close to Peach: The third Star Spirit has
escaped from Tubba Blubba's Castle! Twink gathers this information and sets off to Mario.
Back to Mario, the second Star Spirit reveals itself as MAMAR, the star who takes care of all the
other Star Spirits like a mother. She will increase your Star Meter to 2 Stars, and will grant you
LULLABY, a Star Power that, if successful, puts all enemies to sleep! She will take to you about
saving the other 5 remaining Star Spirits, and she will go for Star Haven. Now you must go back to
Toad Town. On your way, however, Twink will tell Mario all the information he needs, and that you
must now go to Forever Forest. The third Star Spirit escaped Tubba Blubba's Castle but got lost
somewhere around there. So when you finally reach Toad Town, you can go check Merluvee's House in
Shooting Star Summit, and you'll see a Big Chest the same as the one in Peach's Castle that
contains everything that Peach puts in the Chest in Peach's Castle. Now, go to Area C in Toad Town
and go right. Fice T., a guard around there, will see a ghost behind you and will be scared to
death. Anyways, continue on 2 screens right to finally reach Forever Forest.

                          CHAPTER 3: THE "INVINCIBLE" TUBBA BLUBBA


This place is spooky. You will be in a circular, closed path around a spooky forest. There are also
paths that take out from the circular path to other paths, however, you will always end up in the
entrance if you don't do something special. And that is: next to each different path that goes out,
there are bushes, trees, etc. One of the trees, bushes, flowers, etc. on next to each path does
something different to the others. That's the right path. Here's what to do.
On the first screen, you'll meet a forest creature. Talk to him and he will talk about Forever
Forest. Right next to that creature is the first correct path.
On the second screen, the correct path is the first one to the left. You'll notice since in the
nearby cut tree, you'll see two red eyes.
On the third screen, the correct path is the first one to the left. You'll notice since while all
the other flowers in the bushes spin when you press A in front of them, these will go on slow
motion. They're also different from the others.
On the fourth screen, first find a way to the INNER CIRCLE of the forest. A Bub-Ulb there will give
you a Magical Seed! The correct path, however, is the one opposite to the entrance (second to the
left or right, either way), and you'll notice since the nearby tree will have a face and laugh.
On the fifth screen, you should first go to the first path to the right. On this secret screen, go
to the inner circle and jump in the middle to get another HP Plus Badge. Now go back through the
entrance, and go to the opposite path (the second path either way) to go to the next screen. The
difference on this one is that all the pathes have mushrooms next to them that glow when you press
A. This one will perform many lights and sounds before it stops the glowing.
On the sixth screen, the correct path is the first one to the right since it has the only flowers
that don't shrink when you check them.
On the seventh screen, you can go to the opposite path (second path either way) to go to another
secret screen and enter the inner circle for another FP Plus Badge. Then come back to the main
screen through the entrance, and go to the first path to the left. You should find a sign that
tells you it's the correct way to Boo's Mansion. If you see it, take this path and you should be
outta here! Congrats.



You will be on the outside of a big mansion. There is a Heart Block and a Save Block. On the block
there's a Volt Shroom, and you can always check one of the bushes to get a Strange Leaf everytime
you come, which can only be found here. For now, enter the mansion. You'll start in a big hall, the
main hall. Really big. First, go upstairs and enter the right door. You'll now be on a room with a
cupboard and a carpet. Check the cupboard, and 9 Boos will come out. Now, let's play a little game.
The Boos will spin on a circle while one of the Boos will pass the Record to one of them. After a
few seconds, you have to decide which Boo has it. If you guess correctly, you'll get the Record as
a prize! Now that you have it, go back to the main room and now enter the left door in the second
floor. You'll be in a room with a chest guarded by a Boo. The Boo won't let you get it, since it's
a treasure of Lady Bow, who seems to be their boss. Now, in the left part of the room, you'll see a
phonograph. You know what to do! Put the record in the phonograph! A song will start playing. Now,
you have to press A repeatedly so that you make the rhythm not too slow, not too fast. If your
rhythm is right, the guard Boo will come closer and closer. When he's close enough, press B to stop
the Record and run to the chest, and get the Weight! Now go back to the first floor in the main
room. In that room, you'll see a green sofa, but one part of the sofa is orange. Jump on that part,
and due to loose springs, you'll get ejected upwards and Mario will hang on from a lamp. Use the
Weight on the lamp to bring it down, and reveal a secret door! Enter that door, which is the left
door in the first floor. You'll be in a room with stairs going down. Go downstairs and you'll be in
the basement. You'll see a door in the wall toward you. Enter it. In this room there are some
crates, and one contains a Super Shroom. How to break it, though? Ignore it for now and go right 1
screen. It's a one-way door. Now you will be in a room full of Boos. There is also a huge treasure,
but it's empty. The Boos have it! The Boos will fly around in circle passing some green boots to
each other. After you've hammered the one with the boots, you win. What are the boots? They are the
awesome SUPER BOOTS! Now your Attack power for Jump is up by 1. You can also press A while jumping
in the air in the overworld to perform a Spin Jump. Believe me, dozens of Star Pieces can only be
gotten by Spin Jumping! Anyways, now you can break that weak tile on the floor by Spin Jumping.
You'll fall into the room below. There will be a HUGE switch. You never saw one as big as this!
Jump on the furniture next to it to reach the big switch. Spin-Jump on it to make stairs appear. On
this same room, too, there is also a shop. You'll be able to buy from it only after you get
permission from Lady Bow, though. Anyways, the items are:
Life Shroom: 50 coins
Maple Syrup: 20 coins
Mystery?: 1 coin
Snowman Doll: 15 coins
Stop Watch: 25 coins
Super Shroom: 13 coins
Now, go upstairs and through the front door and upstairs again and through the door, so you should
be in the main hall. Now, go through the right door in the first floor. You should be in a place
with crates and a weak spot in the floor. If you Spin Jump the crate, you can get an Apple, which
can only be found usually in these crates and nowhere else. Now, Spin Jump in the weak spot to fall
to the floor below. You'll now be in the library. You will, however, end on top of a shelf. Don't
fall! Fly with Parakarry to the shelf to the right. You will find Boo's Portrait there! Now, go
left and upstairs and through the door to be in the main hall. Now go upstairs and go to the very
right, right of the right door, to find an empty picture. Put the Boo's Portrait on the empty
square and a passage will reveal when you check the portrait! It will take you to the third floor,
still on the main hall. Enter any of the doors, and you'll be in Lady Bow's room! Lady Bow, the
head ghost in the area, will make a deal with you. If you beat the ghost-eating Tubba Blubba, who
has been eating ghosts and causing many deaths recently, she will help you on your quest, and will
give you the "star thing" they found. ...? In that cage is...!! A Star Spirit! Bootler, of course,
will tell her that it's too dangerous and that he must accompany her, but Bow rejects. Well, let's
get going to beat Tubba Blubba! There's a little problem though...he's invincible! Anyways, let's
go. Bow joined your party! She's an awesome character to use against 0 Defense enemies. Now, exit
Boo's Mansion. On the outside, take the path that leads right.



Gusty Gulch is a wasteland where some Boos live and also undead enemies. Go right one screen. Here
you'll find a windmill, unaccessible as of now. Go on to the next screen, where you'll find a Save
Block. Save. On the next screen, a tradegy will happen. You will presence how Tubba Blubba eats yet
another Boo. Abusing his power, he heads back to his castle. There's a Heart Block here, too. Go to
the next screen. You can use Kooper to get the Dizzy Dial you see on the rock, and one of the two
blocks contains a Repel Gel. Also, there's a Letter behind a plant. Go to the next screen, where
there's nothing much other than wasteland and a Super Shroom on a block. On the next screen,
finally, you'll reach a Save Block and the entrance to Tubba Blubba's Castle.



This place is big. You'll start on, of course, the main hall. Watch out, though: Bowser provided
special OVNI-looking guards to guard the third Star Spirit, although it's not here anymore. You'll
get carried to the entrance if you let them get you. To trick them, use Bow to make you invisible.
Now, go left. You'll be on a hallway with Clubba guards. Some are sleeping. A great way to make
sure you don't wake them up is by wearing the Badge, Slow Go. Go through the door at the end of the
passage. Now, go through the door in the front wall. You'll be in a stair room. Go down the stairs.
At the end, you'll see a weak spot in the floor. Fall through it by Spin Jumping. In this room,
you'll find a Heart Block and a chest with a Castle Key. There will also be a Boo. He will tell you
that to find Tubba Blubba's weakness, you must explore the castle. And that his own chamber is in
the top. Now go left and you'll be in another stairway room, this time with a Super Block on it!
Go upstairs, watching out for the Clubba guards and the OVNI-looking guards. You will now be on a
room you already were in. Now go back all the way right to the main hall, and go right. Open the
locked door, and go upstairs, avoiding all guards. Go left to reach the second floor. You'll be in
the second floor passage in the main hall. Go left again, and you'll be in a hallway. In the middle
of the hallway, you'll see a sleeping Clubba. Behind it is a crack on the wall. Set Bombette next
to the Clubba and the crack to start your battle with the Clubba with a First Strike. After you
beat the Clubba, crack the wall open and go in. This is a secret room with 3 weak spots in the
floor. Fall through the one in the left to open a hole in the ceiling in the room below where
there's 2 tables, a Badge and a jumping pad. Now, jump in the jumping pad to go back to the upper
floor. Now, fall through the one right of the one you just opened. You'll end up in the right table.
Fly to the left table with Parakarry to get the D-DOWN JUMP Badge! It's a very good one too for its
low BP use. Go back to the upper floor and through the door to be in the hallway again. Go a little
bit more to the left to find another door in the wall. Go in and you'll be in a room with spikes.
You can barely go through by using the Speedy Spin Badge and some skill with it (I did it the hard
way, since I didn't know the real way :/) but the real way is to use Bow's invisibility so the
spikes don't hit you while you're on them. Get the Castle Key and go back to the hallway. Go to
the next screen to the left and you'll be in the upper floor of a previous room. Here's a secret:
See that clock against the farther wall? Push it to a side to enter another secret room. Now, you
will have to open the lower shelves in the cupboard, then climb through by opening shelves, and
when you're on top of the cupboard, fly over to the edge of the bed with Parakarry, then to the
shelves on the wall and finally you should see a dark room with a treasure chest on it, containing
the second stage of Power Rush--MEGA RUSH Badge! Now, go back to the previous room and go through
the door left, which is locked. You'll be in yet another stairway room. There's a Maple Syrup, too.
Go upstairs and through the door and you'll be in the last hallway. Watch out! Tubba Blubba is
here! Don't even THINK about battling him, he's truly invincible! Use Bow's invisibility close to
him, and when he goes through you, run to the right and go through the door in the wall (the main
one is locked). Here you'll find a Castle Key, guarded by Clubbas. When you get it, go back to the
hallway to open the locked door. Now, you'll find a very useful Heart Block and an even more useful
Save Block. Go right, and you'll be in the third floor passage in the main hall. Go right again and
you'll be in Tubba Blubba's room! This is not good. You'll find a treasure chest with a Mystical
Key on it. However, this key talks! Talk to Yakkey, the key's name. Yakkey is a little sly, though,
and will...uh-oh...call Tubba Blubba! He will come and the castle inside will collapse (don't worry,
you can still go back to it, only the passageways collapse). RUN!
In the outside, the Boos will help out by holding the door back from Tubba Blubba. Run 5 screens
left to reach the entrance to Windy Mill. Use the Mystical Key to get in. The inside of Windy Mill
is not exactly flowers. It's a gloomy, old, leaky passage. Just go all the way through it, through
the enemies, until you reach a chamber with a heart creature on it. It's none other that Tubba
Blubba's Heart, the key to its invincibility.
Boss: TUBBA BLUBBA -- HP: 10 -- Attack: 4 -- Defense: 0
      Heart -- HP: 50 -- Attack: 6/12 -- Defense: 0
You'll only find the Heart here, and the much tougher opponent too. The key is to take the turn
that the Heart spends charging to attack with Mario and let Bow perform Outta Sight. Outta Sight
should always be used when possible! The Heart's attack power is awesome, so don't let it hit you!
If you have an HP and FP recovering item (the perfect one would be Whacka's Bump) you can attack
with Mario's best attacks and with Bow's Smack, and when you're low on HP and out of FP, use the
item. Refresh can help. When you beat the Heart, you'll go back to the overworld for a little while.
Go back to Gusty Gulch and you'll find Boos and Tubba Blubba. After a short talk, Tubba Blubba will
take you on. He's horribly weak without his Heart. Just attack him with normal attacks and he
should be gone in no time.
Yay! The ex-invincible Tubba Blubba is beaten! All the Boos he ate will come back to life! And he
will repent and go back to his castle and be a good boy. He even admits it, unlike Jr. Troopa! =P
Of course, the Boos will love you, and Bow will keep her promise. Watch how the Star Spirit gets
freed from the card. End of Chapter 3! Congratulations, you just completed one of the most annoying



As usual, let's go back to Peach's Castle. Peach and Twink decide that it's no use to just wonder.
They're gonna do something! Guide Peach to the usual path. When you get to Bowser's Room, however,
Peach will be quickly caught by Bowser and Kammy Koopa. Bowser and Kammy will find it hard to
believe that Tubba Blubba lost, while Peach will find it a great relief. After a short argue, they
will wonder what Mario hates, so they could send one to him. They will make a big mistake: ask
Peach. They'll ask you 3 questions about what Mario hates. The choices are: Clubba, Fuzzy, Mushroom,
Goomba, Hammer Bros., Super Soda, Koopatrol, Pokey or Thunder Rage. Of course, the choices you
should make are Mushroom, Super Soda and Thunder Rage. Now, you'll think Bowser will notice you're
lying, right? Wrong. He's strong but dumb. He will believe it and order Kammy to send them at once.
He will also order the guards to take Peach back to her room.
Back to Mario, the third Star Spirit happens to be SKOLAR! He is a Star Spirit who always studies,
like a scholar. He will talk to you about the other 4 Star Spirits, thank you, etc., and he'll also
raise your Star Meter to 3 Stars and grant you the Star Power, STAR STORM! It is great since it
attacks all enemies causing 7 HP damage!! It takes 2 Stars. After that he will go back to Star
Haven. Now you should head back to Toad Town. Don't forget to heal and save. When you're going back
through Forever Forest, though, you'll meet a pesky opponent--Jr. Troopa for the third time! He
brags as usual about his new power, which is, flying. He can fly now. However, he has rights to
brag, since he IS more powerful than before.
Sub-Boss: JR. TROOPA (3) -- HP: 40 -- Attack: 5 -- Defense: 1
Yes, he kept his point of Defense unfortunately. A good start would be a Star Storm. Remember you
can't hit him with the Super Hammer since he flies. Bow will be no use for attacking, so I strongly
recommend Parakarry with his Shell Shot. He gained 25 more HP points from his last visit, so be
careful. He shouldn't be that hard, however, if you beat the Heart without many problems.
When you beat him, he'll vow revenge and let you pass. Times aren't golden in Toad Town, however...
actually, the town's a catastrophe! Go to the following places: Rowf's Badge Shop, South Toad Town
Shop, Post Office, Tayce T.'s House and Russ T.'s House. The Shy Guys have stolen from them! 6
different items have been stolen by the Shy Guys. They all seem to gather in a place...but where?
Remember the Shy Guy House was empty? Go there (left house in Area D) and stand a few seconds while
invisible by Bow. A Shy Guy will come and open a secret door! Go through the door and you'll find
a big toy box and a jumping pad. Jump on the jumping pad and you'll enter a miniature world of Shy
Guys and toys.

                              CHAPTER 4: TRIALS IN THE TOY BOX


This Chapter is just one big toy box, period. The Toy Box consists of 4 Stations. A train takes you
through the Stations. Also, notice that Shy Guys aren't mean--they're just mischievous. Anyways,
you'll start in the Blue Station. You'll find out by talking to the people there that there is no
train. And this is a problem. Now, go left one screen. In this screen you can jump somewhere
between the first tow block and the entrance to find a Maple Syrup. Also, there's a chest guarded
by a black Shy Guy. It contains the POWER PLUS Badge! However, you won't get it without beating the
Anti Guy first. Believe me, it's harrrrrrd! I suggest you do it when you're much more skilled.
Don't think you're gonna win if you come for the first time!
Sub-Boss: ANTI GUY -- HP: 50 -- Attack: 10/12 -- Defense: 0
See? 12 Attack is no joke. The only strategy for this guy is, be strong. There's just no way to
beat it if you're not skilled enough. That's all I can say.
If you go left another screen, you'll be in the Shy Guy's playroom. Here, you will find items that
you must defeat Shy Guys holding them to get them. The important one is the Calculator, which is
one of the lost items! Get it by beating the Shy Guy that holds it. Also, for future reference,
this is the only place to get Cake Mix, which is an important recipe for Tacye T. There are also
two hidden blocks in the middle of the playground that contain a Fright Jar and a Mystery?. Finally
when you have the Calculator, go back to the Blue Station and go right this time.  Now, follow the
long passage until you get to the very end. You'll find a block with a Thunder Bolt and a chest that
contains the Storeroom Key, another stolen item! Before the chest, however, you'll find the first
of Kammy's spells. It will be whatever Peach chose as something that Mario would hate. Hopefully
you chose an item, not an enemy. Anyways, now go back to Toad Town and give the Calculator back to
Rowf. He'll give you the I SPY Badge! It's not that great if you use a Strategy Guide, but if you
didn't, it would be almost impossible to get the Star Pieces without it. Now, go to the South Toad
Town Shop and give the owner the Storeroom Key. He will be overjoyed and will let you get whatever
is in it. In this case it's a Dizzy Dial, a Volt Shroom, a Snowman Doll, and the important item: a
Toy Train. Train...Shy Guy's Toy Box...makes sense. Go back to the Shy Guy House and instead of
jumping into the box, check the box to put the Toy Train in. Now get in the box. Bingo! The train
is there, normal-sized! Now, hammer or jump on the pink circle in front of the Station (there's a
pink one and a red one) and that will indicate that you want to go right, to the Pink Station. You
can go to the very right of the screen before taking the train and jump somewhere around there to
find a block with a Stone Cap. Anyways, take the train and ride to the Pink Station. Once there,
you will find a chest with an stolen item: the Mail Bag! Now, go right and you will be in a hallway.
Those blue blocks with a star on them are bouncy. If you Spin Jump on them, they'll bounce you up.
This is how you get to the other side of the wall and how you get to the DEFEND PLUS Badge on the
small passage going left. Anyways, once on the other side you'll find a dead end. To go through,
notice that there's a big blue block in the farther wall where Shy Guys come from. When a Shy Guy
uses the door, quickly slide through it to come out on the other side. Here you can get the
important ICE POWER Badge, whatever Peach chose as something Mario hated, and the stolen item,
Frying Pan! Now it's time to go back to Toad Town. Go to the Post Office and give back the Mail Bag
for a Star Piece. And then go back to Tayce T. and give her the Frying Pan. As a reward, she'll
bake a Cake for you! However, she's also missing her Cookbook. Go back to the Shy Guy's Toy Box
and to Pink Station. This time go left and then left another screen. Continue left until you find
an arch to go to the other side, but a huge Shy Guy blocking the way to it. Give him the Cake that
Tayce T. baked for you, and he will do this funny thing, thank you, and fly away, leaving the
Cookbook behind! In this room, there's also two hidden blocks, one left of the arch where Gourmet
Guy was with a Super Soda and one between the two visible ones that contains a Dizzy Dial.
Yay! Now, proceed to the other side and go right 2 screens until you're back in the main room of
the Pink Station, only that in anohter side, an there will be a pink level. Pull it and the rail
will be fixed! Now go back to the other side of the Pink Station, and take the train right to the
Green Station. Once there, you can save and find a hidden block in the right part of the screen
with a Fire Flower on it. Go right and go through the passage. Your first obstacle will be a
series of conveyor belts and a net blocking the way. Get on the belt that pushes you to the other
side of the net, and use Bow's invisibility to go through. Right ater that, you'll find a Mystery
Note. You can't read it since it's written in Shy Guy language. Continue right to find a slots
machine. This is optional, just a mini-game that if you want to play you can to get coins or
enemies. Go on right and you'll be in an area with moving blocks. Make your way through, and use
Parakarry to fly over to the other side, where you'll find whatever Peach chose as something Mario
hated and the last of the stolen items, the Dictionary! Head back to Toad Town. Once there, go to
Russ T.'s House and give him the Dictionary for a Star Piece. Also, give him the Mystery Note so he
can decipher it. It says, "Yellow, Green, Red, then Blue." Hmmm...go back to Tayce T.'s house and
give her the Cookbook. Now she can mix 2 items to make a whole new variety of recipes! Good. Go
back to Shy Guy's Toy Box and to the Green Station. Save, and you will see 4 big blocks in that
screen, each a different color. Heheheh...Hammer the yellow first, then the green one, then red,
and finally blue. The rail will be fixed and you can go to the last station now, Red Station. Get
on the train and head for Red Station. Here, you will find Heart Block and a Save Block. At the
very left of the screen, you can jump to find a Super Shroom. Go left. Here's a very long passage
with many obstacles. Basically, just go left by getting on and off the ferris wheels and the hover
platforms. Near the entrance to the hallway, you can jump to find a Volt Shroom. Also, in one part
you will find two yellow blocks. There's nothing special on them, but there is between them. Jump
between the blocks to reveal a red block with another Deep Focus Badge on it! When you get to the
very left, near the exit, you can jump near the block to reveal another one with a Snowman Doll. Go
to the next screen, and you'll find a big ghost (not Boo) holding a lamp. Use Bow as a partner, and
get ready to battle.
Sub-Boss: BIG LANTERN GHOST -- HP: 40 -- Attack: 2/5 -- Defense: 0
This battle is very tricky. Use Bow's Smack to 100% and hit the lantern so light floods the room.
Let Bow go first!! So then if there's enough light, Big Lantern Ghost will be blinded and you can
Jump him with Mario. He will darken the room after a turn, and there you have to repeat the same
process: Bow Smacks the lantern first, Mario jumps on Big Lantern Ghost. Big Lantern Ghost itself
is not so strong, the hard part is getting the light.
Once you beat the huge ghost, you the light on the lantern will be out of the broken lantern. It
happened not to be a light bulb, but a spark called Watt. For saving her, she will join you. Watt
joined your party! You can use her to light up dark rooms. Go back to the main Red Station room,
don't forget to heal and save!!!!! After you healed and save and re-healed and re-saved, get ready
and go right. In this hallway, you'll find a weak spot in a wall blocking you. Blow it up with
Bombette. There will be a bunch of Shy Guys on the other side, though...and they will run away for
their lives from you! In the other side, you can get on the green block by using the bouncy star
block and then using Kooper to break the block there and get the Shooting Star. The block on the
right of the screen contains a Sleepy Sheep. Go right a screen to be in a dark room you can light
up with Watt, and a bunch of Shy Guys that run away from you. Go right again, and you'll be in a
room with all the Shy Guys and what looks like their captain in a toy-made "tank". He will take you
on a battle. He has the Star Spirit, but he says you must earn it by fighting for it. This battle
is certainly not the easiest.
Boss: CAPTAIN GUY -- HP: 30 -- Attack: 4 -- Defense: 2
      Stilt Guy -- HP: 7 -- Attack: 4 -- Defense: 0
      Shy Stack -- HP: 10 -- Attack: 1-4 -- Defense: 0
You'll start up by fighting a bunch of Shy Guys, which are not a real enemy. Just hit them and
they'll run away after a while. Then, Captain Guy will come in his tank, and will order the Stilt
Guys to attack. Beat them both and he will bring up his heavy artillery, the Shy Stacks. Beat them
and the General Guy himself will fight you. Attack the bulb first, and then go for the General Guy.
The trick is to break the light bulb, since without it, the battle will be a piece of cake.
After you beat the General Guy and his Shy Guy army, you can watch how the fourth Star Spirit gets
freed from the card. End of Chapter 4! Nice job!



Let's go up to the stratosphere and check out what's happening inside Peach's Castle. Again, Peach
and Twink will go around for clues. Get out of the room through the fireplace as usual, then to
Bowser's Room and leave to the 2nd floor hall. Enter the third door from the entrance (the one
leading southeast) and you will be in the Dining Hall. Here you will find someone you know: Gourmet
Guy! He is very hungry for cake, and will ask for your help. He will give you a Castle Key so you
can get to the 1st floor hall. It is the locked door in the 2nd floor room. Once you're there, go
to the door at the right to find Toad's Room. Open the cupboard to find Toad. Talk to him and then
he'll let you get the treasure that contains the LAST STAND Badge! Go to the Storeroom on the 2nd
floor and put it in there. Back in the 1st floor hall, enter the door that is on the wall under
the stairs. You will be in the Kitchen. Here, follow Twink's directions to cook, in which you'll
use eggs, cream, milk, etc., then bake, and then decorate. The first part is easy, while in the
baking part you have to be a good second counter since you have to count 30 seconds and then press
A. The decorating part is easy except for one thing: put the cream on the cake, THEN the
strawberries! After you're done, go back to Gourmet Guy. If he doesn't like the cake, you'll have
to bake another one. If he likes it, he will do his usual flying around the screen and then thank
you and tell you a lot of information about an unknown island called "Lavalava Island." Just what
Twink needs to tell Mario!
Back to Mario...The fourth Star Spirit happens to be MUSKULAR! He is a young star who has physical
strength. He will raise your Star Meter to 4 Stars, and grant you the Star Power CHILL OUT that
will lower the Attack of all enemies if it works! He will talk to you as usual, and after he leaves
for Star Haven, go to Merluvee's House to get the Last Stand Badge from the chest and then go back
to the port. Go to the actual port and you'll find Kolorado and a whale in the water. The whale has
a stomachache, however. After a conversation, and a Spin Jumping on its back, the whale will let
you in his belly. Use Watt to light up the area, and you will find a creature jumping around, that
got stuck on his belly when being used as fish bait. Battle!
Sub-Boss: FUZZIPEDE -- HP: 20 -- Attack: 3 -- Defense: 0
This guy is no big deal, but he will climb to the ceiling sometimes, so you can't jump or hammer
it. Use Watt's Electro Shock or any other attack like that to hit him and bring him down.
After you beat him, the whale will fill with water and take you both out! Fuzzipede will be angry
with the whale, while the whale apologizes. As a reward, the whale will take you wherever you want.
Kolorado and Mario agree that Lavalava Island is the place to go, Mario wants to look for a Star
Piece while Kolorado wants to search for a treasure that's said to be there. Get on the whale and
take a ride to Chapter 5.

                            CHAPTER 5: HOT HOT TIMES ON LAVALAVA ISLAND


You will arrive at the shores of this tropical island. This island has a wide variety of flora,
including little curly plants which can either give you a heart or attack you if you touch them,
bushes that move if you touch them, a spinning flower that hovers you if you press Z while on it,
and a some plants that are actually traps. Anyways, there are trees here that have a Stop Watch
and Coconut on it. Anyways, go southeast. You'll be on a beach. Here, Kolorado will be attacked by
Jungle Fuzzies. Fight them to free Kolorado. In this screen there are Coconut trees, a hidden block
with a Repel Gel if you hit a tree, a Letter over a big rock, a spinning flower that leads to a
hidden block containing a Mystery?, and a few Star Pieces. Go right a screen and you'll be in
Yoshi Village! There are different colored Yoshis here that live happily in a tropical climate,
and Coconut trees. Go right a screen and you'll be in the main residential section of Yoshi Village.
There's a Toad House, a tree in which there are Ravens in the top (Ravens are the other inhabitants
of Lavalava Island, and they speak a different language), and a Shop that sells:
Fire Flower: 5 coins
Honey Syrup: 6 coins
Snowman Doll: 15 coins
Super Shroom: 15 coins
Tasty Tonic: 2 coins
Thunder Rage: 15 coins
Also, there are 5 Yoshi kids that name themselves as the "Fearsome Five". Their nanny is Sushie, a
Cheep-Cheep. Now, go right a screen to get out of Yoshi Village. You will now be in a rainforest
screen. However, Kolorado has been kidnapped again, this time by Spear Guys. Free Kolorado. You
can find a very rare Jammin' Jelly behind a big leaf somewhere in the screen. Go back to Yoshi
Village. You'll find out that there's trouble, however. The 5 Yoshi kids have dissapeared! They
ventured into Jade Jungle and got lost! Go north from this screen to enter the depths of Jade
Jungle. Here, move the bushes that block your way and go right. In this screen, you will find
Sushie...on a tree! Hit the tree a few times to get Sushie down. She will talk to you about the
Yoshis, and will join you. Sushie joined your party! She can help you swim whenever there's a
wooden port. Now, swim in that screen to the northeast island where there's a Letter. Go back 1
screen left and now swim left. On the next screen to the left, you can stop at the dock to the left
and move the bushes there. Move next ones, and you'll fight a couple of M. Bushes, and then you
will find a bush that if you move, you'll find Red Yoshi kid! He will thank you and go back to the
Yoshi Village. Also, in this screen there's a hidden block with a Thunder Rage on it by hitting a
tree and there's also a Super Block in the southeast island. From there you can also go one screen
right and then Hammer the tree stump, so the stump will break and will form a bridge so you can get
POWER QUAKE Badge! Anyways, back to the screen where the Red Yoshi kid you rescued was...
Here, you must swim north 1 screen and dock at the left dock. Now, ride the spinning flower
up and starting clearing bushes until you find a pipe. Go down, and use Watt to light up the cave.
When you find the Green Yoshi kid, he will calm down and go back home. Go back to the jungle and
fall down the ledge, then go left. Swim your way left and dock at the little island. Now, hammer
the tree stump and a bridge will form. Cross the bridge, and you'll find the Blue Yoshi kid in your
way left. Now go back 1 screen to the right, and swim and dock at the right dock. Go 1 screen right.
Swim and dock at the right dock. Go another screen right and you'll find the Yellow Yoshi kid,
kidnapped by Putrid Piranhas. Rescue him, and he'll go back to town. Go back left and swim and dock
in the south dock. Go down 1 screen. The Purple Yoshi kid won't be crying or stray. He will just be
sleeping on a tree. Hammer the tree a few times and he will fall and wake up. Talk to him and tell
him that the other 4 got lost, and he'll go back to town. Good, now we found all 5 Yoshi kids! Go
back to Yoshi Village, now (up, left, down, right, southeast). Everyone will thank you. Talk to the
fat yellow Yoshi which is the leader, and he will give you the Jade Raven, a jade statue of a
raven. Now, go back up, left, up, right. Swim over to the northern dock, and you'll be in front of
a Raven statue. Insert the Jade Raven on it and a way will open north. Go up through the newly-made
path and you'll be even deeper in Jade Jungle. Here you can find a hidden block with a Stone Cap if
you jump on the left part in the raised area, and also there's a tree with a vine sticking out in
which you can find an Egg if you pull the vine. To proceed, check the bushes around the right part
of the screen. On the next screen, there will be several holes in the ground and blue blocks. Here,
you need to push the blocks so that they cover the hole through which water is gushing out. Then
the water will be gushing from another hole, then another, then another. Once you covered all holes,
all the geysers will combine into a big one that will push up the big rock in the way. Cover that
hole with a blue block and go through the path there (Oh, forgot, there's a hidden block on the
left of the geyser screen with a Volt Shroom). On the next screen, there are several trees with
vines sticking out. The second tree from the left will give you a Fire Flower if you pull its vine,
and the last one will give you a Mushroom. The second to last, however, will open a path. The next
screen has the roots of an enormous tree. Enter the tree, use the Save Block, and start climbing up
the tree from the inside. There's pretty much nothing here except a badge: HAPPY HEART. When you
get to the top, you will find Raphael the Raven, the Raven leader. Talk to him and he will make a
way so you can reach Mt. Lavalava! He will also give you an ultra-important item: the Ultra Stone!
Now you can Ultra-Rank members that are already Super-Ranked when you reach a Super Block! Anyways,
now go through the new path to the area right of Yoshi Village. Use the basket to go up and then
slide to the entrance of Mt. Lavalava. Heal with the Heart Block, and enter with Kolorado.



Before anything else, the Ice Power Badge is a MUST in Mt. Lavalava, since it will raise your
Attack power by 2 against fire enemies! You will start in a caverny passage. Go on to the next
screen, and you'll find platforms on a lava pool. There are shrinking ones and sliding ones. Go
through them, and go to the next screen. This is the main room in Mt. Lavalava. Here, slide to the
other side, step on the wood block and launch Kooper to break the other wood block and get a POW
Block. Go right through the upper door. Here, avoid the spinning fire bars (Mario Party, anyone)
and at the end you'll find a Super Block. VERY hopefully you have Super-Ranked Sushie before. If
you didn't, do so. If you did, much better. Ultra-Rank Sushie!! She's the best against the fire
enemies. Anyways, go back to the main room and go left, then down the "stairs", and save. Here,
take the sliding rope, however, press A to fall while you're about in the middle of the ride. Try
to land on the high platform. If you miss, try again until you get on it. On it, there's the FIRE
SHIELD Badge! Like Ice Power, it is a MUST to wear it, BP doesn't matter! You can take them out
after Mt. Lavalava if you want, just put them on for now. At the bottom of the room, go right. Use
the Super Block there to Ultra-Rank Sushie if you haven't yet, or another member if you already
have. Now, go back left and left again through the lower rock. Go down the downhill passage and to
the next screen. Here you can jump close to the entrance to find a very important (VERY) Life
Shroom in a hidden block. Go left staying in the upper platform, until you get to a lava river. Use
Parakarry to fly over, then push the 3 blocks to the lava so they completely block the river. Now
you can go left in the lower area of the room, too. Do so, then go left 1 screen. Here, push the
higher blue block left until it falls in the lava pool, and the lower blue block one tile up and
then to the left so it gets over the other platform and THEN push it left so that you can go closer
to the other side. Use Parakarry, go up to the upper ledge, and open the large chest to find the
best Hammer in the game...the ULTRA HAMMER!!! Now your Hammer Attack power increases by 1 more and
you can break Metal Blocks, the yellow and red ones. Now, go right and break the Metal Block in
this room, then go right through the lower door. On this screen, use Parakarry to go through the
lava river, climb up the rocks, and get the DIZZY STOMP Badge! Go back left and then right through
the upper path, right again, so you are in the main room. Go up by using the jumping pad, save,
and break the Metal Block. You'll rejoin Kolorado here. Go right through the new door. Now, grab
onto the sliding rope and go to the other side and go right 1 screen. In this screen, run right as
fast as you can, since a big spiny rock will chase you! When you get to the other side go through
the door, and you'll be in a room full of lava. Make your way to the right through the platform
that goes back and forth. Stay on the right of the platform to jump over to the other platform,
avoid the spinning fire bars, and do the same until you reach the door to the right. Go through and
you'll be in a room with a big spiny rock, but it's stuck. Now, go to the very right of the room
and Kolorado will stay there, next to the big rock that blocks your path. Now, push the blue block
aaaaall the way to the left until you can reach the high ledge by jumping on it. Break all the
Metal Blocks until the big spiny rock is free. It will roll down the hill, over Kolorado, and then
break the rock blocking your path. Go back to Kolorado, who will be OK, and go right a screen. Here
go right, heal with the Heart Block, and go to the door to the right. Kolorado will predict that
the trasure is in the next room. Well, it's not, but there is a Maple Syrup and a Super Shroom. Go
back left and down the stairs, save in the Save Block, and then go right one screen through the
lower door. Walk to the right and you will find a small lava circle. >From it, the dangerous-looking
Lava Piranha and its followers will emerge and attack you.
Boss: LAVA PIRANHA -- HP: 40 -- Attack: 5/7 -- Defense: 0
      Lava Bud -- HP: 8 -- Attack: 0/4 -- Defense: 0
      Petit Piranha -- HP: 1 -- Attack: 6 -- Defense: 0
This fight has 2 parts. The group consists of the Lava Piranha and 2 Lava Buds. The Fire Shield and
the Ice Power Badges will help you so much that the battle will seem 150% easier if you have them.
The Ultra Hammer unfortunately can't be used against them. Sushie should use Tidal Wave and Squirt,
while Mario should recover the FP. It should be beaten in no time. That was easy! The Piranhas sink
back into their pool, beaten. ...What the? The lava healed them! Now they're fire piranhas! The
changes are: Lava Piranha's Attack is now 7 instead of 5, while the Lava Buds don't attack anymore
but shoot Petit Piranhas, who will suicide themselves for high damage. They have no real HP except
the Petit Piranhas, so to beat them, you should first attack with Sushie by using a Tidal Wave and
put out their fire and kill the Petit Piranhas, then attack one of the major enemies with Mario to
finish it off. If you have high HP or low FP, you can just use Belly Flop with Sushie and then hit
the same enemy with Mario. After you beat them, they won't have enough strength to recover.
Yes! That was great! Now, you can sit back and watch how the fifth Star Spirit is freed from its
card. End of Chapter 5, and a long one too! Awesome. Now, we only need to get Kolorado's treasure
and get outta here. Go right one screen, and then upstairs and right again. You will see the
treasure on a high platform. Kolorado will go crazy. Uh-oh...there's a little problem, however...
The lava is gushing out! The place is getting filled with lava! RUN upstairs and hear how Kolorado
refuses to leave without the treasure he seeked for such a long time. The Star Spirit, however,
tells him that he is foolish since there is no treasure more important than life. Use Bombette to
blast the rocks blocking your way. Get out of the volcano. Mt. Lavalava erupts!



Let's see wazzup in Peach's Castle. Peach and Twink will go in their usual clue routine. Go out of
the room, into Bowser's Room, and then into the 2nd floor Hall. Get down to the 1st floor Hall, and
then go to the door at the left. You'll be in the Quiz Room now. Here, there are 2 guards. Argh...
back to the room...huh? No, the guards will invite you to participate on their quiz! There are 10
questions and it's like Jeopardy!, if you know it, press A and answer the question. Highest score
after 10 questions wins. These are the questions:
What's the name of the boss inside the volcano on Lavalava Island? (Lava Piranha)
Where did Master Huff N. Puff imprison the Star Spirit? (Flower Fields)
What's the name of the scary round monster living in Dry Dry Ruins? (Chomp)
How would you get to Flower Fields? (Pass Flower Gate)
What's the name the person who King Bowser really loves? (Princess Peach)
What thing is most deeply related to Flower Fields? (Flower)
What's the name of the most admirable, invincible, just downright cool guy around? (King Bowser)
What's the name for the ghosts who live in and around Forever Forest? (Boo)
What's then name of the area just to the south of the post office in Toad Town? (The Flower Garden)
Where is Peach's Castle now? (On Bowser's Castle)
If you win, you'll get the Sneaky Parasol and a Jammin' Jelly. The Sneaky Parasol can be used by
Peach to turn into whoever is in front of her. Bowser will come around, however, and order the
guards to take Peach back to her room. However, you have all the information you need on how to get
to Flower Fields now...or almost all.
Back to Mario. The fifth Star Spirit is MISSTAR, a young female star. She will talk to you about
how Kolorado cared more about a treasure than his life, and about rescuing the remaining 2 Star
Spirits. She will raise your Star Meter to 5 Stars, and grant you SMOOCH, the most expensive Star
Power (3 Stars), but it will recover 20 HP! After she goes back to Star Haven, go to Yoshi Village
to find a sad Kolorado because he missed the treasure forever. However, go up, then right, and
swim to the island in the middle to find a treasure: the Volcano Vase! It's the treasure Kolorado
was looking for! Go back to Kolorado, give it to him, and he'll be so happy that he'll give you
a Magical Seed he got from the Bub-Ulb in Jade Jungle. Now, save and heal, and go back to the whale
to head for Toad Town. After you leave, however, you'll see Jr. Troopa that just swam all the way
to Lavalava Island...just for nothing, since you already left! He will have to swim back to Toad
Town. When you arrive at Toad Town, Jr. Troopa will arrive too. He will challenge you to a fight,
for the fourth time.
Sub-Boss: JR. TROOPA (4) -- HP: 20 -- Attack: 6 -- Defense: 1
What's Jr. Troopa's new technique? He still flies, but now he has a spike on its head, so you can't
jump on it. Ooh. And he has 20 HP instead of 40 since he's so tired from swimming! Start off by
using Star Storm, and attacking with either Watt's Electro Shock, Sushie's Squirt, or Parakarry's
Shell Shot. On your second turn, use the Star Storm again and attack with your partner. He should
be almost beaten up now. Finish him off if in the 2rd turn if you didn't in the 2nd.
He will just be very angry that you beat him 4 times in a row. Anyways, forget about him, and go
to Area C, to the Flower Garden. Give Minh T. all 4 Magical Seeds (red, blue, green and yellow)
that you found (in case you missed one, they're in Toad Town, Forever Forest, Mt. Rugged and
Lavalava Island). If you do, she will plant them all and the Flower Gate will open. Before going in
you might want to heal, since there are no Heart Blocks in Flower Fields. Once you're ready, get
ready to rumble. Enter the Flower Gate.

                              CHAPTER 6: DARK DAYS IN FLOWER FIELDS


This Chapter is just a big field full of flowers. Aw, c'mon, what can be the problem in a happy
and sunny flower field? No sun. That's the problem. The sky has been covered by clouds and it seems
that a cloud machine controlled by a guy called Huff N. Puff, Bowser's follower. You will start in
the heart of the Flower Fields, what we'll call the main screen. Here, there are 6 roads going to
6 different ways, and in the middle, a big tree called Wise Wisterwood. You can talk to him if you
want to learn about the situation in Flower Fields. First of all, you should head to the path that
leads east. In this screen, you can find a Stinky Herb if you check one of the vines in the wall.
Also in this screen, you'll also find 3 multicolored trees. Hammer the middle one first, then the
right one, and then the left one, and you will get another Happy Flower Badge (the other one you
can trade for with Merlow)! After that continue right to the next screen. In it will be Petunia,
a flower that will talk to you. She has a bean you'll need, however, she asks a favor in return:
to get rid of all those Monty Moles. There are 10 Monty Moles in total (4 groups), just beat them
all easily and get the Magical Bean from Petunia. Before going away, Hammer the tree on that screen
to get a Red Berry. Now, go back to the main screen. Go southwest. Here you'll meet the Red Plant,
who is guarding a gate. He will only let you pass if you give him a Red Berry. Give it to him, and
go left until you find a tree that looks the same as the one near Petunia. Hit it to get a Yellow
Berry. Continue right and you'll find a flower called Posie. His roots are tied to the roots of the
Crystal Tree next to it. Talk to Posie and he will give you the Fertile Soil. Go back to the main
screen and go southeast this time. Give the Yellow Berry to the Yellow Plant and he'll let you pass
the gate. Hop through the little platforms above the spiny field. However, there are some platforms
you can't reach, so use Parakarry. On the other side, go up the stairs and left avoiding all the
pesky Crazee Dayzees, and when you get to the end you'll find a Super Block. Go back right and
you'll see another berry tree. Hit it to get a Blue Berry. This time, however, get 2. Go right to
the next screen. Go downstairs and then upstairs again. There's hidden block with a Maple Syrup
here. Go right to the next screen and you'll meet Lily, a bulb. She is sad due to the lack of
water, and this is caused because the Water Stone is not here. After talking to her, go back to the
main screen and go east again. Go all the way to Petunia's screen and then right again. Throw a
Blue Berry in the well to recieve another Flower Saver Badge (the other one you trade with Merlow)!
Go back to the main screen and then go west. Give the other Blue Berry to the Blue Plant, and he'll
let you through. You can find a hidden block with a Shooting Star here by jumping over the block by
using the jumping pad and then jump up from there. Anyways, go left one screen and you'll hear two
Lakitus talking. They'll fight you. Beat them and go on to the hedge maze. To go through the maze,
keep in mind that there are some high grass areas that you can go through. The correct pipe is the
one in the middle, so check every single area of high grass to see if you can go through it until
you get to the middle. After you beat the maze, you left one screen and you'll find Rosie, a flower
that brags too much about her beauty. Talk to her. She'll say she found a Water Stone in the hedge
maze and will give it to you if you give her something more beautiful. So go back all the way to
Posie (southwest path from main screen) and talk to him again. He'll give you a Crystal Berry.
Return to Posie, and give her the Crystal Berry to recieve the Water Stone! Now, go back to Lily
(southeast from main screen). She will ask you to put the Water Stone in the middle of the spring.
Watch how water fills Flower Fields once again! Everyone will be happier, but the sun is still
missing for total happiness. Lily will give you, in return, some Miracle Water! Hm...we got soil,
water and bean...but no plant grows without sun! Go one screen left and swim over with Sushie to
the island with the blue tree on it. Hit it to get a Bubble Berry. Now go back to the main screen
and go northwest. Talk to the Bubble Plant and give him a Bubble Berry. He'll make bubble for you
to get on to go through the spiky field. Don't waste it, though, since he will make one bubble per
berry. Anyways, once on the other side, you can go left to the next screen without trouble. On the
next screen, you can find a Shooting Star between some flowers. Also, you'll notice a stone
structure with stairs leading to the top of it. Take the stairs and use Bombette to blast the rock
on top of the structure. Fall through the new hole to get the MEGA SMASH Badge! Now go left one
screen. You'll be in the Sun Tower. Before climbing it, go left and you'll find a cracked wall
inside a hole (it might not be easily seen, but it's there). Just set Bombette inside the hole in
the wall to blast the wall. Now, climb up the tower until you reach the top. On it is the sun of
Flower Fields. When not in the sky, this sun gets small and not so shiny. Talk to the sun and he
will beg you to put an end to the cloud problem. Now, go back to the main screen. On your way back,
however, you'll meet a Lakitu called "Lakilester". He likes being called Spike, though. Fight him
for a while until he gives up. Lakilester will talk to you about how he joined Bowser's army and
why he wants to quit. He will quit Bowser's army because he wants to do good to people. He will
join you as your last partner. Lakilester joined your party! Lakilester and Lakilulu, his
girlfriend, will have a short conversation before he leaves. Now, go one screen right and use
Lakilester to go through all the spikes. When you get to the main screen, go northeast. You can
find a Stinky Herb by pulling a vine. Anyways, continue right here until you get to a 7 platforms
in different elevations. To solve this puzzle, you must: Spin Jump on the red one, ride with
Lakilester over to the right side of the puzzle and land at the green platform, Spin Jump on the
green platform, Spin Jump on the purple platform left to the previous green one, ride back to the
left part of the puzzle, Spin Jump on the green platform, ride back to the right part of the puzzle,
Spin Jump on the green platform, and go right to complete the puzzle and get to the other side. Now,
you'll notice a caged jumping pad. Get to it from the right side of the cage, jump on it, and on
the top you'll find a Super Block. Go back down and right 1 screen. Here, go from platform to
platform through the tree bridges. On the second platform there's a Letter between some flowers. On
the last platofmr there's a Thunder Rage between flowers. Go right another screen, and you'll reach
the cloud machine! After fighting Lakitus and a Magikoopa, Hammer the cloud machine from both sides
several times to break it completely. Yay! No more clouds! However, we need to get rid of Huff N.
Puff now. Go all the way back to the main screen, go to Toad Town to heal and back to Flower Fields
to save. Now, go Wise Wisterwood will talk to you. Go to the spot with the dirt and plant in this
order: first the Magical Bean, then the Fertile Soil and finally the Miracle Water. A plant will
grow! And it will grow to the sky! Climb the plant. After a long climbing period, you will be on
a golden cloud. Here you will find a cloud going up and down. Get on it to get to a block with the
very important S. JUMP CHG Badge! Wear it, no matter what! It's very important that you wear it.
Now, go one screen right. At the very right, you'll meet Huff N. Puff, and the battle for Flower
Fields will begin.
Boss: HUFF N. PUFF -- HP: 60 -- Attack: 5 -- Defense: 0
      Tuff Puff -- HP: 1 -- Attack: 2 -- Defense: 0
This is one of the hardest bosses. The more you hit it, the more Tuff Puffs that come out of it.
They will attack altogether, always doing 2 HP damage no matter how many they are. The problem is,
Huff N. Puff will suck the Tuff Puffs to recover, and the more they are the more he recovers.
Always try to keep just 2 Tuff Puffs alive. On the first turn Mario should use S. Jump Chg. while
Lakilester should use Spiny Flip on Huff N. Puff. On the second, Mario should use Power Bounce and
Lakilester should use Spiny Surge on all enemies. Make sure you have FP-Recovering items, maybe
some HP-Recovering too, and the deadly combination: S. Jump Chg. and Power Bounce. Good luck on
this battle.
When you beat Huff N. Puff, the Flower Fields will all come to 100% happiness. The card will come
out as usual, the sixth Star Spirit coming out from it. End of Chapter 6! That's one big thing
crossed out from the agenda. Only one Star Spirit remains...what awaits Mario next?



Let's go back to Peach's Castle. Peach wants to help again. Get out of the room, then to Bowser's
Room, and then out to the 2nf floor Hall. Go to the Storeroom, and put the Jammin' Jelly in there.
Now, go back to the Hall and press B in front of a guard. Now you're disguised as a guard! Now, go
up to the 3rd floor Hall, and talk to the guard guarding the next door. He will ask you to bring
the sleeping Clubba here. He will also give you a Castle Key. Now, go all the way to the 1st floor
Hall, and open the door leading outside with the Castle Key. You're now on the outside of the
castle. Use the Sneaky Parasol in front of the Clubba. Now, go all the way back to the guard who
asked you the favor. He will let you pass. Continue going up until you reach the top of the castle.
Here, you'll find out all you need to know until Kammy Koopa finds out who you really are.
Back to Mario. The sixth Star Spirit is KLEVAR, a very clever and studying Star Spirit. He will
talk about the last Star Spirit and all that stuff. He will also raise your Star Meter to 6 Stars,
and give you TIME OUT, a 2-Star Star Power that freezes all the enemies if successful! After he
returns to Star Haven, go back to Toad Town. Once there, you should go to Merluvee's Treasure Chest
and get the Jammin' Jelly. Now, TOTALLY OPTIONAL: If you're strong enough, you could go to Pleasant
Path where you'll find a huge bully Koopa that blocks your way. If you don't wanna pay 100 coins
each time you wanna pass, you better fight him.
Sub-Boss: KENT C. KOOPA -- HP: 70 -- Attack: 3-10 -- Defense: 6
This could be the hardest enemy. Use Goombario's Multibonk or Power Bounce to flip him over. That's
when you can hurt him. Use S. Jump Chg. on the first turn while your partner flips him. On the
second, use Power Bounce while your partner attacks or protects you. Bring in many recovery items,
you'll need them.
Anyways, the important part is: After releasing Klevar, go to Merlon's House. You will find a black
ice creature. Talk to him and he'll ask you to go to the Toad Town Tunnels with him. OK, go to the
tunnels and fall down, then go right one screen. Here, you'll find a pipe guarded by a lot of
spikes. You know what to do...use Lakilester. Go down the pipe. From this room go left, then left
again. Now, break the wood block and jump on the jumping pad. On the other side of the wall, you'll
find a big treasure chest. Could this mean...yes...it's the ULTRA BOOTS! The most powerful Boots of
all! Now you can do Tornado Jumps instead of Spin Jumps, and your Jump attack power increases by 1
more! Now, go back to the room with the spikes. Cross the spikes and go right one screen. Use Watt
to reveal the hidden blocks. Hit the blocks and they'll appear, so they'll form a bridge. Cross the
bridge, and thanks to the black creature, the blue door will be open. Go through and you'll find a
pipe. Go through the pipe. You'll be in an icy room. Go left to find a Super Block, and then go
right to find the pipe leading to Shiver City.

		                  CHAPTER 7: A STAR SPIRIT ON ICE


Unlike other cities, a series of events actually happen on this snowy city. Inhabitated by Penguins
and Toads. It has 3 screens, and you'll begin in the middle one. Here you can find the pipe leading
back to Toad Town Tunnels, a Toad House, a normal house and the Shiver City Shop that sells:
Dizzy Dial: 15 coins
Life Shroom: 40 coins
Maple Syrup: 20 coins
Shooting Star: 30 coins
Snowman Doll: 8 coins
Super Shroom: 20 coins
In the cozy Toad House, each time you sleep you will find an Iced Potato on the table (room service)
It's the only way to get Iced Potatos. In the left screen we can find the Mayor's House to the far
left, an abandoned doorless house in the middle, and a normal house on the right. On the right
screen there's the Shiver City Lake, Herringway's House and the locked Warehouse. One important
thing to do here is to go to the left screen and enter the house at the right. Now, climb over the
shelves and then through all the furniture and open a window to get out. Here, use Parakarry to
climb over the gap between the 2 houses, and when you get to the abandoned house, the one in the
middle, enter through the chimney. You'll find the ATTACK FX E Badge! Now, go back out and fall.
Go in the Mayor's House, the one in the left. Talk to the wife, and then go into the next door,
where the Mayor is. He's stone cold and immobile, and lying there on the floor with a note on his
hand that says "Herringway". The wife will acuse you for murder!! Your only proof of innocence is
the note saying "Herringway". Herringway happens to be the town novelist. Time to talk to
Herringway! Go to the right screen of town. Herringway happens not to be in his house at this time.
You see the iced lake outside? Tornado Jump on it a few times to break the ice. Use Sushie to dive
and get the Warehouse Key that is underwater. Open the Warehouse and enter. Climb up the stairs
and go outside, then slide through the ice and in Herringway's House's chimney. Talk to Herringway
and he will say that he has no idea of what's happened, and will go to the Mayor's House. Follow
him to the Mayor's House. The wife, the dead Mayor, Mario, your partners, Herringway and a police
officer will be in that one room. After talking for a little while, the Mayor will wake up! It
happened that he hit his head against the table when looking for a present to give to Herringway on
his visit to Toad Town. Everything will be happy again, and the Mayor lets you leave the city
whenever you want for the dangerous Shiver Snowfield. Heal and save, and set off for Shiver



In this screen, go right until Jr. Troopa, for the fifth time, will challenge you. He says he is
much stronger now. And he is.
Sub-Boss: JR. TROOPA (5) -- HP: 50 -- Attack: 8 -- Defense: 1
He got rid of his ability to fly and his spike on the head, and brought a magic wand with him. His
Attack power is very high, and he has more HP and keeps his point of Defense. After spending all
your Star Power with Star Storms and using Parakarry's Shell Shot, change partner to Bow. Use the
old S. Jump Chg./Outta Sight combination, and in the next turn, Power Bounce. This is the best
strategy I can think of. If you don't have those, Ultra Hammer and S. Smash Chg. would help, and if
you don't have that either, just attack with Parakarry's Shell Shot and the Ultra Hammer.
After you beat him once again, he will stay there, frozen. Go right 1 screen and you'll find 6
snowmen on a wall. One is missing a scarf, however, and one is missing his cap. Now, go right 1
screen and you'll be on a dark sky screen. Just go right, trying to avoid (or fighting) the Frost
Piranhas, until you meet a black large ghost. He tries to scare you. You don't get scared. He tries
to scare you more. You still don't get scared. He challenges you to a fight. You accept. The ghost
is just a bunch of Star Kids trying to scare you!
Sub-Boss: MONSTAR -- HP: 20 -- Attack: 1 -- Defense: 0
The easiest sub-boss in the game. The Star Kids are just not experienced enough to even scratch you.
No defense, 1 Attack point and 20 HP means beating this guy in 1 second.
After beating Monstar, go right 1 screen. You'll be in Starborn Valley. This is a little valley
with Star Kids and Toads. There's a Toad House, a normal house, a Save Block and Merle's House.
Talk to Merle, the son of Merlon, and he will explain that these Star Kids couldn't return to Star
Haven because of Bowser and that you must rescue the Star Spirit on this land. He will give you a
Scarf. It's time to heal and save and go back all the way to Shiver City, and to the Mayor's House.
Talk to him to recieve the Bucket. Now, go back to the area with the 6 snowmen. Give the Bucket to
the hatless snowman, and the Scarf to the scarfless snowman. They will open a hole so you can get
to Shiver Mountain, and thank you. Go through the hole to reach the heights of the Shiver area.



You'll start on a very, very large screen. Save, and go right until you find a gap in the mountain.
Fall in it, and Tornado Jump the ice a few times to break it and find a green switch. Press it and
the gap will be bridged. Continue right until you reach a gap that can be bridged by launching
Kooper to the switch. However, there will be 2 Koopers after the switch! Smack the one at the left,
the fake one, and he will reveal himself as a Duplighost in disguise. Fight the 2 Duplighosts and
after you win the battle, continue right until you get to the very top of the stairs. Use Watt to
find a block that contains a rare Ultra Shroom! Now, go right to the next screen. Here, go
downstairs to find a Pebble at the end of the way. It is useless for battle, but useful for
something else. Now, go back upstairs and right until you find stairs going up and left. Go up
these stairs to find a Super Block. Now, go right 1 screen. You'll find a Shooting Star in a hole.
If you want it, take it out, however, the way will be blocked. Put the useless Pebble in the hole
and the way will re-open. There are 2 other items like these, the Snowman Doll and the Thunder
Rage. If you really want them, take them and switch for another item, preferably a Pebble. Go on to
the next screen. You will find an ice block with a star-shaped hole on it. Fall in the cliff ahead,
and bomb the wall to the right with Bombette. Enter the cave, and you'll find the ghost of Madam
Merlar, Merlon's dead mother. She will talk to you and give you the Star Stone. Go back outside and
back up to the ice rock with the star hole on it. Put the Star Stone in it, and watch how some
HUGE ice stairs cover the hole screen. Go up the stairs to the next platform, where you can find a
red block to the right containing the MEGA JUMP Badge! Continue up the stairs and you'll find a
Save Block. Keep going upstairs to find a Heart Block and the entrance to the Crystal Palace.



For many, the most confusing dungeon in the game. Why? Almost every single screen has two sides--
the real side and the mirror side, and you can play on both. On the first screen of the Crystal
Palace, go right. On the next screen, at the end, you'll find a red door and a switch. Press the
switch, and the red door will lower and the blue door will take their place. Now, go back a
little bit until you see a door going south. Enter, and save in the Save Block. Go right 1 screen
and then another. You'll find a chest with the Blue Key on it! Go back to the blue door. Use the
Blue Key and go through. Bomb the wall to the right and go through the hole. In this screen, you'll
notice that instead of mirrors, this room has looking glass. Walk between the 3rd and 4th pillar to
go to the other side of the room. Bomb the wall left and go through. In this room, you'll meet
a reflection of you and your partner. Fight them, they're just Duplighosts. When you beat them,
continue left to the next screen. You'll be in the color door screen. Go through the door that leads
north, and you'll be in a room with a block containing a Super Shroom. You'll also notice a weak
spot on the floor. Tornado Jump the spot to fall down. Go right 1 screen and right another screen.
You'll be in a room containing a treasure chest. Do you like Defense over Attack? Then the
P-DOWN, D-UP Badge found here is for you! Go back 2 screens and up the jumping pad, and through the
door. Now, you should be in the color doors room again. Go 2 screens right, then go back to the
other side of the glass, and left 2 screens. You should now be back on the other side of the color
doors screen. Enter the door leading down again, and you'll notice that where the X-Marked spot was
before there's a hole now, since you broke that spot from the other side of the mirror. Fall down
the new hole and on the next screen, bomb the wall right. However, the Bombette will multiply by
5! There are now 5 Bombettes that claim to be the real Bombette. The real Bombette is the second
one from the right. Smash all the others and she'll love you in return. Go right through the bombed
wall, and you'll find a chest with the Red Key! Go back to the color doors screen and press the
switch again. The red door should replace the blue one. Use the Red Key to unlock the door and go
through. Here, you'll find 3 White Clubbas. You must fight all of them if you want the blocking
statues on the other side to disappear. After you beat them all, go back left. Go to the other side
of the room through the hole in the glass. Go right, and now that the statues aren't there, you can
go right again. In this screen, crack the wall where the door's reflection should be, even though
there's no crack. Go right to find the TRIPLE DIP Badge! Now, go back left and set Bombette next to
the switch while you run to the revolving door. Now that you're on the closer side, you can go
right through the white door. Go right 1 screen again. Instead of a door, there will be a small
hole in the wall here. Launch Kooper over there a hole will form in the wall, however, Kooper will
return with Luigi, Kolorado, Goompa, and Koopa Koot. They all claim to be Kooper. Their disguise is
not exactly what one would call "perfect", and they will even take you as a keen-eyed and smart
player if you smash them. Smash everyone except Kooper and go right. Go right again another screen.
Here, you'll find a gap in the room. Launch Kooper so that in the reflection, the shell hits the
switch. This will form a bridge. Go right to the next screen, and go to the farther side of the
room through the hole in the glass. Go left 2 screens, then go up 1 screen. There's a hidden block
with a Jammin' Jelly on the left side of the room, and an Albino Dino statue. You can only push
Albino Dino statues in the direction they're facing. Push it left, therefore, and fall down the
hole. Go right 1 screen and then another screen. You'll find a treasure chest. Do you like Attack
over Defense? Then the P-UP, D-DOWN Badge found here is for you! Go back 2 screens, jump on the
jumping pad and go through the door. Here, go right 2 screens and again through the hole in the
glass and you'll be in the closer side of the screen. Go back 2 screens left and go down through
the door. The Albino Dino statue here is huge, but if you moved the smaller one in the previous
room, this one will be moved, too! Go down the hole and right 2 screens. You'll find a treasure
chest with the Palace Key! Go back 2 screens left, jump up the jumping pad, and up through the door.
Go right 2 screens and open the locked door to the right. Now, you'll be in a puzzle room. This one
has no mirror, fortunately. It's a puzzle in which you must push all Albino Dino statue so they all
cover the yellow tiles on the floor. Remember you can only push them in the direction they're
facing. And the trick is: to change the way the face, talk to the real white Albino Dinos from the
direction you want them to face and they'll face your way. After all 3 are on the tiles, stairs
will form, so you can reach the door. Go right through the door. Heal and save on this screen, and
go right. You will now be on the outside. On the platform to the right, you will find the invisible
Crystal King, the boss of the Crystal Palace, and guardian of the seventh Star Spirit. Fight!
Boss: CRYSTAL KING -- HP: 70 -- Attack: 6 -- Defense: 2
      Crystal Bit -- HP: 1 -- Attack: 0 -- Defense: 0
This guy is tough. The strategy would be all-attack. Hopefully, you have many HP-Recovering items,
because you have to use strength on this guy. He has a wide variety of attacks including mirror
images (if you look very carefully, you can tell which one is the real one since it glows a little
bit when it's transforming), and a move that recovers 20 HP! He will also take out some Crystal
Bits. They can't really do anything for themselves, but he will launch them at you to attack. If
Watt is Ultra-Ranked, she can help a lot, since she would still do 5 points of damage! Even without
being Ultra-Ranked, she can still help you more than any other partner. Also, try this combination:
1st turn: Mario uses S. Jump Chg., Watt uses Turbo Charge on Mario. 2nd Turn: Mario uses Power
Bounce for a deadly combination of attacks! Spend all your Star Power on Star Storms, or if it
works, Chill Out. Use an offensive strategy, recovering only when needed with items. Hopefully, it
shouldn't be so hard.
Now that you've beaten the Crystal King, watch how the last of the seven Star Spirit gets freed
from the card. End of Chapter 7! It is time...



Let's go once again to Peach's Castle. This time, you can't control her, since Bowser himself will
come to the room. This is the climax of the story in Peach's Castle, since Bowser is informed that
Mario rescued all 7 Star Spirits, gets prepared for Mario's coming, orders the guards to tie Peach
permanently, and Peach herself asks Bowser to show respect to her!
Now, let's find out about the last Star Spirit. The Star Spirit, KALMAR, congratulates Mario for
saving them all and goes back to Star Haven to join the other 6. He asks you, before going, to go
to Shooting Star Summit. It's the moment of truth. He also gives you the 7th Star to your Star
Meter, and UP & AWAY, a Star Power that turns enemies into stars and blows them away.
Now, go all the way back from Shiver Mountain, to Shiver Snowfield, to Shiver City. Sleep in the
Toad House and when you wake up, you'll find that someone left a present for you, probably for
beating Crystal King: 4 Mushrooms and 1 Ultra Shroom! Now, go back to Toad Town Tunnels and finally
to Toad Town. If you talk to the Toads, all of them will support you on your way to Bowser. Go to
Shooting Star Summit, and you'll meet the 7 Star Spirits. They will inspire you on your battle and
create Star Way, a connection between Shooting Star Summit and Star Haven. Get on the light and you
will be transported to Star Way. This is pretty much a one-way road made of stars. When you get to
the very top, you'll be in Star Haven. Here, you can meet Star Kids, there's a Toad House, and a
Shop where you can buy useful items. Stock up on Life Shrooms!
Life Shroom: 25 coins
Maple Syrup: 10 coins
Shooting Star: 15 coins
Stop Watch: 15 coins
Super Shroom: 10 coins
Super Soda: 3 coins
After that, go right one screen, and enter the Star Sanctuary. The 7 Star Spirits are there! They
will talk to you, and will send you on your way to Bowser's Castle by creating the Star Mobile.
They will also grant you STAR BEAM, a free Star Power that disables the Star Rod's power. Hop on
the Star Mobile and get ready.



You'll arrive at the ship dock of Bowser's Castle. Go right. You'll be on the outside. The main
door, of course, is locked. So go in the secondary door, which is right of the main door. Here, you
must beat the Koopatrols to get the Castle Key. Remember, ALWAYS use Watt in Bowser's Castle for
battles! Now, go back to the outside and open the main door. In this screen, just go right to the
next screen, your only obstacles being Koopatrols. The next room is just a hallway. Go right. Now,
you'll be in a room with a Bowser door. Talk to the door and the door will open the floor below you
so you'll fall. You'll end up in a jail. In jail there's a Heart Block. Also, there are 3 crates.
The bottom left one contains a Tasty Tonic and the bottom right one contains a Life Shroom, so
Tornado Jump the crates to get them. Bomb the cracked wall to the right with Bombette to get out.
Now, use Lakilester to go left and dock at the platform with the block on it, that has a Life
Shroom. Now, use Lakilester to ride all the way left until you get to the outside of the castle,
but in the lava. At the end of the lava river, there will be a group of rocks and on top of it, a
red block with another Deep Focus Badge on it! Go back to the room where you came out of jail and
go right again, then dock at the first low point you see. Now, go back left and save, and go back
right and use Parakarry to go through the first set of platforms. After you get to the big platform,
there will be a second group of platforms that sink if you step on them for too long. So quickly
hop through them until you get to the other side. Go right 1 screen and you'll be in another long
lava room. Use Kooper to hit the switch on the small platform so you can cross over to the next
platform. Use Parakarry to get to the next platform, then use Lakilester to get to the other small
platform that lets you get to the next platform by using Parakarry. Use Parakarry to get through
platforms until you get to the next screen. Here, use Lakilester to get to the next platform and
the next one too. There is a Mystery? and Thunder Rage on the platforms, but you need Kooper. When
you get to a moving platform, get on it, and use Bow's invisibility to get through the lavafall.
The next door is locked, so use Lakilester to go up through the door blocked by lava in the farther
wall. This screen is the source for all the lava in the castle. Dock at the low point and go up the
stairs until you see a blue switch, guarded by Koopatrols and a Magikoopa. Once you beat them,
press the blue switch and the lava flow will stop! Now, go back to the other room. No more lava!
You can now enter the other hole in the farther wall that was more to the left still in the same
screen, and find a chest with a Castle Key in it. Go back to the locked door on the far right, and
unlock it. You'll now be in a spooky, dark place. Use Watt to light your way. Climb all the way up.
On the first fork, go up and use Parakarry. Second fork in the road, go up to find a POW Block or
then go middle and use Parakarry to continue on your way. Go on to the next screen. On this screen,
go to the upper path for a Shooting Star or then the middle path and use Parakarry to continue on
your way. Second fork, go to the middle path and use Parakarry and continue to reach the end of
the gloomy passage. Now, push the statue to the left and fall through the hall. Does this place
look familiar? Hahaha April Fools! Just kidding. Talk to the Bowser door and it will keep its
promise of letting you through. Now, you'll be in a large 2-floor room. You can go right on the 1st
floor and continue through the hallway until you reach a Toad House (you need to get a Castle Key
by defeating some Koopatrols to unlock it). Back to the big room, you can go left on the 2nd floor
and you'll be in a warehouse where a bored Goomba guard will sell you stuff. This is the last shop
you'll see before Bowser, so stock up!
Dizzy Dial: 25 coins
Maple Syrup: 30 coins
Mystery?: 5 coins
POW Block: 15 coins
Super Shroom: 30 coins
Thunder Rage: 30 coins
Back to the big room, go right on the 2nd floor to continue on your quest. Go past the hallway and
you'll be in a tall room. Go right again until you reach a jumping pad. Jump on it, and go left
until you see a chain hanging from the ceiling. Pull it and water will fill the room a little bit!
Use Sushie to go back to the previous room. Dock at the dock that is at the water's level, press
the switch, and then bomb the right wall to get to the upper floor on the right screen. Here,
Tornado Jump the wood block to make the switch fall. Press the switch to make a passage appear so
you can get to the other side. There's a hidden Maple Syrup right where you come out. Continue
right through the passage until you can exit the passage again. See the chain? Pull it and water
will fill the room even more. Go all the way to the left screen and use Sushie to get to the other
side of the room, where a Castle Key awaits. Reverse the process of the chains until there's no
more water in the room. Open the locked door to the right of the right screen. In this room, even
if you hate fighting, fight. It's the room where you'll gain the most levels in the whole game. I
went up 3 levels just in this room! There are B. Bill Blasters that shoot Bombshell Bills at you.
At least fight the B. Bill Blasters, they give you a lot of experience, especially if you defeat
all the Bombshell Bills they shoot in battle and only attack the cannons in the turn when they're
immobile. Anyways, after you get to the top, go right and you'll be in a room with 3 blocks in the
wall. There's a Maple Syrup hidden in the room, use Watt to find the block. There's also a Super
Shroom in the visible block. Anyways, push the right block to a side and a way will open. Go right
through this hallway, and you'll be in ANOTHER 3 block room. This one has a locked door to the
right and a Save Block. The left block is the pushable one now. Enter and you'll be in a hallway
with a Heart Block. Go right and you'll be in -guess what- ANOTHER 3 block room! This one's
different, though. If you push the middle block to the left, you'll be in a hallway that leads
right to an empty room. If you push it right, though, you'll be in the a hallway that leads left
and ends up in a room with a Castle Key! Go back to the room with the locked door and open it. Go
right and you'll be in another room with a Bowser door. No, you won't fall to another jail. This
time, the Bowser door will play a game for you. If you get 5 out of his 7 questions correct, he'll
let you pass. He describes this as "impossible". The quiz consists of watching some enemies run
around the screen and then answering a question about it. The questions are:
How Many Koopas were there? (Three)
Which were there three of? (Red Shy Guys)
Who came out of the middle entrance? (Red Shy Guys)
How many Goombas were there? (Two)
How many arms did you just see? (Four)
Which were there three of? (Bob-Ombs)
What color were their (the Koopas') shells? (Purple)
You only need to answer the first 5 if you get all of them right, though. After you win, he'll let
you through. You'll be in a large outside room now. The blocks contain 2 Super Shrooms and 1 Honey
Syrup. There's also a Jammin' Jelly in the platform, but you must get it by falling from the
platform above it. Anyways, continue going through the path until you reach the next screen. This
is another big room. You can go left on the 1st floor to a locked Toad House (Castle Key obtained
from Koopatrols), or you can go left on the 2nd floor to a room with color blocks. Go up the color
blocks and fall to the lower but still high platform. Drop Bombette to the left there, and
hopefully she will explode next to the switch below. The platforms will raise and you'll have time
to go left for an Ultra Shroom. In the big room there's an important Save Block, too. After you're
totally refreshed, go right on the 2nd floor. In this room, the lower path is locked so go right
through the upper path. Here, step on the different-colored tile and set Bombette so she explodes
next to the switch. This will raise the platform and allow you to go to the next room, that has
the Castle Key on it. Go back to the locked door room and open the locked door. Now, you'll be
in a room with 7 blue lamps that show a pattern: up, down, down, up, down, up. So go upstairs and
right, on the next door go right through the lower path, then right through the lower again, then
right through the upper path, and through the lower and finally through the upper, practically
following the lamp pattern, to get out of the Loop Room. Now, go right another screen and you'll
see a Heart Block and Peach. ...Peach!? Suspicious. After talking to her, she will follow you. Walk
left, and then back to the door to the right and she will be there. Smash her several time and she
will show herself as a Duplighost. Beat him and go right again. There will be another Bowser door.
This time, he will just send the Koopa Bros. to fight you. However, Jr. Troopa will appear and...
beat up the Koopa Bros.! He will challenge you, for the sixth and last time, to a fight. This will
really show who's the strongest.
Sub-Boss: JR. TROOPA (6) -- HP: 60 -- Attack: 5-9 -- Defense: 2
Great. He got 10 more HP and an extra Defense point. Now, he switches forms between winged and
spiked Jr. Troopa, normal Jr. Troopa and magic wand Jr. Troopa. There is no special strategy with
this guy but to attack him and recover. When he has his wand and is normal, just attack him with
powerful attacks. When he has the wings and spike, use Star Storm. And you should always attack
with Watt's Electro Shock.
When you beat him, he will finally give up. Continue right and upstairs and you will come out in...



You'll come out the tower outside of Peach's Castle that links both casltes. Save in the Save Block
and use Watt to find a hidden block with a Ultra Shroom somewhere around. Enter the castle now.
You'll be in the 1st floor hall. In case you didn't get some Badges as Peach, no problem, you can
get them now. The problem is if you did get them but didn't put them in the chest. In the 1st floor
Hall, go to Toad's Room, and open the drawer to find Toad. He'll let you sleep in his bed to heal.
Now, go to the 2nd floor Hall and then to the library and climb over the stack of books to reach a
long platform stuck to the wall. Follow it to find a Life Shroom at the end. Go to the 3rd floor
Hall, and you'll find Bowser on a hallway. Get ready to battle! Good luck!!! Woohoooo!
Boss: BOWSER (1) -- HP: 50 -- Attack: 3-16 -- Defense: 1
Bowser. Finally. Use the usual S. Jump Chg. + Power Bounce combination against him, and use your
partner with the highest Attack, preferably Watt Ultra-Ranked. When he powers up his Star Rod, use
the Star Beam against him. He won't believe his Star Rod got powered down! Just restore when you're
low on HP and you'll beat him easily.
Bowser, ticked off, will get angry and steal Princess Peach again and run upstairs.
Continue going up, up, up until you reach to reach the castle roof, where you have once been as
Peach. Now, continue left. You'll see a Save Block. Save, and go upstairs. You'll come out in the
very, very top tower of Peach's Castle. A bridge leads to Bowser's platform. It is time. Get ready,
Mario. And good luck.
Final Boss: BOWSER (2) -- HP: 99 -- Attack: 3-16 -- Defense: 1
This is it. The S. Jump Chg. + Power Bounce combination will be the key to winning. You should use
the partner with the strongest attack, FP DOESN'T MATTER! Don't heal or restore FP! Just fight
with your most powerful attacks. Again, don't worry about FP or Star Energy! Use Star Storm, hit
him with everything you have. Why? After he powers up his Star Rod, use Star Beam. However,
something horrible will happen: it won't work! And there, the battle will stop and we will focus on
Peach and Twink. Kammy Koopa will come and Twink will attack Kammy Koopa. A battle will start. Use
Twink's only attack to hit Kammy Koopa for 0 damage. He's not strong enough. However, Peach will
Focus on Twink to raise its Attack an Defense by 1. As the turns pass, you will notice how the
power of Peach's wishes strengthen Twink so much that he will beat up Kammy Koopa without even
taking damage in the last turn. Then, the 7 Star Spirits will appear and encourage Mario. Twink,
the 7 Star Spirits and Peach will unite powers to form the Peach Beam, the upgraded version of the
Star Beam. Now, Star Beam is replaced by PEACH BEAM! Back to battle, this is when the battle heats
up. You will be fully recovered. You should have at least 2 Life Shrooms, 2 Ultra Shrooms, and some
FP-Recovering items like Jammin' Jelly. Now, use FULL Attack power! Why? With one swipe of his
wand, he will recover 30 HP! You can't afford that. You need to take out at least 55 damage before
he recovers. After 2 or 3 recovers, he won't recover anymore. Use the same old combination until
you finally beat him.



CONGRATULATIONS!!! You beat Bowser! However, the problem is: The platform is exploding! Get ooooout
... BOOM.
Watch the ending of how all Mushroom Kingdom goes back to normal, and after that, Mario tells
everything to Luigi, and you see how Parakarry delivers invitation letters to everyone in Mushroom
Kingdom for a celebration party in Peach's Castle. At the party, Peach will especially mention
Mario and all his partners. After that, Luigi will host a parade where everyone--including the
enemies--will parade. At the end, Peach and Mario will be shown and some fireworks.

				    ~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~



This is a list of all enemies, including sub-bosses and bosses, in the game.

   -Name-	  -HP-	   -Attack-   -Defense-                  -Locations-

AMAZY DAYZEE       20         20          1			Flower Fields
ANTI GUY	   50       10-12         0               Shy Guy Toy Box (Sub-Boss)
B. BILL BLASTER    10         0           4                    Bowser's Castle
BANDIT              5         2           0                    Dry Dry Desert
BIG LANTERN GHOST  40        2-5          0 	          Shy Guy Toy Box (Sub-Boss)
BILL BLASTER        4         0           1                 Koopa Bros. Fortress
BLOOPER            30         3           0              Toad Town Tunnels (Sub-Boss)
BLOOPER BABY        6         2           0                   Toad Town Tunnels
BLUE GOOMBA         6         1           0                Goomba Road (Sub-Boss)
BOB-OMBS            3        1-2          0                 Koopa Bros. Fortress
BOMBSHELL BILL      3         6           0		       Bowser's Castle
BONY BEETLE         8        3-5          4                    Bowser's Castle
BOWSER (1)         50       3-16          1              Peach's Castle (Ch.8 Boss)
BOWSER (2)         99       3-16          1             Peach's Castle (Final Boss)
BOWSER???          10         1           1                 Koopa Bros. Fortress
BULLET BILL         2         2           0                 Koopa Bros. Fortress
BUZZAR             40        1-4          0                 Mt. Rugged (Sub-Boss)
BUZZY BEETLE        3        1-6          2           Toad Town Tunnels, Dry Dry Ruins
BZZAP!              3        1-6          0	        Forever Forest, Flower Fields
CAPTIAN GUY        30         4           2             Shy Guy's Toy Box (Ch.4 Boss)
CHAN               15         2           2                  Toad Town (Sub-Boss)
CHOMP               4         3           3                    Dry Dry Ruins
CLEFT               2         2           2                      Mt. Rugged
CLUBBA              8         3           0                 Tubba Blubba's Castle
CRAZEE DAYZEE       8         4           0                      Flower Fields
CRYSTAL BIT         1         0           0                     Crystal Palace
CRYSTAL KING       70         6           2               Crystal Palace (Ch.7 Boss)
DARK KOOPA          8         3           0                   Toad Town Tunnels
DRY BONES           8         4           2                    Bowser's Castle
DUPLIGHOST         15         4           0            Shiver Mountain, Crystal Palace
ELECTRO BLOOPER    50        4-6          0              Toad Town Tunnels (Sub-Boss)
EMBER	           10        3-4          0                       Star Way	
FOREST FUZZY        6         1           0                    Forever Forest
FROST PIRANHA      10         4           0          Shiver Snowfield, Shiver Mountain
FUZZIPEDE          20         3           0                 Toad Town (Sub-Boss)
FUZZY               3         1           0                     Koopa Village
GLOOMBA             7         2           0                   Toad Town Tunnels
GOOMBA              2         1           0              Goomba Road, Pleasant Path
GOOMBA KING        10        1-2          0              Goomba Road (Prologue Boss)
GRN MAGIKOOPA      11         3           0            Flower Fields, Crystal Palace
GRY MAGIKOOPA      11         3           0                   Crystal Palace
GROOVE GUY          7         2           0                  Shy Guy's Toy Box
GULPIT             12        2-7          0          Shiver Snowfield, Shiver Mountain
HAMMER BROS.       12        2-5          1                   Bowser's Castle
HURT PLANT          8         2           0                     Jade Jungle
HEART              50         6           0                      Windy Mill
HUFF N. PUFF       60         5           0               Flower Fields (Ch.6 Boss)
HYPER CLEFT         4        3-8          3                     Gusty Gulch
HYPER GOOMBA        7        1-8          0                     Gusty Gulch
HYPER PARAGOOMBA    7        1-8          0                     Gusty Gulch
JR. TROOPA (1)      5        1-2          0               Goomba Road (Sub-Boss)
JR. TROOPA (2)     15         2           1              Pleasant Path (Sub-Boss)
JR. TROOPA (3)     40         5           1             Forever Forest (Sub-Boss)
JR. TROOPA (4)     20         6           1                Toad Town (Sub-Boss)
JR. TROOPA (5)     50         8           1            Shiver Snowfield (Sub-Boss)
JR. TROOPA (6)     60        5-9          2             Bowser's Castle (Sub-Boss)
JUNGLE FUZZY        7         2           0                     Jade Jungle
KENT C. KOOPA      70       3-10          6              Pleasant Path (Sub-Boss)
KOOPA BROS.         5        1-4          1          Koopa Bros. Fortress (Ch.1 Boss)
KOOPA TROOPA        4         1           1        Pleasant Path, Koopa Bros. Fortress
KOOPATROL           8       4-10          3                   Bowser's Castle
LAKITU             12         3           0                    Flower Fields
LAVA BUBBLE         9        2-4          0                    Mt. Lavalava
LAVA BUD            8        0-4          0                    Mt. Lavalava
LAVA PIRANHA       40        5-7          0              Mt. Lavalava (Ch.5 Boss)
LEE                20         5           0                Toad Town (Sub-Boss)
M. BUSH             8         3           0                     Jade Jungle
MAGIKOOPA          11         6           0                   Bowser's Castle
MEDI GUY            7         1           0                  Shy Guy's Toy Box
MONSTAR            20         1           0             Shiver Snowfield (Sub-Boss)
MONTY MOLE (1)      3         2           0                     Mt. Rugged
MONTY MOLE (2)     12         3           0                   Flower Fields
PARAGLOOMBA         7         2           0                 Toad Town Tunnels
PARAGOOMBA          2         1           0             Goomba Road, Pleasant Path
PARATROOPA          4         1           1         Pleasant Path, Koopa Bros. Fortress
PETIT PIRANHA       1         6           0                    Mt. Lavalava
PIRANHA PLANT       5         3           0                   Forever Forest
POKEY               4         2           0                   Dry Dry Desert
POKEY MUMMY         4         2           0                    Dry Dry Ruins
PUTRID PIRANHA     12        2-3          0             Jade Jungle, Mt. Lavalava
PYRO GUY            7         4           0                 Shy Guy's Toy Box
RED MAGIKOOPA      11         3           0           Flower Fields, Crystal Palace
RED GOOMBA          7         1           0               Goomba Road (Sub-Boss)
RUFF PUFF          10         4           0                   Flower Fields
SHY GUY             7        2-3          0                 Shy Guy's Toy Box
SHY STACK          10         1           0                 Shy Guy's Toy Box
SKY GUY             7         3           0                 Shy Guy's Toy Box
SPEAR GUY           7         3           0                    Jade Jungle
SPIKE TOP           4         3           4          Toad Town Tunnels, Mt. Lavalava
SPIKED GLOOMBA      7         3           0                 Toad Town Tunnels
SPIKED GOOMBA       2         2           0   Goomba Road, Toad Town Tunnels, Pleasant Path
SPINY               5         4           3         Toad Town Tunnels, Flower Fields
SPY GUY             7         2           0                 Shy Guy's Toy Box
STILT GUY           7         4           0                 Shy Guy's Toy Box
STONE CHOMP         4         3           1                   Dry Dry Ruins
SUPER BLOOPER      70        5-8          0           Toad Town Tunnels (Sub-Boss)
SWOOPER             4         2           0                   Dry Dry Ruins
SWOOPULA            8         2           0                  Crystal Palace
THE MASTER (1)     50         6           0               Toad Town (Sub-Boss)
THE MASTER (2)     75       5-11          0               Toad Town (Sub-Boss)
THE MASTER (3)     99       5-18          1               Toad Town (Sub-Boss)
TUBBA BLUBBA       10         4           0             Gusty Gulch (Ch.3 Boss)
TUFF PUFF           1         2           0                   Flower Fields
TUTANKOOPA         30        2-3          0            Dry Dry Ruins (Ch.2 Boss)
WHT MAGIKOOPA      11         3           0Jade Jungle, Mt. Lavalava, Flower Fields, Crystal Palace
WHITE CLUBBA       12        5-6          0                  Crystal Palace
YLW MAGIKOOPA      11         3           0          Flower Fields, Crystal Palace



This is a list of all the badges in the game and their function!
   -Name-        -BP- -FP-    -Location-                                             -Function-

ALL OR NOTHING    4    0   Rowf's Shop (100 C)         Nice! Attack power +1, but if miss, 0 damage
ATTACK FX A	  0    0   Merlow's Shop (1 SP)                       Makes attacking sound whistly
ATTACK FX B       0    0     Pleasant Path             	            Makes attacking sound with echo
ATTACK FX C       0    0    Dry Dry Desert                             Makes attacking sound choral
ATTACK FX D       0    0      Toad Town                            Makes attacking sound like bells
ATTACK FX E       0    0     Shiver City	                   Makes attacking sound like Yoshi
BUMP ATTACK       5    0  Toad Town Tunnels                Beat weaker enemies by running into them
CHILL OUT         2    0   Merlow's Shop (3 SP)                         Prevents enemy First Strike
CLOSE CALL        1    0      Goomba Road                       Enemies may miss if Mario in Danger
D-DOWN JUMP       2    2  Tubba Blubba's Castle                  Jump attack lowers enemy's Defense
D-DOWN POUND      2    2   Rowf's Shop (75 C)                  Hammer attack lowers enemy's Defense
DAMAGE DODGE      3    0  Rowf's Shop (150 C)/Mt. Rugged  Greatly increase Nice! defending accuracy
DEEP FOCUS        1    0  Shy Guy's Toy Box/Bowser's Castle/Peach's Castle    Focus charges up more
DEFEND PLUS       6    0   Shy Guy's Toy Box                                             Defense +1
DIZZY ATTACK      2    0  Koopa Village/Pleasant Path           Spin into an enemy to make it dizzy
DIZZY STOMP       1    2      Mt. Lavalava                            Jump attack makes enemy dizzy
DODGE MASTER      2    0   Rowf's Shop (150 C)                    Increase Nice! defending accuracy
DOUBLE DIP        1    3   Rowf's Shop (100 C)                                Use 2 items in 1 turn
FEELING FINE      3    0   Merlow's Shop (5 SP)                    Prevents Dizzyness and Poisoning
FIRE SHIELD       2    0      Mt. Lavalava    Allows Jump on fire enemies & Defense against fire +1
FIRST ATTACK      1    0   Rowf's Shop (100 C)       Defeat enemies automatically with First Strike
FLOWER FINDER     1    0   Merlow's Shop (12 SP)                Beaten enemies release more flowers
FLOWER SAVER      6    0  Flower Fields/Merlow's Shop (25 SP)                       All FP costs -1
FP PLUS           3    0 Rowf's Shop (150 C)/Pleasant Path/Forever Forest                 Max FP +5
GROUP FOCUS       2    0   Rowf's Shop (100 C)                               Partners can use Focus
HAMMER THROW      2    2      Goomba Road                     Hammer attack, reaches flying enemies
HAPPY FLOWER      3    0  Merlow's Shop (8 SP)/Flower Fields                  Random FP regenerator
HAPPY HEART       3    0  Merlow's Shop (8 SP)/Jade Jungle                    Random HP regenerator
HEART FINDER      3    0   Merlow's Shop (12 SP)                 Beaten enemies release more hearts
HP DRAIN          3    0   Merlow's Shop (15 SP)                          Attack -1, HP +1 per turn
HP PLUS           3    0 Rowf's Shop (150 C)/Pleasant Path/Forever Forest                 Max HP +5
I SPY             1    0     Toad Town                     Flashes if a Star Piece is on the screen
ICE POWER         2    0  Shy Guy's Toy Box    Allows Jump on fire enemies & Attack against fire +2
JUMP CHARGE       1    1  Rowf's Shop (50 C)             1st Turn: Charge, 2nd Turn: Jump Attack +2
LAST STAND        1    0    Peach's Castle                      Enemy Attack 1/2 if Mario in Danger
LUCKY DAY         7    0  Goomba's Village                                     Enemies usually miss
MEGA JUMP         3    6  Shiver Mountain                                    Jump attack, Attack +2
MEGA QUAKE        3    7  Rowf's Shop (200 C)     Hammer attack, hits all ground enemies (6 damage)
MEGA RUSH         1    0  Tubba Blubba's Castle                         Attack +4 if Mario in Peril
MEGA SMASH        3    6    Flower Fields                                  Hammer attack, Attack +4
MONEY MONEY       7    0  Merlow's Shop (20 SP)                         Coins earned from battle x2
MULTIBOUNCE       1    2  Rowf's Shop (75 C)                       Jump attack, attacks all enemies
P-DOWN, D-UP      2    0   Crystal Palace                                     Attack -1, Defense +1
P-UP, D-DOWN      2    0   Crystal Palace      				      Attack +1, Defense -1
PAY-OFF           2    0  Merlow's Shop (1 SP)         The more you get hit, the more Coins you get
PEEKABOO          3    0  Merlow's Shop (10 SP)                                 Display enemies' HP
POWER BOUNCE      2    3  Koopa Bros. Fortress  Jump attack, attacks until Action Command is missed
POWER JUMP        1    2   Goomba Village                                    Jump attack, Attack +2
POWER PLUS        6    0  Merlow's Shop (25 SP)/Shy Guy's Toy Box                         Attack +1
POWER QUAKE       2    4     Jade Jungle          Hammer attack, hits all ground enemies (4 damage)
POWER RUSH        1    0   Peach's Castle                              Attack +2 if Mario in Danger
POWER SMASH       1    2  Toad Town Tunnels                                Hammer attack, Attack +2
PRETTY LUCKY      3    0  Merlow's Shop (5 SP)                               Enemies sometimes miss
QUAKE HAMMER      1    2   Mt. Rugged             Hammer attack, hits all ground enemies (2 damage)
QUICK CHANGE      4    0     Toad Town                Allows you to change partner and still attack
REFUND            1    0  Koopa Bros. Fortress                            Get coins for using items
RUNAWAY PAY       2    0    Dry Dry Desert                     Get Star Points even if you ran away
S. JUMP CHG.      2    4   Flower Fields                 1st Turn: Charge, 2nd Turn: Jump Attack +4
S. SMASH CHG.     2    4  Merlow's Shop (100 C)        1st Turn: Charge, 2nd Turn: Hammer Attack +4
SHRINK STOMP      1    2  Toad Town Tunnels                              Jump attack, shrinks enemy
SLEEP STOMP       1    2  Rowf's Shop (75 C)                       Jump attack, puts enemy to sleep
SLOW GO           0    0    Dry Dry Ruins                         Makes Mario unable to run or spin
SMASH CHARGE      1    1  Koopa Bros. Fortress         1st Turn: Charge, 2nd Turn: Hammer Attack +2
SPEEDY SPIN       1    0  Rowf's Shop (50 C)                                Increases spin distance
SPIKE SHIELD      2    0    Dry Dry Ruins                     Allows Mario to jump on spiky enemies
SPIN ATTACK       3    0    Dry Dry Desert                Beat weaker enemies by spinning into them
SPIN SMASH        1    2  Rowf's Shop (75 C)    Hammer attack, hits an enemy and the one behind too
TRIPLE DIP        3    6    Crystal Palace                                    Use 3 items in 1 turn
ZAP TAP           4    0  Merlow's Shop (10 SP)        The enemy takes 1 damage if it attacks Mario



Ahh. Yes. Nothing feels better than having 159 Star Pieces and have the last one in front of you.
And here is a list of how to get all 160 Star Pieces. Print this section and check off the Pieces
as you get them!
NOTE: For the Star Pieces that require Spin Jumping, the Star Piece is in a certain tile. If you
Spin Jump close to that tile, it will slightly lift. Spin Jump in the border of the tile so it
flips and reveals the Star Piece.

001. There's one on the long uphill screen in Goomba Road before Goomba Village, on a hill.
002. Give the Dolly to Goombaria.
003. Spin Jump near the old fallen veranda in Goomba Road.
004. Spin Jump on the screen where Goombaria found you.
005. Hit the tree next to Goomba Fortress.
006. Spin Jump somewhere east of the Goomba Fortress, still on that screen.
007. Walk around the north at the bottom of Shooting Star Summit.
008. Spin Jump east of the bridge after Peach's Castle's rubble, still on that screen.
009. Spin Jump on the first step to Shooting Star Summit.
010. Spin Jump just outside Merluvee & Merlow's house.
011. Hit the thin tree west of Merlon' house.
012. Swim over the the west of the lake in Area A in Toad Town with Sushie.
013. Return the Dictionary to Russ T.
014. Return the Mail Bag to the Post Office.
015. There's a Star Piece in Room G in Toad Town Tunnels, use Parakarry to fly over the platforms.
016. Spin Jump near the Dojo in Area A of Toad Town.
017. Spin Jump near Fice T.'s guarding cabin, near the entrance to Forever Forest, in Area C.
018. Spin Jump a few paces southwest from the Save Block in the Port in Toad Town.
019. Spin Jump in the very east in Area E of Toad Town south from the train rail.
020. Hit a large tree before you reach the arches before Koopa Bros. Fortress.
021. South of the westernmost bridge in Pleasant Path, use Kooper to retrieve it from an island.
022. Spin Jump between the 3 blue striped poles near the entrance to Koopa Village.
023. Spin Jump east of the bridge east of Koopa Village.
024. Over a block over the checkboard area in Koopa Village, one will appear after you get Kooper.
025. Spin Jump a few paces south of the Koopa Village Shop.
026. On the screen before Buzzar's, drop from the left hole in the cave you go through (Mt. Rugged)
027. On the northwesternmost screen of Mt. Rugged, use Parakarry to cross over to the platform.
028. Spin Jump a few paces east of the Save Block in the middle of Mt. Rugged.
029. Return the Artifact to Kolorado.
030. Spin Jump in the middle of D4 in Dry Dry Desert.
031. Spin Jump on top of the easternmost building in Dry Dry Outpost.
032. When you drain the second room you ever drain sand from in Dry Dry Ruins, one will appear.
033. In Boo's Mansion, in the room where you find Boo's Portrait, break one of the crates.
034. Spin Jump in the west side of the room in Boo's Mansion where you found the Super Boots.
035. Spin Jump after going downstairs from the room in the left door in 1st floor, in Boo's Mansion.
036. Spin Jump over the rug in the main hall in Boo's Mansion.
037. Spin Jump over the rug in the room in the right door in the 2nd floor, in Boo's Mansion.
038. Spin Jump right after you exit the gate coming from the entrance to Boo's Mansion (Gusty Gulch)
039. Look behind a rock on the way to Tubba Blubba's Castle, in Gusty Gulch.
040. Drop to the table from the 2nd floor, 2 rooms left from the main hall in Tubba Blubba's Castle.
041. Go in the left door & jump up in the first hallway on the main room, on Tubba Blubba's Castle.
042. Behind a toy cube in the screen left of the Blue Station. (42-48 in Shy Guy's Toy Box)
043. On the screen right of the Blue Station, at the east, fly over the roof of the left big block.
044. There's one at the end of the path in the screen right of the Green Station, inside the house.
045. Spin Jump a few paces south of Blue Station.
046. Spin Jump a few paces south of Green Station.
047. Spin Jump a few paces south of Pink Station.
048. Spin Jump a few paces south of Red Station.
049. Hit a tree on the east end of the beach screen in Jade Jungle.
050. On one of the islands in the screen where Sushie joins you, swim there, in Jade Jungle.
051. Underwater, in the screen where you find the Blue Yoshi kid, in Jade Jungle.
052. Spin Jump on the screen right before the tall tree screen, on the middle, still in Jade Jungle.
053. Spin Jump on the island where the Raven statue is, in Yoshi Village.
054. Spin Jump east of the Super Block in the southeastern room from the main screen (Mt. Lavalava)
055. Spin Jump right before you go downstairs on the room previous to Lava Piranha in My. Lavalava.
056. After the spike field in Bubble Plant's screen, go upstairs and then east, in Flower Fields.
057. After the Blue Plant, walk to the high grass on the east to find it, in Flower Fields.
058. Spin Jump north of the low bush south in Petunia's screen, in Flower Fields.
059. Spin Jump in the east part in the screen with the lake and the Bubble Tree, in Flower Fields.
060. Spin Jump on the path south of the Yellow Plant, in Flower Fields.
061. Spin Jump for the last one in Flower Fields, east of the Super Block before the Cloud Machine.
062. Spin Jump east of the Mayor's House in Shiver City.
063. Spin Jump near the south edge in the snowmen screen in Shiver Snowfield.
064. Jump off the ledge with the Save Block right before Crystal Palace in Shiver Mountain.
065. Pretend you're leaving the dungeon, but through the mirror side of the room in Crystal Palace.
066. Spin Jump in the room with the big unmovable Albino Dino statue in Crystal Palace.
067. Spin Jump in the room with the small pushable Albino Dino statue in Crystal Palace.
068. Chet Rippo's 1st item is a Star Piece.
069. Chet Rippo's 5th item is a Star Piece.
070. Chet Rippo's 10th item is a Star Piece.
071. Deliver the letter to Kolorado.
072. Deliver the letter to Merlon.
073. Deliver the letter to Goompa.
074. Deliver the letter to Mort T.
075. Deliver the letter to Nomadimouse.
076. Deliver the letter to Fice T.
077. Deliver the letter to Russ T.
078. Deliver the letter to Igor.
079. Deliver the letter to Mihn T.
080. Deliver the letter to Merlow.
081. Deliver the letter to Mayor Penguin.
082. You'll get 3 Star Pieces by doing the 4th favor to Koopa Koot.
083. You'll get 3 Star Pieces by doing the 4th favor to Koopa Koot.
084. You'll get 3 Star Pieces by doing the 4th favor to Koopa Koot.
085. You'll get 3 Star Pieces by doing the 8th favor to Koopa Koot.
086. You'll get 3 Star Pieces by doing the 8th favor to Koopa Koot.
087. You'll get 3 Star Pieces by doing the 8th favor to Koopa Koot.
088. You'll get 3 Star Pieces by doing the 12th favor to Koopa Koot.
089. You'll get 3 Star Pieces by doing the 12th favor to Koopa Koot.
090. You'll get 3 Star Pieces by doing the 12th favor to Koopa Koot.
091. You'll get 3 Star Pieces by doing the 16th favor to Koopa Koot.
092. You'll get 3 Star Pieces by doing the 16th favor to Koopa Koot.
093. You'll get 3 Star Pieces by doing the 16th favor to Koopa Koot.
094. You'll get 3 Star Pieces by doing the 20th favor to Koopa Koot.
095. You'll get 3 Star Pieces by doing the 20th favor to Koopa Koot.
096. You'll get 3 Star Pieces by doing the 20th favor to Koopa Koot.
097. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #1.
098. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #2.
099. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #3.
100. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #4.
101. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #5.
102. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #6.
103. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #7.
104. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #8.
105. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #9.
106. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #10.
107. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #11.
108. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #12.
109. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #13.
110. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #14.
111. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #15.
112. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #16.
113. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #17.
114. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #18.
115. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #19.
116. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #20.
117. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #21.
118. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #22.
119. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #23.
120. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #24.
121. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #25.
122. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #26.
123. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #27.
124. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #28.
125. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #29.
126. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #30.
127. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #31.
128. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #32.
129. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #33.
130. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #34.
131. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #35.
132. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #36.
133. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #37.
134. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #38.
135. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #39.
136. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #40.
137. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #41.
138. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #42.
139. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #43.
140. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #44.
141. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #45.
142. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #46.
143. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #47.
144. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #48.
145. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #49.
146. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #50.
147. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #51.
148. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #52.
149. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #53.
150. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #54.
151. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #55.
152. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #56.
153. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #57.
154. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #58.
155. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #59.
156. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #60.
157. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #61.
158. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #62.
159. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #63.
160. Correctly answer Chuck Quizmo's question #64.



Yes, you have a 100% full list of items in the lines below. All of'em. All. 100%. One hundred
percent. Total. Full.

TYPE LEGEND: Recovery (Restores HP/FP)
             Trading (Takes place in a Trading Event or must be given or used to proceed)
             Recipe (Is one of the 50 different recipes of Tayce T.)
             Unique (One-of-a-kind item)
             Rare (Only several of them found, otherwise you can only get them with Li'l Oinks)
             Attack (Used to deal damage)
             Defense (Used as some kind of defense against yourself)
             Offensive (Used to do something to the enemy other than damage)
             Random (Only Mystery? and Strange Cake fall into this category)
             Weapon (Boots or Hammer)
             Key (This item is a type of key)
   -Name-              -Type-                                                     -Description-

APPLE                 Recovery                                        Fresh Apple. Recover 5 HP
APPLE PIE         Recipe/Recovery                  An exquisite Apple Pie. Recover 5 HP & 15 FP
ARTIFACT          Unique/Trading            An artifact from Dry Dry Ruins, give it to Kolorado
AUTOGRAPH         Unique/Trading             Luigi and Merluvee will give you it for Koopa Koot
BIG COOKIE        Recipe/Recovery                                   A big cookie. Recover 20 FP
BLAND MEAL        Recipe/Recovery                          A boring meal. Recover 10 HP & 10 FP
BLUE BERRY        Trading/Recovery       Recover 5 HP, give to Blue Plant or throw it in a well
BLUE KEY                Key           A big blue key that opens the blue door in Crystal Palace
BOILED EGG        Recipe/Recovery                     A special Boiled Egg. Recover 8 HP & 8 FP
BOO'S PORTRAIT    Unique/Trading                 A portrait of Boo. Insert it on an empty frame
BOOTS                 Weapon                                                First kind of Boots
BUBBLE BERRY      Trading/Recovery                     Recover 5 HP, or give it to Bubble Plant
CAKE          Recipe/Trading/Recovery Tayce T.'s cake. Recover 15 FP, or give it to Gourmet Guy
CAKE MIX              Recovery                                A mix to make cakes. Recover 5 FP
CALCULATOR        Unique/Trading                         Rowf's Calculator. Give it back to him
CASTLE KEY              Key  Keys to open doors in Bowser's, Peach's and Tubba Blubba's Castles
COCUNUT                Attack               A hard Coconut from Lavalava Island. Cause 3 damage
COCO POP          Recipe/Recovery                      A coconut lollipop. Recover 3 HP & 15 FP
COOKBOOK          Unique/Trading  Tayce T.'s famous Cookbook. She can mix items for you with it
CRYSTAL BALL      Unique/Trading                     Merlee's Crystal Ball. Give it to Merluvee
CRYSTAL BERRY     Unique/Trading                    A beautiful Crystal Berry. Give it to Rosie
DELUXE FEAST      Recipe/Recovery             A very gourmet deluxe meal. Recover 40 HP & 40 FP
DIAMOND STONE     Unique/Trading         Found in Dry Dry Ruins, one of the 3 mysterious stones
DICTIONARY        Unique/Trading                         Russ T.'s Dictionary. Return it to him
DIPLOMA                Unique               The best certificate for beating The Master 3 times
DIZZY DIAL        Recipe/Offensive         Make all enemies dizzy. Also, a recipe from Tayce T.
DOLLY             Unique/Trading                            Goombaria's Dolly. Return it to her
DRIED FRUIT           Recovery                  A very dry fruit from the desert. Recover 15 HP
DRIED PASTA           Recovery       Totally dried noodles from the desert. Recover 2 HP & 1 FP
DRIED SHROOM          Recovery                A very dry mushroom from the desert. Recover 1 HP
DUSTY HAMMER           Attack                    This dusty hammer is very weak. Cause 1 damage
EGG                   Recovery                                A nice and warm Egg. Recover 5 HP
EGG MISSILE       Recipe/Attack                                  A missiled Egg. Cause 6 damage
ELECTRO POP       Recipe/Recovery                 An very sour electric lollipop. Recover 15 FP
FERTILE SOIL      Unique/Trading Very fertile soil from Flower Fields. Use for the Magical Vine
FIRE FLOWER       Recipe/Attack                 The original Fire Flower. Cause 3 damage to all
FIRE POP          Recipe/Recovery                 A hot fire lollipop. Lose 1 HP, recover 20 FP
FIRST-DEGREE CARD      Unique                              Average certificate for beating Chan
FORTRESS KEY            Key                          Keys to open doors in Koopa Bros. Fortress
FOURTH-DEGREE CARD     Unique           Extremely good certificate for beating The Master twice
FRIED EGG         Recipe/Recovery    When you fry an egg, you get this Fried Egg. Recover 10 HP
FRIED SHROOM      Recipe/Recovery      The most common food with Mushrooms. Recover 6 HP & 2 FP
FRIGHT JAR           Offensive       Open this jar to release fear. Makes some enemies run away
FROZEN FRIES      Recipe/Recovery         These frozen fries actually taste good. Recover 15 HP
GLASSES           Unique/Recovery                 Koopa Koot's lost glasses. Return them to him
GOLD CREDIT           Unique                Allows playing Smash Attack in Toad Town Playground
GOOMNUT              Recovery        This Goomnut is only found in Goomba Village. Recover 3 FP
HAMMER                Weapon                                               First kind of Hammer
HEALTHY JUICE     Recipe/Recovery                      Upgrade for Special Shake. Recover 40 FP
HONEY CANDY       Recipe/Recovery                                  A honey candy. Recover 20 FP
HONEY SHROOM      Recipe/Recovery  The mix of the Honey Syrup and Mushroom. Recover 5 HP & 5 FP
HONEY SUPER       Recipe/Recovery                 Upgrade of Honey Shroom. Recover 10 HP & 5 FP
HONEY SYRUP       Recipe/Recovery                    The average FP-Recovery item. Recover 5 FP
HONEY ULTRA    Rare/Recipe/Recovery            The upgrade of Honey Super. Recover 50 HP & 5 FP
HOT SHROOM        Recipe/Recovery   Another average Mushroom-based recipe. Recover 15 HP & 5 FP
ICED POTATO          Recovery                    A frozen potato from Shiver City. Recover 5 HP
JADE RAVEN        Unique/Trading                                    A Raven statue made of jade
JAMMIN' JELLY  Rare/Recipe/Recovery                 A very rare FP-Recovery item. Recover 50 FP
JELLY POP      Rare/Recipe/Recovery                             A jelly lollipop. Recover 64 FP
JELLY SHROOM   Rare/Recipe/Recovery                 A mushroom with jelly. Recover 5 HP & 50 FP
JELLY SUPER    Rare/Recipe/Recovery          The upgrade of Jelly Shroom. Recover 10 HP & 50 FP
JELLY ULTRA    Rare/Recipe/Recovery      The best recipe & recovery item. Recover 50 HP & 50 FP
KOOKY COOKIE   Recipe/Recovery/Trading   A special cookie. Recover 15 FP, or give to Koopa Koot
KOOPA LEAF           Recovery                  A leaf only found in Koopa Village. Recover 3 FP
KOOPA LEGENDS     Unique/Trading 	 A book that Koopa Koot wants to borrow. Give it to him
KOOPA TEA      Recipe/Recovery/Trading    A Koopa Leaf tea. Recover 7 FP, or give to Koopa Koot
KOOPASTA       Recipe/Recovery/Trading  Koopa Pasta. Recover 7 HP & 7 FP, or give to Koopa Koot
KOOPER'S SHELL    Unique/Trading                     Kooper's stolen shell. Give it back to him
LEMON            Recovery/Trading       Oasis citrus fruit. Sheek loves it. Recover 1 HP & 2 FP
LEMON CANDY      Recipe/Recovery                      A tangy lemon candy. Recover 5 HP & 15 FP
LIME             Recovery/Trading        Koopa Koot loves this oasis citrus fruit. Recover 3 FP
LIME CANDY       Recipe/Recovery                              A sweet lime candy. Recover 20 FP
LIFE SHROOM      Recipe/Recovery  This mushroom revives you if you're beaten and recovers 10 HP
LUCKY STAR            Unique             A pendant from Peach that gives you the Action Command
LUNAR STONE       Unique/Trading                One of the 3 mysterious stones in Dry Dry Ruins
LYRICS            Unique/Trading                 Beautiful Lyrics by Lyricist. Give to Composer
MAGICAL BEAN      Unique/Trading               A strange magical bean. Use for the Magical Vine
MAGICAL SEED      Unique/Trading       There are 4 of these, and together they form Flower Gate
MAIL BAG          Unique/Trading                  The post office's Mail Bag. Return it to them
MAPLE SHROOM     Recipe/Recovery                   The basic maple recipe. Recover 5 HP & 10 FP
MAPLE SUPER      Recipe/Recovery             The upgrade of Maple Shroom. Recover 10 HP & 10 FP
MAPLE SYRUP      Recipe/Recovery                    Like Honey Syrup, but better. Recover 10 FP
MELODY            Unique/Trading   Give the Lyrics to the Composer so he can upgrade it to this
MELON                Recovery            The Melon can be found in Yoshi Village. Recover 15 HP
MIRACLE WATER     Unique/Trading                      Miraclous water. Use for the Magical Vine
MISTAKE          Recipe/Recovery          When you mix two unmixable items. Recover 1 HP & 1 FP
MUSHROOM             Recovery                          The basic HP-Recovery item. Recover 5 HP
MYSTERY?              Random         When used, it can reveal itself as several different items
MYSTERY NOTE      Unique/Trading       A note in Shy Guy language. Only Russ T. can decipher it
NUTTY CAKE        Recipe/Recovery                    A cake made of pure Goomnut. Recover 10 FP
ODD KEY                 Key                                 This key opens the Mysterious House
OLD PHOTO         Unique/Trading                             An old photo that Koopa Koot wants
PACKAGE           Unique/Trading            A package Franky has for Koopa Koot. Give it to him
PALACE KEY              Key                  A big key to open the final door in Crystal Palace
PEBBLE                Attack                                 A weak cold pebble. Cause 1 damage
POTATO SALAD      Recipe/Recovery	  	            A fresh potato salad. Recover 10 HP
POW BLOCK             Attack                         An strong POW Block. Cause 2 damage to all
PULSE STONE       Unique/Trading   This stone flashes faster as it gets closer to Dry Dry Ruins
PYRAMID STONE     Unique/Trading       One of the 3 mysterious stones that are in Dry Dry Ruins
RECORD            Unique/Trading   An old record that can be played in Boo's Mansion phonograph
RED BERRY         Recovery/Trading           A red berry. Recover 5 HP, or give it to Red Plant
RED JAR           Unique/Trading      A valuable Red Jar from the desert. Give it to Koopa Koot
RED KEY                 Key                A big red key to open the red door in Crystal Palace
REPEL GEL           Defensive                This gel will make Mario invisible for a few turns
SCARF             Unique/Trading             An ordinary scarf. Use it on the scarfless snowman
SECOND-DEGREE CARD    Unique                                 A good certificate for beating Lee
SHOOTING STAR         Attack       Powerful stars will from from the sky. Cause 6 damage to all
SHROOM CAKE       Recipe/Recovery                A cake made of mushroom. Recover 10 HP & 10 FP
SHROOM STEAK      Recipe/Recovery                A hearty mushroom steak. Recover 30 HP & 30 FP
SILVER CREDIT         Unique         Allows you to play Jump Attack in the Toad Town Playground
SLEEPY SHEEP      Recipe/Offensive                         Sheeps will put all enemies to sleep
SNEAKY PARASOL        Unique                                    As Peach, use it to change form
SNOWMAN DOLL          Attack                       Summon a huge snowman. Cause 4 damage to all
SPAGHETTI         Recipe/Recovery When Dried Pasta is cooked, you get this. Recover 6 HP & 4 FP
SPECIAL SHAKE     Recipe/Recovery                  One of Tayce T.'s specialties. Recover 20 FP
SPICY SOUP        Recipe/Recovery                     A spicy and hot soup. Recover 4 HP & 4 FP
STINKY HERB          Recovery                              Great taste, bad smell. Recover 5 FP
STOP WATCH           Offensive               This watch will freeze all enemies for a few turns
STRANGE CAKE      Recipe/Random          Can either make Mario invisible, electrified or asleep
STRANGE LEAF         Recovery                                    A weird Boo leaf. Recover 5 FP
STAR STONE        Unique/Trading                  A mystical stone used to reach Crystal Palace
STONE CAP           Defensive          Although Mario can't attack, he can't be attacked either
STOREROOM KEY     Unique/Trading     Key that opens the safe at South Toad Town Shop. Return it
STRAWBERRY CAKE   Unique/Trading                 As Peach, bake this and give it to Gourmet Guy
SUPER BOOTS           Weapon                      The second kind of Boots. Allows Spin Jumping
SUPER HAMMER          Weapon                    The second kind of Hammer. Destroy Stone Blocks
SUPER SHROOM         Recovery                        The upgrade of the Mushroom. Recover 10 HP
SUPER SODA      Recipe/Recovery  A nutritious soda. Cure poison and shrinking, and recover 5 HP
SWEET SHROOM      Recipe/Recovery                   A sweetened mushroom. Recover 30 HP & 20 FP
TAPE              Unique/Trading                            Koopa Koot's tape. Return it to him
TASTY TONIC       Recipe/Recovery                  Very tasty tonic. Cures poison and shrinking
THIRD-DEGREE CARD     Unique                       Very good certificate for beating The Master
THUNDER BOLT          Attack                       Thunder will strike an enemy. Cause 5 damage
THUNDER RAGE      Recipe/Attack              Thunder will strike enemies. Cause 5 damage to all
TOY TRAIN         Unique/Trading   This toy train will become a real one if tossed in a toy box
ULTRA BOOTS           Weapon                     The best kind of Boots. Allows Tornado Jumping
ULTRA HAMMER          Weapon                      The best kind of Hammer. Destroy Metal Blocks
ULTRA SHROOM      Rare/Recovery    Very rare shroom, upgrade of the Super Shroom. Recover 50 HP
ULTRA STONE           Unique     A unique red orb. Allows Ultra-Ranking of Super-Ranked partner
VOLCANO VASE      Unique/Trading       A treasure from inside Mt. Lavalava. Give it to Kolorado
VOLT SHROOM       Recipe/Defensive      An electric mushroom. Electrifies Mario for a few turns
WALLET            Unique/Trading                     Koopa Koot's lost wallet. Return it to him
WHACKA'S BUMP        Recovery         Whacka's bump if hit with a Hammer. Recover 25 HP & 25 FP
WAREHOUSE KEY          Key                            The key to open the Shiver City Warehouse
WATER STONE       Unique/Trading  The stone that brings water to Flower Fields. Give it to Lily
WEIGHT            Unique/Trading          A heavy weight from Boo's Mansion. Use it on the lamp
YELLOW BERRY   Recovery/Trading   Yellow berry. Recover 3 HP & 3 FP, or give it to Yellow Plant
YOSHI COOKIE      Recipe/Recovery          A melon-flavored Yoshi cookie. Recover 15 HP & 15 FP
YUMMY MEAL        Recipe/Recovery A very yummy dish specialty of Tacye T. Recover 20 HP & 20 FP



Don't think I wasn't gonna give you a full list of all 50 recipes of Tayce T....Bwahaha. Here's a
complete list.


01. APPLE PIE -- Cake Mix + Apple
02. BIG COOKIE -- Cake Mix + Blue Berry
                  Cake Mix + Red Berry
                  Cake Mix + Yellow Berry
                  Cake Mix + Goomnut
                  Cake Mix + Egg
03. BLAND MEAL -- Koopa Leaf + Blue Berry
                  Koopa Leaf + Red Berry
                  Koopa Leaf + Yellow Berry
                  Koopa Leaf + Goomnut
                  Dried Pasta + Blue Berry
                  Dried Pasta + Red Berry
                  Dried Pasta + Yellow Berry
                  Dried Pasta + Mushroom
                  Dried Pasta + Life Shroom
                  Dried Pasta + Goomnut
                  Dried Pasta + Iced Potato
                  Dried Pasta + Super Shroom
                  Dried Pasta + Egg
                  Dried Pasta + Volt Shroom
                  Dried Pasta + Strange Leaf
                  Dried Pasta + Coconut
                  Iced Potato + Cake Mix
                  Iced Potato + Mushroom
                  Iced Potato + Life Shroom
                  Iced Potato + Super Shroom
                  Iced Potato + Egg
                  Iced Potato + Volt Shroom
                  Iced Potato + Coconut
                  Egg + Mushroom
                  Egg + Life Shroom
                  Egg + Super Shroom
                  Egg + Volt Shroom
                  Fire Flower + Life Shroom
                  Fire Flower + Goomnut
                  Fire Flower + Super Shroom
                  Fire Flower + Volt Shroom
                  Strange Leaf + Goomnut
                  Potato Salad + Fried Shroom
04. BOILED EGG -- Egg + Stinky Herb
                  Egg + Strange Leaf
05. CAKE -- Cake Mix
06. COCO POP -- Cake Mix + Coconut
07. DELUXE FEAST -- Strange Leaf + Whacka's Bump
                    Potato Salad + Shroom Steak
08. DIZZY DIAL -- Strange Leaf + Stinky Herb
                  Strange Leaf + Volt Shroom
09. EGG MISSILE -- Egg + Fire Flower
10. ELECTRO POP -- Cake Mix + Volt Shroom
11. FIRE FLOWER -- Dried Fruit + Strange Leaf
12. FIRE POP -- Cake Mix + Fire Flower
13. FRIED EGG -- Egg
14. FRIED SHROOM -- Mushroom
                    Dried Shroom
                    Super Shroom
                    Dried Shroom + Mushroom
                    Dried Shroom + Fire Flower
15. FROZEN FRIES -- Fire Flower + Iced Potato
16. HEALTHY JUICE -- Special Shake + Stinky Herb
                     Special Shake + Dried Shroom
                     Special Shake + Strange Leaf
17. HONEY CANDY -- Honey Syrup + Cake Mix
18. HONEY SHROOM -- Honey Syrup + Mushroom
19. HONEY SUPER -- Honey Syrup + Super Shroom
                   Honey Syrup + Life Shroom
                   Honey Syrup + Volt Shroom
20. HONEY ULTRA -- Honey Syrup + Ultra Shroom
21. HOT SHROOM -- Life Shroom
                  Volt Shroom
                  Mushroom + Super Shroom
                  Mushroom + Volt Shroom
                  Mushroom + Fire Flower
                  Dried Fruit + Super Shroom
                  Dried Fruit + Volt Shroom
                  Volt Shroom + Super Shroom
22. JELLY POP -- Jammin' Jelly + Cake Mix
23. JELLY SHROOM -- Jammin' Jelly + Mushroom
24. JELLY SUPER -- Jammin' Jelly + Life Shroom
                   Jammin' Jelly + Super Shroom
                   Jammin' Jelly + Volt Shroom
25. JELLY ULTRA -- Jammin' Jelly + Ultra Shroom
26. KOOKY COOKIE -- Cake Mix + Koopa Leaf
                    Cake Mix + Stinky Herb
                    Cake Mix + Maple Syrup
27. KOOPA TEA -- Koopa Leaf
28. KOOPASTA -- Koopa Leaf + Dried Pasta
29. LEMON CANDY -- Cake Mix + Lemon
30. LIFE SHROOM -- Koopa Leaf + Ultra Shroom
                   Koopa Leaf + Mushroom
                   Koopa Leaf + Life Shroom
                   Koopa Leaf + Super Shroom
                   Koopa Leaf + Volt Shroom
                   Goomnut + Ultra Shroom
                   Goomnut + Mushroom
                   Goomnut + Life Shroom
                   Goomnut + Super Shroom
                   Goomnut + Volt Shroom
                   Strange Leaf + Ultra Shroom
                   Strange Leaf + Mushroom
                   Strange Leaf + Life Shroom
                   Strange Leaf + Super Shroom
31. LIME CANDY -- Cake Mix + Lime
32. MAPLE SHROOM -- Maple Syrup + Mushroom
33. MAPLE SUPER -- Maple Syrup + Life Shroom
                   Maple Syrup + Super Shroom
                   Maple Syrup + Volt Shroom
34. MAPLE ULTRA -- Maple Syrup + Ultra Shroom
35. NUTTY CAKE -- Goomnut
36. POTATO SALAD -- Iced Potato
37. SHROOM CAKE -- Mushroom + Cake Mix
                   Super Shroom + Cake Mix
38. SHROOM STEAK -- Ultra Shroom
                    Ultra Shroom + Mushroom
                    Ultra Shroom + Life Shroom
                    Ultra Shroom + Dried Shroom
                    Ultra Shroom + Super Shroom
                    Ultra Shroom + Volt Shroom
                    Life Shroom + Mushroom
                    Life Shroom + Dried Shroom
                    Life Shroom + Super Shroom
39. SLEEPY SHEEP -- Strange Leaf + Blue Berry
                    Strange Leaf + Red Berry
                    Strange Leaf + Yellow Berry
40. SPAGHETTI -- Dried Pasta
41. SPECIAL SHAKE -- Melon
                     Melon + Blue Berry
                     Melon + Red Berry
                     Melon + Yellow Berry
                     Melon + Honey Syrup
                     Melon + Strange Leaf
                     Melon + Meple Syrup
                     Melon + Lime
                     Melon + Apple
                     Melon + Lemon
                     Jammin' Jelly + Blue Berry
                     Jammin' Jelly + Red Berry
                     Jammin' Jelly + Yellow Berry
                     Jammin' Jelly + Honey Syrup
                     Jammin' Jelly + Maple Syrup
                     Jammin' Jelly + Melon
                     Jammin' Jelly + Coconut
                     Jammin' Jelly + Lime
                     Jammin' Jelly + Apple
                     Jammin' Jelly + Lemon
42. SPICY SOUP -- Fire Flower
43. STRANGE CAKE -- Cake Mix + Strange Leaf
44. SUPER SODA -- Blue Berry
                  Red Berry
                  Yellow Berry
                  Honey Syrup
                  Maple Syrup
                  Jammin' Jelly
                  Blue Berry + Yellow Berry
                  Red Berry + Blue Berry
                  Red Berry + Yellow Berry
                  Honey Syrup + Koopa Leaf
                  Honey Syrup + Maple Syrup
                  Maple Syrup + Blue Berry
                  Maple Syrup + Red Berry
                  Maple Syrup + Koopa Leaf
                  Maple Syrup + Yellow Berry
                  Maple Syrup + Coconut
                  Maple Syrup + Apple
                  Maple Syrup + Lemon
                  Coconut + Blue Berry
                  Coconut + Red Berry
                  Coconut + Koopa Leaf
                  Coconut + Yellow Berry
                  Coconut + Melon
                  Coconut + Apple
                  Lime + Blue Berry
                  Lime + Red Berry
                  Lime + Koopa Leaf
                  Lime + Yellow Berry
                  Lime + Melon
                  Lime + Apple
                  Lime + Lemon
                  Apple + Blue Berry
                  Apple + Red Berry
                  Apple + Yellow Berry
                  Apple + Lemon
                  Lemon + Blue Berry
                  Lemon + Red Berry
                  Lemon + Koopa Leaf
                  Lemon + Yellow Berry
                  Jammin' Jelly + Koopa Leaf
45. SWEET SHROOM -- Cake Mix + Ultra Shroom)
46. TASTY TONIC -- Bubble Berry
                   Honey Syrup + Blue Berry
                   Honey Syrup + Red Berry
                   Honey Syrup + Yellow Berry
                   Honey Syrup + Coconut
                   Honey Syrup + Lime
                   Honey Syrup + Apple
                   Honey Syrup + Lemon
47. THUNDER RAGE -- Dried Fruit + Volt Shroom
48. VOLT SHROOM -- Dried Fruit + Ultra Shroom
                   Dried Fruit + Mushroom
                   Dried Fruit + Life Shroom
                   Honey Syrup + Super Shroom
49. YOSHI COOKIE -- Cake Mix + Melon
50. YUMMY MEAL -- Whacka's Bump
                  Ultra Shroom + Dried Pasta
                  Ultra Shroom + Iced Potato
                  Ultra Shroom + Egg
                  Dried Fruit + Iced Potato
                  Dried Pasta + Dried Fruit
                  Iced Potato + Strange Leaf
                  Potato Salad + Hot Shroom
                  Potato Salad + Spaghetti

(Any other combination that is not listed above will result in a MISTAKE item)



One of the major side quests on this game is the letter delivery side quest. There are 2 different
letter delivery quests.
The first one...consists of 11 letters found throughout Mushroom Kingdom that must be delivered in
order to get 11 Star Pieces, or, one Star Piece for each of them. We call that the NORMAL DELIVERY
The second one...consists of a single letter you find somewhere, and as you deliver it, you will
get another one, and another, and another. There are 14 letters in this sequence. When you finally
deliver them all, your reward is the LUCKY DAY Badge, one of the rarest of all. We call this the
So we have Normal Delivery Quest, which gets you 11 Star Pieces, and Sequence Delivery Quest, which
is longer but gives you the Lucky Day Badge and a LOT of comfort for completing it =P
Remember that to deliver a letter, talk to that person when you have the letter with Parakarry as
your partner!



-Letter Location-                      -Recipient-                           -Recipient Location-

Mt. Rugged			        Kolorado                                Dry Dry Desert
Mt. Rugged                               Merlon                                   Toad Town
Dry Dry Desert                           Goompa                                 Goomba Village
Dry Dry Desert                           Mort T.                                 Koopa Village
Dry Dry Outpost                        Nomadimouse                              Dry Dry Desert
Gusty Gulch                              Fice T.                                  Toad Town
Jade Jungle                              Russ T.                                  Toad Town
Jade Jungle                               Igor                                  Boo's Mansion
Flower Fields                            Minh T.                                  Toad Town
Shiver Snowfield                         Merlow                              Shooting Star Summit
Shiver Snowfield                      Mayor Penguin                              Shiver City


-Sender-                               -Recipient-                           -Recipient Location-

Letter found in Mt. Rugged              Goompapa                                Goomba Village
Goompapa                                Muss T.                                   Toad Town
Muss T.					Koover                                   Koopa Village
Koover					Fishmael 				  Toad Town
Fishmael				Koover					 Koopa Village
Koover					Mr. E				        Dry Dry Outpost
Mr. E					Miss T.					  Toad Town
Miss T.					Little Mouser				Dry Dry Outpost
Little Mouser                           Franky				         Boo's Mansion
Franky					Dane T.					  Toad Town
Dane T.					Red Yoshi Kid				 Yoshi Village
Red Yoshi Kid				Dane T.					  Toad Town
Dane T.					Frost T.				Starborn Valley
Frost T.				Goompapa				 Goomba Village

CHARACTERS IN SDQ: Goompapa (dad of the Goomba family)
                   Muss T. (The Toad lurking next to the ruins of Peach's Castle)
	           Koover (the Koopa next to the entrance of Koopa Village)
                   Fishmael (the fishing guy in the Port)
                   Mr. E (the toad with the blue turban)
                   Miss T. (in Area A, one of the 3 sisters that are together)
                   Little Mouser (the shopkeeper)
                   Franky (the Boo in the main hall)
                   Dane T. (one of the Toad kids south of the Train Station)
                   Red Yoshi Kid (the only red-colored Yoshi kid)
                   Frost T. (this Toad is outside in Starborn Valley)



15 of the Star Pieces can only be achieved by completing Koopa Koot's favors. There are 20 favors,
and for every 4 favors that you do to him, you get 3 Star Pieces, otherwise you get 1 coin (woo!).
Also, this is how you can get the Silver Credit or the Gold Credit for the Playground. Koopa Koot
can be found in the last house in Koopa Village. Here it goes...!


Favor #1 (for 1 coin): KOOPA LEGENDS -- Go to Kolorado's wife house in Koopa Village and ask her
                       for her book, "Koopa Legends".
Favor #2 (for 1 coin & Silver Credit): SLEEPY SHEEP -- The North Toad Town Shop sells them for 10
Favor #3 (for 1 coin): TAPE -- Go to Goompa in Goomba Village and ask him for the Tape.
Favor #4 (for 3 Star Pieces): KOOPA TEA -- Get a Koopa Leaf from one of the bushes in Koopa Village
			      and let Tacye T. cook it so it becomes Koopa Tea.
Favor #5 (for 1 coin): LUIGI'S AUTOGRAPH -- Go to Luigi and ask for his Autograph.
Favor #6 (for 1 coin): EMPTY WALLET -- Search the bushes around Koopa Village for Koopa Koot's
                       missing Wallet.
Favor #7 (for 1 coin): TASTY TONIC -- The South Toad Town Shop sells these for only 5 coins.
Favor #8 (for 3 Star Pieces): MERLUVEE'S AUTOGRAPH -- Merluvee's is harder to get than Luigi's. Go
			      to her and she'll ask you for a favor in the desert. Complete it and
			      she'll give you her Autograph.
Favor #9 (for 1 coin): TOAD TOWN NEWS -- Read the board next to Merlon's house front AND BACK, and
		       then return to him.
Favor #10 (for 1 coin & Gold Credit): LIFE SHROOM -- It can be either cooked, bought at Star Haven,
					or found.
Favor #11 (for 1 coin): NUTTY CAKE -- You can get these by just taking a Goomnut to Tayce T. and
			cooking it up.
Favor #12 (for 3 Star Pieces): STOP THE NOISE -- Go to the house with exploding Bob-Ombs and let
			       Bombette talk to the bomb at the right to stop the noise.
Favor #13 (for 1 coin): OLD PHOTO -- Talk to Franky, the Boo on the main hall of Boo's Mansion, to
			recieve this one.
Favor #14 (for 1 coin): KOOPASTA -- Check bushes in Koopa Village for a Koopa Leaf and buy Dried
			Pasta from Dry Dry Outpost Shop for 3 coins, and let Tayce T. mix them
			together for some Koopasta.
Favor #15 (for 1 coin): GLASSES -- Check the bushes in Koopa Village to find Koopa Koot's missing
Favor #16 (for 3 Star Pieces): LIME -- Go to the Oasis in Dry Dry Desert and hit the left big tree
			       for a fresh and juice Lime.
Favor #17 (for 1 coin): KOOKY COOKIE -- Get some Cake Mix from Shy Guy's Toy Box and a Koopa Leaf
			and let Tayce T. mix them together for a Kooky Cookie.
Favor #18 (for 1 coin): PACKAGE -- One of the Boos in Gusty Gulch has a Package for Koopa Koot.
Favor #19 (for 1 coin): COCONUT -- There are many of these hanging from palms in Lavalava Island,
			especially the beach. Hit the trees to get them
Favor #20 (for 3 Star Pieces): RED JAR -- Go to the Dry Dry Outpost Shop and buy items in this
			       order: Dusty Hammer, Dried Pasta, Dusty Hammer, Dried Shroom. Little
			       Mouser will recognize this sign and give you the Red Jar!



Chuck Quizmo is back for Kaaaaaaaaa-whiiiiz time in Mushroom Kingdom! No less than 64 Star Pieces
can be gotten by answering all 64 questions correctly. If you missed one before using this strategy
guide, it doesn't matter, the next question will be the same and you can still get all 64 even if
you miss a lot. Well, here it goes.


01. What is the name of Goombario's younger sister? (Goombaria)
02. What is the color of the block you can break with the first Hammer you got? (Yellow)
03. What ability does Goombario frequently use? (Tattle)
04. What color of pants was the Goomba King wearing? (Red and White)
05. Which of Mario's battle commands is on the far left? (Strategies)
06. How many windows does the Goomba House in Goomba Village have? (One)
07. What's the name of the leader of the Red and Blue Goomba Bros.? (Goomba King)
08. What color are Luigi's pants? (Blue Ninjakoopa)
09. How many members are there in Goombario's family? (Six)
10. What will you recieve when you get the right answer in a quiz? (Star Piece)
11. What is the name of the smart Toad living in Toad Town? (Russ T.)
12. How many buildings are there in Koopa Village? (Six)
13. Of the following, who is NOT a member of the Koopa Bros.? (Blue)
14. How many Coins are needed to buy a Mushroom at the shop in Koopa Village? (4 coins)
15. Where does Merluvee, who tells fortunes about special things, live? (Shooting Star Summit)
16. What is the name of the character who joined you at the Koopa Bros. Fortress? (Bombette)
17. What color is Bowser's Hair? (Red)
18. How many Star Spirits do you have to save? (Seven)
19. What's the name of the elderly Koopa Troopa who always asks for errands to be run? (Koopa Koot)
20. How many Bob-Ombs besides Bombette were imprisoned in Koopa Bros. Fortress? (Four)
21. Where is the house of the explorer, Kolorado? (Koopa Village)
22. What is the destination of the train which departs from Toad Town Station? (Mt. Rugged)
23. What is the name of the fellow who sells Badges in Toad Town? (Rowf)
24. What treasure did Bowser steal from Star Haven? (Star Rod)
25. What color is the roof of the house in Koopa Village where you can listen to a radio? (Blue)
26. Who does Kooper idolize? (Kolorado)
27. What does Merlee of Dry Dry Outpost specialize in? (Casting spells)
28. Who hides inside a coffin in Dry Dry Ruins? (Pokey Mummy)
29. What can you get when you take Star Pieces to Merlow at Shooting Star Summit? (Badges)
30. Who knew the location of Dry Dry Ruins in Dry Dry Desert? (Moustafa)
31. When you want Tayce T. to make Lemon Candy, what do you have to give her? (Lemon & Cake Mix)
32. Who among the following lives in Forever Forest: Jr. Troopa, Oaklie or Cleft? (Oaklie)
33. What are Boos exactly? (Ghosts)
34. What appeats when you hit the Whacka living on Mt. Rugged? (Bump)
35. Other than Lemons, what fruit drops when you hit a tree in the desert oasis? (Lime)
36. What is the name of the strange person in Toad Town who can increase Mario's status? (Chet
37. What ability does Bombette frequently use? (Bomb)
38. What does Gourmet Guy like? (Cakes)
39. Who was the second companion to join your team? (Kooper)
40. Who tried to steal Coins from you in the desert? (Bandit)
41. What is the name of the Star Spirit who can use Star Storm? (Skolar)
42. What are addressed to your companions and sent to the post office? (Letters)
43. Among the following, which building is NOT in Toad Town: Shop, Station, or Mayor's House?
    (Mayor's House)
44. What kind of book does Gourmet Guy drop? (Cookbook)
45. Who am I? (Chuck Quizmo)
46. Where do I show up? (In towns and villages)
47. What is the name of the plant that grows in Jade Jungle and blows out stars? (Trumpet Plant)
48. What color is ther leader of Yoshi's Village? (Yellow)
49. What is the name of the elderly man who tells fortunes in Toad Town? (Merlon)
50. How many colors of Yoshis did you see in Yoshi Village? (Six)
51. How would the Yoshi Kids in Yoshi's Village describe Sushie? (Bossy)
52. What building is across from the Toad Town post office? (Merlon's House)
53. What kind of card do you get when you defeat Lee at the Dojo in Toad Town? (Second-Degree Card)
54. What color is the brooch that Princess Peach wears? (Blue)
55. Who gave you Miracle Water in Flower Fields? (Lily)
56. What is the name of Lakilester's girlfriend? (Lakilulu)
57. How do you make the pipe leading to the Toad Town Playroom come out? (Hit a tree)
58. Among the following, who is inside Club 64: Dancer, Composer or Pop Diva? (Pop Diva)
59. Which os the following do Shy Guys never do--Sing, Dance or Run? (Sing)
60. What best describes the relationship between Mario and Luigi? (Brothers)
61. Among the following, who is found in Starborn Valley: Penguin, Lakitu or Ninji? (Ninji)
62. How many companions do you travel with? (Eight)
63. What is the name of the Star Kid who's always with Princess Peach? (Twink)
64. How many Star Spirits have you saved in total? (Seven)



Thank you for reading this guide. I hope it helps you a lot. If you find any mistakes, spelling
errors, grammatical errors (I guess there are a lot since I'm not 100% American), info errors, or
anything like that, or you just want to tell me that you liked and used my guide, please e-mail me

[email protected]

This is the first guide I complete, although I am currently working on more. Other guides by me:

(None yet)


1.0 (03.01.2001) - First version

Thanks to:

Nintendo, for making such a great game
The Official Nintendo Power Paper Mario strategy guide, which helped me A LOT!
Gamefaqs.com, for publishing my guide and having such great guides
Ign64.com, for giving me some info
Everyone else who in some way helped with this guide/game, you rock!
Watt, for helping me beat Bowser

Well...until next version!!


All characters copyright Nintendo & Intelligent Systems Inc.
This guide may not be in any way reproduced without written authorization from Rodri316 and full
credit for it.

"Long live the oranges!"
"Iced Potato + Dried Fruit = Yummy Meal !?!?"

-By Rodri316

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