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Payday 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

Copyright 2013 Samuel G, twitter: @BraniacUnbound
email: unboundbraniac at yahoo dot com

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Payday 2 is an FPS-style game about thievery. If stealing is not your kind of
fluff, then perhaps this game is not for you. But it's just a game, in the
same way people who play FPS games are not automatically killers. So, ready
to collect a pay-check?


1= Controls
[A] Safe House
2= Walkthrough
[5] FAQs


W = Move Forward
S = Move Back
A = Move left (strafe)
D = move right (strafe)
Left mouse click = Fire weapon
Right mouse click = Aim Down Sight
1 = Secondary weapon
2 = Primary weapon
C = Switch weapon
R = Reload
Q = Weapon Gadget on/off
Left Shift = Run
Space = Jump (mask-on mode only)
Left Ctrl = Crouch
E = Melee attack
F = Shout/interact
G = Deploy equipment/throw bag
T = Chat message
` = Push to talk
ENTER = Continue to lobby


Enter the building in front of you, and make you way to the inside of the
building. Wait a bit, and when a phone rings, head to the counter of the
kitchen and just stand in front of the phone. Wait a bit, then enter the
door that just magically opened. Walk up to the objective and let the
scene fade. Once the game un-dims, press and hold G until the circle on-
screen is a complete circle. Then, turn around and enter the door that
was just magically opened (How does a dump like this have automatic doors?)
Head to the onscreen objective icon and then look up towards the new icon,
and let that bag fall on you. Well, your character didn't auto grab the bag,
so you need to hold F to pick it up. Then make your way back into the
building you just left and head back into the room with a kitchen, and walk
up to that table, like crash into it, and press G (if you are not close enough
to the table, the bag will drop onto the floor). Once that's done, press F for
each piece of money on the table, then turn around and drop money onto Lady
Justice statue. Head down the trapdoor on the floor, and once the lights go
on, head a little past the Crime Net laptop, and turn left, and you'll see
a white table, grab the keycard on there. Now, familiarize yourself with this
basement as I will be referring to them by their room names and not by GPS
coordinates. Now, head to the Safe-training room, and use the drill on the
safe for $1000 (small safe on table). Make sure you stay with the drill as
they can jam, prompting your input. So, that's it for now so head to the
laptop and press hold F. Once your statistics finish, continue to a Super
Mario gambling game and pick a card, any card.

[B] Player types

Each player can be specific in their type of field, and a team made up of
each of these different types is a team to be reckoned with. Each player
type has skills specific to that type of style of play, and while you don't
have to stick to one player type, you can max some skills to be an almost
swiss knife, but new players will want to work specific skills first to
gather more points.

Skills are like, abilities in RPGs so to say. Say you want to pick locks
faster, there's a skill for that. Each skill has 2 levels, Basic and Ace.
Basic is a normal version and cost, Ace is an improved version of said skill
and costs more. Now there are 4 trees, each with a unique set of skills, I
will list here what they are:

This skill tree is best for the leader of teams, the guy who tells hostages
to quiet down, the guy who revives fallen teammates better, basically the
player who can interact with others much better.

This is the guy with guns, simply put. Enforcers have more strength, can
survive longer, and have better weapon handling. A team needs at least
one of these to be very successful.

The Technician is a player who excels better at handling the technical
side of missions. This player can drill faster, use explosives, and
place sentry guns among other things.

The Ghost of the team should be the one surveying target buildings first
before the other players can go in. Ghosts have the ability to lower their
visibility from civilians and guards, lock pick in silence, and place ECM


Aside from the heavy randomization of levels, there are also varying levels
of difficulty. I will list them here so that when you choose a specific
level and a specific difficulty, you'll know what to expect. At least this
isn't random :P

This is shown as the default job requirements, ie bag 4 bags of cash, take
a specific item, etc. Cops are typically patrolmen level, and establishments
that you are robbing typically don't have security cameras. If there are
camera's, their sensing is not as quick.

This typically increases the requirements + cops response level by 1. For
example, if Normal difficulty said to bag 4 bags of cash, Hard increases it
to 5 or 6, plus the next best cop, SWAT, responds. Levels may have security
cameras, security rooms, as well as more alert security guards. Cops may
perform flanking manuevers to free hostages. Police Snipers may also appear.

This triples the amount of the requirements for levels with such, for example
if you are to bag 6 bags of cash in HARD, you must get 8 or more, and body
armor equipped special police units respond to alarms, as well as Shield
Police Units. In addition to HARD, this difficulty may feature more frequent
security guard perimeters and more security camera's, as well as metal
detectors in stores (those detect your guns).

This is all 3 difficulties rolled up into one. "Rhino" cops respond, who are
like Fatman in Metal Gear Solid 2, basically these guys are armored to the
max, where only an explosive MIGHT take them down in one hit. Cop response
on this difficulty is maximum force, and will use any available entrance or
exit to take you down.

I honestly don't know the difference between a pro job and a none-pro job,
but PRO jobs seemed like a nightmare compared to their regular counterparts,
like escape vans appearing at the farthest point more often. Just keep in
mind, these jobs are labeled PRO for a reason ;)

The cops actually have differences, and those differences make a difference
in how to take them down. Here I will list them and how to take them out
easily. Higher difficulties involve cops from lower difficulties.

Normal cops are involved. These guys are typically low damage weapons. They
carry no body armor and are easy to take down. Telling them to put their
hands up occurs more often (depending on skill level) These are generally
the first guys to respond to an alarm (Patrolmen).

Swat arrives in the form of light body armor and Shields. Shields are
impenetrable, and can only be taken down by flanking them from behind or by
melee'ing their shield and then shooting them as they fall back.

Heavy Police Forces with heavy armor and weaponry. They may arrive on roofs
via helicopter. Continuous Headshots are the only solution I found to take
them out with the least amount of bullets. They are distinct by their green
colored uniform. May introduce Tazer cops.

So those heavily armored guys? Yeah, they have a weakness. I found that
shooting them in the neck is much easier than anywhere else (not like
you'll see anything else besides their front). When I say neck, I mean
the area right between their helmet and their chest armor. Also features
Risk level 2 Heavy cops with tougher armor.

(note: The game features heavily randomized level layouts, so it's hard to
guide you which place the safe is, or which cash register has cash. So I
will just give tips of each level and the best ways to complete jobs. Also
note this game was played in Crime.net Offline, as I had to type and play
and wasn't interested in ruining my stats and cash levels)
Your job is to steal $15,000. Scout the stores, and try to find a big safe.
Once you do, start the mission and drill it. While the drill is running, raid
registers and loose cash lying on tables, in cash boxes, etc. Do not kill
civilians as money will be deducted from you if you do. When done, wait for
the escape van to show up, and crouch, then walk into the van to escape.
Note: if you do not see a big safe, you'll have to raid all the stores of
their registers.

Your job is to destroy. Funny, I don't remember signing up for demolition
duty. I just want some cash, man! $50,000 worth of damage, I suggest aiming
for the Apple Store clone and the vase store, meelee'ing items on sale, and
then meelee cash register screens. For some funny reason, melee'ing all the
windows in the mall adds up to their repair bill. Note: this job is an ATM
paradise. If you have the buzz saw, have fun in here!

Your job is to raid a safe. It is located in an area past a door marked
"Staff only". A staff member has a key card to get past the security door,
so it's advisable to get that instead of drilling through the door. Once
inside, start drilling the safe, and be on the lookout for snipers outside
the windows, and swat coming up the stairs and through the roof. After the
drilling of the safe is finished, bag the money, and wait for the truck to
show up (it's just outside the windows). Once the truck arrives, throw the
moneybag, and then bag the remaining money in the safe and throw that out
too. Afterwards, escape.

-Tip: To avoid cops coming through the roof, make sure you hold the hostage
inside the room with the safe. This will also slow them down from going up
the stairs.

Your job is to bag 3 bags full of jewelry. 1 bag of jewelry is only 1x
jewelry that says "hold F to grab", once you get a bag, wait for the
getaway van to arrive, then throw the bag into the van, rinse and repeat.

Go to the parking lot to get the drill. You need to put your mask on to grab
the drill, so... I recommend going through the door on the side of the bank
near the entrance to the parking lot, there's no camera's there. Get inside
the bank and setup the thermal drill. Wait for it to finish, and follow the
objective. There should be loose cash inside the teller room while you are
waiting for the drilling to finish. Your goal in this job is to open the
safety deposit boxes, so it will take time lock-picking them. After the
objective is complete, run to the van.

Go to the parking lot to get the drill. You need to put your mask on to grab
the drill, so... I recommend going through the door on the side of the bank
near the entrance to the parking lot, there's no camera's there. Get inside
the bank and setup the thermal drill. Wait for it to finish, and follow the
objective. There should be loose cash inside the teller room while you are
waiting for the drilling to finish. Now when the vault is completely open,
you can bag as much cash as you can. One bag is to finish the mission, if
you can get more, go for it.

PRO BANK HEIST: (Multiple goals)
This job consists of 3 different goals. For the sake of unifying the same
tips, the following heists are available in this job:

-Regular (Bank Heist)
-Gold (Bank Heist: Gold)
-Cash (Bank Heist: Cash)

This is the same Harvest & Trustee's bank, and it randomizes between each
of the 3 different goals, sometimes the Gold/Cash is inside the vault,
sometimes it's inside the safety deposit boxes. The "Regular" bank heist
involves just taking random money, if you have a buzz saw, there's 2 ATM's
inside the bank, which is more than enough for the goal only.


You have to steal a Tiara from the Jewelry Store. It's in a safe, and there
are typically 2 safes inside. Guess which is which, then you can either raid
the rest of the jewels on sale, or scram. It's hard not to be seen, you have
2 security guards out back, usually one inside manning the camera's, so
you can either take out the guards, or all out assault, though I definitely
suggest taking out the guards as sometimes there are metal detectors at
the front doors, go through those and your guns light up the alarms.


(Day 1)

Well you are trapped like a pig in a truck. Wait for the rear gate to open,
then shoot as much as you can and then start emptying the truck by grabbing
the bags and place them near the stairs that is going up a building in front
of the truck. You can grab the bags while outside the truck, no need to go
up the ramp just to grab a bag. Then, wait for a new truck to come, and start
carrying bags to it. Drop at least 5 for a job well done, then scram to the
escape vehicle. Be careful because the cops can pick up your bags if you
aren't watching.

(Day 2)

Now you need to unload the bags to the speedboat. First, bring the bags
closer to the dock, then activate the signal lights. Continue loading bags
closer to the dock while you wait for the boat, then load the boat once it
arrives. After the objective is completed, escape.

(Note: playing this level on low texture settings is not recommended!)

(Day 1)
This one is sort of easy, well, aside from trying to not be seen. You need to
look for a safe in the house, once found break into and take what's inside.
Also look for items, if you are fast enough you can find one or all of the
following items in the house:
-Airplane Keys
-Shutters Codes
-Fusion Research
-Guard Intel
-Scientist Intel

Escape when done.

(Day 2)
This one's tough. You gotta infiltrate the house, find the server room, then
sneak into the lab and find the correct engine. Hints are on the whiteboards
in the lab, once you got it, take it to the helicopter on the landing
strip. If you got the airplane keys, it's time to fly.

(If you have no idea how to go about this level, this link (thanks to Lord
Blade on the gamefaqs forums) is all you'll need:




(Day 1)
Your job is to break into the art gallery and steal some art. I definitely
suggest you stealth this one, it's dark and very Splinter Cell'ish. You need
to get the required amount of paintings. They have this symbol like the
Ghostbusters "No-ghosts" sign. Once you get them, take them to the van.

(Day 2) (Recommend bringing Buzz saw)
Simple exchange. You need to answer the smartphone in the train car, and
behind it is a table. Place the paintings on the table, then answer the
upcoming phone call. Then, when the heli arrives, just throw the paintings
through the roof of the train car, once you throw them all, the train car
door will open up, and you'll have to make your getaway on the opposite side
of this level. A shortcut is through the drainage beside this very train car
that you were just in, if you have the buzz saw then you can take it. I
didn't, and a civilian saw me and alerted the cops (higher difficulties
might have someone spot you when your buzzing the grill). Either way, the
van is behind some fences, the way to cut them is to the left of the red
shipping container, cut the fence and onto the van.

(Day 3)
Stealth recommended. I can't stress that enough. First you need to use the
laptop at the starting point to look for the Senator's personal electronics.
This is in the form of hard drives, tablet, smartphone, and laptop, they will
be outlined in yellow. Once you get these, bring them back up to the starting
point, set them up, and then find the vault. It's behind a bookshelf, these
are the dark tall bookshelves, and I only know of two: one in the bedroom,
and one in the large room surrounded by glass. Once you open it, head back
to the roof and drop the bags into that vault.

[Recommended playing with human players]

(Day 1)
Your job is to intercept or destroy weapons. I went for intercept as it is
maximum money. There are a lot of Mendoza's in the hangar, so eliminate with
extreme force. The cases are in the truck (crouch to open them), if there is
not enough, there are some on the tables too.

(Day 2) (silencer pistol recommended)
This reminds me of the movie Blue Streak, going into the building of law
enforcement to get something inside. Stealthing this is a nightmare, but I'm
going to walk you through it. Going through the front door is definitely not
advised, and if you go through the side doors, be aware there is a security
camera behind it. Do not go through the metal detectors, just jump the front
desk. Now, the best way to stealth this level is to look for the Gen Sec
room (2nd Floor), and Bain will tell you to deactivate the alarms first, then
look for the Gen Sec fuseboxes. Then you can access the Gen Sec room, which
has the server room within it.

(Day 3)
lol Harvest and Trustee bank. You probably know this bank already, but it's
different this time around. When you try to drill the vault, it will
electrocute you, so if you are playing with human players, keep someone on
the roof before drilling, to shut off the electricity. Then, once the vault
is open, set up the camera and then go Joker on it and burn it :D Get away
from the fire after you light it, because it will hurt. Wait for a bit, then
grab the camera when told, and get out of there.


(Day 1)
Your job is to guard and cook some drugs. Muriatic Acid, Chlorinated Soda
and Hydrogen is in the little shed near the area you started from, in the
basement, or in the other shed by the house. Once you get the ingredients
(you have to do this 3 times), grab the drugs and toss them into the van.
Scram out to the escape van.

(Day 2)
There are 3 different apartments in this level. The drug deal went south with
me on the 3rd bag, so this might be standard. The safe with the information
could be in the top floor of any of the apartments, so if you are playing with
human players, time to split up.

(Day 3)
This one is easy, or hard depending on how you shoot. You simply have to head
to the bus and execute the Mendoza's, and then escape via helicopter. You can
take a bag of money with you, but they have trap bombs if you try to take
the money so you'll have to diffuse the trap, or let it blow.


--------------------------------{COMBAT TIPS}--------------------------------

--There's no targeting reticle, so Aim Down the Sight as much as possible.
Unless you learned how to shoot from the hip like I have, using ADS is
highly recommended. This is especially recommended for high recoil guns.

--Use cover as much as possible, and it's advisable to fire within a group
of hostages, that are tied down that is. Never shoot when untied hostages are
around you, as they might suddenly get up and go crazy. Many a time I did
that and there goes some money.

--Headshots make your job easier, so as much as possible, do that. It is
pointless shooting at the chest of a cop with body armor. Unless you have
a shotgun >__>

--Tazer cops are distinct from other cops, as they have a helmet with yellow
trimming. You definitely need to take these guys out whenever you can, as
their shocks once made me shoot a hostage ~__~

--Every car in this game can not blow up, but they can have their windows
shot out (including your escape van :P). Don't hesitate to shoot a cop
behind their car doors.

-------------------------------{GAMEPLAY TIPS}-------------------------------

--Cable ties are one time use! You cannot get them back if a hostage dies.

--Keep hostages when you can, but don't keep them all together in one place.
Have teammates on a perimeter while you're drilling, and make sure they tie
at least 1 or two nearby to slow the police down. The police does not do
Assaults if there are hostages nearby, so if a standoff goes on for a while,
cops will try to break in and free some. Any hostages freed grants them
full firepower against you, so I can't stress this enough, hostages are very
important! (Note: AI teammates can't do much other than shoot >_>)

--Pressing F is probably one of your most important keys to use. Aside from
the usual lock picking/activate drill/tie up hostages, This key can do the

=Tell hostages to get down on the floor.
=Scare cops into dropping their gun and hands up (might need higher skill for
a better chance of this happening)
=Telling AI teammates to come to your position (aim at them then F)
=Pointing out targets to take down (like, point at a cop, and he will be

--Don't buy every available asset in the assets tab before you do a mission.
While a doctor bag and ammo drop sounds nice, I found the "Insider Info", or
blueprints, to be sometimes useless, if not all the time. For example, in the
Harvest & Trustee's bank, even though the blueprints say a security room is
near the rear of the building, I always found it beside the teller room. But
for some missions, buying the Security Card or other level specific items
are quite useful. Provided you have money of course.

--Avoiding camera's can simply be done by not staying in their field of view
for an extended period of time. A ? mark will appear with a circle filling
out when you are in their view, so just be quick (no running!) to pass by.
Taking out a security room makes it all easier.

[5] FAQs

Q: How do I get parts for my weapons?
A: I get parts from the "pick a card" mini game at the end of every payday,
and I know the game never let me buy the parts as they don't seem to be on
sale like off the shelf, but if any readers reading this know how, shoot
me an email.

Q: Help! I can't customize my mask!
A: You need 3 things:
--A New mask of course
Missing one of the above items will not allow you to customize a mask, even
if you have 2 of the 3 items. 

Q: Why can't I throw my bags farther? It's like I have butterfingers.
A: There is a very early skill in the Enforcer tree. When aced, this will
increase your throw distance farther, depending on the bag of course. Bags
with money/jewlery can be thrown farther, bags with gold/an engine not so

Q: Uhm, shaped charge where?
A: First you need to unlock the Trip Mine skill in the Technician tree. Then
you have to upgrade almost 5 more skills just to reach the Shaped Charge

This is quite a funny game, as a job can be done in several ways. If
anything, this game is far from linear, making each play seem fresh. But at
times you might feel the addictive need to level up just to get the next
best skill, so remember to play responsibly, and when you play with human
players, remember to raise the voice chat volume, regardless if you have a
mic or not.

-Thanks to Overkill games for making me recall the opening sequence of The
Dark Knight, and the street gunfight of Michael Mann's Heat, Payday 2 made
me remember those movies vividly!
-Thanks to the GameFAQs message boards for Payday 2, I've read as much as
I could, and while I haven't gotten that Rats XP idea to work, I learned
much from everyone's posts, and while I can't list everyone here, if you
posted on the boards, you're automatically thanked here :D

And if you have anything to add to this faq, or if you found a typo, or if
my strategy of a level is ancient compared to your better version, don't
hesitate to shoot me an email! Your input, no matter what it is, is
appreciated! And I will credit you.

email: unboundbraniac at yahoo dot com

Copyright 2013 Samuel G

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