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Phantasy Star Online FAQ
By OrochiJin- Tim Garza
[email protected]
May 9, 2001 Final Version

Disclaimer: Please do not post this FAQ without my permission. If you 
decide to use this FAQ it cannot be changed in any way. This FAQ is 
copyright 2001 Tim Garza AKA OrochiJin. There will be no more 
permissions to post this FAQ aside from those listed at the end.

Phantasy Star Online : Copyright Sega and Sonic Team.

Final Version – May 9, 2001
Well I'm going to close off this FAQ now. Yes the weapons/armor and such 
aren't done, but there are a few great guides that have that 
information. A few final minor changes and that's it. Will I do one 
for PSO V.2? Yep, as soon as I get my hands on the import I'll start a 
new FAQ! 

Version 1.8 – April 2, 2001
Some cosmetic changes and such. Fixed some info that was incorrect. I 
may start to update weapons and such, as I'm finally finding more 
myself. I may do the Easter quests as well and write up those.

Version 1.7 March 27, 2001
Added to walkthrough for the download quest "Letter from Lionel". 
Located in the Side Quest/Download Quest section.Updated some misc. 
info. I'm not playing much anymore due to too many games.

Version 1.6 March 14, 2001
Completed the Exp chart for (almost)all enemies across all difficulties. 
Thanks to Jonathan Brown for filling in the blanks on it :) Added in 
info on chaining photon blasts from Chaoshunter. 

Version 1.5 March 13, 2001
Added a section from Skippy on enemy resistance to techniques. Qlix666 
sent in a few armor/weapon descriptions I didn't have as well as more 
EXP amounts for enemies. Actually played for a few hours last night (the 
first time in a week)

Version 1.4 March 12, 2001
A few bits and pieces of info here and there. Added a bit of info to the 
MAG section about how they react to certain situations. Figured the 
updates section was way too big, so I removed some of it. Not much here, 
as I've been busy with other games/things lately. Maybe my love for PSO 
is going away. 

Version 1.3 March 5, 2001-
Added my strategy on the final form of DF (like there really is one). 
Added a load of weapons info as well as misc info throughout the guide
Thanks to MetroidMoo and RuneX for all their info that's been added.
Started adding side quest info. The Frying Pan side quest is now up. 
Agito and Soul Eater soon to come. Well actually, maybe not Soul Eater 
since there is an FAQ for it already.

Version 1.2 March 2, 2001-
More info from PS4Rune on weapons. Added the Ruins quest and a short 
strategy on Dark Falz from yours truly. Not much, but what's there is

Version 1.1 March 1, 2001-
Nemesis helped me with more weapon/armor descriptions. Added more 
corrections from people who noticed things left out or incorrect.
I've almost got the rest of the EXP table complete, should be in
the next update. Actually played using Faye Jin last night. I really
should get her to lvl 100 first.

Version 1.0 Feb 26,2001-
Added a little something for the GameFAQs players, courtesy of KANE79.
Section 15 is a list of GameFAQs members names and their PSO names.
Also, it lists their times. For instance I'm in the same time zone as 
the GameFAQs message boards, so if it's 8PM on GF, then I'm more likely 
to be on PSO. Feel free to send me your info and time difference. 
Otherwise a few corrections/additions. I'm really busy at the moment, so
I have no real updates for now :(

Version 0.9 Feb 21, 2001-
Version 0.8 Feb 20, 2001
Version 0.7 Feb 16, 2001
Version 0.6 Feb 15, 2001
Version 0.5 Feb 14, 2001 
Version 0.4 Feb 13, 2001  
Version 0.3 Feb 13, 2001
Version 0.2 Feb 12, 2001
Version 0.1 Feb 12, 2001 

Table of Contents:
1. Overview
2. Let's Get Started! (Character Creation/Online Help)
3. Controls
4. Start Menu
5. How to attack
6. MAGs are your friends
7. The Quest Walkthroughs
8. Side quests/ Download Quests
9. The Enemies (EXP chart after)
10. Boss Strategies
11. Items
12. Weapons
13. Armor
14. Techniques
15. Frequently Asked Questions
16. GameFAQs PSO player times (NEW!)
17. To Do List
18. Credits/Thanks

1. Overview
Welcome to the world of Phantasy Star Online. Sonic Team seems to have 
created a true multiplayer console game for the ages. You are onboard 
the Pioneer 2, which was trailing its sister ship, the Pioneer 1. With 
your homeworld destroyed, Pioneer 1 was sent out first to locate a new 
home. They found it, the planet of Ragol. But then, the transmissions 
stopped, and Pioneer 1 hasn't been heard from since. As a Hunter on 
Pioneer 2, you have been given the task of finding out what has 
occurred. Also the principal's daughter Red Ring Rico is missing. Just 

The game feature 2 modes, offline and online. The advantages of each are 
thus :

Offline – Quests to complete, all items for yourself, only way to 
unlock other areas for play online when you start the online game. 
Example: If you go online as soon as you start, you can only do the 
Forest. However, beating all Forest Quests and the Dragon will allow 
you to go to caves. Going back online, you'll now see that you can go 
right to the caves.

Online – MORE FUN! Please note that beating an area/boss you haven't 
offline DOES NOT unlock that area for you offline.

Oh and a little on me – Look for me online!

Aerith Jin – Lvl 15 Hunewearl
Faye Jin   - Lvl 85 Racaseal
Dreana Jin – Lvl 17 FOmarl

The official GameFAQs area is Ophelia Block 15.
2. Lets Get Started!
Well once you boot up, you'll be presented with the title screen. Your 
choices are as follows:

New Game – Create a new Character
Continue – Continue
Options – Change language etc
Website – PSO Official site

If a new game, you see an introduction and then be taken to the 
Character creation screen. Here you select from one of nine characters.
Per descriptions from the game/instruction manual/Sailor Bacon's FAQ:

HUmar = Hunter + Human 
Good in close-range combat. Can do some recovery and attack techniques. 
Balanced growth potential. 

HUnewearl = Hunter + Newman 
Strong technique attack with good balance between technique usage and 
close-range combat. 

HUcast = Hunter + Android 
Strongest attack power, highest HP level. Uses multiple weapons but no 

RAmar = Ranger + Human 
Proficient with guns. Can do some recovery and attack techniques. 
Balanced growth potential. 

RAcast = Ranger + Android 
Can use all guns but no techniques. Attacking power is higher than 

RAcaseal = Ranger + Android 
Can use all guns but no techniques. Evasive power is higher than RAcast. 

FOmarl = Force + Human Proficient with techniques and has the most 
balanced growth potential of all the Forces. 

FOnewm = Force + Newman 
Highest TP level. Can use all techniques. Potential to become a leader 
in battle. 

FOnewearl = Force + Newman 
TP/technique usage equal to Fomarl. Defense is higher but HP is lower. 
Weaker in close-range combat. 

Now you get some choices on how you want the character to look:
Skin Color
Character Name

Please note there are two hidden costumes for each of the nine 
characters. I won't bother to list them. They are listed on GameFAQs 
though. Just enter the code into character name, press enter and you 
should here a noise. Check costumes to see two more colors

Once complete you are assigned a section ID (look at the section ID if 
you want a specific one). Now either go offline or online.

If you decide to go online and this is the first time, you will have to
enter the serial number and password located under the CD in the case. 
You will only need to enter it the first time playing. Select the ISP # 
to dial, and then wait.

Once on, select a ship, then block. Once in the lobby, walk up to the 
clerk and either join/create a game or go to another ship/block. If you
decide to start a game, you can put a password if you wish to lock 
others except who you want out. You can also select a difficulty level 
but you can only do Hard mode if you are level 20 or above and Very 
Hard if you are level 40 or above.

Welcome to the world of PSO! Have fun!

Analog Stick – Move Character, Turn

D-Pad    – Used for chat shortcuts. In Start Menu, up/down used to                     
           highlight choices.

X button – Action button. Set this to what action you want with the
           Customize feature in the Start Menu. 

           After Selecting Chat window (Y button), switches to preset
           chat sentences which will display in other players
           languages. Hitting X again brings up your symbol chat signs.

A Button – Action button. Set this to what action you want with the
           Customize feature in the Start Menu.

           Used to confirm in Start Menu and to move to next screen of 

B Button – Action button. Set this to what action you want with the 
           Customize feature in the Start Menu.

           Used to cancel selections and to back out of the Start Menu.

Y button – Brings up a virtual keyboard. Hit X as listed above for more

L button – Reset camera behind you. 

R button – Moves to second menu of actions which can be set up with the
           Customization feature. Also used to trigger Photon Blasts.

Start    - Brings up Start Menu 
           *NOTE* There is NO pause feature. If you have to pause, find 
           a safe spot to stand. 

4.Start Menu
Once you hit the start menu, you will see the following:

Item Pack 
Quit Game

Item Pack
   1. Equip – Equip weapons, armor, shields
   2. Items – Use an item, drop an item (quantity to drop) and sort.
   3. Mag – Feed Mag, see photon blasts, drop Mag.
   4. Area Map – Only active in dungeons. Can be set to fixed or non
      fixed. L and R will zoom in and out. This DOES show locations of
      other team members when online. Very useful to locate others.
   5. Quest Board – Shows current quest and status. For instance, if
      asked to gather five items, this will show how many items you 
      have collected and which ones.

   You will be presented with 3 icons, each corresponds to an action   
   Button (X,A,B). Selecting one will present you with a menu to choose
   from including attacks, spells and items. Pressing the R button will
   give you another row of action buttons to do the same with. When in   
   game, hold R to bring this back row of icons to front so you can use  

   Displays all techniques and allows you to cast them. Also lists 
   spell level and TP usage.

   1. Shortcut – Set preset words and sentences as well as symbol chats 
      to predefined keys on keyboard/D-Pad.
   2. Symbol Chat – Create and edit symbol chat signs. Some real 
      doozies can be made with this.
   3. Guild Card – Edit your Guild Card or send it to someone. Card
      list displays all Cards for people you have received. You can 
      search for each person. Search Results allows you to see if they 
      are online. If so, you can send a small mail to them, or 
      transport directly to them.
   4. Simple Mail – send and receive small mail messages to friends no 
      matter if they are in a game or the lobby.
   5. Log Window – Show a chat window on the left side.

    1. Map Direction – Fixed or not Fixed
    2. Key Config – Changes L and R buttons. :P
    3. Cursor Position – In menu, will cursor remember where it was.
    4. Message Speed – Speed of message
    5. Jump Pack – Make rumble feature active/inactive
    6. Auto Disconnect – Time idle before disconnect

Quit Game
    Used to exit game and save. Will log you off the network if online.
    Please note, this is THE only time the game saves.

5. How to Attack
Attacking in PSO is based around a 3 hit combo. Depending on how you 
customized your action buttons, you normally have a normal attack and 
hard attack assigned. Some weapons may have a special attack as well, 
such as a gun that can steal HP from enemies. This will also have to be 
assigned to an action button. Onto the three hit combo though, there are 
many variations. Using the defaults, X is Hard attack and A is normal –


The speed of the attacks is different. Normal attacks are 
instantaneous, however hard attacks take a second to charge before 
coming out. Special attacks will take a second longer as well and 
usually have a low chance of hitting. Also you DO NOT have to complete 
the combo. A good example of this is a sword user against the sharks in 
the Caves. Trying for all 3 hits will usually get you hit as they 
attack before you recover from swinging, but 2 hits and then move away 
is usually safe. 

Magic is another type of attack. There are three kinds, single, line
and area effect. Single will target one enemy. Line attacks depend on 
the spell. For example the Barta (Ice) spell will hit enemies in a row 
in front of you, where as Razonde (Lighting 2 spell) will hit one enemy 
and then hit all enemies nearby when they are nearby. Using magic, 
you'd want to really not be up close and personal cause the recovery 
time can be more than enough for the enemy to recover and still get a 
hit on you.

6. MAGs are your friends
So you're probably wondering what that little thing floating over your 
shoulder following you around like a little puppy is. That is you MAG. 
MAGs have 3 abilities : Stat increases, Photon Blasts, and some IQ 

Feeding your MAG/Stat Increases – Every 5 to 10 minutes of game time, 
your MAG gets hungry. Go to Item Pack – MAG – Feed Items. Select an  
item, and the changes will be reflected in the stats window. When a 
meter fills up, your mag gains a level and adds a bonus to that stat 
for you. 

(Thanks to Chaoshunte[email protected] for the corrections)
For every 1 DEF, your defense goes up by 1. 
For every 1 POW, your ATP goes up by 2. 
For every 2 DEX, your ATA goes up by 1. 
For every 1 MIND, your TP goes up by 2 and your MST goes up by 2. 

You'll also notice the two following:
Synch – The higher it is, the easier it is to fill the Photon B. meter.
IQ – The higher it is, the better the chance your MAG will cast a few 
offense/defense spells on you before a boss fight. Chance of 
invincibility too.

Work on a stat that you really want. Find an item and stick to it. For 
example, I want more power, so I feed him nothing but Dimates and Sol 
Atomizers, which makes the power go up. Sometimes when you feed it an
item, a stat will go down. Don't worry, the meter for that stat can be 
empty but it won't drop a level. 

Your mag will evolve when it reaches level 10, 35, and 50. Beyond that, 
well my MAG isn't there yet :P

Here's some misc. Mag info from Nemesis:
1) MAGs can "de-evolve" in a sense, even after level 50. They don't 
really "get smaller", but rather, they just change into a different MAG 
if one of your stats surpasses another stat (for example, when my DEX 
was my highest Stat, my MAG was a Bhirava, but when the my MAG's POWER 
surpassed it's DEX, it turned into a Kama MAG). Basically, if you make a 
stat surpass another stat, then it has a chance to change into a 
different MAG. 

2) MAGs evolve at level 100, because this has happened to me. They 
evolve at level 10, 35, 50, and 100, but they can also evolve every 5 
levels if you change stats a lot. 

3) Having another character class feed your MAG will do wonders. For 
example, I'm a RAcast, and my MAG was level 99, and still only had 2 
Proton Attacks on it. So, in an experiment, I gave my MAG to a Force 
character, and they fed it until it reached level 100, and the MAG 
evolved again, and gained it's last Photon Blast (a Force blast, no 
less!). Now my MAG is a Force MAG with 2 Android Photon Attacks and 1 
Force Photon Attack. You can do many things to get your MAG to be unique 
in the world of PSO. 

From Nemesis:
The items next to each MAG attribute are what items that RAISE that 
attribute, not lower. Some items raise that specific attribute a lot, 
while some only raise that specific attribute by a small margin. It all 
depends on what kind of MAG you have, and what it likes. Experiment for 
best results. 

POWERING UP YOUR MAG: ------------------------------------------ 
MIND: Moon Atomizers, Monofluids, Difluids, Trifluids, Antiparalysis, 
Star Atomizers 
POWER: Monomates, Dimates, Trimates, Sol Atomizers, Star Atomizers 
DEX: Moon Atomizers, Antidotes, Star Atomizers 
DEFENSE: Antiparalysis, Sol Atomizers, Star Atomizers

Finding more MAGs : Check Mines on any difficulty. Found 4 in one 
sitting on Normal.

Photon Blasts:
Notice how when you attack or get hit, the meter near you HP/TP meter 
slowly fills up in yellow? That's the Photon Blast meter (to be known as 
PB meter). When this hits 100% you can unleash a photon balst of your 
choosing (of the ones your current MAG has equipped) Keep in mind two 

1. Exiting the stage back to Pioneer 2 resets your PB meter to 0.
2. The PB take over your R menu, which means if you really need to use 
   something on that menu, you'll accidentally fire off the PB.

There are six known PB:

Farla   – Circles your character, hitting all nearby enemies.
Estilla – Fires straight ahead. Make sure to aim.
Leilla  - Full Heal. Worthless.
Mylla + Youilla – Cast Shifta and Deband on you. Acts as high level 
                  versions of the spells.
Pilla – Fires a beam upwards in the air. Comes down and hits all nearby 
Golla – Hits one enemy. Make sure you're up close and personal on this  

Chaining Photon Blasts (from Chaoshunter)
You can chain photon blasts with multiple teammates (ie. having the 
number 1,2,3, and 4 beside your characters name indicates you chained a 
PB) which results in huge increase in effectiveness. If the PB deals 
damage, it will deal even more damage if you chain it with another PB. 
The second PB will also deal more damage since it was chained together 
with the previous PB. Try getting 3 friends together and all chain 
casting Pilla on a boss...you'll be pleasantly surprised ;) 

The IQ feature allows your MAG to do the following :
Invincibility – Lasts for a minute
Resta – Your MAG will heal
Reverser – When you die, your MAG may revive automatically.
Shifta and Deband – Enhanced attack/defense

Aside from the heal/reverser which happens automatically, these may 
occur at these three points:
1. The PB meter is filled.
2. You enter a boss fight.
3. You get into very low HP

This depends on your MAG. My ranger's MAG is Kama, which means when I 
get a full PB, nothing happens. But at the boss fight and for low HP, I 
get shifta and deband. My Force has a Naraka, which casts Resta for a 
full PB, low HP, and boss fight. It all depends on your MAG. Also, not 
all MAG's will revive. I was testing this and got killed repeatedly just 
to see and nope, my MAG wouldn't bring me back (This MAG was a Marutah I 

7. The Quests
   A. The Forest
   B. The Caves
   C. The Mines
   D. The Ruins
A.	Forest Quests – All must be completed before fighting the Dragon. 

This is the only way to unlock the caves. A word of advice on the first 
few quests where you have an NPC join you – Most of them use guns. Some 
can kill an enemy in one hit. Make sure you get a hit in on the enemy or 
else you won't be getting exp. 

After each quest make sure to return to the Hunter's Guild and talk to 
the client. Then talk to the Desk to get your meseta.

-Magnitude of Metal – 500 meseta reward-
Simple quest really. As soon as you teleport down, start heading toward 
the lower left area where the  electric gate that leads to the warp for 
Pioneer 2 is located. In this room, take the left exit, which should 
lead you to Elenor. She is a pink android who was playing with the MAGs 
(the item to retrieve). She will give you a small help session on MAG's 
and what they do etc. Make your way back north to where the final MAG 

-Claiming a stake – 700 meseta reward-
From start, make your way to the huge area in the middle. Here stands 
Racton, who you are to bring back. But he won't go without his three 
capsules. Very easy. South from him, open the gate that leads to the 
room with the blue fence. Go through the blue fence to locate 1 
capsule. Go back to Racton's area, and take the north two exits to 
locate the other 2 capsules. Once done, return to Racton to leave.

-Battle Training – 500 meseta reward-
In this quest, you'll be teamed with Kireek. That makes this mission a 
cakewalk. After getting the quest, talk to Kireek, then the client 
again, and then leave. Once down, just make your way through the areas 
to the upper right. In the dead end here, you will find the injured 
hunter and the data disc. As you go for the data disc, you will be 
attacked by wolves. Make sure you get a hit in before Kireek murders 
them all for a share of the EXP. Go back to the injured hunter. Talk to 
Kireek and then leave.

-Journalistic Pursuit – 1200 Meseta Reward-
Again teamed up with an NPC, Nol by name. She wants to find out the 
truth about Pioneer 1. In Forest 1, make your way to the upper right of 
the map. Here you will find the teleport to Forest 2. From your start 
point in Forest 2 head north to locate the broken bridge to the weather 
computer. Nol will talk. Leave via the upper left exit and make your 
way south into the next room. Out on the water is the switch to the 
bridge. Hit it, and take the upper right exit back to the weather 
device. Check it, and then as you walk off, Nol will decide to stop 
searching and go back. Take the telepipe she creates home.

-The Fake in Yellow – 800 meseta reward-
You're looking for Dr. Guls on this mission. On beamdown, you'll see a 
RATHER LARGE Rag Rappy in front of you. Talk to it,and it will run off. 
From here on out you'll see nothing but Rag Rappys. In JVGfanatic's 
words, and I quote "friggin rappys!". In the next room, take the left 
exit and make your way through these areas. You'll see the large one 
again, and again talk to him and he will run off. More areas ahead, 
keep going. In the upper left are, you'll find him again. Talk to him 
three times, and he will give up the disguise. Before you leave though, 
go into the room south of you and pick up a few more items (mo money!).
Then take the pipe home.

-Native Research – 2500 meseta reward-
20 minutes to collect a sample from all 5 species. Here we go! BTW 
notice, the counter starts as soon as the quest is given. Don't dawdle!
Beam down. First room, get the Booma data by killing them all. In the
FAR south room behind the blue fence, there is a Monest/Mothmant, the 
plant with the bugs that shoot out. This will NOT always give you the 
sample, so you may not want to bother fighting it. Make your way to the 
upper right quickly, and to the room with the teleporter to Forest 2. 
Go to the room south of this first, and kill 3 Rag Rappys for the data. 
2 down, 3 to go. Go to forest 2. From here, head north 1 room then take 
the right exit. Here are the wolves. Kill them for another data. Take 
the lower right exit. Go north immediately in to the room there and 
kill this Monest/Mothmant for a sure fire data (If it spat out any 
bugs, you have to kill them all before it gives you the data). Head 
south from here, cleaning house as necessary. Once done in this big 
area, go left through the now blue fence. Here you will face the 
Hildabear. Kill him for the last data. Feel free to go after any rooms 
you may have missed and leave when done since the time is stopped now.

-Forest of Sorrow – 1500 meseta reward-
The woman, Alicia, who sent you on the Native Research quest now comes 
along as a NPC. She wants to go to the Dome area, or Forest 2. Beam 
down, and again make you way to the upper right to the Warp to Forest 2. 
Once here, go south, and in the following room, there is a small alcove 
to your left. In here is a baby Hildabear. Talk to it, and it will run 
off. Continue on your way. Make your way to the far right area (the 
entrance is in the bottom right of the long hallway type area). Be 
prepared, as you will face MANY Hildabears here. 2 on screen at a time, 
and they are dangerous. I've fought a total of 5-9 in this room, and I 
don't know what made me get more to fight than the last time, possibly 
level? Either way, keep Alicia (the NPC) behind you, though she has a 
tendency to run forward and use spells. Try to stay between her and the 
enemy. Also, she has a limited amount of healing items. She gets hit 
too many times, and she may not be able to heal. Once done, head to the 
far right of the room and talk to the baby again. Alicia will give you 
a choice, though it makes no difference which one. Time to head home 

-Gran Squall – 1000 meseta reward-
Your mission is to recover a survivor of a pleasure cruise wreck. Beam 
down and make your way far south behind the blue fence to meet Bernie. 
Get him to join along and the head towards the left. There is a door 
ONLY Bernie can open here, so you have to have him. Make your way to 
Forest 2, using the warp in the upper right area again (By now, you 
really should have that memorized :P). Once in Forest 2, make your way 
to the bottom right area again (where the baby was in the last quest). 
Again face the Hildabears, who should be no problem now. Go through the 
blue fence to the warp. You'll be taken to an area to face a few 
Monests and some other enemies. Clear it then head to the next room. A 
few enemies and a Hildabear later, and you'll find the survivor. Head 
back to Pioneer 2.

Go back to Forest 2, and to the location of the survivor from Gran 
Squall. Here you'll find a red teleporter. Use it, and be ready. Check 
the boss areas for steps to win. 

Once dealt with,pick up all the items in the boxes around, leave, and 
talk to the Principal to unlock the next set of quests, the caves. In 
hard, the Dragon will drop a special Weapon as well :)

B. Caves Quests – 
Welcome to the caves. A few new hazards appear here that you haven't 
dealt with before:

1.	Pillars:
In the hallways you'll come across what look like targets on the
ground. When all three rings on the target are red, a pillar will
smash down. Just don't stand under these at that point and you'll be
fine. Besides, they only do 20HP of dmg.

2. Floating explosives (aka traps):
When you get near a door or treasure chest (heck some are just there
to annoy you) a floating black item will appear. This will explode
for some good damage, so either run away or gun it down. Androids
have an advantage here as they can detect these traps from far away.
They'll see the trap before anyone else.

One last advantage androids have here : They don't get poisoned or

-The Value of Money – 300 meseta reward-
Either way, your client will basically want you to stop her husband
from spending money on weapons. Run to the weapons shop and talk to the
man walking around in front. He'll go on about how he has to have
stronger weapons. He'll give you two choices, basically yes and no.
Tell him no, you don't understand. He'll ask why? Three choices this
time: I'm a fool, you're a fool, and another choice which really isn't
important. Tell him he's a fool, and then he'll think about your words.
Run back to the wife in the Hunter's Guild who will tell you to tell
him no more shopping. Run back to the shops to talk to the husband one
last time. Now go to the wife again and get your meseta.

If you choose the wrong choice at any time you will have to run back to
the wife to reset the quest as the husband won't talk to you again
after a wrong choice.

-Addicting Food – 1500 meseta reward-
Seems that your client likes cake. Problem is the three cake sisters
are gone. Your client heard there's some good sweets down on Ragol and
sends you to retrieve some for her. Simple right? Well get ready for an
extended journey.  Head down into the caves and meet your new enemies.
Check the enemies section below quests for help with them. Either way,
make your way through Cave 1.

In Cave 2, they get trickier, and you'll may need to rely on radar and
your map to see where you haven't been. Pretty straightforward here.
You'll come to a locked door. Trigger the switch, then take the warp
nearby. Make your way through a few rooms, and hit the other switch to
unlock the door. Eventually you'll find a room with three locked doors,
each with two switches. However one of the two switches for each door
has a trap. For androids, no problem as they'll see them right away. If
you get hurt badly, go back 2 rooms to the healing ring there. You did
open all the rooms on the way here right? One of the three now unlocked
doors has a warp to Cave 3. And yes, you're still not done.

Cave 3 is just more of the same, but beware of Pan Arms. Just work your
way to the upper right area of the map. You'll see three pillars here
in a hallway here. Take a right here and you'll find the cake sisters.
Talk to the one behind the counter to get cake.

-The Lost Bride- 2500 meseta reward-
Cicil is getting married and needs to lose weight. You are to guide
here to a location in the caves, specifically the waterfall in Caves 2.
She doesn't want to use any healing items, so keep her out of trouble
as much as possible. She is a force which means if she uses magic, she
may be left open to get hit. I actually had her get hit a few times and
still didn't fail the mission, so just don't overdo it. Anyway clear
Cave 1 and go to Cave 2. The Waterfall area is the huge open area,
trust me you'll know it when you see it.

-Secret Delivery-4500 meseta reward
You are to take a package to YN-0117 in Caves 2. Nothing much to say on
this quest. You will see a few robots in containment units on the wall.
Just let them be, or if you feel frisky walk up to them and you get
three choices. The last choice YN-0117 will make them come to life and
attack you. Sadly no exp for doing this, other than kicking robotic
butt. In Cave 2 take lefts at the splits. You'll eventually see a
fallen robot on the other side you can't get to. From here go up one
and left one to a switch. Go back to a newly opened door which leads to
a warp. A hallway and room later, you'll be at the cyborg, who also
happens to be Elenor from the Magnitude of Metal quest in the forest.
Once complete, time to leave.

-The Grave's Butler- 3500 meseta reward-
Matha's butler has disappeared. Matha will come along on this quest(Gun
user?). Along the way you'll find messages left by Blant, the butler.
Work your way to Cave 2. You'll find the last message pretty easily
here. Once read run past it to have Matha want to go home. Leave.

-Waterfall Tears- 1800 meseta reward-
Your client's twin sister is missing. Others were sent to find here, but   
they are missing as well. Go to Caves 1. The next room following
beamdown, you'll have two hunters to deal with, a Ranger and Hunter.
Deal enough damage to either one, and the both will run off. Make your
way to Cave 2. At the first split you see, go right to face the Dagger
wielding Ranger again, and she wants your stuff!. BTW, it's Kroe's
(your client) twin sister. She'll block a lot of your hits, but just
stay on her, and you'll hit and she won't get a chance to attack. Once
beat, she'll return with you.

-Black Paper- 2000 meseta reward-
Kroe says she is with the person responsible for corrupting her sister
and the other hunters! The Guild gives you a letter which asks you to
come meet them. To read the letter, go into Item Pack – Quest Board to
read. When you reach the Waterfall room, you'll see Black Paper and
Kroe, but they'll run off. He leave a Hunter for you to play with.
Knock him out and keep going. Eventually you'll go to the warp to
Cave 3. Go straight to find Black Paper again, who runs off AGAIN. Head
right then down, and face another enemy. When he's down, go to the next
room to find that Kroe has knocked out Black Paper and company. Go back
to the guild to get your meseta. And prepare to face:

Make your way through to Caves 3. You shall find the red teleporter
again, but THIS time you really may want to leave a Telepipe right here.

See this boss is much harder than the dragon could ever be. You may die
your first few times against him. See my boss strategies for ways to
defeat/avoid attacks.

Once dealt with, pick up all the items in the boxes around, leave, and
talk to the Principal to unlock the next set of quests, the Mines.

C. The Mines
The mines are now open to explore. This area is fully mechanical. A new 
area also means new enemies.

-Knowing One's Heart- 3500 meseta reward-
Elly has been using the net to talk to someone on Pioneer 1. Of course 
Pioneer 1 assumed gone, but she is still receiving messages. She wants 
to go look for her net friend, Calus. Welcome to the mines. Here you 
will face new enemies, detailed in the enemies list below. Clear out 
room by room. Calus and Elly will be in contact with each other as the 
quest continues. Eventually there will be a few rooms with some tough 
enemies, just be careful. You'll notice a few enemies have a jump attack 
much like the Hildabear of the Forest. Except much more damaging. 
Eventually you'll find a dark room and Calus. I won't spoil it, but 
let's just say that your idea of someone on the net can be much 
different in person :P. Leave the room and head back to town.

-Dr. Osto's Research- 5500 meseta reward-
Three scientists ask you to locate Dr. Osto's research and give you a 
disc to bypass the security of the computers. Get all the treasure/items 
you wish, but make your way to the lower right area of the map. Here you 
will meet Sue, and you have to take her along as she is the only one who 
can open an unlocked door that has no switch. You'll find a S shaped 
room with Dublichs in it. Hit them once or twice to put a few down, then 
book it up the ramps, killing a few Gillchics as you go. At the top, 
you'll find the controller (circular with spikes). Destroy it to destroy 
all Dublichs in the room and open the doors. In the next room is Sue's 
friend, who seems surprised for some reason. After this room is the end 
of the mission. Sue wants a copy of the data as well, and then is about 
to ask you something, then doesn't. Hmmmm. Before you leave, she'll ask 
you for your name. If you want a shot at the Soul Eater, DON'T give it 
to her (see side quests for more details).

Unsealed Door – 
Welcome to the hardest mission yet. See, one of the scientists from the 
previous quests has analyzed the data and wants to see Dr. Osto's 
specimen. However it seems to have killed quite a few people and then 
escaped into the drains. And according to the data, it mutates, grows, 
and can copy itself. The good scientist decides to come along (LVL 12, 
gun wielder). From start, go south, to switch, then go back and take the 
right exit. Work your way all the way down to the computer from the last 
quest for a cutscene. From here, go to the lower left of the map to find 
a warp to Mine 1. Here, reach the crescent shaped room. Go out the exit 
in the lower left corner that goes west. Small conversation with the 
scientist. Work your way north then straight west. Another conversation, 
then a warp to Underground Passage? Use a Telepipe and heal/sell/get 
items, specifically Star Atomizers if any are available. Come back and 
take the warp. You're about to have some fun. 

Welcome back to the raft. Time to face the Caves boss again. Here's the 
downside. Your scientist friend doesn't take damage well. In fact, if he 
dies, you won't get a chance to revive him and you fail the mission. He 
can heal himself a few times, and the Star Atomizers you brought will 
heal you and him (you did bring them right?) He loves to stand still and 
fire at the boss, so stay on the move so he will. When the boss beaches 
himself, get a few hits and pray the tentacles target you and not him. 
If you're Force or magic using character, the Resta spell will help. If 
you're an android, well Star Atomizers may be you're only hope.

Once done with this mission it's once again –
Make your way through to Mines 3. You shall find the red teleporter
again, but this is a cakewalk. This guy is pathetic compared to the 
caves boss. See the boss stratagies for more. 

Once dealt with, pick up all the items in the boxes around, leave 
through the warp. This time, you'll notice you end up in front of a 
door. Check the light by the door to learn it is sealed and you need to 
activate three pillars to open this. 

The locations are:
Forest 2 
Caves 2
Mines 2

I can't tell you where, as they all seem to be different. For instance 
Forest 2. With one character, it's the room where you last find the baby 
Hildabear. With another char, it was in a room with just treasure boxes. 
Once found, just press A to activate. 

After the mines 2 pillar, it's time to fight Vol Opt AGAIN. Waste him 
just as easily as before, take the boxes, and go through the warp. The 
door is now open. Go in, and welcome to the ruins. Go back to Pioneer 2, 
and see there are now more quests to do.

D. Ruins
-Doc's Secret Plan- 5500 meseta reward- 
Doc has a new weapon he wants tested. Elenor will be with you on this 
quest. There are three testing rooms set up in the ruins. There's no 
real help to be given here. Just go room to room. When you enter a test 
room, Elenor will warn you. Complete all three rooms and leave.

-Find my Master- 6000 meseta reward-
Shino is looking for her lost master, who went to the Ruins. Enter the 
Ruins 1, and make your way through them. Eventually Shino will tell you 
that the master is not here, and may be further in. Proceed to ruins 2.
Once here, you will start to find the master's swords. There are three, 
and not all of them are necessary to find to complete the quest, they 
just give more story. Eventually you will find Shino's master on the 
ground, dying. This will be in a LARGE room. Be prepared, as many 
enemies will attack you in this room. Once clear, speak to the master 
again, and then leave to complete the quest. 

-From the Depths- 8000 meseta-
Your task is to locate a research team who has been missing since a 
large earthquake. You'll start off in Ruins 2. Head to the room where 
the Find my Master quest ended. You'll face off with a NPC here (a 
force? HAHAHAHAHA) Anyway, continue to Ruins 3. As soon as you enter, 
you'll see the Hunter from the original battle training mission, and 
he's beefed up. He'll be a great asset to clear out the rest of the 
ruins. Your goal is in one of the rooms where there is a platform in the 
middle of the room. The crystal on that platform is what is causing the 
earthquakes. You can't reach it directly the first time you see it, so 
you will have to go further in to the ruins. Then head back.

Completing all of this lets you face off with..

Make your way back into the ruins to Ruins 3. You'll know you're getting 
near Dark Falz when you reach a LONG hallway followed by a room with a 
crystal in the middle followed by a HUGE room full of enemies. Form here 
there are three exits. Two lead to rooms with treasure boxes, and the 
third leads you to.. DARK FALZ!

As soon as you warp, you'll be in a peaceful serene place. One of the 
most graphically beautiful places I've ever seen in a game. You can run 
around all you like, but you need to head to the pillar in the middle. 
Once there, get ready!

*Check boss strategies for more info*
8. Side Quests/Download Quest
How to gain Akiko's Frying Pan:

Enter into an offline game where you have all quests unlocked (beat 
normal mode for example, then go back into normal). Start the Secret 
Delivery quest, and as soon as you exit the Hunter's guild, a man will 
be in front of you and slightly to your left. Talk to him, and he'll 
begin to babble about strong weapons and such. You'll get two answers to 
his questions, either !! or ??. Answer !! to both, and he'll discuss 
WEAPONS with you. He'll give you the first approval and says there are 4 
more that you must get, but he doesn't know where they are. Well here 
they are:

Claiming a Stake
Value of Money
Gran Squall 
Lost Bride

Enter these quests and then look talk to all townspeople. Each quest has 
one of the four approvals.Please note that in all quests including the 
original Secret Delivery, you must beat the quest. You cannot enter, get 
approval and then exit. 

Once complete go back to Secret Delivery and talk to the original man. 
He'll tell you to talk to the boss. His 'boss' happens to be a woman 
over near the bank. Talk to her to gain the Frying Pan. Feel free to 
cancel this mission now, as you do not have to beat it again.

Soul Eater
To complete this quest you must follow these instructions.

1) Play through the game on any difficulty Go to Dr. Osto's Research and 
beat the quest. At the end when Sue asks you your name, don't tell her. 
If you have told her and saved the game, then you can no longer gain the 
soul eater and will have to do it on another difficulty.

2) Do the Unsealed Doors quest. Go into the room south as soon as you 
enter the S shaped room. 

3) Go and complete the Waterfall Tears quest. Beat Anna in the rainbow 
room, and continue north from here. There should be an arrow for an NPC 
not too far up. It's Kireek, the Black Hound. Defeat him.

4) Go to the Black Paper quest. On the way to Cave 2, you will face 
Kireek again. Defeat him and then the quest.

5) Go to From the Depths. Finish the quest to where Ash leaves you in 
front of the crystal causing the earthquakes. Continue from here further 
into the Ruins. Face Kireek for the last time. Once beaten, he should 
relinquish the Soul Eater. 

All classes may use this weapon :)

Download Quest – Letter from Lionel – 4500 meseta
Here's the basics. The BEE system allows for direct contact from the 
surface to Pioneer 2. The hunter's guild has received a letter from 
Lionel, who seems to be unable to move via the BEE system. Go to items – 
quest board to read his letter and clues. 

Clue 1 – In a well
Go into Forest 1, and make your way to Forest 2. Find the warp in Forest 
2 that gets you to the area where the boss teleporter is. You'll find a 
ranger here who says he found something valuable to sell then runs off.
Take the warp. In the first room you'll notice there is another warp 
across from where you appear. Go down this warp to a small room. This is 
the well. You'll find an androids head. Go to Items- Quest board to talk 
to the head. Seems Lionel was attacked by a huge monster and ripped 
apart. He has beacons in his other parts to help locate his other parts. 
He also gives you:

Clue 2 - In something soft, and there is sometimes a burning sensation
On your way to the well, you probably saw a locked door which usually 
would open for you any other time. It's in the long hallway type area in 
the middle of Forest 2, the upper right hand area. Go in and face a 
hildabear. Kill him to recover the arm. Talk to the head again, and get:

Clue 3 – Legs – One is in cold underground water, the other is in the  
         open air in water.
The open air in water clue will take you back to Forest 1. The huge room 
in the middle of Forest 1 has one of the legs. For the other, take the 
boss teleporter which sends you not to the dragon, but to Caves 1. Clear 
Caves 1, and go to Caves 2. In caves 2, you'll have to locate a warp 
which will lead you to the other leg. Talk to the head and find out:

Clue 4 – My body is on the move
Remember the ranger from Forest 2? That's what he found. Head back to 
Pioneer 2 and find him near the entrance to the guild. After talking to 
him, he'll feel bad and give over the body. Once done, enter the guild, 
talk to Lionel, and get your money.

9. The Enemies 
Some information listed contributed by RuneX and Chaoshunter.
Note! N=Normal H=Hard VH=V Hard! The number is the amount of HP. Another 
thing we've noticed is that online, they have more HP – Booma in normal 
has 60, but online gets 80-100. Rag Rappys go from 30 offline to 60 
Forest Enemies 

Pops out of ground. Boomas and their family are slow and lumbering.
They shouldn't pose much of a threat unless they really gang up on you.
At first in hard, two can take you out so make sure to stick and move.

Savage Wolf     
Barbarous Wolf  

Jumps into the area from the bushes. Wolves will only attack you from
the back and sides, rarely from the front, and they miss a good deal of
the time. When left almost alone, they will cast Shifta and Deband on
themselves, though it won't help much.


Monests are huge plant like things with a hole at top. Mothmants come
out of this. In normal one attack will kill a mothmant, and then focus
on the monest. In Hard, pray. If too many mothmants come out, you could
easily be killed. And if you can't get a clear shot at the Monest,
they'll just keep on coming. Good source of EXP if you want to take the
risk as more Mothmants will continue to come out.

Rag Rappy       
Al Rappy        

Frickin' Rappys! These chicken looking enemies drop down from the sky.
If you are far away, they'll just sit on the ground. Hitting them now
will cause them to run off (no EXP). If you get closer they will come
at you. Once down, they will come back to life later. Hitting them
again at this point before they run off makes them leave an


Jumps onscreen from afar. Huge lumbering monkey type enemy. Take out
from afar if possible. Otherwise try to hit in back by running circles.
His punch HURTS. The fireballs also track a bit, but aren't near as
deadly as the punches.

See bosses

Caves Enemies
Evil Sharks     
Pal Sharks
Guil Sharks

Teleports into area. Be very careful where you are, as they could end
up circling you when they appear. Slow and lumbering Booma type
enemies. Beware, if using a normal, normal, hard combo (AAX) you may
not get the X off in time and suffer a hit.

Grass Assasins  

Teleports into area. Huge bug like enemy. If you see him shooting the
web stuff at your feet, hit him quickly to knock him out of it. If
successful, you can't move, but you can try to turn and attack. If he
rears back, he may rush. He'll move faster and his nose are will have a
blue spark on it. Up close, a scythe like attack.

Nano Dragon     

Teleports into area. Very nasty. Will not do anything from far away.
Once you get close it will try and beam you. If you see it rear back,
dodge quickly as the beam does massive damage. If you get a few hits,
it may go airborne. Usually it will land elsewhere, but sometimes it
will fire an air laser. It also seems to like to attack other enemies.

Poison Lilly    
Nar Lilly       

Teleports into area. Up close will atacks with bites, otherwise laughs
like a psycho when it gets someone with paralyze or poison. If in
multiplayer, let an android distract it and everyone else attack it. IF
by yourself, try rushing it when it fires a poison attack and go on

Pofuilly Slime  
Pouiilly Slime  

Just appears in area. Unconfirmed, but it seems magic tends to make it
want to split more often. Can only be hit when standing up. Projectile
isn't even a bother.

Pan Arms 

Hides in ground, but visible on radar. Get very near it to make it
appear, then MOVE BACK. Magic does some damage to it, but not much.
Otherwise all attacks do 0 dmg. The beams do good damage, so watch out.
Stand back and it will just stay in place. Then it will split. This is
your chance to do damage. They like to rush, just focus on one then the

Here's some info from RuneX< [email protected]> on the Pan Arms:
"About the PanArms, I hit this monster with a Photon Blast which did 500
damage. He didn't die. But once they split apart, a single hit kills 

Yes, it can be killed before it even splits. You have to be pretty high 
level, but it is possible. The team I was playing with last night did 
this repeatedly in Hard Mode. (Thnx to PS4Rune for reminding me. Left it 
out of my notes.)

Del Rol Le       
See Bosses

Mines Enemies 

Found waiting for you or will teleport into area. Gilchics are robots 
that can launch two close range attacks at once. Very bad if you are 
surrounded. Sometimes, their attacks will cause you to slow down. They 
can also fire a long range laser beam which is even stronger, but it has 
a pretty long charge time. 

Dubchics are robots which are very hard to defeat. It may seem they are 
dead, but they can come back to life with all the parts you destroyed. 
Instead, try to find the circular drone-type thing. It has about 300 HP, 
and it kills all Dubchics all at once. This is your best choice since 
Dubchics only give you 3exp each.

With either of the two listed above, one hit will make them fall down. 
You can hit them 1-2 more times as they fall to do more damage, making 
them easier to get rid of. In the case of the Dubchics, they'll just get 
back up after you.

The controller is a circular disc with spikes on it. Usually sits high 
up in the air, and a hit will knock it down. Once destroyed, all 
Dubchics will die as well.


Canadines have both a close range and long range attack, both lighting-
based attacks which do average damage. Some of them can float up high in 
the air so you can't hit them with hand-to-hand weapons, but after a 
while they will float back down and try to attack you. Sometimes, a 
stronger Canane will come with other canadines in a circular 
pattern. If the Canane is destroyed, the rest of the canadines 
with try to go toward you and self-destruct. Does medium damage, but 
they are weaker when they do this. 
Sinow Beat      
Sinow Gold      

Sinow Beats are large robots with strong two-hit close range attacks. 
They can also jump from a long distance and strike you. Their attacks  
can also cause you to be confused, be very cafeul of this. It also has 
the ability to split into mirror images of itself, just look for the one 
you can target and fire.

Sinow Golds are upgraded Sinow Beats that are slightly stronger and can 
heal him as well as others around him if you don't kill him fast enough. 


Garanz are HUGE robots (Looks like Belgdor from Virtual On) that can 
launch two missles. They travel pretty slowly though. They can also fire 
an explosion type weapon that has medium range and is very, very strong. 
Each hit you land on this robot will cause its outer shell to fall, but 
it's attack power will be stronger. 

Vol Opt         
See Bosses
(Mines Info courtesy RuneX)

Ruins Enemies 
La Dimenians    
So Dimenians    

Dimenians are like Evil Sharks, but they are stronger. They move at the 
same speed as well. La Dimenians are stronger versions of DIMENIANS, and 
can resist a little more magic. So Dimenians are stronger versions of LA 
DIMENIANS, and can resist a little more magic. Don't let any of these 
Dimenian guys surround you


Delsabers are ugly looking warriors with a sword and a big claw. They 
can attack close range with both the sword and their claw, which are 
both strong. They can also do a jumping long range attack with their 
swords. Its a pretty strong attack but for some reason it barely 
connects. Delsabers can also block your attacks, but in a slow manner. 
Don't EVER let them surround you. If they block your attack twice in a 
row, chances are they wont ever block again. 

Dark Belras      

Dark Belras are big stumpy looking guys with claws. Their claws can be 
shot at you at long range with strong damage. They use both arms to 
attack close range. They have a lot of HP, but they are VERY, VERY slow. 
If you see their long range claw from a distance (They charge it up) 
then you can safely move out of the way. 


Claws are floating, well, claws. They are weak, but are usually in big 
numbers. Just attack as normal and don't let them surround you, even 
though their attacks are slow and weak. 


Bulks are what keep the Bulclaw together. If you didn't notice already, 
Bulclaws are 4 claws, attached to this guy, the bulk. You will only see 
Bulks if they detach. For that to happen, it has to attack you twice. 
Once that happens, it will detach, making 4 claws and a bulk. Very easy 
kill at this point. Bulks will be killed in a single hit. Try it. Even 
on V-Hard, as a force, unarmed. Kill it before it turns back into a 
Bulclaw. Hit the thing once and it's gone. You get no exp. though, oh 
well =P If you kill the bulk, or at least one claw, it will never go 
back to a bulclaw (Unless there are a couple of other claws in the room 
that can replace the one you killed) 

Dark Gunners     

Dark Gunners are sentries that are immune to normal attacks when they 
aren't charging up attacks, but they are vulnerable to magic attacks. 
They charge their long range guns by showing a colored ball above them. 
Once this happens, you can attack them.Their beams are pretty strong. 
Target the one with the red eye first. If you hit it, all the others 
will not fire and are easy targets since they're paralyzed. Otherwise, 
prepare to get blasted by multiple blasts.

Chaos Sorcerers   

Chaos Sorcerers are sorcerers with two crystals by their sides. One is 
used for fire and ice magic, one is used for healing. Attack these guys 
immediately, their magic is devastating. 

Enemies on V-HARD
Wonder what it's like to fight on V-hard? Thanks to RuneX, here's an 
idea of what you will face. Keep in mind they all get much higher HP:

Booma/Gobooma/Gigoboomas : Have much faster speed 

Evil/Pal/Guil Sharks     : Have much faster speed. 

Gilchics/Dubchics shoot their rays much quicker and use it more. They 
can now charge up the ray and shoot it a second after. 

Sinow/Gold Sinows use their special technique (Multi-image, healing) 
more often. 

Garanz despite being stronger (Just like everyone else is) have the same 
exact range on their missles as the difficulties before. 

Dimenian/La Dimenian/So Dimenian are on crack on V-hard. Their speed is 
ludricrous, they run AS FAST as you do, and attack faster. 

Claws don't seem to attack much, but they are faster. 

Delsabers are faster and meaner than ever before. They use a three hit 
combo with their swords, which is devastating. 

Dark Gunners :If they are not hit, will fire twice in sucession without 

Dark Belra's Claws move faster. 

Chaos Bringers are incredibly fast. If you don't see his horse-charge, 
forget it, it is lightning fast. He also has a new attack, in which if 
you don't kill him after a while, a green grid will cover the floor and 
he will charge up a fireball. It isn't very big, but the damage is 
insane (It did a critial against my level 70 RAmar with 435 HP, took it 
down to 53) Just run another direction and it shouldn't hit you. 

Thanks to Rune X for the following :)

TRAPS: Traps are found everywhere except for the forest. Unless you're 
an android (They can detect traps automatically) you're going to need 
the Trap Vision item, which costs 100 meseta. Traps are something to 
take seriously, especially in the Ruins. You'll notice on Hard and V-
hard modes that the trap visions don't stay on as long as normal. So, 
here's the guide. 

PILLAR CRUSH: Found only in caves. By far the most painful looking trap, 
but also one of the weakest. You probably can't see it close up, but 
there is a hexagonal shape on the ground with 3 gray ones inside. If it 
turns green, you're ok; at least for a second you are. You'll have time 
to move out of it's path as long as those three hexagons don't turn red, 
and if that happens and you're standing on it, bam! Very weak bam, 
actually. It does extremely weak damage, so if someone sets a telepipe 
on one of these and you get hit, laugh, and get on with the game. As the 
level progresses, the hexs will go quicker to red. 

HOVERING MINES: Placed just about everywhere. In corridors, hallways, 
near treasure boxes, etc. All mines have a beeping sound when they are 
about to explode. If you get near one, you'll notice you will get into 
attack mode, even though you might not be able to hit it unless you have 
a ranged weapon. This is a major drawback for your character. 

Red- Has a bright red core surrounded by a darker red. Found everywhere. 
I noticed that in caves, the traps are detected quicker, and detonate 
much slower. If you are within range of the red mine (Pretty short) then 
it will explode, causing damage. Damage for these mines are ranged; 
You'll see that if you're wandering around aimlessly down a corridor, 
the mines do less damage, while if there's an item box or switch, it 
will do more damage. In multiplayer mode, sometimes these mines will 
hover over your character, making you slow to move since your character 
will want to destory it. Use a zonde technique to get it off, or get one 
of your teammates to blast it off for you. 

Yellow- A gray mine with a yellow lines outlining the mine. These are 
found everywhere, not so much in caves. These cause a wide variety of 
effects. There's a lot of these that make effects, so here's a chart to 
compare them: 

Caves- Poison Mines- Posion, Slowdown, Confusion 
Ruins- Poison, Slowdown, Confusion, Barta, Paralysis 

Watch out for Barta! PSO likes to set barta mines in places where you 
fight a decent amount of enemies. This mine will freeze you for around 
3-4 secounds, until you are thawed out or you are killed. Just make sure 
you have trap visions. 

Green- Has a green cross in the middle. The best traps in the game =P. 
Get near these, and they will explode will lights of resta. This gives 
you a huge amount of HP (I got 500 in V-hard caves) I have only found 
these in the caves.

SWITCH TRAPS: Found everywhere. Watch your step, these explode very 

Floor buttons: Hope you have trap vision, or you're going to have to 
guess which button opens up the door/light. If you choose the wrong one, 
oops =P Once you press on these rigged buttons, the mines will explode a 
split second later. I was actually able to avoid this trap (Only once, 
so don't try it, hehe) These are usually rigged with red mines, doing 
the stronger damage. Don't bother shooting the mines hovering over these 
buttons, since they almost never open the door/light for you. If you 
have trap vision on, just leave the alone. In the ruins, some are rigged 
with yellow mines. 

Electric fences: Found sometimes in caves, mostly in mines, and 
sometimes in ruins. These are probably the strongest mines in the game. 
They are rigged with red and yellow mines. They don't explode that fast, 
so if you can, close the fences and RUN. (Not recommended) 

EXPLOSION CAPSULES: Has a round red top and brownish outside. Found only 
in ruins. These can get very annoying. They don't do as much damage as 
the stronger mines, either. You cannt detect where they will hit, 
although in some locations it is totally obvious where they will hit 
(Treasure boxes, corridors) These traps will come down on you pretty 
quickly. They entrap you in the capsule, not letting you move, and 
explode around 2-3 seconds later. You will hear a sound right before it, 
like a huge door opening. The best thing you can do, is once you hear 
the sound for this trap, move your analog pad the other way. For 
example, if you are running straight (Analog up) then go backwards 
(Analog down). This works most of the time, as long as you hear the 
sound. If a capsule narrowly misses you, get out of the way! They can 
explode, giving you the same amount of damage as if you were in it. 

PURPLE MIST: Only seen in one single room in the ruins. A purple mist 
will envolope the whole room, causing continous damage to you every 
second. Here's the comparison: Normal: 1 HP every sec. Hard: 2 HP every 
sec. V-Hard: 4 HP every sec. The switch can be found behind a bunch of 
boxes. This trap isnt much of a problem, unless you don't have much HP 
or when you get to V-hard. In that case, turn it off immediately. It's 
your choice really, I can tolerate the damage in normal and hard modes. 

POISON BLOB- Found only in Ruins. Usually in front of doorways, 
concealing buttons, or hiding behind boxes. It is constanty shooting out 
purple energy-like substances, but it will only do damage if it spits it 
out, or you get too close. The only effect it can do is poison. One hit 
will destroy them. Just don't get too close to them and kill em. 

DARKNESS: Found everywhere. Darkness envolopes the entire room, so you 
can't see a darn thing, except for a few steps in front of you. This can 
be a a deadly trap, especially if the room is combined with mines also. 
If you want the room to be luminated again, there is usually some kind 
of button, switch that will bring light back to the room. Fortunately, 
you should be able to see all mines in the dark as long as you have trap 
vision or if you are an android. You should also be able to see the 
switch that lightens the room again (Sometimes, but rarely, the switch 
will be in another room adjacent to the one you are in) 

TIPS FOR TRAPS: -Don't panic, unless you are surrounded and you are hit 
by a barta mine =P But seriously, traps are just a way to expand the 
gameplay in PSO. -Always carry trap visions, unless you're an android. 
Don't think you can use two of them for a longer effect. If you use a 
trap vision while your other trap vision is still in effect, it will 
disable trap vision altogether (Unless you use yet another one) Just 
make sure to use trap visions at their full effect. -I've found a few 
ways to avoid the hovering mines. If you've played for long enough, 
you'll know when mines will appear. 

I have a few strategies: Menu mode: Press start, and leave this on while 
you move around. The whole reason why your character slows down is 
because they want to destroy the mines. For instance, those long 
hallways with 6-8 mines, just leave your menu on and run through it. You 
shouldn't be damaged at all, since your character wont slow down to 
target them. This only works for hovering mines, don't try it with 
rigged switches. No attack spells: If you have all support and heal 
spells using all three buttons, normal and when you're holding the R 
trigger, leave it and you should be able to run past them without a 
problem. For instance, I have shifta, resta, and deband on my R trigger 
menu. If a mine encounters me, I should be able to run, since there are 
no attacks/attack spells that you I use against the mines. Same as 
above, they will only work on hovering mines. 

Enemy Experience Points Chart (More info from Qlix666, Jonathan Brown)
Enemy            Normal            Hard            Very Hard
Booma              5                42                90
GoBooma            6                43                92
GigaBooma          7                45                94
Rag Rappy          4                40                
Al Rappy         100
Monest             6                43                92
Mothmant           1                36                82
Savage Wolf        5                42                90
Barbarous Wolf     7                45                94  
Hildabear         10                49               100
Dragon           350                2000             4100 

Evil Shark        10                49               100  
Pal Shark         12                52               104  
Guil Shark        14                55               108 
Poison Lilly      10                39               100
Nar Lilly        165            
Grass Assassin    17                60               114   
Nano Dragon       15                60               110
Pan Arms           6                26                52
Hidoom             4                23                48 
Migium             4                18                48
Pofuilly Slime    10                39               100 
Pouilly Slime  
De Rol Le        700              2500              4700 

Gillchic          18                61               116
Canadine          18                58               112
Canane            17                60               114 
Sinow Beat        20                64               120
Sinow Gold        20                64               120
Garanz            22                67               124 
Vol Opt         1100              3000              5300 

Dimenian          22                67               124   
La Dimenian       24                70               128   
Sol Dimenian      26                73               132
Claw              26                92                92
Buclaw            24                70               128 
Delsabers         25                72               130
Dark Belra        28                79               136 
Dark Gunner       16                64               120
Chaos Bringer     30                79               140  
Chaos Sorcerer    24                70               128
Dark Falz       1500              3500              5900 
---Forest Boss – The Dragon! The Dragon! The Dragon!---
/end of Animaniacs joke

He has 5 primary attacks :

1. As he walks he stomps. Just don't be too close to his feet.
2. Fire breath – Don't stand in front of him when he does this, else
   you can get hit TWICE quickly.
3. He'll jump in the air and crash down. Again, don't stand very close.
4. He'll jump in the air and blast fire balls – Now stay close or to
   the sides and then dodge when he comes down.
5. Finally he will burrow underground and come after you. Go to the
   nearest wall and stay there. Dodge WHILE staying near the walls as
   necessary. He attacks this way three times before coming out of the
   ground again.

How to win:
Go for the feet. Attack there as much as possible. When he falls down,
go for the head. Repeat. On HARD mode, you HAVE to hit the head, though
hitting him in the feet does no damage it will still knock him down.

---Caves Boss – De Rol Le---
He has 6 primary attacks:

1. Spikes which surround 1 player. Destroy them fast or eat explosion
2. Spikes which land all over platform. Do the same as above.
3. A purple gas which swarms the raft.
4. A HUGE purple laser which fires in a straight line.
5. Beaches himself(?) and attacks with 4 tentacles.
6. Fly at you and drop rocks for a good amount of damage!

How to win:
Using guns? Let him have it at every chance. You can hit him (just at a
low accuracy) anywhere. When he fires the laser, shoot a few shots, then
move out of the way. Repeat. When beached attack a few times, then run
around. Fire after the tentacle is buried in the raft. Once he pulls it
out, run around until he does it again. This happens 4 times.

Using melee weapons, your only chance is to really pound him when he's
beached. Again beware of the tentacles.

A force user? He really doesn't like a high level Razonde or Gizonde.
Especially since you will target ALL 9 possible parts of his body. When
I faced him, I did 65*9 parts for over 550 dmg each spell.

A little more info from Chaoshunter([email protected])
"Against De Rol Le, if your RaFoie spell is the same level as your 
RaZonde, then RaFoie will deal more damage to all 9 parts of his body."

Good luck!
--Mines Boss – Vol Opt (Strategy provided by RuneX)--
Primary Attacks:
First Form
1. Tesla coils – Lightning attacks (can be destroyed)

Second Form
1. Missles 
2. Crush attack
3. Glowing green ball

Recommended equipment: Monomates, Dimates, Monofluids, etc. A gun, 
preferably with Machine% bonus and a close range weapon, preferably with 
Machine% bonus. 

When you start out, you are in an octagonal-shaped room. There will be 
computer monitors on the sides, and the boss on top. If you shoot it 
enough, it will fall to the floor. In every corner, there are tesla 
coils that pop out of the ground with a decent amount of HP. Prepare to 
heal, since there are a lot of them and it's almost impossible to 
destory them all before they attack you with lightning. After they go 
back into the ground, you should notice an orange dot going around the 
map. That is Vol Opt in the computers. Find it, and destroy the computer 
it is in. It should be in red once it reaches a computer. Once Vol Opt 
has taken enough damage, it will take its second form. 

It is very intimidating, but in fact this is one of the easiest bosses 
in the game. Equip your close range weapon, and combo it a couple of 
times until it faces you with it's two rocket pods. Just run around Vol 
Opt in a circle, the missles will never catch you. Its second attack, 
you will see a beam follow your every move. Don't be alarmed. Just run 
around Vol Opt in a circle again, and three pillars will come striking 
down on the floor. Just keep running, don't ever stop because these 
pillars will punish you. Combo Vol Opt some more, and its next attack it 
will look like as if it is healing itself, but it isn't. It's just 
charging up another attack. The blue portion of Vol Opt will face you, 
and will charge a glowing green ball to go after you. Once again, run 
around Vol Opt and it will never get to you. Just keep running and 
comboing in between attacks, and this guy is no problem at all. 

Update from CRaZYPiNoY –
When those Tesla Coils come out to attack, if you look at the  
front of them, they will be one of two colors, blue or red. The blue 
ones are there to be a decoy, when the red one will be the one who will 
shoot the lightning at you. By attacking the red one first, you should 
be able to prevent the lightning from hitting you. 

Another item of info from PS4Rune:
"You might also want to note that at De Rol Le and Vol Opt, a shotgun-
type weapon is a ranger's best friend. My Lv. 71 RAcaseal teaches those 
bosses the meaning of fear while doing about 1000-1200 damage per shot 
(200 per hit times 5-6 pieces at a time) with a Crush Bullet+9."

Yep, I forgot shotguns will target multiple areas.

Ruins Boss – Dark Falz – Final Form strategy/pattern from Aaron Jones
Your first battle will pit you against hundreds of spikes. Don't be 
stationary, as two spikes can hit you at the same time and you're a 
goner cause you're stuck in the hit frames and can't heal. Immediately 
turn and run for the outer edge of the platform. You'll only need to 
dodge 1-2 spikes while out here as opposed to the whole group. Locate 
the ones you can target and destroy them. After about five, they will 
all disappear and Dark Falz will appear.

Now he's a three headed dragon or something. Concentrate on the head in 
the middle, as it spits out those little spikes you were just dealing 
with. You should be able to destroy them with no problem and still 
continue to get hits on the head. Be careful as he uses Rabarta and 
Rafoie on you. Once a goner, he morphs again.

Now he's on the outer edge of the platform. You can only hit him when 
the bulb part at the bottom is visible. When it's below you, get ready.
He uses nothing but techniques in this form, as well as a soul stealer. 
Just have plenty of heal items, maybe an armor or shield good against 
freeze, cause that's your biggest worry. If he freezes you, you may be a 
goner, as he get's free hits and you can't heal. This is a good time to 
have a scape doll or two just in case. Don't have one? Go to the items 
shop. If it's not selling one, go back to a level, then go back to the 
items shop. See Nemesis' info in the Q&A below to see how often they 
will appear.

Once dead, CONGRATULATIONS! If offline, go to the next difficulty. If 
online, enjoy the pic of you and your friends! 

Yes there is another form in Hard and V-Hard.

In this form, DF has three primary attacks.
1. He'll swipe at you and repeat up to three times around the area.
2. He'll cast grants, which will do insane light damage to ALL.
3. He'll surround one charater with a beam. Any damage done to DF during 
   this time is transferred to that player!
4. Fires balls of energy at one player.

Here's a great strategy/patter from Viper :
1.Dark Falz will stay at your level & move to 3 different points inside 
the donut. When he first appears, he's blue & you can hit him. He'll 
shimmer before he moves to the 2nd point inside the donut. You can't hit 
him while he's shimmering. Wait until he's moved to the 2nd point & 
becomes blue again. Fire with reckless abandon until he shimmers again & 
moves to the 3rd point inside the donut. Fire when he turns blue at the 
3rd point. If you're near Dark Falz when he's at any of these 3 points 
he WILL swipe you with his arm. Be prepared to use Resta or a 'mate 
item. If you can't survive the swipe with full health, you need to level 
up before fighting him again. 

2.After he's gone to the 3rd point, he'll rise into the sky fairly 
quickly. You CAN'T hit him while he's in the air. Once he's in the air 
he'll immediately unleash a wave of blue energy balls at you. START 
RUNNING! The energy balls DO show up on your radar so look at it & start 
running around the donut, circling his body. If you run along the arc of 
the donut, the energy balls will pass you by & you will NOT get hit by 
them. WATCH YOUR RADAR. It's easy to run to the edge of the platform & 
get stopped by mistake if you're not looking at the radar while you're 
running. If you get stopped, you're probably as good as dead. 

3.Immediately after he's launched the energy balls he'll cast Grants on 
you. You can't dodge Grants. You have to be able to survive this attack 
if you have any hope of beating him. (Now you see why I said use a 4-
slot armor or frame & fill at least 3 of them with Resist/Saints.) After 
he casts Grants, immediately heal yourself while he drops back down to 
your level again. He'll start the pattern all over again starting with 
Step 1. 

Note – The blue beam which will surround one character is different that 
what I first thought. Any damage done to DF during this time is actually 
transferred to the character that blue beam is on. Tell your teammates 
to stop attacking!
11. Items
(Contributions by Chaoshunter)
Monomate      – Heals 70HP
Dimate        - Heals 200HP
Trimate       - Full Recover of HP
Monofluid     - Restore 70TP
Difluid       - Restore 200TP
Trifluid      - Full Recover of TP
Scape Dolls   - Allows player to die, and then come right back with full   
Antidote      - Eliminates Poison Status
Antiparalysis – Eliminates Paralyzed Status
Trap Vision   - Detect all traps within room
Telepipe      - Creates portal to Pioneer 2. Color is that of who used  
                It. Will stay open until creator comes back from town  
                through it.
Moon Atomizer – Revives one teammate
Sol Atomizer  - Eliminates all Status effects from player
Star Atomizer – Recovers all HP for all players in a small area around 
HP Material   - Raises Max HP by 2
DEF Material  - Raises Max DEF by 2
Evade Material- Raises Max EVA by 2
Hit Material  - Raises Max ATA by 2
Power Material- Raises ATK by 2
Mind Material – Raises MIND by 2
Luck Material – Raises Luck by 2
Monogrinder   - Adds 2 ATP to a weapon. 
Digrinder     - Adds 4 ATP to a weapon. 
Trigrinder    - Adds 6 ATP to a weapon

12. Weapons (Descriptions from the game)
Check credits for Contributors
The Number in parentheses is the highest the weapon can be upgraded to 
using grinders. Special thanks to Nicholas Heiter for this info :
NOTE! Seems some weapons can be upgraded past the limit listed. Not all
the time though. 
Arms         - An exceptional shotun. Has amazing power. (+10)
Assault      - A machine gun with good power and accuracy(+25)
AutoGun      - A small gun with good accuracy and power(+50)
Beam         - A superior rifle useable only by masters(+35)
Blaster      - An extremely high performance rifle(+45)
Bravace      - (+9)
Cannon       - An extremely high performance shotgun(+15)
Crush Bullet – A legendary shotgun made with concentrated pure 
Photons      - (+9)
Custom Ray   - (+9)
Final Impact – (+9)
Gatling      - A superior machine gun usable only by masters(+20) 
H&S25 Justice- A legendary gun from the Justice Corp. Its special 
               attack freezes enemies.(+9)
HandGun      - A gun that fires Photon Bullets(+75)
Justy-23ST   - (+9)
L&K14 Combat – (+9)
Laser        - An exceptional rifle. Has amazing power.(+25)
Launcher     - A superior shotgun usable only by masters.(+15)
LockGun      - An extremely high performance small gun(+35)
M&A60 Vise   - A legendary machine gun from the Vise Corp. (+9)
MechGun      - A machine gun that fires a hail of photon bullets. (+25)
Meteor Strike- (+9)
RailGun      - A superior small gun useable only by masters(+25)
Raygun       - An exeptional small gun. Has amazing power.(+15)
Repeater     - An extremely high performance machine gun(+20)
Rifle        - A long range gun that fire Photon Bullets(+65)
Shot         - A shotgun that fires a spread of Photon Bullets.
Shotgun      - A shotgun that fires a spread of Photon Bullets(+20)
Sniper       - A rifle with good accuracy and power(+55)
Spread       - A shot gun with good accuracy and power(+20)
Varista      - A legendary high-performance pistol. Its special attack 
               causes paralysis.(+9)
Visk 235W    - A legendary rifle crafted by the Visk, one of three 
               masters. Its special attack paralyzes enemies.(+9)
Vulcan       - An exceptional machine gun. Has amazing power. (+15)
Wals-MK2     - (+9)

Berdys        - A superior long sword usable only by masters(+20)
Blade         - An extremely high performance great sword(+35)
Blade Dance   - (+9)
Bloody Art    - (+9)
Brand         - A sword with good accuracy and power(+50)
Breaker       - A large extremely high performance sword(+30)
Brionic       - (+9)
Buster        - An extremely high performance sword(+35)
Calibur       - (+10)
Claymore      - A superior large sword useable only by masters(+20)
Cross Scar    - (+9)
Cutter        - An extremely high performance throwing blade(+15)
Dagger        - A short Photon sword. Attack enemies twice(+65)
Diska         - An exceptional throwing blade. Has amazing power(+10)
Diska Liberator-(+9)
Diska Braveman- (+9)
Dragon Slayer – A legendary sword borne by one who defeated a dragon. 
                Add an explosive fire attack.(+9)
Durandal      - (+9)
Edge          - A superior short sword usable only by masters.(+25)
Flowen's Swd  - (+9)
Gae Bolg      - (+9)
Gigush        - A large sword with good accuracy and power(+40)
Gladius       - An exceptional sword. Has amazing power(+15)
Glaive        - An extremely high performance long sword(+25)
Gungir        - An exceptional long sword. Has amazing power(+10)
Halbert       - A long sword with good accuracy and power(+30)
Kaladolg      - (+9)
Knife         - A short sword with good accuracy and power(+50)
Last Survivor – (+9)
Pallasch      - A superior sword useable only by masters(+25)
Partisan      - A long sword with Photon blade. Hits mult. enemies(+35)
Ripper        - An excceptional short sword. Has amazing power.(+15)
Saber         - A short Photon blade(+75)
Sawcer        - A suberb throwing blade usable only by masters.(+15)
Slicer        - A throwing blade that hits multiple enemies(+20)
Slicer of
Assassin      - A legendary throwing blade used by elite assassins. Its    
                special attack can kill instantly. (+9)
Spinner       - A throwing blade with good accuracy(+20)
Sword         - A large weapon with a Photon Blade(+50)
Vjaya         - (+9)

Baton         - A superior magic cane useable only by masters
Battle Verge  - A legendary battle cane made so forces can hold their 
                own in a fight. Halves enemy HP
Cane          - A cane usable only by Forces. Has low attack power
Club          - An exceptional cane. Has amazing power.
Mace          - A superior cane useable only by masters
Pillar        - A superior battle cane usable only by masters
Pole          - A battle cane with good accuracy and power
Rod           - A battle cane made only for forces
Scepter       - An exceptional magic cane. Has amazing power.
Staff         - A magic cane with good power and abilities
Staff of Laconium
Stick         - A high-quality cane with average power
Striker       - An exceptional battle cane. Has amazing power
Wand          - A magic cane for Forces. Boosts mind energy

Special Weapons (more info from Nemesis, PS4Rune and Qlik666)
Double Saber       - A double-bladed Photon sword. Max +20
Agito              - AUW  model. Made by ???. 
                     There are 16 versions, 15 being fake
                     Years include – 1975,1977,1980,1991,1997,2001
                     The true one is 1975.
Oritiagito         - AUW 1975 model. Made by Dousetsu. It's special
                     Attack halves enemy HP. Max +9
Photon Claw        - Claws with photon blades for quick attacks with 
                     right hand. Its special attack steals enemies' HP.         
                     Max +9
Akiko's Frying Pan – The ultimate weapon? – hard yet supple and 
                     Smooth Max +9
Bare Knuckle       - Max +55
Brave Knuckle      - Gear for the fists and feet to boost attack power 
                     for unarmed combat. Its special attack causes 
Soul Eater         - A cursed sickle that drains HP from the user. Its 
                     special attack drains HP for a powerful strike. 
                     Max +35
Inferno Bazooka    - Max +9
Delsaber's Buster  - Max +9
Holy Ray           - Max +30
Flame Visit        - A flamethrower that incinerates enemies with huge
                     fireballs. Max 15
Fire Scepter Agni  - A legendary magic cane containing the power of 
                     fire. Its special attack adds fire damages. 
Egg Blaster        - Max 99 (?)
Sting Tip          - Max +30
Technical Crozier  - Max ??
Magical Piece      - Max ??
Spread Needle      - A custom shotgun that shoots countless needles. 
                     Its special attack paralyzes enemies. Max 15
Twin Brand         - The ultimate double-bladed sword, only for masters. 
                     Its special attack halves enemy HP. Max +9
DB's Saber         - A sword with "DB" carved into the hilt. Can use TP 
                     to launch a strong special attack. Max +9
Oritiagito         - AUW 1975 model Made by Dousetsu. Its special attack 
                     halves enemy HP. Max +9 
Chain Sawd         - A large Sword with small spinning photon blades.Its 
                     special attack steals enemy HP. Max +30 
S-Beats Blades     - Made from the hands of a Sinow Beat. The special 
                     attack can kill an enemy with one strike. Max +25 
Suppressed gun     - A small gun that fires Photon bullets. Max +40 
Stag Cutlery       - A legendary double-bladed sword usuable only by 
                     male Hunters and Rangers. Causes Confusion. Max +15 
Photon Claw        - Claws with photon blades for quick attacks with the 
                     right hand. Its special attack steals enemies' HP.  
                     Max +20 
Silence Claw       - Legendary claws that kill silently. It's special 
                     attack can fell enemies with a single blow. Max +15

--Weapon Special Attacks—
Thanks to MetroidMoo for info I was missing!
These attacks, while useful, tend to miss quite frequently due to low
accuracy rates. Also, they take up one of your action buttons to use.

Bind - Hold  
Can paralyze an enemy where they stand.

Draw - Drain - Fill
Steal % of enemy HP and gives to user.

Heart - Mind – Soul - Geist
Steal % of your TP from enemy and gives to user.

Panic – Riot – Havoc – Chaos
Causes confusion. Fun to watch enemies fight to death!

Fire – Heat - Flame – Burning
Roasts an enemy with a special attack 

Shock – Thunder – Storm - Tempest  
Lighting based special attack 

Ice – Frost – Freeze – Blizzard
May freeze an enemy 

Dim – Dark - Shadow – Hell
Chance of killing in one hit

Uses meseta to launch a powerful attack. I did find a Charge Railgun. 
Used 200 Meseta but did 275+ to Sharks in Hard mode. Good tradeoff? You 
decide :P

Master - Lords - King
EXP stealer

Devil – Demon
Cuts enemy HP by 50%

Thanks to Parisul for the following info:

The following enemies drop items Dr. Montague can forge into weapons.
To do so, open up an offline game where you have completed the game and 
have access to all quests. Go to Unsealed Door where the Doc is around 
town. He'll turn it into a weapon for you.

DelSabre – left arm creates shield, right arm is sword
Sinow Beat – Creates S-blades - Daggers
Chaos Bringer – C-Bringer – Rifle for Rangers

13. Armor (Descriptions to Come)
--Body Armors—
Absorb Armor
Celestial Armor
Cross Armor    - Protective gear for the body. Boosts defense for 
                 Hunters and Rangers.
Dragon Frame   - High-performance protective gear for the body. Boosts 
                 defense for all classes.
Giga Frame
Grand Armor    - High-performance protective gear for the body. Boosts 
                 defense for Hunters and Rangers.
Imperial Armor - Superior protective gear for the body. Boosts defense 
                 for Hunters and Rangers.
Hyper Frame    - High-performance protective gear for the body. Boosts 
                 defense for all classes.
Holiness Armor - Superior protective gear for the body. Boosts defense 
                 for Hunters and Rangers.
Guardian Armor - Superior protective gear for the body. Boosts defense 
                 for Hunters and Rangers.
Ultimate Frame - Superior protective gear for the body. Boosts defense 
                 for all classes.
PARASITE WEAR: De Rol - Parasitic armor that boosts defense, but 
                        decreases HP. Not equippable on Androids.
Solid Frame     - Protective gear for the body. Boosts defense for all 
Protect Frame   - High-performance protective gear for the body. Boosts 
                  defense for all classes.
Brave Armor     - Protective gear for the body. Boosts defense for 
                  Hunters and Rangers.

Core Shields
Divine Shield
Flowen's Shield – Find on Al Rappys
Giga Shield     - A shield for the left hand. Boosts evasion for Hunters 
                  and Rangers.
Glorious Shield
Ultimate Shield
Guardian Shield - A superior shield. Boosts defense for Hunters and 
Celestial Shield - A superior shield. Boosts defense for Hunters and 
Hard Shield - A shield for the left hand. Boosts evasion for Hunters 
              and Rangers.
Solid Shield - A shield for the left hand. Boosts evasion for Hunters 
               and Rangers.
INVISIBLE GUARD - A transparent shield that isn't much to look at, but
                  significantly boosts defense.

Flame Barrier  - An advanced protective screen for the left hand
                 Boosts defense, fire resist for all classes.
Plasma Barrier - An advanced protective screen for the left hand. 
                 Boosts defense, lightning resist for all classes.
Protect Barrier - An advanced protective screen for the left hand. 
                  Boosts defense for all classes.
Soul Barrier - A protective screen for the left hand. Boosts evasion 
               for all classes.
Psychic Barrier - An advanced protective screen for the left hand. 
                  Boosts defense for all classes.
Freeze Barrier  - An advanced protective screen for the left hand. 
                  Boosts defense, ice resistance for all classes.
Brave Barrier - A protective screen for the left hand. Boosts evasion 
                for all classes.

--Armor Plug Ins—-
(Thnx to RuneX, Nicholas Hieter for more plugins)
"Please note each one can enhance a different amount. For instance you  
may have two Knight/Power, one increasing by 3, the other by 4." This is 
because of the suffix that can be attached to the end of the name. There 
are four possible suffixes: "++", "+", "-", and "--". Each plus or minus 
indicates how many points are added to the effect. "++" adds 2, "+" adds 
1, "-" subtracts 1, and "--" subtracts two. Just wanted to help you 
out." Thanks to Clayton Eckstrom for pointing out the above info which I 
forgot to add :)

Ogre/Power   - A reinforcing unit for protective gear. Boosts attack 
               power by  when equipped. Adds to power.
Trap/Search  - Automatic Trap vision
Master/Ability - Adds extra DEF and ATA
Digger/HP    - Adds Extra HP
Knight/Power – Adds to ATK
Warrior/Body – Adds to DEF
God/Body     - +40 DEF
Priest/Mind  - Adds to MIND
General/Mind - Adds to MIND
God/Mind     - +25 MST
Marksman/Arm – Adds to ATA (Accuracy)
General/Power- Adds to ATA
God/Power    - +25 ATP
God/Arms     - +25 ATA
General/Legs - Adds to EVP
Thief/Legs   - Adds to EVA
God/Legs     - +25 EVA
Elf/Legs     - + EVA
God/Luck     - +10 LCK
General/HP   - Adds to HP
Resist/Fire  - Adds to fire resistance
Resist/Cold  - Adds to ice resistance
Resist/Shock – Adds to lightning resistance
Resist/Light – Adds to light resistance
Resist/Dark  - Adds to dark resistance
HP Restorate - Heals HP as you walk long distances.
HP Generate  - More than Restorate
HP/Revival   - +1 hp, fast
TP Restorate - Heals TP as you walk long distances.
TP Generate  - More than Restorate
TP/Revival   - +1 tp, fast
PB Amplifier - Boosts PB as you walk long distances. Sounds like it
               fills your Photon Blast Meter automatically.
PB/CREATE    - +1 pb, fast
Master/Ablility - +10 all stats (atp, ata....)
Hero/Ability    - +15 all stats
God/Ability     - +20 all stats
Resist/Burning  - +11 Fire resist
Resist/Blizzard - +11 Ice resist
Resist/Storm     - +11 Lightning resist
Resist/Holy      - +11 Light resist
Resist/Devil     - +11 Dark resist
Resist/Status    - Resist all status
Resist/Freeze    - Resist ice spells
Resist/Thunder   - Resist lightning spells
All/Resist       - +3 all resist
Super/Resist     - +7 all resist
Perfect/Resist   - +11 all resist
Wizard/Technique - +1 all spells
Devil/Technique  - +2 all spells
God/Technique    - +3 all spells
General/Battle   - weapon speed increased 10%
Devil/Battle     - weapon speed increased 20%
God/Battle       - weapon speed increased 30%
State/Maintenance- prevents status disorders

14. Techniques (descriptions from the game)
In the Techniques screen, the spells are broken into 5 groups:

Foie        - A fire technique. Ball of fire burns a single enemy.
Barta       - An ice technique. A penetrating linear ice attack.
Zonde       - A lightning technique. Strikes a single enemy from above.

Gifoie       - A fire technique. Ring of fire burns any nearby enemies.
Gibarta      - An ice technique. Freezes enemies with ice projectiles.
Gizonde      - A lightning technique. Strikes enemies in a chain 

Rafoie       - A fire technique. Large fiery explosion burns all nearby 
Rabarta      - An ice technique. Launches arrows of ice to freeze nearby 
Razonde      - A lightning technique. Strikes all surrounding enemies.
Grants       - A light technique. Strikes one enemy with countless 
               arrows of light.
Megid        - A dark technique. Strikes an enemy with a curse of death.

Resta        - HP restoration technique. Helps nearby teammates at 
               higher levels.
Anti         - Status restoration technique. Helps nearby teammates at 
               higher levels.
Reverser     - A revival technique. Revives 1 fallen teammate back to 

Shifta       - Attack-enhancing technique. Also helps teammates at 
               higher levels.
Deband       - A defense boost technique. Helps teammates as well, at 
               higher levels.
Jellen       - Attack-weakening technique. Can affect enemies near the 
Zalure       - Defense-weakening technique. Can affect enemies near the 
Ryuker       - Opens a teleport gate to the city until the creator 
               returns through it.

Enemy Technique Resistance – Info provided by Skippy
Thanks to Skippy for all the research on this. Using high level spells, 
Skippy went out to find what magic resistance each enemy has. The list 

Forest Enemies
Booma: Easy to fry on normal or hard. Hard Boomas take half Lit damage 
and zero/minimal ice damage. 

Gobooma: weak vs Lit attacks. Hard Goboomas take zero/minimal fire or 
ice damage 

Gigobooma: Normal Gigoboomas can be hurt fairly well by any magic atack 
(Lit does the most damage) Hard ones take zero/minimal fire damage and 
half lit damage. Ice attacks appear to do the most damage then. 

Rappy: Normal rappy's take heavy damage from any magic (fire does the 
most) the only resist they have is half lit damage on hard. 

Wolves: They take heavy fire or lit damage on normal and hard. They take 
very little Ice damage on normal and almost none on hard. (side note: B. 
Wolves have a slightly higher ice resist) 

Monest : They're weakest vs Lit and fire on normal. Hard Monest's take 
half fire and half ice damage. 

Mothmat: Same as Monest's but only take 1/3 less fire and Ice damage on 

Hildebear Weakest Vs Lit and Ice on normal. On hard Takes zero/minimal 
fire damage and half Lit. 

Cave Enemies
Evil Shark: Weakest vs Fire or Lit on normal. Hard sharks take 
zero/minimal ice damage and half Lit damage. 

Pal Shark: Weakest vs Fire on normal. Hard ones take zero/minimal lit 
damage and minimal ice damage 

Guil Shark: Weakest vs Lit on normal, On hard takes zero/minimal fire 
damage and half ice. 

Poison Lily: Weak vs all magics on normal (fire the hardest followed by 
lit then ice.) But on Hard gains a very large Lit resistance (level 12 
zonde goes from 103 to 0 the biggest difference) 

Nano Dragon: Weakest vs Lit, Fire does minimal damge on normal 
zero/minimal on hard. Ice does average Damage across both normal and 

Grass Assassin: Takes heavy fire or Lit damage on normal, minimal ice 
damage. On hard takes half Lit and zero/minimal ice 

Slime: Weakest vs fire and Lit across normal and hard. Ice does minimal 
damage on normal zero/minimal on hard. (slimes seem to split a LOT more 
often if hit with any magic) 

Pan Arms: Can be hurt by any magic on normal or hard Fire and Lit doing 
the most damage 

Migium: Weakest vs fire, Lit does some damage on normal zero/minimal on 
hard, and Ice appears to to zero/minimal on normal and hard. 

Hidoom: Exact opposite. Weakest vs ice, Lit does the same amount as a 
migium, and fire won't hurt it on normal or hard. 

Mines Enemies
Glichic: Typical robot, Will be blasted by Lit attacks, fire and ice to 
minimal damage across normal/hard 

Canidine: Take zero/minimal fire damage across normal/hard, takes half 
lit damage on hard, and ice affects evenely across both. 

Sinow Beat: They buck the robot trend by taking the most fire damage 
across normal/hard, they take half the Lit damage on hard, and ice 
damage is zero/minimal on hard 

Sinow Gold: Same a S.Beats but the take zero/minimal Lit damage across 

Garnaz: Another Robot that takes heavy fire damage but very little Lit 
damage across normal/hard On hard fire and ice damage are reduced 
slightly but not by very much. 

Ruins Enemies

Dimenian: Weakest vs fire in the slow lumbering creature style, Lit 
damage is halved on hard and ice does zero/minimal across both 

La Dimenian: Another weak against Ice critter On hard they take half 
fire and zero/minimal Lightning

So Diminean: Lightning for this guy as other magics are minimal damage 

Claw : These were the oddest creature I ran into doing this, unlike 
every other monsters they actually took more Lit damage on hard while on 
normal Lit did zero/minimal damage. Despite this fire does the most 
damage across both normal/hard and ice did minimal across normal/hard 

Delsaber: Though Delsabers are one of the very few creatures weak 
against Ice you're better off just trying to smack them. they take 
little magic damage on normal and hard ones take zero/minimal from fire 
and Lit attacks. 

Chaos Sorcerer: Another highly resistant critter. Hurt by fire across 
both normal/hard but other magics barely touch them on normal and are 
zero/minimal damage on hard 

Dark Belra: Use Lit attacks others don't do anywhere near enough damage 
across normal/hard. 

Bulclaw: Use fire on him Lit does nothing Ice will work but not as well 

Dark Gunner: Any magic works on these guys with Lit doing the most. They 
take only slightly less damage from spells in hard. (easy way to kill 
gunners. Just zap with any spell to stun them then smack away!) 

Chaos Bringer: Use fire on the centaurs with an attitude. Lit and ice 
don't do enough damage to matter 

15. Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is PSO free online?
A. Yes, you only pay the monthly fee to access your ISP. You're only in 
   Trouble if you have only X amount of hours to use for the month. I 
   wouldn't want to see my Net bill if I was on that plan (50+hrs on PSO 

Q. What does my Section ID do?
A. Well besides putting a dot on your character, it affects which 
   Tekkers you have as well as mag evolution.
   (Thanks to Chaoshunter for the correction)

Q. I'm in the lobby online, and someone knew what Level I am. How?
A. When you first play online, all you see is name. Hitting R will let 
   you see what language they are playing in and level of the character.
   E- English J-Japanese and so on (there's 5 total)

Q. When I try to get online, it tells me Serial number is in use 
   already. How can that be?
A. Someone has somehow used your code to get online before you, or your 
   code is bad. Call Sega, but they may ask for proof of a legit 
   version. 1-800-USA-SEGA

Q. Can I play my save game on another DC?
A. Nope. The game save is specific to the DC it was created on.

Q. Can I play PSO on another DC? 
A. Not online, because the Serial Number/Reg Key will have already been  
   registered to the first DC.

Q. What about my import save on a US PSO?
A. Sorry, welcome to level 1 my friend.

Q. When I get killed, what do I drop?
A. Only your equipped weapon and any money on your person. Please
   put your money in the bank :)  

Q. What's the Black Screen of Death? (BSOD)
A. Never speak that name again.:P Seriously though, it's when the game 
   just goes to a black screen and does nothing. Turning off your DC or 
   pulling out the VMU can cause you to corrupt the save file. Bye bye 
   character. If online, disconnect the phone line from the DC, and it   
   may notice that it is disconnected and save the game.
   Another way as Richard Wyatt reminded me was the soft reset (press 
   Start and all controller face buttons together). I've never BSOD, so
   don't ask me :P

Q. Player Killing – is it in the game?
A. It is not a part of the game that was programmed. Multiple ways have 
   been found to do so, but I will not tell. This ruins the game IMO.

Q. Is there a way not to slow down when near mines or enemies?
A. Looking to run, and fast? Easy. Set your R menu of action buttons to 
   all non attack items. Holding R, you won't target an enemy and can 
   run full speed. 

Q. Is Hard mode really that hard?
A. At first yes, I've been with people on their first trips into hard, 
   and they've died at the hands of Rag Rappys. They can do around 60pts 
   of dmg if you go in there at lvl 20. Heck I died from one. Wait til
   you see V-Hard. 

Q. The almighty DB saber question (both Double and Delsaber)
A. The Double Saber will show up in Ruins on Hard and V-Hard 
   ([email protected] gets credit for being the first to notify me.)

As for the Delsaber :
Info from Steve  

Complete the quest Doc's Secret Plan (the one where you tag along with 
Elanor and collect the test capsules...I hate keeping those NPCs 
alive...!). After you complete the quest, talk to him as you normally 
would before collecting your reward money. He tells you that he can make 
you a weapon if you give him the proper materials. Go and get your well-
deserved money. Now, occasionally, while fighting in the Ruins against 
Delsaber's, you can pick up an item called Delsaber's Right Arm. It's 
description is nothing but three question marks. Talk about vague. Get 
one of these. 

Now, backtrack and play Dr. Osto's research, a Mine quest(the quest 
where Mome the wannabe-Ranger tags along with you, and you have to fight 
the Worm...::sigh:: I hate NPCs). You'll see Doc Montague roaming around 
Pioneer Two. Talk to him, and he'll repeat his offer. Anyway, once you 
collect one of these items, talk to Doc Montague again with the 
Delsaber's Right Arm in your inventory. He will then make you the 
Delsaber Buster, a bad-ass weapon that just looks spiffy in combat!! In 
the description, it makes rumor of a Delsaber shield. I haven't gotten 
my hands on it yet, unfortunately, but time will tell...

Others have said this can be found in Hard mode in the Mines/Ruins.

Q. The items shop sells different things each time I go. Why?
A. Well, Nemesis seems to have more patience than I do, check his 
   experiment out:

From Nemesis:
Listed below is an "experiment" by myself. What I did was go from
Pioneer 2 to a dungeon area (like Forest 1 or Cave 1), then back to the
city again by using either the main-pipe that leads back to Pioneer 2,
or a telepipe. Each time you exit then re-enter Pioneer 2, a new
selection of items can be purchased at the item shop (where healing
items like Monofluids are sold). Each time, the selection changes, and
you can even find "rare" items (like Monogrinders and Scape Dolls) for
sale, although you can only purchase one and only one of these rare
items at a time (only Monogrinders and Scape Dolls do this). Below is
a list of the items that appeared each time I exited and re-entered
Pioneer 2. I did this a total of 20 times, 10 times for each "attempt".
An attempt doesn't mean a thing, really. It's just there to split up
the amount of entries and re-entries into an even number, and to
compare and contrast what you can get after a certain number of tries.

1st Attempt:
- Sol Atomizer(s) & Trimate(s)
- Monogrinder & Trifluid(s)
- Trimate(s)
- Trifluid(s)
- Trimate(s)
- Trifluid(s)
- Sol Atomizer(s) & Trimate(s)
- Trimate(s) & Trifluid(s)
- Trimate(s) & Trifluid(s)
- Trifluid(s)

2nd Attempt:
- Trimate(s) & Trifluid(s)
- Monogrinder & Trifluid(s)
- Monogrinder
- Trifluid(s) & Star Atomizer(s)
- Star Atomizer(s) & Trimate(s)
- Trifluid(s)
- Trimate(s)
- Sol Atomizer(s) & Trifluid(s)
- Monogrinder & Trifluid(s)
- Trimate(s)

Most of the item appearances are random, but this is just to give you a
good idea on how rare some items are, and vice versa. By tallying up
the stats above, you can come to these conclusions:

- Trimates appeared 10/20 times, and have a 50% chance of being sold in
  the shop
- Trifluids appeared 12/20 times, and have a 60% chance of being sold
  in the shop
- Monogrinders appeared 4/20 times, and have a 20% chance of being sold
  in the shop (this is suprising, since Monogrinders are fantastic
  items in the first place)
- Sol Atomizers appeared 3/20 times, and have a 15% chance of being
  sold in the shop, although my experience tells me that Sol Atomizers
  can be found a lot at certain times
- Star Atomizers appeared 2/20 times, and have a 10% chance of being
  sold at the shop
- Scape Dolls appeared 0/20 times, but they can be found, although very
  rare at times. I give Scape Dolls about a 7-10% chance of being sold
  at the shop

16. GameFAQs Player times!
This is a little service for the GameFAQs PSO players. Want to know when 
I'm on or any of those other board members are? Check it out. Thanks to 
KANE79 for the info. Feel free to email me your info, or tell me on the 
message board. Please note that the time used is GameFAQs time (just 
look at your post time on the boards and then figure your time 
difference from it). 

GameFAQs board name is followed by PSO player name in brackets.

- 3 Hours  
KindredWarr (Kindred) 

- 1 Hour 
Nemesis (NEMMY)

GameFAQs Time 
OrochiJin – ME! (Faye Jin, Aerith Jin, Dreana Jin)
RockyDogg (Rocky) 
Momac* (Momac* or *Momac*)
totalstuff (TsTuff) 
WxSHAYNExW (Tralek or Kelart) 

+ 1 Hour
RPGRobert (RPGRobert)
+ 2 Hours
coffee gum (coffee gum) 

+ 5 Hours 
Mr Bump (Mr Bump), gwings (G-Wings)
Ryo Hazuki (NekoFever)

+ 16 Hours 
KANE 79 (KANE79) 

17. To Do List:
Weapons/Armor/Items list update
Other Misc Stuff.

Got a comment? Suggestion? Wanna complain?
Email it to [email protected] Thanks!

The only sites allowed to use this FAQ currently are:
GameFAQs – www.gamefaqs.com – the most current version is always here!
Cheat Code Central – www.cheatcc.com

If you see this anywhere else, please let me know as it is an 
unauthorized copy of this FAQ. Thanks.

The one and only CjayC for the site of course, and for hosting my first 
FAQ ever. (www.gamefaqs.com) 

Sailor Bacon for the Character list of class/races. I hope to be able to 
write a FAQ as good as him someday.

RuneX for his info on the Mines/Runes enemies as 
well as the Mines boss strategy. Thanks for saving me time, cause I 
would've gotten the info eventually, just don't know when. Thnx for all 
the other info as well.

Chaoshunter for some corrections and updates, 
mainly the MAG info as well as a few enemies that weren't listed. And a 
small tidbit on the Caves Boss.

CRaZYPiNoY for a small update to the Ruins boss on 
the Tesla Coils. 

Brett "Nemesis" Franklin - one of the great FAQ 
writers! Thanks for the MAG info, especially the trick for getting 
another class' photon blast by having them raise it! Also contributed 
weapons/armor/etc info and descriptions! 

Gerald Villoria - For some items/weapons that I 
hadn't added yet.

PS4Rune - For the info about shotguns on the bosses as well as reminding 
me that Pan Arms can be killed. More info on 

For info on how to make the Delsaber weapon.

Nicholas Hieter 
Other weapons/armor/items info. And for the max bonuses on weapons. 

MetroidMoo - one of the great FAQ writers!

Skippy – For all that hard work on the Technique Resistance of enemies. 
Thanks a lot!

Aaron Jones – for the pattern of the final DF form.

Nick Ross

Qlix666 – For some more weapons and armor info. Also for Exp of enemies 
I didn't have yet.

Jonathan Brown – For helping me to complete the EXP amounts

And to the other FAQ writers here. They've inspired me. This is my first 
FAQ and I hope I'm doing it right :P 

The PSO players from GameFAQs. Specifically Tralek, JVGfanatic, Aeolus, 
Ophelia, and others. If you're looking to not have to worry about being 
stolen from, these are the guys you play with. God knows how many times 
Tralek and I have ventured out and watched each others backs by now. 
Y'all are what makes this game so damn fun! Catch y'all online. 

Sega and Sonic Team. Though the hardware may be gone, the games will 
live on. 

And to many hours of online bliss (50 with three different characters!), 
without which I wouldn't even dream of this, my first FAQ.

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