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  FAQ / WALKTHROUGH  a1ka1in  [email protected]  Version 1.0


Rage was announced way back in 2007 just as John Carmack finished the id tech5
gaming engine. The last game id released was Quake 4 and that was in 2005. id
software first came into the spotlight when they released Wolfenstein 3D which
arguably is the first fps game ever created. So, essentially after finding the
genre of fps, id released titles such as Quake, Doom and their sequels and the
rest as we know it is - bloody, gore, satanic, violent history.

So, from the creators of the fps comes RAGE - a game set on post-apocalyptic
earth in the year 2036 after apophis collides with our planet. Scientists and
the world government together started a program called The Ark project. So,
after the disaster, you are the only survivor from your Ark pod and are just
thrown into the unknown and what happens next is for you to find out ;]

This guide will be available on www.cheatmasters.com with images and videos
for better illustration of the game.

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     //////////               COPYRIGHT [C001]                       \\\\\\\\\

  Copyright Wise Buy Now, LLC

  This guide has been created solely with the intention of guiding players
  through the game of RAGE. Please contact me if you would like to use the
  whole or some part of the guide in your website. Posting this guide without
  seeking permission is theft of intellectual property and the accused will be
  liable to legal prosecution.

  The websites permitted to host this guide are -


  Cheat Masters

  Any other person or website wishing to publish this guide as a part of their
  website can e-mail me at [email protected]

(pictures and videos available only on www.cheatmasters.com)


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     //////////              TABLE OF CONTENTS                       \\\\\\\\\

  To easily navigate through the guide or jump to a particular topic listed
  below, copy the code to the right of the topic and find it (ctrl +f)
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  2.VERSION HISTORY......................................................[V001]


  4.THINGS TO KNOW.......................................................[T001]

    4.1. CHARACTERS......................................................[4001]
                   DAN HAGAR

                   LOOSUM HAGAR
                   HALEK HAGAR

                   RIKTER OUTRIGGER

                   DURAR HAGGER

                   PHALLINX HAGAR

                   MAYOR CLAYTON




                   JACKIE WEEKS

                   JK STILES


                   SHERRIF BLACK

                   DOCTOR KVASIR


                   CAPTAIN MARSHALL


                   CRAZY JOE







    4.2. WEAPONS.........................................................[4002]

                FISTS OF RAGE



                ASSAULT RIFLE



                AUTHORITY AR RIFLE

                ROCKET LAUNCHER

                PULSE CANNON

    4.3. COLLECTOR'S CARDS...............................................[4003]

    4.4. COMBAT..........................................................[4004]

    4.5. JUMPS...........................................................[4005]

    4.6. RECIPES.........................................................[4006]

    4.7. MINI-GAMES......................................................[4007]



                   FIVE FINGER FILET.....................................[FFFI]



    5.1.FIRST LOOK AT THE WASTELANDS.....................................[5001]

    5.2.WINGSTICK MASTERY................................................[5002]

    5.3.QUELL THE BANDIT THREAT..........................................[5003]

    5.4.ARK AREA SEWER...................................................[5004]

    5.5.MEDICAL SUPPLIES.................................................[5005]

    5.6.RADIO TOWER REPAIR...............................................[5006]

    5.7.WHERE'S JUNO?....................................................[5007]

    5.8.MUTANT ALERT.....................................................[5008]

    5.9.THE MISSING PARTS................................................[5009]

        JUMPS 1 AND 2....................................................[JMP1]

    5.10.DESTROY THE BARRICADE...........................................[5010]

    5.11.DURAR'S TIME TRIAL..............................................[5011]

    5.12.DAN'S MESSAGE...................................................[5012]

    5.13.CHANGING CLOTHES................................................[5013]

    5.14.WELLSPRING RACES................................................[5014]

    5.15.GETTING ODD-JOBS................................................[5015]

    5.16.RENTING A GARAGE................................................[5016]

         JUMPS 3 AND 4...................................................[JMP2]

         JUMPS 5,6, AND 7................................................[JMP3]

         FIELD GOALS.....................................................[FELD]

    5.17.CLEAN THE ARK AREA SEWERS.......................................[5017]

    5.18.MISSING PERSONS.................................................[5018]

    5.19.RESUPPLYING DAN HAGAR...........................................[5019]

    5.20.MIRACLE CURE....................................................[5020]

    5.21.STOLEN MERCHANDISE..............................................[5021]

    5.22.MUTANT MENACE...................................................[5022]

    5.23.CARAVAN COVER...................................................[5023]

    5.24.STANLEY'S EXPRESS...............................................[5024]

    5.25.CUPRINO NEEDED..................................................[5025]

    5.26.MUTANT BASH TV..................................................[5026]

    5.27.SPONSORED DUSTY 8...............................................[5027]

    5.28.WELLSPRING RACES................................................[5028]

    5.29.RESUPPLY THE WATCH TOWER........................................[5029]

         JUMPS 8,9, AND 10...............................................[JMP4]

    5.30.DESTROY THE BOMB CACHES.........................................[5030]

    5.31.A PROPOSITION, RC PROTOTYPE.....................................[5031]

    5.32.FELTRITE CRATER.................................................[5032]

    5.33.FELTRITE SAMPLE.................................................[5033]

         JUMP 11.........................................................[JMP5]

    5.34.DEFIBRILLATOR UPGRADE...........................................[5034]

    5.35.HIJACKED WELL...................................................[5035]

    5.36.DEADLY DELIVERY, SECRET DELIVERY................................[5036]

    5.37.FINDING FELTRITE................................................[5037]

    5.38.LIBERATE CAPTAIN MARSHALL.......................................[5038]

    5.39.STARKY'S CHALLENGE..............................................[5039]

         THE EXCHANGE....................................................[XCHG]

    5.40.RECOVER ID DRIVE................................................[5040]

    5.41.LOST RESEARCH DATA..............................................[5041]

    5.42.SUBWAY TOWN.....................................................[5042]

    5.43.GAINING INFLUENCE...............................................[5043]

    5.44.FOREMAN JONES...................................................[5044]

    5.45.SUBWAY TOWN SPEEDWAY............................................[5045]

         JUMP 12, 13, and 14.............................................[JMP6]

    5.46.COMET BLOOM.....................................................[5046]

    5.47.MUTANT EXPANSION................................................[5047]

    5.48.ABANDONED DISTILLERY............................................[5048]

    5.49.BOUNTY HUNTER...................................................[5049]

    5.50.GEARHEAD VAULT..................................................[5050]

    5.51.HELP WANTED.....................................................[5051]

    5.52.EVICTION NOTICE.................................................[5052]

    5.53.MONARCH NEEDED, STARKY'S MONARCH................................[5053]
    5.54.SUBWAY TOWN SPEEDWAY............................................[5054]

         JUMPS 15 AND 16.................................................[JMP7]

    5.55.PRICE OF POWER..................................................[5055]

    5.56.ARK EQUIPMENT...................................................[5056]

    5.57.ASSAULT ON AUTHORITY BRIDGE.....................................[5057]

         JUMPS 17 AND 18.................................................[JMP8]

    5.58.ASSAULT CAPITAL PRIME...........................................[5058]

  6.EASTER EGGS AND OTHER COOL STUFF.....................................[E001]


     \\\\\\\\\\          --------------------------                  /////////
     //////////               RAGE -XXX- RAGE                        \\\\\\\\\

     \\\\\\\\\\          --------------------------                  /////////
     //////////            VERSION  HISTORY [V001]                   \\\\\\\\\

  The updated version of this guide will always be available on 
  www.cheatmasters.com, www.Gamefaqs.com

  Additional content such as images for locations of collectibles and video
  walkthroughs for important places or fights will be available on
  cheatmasters in the main walkthrough itself.

  Version 0.5 - 07/10/2011 - Started writing and updating in real time while
                             playing the game.

  Version 0.7 - 11/10/2011 - Added lots of content.

  Version 1.0 - 13/10/2011 - Completed the guide along with all the cards and
                             Jumps and schematics and field goals.

     \\\\\\\\\\          --------------------------                  /////////
     //////////               CONTROLS [C002]                        \\\\\\\\\

You can access the controls from the game at any time so I will just give you
a brief introduction to all the important controls here...

Left mouse button - Fire

Right mouse button - Aim through sight

W, A, S, D - Forward, Left, Back, Right

SPACE BAR - Jump (I really do not know why they even included the jump option
                  in the game seeing as to how little (almost never) you use it
            Handbrake - really useful while in a buggy.

Q - Quick use button - You can see the item which is in quick use in the
                       left corner of the screen above the ammo bar.

Tab - Inventory - Visit other options like engineering and quest by clicking on
                  the arrows.

F1, F2, F3, F4 - quick use items 1, 2, 3, and 4. You can select which items in
                 in which slot by going to your inventory screen and select
                 the item and clicking assign/unassign. This applies for buggy
                 as well as foot controls.

SHIFT - Sprint / Boost

C - Crouch

N - Next type of ammo for the present weapon.

1 - Fists / Fists of Rage
2 - Pistol
3 - Assault Rifle
4 - Shotgun
5 - Desert Striker Crossbow
6 - Sniper
7 - Authority Machine Gun
8 - Rocket Launcher
9 - Authority Pulse Cannon
0 - Double Barrel Shotgun

     \\\\\\\\\\          --------------------------                  /////////
     //////////               THINGS TO KNOW [T001]                  \\\\\\\\\

               Sub - area]                  [ Search code
                          \\\ QUEST NAME ///
                          ///            \\\
                Main Area]                  [ Quest Giver

Even with all the talk about racing and the carts, the game is esentially a
first person shooter and the basic elements of a shooter cannot be overlooked;
especially if you are playing the game on high difficulties.

(pictures and videos available only on www.cheatmasters.com)


                              \\\ CHARACTERS ///           [4001]
                              ///            \\\


The first guy you meet in the game, also the guy who saves your ass. Dan Hagar
is the head of the Hagar settlement and wants to help you survive the


Yeah she's hot @[email protected] Loosum's the one who teaches you how to use the trademark
weapon of Rage - the Wingstick.


The local mercahnt of the Hagar settlement, sells important stuff and buys
junk from you - can a man get more useful?


The head man of the Outriggers and a friend of Dan. Rikter is a tough guy
but nevertheless is a good person and also gives us the shotgun.


The machine man of the game. Durar is responsible for all the buggys in the
game. He prepares our first buggy and then takes care of all our buggys later


The tip man in the wastelands. Phallinx give us very usefull tips throughtout
the game after we come back from quests.


The Mayor of wellsprings is a stout old well dressed man who takes care of the
citizens of wellsprings and also the several settlements around wellsprings in


The trusty Rusty is the mechanic in wellsprings who is the only person who can
set you up with upgrades for your buggys be it spiked tires or a V6 turbo
boosted engine.


The manager of races in wellsprings; he is the man to talk when you have some
need for speed (or certificates for buggy upgrades).


The merchant in wellsprings can sell you a few schematics which help you along
the way and can get you some upgrades for your weapons.


First manager and announcer of the Wellspring speedway. Jackie tell us about
the sponsor for our race to get the Cuprino.


Propreitor of the Stanley Express deliveries, he sets us up with deliveries
when we need money.


This Fat guy without any pants (and possibly without underwear) owns the
Mutant Bash TV franchise and enlists us for some mutant bash when we need cash.


The enforcer of all Wastelands really is soft-spoken but a good man at heart
and always helps people in need.


An old (almost looney) doctor who lives in seclusion in the far side of the
wasteland in an underground lab. He was a veteran and part of the authority
a long time ago in a city now called the dead city. He helps us get the
defibrillator upgrade and unlocks the secrets of the refined feltrite.


A resisstance suppoter, Elizabeth spends most of her time thinking of ways to
cause trouble to the authority in any way possible.


Originally captured, you will break out the captain from the authority prison
and he then recruits you into the resistance. He is the head of the resistance.


A resident of wellspring. Olive keeps moving around wellspring and keeps
sending useful trinkets of information your way throughtout your playthrough.
She knows all the secrets.


He's crazy...


The babe with info.... she tells you of all the jobs in subway town and throws
useful information our way.


Even though he is a bandit, the residents of subway town, like him better than
the authorities. No one can do anything in subway town without his permission.


Special merchant Stew has great deals - the best in the wasteland. Keep seeing
him after every mission for a new deal on equipment.


The owner of Jani' supplies is not only cute but also has everything you need.
And if she does not have something - you don't need it!


The race course manager in subway town, Mel looks a bit like Jolies in the
earlier years (or is it just me?)

 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

                                \\\ WEAPONS ///           [4002]
                                ///         \\\


These are available from the beginning of the game if you pre-ordered the
game. They amplify the normal fist attack by a great extent and you fists
become as good a any other weapon. Great against mutants who try to overnumber
you and other melee attacking enemies.

The first weapon in the game which Dan haggar gives you is also the weapon
which you may use the most because of abundance of ammo. Has a decent firing
rate if you can mash you fire button prettly fast.


Available from the beginning of the game if you pre-ordered. A very useful
weapon, one that will pull you out of tight situaltions many many times when
you are surrounded by enemies. One hit in the chest can kill a basic enemy
instantly. Ammo cannot be found in the beginning of the game. Be careful while
using it as it has a long reload time.


The trademark weapon of the game. You can first obtain the Wingsticks from
lLoosum Hagar who teaches you how to throw them. They can then be purchased
from Halek after that.


Effective against large groups of enemies - even more effective against their


Id software's favourite gun is the shotgun. Extremely powerful in close range
and can do one hit kills if hit in the right spot. A hit in the chest is very


A bandit is launching rockets at you from a mile away, what do you do?

Shoot the rocket of course... Yes, the sniper can be used to aim and shoot down
rockets even before they get close to you but you can also use the snipers on
the dawg who's launching those rockets - optional!


To tell you the truth, it ain't as good as it sounds, but hey! it can still
shoot holes in heads.


An upgrade to the normal AR but also has a zoom scope for precision hits.
Deadly at any range.


The most badass weapon this side of the wasteland. It can take out mutants,
bandits, buggys, cuprinos, and even insanely humongous mutants (thats not a
hint at anthing!)


The only way to describe it is by issuing a - BADASS ALERT !!!

 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

                          \\\ COLLECTORS CARDS ///           [4003]
                          ///                  \\\

They are scattered throughout the gameworld and can be found only in certain
areas. There are multiple cards in each area. So, if you find one card, then 
the other has gotta be around nearby (most of the times).

This is the most accurate description of the cards you will get anywhere on
the internet. But, look in the walkthrough section of this guide as I mention
the locations of cards during the quests and that description comes with
pictures there and is offers more insight to the pinpoint location of the

The locations of the cards are mentioned in the walkthrough but I will list
them here with brief description of their locations.

You also can find pictures of locations of the cards on


The pictures are present in the section of the walkthrough where you can find
the cards. So, visit that part of the walkthrough for a detailed view.

The Grenade Card: Next to the old woman on a barrel who is oppsite to the
garage door of Dan Hagar.

Loosum Card: To the left of Ray's Oasis (the place where Dan is in all the 
time) on some rocks. It is from the front of the place.

Ghost Bonestick: In the Ghost Hideout when you see the second bandit come at
you, he jumps down from the top of a wall. The card is on the wall here in the
end of the corridor.

Ghost Boss: Behind the holed cube monument, under a table in the area left of
the above card.

Ghost Pistol: In the Ghost Hideout, you see a locked door in the beginning,
the card is behind thi door but you will not be able to break the lock until
you acquire the lock grinder schematic(which is given after a mission later).

Turret: In the mission "Where's Juno", when you enter the wasted territory for
the you can go below the original area and you will find it on a chair.

Rikter: After finding Juno's dead body, progress thru the area and when you
get to the area where you can see stairs, the card is to the left of the

Janus: Its on the sofa to the left of where Janus was sitting.

Wasted club: On the corner on top of the stairs that lead to a dead end in the
second floor. These stairs are to the left of the stairs that lead to the third

Wasted Pistol: This card is in a cardboard box which is to the left of a door.
You get to this door after climbing down a set of stairs in wasted garage.

Wasted Turret: This card can be obtained after you beat the boss in the garage
while searching for machine parts for your buggy. Its in a box which is kissing
the wall opposite to the last element of the buggy you pick up in the wasted

Dan Hagar: Go left from where Dan is always standing, you can see a small lamp
on a table, the card in the table.

Dune Buster: Automatically given to you after completing Durar's time trial.

You can buy the following five cards as a part of a deck from the gambler in
wellspring in the bar.

Mayour Clayon

Sherrif Black

City Guard


Club Mutant

Sally: She gives you the card the first time you speak to her after destroying
atleast one bandit buggy.

Dagger Thrower: From the exit of the ark area sewers (not entry - exit) go
along the railing to the right all the way and the card is in a wedge in the
wall in the end of this path.

JK Stiles: You get it after completing the first episode for Bast TV.

Scoop Mutant: Keep looking left after completing the last arena in Bash TV in
the area down the stairs.

Cuprino: You get it after winning the sponsored Dusty 8 and winning the Cuprino

RC Car Bomb: In the Shrouded bunker's first room to the left of the hole
through which you send in the RC car. It is on the platform to the left of the

Shrouded AR: In the second room(the place you get to after taking the first
elevator) inside the room, the card is on the platform/pipes and you can see it
if you go right(from the entrance of the room) near the large metal door and
look left.

Shrouded Heavy: You should remember a door that needs a keycard in the Shrouded
bunker. Face the opposite wall and walk straight till you can see a path to the
left which leadds to the lower section of this area.
To the right of this path is a pipe and the card is in this pipe. Look
in the walkthrough section of the shrouded bunker for the picture.

Shrouded Minigun: In a large container box which is to the right of the
feltrite refinery.

Sentry Bot: Outside Kvasir's lab is a Stanley's express mail box. The card is
behing some bushes which are to the left of this box at the nearest rock.

Enforcer: This card is just to the right of the pipe that has the entrance
hatch to the dead city in it.

Large Mutant: In the dead city, you are trapped inside a boarded room and
mutants attack you in here. After this area you will face a couple of fire
mutants and when you go down, a mutant crawls out of a pipe. Send in an RC
through there and blow up the gas canisters you see inside. Then continue to
mount the stairs outside and go left down the stairs in the next area and you
get to this card as you just blew the door here.

Kraken: It is in the bloody disgusting alcove from which the Kraken emerges
in the dead city.

Slime Mutant: When you enter the dead city central for the first time through
the dead city streets, the card is lying on a table which has a lamp on it and
this table is to the left of the door you come in through to get to central
from the streets.

Mine: In the well, you will fight a lot of bandits in a long corridor with
pillars running through it. There is a ladder to the left that leads to some
supplies and the card is here itself.

Valder: After you meet the soldiers from wellspring in the well, walk past them
and you can find the card on a table which block the route further.

Power Supply: After entering the room thru the first laser go straight and look
right and you will find the card in a cabinet.

Giant Mutant: Just before the first turret is a room and in here is a hole in
the wall. The card is on the dest inside the hole.

EMP Grenade: After blasting a supply, you will need to go onto some stairs to
enter the next area. Above the stairs to the right in a cabinet is the card.

Drop Ship: Just after releasing captain marshall he takes his rifle out of a
weapons box. The card is in the box.

Marshall: After you release Marshall, you go into the next room and in here
is a locked door. THe card is beyond the door.

Shield Guard: After you are seperated from the captain (the elevator drops)
the door to the right is kicked down by a guard. Go in here and to the right
side of this area on a barrel is this guard.

Elizabeth: On a barrel near the stairs behind the second chance inn.

Crazy Joe: To the left of Joe on a bench in his shack.

Drone: The second time you get to dead city. It is behind the first set of
stairs you need to go down where some guards where shooting at you. Walk to the
right of the stairs and the card is on a table here.

Authority Mutant: It is next to the dead body of the mutant in the room to
the left of where Marshall and his guys are in subway town.

Porter: In the cave leading to the abandoned distillery keep looking to the
right, its on a wooden box near the exit side of the cave.

Advanced Sentry Bot: In the gearhead vault, after you enter the vault from
subway town, you will have to climb the first slope and to the right, is a
silver car near the ecit of the garage. The card is on the rear seat of the car

Gearhead Shotgun: Inside the first room which was blocked with fire in the
gearhead vault, go right all the way and you will find this on some plantations

Gearhead Jet: After you pick up the feltrite cell and exit the vault through
the broken wall, you will come to a pair of circular stairs. Go into the area
to the left at the top of the stairs from the sand which makes a path near the
fallen statue that blocks the path to the stairs on the other side. The card
is on a chair.

Dino-Mutant: During theeviction notice job (job board), almost at the end of
level you will come to two security turrets to the right near some stairs.
You had to go above these stairs to the left to pick up the TNT sticks for the
last mission. Instead to going left, go right after you climb the stairs and
to the right is a small restaurant like room and the card is on a table here.

Monarch: To the right of the entrance of the power plant - you cannot miss it.

Gearhead Boss: After killing the boss and his bandits, you finish the level
and come to the exit to wasteland door. But, instead of going through the
door back to the wastelands, look left and you should be able to see stairs.
Just after you climb the stairs, you can see a filing cabinet to the right and
the card is in it.

Jackal Crossbow: Just as you enter the Canyon from the wastelands, look left
and a few steps ahead you should see the card glowing on a ledge. Just jump
up the rocks to get to it.

Jackal Club: In the Jackal canyon quest, after coming into the canyon in the
beginning, the passage to the left is blocked by some iron gate and you go to
the right from the gate and pull a level which is inside a shack to open the
gate. The card is on a table in that shack.

Elite Guard: Behind the boxes which are to the left of the first terminal
which you explode during the "Assault on Authority bridge" mission.

And those are all the cards in the game...

 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

                                \\\ COMBAT ///           [4004]
                                ///        \\\

Obviously the most important part of the game. Also included are general tips.

                              DO NOT SELL FELTRITE

1) Always look for headshots. We all know they do lethal damage.

2) Move backwards when facing melee enemies and keep shooting so that you have
more time before they come near you.

3) When in a mexican stand down ( a gun fight ) look for cover first. Crouch
behind cover and shoot at the enemies. Go back into cover when the screen
starts bleeding to recover.

4) Save bandages by not using them in gun fights. There is lots of cover and
you can just wait behind cover to recover. The gunners mostly do not run at you

5) If melee enemies come too close, forget shooting and start melee'ing them.

6) Mutants can overnumber you prettly easily. So, do not stop shooting at the
sight of a mutant. Do not waste you time aiming for a headshot, just keep
mashing the fire button.

7) Always be on the lookout for ammo and other equipment which are scattered

8) After killing, do not forget to loot the bodies. Also, vending machines give
money so look out for them.

9) Sneak up on an enemy by crouching behind them. Do not get too close to them
as they will know you are there. Just aim for a careful headshot with the
wingstick and chop their heads off. This is not a stealth game so this strategy
may not work all the time.

10) To change the current quest, just hit "tab" and go to the quests menu and
double click on a quest to activate it.

11) The Defibrillator will take a long time to recharge, so don't keep dying.

12) The crossbow (or other normal weapons like the pistol) cannot
zoom large so what do we do if you can't hit the heads of enemies directly from
a distance? take out your sniper, zoom and aim their heads release the zoom but
do not move the crosshair even slightly, i.e. do not shake your mouse even a 
bit (or controller), switch to your crossbow by using the number (5) (if you 
use the mouse wheel you may shake your mouse and lose your aim *pout* ) then 
hit them and if you did it properly, it should hit their head.

 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

                                \\\  JUMPS  ///           [4005]
                                ///         \\\

Jumps in the game need you to carefully manouver the buggy and hit the floating
machines which are the Authority Drones.
A jump is completerd when you hit these things. Just copy and search
[ctrl + f] the code next to the jumps below to go to the section having the

Jump 1 and 2 - JMP1

Jump 3 and 4 - JMP2

Jump 5, 6, and 7 - JMP3

Jump 8, 9, and 10 - JMP4

Jump 11 - JMP5

Jump 12, 13, and 14 - JMP6

Jump 15 and 16 - JMP7

 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

                              \\\ RECIPES ///           [4006]
                              ///         \\\

These can be anything from engineering schematics to plain bandage recipes.

1) Buy the wingstick schematic from Halek.

2) There are about 3 schematics you can buy from Coffer in Wellsprings.

3) After spending time doing missions in Wellspring, Coffer sells another
schematic (check after you get the Cuprino).

4) After the well mission in wellspring, Coffer has the explosive bolts

4.5) When in the authority prison, you can pick up the schematics for the EMP

5) When you get to subway town, speak to Lassard who is to the left of Marshall
on the computers and he gives you a schematic.

6) Jani's supplies has three advanced schematics as soon as you get to subway

7) You can obtain a special regenerative recipe from Deitrich after completing
his mission.

The last recipe is from Deitrich and that finishes all the recipes in the game.
The ones not mentioned above are already with you or you will get them without
doing anything specific.

 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

                              \\\ MINI GAMES ///           [4007]
                              ///            \\\

There are a few minigames in the wastelands, just to pass some spare time or
gaining that litttle money which you need for some wingsticks and ammo!

                               CARDS      [CRDS]

This is more like Yugioh (I didn't get the spelling right did I ?) or pokemon.

The collector's cards which you collect in the world can be used to play cards
and each cards has various characteristics associated with it.

Ranged attack cards - They can be used to attack any card on your opponents

Melee attack cards - They can only attack the cards opposite to them on the
opponents deck, if there is no cards opposite to it then it can be used as

Defense cards - They decrease the damage the opposite player's cards cause by

Each cards has the damage it can do to the left bottom and its health at the
right bottom.

The game does give a good tutorial on how to play cards and you do not need
to know anything except how to make a left click, little strategy is needed
(to select good cards from your hand to your deck) but everything else is
luck. The cards are drawn randomly and placed on the table. If you just drew
a card then it is your opponents chance to make a hit and vice-versa.

If you are losing too many times then it means that you need better cards, so
go collect more cards from the world and come back and play then.

While selecting the cards always select the ones that require the higest
points and then go in the decending order till you use up all your points (the
number of points you can use depends on the difficulty you can select at the
start of each game).

Just be sure to take cards that have a lot of attack and health and a couple
of defensive cards in the deck will also help.

You can play this with Hendrik who is sitting in a corner in second chance bar.
Teague is in the bar in subway town.

                              DICE    [DIEC]

This is even more dumber than cards, all you have to do is left click on the
roll button and depending on the number of crosshair that show up on the
four dice, the cowboy will kill the mutants. If you do not manage to kill
all the mutants in three chances then you lose.

If you manage to kill everyone in the first chance then you get ten times the
money you bet. On the second chance you get four times and on the last chance
- double.

Some people play this to the right of Coffer's shop.

                           FIVE FINGER FILET [FFFI]

Now, this is a game of pure skill and reaction. You can play it with Abbot
in the second chance bar.

All you need to do is hit the space. But, this is where the fun begins - You
automatically move the knife over your fingers. You can see a laser pointer
below the knife which tells you where the knife will hit. The game begins after
a countdown of three and you can see a glow on one of the dotted lines between
youe fingers. Hit space when the knife passes over the lines. If you do not hit
space as the line crosses the glow part then you will automatically hit your
finger and this will cause a strike. Three strikes and the game finishes.

There are five rounds, each with increasing speed and difficulty. The only way
you are going to win all five rounds is by practise, and believe me when I tell
you that you can play for days together and not get past the fourth round.

                                      STRUM [STRM]

Look carefully at the arrows which are activated and hit them in order when its
your turn. Additional notes are added to the present note in the next round.
It depends on your memory a bit.

     \\\\\\\\\\          --------------------------                  /////////
     //////////               WALKTHROUGH [W001]                     \\\\\\\\\

                --- ]                                    [5001
                     \\\ FIRST LOOK AT THE WASTELANDS ///
                     ///                              \\\
           Wasteland]                                    [ ---

  The game starts with a beautiful cutscene that shows the initiation of the
ark project 100 years before impact. Then the impact happens and ...

You are in your cryogenic chamber and the computer starts to release your seals
and you come out. A terminal is just in front of you, the games asks you to
look up and down to calibrate the mouse. You can use the terminal in front of
you but it will take some time for all the systems to come online and then,
when the ship opens, you get your first look at the new Earth. But, before
going out, stick around for long enough and you will hear a message from the
president (a 106 year old message).

Admire the quality of Id tech 5 engine and when you are done ogling, walk to
your left and again to the left beneath the rocks. You now get a first look at
the locals. Some guy shoots the local off - who is he? he asks you to get in
his vehicle and tells you that this place is not safe - listen to him.

There are locals hidden in the mountains and you cannot see them yet. If you
wander around here too much, you will get shot and have to re-load the game.
There is nothing of interest here yet so just get in the buggy car by pressing
"e" near the door. 

After you get inside, the mystery man gives his name and all the details you
need to know and drives you to the Hagar settlement. Get out of the buggy and
follow Dan inside and talk to him. You can't go outside just yet. So, talk to
Dan and accept the mission and then go back near the buggys. Let's not jump
into action straight away. 

Go straight from the buggys outside and you can see a woman in front of you. To
her left on a barrel is your first card - The Grenade card. You can save the
game anytime you want here.

 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

Go to the right and you can see a girl to the left (*wistles*) talk to her and
she will give you a new quest - WINGSTICK MASTERY.

         Hagar Settlement]                         [5002
                          \\\ WINGSTICK MASTERY ///
                          ///                   \\\
                Wasteland]                         [Loosum Hagar

This is very simple. Just aim at the drone bandits that show up and hit "q"
the wingstick will do the rest. you need ten points to pass - I got 29, how
many did you? ;]

She asks you to talk to Hal for more wingsticks and will give you 5 wingsticks
if you pass the challenge. You can play the challenge anytime you want by
talking to her. It is fun the first few times.

Walk directly opposite to her and you can see Garan, who is standing next to
a shop - Ray's Oasis. To the left of the shop is the next collector's card -
Loosum card. Its on the rocks directly to the left of Ray's Oasis and you can
go there by going from inbetween the yellow road blocks left to Garan.

The shop is in the center of this place below the normal ground level. Go in
and talk to Hal (Halek). You don't need to buy anything from him. Get back to
the buggys and take the moped as you can't take Dan's buggy. The game will
give you tutorails of the moped and you can go out the way you came in here.
You cannot explore all the world and the houses are closed. Let's finish the
first mission and then we can get to exploring.

 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

            Ghost Hideout]                               [5003
                          \\\ QUELL THE BANDIT THREAT ///
                          ///                         \\\
                Wasteland]                               [Dan Hagar

Follow the white markers on you minimap. If you go left you will be killed and
another way is blocked opposite the way you get killed, so just follow the
white markers till you reach you destination. You can see a buggy here so just
come off you vehicle and go to the place indicated on your minimap which is
to the right after you get down and walk across the rope bridge.

  Ghost Hideout:

Go in thru the front door and you emerge in the hideout. You aim? To kill ever
freaking bandit you set your eyes upon (I like it!)

Visit the easter egg section of this guide to get an awesome trophy. The easter
egg can only be accessed during this mission and not later so see the section
now itself.

Go up and you can loot the body of a dad ghost. Move left and again to your
left is a box with books and food cans in it - collect them. Go right by crouc-
hing underneat the debris and jumping over them. Hug the wall to the right and
between two door (one of which has a lock on it) is a radio you can collect.
There is a box containing bandages here also. You can start hearing the enemies
as you go past the box and one of them will come at you straight on. Kill him
with your pistol.

Go right from the center of the room and you can take a couple of spray cans
which are behind the pillar and some cloth rags which are under a small bench
here near the rubble. Jump past the rubble and you can pick up the apophis
survival guide near some computers to the right of this area. Progress through
the area and you can go right and you will face another bandit who runs at you.
Shoot at him from the distance and if he gets too near, keep walking backwards
and shooting. Go straight to the end of this corridor and you will come to the
place he jumped down from and you can pick up the ghost bonestick collector
card. Go back in the middle of this corridor and you can pick up some wires
from a cardboard box near the side of the wall.

Go left at the end thru the door and you can see a dice with hole monument.
Behind this is a table and the Ghost Boss collectors card under the table.

Go thru the next door and you face two enemies in this area, one after the
other. After disposing them, go near the large statue and ....

Time to use the defibrillator. You need to hit "e" when the two nodes intersect
and depending on their points of intersection you get health back. You can do
this whenever you get killed and the enemies around you will be electrocuted.
If you do no hit the button at the right time, you need to reload the game
from a previous save. Save the game here. But also note that the defibrillator
takes a long time to recharge.

Go past the door in this room and you can sneak up behind an enemy by crouching
and you can kill them. Pick up the pistol rounds next to the vase which you
see when you come out of the killing room. There are three shooters and two
melee bandints in this area. Pick a nice spot to take cover and move in and
out of cover as you kill them one by one. Two shooters are taking cover behind
a couch. After clearing the area, look around for more pistol rounds on the

Go past the two gunners who were behind the couch and into the next area. A
melee will attack you first and you can hear a gunner. Go thru the open door
and look to the right and you can see a gunner behind the wall to the left.
Another one takes his place in a few moments. Pick up the pistol rounds from
the top of the table. In a room to the left here are some bandages. go to the
end of this place and thru a door to the left. As you progress thru this area
you can hear melee bandits who roll down wires. Two of them roll down and
another melee attacks you. Crouch behind some debris and kill the two gunners
in this area. There are three highly explosive grenades and pistol rounds on a
table to the left in the corridor where you fight the gunners. To the right of
the gunners is the next path. Use the tree vending machines here to gain a
little money and go thru the freezer door to the left.

Sneak behind the bandit and give him a head shot. There are pistol roounds here
and grenades upfront. Look down the way the bandit was facing and you can kill
twoo gunners from here. Go right and down the path and face the one slasher.
Past him are two gunners and to the right of this area are two more. Just
remember to stay in cover the entire time (important on hard and nightmare
difficulties). Use the two vending machines for more money and go into the
area where you kill all the gunners and you can ride the zipline which is on
the far side of this place. Look at the iron which holds the zipline and hit
"e" to move down. Now you are back where you came in from. Exit this place
and ride your moped down the spotted road in the minimap.

 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\
                      Sewers]                      [5004
                             \\\ ARK AREA SEWER ///
                             ///                \\\
                   Wasteland]                      [ ---

As you follow the spotted road, ride slowly and when you get to the place
which has two small routes which converge into the same route, go towards the
right route slowly but, keep looking to the left. You can see a person who
says "You're not going into the sewers are you?"

That's exactly where we are going. The entrance is to the right of this person.
Go down and kill the mutant in fornt of you. Go down and face another one.
There is a room to the left where you can find supplies. Go down into the water
and run to either the left or right end of this place and defend yourself.
Its best to start shooting the moment you see a mutant as they come at you real
fast and can overnumber you easily. Just keep hitting the shoot button.

You will have to face a dozen or so mutants. After killing them walk up to the
place where you saw them coming from. Beneath the stairs are two glowing 
objects which you can pick up - a gas can and a hammer.

Walk up the stairs. go to your left and pick up the gas can here. Walk past
this place and as you enter the next place you will be attacked by groups of
mutants - a total of seven. First four and then three. To kill them easily,
just keep walking backwards as you shoot them. After killing all of them walk
to the end and you can see skulls sticking on a stick from a pile of sand. Use
it to gain the treasure of the Ark area sewers and complete this area. Exit the
sewers and back to the wasteland and take your buggy and go back to Dan Haggar.

Park the buggy where you picked it up from and talk to Dan.

 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

       Outrigger Settlement]                        [5005
                             \\\ MEDICAL SUPPLIES ///
                             ///                  \\\
                   Wasteland]                        [ Dan Hagar

You get this from Dan after clearing out the ghost hideout. You need to
interact with him twice ( "e" button) and then you can be on your way.

Go back to your moped and take it outside. But before you go, just sell all
the junk to Halek. First open your inventory. Each item has a description and
the item which are described as "sellable" can be sold because you will not
need them. All other items are useful in engineering later so just sell the

When you reach the settlement climb down your moped and walk right all the way
and you will see feltrite crystals which you can pick up. (do not sell these)

Follow the markers on your map to the Outrigger settlement. Walk up the stairs
to the far end all the way up and a fat ass is blocking your way. Talk to him
and he asks you to go see another person and then moves aside.

Go further and after speaking to Janus, walk back to where Rikter was and he
will give you another quest if you talk to him. But, do not forget to pick
up the Janus Outtrigger card which is on the couch to the left of where Janus
was sitting.

To change the current quest, just hit "tab" and go to the quests menu and
double click on a quest to activate it. But, let's just stick to the current
quest - radio tower repair.

            Wasted Territory]                          [5006
                             \\\ RADIO TOWER REPAIR ///
                             ///                    \\\
                   Wasteland]                          [ Rikter Outrigger


            Wasted Territory]                          [5007
                             \\\    WHERES JUNO?    ///
                             ///                    \\\
                   Wasteland]                          [ Janus Outrigger

Walk into the wasted territory which is marked on the mini-map. Keep going and
you will eventually go down some stairs. After going down the stairs crouch
and kill one of the two guys here. The other one shows up, kill him too. You
can take cover behind the door wall. Go to the right of this place and down
the stairs. There's a Turret collector's card on a chair and some beer bottles
next to it.

go back topside and right and out. There are two smg gunners. Crouch behind the
stairs and shoot them. Keep moving and a shotgunner will come at you, so be
prepared to shoot and if you die, be ready for the defibrillator. Just right
of where the shotgunner came from are the bodies of the two guys you killed.
Loot them and follow the highlighted path in the minimap.

Keep going and you will get an update on Juno's whereabouts. You will be
attacked by a couple of mutants and you will find Juno where the mitants were

Go straight from Juno and right into the next room. There is a Rikter
Collector's card to the eft of this place on a table. You must have seen the
stairs here also. Go near the stairs and you will climb them automatically
while holding the move forward button. I hope you have been saving all this
while. Climb up and go fornt and interact with the tower which is straight in
front of you. Go down right and take the zipline down, ride your moped back
to the Outrigger settlement.

As you climb up the stairs Ramos will tell you that he has a job. Speak to
Rikter and then to Janus and move out.

Go back to Dan and give him the supplies and he asks you to visit the mechanic

Go near the mechancic's shop and Phallinx will call you. Speak to him to get
some info on Feltrite. I hope you did not sell the feltrite you picked up
earlier. Go and speak to Durar Hagar.

              Bandit Hideout]                         [5008
                             \\\    MUTANT ALERT   ///
                             ///                   \\\
                   Wasteland]                         [ Ramos Outrigger

Activate this quest by going into the "tab" menu and go to the quests page.
Double click on the quest. Ride your moped to the place marked on the map.
Its a long way so keep using the boost ("shift"). After getting there, step
down from youe vehicle and move forward to the place marked on the map and you
can interact with the shooter wihch is on the ground. You can see the fireworks
in the sky, just look up.

After this, three mutants will attack you. Two will come at you and one will
throw knives from a distance, they are no trouble at all especailly since you
have your new armor.

Go back all the way and talk to Ramos to get some nice items.

 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

            Wasted Territory]                         [5009
                             \\\ THE MISSING PARTS ///
                             ///                   \\\
                   Wasteland]                         [ Durar Haggar

Speak to Durar if you have'nt already. He asks you to go to Johan so just go
back outside and ride to Johan and give him the list.

Johan then explains another problem and gives you a new quest, some ammo, a new
engineering schematic and information.

Follow the marker on the map into the wasted territory. You will be attacked by
two gunners just like last time from the same place when you go outside the
first room. Keep going and another gunner will attack you from cover, just run
aside if you cannot see him and move slowly until you can spot him. Go further
and you will face another gunner and you can go into the wasted garage. In here
you will find some gears and some circuits in the room next to the gears.

Go near the locked door and make a grinder. Save your game here and equip your
shotgun. As you go in, a bandit runs at you, shoot him and equip your pistol
again or the assault rifle (which you don't need). Go down and crouch into the
next room. There's two gunners behind barrels. Shoot them and a bandit with a
stick on fire come outta nowhere and runs at you, switch to your shot gun
quickly and take him out and switch back. There are nearly 8 gunners in the
next area, you will face them two or three at a single time. In this room is a
radio behind the first shooters you saw and ammo and beer bottles to collect.

Go down left in to the next room where you will face more shooters. You can see
an engine sticking out the wall to the right and a door to the left with its
handle on shock. Go around the wall to the engine you saw and pick up the
alternator. You can see that the door which was held by the shock is now opened
and you have to go in there.

Go down the stairs and be ready for a lot more gunners. Hide behind the wall
and take them out one by one and if someone rushes at you, just take out your
shotgun and use it on their brains. The gunners will start using grenades from
here on, so when you see a grenade just move back to a safe distance. Do not
move front, but move back because if you move front, you will be in the line of
their fire. There is another sealed door in this place. Go right towards the
stairs you used to get here and go up the stairs which are behind here and you
can pick up some equipment to make another grinder. You will also find the
wasted club collector's card here. If you need gears, they are
on a table to the right of the locked door. Inside you can find some rags and
antiseptic and grenades and some equipment.

Progress down the path to the right of this room.

As you go, you will meet up with more shooters and a fire runner. Stay behind
cover and wipe them out. There's stuff like oil cans, rags, shoes etc all
around this place so keep looking for them. Move into the place to the far
right and you can go down stairs. At the end of this place, to the right is
a door and to the left is a cardboard box with the wasted pistol collector's

Go into the room, theres some beer to the left near the door and now crouch
and move straight and get up and shoot the two guys on the opposite side.
Go right from here adn you will face more shooters. This place is cramped so
you can use your shotgun for faster kills instead of pistol. Sweep the entire
area and move to the far left and pick up the next part. A door opens to the
right of the car. Go in and face more bandits. To the left of this room is the
toilet. Go in and down the stairs to enter into the large garage. As you enter
the area to the left of the one you are in right now, you can see a bandit on
a buggy. He is the boss of the garage. During this fight, do not stand in the
center of the corridor the boss is in. Stand near the entrance to the corridor
and wait for him to empty a round of bullets and take out any bandits who
come at you with the shot gun. When the boss stops to reload, he laughs and
shouts, this is the time when you need to shoot him. Use your pistol or rifle.
Move back when he starts shooting again.

After a few rounds of hide and seek, he drops. To the left of the buggy the
boss was on, is a path to go to the place he was at. When you enter this area
look left and touching the wall on your left is a small cardboard box with the
broken turret collector's card.

In the center of the room is the piston assembly - the last part you need.
Take the part and a bandit shows up as soon as you do so.

Go to the farside of the room. There is a locked door here and you must have
enough parts to drill the lock. There's a gas can, some sellable stuff and
more crystals inside. Go back and thru the door to the left of the sealed door
and you can go back to the wastelands. But before going back, you can find an
easter egg in this place - the Wasted Garage, look at the easter egg section 
for more information.

Sneak up on the bandits outside and steal their moped and go back to the 
Outrigger settlement.

Talk to the mechanic to get your very own buggy. He give you a heads up on
some stuff and you can then drive your buggy.

                                \\\ JUMPS 1 and 2 ///           [JMP1]
                                ///               \\\

First lets comeplete some jumps on the buggy. You may have already seen the
floating machines near the sewer entrance which float in the air with blue
gas coming from them to thrust them up.

heres a pic and video

 - (pictures and videos available only on www.cheatmasters.com)


There are two in this area. Describing how to get them is difficult so here's
a video of how to make the jumps properly. You may need to do the jumps several
times before you hit the marker - especially the second jump.

The pics show the point of impact to make a successful jump.

But, I will still try to describe the jumps. The first jump is very easy and
straight forward. If you don't get it then first align your vehicle near the
edge of the road so that it is straight to the marker and move back. Now
hold boost all the time and you will hit it.

The second jump is more complicated. You need to start from the edge of the
road which leads you to the first marker but you have to face the second marker
and you can see a small raised rock to the left of the pillar. You have to hit
the middle of the rock to make the jump. Watch the video as describing the
jumps are very difficult.

Before going back to Dan, go to the ghost hideout where you had the first
mission of the game - you ought to remember a locked door. Enter the hideout
and go right, duck and jump and to the right you can see the door. Open the
door to find the Ghost Pistol Collector card.

Go back and talk to Dan after this.

 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

            Wasted Territory]                         [5010
                          \\\ DESTROY THE BARRICADE ///
                          ///                       \\\
                Wasteland]                             [ Dan Haggar

After picking up this quest, go to your buggy and drive along the marker and
you will get to an area where bandits use rocket launchers against you. When
you see the eockets come at you, reverse your buggy and go behind along the
path you came to take cover behind the mountain to the left. Here, get out and
stick very close to the mountain and crouch and just peek to the right. A
bandit launches at you. Move left and peek again and again till you get him
in the scope of your sniper. Take your time here. There are two rocket launcher
bandits and after them, snipe all the gunners in this area. Do not worry too
much about the gunners as they are not as mch threat as the launchers.

The following video will give you an idea of how to tackle the launchers -

After killing everyone, go to the far side and plant the explosives and
go back to Dan. he then gives you a new quest. The Dan Hagar collector card is
in a table to the left of where Dan is always standing, under a lamp near the

 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

                Wasteland]                         [5011
                          \\\ DURAR'S TIME TRIAL ///
                          ///                    \\\
                Wasteland]                          [ Durar Haggar

You get this quest automatically after you blow up the gate. Talk to Durar to
start the quest.

This is prettly easy. Just keep using the boost and you can best the time
easily. If you are having a tough time then remember to always take the left
most path while going to the flag, use the hand brake to do a 180 and drive
back the same way without forgetting to use the boost.

As a reward, you get a Dune Buster collector's card and a 2X boost to your 
 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

              Wellsprings]                         [5012
                          \\\   DAN'S MESSAGE    ///
                          ///                    \\\
                Wasteland]                          [ Dan Haggar

The mayor's office is thru the door to the right behind the guy who is sitting
on a broken buggy. If you speak to the guard on the left, he actually points
in the direction of the office. Go in and speak to him and pick up the vault
boy bob head toy to the right on the mayor's table.

              Wellsprings]                             [5013
                          \\\   CHANGING CLOTHES    ///
                          ///                       \\\
                Wasteland]                             [ Mayor Clayton

You need to change your attire so that you do not draw much attention. As you
come out of the door of the mayor's office, fall down thru the gap in the
railing. Go staright while keeping left and you will pass thru a cave like
area. As you come out of the area, you can find the notice board to the right
and the person you need to meet - Coffer, is in the shop to the left.

Speak to him and choose an outfit of your liking. If you pre-ordered the
game then you get the Crimson Elite suit which has the combined abilities of
all the other suits. Note that you cannot change the outfit throughout the
game once selected so choose wisely.

Before going to the mayor, let's pick out the odd jobs. First visit the notice
board which is drectly opposite from the entrance here. Then go left and left
again and you come to Rusty's auto parts. To the right here is the racing
track - Wellspring Speedways. Talk to jackie weeks to learn more. Behind Jackie
is Slim. Speak to him to start the races.
 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

      Wellspring speedway]                             [5014
                          \\\   WELLSPRING RACES    ///
                          ///                       \\\
               Wellspring]                             [ Slim

Now, this is a very cool diversion from the main gameplay, and it has to be
treated tht way - a diversion but not the real thing. So, race between the
missions so that you will have variety in your gameplay. But, even though I'm
saying that, I just finished as many races as I could in one go...

You need to go out of wellspring for most mission and the only way you can do
that is by upgrading your buggy. But, the local mechanic only takes racing
certificates. So, we are going to have to win some races before we go out of
well spring.

Basically, there are three tiers of races. The second and third are unlocked
after winning 45 and 100 certificates respectively (you get a max of 15 per

Racing in campaign is pretty easy. But, you may not win some the first time
you play so do not worry. You will need to know the track fully before you can
win so you may have to race a few times on the same track.



This is a time trial and you have to finish the race before the time to win
it, there is no second and third places here. This is a very easy race and you
will not need any help.

  SOUTHERN HIGHWAY (Non - combat)

Hit the boost first thing after the race starts and always try to use boost
to come out of turns quicker.

There are three pin-turns in this race. One is in the beginning and the other is
when you get on the highway in the end. It is very easy provided you get the
third one which is in the middle properly.

Always try to turn from the center of the road and do not release the forward
button when in the middle of a turn. Just align your buggy to take the turn
before you are in the curve. If you release the forward button then your turn
will become awkward and you will crash into the wall or railing.

A few times on the circuit will get you thru it.


First go to the mechanic across the wellspring track in Rusty's autoparts. He
has all the parts for your vehicle upgrades. Pick your vehicle in his menu by
clicking on the arrow above and attacch a minigun to it.

Again, hit boost and take the lead first. Your minigun has limited ammo but
ammo and boost packs are scattered on the trak for you to collect.

Use your shields "q" or set them from the quick menu in your inventory when you
are being shot at from behind. Do not worry if you destroy your buggy as it
will respawn in the same place and you can still win the race even if you get
your buggy destroyed a few times. Just remember to hit the other racers when
you see a red monkey on them. The track is the same as the previous race.

  DUSTY 8 (Rockets)

use the same vehicle you used last time (if you have more tha one) and upgrade
it with launchers from Rusty.

Take lead initially and use boost to get a large gap between you and the other
racers. This way, the rockets will take a long time to come to you, but always
remember to use shield when you see the warning symbol. You cannot tell when
the rocket will hit you so use your shield on your intuition.

It take more that a couple of rockets to take you down and only a couple of
hits to take the others down. Again, you will respawn at the same place after
your buggy is destroyed so no worries.

You can upgrade your buggy with the many parts available with Rusty so win some
race to get enough certificates to buy a part.



This can get a little bit tricky because of all the turns but a few times
through and you can make it (if not th first time).

The best advise that can be give in this race is that - stick to the left part
of the road thru the first two laps and take all the boosts and then swith
to the right side of the track in the last lap. You can also take the left
part itself even in the last lap.


The most trickiest of all the kinds of race - the rocket rally. But, it also
can be beat easily provided you know one little secret.

As soon as the race starts, use your boost to get ahead of the pach and start
collecting all the rallies / flags or whatever. After this. Immediately turn
around after the last rally and go back the same way you came. After all the
rallies on one side are finished the next rally point starts again at the
beginning and continues down the same path the first time - so it is repetitive

You may not get to the first rally again after collecting the last rally. Even
if you can, don't do it. Just stay behind the racers intentionally and follow
them back to the first flag but stay behind them all the time even if they
hit each other. When they take the first flag, the next flag comes and you can
be the first to take it if you stay behind them far enough. If not the second
then maybe the third flag. So stay behind them and as soon as you see a flag
appear close to you, turn around and boost again all the way (the same way you
went the first time) collecting all the points again. Repeat the same and this
will be a piece of pudding (pudding don't have pieces right).

  SCORCHER LAND (non-combat)

The wierd thing about this track is that all the left turns are tricky - only
the left turns. There are three left turns and take a look at them and find
the proper spto to turn the first couple of times and you will be through this
easily enough.

Upgrade your vehicle if you have problems.

  SCORCHER LAND (rockets)

Just do the same thing you did during the last few races on this track.

  DUSTY 8 REVERSE (rockets)

Just do the same thing you did during the last few races on this track.

  SOUTHERN HIGHWAY (rockets) Class: Cuprino

You will be able to play this only after unlocking the cuprino class buggy in
the main story missions so just come back later if you have not unlocked.


The last tier of races in wellspring...


You already have raced a lot on this track so it's just reverse this time but
no big deal.

Some players mentioned that they had problems clearing this race so I will
provide a few tips.

1) Be very careful in the first part of the race, if you crash into the blocks
here then you are just losing a lot of time. The best way to clear this area
is hold the forward button and zig-zag your way through the first three blocks
and release the forward button and carefully manouver around the the last

2) The pin turn after the road blocks is very tricky and you can ust use your
hand-brake in conjunction with the left button to turn around and always use
boost immediately after you turn but don't hit the boost for too long as there
is a sharp left ahead.

3) You cannot allow yourself to miss any boost packs so try to remember their
locations and get them.

4) Be careful while jumping the ramp in the end of the laps. If you position
your buggy diagonally them you will hit the railings.

Lastly, after a few time through, you will get it. You only need to know the
track better.

THE CANYON (Rocket Rally)

As soon as the race starts, use your boost to get ahead of the pach and start
collecting all the rallies / flags or whatever. After this. Immediately turn
around after the last rally and go back the same way you came. After all the
rallies on one side are finished the next rally point starts again at the
beginning and continues down the same path the first time - so it is repetitive

You may not get to the first rally again after collecting the last rally. Even
if you can, don't do it. Just stay behind the racers intentionally and follow
them back to the first flag but stay behind them all the time even if they
hit each other. When they take the first flag, the next flag comes and you can
be the first to take it if you stay behind them far enough. If not the second
then maybe the third flag. So stay behind them and as soon as you see a flag
appear close to you, turn around and boost again all the way (the same way you
went the first time) collecting all the points again. Repeat the same and this
will be a piece of pudding (pudding don't have pieces right).
 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

              Wellspring]                             [5015
                          \\\   GETTING ODD-JOBS    ///
                          ///                       \\\
                Wasteland]                             [ ---

After upgrading you vehicle, you can now roam around the wastelands all you
want. But, let's get as many missions as we can before we head out. I hope you
already picked up the missions from the notice board. If not, then do so now.

Play some mini games if you want to. A game of dice is next to Coffer's shop.

The bar is to the right of the path that looks like a cave. It is diagonal from
the mayor's office. In the bar you can play the card game. You can buy the
basic deck from him and you ought to have 15 cards. With these you can beat him
on easy and medium. You just need better cards for high difficulty so we will
come back later after we get more cards.

Sally is the bartender. Talk to her for more missions, but she gives you them
only if you have weapons attached to your buggy (which you should after we
finished much of the racing). She says that she will reward you money for each
bandit buggy you take out. So, instead of doing this as a mission, just go
with the other missions and take out some buggy's when you can and when you are
back in wellspring talk to her to get your reward.
 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\
              Wellspring]                             [5016
                          \\\   RENTING A GARAGE    ///
                          ///                       \\\
                Wasteland]                             [ Mayor Clayton

After you get some clothes on, go bakc to the mayor. He asks you to rent a
garage and you can do so by speaking to Mick in his garage which is directly
opposite to the mayor's office.

You now have to speak to the sherrif. Starting from Rusty's autoparts look the
way Rusty is looking and walk straight and take a left and go into the corridor
of the hose to the left (not up the stairs). Go right when you get in the
corridor and to the right, on a wall you can see "Sherrif" with an arrow
pointing to the stairs. The Sherrif's office is thru the door here. He gives
you the supplies Dan needs, so ge back to the garage and select a vehicle
which has firepower and ride out to the wastelands.

you should have four missions now - resupplying Dan, Sally's bounty, Clean the
Ark area sewers, and missing persons. If you missed any of them, then read
above to get them.

                                \\\ JUMPS 3 and 4 ///           [JMP2]
                                ///               \\\

The next pair of jumps can be found after you exit wellsprings. From the
wellsprings gate, go right and take another right. You should be able to see
the first jump here.

This is very easy, so just align yourself like you did earlier, go back and
boost your vehicle thru the jump. After making the jump, go all the way and
pick up the desert spore to the left of the mail box and go back and fall down
onto the road and face away from wellsprings and drive straight. After a while
you should be able to see the jump. Same stuff - align and jump.

Run into the turret here to drop it from its mount.

heres a pic and video

 - (pictures and videos available only on www.cheatmasters.com)


                                \\\ JUMPS 5,6, and 7 ///           [JMP3]
                                ///                  \\\

You can get to these jumps by take the route left from wellspring gate and
staying in the right side of the road. Describing is hard so I just put a
video on how to get to these jumps first and then how to make them.

The first jump does not need any boost. The second jump can be very tricky and
you will have to ttry this out a few times. Just keep jumping and try to bend
the trajectory of the vehicle in the air. The third jump needs a lot of speed
so make the run-in from a long way.

heres a pic and video

 - (pictures and videos available only on www.cheatmasters.com)


                Wasteland]                         [FELD
                          \\\   FIELD GOALS    ///
                          ///                  \\\
                Wasteland]                        [ ---

No matter how much I describe it, the video below is much better...

 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\
       Ark area sewers]                                     [5017
                      \\\   CLEAN THE ARK AREA SEWERS    ///
                      ///                                \\\
            Wasteland]                                      [ Bounty Board

Go to your objectives screen and select this mission. Go to the sewers and
the best thing to do is to use your shotgun or the fists of fury. This place
will be a breeze if you are coming here for the second time( if you followed
this walkthrough) but if you are here for the first time then it's a little
bit hard. Just remember to walk back while shooting so that they take more
time to come at you. After you exit the sewer turn back and walk along the
railing to get the dagger thrower collector card.

        Ghost hideout]                            [5018
                      \\\   MISSING PERSONS    ///
                      ///                      \\\
            Wasteland]                            [ Bounty Board

Select this mission and go to the hideout. I will not cover this area till you
get to the large statue since you already have played in this place earlier in
the first mission. Just use a combiation of ranged and close weapons - nothing
too fancy here. If you did not pick up the ghost pistol collectors card then
you can do it now, it's in the locked room to the right as you enter.

When you get to the statue, the quest is complete.... did you really think that
there was more beyond the statue? fooled ya.. haha... -_-

     Hagar settlement]                                  [5019
                      \\\   RESUPPLYING DAN HAGAR    ///
                      ///                            \\\
            Wasteland]                                  [ Sherrif Black

Just follow the marker on the map to get to Dan and talk to him. He then gives
you the Desert Striker Crossbow and mentiones the authority and tells you to
stay in wellspring for a while. Grab the crossbow from the wall to your right.

Just return to wellspring after you finish talking with Dan.
 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

                Anywhere]                         [5020
                         \\\   MIRACLE CURE    ///
                         ///                   \\\
               Wasteland]                         [ Richard

Talk to Richard who is sitting to the left of the card player in the bar. He
needs a night blossom, and you might already have one, so the wuest gets
completed automatically and you can get a new recipe.

If you do not have the night blossom then don't worry, you can get it later on
while doing other missions. Just return to richard to finish the quest. If you
destroyed atleast one bandit vehicle then go talk to Sally to receive the
Sally collector's card.
 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

           Wasted garage]                               [5021
                         \\\   STOLEN MERCHANDISE    ///
                         ///                         \\\
               Wasteland]                               [ Bounty board

You get this mission from the bounty board after completing the first two
boards missions.

Ride to the wasted garage and go in. Crouch and kill the bandit from the
entrance and the others will be alerted. Take out your favourite gun and kill
the four gunners in this area. Move ahead and there is a gunner behind the
railing of the stairs you use to get to the upper level so be careful as he
may not show himself until you are next to him.

There are two guys opposite to you ass you enter the next floor. The wingstick
can be usefull here. Move left and be ready for a fire runner and a bit further
when you take a right, you will face a shotgunner. There are two more to the
left of where he was, so be extremely carefull here as they can take you
down easily, just move back into cover as soon as you get hit. Progress thru
this place till you come to the stairs leading to the next floor and climb them
and the stolen booze is in this floor. It is well guarded by half-dozen bandits
Just don't go into the middle of the room, use your wingsticks. The booze is on
a table in the middle of the room.

                     ---]                        [5022
                         \\\  MUTANT MENACE   ///
                         ///                  \\\
               Wasteland]                        [ Bounty board

This mission is obtained from the bounty board in wellspring. You are given an
upgrade to your sniper after accepting this mission and are automatically
transported to a location.

There is a mutant to the left near the large pipes, take him out and two more
run to the right, take them out. After that (even if you miss a mutant) two
guys will come in and their health shows on the top right of the screen.

You need to kill the mutants before they kill these guys. One of them shoots
while the other does the repairs. Mutants start coming from the left lane and
then the right. After the person is ddone with the left side, the two guys
go to fix the next thing to the right. Mutants again come from right and left
and be careful here as one mutant might show up next to you.

The best thing to do here is not to move your aim around the mutants, just
calculate their path and place the aim leading them so that when they run into
the crosshair you get them.

                     ---]                        [5023
                         \\\  CARAVAN COVER   ///
                         ///                  \\\
               Wasteland]                        [ Bounty board

Similar to the previous quest and is also obtained from the bounty board after
the previous quest.

The friendlies come from the right and shortly, two bandit buggys come at them.
The buggys stop and bandits come out of them. Shoot them quickly as they have
assault rifles that can kill quickly. After you take care of them, the caravan
move on and a third buggy comes. But this time, around two rc bomb cars show
up. After you take them out, the last bandit is on the highway above the third
buggy. Shoot at the buggys if they don't explode when all the enemies are dead.
 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

               Wasteland]                                     [5024
                         \\\  STANLEY'S (almost) EXPRESS   ///
                         ///                               \\\
               Wasteland]                                     [ Stanley

You can meet Stanley in a shack left of the stairs that lead to sherrif Black.
Talk to him and he sets you up with a delivery.

There are three deliveries for you to make since all the other drivers have
well... "disappeared" the three delieveries progess in difficulty. The best
thing to do is keep your eyes on the marker spots in the minimap at all times,
you may need to play the last race a few times before you get it or you can
just complete the first two and come back later for the third with a fresh mind

Practice is the only thing here so just keep trying and ignore the bandits at
all times, just keep your eyes on the map pointer and the time. Use boost
whenever it is available and you just cannot hit anything in the third delivery
and I mean anything, you have to be perfect.
 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

              Wellspring]                         [5025
                         \\\  CUPRINO NEEDED   ///
                         ///                   \\\
               Wasteland]                         [ Sherrif Black

Speak to Sherrif Black, who tells you that you need more muscle. He points you
to Jackie Weeks. 

Go to Weeks and speak to him. He tells you that you need a sponsorer and asks
you to meet JK Stiles.

               Wasteland]                        [5026
                         \\\  MUTANT BASH TV  ///
                         ///                  \\\
               Wasteland]                        [ JK Stiles

Head out and follow the pointer to the headquarters of Mutant Bash TV. Talk
to the fat guy and he puts you in the mutant bash arena.

The best weapons against the mutants are the wingsticks. There is a trick to
get 100% accuracy all the time but you will need the fists of rage for that.
Just hit a mutant once with a gun and make sure the bullet hit it and finish
the rest of the round with the fists. This does not apply to all rounds, but
instead of using guns, just use wingsticks, but only when you absolutely have
to and finish off the kraken with the wingsticks. This should get you to 750$
which unlocks an achievement. Br very careful the first time you play mutant
bas as it is the best time to get to 750 but you can get to more than 900$ if
you play properly.


The first arena has mutants crawling out of holes and you can take them out
easily. After a while, four stands emerge from the ground and there are mutant
fire throwers on each stand, so hit them with the shotgun or something. More
mutants keep coming and the time limit is 1:45 but you can clear it easy.


A large iron ape spins around the center of the arena and if you are hit, well
the game shows a mutant being hit by the monkey so you will know what happens.
Just stay in the middle of the arena and you will be fine. Keep looking
aroung at all times so that you will know if some of them sneak up from behind


If you don't shoot the correct slots then you get mutants - that's it...
The targets appear below the slots so hit them fast.


The only safe place is in the center of the room. Spikes come out of the ground
everywhere else. Just keep looking arouns for mutants.


Its really easy if you have around 15 wingsticks, just keep moving in a circle
around it throwin wingsticks and it will be over before you know it.

After this arena, go down the stairs and in the next area, keep looking left
and on a box is a scoop mutant collector's card.

You win the JK stiles collector card after completing the bash tv for the first
 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

              Race Track]                           [5027
                         \\\  SPONSORED DUSTY 8  ///
                         ///                     \\\
              Wellspring]                           [ jackie Weeks

The other cars are better but only you can use the special mutant bash weapon
so just hit the quick use button when a car or all the othe cuprinos are ahead
of you and its really easy after that.

You get a cuprino collector's card after winning this race.

After gaining the cuprino, you can complete the remaining races at the
wellspring track or make the last delivery (if you had not done so) for Stanley
 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

      Wellspring speedway]                             [5028
                          \\\   WELLSPRING RACES    ///
                          ///                       \\\
               Wellspring]                             [ Slim

Let's finish the remaining races.


Sounthern Highway - The cuprino is a hard turner so just release the forward
button when turning else you will hit the wall.


Dusty 8 - You may want to use the brakes near turns and boost after it. But,
keep the usage of boost to a minimal at turns.

Southern Highway - (rocket rally)

Follow the same stuff you did for that last rocket rally, read that section for
more info and note that the rally points changed from last time. Take the
left from the middle of the highway downside to get to that point and continue
from there. Make a 180 turn and go from the ground and not the highway after
you get the last flag as the other flags appear on the ground.

Scorcher Land - Smae as last time, its very easy once you take the lead.

The Canyon - (rocket rally)

Its fairly easy for a last race really...

Coffer might have some upgrades for your armor, weapons and a new schematic so
check with him.
 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

            Wasteland]                                      [5029
                      \\\    RESUPPLY THE WATCHTOWER     ///
                      ///                                \\\
           Wellspring]                                      [ Sherrif Black

Go speak to the Sherrif after you obtain the cuprino. He tells you about the
bandit problem and about the need of supply in the northern watchtower. Just
grab your cuprino and head out. follow the pointer all the way and back, but
read the jumps section below as you can finish three more jumps here itself.
Go back to the Sherrif and he sets you up with another mission.

                          \\\ JUMPS 8,9, and 10 ///           [JMP4]
                          ///                   \\\

You can get to these jumps during the resupply the watchtower mission and
possibly during other missions. The first one is to the left of the highway
almost near the end.

The second and third are near the start of the highway (or the end if you
are returning after supplying the watchtower. To make the second and third
jumps you need to go at them from the tops of two parts of broken highways.
Just look for broken highways near these and you can find them. The video
and picture below should help...

 - (pictures and videos available only on www.cheatmasters.com)


 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\
      Shrouded Bunker]                                      [5030
                      \\\    DESTROY THE BOMB CACHES     ///
                      ///                                \\\
           Wastelands]                                      [ Sherrif Black

This is an important mission so I will be very specific with all the details.
Note that this walkthrough is written considering players are playing on
nightmare difficulty. So, you may not need to be as careful as mentioned below,
but it still help a great deal even on other difficulties. Make sure you have
the parts for atleast one lockgrinder. If not, buy them from Coffer.

Go to the bunker and after you enter...

First start crouching and move ahead only until you can see a bandit working
on an RC bomb and an RC moving around him. You can use use any of your weapon
to kill the bandit but the RC will then come at you so just blow up the RC
when it is next to the bandit. The others in this room will then be alerted
and two more RC's come a you and bandits will take cover behind the desk the
first bandit was working. But, they will come only one by one. Just stay in
your place as shown in the figure below 

                                        -and snipe them when they stick their
head out. After you kill the bandits here, move a bit forward but not all the
way. Keep looking to the left and a bandit is in front of a door, so take him

The room ought to be clear now, so just walk in all the way to the right far
corner where you can see a red light bulb. You can see a small hole in the wall
in the bottom and the RC car bomb collector's card to the left.

Send in a RC car of your own and detonate it near the red canisters which are
the bomb caches. This opens up a hole in the wall, there are two shrouded
bandits in here, take them out and climb the elevator in the end and interact
with it.

When the elevator stops crouch and keep looking to your right as you move, a
bandit walk away and when he stops, use your crossbow on his head. Move
forward while crouching and take cover behind a box to the right as you come
to the opening of the next room and take out the two guys you see with the
crossbow, it is important you hit them in their head, but the crossbow cannot
zoom large so what do we do if you can't hit them directly? take out your
sniper, zoom and aim their heads release the zoom but do not move the crosshair
even slightly, i.e. do not shake your mouse even a bit (or controller), switch
to your crossbow by using the number (5) (if you use the mouse wheel you may
shake your mouse and lose your aim *pout* ) then hit them and if you did it
properly, it should hit their head. Move into the room but look left when you
get near the place where the nearest bandit was standing and you can see two
more here. After you kill them, two bandits will run away to the right. Turn
back and you can see a large metallic door (which geographically is to the 
right of the room) move towards it and look left and you can see the shrouded
AR card. There are two water purifiers in the space below the card to the right

Now, move to the area where you saw the two bandits run. They are to the right
so take them out while taking cover behind the boxes.  Pick up all the stuff
that is in front of you here and go to the right. You can see a locked door
to the right here, inside are some suthority ar rounds, an authority ar rifle,
bandages, bombs etc. Progress through this area. Turn left in the end and go
through the pipe which is to the left and go right after you exit the pipe.
Crouch and look out for the bandit to the far left, use your crossbow. After
him, move very slowly forward and look left and you can see two more bandits.
Look around this place a bit as there are a lot of things that can be picked
up. You can also see a door to the right of where the two bandits were. This
requires a keycard. If you look right here below this room from the low railing
you can see a group of bandits. Crouch and take them out. Now, go to the locked
door (keycard door) and look opposite and walk straight all the way till you
can see a path to the left whic leads to the lower part of this area where the
the bandits you just killed were standing. To the right of this path in the 
beginning is a pipe, the shrouded heavy card is in this pipe.

Now, go to the door that needs the keycards and down the stairs to its left. Be
careful as there are two bandits waiting for you behind some crates. After you
kill them, go in there and look right and you will see a small room which has
loads of AR ammo and the keycard. Go back to the locked door and open it.
Move while crouching through this entire corridor. Pick up the liquor bottles
while you are moving and when you get to the stairs, stop and slowly look below
without going onto the stairs, use your crossbow to take out as many as you can
and use your other guns if they are alerted of your presence. Bomb them if they
are hiding behind cover so that they will come out. After killing all of them
go down the stairs and look behind below the stairs. Another RC bomb car hole
is here. Pick up the tons of stuff all around this place and then send a RC in
the hole and blow up the next cache of bombs. Go thru the hole but look out for
the four bandits in the bottom level here and the one guy who shoots from the
upper portion from the railing to the right of the hole. After clearing the
area, go up to face around four guys. Go backwards theu this area thru the
entrance you initially too to get to this place and face two more bandits.

Go thru this area and there are two more guys to the right. Go to where they
were and take care of the numerous bandits in the area to the left. Take cove
behind some box here and do not go into the area. After you kill some of them
a bandit holding a minigun comes and start shooting and he is standing on the
top part of the wall opposite to the entrance. You can kill him with a 
wingstick. Kill the others in this area and you will hear a bandit saying that
they have lost the atrium. Then the large metal door opens in front of you and
a shrouded heavy comes in.

Stay behind you cover and while crouching, move back and down the stairs behind
you so that when you get up, you will not receive any fire from the two bandits
who came with the heavy. The heavy walk towards you so you do not have a
problem here. If you have some pop-rocket shells, use them. It takes like six
hits to take him down with the pop-rocket. You can also use about four
wingsticks on him. Just try to hit him good. Then kill the two bandits and go
through the area and into the large door that opened from which the heavy came
in from. As you go in, a heavy comes at you and two more bandits, you can take
cover behind the first boxes to the left and use wingsticks on the heavy when
he gets close. After killing the other bandits go towards them but keep looking
to the right and you will see a red light and the last RC car hole. Send a car
in and blow the last cache. You just blew the mother-load. Run out of here and
take the elevator up. Ignore all the bandits shooting at you and just keep
moving around. After the lift stops move right and two bandits will come
running at you so use your shotgun here. Go left and thru the hatch below the
red light out to the wastelands and drive back to the Sherrif.

You just completed one of the most exiting missions in the game.

 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

      Shrouded Bunker]                                      [5031
                      \\\  A PROPOSITION, RC PROTOTYPE   ///
                      ///                                \\\
           Wastelands]                                      [ Phallinx Hagar

You first need to visit the notice board in wellspring after finishing the
last mission and pick up the propostion quest. Then meet up with Phallinx who
tells you that he can reverse engineer a prototype for you to use. So, drive
back to the Shrouded Bunker and do what you have to. 

This place has not changed from the last time. You will face four to five
bandits and a heavy in the first area and after you take the elevator down, two
bandits will run in and dhoot at you so be ready to move to cover. If you move
forward, another heavy will show up with a lot of bandits. Keep going until
you get to the red door. Snipe the bandits inside there and move in till you
get to the keycard locked door. Look right downside and kill the bandits there
but when they retreat, pull out your shotgun and look towards the keycard lock
door because a shotgunner will come at you. Go in but don't go to the right.
Just stand, shoot and crouch, stand wingstick and crouch and after you hear
them retreat, go down and go right but be wary of the one bandit who is on an
upper level here. Walk up the stairs and there are around 6 bandits in the
next place, take them out and walk out of this place. Visit Phallinx to get the
upgraded prototype.
 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

      Feltrite Crater]                          [5032
                      \\\  FELTRITE CRATER   ///                          
                      ///                    \\\
           Wastelands]                          [ Mayor Clayton

Talk to the Mayor if you haven't already done so. He wants us to check the
site of a meteor crash - a Feltrite meteor. He tells us that some bandit
faction has taken control of the area and are using the Feltrite to build
something they should not be building.

Move out and head to the crater. Just before entering the highway leading to
the crater, you will face five bandit buggys. Inside the crater there will be
one more cuprino you need to destroy and a couple of minigun weilding bandits
on top of the watch towers. When you get to the refinery, blast the two bandits
here and get down but look at the container which is to the right of the sand
bags the bandit take cover in (in front of the stairs you need to enter). Go
into the container from the right and pick up the Shrouded Minigun collector's

Enter the refinery but look out for the two bandits who come out of a container
to the right. Move left all the way and activate the switch.

Some refined Feltrite emerges to the left of the switch, pick it up and kill
the bandits who come out again or you can just run to your vehicle and go back
to the Mayor.

         Dr.Kvasir's Lab]                         [5033
                         \\\  FELTRITE SAMPLE  ///                          
                         ///                   \\\
              Wastelands]                         [ Mayor Clayton

Claytones wants to know what the sample is and he asks you to take it to old
man Kvasir. Move out and follow the route indicator on your minimap.

When you get to the marker, get down your vehicle and kill the bandit in the
watchtower behind you. You should see a Stanley's mailbox here. To its left
behind some bushes is the Sentry Bot collector's card. This picture should
help you - 

Activate the com device which is to the right of the bridge and walk in to his
lab, you should have seen a jump here, we will do it later. For the moment, go
inside and activate the elevator button and you meet Kvasir. He then tells you
of an upgrade for your Defibrillator in a hospital in the dead city.

                             \\\ JUMP 11 ///           [JMP5]
                             ///         \\\

This is the last jump on this side of the wasteland. It is near the entrance to
Kvasir's lab.

To make the jump though, you have to get on the upper road you can see here.
Take the highway closest to his place and go all around the highway and come
to this place. You should come here on your intuition, if it helps - you should
make the jump from the road infront of the entrance to the northern watch tower
where we did the "Reesupply the Watchtower" quest. Get down the vehicle so you
can see clearly how to make the jump and so that you will know the location of
the Drone. You need to run in from the right side of the rock which is in
front of the drone on this road here, this video should help -
 - (pictures and videos available only on www.cheatmasters.com)


 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

               Dead City]                               [5034
                         \\\  DEFIBRILLATOR UPGRADE  ///
                         ///                         \\\
              Wastelands]                               [ Doctor Kvasir

This mission is also the direct storyline mission and is very important and
thus, a detailed walkthrough here with pics... Make sure you have a lot of pop
rocket rounds for your shotgun and even more wingsticks. Parts for two lock

 - (pictures and videos available only on www.cheatmasters.com)


When you get near the marker on your mini map in wastelands, levae your buggy
and walk to the marker, you have to enter a large pipe which has a hatch in it
but before going in the pipe, look to its right and you can see the Enforcer
collector's card.

Enter Dead City through the hatch and you emerge in a tunnel. After you come
out of the tunnel, go right and left and you come near three mutants who are
mutilating a dead body. They attack you, you attack them! move ahead and by
now you should be hearing a loud thumping noise and a creature roraring. Two
more mutants come at you from either side of the walls. But the mutants coming
from the left are actually coming out of the room here, one more will attack
you. Go inside, pick up all the stuff and walk up the stairs to the right.

You emerge onto street level and get a view of the thing that has been making
all that racket. Move right and enter the dead city streets. You will be soon
greeted by its citizens and I suggest you use your shotgun on them (pop-rocket
rounds are the best). Wingstick work better though. After killing about six
mutants the Large Mutant will make itself visible from the other corner of the
street and it walks near to you. But there are some mutants who come also and
it is best if you take them out so you can concentrate on the Large Mutant
with peace of mind. You can use wingsticks on the large mutant and he will use
a launcher against you. Keep moving and using the wingsticks. If you prefer the
sniper or any other weapon you can stand in one place and start shooting at its
head and when it is about to launch, move. Repeat this and soon it will have

Move to the left of this place and you can see some stairs. Go up these stairs
and eventully you will come to a place where you see a...

OMFG! WTF was that?

Anyway, go into the rooms to the left and pick up all the stuff and books from
the left shelf in the first room and when you go into the next room, you will
be trapped inside for some time. Mutants will come out of all kinds of holes,
two specifically will throw clubs at you from the other side of the boarded
windows. Just stay in one corner of the room and kill everything coming at you.
Be sure you killed all the mutants from both rooms and a wood board will fall
opening a path from the second room. Walk down this path. Two mutants will
start throwing fire at you from a distance. Kill them with the sniper and after
you walk further down, a mutant will crawl out of a pipe here, kill all the
mutants coming at you and send a RC car in through this pipe...

After the car is in the room, send it to the left and you come to a boarded
door with some gas cylinders to the right, detonate the car here and you can
see the door open.

Back outside, climb onto the stairs and go inside. After you walk for a bit,
you get to a place where there are stairs down, in a room to the left. Go down
here and you can see the door you just blew. Go in and pick up the Large Mutant
collector's card.

Go back up the stairs and staraight outside. After you kill a few mutants
the Kraken emerges from the right. This is a bit tougher than the other Kraken
you faced in the Mutant Bash TV. It can slap you with its tentacle and also
charge at you. But the problem is with the mutants that come at you. First
shoot them and run away from the Kraken and start singsticking it. When it runs
near you, run away and turn back and swing all this while - shooting the
mutants that come at you. After the Kraken is killed go into the alcove it
emerged from and to the right on some human flesh ( *puke* ) is the Kraken
collector's card.

Go outside and then right down the stairs and if you are fast enough you can
see the back of the huge mutant. Continue down here and you can see a switch in
fron of you. Hit it and follow the wire that comes from it, you will get to
another switch, hit it and you will be overwhelmed by mutants so you better
have that shotgun ready. After killing all of them, go back to the first switch
and hit it. The door slides and then go down. There is a slime mutant here and
so, hti it with the pop-rockets. There is a door here and when you use it, you
come to dead city central.

Just as you come out, move left and there is a table on the left with a lamp
on it and obviously the Slime Mutant collector's card.

To the right of this area is a locked room with some ammo and other items in it
and a switch in the center. Follow the wire from the switch and send in an RC
and blow up the canisters to the left. Go in through the opened door to the
left and to the switch. Hit it, go outside and hit the next switch and the
door to the left slowly opens. Mutants then come out to get you. There are
three slime mutants here. Go down through the opened gate and you may see an
area blocked off with lasers. Just leave it alone for now as we will get here
during a later mission. Continue along the path and when you get to the stairs
you can choose to just rampage the mutants or use the crissbow. Go down and
you may face a couple more mutants. Go to the left edge of this place and enter
and climb stairs two times and you get to an area with small huts. A number
of mutants come at you. Go to the right most part of this area and you can
see the path. Then go up the stairs and the game updates you on the quest.

                            DO NOT SELL FELTRITE

You can see the hospital board ahead of you and some small stairs to the right
and a locked room with feltrite crystals amongst other things in it. Head into
the hospital and keep going till you come to a place with grills on one side
and the rocket launcher here. Pick up the launcher and you can see the elsive
giant mutant here. You can save the game anytime during this fight.

Hit him immediately on the head once with the launcher and then when you can
see the blue glow from his heart, keep blasting it. The mutant then moves
back and starts hurling building parts at you. While he lifts his hand to hurl
the chest area with the heart opens up. Right click on the mouse to aim and
you can see a lock-on on the heart, so hold right click even before he takes
the stones and as soo as you see the lock on in the scope, push the button.
You may need to hit him a few times before he falls or just once. Then he
comes near you and shakes the building you are on. Shoot the heart again and
now, his brain starts to glow. Shoot it immediately and by now you would have
noticed that he hits the area where the laser in his head targets. He moves
back again and you can pick up rocket ammo from the place you got the launcher.
It keeps giving ammo, so do not worry about wasting ammo. Hit it in the heart
again using the right click and auto aim. Remember that you will need to left
click the moment you see the triangle of the lock on. You cannot waste a milli
second here. The mutant comes close and targets the center of the building,
move to a corner and look out for his laser and see where he targets next. His
head glows again so use your launcher and remember that you can just launch
without using the scope and you will still hit his brains. He moves back again.
This time you need to left click even before you can see that triangle but not
too early. Like a moment before you would see the heart, you need to launch
a rocket. He comes near you and starts hitting the place, you can take cover
to the right side of this area and his hits will not touch you. After he slams
for four times, his head glows again. So, hit it and he will be done for this
time. If you could not find the safe area here, just equip bandages and start
using them the moment he hits you so that you can take another of his blows.

An opening is created to the left of this area after he falls on the grill.
After you reach the bottom floor, a slime and two mutants attack. In the next
area another slime and mutants attack. Walk up the stairs here to fight a fire
throwing mutant and a slimer. There are more stairs to the left here from where
the slimer came. Go up to fight another slimer and walk in. The upgrade for
your defibrillator is in front of the large screen here. Pick it up and the
whole place is put under lockdown. But a group of slimes and red and normal
mutants break the door in the left room and come it, so be ready for them.
Go in and through the hole they made and go down all the stairs and keep going
all the way and finally you get to the exit and go out to the wastelands.

Go back to the good doctor and he will talk to you and then upgrade your
defibrillator and its time to take the sample back to Clayton. Then the
wellmaster starts sounding the alarm and Clayton asks you to go see him. The
wellmaster's office is to the right of the mayor's office. Go in and speak to
the wellmaster.

 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

                    Well]                       [5035
                         \\\  HIJACKED WELL  ///                          
                         ///                 \\\
              Wellspring]                       [ Wellmaster Carlson

Before going in the well, make sure you have atleast one lockgrinder. Lots of
shotgun and sniper ammo.

Go into the well through the hatch in the wellmaster's office. Inside you will
meet a badly injured worker and he tells you of the bandits who are around the

Go around the place with your crossbow equipped and shoot it in the water where
the bandits are standing. Shoot the bandit on the ground to the right also and
go down there when a melle bandit comes at you. There's a room to the right
with some equipment here and outside you get to a junction leading to the left
and straight. If you go straight, you can find gears in the room. You need to
go left and take the ladder that is to the left of the door here. Go up and
crouch. There are three bandits in the lower place. Kill them quickly and go
down and left. A locked room with ammo and wingsticks is to the left.

Go right and two melees and a gunner will attack you. Use the sniper on the
gunner. Go right up the stairs and two more melees will attack you. When you
go forward, a gunner from the front and a melle will attack you from behind.
When you take the next turn, a melle will come and attack you. You will get to
an area where you can see a large pile of bodies in the middle of the room and
five bandits will attack you so be ready with the shotgun. Go right from here
and you will be on the platform. Bandits will attack you throughout this
platform and in the next room after the platform from behind you too. Go down
the stairs in the next area and you come to a corridor with concrete pillars.
Nearly a dozen mutants will attack you. Don't go into the middle of the area
and take cover behind the first pillar. Use your shotgun on any bandit who
gets too close and sniper on the heads of the gunners who take convr behind the
last pillar. After they stop coming move ahead while looking to the left. You
can see a ladder and they lead to some supplies and the mine collector's card.

                    DO NOT SELL FFELTRITE

Go out of the corridor and move right down the stairs. In the next area, some
bandits are walking in the water, use your crossbow on them and be ready for
more who jump down. In the area to the right, there are more bandits. Go in
and you will be locked in this place by a bandit who uses a switch to drop
the gates. Kill the bandits here and use the green switch in this place to
open the gate. But another bandit will come and hit the close switch. What you
need to do is, hit the switch in the bottom area and run to the gate which is
being closed and kill any bandit who dares to hit the switch. Crouch and go in
thru the gate and through the hole in the wall on the stairs to the right.
In here you can find a couple of feltrite crystals to the left and when you go
left you can see a bandit being killed.

Furthur down, you will meet a soldier from wellspring. Follow him and you come
to three more soldiers who are in a shootout. Move past these three soldiers
and on a bench you can see the Valder collector's card.

Join them and kill the bandits you see and the door will open shortly. There
are more bandits in this area so kill them all and go forward by the stairs to
the left and climb the walkover platform killing all the bandits. After every
bandit is killed, a soldier comes up and stands near a large machine and asks
you to take the toxin out.

Take out the toxin and walk next to the machine and activate the lever next to
it to the right to raise the platform. keep moving up all the stairs and up
the ladder and get outta here.

Visit Coffer for an upgrade for your AMG and a new schematic and then go speak
to the Wellmaster. Interact with him to get the next mission.
 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

        Wastelands]                                          [5036
                   \\\  DEADLY DELIVERY, SECRET DELIVERY  ///  
                   ///                                    \\\
        Wellspring]                                          [ Kvasir

Just head out of wellspring and go to the doctor's lab. As you take the first
right, Feltrite crystals start to fall and you need to collect seven to get
those within 20 seconds. Just reload the auto save if you don't make it the
first time.

               DO NOT SELL FELTRITE

In the next area, you will face four bandit Cuprinos. After all the commotion,
go into Kvasir's lab and speak to him. He give you the mind control bolts and
asks you to take the formula to Elizabeth in the second chance bar.

Go back to the bar and talk to Elizabeth who is sitting in the left most chair
near the bar and is always looking at a map. She asks you to follow her to
the back of the bar and gives you a new quest.
 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

               Wasteland]                          [5037
                         \\\  FINDING FELTRITE  ///                          
                         ///                    \\\
              Wellspring]                          [ Jacob

Before going out, talk to Jacob who is sitting near Sally. He wants to exchange
20 feltriite crystals for a Defibrillator upgrade. If you collected all the
crystals from the beginning of the game till now, you will have 20. But, do not
worry if you sold them or do not have the twenty crystals. Just come back
when you have twenty (if you ever get them). There is no particular location
you can find Feltrite except in mission and maybe a couple of meteorite
showers. The upgrade he give you will speed up the recharge time of your
defibrillator. A meteorite shower takes place on the highway during the next
mission below and another one later. You can actually  make it to 20 crystals
with these three showers. Just remember to save the game immediately when you
see a shower fall so you can collect them sucessfully the next time if you need
to reload.

        Authority Prison]                                   [5038
                         \\\  LIBERATE CAPTAIN MARSHALL  ///
                         ///                             \\\
              Wellspring]                                   [ Elizabeth

   Lots of pop-rocket ammo needed and one lock grinder.

Track this quest and when you get on the first highway, a feltrite shower takes
place so save immediately the moment you see the shower take place and reload
if you did not take all the seven crystals in time. When you get to the gate
jump out and over the small barricade and hit the green switch to the left
of the gate and ignore the shots fired at you.

Inside you will need to kill two guys who are on either side of the gate on
towers. Drop down the ladder from the hole here in the middle section of
the platform and go inside the prison.

Go up and right. Move to the door to the left to pick up the EMP grenade
schematic and other stuff. Go out and through the other door and in the next
area, blast the power cell which is to the right corner of the room, it looks
like this - 

Go thru the door which had laser beams and you should hear the chatter of the
enemy. But go straight and in the cabinet to the right is the power supply
collector's card. 

                  Look above you on the platform and kill the guy and a
shielded guard and a normal guard come at you. If you are using pop-rockets
then shoot near the foot of the shield to the left or the right and not
directly into the shield. After killing the power source here go thru to the
next room. As soon as you enter, an enemy breaks down the door infront of
you, so kill him and the two guys who drop down to the right. Go into the room
which had its door just kicked down and look throught the window ahead and you
can see the power supply. Kill it and go through the lasers. In this area a
drop ship drops about seven normal soldiers and one shield guard. Finish them
quixky and take cover behind the pillars here. After you kill them all, blast
the power supply and go into the next room and you should hear the central
voice announce that the automated defenses are online. In this room, you can
see a hole to the left in the wall - 

In there is the Giant mutant collector's card. 

                                               Go back into the room but stay
to the right of the door and look through the window here and destroy the
supply and go in. In the next room a turret drops from the ceiling so run to
left of this place and move a bit and look to the right. You should see the
supply. A guard is waiting for you ahead so be ready for him. Go into the next
room and throu this area and when you get to a larger area, more authority
drops in on you which include one shield guard and five guards. Take cover
behind the crates near the entrance to this room and shoot the down. The supply
is to the right here so shoot it and go up the stairs. As you come up the
stairs, go around to the right and pick up the EMP grnade collector's card
from the cabinet. 

                 Go thru the opposite door and you can see a guard. One more
guard and a shield guard show up. Go into the next area and you can see a
green switch to the left of the lasers. hit it to release some mutant prisoners
and while the guard are busy, kill them. But be wary of the other guards who
are here. Go around and down one level and go straight and you can see the
Captain in his cell. Hit the switch to get him out. When he is pulling out the
battery, guards keep attaking you so just stay behind the captain for cover
and kill the guards. After he pulls out the module he goes to the left and
takes out a rifle. Look into the container he took out the rifle from and
pick up the Drop Ship collector's card. 

Follow him out of here. As soon as you come down the stairs, go left to a
locked room with the Marshall Collector's card and feltrite crystals in it.

Go to the Captain and follow him out. In this next area, stay close to the
captain as he is always near cover. So take cover behind the boxes or pillars.
After the first three guards, kill the one on the minigun in front of you on
higher ground with a sniper but keep looking at it since another guard mounts
it later. Kill all the guards from cover and follow the captain up the stairs.
The area is lased so go up the stairs to the right side of this area and up
above the stairs look to the left and you should see a power supply. Shoot it
to kill the laser in front of you. Go to the left near the laser the captain
is behind and hit the switch. Then the Captain tries to open a door but a drop
ship comes and drops more guards in the central area. Crouch behind the low
walls for cover and shoot them one by one. Throw grenades if you have some.
After you kill all of them, the captain opens the door and follow him. He gets
in an elevator and tries to activate it but the elevator falls down and he
asks you to meet him back in the bar with Elizabeth. The door to the right is
soon kicked down by a Guard. Kill him as soon as the door drops and move in
and to the right side is the sheils guard collector's card.

Go to the left and keep going and you will be back at the place you started.
Go out of the same hatch you used to come in and head back to wellspring. Go
into the bar and into the room behind it where Elizabeth spoke to you the last
time. As you go down the stairs, you can see the Elizabeth collector's card
on a box.

Keep going all the way and you meet up with Elizabeth and Marshall. They tell
you about the resistance and when you interact with the Captain, he gives you
a new quest. As you come out, you should see an old man with a military grade
knife with him. you can play Five Finger Filet with Abbot here. Go to the race
track and you should see a guy with a cowboy hat to the right of jackie. Speak
to him to get the next challenge.
 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

     wellspring Speedway]                             [5039
                         \\\  STARKY'S  CHALLENGE  /// 
                         ///                       \\\
              Wellspring]                             [ Starky

Speak to Starky who is leaning on the railing to the right of Jackie Weeks
near the springwell speedway and he asks you for a race.

This race is same as the other races you did before but with a great prize.
He has a better buggy, but just hold youe boost and do not be afraid to hit the
brake during awkward turns. It is easy.

              Wastelands]                      [XCHG
                         \\\  THE EXCHANGE  /// 
                         ///                \\\
              Wellspring]                      [ Bounty Board

Go to the bounty board to pick this up and you will be taken to the wastelands

Zoom in and wait for the shooting to start, if you hit the guards before they
start shooting then you will fail the mission. After the shooting starts, look
right on the and you should see a sniper. Take him out, another one is straight
ahead of you. Another one is in a building to the right, and is followed by
another. Two snipers then come on the ground. The only way to know their
locations is to look at their lasers. If you playing on Nightmare mode then
crouch and wait to recover or use bandages after every shot from the sniper.
You can be killed in the next shot so be sure to get healed.

 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

                     Ark]                          [5040
                         \\\  RECOVER ID DRIVE  ///                          
                         ///                    \\\
              Wellspring]                          [ Captain Marshall

Marshall tells you that the ID Drive contains very important information and to
prevent it from falling into the Authority's hands, he wants you to get it back
from the Ark.

Move out and head to the Ark. When you reach the Ark, a drop ship drops two
guards. After disposing them off, head into the ark and activate the control
panel in front of you. After recoving the drive, two more guards are dropped
outside. Take them down and head back to wellspring and speak to the Captain.

 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

               Dead City]                            [5041
                         \\\  LOST RESEARCH DATA  ///
                         ///                      \\\
              Wellspring]                            [ Captain Marshall

Before going anywhere, head to Crazy Joe's. I hope you have seen his place by
this time. It is where one of the jump 6 used to be and his area is marked blue
on the mini map. Go to the first shack to the left and you can find Joe and
the Crazy Joe collector's card. 

                                 He tells you about a lot of things. You can
find two (I found only one) night blossoms in his swamp and two desert spores
in the meteorite crash area of the swamp.I will leave it to you to find those.

You might encounter a third meteorite shower. During this, bandits will
compete with you so they can take away all the meteorites if you are not fast

Go to the dead city entrance in the wastelands and enter the dead city once
again. Go straight into the room and pick up all the ammo and take the right.
A mutatn will attack you here. Go ahead and up the stairs. Go through the hole
in the wall to the left after yu climb the stairs and take a left into a room
and go thru the next door and into the blood filled corridor, keep going and
you will come across a drone which scans you. Crouch from here and move ahead
and look below, you should see three guards make their way into the lobby. You
can use yur crossbow to stealth kill them. But, just as you get down this
flight of stairs (broken escallator) go right and you can see the Drone
collector's card on the table to the right. There are two more in the area
below this and they start fragging you, Kill them and continue throught the
door here into another bloody area. As you come out of this place, you can see
two bright lights on the door. The guards on the other side are going to
detonate the door. A shield and a normal guard come thru the blasted door. Use
your shotgun on them. Go right from there and up the stairs to the right and
you should see a laser of a gun hit a mutant. There are two  guards in that
area so kill them and go into that area and above it by the stairs to the
right. Keep going and you will see aother laser soon. A bit further a guard
will come when you are near the end of the railing and are about to take a left
use your shotgun on him and look down to the right and kill the guard standing
there. Go down the stairs to the left and as you come out of the wall to the
left and to a door, be wary of the sniper on the roof. He can kill you with
two hits. Take cover behind the wall, move a bit and use your wingsticks. Two
are needed to take him down. Progress thru the door here and in the next area
you will see two snipers killing some mutants. There is lots of cover here so
take out your sniper and blow their brains. Make a shot even if you are hit and
only then, get back in cover. Go to the left and down the stairs and keep
going and there are more stairs to the right and then you get to the dead city

There is a damaged car to the right just as you come out to the streets, Stay
behinf here and take your sniper and hit the guard on the mini gun who
is on the other side to the right above street level. He is above to the right
of the blue can in the distance. Two more guards fall here so take them out and 
go the the other side of the street to the right and climb up the stairs here
and you will come to the place with the mini gun. Keep moving straight and into
the next room flled with rubble, you can see a laser to the right here and
there are two guards behind it. Use your mind control bolts on the guard you
can see and detonate him near the next guard. You can go to the area which is
to the left of the laser, behind the mesh, the opening is in the middle of the
room. Go to the side of the wall where the laser is and you can see a power
supply. Hit it and go through the laser straight and collect the research data
which is in front of the large display. The room to the right will open, so
go in and kill the supply and go thru the laser you saw earlier which was to
the right as you came into this place. Go up the stairs and be ready for three
guards who drop down. After killing them go through the door which is diagonal
-ly to the right of the stairs. You used it to come here the last time when you
came to the dead city for the first time.

Now, you are on the streets. Quickly take cover behind the nearest car as a
sniper is on the building opposite to you. Use your sniper and there is a guard
who takes cover right across you behing another car. You should see two columns
to the right of the building ahead which are a way to go up to the building...

But guards keep coming here from the building so be careful. When you go inside
the place, you can see a laser blocking the door. There is another door to the
right here, go thru it and you will have come to the place where you picked up
a collector card the last time you came here. You can find the supply here.
Shoot it and make you way back thru the door that was lased and keep going to
the right and up the stairs into the next building. You will come to the place
where you were trapped inside a room in the last mission you came here and
mutants strated attacking you. Go left after you climb the stairs and keep
going till you see a sniper in front of you shooting something below. Kill him
and go left down all the stairs till you get to the street level. Keep moving
on the street and go straight and when you see a drop ship, run straight and
go left at the end. Go down all the stairs and in the next area, you will need
to fight more guards (three). There are two normal and an elite guard with a
pulse cannon. Try to take cover and kill the normal guards first since the
Elite is extremely tough. Use wingsticks to kill him quickly. Always stay
behind cover when facing an Elite as they can hurt you pretty bad. Go to the
area where he was standing then left and right and you are back where you
started, so exit dead city for the last time and then go back to captain
Marshall and give him the data.

 //////////                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                    \\\\\\\\\\

             Subway Town]                     [5042
                         \\\  SUBWAY TOWN  ///
                         ///               \\\
              Wastelands]                     [ Captain Marshall

Speak to Marshall when you are ready and by ready I mean, do everything you
want to on this side of the wastelands before doing this mission as you will
be transported to the other side of the wastelands. But, you can still come
badk here anytime you want to by speaking to Charon who appears near the blimp
after you speak to Saul for the first time.

This is only a watch and learn quest and you don't have anything to do except
to listen to people banter. Speak to the Captain after he finishes the
introductions and you get a new quest.

             Subway Town]                           [5043
                         \\\  GAINING INFLUENCE  ///
                         ///                     \\\
      Eastern Wastelands]                           [ Captain Marshall

Before going out, speak to Lassard who is on the computer to the left. He will
give you a special schematic of the Authority Augmenter. Then go left and into
the room to the left where you can see a dead mutant on a stretcher. To it's
right is the Authority Mutant collector's card.

Move out and go to the right into the tunnel ahead. Take the elevator up to
Saul who is the local mechanic and he gives you more pointers. Go up the stairs
which are to the left as you exit this place. You can see a door here to the
left which leads to the Mayor of Subway town - Redstone. But, let's look around
for a bit.

Go back down the stairs and straight and you can see some stairs that lead to
a lower section that has an auto parts store and the speedway. To the left
of these stairs is the Bar but it is closed for you till you finish this
mission. Head back up and go right and straight and you can see the local store
to the right. Keep going straight and you will meet Stew to the left. He sells
special items for a special prize. See him often for great deals on important
stuff. Move to the right and straight ahead is a locked door with feltrite
crystals and a night blossom.To the left you can see two people, one has a 
strum and you can play the strum mini-game here. The store you saw earlier -
Jani's Supplies has Jani selling three new schematics for you.

Now that the tour is over, go back to the mayor's office and speak to him. To
his left is the Blake bobble head - and if you did not know, there is a RAGE
trailer in which Blake Griffin wants to be in the game, and here is the video -

                             (great work Id !!!)
Now we have a new quest...

             Subway Town]                       [5044
                         \\\  FOREMAN JONES  ///
                         ///                 \\\
      Eastern Wastelands]                       [ Mayor Redstone

Go down the stairs and to the left is old man Norbu who has problems being old.
We can do the quest Norbu gives at a later time. Head left from Norbu and you
keep walking and soon you get to Jones. Speak to him and he tells you of the
mutant expansion.

To do this quest, you need to go out of subway town but now the bar is open.
Go in the bar and speak to the bartender who gives you a mission just like
Sally in wellspring. To his left is Teague and to the right is Abbot (how did
he get here?). Teague says she has the best cards in the Wastelands (she really
does - well, now atleast.) And this completes the full tour of subway town.

You can gamble or race or go out to the job. Your wish, I choose to race...

        Subway Town Speedway]                              [5045
                             \\\  SUBWAY TOWN SPEEDWAY  ///
                             ///                        \\\
          Eastern Wastelands]                              [ Mel

I will jsut give tips for each race - 

                                 CRASH AND BURN

Meteor Crater:

1) Do not pick up the boosts from the track when you start the race as they
will be more useful during the second and third laps, just go around them in
the first lap. just skip the first four boosts you see and take the ones after
the ramp jump.

2) You do not need to do the ramp jump, it is just a waste of time. Move left
and continue along the left side of the ramp.

Gearhead Valley: non-combat

1) This is so easy, all I have to say is - use the boost...

Meteor Crater: Rocket Rally

1) As soon as the race starts, turn around and wait for a rally to appear
in front of you. As soon as it appears, take it and also the next two and come
back to the start line, turn around and wait and repeat. Destroy any bandits
who are in front of you.

Gearhead Valley: Rocket Race

This is so easy I don't even want to give you any tips ;p

Gearhead Valley: Rocket Rally

1) Pick your territory like the last rally and stay there and claim your prize.
You may need to play this a second time because the track is very confusing.

The Shipyard: Rocket Race

1) I did not have a clue where I was going but still finished the race.....
Do not shy down on using brakes near sharp turns.

We will do the next round of races after we unlock a new car.

Go back to Saul's and out through the garage door. But, be sure you are stocked
up on rockets and shield and all the stuff for some vehicle battle. Also make
tons of wingsticks (advanced) and have ammo for your shotgun.

                          \\\ JUMPS 12,13, and 14 ///           [JMP6]
                          ///                     \\\

You can see the first jump just as you exit the subway town. And the remaining
two are to the left of it just as you enter Gearhead territory. All three
jumps are very easy and do not require you to use any boost. Make the first
jump from the raised portion behind it. To make the second and third, get onto
the highway to the left in Gearhead Territory. The second jump should be made
from the broken section of the highway which is to the left of the main road
just as you enter the highway. The third has to be made from the main section
of the highway, just look for some metal boards that make up a ramp. You can
see the follwoing video on the jumps for a more better understanding...

(pictures and videos available only on www.cheatmasters.com)


              Open Territory]                     [5046
                             \\\  COMET BLOOM  ///
                             ///               \\\
          Eastern Wastelands]                     [ Norbu

You get this when you talk to Norbu who is beside the stairs which lead to
the Mayor. Track this quest and go to the marked place on the map. Run down
the three mutants and exit the vehicle and proceed left and keep looking left.
You will need to pick up the purple flower. There is another comet bloom
directly opposite to where the marker was showing on the mini-map which means
that it is on the other side of the road you found the first one, and another
group of six mutants attack you from the main road side. Track the next quest
before going back to the old man to finish the quest.

              Open Territory]                          [5047
                             \\\  MUTANT EXPANSION  ///
                             ///                    \\\
          Eastern Wastelands]                          [Foreman Jones

Track this quest and go to the location. Go right / left (depends on where you
are approaching from) of the road and whn you reach the barricade, walk down
into the under territory and eventually through the door into Blue Line station

Go straight, right and down the stairs and you should see a mutant run the the
left in a rail box. To the right of this box are feltrite crystals. Go to the
place where the mutant ran and right into the next box and then left. Go
through the door to the left and you will see another mutant run to the right.
Follow him and climb up the stairs to the left and go all the way around to the
left after you climb the stairs and you will get to the bundle of TNT. As soon
as you pick it up, the grill behind you drops and mutants start coming in.
If you have wingsticks, now is the time to use them (better if you bought the
advanced ones). After a few come from under the grill, the rest climb from
the railing to your right. After killing a ton of them, a group of three rush
in from below the stairs and one mutant shows up and lifts the grill. The
group of three then come in and two of them jump up and crawl towards you
on the roof.

As you move out to the right , a mutant holding two sticks of TNT runs towards
you, better use the wingstick as soon as you see him. When you go down the
stairs, two more attak you along with other mutants. Go down the stairs and you
should see a mutant come out of a room ahead of you to the left. So, go down
the stairs and into the room to the left which is past the blocked path. Pick
up all the stuff and in the north west of the room is a rail box. Go into it
and when you come out, move to the left and you will see two fire throwing
mutants on either side to the right. Kill them first and you have a long battle
with mutants. After killing all of them, go up the stairs to to the right of
this area and again to the right where three more mutants attack you. You then
come to the toilets. Progress thru here fighting off the mutants and when you
get out of the toilets, move left down the slop for ammo. Go back up the slope
to the large and wide area.

Prepare yourself for another long battle. Stay in the beginning of the place
near the slope you came here from so that you can see mutants who come from
both the left and right side. After killing a ton of them, a Large Mutant
comes in through the wall to the far left. Wingsticks are your best option.
He is accompanied by another ton of mutants. Remember that you can save anytime
during this battle. After you kill the big guy, go in through the wall and you
will see mutants clamber into the space to the right. Kill the ones which come
at you and go right to where the previous ones were headed. Go along the
long tunnel and when you turn and move into the next part of the tunnel, more
mutants come for you. Kill them and go thourgh here. When you reach the next
area, you are prompted to plant the TNT. Kill the mutants and go left and plant
the TNT on the places shown on the walls on wither side and on the pillar
between the walls. After planting all four, progress to the left side of this
place and the detonator is on the far side of this area, straight ahead in
the middle. Hit it and teo Krakens and another horde of mutants come at you.

The path to the exit is just past the detonator straight ahead, so run out and
exit this forsaken place. After coming into the town, exit the garage and
speak to Destinee who is in front of the door and she tells you that Gabe has
a job. Go back to the mayor and just as you climb the stairs speak to Gabe who
is sitting on a barrel here. He asks you to go see Deitrich who is in a room
behind Jani's supplies. Speak to Deitrich and he tells you about the easy task.
Then speak to the mayor to get a new quest and let's finish Deitrich's quest

        Abandoned Distillery]                             [5048
                             \\\  ABANDONED DISTILLERY ///
                             ///                       \\\
          Eastern Wastelands]                             [Deitrich

           Make sure you have a lot of wingsticks.

Go to the distilery as marked on your mini-map. When you are walking inside the
cave, keep looking to the right and you will find the Porter Collector's card
on a wooden box. 

                 After exiting the cave keep looking left and you will find a
desert spore. Head straigh and go into the distillery.

Keep going till you come to a locked door. You can find a lockgrinder among
other stuff in the room to your right. The grinder is in the computer desk's
drawer. Head into the locked room and pick up all the stuff from the room
to the right. Keep moving along the path and you will see a mutant jump into
a hole in the ground. Follow if and go through the pipe you can see ahead. When
you come out and move a bit, six mutants come at you. Go right from here and
again into the room to the right where two more mutants will attack you. There
is a lot of stuff to be picked up here so take them all and continue walking
on the stairs to reach the upper level. Walk to the end of this place and you
will hear mutants from your left. Look through the open space to the left and
kill the mutants and fall down to where they where. Go straight and again to
the left and into the large area. You will fight a lot of mutants here so
be ready. If you fall down into the area to the left of the large pipe you can
find some junk you can sell. Also there is a half wheel handle to the right
of the items, interact with it, go back into the room and a door open to the
right, go thru it for the ID developer's room and this unlocks the achievement.
You can watch the video on how to find the room by going to the link posted
in the easter eggs section of this guide.

In the center of the room you can see a large pipe with a ladder attached
for you to climb. Mutants will attack you after you climb. Climb again and go
around and more mutants will attack you from the front. Walk along the narrow
walkway and fall down in the end. More mutants to kill here. Go straight and in
the end, a mutant will vome out of a hole from the ground. Kill in and fall
thru the hole and continue your way forward and up the stair case. The game
will prompt you to pick up the cans. They are on the table here and the
distiller is to the left of these cans. Go near the open hatch and interact
with it to place the can in it and interact with the wheel to the left to
start filling the first can. Run to the place opposite to the distiller and
stay there and kill every mutant taht comes at you. Wingsticks are obviously
very helpful. After the distiller opens, take the filled can and place the
next can and repeat killing all the mutants. After you take out the second
filled can, four more mutants come at you. Go around the platform you are on
right now and go through the door and jump up to the ladder when you see it.
After the ladder, go into the room to the left in the end ny junping on the
rubble covering half the door. The exit is the door straight ahead of this
blocked door.

When you go back to Deitrich, he gives you a new special recipe. And if you
bought all the recipes from Jani, this finishes you recipe / schematic 
collection in the game.

                  Distillery]                        [5049
                             \\\  BOUNTY HUNTER   ///
                             ///                  \\\
          Eastern Wastelands]                        [Job Board

Pick this up from the job board which is directly opposite to the entrance
of the bar and go out to the Distillery. As soon as you come into the
Distillery go straight through the half blocked door and down the stairs.
Keep moving and you will come to the Distiller again. You have to fill up two
jug's again so its the same stuff. Just use your advanced bot or turret to make
things easier.

              Gearhead Vault]                       [5050
                             \\\  GEARHEAD VAULT ///
                             ///                 \\\
                 Subway Town]                       [Mayor Redstone

The maintainence room is thru the first door to the left from the room where
Deitrich is. Go in and thru the next door to the Gearhead Vault.

The gearheads are russian bandits. As soon as you enter, you should see a
locked door to the right. In it are some junk, nothing too valuable except some
oil cans and stuff.

The next area is a garage filled with the gearheads. They have armor on and
are obviously tougher than the normal humans. Take cover behind one of the cars
and shoot them. When you go to the first left you will see an enemy sentry bot
and more gearheads. Go further in and a heavy gearhead will come down a slope
from you left. Kill him and climb the slope and turn left. The first silver
coloured car to the right has the advanced sentry bot collector's card on the

Keep moving and you will see another clope to the left and more gearheads above
the slope. The path ahead is blocked by fire, so move left and you come to the
bar. TO the left is a ladder which you should climb. Pick up all the stuff from
the bar and climb the ladder. Go right and you will fight four gearheads. Go
left from them and you will need to fight four more ahead. After killing the
second group, go to where they were and you can see fire coming from the pipe
to your right. To the right of the fire is a valve you can interact with which
stops the fire. Now you need to go back to the room which was blocked by fire
earlier, in the lower area. You can fall down from here. Go in and more bandits
await you and a turret is behind the desk in front of you and more bandits
come in from the far left. But, as soon as you enter the place (which was
blocked by fire) go right and in the end you can find the Gearhead Shotgun
collector's card near the plants. 

                                  Turn back after picking up the card, go
straight and right. You will face upto four bandits including a heavy. Just
crouch behind one of the tables and use your wingsticks if the Heavy gets too
close. Go straight and into the room to the left where there are a lot of
computers. The exit is to the right here and when you come to the door, fire
starts coming from a pipe and blocks the door and two heavies show up. The fire
stops after you kill the heavies. So, move into the next place after killing
the heavies and another bandit comes at you, kill him and progress through the
next area and soon you will come out of the Vault. The feltrite cell is around
the back here near the place where electricity keeps discharging. Go back into
the vault and fight off the bandits. When you get near the exit past the
torpedo, it will be close and a heavy come out of the wall to the left, Kill
him and exit through the wall and you will come down to circular stairs. Before
going down, go to the place to the left from the path near the fallen statue.
You will find the Gearhead Jet collector's card on the chair.

                                                    Go down the circular stairs
    and left from there. You will see the area ahead blocked off with fire
and you can see a valve to the right here is the corridor that leads to the
area with the fire blocking the place. Keep moving after turning the fire off
and you will come to the place where you began. Keep moving straight and you
will face two more heavies which include a Jet. Exit through the garage ( I
hope you remember the route from when you came in) and go back to the Mayor.
He gives you two new things to do but let's see what's on the notice board
first and pick up whatever is there.

              Gearhead Vault]                      [5051
                             \\\  HELP WANTED   ///
                             ///                \\\
                 Subway Town]                      [Job Board

Pick this job from the notice board after you complete the above mission. Go
into the vault again and make your way through it. You will find some guards
here and there. Your objective is to find and destroy three power supplies in
the gearhead vault. All you need to do is traverse through the vault and shoot
the power supplies when you see them. If you get lost read the above section
(sorry but I'm not going to explain the whole area again!)

           Blue Line Station]                          [5052
                             \\\  EVICTION NOTICE   ///
                             ///                    \\\
                 Subway Town]                          [Job Board

Now this is more important than the last one!

Go out of subway town and to the entrance of blue line station.

Just as you enter you can see the dead bodies of the security that tried to get
into this place before you. Go down all the stairs and through the two rail
boxes to come to the large hall where you had the final show down the last
time you came here. Bandits come from the far side of this place straight ahead.
You can use your sniper or just keep releaasing sentry bots. After you kill
them, head to the place where they appeared from and go into the next door. Be
careful of the turret that is in the tunnel here. Move forward after destroying
it. And keep going while fending off any guards, there are not too many around.

You will then come to an area where you can find two securit personnel to the
right fighting some bandits. In the large area to the left, there are more
bandits you need to kill. Go right and into the slope and you can see the
opening in the wall here which leads to the toilets. Past this area are more
bandits when you come out of the toilets, you will need to use your sniper here
Go left form the center of this are and look right and you can see the path
into the rail box. Go through it and into the next area. When you come out of
the box, go right and through the door to the left and to your right above the
staris are two turrets, take them out, climb the stairs and go right into the
restaurant room and pick up the Dino-Mutant collector's card from the table to
the right.

Back outside, an ambush is ready for you with a shorouded heavy providing
support. Go to the other side of this area and to the left end to pick up a lot
of equipment. Go back near the stairs and kill of all the bandits using your
sniper or bots. After killing them, go down and right where you will need to
fight a couple more bandits. Go into the room to the left and you will come to
the rail boxes which you first came in through. Go out the two boxes and exit
this area.

Subway Town Speedway]                                            [5053
                     \\\   MONARCH NEEDED, STARKY'S MONARCH   ///
                     ///                                      \\\
         Subway Town]                                            [Redstone

After the previous main quest, Redstone tells you that your cuprino is no good.

Head towards Sparky's autoparts near the speedway and you will again meet
Starky who still thinks he can beat you. Talk to him to start the race.

Beating Starky is simple - Go ahead of him and don't let him pass.

        Subway Town Speedway]                              [5054
                             \\\  SUBWAY TOWN SPEEDWAY  ///
                             ///                        \\\
                 Subway Town]                              [ Mel

You should be able to fully upgrade the Monarch with all the parts available at
Sparky's. Do it and it will make things very easy.

                                       ROAD RAGE

That's right, let's finish off all the races of the game...

The Shipyard - Rocket rally

Pretty basic stuff, you will not be able to get to the first rally so turn
around and wait for the next one. Don't move anywhere far away from this place.
Many rallies spawn here itself so take them while the others go far away and
take a long time to come back.

Authority Area - Rocket Rally

THe rally beams spawn around the central area in a circle. From where you
start, the beams appear in anti-clockwise direction. You will not be able to
reach the first rally, so just go to the left and after the others pick it up
you will be close to the second one and you can continue from there. Similarly,
if you see the other racers close to the next eally, just go to its left and
take the next one.

Gearhead Valley - Rocket Race

This is so easy I can Yawn - *yawn*

GearheadValley - Rocket Rally

This is more challenging. You will need to memorize the locations of the rallys
and go to the next one when you see the others closing on the the one that
is present now.

The Shipyard - Pulse Rally

After all those races, I don't think you need any tips, but note that the
pulse cannons are more powerful than the rockets and also, four rally points
appear in a straight line in this race and after the last one, make a hand
break turn and go after the one after the next one.

Before going out you will need atleast two lock grinders, some sentry bots and
lots of authority AV2x rounds. Sniper ammo and advanced wingsticks - optional.

                          \\\ JUMPS 15 and 16 ///           [JMP7]
                          ///                 \\\

Head to the power plant by tracking the below quest and you can see the two
jumps there. To make the jump which is closest to the entrance of the power
plant, go to the door and take a left and you will see a broken part of the
road that leads to the first jump. To make the second jump, start from the
entrance of the power placnt and go above the section of the mountain where
the drone is and you can make the jump there, the following video will give you
a better understanding...

(pictures and videos available only on www.cheatmasters.com)


                 Power Plant]                       [5055
                             \\\  PRICE OF POWER ///
                             ///                 \\\
          Eastern Wastelands]                       [Mayor Redstone

You will need atleast two lock grinders, some sentry bots and lots of authority
AV2x rounds. Sniper ammo and advanced wingsticks - optional.

Head out and to the powerplant. Pick up the Monarch collector's card which is
to the right of the entrance.

                             Then go into the power plant. Crouch and kill the
guy ahead of you with the crossbow. Go left from here and you will come to
an area where further passage is blocked by electrical discharge. To you left
is a yellw box. Interact with it to stop the power flow. Move forward and pick
up the electro-bolts from next to the dead person. The yellow box is behind the
discharge so you annot interact with it. Change you ammo to electro-bolts and
then shoot the yellow box twice. Go left and up the stairs you can find a
turret barrel. Go back and down the stairs. You can see some stairs up straight
ahead. You need to go there, but you can find some sellable stuff to the right
below the stairs. Go up the stairs and crouch, and when you come out of the
room, you can see a heavy - patrolling to the right. There are two other
bandits here also. Use a lock grinder on the door here and you will find some
feltrite crystals in here. Go along the path and into the large room ahead. You
will face two bandits and four sentry bots here so it is advised to have some
bots of your own here. Go around this area and you will come to some stairs.
Be vigilant throughout this area as there are many enemies shooting at you.
A heavy gunner also shoots at you from a far off ramp and some sentry bots are
also here. Go to the top of the stairs and go around and hit the button next
to the elevator and some heavy bandits come at you from the stairs next to
you here. Kill them and climb the elevator. After you fall down, crouch and
exit the elevator.

As you come out, you will see some bandits to the right, kill them and the
security bot. Move left and kill the gunner at the top. Move left again and
kill the bott here, go straight and right to get to a ladder on the wall. Climb
the ladder and the stairs. There is only one way you can go next so keep moving
and you will face a bandit and after him - two bots. Past these bots when you
come to the next area, there are two bandits to the left in the far side of
this place, kill them and go to where they were and progress along the path.
Eventually you will come to a place with a locked door ahead and this area is
then blocked off and two spinning blades drop from the ceiling tryig to split
you and a bandit appears to the right who is a flame thrower. Be crouched thru
this entire area and kill the flamer quickly. In the locked room is some ammo.
Two more bandits appear to the right. Kill them and go there and climb up the
stairs and stay crouched and as soon as you come to the door up the stairs you
can se a bandit close to you and another one behind him. There is a third
bandit to the right as you exit so be cautious. You will then fight with
bandits who come at you and are across you. Kill them and when you go around to
where you killed the bandits, around six more show up. Kill them and keep
moving, there is only one route here and soon another bandit will attack you.
Eventually you will exit a door and come to - what looks like a server room.
Exit here and go up the stairs and when you come to a door, do not go too
far past it. You will have to fight nearly twenty bandits along this corridor
and the sniper helps a lot. After killing everyone here move out and another
group attacks, go back behind the door for cover and kill them. When you reach
the other end, more bandits will attack you from behind the door ahead. Go
in to where they were and you will come to another server room. Past here is a
long staircase which leads to the Gearhead Boss.

He can be taken down easily with the wingsticks and do not let him come too
close to you. After he is killed, go to where he was standing and flip the
switch. Turn around and a bandit comes through a door from the top. Kill him
and go through the door. You will come to a tunnel and another bandit comes
here and after you kill the bandit, a friendly comes through and asks for help.
Follow him and go all the way down the stairs and you will come to three
switches to the left. You can see the friendlies fighting the bandits on the
walkway upfront. Use the three switches to kill the bandits. One of them
gives electrical discharge and the other fire and the third a spinning blade.
se the corresponding switch in the place where the bandits are currently
standing. After killing them, aa door opends behind you, go through it straight
and you can see the exit to wasteland door but go left up the stairs. As you
come above the stairs, you can see a filing cabinet to the right which has
the Gearhead Boss collector's card.

                                   Go back to the Mayor and tell him of the
good news. But, hey! the authority is in town and have blocked off the mayor's
office - and after all that work we put in to impress the fat guy. Go to
Marshall and speak to him, if you forgot how to go to him then just go to the
garage door but step a bit to the right and a platform will come up tp you.
Hit the switch and it will take you into the ground. Speak to Marshall and he
asks you to see Lassard. Lassard is just behind you working on the computers to
the left. He wants you to go see the Jackals...

Stock up on everything before going for the next mission and I mean everything!
from a couple of lock grinders (you may not use them!) to wingsticks and ammo.

               Jackal Canyon]                       [5056
                             \\\  ARK EQUIPMENT  ///
                             ///                 \\\
          Eastern Wastelands]                       [Lassard

Go to the marker on the mini map and get out of your vehicle and walk down the
long bridge and then enter the Jackal Canyon. Just after you come in, a few
paces ahead, look left and you should see ammo glowing. You can jump on the
rocks here to the left of get there, you will also find the Jackal Crossbow
Collector's card to the left of the ammo.

Go straight and you will meet your first Jackal. They are not special in any
way except for the fact that they can cause more damage than normal bandits.
Move ahead after killing your first Jackal and you can see the path to the left
blocked by a netal gate. Go right and be ready for two more Jackals. You will
come to a sshack and here to the left of the shack is a building on which
Jackal Crossbows shoot fire bolts at you. There are three guys on three levels
of the building and three more replace them. To the left in the shack on a
table is the Jackal Club collector's card.

                                          At the entrance of the shack is a
lever you can interact with. The metal gate you saw blocking your path now
opens. Go back there and be ready for some more Jackals and a crossbow who is
straight ahead on the buiding. At some point during this fight, you will see
two baloon dynamites. Shoot them before they get near you and run away from
the dynamite that falls. Keep moving and you should hear the Jungle roar (like
Tarzan does). The Jackals make this sound when they are coming down the wire (I
forgot what it's called). So, another Jackal is here and a bit further, a
couple of Jackals will roll explosive drums at you, shoot the drums before they
get near you, then kill the two Jackals. You will come out of the mountain path
and into a shack. You should be able to see a wire over you head, interact with
it and go into the canyon. Look back and you can see a Jackal where you came
from and another one coming at you from the left. Use the wire which is here
and you will come to another part of the canyon. Be ready with your shotgun.
There are a lot of Jackals and a crossbow who is on a large tower ahead of
you a bit to the left. Take cover near the right side wall to avoid the fire
bolts and shooters and take them out one by one as they come to you. There is
an explosive barrel to the left. There are  some items in the shack to the
right. Keep moving and more Jackals will attack you. You can ignore the cross
bow shot which are being fired at you from a tower to the left far away and
run into the elevator and hit the switch to go deeper into the canyon.

Crouch and use your crossbow or wingstick on the Jackal in front for you and
alos on the guy to the left just as you come out of the elevator area. More
Jackals to kill all along the route here. After exiting the elevator you will
come into the settlement. Go all aroung this, killing the Jackals and
eventually, you will re-enter the canyon again and you will see an inverted
rocked like thing. You need to go down the right side here. It is time to
decend the Canyon into the bowels of hell. As you go down, in the next area
downwards, some Jackal crossbows keep shooting at you(from the lower area).
Crouch to avoid their shots but even then, some can hit you so keep moving and
whenever you see shots being fired, crouch and kill them with the sniper. You
need to go all the way down the canyon. And do not let the baloons get too
close. Its a long way to the bottom and when you get to the bottom, be ready
for two more Jackals. You can pick up some stuff from the room ahead and a bit
to the left here and exit thru the left corridor of the canyon. You need to
kill four Jackals here and the ark is straight ahead. Inside, interact with
the pod to the right side and you can pick up the ark equipment from there. If
you interact with the computer in the center, you will listen to a message. As
soon as you pick up the equipment, a Jackal comes at you. Go out and to the
left of the brokent stairs are feltrite crystals. Go up the stairs and interact
with the machine and this takes you to the next area in the canyon. Go thru and
after you fall down, kill the two Jackals who are to the left and right. Move
right and exit the canyon and go back to Lassard.

        Authority Bridge]                                     [5057
                         \\\  ASSAULT ON AUTHORITY BRIDGE  ///
                         ///                               \\\
      Eastern Wastelands]                                     [Portman

After speaking to Lassard, speak to Marshall and Portman who is to the right to
get this quest.

Head out and to the marked place, run over the mutants here, get out of your
vehicle, place the charges near the door and get back in the vehicle and move
back a bit. After the door explodes, run over more mutants and keep moving and
destroy the authority monarch and head straigh and get onto the platform on
the right in the end. Get off the monarch when it is on the platform, move left
and hit the switch here. Get back in the monarch and kill the guards who are
at the top and get out of the monarch and move ahead. There are three
guards to the right, use some pop-rockets or the rocket launcher to take out
the two shield guards and move left from where your monarch is and a dropship
will drop three guards, shoot them as soon as they come down. To the right here
is a terminal on which you can plac the charge but the the left of the terminal
is the last collector's card in the game - Elite Guard collector's card.

Blast this terminal and the laser which was blocking the entry to the bridge to
the left is down. Go to the next laser's side opposite to this one which is to
the right from where you parked your monarch - it is nearby. Plant the charge
and go back to your Monarch and drive back to the base and report to Portman.
Speak to the Captain and head out for your last mission... It is needless to
say that you are supposed to take as many things as possible, so stock yourself
up and leave. Also, fill your Monarch with rockes and pulse shots and shields
and what not as you will face many enemies in their monarchs.

                          \\\ JUMPS 17 and 18 ///           [JMP8]
                          ///                 \\\

The location of the second jump can be a bit awkward. You can asscess these
jumps only after you finish assaulting the Authority Bridge. You need to watch
the video below to make those jumps...

(pictures and videos available only on www.cheatmasters.com)


           Capital Prime]                                     [5058
                         \\\  ASSAULT CAPITAL PRIME  ///
                         ///                         \\\
      Eastern Wastelands]                               [Captain Marshall

Boost your vehicle all the way to the entrance of Capital Prime. Get out of the
Monarch and go in and interact with the switch to the left of the door. Once
inside, keep moving (crouched) and after some time you will need to jump over a
crate and then go right. Look to the left and there is a BFG round on a crate.
Then turn left and keep going and a scanner bot will show up.  Destroy it and
go to the right and be prepared for two guards. Kill them and go left and then
to the right. A shield guard and a guard come in. Keep going and another
scanner shows up. Past the scanner are three guards, one shield guard and an
elite guard. After killng them you come to a place where you can go left or
right. There's nothing to the left so go right and be ready for more guards
including a shield. Go left from there and you should be able to see blue laser
light which blocks you path further, go close to it as it can't hurt you. A
lift activates when you are close to it and it takes you into the next area.

Take cover behind the left or the right protrusion from the walls throughout
capital prime.

Go left and you will come to a room where the central voices announces that
security is online. Go down this place and use any advanced sentry bots if you
have them because a large horde of authority mutants show up here. After they
stop coming, go forward and hit the green switch ans you should see a beam come
up in front of you. Go near the beam and the elevator takes you to the next
place. As soon as the elecator stops and you take a couple of steps forward,
more mutants will attak you. The way forward is blocked so go down from the
steps to the left or right and hit the green button and go back up and pick up
the pilse rounds you can find here and go thru the door that was preciously
blocked by the lasers. A few mutants attack here and there are guards to the
left. Kill them and go forward through this area. Two mutants attack you in
intervals along the length of this area and in the end the door is blocked by
lasers. Hit the green switch to the left of the door and go in and onto the
elevator. In the next area, go down by the stairs to the left or the right and
kill the horde of mutants which come at you and hit the green switch here. Go
back up where a bridge came up that connects to the next place. Go across the
bridge and some guards attack you and an elite shows up. When the elite comes,
be careful as a mutant will start attacking from behind you. After killing the
elite, go thru where he was and some mutants will come out of the wall and
attack you. To the left are pulse rounds and AV2x rounds. Go right and be ready
for an elite, about four guards and more mutants. After clearing the area, keep
moving and you will come to an elevator. you will see another greent switch
when the lift stops. Go ahead and hit it. You are in the final area of the
game and the switches around here turn green one after the other and you need
to hit the green switch when prompted by the game. A lot of mutants will attack
you in this area and the best thing to do is to take out your pulse gun and go
to any of the corners of this area, crouch and start shooting as they come.
When the game prompts you to activate the next switch move and hit the next
green switch and go back to your corner and start shooting, you will finish
this in five minutes. After you are done here, a cutscene shows the Arks from
around the world emerginf from the ground...

                                     THE END

     \\\\\\\\\\          --------------------------                  /////////
     //////////    EASTER EGGS AND OTHER COOL STUFF [E001]           \\\\\\\\\

In Dan Haggar's buggy is a toy of the marine from the original Doom game. You
can see it during the opening sequence of the game when he drives you to the
Haggar settlement and possibly later also.






     \\\\\\\\\\          --------------------------                  /////////
     //////////            ACKNOWLEDGEMENT [A001]                    \\\\\\\\\

Firstly, thank you for reading my guide. No human is perfect but I did try my
best and well, this is the result - can I do better? - maybe. But if you have
any problem with the guide or would like to discuss or add something then feel
free to contact me on [email protected] I will keep making additions to this
guide to make it better.

I would like to thank Jeremy Wise of CheatMasters for gifting me this great
game and for supporting me through the process of writing the guide.

     \\\\\\\\\\          --------------------------                  /////////
     //////////               RAGE -XXX- RAGE                        \\\\\\\\\

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