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                              R O A D   T R I P

Road Trip FAQ/Walkthrough
For the Playstation 2 Entertainment System
By: Steven Wootton (RPGamer)
Extra Special Thanks: Reverend Jim
Email: [email protected]
Verion 1.0
Last Updated:

Table Of Contents

I. Introduction
   1. Introduction to the Game
   2. Introduction to the Walkthrough
II. The Basics
   1. Controls
   2. Screen Display
   3. Game Modes
   4. Menu
   5. Shops
III. Locations
   1. Peach Town
   2. Fuji City
   3. My City
   4. Sandpolis
   5. Chestnut Canyon
   6. Mushroom Way
   7. White Mountain
   8. Papaya Island
   9. Cloud Hill
   10. Other Locations
IV. Races
   1. Peach Raceway
   2. Peach Raceway II
   3. Ninja Temple Raceway
   4. Temple Raceway
   5. Desert Raceway
   6. Night Glow Raceway
   7. Miner 49er Raceway
   8. Lava Run Raceway
   9. River Raceway
   10. Slick Track
   11. Oval Raceway
   12. Snow Mountain Raceway
   13. Sunny Beach Raceway
   14. Lagoon Raceway
   15. Endurance Run
   16. Tin Raceway
V. Walkthrough
   1. Getting Started
   1. Quick Walkthrough
   2. Getting Money 
VI. Stamps
VII. Quick-Pic Locations
VIII. Choro Q Coins
   1. Coins in Towns
   2. Hard to Find Coins
   3. Complete Hint List
IX. Teammates
   1. Using & Upgrading Teammates
   2. Teammate List
X. Appendices
   1. Parts List
XI. Quick Race & 2-Player Modes
XI. Last Words
   1. Copyright Information
   2. Revision History
   3. Credits
   4. Final Notes

    _____  ______
   /     //_  __/ ---------------------------------------------------------  
  /    _/  / /                         CHAPTER I
 / /\ \   / /                        INTRODUCTION
/_/  \_\ /_/ --------------------------------------------------------------

1. Introduction to the Game

Road Trip a Racing/RPG/Adventure for the Playstation 2.  Road Trip is part of
a popular game series in Japan known as Choro Q.  Over twenty of these games
have been made and sadly, only a few have left Japan.  Road Trip in Japan is
Choro Q HG 2 and is not only one of the best localized Choro Q games, but one
of the best games for PS2.  Unfortunately, despite this, Road Trip will be
overlooked because of it's cover, which leads you to believe it's just
another cutesy racing game.  So go on and convince your friends to buy Road
Trip.  Hopefully it sells well enough for them to bring another one overseas!

2. Introduction to the Walkthrough

Most of this walkthrough is for the Adventure Game, but I included a section
for the quick race and 2-Player modes as well in Chapter XI.  Since Road Trip
is a completely open-ended game, it's difficult for me to prescribe one path
you should play.  If I told you to do this and then that, it would take a lot
of the fun away.  There are some events that you should probably do before
others, and those are listed in the Quick Walkthrough section.  Other than
that, this is mainly a guide to help you out with the various aspects of the
game in parts instead of a whole.  This also makes for quicker and smarter
navigation of the guide.  If you have any questions at all, feel free to
email me: ([email protected]) With that said, good luck and most importantly,
have fun!

NOTE: All parts of this guide with an * asterisks on it was done by Reverend

    _____  ______
   /     //_  __/ ---------------------------------------------------------  
  /    _/  / /                         CHAPTER II
 / /\ \   / /                          THE BASICS
/_/  \_\ /_/ --------------------------------------------------------------

1. Controls

These are the default game controls for Road Trip.  They can be changed in
the menu.  This will be explained in part 3.

Car Controls:

Steer- Directional Buttons or Left Analog Stick
Accelerate- X
Brake- Square
Reverse- Circle
Change View- Triangle
Start- Menu (Pauses game during race)
Select- Zoom in/out Radar Display
Wing Up- L1
Wing Down- L2
Jet Engine- R2
Horn- R1

Menu/Dialog Controls:

Enter- X and Circle
Cancel- Square and Triangle

2. Screen Display

>Map Radar: You can check your position on the map with the map radar in the
bottom left portion of your screen.  Part of the Map Radar will flash green
when you have a new email.  Here's how to read the Map Radar:

Green Dots- Other Vehicles
Black Dots- Quick Pic Shops
Brown Dots- Houses
Blue Dots- Q's Factory

>Speedometer: The speedometer is in the bottom right portion of your screen. 
It has many important features:

RPMs- The numbers around the outside of the speedometer show your RPMs.

Fuel- On the right side of the speedometer is the fuel display.  It will
decrease as you drive and eventually blink and run out, making your car drive
very slowly.  Entering any building will fill up your tank again
automatically.  Beware, engines with a higher energy rating eat up fuel
quickly.  The same goes for using the Jet Engine.

Gear- On the left of the fuel display is a number that displays your current

Speed- The large number on the bottom next to "mph" is your speedometer. 
This displays your current speed in Miles Per Hour (mph).

Time- At the very bottom of the speedometer is a clock.  The number shows
what time it is in 24 hour time. (that is: 22:16, instead of 10:16 PM)  The
picture on the left is a visual display of the time.

3. Game Modes

From the title screen when you turn on your game you have 5 Choices:

Adventure: Most of this guide contains info on adventure mode.  It is the
           primary mode in Road Trip.  You can choose New Game to start a new
           game, or Continue to resume from a previous save.

Quick Race: Like it sounds.  Pick a course a race.

2 Player: *NOTE: Only appears if two controllers are plugged in to the PS2*
          If you and a friend both have saves on separate memory cards, you
          can pit your cars against each other in a number of different modes

Options: Change Vibration, Speaker and Sound Settings.

Results: Check your standings in a variety of different races such as
         Endurance Run and Tin Raceway.  Not really useful unless you want to
         see your times without entering the game.

4. Menu

Pressing START will bring up the main menu while playing.  This menu will not
 appear while inside a building.

WARP: Choose a city from the list and you'll instantly be warped to the Q's
      Factory in that city.

NOTEBOOK: The notebook contains information on everything you've completed.
          The Notebook's appearance will change as you gain different

  -Stamps- Stamps are given when you complete certain tasks. There are 100 in
           all.  See Chapter VI for more details. 

  -Pictures- This is an album of all the pictures you have taken at the 100
             Quick-Pic Shops around the world.  See Chapter VII for more

  -Results- This is a log of all the race results for you and your teammates.
            It also includes your scores on some mini-games.
?RADIO: Choose from two available radio stations.  Channel 1 is Peach FM and
       it has bad singing on it.  Station 2 is E-Radio which is just music
       and I recommend you set it as your radio station.  You can choose off
       if you don't wish to listen to music.  Pressing Up on the D-Pad
       increases the volume and pressing Down on the D-Pad decreases the
ITEMS: In the upper right corner is your money display.  Below that are some
       important stats including mileage and Choro Q Coins collected.  Also
       listed is Advertisements which I will explain later in this chapter.
       In the sky blue box on the left is your current list of items and
       below that is a description of the item currently highlighted.

?SETTINGS: Here you can change the default controls.  Highlight the one you
          want and press left or right to pick a new button setting.  Press
          Apply to save changes.  To revert to the default controls, press
          enter on Initial Settings.
?MAP: This option displays the entire world map.  Your current position is 
     blinking red car icon.  If anyone knows what the ocean's name is, please
     email me.  It looks like Bzand Ocean to me.

5. Shops

Q's Factory: There is a Q's Factory in every town.  You can do a variety of
             different things here.

  -Change Parts- Choose which Tires, Engine, Chassis, Transmission, Steering,
                 Brake, Wheel, Lights, Wing Set, Special Parts, Options,
                 Sticker, Horn, Meter and Body you want for you and your

  -World Grand Prix- This appears when you have completed every A-License
                     race.  It's a six round championship.

  -Race- Choose from the city's current race list.  You can only compete in
         races you have a license for.

  -Save Data- Save your game here.  I recommend you do so often.

  -Quit Game- Quits the current game and brings you back to the title screen.

  -Drive Around Town- Exits the Q's Factory.

Parts Shop: You can buy various parts for your car here.  Some items are
            exclusive to certain cities.

Body Shop: Buy different bodies for your car.  You cannot change your
           teammates bodies.

Paint Shop: Here you can paint you and your teammates cars.  Choose from 
or two colors.  You can color your rims at an additional cost.

Recycle Shop: You can sell your unwanted and/or outdated parts here.

Cafe: Get tips on Choro Q Coin locations.

Quick-Pic Shops:  Make memories by having your picture taken at one of the
                  100 Quick-Pic Shops around the world.

    _____  ______
   /     //_  __/ ---------------------------------------------------------  
  /    _/  / /                        CHAPTER III
 / /\ \   / /                          LOCATIONS
/_/  \_\ /_/ --------------------------------------------------------------

1. Peach Town

"Town full of peach trees"
Population: ???
Hierarchy: 2
Races: Peach Raceway, Peach Raceway II
Teammates: 12
Rating: 4 Stars

Description: Peach Town is the city you'll start your game in.  It offers a
limited selection of parts, but the races here are the fastest way to make
money in the first half of the game.  Peach Town also has a large number of
good teammates to choose from, which will be invaluable early on.

2. Fuji City

"City has a big castle"
Population: ???
Hierarchy: 2
Races: Ninja Temple Raceway, Temple Raceway
Rating: 4 Stars

Fuji city is my favorite city and is easily one of the most visually lush in
the game.  It has a decent selection of parts, some excellent teammates and
contains a large variety of things to do.  Fuji City also contains one of the
most frustrating aspects in the game: The Dreaded Maze.  You may make it
through once, but under 3 minutes is near impossible without a guide. 
Luckily for you, I sat down with some graph paper and mapped out the maze.
Here's the link:

3. My City

"Your own city to develop"
Population: ???
Hierarchy: 10
Races: Endurance Run, Q's Rally
Rating: 5 Stars

My City is the most useful and complete city in the game.  Basically, you
tell people about your town, and they'll move there and open up all kinds of
houses and shops.  It has everything you'll need and will eventually become
the hub for all activities and purchases in the game.  It contains My Garage
and innumerable mini-games and teammates.  Plus, it's fun to watch your town
grow and develop.

My City Inhabitants:

Body Shop
Parts Shop
Q's Factory
Paint Shop
Rally Center
Recycle Shop

4. My Garage

"Warp to your garage anytime"
Population: N/A
Hierarchy: 1
Races: N/A
Rating: N/A

While your garage isn't a city, it's a very important location that you'll no
doubt visit very often.  It contains your email, wall patterns and lets you
pick from a list of minigames you've encountered during your adventure.

5. Sandpolis

"City of glaring neon lights"
Population: ???
Hierarchy: 3
Races: Desert Raceway, Night Glow Raceway
Rating: 4 Stars

Sandpolis is the first big city you'll find on your adventure.  It's packed
with places to see and things to do, most importantly of which is the soccer
mini-game.  While you may find it easy to beat the computer, playing soccer
against your friends is a blast.  Sandpolis is also notable for its size,
which is quite enormous.  It may take you a while to find all of the houses

6. Chestnut Canyon

"City of steep rocky valleys"
Population: ???
Hierarchy: 5
Races: Miner 49er Raceway, Lava Run Raceway
Rating: 2 Stars

Chestnut Canyon is a small village built on a range of mountain cliffs.
There's not much to do here, but you can create a personal greeting that the
townspeople here will use, which is kind of cool.  Mine was "sup".

7. Mushroom Road

"Mushroom grows around the road"
Population: ???
Hierarchy: 6
Races: River Raceway, Slick Track, Oval Raceway
Rating: 2 Star

This small niche city contains only a few things, namely golf and a lake
goddess, but no cars!  Maybe it's just me, but the goddess reminds me of the
waterfall fairy in Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.  Anyways, the parts
shop sells good tires, and there are three different races, but other than
that, there's not much to do here.

8. White Mountain

"Mountain covered with snow"
Population: ???
Hierarchy: 7
Races: Snow Mountain Raceway
Rating: 5 Stars

White Mountain is another large city that will take you quite a while to see.
Marvel at the ski jump, practice curling and don't forget to be good for
Santa.  Yes, White Mountain has it all and a bag of chips.  Here you'll find
a plethora of teammates and useful parts, as well as some useful items such
as the invaluable Coin Radar.

9. Papaya Island

"Island with natural beauty"
Population: ???
Hierarchy: 8
Races: Sunny Beach Raceway, Lagoon Raceway
Rating: 4 Stars

When you're all stressed out from racing, take a relaxing vacation on the
beaches of beautiful Papaya Island.  Here you'll find exotic locales, as well
as special parts and mini-games.  Enjoy waterskiing and fishing in this
island paradise.  And when you're all rested up, catch a rainbow to Cloud
Hill, the home of the president.

10. Cloud Hill

"Floating island with rainbow"
Population: ???
Hierarchy: 9
Races: Tin Raceway
Rating: 3/4 Stars

Cloud Hill feels like an exclusive members club in the sky.  Certain items
and areas won't be available until you complete almost everything in the
game.  But available right off the bat are some two great teammates, great
parts and cool bodies.

11. Other Locations

Windmills and Underwater Ruins
Population: N/A
Hierarchy: N/A
Races: N/A
Rating: N/A

These locations are more scenic than anything, but they do provide you with a
few stamps.

    _____  ______
   /     //_  __/ ---------------------------------------------------------  
  /    _/  / /                        CHAPTER IV
 / /\ \   / /                            RACES
/_/  \_\ /_/ --------------------------------------------------------------

Note: Submit your best lap times and I'll post them here!

1. Peach Raceway

Length: .745 mile
Laps: 3
Difficulty: *
Rec. Parts: Any Racing Tires
Best Lap: 0'16"46

2. Peach Raceway II

Laps: 3
Difficulty: *
Rec. Parts: HG Racing Tires
Best Lap: 0'13"05
3. Ninja Temple Raceway

Laps: 3
Difficulty: ***
Rec. Parts: Sports Tires, HG Off-Road Tires
Best Lap: 1'13"35

4. Temple Raceway

Length: 1.118 miles
Laps: 3
Difficulty: ***
Road: Dirt, Water, Road
Rec. Parts: Big Tires, Propellers
Best lap: 0'47"81

5. Desert Raceway

Laps: 3
Difficulty: **
Rec. Parts: Any off-road tires
Best Lap: 0'31"71

6. Night Glow Raceway

Length: 1.522 Miles
Laps: 3
Difficulty: ****
Rec. Parts: HG or Big Tires
Best Lap: 0'58"41

7. Miner 49er Raceway

Laps: 3
Difficulty: *****
Rec. Parts: Big Tires
Best Lap: 0'59"36

8. Lava Run Raceway

Laps: 3
Difficulty: **
Rec. Parts: Any off-road tires
Best Lap: 0'52"95

9. River Raceway

Laps: 3
Difficulty: ***
Rec. Parts: Any off-road tires
Best Lap: 1'00"90

10. Slick Track

Laps: 3
Difficulty: ****
Rec. Parts: HG Wet Tires or Big Tires, Jet Turbine
Best Lap: 0'31"15?
11. Oval Raceway

Laps: 3
Difficulty: **
Rec. Parts:
Beset Lap: 0'21"60

12. Snow Mountain Raceway

Laps: 3
Difficulty: ***
Rec. Parts: Big Tires
Best Lap: 0'46"95

13. Sunny Beach Raceway

Laps: 3
Difficulty: **
Rec. Parts:
Best Lap: 0'33"55

14. Lagoon Raceway

Laps: 3
Difficulty: ***
Rec. Parts:
Best Lap: 1'06"18

15. Endurance Run

Laps: 10
Difficulty: ***
Rec. Parts:
Best Lap: 0'44"55

16. Tin Raceway

Laps: 3
Difficulty: *****
Rec. Parts:
Best Lap: 0'57"05

    _____  ______
   /     //_  __/ ---------------------------------------------------------  
  /    _/  / /                         CHAPTER V
 / /\ \   / /                         WALKTHROUGH
/_/  \_\ /_/ --------------------------------------------------------------

This will be in the March update.  It's about 40% complete.

    _____  ______
   /     //_  __/ ---------------------------------------------------------  
  /    _/  / /                         CHAPTER VI
 / /\ \   / /                            STAMPS
/_/  \_\ /_/ --------------------------------------------------------------

1. Visited all the houses in Peach Town!
 - Visit all of the houses.

2. Got a local Peach Wine!
 - Coming Soon!

3. Got a Peach doll!
 - Take the voucher you got from the police station in stamp #5 and take to
  the radio station, where you'll get a peach doll.

4. Took Kevin Home!
 - Find Kevin, the red Beetle, and talk to him.

5. Delivered a wallet to a police station!
 - The wallet is by the radio station in Peach town. Take the wallet to the
   police. He'll give you a voucher. *

6. Cleared Barrel Dodging!
 - Follow the eastern road in Peach Town until you reach the end.  Turn
   right, off the road, and go into the cave entrance.  Race up the hill
   while avoiding the barrels to reach Grandpa Tal.  Hint: Use off-road

7. Gave a magazine!
 - The person who needs the magazine gives you a hero card.  There's a person
   in Sandpolis (I believe, in a house) Who collects cards and gives you a
   cute doll. You give the cute doll to the Semi in Chestnut Canyon(Circuits
   around the Q factory), who in turn gives you some Japanese Relief. After
   getting the relief go to the oriental town and see the actor (in a house),
   the actor in turn gives you his autograph. Go up to White Mountain and
   give the autograph to the SUV circuiting around the frozen lake; she gives
   you a rice ball. Up to Cloud City to give the Black and white Acura
   outside the Parts Shop the rice ball and he gives you a Canary Flute. Go
   to Papaya Island and give the flute to the Green and Brown Cosmo on the
   small island, he gives you a magazine.  Then back to Peach Town to give
   the magazine and claim your just reward. (Thanks To: Spider Like Person)

8. Gave a big peach to James!
 - Take the road that goes north of Peach Town until you get to the river.
   Off to the left of the road is a large tree with peaches on it.  Run into
   the tree to knock a peach into the river.  Simply drive up to the floating
   peach to collect it.  Then follow the road back towards Peach Town and
   talk to James (Silver Porsche).  He usually rides around this road and the

9. Collected 7 gemstones!
 - Coming Soon!

10. Visited all the houses in Fuji City!
 - Visit all the houses.

11. Got a Gold Ornament!
 - Visit Princess Nanaha by crossing the bridge on the west side of the
   castle.  She'll give you the gold ornament.

12. Got a Policemen's Club!
 - Travel south from the Fuji City Q's Factory and enter the first house on
   the left.  Choose either dialog choice and then leave the house.  Re-enter
   it and you'll get a policeman's club.

13. Found the location of Treasure Hunting Maze!
 - To find the mazy, drop into Fuji City's castle moat.  The maze is on the
   east wall underwater.

14. Found the treasure hunting maze!
 - Complete the maze a find the treasure.  This isn't easy.  Use the map I
   made to complete the maze:

15. Completed Treasure Hunting Maze within 3min!
 - Nearly impossible without my map:

16. Beat the King in the Sliding Door Race!
 - Go to the castle in Fuji City to challenge King to a game of chicken.
   Don't do this until you have a great engine and brakes.

17. Save Otomi of Dumpling Cake Shop!
- Go to the temple at night. I talked to the guard from behind him and he was
  sleeping.  Then I pushed him and the box in front of the temple opened
  revealing stairs where you should find her. *

18. Met Iwasuke!
 - Coming Soon!

19. Listened to Hakosuke's trumpet!
 - Hakosuke's house is in the southeastern part of Fuji City.  The problem
   is, it's blocked by a fence and some crates.  To reach his house, follow
   the Next City sign south, and then make a left turn before crossing the
   bridge.  Carefully drive around the edge of the island until you reach the
   road that winds around to his house.  Then enter the house and listen to
   his trumpet.

20. Had my fortune told!
 - Visit the fortune teller by taking the northwest road in Fuji City.  Go up
   the path with all of the shrines and flags.  Make a right turn and enter
   the building with the brown sign (O-mi-ku-ji) on top of it.  Have your
   fortune told!

21. Beat Natsuo in the Highway Race!
 - Natsuo lives in a house just south of Fuji City before the highway.  Race
   him on a highway course.

22. Completed the Highway Race in less than 50sec!
 - Finish the Highway Race in under 50 seconds.  Use a powerful engines and
   racing tires.

23. Visited all the houses in Sandpolis!
 - Visit all the houses.

24. Got a Mini-Tower!
 - In Sandpolis, enter the building next of the Q's Factory that has the
   word "Tower" on it.

25. Got a toy gun!
 - One of the houses in the "Old West" part of Sandpolis has a kid who will
   give you the gun if you tell him that it's dangerous.

26. Impressed LisaLisa!
 - Not sure, but I think after you complete enough races, she'll be

27. Beat Johnny in the Drag Race!
 - Johnny lives in a house next to Quick-Pic #43 in the "Old West" part of
   Sandpolis.  Challenge him only when you have excellent tires and an
   excellent engine or you'll get smoked.

28. Completed the Drag Race within 8sec!
 - ONLY attempt this with the Hyper MAX or Devil Engine.  My best score is

29. Played Roulette
 - Simply play at least one game of roulette in Sandpolis.  Roulette is
   found in the large yellow skyscraper in the northern part of Sandpolis.

30. Caught Butch!
 - This tire thief must be stopped.  You can find him by going southwest of
   Sandpolis.  He's in a white house near the lighthouse.  After you catch
   him, he gives you a Hide-out Pattern and even HG Racing Tires!

31. Delivered a soccerball to Mr. King!
 - Go to the Sand Sports shop next to the soccer building in the northern
   part of Sandpolis to pick up a soccer ball for Mr. King.  Then go south,
   then east a little and up into Mr. King's domain.  Hint: It's the place
   with the huge blue pyramids.

32. Figure 8 step 1 Did not hit any traffic cones!
 - Go to the building with large cone on it in the northeastern part of
   Sandpolis and play the Figure 8 mini-game.  Don't hit any cones!  I'll
   post pictures of the different courses soon!

33. Figure 8 step 2 Did not hit any traffic cones!
 - Don't hit any cones!

34. Figure 8 step 3 Did not hit any traffic cones!
 - Don't hit any cones!

35. Figure 8 step 4 Did not hit any traffic cones!
 - Don't hit any cones!

36. Figure 8 step 5 Did not hit any traffic cones!
 - Don't hit any cones!

37. Played Soccer!
 - Play 3 on 3 soccer at the building with the giant soccer ball in the
   northern part of Sandpolis.

38. Won the soccer game!
 - Win a soccer game to get this stamp.

39. Found Benji's fountain pen!
 - Benji, a Hummer who lives near the ruins (Outside Northeast Sandpolis)
   has lost his pen.  It's on top of one of the ruin temples.  You need Big
   Tires to climb the temple.

40. Got my own garage!
 - Going along the highway from Fuji City, take the first exit to My City. 
   Keep going until you see a house that says Wonder Realty on it. Go inside
   and then you can begin sending people to this city.  My Garage should
   appear immediately but I'm not 100% sure.  Please email me if I'm wrong.

41. Ms. Flower's flower bloomed!
 - You have to get a seed, and the way to get the seed is to get the
   fruit by the tree on papaya island, then you in turn give that fruit to
   somebody in white mountain, their house is right next to the frozen pond,
   and they'll give you the seed. *

42. Sleepy Brian gave me a body!
 - Visit the Fire Station in My City late at night and tell him there's a
   fire.  He'll give you a fire truck body.

43. Played the Tunnel Race!
 - Akiban in a big yellow house in the southeastern part of My City.  Race
   him in a strange tunnel race.

44. Beat Akiban in the Tunnel Race!
 - No good strategy except don't let off the accelerator and don't hit walls.

45. Climbed to the top of the Big Tower!
 - Once Roberts builds a tower in My City, visit him and go to the top of the

46. Fulfilled Coine's wish!
 - Collect all 100 Choro Q coins and return to Coine in My City.

47. Cleared the Which-way? Race!
 - Memorize the color of the square and go through the corresponding door to
   complete the race.

48. Cleared Q's Rally!
 - Visit the Rally Center (large red building) in the Northwestern part of 
   My City and begin the Q's Rally.  The rally is a race that goes all 
   around the world.  Here's a quick guide on the rally:

1st Checkpoint: Sandpolis
Recommended Parts: HG Racing Tires

2nd Checkpoint: Chestnut Canyon
Recommended Parts: HG Off-Road Tires or Big Tires

3rd Checkpoint: White Mountain
Recommended Parts: Big Tires

4th Checkpoint: Peach Town
Recommended Parts: Big Tires

5th Checkpoint: My City
Recommended Parts: HG Racing Tires

49. Participated in the Endurance Race!
 - Enter the Endurance Race in My City.  You will need to make Pit-Stops
   during the race.

50. A statue is built!
 - After My City is complete and you've visited everyone's homes and done
   stamps 40-49, a statue will be built in the northern park in My City.

51. My City is now complete!
 - Attained after finding all My City inhabitants.  The list of all of the
   inhabitants is in Chapter III, Section 3.

52. Visited all the houses in Chestnut Canyon!
 - Visit all of the houses.

53. Maya Caron gave me her painting!
 - Visit Maya.  Maya lives in the part of Chestnut Canyon.  It's the tall,
   multicolored house.

54. Got a Model Train!
 - Visit Wallace in the northern part of Chestnut Canyon.  He'll give you a
  train model.

55. Completed the Volcano Course!
 - You can find the volcano course by crossing a large bridge, just south of
   Chestnut Canyon, then entering the cave.

56. Completed the Volcano Course within 1min 10sec!
 - Get good brakes before attempting this.  While you should be cautious, you
   need to move quickly to make it under the time limit.

57. Completed Rock Climbing!
 - When at the V-intersection before entering Chestnut Canyon, head west
   towards Mushroom Road.  Follow this road and eventually you'll see a cave
   in the left wall.  Enter the cave and play Rock Climbing.

58. Completed Rock Climbing within 2min!
 - Two Words: Big Tires.  Hint: You can do this in under 10 seconds by using
  the Jet Turbine and using the first ramp as a launch pad to fly over the

59. Came up with a new greeting!
 - Visit Gene, who lives directly east of the bridge in Chestnut Canyon.  See
   #55 for bridge directions. 

60. Visited all the houses in White Mountain!
 - Visit all the houses.  Remember to visit Santa in the far northeastern
   part of White Mountain.

61. Got a Christmas Tree!
 - Coming Soon!

62. Got Arctic Pattern!
 - Coming Soon!

63. Solved the ghost mystery!
 - First visit the large building with a bell on it in the north part of
   White Mountain, and hear the ghost story.  Then Warp to White Mountain. 
   From the Q's Factory, go left but instead of going up the mountain path,
   turn left a little and enter a cave with a NEXT CITY sign next to it.
   Follow the path until you enter a large opening in the cave.  Drive right
   into the ocean and you'll find some ruins.  Search around the ruins for a
   black bus, and talk to him.  Then return to the building with the bell to
   get stamp #63.

64. Found a Papu Flower!
 - Coming Soon!

65. Delivered a package to Jousset!
 - Coming Soon!

66. Jumped over 140m in the Ski Jumping!
 - Use Big Tires and a Jet Turbine.  Flight Wings aren't allowed.

67. Got a present from Santa Claus!
 - Coming Soon!

68. Opened millionaire Keitel's safe!
 - Go to Keital's house in White Mountain.  He'll ask you to solve a puzzle. 
   Hint: Go to his son's houses.  Look at the paintings on the walls and
   count the number of fish on each one for the answer.  For example: The
   Orange House: 6 Fish on painting equals orange: 6.

69. Played Curling
 - Curling is played in White Mountain in a house on the lake.  It's not to
   hard to find.

70. Scored over 200 points in Curling!
 - Hint: You can turn left and right while sliding.  This helps slow your car
   down if you started to fast.

71. Fulfilled White Mountain policeman's wish!
 - Go back and forth between the policeman in White Mountain and the man in
   the lighthouse in Sandopolis.  They're related and will thank you after
   checking up on eachother.

72. Visited all the houses in Papaya Island!
 - Visit all the houses.

73. Got an Unbabo Doll!
 - Visit one of the houses on the water in Papaya Island.  You'll meet a car
   there who'll give you the doll.

74. Got a Papaya Ukulele!
 - Coming soon!

75. Ran through the Obstacle Course!
 - Use big tires and the jet turbine.

76. Completed the Obstacle Course within 2min!
 - Use the jet turbine a lot.  Don't finish with too much fuel left.

77. Listened to Papu Tree's story!
 - You'll

78. Beat Micky in Beach Flag!
 - Challenge Micky to a game of beach flag.  Simply turn around and race
   towards the flag.

79. Mayor is motivated!
 - Visit the Mayor in Papaya Island.  Tell him you're not interested in
   sightseeing, he'll get motivated. *

80. Delivered Fluffy Mushroom to Shirley!
 - Go to Mushroom Road and find a Fluffy Mushroom by driving into it.  It's
   near the lake.  Then take the Fluffy Mushroom to Shirley, who lives on the
   water in Papaya Island.

81. Found Kerori!
 - Enter a house in Papaya Island where a husband is distraught about his
   wife running away.  Find his Wife near the Papu Tree area and talk to her. 
   Return to the house and receive the Jet Turbine.

82. Caught 20 fish!
 - Play the fishing game on Papaya Island.  It's the house with fishing nets
   all around it.  This game is really easy.  I beat it on my first try.

83. Woke sleepy Casa up!
 - Coming Soon!

84. Gave the love letter to Minerva!
 - Not sure, but I think you talk to the Garbage truck in Peach Town.  He'll
   tell you he sent a letter in a bottle to Minerva.  The letter is either on
   the shore near Peach Town or Papaya Island.  I don't remember.

85. Visited all the houses in Cloud Hill!
 - Visit all the houses, the presidential manor included.

86. Got Angel's Wings!
 - Coming Soon!

87. Got God's Rod!
 - Coming Soon!

88. Beat Travis in the Single Lap Race!
 - Race Travis around Cloud Hill.

89. Answered all questions correct!
 - Go to the house with the duck in Cloud Hill.  Answer his questions
   correctly.  You have as many tries as you need.  Question list coming

90. Cleared the Rainbow Jump!
 - The rainbow jump can be done in Cloud Hill.  Here are two strategies:

Use the Jet Turbine and the spoiler and land right on the lip of the platform
and stop your car immediately.  It takes about 60-100 tries this way.

Reverend Jim Wrote:
You have to use your spoiler, utilizing the L1 and L2 buttons. Start with the
spoiler up, and then after you cut off the engines wait a sec and then put
the spoilers down. Hopefully you should cut your speed enough to successfully
land. It takes me at least twenty tries every time though.

91. Visited all the houses in Mushroom Road!
 - Visit all of the houses.

92. A goddess gave me a horn!
 - Drive down into the lake in Mushroom Way and you'll talk to the goddess. 
   Be honest with her question and she'll give you a horn.

93. Played all holes in Golf!
 - Play the golf minigame in Mushroom Way.

94. Played Golf below 36!
 - I recommend the jet turbine for this.

95. We now have a fan club!
 - Simply get a garage, and win a few races.

96. The picture album is full!
 - Visit all 100 Quick-Pic shops.

97. Guessed the correct number of windmills!
 - Go inside the house near the windmills, which are north of the Island
   Bridge.  The correct answer is 24.

98. Met the Black Bus Orpheus!
 - See stamp #63.

99. Made a first contact!
 - Simply go to the northwest of Sandopolis past two Quick-Pic shops and
   you'll see a yellow light with a UFO over it.  Drive into the light and
   you'll be beamed up.  The alien will give you a new pattern.

100. Became the President!
 - Win the Grand Prix and then challenge and beat the President in a race. 
   More on this soon!

    _____  ______
   /     //_  __/ ---------------------------------------------------------  
  /    _/  / /                        CHAPTER VII
 / /\ \   / /                     QUICK-PIC LOCATIONS
/_/  \_\ /_/ --------------------------------------------------------------

Rememeber: The black dots on your GPS are the Quick-Pic Shops.

1. Located to the south of a big peach tree, in the north of Peach Town.
2. Just east of Quick-Pic #1, near the river banks.
3. In the north of Peach Town, behind Kinsera's peach orchard house.
4. From the Q's Factory in Peach Town, head west past Kevin's mom's house. 
   Keep heading west, It's on the north side.
5. Behind Mr. Wolf's house, which is to the west of the paint shop in Peach
6. Located towards the east of Q's Factory in Peach Town.
7. Near Grandpa Tal's cave, in the east of Peach Town.  It's on the hill
   above the cave.
8. Located off the road to the east, on the way from Peach Town to Fuji City.
9. Located to the east of Q's Factory in Peach Town.
10. Next door to Quick-Pic #9.
11. Near the mouth of the river that runs on the northern side of Peach Town.
12. On the way from Peach Town to Fuji City, on top of a hill that is located
   just before you hit the beach.
13. Found on your way from Peach Town to Fuji City, just before you drive
   over a big bridge.
14. Next door to Quick-Pic #13.
15. Behind Quick-Pic #14.
16. Next to Quick-Pic #15.
17. Located in the northwest direction of the Parts Shop in Fuji City.
18. In front of the shrine that lies on the west side of Fuji City.
19. South of the Q's Factory in Fuji City.
20. Head east of Paint Shop in Fuji City, and over the flight of stone steps. 
   It's located south-east of Iwasuke's house.
21. Head west from the Paint Ship, which is located on the north side of the
   castle in Fuji City.
22. Head to the shrine in the western section of Fuji City.  It lies on the
    road that runs south-west, where you can see a view of the town.
23.  On the north-west side of the castle in Fuji City.
24. Go to the hourglass-shaped pond on the western side of Fuji City.  It's
   to the south of the pond, near the Dumpling Cake shop.
25. Next to the Q's Factory in Fuji City.
26. Lies next to Q's Factory in Fuji City.
27. Is in front of the on-ramp of the highway located south of Fuji City.
28. North east of the Wonder Realty building in My City.  Only available
   after My City is complete.  See Stamps #50-51 for more details. 
29. In the middle of My City. 
30. Found on the your way towards Sandpolis from My City.  It lies near the
   south exit of the clover-shaped interchange. 
31. Across Diagonally from Quick-Pic #30.
32. South of Quick-Pic #31.
33. Just east of Quick-Pic #32.
34. Located far up north from Quick-Pic #33.
35. East of Quick-Pic #34.
36. Across from the big, yellow hotel on the north side of Sandpolis.
37. Head north from the soccer ball-shaped building located on the north side
   of Sandpolis.
38. Further north of the Q's Factory in Sandpolis.
39. Across from Quick-Pic #38
40. Towards the north of here.
41. Located south of Quick-Pic #40.
42. East of Q's Factory in Sandpolis.
43. To the east of the bar, which is in the west of Sandpolis.
44. West of the Q's factory in Sandpolis.
45. Across from Quick-Pic #44.
46. Located to the west of the bar, which is in the west of Sandpolis.
47. Head north from the soccer ball-shaped building, which is loacated on the
   north side of Sandpolis.
48. Head south-east from the center of the big ruins, that lie to the west of
49. Further north of Quick-Pic #48.
50. Head south-west from the center of the big ruins that lie to the west of
51. North of Quick-Pic #50.
52. Near the highway that runs between Sandpolis and Chestnut Canyon.  Take
   the underpass of the highway, and it's on the east side.
53. East of Quick-Pic #52.
54. Next door to Quick-Pic #53.
55. Located on the way to Picarl's Lighthouse, which is west of Sandopolis.
56. Located towards the west of Quick-Pic #55.
57. Located towards the west from Quick-Pic #56.
58. Located just after entering the tunnel going from Sandpolis to Chestnut
59. Next to Quick Pic #58 
60. Head south from Q's Factory in Chestnut Canyon.  Do not go down the
61. West of Q's Factory in Chestnut Canyon. 
62. Located to the north of Q's Factory in Chestnut Canyon.
63. South of Quick-Pic #62.
64. Go to the other side of the canyon that lies to the west of Q's Factory
   in Chestnut Canyon.  The shop is located in the north-east direction.
65. Located to the south of Q's Factory in Mushroom Road.
66. Head towards the east from here.  The shop is to the west of the pond.
67. Located to the west of Q's Factory in Mushroom Road.
68. Next door to Quick-Pic #67.
69. Next to Golf, which is in the east of Mushroom Road.
70. Head north from the road that runs westward form Q's Factory in Mushroom
   Road.  It lies just before a bridge.
71. Located towards the east of the paint ship in White Mountain.
72. Located to the south of Santa's house in the north of White Mountain. 
73. Located towards the south of Q's Factory in White Mountain.
74. Go east from the paint shop in White Mountain, down the cliffs.  It is
   near the edge of the frozen lake.
75. Head east from White Mountain through a tunnel to Peach Town.  After you
   exit the tunnel, the shop is on the west side.
76. Located next to Q's Factory in White Mountain.
77. To the south of Quick Pic #76
78. Go through a tunnel located in the west of White Mountain, leading to the
   Temple Under the Sea.  The shop is just before you exit the tunnel.
79. Across from Quick-Pic #78.
80. On the way from White Mountain to Peach Town.
81. On the way from White Mountain to Peach Town.
82. Is somewhere near the river, which flows from White Mountain to Peach
83. Located further east from Quick-Pic #82, along the riverbanks.
84. Head east from Quick-Pic #83 along the road that runs parallel to the
   river.  It is in front of the waterfall.
85. Go down the cliffs from Quick-Pic #84 and follow the road east.
86. Take the road further east from Quick-Pic #85.
87. Located to the east of Luke's house built on water.  His house is in the
   south of Papaya Island.
88. Go to the east side of the south-facing beach in Papaya Island.  It's
   next to Andy's house  
89. Head towards the river that flows on the eastern side of Papaya Island. 
   It's to the south of Casa's house.
90. Head towards the river that flows on the eastern side of Papaya Island. 
   It's on the cliff, to the east of the Papu Tree.
91. To the west of Grandpa Costello's house in northern Papaya Island.
92. Take the river in East Papaya Island down to the river mouth, and jump
   onto the small island.
93. Go to the west side of the south-facing beach on Papaya Island.  It's
   next to the mayor's house.
94. Located to the west of Grandpa Costello's house in northern Papaya
95. Located next to Q's Factory in Papaya Island. 
96. Next to Q's Factory in Papaya Island.
97. Located to the north of the pain shop in Cloudhill.
98. Located next to Smiley's house on the north side of Cloudhill.
99. Located to the east of Travis' house, on the west side of Cloudhill.
100. Right across from Quick-Pic #99.

    _____  ______
   /     //_  __/ ---------------------------------------------------------  
  /    _/  / /                        CHAPTER VIII
 / /\ \   / /                         CHORO Q COINS
/_/  \_\ /_/ --------------------------------------------------------------

This Section is still pending.  I will list all of the hints in a future 
update, but this guide will never come out if I try and finish this now.  
Any help with this chapter would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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   /     //_  __/ ---------------------------------------------------------  
  /    _/  / /                        CHAPTER IX
 / /\ \   / /                         TEAMMATES
/_/  \_\ /_/ --------------------------------------------------------------

This is a list of all the teammates in Road Trip.  Teammates are important 
making money and winning the Grand Prix.  Note, some teammates will not 
available until certain tasks are completed.  Most teammates from Cloud Hill 
will only be available after becoming the President.

NOTE: * Denotes an exceptional teammate.
Special Thanks to Reverend Jim.  He basically did this whole Chapter.

<<< Peach Town >>>

Barthou *
James *
Best *
Milton *
Wolf *
Kinsera *
Newman *
Klein *

<<< Fuji City >>>

Goro *
Heizo *
Princess *
Sakuzo *

<<< Sandpolis >>>

Martin *
Butch *

<<< Chestnut Canyon >>>


<<< Mushroom Road >>>


<<< White Mountain >>>

Bigfoot Joe

<<< Papaya Island >>>

Nairo *
Grandpa Costello *

<<< Cloud Hill >>>

Peo *

<<< My City >>>


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   /     //_  __/ ---------------------------------------------------------  
  /    _/  / /                         CHAPTER X
 / /\ \   / /                          APPENDICES 
/_/  \_\ /_/ --------------------------------------------------------------

1. Parts List


R- Roads
OR- Off-Roads
WR- Wet Roads
P- Power
EU- Energy Use

     Part Name     |     Type      |    Location    | Price |    Stats      |
Normal             | Tires         | Default Part   | N/A   | R: OR:        |
Sports             | Tires         | Peach Town     | 1000  | R:4 OR:3      |
Semi-Racing        | Tires         | Fuji City      | 2000  | R:5 OR:2      |
Racing             | Tires         | Sandpolis      | 5000  | R:6 OR:1      
HG Racing          | Tires         | My City        | 10000 | R:6 OR:2      |
Wet                | Tires         | Mushroom Road  | 2000  | R:4 OR:3 WR:3 |
HG Wet             | Tires         | Mushroom Road  | 3000  | R:4 OR:3 WR:4 |
Off Road           | Tires         | Peach Town     | 500   | R:3 OR:3 WR:2 |
HG Off-Road        | Tires         | Sandpolis      | 3000  | R:4 OR:4 WR:2 |
Studless           | Tires         | White Mountain | 1000  | R:3 OR:3 WR:2 |
HG Studless        | Tires         | White Mountain | 3000  | R:4 OR:3 WR:3 |
Big                | Tires         | My City        | 5000  | R:4 OR:4 WR:4 |
Devil              | Tires         | Cloud Hill     | N/A   | Perfect Tires |
Normal             | Engine        | Default Part   | N/A   | P: EU:        |
Panther            | Engine        | Peach Town     | 500   | P: 180 EU: 4  |
Blue MAX           | Engine        | Fuji City      | 1000  | P: 220 EU: 5  |
Blue MAX V2        | Engine        | Sandpolis      | 1500  | P: 260 EU: 6  |
MAD                | Engine        | Sandpolis      | 2000  | P: 290 EU: 7  |
MAD V2             | Engine        | Mushroom Road  | 4000  | P: 330 EU: 8  |
Long MAD           | Engine        | White Mountain | 8000  | P: 360 EU: 6  |
Black MAX          | Engine        | Papaya Island  | 12000 | P: 390 EU: 8  |
RS Magnum          | Engine        | Papaya Island  | 16000 | P: 420 EU: 12 |
Speed MAX          | Engine        | My City        | 20000 | P: 450 EU: 16 |
Hyper MAX          | Engine        | My City        | 80000 | P: 600 EU: 20 |
Devil Engine       | Engine        | Cloud Hill     | N/A   | P: 3000 EU: 0 |
Normal             | Chassis       | Default Part   | N/A   | Weight: 5     |
Light              | Chassis       | Fuji City      | 500   | Weight: 4     |
Feather            | Chassis       | Sandpolis      | 1000  | Weight: 3     |
Phantom            | Chassis       | Papaya Island  | 2000  | Weight: 2     |
Hyper              | Chassis       | My City        | 4000  | Weight: 1     |
Normal             | Transmission  | Default Part   | N/A   | Gear Ratio: 1 |
Sports             | Transmission  | Fuji City      | 1000  | Gear Ratio: 2 |
Power              | Transmission  | Mushroom Road  | 2000  | Gear Ratio: 3 |
Speed              | Transmission  | Papaya Island  | 4000  | Gear Ratio: 4 |
Wide               | Transmission  | My City        | 7000  | Gear Ratio: 5 |
Hyper              | Transmission  | My City        | 10000 | Gear Ratio: 6 |
Normal             | Steering      | Default Part   | N/A   | Nornal Steer  |
Quick              | Steering      | Peach Town     | 500   | 1.5 X Steer   |
X2 Quick           | Steering      | Sandpolis      | 1000  | 2 X Steer     |
X3 Quick           | Steering      | My City        | 2000  | 3 X Steer     |
Normal Pad         | Brakes        | Default Part   | N/A   | Brakes        |
Soft Pad           | Brakes        | Peach Town     | 1000  | Good Brakes   |
Hard Pad           | Brakes        | White Mountain | 1500  | Better Brakes |
Metal Pad          | Brakes        | My City        | 2000  | Best Brakes   |
Normal             | Wheel         | Default Part   | 500   |               |
Mesh               | Wheel         | Peach Town     | 500   |               |
Spoke 1            | Wheel         | Peach Town     | 500   |               |
Spoke 2            | Wheel         | Fuji City      | 500   |               |
Spoke 3            | Wheel         | White Mountain | 500   |               |
Spoke 4            | Wheel         | Cloud Hill     | 500   |               |
Spoke 5            | Wheel         | Cloud Hill     | 500   |               |
Spoke 6            | Wheel         | Papaya Island  | 500   |               |
Spoke 7            | Wheel         | My City        | 500   |               |
Flush 1            | Wheel         | Sandpolis      | 500   |               |
Flush 2            | Wheel         | Papaya Island  | 500   |               |
Flush 3            | Wheel         | Mushroom Road  | 500   |               |
Flush 4            | Wheel         | Sandpolis      | 500   |               |
Flush 5            | Wheel         | Cloud Hill     | 500   |               |
Spoke 666          | Wheel         | Cloud Hill     | 500   |               |
Normal Headlights  | Lights        | Default Parts  | N/A   |               |
Fog Lights         | Lights        | Peach Town     | 500   |               |
Beam Lights        | Lights        | White Mountain | 500   |               |
Wing Set           | Wing Set      |                | 3000  |               |
Propeller          | Special Parts | UnderSea Ruins | 3000  |               |
Jet Turbine        | Special Parts | Papaya Island  | 10000 |               |
Water Ski          | Options       | Papaya Island  | 3000  |               |
Police Light       | Options       |                | 1000  |               |
Flight Wing        | Options       | Cloud Hill     | 50000 |               |
Billboard 1        | Options       | Peach Town     | N/A   | $10 per mile  |
Billboard 2        | Options       | Fuji City      | N/A   | $20 per mile  |
Billboard 3        | Options       | Sandpolis      | N/A   | $30 per mile  |
Billboard 4        | Options       | White Mountain | N/A   | $40 per mile  |
Billboard 5        | Options       | Papaya Island  | N/A   | $50 per mile  |
Sticker            | Sticker       | Sandpolis      | 10000 |               |
Normal Horn        | Horn          | Default Part   | N/A   |               |
Air Horn           | Horn          | Peach Town     | 1000  |               |
Echo Air Horn      | Horn          | Sandpolis      | 1000  |               |
Bus Horn           | Horn          | Sandpolis      | 1000  |               |
Bicycle Bell       | Horn          | Papaya Island  | 1000  |               |
Venus Horn         | Horn          |                | 1000  |               |
Chicken Horn       | Horn          |                | 1000  |               |
Fantasy Horn       | Horn          |                | 1000  |               |
Trumpet Horn       | Horn          |                | 1000  |               |
Christmas Horn     | Horn          |                | 1000  |               |
Duck Horn          | Horn          |                | 1000  |               |
Space Horn         | Horn          | Cloud Hill     | 1000  |               |
Horse Horn         | Horn          |                | 1000  |               |
Baby Horn          | Horn          |                | 1000  |               |
Train Horn         | Horn          |                | 1000  |               |
Normal Meter       | Meter         |                | N/A   |               |
Digital Meter      | Meter         | Peach Town     | 100   |               |
Chronometer        | Meter         | Fuji City      | 100   |               |
Cherry Meter       | Meter         |                | 100   |               |
Love Sick Meter    | Meter         |                | 100   |               |
Triangle Meter     | Meter         | Sandpolis      | 100   |               |
Space Meter        | Meter         |                | 100   |               |
Duck Meter         | Meter         | Cloud Hill     | 100   |               |
Rainbow Meter      | Meter         |                | 100   |               |
Devil Meter        | Meter         | Cloud Hill     | N/A   |               |

Item List coming soon!

Item Name         | Type     | Description

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  /    _/  / /                         CHAPTER XI
 / /\ \   / /                          LAST WORDS
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1. Copyright Info

This is a copyrighted FAQ and may not be used without written permission from
me.  This FAQ may not be used on a commercial or profit-making website.  If
you wish to host this FAQ, unchanged, then email me and I'll be glad to

2. Revision History

Version 0.8  2/15/03

The first release of the guide!  Not everything is completed yet, but I'll
update every month.

3. Credits

Reverend Jim
- Special thanks for his numerous contributions, (Denoted by *) continued
support of the guide and for his tireless efforts on the Road Trip Message
Boards.  His support is greatly appreciated and I can honestly say he shaved
about 3 weeks off the production time of this guide.

Spider Like Person
- For "Gave a Magazine" stamp.

- Me!  I made the guide and I'm thanking myself for actually getting it done!

4. Final Notes

My favorite games:
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