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<<<<< RUSH 2049 >>>>>

For the Nintendo 64 system.

Written by Jordan Stopciati (superstar64). 
E-mail: [email protected]

This FAQ was last updated: 02/13/2001
This is version number: 0.98


San Francisco Rush ® 2049 and all related logos are © 1999 Midway Games 
West Inc.
This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright © 2000-2001 by Jordan Stopciati.


1. Updates
2. Legal Stuff
3. Rush 2049 from A to Z
4. Tracks
5. Cars
6. Rush Setup
7. Silver Coin Locations
8. Gold Coin Locations
9. Stunt Mode
10. Battle Mode
11. Obstacle Mode
12. Race Mode Shortcuts
13. General Strategy
14. Cheats
15. Unlocking Extras
16. Questions
17. Credits
18. End


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<<< 1. UPDATES >>>


Race coins - 48/48 silver, 48/48 gold, 96/96 total.
Stunt coins - 32/32 silver, 26/32 gold, 58/64 total.
Total coins - 80/80 silver, 74/80 gold, 154/160 total.

So at the time being, stunt coins are excluded from this 
FAQ/Walkthrough. However, once I have gotten all the stunt coins, which 
means I will have unlocked the Panther car, they will be included. 
Expect to be updated regularly.

February 13, 2001 - Version 0.98 - Happy premature Valentine's Day. 
Descriptions for battle courses 3 to 8 and shortcuts for tracks 5 and 6 
are missing, but that's because I'm in a hurry to get this online. They 
will appear in version 1, which should be coming within the next couple 
of weeks.


<<< 2. LEGAL STUFF >>>

First of all, under no circumstances can I be held responsible for any 
of the following unsolicited or solicited events:
 - Damaged Rush 2049 game
 - Damaged game(s) 
 - Damaged Nintendo 64 system
 - Damaged system(s)
 - Damaged reputation
 - Damaged wall(s) or house(s)
 - Damaged computer(s)
 - Damaged privilege(s)
 - Damaged body part(s)
 - Damaged city(ies), state(s)/province(s), country(ies), or the whole 
 - Damaged...etc.
...that seem to be the source from this FAQ/Walkthrough. I don't intend 
to wound everyone within a fifty-mile or eighty-kilometer radius, or 
farther. If in any case any of these happen, I sympathize, unless my 
life is in danger because of it. But I cannot do anything, it's not my 
fault, I just wrote this thing, it's supposed to help you, not hurt 
you. Not to mention I'd feel guilty for the rest of my life if 
something like that happened. Next...

NO PLAGIARISM, PLEASE. Don't get me wrong - I know there are plenty of 
people out there who are very good up-and-coming FAQ writers, or 
writers, period - but they shouldn't have to rip off other people's 
work just to get fame themselves. If you do wish to use this FAQ for 
information, I'd much prefer that you give me credit. It's just a lot 
easier, isn't it? I'll find out anyway if you do rip me off, too. And 
I'm pretty sure that there are so many lawyers right here on planet 
Earth that are looking for a way out of their mounting bills, so they 
can sue your butt off. Then maybe with the extra money the lawyers get, 
they can take their family (or themselves) for a vacation that they've 
been thinking about for the last three years. You have been warned.

Finally, if you wish to use my FAQ on a web site you must get 
permission from me, and that means sending me an e-mail. Now, that 
means that the FAQ is on your site. You don't link to it. GameFAQs, 
which is pretty much the "home" for all my online video game work, 
clearly says, "Feel free to link to the HTML pages, but not directly to 
the FAQs." Or something like that. But if I do create an HTML version 
or create a site where the FAQ is available for linking, well, sure, 
why not. But right now that isn't happening. If I do approve it, you 
can use it. Oh, and did I mention that if I hear bad things about a 
website, I turn them down? I actually did that once. But most of the 
time I will say "yes."

Now that's out of the way, you can finally get to the meat of all this!


<<< 3. RUSH 2049 FROM A TO Z >>>

It's pretty sad that Nintendo 64 doesn't have very many games. But Rush 
2049 is absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, the best arcade game 
to hit the N64 console. Two previous Rush games have ported to Nintendo 
64 - San Francisco Rush and Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA. While SFR had 
six overblown tracks but nothing else, and Rush 2 had a total of ten 
tracks plus a stunt track, SFR 2049 delivers huge in everything that 
made the previous two games a hit. And it also flashes forward 49 years 
into the future.

But let's take a look at it first. The slogan of Rush 2049 is 
"Adrenaline cubed". And it's cubed for good reason. There's Race Mode, 
where you scream through six futuristic San Francisco tracks. Stunt 
Mode, where you twist, flip, and wheelie through four awesome arenas. 
Then, finally, Battle Mode, where you do your best to kill other 
players in 8 killer arenas. (Rated E for Everyone with animated 
violence, available for Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, and Game Boy Color.)

And 2049 delivers huge in the in-the-future department. Midway left a 
few unforgettable landmarks of the City by the Bay where they were, 
like leaving the most crooked street in the word, Lombard Street, right 
where it was and also leaving the Golden Gate Bridge where it was. Even 
though the days of fog are long gone in SF, you can still shroud the 
city in pea soup through adjustment. But as for futuristic looking 
stuff, there are plenty of futuristic-looking buildings, monorails 
aplenty, but the dark days of the 20th century are gone. Ignore big 
brother and keep your finger on the A button. A for acceleration.

And what about the hills? They're there, all right, and they still let 
you fly through the air, thanks to a lack of gravity. Thanks to wings 
hidden in the undercarriage of your car, you can glide in the air and 
also recover your car from spins, which can become very helpful.

There's practically one thing that has not changed from previous Rush 
games: shortcuts. Yes, look around and you will find very good ways to 
kick the competition's butt. Not to mention, hidden around the courses 
are switches that open or close doors. (See strategy later.) Even 
better, there are silver and gold coins in the streets, waiting for 
someone to pick them up. First you get a pile of money, then you get to 
drive the hot cars. Unlock SFR and Rush 2, cars can not be driven on 
only one track if you get a certain number of items on that certain 
track. Coin collection is cumulative.

Even better, there are four new stunt tracks. Plus battle mode. It's 
just too much. Rush 2049 took what we wanted from the previous two 
games and gave even more. Oh, and one more thing - keep your eyes 
peeled for green and red arrow strips on the track. If you approach 
them head-on, they'll boost your speed to well over 200 miles per hour 
in the direction they are pointing. If they're pointing forwards, great 
- but beware arrows going in the opposite direction. They bring you to 
a dead stop and then send you backwards.

(By the way: Coins are not exclusive to the Nintendo 64/Dreamcast 
version of Rush 2049. And neither is the unlocking part. Let me 
explain. The arcade version of Rush had coins in their tracks. 100 each 
track, and once all 100 were collected, they were put back into their 
original positions, you have to collect them ten times, then you can't 
do any more collecting, for a total of 1,000 collectable coins. And 
that's a feature that you can get with "Team Rush". By entering a ten-
digit number into a keypad, you get all these cool features. Enter the 
number on any Rush 2049 machine and you get access to all your cool 
stuff, like tracks, cars and their paint job. Awesome. I've never tried 
it, but that's what I hear.)


Now for my review from the GameFAQs website (very much extremely 
Play Control - 9.0 - Easy. Simple. Use it. Love it. Win. 
Front end - 7.0 - Not artistic. But easy to use, though (think Rush 2). 
"Show-offs" - 10.0 - How could they do it all? It's amazing. 
Graphics - 7.0 - Not good, but satisfactory. 
Music - 10.0 - Priceless compared to the previous two Rush games. 
Sound - 7.0 - I guess this was all right, too. 
Multiplayer - 10.0 - Excellent. 
Satisfaction - 10.0 - Oh yeah! 
Total score - 70.0 / 80.0 
Average score - 8.8 / 10.0

Opinion score (without Controller & Expansion Pak) - 5.0 
Opinion score (with Controller & Expansion Pak) - 10.0 
Opinion score average - 7.5 
FINAL SCORE - 8.2 (rounded off to 8) 
BUY/RENT - Buy it, on the condition that you get a Controller Pak and 
Expansion Pak. You'll be missing out on too much if you don't get one. 
The whole package will most likely add up to big bucks (possibly around 
$100 US or $150 Cdn.), so if you're really under pressure for money, go 
for the controller pak at first.

And finally, the controls (with the default controller setting):

Control Stick - steer, control car while in the air and wings are 
A - accelerate.
B - brake.
Z - wings (hold down to keep the wings extended).
  - shoot weapon (battle mode only).
C-Up - abort, place car back on track.
     - get rid of weapon (battle mode only).
C-Right - nothing.
C-Down - downshift (manual transmission).
C-Left - activate reverse gear.
L - change camera angle (helicopter view, tail view, bumper view, and 
hood view)
R - upshift (manual transmission).
Right (control pad) - horn.
Start - pause game.


<<< 4. TRACKS >>>

Track 1 (Marina) - Track 1 is the easiest track and couldn't be much 
simpler than what it is, except if it was an oval. There are plenty of 
long straights that allow you to burn it down at almost 200 MPH and 
gain position in the race. There are some turns that are sharper than 
90 degrees but they are not difficult to make. The coins in this level 
will not be difficult to find and therefore you'll probably clear out 
this track's coins before any of the other tracks. The track itself 
runs along the Marina, goes around the Palace of Fine Arts, and also 
Market Street makes the cut (not to mention Coit Tower and the 
Embarcadero) and the track has a huge jump that sends you flying over 
Lombard Street (but when you are running the track backwards, you skip 
the Lombard section of the course and go onto a road that runs parallel 
to it.)

Track 2 (Haight) - Track 2 goes through the Haight Ashbury section of 
San Francisco and also goes through Golden Gate Park, Sunset Boulevard, 
and makes a brief trip through the Mission District. There are also 
plenty of straight stretches for you to blow away the competition, but 
this time they have turns so your fast Sunday drive needs to be 
adjusted once in a while. There are plenty of turns here but the 
majority of them are sweeping so you shouldn't have a hard time taking 
them - however there are a few turns that are tight. The coins here are 
more difficult and four of the gold coins are in secret areas that are 
tough to reach. Use the lava lamps to play cheap, and when you're 
running side by side bump people into them and send them flipping 
through the air.

Track 3 (Civic) - Track 3 winds through various sections of town, but 
was especially known in the arcade version - and is known in Rush 2049 
console versions - the Mount Sutro shortcut (just after the tunnel). 
This is a dangerous shortcut that, if you can get to the top, can be a 
very good time-saver. The course itself mainly consists of sweeping 90 
degree turns and plenty of shortcuts, not to mention shortcuts that 
lead to these shortcuts. The coins in Track 3 are not that difficult, 
but they might be tough to reach at some times.

Track 4 (Metro) - Track 4 is in the same area as Track 1 and on the 
start finish straight, you might just catch a glimpse of Lombard Street 
behind the cones. There are plenty of cool shortcuts and FIVE GOLD 
COINS are in the same area. A good source of money. The track itself 
consists mainly of sharp 90-degree turns that challenge you to slow 
down at the curves. There's no question about it - this is not as easy 
as it looks!

Track 5 (Mission) - Track 5 winds through the Mission District and also 
by Lake Merced, Candlestick Park, and plenty of other San Francisco 
landmarks (Track 5 is in the same area as Track 2). Surprisingly enough 
the turns are not the hardest in the game and are just like Track 3's - 
smooth and sweeping. On the other hand, the coins are murder to get - 
they're that tough.

Track 6 (Presidio) - Track 6 goes through the area where Track 1 took 
place in the original San Francisco Rush. The track starts just off the 
Golden Gate Bridge and then begins to wind through the Presidio, making 
some brief trips through the well-lit city - but the turns are 
extremely tough to make - in both the city and the forest area. Don't 
let it fool you, though - the coins are still there and this track is 
long - and you know what that means - the coins aren't going to be a 
piece of cake to find.


<<< 5. CARS >>>

There are 13 cars in San Francisco Rush 2049, but only six of them are 
available when you hit the ignition. You'll have to collect coins lying 
and levitating in the streets if you want to see these cool vehicles. 
So here they are. They're all the same in stats, but they don't quite 
handle the same. Try them all out to see which one fits you the best.

Formula 1
Rocket ZX
Super GT
Venom (hidden)
Crusher (hidden)
Euro LX (hidden)
Locust LX (hidden)
GX-2 (hidden)
Mini XS (hidden)
Panther (hidden)


<<< 6. RUSH SETUP >>>

This section details all the options that can be set in each mode. 
Press A to select an option and press B to back out of a menu, and use 
the Control Stick to change options.


Players - Select from 1 to 4 players. This is what the choice is going 
to be if you want to get into the game. If you don't have four 
controllers plugged in, the game will gray out the appropriate numbers.

Records - Select this option to enter the records area. You can see the 
totals for the game, or you can view a specific player's statistics.

Options - Control the options in the game. Most of these options will 
affect what you see in the race mode.

Audio - Control your audio setup.

Video - Control your video setup.


Player Arrows - In ghost mode or any multiplayer mode, player arrows 
mark the location of another player or ghost car. They are marked as 
arrows and show the location of another player or ghost. If you have it 
on, you will see someone coming. But if you don't, well, you're in the 
dark when it comes to locations - you'll have to rely on the track map 
if you have one. You can turn this option on or off.

Track Map - The track map is located on the right side of the screen 
and is only shown in any racing mode. It shows your location on the 
track and other players if there are any. If you don't need it, turn it 
off. But if you do need it, keep it on. Computer players are identified 
by gray squares. (Player 1 is blue, Player 2 is red, Player 3 is 
yellow, and Player 4 is green when you are playing in Ghost Mode or 
Race Mode.)

Radar - The radar is located on the left side of the screen and is only 
shown in any racing mode. It shows where other players are and keeps a 
focus on who is behind you. If you want to be left in the dark knowing 
who's behind you, and give yourself a challenge, you can turn this 
option off, or keep it on.

Time Elapsed - This is shown below the track map and indicates how much 
time has gone by in the race. This is useful to most racers, but if 
you're not one of them, you can change this option from on to off, or 
vice versa.

Time Remaining - If your allotted time limit runs out, your game ends. 
The time remaining clock will show how much time you have left. This 
option can be changed from on to off or off to on, but the time still 
counts down anyway. The time remaining clock is only displayed in ghost 
mode and stunt mode. (NOTE: you will get a warning at the 30-second 
mark, and then that same sound will play for a five-second warning, 
then every second after, until time is up. If the time remaining clock 
is on, it will begin to flash when there are only five seconds left.)

Tachometer - If you have a manual transmission on your car, this bar 
keeps track of the RPM your car's engine is running at. If you turn 
this off, you will have to listen to your engine to decide when to 
upshift. If you turn it on, it will be beside the speedometer, and be 
shown as a bar with a green area (safe), then a yellow area (caution), 
then a red area (upshift once the brighter area reaches this point).

Speedometer - This will show you the speed of your car. Usually racers 
will want to know their speed, but if you don't, try turning this 
option off.

Odometer - This option is shown below the speedometer and shows the 
difference you have travelled so far IN THIS RACE, not in the whole 
game or for the car. It can be turned either on or off.

Place - This is shown in the top right corner of the screen and shows 
both your current position in the race and the lap. The place indicator 
shows your position out of how many racers. Try to put a 1 up there as 
soon as possible. It also shows the lap you are on and how many laps 
there are in the race (if they match, you are on the final lap). If you 
don't want these, turn this option off.

Gearshift - If you have a manual transmission on your car, this display 
shows what gear your car is currently running in reverse, 1st, 2nd, 
3rd, or 4th, indicated by GEAR and then, respectively, R, 1, 2, 3, and 
4. This should be used in conjunction with the tachometer. But if you 
don't like the gearshift on your screen, you can turn it off (it will 
not be there if you have an automatic transmission on your car.)

Metric - This shows what measurement system you will use, and it 
applies to the whole game. If metric is turned on, kilometers per hour 
is shown as the speed, kilometers are shown on the odometer, and it 
applies to records as well. If it is turned off, miles per hour is 
shown as the speed, miles are shown on the odometer, and it applies to 
records as well. Usually the difference between using the imperial or 
metric system in Rush 2049 is what country you're in (probably either 
Canada or the United States) and what measurement system you're used 

Wrong Way - If you've made a wrong turn, and you're now driving the 
wrong way on the track, and this option is on, text will appear on the 
center of your screen, which will say, "Wrong Way". If this is turned 
off, well, you'd better know the course, because it will not tell you 
that you are going the wrong way.

Coins - There are silver and gold coins in the tracks, and this will 
show how many have been collected out of 8 silver coins and 8 gold 
coins. Turn it off for a true arcade feel. Keep it on if you want to 
know how many coins you have for that track. The number of coins you 
have collected for each track is also accessible from the records 


Music Volume - This option has a selection from 0 to 10. The higher the 
number, the louder the volume. The number 0 indicates that the music is 
off/muted. "Music" is the background music that plays during a race, it 
is not sound effects.

Sound Volume - This option has a selection from 0 to 10. The higher the 
number, the louder the volume. The number 0 indicates that the sound is 
off/muted. Examples of sound effects are: menu navigation sounds, 
engine, announcer, etc.

Music - This option has a selection from the following selections. When 
you select a particular song selection, it will play for every track. 
 - Default (this plays the respective music for every track, as shown 
below beside every music track.)
 - Bassy (Track 1, Battle 1 background music)
 - Garage (Track 2, Battle 2 background music)
 - Night (Track 4, Battle 4 background music)
 - Seventies (Track 3, Battle 3 background music)
 - Trancey (Track 5, Battle 5 background music)
 - Title (Title screen, menu music)
 - Credits (Credits, end of game music)
 - Retro (Track 6, Battle 6 background music)
 - Stunted (Stunt 1, Stunt 2, Obstacle background music)
 - Flier (Stunt 3, Stunt 4 background music)
 - Battle1 (Battle 7 background music?)
 - Battle2 (Battle 8 background music?)

Speakers - Select from Stereo or Mono. The Stereo option is for two-
speaker TVs, the Mono option is for one-speaker TVs. Make sure that you 
set to the appropriate setting, otherwise you may not hear all the 


Horizontal Position, Vertical Position - Set this to the appropriate 
integers to center the screen appropriately if not all of it is 
visible. The picture will be moved accordingly as you set it. (NOTE: 
some TVs are rounded at the edges and will still block out some of the 
picture. Newer televisions are square at the edges.)

Restore - Reset the Horizontal Position and the Vertical Position 
indicators back to 0 and in turn reset the screen back to the original 

(NOTE: There are colour bars below the screen - if the gray scale bar 
is not fully visible, e.g. black is too far to the right, or black is 
not completely black, adjust the contrast on your TV so it goes from 
black to white accordingly. If the red, green, and blue colours are 
bleeding, the TV is too saturated - turn down the brightness, so the 
picture is of maximum quality.)


Just Play - Select this option to get your race going immediately, but 
your scores will not be saved. You will have no choice if you do not 
have a Controller Pak but to select this option.

Controls - This is next to the "Just Play" option and any players 
available. Select this to change your controls to whatever you want it 
to be. The default setting is usually the most comfortable, but change 
it to your preference.

Controller Pak - You can select from controllers 1, 2, 3, and 4. If 
there are any Controller Paks plugged in on any of the controllers, 
select that controller and it will detect the Controller Pak, along 
with any players available on the pak.

Create Player - If there is a Controller Pak available, this option 
will appear. Select it, then enter in your name, then go to "END". A 
file will be created for you and will be available on that Controller 
Pak. (NOTE: A player takes up 9 pages out of 123 on a Controller Pak.)

Delete Player - If there is at least one player on a Controller Pak, 
this option will appear. Select it, then select the player you want to 
delete. You will receive a screen that will ask if you are sure you 
want to delete this player. Select YES if you really want to delete the 
player. Select NO if you don't. If you select yes, the player's stats 
and the player itself are removed from the Controller Pak, freeing up 9 

*player name* - Select a player to enter the respective game file. You 
will enter the Mode Selection Menu like in the Just Play option.


Single Race - This is for one or two players. This is basically a 
simple racing mode. Player 1 selects the track and then the car is 
selected. This is for anyone who just doesn't want to go through 
complicated stuff and wants to get right down to the racing part.

Practice - This is for one or two players. Practice mode allows players 
as much time as they want to explore a track to the fullest (a 
difference from original Rush games - SFR and Rush 2 gave only 999 
seconds, Rush 2049 has absolutely no time limit). Bonus coins can also 
be collected here.

Ghost Race - This is for one player only. The ghost race mode puts you 
on a track by yourself, trying to set the best time. You have a time 
limit here, and you can record ghost(s) and race against it. (With an 
Expansion Pak, you can race with up to three ghosts, but without it, 
you can only race with one ghost. Ghost races can not be saved to your 
Controller Pak.) In ghost mode, you can not use wings.

Circuit - Are you good enough for the big time? You can enter one of 
four circuits (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or Extreme), but only 
the Beginner Circuit is available to you at first. Place in circuits to 
unlock more circuits.
 - Beginner Circuit - Tracks 1 through 4 forwards and backwards (8 
 - Intermediate Circuit - Tracks 1 through 5 forwards and backwards (10 
 - Advanced Circuit - Tracks 1 through 6 forwards and backwards (12 
 - Extreme Circuit (without Expansion Pak) - Tracks 1 through 5 
forwards, backwards, mirrored, etc. (20 races)
 - Extreme Circuit (with Expansion Pak) - Tracks 1 through 6 forwards, 
backwards, mirrored, etc. (24 races)
The Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced circuits all go in order - 
Track 1 forwards, then Track 2 forwards, until all the tracks have been 
raced forwards, then they are raced backwards in order - Track 1 
backwards, etc. The Extreme circuit randomizes the tracks and how they 
are raced - forwards or backwards, normal or mirrored, etc.
After every race, you score points for your finishing position. The 
point system is set up like the following:
 - 1st Place - 10 points
 - 2nd Place - 7 points
 - 3rd Place - 5 points
 - 4th Place - 3 points
 - 5th Place - 2 points
 - 6th Place - 1 point
Points are scored cumulatively through each of the races. At the end of 
the circuit, the final point scores are determined and the player with 
the highest score earns 1st place, the second highest score earns 2nd 
place, and the third highest score earns 3rd place - circuit placing 
and circuits are registered into the records. Circuit Mode is for only 
one player.

Stunt - In Stunt Mode, you can put your foot to the floor in four 
arenas and just go crazy to pull off the most awesome stunts possible. 
But you only have one to start with and you'll have to earn the other 
three by scoring stunt points. See "Stunt Mode" for more details. This 
is for up to four players.

Obstacle - This is a level that consists of several rooms, and each has 
its own unique challenge to master, and will not be easy to solve. And 
you'll only have a five-minute period to get through - and that's not a 
very long time. Getting through this level itself is a challenge, but 
unlocking it is just as much of one. This is only for one player.

Battle - Battle Mode is a two to four player death match mode where you 
pick up weapons lying around arenas and use them on other players, 
trying to get them to blow up. The question is, will they do the same 
to you? Whoever reaches the point goal first wins.


Track - You can select from six tracks. However, when you start the 
game, only four are available. You will have to place in circuits to 
earn the remaining two tracks.

Laps - Make the race longer by adjusting this option. You can select 
from one single lap or a lengthy eight laps. Beginners will no doubt 
lean towards allowing more laps to pass the field faster. The default 
lap setting is three.

Backwards - This option can be turned on or off. If Backwards is turned 
on, you race the track in the opposite direction. The track itself is 
basically the same (except for tracks 1 and 6, where some minor 
adjustments are necessary); you just race it in the opposite direction.

Mirror - This option can be turned on or off. If mirror mode is turned 
on, the track is inverted. For example, if a track has a left-hand 
turn, it will now be a right-hand turn.

Fog - Control the weather in this option by moving the meter left and 
right to select from four different settings. The farther to the right 
the meter is, the more fog there will be on the track. Racing with fog 
can be fun and challenging, but it does reduce visibility and when fog 
is at the extreme point (far right), it can turn deadly because turns 
and obstacles will pop out of nowhere.

Wind - The further right you move the meter (to five different 
settings), the harder the wind will blow. If you become airborne with 
windy conditions, you can start sailing off the track. Practice flying 
with your car before racing with windy conditions.

Drones - This option can range from 0 to 5. Drones are also known as 
artificial intelligence (AI) cars or computer players. The drones 
actually were raced by real humans. There are four or five types of AI 
on each track, and is set up that if you bump a drone off its path, it 
will find the closest route and start racing on that AI path. If you 
can keep up with them, you can easily beat them. Watch closely!

Difficulty - The further this meter is moved to the right (between six 
settings), the more difficult drones will be to defeat. Usually the 
difference between an easy drone and a hard drone is their knowledge of 
the tracks and shortcuts, as well as the power under the hood. Remember 
that the more difficult you set the drones to be, the more likely your 
chances of not winning the race.

Handicap - The further this meter is moved to the right (between three 
settings), the easier it will be for less advanced players to compete 
with tougher players. This is only in two player races only.

Deaths - This option can be turned on or off. If Death Mode is turned 
on, a skull and crossbones will appear in an area on your screen. If 
you crash when Deaths are turned on, you're out of the race. Just like 
in real life. This also applies to drones as well. If Death Mode is 
turned off, your car will reset itself back on the track after every 
crash, and you can use the C-Up button to reset your car or "abort" 

Minutes (Stunt Mode only) - Select how much time you want to allot 
yourself. You can select from a quick one-minute freestyle drive up to 
twenty minutes of stunting. The more time you have, the more 
opportunities you will have to score major points - and most likely 
your score will be larger.

Points (Battle Mode only) - Select how many points you want to play to, 
from five to fifty. The more points, the longer the match will most 
likely be - the first player to reach this amount will win the match.

Negative Points (Battle Mode only) - There's an option to liven things 
up a little in Battle Mode. If Negative points are turned on, every 
time you flip over and crash (in Battle Mode, you can't blow up just by 
slamming hard into a wall), you will lose one of your points. This can 
increase the difficulty of getting to the point goal - and doesn't let 
you crash just to escape someone that's after you.


Car - There are thirteen cars to choose from in Rush 2049, but seven of 
them are hidden at first. The other six are yours to start with. They 
all start the same when it comes to performance, but by tweaking 
settings, they start to become different.)

Transmission - You start with a simple automatic transmission and a 
simple manual transmission (automatic does not require gear shifting, 
but manual does), but there are also sport and pro transmissions in 
both manual and automatic to be unlocked. Sport transmissions and pro 
transmissions are faster than the regular transmissions.

Handling - There are three types of handling to choose from: normal, 
advanced, or extreme. The way your car handles depends on the handling 
style you choose. Normal cars are perfect for beginners, but advanced 
racers will be able to work up to extreme handling. There are no types 
of handling to be unlocked.

Engine - Ah, yes: the power under the hood. There are three engine 
categories, and you start with one in each category: high performance, 
turbo, and aspirated. The three engines you start with are the 3.2L HP 
V6, Turbo 350, and 5.0L V8, but you have six others to unlock: two in 
every engine category. The more powerful the engine, the heavier it is, 
so keep that in mind, too - but there is more speed as well.

Tires - These are also very important. You only have radials to start 
with, which work well on the road but are fine off the road too. Slicks 
and pro slicks work well on the road, but work poorly on grass or other 
surfaces. (Note: pro slicks and extreme handling do NOT go together.) 
On the other hand, All Terrain tires come in handy on all surfaces, and 
offroad tires are not good for the road, but okay for excursions when 
you're not on the pavement.

Frame - Your car's frame dictates how it will behave on jumps and 
hills. Lighter frames will climb hills faster, glide farther, but lose 
control more often. Heavier frames, on the other hand, are slower, get 
less air, but are less likely to lose control. You start with light, 
standard, and heavy frames, but alloy frames in all those weights are 
also to be unlocked. Alloy frames are faster but have the same 
behaviour as normal frames. Also, the lighter the frame, the more 
likely you are to be pushed around.

Wings - The difference between 2049 and previous Rush games is that 
cars can sprout wings. They will allow you to glide and spin in the 
air. There are two sizes available, small and large. Stunt wings are 
only available in stunt mode. Smaller wings do not glide as far when 
extended, and do not spin as fast (or recover from spins), but if 
that's what you have in mind for your car, small wings it is. Larger 
wings glide far and spin and recover fast.

Colors - You don't like the colour of your car? Forget about it. It's 
no problem. You can select from either two or three colours, depending 
on the model. Find the perfect combination from a large palette and 
show off your stuff! And you don't even have to put up with the smell. 
Trust me. It stinks. :)

Rims - Why not customize your car further to make it as individual as 
you are with some cool rims? There are 21 different rims that you can 
put on your car. They don't affect performance, and you most likely 
won't see much of them when you're racing, but who knows who might be 

Team Battle (Battle Mode, 3 or 4 players only) - If you don't want 
free-for-all fun, then I guess you can team up with another player and 
see if you can gang up on another team. You can only play this mode in 
3 or 4 player Battle Mode (obviously).



Rush 2049 has several coins in its tracks. You can earn coins by 
touching them. Once they are touched they are recorded on the coin 
tally for that track (between the lap counter and the track map). Coin 
tallies in total and for each track can be viewed on the Records 
screen. This section only covers silver coins. See part 8 for gold 


1. At the beginning of the race, stay to the left of the track. You 
should see a road that leads to the Palace of Fine Arts (as indicated 
by a sign on the right side of the road.) Stay to the left until you 
can drive down onto the sidewalk area. You will see a tunnel seemingly 
blocked off by green pylons. Plow through them and drive through the 
shortcut. You will find a silver coin about halfway through.

2. Rejoin the track after you've collected silver coin 1 and stay to 
the right of the track this time. At the first intersection after the 
Slim Jim gas station, you will find an office building to your right. 
Go off the main road and shatter the glass. If you look to the right 
side, you will find a fountain with a couple of trees and there will be 
a silver coin there. Just drive up and get it.

3. It doesn't matter if you took or missed the office building, just 
keep going full speed anyway. Speed through the tunnel, then stop. Once 
you reach the traffic light intersection by the Rush City Diner, turn 
right and the coin will be at the intersection straight ahead.

4. Continue along the track along the right side. You should see a dirt 
path leading to another road blocked by pylons. Drive over the red 
switch on the right, then enter the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) 
subway tunnel. Go straight until you're nearly at the wall, then turn 
right and go up the ramp. You will hit the coin as you go off the rise 
(you can not get the coin if you do not hit the switch because the 
outdoor toilet will be in the way).

5. Follow the shortcut and once you come out the ramp, turn around and 
follow the left side of the road. Before you reach the Civic Center 
tunnel, turn around and stay to the right. You should see a platform 
that leads to a building entrance - the silver coin is in there.

6. Drive on after you get silver coin 5. Once you reach the entrance to 
the civic center, turn around, drive down the road and slowly look to 
your right for a red switch. Do not drive over it. Now, look to your 
left for a set of stairs. Drive up them, and a silver coin will be 
hiding in the building. You can get it, no problem. 

7. Turn around once again and drive through the civic center. Now, 
follow the left side of the track. By the outdoor elevators, you will 
find another building, and there is a silver coin in the entrance area. 
Just drive in.

8. This is the final silver coin. Turn around one final time and drive 
to the start/finish. Keep to the right. Past the "Palace of Fine Arts" 
highway sign, you will find some low buildings. Turn into the side road 
that goes off the right side. Follow it right to the end, then turn 
left. Go behind the buildings to find that final silver coin.


1. Go down the sidewalk that appears after the first right-left turn 
(it will be to your right). Follow it, and you will see a switch to the 
right. You have to hit it to get this coin. When you do, a ramp will 
rise up, now hit it and let it take you to another platform. There will 
be another ramp straight ahead. Go on it, then hit the brakes once you 
hit the ground again and go to a dead stop. You should see a ramp with 
two tire treads on it. Accelerate again and go up it at around 125 MPH, 
while following the tire marks exactly. You will go up to another 
platform, and you should see the silver coin by the windmill. If you 
have enough speed, you can fly through the air and get it. If not, 
there is a platform you can go onto, and the silver coin is reachable 
from there. Watch out for the spinning blades, therefore you may not 
get this the first time.

2. Head down the divided road (the one with the green arrow strips on 
either side), but once you reach the end, make a left and you will be 
going up a side road. Once you reach the end of this side road, make 
another left turn and you will see the silver coin there, with nothing 
separating it from you.

3. This is an extremely easy one if you know what you're doing. Go down 
the exit ramp after the freeway (that starts after the striped arches). 
Once you reach the tunnel with the blue grate under it, turn around and 
start driving back the way you came, except you will see a ramp just 
after the exit ramp point. Go up it and you will see that you are 
driving into a pipe. If you follow and drive on the green flashing 
lights, you will drive right into the coin - now read on to silver coin 

4. After you get silver coin 3, keep on following the flashing lights 
to take you down to ground level. Once you are back upright, exit the 
tunnel slowly, then stop and turn around. Drive to the right of the 
tunnel exit slowly (not too fast), and you will start driving up a 
grass ledge and into a silver coin cleverly hidden there. Read on to 
silver coin 5.

5. At the end of the road you will see some cones seemingly blocking 
your exit. Go through them slowly, and you will be away from the road 
in a secret area that was not reachable normally. Off to the side from 
your exit is a silver coin. You might get stuck in some raised ground, 
but it is possible to get out. Just be cautious. And if you really do 
get stuck or roll over, just abort and try again.

6. These next three coins are all going to be found in the same area 
(just before the start/finish). You will see one silver coin in the 
air. This is only reachable by hitting the lava lamp at low speed. So 
go ahead, hit it at around 20-30 MPH. You should go into the air and 
into the coin. If you get it wrong, adjust your angle of approach and 
speed, then try again.

7. There are two dirt paths (one branching out from the other) by the 
road, next to a tunnel. Now, all you have to do is hit the left one at 
high speed, and you should go flying through the air on top of the 
lighted arrow sign. There is a silver coin on top of that arrow sign 
(you may have seen it, but it may have seemed hard to get).

8. The final silver coin in this level can only be reached if you hit 
the dirt path to the right at high speed, following it exactly. The 
silver coin is on top of the tunnel on a grass surface. If you have 
enough speed, it shouldn't be hard enough to reach. It might take a few 
tries, though.


1. After the beginning of the race (driving forwards), you will pass a 
bridge with blue barriers on both sides. At either end of it, go off 
the track and you will see that you can drive down to a dirt path 
below. Below the bridge, there is a silver coin, go down the steep 
slope, then head towards the underpass to get it.

2. Keep on going, and you will be making two banked turns (they may be 
tough the first time you take them because your car may have the 
tendency to spin out). Once you reach the main road, you will see two 
access roads - one on the right side and one on the left side. Take the 
access road to the right. Look for a white building, and there will be 
a silver coin in the first opening.

3. This one is easy enough to get if you know where to look. Going over 
the main road there is a bridge, but it's fenced off on either side. 
Now, get on the bridge by going onto a ramp with a switch on it, then 
turning around and you will be on the bridge. Follow it over the main 
road, then on the other side, after you turn right, there will be a 
silver coin.

4. After you make a right turn, you will see three yellow and black 
pillars rising up from the ground on the side of the road. Turn right, 
and drive over to the other side of this area. Then, turn right. You 
will find a silver coin in a gap.

5. Start driving down the track until you reach the huge jump with the 
jets that fly over. Turn around and face the huge satellite. Now, 
accelerate again. You want to aim yourself between the main road and 
the side road off to the right. There is a path there that takes you up 
to a ledge (it is difficult but if you did it correctly you should have 
landed on a ledge). Search this ledge to find the silver coin.

6. About halfway through the turn after the large jump, make a right 
and go up the grass. (You can get to gold coin 4 this way.) You will 
see a little grass ramp that goes between two buildings. Just drive 
slowly up and then go down. Once the building to your right ends, you 
will find the silver coin.

7. At the final straight before the end of the course, there is a 
building with the title "San Francisco Conservatory of Music". But put 
down your instrument and look for an opening in the building. Drive 
through it, then look to the left and you will see the silver coin.

8. On the right side of the road you should see a silver coin just out 
of your reach, because it is blocked off by the barrier at the edge of 
the road. But at the right there is a side road. Follow it and turn 
right once you reach a barrier. You should find the silver coin after 
you reach the yellow and black-lit barriers and turn right.


1. Follow the track until you reach a church to your right (there is a 
yellow-lit building right after it). Now, drive your car right up to 
the trees. Drive your car through the space between the church and the 
trees. At the second and last space to your left, there is a silver 

2. At the next turn, you will see that there is a wall to your right 
along with some streetlights. Just before the intersection and the 
sharp drop down, stop at the streetlight and turn right. Between two 
buildings you will see a silver coin at the end of the tunnel.

3. This is easy enough if you know what you're doing. Go down the hill 
and make the turn that consists of a quarter pipe full of advertising. 
Now, head up and make sure that you're a little bit to the right or 
left. If you're lined up correctly, you will reach some sideroads above 
the main road. Slow down a bit and prepare to merge and make a sharp 
turn (right or left). Now, once the two sideroads merge together, keep 
to the left and watch for a bridge. The bridge will become glass and 
you should get dropped off on some raised earth. Go behind the building 
and the silver coin is there. If your speed is above 170 MPH at the 
hill, you can jump right to the point where the two sideroads merge 

4. After the tunnel area, you should make a couple of more turns then 
you should be driving parallel to the bullet train tracks. When you 
come to an intersection where you can turn left or continue ahead, turn 
left, then turn right and drive behind the pillar you see to score 
yourself a coin.

5. By the bullet train tracks, to the left there are several pillars. 
Between two of them there is a road going straight up. Yep - straight 
up. Just drive up it, well, it doesn't go exactly straight up, but 
close. If you're using a manual transmission, you might want to take it 
in first or second gear. As you approach the crest, slow down, then 
stop once you reach the top. Carefully drive over to a long ledge on 
your right, which you should see has the silver coin on it.

6. If you're not on the path parallel to the bullet train, go there 
now. Drive down towards the end of the road, then check out the parking 
lot to your right just after the turn you make. There should be a 
silver coin waiting just by a building.

7. Stay to the left of the road and look for an opening. Make the 
following turns: left, left, right, right. There should be a silver 
coin waiting in between two of the buildings.

8. Go back to the road and look for a switch to the right just by the 
fence. The "Cheps" sign will move down exposing a secret path. Take it, 
and you will see that it is a glass loop. Somewhere towards the top you 
should run through the silver coin.


1. At the first intersection on the track (after the junction), turn 
right, and then follow the road that goes through a building. Go off 
the ramp and angle to the left. This ramp will take you to a rooftop 
and there are some gaps in the roof. There is a silver coin in between 
the first space. Or, after you start the race, get to the right onto 
the ramp. You will go onto the rooftop and the silver coin is in the 
last space from your point of you.

2. At the first intersection on the track, turn right, and then left. 
You should start driving down the road and towards what appears to be 
some sort of gallery building. There should be a switch straight ahead, 
you do not have to hit it. Slow down and go up either ramp on either 
side, then turn right or left (depending on what ramp you took) to get 
the silver coin.

3. After getting silver coin 2, preferably abort and put yourself back 
on the track by pressing the C-Up button. Now, continue down the track 
normally, make the big jump. After it ends and you're back on the road 
and solid ground, look for the first intersection right after a dirt 
path to your right. Turn right, then look to your left and there is a 
silver coin in the second building gap.

4. Continue driving down the track until you reach Lake Merced 
Boulevard (the road that goes by the lake). Go off the road and and 
look to your right. There is a house in front of you and between two of 
its pillars, there is a silver coin. (You have to kind of wonder, whose 
house is this?)

5. At the green glass structure to your right, stop. Turn right, and go 
in the tiny space between the two buildings. Turn left and go right 
against the wall. Start going down, and you will go into this long, 
thin gap. If you go far enough, you will score yourself a silver coin. 
(This was silver coin 48 for me.)

6. Go in the tiny space between the two buildings like in silver coin 
5, except stay straight. Explore this area, staying to the left of the 
aquarium and white building. After you pass these two structures, you 
should see a silver coin.

7. There are two ways to get this coin. After the left-right turn, look 
for the space in between two buildings. Look for an entrance in the 
right. Beside the first piece of cargo to the left is a silver coin. 
Or, you can go to nearly the start/finish and start driving back. Then, 
go through the window and collect the coin. Both ways are acceptable.

8. This coin is pathetically simple if you know where to look. Once you 
reach the intersection with the traffic lights around the building 
where silver coin 7 is, turn right, then turn left. There is a silver 
coin straight ahead.


1. Start the race normally, then drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. 
Now, follow the track until you enter the tunnel, and prepare to stop. 
After you exit the tunnel, make a U-turn to the right. In the corner 
between the barriers and the tunnel is a silver coin.

2. When you exit the Presidio for the first time, go up the incline, 
and then come back down, then you'll be back into the Presidio area. 
There is a switch at the base and a building shell that you can enter. 
There is a silver coin in this building.

3. As you enter San Francisco urban area once again, at the first 90-
degree left turn, there is a silver coin in what appears to be a gas 
station. You can cut through this gas station so at the turn, turn 
around and you should see the silver coin.

4. Turn around and go back to the last turn before you enter the urban 
area. Now, stay on the right side of the road, aiming towards a switch. 
(It's on the shoulder of the road, but follow my instructions anyway. 
Got that?) Now, hit the switch and make sure you've got a good amount 
of speed. You will land on a path that goes above the main course. Go 
off the end of it for a silver coin. Read on.

5. Follow this shortcut and you probably would get coin madness. But 
look in gold coins for Track 6 or the Presidio track, later. This 
shortcut road will begin to rise. Soon, you will go flying through the 
air, over the main course, and the shortcut continues. By some palm 
trees to the right, there is a silver coin. What a good place to relax 
at until crazy drivers pick you up, hmmm?

6. Now here's pretty much silver coin heaven for track 6. At the big 
jump, slow down and wait for the left turn. Now, stop at that point and 
then make a U-turn. You should see a grassy area. Drive onto it (it's 
not that hard). Now, keep going and eventually you should be driving on 
a transparent road. Just keep on following it. Before it goes into a 
tunnel, you will score a silver coin.

7. Turn around, drop down to the lower level without crashing, then 
start driving towards the main road. Before the road appears to go into 
blackness, you will pick up a silver coin.

8. At the final turn before you exit the city area, you can go in 
between two buildings. Just before the second building, you will see a 
silver coin between the two buildings.



You might notice that these gold coins are written independently from 
the silver coins. That's because I don't want to be like other guides 
that mix silver coins and gold coins up. Keep them separate, that's my 
opinion. This way you can get all the silver coins and then all the 
gold coins.


1. At the first intersection past the Slim Jim gas station, enter the 
office building and break the glass. Proceed down the hallway at around 
30 to 35 miles per hour. Once the road ends, you will fall into a gold 
coin. It doesn't matter if you are upright, just as long as you are 
traveling at the right speed.

2. Try to navigate Lombard going uphill as best as you can, then drive 
down the long straightaway. Turn around, then burn it down as fast as 
you can. Keep to the left and try to get the gold coin (approx. 140 MPH 
is a fine speed to be at). You might want to use your wings, too.

3. After the Rush City Diner (you can see it if you look to the right 
and you're going slow, it's on a neon sign), look to the right for a 
dirt path. Drive down it. You can hit the switch if you want but it 
doesn't matter. Now enter the BART subway tunnel. Once you enter, stop 
and turn left. Where the subway tracks appear to go into blackness, 
there is a gold coin.

4. There are two ways to get this coin. You can head into the subway en 
route of gold coin 3 and burn it down the subway track, then turn right 
for the next coin, or turn around at the start, enter the subway to the 
right (after the first turn), then look to the left. Both ways are 
acceptable, they get the same coin.

5. Enter the subway shortcut and hit the switch. Now, follow the route 
described in silver coin 4. Now, follow the shortcut. Keep on going. 
Before you reach the loop, you will blast into a gold coin, and then 
it's yours.

6. After you've gone through the civic center, keep going. After you've 
gone through the next tunnel, stop. Turn around. Burn it down the 
straight, then keep to the left. After you see the brick shoulder, hit 
it and at a high speed, go up the left side of the blue ramp and go 
flying through the air, then land on the deck for your prize. (Note: if 
you're going backwards on the track, this can be an effective shortcut 
if you keep on following the route)

7. Turn around once again and keep to the right. Hit the switch that 
you find on the sidewalks to the right side. Now, get to the left, and 
you will see a circular tunnel. Keep to the bottom of the pipe once you 
enter it, and at about the point when there is a right-left 
combination, there will be a gold coin on the floor of the pipe.

8. Almost at the end of the course, just before the start/finish line, 
you will find some openings. Two of them are fenced off, but the last 
one holds the last gold coin (it'll be the first one you'll see if 
you're driving forwards).


1. This is going to be one of two coins that will be extremely hard to 
get. At the beginning of the race, start normally, then watch for a 
sidewalk going off the track after the right-left combination. Follow 
the route, then keep to the left and look for a ramp going down. Follow 
that path. Drive your car up to the crack in the wall and you will see 
that your car will not fit through. But you will see that there are two 
gold coins behind. "But it's impossible to get in there!" you say. No. 
Back up behind that bar behind it. Now, accelerate and get the car up 
onto the platform (on two wheels), and if you're lucky, you will get 
through. The gold coin is right at the entrance. Don't worry if you 
don't get it the first time, this gold coin is most likely the most 
difficult in the game.

2. Read the instructions for gold coin 1 and enter, unless you're 
already in there. Now, there is a second gold coin in another part of 
the room. Just drive over there and you will get it. You're obviously 
not going to get out of this room, so crash and burn, or press C-up if 
you want out of there.

3. This one is pretty easy if you know what you're doing. Go around the 
track, until you go past the striped arches. Now, go a little slower, 
and watch for a red switch on the right. Run over it, and get to the 
left. Now, watch for the red lights on the left. Once you see them, go 
off the track to the left and through the glass. You will see an arrow 
strip right in front of you. Go up, and if you have the right speed, 
you will land on a platform with another arrow strip. Try to get to the 
left, and as you go off the platform you will get yourself a gold coin.

4. If you've earned gold coin 3, just go off the ramp and drive down 
the streets to the tunnel. If you didn't, just keep on following the 
track until you reach the tunnel. Turn around, and burn it down the 
straight. Now, once you see the ramp in front of you, go up and you 
will reach a tunnel. Go in and follow the green lights (where silver 
coins 3, 4, and 5 were). Once you're back down to ground level, you 
have two choices:
  a) Burn it, and if you're lucky you will hit the gold coin next to 
the fence corner. Thing is, you'll probably blow up.
  b) Slow down, land on the ground safely, then look around for a small 
grass ramp. Drive up and you should hit the coin.

5. This might be a tough one. Towards the end of the lap, look to your 
right and you will see two dirt paths, one jutting out from the other. 
Head back behind the lava lamps to the building area, then accelerate 
towards it. Now here's the tricky part. Go up the dirt path to the 
left, but just stay a little bit to the left of there too. If you have 
enough speed, you will fly onto the second floor of the parking lot 
(note: you can fall off onto the first floor). The gold coin should 
either be right in front of you or you will just have to look around a 
bit (feel free to go down the steep ramp).

6. This one is pretty easy. Just past those two dirt paths, there is a 
tunnel. Go down at high speed and stay to the left. That's important. 
You'll hit a 180 degree loop and then see a full ramp. It will send you 
flying through the air and into the gold coin.

7. Hey, let's try that again. Except we're going to a whole new area. 
Go down the tunnel again, keeping your speed to approximately 80 to 85 
miles per hour. You'll hit that loop once again. Now, flip yourself 
around using the wings and land safely. To your left, you will find 
this small opening. It's pretty hard to see, so look carefully. Proceed 
through cautiously. If you follow that path, you will see that it is a 
secret area, full of green and red arrow strips and patterns (note: 
there is no difference between green and red arrow strips, they do the 
exact same thing). There are two coins hidden in this area. When you 
enter, turn right and go to the area where there are three arrow 
strips, two green, and one red in the middle. Now, align your car so 
you are facing a black tunnel on the other side of the room. Go on the 
green strip that aligns you with that, and it will boost your speed 
(maybe you should have some high engine power). You will hit a couple 
of more green arrows, then align yourself quick and go flying down the 
tunnel. If you had enough speed (around 230 miles per hour), you will 
fly down the tunnel and hopefully into the gold coin, but it is 
possible to overshoot.

8. This coin will pretty much come automatically. After you get gold 
coin 7, there will be a green arrow strip ready to shoot you out. Let 
it take you anyway, even if you miss the gold coin. Once you come out, 
you will go flying through the air and hopefully into another gold 
coin. Hey, not a bad idea for a rollercoaster ride. :)

1. At the two access roads, described in silver coin 2, towards the end 
there is a ramp with a switch on it to your right. Go up at high speed 
and hit it. Now, the trick is to land on a road which is above the blue 
and black-lit shortcut. Keep your speed to around 100 MPH and you will 
go through a transparent blue barrier. Slow down to around 10 MPH or 
so, then come out the other side. Use your wings to straighten yourself 
out, then land on a roof. Follow it, and somewhere on that ledge there 
should be a gold coin.

2. This gold coin is after the tunnel with the flashing red light. Look 
for a side road branching off to the left. Once you do see it, go up, 
and look for three trees to the left of the road. Go between the top 
two, then drive your car up and onto a roof. Now, on the right there is 
a space between the buildings - drive in there, then turn left. There 
is a gold coin cleverly hidden there.

3. This is a trial-and-error type of coin. It's difficult to get but 
easy enough to see. As you speed past the huge satellite, you will see 
a gold coin hanging in mid-air. Here's how to get it: just after the 
side road that you take to get to gold coin 1, there is a yellow 
tunnel. Go down it, and once you get out you will go flying through the 
air and onto this side road. (You can also keep following the side road 
in gold coin 1). Keep on following it and it will go over the main 
path. To the right you will see a secret path. Follow it, and take the 
left fork. Now, turn around, and you should see a green arrow strip as 
you accelerate. It will be to your left. So give yourself room to turn 
that way. If you're right with the accuracy, you will net yourself 
another gold coin as you fly through the air. 

4. This gold coin is easy to see but tough to get. After the big jump, 
at around the halfway part of the next turn, turn onto the grass. Now, 
go slow. This is actually a ramp that doesn't work all the time, but 
it's the only way to get to your destination. If the angles are all 
correct, and you start angling to your right towards the crest, you 
should be able to get onto a roof with a gold coin on it.

5. The main road will start to go downhill. Head onto the shoulder of 
the road (i.e. be as close as possible to the wall.) Soon, you will see 
a tunnel with two arrows pointing towards it. Follow that tunnel, but 
don't go too fast. At the end, you will land on some buildings. Stop, 
then just go slow and you will land on another rooftop, which has a 
gold coin on it.

6. To the left of the main road there is a green arrow strip. Hit it at 
around 90 to 100 MPH or so, and try to angle right, not dead center. If 
you have the right speed and the right angle, you will get a gold coin 
on a bridge that goes over the main road.

7. Follow the same steps as in gold coin 7, except be exactly right on 
target (dead center) and have a lot more speed. If that's done right, 
you will land on this transparent glass road. Follow it and gain speed. 
Once you get off, you will land on this dirt road, and once you go off 
the crest, you will go flying through the air to net yourself a gold 

8. At the start/finish line turn around to the left and follow the 
underground tunnel. Try not to fall off the edge of this road. Go by 
the fan, and be careful through the cracks in the concrete block. Now, 
follow the road and pretty soon you should, for sure, see a gold coin 
on your screen. Drive onto the dirt to get it. If you want, you can 
also go up the steep hill by the side road in gold coins 1 and 2. It 
has three pillars rising up from the ground, they are blue and white. 
Let yourself drop down once you reach the top (there is a hole) but 
align yourself with the wings. Go through the fan and then once the 
road is about to drop off, slow down and fall onto the dirt. There is 
the gold coin on a ledge.


1. At the beginning of the race, go up the hill and once you're about 
to make the big jump, align yourself a bit to the right. You should go 
on top of some buildings and you should find a gold coin there. I found 
this coin without even knowing it! I didn't even see it coming!

2. This will be tough if you don't have the engine power on you. Go a 
little farther down the course and then turn around. Come back to the 
big jump, make it, and then you should go flying into the gold coin. If 
you don't get it, you should at least notice it.

3. Drive down to the end of the long straightaway at the far end of the 
course and then turn around. If you're driving fast enough, you should 
net yourself the gold coin as you go flying through the air towards the 
advertisement quarter pipe.

4. New advertisement deal: you can get 5 GOLD COINS in this area! Yes, 
you can get them all using the same process. Just go up that vertical 
road by the bullet train. This first one is hanging in midair. If you 
have enough speed at the top, you should get some air, start falling to 
earth, and fall into the gold coin.

5. Go up the vertical road by the bullet train path once again, but 
slow down at the top, then stop. Go onto that ledge you see, then just 
slowly go off of it at the far end. You should be falling into a 
halfpipe. Once you hit the ground again, you should be in the halfpipe. 
There is a gold coin at the bottom. Read on for more money.

6. Drive off the edge of the halfpipe at the bottom. You should be 
falling towards a rooftop which has a gold coin on it as well. As long 
as you get it right, you should be getting yourself on the rooftop. 
Drive around to get the coin. Read on for more gold coin madness.

7. From gold coin 6, look for a break in a fence. No, not on the side 
of the vertical road and the halfpipe, but on another side, where the 
red building is. Your mission, should you decide to accept it: drive 
off of this ledge at around 40 to 50 miles per hour. The trick is to 
land on a ledge of that red building. If you do land safely, look for a 
gap in the building structure. The gold coin is in that gap.

8. Go up the vertical road just one more time - because this has to be 
the coolest way to get to a gold coin. Now, stop once you hit the top 
and go to that ledge that you go onto to drop down to gold coin 5. Now, 
accelerate and aim just a bit to the left of the edge. You'll go flying 
through the air and you'll land on top of a skyscraper if you followed 
instructions correctly. If you didn't...well, you'll most likely be 
cinder. Do not be fooled! The gold coin is not in the air! The gold 
coin is on the roof of this skyscraper, look around to get it.

1. After the point where the road branches off and then returns to 
normal, stop at around the point before the small rise up into the 
first long turn. Then turn around and look to your right. You should 
see a green arrow strip going inside a building. The trick is to 
approach it in first gear, then go on the arrow strip, holding the 
brake and trying to swerve sideways to the left, perpendicular to the 
walls on both sides. It's not easy to do, and will require patience. 
But if you're lucky (hey, it happened to me, why can't it happen to 
you?), you will stop on this narrow bridge. Drive across the bridge to 
get a gold coin on the other side.

2. Continue down the road until you reach the big hill. Slow down to 
around 100 miles per hour. Now, stay to the left, but start going to 
the right as you approach the crest. If you did this right, you'll end 
up on the area below the advertising halfpipes, above the long arrow 
strip. That was the hard part. Now, turn around, and drive down, and 
you should go onto a building ledge with a gold coin on it. (If, of 
course, you followed instructions).

3. After the big jump, slow down and look to the right. You should see 
a dirt road, now take it. It will lead you into a shortcut. Just keep 
on following it - there's no gold coin in here but it leads to one. 
Once you exit, get to the right onto the dirt road away from the water, 
and hit the narrow ramp at around 150 MPH. (That's the one to the 
left.) You'll go flying through the air onto another roadway above the 
actual course. Keep on going, while avoiding the miniature bullet 
trains. Just go as fast as possible while staying in the middle of the 
road. You'll probably be going really fast now, but don't stop. There 
is a gold coin straight ahead, towards the end of the road. If you 
don't have time to stop after you hit it, keep going and eventually you 
will be placed back on the track as you go off the course area.

4. This might be a bit of a tough one. Keep on driving, until you see a 
curved ledge to your left. Just keep driving anyway until you reach the 
left-right turn. Then turn around and start driving back the way you 
came. At the first right turn, get to the right and go into the green 
tunnel. If you're going fast enough (around 100 MPH), you'll fly onto 
the curved ledge described earlier. Just keep on driving and you'll fly 
onto another ledge. Now, it'll go up, and as you approach the top, 
start angling towards the right. You will go flying through the air and 
onto a building rooftop that has the letter "H" with a circle around it 
on the top. There is a gold coin on this roof. (This was the final gold 
coin that I found in Race Mode.)

5. About two-thirds through the course, you will see a structure that 
has green glass. Keep to the right side of the road, go on the other 
side of the glass, and you will be going up a pathway. Stay to the 
right side and you will see a halfpipe straight ahead. Continue being 
on the right side (so close that you're almost scraping the wall), 
until you reach the halfpipe. Let it flip you over. You will go flying 
through the air (flip yourself upright again with the wings) and land 
on a narrow ledge. On this ledge is the gold coin.

6. Follow the steps for gold coin 6 except stay to the left in the 
halfpipe area. Turn left, go slightly up the pipe (the two sides are 
joined now), then back down. Now, come out on the other side. There are 
two paths: one takes you towards the left and one takes you down 
towards the main road. Take the one to the left. Just before you enter 
the building, drop down and search the building ledge for a gold coin.

7. Just after the point where the path from the halfpipe goes down to 
the main road, you will notice an area which is fenced off. In this 
area is a gold coin. But you can't get here normally. You have to go 
back to the start/finish point and start driving to the point where the 
roads merge back together again. Now, start driving down the track, and 
stay to the left of the yellow and black lighting. You will see a ship 
moving from left to right in the river. If you manage to get on it 
without plunging into the river, let it take you to a pier. Now, drive 
off the ship there and look for a gap between two buildings. Turn left, 
then turn right, then turn right, then you will be in that fenced off 
area where the gold coin is.

8. Turn the backward setting on. Turn around and drive to the point 
where the two roads merge back together. Start driving down the track 
and stay to the left of the arrows pointing right (>>>). Now, jump on 
the ship and keep going. The instant you land on the top floor of the 
parking lot, STOP. Now, go into the tunnel that has arrow signs on the 
floor. Stay to the right and start going to the left. Now, once you get 
out of the tunnel, aim left so you are on an arrow strip. Let it take 
you. Once you land on the rooftop, stop or let the sign stop you. Now, 
turn around and look for a bridge going to another rooftop - the gold 
coin is on that bridge.


1. Once you enter the city for the first time, slow down to 
approximately 90 to 100 miles per hour, then you should get a gold coin 
behind the monorail tracks at the first jump.

2. At the top of the hill, go onto the left side of the road. Once the 
road drops off, you will go flying through the air and hopefully into 
the gold coin. That must be curious for motorists...gold coins 
levitating above them...

3. Once you exit the city for the first time, drive through the 
Presidio and enter the city once again. Go to the side of the road on 
which the red switch is on. You will go flying through the air and onto 
a path above the main road. Follow it onto a dirt road. Just keep on 
following it, though. Once the road starts to rise, pretty soon you'll 
go flying over the main track and into a gold coin.

4. There are two ways to get this coin, but both of them lead to the 
same place. Preferably use plan A first, then go to plan B if you 
missed the opportunity for plan A or crash while working on the coin.
 a) After you've gotten gold coin 3, keep going, but try not to get 
into an accident. Just follow the road, then pretty soon you will be 
able to get to the right slightly. Start angling right. You will go 
flying over the main track and onto a bridge that is curved. Start 
driving around it, and when you get dropped off at the end, you will 
have scored a gold coin in the air.
 b) If you missed this opportunity, there is another opportunity to get 
to the bridge. Press C-up to put yourself back on the track if you're 
in trouble. When the road goes up and starts curving right, then there 
is a sharp left turn. Stay to the left here, but start angling right. 
You will reach a big jump. Aim right and you should land on the bridge 
(just be patient here, I got in trouble but landed it the first time, 
but try to be careful). Now drive to the end, and collect the coin.

5. At the road below the bridge described in gold coin 4, turn around 
and you will see a grass area. Go up on it, it's not that hard. Now, go 
on the transparent road just ahead. Drive on it, and once you're 
dropped off at the end, go into the tunnel. Slow down. Now, you'll drop 
off the edge, now use your wings to straighten yourself out. You might 
have fallen right on the gold coin, but if you didn't, drive around and 
you should find it.

6. This is a trial-and-error type of coin. At the end of the 
straightaway after the big jump, you can go between two buildings just 
after the left turn. Go between them and follow the shortcut. You will 
be on a dirt path with magenta lights on either side. You will go 
through a tunnel that turns out to be under the main road. Now, you'll 
be approaching a loop. Just after the halfway point, slow down to a 
dead stop. You will fall down and hopefully into the gold coin.

7. Turn the backwards setting on. Go through the track normally, until 
you enter the city. You will make three right turns, then the road will 
start dropping down. Slow down and look for a switch to the left. Run 
over it, then accelerate to about 135 to 140 MPH and keep it steady 
around there. If you've already made a lap of Track 6 you may have 
noticed lighted arrows blocking off a path. Those arrows will be gone 
now. Go up this path at around 140 MPH or so. You will fly onto a 
rooftop. Now stop, if possible. Go off the edge that you were aiming 
towards when you entered this area, and there is a gold coin on this 

8. Follow the instructions in gold coin 7 except go faster after you 
hit the switch. Go up this path as usual, but you should be in another 
area past where gold coin 7 was once you go off of it. Look around 
here, and you should find the gold coin on yet another rooftop. If it 
turns out you fall off one of the rooftops, you will be put back on the 


<<< 9. STUNT MODE >>>

San Francisco Rush (the original) never had a stunt mode. Rush 2 had 
one stunt track and that was pretty much the replayability of it. But 
now, in Rush 2049, crazy stunts in the City by the Bay can now be done 
in not one, not two, or three, but FOUR awesome, and brand-new, stunt 
tracks. But unlike Rush 2, the point system is different - plus, there 
are more bonuses that can increase your score. Before, if you scored 50 
points in one stunt, that was good. But now, with bonuses and 
everything, scoring 2,000 points in a stunt in Rush 2049 is pretty darn 
fine. And that's how you score more stunt tracks - scoring points.


All flips, rolls, spins, and twists are counted as a 180-degree 
rotation being one. So, say you pull off a flip and then come back to 
normal position. You made a 360 degree rotation, therefore you score 10 
points, without bonuses. So here's the point system, followed by 
bonuses. Obviously, the "x" indicates multiplication.


Flip (forward, backward) - 5 points
Roll (right, left) - 5 points
Helicopter spin - 5 points
Twist (multi axis) - 3 points
2 wheels - 3 points
Wheelie (up on rear wheels) - 5 points
Endo (up on front wheels) - 5 points
Air time (for every second in the air over 5 seconds) - 5 points

A flip constitutes your car's nose going down or up, then letting the 
car continue to follow that process. A forwards flip is when the car's 
nose dips, a backwards flip is when the car's nose rises. Forward flips 
and backward flips are shown as two different icons.
A roll constitutes the car leaning to the right or left, then letting 
the car continue to follow that process. A right roll is when the car 
leans to the right, a left roll is when the car leans to the left. 
Right rolls and left rolls are shown as two different icons.
A helicopter spin constitutes the car spinning around in the air and 
staying upright, without lean from the vehicle or the nose going up or 
down. The direction of a helicopter spin does not make any difference, 
and it is only one icon.
A twist is a combination of two or more of the following: rolls, flips, 
or helicopter spins. Regardless of direction, there is only one icon 
A two-wheel stunt is when your car is only driving on two wheels on 
either side of the vehicle. This stunt is its own icon.
A wheelie is when your car is up on the back wheels.
An endo is when the car is up on the front wheels (this is not an easy 
stunt to pull off.)
Air time is the duration that your car is in the air, and none of the 
car's wheels are in contact with the ground.

Flip icons are red.
Roll icons are green.
Helicopter spin icon is dark blue.
Twist icon is orange.
Two-wheel icon is light blue.
Wheelie icon is light blue. Looks like this: (/)
Endo icon is light blue. Looks like this: (\)
Air time icon is pink.



Perfect spin bonus (flawless helicopter spin) - 15x
Perfect roll bonus (flawless roll) - 25x
Perfect flip bonus (flawless flip) - 25x

Partial wings bonus (wings used under 3 seconds) - 2x
No wings bonus (wings not used at all) - 7x

(NOTE: If you have only one icon on the right side of your screen, 
regardless of quantity, there is an exception: a partial wings bonus is 
3x and a no wings bonus is 8x.)

Triple bonus (three individual icons) - 10x
Quad bonus (four individual icons) - 20x
Rush bonus (five individual icons) - 40x
Super bonus (six individual icons) - 60x
Extreme bonus (seven individual icons) - 80x
Super Rush bonus (eight individual icons) - 100x
Extreme Rush bonus (nine individual icons) - 500x
??? bonus (all ten individual icons) - 1000x (?)*

* NOTE: I've heard that this bonus is known as the Papyray bonus but I 
am not 100 percent sure of that. In the meantime, I'll keep stunting 
and see if luck is on my side, and if I get all ten icons then I'll 
know for sure.

Let's just give an example. Say, you pulled off the following stunts. 
You used the wings for more than three seconds. Therefore:

Roll right 3 ( x 5 = 15)
Roll left 2 ( x 5 = 10)
Multi axis 7 ( x 3 = 21)
2 wheel 1 ( x 3 = 3)
Air time 2 ( x 5 = 10)
Stunt base total: 15 + 10 + 21 + 3 + 10 = 59
Rush Bonus x40
Total: 2360 points.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. The stunt 
mode point system.

And now, for the stunt tracks:


This is the only stunt track that you start with at first. There is one 
main tower right in the center of the level and several other pyramid-
shaped jumps around the perimeter. Outside the jumps are orange and 
blue windows which form a slope that takes you up. Therefore you have 
several opportunities to score major points using the wings. You will 
have to sacrifice wing bonuses for icon bonuses if you want to score 
big points, but that's your choice - but Stunt 1 will be the easiest 
place to score major bonuses - I scored 64,643 points here with an 
Extreme Rush bonus!


Stunt Track 2 is only unlocked after you score 100,000 stunt points 
cumulatively. It may take you a couple of days, though. There are three 
areas with green arrow pads that can give you lots of air and stunt 
opportunities. Mainly halfpipes and quarterpipes against the walls. A 
few odd jumps, too. Like on Stunt 1, you can get major points if you 
use your wings. But what would you rather have - just a triple bonus 
and partial wings, or a super Rush bonus?


At 250,000 cumulative stunt points, you can head into the oasis area, 
or Stunt Track 3. The course is irregular shaped and has plenty of odd 
jumps - so it's going to be hard to get major icon bonuses here. But on 
the other hand, it's easy to get partial wings and no wings bonuses 
here if you just let yourself stunt without the wing help - and hope 
for a good-sized reward.


Once you score half a million stunt points, you will head to the 
warehouse and Stunt 4. This is the biggest stunt track in the game, but 
also the most difficult. There are plenty of jumps, but not like in 
Stunt 1 and 2, where you can successfully control yourself with the 
wings - several peculiar outcroppings and plenty of levels above the 
main level below. Just leave it to the jumps like in Stunt 3 and let 
yourself have a few good flips - and maybe even get some good points, 


<<< 10. BATTLE MODE >>>

You might just write Battle Mode off just as a bit of an afterthought 
to the game. After all, you'd think they could just claim it's 
adrenaline cubed instead of adrenaline squared, no? But you are 
hopelessly wrong if you think that way. Battle Mode is its own mode and 
is intended for two to four players. It's somewhat like Mario Kart 64's 
battle mode, but instead of losing a point when you get hit, a player 
gets a point when they successfully defeat (or "kill") someone.


Players decide on a certain arena and how many points to play to (5 
through 50). They can also decide whether to play with negative points 
(described later). Cars are selected normally and they're off.

At the bottom of each player's screen is a life meter and as players 
get hit by weapons, the life meter decreases. Once it runs out, the 
player's car explodes. Life meters are decreased by using weapons (see 
next paragraph). There is also a point display in the corner of each 
player's screen. It has a different colour behind it and if in any case 
the colours are the same for two or more players, they are on the same 

Lying around the tracks are weapons (which emit different hues from the 
top), which are used by pressing the Z button. There are also some 
power-ups that can make you invisible, shield you, or recover your life 

Players score points by using weapons and being able to make other 
players lose life meter area and explode. The first player to reach the 
point goal wins. If negative point mode is on, if a car rolls over and 
explodes by its own doing, one point is taken away from that player. If 
negative point mode is off, no points are awarded or taken away.


Pea shooter - This weapon is available when you have no other weapon 
that you have at the time. It is a good "diversion" weapon but the 
power is pathetic - you need about ten accurate shots to take your 
target out. You're definitely going to want to pick up something a 
little bit more damaging. The bright side is that there is no limit to 

Gatling gun (yellow light) - This weapon is somewhat like the pea 
shooter but has a little bit more power. It's also good for diversion 
but you need to be pretty accurate. This isn't the best weapon out 
there, because it won't destroy your target in one shot (it'll destroy 
your target with about five good shots), but at least you have 100 
bullets available to you.

Grenade launcher (green light) - This is pretty tough to work with but 
it can be very effective if you are in pursuit of a target and he's not 
swerving. When you launch one of the 20 grenades, it will bounce about 
five times (and bounce off walls and the floor as well), and then 
detonate on its own. But if it's close enough to a car, it will explode 
close to it, but it's still not that good for sniping purposes. You'll 
need two good shots to score a point here.

Battering ram (black light) - Another tough one to work out. But it's 
effective if you have speed advantage over another player. You don't 
need the Z button to fire this weapon, but you do need to drive. To use 
this weapon, drive into someone. They will explode on contact, but the 
trick is to get to someone (therefore, if someone has driven into the 
wall, you could be cheap, pick up the battering ram, drive to them and 
make contact). You can hit someone five times until it's discarded. If 
you're traveling not much faster than your target, you will still make 
them lose some part of their life meter, but not the whole thing.

Sonic blaster (white light) - Find this weapon as soon as you can 
because this is one of the best ones to have. To use this weapon 
effectively, get up close to someone, then press Z to release a 
circular shock wave that will make players lose part of the life meter 
for sure. The closer you are, the more effective this weapon is. If 
you're playing with negative points, this weapon is very useful in 
flipping players over and causing them to lose points. This can be used 
five times. If you're really close, this can work in one hit.

Land mine (red light) - This is a neat weapon to use. When you lie down 
one of the three mines, they're on the track. If anyone runs over them, 
the land mines will detonate (whoever planted them is shown by the 
colour coming from them. Player 1 is blue, Player 2 is red, Player 3 is 
yellow, Player 4 is green.) But if you run over your own, the land mine 
is deactivated and picked up (but you don't get the mine back). This is 
good to use in weapon respawning areas - opponents will have to be 
careful if they want to pick a weapon up. It's also a good weapon for 
chasing people into. 

Guided missile (cyan light) - This is another great weapon to use in 
Battle Mode. The guided missile locks on to another car's path and if 
it makes contact, the other car explodes - it's a one-hit weapon - but 
the trick is that it doesn't shoot very fast and doesn't work when the 
enemy is behind a wall. Once you get a clear shot, fire one of the 3 
missiles you get with this weapon and try to take them out. Since the 
missiles are relatively slow-moving, they're pretty easy to dodge.

Plasma cannon (orange light) - Originally called the rail gun, this 
weapon, when picked up, gives you twenty shots. The cannon shots are 
relatively fast-moving and are great sniping weapons - but the thing 
is, it's somewhat the same as the gatling gun in the strategy - even 
though it only takes two hits to kill.

Rocket launcher (blue light) - This weapon, when picked up, gives you 
20 rockets that you can shoot. They are unguided and are just barely 
faster than the guided missiles, so they aren't very good to use - but 
at least with two good shots, you can take your opponents out.

Invisibility (white eye icon) - The Invisibility, Shield, and Repair 
icons all move around the arena randomly. The Invisibility icon, when 
you drive into it, makes you invisible to all players (but they can 
still spot you coming with the player arrows) - they can not see you, 
and they can not attack you either because the weapons can not do any 
damage. It only remains on for thirty seconds or so, so attack quickly. 
When you use your weapon you will be visible for a brief moment.

Shield (blue shield icon) - The Shield icon puts a barrier around your 
car which does not make you invisible, but when someone fires a weapon 
at you it will not do nearly as much damage. There's no question there 
will still be some damage done, but not very much of it.

Repair (red wrench icon) - This is the best thing to pick up, and 
sometimes it'll be right under your nose. The Repair icon completely 
refills your life meter. COMPLETELY. They are usually difficult to 
reach, but one thing's for sure - if you're getting attacked, rush to 
them quickly.

And now, for battle arenas:


A circular battle arena with plenty of jumps on each side of the arena. 
Since there are jumps, this arena is a good place to play in for 
negative points, because it is possible to flip over and crash if you 
take the jumps wrong. Since there are plenty of platforms around the 
outside perimeter, sniping is a possibility. If you take a jump 
correctly you can jump up onto a platform and get yourself a good 
position for ambushes. The outside path is clear but the inside can be 
a good place to be sneaky.


A rectangular battle arena with two levels. On two opposite sides ares 
ramps that can let you go up towards the second floor. This gives you 
an excellent opportunity to ambush someone. This is also a good place 
to play in for negative points, because if someone makes a mistake they 
probably won't be able to make a complete flip and land on their front 
wheels. There is a separate area where not many drivers will notice you 
- which can work to your advantage.

BATTLE 3-8: Coming in the next version...


<<< 11. OBSTACLE MODE >>>

This will only be earned once you score one million stunt points. This 
will be one of the toughest tests to pass in Rush 2049, so make sure 
you have what you need. You hopefully should have all the options you 
need to tackle it by the time it is unlocked. So here's a full room 

Room 1 - Swinging spikes

This will be where you start. The spikes will all knock you into a 
bottomless pit. If at any time you fail to complete a room, you will 
have to start it all over again. The speed of the spikes vary - in 
order, the speeds are: medium, slow, fast, slow, medium, slow, fast, 
slow, fast. If you can remember that, you'll have done half the job. 
Then, you have to stop and go. "But where do I stop?" At the parts of 
the path that have light shining on them (not the dark spots). If you 
can remember all that, you shouldn't have a hard time mastering this 

Room 2 - Slime pit

Ugh. Now this is what it's like in the sewer. If at any time you fall 
into the slime, you will have to start all over again (but not from the 
beginning). As you drive down towards the pit, you'll notice some jumps 
going up and down. Take the middle jump, preferably, and if you have 
good speed after the dash arrows, you should clear the pit and land on 
solid ground. Stay on it and don't touch the slime, and you will have 
mastered the second room.

Room 3 - Opening and closing walls

This is more like a mini-room than an actual room. The columns move up 
and down at different speeds. Chances are that if you take off from the 
slime pit area at full speed, you'll crash. Take it slowly and try not 
to get crushed. Once you see an opening, go through.

Room 4 - Fan

You could call this a windmill if you want. All you have to do is get 
through there without getting hit by the blades. This is easy if you've 
got the right timing. The blades don't move too fast anyway.

Room 5 - Moving walls

The walls here will move up and down, stopping you from driving 
directly through. So, here's the strategy: when a wall is open and you 
can drive through, use the stop and go strategy described in room 1. 
Never stop on the arrows that point ahead, though - that's where the 
walls close on. If you're on them, you'll get crushed and you'll have 
to start all over again. There are seven walls in all to navigate, and 
remember not to go too fast.

Room 6 - Tunnel 1

This is a simple right-hand turn that is also a pipe. Play safe and 
drift off to the left side of the pipe. Then, once the turn is almost 
over, go down towards the bottom, and prepare yourself for the next 

Room 7 - Moving floor

This room will require a lot of speed to get through. Come out of the 
tunnel with a lot of speed and you will hit a jump. It will send you 
flying through the air and you will see that the floor is on chains, 
and it is getting pulled up and down. If you have enough speed on your 
approach, you won't have to worry about this altogether. But if the 
situation comes that you do not have enough speed, make sure that the 
floor is high enough that you can go on, and then go into the next 

Room 8 - Falling rocks

This is another tough room, and works the same way as Room 7. You will 
approach it, and then go onto an arrow pad. Then, you'll hit a jump and 
go flying through the air over a bottomless pit - sounds simple enough, 
right? Problem is there are falling rocks. They fall about every three 
seconds, so keep that in mind. If a rock has just fallen as you 
approach, you should make it across without any problem. Land on the 
lighted arrows to prepare yourself for the next room.

Room 9 - Tunnel 2

This is just like Room 6 except it's now a left-hand turn, therefore 
you have to reverse your strategy - drift off to the right side of the 
pipe. Once the turn is almost over, go back towards the bottom and 
prepare yourself for the next room.

Room 10 - Rough ground

The objective of this room is to navigate some rough ground that can 
easily cause you to flip over and crash. Forget about all that rough 
ground. Instead, as you come out of the tunnel, keep between the left 
and center. If you're traveling at around 140 MPH or so, you will go 
flying over. Don't be afraid to use the wings if you're in trouble. 
After you clear the first set, you'll have to navigate another set. 
Just take it. If you do clear this second set of rough terrain, but 
you're in danger of crashing, you won't have to start this room all 
over - and this is not a good room to have to start over.

Room 11 - Pillar rows

After you clear room 10 you will hit this long straight, then you will 
reach some pillar columns with narrow spaces in between them. Shift 
down to second gear at the highest (approximately 100 miles per hour) 
and then navigate. After the first set, just go a little left for the 
second set, then go right for the third set.

Room 12 - Tight squeeze

Chances are, this will be the room that will catch you off guard. There 
are two lighted arrow paths on the ground, that both lead to narrow 
passages, then you hit a jump. As you go flying through the air, you 
will have to use your wings to put yourself at around a 90-degree 
angle, because you can't fit in normally. As you go off the jump, use 
your wings, and you should be able to get through the room - you might 
not get it on the first try.

Room 13 - Tunnel 3

After completing room 13 you will have to go through yet another 
tunnel. This is the exact same as room 6, so read that section, because 
this is the exact same as that room.

Room 14 - Moving horizontal walls

Once you exit the tunnel you will reach some walls that move out from 
the actual wall of the room itself. This room is actually not difficult 
to navigate if you slow down first. All you have to do is just make 
sure you can do some quick moving of the Control Stick. Some walls that 
look like they will move actually do not move - so keep that in mind as 

Room 15 - Lava jump 1

This is a really cool (well, the temperature sure isn't) room - but I 
should probably give you fair warning. It's not easy. You have to 
approach the arrow strip at around 95 miles per hour or so. Then you 
have to go through the burning flames (not below them, they're really 
pillars that come from the lava), then jump over the lava, through a 
space into the next room. The reason you have to approach slowly is 
because you will fly too high and miss the opening if you approach at a 
high rate of speed.

Room 16 - Vertical jump up

The only room that is more difficult than this is the 18th and final 
room. The trick to master the vertical jump is to jump up, then use 
your wings to flip onto the angle of the other set of lights. Then, 
quickly flip yourself upright. It's not that difficult if you know what 
to do.

Room 17 - Tunnel 4 and lava jump 2

These two rooms are combined into one room. For tunnel 4, use the same 
strategy as you did for room 9 (the second tunnel), since you're 
turning left. Then, once you come out you will go through a loop. When 
you come out, you will see an arrow pad and three jumps. You can go 
slightly left or right on the middle jump. You will go flying over the 
huge lava pit, and hopefully you will land in either the left or right 
tunnel. If you don't, well, you won't crash but you will burn.

Room 18 - Vertical jump up/down/up, finish

This is the final - and most difficult - room to navigate. After the 
lava pit, you will go down this passageway and then merge with the main 
one. For your first vertical jump up, use the same strategy as you did 
for room 16. The platform won't be too high, though, so you'll have 
plenty of time to flip yourself upright. Then go off the other end 
slowly because this goes down. Then, speed up and follow the same 
strategy as you did for the last vertical jump. If you've made it 
through all of this, then just burn it down the final straightaway and 
into the stadium area. Head towards the checkered platform and you will 
finish the obstacle mode in style, flying through the air and if you 
went fast enough, onto (and maybe even onto the ramp above) a platform 
that has the Rush 2049 logo on it.


This section goes through all the shortcuts for each track, and even 
shortcuts branching off of shortcuts or going into shortcuts - argh, 
anyway, here's a full listing!


1. At the beginning of the track, keep to the left until you see a 
sidewalk that leads to the Palace of Fine Arts. Go down this sidewalk 
and you will go into a building. Inside this building is a shortcut 
which contains a silver coin that doesn't save a lot of time but can 
get you a bit of a jump on the field off the starting line.

2a. After the big jump over Lombard Street, and the first small right 
turn, look to the right for a dirt path. Follow it and hit the switch. 
You will head into the BART subway tunnel. Now, start turning right 
after you cross the subway track. You will see a ramp, stay to the left 
as you go off of it so you don't hit the portable toilet. You will go 
onto a bridge, into a tunnel which contains a gold coin, onto a loop, 
then back onto the main track. This is most likely the most incredible 
shortcut in Track 1.

2b. If you decide to turn right at the subway tracks (NOT onto shortcut 
2a), keep going and then turn right once you reach the next area - be 
careful of the pillars. Follow the directional arrows that you see, and 
you should come out of the subway - but be careful because you may 
smash into a wall once you come out. Be ready to turn right.

2c. If you missed the previous shortcut altogether there is another 
opportunity to get in. Once you reach Market Street (the long straight 
up on the top-left side of the track map), look to the right for two 
arrows going down into a subway. Once again, follow the arrows to come 
out where shortcut 2b came out.

3. If you missed shortcut 2a and 2b, you can take this shortcut that 
may seem like a "hot-dog" shortcut, but it actually saves time because 
you're traveling a little faster. As you come onto Market Street, stay 
to the left and go through an arch on the left off the road. You will 
go onto a transparent ramp (which is slightly faster because you travel 
faster when you're in the air), then come out as you're about to go 
into the reactor tunnel.

4. As you come off Market Street onto the next long straight, stay to 
the right and slow down. Hit the switch you find on the sidewalks, now, 
to the left there will be a wall that now is a transparent tube (just 
about where shortcut 2b came out.) Follow it (there is a gold coin in 
this shortcut), and you will come out on the final straightaway before 
the start/finish line.


1. See shortcut 2b for Track 1, except follow it backwards, and it is 
just after the first turn.

2. As you come onto Market Street, stay to the left and look for a 
switch. Hit it and keep going onto a blue and white ramp. You will go 
onto a rooftop and then into a tunnel. You will fall out, now turn left 
(a hard left turn is required) and you will be heading towards Lombard 

3. See shortcut 3 for Track 1, except do it in reverse.

4. See shortcut 1 for Track 1. Be careful when you enter (slow down and 
stay on the bank), but exiting is not a problem.

5. See shortcut 4 for Track 1, but when you approach the start/finish 
line, look for a switch on the left. Hit it, then go onto the grass to 
the right after you cross the start/finish line - you should enter the 
transparent tube.


1a. This is the big shortcut on Track 2. After the first turn, drive 
down the sidewalk on the right side of the road. Hit the switch after 
the first time the sidewalk turns left. There will be a ramp that rises 
up in front of you, just take it. Now, you will go onto a ledge off the 
side of a building, and there is a jump just like the one you just took 
at the end of it. You will go onto yet another ledge, which has another 
ramp that has tire marks on it. Follow that ramp. You will go through a 
windmill (watch the spinning blades!), over some arrow strips, and into 
a tunnel. You will go through some water, onto an arrow strip, then 
into the air. You will land on a sideroad, follow it onto a dirt path, 
it will drop you off back on the main road.

1b. If you missed the ramp that had tire marks on it, then go onto the 
dirt path. Don't hit the switch on the wall, you will go over the main 
road, over some lighted arrows, and onto a dirt path which has a wall 
to the left. It will gradually go left, and eventually you'll be on the 
sideroad where shortcut 1a was. Follow it to be dropped off back on the 
main track.

2a. After the point where shortcuts 1a and 1b come out (by the striped 
arch), keep on driving. Soon, you will see a red switch to the right, 
and you will see some red lights on the left side. Hit the switch and 
go between the wall and the red lights, so you're going off the main 
road towards the glass (there was a wall that originally said 
"RockNRoll" there, it is gone now, revealing a glass room. Follow the 
dirt road, onto a short arrow strip. Now, there are two places you can 
go: at around 150 MPH, you will go onto a platform that has a long 
arrow strip on it. Between 150 and 180 you will smash into a platform 
above. But at 180+ MPH, you will go onto that platform.

2b. If you missed shortcut 2b, go between the first and second set of 
red lights. Disrespect the warning cones and go through. You will go 
flying through the air, and most likely back on the main road. It's not 
a big shortcut, but it's a shortcut anyway.

3a. After shortcuts 2a and 2b, you will see a tunnel and two sideroads 
on either side. Take the right one. Increase your speed and you will go 
onto a platform. Follow it into a parking garage, and keep on driving 
until you see some warning cones. Go through them and you will be 
dropped off near the lava lamps.

3b. At the tunnel where you enter shortcut 3a, go to the left of the 
tunnel onto that sideroad. Increase your speed, you will go onto a 
platform. Follow it, and eventually you will get dropped off in the 
same area where shortcut 3a comes out.

3c. You can use this shortcut from the entrance of shortcut 3a or 3b. 
If you are taking shortcut 3a, stay to the left. If you are taking 
shortcut 3b, stay to the right. You will go onto a road. Take one of 
the ramps, or the tunnel, it doesn't make a difference because they all 
bring you to the same place. You will eventually be dropped off near 
the lava lamps.


1. See shortcuts 3a, 3b, and 3c, except follow it backwards. To reach 
the entrance to all of the shortcuts, go up the dirt path.

2. After you exit the tunnel, you will go a little downhill and then 
the normal course turns left onto an exit ramp. But hit the ramp (do 
not stay on the freeway, it sends you into a bunch of signs that say 
"WRONG WAY"). You will go into a circular tunnel. Follow the green 
lights, it will take you upside down and then back down again. You will 
come out of the tunnel onto a dirt path, then fly back onto the main 

3. See shortcut 1b, except follow it in reverse. The entrance is just 
after the striped arch, to the left of the lake. Once you reach the 
second dirt path, don't hit the switch, it brings a wall out. Follow 
the shortcut and it will dump you back on the main road.


1a. Once you get onto the long straightaway, take the right service 
road, and follow it. Turn right onto a ramp with a switch on it. Hit 
the switch and you will go flying through the air, and in between a 
building and its roof (you made the roof go up when you hit the 
switch). You will land on a side road, now follow it. Now, you will go 
flying through the air and into what looks like a blue force field. It 
doesn't work very well, obviously, because you will go flying into a 
building. Go out the other side and into shortcut 2b.

1b. If you missed shortcut 1a you can get another opportunity to shave 
off some time. When you see the small ramp (next to the ramp you went 
off with the switch on it in shortcut 1a), go onto it. You will go onto 
a blue and black-lit banked track. Follow it and you will come out next 
to some blue and black pillars, which are next to the main track.

2a. Back on the main track you will go through a tunnel with a red 
light blinking when you enter. As soon as you exit, turn left and you 
will go onto a side road that goes gradually up. Follow it and you will 
jump over the main track onto that sideroad. Keep on following the 
sideroad and you will jump over the main track once again. Soon you 
will reach a huge satellite dish, from here you can turn right into 
shortcut 4a or 4b or keep going. Keep going and you will eventually 
drive back onto the main track.

2b. Just after the entrance to shortcut 2a, there is a pale yellow-lit 
tunnel. Enter it and follow. At the end there is a jump, and you will 
go flying over the main track onto shortcut 2a.

3. After the road turns to dirt turn right onto the mountain slope. 
Drive up it, then once you reach the summit go into the hole, and drop 
down into the shortcut (this is a BIG time-saver if you get this 
right.) You will drive through a tunnel then into this open area. You 
will be driving through a windmill, then make a jump, then hit the 
switch to open up the wall with small cracks in it. Then, you will go 
through another fan. Keep following the path. You will start going up 
hill then go flying through the air and past the start/finish line!

4a. Go onto shortcut 2a and follow it. Once you reach the huge 
satellite dish, turn right into the tunnel. Keep on following the road. 
Pretty soon you will reach a fork where you can go right or left. Go 
left, the right shortcut is shortcut 4b. Follow the path and you will 
be past the big jump, just before the final turn.

4b. Go onto shortcut 4a. At the fork, turn right. You will hit a 
"pressure point" and the road will drop, revealing a secret path. At 
the end of it, you will go flying through the air. Be careful not to 
angle too far left at the exit, you will hit a building if you do. Also 
be careful of the jets flying over. They are pretty good fliers, but 
it's not nearly as fun to watch when you're about to collide with them. 
You will go flying through the air and hopefully onto the main track.

5. As you head down onto the final straight, keep to the left until you 
see an arrow strip ramp. Go up on it. You should go flying through the 
air and onto a glass ramp. Follow it and it will dump you off 
(conveniently) on shortcut 6.

6. At the end of the track, turn right into the space between the two 
pillars to the right of the main road. Or, just get dumped off after 
shortcut 5. Go up the hill past the bridge and go flying through the 
air to skip two whole turns and land on the long straight where 
shortcuts 1a and 1b are.


1. See shortcut 3 except follow it backwards. At the beginning of the 
race, turn right to enter it and go into the tunnel. The only 
difference is that there's a jump getting you onto the next road. You 
will probably be getting big air when you come out.

2. See shortcut 4a except follow it in reverse. It is just after the 
sharp turn before the big jump. Enter the tunnel to enter shortcut 4a. 
At the end, just go onto the arrow strip.

3a. See shortcut 2a except follow it in reverse. The entrance is just 
after the big rise - stay to the right of the road and you will enter 
the shortcut.

3b. See shortcut 2b except follow it in reverse. Turn right at the dirt 
path and then you will enter the shortcut. When you exit, if you're 
traveling fast enough you will go into shortcut 4.

4. See shortcut 1a except follow it in reverse. To enter it, exit 
shortcut 4. At the end of the shortcut will be a switch - hit it to 
raise the roof, then jump back onto the main track.

5. Just after the yellow and black pillars, you will see shortcut 5. It 
is the same as shortcut 1b for track 3 normal except you are following 
it in reverse. You will come out at about the point where shortcut 4 
comes out.

6. See shortcut 6 except follow it in reverse. It is just after you get 
off the long straightaway before the start/finish line. Follow the dirt 
path up the hill and go flying into the air.


1a. Just after the big jump and the left turn, right away you can make 
a right turn onto a side road. It's about halfway down the straight so 
look out for it.

1b. If you miss shortcut 1a, you can take another sideroad just a 
little farther down that straight. Both are handy ways to shave off a 
bit of time.

2a. At the end of the California St. straight (the last straight before 
the big jump, you will see a blue building to your right, with a gap. 
Enter it, and then you can go back onto the main road, saving a little 

2b. You can continue your off-road excursion by going into the tunnel 
that slopes downwards. Once the tunnel ends, you will be dropped off 
right at the jump.

3a. After the advertising quarterpipe section, start going up the hill, 
aiming slightly to the left or right. Once you get some air you will be 
going on some sideroads. Depending on which sideroad you're on, quickly 
turn left or right. Then, hit the switch in the center and go flying 
through the air. At the end of the straight there is a small opening 
just behind a warning cone. If you get through, you'll go into a secret 
area. Make a left turn and then turn left or right for a loop. Go in 
between the two bullet trains when you come out and hit another switch, 
then look for a door opening on a quarterpipe. You will come out on the 
main track. This shortcut is for hot dogs only, because it doesn't 
really shave off any time. As a matter of fact, it's a time waster - 
too bad there aren't any coins in there.

3b. If you miss shortcut 3a, at the intersection of Duboce and Fillmore 
(according to the signs on the traffic lights), just stay slightly to 
the right of the tunnel. You will go into a narrow train track tunnel 
and there will be a fork pretty soon. Turn left or right, then turn 
left or right again at another fork. Start turning left and you will 
come out (gulp) on the bullet train track. Just hope that there isn't 
anything there.

4. As you go down the road parallel to the bullet train track, you will 
see some pillars. At the second one, turn left and you will see a 
vertical road. Speed up it as fast as you can, then once you hit the 
crest, if you have enough speed, for sure you will get some huge air. 
But you don't necessarily need it. Towards the top, slow down, then 
align yourself for the sharp decline down. At the bottom, turn left to 
get back onto the main track.

5. This is an alternate path, really. Just before the sharp turn 
towards the end of the course, you can turn left and go through a 
parking lot and shave off a little time. It's not nearly as hard to 
turn, and the computer-controlled drones will use this shortcut, too.

6. At around the point where shortcut 5 is, hit the switch to the 
right. The "Cheps" sign will move down exposing a secret path. Enter it 
to go around a vertical loop and skip a few turns of the track.


1. See shortcut 6 for track 4 except follow it in reverse. To open up 
the shortcut, hit the switch right next to the pillars (past the 
warning cones that block your path from the first turn) and the "Cheps" 
sign will open right in front of you.

2. See shortcut 4 for track 4 except follow it in reverse. It's just 
after the quarterpipe between the two blue-lit buildings.

3. See shortcut 5 for track 4 except follow it in reverse. You probably 
should make a sharp turn when you come out, though - otherwise you'll 
go flying into the fence.

4a. See shortcut 3b for track 4 except follow it in reverse. Before the 
two turns that lead to the tunnel you will see the opening.

4b. To the left of the opening to shortcut 4a there is another opening. 
Now see shortcut 3a for track 4 except follow it in reverse. At least 
you can get a lot of speed once you come out at the Duboce/Fillmore 

5. After the advertising quarterpipe, start going up the hill and aim 
towards the left. You will go into this tunnel. Now look at shortcut 2b 
and 2a for Track 4 except follow it in reverse. Just look for the hole 
in the building after you hit the grass.

6a. See shortcut 1a for Track 4 except follow it in reverse - it's 
about halfway down the straight, just past the cathedral.

6b. See shortcut 1b for Track 4 except follow it in reverse - it's on 
the same straightaway as shortcut 6a except just a bit farther down the 

TRACK 5 & 6 - Coming in the next version... 



- A copyright, it almost seems, of the Rush series is crazy physics. If 
you take a jump wrong or hit an object just right, you could be on your 
way to a flaming wreck. If so, squeeze the Z button to bring out the 
wings, then use the Control Stick to align yourself and get to the 
ground level. You can't turn left or right in the air with these 
things, however, which turns into a problem because you'll want to be 
square with the road if you want to keep going the way you want to. If 
you aren't square with the road, you can start skidding and come to a 
dead stop. The only time you can let your car lose control is in Stunt 
Mode. Use the wings to pull off as many stunts as possible - but make 
sure that you can recover, otherwise you might crash and earn zero 

 - If you've got the Expansion Pak, look out for moving objects. On 
Track 1, you will find a cable car going across the road after you jump 
Lombard Street. On Track 3, there will be jets at the big jump, and 
they go dangerously low. On Track 4, you'll find both cable cars and 
bullet trains. But there are plenty of other moving objects, as well.

 - Shortcuts are definitely worth it. Run through the tracks in 
practice mode and don't be afraid to look around. It's a good idea to 
investigate, as inspecting usually leads to money. And then you get to 
drive the hot cars once you get enough gold or silver coins.

 - Switch, switch, switch. Around the tracks you can find switches. 
They look like grates with red light coming from them. When you run 
over them, they change green (and if they're green, they change back to 
red) and do one or more of the following:
     - Open a door.
     - Reveal a shortcut.
     - Close a door.
It's a good idea to investigate these switches and what they do, as it 
usually helps with collecting gold and silver coins. Some switches have 
permanent effects - they will open a door when someone runs over it and 
turns it green, and the effect happens - and they keep it open until 
someone runs over the switch again and turns it back to red, and 
reverses the effect. Others are temporary. They will just do something 
that only takes a few seconds, then reverts it back to original (red -> 
green -> red on its own.) For example, one switch opens a circular door 
that reveals a shortcut in Track 1. On Track 5, there is a switch that 
allows a screw-like object to pop out and cause people to explode when 
they crash into it. In Ghost Mode, all the switches are removed - all 
doors are opened and any temporary effects stay permanent.

 - Want to know the secret behind going boom? Let's see. The answer is: 
hitting walls. Track 4 is where you'll probably experience this, but 
there will be plenty of other areas, too. And it applies not just to 
walls, but to any object.

     B           Z       Y  |
                  \      |  |
                   \     |  |
                    \    |  |
                     \   |  |
 _______________A     \  |  |
                |      \ |  |
                |       \|  |
                |        |  |
                |        X  |

In this diagram, Car X is about to make a turn, but it's obviously not 
going to react in time. So it makes contact, perpendicular to the wall 
at point Y. If car X was traveling fast enough, which is usually around 
100 MPH or so, and maybe not even that much, it would most likely 
explode (but if it didn't, the car would most likely come to a dead 
stop.) But say it does get time to turn, but the car will have to touch 
a wall. Car X hits point Z. Chances are, the car will not explode 
because it's not a head-on collision. The car's nose would just smash 
against the wall and push the car against the wall, so now it's going 
in the forward direction - but it's not going as fast. In simple terms: 
if the angle between the wall or object and the car's trajectory is 
more than 45 degrees, chances are it will explode unless there's not 
enough speed to do so. That's another reason to take corners carefully 
and not extremely fast. The best way through a turn would be for car X 
to go from the point it is at through to point A (the apex), then to 
point B, making sure that the car is parallel with the wall at that 
point. It's even better to cut corners.

 - The Super Speed cheat works in Race Mode. Even though it's kind of 
cheap, it works in slashing your times. A car that has an 8.0L V10 
engine, a light alloy frame, radial tires, and a pro manual 
transmission will usually get up to around 200 miles per hour, but can 
get up to 230 on arrow strips - in the air, the maximum speed is 230 
miles per hour. And that's without the Super Speed cheat. But turn it 
on and are you ever kicking butt: the top speed is around 225, arrow 
strips can get you over 240 miles per hour, and the maximum air speed 
is 230, once again. The trick is that the cheat gives you a lot more 
air - and it's a lot more dangerous, so try to keep to the ground as 
much as possible, because it can actually allow you more speed.

 - Suicide Mode can really be used to your advantage in Circuit Mode. 
Since the cheat makes cars explode when they touch, when you turn Death 
Mode on, they're not getting back in the race. Two of the rows (the 
ones that do not have you in them) will definitely touch. After the 
first race, you and the second-place starter should probably be the 
only ones left after the start. In the first race, stop at the 
beginning, let everyone blow up and keep going - there should be no one 
ahead. Even if you explode, you'll still be in first place if there's 
no one still racing. Drivers will sometimes crash into the burning 
shells at the start/finish line after lap one or two, so keep that in 
mind too. As long as you drive a clean race, you stand a good chance of 
finishing first.

<<< 14. CHEATS >>>

Some codes are thanks to N64 Code Center (www.n64cc.com), while others 
are from Cheat Code Central (www.cheatcc.com). To activate the Cheat 
Menu, where most cheats can be adjusted, go to the main menu, then 
press and hold L, R, C-Up, and C-Right, then press Z. Cheats will 
appear at the bottom of the screen. Select it and press A to enter the 
Cheat Menu. To activate a cheat, select it and then press the 
respective button sequence.

(NOTE: There are some codes that I am not sure what use they have. E-
mail me if you do.)

All Cars (unlocks all cars)
 1. Tap C-Left three times
 2. Tap C-Up three times
 3. Tap C-Right three times
 4. Tap C-Down three times
 5. Hold down L, R, all the C buttons, then press Z

All Parts (unlocks all parts)
 1. Hold L and R and press Z
 2. Press C-down, C-up, C-left, and C-right in order
 3. Hold L and R and press Z

Invincibility (makes you invincible)
 1. Press C-right
 2. Tap L, R, R, L
 3. Hold C-left and C-down and press Z

Battle Paint Shop (allows you to change color of your car in Battle 
Mode like you can in Race and Stunt Mode)
 1. Tap Z three times
 2. Tap C-down three times
 3. Tap C-left three times
 4. Tap C-right, C-up, C-left, and C-down in order

Super Speed (boosts your speed)
 1. Tap Z
 2. Hold L and R and press Z
 3. Tap C-down
 4. Hold L and R and press C-down
 5. Tap C-up three times

Fog Color (changes fog colour)
 1. Hold C-up and C-right and press L
 2. Hold C-down and C-left and press R
 3. Tap C-right, C-left, C-right, and C-left in order

Mass (changes gravity between normal, heavy, and massive - the heavier 
the gravity, the less air you will get on jumps)
 1. Press R and C-down
 2. Press L and C-up
 3. Press R and C-left
 4. Press L and C-right

Super Tires (tires grip more? Unsure)
 1. Tap Z three times
 2. Tap L and R in order
 3. Tap C-up twice
 4. Tap C-left, C-right, and C-down in order

Brakes (activates/deactivates brakes)
 1. Tap C-down twice
 2. Hold L and R and press C-up
 3. Tap C-up twice
 4. Hold L and R and press C-down

Invisible Track (no track seen, but it's still there - dynamic objects 
still visible, like coins, switches, transportation)
 1. Tap C-right twice
 2. Hold L and R and press C-left
 3. Tap C-left twice
 4. Hold L and R and press C-right

Invisible Car (no car seen, but it's still there)
 1. Tap C-up, C-down, C-left, and C-right in order
 2. Tap L, R, and Z in order

Frame Scale (the number 0 indicates normal, the number 1 indicates a 
flat car, the number 2 indicates slightly more than normal, and the 
number 3 is a fat car)
 1. Tap C-left twice
 2. Hold down L and R and press C-right

(NOTE: The following codes are from Cheat Code Central - the previous 
codes were from N64CC.)

Track Orientation (how track is oriented - normal or upside-down: 
controls are the same)
 1. Hold L and R and press C-right, C-left, C-up, C-down, and Z in 

Car Collisions (if cars crash or not, if this option is turned off then 
when a car is supposed to collide with another car, they'll go right 
through each other)
 1. Hold L and press Z
 2. Hold R and press Z
 3. Hold L and press Z
 4. Hold R and press Z

Tire Scaling (when you use it, you can set the size of your tires using 
the "Tire Size F" and "Tire Size R" selections at the Car Selection 
 1. Press Z, R, C-down and C-left at the same time
 2. Press Z, L, C-right and C-up at the same time
 3. Tap Z three times

Car Mines (touch another car and you explode, but the other car 
 1. Hold L and R and press Z
 2. Hold C-left and C-down and press Z
 3. Hold C-left and C-up and press Z
 4. Hold C-up and C-right and press Z

Cone Mines (green warning cones are changed to orange mines: touch one 
of them and you explode)
 1. Press Z and C-down
 2. Press L and C-left
 3. Press R and C-up
 4. Press Z and C-right

Auto Abort (puts you back on track when you're about to crash? Unsure)
 1. Tap C-left, C-up, C-right, and C-down in order
 2. Tap Z, L, and R in order
 3. Tap Z twice

Resurrect in Place (places you at the point of when you aborted or 
 1. Press Z and C-down
 2. Press Z and C-right
 3. Press Z and C-up
 4. Press Z and C-left
 5. Press Z and R
 6. Press Z and L

Suicide Mode (all the other cars blow up once they touch each other, 
including you)
 1. Hold R and press C-right, C-up, C-left, and C-down in order
 2. Hold L and press C-down, C-left, C-up, and C-right in order



When you first hit the ignition, only a small portion of the game will 
be available to you. You'll have to do a lot before you see all the 
futuristic cars and tracks. But this section tells you what you have to 
do to get it all.


Track 5 - Place first, second, or third in the Beginner Circuit to 
unlock Track 5.

Track 6 - Place first, second, or third in the Intermediate Circuit to 
unlock Track 6. However, Track 6 is not playable unless the N64 
Expansion Pak is used.


Stunt 2 - Score 100,000 cumulative points in Stunt Mode to unlock Stunt 
Stunt 3 - Score 250,000 cumulative points in Stunt Mode to unlock Stunt 
Stunt 4 - Score 500,000 cumulative points in Stunt Mode to unlock Stunt 


Battle 5 - Score 100 cumulative points in Battle Mode to unlock Battle 
Battle 6 - Score 250 cumulative points in Battle Mode to unlock Battle 
Battle 7 - Score 500 cumulative points in Battle Mode to unlock Battle 
Battle 8 - Score 1,000 cumulative points in Battle Mode to unlock 
Battle 8.


Obstacle - Score 1,000,000 cumulative points in Stunt Mode to unlock 
the Obstacle Mode.


Intermediate Circuit - Place first, second, or third in the Beginner 
Circuit to unlock the Intermediate Circuit.

Advanced Circuit - Place first, second, or third in the Intermediate 
Circuit to unlock the Advanced Circuit. The Advanced Circuit is not 
playable unless an N64 Expansion Pak is used.

Extreme Circuit (without N64 Expansion Pak) - Place first, second, or 
third in the Intermediate Circuit to unlock the Extreme Circuit. If you 
do have an Expansion Pak, you will move on to the Advanced Circuit 

Extreme Circuit (with N64 Expansion Pak) - Place first, second, or 
third in the Advanced Circuit to unlock the Extreme Circuit.


Venom - Collect all 32 silver coins in Stunt Mode to unlock the Venom 
Crusher - Collect 16 gold coins in Stunt Mode to unlock the Crusher 
Euro LX - Collect 24 gold coins in Stunt Mode to unlock the Euro LX 
Locust LX - Collect all 48 silver coins in Race Mode to unlock the 
Locust LX car.
GX-2 - Collect 24 gold coins in Race Mode to unlock the GX-2 car.
Mini XS - Collect 36 gold coins in Race Mode to unlock the Mini XS car.
Panther - Collect all the coins in Race Mode and Stunt Mode (160 in 
total) to unlock the Panther car.


(Note: Miles are listed along the left side and the parts you get when 
you reach a certain mileage are along the right side. See Rush Options 
for their effect on your car.)

 100      All Terrain tires
 150      Light Alloy frame
 200      Sport Auto transmission, Sport Manual transmission
 250      5.0 Litre High Performance V6 engine
 300      Slick tires
 400      Standard Alloy frame
 500      Pro Auto transmission, Pro Manual transmission, Turbo 400
 600      Off Road tires
 700      Heavy Alloy frame
 800      7.0 Litre V8 engine
1200      6.5 Litre High Performance V8 engine, Pro Slick tires
1600      Turbo 500 engine
2000      8.0 Litre V10 engine


<<< 16. QUESTIONS >>>


Q: When was this game released?
A: I believe it was September 6, 2000.

Q: What does the Expansion Pak do in Rush 2049?
A: It allows music in race mode, enhances the explosions and smoke and 
dust effects, gets more moving objects, you can play Track 6, there are 
three ghost racers to race against in Ghost Mode, you get the Advanced 
Circuit (four circuits total), and the tire rim selection on your car 
(but I'm not sure of that one.)

Q: What do you think of Rush 2049, personally?
A: I think it's the best Rush yet but thanks to my rating system it 
still gets an eight, the same as what I've rated the other two games. 
But I'm reviewing the games again and maybe the marks will be different 
after that. The reason Rush 2049 gets only 8.2 out of 10 - and not 
because it's not a good game, because it is - is because there's 
practically nothing if you don't have the Controller Pak and Expansion 
Pak. But then again, I think I'm going to modify the review a little 
bit, too. But look at the marks for the game itself in each of my eight 
categories: 9, 7, 10, 7, 10, 7, 10, 10. That's 70 out of 80, or 8.75 
out of 10, which rounds up to 9. Rush 2049 might have gotten 9 out of 
10 had it not been for my rating system.

Q: What's the best car?
A: I don't think that's the question to ask. The answer is, there is no 
"best car." All the cars are equal in statistics at first. You have to 
customize what's under the hood if you really want to change that 
stuff. If you keep the statistics the same for each car that you have, 
they'll all be the same. The only difference is how they handle - and 
only you can decide what style is right for you.

Q: Are there any Rush 2049 websites out there?
A: So far, no, except the official one at www.rush2049.com (which 
covers arcade and console versions.) But right now I'm working on a 
website that will mainly be a high score site for Rush 2049 (Nintendo 
64 and Dreamcast), but will have a bunch of other stuff as well, 
including this walkthrough in full HTML. No job applications are being 
accepted at this time, and it's not paying, either. Oh, and this is not 
spam - it's publicity.

Q: Why do you have so few questions?
A: Because I had a billion of them in my mind but I had to eliminate a 
few. No, it's because I haven't had any yet.

Q: Why are there only five drones (computer players) instead of seven 
like in the first two Rush games?
A: Rush 2049 easily takes the award in the graphics department between 
the three games, and there are plenty of things that have been somehow 
(don't ask me how, it's amazing how the development team did it!) 
crammed into a 96-megabit (12 MB) cartridge. I think it was originally 
intended for there to be seven drones in the game (up to 82% 
completion), but I suppose with all the goodies that have been put in 
(not to mention the awesome graphics), they had to make a tradeoff and 
take two of them out.

Q: Why is the screen head-up display set up differently in Rush 2049? 
It was different for SFR and Rush 2.
A: Early versions of Rush 2049 did have it in an SFR/Rush 2-esque 
setup. But it didn't happen this time. At the 82% completion point, it 
looks as if they changed it all, with basically the head-up display you 
have right now, with the exception of that there was no odometer and 
coin display and there was a red timer at the bottom of the screen 
(intention unknown), not to mention the game timer was still there in 
Race Mode. At the near-complete version it looked just like it does at 
the final version but it was just minus the coin display. You probably 
know the rest.


Q: A/S/L? (Age/sex/location?)
A: I don't want to say anything, sorry. As a matter of fact, I regret 
putting the personal questions heading here!

Q: Why did you know so much about Rush 2049 in the developmental 
stages? Are you behind the scenes of development or something?
A: Nope. I just kept up on how the game was progressing, that's all. 
It's too easy to go onto the Internet or somewhere and find out how the 
game you're anxiously awaiting is progressing. I'm personally glad Rush 
2049 was one of the few and proud that made it to Nintendo 64 - I don't 
know if I could have taken it if it was cancelled (which was the fate 
of a few games I was looking forward to).


<<< 17. CREDITS >>>

Oh, all right, I might as well change the title to "thank-yous". 
Because that's almost all this is.

 - Jordan Player's Rush 2049 FAQ (for a little bit of a memory refresh 
of where the coins were and when you get the car parts).
 - Rush 2049 instruction manual, for the "Rush Options" section.
 - N64CC.com, for codes.
 - Midway Games West, and the developing team. They're just here 
because they've got a game that kicks butt over any other arcade racing 
 - My local game retailer. How else could I have gotten my hands on 
Rush 2049?
 - Myself, of course. I wrote this thing. All 100+ KB of it. *takes a 


<<< 18. END >>>

This document is concluded, and rest assured you will be seeing me 
again (well, at least I hope so!). Enjoy Rush 2049, and after reading 
this, be no longer in the dark. Or at least a little more in the light. 
That's it, feel free to help yourself or others to generous servings of 
help from me. 

Oh, and by the way, if you want to print this out, this guide is 50 
pages. (Have plenty of paper handy. That's a lot of paper, but I will 
not compensate any paper or money to buy paper. Regardless if it's 
Letter A4 or Legal A5.)

You can e-mail me at any time at the e-mail address 
[email protected], with questions, comments, suggestions, or 
anything of the like, but not hate mail, mail in all caps, stupid 
questions, spam, or anything of the like.


*document concluded, or, for you sci-fi freaks out there, end 
transmission from Mars*

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