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                    Raidou Kunuzoha VS The Soulless Army
                                 NA Version 

                         IN DEPTH FAQ / WALKTHROUGH

                        AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)
                          CONTACT: [email protected]

                         [  C O P Y R I G H T  ]

  This document is copyrighted to me, Vhayste®. It is intended for 
~PRIVATE~ use only. It cannot be used in ANY form of printed or electronic 
media involved in a commercial business, in part or in whole, in any way, 
shape, or form. It cannot be used for profitable or promotional purposes, 
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This document is protected by copyright law and international treaties.
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names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright of their respective

<><><><><><><>            TABLE OF CONTENTS                   <><><><><><>

1. AUTHOR'S NOTE                        AUT000
2. ABOUT THE GAME                       ABT000
   Field Controls:                     [GPB001]
   Battle Controls: (Raidou)           [GPB002]
   Battle Controls: (Demon)            [GPB003]
   BATTLE TIPS                         [GPB004]
4. GENERAL GAMEPLAY HINTS               GPH000
   POINTS OF INTEREST                  [GPH003]
   GOUMA-DEN (VICTOR'S LAB)            [GPH004]
5. WALKTHROUGH                          SMT000
   [PROLOUGE]                           SMT001 
   [EPISODE I - The Missing Girl]       SMT002
   [EPISODE 2 - The Red Cape]           SMT003  
   [EPISODE 3 - Dark Summoner]          SMT004
   [EPISODE 4 - The Case Of The 
                Missing Shipments ]     SMT005
   [EPISODE 5 - Confrontation ]         SMT006 
   [EPISODE 6 - Secret Of Five Fudou]   SMT007
   [EPISODE 7 - The Cursed Detective]   SMT008
   [EPISODE 8 - The Demon And 
                The Steel Tower]        SMT009
   [EPISODE 9 - The Two Summoners]      SMT010  
   [EPISODE 10 - Capital In Flames!]    SMT011
   [EPISODE 11 - Mission To Space]      SMT012
   [EPISODE 12 - Bonds Between Us]      SMT013
6. EXTRAS                               EXT000
   TRAINING HALLS                      [TRN001]
   TRAINING HALL - NORTH               [TRN002]
   TRAINING HALL - EAST                [TRN003]
   TRAINING HALL - WEST                [TRN004]
   TRAINING HALL - SOUTH               [TRN005]

SECRET DEMONS                          [SCD001]

   KONNOU-YA CUSTOMER RANK             [KCR000]
   SHIN-SEkAI CUSTOMER RANK            [SCR000] 
   RAIDOU's TITLES                     [RTL000] 
7. ITEM LIST                            ITM000
   RECOVERY                            [REC000]
   AMMO AND CLIPS                      [AAC000]
   OTHERS                              [OTH00]
8. CREDITS                             [CDT000]

<><><><><><><>            AUTHOR'S NOTE               AUT000 <><><><><><>

Welcome gamer to my faq/ walkthrough for the game SMT: Devil Summoner for
the PS2. I know there are other Shin Megami Tensei titles there but this 
is the only one that got me interested playing it. Everything you have read
in this faq is my experience and what I found in the game. I am sure it is
not perfect but if you have hints or other stuff not found in this faq (or
worthy to be included in this faq as well) then don't hesitate to email me.
Kindly specify in the subject that you are sending something regarding this
game otherwise it will be discarded as junk email. Questions are also 

If you have questions and suggestions, kindly email me. I will gladly reply
to them whenever I can. But if the question has been answered or can be 
found within this guide, your email will be humbly ignored. Mindless insults
or unconstructive criticisms will be posted in the next updates with similar

<><><><><><><>            ABOUT THE GAME              ABT000 <><><><><><>

You play as Raidou Kunuzoha the 14th, a devil summoner. Finding yourself
working under the Narumi Detective Agency, you'll encounter a mysterious
girl that is then kidnapped by some strange red soldiers. Everything now
sets into motion as you are thrown in a mission to rescue the kidnapped 
girl and discover a large web of contreversy and deceit that leads to a
much greater evil.

<><><><><><><>     GAMEPLAY CONTROLS  / GAME BASICS     GBP000 <><><><><><>

[GPB001] Field Controls:  

Left analog stick/directional buttons - Move character/Navigate menus
 X - Action Window commands/Confirm menu chocies 
/\ - Open the map
() - Cancel
[] - Open the menu
L1 - Use a demon investigation skill (only when available)
R1 - Open the investigation menu

[GPB002] Battle Controls: (Raidou) 

Left analog stick/directional buttons - Move character/Navigate menus
 X - Guard 
/\ - Gun attacks 
() - Confinement
[] - Sword Attack
[] + X - Special attack / Double team attack with your demon.
L1 - Draw demons toward you
R1 - Open the battle menu
START Button - Pause/Resume game
SELECT Button - Easy Map On/Off

[GPB003] Battle Controls: (Demon)  

Left analog stick/directional buttons - Move character/Navigate menus
 X - Guard 
/\ - Magic Attack 1 
() - Magic Attack 2
[] - Melee Attack
R1 - Open the battle menu (some buttons are disabled)
START Button - Pause/Resume game


* Holding the X Button will allow you to guard for as long as you hold the
  button. No guard crush to worry about.

* One press of the /\ button automatically fires 3 shots. Gun attacks are
  not triggered as one shot per button press.

* Pressing [] 3 times will allow you to do a 3 hit combo. The last strike 
  is oftentimes the hardest and you cannot do more than a 3 hit slash.

* Pressing [] and the L analog to a direction performs a quick thrust or
  stab. This inflicts critical damage but not as damaging as the combo.
  Very useful in reaching enemies at decent range.

* Press and hold [] will allow you to 'Charge'. You can then release it to
  swing your sword around, knocking back most enemies. Useful when 
  surrounded or if you want to damage a group of enemies.

* When your Demon's morale is high (increases while you fight but fills faster
  when you inflict ciritical hits), his status will be blinking green. Press 
  the [] and X to activate the demon's special attack.

  Remember that your demon must learn his special attack first before you
  can use it. You can't also activate it if you and your demon have status


* Listen to my orders -- Allows you to specify a target and the 
                         corresponding action of your demon.

* Use physical attacks -- Demon will resort in attacking the enemy up front

* Use magic attacks   -- Demon will burn MP while attacking with magic only

* Heal/Support me     -- Keeping yourselves healed up becomes the priority 
                         of your demon. He will still block, cast spells 
* Don't waste MP      -- Demon Will keep watch of his MP

I leave it to you     -- Allows the demon to decide freely.

<><><><><>     GENERAL GAMEPLAY HINTS (Read this first)     GPH000 <><><><>

* Your gun is a combo starter. IT can stun most enemies, which gives you
  the oppurtunity to attack them while open. In the duration of the game,
  you will have access to special bullets that has elemental properties or
  cause status ailments. If a demon is weak to a certain element and you
  exploited it, you will be able to land critical strikes.

* During boss fights, try experimenting with diffrent demon spells and 
  bullets to know the weakness of the boss. Also bringing out a demon that
  can nullify or absorb the elemental attack of the boss can be very 

* Always bring a healer demon with you. It is a very invaluable asset. Not 
  to mention to bring along almost one kind of each demon class to make 
  sure you can bring them up when stuck on a place or something


* Press the () button as fast as you can when capturing demons. Remember
  that you can only capture demons if their weakness has been exploited and
  they are defenseless. Demons that are in the same level as yours or below
  can be captured. Some demons however can't be confined during full moon
  or its just they can't be confined at all. There are certain demons 
  however that you can ONLY capture during a Full Moon. Also, note that you
  must have an available slot or tube. Obtaining higher ranks by increasing
  max demon loyalty allows you to gain more tubes.


* As a detective, you'll need to uncover clues in order to proceed. Demons
  have their own investigative ability that will help you a lot when 
  getting information that can't be obtained by normal conversation with
  people. They also help you discover hidden items and entrances. Summoning
  a demon also consumes MAG. Don't worry since MAG can be earned in battle

  Pagan             Read Mind             Can be used on people or animals.
                                          Very useful when extracting hidden
                                          information that can't be brought
                                          up by normal conversations.

  Volt              Inspect               Can be used anywhere; It allows 
                                          you to detect any hidden items or
                                          entrances. Use it in strange 
                                          looking places.

  Wind              Scout                 Provides you with info about the
                                          common enemies that can be 
                                          encountered around the area, all
                                          items that are not yet collected,
                                          and sometimes, a random item found
                                          by the demon.

  Frost            Cool Down              Opposite of 'IGNITE', this can be
                                          used to calm a panicked or 
                                          overexcited persons.

  Pyro             Ignite                 Warms the heart of the target and 
                                          kindles their resolve. Very 
                                          effective to use on a downhearted
  Fury             Use Force              Very useful when moving large 
                                          objects that are blocking the way.

 Other skills such as SNEAK and FLY requires a demon to be solo.


 These are certain places that you will be visiting more than twice in order
 to proceed with the story. 

 PLACE                        DISTRICT         DESCRIPTION
 Narumi Detective Agency      Tsukudo-Cho      This is your home. Obviously.
 Konnou-Ya                    Tsukudo-Cho      Item shop/ Entrance to 
 Gouma-Den                    Tsukudo-Cho      Victor's LAB
 Nameless Shrine              Shinoda          Entry point to the Dark Realms
                                               of the capital, place where
                                               Raidou also gets Title 
 Daikoku-Yu                   Fukagawa-Cho     Yakuza bathouse. Satake 
                                               helps Raidou by providing info 
 Shin-Sekai (Soda Joint)      Ginza-Cho        A local hangout of Tae and 
                                               other summoner related stuff.


 Its your friendly neighborhood demon center. This a great place to heal,
 combine and strengthen your demons. IT IS RECOMMENDED that you REGISTER
 your demons whenever you can. This allows you to keep the latest stat info
 for the demons you owned.


 This is a great way of increasing the stats of your demons, giving them new
 abilities or simply you want to create a entirely new demon. Fused, 
 sacrificed and forged demons will be gone forever. However you can buy them
 again from Victor.


 This is the typical method for producing an entirely new different species
 from the parent demons. Solid colored () indicate perfect combinations, an
 empty () indicates a mutation. ? means that a random demon will be born from
 the parennts and a /\ indicates poor fusion. Stat wise, fused demons are
 really powerful.

 Its a method where a demon is fused to another demon to increase it's stats.
 It can also be used to get the ability of the sacrificed demon. It is 
 possible to create the ultimate demon using this method.


 This is a method where a demon of yours will be fused with your sword. This
 gives additional strength and attack power. It also changes the name of
 your sword.

<><><><><><><><><><>           WALKTHROUGH         SMT000 <><><><><><><><>

Note: You can wander around do some power leveling and exploring. The 
timeline in this game is not strict so unless you trigger the necessary 
events, the story won't proceed.

I will be putting everything down in an outline format so it can be easily
followed and read. Spoilers will be avoided as much as possible, without
affecting the comprehensivity of this faq.

Also, check the shop after every chapter. New items are available for sale
on every chapter.

()()()(|| ** ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *||)()()()()

SMT001  --- [PROLOUGE / TUTORIAL, Kuzunoha Training Hall]

Here you will learn the basics of combat.

1st Battle: (Zombies)
Just hack and slash, no troubles.

2nd Battle: (Zombies)
Spin Slash and Quick Stab/ Thrust will be taught to you.

3rd battle: (Ukobach)
Steps on how to confine a demon will taught here. Equip your ice elemental
bullets and weaken Ukobach. Then start button mashing the () button.

4th Battle: (Zombies)
This will be your first battle with your demon alongside. Don't bother
confining those zombies, they can't be confined. And they're also weak in
fire. Just land some critical hits when they're open.

5th Battle (Zombies)
You will learn on how to launch a combination / special attack with your

Boss Battle (Okiku-Mushi, HP:431 Weak: Fire)
Just keep her away from Ukobach. Your demon will take care of most part of
the work here. Just feel free to use your combination attacks if available.
This demon is not confinable yet.

[Ushigome - Gaeri Bridge]

This is an event battle you won't win so don't bother using items. After 
some chit chats, the this Prolouge ends


()()()(|| ** ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *||)()()()()

SMT002  --- [EPISODE I - The Missing Girl]


1. Talk to Narumi again to obtain Y1000
2. Talk to the man in front of the Agency. Summon Ukobach and IGNITE him to
   get a Butterfly Brooch.
3. Go west then up north to reach Daidouji Residence.


There is a man near the bridge looking for a Ox-Bexoar for his wife. If you
are able to find one, give it to him to recieve Y2000

##Daidouji Residence##

1. Upon arriving, some events will take place. Show the butler Kaya's
   brooch. After that send your demon for a solo investigation to the East
   passage door. 
2. Go to the very end of the room and find a photo of Kaya. 


1. GO south of  to Kamishiro-Zaku then talk to the school girls there. Then 
take the alley to the east, you should find Rin, Kaya's best friend. When 
you try to get near her, she gets sucked into the Dark Realm.

!!Note: Try to capture a Pagan Alp for a healer. Stock also on healing 
items since you're going to need it. 

2. Take a streetcar ride to Shinoda. Enter the Nameless Shrine.

##Nameless Shrine##

1. Save your game then call forth the keeper. Perform ritual of entry and
enter Dark Tsukudo-Cho.

##Dark Tsukudo-Cho##

The layout of the area is the same but there are new items that can be 
collected. Starting from the bridge, the path to the right has an item
(that can only be reached by a solo demon with FLY ability) and in the 
left, (small docks) just use INSPECT and you should find yourself an item.

1. The path to the boss is blocked by a Dragon's jaw, a magical barrier
preventing any entry. So, take the alley to the East, heading towards
Konnou-Ya. Continue north to the direction of the Detective Agency and
find some annoying critters. Engage a battle with them. 

!!Try to confine one Volt Agathion, you will need it to destroy yet another
type of wall.

2. Take the West alley then to the stairs. A  Shikimi no Kage will block
the way. Enter battle with it. So if you have an Agathion captured, 
summon it and have it do its work. You'll also get a tutorial about Shikimi
no Kages

3. Once the wall is destroyed, head up and prepare yourself for a boss
   battle. (Tsuchigumo x3)

   **These guys hit hard and can poison you. So at your level, I think its
   not necessary to allow yourself getting mobbed in the middle. So 
   concentrate on one target at a time. You can block first and look for an
   opening. Don't hesitate to use healing items or just force your demon to
   heal you. On the offensive side, you can order Ukobach to fry the enemy.

4. After the boss fight and rescuing Rin, take the portal home.


1. Go to the south, near the bridge. Talk to the schoolgirls and choose the
2nd option in the conversation. You will then need to go to Daidouji 

##Daidouji Residence##

!!If you haven't gotten the Pricey Beer yet go to the 2f of the residence
and examine the rooms there.

1. Enter the northwestern door. Go to the end of the path and into the last 
room. In the room with lots of stuff inlcuding an old book shelf, summon your
Agathion and INSPECT the place. A new object will be discovered.

2. Pick up and read the "Demon of this Earth" to open the entrance 
underground. Go down and take the left path after the bridge to find an item
then take the right path to find the Large Tarrasque.

3. Talk to it and learn that he needs a RED WINE, back in town. Exit the
place and make your way to Tsukudo-Cho.


1. As you enter from the north, you should see the servant on the side of the
road. Summon a Pagan demon and use the READ MIND skill on the woman. Talk to
the servant again and ask if she is alright. She will then give you the RED

2. Go back to Daidouji Residence and to the underground cavern.

##Daidouji Residence##

1. Head down to the underground cavern and save your game. Summon a fire
demon and prepare for a boss fight.

2. Talk to the Tarrasque again, give him the Red Wine but he will still
battle you. 

   **Fire is its weakness. Since there are two additional enemies summoned,
   take care of them first. Just remember to block when you see the 
   tarrasque getting ready. When his HP goes below 20%, the battle ends

3. Talk to the Tarrasque after the battle. He will ask for the Pricey Beer.
Give it to him and he will give you a ride to the other side of the cavern.

4. Go to the end of the path and find a cell. Use your Volt demon's INSPECT
ability to unravel an object on the ground. Pick it up and obtain Kaya's
Diary. Its time to leave the place.

5. On your way out, you will be ambushed by some skeletetons. You'll enter 
another boss fight.

   **(Pgn Gashadokuro) 
     Try to concentrate on the main boss since he can summon minions 
     infinitely. Get rid of the smaller ones if they get in your way. 
     He has an electric magic attack so remember to block when you see him

6. Save before going up to the residence. Have your demon do a solo 
investigation to the Eastern door (where the butler doesnt allow you to 
enter). Eavesdrop the conversation. Return to the detective agency (or 
just warp there via field menu - R1) to get more info.


1. After talking to Narumi in the detective agency, go back to the residence

##Daidouji Residence##

1. Talk to the Butler and enter the Living Room. An event will take place.

2. Go back to the main hall for yet another boss fight.

   **(Wind Ichimokuren)
   Take note that you can't damage this boss with its eyes closed. So, 
   take out his minions. Once he opens his eyes, attack! This boss is weak
   to lightning to a Volt Demon will be very useful in this fight. Just
   order it to attack with Magic. Remember to block the boss' spinning 
   attack (can knock you down). You can tell this if he is floating higher.


()()()(|| ** ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *||)()()()()

SMT003  --- [EPISODE 2 - The Red Cape]


1. In the agency, you will meet Tae, a reporter investigating some Red Cape
rumors. Obtain a photo of the Red cape as a valuable item. Before setting
out remember to stock up with supplies or visit the Gouma-Den to register
your demons or get some new companions.

2. When you're ready, ride to streetcar to GINZA-CHO.


1. Take the road south go left to the construction site, under the bridge 
and find a beggar there. Talk to him first then use your Pagan Demon's 
READ MIND skill. Talk to him again and he will ask you to buy it for Y50000.
Refuse and he will offer you the charm for Y50.

2. Go back and get near a lady in kimono to trigger an event. After that,
leave the area to reach Restaurant Ryugu

##Restaurant Ryugu##

1. Examine the shining thing on the ground for an item. Talk to the owner
and show her the photo of the Red Cape. After that ask her about Kiyoshi 
Daidouji then for Denpachi.

2. Leave the area, ride the streetcar to Fukogawa-Cho.


1. As you enter, an event will trigger. You will then need to defeat two
Yakuzas inside the bath house. Talk to the Yakuza leader to gain additional

2. Once outside, take the path east for a scene. You will be in Dark 
Fukogawa-Cho. Check the cell near you to find the captured Denpachi. Learn
that you will need a lock pick to open it. Save if you want, then take the
portal out.

3. Go back to Tsukudo-Cho.


1. Go to Konnou-Ya (old man's shop, LOL) and buy a lockpick. If you don't
have enough money, get yourself in some battles until you earned enough. 

2. Once you have the lockpick, exit to the main map and take a streetcar
ride to the Nameless Shrine.


1. Ring the bell (uh-huh) and talk to the Herald. Choose to be transported
to Dark Fukogawa-Cho.

##Dark Fukogawa-Cho##

1. You will need to make your way past those Red Guards and back to 
Denpachi's cell. Make sure you have a Demon with FLY ability. Make your way
to the canal to the south while avoiding Red Guards' attention.

2. In the canal, send out a demon solo then have it fly over the river. You
should spot a small boat upstream. Examine it so that Raidou can ride over

3. Have the demon report back to Raidou, then take the boat. Disembark on
the second stop and send a demon solo again. Go past the red guards to the
3rd unloading stop. Unlock the gate there. 

4. Have the demon report back to Raidou, then take the boat again. Get off
on the 3rd stop, then save. 

5. Continue to the empty street. Destroy the Bullet Shikimi no Kage with 
your gun. Unlock the gate in the end of the street to reach Denpachi's cell.

6. Release Denpachi, then enter a battle against the Red Guards.

   **Take out the gunner first. Since their moves are predictable, its easy
   to block their attacks. Don't take their attacks since they can damage
   hard. Just concentrate your attacks on one target at a time. This should
   be a rather easy battle.


1. Denpachi will request you to find Shizu, his sister. Obtain Shizu's photo
from him then enter the Daikoku-Yu (Yakuza bathouse) in the west. 

2. Talk to Satake and show him the pic. He will inform you that Shizu is in
the Red-light District. Take the Northeastern exit of Fukogawa-Cho.

##Red-Light District##

1. Find Shizu there and talk to her. Return to the agency after that.


1. Talk to Narumi to get more info. Exit out and ride the streetcar to 


1. Take the other route and enter Shin-Sekai/ Soda Joint. Talk to Tae for
more info. Obtain Y3000 also. 

2. Go to the main downtown and go past the construction site to Kurisu-zaka.
(This is the path to Kyugu Restaurant) Move around there until the 
Full Moon. An event will trigger. Get ready for a boss battle.

   **(Volt Oboroguruma)
   A frost demon (with ice magic of course) will be in great use here. You
   can just order the demon to use magic attacks only while you block the
   boss' attacks. Once stunned, land a few critical hits. Just repeat the
   process until he goes down. You will obtain a Rickshaw Knob after 
   the battle.

3. Leave the area and go back to Fukogawa-Cho


1. Take the Northeast exit to the Red Light district. Talk to Shizu and give
the Lucky Charm to her. 

2. Leave the area and go back to Ginza-Cho


1. Take the road south again to get to Restaurant Ryugu. Talk to the owner

2. Go back to Ginza-Cho and go to the construction site. You will encounter
the Red Cape again but it will disappear. 

3. Exit the area and take a streetcar ride to Shinoda/ Nameless Shrine


1. Ring the bell (uh-huh) and talk to the Herald. Choose to be transported
to Dark Ginza-Cho.

##Dark Ginza-Cho##

!!You need a Fury Demon with USE FORCE skill to complete this mission.

1. Go up to the overpass over the construction site. Find the Red Cape and
get close to it. He will escape. 

2. Go down and find him again. He will escape again. After a few 
cat-and-mouse chase, you will notice that he is just circling the area. 
Summon a Fury Demon and USE FORCE to move the car to block the path. 

3. Save your game, heal if you need to then pursue him again. You will then
corner him. Get ready for a bossfight.

   **(Monster Red Cape)
   This boss teleports around the area. His moves are predictable, not to
   mention that he is open for a few seconds before recovering from an
   attack. His Ray attack can inflict Rage status but its not that bad.
   Just block and attack. He should go down in a short while.

4. Watch a few scenes, episode ends.


()()()(|| ** ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *||)()()()()

SMT004  --- [EPISODE 3 - Dark Summoner]


1. Take a streetcar to reach this place and follow the trail leading northwest
to the Daidouji Factory. 

2. Go inside, when asked for an answer select "It's Kiyoshi Daidouji's" and
move forward to find Tae.

3. An event will take place and you will be surrounded by 6 floating dolls.
Touching these dolls will take you to the Matrix Labyrinth but in diffrent
locations. In this mission, you need to find the 3 shards scattered across
the labyrinth.

##Matrix Labyrinth##

Checking the map often is the key here and you actually need touch all 6 
statues to gain access to the shards. Each shard is protected by a demon,
which will always be an Okiku-Mushi (caterpillar woman).

!!Make sure you have Pyro, Frost, Wind and Volt demons with their respective
elemental magic attacks since you need to destroy some elemental Shikimi no 
Kages across the area.

I won't be able to give you any directions here since any direction will do
to complete the labyrinth. Also, there is only one save point here (Dragon's
Cave) so make sure you save whenever you can.

##Daidouji Factory##

1.Once you get the shards (Red, Blue and White) it will fuse into a Blood 
Chrysobery. Head out and use the Chrysobery break the seal in the door. You
can head back and save or just continue forward.

2. After some scenes, you will engage on another battle.

   **Chernobog (x8), Fury Chernobog
     You need to defeat the chernobogs by batch. You will fight 1-2-3-2 
     Chernobogs. After that the real one will appear. He is an ice elemental
     so if you have a good levelled pyro demon, you can take this guy easily
     Or alternatively, use a demon that can NULL/Drain/Resist Ice.

3. Episode ends after the battle and some scenes.


()()()(|| ** ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *||)()()()()

SMT005  --- [EPISODE 4 - The Case Of The Missing Shipments ]


1. After the scene in the agency, Harumi-Cho can now be accessed. Restock
supplies or sell antiques in Konnou-Ya.

2. Take the streetcar to Harumi-Cho. 


1. You can explore the area a bit. When you are ready, take the path on the
southeastern part of the town. 

2. Find Ryugu's owner there and ask her everything. After that you can go 
back to the agency.


1. After the scene in the agency, leave and go to Fukagawa-Cho.


1. Go to Daikoku-Yu and talk to Satake for additional hints. 

2. Leave the area and go back to Harumi-Cho.


1. Go to the same location where Ryugu's owner is standing. After some 
scenes, Dark Harumi-Cho is now available.

2. Enter Dark Harumi-Cho via Nameless Shrine.

3. As soon as you enter, you will have a battle against some Wind Anzus. Use
a volt demon to dispatch them quickly. Talk to the Stylish Sailor and use
the READ MIND pagan demon skill to get an item.

4. Now go to the path leading to the Navy HQ. There should be a ladder 
leading downward. Descend and Gouto will give you a hint about another way
of getting across the water. Summon a Frost demon and use its COOL DOWN skill
to freeze the water so that you can walk over it.

5. Follow the path and take the ladder up. Find the nervous sailor attacked
by Anzus. Rescue him and use the READ MIND skill again to obtain a medicine.

6. Backtrack a bit. Continue with the path to find the last sailor. Rescue 
him and read his mind after the battle for an item also. 

7. Continue exploring the areas you have'nt reach before. If you found a doll
on the ground, touch it to enter a boss battle.

   **Fury Triglay (x2)
   These guys only attack from the front and they move a lot so it is really
   annoying to hit them. Just focus your attack one target at a time and he
   should go down easily.

8. You will be returned to Harumi-Cho after the battle.


1. Go to the same location where Ryugu's owner is standing. Talk to her to
obtain the Ring of Memories. You will need to cross the waters. You need to
get the help of the large tarrasque.

2. Leave the area, go to Daidouji Residence in Tsukudo-Cho.

##Tsukudo-Cho/ Daidouji Residence##

1. You can now go and open the 2f locked rooms. You will find the Vodka in
one of them. 

2. Make your way to the undeground cavern where the large tarrasque is.
Negotiate with him and just pay him 100, 300, 500. He will then ask for Y1000
so refuse it and he will get angry. Scold him and he will calm down and
agree to help you. You will obtain to Flute of Rhone as a valuable item.

!!From here on, you can summon the tarrasque from the main map or some
certain docks in towns. The blue dots are the areas where you can mount or
unmount from the tarrasque.

3. Before leaving the area, you can talk to the tarrasque again and have 
him deliver you to his treasure hoard. Get the items before leaving.

4, Leave for Harumi-Cho.


1. You can either enter Harumu cho, exit then summon the tarrasque in the
blue dot in the main map or just go down the stairs in front of the path
leading to the Navy HQ. Summon the tarrasque on any of the locations.

2. Use the tarrasque to reach the other side of Harumi Cho, the one with the
Church. Go past it to the Foreign Cemetery.

3.talk to the spirit there are agree to unearth the remains. Just choose 
Elfman and show the ring of memories.

4. After some scenes, save and prepare for a boss battle once you enter the

   **Boss: Monk Rasputin
     He is weak in lightning so a Volt Demon can help with the offensive.
     On the cornier side, he will hide himself in three large Matryoshkas.
     Just hack and slash away to destroy his worthless decoys.

     You can guard most of his attacks. Make sure you order your volt demon
     to use magical attacks only on the boss. Grab the oppurtunity to 
     inflict critical damage on him and it will be better if your demon has 
     learned its double team attack skill.

     If his health drops down to 50%, he will begin casting Megido, which is
     unblockable. Be sure to run away from it. It has some recovery time so
     at least hit him with a quick thrust and then guard to be safe. 

     After you brought his HP down to 30% he will start using his Trailing
     Death skill, an attack that can stun you for a few seconds and that
     means free hits from him. So it if you think you have troubles keeping
     up, switch to your healer demon and command it to heal/support you.

5. After some scenes, episode ends.


()()()(|| ** ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *||)()()()()

SMT006  --- [EPISODE 5 - Confrontation ]


After the scene, take the street car to Kasumidai.


1. You will find Tae in the plaza. Head north to proceed with the story.

2. Go to the east use a pyro demon's IGNITE ability on the cannon.

3. Go back to the North and talk to the soldier near the Guard Box.

4. After talking to the soldier, go back to the plaza. Pick up the shining
on the ground. Obtain Tae's Camera. Dark Kasumidai will be accessible.

5. Leave the area and go back to Tsukudo-Cho.


1. Go to Konnou-ya and pay Y3000 to develop the film inside the camera. 
Restock on items if you need to. Also stock on bullets since you'll need
them in the next boss battle. 

2. Go to Shinoda/ Nameless Shrine and visit Dark Kasumidai 

##Dark Kasumidai##

1. YOu will need to fight some Zombie officers as soon as you enter the 
area. Do not worry, they are slow and their attacks can be predicted.

2. Afte the battle, go to west and witness some friendly undead officers
chatting. You will then need to collect all 8 reports.

Most of the reports can be found by using a Volt Demon's INSPECT ability.

Report 1 -- Near the cannon at West
Report 2 -- North-West area, near the demon.
Report 3 -- At the intersection near the zombie officers
Report 4 -- Behind the Guard Box in the North
Report 5 -- Eastern road, summon a demon with SNEAK ability and have it go
            on a solo investigation on the second hole. 
Report 6 -- In the South-West. Summon a flying demon and have it go on a solo
            investigation behind the statue.
Report 7 -- North-East corner, above the tree. Summon a flying demon to get
            the report.
Report 8 -- Eastern road; just keep running around until you have a battle
            with a group of zombie officers.

3. After collecting all reports, head back to your starting point and save.
Give the reports to Sadakachi and a boss battle will initiate.

   **Pgn Nebiros
   This is not a hard boss at all. Just take note that you can't damage him
   with physical attacks. Only spells and bullets will work here. He also
   summons minions infinitely. So, focus you gun attacks on the boss, and
   slash the lesser minions if they get in the way.

4. After winning the battle, you will recieve a passcode to enter the hidden
facility. Leave the area and summon the tarrasque in any of the docks. (Blue
dots in the main map.)

5. Travel the waters east and dismount on the single small island just off
the coast of Harumi-Cho

##Cannon Battery #4##

1. Use the passcode 49399221 to gain access to the entrance on the 
underground shipyard.

!!Note: The battles here may be challenging depending on your level. Make
sure you've stock up with lots of support items if you want to survive this

Also, some enemies here nets you 1000 exp per battle. So if you want to,
this place is best for exp farming. And the fact that you can only access 
this area once. You can come back later in the story but enemies don't
that much experience anymore.

This area has a high encounter rate so repulse water won't help you.

2. Collect the items and make your way down. There are some Shikimi no Kages
scattered in the area so just use the appropriate element or spell to 
destroy them. 

3. When you encounter a regenerating Shikimi no Kage, find an Ippon-datara
in the bottom ladder. Negotiate with him and give him Ex-Bezoar x2 and 150 
MAG. Then tell him that he's stupid. You can then now pass the blocked path.
Dont forget to climb up the ladder first because it contains some items.

4. After this, its pretty much a straight path minus the other Shikimi no
Kages and the random battles. Once you found the Dragon Cave, you can now
start exp farming with the enemies.

5. Once ready, head to the altar and face the demon twins.

   **Nagasunehiko, Abihiko
   Nagasunehiko is an ice elemental while Abihiko is the opposite. You can
   try focusing on one boss at a time. However, if one of them is killed,
   they will fuse into one more powerful, dual-element entity. 

   If the two of them are still alive, they will perform an unblockable
   spin attack which is hard to evade as well and packs a punch. Just 
   have your demons support you as you exploit their weakness and land
   critical hits. Summoning a demon with a combination attack learned will
   give you an easier battle. Be sure to guard their magical attacks when
   you see them charging. 

6. Watch the scenes, episode ends.


()()()(|| ** ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *||)()()()()

SMT007  --- [EPISODE 6 - Secret Of Five Fudou]


1. Go to Konnou-ya and pick the Ammunition Box. Go back to the Detective
Agency. Scenes will follow. Now go to Victor in Gouma-Den.

2. Leave the area and take the streetcar.


1. Go to Daikoku-Yu, talk to Satake.

2. Leave the area and go the Amazing Science Lab, in the southeast

##Amazing Science Lab##

1. Enter the place and use the READ MIND skill on the huskey. You will then
need to type your 'dream'. Write it down or remember it since you will meet
the dog again near the end of the game as a spirit. Tell him the dream you
told him and you will have access to extra items.

2. Go to the rightmost side of the area to trigger a scene with Dr. Tsukumo.

3. Leave the area, proceed to Ginza-Cho.


1. Enter the Soda Joint in Shin-Sekai and talk to Tae. After learning some
hints, go to the main town.

2. Go underneath the overpass, in the same place where you fought the Red
Cape. The costruction site is just between the two paths. You will then
have a scene with Kaya. 


()()()(|| ** ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *||)()()()()

SMT008  --- [EPISODE 7 - The Cursed Detective]

Watch the scenes and you will be in the Nameless Shrine. You will be asked
if you want to be sacrificed. You will need to got to Dark Fukagawa-Cho.

##Dark Fukagawa-Cho##

1. Go southeast. You will trigger a trap and two stupid floating skulls
will appear. After some brief talking, you will be transported to the

2. Make your way to the south east again and this time take another path.
Another trap will be triggered and the same duo appears. You will be
transported to the north again.

3. Summon a volt demon and INSPECT the area. If nothing appears by the
red mailbox, make your way to the southeast again to trigger the trap and
get the hint from the stupid demons themselves.

Otherwise, just examine the shining thing on the mailbox after inspecting
the area. You will have another boss fight.

   *** Pagan Utai-gaikotsu (x2)
       Nothing special about this fight; just apply normal combat 
       strategies for these scumbags. Oh, just watch out also to their
       skill that can immobilize you. 

4.After they are defeated, proceed southeast and continue your advance.
Destroy any Shikimi no Kages you encounter and then save your game before
entering the square. Prepare for another bossfight.

   *** Wind Hitokotomusi
       This boss has 4 forms. On his form, use Fire attacks to weaken him
       and land some criticals. Again, demons with combination attacks
       learned will help a lot here. Most of his attacks are blockable so
       anticipate his attacks and make sure you guard them. Having a demon
       with wind resistance, drain or null will make your life easier.

       On his second form, use electric attacks, and ice for the third.
       The strategy mentioned above will suffice for these forms. Lastly,
       when he releases his final form, just use normal attacks to finish
       him off.

5. Episode ends after the battle.


()()()(|| ** ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *||)()()()()

SMT009  --- [EPISODE 8 - The Demon And The Steel Tower]


Restock supplies, then leave via streetcar to Harumi-Cho


Leave the area via south exit. Take the road down and talk to the guard
blocking the path on the main map. You will now have access to enter 


1.Use the Pagan Demon's READ MIND skill on the guards inside the area. You
can also use INSPECT to find some hidden items in the area. You will also
gain access to Dark Sakuradayama.

2.Leave the area and go to Shinoda/Nameless Shrine.

##Dark Sakuradayama##

1. There are some hidden items in the area so make sure your Volt Demon
INSPECTS the area.

2. Save your game, then go upstairs for a boss fight.

   ***Yomi-kugutsu x3
   Two gunners and one melee fighter. These gun-weilding red soldiers
   probably pose the threat here. The melee Yomi-kugutsu always performs a
   combo but is slow when executing it. Just remember to block when 

   It will be a good idea to take out the gunners first. If you see them
   getting ready to fire their machine guns, quickly move to their side or
   back and score some free hits.

3. After the battle, take the path upstairs and enter the tower.

##Waden One##

1. When navigating this area, you may need to send your demons alone to
reach some places since some hiruko doesnt like humans. The other paths 
should be obviously easy so I won't waste time giving directions step by
step. However, the last series of individual and hiruko rides can be

2. The area I am talking about is the last obstacle to reach the boss in
the top of the tower. To proceed, just ride the hiruko to reach the island
where the Moh Shuvuu is. 

3. Send your demon on a solo investigation, then ride the same hiruko you
used to reach the island. Then ride right, up, left then down then report
to Raidou. Ride the hiruko your demon used and continue.

4. Upon reaching the top, there will be some scenes and after that a boss

   ***Volt Mishaguji
   This boss has a lot of HP, probably 7000+ or so, so its going to be a 
   long battle. All his attacks can be blocked except the Cursed Emission
   which follows you for a period of time then paralyzes you when it hits.
   A healer demon while in Heal Me/ Support command can help you survive.

   The enemy will likely be targetting you than your demon so remember to
   guard his attacks then just counter after he is done with his combo. He
   also teleports within the area so expect that he will perform a combo
   after teleporting. Note also that his swipe attack has long reach and
   can knock you down but it is still blockable.

   Halfway on his health, he will start using his Cursed Bolts, a series
   of four lightning bolts that travels by land. It also has a CHARM
   effect. It is blockable though.

   One effective tactic to prevent your demon from being Charmed is to 
   unsummon / return it if you see the boss holding this staff on the 
   ground. You can hold the guard button while doing that. Or, you can just
   use an ANTI-MIND item when your demon is inflicted with Charm status.

   Beware if your demon is a healer and it is charmed. It will heal the 
   boss with around 1500 HP a spell so be cautious.

   Just repeat the mentioned strategy above and you should be okay. 

5. After the battle, some scenes will follow and the episode end.


()()()(|| ** ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *||)()()()()

SMT010  --- [EPISODE 9 - The Two Summoners]


1. After being transported, you will find another Gouto-look alike cat. 
Follow it to the Shrine. A scene will ensue.

2. After the scene, leave the area and go to the Nameless Shrine.

##Shinoda/ Nameless Shrine##

1. After learning about the current situation, you will be tasked to 
obtain 3 prisms from guardians located in Dark Sakuradayama, 
Dark Ginza-Cho and Dark Harumi-Cho. It doesnt matter which you choose first

2. Just restock your supplies and make sure you have all bullet types in
full ammo. This ensures you the flexibility in battle.

##Dark Sakuradayama##

1. Go to the east to obtain to Sword of Kashima. You need to synch all 
stones with the sword but since they respond to the other stones, some
stones will deactivate if you activate another. Refer to the outline


    (3)       (6)

    (2)       (5)

    (1)       (4)

     X -- Starting Point

    **Examine Stone # 1
    **Examine Stone # 2
    **Send your demon on a Solo Investigation, examine stone # 5

2. After solving the puzzle, the guardian will appear and you need to 
fight him to obtain the Earth Prism.

    ***Volt Oumitsunu
    The minions around the boss may be annoying so you can use Charm shots
    to inflict Charm on the minions and turn them against the main boss
    temporarily. Just anticipate the enemies' attacks and block them
    whenever you can. 

    The enemies here can cast fire and electric spells so be careful of
    your summoned demon's weakness. Just keep pounding on the boss and he
    should go down in a short while.

3. After obtaining the Earth Prism, you can head back to Tsukudo-Cho to
restock or go to your next destination. You need to talk to the Herald in
Shinoda/ Nameless Shrine.

##Dark Ginza-Cho##

!!You need a fury demon with uSE FORCE skill to conquer this area.

1. Follow the path without any blocking Dragon's Jaws (they appear as
green lines in your map) and fight a Pyro Muspell along the way.

2. Continue moving forward and find a bus blocking the path. Summon your
Fury demon and remove the obstacle. Now take the first path on your left
and send your demon on a solo investigation to pass through the Tainted
Gate. Make sure that you send your best demon since it will enter a boss
fight alone. Or to save time, if you have a good levelled Fury demon, just
send it.

3. Follow the path and take the go around the corner. Your demon will need
to defeat the Pyro Muspell from before. After that, USE FORCE on the bus 
make way for Raidou.

4. Report to Raidou and make your way to the stairs to get to the overpass.
You will find the next guardian there so be prepared.

   ***Fury Susan-o.
   Since this enemy is weak to ice attacks, it may seem advisable to use
   Frost Demons. To make the battle easier, dispatch his minions or just
   pummel him with ice bullets. (If you bought an ice cartridge, your ammo
   should be x99, making things more easier.) Just deal some critical hits
   when he is stunned and repeat the process until he is defeated.

5. Obtain the Flame prism and leave the area. 

##Dark Harumi-Cho##

1. Talk to the Fury Shouten beside the Dragon Cave. Learn that you need
to collect 9 purity charms before he can take you to the last guardian.

2. Just roam the area to find random battles with Shoutens. There is one
demon selling a charm for Y20000, it depends whether you can afford it or 
not. Just remember that there are items in the residential area of 

3. After collecting charms, go back to the Shouten, save then talk to him.
You will now face the guardian of the Water Prism.

   ***Frost Orochi
   This enemy is weak against fire so you can order your pyro demon to 
   use magical attacks while you attack in close. Just guard against its
   ice area attack and its melee attacks as well. The boss doesn't move
   and has slow recovery rate so it will be open after attacking. Use
   this short time to deal extra damage. Don't use guns in this battle.

4. After defeating Orochi, obtain the Water prism.

5. Leave the area and go back to the Nameless Shrine.

##Shinoda/ Nameless Shrine##

Talk to the Herald and Watch the following scenes. Episode ends after that.


()()()(|| ** ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *||)()()()()

SMT011  --- [EPISODE 10 - Capital In Flames!]


After getting back in the Detective Agency, notice that Harumi is not 
there. Find a letter instead. Leave the area and take a streetcar to 


1. Locate Sadakichi in the south area of the town. Talk to him.

2. Head back to the Agency to watch more scenes. You will then obtain the 
Chigaeshi Orb and Shiomitsu Orbs.

3. Summon your tarrasque in a dock. Go to the landing point in the 
southeastern most part of the Harumi-Cho. There is a long path there
leading to an isolated place just north of the Army HQ.


!!You need a Fury Demon's USE FORCE skill to proceed!

1. Put the orbs on their respective statues.

2. Summon a Fury demon and USE FORCE the left statue. 

3. Stand on one plate and have your demon go solo and stand on the other

The entrance to the Subterranean Shipbuilding Facility will now be 
accessible via the well.

##Subterranean Shipbuilding Facility##

B1. Destroy the Fire Shikimi no Kage and take the Heavy x15 bullet rounds 
    behind. Jump off the left Ledge, then choose to jump to the right. 

B2. Destroy Electric Shikimi no Kage.

B3. Defeat the enemies blocking your way. Find a Tainted Gate that is 
    blocking your path. Make your way back to B2. 

B2. Jump off the ledge then take the left side. Climb the ladder to go 
    back to B1.

B1. Go north and destroy the Ice Shikimi no Kage. head down to B2

B2. Destroy the Wind Shikimi no Kage, and then talk to the Ippon-datara.
    watch the scenes that will follow and go back to the area where the
    Tainted Gate is once located. Head to the next area.

1.  Destroy the Bullet Shikimi no Kage and get the item behind it. Go
    downstairs and find a Balm of Life in B4.

2. Take the ladder in B3 leading to B4's other side. Move forward until
   you get a scene with Narumi. 

3. Save your game and take the staircase nearby and go left for a Lu 
Incense, a Vi Insance and a Soma. Backtrack a bit and go to the Altar for
a battle.

   ***Tokoyogami Sukuna-hikona
   The enemy is weak to fire and force magical attacks but he can nullify
   gunshots. You can summon your Pyro and Wind demons to help you out in
   the offensive. Just remember to guard when you sense him readying for
   an attack. Since this boss moves around rather quickly, it will be hard
   to hit him with combos. That's where the dash/ quick stab helps. 

   When his HP is down to at least 60-70% he will start summoning Hirukos
   to attack you. You will be immobilized when you get hit by these
   Hirukos. After that, expect that he will blast you with a powerful
   beam attack. Demons hit by these attacks will be sEALED, meaning you
   cannot summon them anymore during the whole battle.

   You can return your demons to prevent them from being hit by the boss'
   special attack but its a risk that you'll be damaged instead.

   You can order your demons to use magic attacks only while you take care
   of the main damage.

3, After the battle, head east to trigger an event. Episode ends after 

 -- END OF EPISODE 10 --

()()()(|| ** ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *||)()()()()

SMT012  --- [EPISODE 11 - Mission To Space]


1. Ask Narumi about everything. Leave to Fukagawa-Cho.


1. Go to the Amazing Science Lab. Talk to Dr. Tsukumo near the entrance.

2. Leave the area, go to the Navy HQ in Harumi-Cho. Talk to Sadakichi and
obtain the SS Project Report.

3. Go back to the Lab and surrender the report to the Dr.

4. Go back to Tsukudo-Cho


1. Go to Gouma-Den and talk to Victor. You will then need to leave to 

2. Go to Shin-Sekai and enter the Soda Joint. Find Rasputin there courting
Tae. After the scene there, choose to "SMACK HIM"

3. You will taken to Gouma-Den instantly. After the scene, go back to 
the Lab.

##Amazing Science Lab##

!!If you still haven't, make sure all your demons are registered in 
Victor's database.

1. Talk to Dr. Tsukumo. You will need to send a demon up there. Since it
will fight alone, I suggest sending a demon that heal itself and has
good attack/ magic offense. This demon will be gone forever though.

2. Watch the scenes that'll follow.


  ***Satellite Tai-itsu Core, Defense System x3

  The core is protected by the defense systems surrounding it. And not
  to mention that this core is protected by infinitely spawning Wind Powers

  Make your way and destroy all the defense systems. Once the systems are
  destroyed, you can now start attacking the core.

1. After the battle, watch the events and the episode will end.

 -- END OF EPISODE 11 --

()()()(|| ** ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *||)()()()()

SMT013  --- [EPISODE 12 - Bonds Between Us]


1. Talk to Satake in front of Daikoku-Yu. Leave the area and head the
the Amazing Science Lab.

2. Talk to Dr. Tsukumo in the lab. Talk to him. Leave the area and go
to the Soda Joint in Shin Sekai.

3. Talk to Tae in the Soda Joint. After the scene, go to Dark Tsukudo-Cho.

##Dark Tsukudo-Cho##

!!NOte: This is the final stage so make sure you are prepared. Be at least
LV 60+ to have an easier time navigating the stage. Also, make sure you
are fully stocked before heading in.

Go to the edge of the bridge for a scene.

##Akarana Corridor##

You need to destroy hourglasses in each section in order to proceed. This
means you will face all major bosses you have defeated before. Same battle
tactics you used on them will also work. Note that there are some hidden
portals here that can take you to areas full of items. You can only find it
using a Volt Demon's INSPECT ability.

This area is large and the enemies can really kill you if you're not 
careful. It is general knowledge to save your game whenever you find a
Dragon's Cave.

!!Make sure you have a demon with ALLURE ability. Its a requirement to 
proceed deeper in this stage.

  - 1930s -
  * Just go up.

  - 1940s -
  * Go to the end of the path, destroy the Hourglass to fight Wind 

  - 1950s -
  * Just make your way to the next area.

  - 1960s -
  * Find a Dragon's Cave, continue moving forward.

  - 1980s -
  * Just make your way to the next area.

  - 1990s -
  * Use ALLURE on the Fury Ikusa and Fury Oni. Take the portal on the left.

  - 2030s -
  * Save your game in the Dragon's Cave on the left.

  - 2040s -
  * Have your demon go solo then move it LEFT, LEFT then RIGHT. Portal will
    be activated. Warp to the next area, examine the Hourglass and choose
    to destroy it. Defeat Wind Hitokotonusi to unlock a new area.
  - 2030s -
  * Backtrack to 1990's

  - 1990s -
  * Take the newly opened path to 2000

  - 2000s -
  * There is a Dragon's Cave here and a Nakisawame.

  - 2010s -
  * Move Raidou to left twice then send your demon on solo and move it to
    the right. Portal will be activated, and destroy the the Hourglass.
    Bossfight with Volt Mishaguji. Defeat him to open the last path.

  - 2000s -
  * Backtrack to 1990's

  - 1990s -
  * After taking the new path, you will two paths.  

                             /   \
                            /     \
                         2030s   2020s
                         -----   -----
                          /         \
                         /           \
                       2050s        20XX
                       -----        ----
                       /               \
                      /                 \
                   20XX                Items
                   ----                ------
           !! Last Boss !!          

    Note: You will be asked if want to continue or not to the final battle.
          If you want to take other path and collect the items, backtrack
          to the second path.

   - 20XX (Item Path) - 
   * You will need to solve another puzzle. Refer to the solutions below.
   Frost demon - LEFT
   Volt demon  - LEFT
   Fury demon  - RIGHT
   Pagan demon - RIGHT  
   * The portal will be activated. Warp to the next area for your rewards.

   - 20XX (Boss Path) -
   * Save your game; If you talk to the spirit on the left, you will learn 
     that it was the dog in the Science Lab. Tell him your dream, the one
     you told him and you will recieve a bonus...

   * There is also a Nakisawane here for healing. But it is rather costly
     depending on your and your demons' average level. Just use it if you
     really need to. Otherwise upstairs to face the final boss.

    ***Presence within Kaya

    She attacks fast and has high recovery rate, meaning there is only a 
    brief moment of delay between her attacks. She hits hard so make sure
    to guard her attacks and make two slashes only at a time. Performing a
    3rd slash will not give you enough time to block her attacks in time. If
    you decide to use your demons against her, make sure you order them to
    attack with magic only. After the battle, prepare for her second form.

    ***Battleship Yasomagatsu
    The pattern for this battle is very obvious. Defeat all 4 waves/ pairs of
    enemies that will appear. Be careful with the artillery shots from the
    battle ship. Using a Pyro demon will help a lot since they can Drain or
    nullify the artillery attacks.

    After the waves of enemies are defeated, the battleship will resurface 
    nearby. When that happens, attack it with all you got. Just ignore the
    gunners on the top since they are just there for annoyance and not for
    damage. Repeat the process twice or thrice to end the battle.

    Prepare for the 3rd form...

    ***Soulless God Yasomagatsu

    The shoulder cannon attacks can be dodged easily but do no step on the
    flames the shot left. You just need to deal with the L and R arms after
    every attack. The Soulless Beam sprays in a straight line and its
    unblockable. So avoid it by moving out of the line of fire. 

    This boss may also attempt to smash you with both hands so quickly run to
    the edge of the battle area. After destroying both hands, the battle will

    Had enough? Well, prepare for the last form...

    *****Soulless God Yasomagatsu

    Soulless Rain is a new attack for this boss. Just avoid the salvo being
    fired at you. Running in the side gives you the best position to avoid
    these projectiles since they cannot be blocked. There will be delays
    between her attacks so use this ample time to damage her with your combos.
    As for her other attacks, like many other bosses, you can anticipate 
    when you need to block or not. Just don't be too aggressive since this
    boss hits harder than the previous forms. Make sure your HP is always
    above 60% at least. Use items whenever necessary.

    Just apply the most basic boss battle tactic: guard and counterattack.
    Just repeat the process and this battle should be easy.

 -- END OF EPISODE 12 --

    Game ends, enjoy the credits.

<><><><><><><>                  EXTRAS                 EXT000 <><><><><><>


There are 4 training halls scattered around the map. If you've done a little
exploring, you should have located these buildings. Only your demons can
enter and explore the area because of the Tainted Gates.

Items that can be found in the area depends on the type of demon you have 
deployed. Since the area is really straightforward, no detailed directions
will be provided.


Items: Red Crystal (X8)

Enemies: - Fury Lamia          
         - Fury Oni
         - Pagan Alp
         - Pagan Ghoul
         - Pagan Okiku-mushi
         - Pyro Oshichi
         - Skill Leanan Sidhe
         - Undead Zombie Lady
         - Volt Oboroguruma
         - Wind Anzu


Items: Red Crystal (X8)
       Vi Incense (Listen to the zombies in the North, defeat them.)

Enemies: - Fury Lamia
         - Fury Oni
         - Pagan Ghoul
         - Pagan Okiku-mushi
         - Pyro Oshichi
         - Pyro Sati
         - Skill Leanan Sidhe
         - Undead Zombie
         - Undead Zombie Lady
         - Volt Oboroguruma
          Wind Anzu


Items: Red Crystal (X8)

Enemies: - Frost Jubokko
         - Fury Ikusa
         - Fury Triglav
         - Pagan Utai-gaikotsu
         - Pyro Gdon
         - Skill Nekomata
         - Volt Nue
         - Wind Feng Huang
         - Undead Zombie


Items: Red Crystal (X8)

Enemies: - Fury Gashadokuro
         - Fury Rakshasa
         - Fury Shouten
         - Pagan Ghoul
         - Pyro Sati
         - Pyro Throne
         - Skill Nekomata
         - Skill Scathach
         - Volt Nue
         - Volt Raiju


This seems to be the same training hall where you started your tutorial
training. Examine the stand on the right side of the shrine. You cannot
explore all the floors until later in the game.


       1F             EP3
       2F             EP3
       3F             EP4
       4F             EP5
       5F             EP6
       6F             EP8
       7F             EP10
       8F             EP10
       9F             EP11
       10F (Bottom)   EP12, upon saving in the last save point.


Items: NONE

Enemies: - Frost Azumi
         - Pyro Pyro Jack
         - Pyro Ukobach
         - Volt Agathion
         - Volt Raiju
         - Wind Poltergeist
         - Fury Obariyon
         - Pagan Alp
         - Undead Zombie


Items: Red Crystal
       St Incense 
       Force Rounds (x15)

Enemies: - Frost Azumi
         - Pyro Pyro Jack
         - Pyro Orthrus
         - Volt Raiju
         - Volt Tsuchigumo
         - Wind Moh Shuvuu
         - Wind Poltergeist
         - Undead Zombie
         - Skill Ippon-datara
         - Fury Turdak
         - Pagan Mokoi


Items: Red Crystal
       Ma Incense 
       Phys Rounds (x15)
Enemies: - Undead Zombie Lady
         - Pagan Alp
         - Pagan Mokoi
         - Pagan Okiku-mushi
         - Pyro Oshichi
         - Pyro Ukobach
         - Frost Jack Frost


Items: Red Crystal
       Vi Incense 
       Balm of Life
       Death Rounds (x15)

Enemies: - Fury Lamia       
         - Fury Turdak                              
         - Skill Leanan Sidhe         
         - Volt Oboroguruma           
         - Wind Anzu  
         - Pagan Ghoul                
         - Pyro Sati  

!!A secret demon, Fury Yoshitsune can be found in this floor. Find him in 
the Northern area. Talk to him to enter the battle. Defeat all enemies then
defeat him eventually. Although you can't confine him, he can be one of the
possible outcome when fusing demons.

Basic: Pagan Utai-gaikotsu +  Frost Oukuninushi


Items: NONE

Enemies: - Wind Feng Huang            
         - Skill Kudan                
         - Skill Nekomata            
         - Undead Zombie Guard        
         - Undead Zombie Officer     
         - Frost Jubokko 
         - Fury Ikusa                 
         - Pagan Utai-gaikotsu 

!!Come back to this floor after triggering the "KING OF ABYSS" event in the
last floor and you chose anything but "Im just looking around" during the 

Go to the Northeast section during HALF-MOON. YOu will be challenged. Accept
the challenge and defeat all enemies to gain PHANTOM SKILL, a valuable item.


Items: Red Crystal
       Lu Incense 
       Sleep Rounds (x15)

Enemies: - Skill Thoth
         - Fury Ikusa
         - Fury Triglav         
         - Frost Raja Naga
         - Volt Nue
         - Pyro Gdon
         - Wind Feng Huang


Items: Red Crystal
       St Incense 
       Soma Drop
       Charm Rounds (x15)

Enemies: - Wind Kurama 
         - Fury Ikusa                  
         - Fury Rakshasa            
         - Pagan Ghoul                
         - Pagan Nebiros           
         - Pyro Ukobach
         - Undead Zombie Guard
         - Volt Nue
         - Chrysalis Hiruko 
         - Skill Kudan

!!Come back to this floor after triggering the "KING OF ABYSS" event in the
last floor and you chose anything but "Im just looking around" during the 

Go to the Southeastern part of this area during NEW MOON. Defeat all enemies
during the challenge to obtain TYRANT SPAWN, another valuable item.


Items: Red Crystal
       Ma Incense 
       Balm of Life
       Stone Rounds (x15)

Enemies: - Volt Tsuchigumo
         - Pagan Gashadokuro
         - Pagan Ghoul
         - Pyro Gdon
         - Pyro Throne
         - Pyro Sati
         - Skill Nekomata
         - Skill Scathach
         - Frost Raja Naga
         - Fury Shouten


Items: Red Crystal
       Vi Incense 
       Babylon Tablet
       Great Chakra

Enemies: - Pagan Incubus 
         - Fury Susano-o 
         - Fury Turdak  
         - Volt Nue
         - Volt Parvati 
         - Skill Kudan
         - Skill Scathach
         - Frost Ouyamatsumi
         - Wind Anzu
         - Pyro Pyro Jack          
!!Come back to this floor after triggering the "KING OF ABYSS" event in the
last floor and you chose anything but "Im just looking around" during the 

Go to the Northeast area during FULL MOON and defeat all the enemies during
the challenge. Obtain EMBLEM of HELL.


Items: Red Crystal
       Lu Incense 
       Giza Mask

Enemies: - Fury Obariyon 
         - Pagan Incubus 
         - Pagan Lilith 
         - Pyro Muspell 
         - Pyro Sati  
         - Pyro Throne
         - Wind Power
         - Wind Sandalphon
         - Skill Kudan
         - Skill Futsunushi
         - Frost Arahabaki 
         - Frost Jack Frost 
         - Frost Raja Naga 
         - Frost Orochi 

!!Go to the Northern area to trigger the "KING OF ABYSS" subevent. Then, go
back to 5F during Halfmoon, 7F during New Moon and 9F during Full Moon
respectively.  Win the challenges and collect the 3 valuable items (see the
notes above for further details.)

After that, go to the North, defeat all the enemies and lastly, the King of
Abyss namely, Pagan Beelzebub.  Although you can't confine him, he can be one
of the possible outcomes when fusing demons.

Basic: Frost Orochi + Frost Arahabaki 


These are the special demons that you will never encounter during the normal
pace of the game. There are certain requirements to get them, although I 
haven't tried acquiring them later than the proposed episode or event.

They cannot be confined so the only way to produce them is by fusing the 
required monsters. The required fusion section below doesn't mean that the
mentioned demons are the only ones capable of producing the secret demon(s).
There are always other possibilities.



EPISODE:           EP5
REQUIRED EVENT:    Talk to the demon and defeat all enemies, including him
REQUIRED FUSION:   Pagan Utai-gaikotsu + Frost Oukuninushi


EPISODE:          EP 7 Onwards
LOCATION:         (Random Encounter) 
                  - Tsukudo-Cho
                  - Ginza-Cho
                  - Sakuradayama
                  - Daidouji Residence (Underground Cavern)
REQUIRED EVENT:   Defeat her before she escapes.  
REQUIRED FUSION:  Pagan Nebiros + Incubus

!!She heals herself when her HP drops below 50%. Also she has high phys
resistance so if you have trouble damaging her, try levelling up some more.
She seems to be weak with either fire or ice.


EPISODE:          EP 8
LOCATION:         Telephone booths in Tsukudo-Cho, Harumi-Cho, Ginza-Cho
REQUIRED EVENT:   1. Learn about the telephone booth rumor by talking to 
                     the Blonde Girl in Soda Joint, Shin-Sekai
                  2. Visit the telephone booth in Harumi-Cho with Pagan
                     Nebiros in your party. 
                  3. Check the telephone booth in Tsukudo-Cho near the Shrine
                     with Pyro Belial in your party.
                  4. Go to the telephone booth in Ginza-Cho with both Nebiros
                     and Belial in the party.
                  5. Defeat Pagan Alice and all enemies.
REQUIRED FUSION:  Frost Raja Naga + Frost Jack Frost


EPISODE:          EP12, after saving in the last save point.
LOCATION:         10F, last floor 
REQUIRED EVENT:   See the notes above for 10F. 
REQUIRED FUSION:  Frost Orochi + Frost Arahabaki


The more you buy from the shop, the quicker your rank will increase. 
Increasing your rank will give you diffrent bonuses such as discounts and
new items. Refer to the chart below.

 [RANK]           [BONUS]

    1              Life Stone, Muscle Drink, Balm of Life available
    2              Item Selling Price +10%
    3              Item Buying Cost   -10%
    4              Chakra Drop becomes available
    5              Item Selling Price +20%
    6              Item Buying Cost   -20%
    7              Fatal Round, Fatal Clip becomes available.


The more you order/ drink from the shop, the quicker your rank will increase. 
Increasing your rank will give you access to new, better drinks and your 
MAG exchange for demons as well.

 [RANK]           [BONUS]

    1              Dragon Soda, Mandra Soda becomes available.
    2              Miracle Nectar becomes available.
    3              MAG Exchange   + 10%
    4              Muscle Nectar becomes available
    5              Valhalla Nectar, Magical Nectar becomes available
    6              MAG Exchange   + 30%
    7              Elixir Pop, Midas Pop becomes available.
    8              Harvest Pop becomes available.
    9              Deus Pop  becomes available.


When more demons become more loyal to you, (maxing their loyalties will help
a lot), your rank will increase and you will have more MAG capacity, and
bonus tubes as well. When you're rank increases, you will be told that you 
have your demons had more loyal to you and MAG capacity has increased. To
change your rank after the prompt, simply talk to the Herald in the Nameless


 Promising Youth        120                    1200
 Taisho Swordsman       700                    1500           + 2 demon tubes
 Local Hero            1200                    1800
 Urban Mystic          1700                    2100           + 2 demon tubes
 Prodigy               2200                    2500
 Recognized Summoner   2700                    2900 
 Gallant Hero          3200                    3400           + 2 demon tubes
 Avatar of Spirits     3800                    3900
 Rising Star           4400                    4400
 Renowned Summoner     5100                    5000
 Master of Demons      5900                    5500
 Morning Star          6800                    6100
 Demons Terror         7800                    6700
 Vigilant Guardian     9000                    7300
 Timeless Summoner    12800                    8000

<><><><><><><>               ITEM LIST                  ITM000  <><><><><>


* Get these in Konnou-Ya

 Medicine      -- Restores 75 HP to 1 ally               
 Ox Bezoar     -- Restores 250 HP to 1 ally, aphrodisiac 
 Life Stone    -- Restores medium amount of target's HP  
 Muscle Drink  -- Restores large amount of target's HP 
 Chakra Chip   -- Restores small amount of demon's MP
 Anti-Poison   -- Cures Poison status                    
 Anti-Mute     -- Cures Mute status                      
 Anti-Stone    -- Cures Stone status                     
 Anit-Mind     -- Cures Sleep, Panic, Charm, Rage        
 Jin Dan       -- Revives KO'd demon, restores some HP   
 Balm of Life  -- Revives KO'd demon, fully restores HP
"Mansaku" Sake -- Increases demon's Loyalty (S)


 Bead          -- Fully restores target's HP             
 Bead of Life  -- Fully restores party's HP  
 Chakra Drop   -- Restores medium amount of demon's MP   
 Chakra Pot    -- Fully restores demon's MP              
 Great Chakra  -- Fully restores demons' MP              
 Soma Drop     -- Fully restores target's HP & MP        
 Soma          -- Fully restores party's HP & MP 
 St Incense    -- Increases character's Strength by 1   (permanent) 
 Ma Incense    -- Increases character's Magic by 1      (permanent)  
 Vi Incense    -- Increases character's Vitality by 1   (permanent) 
 Lu Incense    -- Increases character's Luck by 1       (permanent) 
"Homura" Sake  -- Increases Pyro demon's Loyalty (M)     
"Fubuki" Sake  -- Increases Frost demon's Loyalty (M)    
"Raiden" Sake  -- Increases Volt demon's Loyalty (M)     
"Arashi" Sake  -- Increases Wind demon's Loyalty (M)     
"Gouriki" Sake -- Increases Fury demon's Loyalty (M)     
"Yamiyo" Sake  -- Increases Pagan demon's Loyalty (M)    
"Takumi" Sake  -- Increases Skill demon's Loyalty (M)    
"Shishiou" Sake-- Increases demon's Loyalty (M)          
"Kotetsu" Sake -- Increases demon's Loyalty (L) 

* Available only in Soda Joint, Shin Sekai
* Get these in Konnou-Ya

 Valhalla Soda   -- Raise Raidou's Strength by 3 in allotted time     
 Magical Soda    -- Raise Raidou's Magic by 3 in allotted time        
 Muscle Soda     -- Raise Raidou's Vitality by 3 in allotted time     
 Miracle Soda    -- Raise Raidou's Luck by 3 in allotted time         
 Doctor Soda     -- Restores Raidou's 30% HP                          
 Dragon Soda     -- Raise Raidou's Str & Vil by 3 in allotted time    
 Mandra Soda     -- Raise Raidou's Mag & Luck by 3 in allotted time   
 Valhalla Nectar -- Raise Raidou's Strength by 5 in allotted time     
 Magical Nectar  -- Raise Raidou's Magic by 5 in allotted time        
 Muscle Nectar   -- Raise Raidou's Vitality by 5 in allotted time     
 Miracle Nectar  -- Raise Raidou's Luck by 5 in allotted time         
 Elixir Pop      -- Fully restores Raidou's HP                        
 Midas Pop       -- Increase yen drops from enemy in allotted time    
 Harvest Pop     -- Increase item drops from enemy in allotted time   
 Deus Pop        -- Increase all parameter by 5    

* Get these in Konnou-Ya

 [AMMO]    [ATK]     [EFFECT]

 Normal     12          -    
 Heavy      25          -   
 Fatal      40          -      
 Fire       6          Burn    
 Ice        6          Freeze  
 Elec       6          Shock   
 Force      6          Impede  
 Phys       6          Dizzy   
 Death      6          Stun    
 Poison     8          Poison   
 Sleep      8          Sleep   
 Charm      8          Charm   
 Panic      8          Panic       
 Mute       8          Mute    
 Stone      8          Stone 

 [CLIP]          [Description]     

 Normal          Increases Normal bullet capacity     
 Fire            Increases Fire bullet capacity       
 Ice             Increases Ice bullet capacity        
 Elec            Increases Elec bullet capacity     
 Force           Increases Force bullet capacity      
 Phys            Increases Phys bullet capacity     
 Death           Increases Death bullet capacity      
 Poison          Increases Poison bullet capacity
 Heavy           Increases Heavy bullet capacity   
 Sleep           Increases Sleep bullet capacity     
 Panic           Increases Panic bullet capacity    
 Charm           Increases Charm bullet capacity      
 Fatal           Increases Fatal bullet capacity  
 Mute            Increases Mute bullet capacity      
 Stone           Increases Stone bullet capacity   
 Aurora          An infinite supply of Normal Bullets 


* Get these in Konnou-Ya

 Attract Water   -- Briefly increases encounter rate         
 Repulse Water   -- Briefly decreases encounter rate 
 Smoke Ball      -- Instantly escape from battle.            
 Purity Charm    -- A talisman said to espel evil

* No special effects, these are just for selling.
 [NAME]           [PRICE]       [DESCRIPTION]
 Wood Ornament     1000      Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        
 Asuka Mirror      3000      Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        
 Rakuyou Chalice   6000      Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        
 Javanese Figure  10000      Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        
 Roman Coin       13000      Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        
 Persian Vase     18000      Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        
 Theban Jar       22000      Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        
 Cretan Goodess   27000      Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        
 Babylon Tablet   35000      Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        
 Giza Mask        50000      Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        
 Stag Beetle       5000      Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        
 Beetle            7500      Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        
 Dainty Snack       500      A popular bar snack. Demons like it, too.
 Twig                 1      A plain old twig, There's no use for it. 
 Old Underwear     1200      A garment favored by virgins long ago. 

<><><><><><><>               CREDITS                    CDT000  <><><><><>


....first of all to YOU for reading. I hope this faq has helped you.

....to all the gaming sites that hosted my authored faqs. I really 
appreciate it. Specially to the people of 1up.com.

....also to all the Filipino gamers that are actively participating and
contributing, helping their fellow gamers alike.

....to my friends and family.

Please visit my site vhayste.1up.com and checkout my other faqs.

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