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     ** *** * ** * * * ** * * ** * * * 

       *******      *                               
      *       ***  **        *                 *     
     *         **  **       ***               ***    
     **        *   **        *                 *     
      ***          **                                
     ** ***        **  ***  **   ***  ****   ***   ***  ****     ****      
      *** ***      ** * *** ***   **** ****    **   **** **** * *  ***  *  
         *** ***    ***   *** **    **   **    **    **   **** *    ****     
          *** ***  **     ** **    **    **    **    **    ** **     ** 
            ** *** **     ** **    **    **    **    **    ** **     **    
             ** ** **     ** **    **    **    **    **    ** **     **    
              * *  **     ** **    **    **    **    **    ** **     **    
    ***        *   **     ** **    **    **    **    **    ** **     **    
   *  *********    **     ** *** * ***   ***   ***   ***   *** ******** 
  *     *****       **    **  ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***  *** ***
  *                       *                                         ***
   **                    *                                    ****   *** 
                          *                                 *******  ** 
                         *                                  *     **** 

             ***** **                                        
          ******  **** *                                     
         **   *  *  ***                                      
        *    *  *    *                                       
            *  *        ****   ***  ****                     
           ** **       * ***  * **** **** * ****      ***    
           ** **      *   ****   **   **** * ***  *  * ***   
           ** ****** **    **    **       *   ****  *   ***  
           ** *****  **    **    **      **        **    *** 
           ** **     **    **    **      **        ********  
           *  **     **    **    **      **        *******   
              *      **    **    **      **        **        
          *****       ******     ***     ***     * ****    * 
         *  *****      ****       ***     *******   *******  
        *    ***                           *****     *****   
         **                    ***** * ** * ** * ** * * * * *   ** * 

               oooooooooooo ooooooo  ooooo       .o.       
               `888'     `8  `8888    d8'       .888.      
                888            Y888..8P        .8"888.     
                888oooo8        `8888'        .8' `888.    
                888    "       .8PY888.      .88ooo8888.   
                888       o   d8'  `888b    .8'     `888.  
               o888ooooood8 o888o  o88888o o88o     o8888o 


                      +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
                      |E|N|G|L|I|S|H| |V|E|R|S|I|O|N|
                      +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

 [][][] --------------------------------------------------------------[][][]
                           W A L K T H R O U G H 

                        AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)
                          CONTACT: [email protected]



III. ABOUT THE GAME                SFX000
     SYNOPSIS                      SFX001
     ENVIRONMENT                   SFX002
     BATTLE SYSTEM                 SFX003
     CUSTOMIZATION                 SFX004
     GEO FORTRESS                  SFX005
     CHARACTERS                    SFX006
     WEAPONS                       SFX007
     ITEMS, EQUIPMENTS             SFX008
     POWER/ SECRET ARTS            SFX009


     CHAPTER 1                     WLK001
     CHAPTER 2                     WLK002
     CHAPTER 3                     WLK003
     CHAPTER 4                     WLK004
     CHAPTER 5                     WLK005
     CHAPTER 6                     WLK006
     CHAPTER 7                     WLK007
     CHAPTER 8                     WLK008
     CHAPTER 9                     WLK009
     CHAPTER 10                    WLK010
     CHAPTER 11                    WLK011
     CHAPTER 12                    WLK012
     CHAPTER 13                    WLK013
     CHAPTER 14                    WLK014
     CHAPTER 15                    WLK015

V.   POSTGAME                      PST000
     CASTLE OF MYSTERIES           PST001

VII. OPTIONALS                     OPT000
     North Paora Plains            OPT001 
     East Paora Plains             OPT002
     Paora Plains, East Coast      OPT003
     Lake Bark Cavern              OPT004
     Diablo's Palm                 OPT005

VIII. CREDITS                   OPT000

                         [  C O P Y R I G H T  ]

  This document is copyrighted to me, Vhayste®. It is intended for 
~PRIVATE~ use only. It cannot be used in ANY form of printed or electronic 
media involved in a commercial business, in part or in whole, in any way, 
shape, or form. It cannot be used for profitable or promotional purposes, 
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This document is protected by copyright law and international treaties.
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Permission is required from the author in case any site or individual
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for posting this faq to other websites aside from the ones the author
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Expect a prompt response whenever possible.


V 1.0 --   10:16 PM 4/25/2007         Started Faq/ Rewriting faq from draft

v 1.1 --   12:56 PM 4/27/2007         Added Character details, wrote faq
                                      up to CH7, added modes

v 1.2 --   9:42 PM 4/29/2007          Finished up to CH11, added new
                                      character details for Garyu and Adam
                                      Added new sections

v 1.3 --   7:13 AM 5/1/2007           Added new character detail for 
                                      Avalon; added 'Element(s):' field
                                      for the Character section.
                                      Finished up to Chapter 14

v 1.4 --   1:52 AM 5/3/2007           Added new details in some sections
                                      guide for Castle of Mysteries
                                      Added Party Equipment descriptions
                                      for each character.

V 1.5 --   12:52 AM 5/4/2007          Finished the game; Added the 
                                      Castle of Mysteries walkthrough.

v 1.6 --    1:40 AM 5/5/2007          Added POwer/ Secret Arts section

v 1.7 --    10:41 PM 5/9/2007         Added optionals section, added new
                                      entries to power arts and secret
                                      arts. Added weapon entries. 

V 1.8 --   6:19 AM 5/15/2007          Added new entries about the remaining
                                      ancient Arenas. 


   |                                                                     | 
   |                                                                     | 
   |                  <'> A U T H O R'S    N O T E <'>                   | 
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   |                                                                     |
   | Welcome reader to my faq/walkthrough for another game that caught   |
   | my attention. I just finished my in-depth walkthrough for Rogue     |
   | Galaxy, which took a good whole month to complete. I hope this will |
   | not take that long also. I never played any of the first titles of  |
   | series - except Shining Tears which was a disappointment.           |
   |                                                                     |
   | Anyway, as I did with my works before, I wrote them in draft papers |
   | first then type them in. I would like to make this as complete as   |
   | possible but since I'm balancing work, family, and personal life    |
   | some details may be missing or omitted. Also, expect a spoiler free |
   | read as much as possible, like I have always done before            |
   |                                                                     |
   | As I always said, I do encourage you guys to send questions and I'll|
   | to answer them the best in my ability. However, hate/insulting mail |
   | unreadable and senseless emails or the like will be humbly ignored  |
   | or responded in kind.                                               |
   |                                                                     | 
   | So I hope you'll enjoy the game. Game on!                           |
   |                                                                     | 
   |                                                                     | 
   |                                                                     | 
   |                                                                     | 
   |                                      -- Paul "Vhayste" Michael      |
   |                                                                     | 

 [A B O U T . T H E  . G A M E  ]                    SFX000

  PLATFORM :   Playstation 2
  DEVELOPER:   Neverland Company
  RELEASE  :   March 20, 2007 (US)


          X  - Attack, Hold for Charge/SP attack/ Confirm Choice
          [] - Use selected item
          /\ - Use Selected Magic/ Activate Cannon
          () - Examine/ Pick Up Item/ Action/ Cancel
          L1 - Enlarge Radar
          L2 - Open up Map
         (L) - Navigate Character
          R1 - Stay in Position/Look Around
          R2 - Order party members to wait in their positions
          R3 - Return to the Geo Fortress
DPAD UP/DOWN - Select Magic, Cannon
DPAD LFT/RGT - Select item

      SELECT - Display info of the last enemy encountered
       START - Open Menu 

 +  S Y N O P S I S  +                              SFX001
  The game introduces four main characters in the Story, two of them are
  controllable. Set in a world where two dominating powers are in a state
  of war. The leader of the human nation of Noswald, Emperor Ragnadaam III
  and the enticing Queen (la Vaes) of the southern demon kingdom of 
  Fyrlandt and their nations are in tension. They want to get hold of the
  legendary Holy Sword called SHINING FORCE to use it to overthrow the 

  A bunch of adventurers are on the move to get hold of the sword also. 
  Toma, is a human swordsman - a bit wild and free spirited. Along with
  him is the other main character in the game, Cyrille, a mysterious
  young historian/mage. Their party is joined by Gadfort, a Centaur
  knight that upholds honor and the modest yet deadly elfin, Maebelle.

  Together they search for the Shining Force with their own reasons. 

 +  T H E   E N V I R O N M E N T  +                SFX002
  One thing that players will probably enjoy about the game is its 
  vibrant and lively surroundings. The cel-shaded characters fits well
  with the beatifully rendered background. May it be the grasslands, caves
  or the castles or villages, the details are great.

  Scattered around the place are breakable objects which sometimes
  contain items, aside from the normal switches, teleporters and save
  points. Be sure to check them out!

  Scattered pickable objects can be traced in the map, as well as the 
  hidden ones since they could either be 'shining' or a cursor will appear
  if you're near them.

  Portals are available on key areas, not to mention Goddess Fountains
  that heal weary characters and memory stones to save progress. There 
  are also optional paths called PATH OF CARNAGE where players can test
  their skill by battling hordes of more powerful monsters. Be warned 
  though, if you face them too early, you will end up getting pwned in no
  time. Players are warned by blockades - which they need to destroy to 
  enter the path. Successful players are rewarded with good amount of

  Prison of Rocks are the other types of breakable things scattered in the
  world. These stones contains the trapped souls of wicked and oftentimes
  very powerful beasts. Once released, there are almost no way to escape.
  But they hold Secret Scrolls, which gives you access to various Secret
  Arts and link them to your equipment.

  MOnster Generators are the spherical objects, that goes by its name. 
  The generator can't be damaged as long as the players don't eliminate
  the monsters around it. Destroying the generator will stop the production
  of beasts in the area.

  Although the camera angle is fixed, that wouldn't bother you since there
  was never a bad angle in the game. You can still see the action if you
  fight in a tight enclosed area.


 +  T H E   B A T T L E  S Y S T E M  +             SFX003  

  The game utilizes an active battle system where the player-controlled
  character can actively move around the area and damage is dealt 
  real-time. AI-Controlled allies move and attack in their own. The
  battle interface is pretty the same with the normal navigation interface.
  Players can easily toggle between skills and items whenever they need 

  Both of the two main characters can utilize two different weapons. 
  Toma can equip one-handed and two-handed weapons while Cyrille can
  equip spellbooks and crossbows. Each weapon have their own magic skills
  and abilities.

  Later in the game, after the Geo-Fortress' cannon has been setup,
  players can call in a very powerful artillery shot from the cannon. 
  The exceptions will be enclosed areas and far targets - out of the 
  cannon's firing range. 

  Characters can attack and perform combos by pressing the attack button
  consecutively. Players can link combos and charge attacks for a more
  powerful Special attack which can be done as long as you have the MP
  to spare.

  One interesting similarity of SFX to a MMORPG is that enemies swarm your
  characters that they may seem invisible amongst the heap of enemies 
  trying to take your head. This will remind you of those enemies getting
  pwned by powerful attacks and magic spells in online games. 

  Money and Mithril is not scarce since enemies drop them constantly. 
  However, don't expect to be a money whore in the game since you're going
  to need that gold you acquired to survive. Same goes for the mithril.

  Defensive Battles

   From time to time, enemies will attack the fortress. In the early
   chapters, they will attack mostly from the Il'Gonia Central Hills.
   But later on, they will attack in any of the four areas around the
   Fortress- basically each one containing a Photon Converter.

   They occur every once in a while and with no specific time. If you 
   have a high leveled barrier (requires a high level generator), then you
   shouldn't worry about any attacks. When paired with the Fortress's 
   Recovery mode and levelling up the Repair Facility as well, the 
   Converters will be virtually indestructible - which means you can leave
   it as it is and farm exp from enemies, without defeating the boss first.

   Def battles have no time limit; thus you can take advantage of earning
   more gold/item drops and exp.

   Def battles don't end without defeating the boss; usually, they appear
   after a few minutes in the battle. Defeat the boss and the battle will
   be a victory. Also, some bosses appear when some of their 'key units'
   are destroyed; this applies to Monster Generators and Artillery Cannons.

   Battle Effects 

   Knockback     - The enemy is being pushed back for every weapon hit, 
                   cancelling its action. Crossbows are good at this, with  
                   multiple projectiles pushing any enemy at bay. Knockdown
                   is also an added effect; it causes enemies to get thrown
                   down to the ground.

   Float         - When enemies attack you from below and you get thrown
                   in the air.

   Critical      - Critical damage inflicted (damage is colored yellow 
                   instead of red); Depends on the weapon's Critical rate.
   Stun          - Inflicted from heavy, direct attacks. It makes the 
                   stunned target vulnerable to attacks for a few seconds,
                   and unable to act.

   Stagger       - This occurs when the attacker's action gets cancelled
                   by an enemy attack, and when he/she can't recover 

   Juggle        - Mid-air/ Consecutive attacks while in 'Float'

   Stone         - Inflicted by specific types of enemies and attacks, this
                   will petrify your character, and vulnerable to attacks.
                   Ignores defense rating.
   Frozen        - Inflicted by specific types of enemies and attacks, 
                   mostly by frost element enemies. Character is unable
                   to act and open to attacks. Defense rating is still

   +   C U S T O M I Z A T I O N  +                 SFX004

  Being able to customize items and personalize characters is a major
  plus for an enjoyable RPG. SFX offers a great array of ways to customize
  your characters and weapons. 

  Equipments are not just mere body wear. Changing the equipment of the 
  character alters his/her appearance.  Its like changing costumes 
  altogether. Weapons can be upgraded by taking it to the blacksmith. 
  Characters learn power arts (skills) and can even imbed weapons with 
  secret arts. 

  Players need MITHRIL, a stone that can be collected from boxes, enemies
  and large crystals around the place. Both Toma and Cyrille shares the
  same amount of Mithril collected. However, each of them spends it
  separately without affecting the other. This allows the players to have
  more flexibility with their character customization.

  Gold is the main currency in the game and is used in many transactions.
  From shopping, to upgrading equipment, etc, gold is needed. They are 
  pretty plentiful though since enemies drop them frequently in 
  considerable amounts. 

  Power Arts are basically skills that further enhances the character's 
  stats and abilities. More arts must be discovered by finding Power Arts
  Stones, which I prefer calling tablets. Once discovered, both of the
  characters will be able to use them. Levelling Power Arts consumes 
  mithril. The higher the level, the more amount it will require. 
  Incredibly, the game allows you to collect mithril as easy as collecting

  There is also another art called the Secret Arts. These are special 
  arts that can 'link' to weapons and further enhancing their effectivity.
  Secret arts must be learned by obtaining Secret Scrolls - which in are
  normally dropped by bosses and imprisoned beasts. 

  The Power Arts system of the Geo-Fortress takes note of Secret Arts 
  you registered. In that case, you'll be able to use the secret arts
  applicable to an equipment, even if its brand new. Choose the proper
  skills or arts to maximize your characters' growth and your style.

   +  T H E  G E O  F O R T R E S S  +               SFX005

   Your base of operations is the Geo Fortress. Its a massive, 
   technologically advanced castle with a variety of functions. This 
   is also where the Holy Sword Shining Force is kept - making it the
   prime target of the two powerful nations, trying to claim the castle
   as their own. It is maintained by an intelligent and loyal talking 
   bloodhound, Zenus and the castle's own army of robots.

   Players are allowed to modify the Geo Fortress and upgrade its main
   parts for better functionality. Enemies will attack from time to time
   and the other character left in the castle will be tasked to defend it.

   Upgrading the Geo Fortress's parts require CORE METALS while repairing
   it requires CURE METALS. These are rare to come by. Occasionally, 
   players can buy them for 10000G from Gilnay. Otherwise, they can be 
   found in various places - often rewarded in boss battles and the like.

   The Fortress has different parts: 

   CONTROL ROOM -  This is where you'll mostly spend your time. This is
                   where the castle's main functions are monitored and 

   RESIDENTIAL BLOCK  - Basically where the castle's inhabitants stay. 
                        It connects to the Library and Armory

   ENGINEERING BLOCK  - This is where the castle's main systems are 
                        monitored and maintained. It connects to the 
                        training portal. This is also where the robots
                        are made. 

   PHOTON CONVERTER   - These are the ones that distributes power to the
                        fortress and the main enemy targets. 

   SWORD CHAMBERS     - These serves as Toma (east tower) and Cyrille's 
                        (west tower) rooms. This is also where the swords
                        are pulled out.

   ARMORY             - Connected to the Residential block and contains
                        all the weapons you have collected so far.

   LIBRARY            - Connected to the Residential block as well and 
                        contains some references and books for Cyrille
                        as well.

   Upgradable parts:
   GENERATOR   -  Upgrading the generator unlocks more functions of the 
                  fortress. It is the main system that keep's the fortress
                  up and running. Also, upgrading the main generator will
                  allow the user access to level up its other functions as

   CANNON      -  Later in the game (Chapter 4), players will have the 
                  ability to call in artillery support fire from the
                  Fortress. Upgrading it does increase firepower 
                  significantly but since the cannon's range is limited, 
                  I suggest upgrading this one later on. Longer range
                  is achieved by changing to Cannon Mode, which is available
                  later in the game.

   BARRIER     -  The upgrading the barrier will determine how much damage
                  the Photon Converters can withsand. This is very 
                  important since losing the generator is instant Game Over
                  - no ifs or buts. Make this a priority upgrade whenever
                  you can.

   ROBOT FACTORY-  Upgrading this option allows you to dispatch more
                  defender robots, upgrade them and newer models. This is 
                  also good since having help when battling against a 
                  horde of enemy invaders is never bad. 

                  Remember that you need to activate them, then prepare
                  them for a sortie - basically, making them battle ready.
                  From the start, you can only have 1 defender robot. 
                  More robots will be allowed when level increases.

        There are three kinds of Robots you can create in the factory.

        Defensive Types: They will stay around the converter and protect
                         it as much as they can.

        Attack Types   :  They will only appear to assist you when you're   
                          charging the enemies, in a distance away from 
                          the converter. They are the offensive types and
                          will attack all enemies within range.

        Special Types  :  Special types can assist both attack and defense
                          -the all around defender. It is larger and more
                          powerful than the typical A/D robot. One 
                          drawback however, is that they need to be repaired
                          after every battle; which is not a problem in 
                          later chapters since gold drop amount is high 
                          enough, even on normal enemies.

   RADAR       -  Upgrading the radar will increase the radar's capacity,
                  coverage range and also its ability to detect items, 
                  chests and rare beasts. 

   TRAINING    -  Upgrading this option will increase the difficulty and
                  will add new floors to the simulated training grounds. 
                  This is a great source of easy income and items so make
                  sure to check it out often.

   REPAIR      -  The repair facility speeds up the recovery speed of 
                  the generator and the converters. Increasing the level
                  will increase the recovery speed.

                  The effect of the repair facility is seen during Recovery
                  Mode. When paired with a high level barrier, you won't be
                  using Cure Metals anymore, and may even consider farming
                  exp in defensive battles. 

   The Geo Fortress is an advanced all-around HQ. You can unlock this 
   feature as part of the story, later in CH9.

   BASIC MODE  -  This is the normal form of the Geo-Fortress. Nothing 

   CANNON MODE  - The fortress changes into a cannon weilding edifice. 
                  While in this mode, the range of your cannon is 
                  increased further. There are still some restrictions
                  like you can't use the cannon in caves or enclosed 
                  areas. There are also still some areas that can't be 
                  reached by the cannon.

   RECOVERY MODE- While in this mode, the Geo Fortress' defense is 
                  increased, at the same time, recovery time for the 
                  damaged converters will be faster. Can't fire cannon.
                  The Photon Converter also gradually recovers the 
                  defending party's HP within its range.

   SEARCH MODE  - Greatly enhances radar, enabling you to detect chests,
                  rare monsters (imprisoned beasts) and the like. You
                  can't fire the cannon while in this mode.

   FLIGHT MODE  - The true form of the Geo-Fortress, after cleansing the
                  'tainted' blade of the Holy Sword. It is only available
                  during the last chapter.

   DEFENSE MODE*- This mode concentrates on defense. In this mode, expect
                  no defensive battles to occur. If there is a warning 
                  that enemies are approaching and you activate this mode,
                  that warning will be cancelled.

   *Available after finishing the game once.

   +  T H E  C H A R A C T E R S +               SFX006

   Though the game will only allow you to control the two main characters, 
   you need the help of other non-playable storyline characters to 
   get through the challenges, defensive battles and dungeon crawling. 
   These guys come in different shapes, races, sizes - all with thier
   own personality.

  -----                                                             -----
  MAIN ////// .................................................\\\\ MAIN
  -----                                                             -----

  Class: Swordsman
  Race : Human
  Wpn  : One handed swords, Two handed swords, daggers, blades.
  Elem : 
  Note : 
  Desc : A young man who came from wandering nomads. He is searching for
         the holy sword to end the war. A bit wild and short tempered, he
         is jovial and cares about his friends. One of the main characters.

  Class: Mage/ Spellcaster
  Race : Human
  Wpn  : Spell Books, Crossbows
  Elem : 
  Note : 
  Desc : A young mysterious woman. Her motives for searching the Holy
         Sword is unknown. She doesn't talk that much, and her aura gives
         the impression that she is a cold but gentle person. She is 
         a skilled spellcaster and an intelligent historian. She is one of
         the main characters.

  Class: Archer
  Race : Elf
  Wpn  : Great Bow
  Elem : Wind
  Note : Immune to Critical Atttacks
         Can see/attack invisible enemies
  Desc : An elf maiden searching for the holy sword in the hopes of 
         saving her dying race. Calm but merciless in battle. Superb
         archery skills.

  Class: Knight 
  Race : Centaur
  Wpn  : Lance
  Elem : Lightning
  Note : High HP
         High Flame Resistance 
         High Ice Resistance 

  Desc : Former Noswald Knight. Parted ways with the emperor due to 
         differing ideals. He met the others on his quest for the Holy

  Class: Werewolf
  Race : Wolfling
  Wpn  : Twin Arm Blades
  Elem : Frost
  Note : Immune to Ice
         High Healing 
         Recovers quickly from Stun

  Desc : A former Noswald Army officer. Gadfort's best friend and a 
         friendly rival, claiming to be stronger than him.

  Class: Mage
  Race : Magnus
  Wpn  : Witch's Broom
  Elem : Blaze, Lightning
  Note : Immune to Lightning
         Dark Resist
         Open to Knockback

  Desc : A girl from the elite Magnus family which many La Vaes were born.
         Reckless and Truant. Neglects her training but is skilled at

  Class: Priest
  Race : Quintol
  Wpn  : Rod
  Elem : Light
  Note : Heals
         Resists Light
         Immune to Critical Attacks

  Desc : A peace-loving Quintol boy. He learned the art of healing and
         light magic to assist his good friend, Ami.

  Class: Robo-Soldier
  Race : Guardian
  Wpn  : Hands, Built-in cannons
  Elem : Blaze
  Note : Immune to Floating Attacks
         Immune to HP drain attacks
         Immune to MP drain Attacks

  Desc : A robot soldier from an ancient mobile fortress. It is highly 
         intelligent but lacks empathy and emotions.

  Class: Dragon
  Race : Dragon
  Wpn  : Fire Breath, Claws
  Elem : Blaze
  Note : Moves Slowly
         High Defense
         Doesn't stagger

  Desc : A mysterious dragon whose name is known from a signboard. He is
         intelligent and can understand human speech.

  ** Garyu is one of the optional characters you can recruit. He is located
  inside the cave within the Narda Checkpoint, north of Yi'El Village. 
  You need to have Toma as the active character and defeat him in battle. 

  You can get him as early as possible, so long as you can deal damage 
  to him @ around 14000+ per hit. Not to mention that you won't die in
  in just one hit from his attack.

  Try battling him if you're around LV60 and your attack rating is around

  Class: Darknight
  Race : Undead
  Wpn  : Great Sword
  Elem : Light, Darkness
  Note : Cancels Stagger
         Cancels Knockback
         Cancels Juggle
         Cancels Knockdown
         Cancels Critical

  Desc : Undead man with the same name as the legendary knight. Gadfort
         is convinced of his identity because of his skills and weapon.

  ++You must collect all his 8 body parts, including his weapon. Exact
    locations of the parts are described in detail in the walkthrough
    section. You just need to find it. (CTRL+F, find =AVALON) I will list 
    them in the order you'll find them in the story.

    Ancient Sword* = Inside a chest behind Gantetsu in Lakton Village, 
                     requires Hikanay's letter
    Right Arm      = Goran-Goran Cave, B1F**.

    Right Foot     = Near the Northeast corner of Old Noswald Castle; 
                     beside the central path to the exit.

    Left Arm       = Altar in Paoraburr Cave

    Torso          = Along the southeast part in the Ancient Rune Temple,
                     leading to Clanup Island

    Right Leg      = Gradium Mine, inside the cabin, to the east***. 

    Left Foot      = In an isolated altar in Mt. Fyrgarum, Base (can only
                     be accessed from a teleporter in the map)

    Left Leg       = In the southwestern part of the Gundestor Cavern, 
                     the area next to the Fort, Underground cave.

    * You must get this first to start the sidequest.
    ** You must enter from B2F, in CH4
    *** It is past the gates which you can't destroy with the cannon in 
        your first visit.

  ------                                                         ------
  OTHERS //// ............................................. \\\\ OTHERS 
  ------                                                         ------

  Ragnadaam III    
  Class: Heavy Swordsman, Emperor
  Race : Human
  Wpn  : Heavy Sword
  Elem : Frost
  Note : Immune to Frost
         Immune to Light

  Desc : The young emperor of Noswald. He wields an oversized sword with
         deadly strength and powerful magic. He is unstoppable.

  The charismatic emperor of Noswald, believed to be founded by the 
  legendary Hero of the Holy Sword. He is respected by his people. He 
  wants to acquire the power of the Geo Fortress and use it to defeat
  the Magnus. He has this belief that the Magnus is keeping the evil God
  Malxatra and worshiping him. 

  Class: Sorceress
  Race : Demons
  Wpn  : None (Hands)
  Elem : Flame
  Note : Immune to Flame
         Immune to Darkness

  Desc : The La Vaeas ruling Fyrlandt. She has paralleled magical powers
         that can burn a mortal soul into cinders.

  The La Vaeas or the highest chief of all Magnus. She is the counterpart of
  Ragna. Like her rival, she  wants to get hold of the Fortress and use to 
  defeat the humans, or at least defend her territories. She is a very 
  powerful sorceress.

  Catheana         -  Ragnadaam's modest sister. Nothing is much known
                      about her but she is mostly seen by her brother's 

  Zenus            -  An intelligent talking hound, keeper of the Geo 
                      Fortress and guide of the Heritor. He knows everything
                      about the Fortress and he will assist Toma and his
                      friends to any of their requests.

  Zhira            -  Zhira is Zenus' counterpart. She is Cyrille's friend
                      and her guardian.

  Lurnazael        -  Remsianne's loyal servant. She acts like her second-
                      in-command and stays by her side always.


   +  T H E  W E A P O N S +               SFX007
  Both Toma and Cyrille can equip two types of weapons. Knowing the 
  advantages and disadvantages of them can help you decide what to use
  during battles. It is recommended to at least keep two kinds in your
  inventory when going out. Just use them according to your battle style
  and strategy.


  One-Handed Weapons - Fast Attack speed, can be paired with a shield, thus
                       increasing defense and resistances significantly
                     - Narrow range, Low-Medium damage
                     - Low critical rate, low knockback rating
                     - can cast Magic

          NoteS: Includes long daggers, blades and such  

  Two-Handed Weapons - Slow Attack speed, cannot equip shields
                     - Wide range, Medium-Massive Damage  
                     - High Critical Rate, High Knockback rating    
                     - cannot cast magic
          Notes: This includes pikes, hammers, clubs, spears and the like

  One handed swords take advantage of their attack speed, magic and the 
  ability to equip shields. Although their damage is not that great, the
  shields paired with them prevents too much damage to be inflicted on Toma.
  Not to mention that shields gives added protection against stun, knockback
  and float attacks. Crowd control is addressed by casting magic.

  Two handed swords however, can deal massive damage and with its wide 
  range, its preferred for melee crowd control. But, it leaves Toma 
  vulnerable to damage and attacks with stun, knockback and float effects. 
  Although magic is not available most of the time, you can wipe out an  
  entire opposition by using the SP attacks and linking them. You may want
  to max up the Quick Swing power art to better address the slow attack

  One-Handed Weapons

   | Long Dagger  | Lightweight, short range. Ideal for learning sword |  
   |              | basics.                                            |
   | Medium Sword | Orthodox one-handed sword. Unbladed medium swords  |
   |              | are used in Noswald's sword fighting tournaments   |
   | Stinger      | Sword with sharp, thin point used for stabbing     |
   |              | between armor plates than cutting. Weighs only     |
   |              | about the weight of the Medium Sword               |
   | Curved Blade | Blade has countless small grooves. Can catch onto  |
   |              | scales and peel them off, effective against scaled |
   |              | scaled enemies.                                    |
   | Qing Long Dao| "Blue Dragon Blade", shape similar to a dragon     |
   |              | dragon drinking water. Thought to be named after a |
   |              | legendary warrior with a blue dragon banner        |
   | Dwarven Axe  | Center of gravity is balanced for a dwarf; may     |
   |              | prove difficult for humans to use.                 |
   | Clock Sword  | Design was based on the great bell tower in Grantal|
   |              | which went up in flames after being struck with    |
   |              | lightning; its hands however, escaped without a    |
   |              | scratch.                                           |
   | Ghost Claws  | Filled with malice and strength of steel. Those    |
   |              | who equip them can hear the wailing of unsettled   |
   |              | souls                                              |
   |Kiku Ichimonji| According to tales, the ninja that equipped this   |
   |              | blade was able to infiltrate the castle of a dark  |
   |              | god.                                               |
   | Frozen Sabre | So cold, it can be melted only by the flames deep  |
   |              | within the pits of Fyrlandt.                       |
   | Magic Sword  | Refined from a giant Mithril ore. When swung,leaves|
   |              | an afterimage warped by magic, making trajectory   |
   |              | hard to read.                                      |
   | Achilles Edge| Sword of the Hero, Achilles. Has the ability to    |
   |              | think for itself, repositioning so it strikes where|
   |              | the enemy armor is thin. High attack power         |
   | Dark Edge    | Also called the Dark Snake. Has dark magic sealed  |
   |              | within it.                                         |
   | Counter Sword| Fighting technique was to parry the enemy's attack |
   |              | and launch a counterattack.                        |
   | Soul Stealer | Sword that sucks the life from its victims.        |
   | Dragon Slayer| Made for slaying fearsome dragons, holds flame     |
   |              | magic within it. Heavy, flowing blade can cut      |
   |              | through hard scales with ease                      |
   | Oni Cleaver  | Ogre's God of Fire handed weapon to a hero to be   |
   |              | originally used against humans.                    |
   | Aerial Saber | When the weilder intends to attack, air comes out  |
   |              | from its hilt forming a deadly blade.              |
   | Chaos Breaker| Born from the chaos during the beginning of the    |
   |              | universe.                                          |
   |Darkness Sword| Made of Mithril and dark matter from a very deep   |
   |              | place inaccessible to humans. Merely touching it   |
   |              | cause great emotional pain.                        |

  Two-Handed Weapons

   | Claymore     | Used by the Green Wolf Mercenary Squad. Used to     |
   |              | devise basic fighting techniques                    |
   | Zweihender   | Made famous by a much-feared brigade of heavy       |
   |              | assault troops called Iron Whirlwind.               |
   | Steel Slicer | Originally part of a large machine used to cut      |
   |              | sheets of iron  in shipyards. Used as a weapon      |
   |              | later on.                                           |
   | oni Club     | Used to bring new year in the ogre club's altar     |
   | Heavy Sword  | Sword made to be extremely heavy to increase its    |
   |              | crushing power. Has no use for an edge.             |
   | Silver Hammer| USed to ward off evil, decorated with silver plates |
   |              | Has markings of thunder arts.                       |
   | Masamune     | Blades that stole the lives of many eastern generals|
   |              | Only a few made it to this land.                    |
   | Fang Tienchi | Legends says that whoever possesses this red spear  |
   |              | will have the power to rule to world                |
   | Noswald Axe  | Long before Master Grant, another Heritor used the  |
   |              | holy sword in one hand, and this axe on the other   |
   | Giant Hammer | Originally a war hammer of the giants, now used as  |
   |              | a multipurpose tool                                 |
   | Halberd      | A weapon supplied to Noswald Imperial soldiers. Used|
   |              | to suppress large groups.                           |
   | Scarecrow    | Legend says this sickle is used by a possesed       |
   |              | scarecrow in a killing spree at a harvest festival. |
   |Lunarlight Axe| Created from iron that has been exposed to moonlight|
   |              | for 4 yrs & 3 days, forged into a weapon protected  |
   |              | by the moon                                         |
   | Punisher     | Designed by a brutal turtorer. Maker was also       |
   |              | executed using his own creation.                    |
   | Metal Pain   | Created to be virtually indestructible. So hard it  |
   |              | repels hammer strikes.                              |
   | Laevateinn   | Magical sword that contains flame spirits in its    |
   |              | blade.                                              |
   | Ordeal       | Said to put its victims through an excruciating     |
   |              | ordeal. Wielder is said to endure many unnecessary  |
   |              | battles and enormous catastrophes.                  |
   | Medusa Hair  | Sword is twisted to resemble Medusa's long silver   |
   |              | hair before she was cursed.                         |
   | Pandemonium  | Named after the castle of all demons. Its blade has |
   |              | countless cracks, due to the enormous amount of     |
   |              | magic leaking from it.                              |
   | Taros Sword  | Wielded by the iron giant Taros. It is said that one|
   |              | blow from the sword can crack lands and split islands


  Books             - High Magic attack rating, 
                    - High Magic resistance
                    - Several magic spells available
                    - Narrow/short range, slow attack speed.
                    - low physical attack rating, knockback
           Notes: This includes tomes and other books
  Crossbows         - Low magic attack rating
                    - Low magic resistance                     
                    - No/limited spells available    
                    - Long/Wide Range, Fast attack speed
                    - Higher phys attack rating, has knockback
  Books, when paired when magic and MP enhancing equipment and secret/
  power arts, can be devastatingly powerful. Most of the time, books
  have MP absorb attacks which recovers MP by attacking enemies. Though
  physical damage and knockback is its main drawbacks, that is considered
  to be normal for a 'weapon' not made for melee combat.

  Crossbows is mainly for dealing high phys damage in long ranges. They
  are also needed to destroy those hard to reach chests and get the items.
  If powered enough and paired with phys attack enhancing equipments and/
  or secret/power arts, crossbows can conviniently cut through enemy
  defenses and destroy an entire horde from a considerable distance. Higher
  level crossbows has magic, not to mention that they are rapid firing.


   | Fire-Ice Tome| First book used by those who want to learn magic     |
   |Midwinter Book| Originally used to seal away the cold that lingered  |
   |              | around the land.                                     |
   | Indra's Tome | God of War's flames and thunder inflict pain to those|
   |              | who are evil, and heals those who are good.          |
   |Tome of Light | For 3 days, a ceremony of light was held as the book |
   |              | started. Each time a phrase was inscribed on the book|
   |              | with a holy quill, a holy chant was read aloud until |
   |              | the book was complete.                               |
   |Tome of Dark  | Book's cover was made from the hide of a Dark Beast. |
   |              | Has the ability to blend seamlessly with the         |
   |              | landscape                                            |
   |Volcanon Tome | Tome contains god Volcanon's flame and thunder.      |
   |Blizzard Book | Used in ceremonies to calm heavy winter blizzards.   |
   |Thunder Scroll| A rare book that recorded lightning strikes for a    |
   |              | long time that it gradually absorbed their power.    |
   |Caster's Book | Cursed book decorated with the skin and bones of a   |
   |              | master magician.                                     |
   | Trinity Book | Within its page, three elements of fire, ice and     |
   |              | thunder are sealed.                                  |
   |Ice-Flame Tome| Two people are needed to inscribe two various        |
   |              | attributes at the same time.                         |
   | Elfin Book   | Written by an elf sage, this book contains elfin laws|
   | Saint's Tome | Spells to purify demons is inscribed in this book.   |
   | Volcanon Logs| Secret logs written by the god, Volcanon himself.    |
   | Absolute Zero| One of the mages that attempted to write this book   |
   |              | froze to death. Take extreme caution when handling.  |
   | Book of Thor | Magic is invoked when the user releases their magical|
   |              | powers into this book.                               |
   | Necromancer  | A dark cult's sacred scriptures, this book is        |
   |              | overflowing with words of evil. It was originally    |
   |              | written by demons.                                   |
   | Creation Book| A book written during the creation of the world.     |
   | Gaia Codex   | Has the power to punish those who commit criminal acts
   | Evil Worhsip | A nameless god of evil defeated by the hero, Avalon  |
   |              | is sealed within this book.                          |


 | Wooden Crossbow | Basic crossbow.                                      |
 | War Crossbow    | Bolts are made completely of metal. Has very high    |
 |                 | penetration forcem weighs twice of a wooden crossbow |
 | Robin Crossbow  | It detects enemies' breathing and has an auto-aim    |
 |                 | mechanism built into it.                             |
 | Steel Crossbow  | Made of metal bow. Cannot be pulled by human strength|
 |                 | so a magical mechanism is applied.                   |
 | Machine Buster  | Originally an industrial device used to drive bolts  |
 |                 | into metal. Later modified  to create a powerful     |
 |                 | crossbow.                                            |
 | Silver Shot     | Modeled after the Silver Tank, a war machine ridden  |
 |                 | the legendary Brass Gunner.                          |
 | Blaze Shot      | Firepowe changes according the user's magical powers.|
 | Spark Crossbow  | Releases projectiles equipped with thunder magic.    |
 | Guard Crossbow  | A small shield is attached to the front of the bow,  |
 |                 | used to defend against physical and magical attacks  |
 | Evil Crossbow   | Bow made by demons from the remains of a hellbird.   |
 | Freeze Shot     | Bolts are made by drawing water from the atmosphere  |
 |                 | and freezing it when flying through the air. Melts   |
 |                 | within the target.                                   |
 | Snake Shot      | Has amazing power, and bolt's heads jam into the     |
 |                 | enemy's body as it struggles. Effective against      |
 |                 | snakelings.                                          |
 | Air Crossbow    | A special crossbow that reads the wind and adjusts   |
 |                 | the trajectories of the bolts to hit weak spots      |
 |                 | everytime.                                           |
 | Saint Cannon    | Also known as the Iron Nail of Ordeals. Turns undead |
 |                 | and criminals into dust after dealing ultimate pain. |
 | Ancient Bow     | Excavated bow, unclear how it is manufactured        |
 | Dragon Shot     | According to tales, a dragon bore this weapon and    |
 |                 | gave it to the dragon-slaying hero it made a pact with
 | Elfin Gun       | Made to protect the elve's forest. Can shoot an      |
 |                 | infinite number of bolts without reloading.          |
 | Aurora Bow      | A mysterious machine with most of its functions are  | 
 |                 | still unclear.                                       |
 | Storm Bow       | The string has an apparatus that cuts the Wind       |
 |                 | wind attached to it. It creates a vacuum around its  |
 |                 | bolts, boosting its attack power.                    |

   +  T H E  I T E M S +               SFX008

   ----------                                                 ------------
*** Items /// ............................................... \\\ Items ***
   ---------                                                   -----------
   Items in SFX are not consumed permanently. When you heal at the Goddess
   Fountain, your 'empty' healing water bottles will be refilled. There
   are some exceptions for rare and other consumables. Keys used to unlock
   chests are consumable. Darkness Runes needed to unlock the doors to the
   Ancient Arenas are consumable as well. 
   Note that both Toma and Cyrille have their own healing waters containers.
   Green healing waters are for Toma while Cyrille's is pink. So, if you 
   have a pink bottle in Toma's inventory, it wouldn't be counted.
   These can be bought in the shop.

   --------------------                          --------------------
*** Party Equipment /// ........................ \\\  Party Equipment ***
   -------------------                            -------------------
   Unlike the typical RPG where you need to take care of each of the 
   characters, SFX allows you to concentrate only with the individual
   equipments of the two main characters. As for the other party members,
   you can equip them with 'PARTY EQUIPMENTS'.
   These are scrolls that can be found in chests, most of the time, hidden
   in some locations. 
   Party Equips when used, will allow the party member to use the specified
   description/strategy indicated in the PE. This is very useful since
   they won't be using their full potential without using these. These
   also give your party members access to more powerful techs and spells.

   | A D A M | 
   | Melee Prog D | Melee attack program, uses frequent drill attacks  |
   | Attack Prog C| Basic attack program, improves ranged attacks      |
   | Wall Prog D  | Defense program, uses melee & spinning attacks     |
   |Physics Prog R| Physics Program for controlling movement. Physics  |
   |              | are cool.                                          |
   | React Virus G| Uses various attacks caused by an abnormal viral   |
   |              | infection.                                         |
   | Break Virus C| Most dangerous virus for robots. Improves attacks  |
   |              | greatly.                                           |
   | A M I T A L I R I | 
   | Witch Casting | Uses magic attacks learned in a basic magic course |
   | Witch & Pet   | Uses melee attacks. Phoenix on head uses magic     |
   | Witch Combat  | Uses storms and flame magic from a distance        |
   | Witch Training| Fights together with Phoenix for extra damage      |
   | Witch Strategy| Uses various spells only a true witch can use      |
   | Witch Teaching| Uses familiar's abilities to the fullest in battle |
   | M A E B E L L E | 
   | Tender Archer | Defends and heals friends without retreating       |
   | Magical Archer| Changes magic power to the bow to unleash powerful |
   |               | arrows                                             |  
   | Eagle Archer  | Uses keen sight to protect self and heal friends   |
   | Archer's Stand| Unleashes a powerful storm with the strongest resolve
   | Elite Archer  | Masters elven archery. Basic bow skills improve    |
   | Enraged Archer| Releases rage and destroys all enemies by the power|
   |               | of Gaia                                            |
   | G A D F O R T | 
   | Thunder Knight| Keeps distance from enemies and uses thunder to      |
   |               | attack                                               |
   | Charge Knight | Charges and attacks target enemies                   |
   | Wall Knight   | Keeps and attacks enemies. Prevents Knockout and     | 
   |               | floating
   | Shield Knight | Strong Defense with Thunder attacks. No knockdown    |
   |               | or floating.                                         |
   | Thor Knight   | Like ancient knights, uses thunder as primary attack |
   | Golden Knight | Like the Golden Knight, charges and leaps into battle|

   | F A U L K L I N | 
   | Saint's Words | Uses light magic with holy spells                    |
   | Watchful Saint| Focuses on healing the party, and attacks less often |
   | Enduring Saint| Rarely attacks. Concentrate on healing               |
   | Saint of Light| Occasionally attacks with light magic                |
   | Radiant Saint | Attacks enemies and heals friends as a true light    |
   |               | magic user                                           |
   | Noble Saint   | Uses ultimate light magic to battle evil, like a     |
   |               | true saint                                           |

   | D U G A | 
   | Wolf Rampage  | Freezes everything, much like the cold Noswald winter|
   | Wolf Leap     | Uses wolfling melee and surprise leap-attack techs   |
   | Wolf Reaction | Uses cautious tactics with ice breath and resists    | 
   |               | knockback                                            |
   | Whirlwind Wolf| Uses wolfling battle techs with blinding speed       |
   | Savage Wolf   | Uses wolfling instinctual fighting technique         |
   | Berserk Wolf  | Uses wolfling fighting techs if leaping and pouncing |

   | G A R Y U | 
   | Fire Dragon   | Uses fire breath to burn enemies to a crisp          |
   | Earth Dragon  | Charges and crushes enemies with fangs. Ouch.        |
   | Iron Dragon   | Becomes invisible to enemy attacks and attacks with  |
   |               | breath                                               |
   | Wind Dragon   | Charges and uses tail-whip attacks to lay waste on   |
   |               | enemies.                                             |
   | Sky Dragon    | Improves abilities by borrowing the strength of the  |
   |               | light dragon                                         |
   | Black Dragon  | Uses powerful breath from the vanished Dark Dragon   |

   | A V A L O N | 
   | Hero & Friend | Uses Gaia Nova, a longtime friend's skill            |
   | Hero & Merc   | Attacks with light magic, once used by the mercenary |
   |               | king                                                 |
   | Hero & Worm   | Uses Avalon Nova, developed in a fight against a     |
   |               | a fight against a sandworm                           |
   | Hero & Sword  | Improves fighting skills by recalling Shining Force  |
   | Hero & Witch  | Remembers the witch's curse and keeps enemies at a   |
   |               | distance.                                            |
   | Hero & Emperor| Looks back on the fighting alongside the Emperor.    |
   |               | Attacks aggressively.                                |

   -------------                                          -----------
*** Rare Items /// ................................... \\\ Rare Items ***
   ------------                                           -----------
    These come in very limited supply so better use them wisely.

    Light Charm  - It makes the party invulnerable for a brief period of
                   time. It is mostly found within the Geo Fortress'
                   premises. Very useful when getting killed by enemies
                   first before you can damage them.

    Darkness Runes - These are used to unlock the sealed doors of Ancient
                     Arenas. They do come in very limited numbers.


   + POWER / SECRET ARTS +               SFX009
   -------------                                          -----------
*** POwer Arts /// .................................. \\\ POwer Arts ***
   ------------                                           -----------
   Power Arts can be acquired by examining Power Art Tablets scattered
   across the land. They can also be acquired by talking to your characters
   within the Geo Fortress' Residential Block.

   Higher level Power Arts requires a LOT of Mithril to max it out. Yet,
   once maxed, their bonuses are incremental.

   If a monster has several characteristics (e.g. Dragons are Scaled/
   Winged/ Flame elemental) and you have Power arts that deals extra damage
   to any or all those properties, massive damage will be inflicted. 
   Here's how the damage is totaled:

   ATK + Scale Killer + Wing Killer + Flame Pursuit.

   You can deal MILLIONS worth of damage to any enemy with multiple
   characteristics and you have a "-Killer" Power Art maxed.

  | Power Boost | By using the power art, various weapon-related abilities|
  |  (+STR)     | such as damage and and stun time are improved. Essential|
  |             | for weapon users.                                       |
  |       Toma: | One-handed and two-handed swords                        |
  |    Cyrille: | Crossbows                                               |
  | Skill Boost | Improves stun and critical attack rates. Increases stun |
  |   (+DEX)    | and knockback resistance. Also increases the chance of  |
  |             | floating the target.                                    |
  |       Toma: | One-handed and two-handed swords                        |
  |    Cyrille: | Crossbows                                               |
  | INT BOOST   | All elemental magics are improved. Essential for magic  | 
  |   (+INT)    | users.                                                  |
  |       Toma: | Weapons with magic                                      |
  |    Cyrille: | Books, Crossbows with magic                             
|                   |
  | HP BOOST    | Very effective in preventing accidental death by strong |
  | (+MAX HP)   | enemies and saves Healing Water.                        
  |             | All equipments Toma and Cyrille                         |
  | MP BOOST    | High-level magic spells use a large amount of MP, making| 
  | (+MAX MP)   | this Power Art indispensable.                           |
  |       Toma: | Weapons with magic                                      |
  |    Cyrille: | Books, Crossbows with magic                             
|                   |
  |MAGIC CASTING| Each time this Power Art is used, it reduces MP usage by| 
  | (reduces MP | 1. Its effects are greatest on low-level spells so its  |
  | when casting| particularly useful early on.                           |
  |       Toma: | Weapons with magic                                      |
  |    Cyrille: | Books, Crossbows with magic                             
|                   |
  |  MP REGEN   | Use this Power Art in conjunction with increasing the   | 
  |(+MP recovry)| maximum MP and increasing the amount of natural MP      |
  |             | recovery.                                               |
  |       Toma: | Weapons with magic                                      |
  |    Cyrille: | Books, Crossbows with magic                             
|                   |
  |CONCENTRATION| Use this POwer Art in conjunction with increasing the   |  
  | (+amount of | maximum MP and improving the speed of natural MP        |
  | MP recovery)| recovery.                                               |
  |       Toma: | Weapons with magic                                      |
  |    Cyrille: | Books, Crossbows with magic                             
|                   |
  |WEAPON BOOST | Improves equipped weapon's effectiveness. Using it with | 
  | (+WPN ATK)  | stronger weapons makes it more effective                |
  |       Toma: | One-handed and two-handed swords                        |
  |    Cyrille: | Books, Crossbows                                        
|      |
  | STUN ATTACK | Enhances the weapon's properties. Works best with       |
  | (+WPN STUN) | weapons with a high stun attack rate.                   |
  |       Toma: | One-handed and two-handed swords                        |
  |    Cyrille: | Books, Crossbows                                        
|      |
  |CRITICAL RATE| Enhances the weapon's properties. Works best with       |
  |(+CRT by ?%)*| weapons with a high critical attack rate.               |
  |       Toma: | One-handed and two-handed swords                        |
  |    Cyrille: | Books, Crossbows                                        
|      |
  |CRITICAL ATK | Increases damage done during critical attacks, so       |
  | (+CRT dmg   | improving the critical attack rate first makes it more  |
  | multiplier) | effective.                                              |
  |       Toma: | One-handed and two-handed swords                        |
  |    Cyrille: | Books, Crossbows                                        
|      |
  |KNOCKBACK ATK| Enhances the equipped weapon's properties, so works best|
  | (+Knockback | with weapons with high knockback rate. Especially good  |
  |   by ?%)*   | with two handed swords and crossbows.                   |
  |       Toma: | Two-handed swords                                       |
  |    Cyrille: | Crossbows                                               |
  | QUICK SWING | Increases speed for not only normal attacks, but for    |
  | (+wpn swing | charge attacks and combo follow ups as well. Most       |
  |  speed)     | effective on slower weapons as the improvement is       |
  |             | proportional.                                           |
  |       Toma: | One-handed and two-handed swords                        |
  |    Cyrille: | Books, no effect on Crossbows                           
|                |      |

   * Depends on the Power Art level.

  | ORC KILLER  | Increases weapon's damage against Orcs by 5%            |
  |             |                                                         |
  |Effective vs:| Orc Slave/ Champion/ Vulgar/ Slinger/ Master            |
  |BIRDLING KLR | Increases weapon's damage against Harpies by 5%         | 
  |             |                                                         |
  |Effective vs:| Harpy Knight/ Hunter/ Iron Harpy/ Harpy Master          |
  |LIZARD KILLER| Increases weapon's damage against Lizards by 5%         | 
  |             |                                                         |
  |Effective vs:| Lizard Knight/ Mage/ King/ Master                       |
  |GIANT KILLER | Increases weapon's damage against Giants by 5%          | 
  |             |                                                         |
  |Effective vs:| Cyclops/ Titan/ Gigandeth/ Titan Master                 |
  |DRAGON KILLER| Increases weapon's damage against Dragons by 5%         | 
  |             |                                                         |
  |Effective vs:| Blaze, Freeze, Spark Dragonette/ Blaze, Freeze, Spark   |
  |             | Dragon, ETC                                             |
  |DEMON KILLER | Increases weapon's damage against Demons by 5%          | 
  |             |                                                         |
  |Effective vs:| Succubus/ Life Drainer/ Queen Master/ Devil Son,        |
  |             | Devil Daughter, Mother, Brother, Father/ Balrog/        |
  |             | Freeze, Volcano, Spark Demon/ Fraghken/ Connect Dead/   |
  |             | etc.                                                    |
  |ROBOT KILLER | Increases weapon's damage against Robots by 5%          | 
  |             |                                                         |
  |Effective vs:| Generator/ Dragott/ Valkyrie/ Hell Valkyrie/ Zircon     |
  |             | Lotus/ Jet Lotus/ Amber Lotus                           |
  |GOLEM KILLER | Increases weapon's damage against Golems by 5%          | 
  |             |                                                         |
  |Effective vs:| Steel, Ice, Blaze, Mithril, Hell Golem, ETC             |
  |UNDEAD KILLER| Increases weapon's damage against Undead by 5%          | 
  |             |                                                         |
  |Effective vs:| Ghost/ Phantom Samurai/ Samurai King, Lord/ Skeleton/   |
  |             | Skeleton Archer, Mage, King/ Lesser Vampire/ Vampire/   |
  |             | Vampire Lord/  Fraghken/ Connect Dead/ ETC              |
  |WING KILLER  | Increases weapon's damage against winged creatures by 5%|
  |             |                                                         |
  |Effective vs:| Harpy Knight, Hunter/ Phoenix/ Freezer/ Thunder Bird    |
  |             | Succubus/ Devil Son, Daughter/ Blaze Dragonnete, Dragon |
  | SCALE KILLER| Increases weapon's damage against scaled creatures by 5%|  
  |             |                                                         |
  |Effective vs:| Naga/ Medusa/ Lizard Knight, King/ Sandworm/ Greater    |
  |             | Worm/ Blaze Dragonnete, Dragon/ Freeze Dragonette,      |
  |             | Dragon, ETC                                             |
  |WEAPON KILLER| Increases weapon's damage against creatures with weapons|
  |             | by 5%                                                   |
  |Effective vs:| Harpy Knight, Hunter/ Naga/ Orc Slave, Vulgar, Lizard   |
  |             | Knight/ Titan/ Gigandeth/ Samurai, King, Lord/ Skeleton |
  |             | Archer, Mage, etc                                       |
  |SNAKE KILLER | Increases weapon's damage against snakelings by 5%      |  
  |Effective vs:| Naga/ Medusa, Master/ Sandworm/ Greaterworm/ Worm Master|

  |FLAME PURSUIT| Increases weapon's damage against Flame elemental       |
  |             | creatures by 5%. Improves weapon attacks and does not   |
  |             | affect Magic Power.                                     |
  |Effective vs:| Flame Elemental creatures                               |
  |FROST PURSUIT| Increases weapon's damage against Frost elemental       |
  |             | creatures by 5%. Improves weapon attacks and does not   |
  |             | affect Magic Power.                                     |
  |Effective vs:| Frost Elemental creatures                               |
  |LIGHTNING    | Increases weapon's damage against Lightning elemental   |
  |PURSUIT      | creatures by 5%. Improves weapon attacks and does not   |
  |             | affect Magic Power.                                     |
  |Effective vs:| Lightning Elemental creatures                           |
  |DARKNESS     | Increases weapon's damage against darkness elemental    |
  |PURSUIT      | creatures by 5%. Improves weapon attacks and does not   |
  |             | affect Magic Power.                                     |
  |Effective vs:| darkness Elemental creatures                            |
  |LIGHT        | Increases weapon's damage against light elemental       |
  |PURSUIT      | creatures by 5%. Improves weapon attacks and does not   |
  |             | affect Magic Power.                                     |
  |Effective vs:| Light Elemental creatures                               |

  | MASTER GUARD| Reduces normal attack damage; does not reduce magic or  |
  |(+ARMOR DEF) | elemental attack damage. Enhances the properties of the |
  |             | equipped armor so best when used with high-defense armor|
  |       Toma: | Armor, Shields, Helms                                   |
  |    Cyrille: | Armor, Chains, Helms                                    |
  | STUN RESIST | Improves Stun resistance by ?%* and reduces stun effect |
  |             | time.                                                   |
  |             | Enhances the properties of the equipped armor so best   |
  |             | when used with high stun resist armor                   |
  |       Toma: | Armor, Shields, Helms                                   |
  |    Cyrille: | Armor, Chains, Helms                                    |
  | CRITICAL RES| Improves critical resistance by ?%* (Successful critical|
  |             | hits show damage in yellow)                             |
  |             | Enhances the properties of the equipped armor so best   |
  |             | when used with high critical resist armor               |
  |       Toma: | Armor, Shields                                          |
  |    Cyrille: | Armor, Chains                                           |    
  |KNOCKBACK RES| Improves knockback resistance by ?%*                    
|                             |
  |             | Enhances the properties of the equipped armor so best   |
  |             | when used with high knockback resist armor              |
  |       Toma: | Shields                                                 |
  |    Cyrille: | Chains                                                  |
  |ABSOLUTE DEF | Reduces damage from all attacks                         |
  |             | Uses a large amount of Mithril but very effective for   |
  |             | both characters.                                        |
  |             | Effective for both Toma and Cyrille                     |
  | FLAME RESIST| Reduces flame elemental damage by ?% *                  |
  |             | Effective for both Toma and Cyrille                     |
  | FROST RESIST| Reduces frost elemental damage by ?% *                  |
  |             | Effective for both Toma and Cyrille                     |
  |LIGHTNING RES| Reduces lightning elemental damage by ?% *              |
  |             | Effective for both Toma and Cyrille                     |
  |LIGHT RESIST | Reduces light elemental damage by ?% *                  |
  |             | Effective for both Toma and Cyrille                     |
  |DARKNESS RES | Reduces darkness elemental damage by ?% *               |
  |             | Effective for both Toma and Cyrille                     |
  |PETRIF RES   | Reduces length of petrification.                        |
  |             | Effective for both Toma and Cyrille                     |

   * Depends on the Power Art level.  

  | FLAME MAGIC | Improves Flame Magic attack power                       |
  |       Toma: | Weapons with magic                                      |
  |    Cyrille: | Books, Crossbows with magic                             
|                   |
  | FROST MAGIC | Improves FrostMagic attack power                        |
  |       Toma: | Weapons with magic                                      |
  |    Cyrille: | Books, Crossbows with magic                             
|                   |
  |LIGHTNING MAG| Improves Lightning Magic attack power                   |
  |       Toma: | Weapons with magic                                      |
  |    Cyrille: | Books, Crossbows with magic                             
|                   |
  | LIGHT MAGIC | Improves Light Magic attack power                       |
  |       Toma: | Weapons with magic                                      |
  |    Cyrille: | Books, Crossbows with magic                             
|                   |
  |DARKNESS MAG | Improves Darkness Magic attack power                    |
  |       Toma: | Weapons with magic                                      |
  |    Cyrille: | Books, Crossbows with magic                             
|                   |

   -------------                                          -----------
*** Secret Arts /// .................................. \\\ Secret Arts ***
   ------------                                           -----------

    If power arts enhance your characters, then Secret Arts enhance your
    equipment. Secret Scrolls must be acquired from most rare monsters
    (imprisoned monsters), one of the Ancient Arena rewards, and some
    bosses as well. 
    After getting the scroll, you need to bring to the POwer Art terminal
    to register it. After that, you will be able to link it the appropriate
    equipment. Only one secret art may can be active on any equipment.
    Their effects however, depends on the immunity of the monster you 
    are attacking. For example, the SA (Secret Art) "Darkness Awakened" 's
    HP ABSORB effect has no effect against the monsters immune to it.
    Same goes for critical, knockback, float, etc.

     W E A P O N S

  | Rough-and-Ready | Raises attack speed by sacrificing attack          |
  | Death Blow      | Powers up attack by sacrificing MP                 |
  | Flash of Despair| Boosts critical attack with desperate strength     |
  | Master's Blow   | Knockout blow boosts stun rate and time            |
  | Rising Dragon   | Blows everything away and boosts stun attack       |
  | Fighter's Fist  | Adds more damage each strike (Crossbows: NO effect)|
  | Fire Nucleus    | Adds flame magic to attack and flame resistance to |
  |                 | weapon                                             |    
  | Ice Nucleus     | Adds frost magic to attack and frost resistance to |
  |                 | weapon                                             |
  | Light Nucleus   | Adds light magic to attack and light resistance to |
  |                 | weapon                                             |
  | Darkness Nucleus| Adds Darkness magic to attack and Darkness         |
  |                 | resistance to weapon                               |
  | Hymn of Power   | Maximizes STR and boosts ATK and stun attacks      |
  | Giant's Rage    | Everything gets knocked back and knocked down.     |
  | Heaven & Earth  | Adds more attacks to those who suffers in the sky  |  
  | Demonic Pact    | Increases HP dramatically by sacrificing MP        |
  | Devil Spark     | Enables lightning fast attacks                     |
  | Perfect Blow    | Boosts critical damage for deadly strikes          |   
  | Reincarnation   | Turns fallen foes into mithril                     |
  | Swordmaster's   | Raises Critical rate                               |
  | Secret          |                                                    |
  | Orc Slayer      | Slays orcs in one hit                              |
  | Lizard Slayer   | Slays Lizards in one hit                           |
  | Harpy Slayer    | Slays Harpies in one hit                           |
  | Feat of Striking| Boosts attack w/ each combot (Crossbow: no effect) |
  | Darkness Awekend| Absorbs damage dealt to enemies as HP              |


  | Nullify Float   | Provides complete floating resistance against any  |
  |                 | attack                                             |
  | Conceal Weakness| Raises critical resistance by 100%                 |
  | Quick Reflex    | Dogdges stun attacks to lower stun rate            |
  | Close Dodge     | Dodges attacks by sacrificing HP.                  |
  | Oracle's Shield | Raises resistance against magic, stun and petrify  |
  | Knight's Code   | With the heart of the knight, resists knockback    |
  | Golem's Soul    | Prevents knockdown by any attack                   |


  | Ignorant Blessing| Get great magic resistance by losing magic attacks|
  | Elements of Magic| Raises mage apprentice's magic attack and MP      |
  | Fox Spirit       | Get the Fox's large cache of MP                   |
  | Divine Spirit    | The divine spirit that raises MP dramatically     |
  | Modest Charm     | Get slight magic resistance & defense             |
  | Wizard's Lore    | Increases INT and magic attacks                   |
  | Earth Talisman   | Raises resistance to all spells                   |
  | Magic of Insanity| Insane secret art that sacrifices HP to boost all |
  |                  | magic attacks                                     |


  | Quicksilver      | Raises agility dramatically with divine speed     |
  | Sign of Life     | Raise max HP by giving the body enery.            |
  | Steel Body       | Hardens the body by changing it into steel        |
  | Breath of Life   | Boosts life force to dramatically increase HP     |
  |                  | recovery speed.                                   |
  | Goddess Blessing |Grants enormous defense by the grace of the goddess|
  |Unbeatable Courage| Boosts stun recovery time greatly                 |
  | Third Eye        | Raises critical resistance by using the 3rd eye   |
  | Source of Life   | Mana, source of life raises HP/ MP                |

 ++++ //// ....................................................\\\ +++++
          ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ 
         ||W |||A |||L |||K |||T |||H |||R |||O |||U |||G |||H ||


     ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 
      R E A D  M E !  
      ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 
      |BeFORE  YoU  sTaRt|

      Since most of the places are pretty straightforward, I will just 
      give general directions to where the items and other points of
      interest may be. If you don't like exploring too much - well too 
      bad, this is an RPG. And the fact that THERE IS NO RANDOM BATTLES in 
      this game should be enough reason for you to check out the all the
      areas yourself. What's the fun without exploring?

      Also note that some of the chests and hidden items are randomized 
      - also it depends wether who are you using at the time. With that
      in mind, I didn't bother writing down each chests' contents.

      Destroying boxes/barrels/jars, etc should be a habit. They contain
      gold, mithril and items as well. This will further increase your

      Since I am not sure myself when and how often defensive battles
      occur, I'll just include them the way that I encountered them, just
      to give you reference. 

      Prioritize upgrading the main generators and barriers. Its a must
      since enemy attacks from later chapters can easily destroy your
      converters and you may be stuck with a defensive battle you can't
      win - basically, no other solution but to start the game all over   
      again, avoiding the same mistake. 

      Once you can change the Geo Fortress's modes, I suggest, keep it
      on Cannon Mode (If you want some artillery support) in open areas
      and/or Search mode. Now, defensive battles don't start immediately;
      When that happens, stop whatever you're doing and return to base.
      Then change it to Recovery Mode. Using it that way will let you
      maximize each of the modes' efficiency.

      Another thing is that I won't mention when you'll save or not. 
      Because of the Return system, you can basically return to the 
      Fortress almost anytime you want, wherever you are. So save at
      your own discretion. The exception will apply during boss, arena 
      and ambush battles.

      Use the Geo Fortress' Training Facility as often as possible. Not
      only that this is a great source of gold, mithril, exp and rare
      items, you can earn several levels before setting out in a mission.
      Enemies are very unpredictable during missions so it pays to be

      Talk to Gantetsu and Gilnay at least twice every chapter. You'll
      never know when Gilnay will offer a Core Metal (for 10000G) or 
      Gantetsu will ask for 3000 Mithril to increase his forging level.
      Core metals keeps your fortress upgraded and Forging equipments,
      though expensive keeps you in the edge.

      Visit the residential area once in a while and talk to your party
      members. Most of the time, they will give you items & occasionally
      power arts. The exception would be Adam - talk to him in the 
      Engineering block and from time to time, his scout robots will 
      discover items in different areas. And he will give that to you.
      Garyu is also another good source of Core Metals. Talk to him every 
      once in a while, either when using Toma or Cyrille. Also, if you 
      talk to Maebelle using Cyrille, you'll get a crossbow. Talk to 
      Gadfort using Toma and you'll get a sword.

           The items/skills you'll get (but not limited to) are the ff:

    |          POWER ARTS            |    ITEMS/ WEAPONS               |
    |       MP Boost   - Ami         |     Crossbows   - Maebelle      |
    |    Light Magic   - Faulklin    |        Swords   - Gadfort       |
    |   Critical Atk   - Duga        | Random Consumables - Adam       |
    | Absolute Defense*- Avalon      |    Core Metal   - Garyu         |

      *Absolute Defense is a very useful Power Art. It gives you added
      protection to ANY attacks. Try to get this as soon as you get

      There are certain areas in the map that are not part of the main 
      quest route. I won't be mapping them since they are optional. These
      areas are in the Paora plains. Take the liberty to search and explore     

      The battles could be easy or hard. There are really no special
      strategies to use in every battle, including boss fights. If you're
      having a hard time, its either you're underlevelled, your equipment     
      is not up to date or you character growth is not that efficient. 
      Take some time to train and gain a few levels then try the battles 


                [O][O][O]    C H A P T E R   1    [O][O][O]

              "H O L Y   S W O R D   S H I N I N G   F O R C E"

 + Ilnod Forest Entrance +

   - The game starts with a scene. Just read through the conversation. 

   - You will then be thrown to your first battle. Defeat the enemy.

   - After the battle and few more dialogs, you will have control of Toma.
     Search the grass to the up to find items. Go east to the Village.

  NOTE: Red/Orange Arrows are the accessible areas. White/Gray ones means
        you can't enter it yet.

 + Yi'el Village +

   - You can find a chest on the bench in the center of the village. Talk
     to Maebelle and learn that she needs a herb to cook dinner.

   - Go east, up the hill. Fight the enemies along the way. Find the herb
     in the SE corner, by the cliff. You can also find a Mithril Ring in
     the stairs in the NW corner.

  NOTE: You can go back and forth to the village to reload the enemies on
        the path to the cliff. You can fight them to earn extra gold and 

   - Go back to the village and deliver the herbs to Maebelle. You will
     then be given a choice to have dinner or do something else. Just 
     choose the first option whenever you're ready.

   - Night will fall. Read through the conversations of the party. Head
     east to the cliff to find Cyrille and Zhina.  ( - SCENE - )

   - After the scene, the day will start. Go to the NE path. Hikanay will
     give you Healing Water. Save first then exit the village. 

   NOTE: Healing Water is not permanently consumed; they can be replenished
         when you heal using a Goddess Fountain.

 + Ancient Ruin +

   - A battle tutorial will take place. Just take note of the pointers 
     given then continue north. Fight orcs along the way. Destroy the boxes
     along the way. 

   - Continuing forth, you should find a Goddess Fountain in front of the
     checkpoint. You can't enter it yet so just proceed forward. Grab the
     chest along the way. Notice the chest on the other side of the cliff? 
     You won't be able to reach that except by destroying the chest using
     Cyrille's crossbow. Any crossbow will do.

   - Find a crystal along the path, destroy it to gather some Mithrils. 
     Continue east, destroy the crystals, boxes along the way.

   - Make your way up to the ramp. You will encounter a number of orcs
     along the way. Just defeat them and go down the ramp further east.
     You will then meet Gadfort and Maebelle. You will then need to split
     up. So, with them taking the other paths, go West.

   - On your way, Cyrille will catch up and will block the other road.
     Just clear the path west, gather items along the way. Backtrack
     and talk to Cyrille. Switch characters.

   - Continue east. A battle tutorial for Cyrille will take place. Continue
     SE to find chest. Grab Cyrille's Healing Water (Pink).

   NOTE: Healing Water is not permanently consumed; they can be replenished
         when you heal using a Goddess Fountain.

   - Follow the path, grab items and boxes before the ramp. Continue up, 
     find Goddess Fountain. There should be an item behind the fountain.
     There is also another chest nearby.

   - Continue forth, defeating enemies along the way. Just make your way
     to the south, a scene will take place one you reach the cave's

 + For'il Ancient Road +

   - From this here on, you can now fight with party members. Cyrille
     will wait, basically blocking the exit outside. Also note that there
     is a PATH of CARNAGE to the north, behind the wooden fence. Destroy
     the fence if you want then head NE. Make sure you save before that.

   NOTE: The Path of Carnage is an optional route not related to the main
         quest. The path has good items in the end but it is guarded by
         a mob of powerful monsters. Do not attempt these routes if you
         are low levelled. Besides, Path of Carnages are good source of 
         extra gold and exp.

   - Head west. Continue through the path. In the open area, there will be
     a Monster Generator. Bardfort will give you general pointers about
     them. So, jump in the fray and begin the carnage. Once all of the
     beasts and the MG are taken care of, continue west. 

   - There will be another wide area. Enemies will spawn there so eliminate
     them, then go up. Along the way, the party will talk about the Mural.
     After that just continue forth.

   - You should find another Memory Stone along the way. Save your progress
     then continue further west. In the last area, there will be a MG
     and a lot of spawned beast. Just defeat them and destroy the MG. Head
     to the door.   ( - SCENE - )

 +   Sword Chamber +

   - When you gain control again, examine the sword.   ( - SCENE - )

   - After some more scenes and dialogues, you will be asked to save the
     game. Do so. 

     Chapter ends...


                [O][O][O]    C H A P T E R   2    [O][O][O]

                  " F O R T R E S S   O F   M A G I C"

 +   Sword Chamber +

   - The chapter opens up with a dialogue from the party. After that, go
     downstairs. Scene will take place. 

 +   Control Room  +

   - After that, save first then grab 3 chests. Talk to Zenus. Follow him,
     exit to the east then head upstairs to the north. You can actually
     look around the area. There is an item in one of the bookshelves 
     below, and two chests in the Engineering Block to the SE. Once you're
     ready, talk to Zenus again. Proceed to the transporter - get the 
     Cure Metal from the Pedestal. Teleport down using the transporter.

 +   Il'gonia Central Hill +
   - You need to free the Generator by attacking the rocks. Destroy it
     immediately using charge/sp attacks.

   - Go back to the transporter once done. Make your way to the Control
     Room. Talk to Zenus. You will receive a short tutorial about the 
     Power Arts. From this point on, you can now use the Warp System and 
     the Power Arts system. Both Toma and Cyrille can use this. 
   NOTE: Mithril will be used to activate the power arts for both Toma and
   Cyrille. They share the mithril collected but they can spend it without
   affecting the amount the other character has. Which is a good thing. 

   Now, more power arts will be added once you discover those PA Tablets
   (Power Arts tablets) scattered around the place. Make sure you seek
   them out.
   Another thing to note is that unidentified items can be refined to 
   become 100 mithril. However, they can provide more mithril if you
   identify them in the shop - which you gotta pay of course. Items that
   has been identified already can't be refined so if you have weaker
   equipment, just sell it for extra cash.

   - Save then Warp to Lakton Village. Your next destination is the Ancient
     Arena east of Lakton Village.

   NOTE: YOu can talk Hikanay and pay 1G for her to create a letter for
     the Lakton Village  blacksmith.

 +     Lakton Village +
   - Upon reaching the village, you should notice the Altar where the
     remains of a knight is displayed. Just ignore that for the meantime,
     then go downstairs. You will receive a short tutorial about Power
     Art Stones. (I will refer to them as PS Tablets in this walkthrough)
     These stones will allow the your characters access more power arts.   

   - Just destroy anything breakable and collect Mithril and Gold. You
     can also upgrade some of your equipment by the blacksmith, inside
     the house in front of the corn fields.

 +     Lakton Highland +
   - Save first, then continue followin the path. Find a lone chest on the
     north hill. Go further north, find a PS Tabler in the NW corner, by
     the river. Bactrack a bit then head SE this time. Find a locked
     chest by the footbridge. use a key and collect the unidentified Tender
     Archer. Cross the bridge, and find a tablet immediately.

   NOTE: As you may have noticed, you can't change your party members' 
   individual equipments or even assigned them power arts. Well, that'll
   save you a lot of time since you just need to maintain both Toma and 
   Tender Archer is an example of a PARTY EQUIPMENT. That is basically
   the strategy/ style your party member will follow during battles. 
   Just make sure you have them equip it to follow your battle strategy
   or fighting style.

   - There is another Path of Carnage in the Southern path, by the
     bridge. There is also a Goddess Fountain and Memory Stone nearby. 
     Around this area is another path uphill, to the NE, leading to another
     chest. Just remember to save before taking the POC (Path of Carnage)
     Youw will find a PS Tablet top the SW, past the bridge and the Mithril 
     Crystals in the lower SE deadend.

   - After the ordeal, just backtrack to the Fountain and Savepoint. Go 
     to the north this time. There will be some Crystals and a chest on the
     NE area. Just clear the map. 

   NOTE: Around this time, the Geo Fortress may be attacked and the other
     inactive character left in the Fortress is tasked to defend it. 
     Just take note of the tutorial and defeat the boss to win the 
     Defensive Battle. 

     DEFENSIVE BATTLES. This is to avoid you getting stuck in case of a
     very tough battle and you have no way to load from your main save

   - The correct path is on the NW, past the bridge. Just cross it and 
     take the uphill. Defeat the enemies and the generators there. After
     that, head further west, find another tablet by the bridge. Continue
     forth until you reach a cave. There is also a teleporter there which
     will bring you near Lakton Village. Use it and save if you want. 
     Either way, just enter the cave.

   +    Ancient Arena  +

   - Get the Darkness rune from the statue. Use it on the door, and defeat 
     all the beasts first. After that a teleporter will appear. Take it to
     the second floor. 

   - In the 2nd floor of the Arena is a horde of beasts and a boss. Just
     avoid getting mobbed in the center. Just defeat all the enemies and 
     get your rewards. Backtrack to the town.

   NOTE: You can go back to the PoC to the south if you want to farm 
     more exp and G's.

 +     Lakton Village +

   - There will be a short cutscene as soon as you enter the village.
     You will then need to defeat all the enemies. After doing so, 
     a boss and a new wave of enemies will appear. Deal with them also.
     You can now return to the Geo Fortress if you want.  

Chapter Ends...


                [O][O][O]    C H A P T E R   3    [O][O][O]

                         " N E W   A L L I E S "

 +   Sword Chamber +

   - The chapter starts out with a scene. You will take control of Toma
     after that. Proceed to the control room. 

 +   Control Room  +

   - Talk to Hikany. Select the 2nd option. Then agree for her to write  
     a letter to his blacksmith friend in Lakton. Obtain Hikanay's letter.

   - After that, talk to Gilnay. Select to know his secret (3rd option). 
     You can buy those rare Core Metals for 10000g. From now one, either
     he'all approach you (mostly during defensive battles) or you'll check
     him out regularly. Come on, 10K is not much for those core metals, 
     ain't it?

   - So with that, taken care of, Warp to Lakton. 

 +     Lakton Village +
     Talk to the blacksmith.
     He will agree with Hikany's offer, leaving a chest behind. Get the 
   ==ANCIENT SWORD == from it. So, walk your way back to the transporter
     but examine the altar first. A conversation will take place and a new
     journal entry will be added. 

   NOTE: Avalon is an optional character you can employ by collecting all
   his bones scattered accross the world. Once you collect all of them, 
   return to his altar and offer his body parts. 

    - SO, with that done, you can now return to the Geo-Fortress and talk
     to Zenus. You will have a short tutorial about managing the G-Fort
     (I'll just use that acronym for Geo-Fortress) via control panel. 
     He will also send you to a mission to collect another metal to
     activate the cannons. You will get the Gyro Terminal in the 

   to the higher level of the barrier (and everything else) you need to 
   power up the generator as well. Core metals are hard to come by so
   don't waste it powering up the other functions early on.
   If you don't, there's a possibility that you'll be stuck with a 
   defensive battle where the Photon Converter keeps on getting destroyed
   easily. Remember that you need to leave it when the boss shows up.

   It almost happened to me - when I defeated the boss and my Converter
   is NEARLY destroyed. So, to prevent that, follow my advice.

   - Gantetsu (the blacksmith) will now be staying here so its pretty 
     convinient. Make sure that you have him forge any powerful weapons
     you get to make it more efficient.

   - Prepare, and move out. Exit the terminal past through the fields to
     the west. 

 +   West Il'Gonia Valley +
   - Just continue following the path uphill, check out the tablet along 
     the way. 

   - Continue further uphill. A scene will trigger after a few minutes. 
     You need to defend the castle from invaders. 


     Make sure you prepare everything; check if you have anything to
     upgrade in the control panel. Also, regularly check the power arts
     system and don't let a single mithril go to waste. Also, don't 
     forget to bring battle members if you can. Exit the control
     panel. Zenus will always show you which exit to take so just go there
     (find those two kids earlier in the scene) and step on the transporter.

     For this battle, I encountered ghosts. Later on they formed into
     a more bigger, badder reaper. So just defeat the boss and the battle
     will end. Just get everything the enemies dropped and your reward
     before heading back.

     After the collecting your reward, step on the green teleporter and
     return to the fortress. The game will shift to the current quest

   - You will receive a message from Zenus telling you to return to the
     fortress. Do so. 
   - There will be a dialogue along with your party members. The two
     kids, Amitaliri and Faulkin will join your party. From there on, they
     will be in your active party. Just let them accompany you. Also,
     talk to Gilnay. If you see a 3rd option in his conversation option, 
     select that. Buy the core metal for 10000G. Try to check him at least 
     twice every chapter. Upgrade the fortress if you want. Take the return
     gate afterwards. 

   - After returning, continue west until you reach Yi'E' Village ruins.

 + Yi'el Village +

   - Activate the portal near the shop. You can now warp here. Continue
     west to the forest.

 + Ilnod Forest Entrance +

   - Nothing to do here, just continue heading west.

 + North Ilnod Forest +

   - Once you enter, grab the the item. It's locked so use a key and get
     Witch Casting, a party equipment for Ami. Save in the Memory Stone,
     then move forward.
   - Before the open area, the game will trigger a cutscene. Well just make
     sure you don't hit the sleeping mama. She's too powerful (Even if I
     tried defeating her in LVL 30, I still get pwned) for you right now.
     Just destroy the crystals and crates/vases. Find hidden item/s by the
     roots of the northern tree. 
     Two paths here: One is the blocked path southeast (Leading to the 
     Peora Plains) This is not your mission yet and the enemies there 
     may be too powerful for you yet. So take the path south.

 + South Ilnod Forest +

   - Examine the tablet then go NE. Activate the portal there, in front
     of the Orc Arena. (You may want to try this a few levels later) Find
     item/s beside the arena, by the grass.

   - Continue south, find a chest beside a large rock. Destroy crates
     and boxes along the way. Go further SE to find a chest by the deadend.
     Enemies will appear after opening the box. 

   - Continue SE, find a Prison Rock. Just ignore it for the meantime, and
     continue to the SE corner.

   NOTE: Prison Rocks have powerful beasts enclosed in them. Remember that
   these guys are very powerful at times so if you released it and your
   level is not high enough, you'll just get slaughtered. 

   So my advice is that you return to the fortress and save before 
   destroying the Prison of Rock. Defeating the imprisoned monsters drop
   secret scrolls to unlock the Secret Arts. 

   - Find a switch, toggle it and fight your way through the cave 
     entrance. Just defeat all the enemies and the generator. Activate the
     portal and enter the cave.

 +  Ilnod Forest Cave +

   - Defeat all the pigs inside the cave. Several pedestals containing 
     core metals (x2) and Black metal will appear. Examine the tablet also
     and the gather the Mithril crystals. 

   - Return to the fortress. 

 +   Control Room  +

   - You can now use the Black Metal to activate the cannon. Please do so.
     After a short conversation, a scene will follow.

Chapter Ends...


                [O][O][O]    C H A P T E R   4    [O][O][O]

                 " R U L E R S   O F   T H E   W O R L D "

   - Scenes and more cutscenes.

   - After those warp to Yi'El Village and go north this time. 

 +  West Il'Gonia Valley  +

   - Follow the path north. Find a Prison of Rock. (Giant Orc @ LVL13)
     If you are Lvl 13 or more, then you can defeat this imprisoned enemy.
     Just destroy the Prison of Rock and defeat him. Get the Secret Scroll.

   NOTE: You can return to the fortress, register the scroll and link it 
   to your equipment. 

 +  Narda Checkpoint  +

   - Proceed to the Checkpoint. [Defensive Battle] Phillip will have a 
     short talk to you. Now, follow him, grab the Core Metal located in
     beside the stairs. Don't go to the North path, the cave of Garyu.
     He is also a character but you need to defeat him. - Which you won't
     be able to for now.

   NOTE: Im not sure if Defensive Battles occur randomly over the span of
   time or if they are related to the quest events as you uncover them. In
   any case, I'll be including them when I encountered them.

 +  Il' Gonia, Lake Narda  +

   - Upon reaching the top, enemies will be waiting for you, courtesy of
     the MG (Monster Generator). Defeat the waves of enemies thrown at you
     then destroy the MG afterwards. 

   - Follow the path west, defeating enemies along the way. You need to
     destroy the chest on the otherside of the cliff before the ramps. 
     Further north, the path should have ramps going down. 

   - Continue down to the large area off the ramp. Find a Prison of Rock. 
    (Orc King @ LVL 15) Defeat it if you want. Continue North. Use 
     Cyrille's crossbow to destroy the box on the other side of the 
     broken bridge.
   - Find a Tablet and a Crystal on the NW corner. Cotinue east.

   - Defeat the Cyclops and his minions. Obtain a core metal. Destroy the
     boxes covering the entrance (gather mithril) and activate warp point.
   - Further east is the Path of Carnage. [Defensive Battle] Take it if
     you want, otherwise backtrack and enter the cave.   
   NOTE: During this Defensive Battle, Gilnay may chase you and offer you
   another core metal for 10000G. Also, if you head to Exit # 1, there is 
   a guy in red named Ieyasu (not Tokugawa) that will offer you to bundle
   your healing potions into one, space-saving package. 

 +  Goran Goran Cave 1F +

   - Upon entering, go to the southwest first, past the bridge. Get the 
     chest in top of the small platform. Destroy the MGs as well. Go 
     upstairs NE, enter a small enclosed room. Destroy the generator also.
     Find a tablet in the NW corner. Head north.  [Defensive Battle] 
   - Go upstairs north. Find a MG, destroy it. Continue following the path,
     further north. There will be small corridors leading to 3 enclosed
     rooms. You need to destroy the MGs and enemies there to move forward.
     Find core metal in the northernmost room. In the eastern room, there 
     is a switch to open the locked gates. 

   - Backtrack a bit and go through the opened gates. Go upstairs and get 
     the items. 

   NOTE: Some of the inaccessible areas here can be accessed in the next
   - Go southeast and find another tablet. From there, head further SE
     and find a circular room with chest and a core metal pedestal. Be
     warned though - enemies with some MGs will appear. Just eliminate
     them and continue further east.

   - You will need to fight a boss before you can leave the area. Its a
     large steel golem that hits hard yet has slow attack speed. So, one
     of the most effective way to avoid getting damaged is attack, then
     when he raises his arms to smack you, get out of the way and attack
     him. Just repeat the process and your allies will do the rest.

   - There is also a Prison of Rock here. Just defeat the imprisoned beast.
     continue to the exit.

 +  North Il'Gonia Valley  +

   - Follow the path uphill. Zenus will then inform you that the cannon is
     ready. You will also have a short tutorial about that.

   - On your way, there is a massive wall blocking your path. Now, activate
     the cannon and target the wall. A scene will take place. 

   - Continue forth and activate the warp portal. Continue north. Find
     Phillip and read through the conversation. 

     You will then need to defeat the waves of enemies, including the 
     large MG. After that, Phillip will release his greatest warrior yet.
   - Duga is not that bad. He is fast and his attacks have knockdown and
     stun effects. Just attack him and heal if necessary. If your level
     is around 20+ then Duga's damage is nothing to worry about. He has
     a high HP though. 

   - After the battle, return to the Fortress. -Scene-

Chapter Ends...


                [O][O][O]    C H A P T E R   5    [O][O][O]

                 " B E A S T L I N G   W A R R I O R "

   - After the conversation, warp to the Noswald Encampment. Head south,
     destroy the MG and enemies. Find some gold in the grass in the 
     southernmost corner. Find a crystal, fairy dust in the eastern path.
     go west this time. 

   - Find a tablet along the way, then enter the cave.   

 +  Goran Goran Cave 2F +
   - Go north and find 3 separate circular rooms with MGs in them. Clear
     them out then follow the winding path south. Go east along the path
     and find a core metal and secret scroll in the lower circular room.
     Four golems will appear after getting the items. 

   - Backtrack a bit, then enter the single Circular room to the lower 
     east. There is a chest there. Again, frou golems will appear after 
     getting the item.

   - Proceed north, then west. [Defensive Battle]. Find the stairs 
     leading down. Take it.

 +  Goran Goran Cave 1F +

   - As you cross the bridge in the NE, you will be ambushed by enemies
     with two MGs so be careful. After that, go down the path east. then
     west. Find a core metal pedestal. Get it. There is also a locked
     chest nearby containing Charge Knight, party equipment for Gadfort.
     Go back upstairs.     

 +  Goran Goran Cave 2F +

   - Continue NW, past the bridge. Further west, there will be another 
     path downstairs. Take it.

 +  Goran Goran Cave 1F +
   - Immeidately find =AVALON'S RIGHT ARM=  in the altar + a core
     metal and chest. Go back upstairs.

 +  Goran Goran Cave 2F +

   - If you head east to the circular room there, an MG will appear with
     a bunch of monsters so be careful. Collect the mithril from the

   - Backtrack to the main fork in the path, then head north. Find a small
     room with a chest on it. Go further west, past the bridge into a 
     large room. Go further west to the SW rock, past the hanging bridge
     to get to the chest and a hidden item. 
   - Backtrack again to the main fork in the path, then head east. Find a 
     chest in the platform. Head further east to find another room that
     has a chest on it. [Defensive Battle]

   - Go north past the bridge then up to the higher ground. Find a Prison
     Stone and chest. You can defeat the imprisoned creature at around 

   - Continue north. There will be a boss battle so be prepared. (Samurai
     + some mages + MG) Defeat them and the gates shall open. Exit to the
     next area.

 +  Goran Goran Basin +

   - There will be a Prison of Rock containing Wolf Baron Lv23 as you exit.
     So, destroy the stone and defeat it. Continue north.

   - Defeat the wolves, including the one guarding the cannon. Destroy also
     the line of crates downhill east. Enter the gates.

 +  Cantore Village +

   - Use the fountain and save. Find items inside the large house by the
     save point. The path to the mine is blocked temporarily so go west.
     Activate the portal and examine the mine on your way.

 +  Cantore Snowfield +

   - Continue west. The party will stop. Gadfort will tell you about the
     concealing MGs. Just continue and activate the portal to the Arena:

   - Continue NW, find a chest beside the arena entrance. A sub boss will
     appear by the bridge. Approach it and defeat it. The gate to the 
     bridge is now open. Examine tablet and continue forth.

 +  Old Noswald Castle, Yard +

   OKay, you can either take the eastern path or the western path of the
   map. Let's take east first.

   - Go east, destroy the two MGs and their minions. Now, as you turn
     north, there will be a statue, destroy it. You will see one of the
     smaller statues on the path main path (in the center of the yard)
     light up.

   - Continue following the path. Find another MG and monsters before the
     turn west. Take them out, then continue up (west). Find another 
     statue. Destroy it. 

   - Now take the stairs down, leading south. Go to the west, find an 
     altar there containing =AVALON'S RIGHT FOOT=. Go down east and find a
     chest. From there, go south, find a tablet and a nearby MG. After
     getting rid of them, continue your path south, destroying any crates
     or barrels you encounter along the way.
   - Go to the West path this time. Same layout. Destroy the two MGs on the 
     path west. Then turn north and go downstairs. Find a chest beside the
     stairs, continue north to find the last statue you need to destroy.
     The gates to the main road should be open by now. Just clear this part
     of the yard finding the other chests and destroying stuff. 

   - Before entering, make sure you return to the fortress and save. When
     you're ready, go back and enter the main path. It is divided into 
     several parts, each with a mini boss you need to tackle. 

   - These are Ice Golems. You won't be able to Return while in battle with 
     these guys so make sure everybody is battle ready. After defeating
     the Golem, you can Return to heal and refill your consumables. 
     Otherwise, just continue forth. 

   NOTE: There are some Ice Golems that act as MGs. You need to get rid
   of the waves of enemies they are summoning. 

   - On the last part of the main road, you need to battle a larger Ice 
     Golem, with his minions. Just bring it down and gather all your
     reward, including the Green Metal. The gate is closed right now so
     you need to return to the Geo-Fortress first. 

 +   Control Room  +

   - Talk to Zenus first and use the Green Metal to power up the Radar.
     It will now be upgradable from the Control Panel. Return to Noswald
     Castle. The gate should be open. [Defensive Battle]. Continue forth, 
     destroy the MG along the way. Continue to the next area. 

 +  Tsungura Ice Field +

   - After the party's conversation, activate the transporter. Find a 
     Mithril crystal in the NE corner by the walls. Go to the West, find
     a chest in the middle path. Find another crystal in the NW corner.

   - Take the stairs up to the fortress, then go SE. Find 3 chests there.
     Be careful since enemies will show up once you open those chests. 

   - Go north, then downstairs east to find a Prison of Rock. The Berserker
     within can be defeated at around LVL26+. Go back upstairs, and go 
     north. Find a lever there. Activate it. 

   - Go now to the newly opened path. Go downstairs east, then find two 
     items in the north. (once contains the party Equipment, Eagle Archer 
     for Maebelle). [Defensive Battle]

   - Go back upstairs, defeat the mini-boss. The lever in the south will
     now be accessible. Go on and activate it. 

   - Go back and through the newly opened path to the west. Find a tablet
     there, go downstairs and toggle the lever.

   - Backtrack a bit, then go now through the unblocked path. Toggle the 
     switch along the way. Continue upstairs. There will be another mini-
     boss fight. Defeat it and the paths will be unblocked. Continue.

   - Find another tablet beside the north stairs. You may save now. (talk
     to Gilnay to get another Core Metal for 10000G)

   - When ready, go upstairs for a boss battle. Vs. Duga.
     Surprisingly, Duga's stats are not changed so expect that his attacks
     won't be that damaging. (6-8 DMG per hit @ LVL27) Just battle it out
     and defeat him.

   - After the battle, there will be a conversation. Talk to Gadfort again
     and choose to bring Duga to he G-Fort. - Scene - 

Chapter Ends...


                [O][O][O]    C H A P T E R   6    [O][O][O]

              "U N D E R S T A N D I N G   E A C H   O T H E R"

   - The chapter starts with a conversation. You will learn that you new
     task is to get a Blue Metal in Ranburr's Tomb. You will obtain the
     event item ID KEY. The path to the tomb is a long one, so let's 

   - Alright, remember the SE path on the Ilnod Forest? In the area where
     the huge Sleeping Piggy Mom is? That's where we are going. So prepare
     and go there.

   - Warp to Yi'El village then go west to the Ilnod Forest.

 + North Ilnod Forest +

   - Ignore the sleeping pigs for now. Go SE and destroy the fence blocking
     your path. You can continue forth.

  + North Peora Plains +

   - Gather the crystal as soon as you head out. Go north and find another
     Ancient Arena (Wolflings). Activate the portal but do go in yet. They
     are more powerful than you are now so just come back later. Find a 
     tablet in the far eastern part of the path. Head to the west after 

   NOTE: This area is pretty large and you can even access the other
   portions of the map. I'll just discuss the main route. You're free to 
   check out all the other places but be careful since if you stray away
   too far from the main path, you may encounter powerful beasts later or
   you'll lose your way.

   - There is a lower part of the map. It is acessible by crossing the
    lower eastern bridge of Northwest Peora Plains. (See OPT001 for 

 + Northwest Peora Plains +

   - Follow the path. Activate the portal but don't go in yet. Head down
     the path and find a Prison of Rock and tablet. At level 28, the Harpy
     Knight this stone contains is no match. So, after that, head west.
     Take note of this blocked path, you will come back for it later. 

     Also, there will be a longer path to the SE. You may encounter several
     orc encampments along the way so be careful.

 +  West Peora Plains +

   - The entrance to the the hidden cave to the north is inaccessible
     for the meantime. So just remember the place and come back later.

   - As you enter, some Cyclops will attack you, blocking your path behind.
     Defeat them and continue south. As I mentioned earlier, you can check
     out the other places but make sure you don't stray away too far. 
     Zenus will communicate with you along the way. 

   - If you try to go to the east, you should find a bridge. Cross it. 
     Now head south. Before the second bridge leading south, find 
     Gadfort's Wall Knight PE. Now go further North and cross the bridge.
     You should find a Path of Carnage. Destroy the fence and enter the 

 +  Sewers +

     NOTE: The enemies here can be a bit powerful in early levels. If you
     are having problems just take note of the area and come back later,
     if you're around LV50+.

   - Just follow the path. Take the exit to the SW. You will exit to the 
     cliff in the West Peora Plains. Get rid of some enemies then enter
     the second entrance to the sewers. Follow the tight corridors leading
     down, south. You will exit again to the West Paora plains. Follow the
     spiral road to reach the Arena: Stalkers. Activate the portal and
     enter if you want. 

   - On the intersection to the far south, go west. Find a Prison of Rock
     in the right side of the road. You can defeat it as well.

   - Continue forth, defeat the Cyclops. Also, activate the warp portal to
     the Arena of Giants. There is also a tablet there so check it out.
     You can save and try out the Arena of Giants if you like. Otherwise,
     enter the cave.


 +  Paoraburr Cave +

   - There will be a short scene, then a minor bossfight with Lesser 
     Vampire. This guy is fast so having Faulklin in the party is an 
     advantage. You can still beat him using the basic battle strats. 

   - After defeating him, you will receive x5 Darkness Runes from him. 
     These are used to unlock Ancient Arenas in various places. So, since
     the West path is closed, go to the NE path. Defeat the succubus and
     her minions. Toggle the lever. The western path should be open now.

     Enter the room and collect the goodies inside. Get =AVALON'S LEFT
     ARM= on the altar. take the SW path now.

 +  Paoraburr Trail +

   - Head west, destroy the MG. Go south this time and activate the portal
     for Arena: Lightning. Continue west. On your way to before the path
     turns south, the path behind you will be blocked and two mini-bosses
     will appear. Fight your way through and defeat them.

   - Continue south, gather the crystals in the southernmost end. Cross the

 +  Ranburr's Tomb +

   - Continue west and activate the portal. Examine the tablet too. Now,
     let us go a bit NW, find a wooden barricade there. (Path of Carnage)
     I suggest taking this first if you can. Other wise skip this part
     and head further north this time.

    Path of Carnage
     Make your way to the Underpass. You need to destroy the skull
     statues and to open the doors. If you destroy the wrong one, a swarm
     of enemies will appear, surrounding you. If you can kill them quickly
     the move on, otherwise, just come back later. Just repeat the process
     for each room. Make your way to the central room and defeat the boss
     and his minions there. 

     Continue south; you'll emerge on the western part of the cemetery.
     Continue west to activate the Arena of Stone portal. Go further west
     find a Prison of Rock. If you have no problems clearing the path of
     carnage, then you can definitely defeat this one with east. Pull the  
     lever to open the path west.

   - Go to the northern graveyard. Examine the tombstone near the northern
     wall. Enemies will appear by waves. Just defeat them, and two chests
     will appear in top of the tomb. continue north by the cliffs and find
     two chests on both the westernmost and easternmost ends. Proceed NW
     this time.

   - Try going up the stairs in the tomb. The stairs will be blocked and
     you need to fight a mini-boss to have it unblocked. Just fight your
     way and follow the available path until you reach the upper NW corner
     platform. Its a deadend and the Life Drainer mini-boss will be there
     waiting. Just defeat her to unblock the stairs and get your reward.

   - Find a chest by the fireball shooting skeleton statue. (I'll just
     call it FSSS). Unlock it, grab the item then run away. Further south
     and just near the small empty yard is a lone tombstone. Examine it 
     and another swarm of enemies will appear. Defeat them and another
     chest will be added to the ones you unlocked a while ago.

   - Enter the next year, get the Crystal on the west corner, beside the
     fence. Enter the smaller yard with 3 tombstones and a FSSS. Unlock
     the chest and grab the item. Continue south to find another chest with
     a FSSS. The line of tombstones in this area contains gold so check
     them out. Enemies will appear as you collect them so be prepared. 
   - Enter the tomb through the South or North exits. You will be fighting
     a mini-boss in the middle and his horde so be prepared. Grab the items
     and head out.

   - with that taken care of, you can now enter the tomb on the west side.

 +  Under Ranburr's Tomb +

   - Get past the lightning skeleton traps to the east. Go upstairs. After
     reaching the highest level of the tomb, a dialogue will take place. 
     As per Zenus' instruction, you'll use the ID key to unlock the door.
     Do not enter yet. Remember those 3 chests you unlocked earlier? Go
     around to the west and go upstairs to the top floor. Grab an item
     there including a party equipment for ???? character. 

   - So, go back down and enter the tomb. Prepare for a bossfight. 

 +  Above Ranburr's Tomb +

     You will be up against the Vampire. He moves fast and there are also
     traps in the floor. Just defeat him and obtain Core mEtal x2 and the
     blue stone. After the battle, examine the tablet on top of the altar
     and gather mithril on both corners of the room. Return to the G-Fort.

   - More conversations will take place. After that, talk to Cyrille again.
   - After that, more conversations. Talk to Maebelle, then go to the 
     balcony, just outside of the Sword Chamber and talk to Cyrille. 

   - After some talk, a cutscene will take place. 


                [O][O][O]    C H A P T E R   7    [O][O][O]

                     " W A R R I O R 'S   R E T U R N "

   - Conversation with Riemsianne. After that, a conversation with Duga.

   - After all of that, Duga will join your party and will become a locked
     member. So chose any party member of your choice, prepare for another
     quest. This time, you are tasked to go to Cantore Village. You can 
     also talk to Gantetsu and listen to his request. Give him 3000 mithril
     and his Forging Skills will level up.   

 +  Cantore Village +

   - Head north to the mines. Talk to the guards. With Duga's presence,
     they will let you in.

 +  Cantore Ice Cave +

   - Find a tablet inside, then a mithril crystal on the east. If you go
     south, you need to defeat the Freeze Dragon to have access to the
     3 chests behind him. (Includes a very good party equipment for 
     Maebelle, Archer's Stand) Exit to the east.

 +  Raska Snowfield  +

   - Fight your way to the north, through the narrow path. Find a tablet.

   - After that, go to the south, over the cave entrance to find two
     crystals. From there, go further to the west to find an ancient arena
     a portal. Activate it, but don't go in yet. (unless you're confident
     enough that your character is strong enough) Find another chest
     in the south corner from the arena. 

   - From the Arena: Frost, go further north to find a Prison of Stone.
     Don't destroy it yet unless you have Maebelle and Cyrille with 
     crossbows. (Read note below) If you managed to defeat him, you will
     receive a secret scroll. There is also a chest inside frozen ice so
     ignore it for the meantime. 

   NOTE: This Ice Golem is around level 45-55. The reason I was able to 
   defeat him at around lvl 34-36 is because I used the crevaces against
   him. I just kept on firing my bolts and stayed at a distance. Of course
   Duga is unconscious. It will take around 5 minutes to defeat him though.    

   - Circle around the middle of the map and proceed north. Defeat all
     the enemies to unblock the gates. Continue north, find a crystal near
     the path then continue uphill. I suggest you save first.

 +  Gradium Mine  +

   - You will need to defeat a large horde of enemies as soon as you reach
     the hill. Just continue using your Charge and Special Attacks to
     dispose them quickly. [Defensive Battle]

   - There will be a gate to the east (which can't be destroyed by normal
     attacks) so ignore it for the meantime. Now, go downhill west. There
     is an item uphill west. As you approach it, a freeze dragon will 
     appear. After the getting Ami's Witch Combat from the chest, several
     ice golems will appear below. 

   - If you circle around the hill to the north, you should find another
     chest under the tree, in a small hill. Again, as you grab the item,
     several Ice Golems will appear. Defeat them as needed. Fight your
     way to the north, uphill.

   - Once you reach the narrow path heading up the mountain, expect a
     heavy wave of enemies to swarm at you; there are 3-4 GMS there that
     you need to destroy. Just eliminate those enemies; if you're having
     trouble, you can always Return to the G-Fort, use the Fountain/
     Sell, Identify items/ Learn Power Arts and refine items for mithril.
     The battles shouldn't be that hard though.

   - Fight your way up, destroy the barricades along the way. Enter the

   ---- ---------
 +  North Quarry  +

   - Continue east. As you enter the circular corridor, a concealing MG
     will appear and send out waves of enemies at you. Find it and destroy

   - continue forth. [Defensive Battle]. There will be 3 paths here, 2
     are blocked. Just leave them for the meantime, then proceed south.

 +  Gradium Mine Inside +

   - Continue down the ramp, to the SE. Cross the bridge and fight your
     way through the enemy hordes. Just continue this part of the path, 
     not crossing any bridges for the meantime. On the easternmost corner
     of this path, there is a chest. Also, grab a hidden item behind the
     chest, in the edge of the rocks. Backtrack and cross the bridge to 
     the west.    

   - Continue SE. Fight your way through several MGs. On the SE corner,
     before the bridge to the east, find a crystal. Cross the bridge, 
     and find a chest in the NW of the central island. It contains Duga's
     Wolf Rampage party equipment. 

   Note: Wolf Rampage is a good crowd control ability for Duga. Teleport
   first to the G-Fort, have it identified then equip it to Duga. 

   - continue east, past the bridge with a protruding ice tip. Be careful 
     as you east, because you will be ambushed along the way. Ignore the
     cell to the north for now, continue east. Find Phillip. 

   - After a short conversation, he will throw a boss at you. (Zircon
     Lotus) Defeat his minions first before you can damage him. 

     Note: This boss has a very high HP and his lance attack his very 
     damaging. So staying at a distance is a good idea. Having a weapon 
     with Knockback is very useful here (two-handed swords for Toma, 
     Crossbows for Cyrille.) Having a high knockback power art level 
     (with float preferred) will be own this boss, by cancelling his
     attack attempts. 

     My Cyrille is lvl 38 and she cornered the boss using Guard Crossbow's 
     Special attack - the boss keeps on getting knocked away and down.
     Im sure Toma can damage the boss harder and knock him down but not
     as often as the crossbow's bolts. 

   - After defeating the boss, you will receive a secret scroll. A short 
     dialogue will follow. Once you gain control, examine the MG and the 
     Zircon Lotus' remains. Get hidden items, including a Core metal. Get
     your rewards to the north.

   - After collecting your rewards, backtrack to the cell. The elder
     will thank you. Grab the items and crystals within the cell and talk
     to the Elder again. You will be taken back to the Village. Nothing
     much to do here so teleport back to the G-Fort.

   - Watch the scenes with Ragna. After that, head to the balcony and you
     will have a scene with Remsianne this time. After a few more
     conversations, chapter will end.


                [O][O][O]    C H A P T E R   8    [O][O][O]

                     " C Y R I L L E 'S   T R U T H  "

   - As usual, the chapter starts with a dialogue and cutscenes. After
     you gain control, you need to find all your party members. 

     Cyrille  - West of your starting position.
     Maebelle - Go NW, upstairs from your starting position
     Duga     - Control Room
     Ani      - Engineering Block
     Faulklin - Engineering Block 
     Gadfort  - Engineering Block

   - There will be a short conversation again. The west tower is 
     accessible. Exit to the west, then head upstairs. To the top. 
     Find Cyrille and read through their conversation. Select first 
     "I don't know" to her question so that you can grab the Core Metal
     nearby. Talk to Cyrille again and choose "Of course, I'm afraid"
     this time.

   - After this and that, go to the northern exit. If you have looked 
     around the place, this is the room with a shining door. Go there
     and watch the scenes. 

   - After that, you can prepare your party. Remember that you'll tackle
     several floors of oblivion so better be ready.

   - Once you're ready to go, head to the portal and begin your journey.

 +  DX Metal Tunnel  +

   NOTE: This is similar to the simulated dungeon in the Fortress' Training
   Facility. Im not sure if they are randomly generated just like the 
   training facility but since the floors are small and enclosed, I won't
   bother mapping directions for every floor. You just need to find the
   portal to the next floor. If you want (also better) try to cover every
   room/ corner in each floor to get all the items and crystals.

   Another thing is that you should be around LVL 38+ before attempting
   this area. The enemies from floor 6+ are getting stronger and stronger.
   That is just a safe threshold. I will just put here the enemies you'll
   likely encounter.

   B1F = Orcs
   B2F = Orcs
   B3F = Lizards, Ghosts
   B4F = Lizard Mages, Orcs
   B5F = Save, go north. Release all the pigs by activating the switches.
         Attack the Orc Slave as he gets busy with the pigs. Defeat him 
         and collect your rewards. You can return to the G-Fort to 
         freshen up.

   B6F = Vampire, Soldier Wolf, Harpy
   B7F = Lesser Vampire, Ice Golem, Lizard Knight, Freeze Dragonnette
   B8F = Vampire, Freezer, Freeze Dragon, Samurai
   B9F = King Samurai, Skeleton Knight, Thunder Bird, Samurai


   NOTE: Volcano Demon

   This huge guy hits hard but attacks slow. Make sure your fire
   resistance is high because otherwise, you'll receive a hell lot of
   damage from his fire attacks. Just attack him after he's recovering
   from an attack. If you have a high damaging weapon then it should be
   no problem at all. Use Charge/SP attacks to quickly drain his high 

   Gather the items after the battle and teleport back to the fortress.
   Watch the scenes.

Chapter ends...


                [O][O][O]    C H A P T E R   9    [O][O][O]

                         " T I E S   O F   T W O  "

   - As you start the chapter, Zenus will now inform you about the 
     new G-Fort functions you've unlocked. Go to the control panel and 
     check out the modes. 

   - Take Exit #1 to reach the Fortress Temple Ruins. Go east, to exit
     to Il'gonia valley

   NOTE: If you want to maximize each of the modes' capacity, you may
   want to change them often, depending on the situation. When you're
   exploring dungeons or any places outside the reach of your cannon,
   then I suggest using the Search mode to better find items and rare

   Now, BEFORE defensive battles, it helps a lot to change to Recovery
   Mode. This will boost your converter's defenses and their recovery
   rate as well. When paired to an Upgraded Repair Facility, your
   converters are nearly indestructible.

   If you want to be more on the offensive, use cannon mode during 
   defensive battles to eliminate hordes of enemies all at the same 
   time. Don't do this if your barrier level is below 5 or something.


   Remember the blocked cave and the path in the Northwest Peora Plains?
   Warp there, then go use the cannon to destroy the obstacles.

   Destroy the obstacle blocking the cave in the West Peora plains. Go 
   through it and get items along the way. You will exit to the next area,
   by the falls.

   Go down first, find two cottages. One of them contains Garyu's Earth
   Dragon. Find another room behind the falls and defeat all enemies. 
   Gather all the treasures inside it.

 +  Il' Gonia Valley  +

   - Follow the path, destroy crates/barrels and crystals along the

     NOTE: Exit #3 will be opened right now. So, take the Cure metal
     and head out.

   - After the Def Battle, continue along the path. In the intersection,
     go east first, and activate the portal for Fur'il Ancient Road.
     The path is blocked for the meantime so continue to the path west
     this time. Find a cyrstal along the way, then enter the cave.

 +  Rune Mountain Path  +

   - Follow the path and destroy the crystal in the NW corner, along
     the crevasses. Continue west, eliminating all the enemies that
     will appear along the way. Grab the chest along the way.

 +  Ancient Rune Temple  +

   - Continue to the east corner to find a crystal. (Do not cross the 

   - Now circle around the winding road and follow the path as 
     it turns east then north. (with Prison of Rock- Naga along the way)
     You should spot an altar in the SE road turning North. Examine it 
     to obtain =AVALON'S TORSO=. Continue east to find a tablet before
     bridge. Cross the bridge to the next area.

 +  Clanup Island +

   - As you enter, Zenus will give you his instruction. Defeat all 
     enemies, and use the cannon to destroy the obstacle (Switch to
     Cannon Mode) [DEFENSIVE BATTLE]

     [If the fortress is in Cannon Mode when you recieve a warning that
      enemies are nearing, Return to the G-Fort and immediately change  
      it to recovery mode.] 

   - Continue following the path to the NE, past the bridge to the 
     desert. A blaze dragon will be blocking the path. Defeat it
     and continue to the next area.
     Note: The Blaze Dragon serves as a MG - you need to defeat his
     minions first before damaging him.  

 +  West Balcan Desert +

   - Activate the portal, examine the tablet. Circle around to the west,
     find a chest by the coast. Continue SE, then further east. Find
     another chest in the dead end. Backtrack a bit go to the north
     uphill. You will be ambushed along the way so be careful.

   - Take the west uphill, and find a chest containing Duga's Wolf
      Leap party equipment. Enemies will spawn after opening the chest.

   - Backtrack to the main path, proceed NE. Find Crystals off the edge.
     As the path turns east, find another crystal on the SE corner, in
     the middle of the map. [Defensive Battle]

   - Continue down SE, destroy the monsters and then the MG. The area
     to the West cliffs, near the portal has a chest in the narrow
     path to the west. It also has a Prison of Rock (Devil Daughter 
     @ LV50). In the area furter east and NE , find the Arena of Impact,
     by the large area. Don't forget to activate the portal as well.
     If you want to try it out, Return to the G-fort, save then enter
     the arena.

   - There is also a tablet further NE, and a special chest containing
     Ami's Witch Training party equipment. 

   - Now, continue to the main path to the NW. As you reach the area near 
     the cannon, the path will be blocked and you need destroy all the
     enemies and mini cannons. After that, deal with the main cannon.
     NOTE: If you the G-fort is in Cannon Mode, then just place the 
     beacons/targets in the center of the area, near the cannon. If not
     you can just keep on attacking the main cannon until it falls.

   - Collect all the enemy drops in the area, then head out. You will
     be asked to go back or return later. Choose to return.

 +   Control Room  +

   - scenes will follow. Save then go to Cyrille's room (west tower)
     Talk to her. Just read through their conversation.

Chapter ends...


                [O][O][O]    C H A P T E R   10    [O][O][O]

                  " V O I C E   F R O M   T H E   P A S T  "

 +   Control Room  +

   - scene. Learn something about a distress signal and some mess
     in the block. Go down to the engineering block, to the south

 +  Engineering Block  +

   - Talk to  Ami, Faulklin and Gadfort. Return to the control Room.

 +   Control Room  +

   - You will need to head out after the conversation. Prepare for your
     journey (identify items/sell/upgrade/learn powerarts, etc) You
     can also check Gilnay if he has a Core metal to offer. Set the
     Fort in cannon Mode.

   - To start, warp to the Arena of Frost. Make your way to the north,
     find huge ice blocking a closed area. Use the cannon to destroy
     the obstacle. Continue to the NW to find lots of crystals in the
     deadend. Backtrack then go to the NE uphill. 

 +   Gradium Mine  +

   - Go to the east, as Zenus instructed. Destroy the gates there 
     using the cannon. Gather the dropped crystals and open the devil
     chest for x5 Darkness Runes. Grab the nearby chest as well. 
   - Now, go NE to the other side to find a Cabin. Examine the tablet  
     first beside it and enter the cabin. Grab =AVALON'S RIGHT LEG=
     in the altar. Also examine the cabinets and drawers for more 
   - Go NW, up the mountain. Find a crystal along the way. There is   
     also a chest in the lone cliff to the west. Head to the to the
     top, activate the portal to the Arena of Vampires. There is also
     a Prison of Rock on the NW side of the mountain.
     Go back down, then proceed to the NE. There should be another 
     cave entrance there.

 +   North Quarry  +
   - Go the SE corner to find chests. Now go east a bit, find two   
     lever switches. Toggle them to destroy the skeleton statues
     blocking your path before. 
   - Now go to the newly opened path. Continue north, find a tablet  
     along the way. You'll exit to the closed off cliff in the Gradium
     Mine, mountaintop. Grab the two healing waters (green & blue).
   - Teleport to the G-Fort, then warp to the Arena of Vampires. Head  
     all the way back down, to the gate you destroyed via cannon. 
     Continue east. [Defensive Battle]. Find a Prison of Rock along
     the way. (Freeze Dragon @ LV54)     

 +  Raska Snowfield  +
   - Turn north through the narrow corridor. Find chest in the deadend,     
     then go south. Fight your way to the fight east.

 +  Raska Snowfield, East Valley +
   - Activate the portal. Go south first, find a chest in the   
     southeasternmost corner, by the deadend.
   - Now go to the east and destroy the gates using the cannon. After  
     destroying the gates, head north first for an item, After that,
     proceed south.

 +  Lake Sidora  +
   - Proceed to the west corner to find crystals. Then go further east       
     to find boxes of gold inside the barricades. Destroy them and
     gather the gold. 
   - Now, go to the SW a bit, find gold boxes again. Go further south  
     and you'll find 5 chests as well. 
   - Find another boxes of gold in the middle SE of the map. There is  
     also a tablet in the western wall.
   - Head north. Activate the portal for the Arena: Succubi. There is   
     also a Prison of Stone nearby. (Samurai King @ LV58) 
     [Defensive Battle] Continue to the next area.

 +  Sidora Snow Mountain +
   - This map is large; not to mention that its really hard to give  
     directions here. So to avoid getting you confused, I'll just
     give the general points of interest in this area. There are chests
     scattered around the place - so its worth completing the whole

   - If you continue far north, you'll find the Arena of Skeletons.  
     Make sure you activate the portal. Now, just a bit NE fo the Arena
     is a POC [Path of Carnage]. This is an optional area but its worth 
     a lot of exp and gold.    

 +  POC:  Sidora Mountain Canyon +
   - This is a wide enclosed space with the paths, spiraling down to   
     the center. Just follow the one-way path, and fight your way
     way through the demons that you encounter. There is only one chest     
     in the area, and its in the deadend trail, heading SE.
   - In the bottom of the canyon lies another arena. Just activate the  
     portal there. Enter the arena or check it out later. Anyways, just
     Return to the G-fort then warp to the Arena: Skeletons back in
     Sidora Snow Mountain.

 +  Sidora Snow Mountain +
   - From the POC, find a tablet in the northernmost edge of the path.  
     Now follow the downhill road SW and you'll see a portal for the
     Ancient Ruins. You'll spot two like-like Freeze Dragon statues as
     well. There is also a Prison Of Rock North of the portal.
   - As you try to enter, the door will close and the path behind you       
     will be blocked. So, defeat the dragons and its minions. Door
     to the ruins will open after that. Enter the ruins.

 +  Ancient Ruins Entrance +
   - This is just a straightforward path; just get rid of the enemies
     that will block your path. Continue west to the next area.

 +  Ancient Ruins, B1F +
   - If you noticed, there is a bit of Starship Troopers-sque atmosphere  
     here - minus blood and gore. Anyways, continue along the path,
     activate the robot that is blocking the door.
   NOTE: This place is large and has a lot of hidden items. It also  
   helps activating any functioning robots you can find along the way       
   since they can help you in battle.  
   - Moving forward, you may encounter some Concealing MGs. Continue  
     following the hallways until you reach the armory in the SE. 
     Destroy the crates and collect the weapons. 
   - Now proceed to the 2nd armory to the NW from where you're  
     currently in. There is a Gunner Generator there, a more dangerous
     Monster Generator. To defeat it, destroy all crates, collect all
     the items. Now wait in the room for a few seconds. 
     His undead minions should appear. Just defeat 4-5 waves of them 
     and the GG (Gunner Generator) will be vulnerable. Defeat it for     
     a bunch of EXP.
   - Backtrack to the 1st armory, then head to the south door. Follow  
     the corridor heading west then south. You'll be in an intersection.
     You need to take either the west or the east corridors first. The
     central corridor leads to the path for the next floor.

       East Corridor/ Library 
     Follow the corridor to the east, and reach the library. Examine
     the rubble and the bookshelves for different spellbooks. If you     
     examine the damaged robot in the NE corner, two GGs and their
     minions will appear. So make sure that you activate all functioning
     robots in the library to make your battle easier.
     After that, backtrack to the intersection.

       West Corridor/ Laboratory 
     Follow the winding, narrow corridors heading west. Just continue
     until you reach a short area with rooms. The first room to the
     east is empty, the second room to the west contains a crystal.
     [Defensive Battle]. Across it is a transporter.
     Take the transporter first. You will be transported to the other
     side of the map. Now go to the NW room and find a core metal     
     pedestal. Grab the core metal, then go east to find crystals and
     dig some hidden items from the ground. Bactrack to the transporter
     to get back.
     Exit the room, then proceed to the research library to the north.
     Examine the littered books on the floor to get Maebelle's Elite
     Archer party equipment. Activate the robots first and check out
     the shelves for other spellbooks. If you try to check out the
     door east, a GG with a bunch of minions will appear. If you have
     activated the robots then this should be no problem.
     After defeating the GG, open the door east and find some crystals
     by checking out the damaged robot's body.     
   - Backtrack to the main corridor/ intersection. I suggest saving 
     at this point since there is a mini-boss battle ahead. You
     can also talk to Gilnay to check if he has a core metal for sale.
   - When ready, head to the SW rooms. In the room with 3 robots,   
     2 of them are functioning while the 3rd room contains a Core Metal.
   - Enter the next room. If you activate the robot near the door,  
     a huge (insect) legion will appear. Defeat it for another Core 
   - Follow the path heading south, then around those tumbled pipes       
     and pillars. There are 5 'dead' robots here lined up. The 4th
     one (from the west) contains another Core Metal.
   - Then continue to the path east, then north. In the northernmost
     deadend, search the scattered papers/books there to find Garyu's
     Iron Dragon party equipment. (You won't be able to identify it
     until he joins your party) Take the stairs down to the next area.

 +  Ancient Ruins, B2F +
   - Enter the first western room. If you examine the dead legions' 
     bodies, enemies will spawn and the room will be sealed off. If you 
     can't kill them within 1-2 hits then think twice about getting 
     the items.
   - In the next room, you can get the items without the ambush while  
     getting items in the east room will have ambushers as well.
   - Continue to the room south. Find another tablet in the NW. Go       
     to the next room. Talk to the Blue Robot. Move west a bit and
     you will need to battle a boss.
   NOTE: This boss is similar to the Zircon Lotus you fought in the  
   Gradium Mines. Get rid of his minions first then everything should
   be fine.  
   - Gather any enemy drops, destroy the crystal and the crates in this  
     area to get some gold. Talk to the robot again. Scene.

 +   Control Room  +
   - After some conversation, Adam will join your party. Save.   
   - You will then control Cyrille. Go to her room in the West tower.       
   - Read through the conversation. After that, get the Pink Healing
     water from Cyrille's seat. Go downstairs to the control room.
   - A few more conversations and events.   

Chapter ends...


                [O][O][O]    C H A P T E R   11    [O][O][O]

                         " S E P A R A T I O N "

 +   Control Room  +
   - scene -  
   NOTE: Toma will be unusable for this whole chapter. If Cyrille's  
         level is low, I suggest taking a few floors in the Training
         Facility. In my case, Cyrille is ahead of 7 levels ahead of Toma.

         Also, to prevent hassles, BRING AMI ALONG. Aside from giving you
         directions, she will be your passport through the Magnus 
   - After you gain control of Cyrille, talk to Gantetsu and give 3000  
     mithril to increase his forging level. If you had kept on doing this
     whenever he asks, then his forging level should be 10 right now.
     (He can forge any equipment up to level 10)
   - Go to the Engineering Block first (when Adam is not in the active 
     party) and talk to him. He will give you a Healing Water. From now
     on, if he is not an active party member, you can talk to him to 
     recieve some items.

   - Adam will be usable but he is just LV40. So I suggest taking him along  
     since he does have powerful crowd control techniques and has high
     defense - a good tank if you don't want Cyrille to get mobbed.
   - So, prep up and when ready, warp to the West Balcan Desert.  

 +  West Balcan Desert  +
   - Just continue heading to the east. The path to the next area should  
     be obvious since it has a sign on it.

 +  East Balcan Desert  +
   - Immediately find a tablet as you enter the area. Find the hidden items
     by the rocks in the NW and by the grass to the SE. Also, if the G-fort
     is in Cannon Mode, you can destroy the obstacle here, which leads to
     the Balca Desert Tunnels. There is nothing much to do there at this
     time so ignore this place. But if you want to explore it, please do
   NOTE: If you ever come across a path leading to Diablo's Palm, do not  
   enter the area yet. It has really powerful beasts and you'll only  
   find yourself slaughtered. Come back for it a little later. (see
   OPT005 to see what's in store for you)
   - The checkpoint is located in the upper NW corner of this map. Another   
     Arena, the Arena of Worms is located in the Western oasis. You will 
     be able to spot it easily as you take the path. Just activate the 
     portal there and find a locked chest hidden in the pillar. I suggest
     not going in yet since you are still underlevelled.

     Also, clearing the NE and SE parts of the map will give you access
     to some crystals and items. Just head to the NW once you checked out
     all the areas.

   - Once you reach the checkpoint, and if you have Ami in your party, She
     will talk to the guard and let you in. After that, the control 
     switches over to Toma.

 +  Magma Prison  +
     You only have limited space here so move to the fire gates. A 
     conversation will take place with Riemsianne. Just read through it
     and the control swicthes over to Cyrille's party.

 +  Mt. Fyrgarum Base  +
     (This stage reminds me of Diablo)
   - As you start, shoot the chest off the cliff with Cyrille's crossbow.
     Continue following the path east. In the intersection, go east first,
     past the bridge.      
   - The blocked path to the north cant be destroyed by the cannon yet. 
     If you take the south end, defeat the GG and its minions. Find a chest
     also. Backtract a bit then go further east. Just follow the path until
     you reach a teleporter. Take it
   - You will be taken to an isolated cliff with an altar. Guess what, its  
     =AVALON'S LEFT FOOT= ! Backtrack to the west, past the bridge.
   - Go uphill north, find a crystal to the south. Continue north and you'll  
     find a warp point for Magma Prison Entrance. Activate it, don't go in
     yet. Head west, find a chest in the westernmost corner by the statue.
     Destroy the chest using your crossbow and obtain Ami's Witch Strategy.     
     Backtrack to the warp point and enter the prison.

 +  Magma Prison, B1F  +
   - Follow the path west, then head north. Go west again and defeat the   
     MGs along the way. Head east again and destroy the tower of crates
     to the north. Find Adam's Melee Prog D.
   - Continue uphill east, destroy MG and get items. Continue further  
     east to the last cliff and find a Core Metal pedestal. Collect it.
   - There is nothing special in the lower SE portion of this map so just
     continue NW. Take the path down to the south and find a chest by the
     cliff. Proceed north this time. 
   - Defeat the MG and its minions. Don't take the elevator yet. Go further
     north first then gather the crystals. Take the elevator this time.
     Another conversation will take place.

 +  Magma Prison, B2F  +
   - Proceed NW, be careful of the time-delay mines. If you want, you   
     can just have your party members wait while you trigger the mines 
     and run away before the detonation hits you.
   - Go downstairs to the NE, get the item. Then head west this time. You  
     will be caught in a fire trap with some enemies and a MG. 
     Go downstairs (firetrap with MG and enemies along the way) and destroy 
     the fire breathing statues on each path. There is also a Prison of
     Rock there. (Blaze Golem @ LV65)
     For each statues that you destroy, the statue in the middle of the
     area will become larger.

   - Go to the NW this time, find a tablet. Continue to the NW (firetrap
     along the way) and destroy the statues in this area as well.
   - After all statues are destroyed, the flames blocking the paths will  
     die out. Save first since a mini-boss battle is ahead. 
   - Go to the middle of the of the large area and and the large statue  
     will become a large Devil Son with some mini versions of himself. Just
     whack them dead and get a Core Metal. Continue north, find crystal
     to the NE. Enter the elevator.

 +  Magma Prison, B3F  +
   - Follow the path east. In the intersection, take the path to the SW  
     first. Defeat enemies and get Core Metal. Also examine the tablet 
   NOTE: You need to defeat all the enemies here to move forward.
   - Backtrack to the intersection, then go south to find crystal.       
     Go SE, find items in the crates.
   - Go to the east and defeat the enemies; find hidden items in the 
   - Go north and defeat the Life Drainer enemy. Now all the paths will 
     be blocked. Defeat all the Blaze Golems in the area. After that,
     all paths will be unblocked.
   - Head to the NE uphill this time. Activate the portal for Arena of  
     Flames. Go down and take the NW path. As you reach the top, you'll
     find Remsianne, Lurnazael and Toma.
     After the conversation, you will have a bossfight.

     BOSS: Remsianne, Lurnazael     
           If your characters are levelled enough, then these two are      
           just a breeze. Take out Lurnazael first then take out Remsianne.
           She moves fast but not fast enough to dodge all the crossbow
           bolts you're firing at her. 
   - Anyways, they will just teleport away after the battle. Talk to Toma 
     twice. Just read through the conversation.

Chapter ends...


                [O][O][O]    C H A P T E R   12    [O][O][O]

               " T H E   E M P E R O R ' S   A M B I T I O N "

  - Conversation will take place. After that, get the Imperial Jewel.
     NOTE: If you haven't done yet, I suggest trying to take on Garyu
     now to recruit him. (check the characters section  for 
  - Talk to Adam, to get a Healing Water. Make sure that you bring
     the Jewel.
  - Prepare your party and head out.

 +  Tsungura Ice Field  +
   - Use the portal to warp to the Ice Fort. Make your way up, to the 
     blocked path heading north. There will be a Cannon and some enemies
     guarding it so take care of them. Go forth. -scene-

 +  Great Bridge, Entrance  +
   - As you start, find a crystal and tablet. Activate the portal. Now,
     talk to the guards and they will let you enter if you have the Jewel.
     As you enter, defeat the enemies that will appear.

   (East Area)

   - Take the NE path. Go up the platform, defeat all enemies. After that,
     proceed to the south, get rid of the enemies there as well. Destroy 
     the MG inside the control room.
   - Go north this time, find a chest. Enter the control room, find a         
     hidden item by the box. Backtrack a bit to the central platform, then
     proceed west this time. 
   (West Area)
   - Go to the SW, defeat the enemies and destroy the MG inside the control   
     room again. Grab the chest inside. Continue NW, find another chest 
     but clear the MG and its monsters first.
   - Take the stairs down, then head north. There will be a mini-boss fight  
     here so be careful. After the battle ends, both the East and West
     gates will open. Don't forget the Crystals in the NE corner. 
   NOTE: IN this battle, destroy the cannons first, then the enemies and the
   (West Gate)       
   - If you go to the south, there will be an MG there; but there are no 
     items so battle it if you want.
   - Enter the large room. It will be closed, and the lightning rod will   
     start to attack you. Destroy all the equipments in the room to stop
     it. Grab chest.  

   (East Gate)  
   - Destroy the machines to the south of this platform. Go to the east,   
     do the same thing with the lightning rods. There is a bunch of enemies
     and a MG to the south, but again, there are no items there.
   - Once done, continue to the North platform. There are lightning rods  
     there as well. not to mention that a Berserker with his minions will 
     appear. The lightning rods will activate. To stop them, destroy both
     the equipments in East and west control rooms (The MGs are inside them)
     After that, main gate to the north will open. Continue north.

 +  Great Bridge, Middle +
   - Find a tablet by the central platform. If you go up the central 
     platform,  the stairs will be blocked and you will need to defeat all

     (Southeast Path)
   - Take the SE path first. Fight your way through each of the sections
     with MGs on them. When you reach the last section, there is a mini-boss
   - Defeat it and its horde, then use the switch. After that, a teleporter
     will appear. You will then be transported to a small, isolated, floating 
     arena if you activate it so proceed if you want.
     (Southwest Path)

   - Backtrack to the main path, then go SW this time. Battle through 3
     sections again and activate the switch in the last section.
     (Northwest Platform)

   - Continue forth, up to the NW platform. The path will be blocked; repel  
     the enemy ambush by defeating all monsters. Path will be unblocked 
     after that. Get the chest, gather the Crystals. Gates to the west will
     open. Proceed to the west, defeat all the enemies along the way.
     Get the chest in the middle platform.
     (Northeast Platform)
   - After that, go to the NE platform. Defeat the enemies as usual, and   
     [Defensive Battle]. Get the chest and gather the crystals. East gates
     will open this time. Continue east, defeat the Moving Generator and
     its horde. Get the chest also by the platform. Head north.
   - Find some crystals in the middle control room. Continue to the NE.  
     (Northeast path)

   - Defeat the enemies there, and a teleporter will appear. Use it and  
     you will be taken to another isolated platform with enemies. Get rid
     of them and activate the switch. Some of the mines will be disabled
     Take the teleporter.
   - Continue north to the small platform. Defeat the MG there and grab the  
     chest. Go west this time.
     (Northwest path)
   - Go to the NW platform. Take the portal. Defeat all enemies in this  
     floating platform. Activate the switch. All mines will be disabled 
   - Continue north this time, a mini-boss will appear. Defeat it and head  
     to the next area. 

 +  Great Bridge, Pathway +
   - Go downstairs. Defeat both the MGs on both sides. Ignore the central
     platform for the meantime since you can access it through the next
   (East 1)  
   - Go to the east first. Defeat enemies in the SE corrner. A NE gate will  
     open. Take it.
   - Defeat all enemies along the way and the west gate will open. Grab  
     the chests and toggle the switch. Backtrack.
   (West 1)  
   - Do the same practically the same thing to the west area. Activate the  
     switch and get two chests. Backtrack to the main path. 
   (West 2) 

   - Take the west lane first. Find a crystal in the large area. Defeat the  
     mini-boss in this area to unlock the east gate. There is also a Prison
     of Rock here. (Samurai Lord @ LV 76)
    (East 2) 
   - Go to the eastern section, Defeat all the enemies, path will open up.  
     Go to the main lane north, to the next area.

 +  Great Bridge, Lower +
   - Make your way to the NE deadend and find a Core Metal. There is 
     another Core Metal to the NW part of this map. Circle around    
     the area, (the frost mines are almost unavoidable) until you reach
     the stairs to the far south. Take it.
     (Great Bridge, Pathway)
   - Defeat the enemies; Find another Core Metal to the SE. Defeat any   
     enemies you may encounter. The gate will open and all the spikes
     blocking the central path will be gone. 

   - Backtrack to the stairs leading to the Central Platform. Collect the
     items and crystals. After that, you can now Go back to the Great 
     Bridge, Lower area.
   - Clear the area if you want, then proceed to the next area.  

 +  Great Bridge, Front Gate +
   - Circle around to the south, find item on the platform.  
   - The West platform continas a chest inside the control room.  
   - Enter the gates to the north, there will be a mini-boss battle. 
     After the battle, a Core Metal, and 3 Chests will appear (One 
     contains Gadfort's Thor Knight) [Defensive Battle]
   (West Platform)  
   - Take the west platform. Enter the room to the north. Destroy all  
     equipments. This will cut the power off the lightning rods below.
     Exit east, to the room in the middle. Find a Core Metal. Destroy
     all equipments as well. From there enter the door to the NW.
   (East Platform)      
   - It is symmetrical to the west platform  
   - Take either way, then head upstairs. Go to the main hall, activate  
     the portal. Gather the crystals. After that, talk to Catheana.
     Proceed inside.

 +  Emperor's Hall +
     - Scene-
   -After the conversation, boss battle.  (Ragnadaam)
    NOTE: If you're around LV70 then you don't need to worry about this 
   - Get the Core Metals after the battle, then gather crystals to the east  
     wall. Talk to him. Read through the conversation.

Chapter ends...


                [O][O][O]    C H A P T E R   13    [O][O][O]

                          " C O U N T D O W N "
   - Read through the conversation in the control room. You can exit it
     and come back again to have Bornay and Gantetsu setup their positions.
   - Talk to Gantetsu and listen to his request. (Give 3000 mithril to 
     increase his forging level)  
   - Prepare to head out. When ready, set the fortress in Cannon Mode and
     warp to the Magma Prison Entrance.  

 +  Mt. Fyrgarum, Base +
   - From the Prison Entrance, go to the SE, past the bridge. Go north to 
     the blocked path before. Use the cannon to destroy the obstacles.     
   - Continue north, then destroy another obstacle to the to the west. 
     Follow the path to the east, then grab the chest after the north turn.
   - Continue further west, then go north to find a tablet and teleporter.   
     After getting the art from the tablet, take the teleporter. You will
     be taken into an isolated cliff. Grab the locked chest. Backtrack to
     the teleporter. Move along the main path.
   - In the main path, go to the east path, then south to find a crystal.   
     Backtrack to the main road, then continue north. 
   - Activate the switch, the statue in the NW path uphill will be 
     destroyed. Go there.
   - Continue NW, find another portal along the way. This leads into an
     isolated cliff with no items but several monsters and a GG. Take it
     if you want. Otherwise, continue on the main path. 
   - Continue north, then east, then turn on the second path leading   
     south. Follow the road east, and in the easternmost deadend of the 
     path, find an chest.  Backtrack a bit, then continue east.
   - Upon reaching the north exit, don't take it yet. Head further east,
     find a large crystal by the cliff. Take the teleporter. You will be   
     taken to the other entrance of the Magma Prison.

 +  Magma Prison, B1F +
   - Ignore Zenus when he tells you its no the correct way. Explore this
     enclosed area. Find a Core Metal further north, and to the eastern
     cliffs is a tablet. After getting those, head out and take the
     exit to the north.
 +  Mt. Fyrgarum, Halfway +
   - Examine the tablet as you start in this area. Continue the path east.  
     There is a tablet sitting in the 2nd deadend path to the NW. Continue
     further until you reach the last NW deadend. Take the teleporter.
   - Continue following the path north uphill, then take the next  
   - Follow the path, get item along the way. Take the next teleporter  
   - Again, follow this straightforward path, find another teleporter  
     in the end of the path, and a tablet beside it. Use the teleporter
   - In this next area there will be 3 portals. (West/Center/East)
     West   - Chest
     Center - Empty
     East   - leads to two other teleporters (north/south)
     North  - Chest
     South  - Path to the next area.


   - Find crystal to the east. Head north. Use the Goddess Fountain, and
     save. Continue north.
 +  Mt. Fyrgarum, Bridge +
   - As you enter and walk a bit, the roads will be blocked and enemies  
     will ambush you. Defeat them all. Activate the portal and continue
     north. [Defensive Battle]
 +  Crimson Palace, Roof +
   - You need to find all 3 dark mithrils to unblock the main elevator.  
     And if just to give you an idea, Ami and Faulklin's rooms are here.
   - To start off, enter the palace and continue west. If you go down,   
     defeat the enemies and destroy the boxes but the path to the elevator
     is still blocked. Go back to the main oval, walkway.
   - Get a chest inside the first round room. Enemies will appear as you 
     get the item so watch out. Do the same for the second round room.
   - In the large area adjacent to it, find a large chest and collect a  
     large amount of gold there. Also, examine the bookshelf to get
     Faulkin's Radiant Saint PE. If you head north, a boss will appear. 

     Defeat it, and the room containin the first dark mithril will be
     accessible. Destroy the crates/barrels in this area and enter the
     unlocked room. Destroy the crystal. THe torches over one blocked
     path will light up. Get Core Metal as well. There is also a Crystal
     in the south ledge. 

   - Backtrack to the walkway, then find another chest in the third round  
     room. Take any of the pathways heading to the east. Once you reach 
     the area upstairs, the paths will be blocked. Defeat the mini-boss
     and the room containing yet another Dark mithril will open.  
     Again, destroy the crystal and another pair of torches in a blocked
     path will light up. Obtain another Core Metal. Enter the armory, 
     find some weapons in the weapon rack. Backtrack to the main walkway,
     and make your way to the next large area.
   - Find the last large, unexplored area. Make your way upstairs and    
     the paths will be blocked. Defeat the mini-boss to open the room 
     to the last dark mithril. All the paths to the elevator should be
     open now. Enter the large room, find weapons again in the weapon
     rack. Now proceed to the elevator's direction.
   - Do not use the elevator yet. Find a set of crystals in the NW ledge. 
     After getting it, use the elevator.
 +  Crimson Palace, 3F +
   - Each section in this floor is guarded by a guardian, either a Medusa
     Master (Beware of the stone attack) or a massive Gigandeth. If you 
     don't take much damage from any of the enemy attacks, then I suggest
     visit all sections. 
     The guardians will appear in rooms, if you get near the altars. 
     Note also that you need to defeat most of them to get the doors
   - There are no special items here to look for so just proceed to the 
     south. You may need to circle the whole area and there are really
     a lot of ways to access them. [Defensive Battle], Core Metal available
     from Gilnay.     

   - Make your way to the last room to the south. It is guarded by a   
     mini-boss, so defeat it and continue inside.
 +  Crimson Palace, 2F +
   - Here, you need to activate two switches to raise a walkway over the  
     lava. You can take either west or east sides. 
   - Find Duga's Whirlwin Wolf in the deadend room to the SW.  
   - Exit out, find another corridor heading west. Follow it until you  
     reach a circular room. As you enter, the large lightning rod will
     start zapping you. Deactivate it by using the four panels surrounding
     it. Destroy the MG and the enemies.
   - Before you exit, go north first, and find two chests and gold boxes,
     hidden behind the wall.
   - Exit to the east first, use the switch to open the door.  Go north
     first, to an enclosed room.
   - As you get near the switch, it will be blocked, along with the whole  
     room. Defeat the waves of the enemies that will be thrown at you.
     You won't be able to damage the mini-boss until you take care of its
     minions first.
   - After clearing the area, use the switch and the first walkway will be  
     raised. Backtrack, then continue to the central room. Defeat the MG
     and enemies in the room, then go east.
   - Explore the SE rooms first.  

   - Find crystal in the southernmost room, and another circular room to  
     the east. Defeat MGs and enemies along the way. Follow the path north,
     then west to the narrow corridor. There is a hidden path to the north
     along that corridor.
   - Open the hidden path, find crystals and a tablet at the end of it.  
     Bactkrack, exit west. 
   - In this room is the next switch. Again, as you near the switch, it will  
     be blocked and the whole area will be sealed. Defeat the enemies and
     activate the switch. The second walkway will be up. [Defensive Battle]
   - Make your way to the Central room, past the walkway. You will be 
     ambushed by a boss and her minions here so be careful. Defeat them
     and continue north. Gather crystals first, then use the elevator down.
 +  Crimson Palace, 1F +
   - Put out all the fire in the torches. Go west first and make your way  
     to the NW corridor. Follow it to reach a Core Metal. 
   - Go now to the NE area, and follow the path to find another Core  
   - Further NE is a PoC (Path of Carnage). Destroy the fence and follow  
     the path. It has only one path so just move along with it and find
     a Core Metal and some Crystals. This is the time when the golems will
     show up in the exit.
   - There is a tablet in the westernmost part of the map, along the long      
     corridor. If you have noticed, all the doors in the middle are
     closed. Now, after getting the power art from the tablet, go east,
     then SW to the corridor leading one of the doors to the central rooms. 
     Toggle the switch, and the door opens. [Defensive Battle]
   - As you enter the room, a mini-boss will attack. Defeat it and the   
     door to the east will open. 
   - Put out the fire in all the torches, then head east. Another minor  
     boss battle. 
   - After the battle, proceed north, then open the north and east gates.  
     Go through the west door, put all the fire out. After that, all
     central doors will open. Continue south.
   - Once you enter the southern room, a Hell Queen boss will attack   
     you. Deal with her and the last door will open. Continue past that,
     and use the teleporter.
 +  Palace, Throne Room +
   - Continue north, activate portal. Gather the crystal to the east, and  
     destroy the statue for some items. Do the same to he statues in the
     west side. 
   - Proceed north. You will soon find Remsianne fighting Legions in the  
     end of the path. You will then need to defeat each wave of enemies
     as they swarm you. 
   - After defeating the enemies, conversations will follow. After you  
     gain control, talk to Ragna or Remsianne. -scene-.
     Save when prompted.

Chapter ends...


                [O][O][O]    C H A P T E R   14    [O][O][O]

                     " S W O R D   O F   D E S T I N Y"
   - Scene. For this chapter, you need to get to Lakton Village by foot.  
     NOTE: The first defensive battle you'll encounter in this chapter  
     is lead by Malxatra's Legions or oversized insects. At this point,
     your Generator and Barrier levels should be 9+. Any lower than that
     and you'll find yourself in trouble. 
     If you have your robot defenders activated and powered up, then they
     will at least provide great assistance in this battle. If you have
     a battle ready and powered up Special Type defender, then much better.

     Also, the Gusk will deploy Legion Generators. These are oversized
     generators that creates those large dark insects. They are scattered
     around the map. You will notice them immediately since the area 
     they're in is raining, with red/pink hue. Also, they have a protective
     dark aura surrounding them.

     You can destroy them using the G-Fort's Cannon. Destroying them will
     free the area from Legions (the sky will clear up and will be bright
     and shiny once more) and you'll get a Core Metal for each as well.

     Once you destroyed all of them, a golden chest with a large amount of
     Gold will appear. I will list their locations here:

     Northwest Paora Plains    -  To the Northwest, past the blocked path.
     Clanup Island             -  Find it in the center of the map*
     East Paora Plains         -  To the SE part of the map, uphill
     Rune Temple               -  Before the Lakton Cave entrance
     Lakton Village            -  Near Gantetsu's Shop, before the exit.
     Raska Snowfield           -  to the NE corner.

   * After destroying the Legion Geneator and obtaining its core metal,
     search the center of the crater to find Adam's Physics Prog R.

   - To start up, use Exit # 4 to the underground cavern. Continue past   
     the Converter, and exit to the east.             
 +  Gundestor Cavern +
   - Go NE, then turn to the SE. Find a chest by the deadend. Continue  
     to the NE and activate the portal for the Arena: Steel.
   - Now go to the southern portion of the cavern. Find the altar that  
     contains the final body part of Avalon. Get =AVALON'S LEFT LEG=
     Now, you will be able to recruit him once you reach Lakton Village.
   - Just follow the path to the east and exit the Cavern.  

 +  Ancient Rune Temple +
   - As you exit, three Legion Commandos will appear in different 
     locations. Well, you need to defeat them all in order to proceed.
     Head to the NW, defeat the first Legion Commando. Destroy also the
     MG to the NE. Grab the chest, and continue downstairs.
   - Defeat all enemies along the way, and enter the newly opened hall.  
     Path to the east is blocked for the meantime, so proceed SE.
   - Make your way to the upper west corner of the area. Defeat the Legion  
     Commando, on top of the platform. Three lights will appear inside the
     central hall. Go NW, find a chest by the walls.
   - Continue to the lower NE, area, defeat the last Commando by the 
     platform. Grab the crystal to the east of that platform. A green
     light will form in the center of the hall. Go there.
   - As you enter, the hall will be closed and you need to defeat all the  
     waves of enemies that appear. After defeating them, the path east
     will open. [Defensive Battle]
   - Defeat the enemies along the way, and you'll reach the Legion 
     Generator to the east. Blast it with your cannon. Get the Core Metal,
     then go up the platform (do not enter the cave yet) then downstairs
     NW. Find a chest by the walls. If you enter the empty yard by the 
     large tree, enemies will ambush you. Defeat them all and you will be
     reminded with a Core Metal.
   - Backtrack to the Lakton Cave entrance and enter the cave.  
 +  Lakton Cave +
   - Follow the path to the NE. There is a large crystal formation to the   
     NW, so gather it. Find some gold in the boxes as well.

     NOTE: Be careful of the pesky and annoying Stalkers (those who attack
     you from the ground). They can pretty much damage a lot if your     
     defense is not that good.

   - Continue east, follow the path leading to the NE. Exit to Lakton 
 +  Lakton Village +
   - You need to destroy all enemies here. There is another Legion 
     Generator to the south. Destroy it using the Cannon to obtain a
     Core Metal.
   - Once you defeat all the enemies, go north to the Shrine and examine  
     Avalon's Altar. Offer all his body parts and he will be completed.
     He will offer his service in return for the effort. At last!
     NOTE: He won't join you if you have a full party (2 party members)
     Remove one team member and talk to him again. After that, he will
     be listed permanently in Zenus' character select screen.
   - Warp/Return back to the G-Fort. More conversations.  

 +  Control Room +

   - Prepare. I suggest training a bit at this point and gaining a few 
     levels. After this point, the character you selected will need to 
     battle through several dungeons alone. It will be a while before you
     can travel with your party members again. Also, you can't RETURN
     to the G-Fort to resupply or save so make sure your character is
     ready for the beating.
   - Prepare; If you're ready, go to your active character's room. Examine  
     their sword and you will be taken to the Cave of Ordeals.     

     Gilnay will offer another Core Metal
     Gantetsu's request is up 
     Talk to your allies in the residential block.
     Level up, equip best equipment. 

 +  Cave of Ordeals +

     Fortunately, this dungeon is just 5 floors down. Like the Training  
     Facility's simulated dungeon, you need to find the portal to the
     next floor.
     Enemies here are not that hard, given that you have prepared your
     character good enough. Areas will be enclosed and rather small so 
     I won't bother writing down directions for this dungeon.
     Once you reached the 5th Floor, there will be a Goddess Fountain,
     a save point and a storage cache where you can also upgrade your 
     power arts.
     Get ready for the boss battle ahead. (Frost Demon + x? Hell Guardians)

     If your level is high enough, then don't worry about the damage. Just 
     attack him, while getting rid some of those pesky red robots. He has
     high HP and DEF so this may take a while. (If you're using Cyrille,
     fight him at a distance using a high level Crossbow)
   - After defeating the boss, take the portal and you will be warped to
     the next area.

 +  Fortress, Dueling Room +
   - Talk to the other character in the center of the Dueling Room. A scene  
     will occur. The winning character will take the other Heritor's sword.
     Expect that the character you are using will lose.
   - You will be taken within the Gusk.  

 +  Gusk, Block 3 +
   - You will start this area with a Fountain and Save point. USe them.       

   - Go downstairs south first. In the large room, find items in the boxes   
     and gather the crystal. Backtrack to the starting point, then go
   - Continue north to the next room. You'll find Remsianne and Ragna  
     battling enemies. After the short conversation, they will join
     your party. (You can't view their status from the menu). 
   - Continue to the north room. Find a crystal behind a secret door.  
     Go east this time, past the empty room. Proceed upstairs, heal and
     save. Also, find a crystal in the deadend to the east.
   - Proceed north, take the portal.  
   - After the scene, you will need to battle a boss. This is just a   
     give away battle so pummel that enemy.
   - After defeating the boss, its true form will appear. After getting  
     damaged once, battle will end.

Chapter ends...


                [O][O][O]    C H A P T E R   15    [O][O][O]

                    " O P E N I N G   T H E   F U T U R E"

   - this chapter starts with a scene. In the control room, you can exit  
     the room and come back again to set things up.
   - Listen to Gantetsu's request to further enhance his forging level.
     (At this point, his highest should be around 12 or 13.) 
   - Once ready, prepare. Head to the other character's room, examine 
     his/her sword. -Scene- 
   - Another scene (Final Mode of Geo Fortress; Flight Mode)

   NOTE: While in this mode, other modes are disabled.   
   - You can now bring party members. Since your party is complete, you  
     can now train together. Make sure to level them up since the next
     area contains fairly powerful enemies. 
   NOTE: Avalon has 3 default PE's already, the last one is his  
    most powerful, yet. You can get his other more powerful PEs in 
    Training Floors 30 and 40.
   - Once ready, you can exit through any of the portals.  

 +  Gusk, Block 1 +
   - Follow the path to the north. In the first room north room, enemies  
     will ambush you. Defeat them to unblock the door. 
    NOTE: If you destroy the single crate to the north corridor, enemies
    will attack, so be careful.
   - Go to the NE room, find Crystal, then proceed to the SW room. Enter  
     the first room to the SW. Activate the switch. Hell Guardians will 
     appear. Defeat them to unblock the path.
   - Find a hidden path to the NW and get the power art from the tablet.  
     The cannon room to the SW contains a Zircon Lotus. Its a tough
     opponent so be careful.
   - Continue heading south. Go to the 2nd cannon room, defeat the   
     Dark Master and his minions, and get Adam's Attack Prog C.
   - After that, backtrack and take the corridor east, then down to the   
     SE. When you enter the robot bay, enemies will attack, and the  
     path will be blocked. You need to defeat them all to proceed.

   - Continue east, then SE through the corridors. The first room to the   
     south contains a couple of Zircon Lotuses, a few crystals and also
     a Prison of Rock. (Dark Master @ LV95)
   - Head east, to the SE then to the Robot Bay. Defeat the enemies again,  
     continue south. Follow the corridor to the southeast. Find an item
     box to the east. Hell Guardians will attack so be ready.
   - Continue to the room north. Battle a couple of Zircon Lotuses and   
     a more deadly Jet Lotus. There is also another Prison of Rock here
     (Jet Lotus @ LV 105)

   - Go north, find a tablet to the NE corridor. (Hell Guardians will 
   - Continue north, go to the NE corridor first, then north to the   
     cannon room. Defeat the enemies there and gather the crystals. 

   - Go to the SE this time. Defeat the enemies inside this cannon room,
     find a Prison of Rock to the southeast deadend. (Hell Golem @ LV104)
   - backtrack to the main path, and to the NW engineering bay. 3 large  
     Hell Guardians will appear. Defeat them (eliminate all their minions
     before you can damage them). Head upstairs after the battle.
   - You still need to defeat two mini-bosses before continuing. To the  
     west is a Jet Lotus, to the east is the nevertheless deadly Hell
     Golem. Defeat the two of them (don't forget to save in between 
     battles) and the portal will be unblocked.

 +  Gusk, Block 2 +
   - Grab the chest behind the west wall. Go to the east, find Prison of  
     Rock (Titan Master @ LV 105) to the north.
   - once you defeat it, go further north to find a circular room with SIX  
     PoR's. If the Titan Master you just defeated is a breeze, then how
     about facing six of them at the same time?

     Defeating them all will reward you TONS of exp and mithril. So, I'll
     share you my setup at that time, to at least give you a theshold.
     I was using Cyrille and focused on increasing her Crossbow skills 
     rather than magic. 

     ** THIS IS JUST TO SERVE AS A GUIDE. I am not instructing you to  
     follow this setup. If you have a better setup and better stats, 
     then by all means use it.
   | LV: 103       | STR: 263    | ATK: 3080 |
   | HP: 4531      | DEX: 86     | DEF: 6187 |
   | MP: 745       | INT: 292    |           |

    EQUIPMENT                   SECRET ART             EFFECT
   | Aurora Bow +10*        |   Darkness Awakened | Absorb HP for DMG |     
    ----------------------- + ------------------- + ------------------  
   | Master Chain +10 *     |   Knight's Code     | Prevents knockback| 
    ----------------------- + ------------------- + ------------------       
   | Royal Crown +8*        |   Earth Talisman    | Resist all spells |
    ----------------------- + ------------------- + ------------------     
   | Saint Armor +9*        |   Steel Body        | + DEF             |  
    ----------------------- + ------------------- + ------------------     
   | Evil Ring +4**         |    - - - - - -      |   - - - - - - -   |  
    ----------------------- + ------------------- + ------------------     
   | Chaos Moebius +4**     |    - - - - - -      |   - - - - - - -   |  
    ----------------------- + ------------------- + ------------------   
     I was able to win the battle without using any healing water at all.
     (Just let your party members die; revive them when there is only one
     enemy remaining)
     There are 4 of such areas here in Block 2 so check them out or just
     deal with them later.
   - From there, go south. You will find four robots. Activate them all.  
     Move a bit forward. Enemies will appear. Just defeat them all. 

   - If you east, past the footbridge, you'll find a tablet by the north
     wall. Continue south, find crystals.
   - Go east again, past the bridge. Defeat the enemies. There is also a   
     tablet to the south. Find a Prison of Rock to the NE. Again, inside
     the room are 6 PoRs like the one before. Enter at your own risk.
   - Go south, (ambush) then find another Prison of Rock to the NE.  
     After that is another room with PoRs.     

   - Continue further south, past the bridge, and find another PoR to the
     east. As expected, find another room with the same setup.

     NOTE: The hardest imprisoned beasts would probably be the Vampire
     Master. Its attacks has float, not to mention, it can petrify your
     characters. It has knockdown too. 

     When facing these annoying SoBs, make sure equip a secret art or
     an equivalent that prevents float attacks.

   - After checking the east area, go south past the bridge. Defeat the 
     enemies along the way. 

   - Go east afterwards. Examine the panel, and the electric fence will
     be disabled. Make your way to the south. Find another Prison Of
     Rock on the second corridor to the east.
   - Once you reach the last corridor the south, that turns west, find  
     another PoR (Hell Valkyrie) 
   - Continue to the next room. You need to defeat this mini boss in order  
     to proceed. Continue north afterwards.

   - To the path north, you'll find another PoR (Dragoroid). If you go to
     the west, past the bridge, you will be ambushed by enemies. If you
     don't want further battles, just continue north to the elevator.
     Along the way, a Dragoroid with waves of minions will attack you. 
     Get rid of them and take the elevator. Block 1 is available from
     the destination floors. Take it first.

 +  Gusk, Block 1 +
   - You will be taken to the inaccessible room in Block 1. Follow the
     corridor to the SE. Find a crystal on the SE deadend.
   - Go east, to a room. Defeat the Jet Lotus there. You can then get    
     Adam's Wall Prog D equipment. Make your way back to the elevator
     and go directly to Block 3 this time.

 +  Gusk, Block 3 +
   - The explored area to the west is where your other character has     
     taken before he/she gets mauled by Malxatra. To start off, make your
     way to the east. Defeat two mini-bosses along the way, until you 
     reach the next room. Find a tablet behind the door to the east. 
   - Continue north, kill all those golems-in-a-cage. The gate to the  
     far west will open. Gather crystals and examine the tablet along the
     way. After that, backtrack and head to the south this time.
   - Go to the south room, Blaze Demon will appear. Defeat it and find  
     a chest to the east containing Garyu's Sky Dragon.
   - The path south leads to the throne room. COntinue east, follow the   
     circular corridor to the NW room. 
   - From there, go north and find another cage full of Blaze Demons.  
     Kill them all. Defeat them all and the room to the north will be
   - Enter that door, and enemies will surround you. Just get rid of them,  
     then continue east. Heal, then save. If you want, you can prepare 
     since ahead is the final battle.
     Continue to the elevator.

 +  Gusk, Malxatra's Chamber +
   - Scene. After that, you will need to battle either Cyrille or Toma,  
     (depends on the character you are using), Remsianne and Ragnadaam.
   - Defeat Remsianne first. After some talking, she will then join your  
     side. Do the same thing for Ragna, and he will fight along with you.
     Then defeat Cyrille/ Toma in this 5-1 battle. It is still not that
     easy though.
   - After defeating them, a scene will take place. Malxatra's true form  
     will appear. From this one, this is a one on one battle. 
     NOTE: There is really no special strategy here; I haven't figured out
     a normal way to defeat this boss. What I did was I used 2-3 Light 
     Charms, then just attacked it with all I got. 
     His attacks are very powerful, often times, can kill characters in
     one hit. So if you don't want to get annoyed or battling everybody
     over again, prepare 2-3 light charms and use each as soon as the
     first charm's effect worns out.
   - After defeating Malxatra, talk to the other character. Conversations  
     then scene.
     ###                            #        #       #   #               
    #                               #        #       #                   
   #      ###  ###   ###  ###  ### ### ## # #   ### ###  #  ###  ###  ## 
    #     #  #  # #  #  #  #   #  # #   #  # #  #  # #   #  #  #  # #  #  
    #     #  # ## # #  #  #    # #  #   # #  #  # #  #   #  #  # ## #   # 
     ###  ###  #  #  ###  #    ###  ##  ###  #  ###  ##  #  ###  #  # ##  
     - Watch the credits and save the game. 
     Check out the POST GAME section for more details about the things
     you have unlocked.
 ++++ //// .................. PST000 ....................\\\ +++++   
         ____ ____ ____ ____ _________ ____ ____ ____ ____ 
        ||P |||O |||S |||T |||       |||G |||A |||M |||E ||

     NEW GAME +
     When you load your cleared save game, you will start in Chapter 14
     immediately - with all the items, gold and mithril you have acquired
     when you finished the last battle. All other areas you explored
     are shown in the map as well.
     Note: Completed Ancient arenas on or before CH14 in your first 
     playthrough will still be shown as completed. Other special events
     (like enemies showing up and dropping rare items) will not occur 
     - Gantetsu's forging levels can now be increased to LVL 18 MAX
     - Geo-Fortress' Defense Mode now available
     - New dungeon available

     As added by Drew (Dark Hope):

     " Every time you enter chapter 15, you can get a new level of force 
       art depending on who you chose to go through the trial.  Complete 
       Defense for Toma (Talk to Avalon) or Max MP up for Ciril (Talk to 
       Amitaliri).  I would assume these can go up to lv.9, however I 
       have only tested it up to lv.3"


                [O][O][O]        POST GAME      [O][O][O]

                T H E   C A S T L E   O F   M Y S T E R I E S


     The Castle of Mysteries is accessible via warp. Upon arriving, you'll
     find powerful PEs for your party members (excluding Avalon)
     Enraged Archer - Maebelle
     Golden Knight  - Gadfort
     Witch Teaching - Amitaliri
     Noble Saint    - Faulklin
     Black Dragon   - Garyu
     Berserk Wolf   - Duga
     Break Virus C  - Adam
     As you enter, a large Spark Dragon will attack you. If your party is
     eliminated without putting up a fight, then avoid this area first
     and gain a few levels. That dragon serves as the entrance's keeper.
     If you can't beat it, then you have no chance of winning against 
     the murderous enemies within the castle. Recommended starting level
     is around 105-110.
     The main objective in this castle is to open the Granite Gate leading
     to a powerful presence 'more darker than Malxatra.' It is divided
     into 3 parts; Xeyon-Central, Savage Tower, and the Wisdom Tower.
     Some of the enemies here are insanely powerful; unless you have
     high defense ratings, expect to see your party members get slaughtered
     often. Just save frequently as needed.
     Another thing to note is that the enemies respawn the entire floor
     once you leave the area so expect the same number of enemies 
     swarming at you if you return to that area. 
     If you entered the Castle in low levels, a good spot to farm exp and
     a good amount of 'infinite' mithril would be the twin staircases
     to the far north of Xeyon, Central 1F, both leading to Xeyon, 
     Central 2F.
     THe area is guarded by some wolf berserkers, which occasionally drops
     100000-160000 gold, two small MGs and four artillery cannons which
     drops 14000-19000 mithril each.
     Each section of the castle needs to be explored; both for items and
     switches that unlock the other paths to continue with your progress.
     There are some areas you won't reach until you toggle a switch. Also,
     the castle is full of hidden paths and rooms, which contains shortcuts
     and items. Look for those little nudges along the walls and corridors
     when viewed from the radar (hold L1 to enlarge it) or any walls
     with a bit of discoloration compared to its surroundings.

     As added by Drew (Dark Hope):

     "Although you cannot reset the bonus dungeon, you can re-do the final 
      area as many times as you want, every time you do it, you get 1 
      million mithril, 1 million gold, 1 armor for Toma and Ciril, a ring 
      or bracelet, and a random helmet or shield."

      I have confirmed this as well. The last area he is talking about
      is called "Place Beyond Darkness". This is where you're going to
      battle Malxatra (vessel), Dark Remsianne, Ragnadaam, TOma and
      Cyrille. I remembered going into the battle in LV154. I ended up
      having level 171.

     For this section, I will just list the important points of interest
     that you need to open to proceed deeper in this dungeon. The complete
     exploring should be done by you.

       Xeyon, Central 1F  - (Starting Area)
     West/ Wisdom Tower 1F    -  Needs to be opened from the other side
     East/ Savage Tower 1F    -  
     Xeyon Granite Gate       -  Main gate closed yet; gather crystals 
     Xeyon Central B1F        -  clear the rooms
     Xeyon Central 2F         -  NE is a deadend with item
                              -  NW, is a enclosed space with an Orc

     - Defeat Spark Dragon, in the entrance
     - Fight golems in the room to the west.

     - Continue north, defeat wolflings, MG and cannons. Take either the
       NW / NE stairs.

     - The sealed room in the SE portion of Xeyon, Central can only be
       opened if you have unlocked all the Arenas. (If you have any amount
       of Darkness Runes left then that means you missed the same number of

     - It contains the last arena, Legions. Your reward? A good amount of 
       gold, exp, mithril and a hefty secret scroll and power art.

       Here's a brief checklist. Check out the walkthrough to get the
       exact locations for each.     

       () - Wolfling
       () - Orc
       () - Lightning
       () - Ghost
       () - Birdling
       () - Stalker
       () - Dragon
       () - Flame
       () - Lizard
       () - Giant
       () - Golem
       () - Impact
       () - Sand Worm
       () - Skeleton
       () - Steel
       () - Stone
       () - Frost
       () - Succubus
       () - Demon
       () - Vampire
       () - Legion
       Xeyon, Central B1F  
     - Defeat the Frost Demon to the NE room. Destroy the statue it 
       leaves behind. 
     - Find secret door to the cell beside the room of the Frost Demon.
       It leads to a room with enemies and a tablet.
     - Follow the stairs upstairs. Find a tablet in a small western room.
       activate the switch to open the path. Go back down to B1F.
     - Defeat a golem in the west room, south of the bedroom. After that,
       door to the elevator will be opened.

     - Go to the elevator, activate switch. Enemies will appear so just  
       get rid of them. Elevator system will be activated.

       Xeyon, Central 2F   **
     - Circle around the room and kill all minor orcs. After that, defeat  
       the fat bastard. Find also crystals, upstairs east.

       Xeyon, Central Top Floor
     - Follow the path, activate switch. Go downstairs and gather crystals 
       to the NE 
       Xeyon, Savage Tower B1F

     - Find a tablet in the secret room to the NE.
     - There are also a lot of other secret paths and rooms here. 

       Xeyon, Central Top Floor
     - Follow the path, activate switch. Go downstairs and gather crystals 
       to the NE  
       Xeyon, Savage Tower B1F
     - Activate switches in the east and to the NE corner. Go around and   
       take the NW exit.
       Xeyon, Savage Tower 1F
     - Go to the easternmost room. Find switch and activate it. Defeat  
       those two life drainer enemies. Get also the chest nearby.
     - Go upstairs to the SW, then activate switch.  

     NOTE: There will be a Dark Master and a Samurai Lord guarding the
     large space in this area. Although they both spawn a LARGE number
     of minions, they are worth a lot of exp. If you don't take much 
     damage but your allies seems to get killed easily, just lead them   
     to the narrow corridor to the south (it has a large crystal in the
     end) and let them stay there. (Hold R2)

     You won't be able to damage the Dark Master and the Samurai Lord
     without defeating all its minions. For the two, the Samurai lord 
     spawns more minions and longer.

       Xeyon, Savage Tower 1F
     - Follow the path to the SE. Find switch in the middle of the platform   
       in the path heading west. Open switch, to the eastern side. OPen 
       another switch in the middle of the map.
     - Find a tablet in the NW corridor. Take the stairs leading to 2F.

       Xeyon, Central 2F   
     - Defeat enemies along the way. Destroy the statue blocking the path
       and continue south.

     - You will be ambushed, so get rid of the enemies. As you move to the   
       central area, you'll be in a fight again. After clearing the 
       enemies, path to the south will open.

     - There are two entrances you can enter from. The west is for a
       difficult boss and the east is an easy boss. Make your selection,
       and as you enter, the desbribed boss will appear. Defeat it in 
       order to continue.

     - After the battle, destroy the hard crates in the upper east corner
       of the map, leading to chest.

     - Continue east, find another chest in the NE corner, and a tablet
       to the north, past the west walkway. Continue to the top floor

       Xeyon, Central Top Floor   
      - Find a crystal to the south. Cross the bridge to the Wisdom
        tower, Top Floor.  

       Wisdom Tower Top Floor   
      - Follow the path, grab chest and use switch. A path on the other  
        end will open. Backtrack.

       Xeyon, Central B1F  
      - Open hidden path from the entrance to the west. Defeat all enemies 
        Path will be unblocked.

       Xeyon, Savage Tower2F

     - Find a chest to the easternmost porch, by the cannons. (Enemies 
       will ambush you when you open it)

     - COntinue south, then east. Find another item by the deadend. 

     - Follow the path upstairs, find chests in the ledges to the south.
       Enemies will appear as you get them.

     - Continue up. Defeat the Titan Master guarding the path, including
       some of its minions.

     - Continue forward. Before the stairs leading to 3F, find a crystal
       sitting to the east. Go to the NW side, defeat all enemies. Chest 
       will appear after the last enemy falls. Gather the crystals as

     - Backtrack to the exit but DO NOT TAKE the stairs first. Save, then
       enter the two secret rooms (one contains a tablet and a mini boss
       guarding it). The other one contains a crystal.

      Exit to 3F

       Xeyon, Savage Tower2F

     - Get crystal along with the path. Find some crystals to the east.

     - COntinue south, find porch. Grab the crystals and chest.

     - Take the stairs down, gates will be blocked. Defeat the enemies 
       that will surround you. Locate the MG to the NW, near a tablet. 
       the other MG is to the NE, near a crystal.

     - After defeating the initial wave of enemies, Ragnadaam and Remsianne
       along with some enemies will attack you. Get rid of them and the
       elevator to the top floor will be activated. Save first.

       Use the elevator.

       Xeyon, Savage Tower, TOp Floor

     - Once you reach the top floor, a bunch of Phillips (the gayish
       Noswald officer) will swarm you. They come in all shapes and sizes
       and if your character is not that tough, they can overcome you   
       in a few seconds.
       Another thing to notice is that they take a while to defeat, 
       possibly because each of them may have up to 600000HP.
     - After defeating the Phillips, a whole gang of Dugas will appear.  
       Do not underestimate the small ones, since they do pack a punch,
       as heavy as the typical ones. They do inflict critical damage and
       relying only on Healing Waters is not that effective.
       That is where the Secret Art, Darkness Awakened comes into place.
       A portion of the damage dealt to the enemy is absorbed as HP. 
       Which means, for every hit, your HP is restored. If you damage is
       high and your attack speed is fast, then its almost like you have
       infinite HP. The exception for this abilities those monsters who 
       are immune to HP Absorb attacks.

       Defeat the Dugas (which may take a while since they each of them
       has a million or so HP). After that, a portal a will appear.
       Take the portal.

       Xeyon, Wisdom Tower B1F  
     - Use switch to open the path. I suggest saving first if you still 
       havent, before entering this area. Once you enter the sandy area,
       Sandworms will appear. Defeat all of them.
     - Path to the stairs will be unblocked. Find tablet to the NW.   
       There are crystals to the south (behind the rocks) and to the NE.
       Take the stairs.  

       Xeyon, Wisdom Tower 1F  
     - Follow the path. Clear the cells to the north/NE.  
     - Go east, exit to the Central 1F. Open the door using the switch.  
     - Go back, find a tablet in one of the cells to the NE. Clear the   
       enemies in the area. 
       Go upstairs to 2F.

       Xeyon, Wisdom Tower 2F  
     - Go upstairs north, defeat the wildboar mother to the east. Its    
       cage will open. Get the item in the east corner.
     - Step on the tiles on the floor to open the cages. Defeat all the   
       pigs for easy killings. 
     - Go to the west, find a chest and tablet there. Go down south, open  
       the gate.
     - Explore the area. The central room contains a Zircon Lotus, Jet  
       Lotus and an Amber Lotus. You can activate them one by one by
       stepping on the pedestals in front of them. Defeat them all to 
       activate the elevator.
     - There are two crystals in the SE rooms. Save, then take the elevator  

       Xeyon Palace, Wisdom Tower, Top Floor 
     - Continue east, find tablet.

     - Go upstairs to the NW, use switch. The large red gate will open.  
       Save then go inside.
       As you enter, you will see Garyu and his gang of elemental dragons.
       Just defeat all of them (you won't be able to damage Garyu yet) 
       and a second wave of miniature Garyus will attack as well. As
       expected, these little dragons are as powerful as the large ones,
       and has high defense and hp nonetheless. If they can't damage
       you that enough, just hack your way to victory.
       After the battle, the Granite Gate will now be open.
       Take the Portal.

       Xeyon, Central, Granite Gate   
       Alright, the path to the final battles. I will just show you
       my stats before battling the remaining forces of the castle.
       Of course, use your own if your stats are better.

       TOMA LV157
       HP17749/ MP1256
      | STR - 433           ATK - 19443       |
      | DEX - 756           DEF - 13170       | 
      | INT - 70            CRI - 706% X 24   |
     | Chaos Breaker  | MAX | Darkness Awakened  |
     | Zenus Shield   | MAX | Oracle's Chain     |
     | Shining Guard  | MAX | Modest Charm       |
     | Shining Armor  | MAX | Goddess' Blessing  |
     | Evil Ring      | +9**|                    |
     | Chaos Moebius  | +9**|                    |
     - Anyways, gather the crystals if you still havent. Find a tablet  
       on your way north to the elevator. Use the elevator to the basement.

       Xeyon Palace, Basement   
     - Defeat all enemies. Portal will open.   
     - Use the portal to teleport to the other side. Grab chests.
     - There will be two paths here. The obsvious winding path to the east  
       contains at least 3 waves of enemies, while the hidden path west
       has no enemies.
     - Either way, once you reach the entrance, there will be a storage
       canister, a healing point and a save point. Prepare, then continue
       Even with the stats I provided above, the boss still whopped my
       character's ass. (Taking note that almost all Power Arts are
       learned and maxed out) So, if you want to win this in an average
       level, bring a total of 5-6 Light Charms. 
       They cost around 5 million each, from Bolnay. But at this part of
       the game, 5 million is just a few trips away. Clearing the
       Training Facility's 35F+ can give you all the gold and equipment
       you can sell to get to 5 million.
     - Enter the throne room when ready.  

       Xeyon Palace, Throne Room   
     - The battle will start with three large demons guarding the   
       boss. JUst get rid of the demons fast. Once Demon Faust is alone,
       use a light charm and pummel him.
     - Continue attacking until he goes down.  
     - Healing point, fountain will appear. Collect crystals beside
       each corner. Save, prepare, use dark portal.

       A Place Beyond Darkness  
     - In this arena, several copies of the Malxatra's vessel will appear,      
       along with Remsianne, Ragnadaam, Cyrille and Toma as well.
     - Defeat the enemies. You may need to use 2-3 Light Charms here to   
       defeat them all and you should be fine. 
       Take care of the vessels first, then target Remsianne, Ragna,
       Cyrille then finally Toma.
       After winning, you'll get huge amounts of gold and mithril and some
       high level equipments as well.
       You will also get a tablet. 
     " Dedicated to you for vanquishing Malxatra, defeating countless
       creatures and overcoming your limits. You are hereby presented
       the title of 'EXA' "
       SO basically, that's it. If you still want to finish the game
       a second time, then breeze your way through the Gusk Blocks and
       enemies. You can always come back and battle the bosses in the 
       "A place beyond darkness"


                [O][O][O]        OPTIONAL       [O][O][O]
       These will discuss the optional areas, like Path of Carnages, don't
       affect the story's progress. Often times they are home to really 
       powerful beasts so make sure you visit them when you have levelled
       enough. For you trouble, you will be often rewarded by precious 
       core metals, power art tablets, Mithril ore and chests. 

       **Thanks to Drew (Dark Hope) for sharing info about these optional
       areas I overlooked.

       + North Peora Plains (lower) + OPT001
       Warp to the Northwest Peora Plains. If you have explored the area,
       then you should have probably crossed the lower eastern bridge 
       to reach this place. There is a Core metal in the center of the
       circular bedrock. Also further NE is a Prison of Rock. Search the 
       area also for some ores. After that, exit to the lower SE portion
       of the map to the East Paora plains. 

       + East Paora Plains   + OPT002

        There is an ancient arena in the eastern hill. The path there is
        littered with sandworms and harpies so unless you are levelled
        enough, you will find it tough navigating the places there. 

        In Chapter 14, one of the large Legion Generators can be found 
        in the southeastern hill. Further east is a hanging bridge leading
        to another optional area.

       + Paora Plains, East Coast + OPT003
     - From the East paora plains, enter the area. Make sure to 
       navigate the area for ores, items and stuff.
     - Find some hidden mithrils in the small pond. If you follow the   
       winding road from west to lower SE (deadend), you will find some
       mithril crystals and a chest as well. Backtrack a bit.
     - Further in the SW is an Ancient arena (wyrms/dragons). Activate the  
       portal and go inside if you have some darkness runes to spare.           
     - Make your way uphill. Find Savage Wolf PE for DUga in the hill  
       before the first hanging bridge. After that, cross the bridge,
       then find a Prison of Stone (Spark Dragon) in the center hill 
       before the second bridge. Cross the last bridge and exit to Lake
       Bark cavern to the SE.

       + Lake Bark Cavern   + OPT004

     - Follow the path, find a tablet along the way. 
     - Go downhill west, find a chest. There will be two paths leading  
       south, but take the lower path this time.
     - If you took the lower exit, you should immediately find a tablet  
       and a Prison of Stone below. (Devil Brother). Continue down the 
     - Near the end of the map, you should immediately spot an ancient   
       arena (golems). Activate its transporter.
     - You can continue down the lower path leading southest. Find
       mithril ores, chest and gold there. Backtrack a bit fo the higher
       paths. Continue SW uphill, find a special chest containing Adam's
       React Virus G in the end of the path, by the cliff. Now backtrack
       a bit and take the correct path to the last area.
     - Defeat all enemies in the area, including the mini-boss devil  
       mother. As a reward, a dark chest containing x5 darkness runes
       will appear. Collect all the core metals there (x3) and gather

       + Diablo's Palm   + OPT005
     - TO reach this place, you need to warp to West Balcan desert.
       (see walkthrough for complete directions) then further east to 
       then next area. (East Balcan Desert)
     - The place has items on all sides, and this is an enclosed area.  
       Chest        - south
       Mithril Ore  - West
       Core Metal   - NW
       Mithril Ore, Wind Dragon PE (hidden in the grass) North deadend 
       Chest        - NE corner
       Chest        - East
       Go to the center of the map, in the sandpit. Examine the center
       continously. Gold coins will appear and some items (including
       Healing Waters for Toma and Cyrille). After a while, a large Worm
       Master will emerge.  Defeat it.

                [O][O][O]        CREDITS       [O][O][O]
- First of all, to you! I hope this guide may have helped you.

- Thanks to the people behind MudMagic.com and Network-science.de for 
  their wonderful ascii generators. 


- Thanks to Drew (Dark Hope) for contributing additional info to the faq.

- Thanks to my brother, Raymond for helping me sorting out the Power Arts
  and the weapon lists in the faq.

- To all the gaming sites Im contributing my faqs!       

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