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Skate or Die:  Bad 'N Rad

For Nintendo Gameboy
Version 1.0 - Updated October 15, 2002
By Johnno543 - [email protected]
Copyright 2002 - John Taylor



1.  Introduction
2.  Gameplay
3.  Controls
4.  Walkthrough
   A.  Stage 1
   B.  Stage 2
   C.  Stage 3
   D.  Stage 4
   E.  Stage 5
   F.  Stage 6
   G.  Stage 7
5.  Conclusion


----  1. Introduction  ----

Welcome all to my first attempt at writing an FAQ for gamefaqs.com. My 
apologies for the strange formatting.  If you add any text, it makes the lines
more than 79 characters and it just takes a lot of time to make sure everything
is in the proper place.  Bad 'N Rad
is a registered trademark of Konami Inc.  Skate or die is a registered
trademark of Electronic Arts.  And the game itself is licensed by Nintendo.  I
recently stumbled across my old cartridge of Bad 'N Rad and popped it into my
gameboy and began playing.  When I reached the boss on stage 7 as I have done
many times in the past, I could not figure out how to defeat him so I logged
on to gamefaqs to see if there was a walkthrough describing the final battle
in the game.  To my surprise, there was none.  I read the reviews and codes
that were posted but they did not provide any assistance for the final boss,
however, I did learn that many people (including myself) find this a rather
difficult game.  After a short while I was able to figure out how to beat this
boss and see the simple ending once again but during that time I figured this
was a good chance to share my knowledge of the game with others by writing an
FAQ.  While I was able to find the cartridge for Bad 'N Rad, I was unable to
find the accompanying instruction manual so this FAQ will lack some of the
normal elements found in FAQ's like story and proper names of enemies.  Please
bear with me.  I will also try to keep this FAQ short because the game itself
is relatively straightforward.  While I keep referring to this as an FAQ, at
this point in time it is really more of a simple walkthrough and the original
plan was to only make a boss guide but I figured I could elaborate a little,
so here goes.

------ 2. Gameplay  -------

Bad 'N Rad consists of 7 stages.  Stages 1, 3, 6, and 7 are side view like
Super Mario Land while stages 2, 4, and 5 are an overhead vertical scrolling
view in a downward direction (like the opposite of Ikari Warriors for lack of
a better reference).  In the side view stages the screen scrolls both
horizontally and vertically while in the overhead view stages the screen scroll
only vertically with the exception of stage 5 which scrolls both vertically and

In Bad 'N Rad you start with 3 lives and you have the option of choosing to
start on any stage from 1 to 4.  There are no continues.  You have a stamina
bar at the top of the screen which allows you to get hit about 4 or 5 times
before you die depending on what you get hit by.  The obstacles include wheels,
barrels, torches, bullets, and many others.  Obstacles to avoid at all costs
are bottomless pits and spikes on levels 2, 5, and 6 as they will kill you

Throughout the game there are items to collect.  The most common item you will
encounter is a canister of some sort that contributes to points  but there are
also food items including ice cream and pizza which will raise your stamina.
There are also one-ups in some of the levels which are generally somewhat
challenging to get.  Also, every 20,000 points will gain you an extra life.

------- 3.  Controls ------

The controls for this game are fairly simple.  The D-pad moves you left and
right on all stages and holding down on the D-pad on the overhead levels will
cause you to accelerate.  The A button causes you to jump and the B button
causes you to duck.  Start will pause the game and the Select button is not 
used.  The challenge lies in the fact that you are on a
skateboard.  This means that even if you stop pressing in a certain direction,
you will continue to move in that direction until the skateboard stops rolling.
The most common method for defeating enemies is to jump on top of them and hit
them with the underside of your skateboard.  You can also use this on many of
the obstacles in the game.

----- 4.  Walkthrough -----

------ A. Stage 1 ---------

You begin stage 1 in a city setting.  You will travel to the right and your
first obstacle will be a couple of rolling tires.  Simply avoid the tires by
jumping over them.  You'll next be confronted by a falling flower pot which
you will have no trouble with if you are traveling at max speed to the right.
After making it past the treacherous falling flower pot, you will go down a 
steep ramp with some rejuvenating ice cream on it and then a pit at the bottom
of the ramp that you must jump over.  Continue traveling to the right and
there will be more pits as well as some ledges you can jump on and some
canister items.  The next obstacle to overcome is more falling flower pots
(once again, just travel at maximum speed and these will pose no threat)
followed immediately by some spikes that you have to duck under by pressing
and holding B.  Shortly afterward, you'll want to get up on the ledge because
a dog will come from the right at amazing speed.  After the end of the ledges
there will be another dog from the right and this one is also pretty quick. 
Just jump over it and continue on your way.  More ledges, more items.  Next
comes another downhill slope.  This one has a one-up above the pit at the end.
If you time your jump just right you'll be able to grab the one-up and make it
over the pit.  To accomplish this you need to jump after the 3rd line in
the pavement.  Next there's
another pit to jump over and immediately after there are some spikes to duck
under.  The enemy you encounter after the spikes is a dagger throwing skater
punk.  Just avoid his first dagger and then jump on his head.  Right after the
dagger throwing skater punk is a ledge in the middle of a pit.  Jump on the
ledge but be sure to jump right after landing on it because it will fall from
under you.  More ledges and pits and items.  Now you'll come to the end of the
first part of stage 1.  There will be another dagger throwing skater punk to
the right.  Again, just avoid his daggers and jump on his head.  After you
kill the first one, another one will appear on the left, do the same thing to
kill him and then go to the wall/door thing on the right.

The door will open to let you into a crazy fun house.  This part is pretty
simple.  Just avoid the bouncing balls by either ducking or jumping and duck
under the spikes and move quickly across the two falling ledges over the pit.
You're now at the boss of stage one.

***** Boss Stage 1 *****

This guy is pretty simple.  He's a juggling jester on a skateboard.  He will
move back and forth while remaining on the right side of the screen and the
ceiling will also move up and down but none of this is a threat if you just
stay to the left.  The jester will throw balls at you and what you need to do
is time your jumps correctly so that you bounce the ball off the bottom of your
board back at the jester.  If the ball is too close to the ground when you land
on top of it, it will pop between your board and the ground so try to land on
the balls at a higher point in your jump.  After you hit the jester with his
own balls (ha-ha) about 4 times he will reveal that he was really made up of a
bunch of firecrackers and will explode himself to death.  You'll see this magic
on later bosses as well.

------ B. Stage 2 ---------

Stage two takes place on some sort of 2 tiered boardwalk on a beach.  You will
have to make transitions between the upper and lower tiers as well as ride on
the walls separating the tiers to avoid spikes.  First, press down on the D-pad
to accelerate.  Make the necessary jumps to avoid the blocks and the barrels.
You'll soon cross under a bridge.  At this point you want to move a little to
the right (your right.  Not the skater's right).  There's a fisherman on the
top of the bridge and his hook will catch you if you're too far to the left.
Keep going and there will be some arrows telling you to go up the wall.  Do
this to avoid some spikes.  I've found that pressing diagonal to the left does
not work as well as pushing just left.  So after you pass those spikes you want
to stay pretty close to the highest point of the waves.  This will help you
avoid some more spikes.  When the second tier comes back there's arrows point
up to it.  Get up on the second tier and continue on.  You'll have to go up the
wall again to dodge some spikes and then just before the second tier comes back
there will be a 1-up.  This is always really difficult to get but it is
possible if you time it just right.  You need to begin your ascent right about
the time you see the second stripe thing on the wall and then immediately after
grabbing the 1-up you need to push to the right so that you won't hit the
spikes.  Now get back up on the second tier as the arrows say.  Again, pass
under the bridge and stay to the right to avoid the fisherman again.  Now
there's going to be a short set of spikes.  You can either jump over them or
the wall past them.  Next up comes a really long set of spikes and you should
postpone getting up on the wall as long as possible although it's really not
that far.  If you wait too long, it is still possible to save yourself by
making a jump over the first corner of the spikes.  After you come down from
the wall there will be two ramps.  Take the long one that doesn't have the
skull and cross bones on it and when you get to the end jump and you've beaten
the level. 

------ C. Stage 3 ---------

Stage 3 is another side view like level one but this one places you in some
sort of sewer where the water level rises and falls periodically.  When riding
in the water, your speed will be greatly reduced so just be aware of it.  Go
to the right and jump over the rats as necessary.  They come out of pipes 2, 3,
and 4.  Then you'll have to cross a collapsing bridge and a rat at the same
time.  Next you'll come to some blocks that have spaces between them.  Just
ride over the first space (don't worry, if you're going fast enough you won't
fall through) and then jump just as you pass the first space.  This will help
you avoid an attack from a jumping fish.  Now you'll cross another collapsing
bridge but this time there will be two rats on it.  Just jump over each of
them and then quickly duck to go under the spikes.  Now jump over the two
snakes that come from below and then duck to pass under more spikes.  Then
there's a gap to jump over and then ledge in the middle will fall out from
under you so jump off of it quickly.  Now you'll come across a bunch of guys
in boats who try to poke you from below.  Jump over him then duck under the
spikes then jump over his friend and duck under the spikes.  Repeat this
patter until you've made it past all of them.  Now you'll come to some pipes
that pour water out of them occasionally.  Don't hit the falling water.  It
will cause you pain.  Just jump over the first pipe with falling water as well
as the second and then take a break on the platform before the third pipe and
after the water pours out of it, go again.  I usually pause on every platform
thereafter just to make sure that the going is safe but I suppose you could try
to be more risky.  Now you'll have to deal with rising and falling water levels
and some mines to jump over.  If your jumping skills are accurate you can just
go straight through this part even if the water level is waist high.  Just ride
at full speed and when you're really close to the mine, jump.  There's then a
boomerang throwing skater punk.  Jump on his head to kill him and if you do it
with enough speed you might get a good bounce and be able to grab the 1-up.
Now, ride forward and just try to jump about a third of the way over the gap.
A snake will pop out of the water and bounce you onto his buddy who comes out
of the water right after and then hopefully you'll bounce off his buddy onto
safe land.  Sometimes, however, you just get unlucky and get a bad bounce and
end up dying.  I have not been able to figure out a surefire way to make it
past that part.  My only suggestion is to make your best effort to go at full
speed.  Next you'll come to more of those blocks with spaces in between.  Your
first instinct will probably be to jump but don't do it or you'll hit your
head on spikes.  Just ride across them at full speed.  A snake will pop out
of the water behind you and you have to jump onto and off of another one of
those falling ledges.  Now you'll have to go past 2 more mines.  Use the same
technique as before and continue on to another evil boomerang guy on the right
and after you kill him, you'll have to go over to the left to kill his friend.
Now go through the door and ride at full speed to avoid the single fish who
tries to get you from behind as you pass him.  

***** Boss Stage 3 *****

You've made it and now you want to get up on the higher land on the right.  The
boss will be a guy rolling along the bottom in his scuba gear.  When he gets
close to you on the right, the water level will rise and he'll pop out of the
water.  Quickly jump on his head and you'll knock him back into the water.  If
you don't hit him fast enough, he'll spit some sort of goo on the ground that
is easy to avoid but causes nothing but trouble.  After you hit him, get back
up on that ledge and a bunch of fish will start popping out of the water and
spitting at you.  If you're up on the ledge it'll be easy to avoid most of them
but the ones that do get close to you, just jump over their spit.  Now the boss
is moving over to the left and the water level will rise again and he'll pop
out.  Get over there as quick as you can and jump on him.  Now, if you can,
avoid the fish and get back up on the ledge.  You'll go through this same thing
a couple more times and then he'll be dead.

------ D. Stage 4 ---------

I always think of stage 4 as one of the easier levels of Bad 'N Rad.  It
basically tests your ability to visually differentiate between pipes and
puddles and to make quick decisions on which button to press.  Stage 4 takes
place in some sort of dry canal.  Now, this explanation might get a little
complex but I'll do my best to make it simple.  Try to picture the flat part
of the canal as 3 equal parts.  Now move your guy to the center of the part on
the right side of the screen.  Once you do this you're in for smooth sailing.
You can choose to take the either the leftmost path or the center path but I
always find the one on the right to be the easiest.  Now, what you need to do
for this level is jump over puddles and rats and duck to go through pipes.
This goes on for about half the level and the very last pipes you see, there
will be one on the left and one on the right and they will have spikes pointing
to the center path and there's a 1-up between them.  I never try to get this
1-up because it seems like more trouble than it's worth but you might want to
go for it.  Anyway, after you pass through these last pipes a giant rolling pin
will start to chase you.  This reminds me of Indiana Jones when he's running
from that giant rock.  Just keep going straight down the rightmost path and
jump over the grates and the rats when necessary.  Now, when you see the
rolling pin start to blow up that's your queue to move to the center of the
because there will be a skinny ramp that you'll have to jump off of to complete
the level.  There, now wasn't that simple?

------ E. Stage 5 ---------

In Stage 5 you will have you last overhead view level in the game.  Stage 5
proves to be somewhat challenging but also very unique compared to the other
levels.  You will be traveling downhill on a road that has deadly spikes all
along the right hand side and a sheer cliff on the left hand side.  You will
also ride your skateboard down a waterfall toward the end of the level.

First off, begin by traveling down the road.  Be careful to not hit any rocks
along the way.  The road soon turns to the right (or left from your skater's
point of view) and then goes back to straight down.  After making the second
bend, there is some sort of crack in the road that you must jump over and then
a bird flies from behind and passes you.  Quickly move slightly to the left or
right because the bird will hover in one place and if you run into it, it will
drag you up the road a little and cause you to lose some of your life.  The
road then turns to the left and some spikes will pop out farther from the wall
so make sure that you're to the left side of the road while on this stretch or
you can just jump over the elongated spikes.   You'll then pass through a
doorway that says "keep out" and then you'll have to cross over a collapsing
part of the roadway just before the road turns to the right again.  Next you'll
encounter a gap in the road that you will have to jump across.  Then another
turn to the right and again spikes will jut out from the spiked side.  These
ones are easier to just avoid rather than try to jump over them so just stay to
the left.  Then there's another "keep out" doorway, more collapsing road and
another decline to the right.  When the road begins to go straight again, there
will be a gap coming up and just before you get to the gap some spikes will pop
out at out so you'll want to be on the left again for this one.  Immediately
after passing that gap, there will be another one.  And then comes a slightly
tricky part.  There is a skinny collapsing bridge that you must ride across.
The best way to get past it is to ride about halfway across and then jump to
make it the rest of the way.  Right after that is another one of those annoying

You'll then enter into what I always think of as a waterfall but perhaps I'm
wrong.  Anyway, right at the beginning of the waterfall on the left is a 1-up.
It's pretty easy to get if you just plan on turning to the left as soon as you
enter.  The tricky part is to not go too far and run into the spikes on the
side.  After you get the 1-up or if you decide not to, you'll want to line up
with the points canisters because the spiked walls are closing in.  If you're
in line with the points canisters you shouldn't have a problem because the
spike wall on the right stops closing in and then one on the left continues
until there is just enough room for you to squeeze through.  

Upon exiting the waterfall you will have to go down a little bit and jump over
another gap in the road.  During this time a dude in a helicopter will fly past
you in the same fashion as the birds.  Even though he passes you, he magically
comes from behind again and starts trying to hit you with a pointy stick.  It's
pretty easy to avoid his attacks, you just need to move a little to the left or
right if you find he's right behind you.  You'll have to run from him for a
little while but eventually you'll pass under another one of those "keep out"
doorways and he'll crash his helicopter into it.  

The next part is, in my opinion, the hardest part of the level.  You will have
to rail slide across a cable that spans a long gap.  The best way to do this is
to ride just barely to your right of the center line in the road and at the
very last second before you fall to your doom in the pit, push diagonal to the
left and jump and your guy will slide his way to the end of the level.

------ F. Stage 6 ---------

Stage 6 always seems to be the level I have the most trouble with.  Like stage
5, it is also pretty unique.  It's a side scrolling level in some sort of
fire-spike cave or something like that.  The first part proves to be pretty
easy.  Just move to the right while jumping over the fire and pits as best as
you can and when you get to the end you'll have to jump on one of those
boomerang throwing skaters again.

Next, pass through the door and begin part 2 of stage 6.  This part is pretty
tough.  You have to time your jumps just right to make it over the spiked pits
without hitting your head on the spikes on the ceiling.  As soon as you land
after jumps 1 and 2 you must duck to make sure you pass under the spiked low
overhangs.  After jump 2 just stay in your crouch position all the way to the
end of the downhill.  After this you'll keep going downhill and a snail-man
will fall from the ceiling and start to roll after you.  He's no trouble, just
keep going.  At the end of the downhill you have to jump to land on a falling
ledge.  There are actually 3 falling ledges in a row so just make sure that you
jump quick enough so that you don't fall.

Pass through the door onto part 3.  In this part the spiked ceiling moves up
and down.  What you need to do is make the jumps over the pits using the
falling ledges and when you get to the part with the ice cream on it, stop for
a second (make sure you give yourself ample opportunity to come to a full stop)
and let the ceiling rise up a bit.  If you don't wait, you'll hit your head on
the next jump.  After the ceiling begins to rise, start to go to the right
again and just keep going.  You should be able to make all the jumps from here
on out without hitting your head.  You'll then come to another boomerang guy so
after you kill him, stay to the right and the ceiling will blow up a little bit
and a snail-man will fall out and roll to the left.  Go over and kill him and
after you do, go back to the door and pass through.

Now comes part 4.  This part is very similar to part 2 in that you have to do
that jump and duck stuff down a hill again.  And once again, a snail-man will
fall from the ceiling to chase you down.  This time, at the end of the
downhill, postpone your jump as long as possible because there is a long row of
spikes that you have to clear.  At this point, the snail-man will still be
following you.  Do your best to move to the left and jump over him and then
when he comes out of his shell, jump on him.  After you kill him, his buddy
will come from the left.  Do the same thing to kill him and then go through the

Part 5 is super hard.  It's made up of downhills going both right and left.
The downhills to the right are pretty easy.  Just stay in a ducking position to
avoid the spikes that pop out of the ceiling.  As soon as you reach the end of
any of the downhills to the right, don't jump, just roll off and start pushing
to the left.  You have to make sure you don't hit the spikes on the other side.
As you're going down to the left you'll have to jump over a spike pit and then
you need to jump immediately after landing so as to avoid the spike that pokes
off the end of the downhill that you need to jump over.  Otherwise you'll just
fall onto it an die.  It goes through this same thing again and then the one
after that is pretty hard.  When you're going down to the left again there is
a long jump so you need to wait until the absolutely very last second before
jumping or you won't make it.  Then, right when you land make another quick
jump to retrieve your 1-up.  At the end of this downhill to the right DON'T
JUMP.  I say it in big letters because for some reason my instinct always tells
me to jump.  Just continue and roll off the end.

***** Boss Stage 6 *****

This guy is always kind of challenging.  He is some sort of monkey or bat or
something.  He jumps from the wall and then does a handstand on one of the logs
and then he jumps back onto the wall and throws daggers down onto the center of
the log he was just on.  You are on some logs floating on water.  The two logs
on top are stationary so they're safe but the logs below are moving back and
forth.  Your best bet is to hit this guy every time and to take note of where
the moving logs are.  It is slightly possible to control where you land.  If
you pay attention to the moving logs, when they are on the outside, make your
just at a faster speed and continue holding in that direction so that you will
bounce off the guy and land on a moving log on the outside.  However, if
there's no logs on the outside to land on, you'll want to try to bounce off
toward the center of the screen.  What you need to do is to first get onto the
log on the right.  As soon as this guy does his handstand on the log on the
left, jump on him.  You'll get a hit in and then bounce off to the left and
land on one of the moving logs.  Quickly get up on the stationary log on the
left but stay to the very left edge of it because the guy is going to throw
into the center of that log.  After he throws his daggers he's going to jump
and do a handstand on the right log.  Quickly jump on him and you'll be bounced
to the right and land on a moving log.  Do the same thing as before where you
get back up on the stationary log and avoid the daggers.  Keep doing this and
you should be able to beat him and watch him explode in that mystical fashion
like the other bosses.  It is also a good idea to pass on an opportunity to hit
him if you don't see any safe landing zones.

------ G. Stage 7 ---------

Stage 7 always bugs me.  At first it looks really cool since the entire level
is made up of half-pipes, but in reality they're not half-pipes, just annoying
45 degree angle pipes.  The first thing you'll notice is that you're given
over 12 minutes to beat this level.  You'll need all of it.  

First, start by riding to the right.  Don't worry about that gun mounted on the
ceiling as it really poses no threat if you just keep moving.  The spiked
things that move up and down are also really easy to get past.  The best thing
to do to avoid the spikes is to stall on the lip of the half pipe until the
spikes are out of the way and then duck and pass underneath them.  After you
pass through about 4 of those half-pipe things you will come to a half-pipe
elevator.  The easiest way to make it through this part is to stay on the flat
bottom part of the half-pipe in a ducking position.  First, get to the very
left of the flat bottom part - just before you start to go up an incline.
Then just stay there in the crouching position and the half-pipe will rise and
some spikes will come from the wall.  It'll look like you're going to get hit
but just stay crouched and to the left and you'll be safe.  There will be two
sets of spikes where you can stay where you are on the left and then you'll
have to roll to the exact same position but this time on the right.  This
crouching in the corner will get you past the third set of spikes.  Then you'll
want to move back over to your original position on the left to get past the
fourth and last set of spikes.

Now, onto part 2 of stage 7.  The first thing you'll want to do is cruise over
to the left where you will be rewarded with a bunch of items.  You might have
to move around a bit in the half-pipe before it lets you go to the left but
it'll work.  Again, just avoid the fire from the gun in this part.  Now travel
back to the right and keep going.  This time you'll have the same gun and
spike setup as you saw on part one.  No problem, right?  So keep going to the
right and you will come to a 3/4 pipe elevator.  Stop toward the right and try
to center your wheels right over the two rightmost blocks on the floor.  A gun
will come across the top part and stop and fire.  If you're where I said and
you crouch down, the bullets should miss you.  After the first shot, position
yourself directly in the middle because the gun will move to the center.  Stay
in dead center and duck down and all the bullets should miss you and then
you'll be on the 3rd floor.  

Now, travel to the left and go through the same gun and spike stuff you've seen
before.  You will soon reach a half-pipe that looks like it would be an up
elevator.  It's really not.  The spikes will come down and trap you inside the
half-pipe.  You'll also notice that the middle spikes aren't really spikes but
blunt objects of some sort.  What you have to do is get yourself rolling so
that in the half-pipe you just barely start to ride up the vertical part.  Now,
on your way back down from vertical, right after you transition to the angled
part of the half-pipe, jump.  This will hit your head on the blunted spikes
and cause the whole spike assembly to rise up a bit.  It's important that you
do this in the downward direction, otherwise you'll perish in the spikes.  Do
this a couple more times and the spikes will go away.  Now proceed to the left
and into another elevator.

I always find this elevator particularly difficult so I'm going to try to 
in detail how to get past it.  This elevator will first travel down and there
will be spikes that poke up through the bottom and then it will travel up and
there will be spikes that come from the side like in the first elevator.  Now
there's two ways to get past the spikes on the bottom.  One way is more risky
but sets you up well for the ride up and the other way is safer but makes the
ride up more difficult.  The risky way is to position yourself perfectly
between the spikes on the bottom but when you finally see them, you really
don't have any time for adjustment.  I really dislike the risky way because
it seems almost next to impossible so I strongly suggest that you play it
safe here.  What you can do is ride up to the flat part on the top on the left
and wait until the elevator hits the bottom and starts to go back up.  Now,
jump from the top down to the flat part below.  This will prevent you from
gaining too much speed and making it difficult to recover and position yourself
properly.  Now for the up ride you're going to want to do the same thing as you
did on elevator one.  Stay ducked down and move to the corner between the flat
and the 45 degree bank on the left.  Stay here for spike sets 1 and 2 and then
move over to the same place on the right for spike set 3 and then back to the
same place on the left for spike sets 4 and 5.  Next you'll see some spikes on
the ceiling.  Just try to position yourself as best as possible between them
and stay ducked down and they shouldn't be too much of a problem.  You're now
on the 4th floor.

The 4th floor, like the second floor, has a bunch of goodies in the 2
half-pipes to the left so go over there and collect them.  Now go back to the
right using the same techniques as on all the other floors.  This next elevator
is tricky.  It moves to the right and there's giant saw blades positioned in
your way.  First you'll want to get up on the top left to avoid the first saw.
After the ceiling gun fires it's first shot you want to stall on the lip of the
half-pipe before dropping in and wait until the gun aims at you at an angle
again and then drop in before it shoots.  After you get under the second saw
(you don't have to duck, by the way) you will want to move to the corner on
the left again and duck down so as to avoid the last shot from that gun.  After
you're out of danger of that last gunshot, quickly move a little to the right
so that you can get enough speed to ride back to the left and up to the top.
Now, do the same thing to avoid the gunfire and then get down below the last
saw.  Now you can relax for a couple seconds and then you're going to have to 
that thing again where you bump your head on the spiked thing on the ceiling.
Once you do that, the floor will fall out and you'll fall down a shaft.  If
you position yourself to the left-hand side before the floor falls, you'll be
able to get a 1-up but it won't let you move while you're falling so if you're
not in the right place, don't worry about it.

***** Boss Stage 7 *****

Ahh, we finally come to the part that prompted me to write this walkthrough.
This guy is pretty easy if you know what you have to do and that's what I'm
going to tell you.  This boss comes in from the top of the screen in a flying
chair.  He will float around in a circular - figure 8 - up and down patter
that seems kind of random.  You want to stay up on either of the top ledges
because the fire under his chair will hurt you if you're trapped underneath.
Also, you need to make your attacks from one of the top ledges.  The lion heads
on the boss's chair will spit fire at you but most of the time it never hits
you.  When the boss is close and low, aim for the lion heads and you'll bounce
over the boss and hit his head.  What I was trying to do for a long time was
go straight for his head and it never worked.  So keep going for the lion heads
while trying to stay up high and avoid the fire.  If you continue to go after
him from the same side, eventually the lion's head will break thereby making
that side even safer to attack from.  You will still be able to bounce off the
broken lion's head onto the boss.  Just keep it up and he will die eventually.
I think it takes about 8 hits to kill him.

Enjoy the weak, boring, disappointing ending where you look like a girl! 

-----  5. Conclusion  -----

Well, thanks for reading my FAQ on Bad 'N Rad.  I know it's terribly long but
this game does tend to have a lot of really difficult and complex parts.
Hopefully this FAQ was able to answer some of your questions and if it didn't
answer all of them, I will gladly accept emails at [email protected]
Please write Bad 'N Rad in the subject line so I don't delete it thinking it's
junk mail.  Please don't steal this guide.  It took me many hours to write.  If
you'd like to use any part of it, email me and ask my permission.  I plan on
making updates to this walkthrough as needed.  I'm not sure how many people
actually even know about this game so I don't know how often I will get emails
about the walkthrough so there is really no way to judge, at this point in
time, how often I will be updating.  Thanks again for reading.  I hope you
found it worth your while.

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