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 *************************CHEF’S LUV SHACK**************************

Written By: Nintendoholic
Contact me at: [email protected]
Walkthrough is written Copyright 2000, Nintendoholic

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South Park: Chef’s Luv Shack has officially been rated "Mature" by the
ESBR for comic mischief and strong sexual themes. Mild profanity and
mature concepts are located in this walkthrough due to quotes and
subject matter being taken from the game.
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 Revision History

[Version 1.0]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Saturday, December 16, 2000 -
This is the first version of the FAQ/Walkthrough and I am about 40%
finished with it. I made the basis of the walkthrough with the
characters, controls, story, and game mechanics. Expect the walkthrough
to be fully completed next version.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


        This game is one of the smallest ever made for the Nintendo 64.
Ranking in at a tiny 8MB, this is about sixty times smaller a game then
Perfect Dark. I still love to play it though, but it was designed as a
multiplayer game, first and foremost. Most likely no one even needs this
walkthrough, but I made it anyway because I felt compelled to since no
one else has done so. With it’s raunchy and tasteless humor, I can’t
help but laugh at this game. It will challenge your stamina with doing
absurd activities using South Park residents. Along with that, it will
test your wits with trivia. You can also check out my other two
walkthroughs, on South Park Rally and South Park coming soon.

 Table of Contents:

1. Thin-As-A-Tissue Story

2. Characters

3. Controls

4. Basic Game Playing

      *Starting a Game
      *Game Mechanics
      *Double Down Time
      *Wheel of Fortuitousness

5. Mastering the Trivia

      *Categories List
      *Question and Answer

6. Mini-Game Strategies

7. Legal Information

8. The End

 1.) Thin-As-A-Tissue Story

        Nicknamed "Chef," the head of the school cafeteria in the small
redneck town of South Park has started his own TV show. Based on the
public access channel, you become a contestant on "Chef’s Luv Shack."
Now participate in this twisted creation for the prize of "having a
passion-filled weekend with Chef."

 2.) Characters

The behind the scenes man. He is only represented as a voice in the
game. He will introduce you, begin the show, and various other sounds.

Ladies who help out on the show. They wear obviously distracting
clothing, but I’ll let you decide…

One time Chef of the school cafeteria, now turned to the world of game
shows. He will be your host for the experience. Don’t piss him off by
failing a challenge though or he will pelt you with "comments."

One of the playable characters in the game. A resident of South Park and
mocked as the local fat ass. He is student at South Park Elementary.

Another playable character in the game. A resident of South Park and
basically the only Jewish kid in town. His father runs a law firm and is
"friends" with Cartman.

The third playable character in the game. Your average redneck resident
of South Park. He throws-up every time he sees the girl he likes, Wendy.
Also friends with Kyle and Cartman.

The final playable character in the game. His voice muffled and face
obscured by a overly large jacket. He is mocking like Cartman, except
for being so damn poor, he has half a frozen waffle for dinner.

 3.) Controls

If you don’t understand these controls, you obviously should not be
playing video games.

~~~When You are Playing the Main Game~~~

Directional Pad -
Unlike 99.9% of the other N64 games, you main mode of movement is the
Direction Control Pad, of D-Pad for short. You can move left, right, up
and down only.

A Button -
Press the button to confirm something, like picking a topic or answer to
a trivia question.

B Button -
Press the button to deny or cancel something you selected.

Start Button -
Press this button to also confirm something, Serves the role of the A
Button on a few occasions.

~~~When Playing Mini-Games~~~

The controls for each Mini-Game are different. Simply read the
instructions I provide in the "Mini-Games Strategies" section for what
each button does for each game. Very simple.

 4.) Basic Game Playing

****Starting a Game****

        You start out on the main screen, with a eye-hurting pink
background and the title of the game in flashing in neon lights. Press
the start button to begin and a bell will ring. The announcer comes up.

Announcer: "Hello ladies and gentleman, and welcome to the show. Before
we get started, were going to need your help."

        You come back up on the "Who’s Playing?" screen. Located on the
emptied stage of the show. Four dancing ladies are standing in a row
each holding a sign numbered one to four for how many are playing. Push
the A Button for a player to sign in to play the game. A timer counting
down ten seconds well then appear. Any addition players need to sign in
within the allotted time. If it is a one player game, when the timer
appears, press A to make the time tick down faster.
        After the time is gone you enter to the "Who Are U?" screen. The
crowd cheer in the background. Each player needs to pick there character
from either Stan, Kyle, Cartman or Kenny. The kids with hurl phrases
trying to get you to pick them. "Those guys suck!" "Pick me! Pick me!"
and my personal favorite, "I’ll kick their asses!" Make your selections.
        Exiting into the "How Many Rounds?" screen, you come upon what
is called the Luv-O-Meter. It is basically a meter with a beating heart
at the top. On the Luv-O-Meter, select how many rounds you want to play.
Quickie, two rounds. Foreplay, four rounds. Good Luvin’ is six rounds.
And Hot & Heavy is eight rounds.
        The game has now begun. You back onto the fully functional stage
all ready to begin. The announce introduces the show.

Announcer: "South Park Cable Access welcomes you to Chef’s Luv Shack.
The sexiest, sultriest, most sensual game show on Earth. The show where
young, vibatious, uninhibited swimsuit models compete for the chance to
spend a romantic weekend with our host."

Announcer(Quick Voice): "Due to the lack of young, vibatious,
uninhibited swimsuit models, today’s show will feature youngsters from
South Park Elementary."

Announcer: "And now, wouldn’t you give it up for your host, the most
illegible, edible, and ultimately unforgettable, Chef."

        Piano music plays as Chef walks out onto the stage with a
microphone in his hand and wearing a brand new green tuxedo.

Chef: "Hello, everyone. Welcome to Chef’s Luv Shack. I’m your host,
Chef. Today, one of our lucky ladies is going to win a passion-filled
weekend with me. Roy, lets meet our very lovely contestants."

Announcer: "Lovely lady number one is…[your character’s name]."

Chef: "Roy, why the hell can’t we ever get any lovely ladies?"

        The announcer will give an excuse like the cheerleaders had
practice today, or that it’s South Park, and there are no lovely ladies.

****Game Mechanics****

        When you start your game, you come up on the "Choose Category"
screen. There is a counter in the lower left hand corner showing what
round it currently is, and in the opposite right corner is what question
it is. Chef is standing to your right and a window is on screen. There
are three random categories will listed inside of it. Choose one of
them. You have a time limit of ten seconds to choose your category or
Chef will do it for you, picking randomly.
        After you have choose your topic, Chef will ask you a question.
The question will appear in the window on screen. And four possible
answers will appear below the question in another window. A heart-timer
is ticking down time. You have five seconds to ring in with your buzzer.
Then you have ten sections to choose the correct answer. If you get the
question right, 500 points is added to your score. Get it wrong, 500
points are subtracted away from it.
        Answer the trivia and every once in a while the announcer will
say to jump into a Game-Play Round, see "Mini-Game Strategies" for
information on that.

 5.) Mastering the Trivia

****Categories List****

1. Scuzzlebutt & Friends               22. Chewie Surprises
2. Potpiepourri                        23. Styx & Twigs
3. Hot, Strong & Dark                  24. The "P" in Pool
4. Damn, Leonard Maltin                25. Famous Gay Cowboys
5. West Siyeeeeed Story                26. Ashes to Asses
6. Goldfish & Crackers                 27. Shenanigans!
7. No Substitute for Luvin’            28. Firemen
8. Robert Smith Kicks Ass              29. A Form of Herpes
9. Hippie Crap                         30. Mmm’kay Sera Sera
10. The 1991 Denver Broncos            31. Big-Boned
11. Chillin’ Con Carnies               32. Sucks, or Canadian?
12. Limeys & Teabags & Frogs, Oh My!   33. What a Dump!
13. Mighty Hermathphrodite             34. DNA-Holes
14. My Fart Will go on                 35. Historic Boat Rides
15. Aliens, Assholes, and Anal Probes  36. Creamy Goodness
16. Volcano Disasters                  37. Oh, Fudge!
17. I’m Thuper, Thanks for Athking!    38. Salisbury Steak
18. Foul Balls                         39. Giant Japanese Monster Bad!
19. Lesbian Role Models                40. Jimbo’s "Good Kill Hunting"
20. Snack Cakes                        41. A Pox on You
21. People Who Eat People              42. Worcestershire Sauce

****Question and Answer****

[coming next issue…]

 7.) Legal Information

        This document was researched, typed, edited, and produced by me.
Therefore, I legally own it. This document is copyrighted by me. You may
not distribute this document for any money, this was made to be free for
fans of the Nintendo South Park Series. You may not distribute it in
anyway without my permission, period. Do not post this document on your
website or any other possible communications media from smoke signals to
interstellar radar without my permission and giving due credit to me. In
other words don’t give yourself a five-finger discount, don’t steal this


-=[Final Thought]=-
Watch South Park at 10 P.M. on Wednesday nights on Comedy Central. Or
you can check out www.comedycentral.com for South Park activities.

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