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Sam Fisher is back! Save the United States from the threats of the Blacklist 
terrorist organization with this guide that will help you make it through each 
one of the missions, one step at a time.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist
Written by Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

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                           TABLE OF CONTENTS

01. Introduction and Controls
02. Walkthrough
Blacklist Zero
Insurgent Stronghold
American Consumption
Private Estate
Abandoned Mill
Special Missions HQ
Transit Yards
Detention Facility
American Fuel
LNG Terminal
Site F
03. Conclusion

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01. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Sam Fisher is called back into action when a new terrorist group calling itself
the Blacklist sets their sights on the United States. Sam and his handpicked 
crew must work together to take down the terrorist threat and save the United 
States from this new evil.

Please note that the control information was taken directly from in-game 

LT - Aim Down Sight
LB - Use Gadget
RT - Shoot
RB - Mark/Unmark
RB (hold) - Unmark All
LS - Move
LS (press) - Crouch
RS - Camera Look
RS (press) - Reload
D-pad (up) - Goggles
D-pad (left) - Special Weapon/Cycle Special Ammo
D-pad (down) - Alternate WEapon/Cycle Fire Mode
D-pad (right) - Pistol
D-pad (hold) - Open Selection Wheel
Y - Execute
X - Hand to Hand
X (hold) - Human Shield
B - Cover
A - Use/Cover-to-Cover
A (hold) - Active Sprint
Back - Attract
Start - Pause Menu

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
02. Walkthrough
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After the helicopter crashes, follow Victor through the water. Stop when he 
stops. You know the routine. He will teach you to crouch, which is done by 
pressing in the left analog stick. This will reduce visibility and make it 
harder for enemies to see you, especially when in darkness.

Keep following Victor until a couple of enemies are seen. Get behind cover by 
pressing B. The cover the game wants you to get behind is marked by the 
objective marker, and also says COVER on it, so yeah, it's hard to miss. Point 
Sam's attention to the next piece of cover and then press A to move to that 
piece of cover. Keep doing this until you are at the piece of cover right by 
the enemy on the left.

Hold a d-pad button to alter the method of takedowns. You can choose to do a 
non-violent takedown or an execution. Press X to switch between the two of 
them. Decide, and then take out the guy on the left. Victor will automatically 
take out the guy on the right, and the two of you will also automatically pick 
up their weapons.

Now equipped with a silenced pistol, move forward, sticking to the shadows, and
also sticking to cover. The goal here is to reach the jammer and disable it. 
Stick to the shadows, obviously. Take a minute to survey the situation. To your
left, a guard will move behind a large vehicle. Down toward the gate, there 
will be multiple guards.

Go to the left, around the vehicle, following that guard. Knock him out or kill
him, and then hug this area. There will be a couple of enemies firing off in 
the distance. Ignore them. Move slowly and the sound of their gunfire will 
drown out your footsteps.

Keep moving until you near the gate. Stay behind cover, as a guard will move 
back and forth and shine his flashlight your way. Move quickly through the 
open gate when he walks away.

Before each mission, you get to customize your loadout or just stick with the 
one recommended for you. For the purposes of this guide, I am just going to 
assume that you went with the default loadout, though the differences in 
strategy honestly shouldn't be that different.

At the start of this mission, just walk to the courtyard while Sam chats with 
his people on the airship. Then go through the nearby open doors and move 
through the shop. Open the door to reach the alley and then Sam will change 
into his gear, Superman style, in a bathroom.

Exit the bathroom. Crouch, and then slowly approach the next group of enemies. 
Get behind the nearest cover and survey the situation. There are two enemies 
in front of the truck and one enemy standing behind it. Luckily, they all have 
their backs to Sam.

Take out the first guard with a melee strike. This will fill up your Execution 
meter. Point the cursor at the two far guards and mark them by pressing RB. 
Then move behind the truck and press Y to execute. this will kill the both of 
them and allow you to continue to the next area.

In the next room, ignore the enemies in the middle and just walk around to 
the next hallway. Walk up the stairs. Turn off the lights and then move 
forward. There will be a couple of enemies down this hall, but if you turn 
to the right quickly enough, you can hide in that room and then hop out of the 
adjacent window.

Shimmy along and then climb up on the next balcony. Notice the open window. 
Climb up the wall and go inside. Take out the guard and then move out into the 
next hallway. Take cover and then take note of the enemies in the next room and
the target on the chair in the middle.

There is one very close, and then four walking around the guy in the center and
one talking. Take out the closest guy. If you have Execution at this point, 
then use it. Mark the targets and clear the room. If you can't get one guy 
marked, just take him out in the confusion right after the Execution is played 

If you don't have Execution readily available, toss a flashbang grenade into 
the room. This will blind everybody and give you the chance to take them all 
out. You may want to switch to your machinegun. Do this with the d-pad. The 
machinegun should be silenced if you didn't do anything with your loadout.

Anyway, once they're all dead, check the guy in the center of the room. There 
won't be much for you to do now in this regard, so exit the building. Ignore 
the enemies and just walk behind them. Shimmy as necessary and work your way to
the roof.

Interact with the pile of supplies to restock on all of your gear. Then use the
zipline as the enemy on the opposite building turns to walk away. Sam will 
automatically jump on him and knock him out. The game will then teach you how 
to hide bodies. Pick the body up by holding X and then approach the nearby bin 
and press B to hide him in there.

Go through the next door. Shimmy along the ledge and then take out the guard 
here silently. You should be able to sneak by the other guards without even 
engaging them at this point. Continue to practice caution as you move through 
the level, but you are pretty much safe until you see an enemy walking back 
and forth on the next building over. Shoot him in the head, go over to that 
building, and then take out the other enemy here before continuing.

You'll reach an apparent roadblock, but simply climb "up" the door and through 
the opening. Then shimmy along to the next wall. Climb up higher, then drop 
down when on the other side of the wall. In the next building, there is an 
enemy that is a "high value target" that you can get extra points for capturing

He is in a room by himself. To see into the room, look down at the bottom of 
the door and press A. Then bash the door open and quickly take him out with a 
melee strike. Press X again to "tag and bag" him, which means that you have 
satisfied this bonus requirement.

The next hall has a couple of enemies and an innocent civilian that is just 
cowering and hoping to avoid being shot. Remember that one of the main 
objectives in this mission is to AVOID SHOOTING CIVILIANS. Doing so will result
in a game over, and you definitely don't want one of those.

Take out the two enemies in any fashion that you wish. Then proceed through 
the next area. Use the objective marker as your guide so that you don't get 
lost moving through the buildings. As you go down the flight of stairs, 
quickly take out the enemy here. If you make too much noise, except the door at
the bottom of the steps to be knocked down. Otherwise, it will be quiet and 
you can move through into a garage without engaging the enemy.

There should be one guy that enters the garage if you didn't make too much 
noise. If you DID make too much noise, you'll be in a shootout and you will 
just have to kill everybody. But anyway, assuming you are going the stealthy 
route for this mission, wait for the guard to enter the garage. Take him out, 
and then wait for his buddy to get close. Now move to the next door and climb 
through the window at the top and drop down on the other side.

Guard dogs will be your new problem. They can smell you if you get too lose 
and alert your position to the other enemies. There is one over the chainlink 
fence, so hop over the fence. Shoot the dog (there are no human enemies 
around here), and then you can continue across the street. Choose to either 
take out the enemy or ignore him.

There seems like an intimidating amount of enemies outside the target building,
but as you can see, you can bypass them pretty easily. Move into the office 
building and then shoot out the lights so that you don't have to worry too 
much about being seen by enemies. This is also a great way to bait them 
around corners so that you can take them out silently.

Work your way to the stairwell and then walk up the stairs. The door that is 
your objective will be right down the first hallway. Go inside the door and 
you'll be on the other end of a two-way mirror. Save your Execution for this 
part, mainly because of how cool it looks.

Mark all the enemies on the other side of the mirror and then perform the 
Execution to take them all out at the same time in a pretty epic fashion. When 
that is done, you have to drag Kobin out of the building.

Kobin makes being stealthy hard, but it's still possible. Just stick to the 
shadows as much as you possibly can as you move to your objective. Shoot all 
the enemies that you can as soon as you get a headshot lined up so that you 
can avoid engaging them in another manner.

Upon reaching the room that is your destination, one of two things will happen.
If you eliminated all the hostiles silently, then you are free to just escape 
the building and watch the subsequent cut-scene. If not, then you will have a 
"defend the area" style mission where you just hang tight and shoot everything 
that comes your way. This is because they call for reinforcements if you are 

After every time you complete a mission, co-op mission, exit the Spies vs. 
Mercs multiplayer lobby, you are brought back to the Paladin. The Paladin is 
the name of the large plane that all the game menus are accessed through in 
Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

I don't mark these instances on the Table of Contents because they are so short
and really easy to get through, but I will still mention them throughout the 
guide as relevant. Basically, you will sometimes be asked to do something 
before going into your next mission. What that "something" is depends on 
whatever is going on in the main story mission, but it won't let you continue 
to the next mission until you get done whatever needs to get done aboard the 

Speak with Grim about plane upgrades. Choose to upgrade the cockpit (since 
this is forced upon you as part of the game, this upgrade will cost a whopping 
$0). After this, you can return to the SMI and then move on to the next story 
mission of the game!

This mission actually starts with you controlling Briggs as a sniper inside of 
a helicopter. There are numerous targets on the ground. Your first instinct as 
a gamer is probably to just wipe out all the targets immediately. However, 
this is Splinter Cell and in Splinter Cell, we do things quietly.

The trick here is to kill the enemies one at a time and when they are not being
seen by other enemies. If someone notices their friend got shot, quickly take 
that guy out before he can radio for back-up. If he calls for reinforcements, 
it will effectively end the mission.

Completing this will switch control back over to Sam. There are no enemies in 
the nearby vicinity, but be very cautious once you actually start approaching 
them. In this mission, one of the requirements is to remain completely 
undetected. The game keeps encouraging you to use gadgets with the little 
pop-up tips, but in my experience, it is pretty easy to just maneuver around 
the enemies at this part and remain undetected.

Work your way up the mountain by climbing the mountain. When you reach the 
front door of the base, you will get to use a TRI-ROTOR. Fly it through the 
opening above the door, and then make sure you keep it up near the ceiling so 
that you can fly in undetected from all the guards inside of the stronghold. 
Use the triggers to lower and raise the altitude of the device.

Aim it at the face of the suspect. Wait for the meter to fill up and then you 
can enter the compound yourself. Aim the camera down at the base of the door so
that you can use the spycam to look inside. On the other side of the door 
will be an enemy. Wait for him to be a bit away from the door, and then you 
can quietly enter and take him out.

Stick to the top floor. Hop out the window and shimmy along to the other 
window. Wait for the enemy on the other side of the window to have his back to 
you and then you can take him out. Wait for the enemies to not pay attention, 
then go down the stairs, through the next door, and then you can enter the room
with the suspect.

After the interrogation, you have the choice of killing him or sparing him. 
Pull LT if you want to spare him and pull RT if you want to kill him. I will 
say this, though, I chose to spare the guy and he wound up shooting himself in 
the head anyway, so I don't think it really matters. It's just the "illusion" 
of choice.

Drop down the hole and you'll be back on the mountainside. Scale the mountain 
using the rappel rope and the ledges. Move underneath the building and the 
guards above will not be able to see you at all. There's also a cache of 
supplies so you can restock on everything before continuing the mission.

There will be an enemy messing with a fusebox once you come up. Kill him from 
behind. This will attract another enemy to the area. Kill him and then you 
should be able to use cover to make your way into their cave without being 
seen by anyone else.

There will be a couple of enemies inside the cave, but they are easily disposed
of and after that you can just exit the cave by climbing out on the other 
side of it. In this next area, there are multiple enemies, including a high 
value target, as well as a dog. Ugh, the dog.

You'll want to get rid of the dog immediately. Get behind cover, and look to 
Sam's left to see the dog pawing at the ground. Wait for the human enemy to 
walk away, then shoot the dog. Now hug the left side of this area to find 
another tunnel to move through.

Wait for the coast to be clear up here, then walk across the street. Move 
through this building here to reach your next well/hole and drop down it by 
mashing B. Now it's pretty much a straight shot to the next room that is 
important to the story.

Watch the scene, but keep your hands ready on the controller because after that
cut-scene is over, it's time to haul serious ass! Sprint out of this place. 
Hold A, make sure you're not crouched, and then just move into the doors to 
make Sam bash through them. It's a linear path, but don't stop sprinting for 
even a second because the timer drains very quickly.

This mission begins like many of my crazy nights of partying have ended -- on 
the roof of a Christmas-themed store in Chicago, Illinois. Use the ventilation 
system to enter the store proper. You start out on the catwalk above. This 
mission features plenty of ventilation exploration as well as light smashin', 
so be prepared for all that fun stuff for this go-round.

The first part in the store can be kind of intimidating. What I recommend is 
creating a distraction of some sort. Depending on the way you are playing the 
game, you can kill someone as far away from the objective marker as possible, 
but make sure they see you long enough to make noise before offing them. This 
will cause everyone to rush to that location, making it really easy for you to 
just continue walking to the next objective marker and opening the door to the 
warehouse area.

Otherwise, you will want to go around killing everyone one by one silently, 
taking out people from the darkness with silenced pistol shots, or try creating
distractions using one of your many gadgets. At any rate, get through the 
doors that are marked and then head down the stairs.

Instead of going all the way down the stairs, go through the ventilation shaft 
at the landing instead. This shaft will bring you to a bathroom. Shoot out all 
the lights in the bathroom. A couple of guards patrol here and in the adjacent 
hallway, but there should be one in the actual bathroom.

Kill him first, then kill the one in the hallway. Find the next ventilation 
shaft in the bathroom and get inside. It will be pitch black in here, so switch
on your night vision goggles. At the end of this shaft, there will probably be 
an enemy standing right outside the grate. Move the grate then hop out of the 
shaft. Take out the enemy silently from behind and then you are free to move 
into the larger area with the hostages.

Of course, you'll want to play this stealthily, but if you do get caught, don't
freak out. The enemies won't actually off the hostages or anything and cause 
you to fail the mission. The best thing to do here is to shoot out the lights. 
This will cause a couple of enemies to come investigate, making them easy 
pickings from the shadows.

Go down the small steps and there should be two guards just standing and one 
walking back and forth. Shroud them in darkness and then take them all out one 
by one. Use your night vision goggles as necessary. There's nothing you can do 
for the hostages right now, unfortunately, so drop through the open hatch in 
this room.

You'll now be in a sewer system with lots and pipes and stuff. There is an 
armored enemy in here as well as a multitude of guards that are walking around.
Shoot out the lights to make it black, and then use the pipes to shimmy around 
undetected. If you get above the armored guard and there is a chance for an 
aerial knockout or a death from above, take that opportunity. If you do get 
caught by the enemies, the armored guy is going to make your life hell.

From there, continue down the tunnel. A short scene will play and after the 
scene is over, you have the choice to either kill or spare the terrorist. Just 
for reference, I chose to off him. I am currently unaware of any gameplay 
consequences that may come about if you choose to spare his life, or if there 
is even any difference between the choices really at all.

Anyway, the point of meeting that guy in the first place was to introduce you 
to the concept of drones. In the next area, it is sort of a tunnel with a 
concrete structure in the middle that you can easily move under and remain 
completely undetected. There is also a drone driving around. Disable the drone 
to attract the attention of its operator, then kill him silently.

There are more enemies down the tunnel, but they are spaced far apart. This 
means that you can move down the center of the tunnel, under protection of the 
concrete structure, and just take them out one by one as they near you. This 
tunnel will open up to a room with some stairs, so go up the stairs and then 
at the top, take out the guard walking just outside the door.

Now you can cross the street to the water filtration plant. There are no 
enemies in the street, but there are a few guarding the building. Shoot out 
the lights of one of the cars to draw them to that location. This should make 
it so you can just walk around them, but it also provides an ample opportunity 
to lay a trap that you can use to take out all the enemies guarding the 
exterior of the building, if you are afraid of being caught.

Enter the building once they've been taken care of and continue to pursue the 
ever-elusive objective marker on your HUD. You'll wind up in a hallway with a 
couple of thugs chatting. I recommend using Execution to take them out if you 
want, otherwise it can be kind of tough to down them without attracting a whole
lot of unwanted attention.

Continue through to the facility until a timer pops up on the upper left-hand 
corner of the screen. This timer indicates how much time Sam has left to 
disable the devices so that the poison isn't actually sent out through the 
water systems.

The devices are marked A and B. It doesn't matter which one you go after first,
and the strategy for each is the same. There will be enemies guarding them, 
obviously, but you have a height advantage on them. It's actually not a bad 
strategy to just off them all from that initial vantage point, unless you are 
going for a hardcore stealth run.

What you could do anyway though is mark them. Just because you mark enemies, 
it doesn't mean that you have to use the Execution ability on them. Marking 
enemies when you are above them is simply a great way to know where they are at
when you actually move down there to walk amongst them. I recommend marking 
all the enemies on one side, either A or B, then going after that device, 
using the marks to keep track of where the enemies are walking at all times.

So you could take out one machine, then make your way back to the top center 
area. From there, you can repeat the strategy. Keep in mind that there is an 
armored enemy guarding B, so if you are not so great at the stealth stuff, you 
will probably want to take him out first, or else he will cause you major 
headaches in the not too distant future.

Also, you need to keep in mind that you only have 10 minutes to do all of this.
That's actually a lot of time, but if you are planning to do it stealthy, you 
do kind of have to move. Because the timer keeps going after disabling the two 
machines due to an outflow valve needing turned.

This outflow valve is located in a building in the center of the area. There 
is hardly anyone guarding it or the door, so you should be able to easily 
get inside and turn the valve, unless there are other enemies roaming around 
that you chose not to deal with. Get to the valve and turn it to successfully 
complete this mission.

Charlie wants to talk to Sam about something. Go talk to Charlie. He is located
just up the stairs, working on something. When you're done talking to him, you 
are free to purchase the Sonar Goggles from him. This is a must-buy, and like 
the cockpit upgrade from before, it costs $0.

Don't forget to purchase new equipment for Sam as well as buy upgrades to his 
suits and whatever else. The game is a lot tougher if you just ignore all the 
available upgrades and such. Upgrade and purchase equipment for Sam based on 
how YOU are playing the game. It makes it really easy to figure out what you 
need for what play style, so there ya have it.

Drop down into the potted plants. There are there three enemies on the tennis 
court. Two of them will leave to start doing patrols. Take cover behind one of 
the little concrete plant structures. Hang tight until the enemy walks right 
up and points his flashlight in your direction.

He won't be able to see you if you are properly hidden behind the concrete, of 
course. Wait for him to start walking away, then hop down behind him and take 
him out. When that's done, turn your attention to the other enemy. He will 
start walking your way. You can either go around the entire tennis court and 
take him out with a melee strike or you can shoot him in the head from your 
current position.

At any rate, go through the door closest to the starting point of this level. 
This opens up into a garage. A single enemy will be in the garage, working on 
a car. Easily take him out from behind. The other enemies outside can be 
flanked if you go through the other singuar door (as opposed to a garage door) 
in this place. You can also easily walk behind them and then continue making 
your way to the security room.

Enter the security room and then use the computer. They will then unlock the 
nearby window for you. Slide the window open and then hop out. Make your way 
to the pipe that is on the building and climb up to the balcony. Your next 
objective marker is quite a ways away. Shoot out any lights to make this part 
easier as there are dogs and enemies all over the place to worry about.

Use this vantage point on the balcony to either A) kill everyone or B) mark as 
many people as possible so you can track their movements when you are on the 
ground. The dog may pose a problem, but as long as you keep your distance from 
it, it won't pick up your scent.

Upon reaching the guardhouse, approach the hatch on the ground and then deploy 
the TRI ROTOR. This one has been upgraded to shoot enemies with electrical 
bolts. You will encounter three enemies on your way to the fusebox that powers 
all the security in the estate. Blast them with quick bolts of electricity or 
avoid them by flying close to the ceiling. Get to the fusebox and then press Y 
to detonate the machine. Now you can enter the actual house.

Inside the house, there will be a handful of enemies patroling the first floor.
Create a distraction. Be creative. Then make your way to the stairs. With the 
lights all out, you are able to move pretty freely here, just be careful 
about making too much noise with your footsteps and what-not.

On the second floor, watch out for lasers that block the path. To destroy 
lasers, you can use the sonar goggles to find the box that powers them. These 
can be shot to disable the lasers. I don't think you actually HAVE to disable 
any lasers to get through here, but it does make your life easier, especially 
if you need to make a quick retreat to avoid detection.

Get to the big bathroom on the second floor. There is a small bathroom near 
the very top of the stairs, but this is just a place to hide or store bodies, 
whichever you prefer. You are able to break into the panic room from the floor 
of the second bathroom.

Nouri will be captured, but now a group of highly trained individuals storm 
the building. After Sam tells Nouri to stay put, hop over the ledge and hang 
on. Two operatives will come to attack Nouri. If Nouri is spotted, it doesn't 
mean you're spotted, but you do have to be careful to protect him because 
these guys are actively trying to kill him, unlike the dude from the last 
protection mission.

From your vantage point on this ledge, you can take the two of them out really 
easily. Nouri will then move to the next place of cover. Four other operatives 
will be below. Shoot the two that are the closest to you and then shimmy around
to the final two. Shoot one in the head, the one that is not looking at the 
other, and then you can drop down and take out the other guy, either with non-
lethal means or with deadly force.

Nouri will then lead Sam through his secret tunnel. Follow him through here. 
No enemies will be around to give you any more trouble. Step outside, and 
then hug the left side of the cliffs to avoid being detected by any operatives.
Remember that these guys can see in the dark, so be wary of that as you move 
with Nouri. Also remember that while dragging Nouri, your movement and attacks 
are severely limited when compared, say, to when you don't have to drag some 
around by their collar and complete a mission.

There will be two operatives that are a pretty big problem that show up near 
the bridge. I recommend shooting them in the head before they can call for 
reinforcements. Just like the previous mission when you were escorting someone 
to the extraction, being caught here actually changes how the missio plays 

If you are caught during all of this, then you will have a "defend the area" 
sequence just like before. If you get through without alerting any of the 
guards, then you can just leave on the boat. Otherwise, get behind cover and 
blast the enemies in the face as they pour onto the docks. Then hop on the boat
before they leave.

When this mission starts, you need to IMMEDIATELY run across the little bridge 
and go behind the truck. If you don't the sniper will see you and take you out.
There is also a dog to worry about. If it starts to growl, shoot it. Otherwise,
you can get away with leaving it alone for now.

Hug the wall as you walk up the steps. Move in on the sniper and take him out. 
Hop out of the window of the sniper's little hut and then work your way to the 
pipe that goes up the side of the building. Climb the pipe to the roof to see a
short cut-scene.

I wish you could toss the corpse of the guy Briggs shot off the roof for 
giggles, but alas, you can't. Climb up to the higher roof. Move carefully as 
there will be two snipers in the distance. Hug the wall and stick to the 
shadows as you move towards the snipers, marked by the bright red gear they 
wear on their heads.

Kill them if you wish and then continue pushing forward until you reach the 
hatch. Drop down to grab onto the ladder and then slide down to the floor, 
taking out the enemy in here with a melee attack or a well-placed shot to the 
head after you get your feet on the ground.

MOve down the subsequent hallway to reach an elevator shaft. Use the elevator 
wire to drop down to the lower level. Then move across the floor to another 
rope. Ride this down to get even further down in the building. On the floor 
below, there are a couple of enemies watching TV, and others walking around.

Take out the lights here. This can be done by switching them off using the 
generator, or just shooting them out. If you switch them off using the 
generator, that will guarantee that at least one enemy will move by it, which 
makes him easy pickings. Take him out before the lights turn back on, though, 
or else you're screwed.

The rafters of this room can be used advantageously to bypass most of the 
enemies, or take them out from above. The problem with this area is all the 
lights, mostly, so once you take out the lights, then getting by the enemies is
made much easier.

You will then reach a balcony. A truck will drive by on the street, and there 
is an enemy on the balcony below. Take him out or wait for him to turn his back
before moving into the building again. Avoid the enemies and make your way to 
the objective room, which results in another cut-scene playing. After the 
scene is over, you will have to enter the loading bay.

Now the game becomes much stricter. You CAN'T be detected, and not only that, 
but you CAN'T attack any of the enemies. Doing so will result in an automatic 
game over for this mission. I know I have recommended straight-up murder 
numerous times in this guide, but this is one of the few times where doing that
will get us nowhere. Luckily, this room isn't so tough.

First, just shoot out all the lights. Everyone will go and investigate the 
lights, for some reason not realize that all the lights being smashed is weird 
as shit, and then just return to their posts like nothing has happened. You 
can easily then just walk right up to the truck, as long as you move slowly 
enough. Press A to see yet another scene.

When Sam exits the truck, now you have to leave the Loading Bay and still not 
alert anyone to your presence or harm any of them. Make sure the room is dark 
as possible, and then just hang tight by the truck for a while. The enemies 
will move around a lot. Wait for an opportunity to make a break for a pipe so 
that you can climb back up to the rafters.

Use the rafters to get back to the stairs. Before dropping down on the landing,
wait for an enemy to climb to the top of the stairs, because one of them will 
do that and then lean on the railing. When he's done this, drop down, then 
jump over the railing that is right by the exit. Shimmy far enough that you 
can drop then, then climb over the small barricade in the way and move through 
the exit. Now it's weapon's free. Resupply at the cache and then open the 
next door.

Immediately you will encounter another enemy. Kill him or do with him what you 
wish as you move into the next room. Be careful as you make your way down the 
steps and into the next hallway. To your right will be a light, to your left 
two enemies. Shoot the light on your right. Wait for the armored enemy to come 
out of the room and investigate. Quickly move up behind him, take him out, 
then take out the guards on the other end of the hallway.

You will move through a biohazard area. Pull the grate off the ground to move 
under all of this. Then next you will be in an area with a lot of water. By 
the way, there are numerous instances throughout this mission involving drones,
so hopefully you haven't had too many problems with them, but since I've been 
advising you to take out pretty much every enemy, the drone operators probably 
haven't been a big deal...unless you've been getting caught.

Just so you can never say I didn't tell you, if a drone catches you, what you 
need to do is run AWAY from the drone. The reason for this is that the drones 
will explode and probably kill you from the blast if you are too close. You 
can use the exploding drones to your advantage, however.

Shooting a drone once will simply disable it. Shooting a drone twice will blow 
it up and that can be used to take out enemies.

Back on track, after the room that is flooded, you have to move through a few 
biohazard tents. I am told that if you don't get caught during this part, where
Sam is walking all weird thanks to his exposure to the chemicals earlier, then 
there is an extra cut-scene, but I can't verify that at this time. If someone 
has that information, please e-mail it to me.

Regardless, Sam DOES get captured no matter what happens at some point during 
this segment, and then yet ANOTHER cut-scene will play. Damn, the "Abandoned 
Mill" is very important for the story, ain't it? After that scene is over, Sam 
is left without his spiffy goggles, which can make the next part much more 

Those red-goggled operatives burst through the ceiling as you and Briggs go 
into the next room. They throw a ton of smoke down as well, but it's a good 
thing Briggs has a smart idea. He will start shooting them to draw their fire. 
Jump through the window and then you can easily flank them. If their numbers 
become too overwhelming, take note of the explosive canister in the center of 
the room. If they all crowd around that, just give that a couple of shots to 
blow them all up in one fantastic explosion.

Go up the stairs with Briggs after the opposition has been dealt with. More of 
them will be up here. Briggs will hold position and distract them and your goal
is to take them all out so Briggs can continue. On your side, take out the 
enemies and then get to the higher floor. This provides the PERFECT vantage 
point to get rid of everyone else that is opposing Briggs and they probably 
won't even have a chance to attack.

When all of the enemies have been killed, this will mean that the way is fully 
clear for Briggs to proceed. Go to the double doors at the very top of the 
stairs and hang tight for Briggs. When he arrives, the mission will be over and
yet another cut-scene will play. Because we needed just one more, didn't we?


Climb up the pole that is right in front of you at the start of the game. 
Shimmy along the side of the building and then drop to the ground after the 
camera (the yellowish light) moves away. Then you can move through the light 
and climb up the building again. Go as far as you can possibly go, but just 
wait there.

A camera will move back and forth to check this area out, plus there is a 
guard that walks over to look here as well. Wait for the camera to move, but 
don't drop down just yet as a guard will walk over to expect things. Wait for 
him to leave as well, then wait for the camera to arrive and move again, before
continuing and getting closer to the street.

Climb up the pole on the side of the building once you are told of the strategy
with the parking garage. Climb across the sign to the actual parking garage 
building, then drop down. Remember that you are NOT allowed to engage ANY 
hostiles and you can NOT be caught, or else it is GAME OVER.

Make your way over the parking garage. An enemy will move down into it, so 
don't let him hear you. Wait for him to go through, then shoot out the camera 
that is positioned above the entrance.

Inside the parking garage, make note of the shaft that leads down the center, 
then shoot out all the lights. The guard will fumble around, which gives you 
the perfect opportunity to go through the shaft. Now, as you rappel down, there
will be enemies shining their flashlights. The game wants you to be cautious, 
but I found that if you just jump down it all the way as fast as possible as 
SOON as you start rappeling, then you will be fine. They may notice you for a 
split second, but never long enough to actually start attacking you.

At the bottom of the shaft, get behind cover. The general will tell you to 
wait up, so do so. He will chat with a guard. When that conversation is over, 
hop over the side and follow the general closely. All the enemies in this 
mission have a special chip that basically disable the security around them, 
and this is illustrated in this mission.

Anyway, stick close to the general to avoid setting off the laser alarms. A 
cut-scene will play once you're done following him. Immediately climb up the 
center area in the middle of the room and use the pipes to shimmy around the 
place. Face the objective marker, then go to the left. Drop down (knock out or 
kill any enemies while you do this), then go through the door. Go down stairs, 
go through the next door, and then immediately get into the air duct.

Walk through the air duct and then go through the next one to be at the top of 
some stairs. From the safety of the air duct, take out any enemies that may 
be there, and then continue. You will be in a more industrialized area, with 
an enemy with his back to you (unless you've been extremely loud, in which 
case you'll need to be lugging around some dead bodies...) grab him as a 
human shield and go up the stairs, taking out any enemies as you go.

With the human shield, approach the electronic door. This will get it to open. 
Either kill your shield or keep dragging him along. There is a upside and a 
downside to either method. The upside to the human shield approach is that it 
will make the mission go faster. The downside is that you can only use your 
gun, which is rarely the ideal situation. The upside to carrying around a dead 
body is that you can ditch it different places and therefore use your other 
abilities. The downside is that you will constantly be picking him up and then 
putting him back down again. Get to the elevator and ride it.

While exploring this level, shooting out lights has never been more important 
in the game so far. It makes this level SO much easier than it would be 
otherwise. But anyway, in the next area, you'll notice a gated off area in 
the center, with the laptop that is your objective smackdab in the middle of 
some servers that this little cage is protecting.

Use the steps to get over the cage. Kill any enemies on the outside of it so 
they don't become an issue. Then on the opposite side of the cage, there is a 
small room. Go in here to find a shaft that leads into the tunnels underneath 
it all. Use these tunnels to find a ladder. The ladder is guarded by lasers, 
but there is a pipe on the ceiling that you can shimmy across to avoid touching
the lasers.

Climb up the ladder. Kill the enemies in here, then hold A at the computer. 
More enemies, including an armored fella, will show up to investigate. Hide 
the bodies in the shaft and then hide there yourself until the time runs out. 
When the time runs out, cautiously return to the surface. If the armored guy 
has his back to you, use that opportunity to kill him with a quick melee 

Otherwise, you will want to just wait it out. Grab the hard drive from the 
computer now that it has finished downloading. Exit through the way you came 
into this server room and through the glass you will see the "fast rope" 
option. Make sure the coast is clear and then press A so Sam breaks through 
the glass (as quietly as possible, I'm sure) and then uses the fast rope to 
get to the bottom as quickly as possible.

Take out the first guard here in this lobby area. Two more guards and an 
armored guard will replace him. There are annoying lights all over this place, 
so shoot those out if you can. Try to shoot the ones that are away from the 
door so that you can distract the enemies and cause them to walk over there 
and check it out, giving you an easy way to the door. Alternatively, you can 
also backtrack with the ventilation shafts if you so wish by going through 
the shaft that is sitting right next to the door that the objective marker is 
telling you to go through.

You will be led to another room full of catwalks and pipes and such. There 
will be a couple of enemies here to take note of, so take them out. Then in 
the next room, there will be one regular enemy to your left (as you walk in), 
a regular enemy to your right, and an operative to your right. Luckily, the 
operative is distracted. Get in the dark on the left side and take out the 
first guy, then take out the operative, then take out the guard that is 
walking around. This will clear out the room. Grab a dead body.

Take the dead body to the next room. A guard will approach the doors. Stay in 
the dark and let him pass. Then drop the body by the doors so they open. Go 
to the designated control panels and fiddle with the buttons there. Head to 
the main area with the metal detector and wait for Charlie to get the gates 

When he does, a bunch of guards, including a brand new guard type, will enter 
the room. The new guard type is the armored guard, except now packing a large 
shield as well, making them virtually impossible to defeat in a head-on battle.
So, yeah, avoiding detection here is a VERY good idea.

And you know what? It's not even hard. You can climb up on the stone pillars 
in this area and just shimmy around so that you are positioned behind enemies. 
Then drop down and continue to the front door. As long as you approach the 
guy with the shield from the side, you should be fine. Hell, you probably don't
even have to kill him or knock him out if you don't want to, just move behind 
him through the double doors and then out the other side to the garden area.

The garden is full of freaking lamps that light up the entire place. Shoot out 
all of these lights to make it dark as possible. There are some lights here 
that it's just not practical to shoot out, but that's okay. There should be 
enough darkness for you to get through the first area of the garden not only 
undetected, but it's pretty easy to avoid combat here altogether.

The second area of the garden is where things start to get tricky. Not only 
is it incredibly illuminated, but there are armored guards with shields here as
well. If you aren't worried about stealth, just make a break for the front 
gates and you will probably make it. Otherwise, just take it slow. Take out one
light at a time and get to the gates as cautiously as possible. If you do get 
caught by those armored guys though, you're going to want to make a break 
straight for the gates.

Following a cut-scene, control shifts over to Grim. Using a drone, you are to 
protect the vehicle that Sam and Briggs are in. Do this using the guns and 
other weaponry of the drone. Shift through the ammunition using the left d-pad 
button. You can either use a machinegun or missiles, whichever tickles your 
fancy the most.

Enemy cars are clearly marked in red. They will go after the van that Sam and 
Briggs are escaping in, but it is more likely that you are going to damage 
their vehicle than the enemies. Just be conservative with the missiles and only
use them when it will result in a whole group of enemy vehicles being blown up 
in a single blast. Otherwise, the machinegun is incredibly effective in taking 
out the enemy vehicles.

Completing this little segment will finally mark the end of this mission.

After these long missions, this short mission is pretty nice. Start making 
your way to the van. The enemies will be pre-occupied with shooting at each 
other. At the van, it might not let you open it unless you kill the enemies, 
but with their backs to you, you can easily take them out. Then approach the 
backdoors of the van and press A to go inside and fiddle with the bomb.

Control then shifts to Briggs and it's...first-person?! Yep, when you control 
Briggs in this segment, it is all a first-person shooter, baby! Except when 
climbing ladders and stuff. But anyway, this is done so that this part of the 
mission can be played like a straight-up FPS, though those that are more used 
to the stealth can still stick the shadows and play it quietly.

I simply fought my way to the bomb, but the junked train cars provide great 
cover and ways to get by enemies. Get to the bomb and press A to start 
disarming it, and then control shifts back to Sam with the goal of disabling 
the third bomb.

As Grim explains, the enemies are mostly on the ground in this area. The game 
recommends using sonar to find the mines on the ground here, but in all 
actuality, if you just keep the camera tilted so that it is looking at the 
ground, you should be absolutely golden.

Climb on top of the trains and work your way to the room with the sniper. 
Climb up the pole next to this building and then bag and tag the sniper as he 
is a high value target. Make your way to the van to find out that the bomb 
has been moved. Now you have to make your way to the train that they plan on 
using to transport the bomb.

In the next area, be wary of more mines and more guards. There are a few guards
with body armor and protective headgear, so if you get the chance to take them 
out from behind, do so. It will make your life a lot easier in the long run. 
Otherwise, stick to the tops of the traincars and you should be fine. There 
will be two snipers in the area, but they are easily avoided as well. Also, 
remember to WATCH FOR THE MINES.

Finally, you will make it to the train. Hop aboard and then approach the bomb 
and press A to mess with it again as the view changes back to Briggs. Climb up 
the ladder and enter through the second floor window of this warehouse. Below 
will be a couple of enemies to do with as you wish. The fourth bomb is an easy 
find, and you can just blast your way through everybody as well which makes it 
all a piece of cake.

It's back to Sam again, this time on the train. The enemies are aware of your 
presence, so you will have to fight your way to the end of the train. Kill 
them all. They will attempt to take hostages, so quickly shoot them in the 
head before they are able to do so.

You will reach a roadblock at the end of one of the cars. Use the nearby window
to climb out to the outside of the train and shimmy along. Grim will warn you 
about a nearing tunnel, so keep shimmying until you reach a window that can 
be broken through so Sam can re-enter the train. Press B to do this and fight 
your way to the true end of the train until a mission-ending cut-scene plays.

You start this mission as Briggs again, but this time not in a first-person 
perspective. Lead Sam to the designated area. Just tilt the left analog stick 
and follow the halls, really. A cut-scene will play once Sam gets to where he 
is going, and after which, you will be in control of prisoner orange jumpsuit 
Sam. Yipee!

You begin in a dark building with a red light shining. Exit this building, but 
wait for guards to move around so that the coast is clear. This level is 
incredibly strict in that, for the ENTIRE thing, you cannot KILL anyone (as 
they are U.S. soldiers, after all) and you cannot be spotted. The game does 
give Sam a stun gun to use as a last resort, however.

There are two watchtowers immediately outside here. Climb up them when no one 
is watching and then shimmy along the red pole in the middle. Whenever a guard 
is looking at you, the white meter will start to fill up, but if you just 
stop moving, it is likely that the guard will actually fail to see you and 
"catch" you, so to speak.

Stick to the shadows (there are a lot of them) and knock out the guards if they
get in the way. Right now, the goal is to reach Sam's gear. Be liberal with the
stun gun when outside because if the soldiers are stepping in puddles, shooting
them with the stun gun will actually kill them and cause you to lose the 
mission, and we wouldn't want that.

Exit the building and then back outside, wait for the guards to get out of 
your way and go from cover to cover, shadow to shadow. It's actually not that 
hard to avoid the guards completely in this mission if you just are patient 
enough for them to finish their conversations and such.

By the way, just because you have your gear back, don't think that means you 
can start killing people. Make your way to the warehouse and shoot out the 
lights in here. Use one of your lethal weapons to do this, preferrably the 
silenced pistol, so that you can save ammo for your non-lethal weapons that 
you can actually use in this mission.

With the lights all shot out at the warehouse, the two guards that are 
patroling it will have virtually no hope in finding you. Use the large shelves 
to shimmy around the area so you don't have to walk straight down the middle. 
Next you'll reach an area full of tents.

This area is even easier to get through without alerting the guards. The 
tents provide great cover, though if guards do get in your way, don't be 
afraid of knocking them out. If you have to use the stun gun or the electric 
bolts in the crossbow, remember to watch their feet so that you can verify 
that they aren't walking through puddles when you fire it.

The next area is the Camp X-Ray as Grim described. There are a few snipers 
here, but thankfully the beach is very close by. Move through the building 
in the center to avoid the lasers. Watch out for the dog here. Take him out 
with the stun gun if he becomes a problem.

The objective marker will lead you to a dark place that has seemingly no way 
out, but hug the wall toward the objective marker to find that it is actually 
fabric that can be cut through. Slice through the fabric and then move it and 
outside to the cliffs that run along the shoreline.

Climb down the rocks and then shimmy along the ledges and stuff to get to 
Briggs and the escape boat.

SMI? Who needs it! This level starts off immediately after the last one ends 
with a surprise attack on the Paladin while it is on the runway. Go out to the 
area where the enemies are coming in at, and just take them out one by one as 
they come in waves.

The enemies can be flanked VERY easily as they are mostly concerned with the 
Paladin. They will light up the area with flares, which can make it hard to 
actually hide from them, but there is plenty of cover. Grim and Briggs will 
let you know what direction the enemies are coming as they come in trucks and 
what-not, so you should always know where to hide.

After the waves of enemies attacking the Paladin head-on have been defeated, 
return inside of it. It will take off, and then you are Briggs again using 
the missiles/cannon of the Paladin to destroy enemy vehicles. Remember, enemy 
vehicles are outlined in red. Destroying one set of them will result in another
set coming, so this is another wave-based segment.

Earlier when we did a similar mission, I recommended sticking the cannons. 
That being said, missiles are MUCH more effective here because of how fast the 
cars are going. Just aim the cursor a little bit ahead of them and then fire 
by pressing RT. The missiles will be the default ammunition for this segment 
anyway because it's the best ammo for this part of the mission. That being 
said, if you are more comfortable with the cannons, just switch to them by 
using the "left" d-pad button.

This mission takes place entirely aboard the Paladin. When it starts, you will 
want to immediately head for the objective marker, which is the cargo bay. 
Upon reaching it, help Briggs push the helicopter out. It will get stuck, so 
head back toward the door and climb the ladder there.

Shimmy along the pipes around here. Briggs will walk you through it. When the 
locks are in view, shoot them both. A short scene will play, and then listen 
to Kobin. Follow his directions by going underneath the SMI and messing with 
the controls there.

After that, it's time to get to the cockpit. The plane is practically nose-
diving at this point, so movement is a challenge. Get to the front of the 
plane and then one more cut-scene will play to cap off this mission.

Leave the beach and approach the soldiers. Watch the scene, and then go to the 
building across the street. Stick the shadows. Climb up the side of the 
building and shimmy along its roof to avoid encountering any enemies. Make 
your way to the next building, climb up its roof, hop through the window, and 
then hop down.

Grim calls this place "a maze". On the ground floor, there will be a drone 
roaming around. There are numerous enemies on the catwalks. Use the yellow 
pipes to retreat to the ceiling if you almost get caught. Make your way to the 
small shaft with the gas coming out of it.

Go through the chainlink door and then use the supply cache to restock on all 
of your supplies. Climb through the next ladder and switch on your night 
vision goggles. Move through the vent, and then hop down on the other side. 
In order for the workers to put out these fires, you need to eliminate all of 
the hostiles in the area.

There are numerous "operatives" that have protective headgear on that may cause
a problem during this. They are also prone to using smoke grenades. There is 
a completely armored enemy there as well, so make him your target. Climb 
the yellow pipe and then wait for him to be right beneath you. Take him out 
with an aerial attack, and then go from operative to operative and take as many
of them out from behind without being caught as possible.

The rest of the enemies will just be regular joes with exposed heads. I 
recommend shooting them to make your life easier, or you can keep stalking 
them one by one and taking them out with knock outs or silent kills.

When they're dead, go to the fire chief and speak with him. When that's done 
with, climb up the pole again and shimmy across. Just keep following the 
yellow and black-lined ledges to make push your way forward through the level. 
Right now, there are no immediate enemy threats to worry about, so just 
listen tot he convos as you platform through everything.

You'll then reach the control room. Go to the terminal with the red screen 
and press A to activate it. In the next room, there will be four armored 
enemies. The very first thing you need to do is shoot out the lights so that 
it is pitch black in here. Then go to the stairs that are on Sam's right if 
you are facing the enemies.

One of them will go there, two will stick in the middle, and the fourth will 
go to the stairs on the opposite side. Wait for the one near the stairs that 
you are by to move in front of you, then take him out silently. The other two 
can then be picked off rather easily. Just stay behind cover, get them to go 
over to you, and then take them out. The final one can be left alone or taken 
down as well.

From here, there is a chase sequence where you have to chase down the leader 
of this operation. Hold A to sprint by everything. Sam will automatically 
vault over obstacles and the like when doing this. There will be some enemies, 
but you can kill them by shooting and not aiming. This is so you don't lose 
the leader. Just get in as close as possible to them and pull RT to hopefully 
take them out without wasting too much time.

When the chase is over, Sam is left with another choice. The options are to 
spare the leader or kill him, so make your choice to finish up the level.

Starting out in the snow outside of the building, there are plenty of enemies 
walking around out here as well as snipers on the roofs. The first goal here 
is to disable the vent fan, so make your way into the compound. Wait for the 
enemies to hve their backs turned. The snipers shouldn't see you unless you 
make too much noise or get into a firefight. If they do see you, you will 
need to retreat and hide until the heat is off, or else they will pretty much 
automatically kill you.

Inside the building with the vent controls, shoot out all the lights. Then 
make your way into the actual control room. Check under the door first and 
see where the armored guard is. He will walk around the room, whereas a 
second guard just stand by the terminals in the center of the room. When 
the armored guard walks away from the door, make your way to the terminal, 
prses A to mess with it, and then if you are feeling especially frisky, grab 
the Blacklist Laptop in this room as well. Then slip back outside into the 

I recommend now taking out the snipers on the roof. Climb to the roof using one
of the poles on the side of it. The game recommended bringing sleeping gas for 
this mission during the briefing, so hopefully you have that because you can 
very easily chuck it in the middle of the three guys and they will all go 
down like a bunch of logs. Otherwise, you can very easily pick them off from 
cover with your pistol, distract them to make them spread apart so you can 
take them out from behind, or whatever else.

Anyway, get to the fan. There are two rooms in this shaft with lasers that 
move vertically as well as horizontally. The goal here is to get to the open 
shaft at the bottom. To do that, you need to shimmy along without touching the 
lasers. Touching the lasers will trigger the security systems and that will 
close off all the vents, which results in a game over.

The first room is very easy. Just time it so that you move as soon as the laser
darts away. This wil give you ample opportunity to make a break for the 
opposite wall where you can stand up on the ledge and just hang tight. Then 
wait for the lasers to pass again before making your move into the next room.

This laser room is trickier, mainly due to the center area. There is a platform
in the center that you have to reach and then press A to "switch sides" when 
you get to it. This is something that has barely been touched on at any other 
point in the game, so it is a wrench they threw in the works mainly for 
confusion purposes in my opinion.

Watch the lasers, then make your move to shimmy to the center platform. Tap A 
to switch sides to get on the other side of the platform and then quickly 
shimmy over to the next vent and crawl through. At this point you don't have 
to worry about any more lasers ending the game, so it is time to infiltrate 
the bunker deeper.

These halls will have a couple of enemies roaming about. Just watch their 
patterns and make your way to the objective marker when they aren't looking. 
This will lead to an elevator. Quickly hop over the ledge to either side of 
the elevator to avoid being spotted by the guard that waks out. Follow the 
yellow and black ledges to reach another area with more of those lasers.

These lasers are spread out far enough that this room, being larger, is 
actually much easier to traverse than before. Basically, just keep going down. 
Press B to drop from ledge to ledge and just wait for the lasers to be out of 
the way as you do this.

In the center of this room will be the device you need to mess with in order to
bring down the bunker's defense systems. Shimmy your way there (you will be 
unimpeded by the lasers at this point) and then press A. Then work your way to 
the very bottom using the ledges.

This next goal can be completed in any order. There are three terminals that 
you need to upload Charlie's virus into in order to further sabotage the 
bunker's defense systems. While you can complete them in any order, you're 
going to want to do A first if you are doing this level with the stealth 

So let's head to A now. There will be guards walking around the walls. If you 
want to take them out, shoot out the lights first so you can do this in the 
cover of the darkness. Use the vents to get by the lasers and actually get 
inside the room marked A. There is a drone operator in here, so take him out. 
Now you can move through the lasers and not alert your presence to the drones. 
Obviously, it is better if you just avoid the lasers completely, but it will 
make this level go faster if you just move through the laser doors.

Upload the virus in room A and then go to either B or C next. Just use the 
ventilation system to get inside each room and approach the terminal that 
needs to be messed with. There will be enemies guarding it, sure, but they are 
easily hid from. If you do decide to go around guns blazing, keep in mind that 
there is an armored guard here with a shield, so I recommend finding him first 
and killing him silently from behind before doing anything else.

Once all three objectives have been completed, you'll once again be tasked 
with moving through the vents. This will lead to a room that is splashed with a
red light and there is a system here that needs messed with. Interact with the 
device by pressing A to trigger a cut-scene.

You'll be back in control of Briggs again. Keep your hands steady on the 
controller during the next cut-scene. Press X when prompted to grab the 
secretary of defense. Then press X again to exercise your "fifth freedom". 
This will then shift control back to Sam, disguised as a military officer and 
taken hostage by the Engineers.

Press X to start the takedowns and then pursue Sadiq through the snow. This is 
as close as the game gets to a boss fight. The lights will flash on and off in 
this area, and your goal is to reach Sadiq and take him out from behing using 
the shadows. It's actually really simple. When the lights go on, be sure to be 
behind cover. When the lights go out, make your move. Flank Sadiq from either 
the left or right side and then press X.

This will initiate a series of QTEs, so like I said, keep your hands ready on 
the controller. The QTEs will end, and then you are free to move forward again 
as Sam. There will be one final button input before the game ends. Press X to 
activate Sam's "fifth freedom".

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
03. Conclusion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I hope this guide helped you beat Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist for 
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Wii U!

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