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  SSS  PPPP  Y   Y         H   H U   U N   N TTTTT EEEEE RRRR
 S   S P   P  Y Y          H   H U   U NN  N   T   E     R   R
 S     P   P   Y           H   H U   U N N N   T   E     R   R
  SSS  PPPP    Y           HHHHH U   U N  NN   T   EEEE  RRRR
     S P       Y           H   H U   U N   N   T   E     R R
 S   S P       Y           H   H U   U N   N   T   E     R  R
  SSS  P       Y           H   H  UUU  N   N   T   EEEEE R   R

Table Of Contents:
I: Disclaimer
II: Version History
III: Our Founder
IV: Game Stuff
V: Walkthrough
VI: Cheats
VII: Cool Stuff
VIII: Contact Info

I.  Disclaimer
This is the first time I've ever written an FAQ, and as such I'm sort 
of bad at it.  The first thing is, this is damn difficult, as all games 
are.  I don't like people who say, "Oh this part is easy to anyone who 
really plays games."  Punks.  Anyway, this is all mine, so if you steal 
it I'll come after you.  Honestly I will. Consider this stuff 
copyrighted. As for Spy Hunter, Sony Play station or any other company, 
there stuff is there stuff.  I'm not interested in stealing anyone's 
name. Also, if you find anything the wrong with what I wrote, or have 
some better way of doing it.  Tell me, I will put what you say in here 
and give you a dedication. 

II. Version history
Version 1.00: This is the one I started because I got really bored and 
I want to know about this game, so I figured that everything would be 
explained this way.  I'm adding basic level walkthroughs, weapon info, 
car stuff. Cheats will be added soon.  I promise that I'll finish the 
level walkthroughs soon. They are hard to write.

Version 1.10: did more walkthrough stuff. Corrected some mistakes.  
Added cool stuff.

Version 1.20: finished walkthrough stuff, added cheats new site hosting 
this FAQ, want sleep. 

Version 1.30: This is getting really close to finished! Wow. I work a 
lot.  Added enemy info.  Fixed various problems, added first reader 
info thingy.  I'm the man.
III.  Our Founder
That's me innit.  Okay, I'm from Texas, have a PS2 (r) and am currently 
unemployed.  I play games a lot.  That's about it.  Maybe I'll add more 
to this later. I like spy hunter.  As well as ac2aa, ZOE, mgs2 and 
anything else that's really fun.

IV. Game Stuff

This category includes all of the weapon info, car info, enemy info and 
basic driving.

A.WEAPONS (a.k.a. the fun stuff)


1.  Machine Gun
The basic weapon of the game, it starts out in 9 mm and then gets 
upgraded to 15 mm, then again up to 25 mm.  DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THIS 
GUN.  This thing tears through enemies; in 25 mm it is unstoppable.  It 
has no lock, and short range, but it's damage is constant.  It'll take 
out the average enemy in about 1 second with continuous damage. 

2. Missiles
This is a great tool that gets rid of flying things very quickly.  It 
starts out unguided, which just shoots in front of you. Then it goes to 
guided missiles, which is 1 missile that tracks a target.  Finally you 
get swarmer missiles, four missiles that track targets.  These suckers 
also just find targets if you don't designate them.  Totally unfair in 
multiplay too.  If you plan on playing 2 player, make a pact to have 
all missiles unguided.  For those of you who don't know, pushing in on 
the left stick on your controller locks on.  These are great in all 

3. EMP
Often mistaken for an objective gun, this is a great weapon in its own 
right.  Firing it at an enemy stops them shooting and accelerating.  
Eventually it gets guided, which really makes things cool.  It is also 
used for many, many objectives so get used to it.  This gun is also fun 
in multiplay, as it stops your opponent from doing everything but 

4. Rail Gun
This gun is death in a bag.  Not only does it kill any enemy in one 
shot, it also locks on.  Too easy.  This is very useful for destroying 
things you cant see, just lock and shoot.  It has an area of effect I 
think, so if you shoot it at enemies close together they all die.  
Again, unguided in multiplay is a must. Its only problem is that each 
shot takes up one of the ammo bars, so use them carefully.


1. Oil Slick
I've only used this successfully a few times, but it is great when you 
do.  Shooting lays down a sheet of oil, which dissipates after a while.  
Enemy cars spin out and hit things, causing them to explode.  A note 
about this weapon, use it on turns for maximum efficiency, if a car 
goes straight over it, nothing happens. Also, it won't work on water.

2. Smoke Screen
Basically the same thing as before, only you can shoot it anywhere.  
The effect is the same; enemies lose you in the smoke.  Usually they 
stop shooting and some times they run into things.  The only notable 
exception is that it works on water.

3.  Flame Thrower
This gun is great; it shoots a jet of flame backwards and kills stuff, 
stupendous!  Its damage is huge; as it's killed everything I've shot it 
at, except the interceptor.  It functions anywhere, and has plenty of 
ammo, like all the backward weapons.  The only problem is that its 
short ranged, and it follows you wherever you go.


1. G6155 Interceptor Mark I
The car you start with, fast, maneuverable, tough as nails. The kind of 
car you'd like to drive to work every morning.  This car tops out at 
about 130 on land, and a little less over water.  It corners very well 
and can carry all of the smaller weapons.  It supports turbo 
functionality too.  If you didn't know, when you take about 3/4 damage 
on your car, it breaks away to form a little motorcycle, which has a 
higher top speed, better turning, and quicker acceleration.  But, it 
has less life, and can't carry anything bigger than the EMP.  It also 
has no rear weapons.  Both of these can go over water with the same 
functionality that they had before.  

2. G6155 Interceptor Mark II
Ooooooh sleek.  This car is the same body design as the first, but its 
black.  Cool looking eh?  Anyway, it is better in almost every respect.  
More armor, more speed more acceleration, more guns.  Better.  It can 
carry bigger weapons that the first car, but its bike is still just as 
limited.  Although, as soon as you get this car, I think the enemies 
become much tougher.  


This section is pretty useless, but this FAQ lacks a sense of 
completeness without it.  It contains all the basic data about enemies, 
as well as strategies to kill them.  Not like its hard to kill most 

Bullseye - a hummer with a turret.  You see these in almost every 
level.  They have little armor and are nothing more than an annoyance 
to you.  Hell, running into them destroys them.  I would think hummers 
would be tougher.

Road Lord - a Mack Truck with a vengeance.  Bullets don't damage this 
thing at all, but then again, they are pretty rare.  Missiles are what 
I recommend.  They also have the power to bash you off the road.

Switch Blade - a car with a drill.  Cool.  Don't try pushing against 
it, you'll just take damage. Just brake hard and then shoot him.  He 
will fall.

Mortar Thing - one of the most dangerous enemies.  It is amphibious, 
has four mortars, and can damage you from a good distance away.  If one 
is behind you, lay down smoke or flame.  Oil wont work.  They have 
decent armor too.

Barrel Dumper - a water miner, just shoot at him from an angle and he 
is no trouble at all, however, the barrels are pretty damaging.

Mad Bomber - an annoying little guy, he flies around and drops bombs on 
you.  He is rarely accurate, but pretty painful all the same.  He is 
most dangerous because he often hits civilians or objective things.  

Jump Jet - these are the harriers from some missions.  They are pretty 
mobile, and missiles have a tough time tracking them.  Just move 

Prototype - the best enemy in the game, if only there were more than 
three of them.  It is water mobile, has smoke, guns, and missiles.  
Unfortunately, you only see them once.

Enforcer - this thing has a quad gat in the back.  If you are directly 
behind it, it can hurt you.  I never saw the supposed little turret 
man, but oh well.  Pretty armored too.

Attack Heli - remember that dragonfly helicopter from mission 2?  This 
is it.  Not too tough, but packs missiles from the air.  Just take him 
out.  He's not very quick at all.

Dr. Torpedo - forward and rear mounted missile launchers basically.  
These things are HEAVILY armored, honestly.  But there missiles are 
easy to avoid.

Water Blade - it's the Switch Blade on water.  Nifty.

Slick - he's just an oil squirter.  Just stay away from it and you can 
kill him easy.

Non-Identified Agents - motorcycles basically.  They have no damage 
tolerance and I've seen one shoot once.  Otherwise just shoot them with 
a machine gun.

I think that's all of them.

Fortunately for the masses of game players, you don't have to shift in 
this game.  There's no option to make it manual.  So basically you can 
be holding down the accelerator the whole time and get away with it.  
There are a few moves that you should know how to do.  180 turning, for 
one, just break and turn one direction, when you have a bout 45 degrees 
left to turn, hit the accelerator and start going again.  90 sliding, 
also known as powersliding.  Be going damn fast and hit the breaks and 
turn, but stop before you reach all the way around.  Hit the gas and 
go.  Turbo boosting.  Do this on straight aways, or jumps, NEVER on 
turns.  It'll make you hit walls, or water or something. Water driving 
is almost the same; only you can feel that the car gives a little more 
when you turn.  


Mission 1 Test Track License Time: 8:00
This is simple, even for me. There is no where to go except the normal 
way of the track, so there should be no question as to how to go 
through this level. There are a lot of objectives, but if you do them 
all, it will make it easier to progress to the next mission.  The 
objectives are: 

1. Shoot all the targets, nothing too difficult there, they are in 
plain sight, just don't shoot any civilians.  
2. Navigate the slalom gates, you can go through backwards, and even go 
back for them, but you can't skip any, if you do, you fail the 
3. Avoid Barrel obstacles, this can be extremely annoying, if you clip 
one barrel at the end.  Take note, you can also shoot barrels and make 
them fall.  To make it through all of these, go slowly from time to 
time. You'll make it no troubles.
3. Activate all satcoms, a common objective for the most part.  All you 
have to do is drive up the ramps in the second part of the water 
section and you should get them. 
4. Place trackers on boats, all you have to do is hit circle a lot when 
you come to this part.  Make sure you get them all, because they can go 
away and never return.  
5. Clear 50 meters on the turbo jump. Nothing too difficult here, 
double tap x to turbo, and make sure your turbo meter is full when you 
get to this part.
6. Minimize Civilian casualties.  This is on every mission, and it can 
be a pain in the butt some times.  Right now you can get away with 
killing 2 people.  After that, you fail the objective.

Mission 2 Dragon Strike Time: 7:00
This mission is pretty straightforward, find this helicopter and shoot 
it.  I know you're thinking, I know this is going to be like a little 
boss fight.  Your wrong this sucker just sits there and waits to die.  
You can even drive through it to destroy it.  You start of in a 
warehouse, make your way through there killing people as you see fit.  
When you make it outside prepare to make hard right turns, you will 
probably run into a wall.  If you go straight the whole time you'll 
miss it.  There's a turn off that leads to it.  Once you go there, you 
will end up right next to the helicopter.  Just shoot it or something.  
After that you will have a dash to the end of the level.

1. Destroy "Dragonfly" Helicopter.  Nothing too hard, just look around 
and you'll find it.  It doest even shoot back
2. Destroy Transport Trucks.  This can be difficult, the trucks have a 
red circle around them and they go very slow, so if you just pop them 
with a missile and blow by them, you'll miss them and they wont 
explode.  It takes 2 missiles or some machine gun fire to destroy a 
truck.  There are five of them spread throughout the level.  
3. Activate All Satcoms.  This is annoying; the satcoms are hidden 
around most of the time.  If you look in every little nook and cranny 
you'll find them.  Most are in plain view, but there are walls that you 
can break to reveal more. To get them all, go on for quite some time, 
you will eventually get to part with a fork in it. Both sides go to the 
same place, but take the left to kill the pointy car there. Watch for 
innocents around here, street again, look to the left, and find a 
split, keep going busting through several walls to get it. The next one 
is on a highway, stick to the right and you will see a truck with a 
ramp, jump it to get the second one.  The third is on another separate 
road like the first.  After the highway, look to the right to find a 
dirt road that leads to a ramp to the third one.  The last is in the 
entrance to the subway near the end.
4. Minimize Civilian casualties.  Not too hard, don't kill 3 people. 
This can be difficult while searching for the trucks so watch your 
machine gun fire.

Mission 3 Route Canal Time: 6:00
This Level is different from the others. It is all water.  so if you 
aren't really ready for water, this is a great place to get used to it.  
The objectives are straightforward, and this mission offers great 
chances to try out those moves and ideas you've had.  The mission 
starts out with you going forward towards some gondolas with guns.  So 
odd.  They aren't too tough.  Anyway.  Keep going and you'll see a red 
circle, so hop up onto the little ramp and go on land, you'll see a 
satellite truck. Shoot the thing.  Then go further and see a satcom.  
The mission is basically like this over and over. 
1. Destroy Satellite trucks.  This one should follow pretty well, but 
if you screw up, its hard as nuts.  The trucks are all off of the main 
road; they go from one end of the level to the next. From the beginning 
there is one on the right, take the little piece of land to get to it.  
Same thing again on the right, but don't jump off from the ledge, keep 
going.  The third is on the right as well, but you have to make a 90 
turn to see it.  When you see a red circle that you cant shoot yet, 
start planning.  The last two are together underground, you will fall 
through the floor at some point, and then, it will lead to the end of 
this objective.
2. Place Trackers on Cargo Ships.  The ships can be infuriating if you 
destroy one.  So don't.  Take your finger off the trigger and put it on 
the circle button.  Just jam this at anything with a yellow circle 
around it. There are only three of them.  And they are all in the water 
section.  If you don't have this finished when you hit land, you missed 
3. Activate all Satcoms. These are positioned so that once you see 
them, you realize that you should have been doing something 15 seconds 
ago.  The first satcom is after the second satellite truck.  You can 
just go past following the little road thing; you will need to turbo 
jump to get it.  The second one is the one in the intro.  The dock 
directly in front of it breaks to reveal a ramp, turbo up the ramp to 
get the satcom.  The third is on a jump out of the water, very easy to 
see, and you have to pass by it.  The last one is on a fire escape 
looking thing near the end, its on the right of the road.
4. Minimize Civilian Casualties. Again you can only shoot 2 people.  So 
pick them well.

Mission 4 Swamp Venom Time: 7:00
This mission starts out on the land but you have to follow this insane 
little medley to get everything.  Firstly go through the first part 
swamp, you can see everything.  All of this level is easy to find, 
except the satcoms. This level introduces the mad bomber, guided 
missiles make short work of him, and he can hurt you. When you get to 
the part with the laser fence and the glowing pink orbs, start 
shooting, those things can tear you up, but they can be destroyed.
1. Destroy Combine Control Towers.  The control towers are in the 
swamp, you'll need to save some guided missiles in order to hit this 
objective.  There are seven in all, and you have to target them and 
shoot at the little thing on top.  Once you finish them all, you can 
move on.  Careful though, once you destroy them the arms stop moving, 
so if you were planning to go through where something used to be, think 
2. Activate All Satcoms. The satcoms are equally placed, two in the 
beginning, and two in the end.  The first one is on the road you start 
on, after a few enemies, you will see a house and an semi, go between 
them and you should see a little path in the water, watch out for the 
red barrels, the hurt your car fiercely.  The second is the same way, 
at the second house, with the three hummers.  If you go and turn hard 
right immediately after you see the house, you should hit it. The 
second two are both on wrecked ships, and you get onto them the same 
way.  There is a ramp looking boat that is crashed, if you turbo up it, 
you should reach the boat.  The same for the last one, only its ramp is 
hidden behind another boat.  Stick to the right of the river to find 
3. Place Trackers on Transport Trucks.  All the trucks are at the very 
end of the level, so if you make it to there, you can start to figure 
them out, the first is on the left, the second is on the right, and the 
last is on the left. Jump where you need to be as necessary, there are 
ramps about.  Just shoot them with trackers and be on your merry way.
4. Minimize Civilian Casualties.  Sometimes I really don't want to 
minimize civilian casualties.  Pay close attention to the boats in the 
swamp, some of them are good.

Mission 5 Double Vision Time: 7:00
This mission is spent mostly in the dust of a stolen interceptor, this 
car is exactly yours, and to give you an idea of how tough your car 
really is, you can see how hard it is to kill that sucker.  As you are 
driving you will notice that there are pedestrians.  Everywhere.  
Bikers, car drivers, try to stick to the left lane, you can at least 
see people coming at you.  When in doubt slow down.
1. Destroy Stolen G6155 Interceptor.  This is tough, seriously.  The 
easy way to kill him is to just blast him with missiles.  This works 
really well if you have him in your sights.  But then you wont have 
enough missiles to complete the comm. Towers obejective.  So I 
recommend a healthy mix of machine gun fire and missiles.  With this 
you should have enough to kill him.  If he still causes problems, just 
missiles a lot and then use the machine gun.  Whatever you do, don't 
get in front of him, his weapons are just as powerful as yours and 
chances are he's better at them than you are.
2. Activate All Satcoms. same ol' same ol' only this time they are 
difficult to find.  They are hidden much better throughout the level, 
not to mention the fact that you have somebody to kill. The first one 
is on the upper section near the third tower, to get there take a left 
before going down too far, this section is just before the town part.  
Speaking of which, the second is in the town, it you go through, there 
should be a house with two large wooden doors, if they look funny 
that's because you can shoot through them.  Go through and it will lead 
to the water and another satcom.  The last two are in plain view once 
you are in the water.  The third is well after the start and you have 
to take a ramp, there is no good way to describe where it is, so when 
you see it, turn around and turbo on its ramp.  Same for the last one.
3. Destroy All Communication Towers.  The comm. Towers are pretty easy 
to take out, as long as you have enough missiles.  Without enough, you 
wont be able to finish the objective.  Whenever you see the red outline 
of one of them, shoot.  They are all along the straight path.
4. Minimize Civilian Casualties.  Just for kicks, see if you can kill 
them all some time.

Mission 6 Columbian Extract Time: 7:00
This mission starts out with a van near you, blow by it and clear the 
path. Then hit the water and take out all the vehicles and satcoms.  
This mission has some maze qualities and it would be good to get to 
know it.  You will be here again. The part of the lock is really cool I 
1. Escort IES Cargo Truck to Safety.  This objective turns out to be 
really easy, I thought at first, 'oh no, a defense mission, this is 
gonna suck.'  But no, the defense only lasts for about 45 seconds.  
Just go in front of the truck and shoot everything, especially the two 
missile towers.  Just be targeting all the time with missiles. Don't 
worry, you'll have a chance to refuel and rearm.  All of the enemies 
here die with one missile, but don't hit them, if you do you slow down 
A LOT, and that can have the truck too close to you. You will 
eventually see a helicopter with a hook, it just lifts the truck away, 
and you never see it again.
2. Destroy all Prototype Vehicles. The only problem here is finding 
them, the first two are inactive, and in the first part of the level.  
There are boats that have two red reticules in them.  The first means 
shoot the propeller; this will destroy the back half of the boat so you 
can enter.  Just drive up the ramp and shoot them with machine guns.  
The last vehicle is in last part of the mission, it works the same way, 
except the vehicle is active, and if you don't kill it quickly, it gets 
very difficult.  Missiles are the best way to go here in my opinion, 
but if you are running low, just use machine gun fire.  
3. Activate all Satcoms. The last of the satcoms, damn I hate this 
objective, and I'm not sorry to see it go.  The first satcom is right 
after the helicopter that picks up the truck, there is a small, sort of 
camouflaged ramp here, turbo jump to ensure that you make it up to the 
boat.  After that there is the satcom, staring you in the face.  The 
second one is just after the first prototype.  if you take a left when 
jumping, you should see a part that has a ramp from the water and the 
satcom itself, just jump to get it, no need to turbo.  The third satcom 
is in the first lock.  There is a part there you can get into the 
middle, where there is a boat with a door.  However you get there, if 
you shoot the door, it will open up to reveal a way to the satcom.  The 
last one is tricky.  After the last prototype, there is another section 
of the lock.  You'll need to go to the far left, and take the 
underground passage.  When you see the window to the right, go through 
it.  There is a portion with no railing.  That will lead you to the 
empty part of the lock.  if you just follow along it will lead you to 
the last satcom. 
4. Minimize Civilian Casualties. The only civilians here are boats, and 
you have to shoot them quite a bit to kill them

Mission 7 IES Training Facility Time: 7:00
This is the single most annoying mission of them all.  Its basically 
there to teach you how to drive the new interceptor.  Its black, and 
its more powerful.  The mission goes almost exactly the same as the 
first, only the objectives are more difficult and there is no 
motorcycle section.  The upside though, you will never have to deal 
with satcoms again. 
1. Shoot all Targets.  This is the same as the first one, except they 
are hidden, or hard to get to.  The first three are on the road section 
where they were before, but this time, you can't see the targets.  Turn 
on your scanner to show the targets, and drive accordingly. Be VERY 
careful firing.  There are NO casualties allowed from no on.  After 
that switch off the scanner and keep going.  The next part requires 
missiles, as the targets are off the ground.  Just lock on and destroy 
them, again, get as close as possible to the target, it makes it harder 
to hit civilians.  The last one needs missiles too, and it is in the 
water.  be trying to lock on as soon as you start the slalom gates, 
because if you miss, the target disappears and you can't get it back.
2. Navigate all Slalom Gates. There is nothing new with this objective, 
just pass through all of the gates in order and you will get credit.
3. Avoid Barrel Obstacles.  This one gets MUCH harder.  The barrels in 
the test range slalom course are made so that you will likely hit them.  
The first ramp does not require any turbo, the second does, and the 
third one does not if you do it right.  When hitting it, turn right in 
air, so that you hit the wall, not so hard that you bounce off, but so 
that you stick there, and then follow it along, you wont hit the 
barrels if you do It right. 
4. Disable EMP Targets. Possibly the most annoying new objective, in 
the water section, after the slalom gates, there is this, instead of 
the satcoms.  There are big boards that say EMP on them, just shoot the 
EMP at them and they become black. The first needs to be done quickly, 
before you fall down.  The second two are on ramps that need to be 
driven up on to shoot at the boards.  All I can say is, if you miss, 
turn around and try again.
5. Navigate Through Lasers.  The lasers are in the water section as 
well.  When you get through the EMP targets, turn on your scanner, and 
it will reveal laser fences.  Go to the left first, and then to the 
right, after that take the jump and you will make it.  
6. Clear 75m on Turbo Jump.  This one gets difficult if you do it 
wrong.  Just have at least 100 mph on the dial, and hit the turbo when 
you see the jump, you should clear 75m, if you don't, restart and try 
7. No civilian casualties.  This is where it gets ansy.  Don't shoot 
anyone ever again.  No innocent can die and still give you credit for 
this objective.

Mission 8 Escort Service Time: 7:00
This mission starts you out in the water, just waiting to get a piece 
of some body, only wait, you have to navigate some sewers first.  
Basically just go through the sewers. Be careful of the mines however.  
They are very damaging to you. Just go through and eventually you will 
light upon another person wanting help.  Just go in front of them and 
kill stuff. That's when the real mission begins.
1. Escort IES agents to Safety. These agents are in a small boat, just 
do what you did for the truck in mission 6 and you should be fine.  
Careful of the towers, the boat can die really easy from just a few 
shots from those.
2. Destroy Power Module in Base.  This is really hard the only way I've 
managed to do it, in part of the swamp that leads to the castle, on the 
left, you will see a portcullis, you have to turbo to it through the 
laser that sets it off.  Then shoot the control panel and move on.  
There may be some other way to do this, but I'm not sure how. Anyone 
who does know how is invited to tell me.

Thanks to Travis Bennet for this one.
Hey just to let you know, instead of doing that, there is a jump you 
can take that help you clear the lasers.  Right before you come to the 
lasers, you have the option to take a right, take this right, and you 
will see a boat in the water that is set up as a jump.  Turbo up the 
jump, and you will jump right over the lasers and can then waltz into 
the base to destroy the power module.

3. Disable all Bombs with EMP. This can be damn difficult as well.  
Just finding the bombs is the problem.  The first one is in the train 
station, take the left entrance, with the little people, when there is 
the fork in the road.  After that, there is one on the right side of 
the station, try to take the left tunnel, because it leads to the next 
bomb, after that one, there is another in the large chamber.  The last 
is in the left tunnel, the one that leads to the exit.
4. No civilian casualties. Try not to kill anyone.

Mission 9 German Blitz Time: 7:00
easily the most infuriating of missions.  You start out in a warehouse, 
with a crappy car, and you are forced to drive through the warehouse, 
in only 50 seconds.  The only way to get through it is guess and hope.  
After that, it is just road with normal objectives.
1. Escape Nostra Warehouse.  This is something that needs a lot of 
practice to do well.  This car does not corner as well as yours, nor 
does it actually turn well.  Just hope to hell that you make it.  For 
some fun, press the fire button.
2. Scan and Destroy Transport Trucks, there are trucks to destroy, but 
only some of them, the yellow circles are easy to find, so I wont go 
into that, but always scan first. If you see one with yellow stuff 
inside shoot it. 
3. Destroy all Communication Towers, the comm. Towers are scattered 
about the level, but since there are only three of them they aren't 
that difficult.  The first is in the main square when you first leave 
the warehouse.  The second is along the road with the subway system, 
the last is after to the second bomb 
4. Disable all Bombs with EMP.  The bombs are located few and far 
between here.  The first is in the subway system.  And it is hard to 
find.  There is a wall that doesn't look like any of the others.  The 
easiest way to find it is to go into the subway from the exit.  The 
second bomb is in a gas station.  You have to take a right on a fork 
off of a road.  The last one is near the end of the level, when 
entering the castle, take a left up the ramp and keep going, the bomb 
will present itself.
5. No civilian casualties.  Sometimes it's fun to kill the little biker 

Mission 10 Terrorist Lock Down Time: 6:00
This mission is straight up Destroy stuff.  However, it takes place in 
the same confusing place that the Columbian Extract mission did.  There 
are two lock sections, separated by a brief ground interlude.  So don't 
think your doing it wrong when you pop out of the pipe halfway through 
and land back in a place that looks the exact same.  The objectives are 
simple, except the first one.  That can be EXTREMELY difficult.
1. Destroy all Mobile Missiles.  This is the hardest of the four 
objectives.  The missile launchers are always hidden from you.  And if 
you pass them, they start to count down.  So if you screw up, there's 
no going back. They are always away from the main road. The first one 
is on the first part of the lock.  You need to go to the left side, on 
the tunnel you went through before, only this time, go all the way 
through it.  It will lead to a hangar with a missile launcher inside.  
The second one is on the forest path, it is on the left, and disguised 
heavily with trees.  It is a little easier to see in first person mode 
I think.  Just follow that path and you will reach it.  The last one 
requires you to shoot the crane that is holding the container on the 
last lock section.  It will make it fall and upend itself and make a 
perfect ramp, it will lead to another missile launcher.  That's all of 
2. Destroy all Communication Towers.  The comm. Towers are easy to 
find, there are three in the beginning, easily visible, two in the 
forest part, just be targeting a lot, and one at the end.  If those 
numbers are wrong please tell me, as always, use guided missiles to 
take them out.
3. Destroy all Stolen Harriers. After you destroy the last missile 
launcher, the boat goes further onto an aircraft carrier.  All of the 
harriers you need are here, just bust through them with the machine 
gun.  they wont take off, so don't worry.
4. No civilian casualties.  The only civilians here are on the water, 
so use EMP there if you need to.

Mission 11 French Kiss Time: 6:00
Unlike the rest of the missions, the primary objective is very close to 
the end.  And it can be REALLY annoying if you screw up.  This starts 
out on the water, with the communication tower objective, moves to the 
avoid lasers, then the chemical containers, then the trucks, and lastly 
the bomb.  That's a whole lot to do.  And in only six minutes?  Relax; 
the objectives are grouped together in the map.  You will generally 
finish one before moving on.
1. Disable Bomb at Race with EMP. The bomb is some distance through the 
race.  Take a quick look around, if you've played Gran Tourismo 3: A-
Spec, you will recognize this as Cote d' Azur, one of the most evil 
tracks in existence.  The hardest part here is not killing anyone 
before you get to the end.  The formula one cars in this race are 
significantly slower than yours.  And you can easily destroy them just 
by accidentally running into them. So be careful.  After a little 
racing, (the announcer is funny)  you will see a barreled off part of 
the track, go through it and find easily the bomb, it is on the left of 
the track.  Just EMP it and be off.  In fact just keep EMP out all the 
time you are racing.  Otherwise you might shoot an F-1 car.  
2. Avoid lasers and Penetrate Secret Base.  The laser section is large, 
just after the comm. Tower section, and if you don't do it, you can't 
get the next objective either.  Just go slow with your scanner on and 
you should be able to see all of the fences.  Be careful, some of the 
ramps have fences on them, or even lead right on top of them.  If you 
do this perfect, you will see a big metal door that is open on the 
left, take that door and you will find yourself in the watery secret 
3. Destroy all Chemical Containers.  The first chemical container is in 
the secret base, so do that objective first.  Following the path 
outside will lead to the next two.  Don't worry; shooting them near you 
won't hurt you.  But be careful not to miss them.  
4. Destroy all Communication Towers.  The comm. Towers are immediately 
in the beginning, and all near each other, just target and shoot with 
missiles.  You should get them all quickly.
5. Destroy all Transport Trucks. The trucks are annoying, there is a 
highway section where they first appear, and if you screw up, you can 
accidentally kill civilians. They are also going the opposite way you 
are, so use missiles for a quick kill.  The last ones are in the end of 
the level, and can be easily shot with no extra effort.  
6. No Civilian Casualties.  Just for kicks, see if you can kill all the 

Mission 12 Locked Keys Time: 6:00
This mission can be REALLY difficult.  Especially finding the trucks.  
The first objective practically requires you to have stealth. To get it 
just jump through the floating blue circles. Also this mission has a 
lot of transmitters to destroy, if you aren't directly looking at them, 
use missiles.
1. Disable Generators in Base with EMP.  The base is some distance 
along in the level, and you need to go through the stealth gate in 
order to live through it.  Just be on the right side when you approach 
the base, and you will see the ramp that has the gate.  If all goes 
well, you should make it out of the base with about 2 seconds of 
stealth left.
2. Scan and Destroy Loaded Trucks. Always scan the trucks.  Don't 
believe that they were the same ones last time.  I always had trouble 
finding them all.  But they are all on the highway, and all outline in 
yellow.  Just always be scanning when you see some and you should be 
okay.  If you find yourself short of them at the end of the level, turn 
around and hope to hell you can find them and make it back in time. Be 
warned, one of the trucks is on the part of the road that gets 
destroyed as you drive on it.  You have to go looking for him after you 
get back on land.
3. Destroy all NOSTRA transmitters.  The transmitters are scattered 
around, and there are a lot of them. However, you should be able to see 
them all clearly, there are three in the first section.  One of them is 
on the right bank, so do your best to get over there at some point.  
The last 3 are close on the broken road.  Mostly on the right as well.  
One is on a side road after the broken highway section
4. No Civilian Casualties.  Just watch your missile fire on the 
highways.  The missiles sometimes choose civilians as targets.

Mission 13 Venetian Blind Time: 5:00
This mission is evil.  Five minutes to do all of this stuff. So if you 
are going for all objectives and you screw up, just restart.  The first 
objective is easy.  The last two are pretty annoying.  
1. Locate and Disable Hidden Rocket.  The rocket is in the huge tower, 
it sort of looks like Big Ben.  However, you need to destroy the truck 
near the tower first.  Once you do that, shoot the tower with guided 
EMP quickly.  Otherwise it'll launch and you can't win. After that it's 
just the secondary objectives.
2. Destroy all Scout Subs.  This is one of the hardest objectives ever.  
Your job is to take out seven subs that you cant shoot unless you are 
cloaked.  So whenever you see a stealth gate, take it and look quickly 
for a sub.  These are mostly straightforward in location.  The first 
two are simple enough.  The third one is in a part you cant directly 
shoot at.  Just take out your rail gun or missiles and lock on as you 
are jumping on the small lip before the statue and the rocket.  If you 
shoot at the right time, the thing will go over the fence and hit the 
sub.  The next one after the rocket is really, really hard. There is a 
cathedral door that you can break through, just look around; it's the 
only one there. You will go up some stairs and through a window.  There 
is a stealth gate there, now you have to haul ass to the water.  Don't 
turbo to get there though.  Once on the water, turbo and lock on to 
anything and fire.  Keep doing this until you hit it.  Chances are you 
will have to do this multiple times. After that, they are mostly 
straightforward.  If you need help, tell me and I will put the exact 
locations of the rest. 
3. Disable Nuclear Sub with EMP. There is a part of this that has a 
secret base, and this is all that's there.  It is near the last sub, 
just a little before in fact.  There is a way to get onto the right 
embankment.  And you will be doing that very early.  Follow this 
embankment, and you will see some large gates, just follow your little 
road.  You should see a huge ramp.  Turbo up it and make sure you land 
on the right platform.  Keep going and you will see a door.  Go through 
the door and find the sub.  EMP it, and kill a few people for fun.  Now 
burn out of there and hope you have enough time to make it.
4. No Civilian Casualties.  I couldn't find any civilians on this 
level.  Maybe I was going too fast

Mission 14 Eye of The Storm Time: 9:00
The Big Kahuna.  This mission is REALLY HARD.  No really.  There is a 
reason they give you nine minutes to finish it.  It is massive.  And it 
is really easy to die here.  You will fail quite a few times.  Don't 
worry.  And you will get all the way to the end and fail.  Don't get 
too pissed off.  The best I've don't this level is with 17 seconds left 
on the clock when I finished without any cheats. And I did all the 
objectives.  For your first try, only go for the last one.  Forget 
about the rest.  
1. Disable the "Four Horsemen" with EMP. The Four Horsemen.  Sounds 
ominous doesn't it.  Well you wont deal with them until the last part 
of the mission.  And I recommend you have at least three minutes on the 
clock when you enter the place.  But before that, actually getting 
there.  After the SCUD objective, there is a coliseum like thing with 
several panels and some people.  Go around and shoot all the panels.  
There are two of them on each level.  After you shoot the second panel 
in each, drop down a level.  Repeat until you are at the tunnel 
entrance.  You will see a red light.  If you didn't do the first part, 
these are all arcing EMP beams, they hurt a lot.  After you go through, 
there will be a little drive to the door entrance.  SLOW DOWN NOW.  The 
floor breaks away and you fall to more of those arcing EMP beams.  
Instead take the little hole in the wall to the right.  It will lead 
you past the dead floor.  Then go through the little maze inside the 
building.  Just don't die and you'll be fine.  Enter the missile room.  
Ooooooh big red shield thingy.  Unfortunately, your EMP shots can't go 
through this.  There are three tracks that go along this.  And there 
are panels that open up the red beams.  Basically, shoot the panel, 
shoot the beam with a missile, and move on.  There are eight of them I 
think.  I've always been in a huge rush to move on.  After the shield 
is down, shoot the four horsemen with EMP shots.  There's that done, 
the way out is basically, straight across from where you entered.  The 
hall in leads to the actual missiles, and then to the exit.  fun eh? 
Keep trying, you'll find it.
2. Destroy all Scud Missiles.  There are four scuds.  And it helps if 
you find the stealth gate before looking for them.  There's a small 
road section before you get to the actual SCUD site.  There is a 
breakable brick wall just like the one for the electronics objective, 
only bigger.  It is on the right of the road, just look for it and you 
should find it.  If you shoot through the big doors, then you've gone 
too far.  This stealth will hide you from the EMP turrets that reside 
here.  Go through without fear.  There are two scuds right where you 
come out.  Shoot them quickly.  There are two more hidden from your 
current venue, so go to the right of the area, as you are driving, it 
looks sort of like a road. And what's this, a hump in the dirt? Maybe 
if you turbod up it, you could get to that little outpost up there.  Do 
so, and you will be led to the last two missiles.  As always, it takes 
some work to find these.  
3. Disable Electronics in Outpost with EMP. This is the easiest out of 
all the objectives in this. It's right at the beginning of the level 
too. From the beginning, look on the right wall for a brick wall that 
can be broken.  You may need to do it backwards to look properly.  Once 
you find it, go up the ramp, and you will see a stealth gate.  Jump 
through that and then follow the trail until you see the metal gate of 
the base.  Just drive in and EMP the panel.  That's all you have to do.
4. No Civilian Casualties.  There are only civilians in a few parts, 
and it is more likely that their stray shots will kill them than yours.

Congrats, you beat all the objectives, you get FUN STUFF for doing so.  
Explained in the next section, The Cheats

VI. Cheats

To get the cheats, you have to complete missions quickly.  Really 
quickly.  There are time limits listed in the cheat grid of the extras 
menu. I wont put the necessary times, because you can look it up 
yourself in game.  The ones I have gotten are:
Mission 1: Saliva: Spy Hunter Video - A pretty cheesy music video
Mission 2: Green HUD - I think the green looks cooler
Mission 3: Saliva: Your disease Video - Another cheesy video
Mission 4: Night Vision - Really hard to use but looks cool
Mission 5: Early Test Animatic Video - Scary bad graphics
Mission 6: Extra Cameras - Gives two more camera views. Cool.
Mission 7:
Mission 8:
Mission 9:
Mission 10:
Mission 11:
Mission 12:
Mission 13:
Mission 14:
Complete Game: Hover Spy  - always in water mode
Complete All Objectives: Super Spy - Invincible and infinite ammo.

VII. Cool stuff.

This section has all of the cool things that I've found or done. 
1. 6:01 time on a 6:00 mission.  The game timers are messed up.  On the 
locked keys mission, my friend managed to get a time of 6:01, because 
he crossed the finish line just as the timer turned to zero.  The only 
explanation I can think of is that the in game clock is 6:00 and it 
counts zero.  But the actual timer sees any fraction of the 6:00 second 
as a whole second.  So it gave us a time of 6:01.  we thought it was 
cool as hell.  But then again, it was 4 o'clock in the morning. Props 
go to David Webster for that one.
2. In the Venetian Blind mission, there is a section where if you are 
in a motorcycle, you can catch unheard-of air.  That was all me.

VII.  Contact info.
This is just a work in progress.  Submissions of your cool stuff, my 
mistakes, or whatever is welcome, I will give you full credit for your 
work, and give acknowledgements to whoever wants them.  If you need to 
contact me, do it through email.  To [email protected]  Please in 
English, and please nicely.  I'm begging here.  This FAQ should only be 
found at GAMEFAQS, or at CHEATCC, the new guy in the posting list. It 
is my work and you should thank me for it if you use it in your own FAQ 
or whatever.

Boring Legal Stuff That No One Reads
Anything mentioned here is a registered trademark of whoever it is a 
registered trademark of.  All the games, systems, and other stuff in 
here are there own companies stuff.  And whatnot.  This is mine 
copyright 2001.  so there.

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