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(A.k.a. Double S.T.E.A.L)

Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions [Xbox U.S. NTSC Version]
FAQ / Walkthrough / Strategy / Secrets Guide
Version 0.2 (05:05 AM 02/12/2002)
Unpublished work (c) 2002 by Shinya Aoki
Contact: [email protected]

Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions (c) 2002 Activision Publishing Inc.
Game Code (c) 2002 Bunkasha Publishing Co., Ltd.
Xbox is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.


1.  Introduction and Description
2.  Basic Tips
3.  Unlocking Missions
4.  Scenario A Missions A-1 through A-10
5.  Scenario B Missions B-1 through B-10
6.  Unlocking Vehicles
7.  Unlocking Camera Filters For Replays and In-Game
8.  Replays
9.  Q & A
10. Credit
11. Revision History
12. Legal


As this driving game is fairly easy and straightforward, this guide is 
provided as a simple and fast reference and will focus on the points in the 
game that needs attention.

Note: All the information disclosed is based on the Normal difficulty level of 
the game.


For missions that require the destruction of other vehicles this game, unlike 
others, has a context sensitive damage scheme that requires the player to hit 
the other vehicles with a certain amount of force before damage is registered. 
This means flying off of a elevated platform like a building at full speed and 
landing on the enemy's car will do much more damage than if the player just 
bump the opponent as they are speeding along.

As the missions in the game have a wide range of difficulty levels, ranging 
from pure driving fun to pure throw-the-controller-at-the-TV frustration, 
sometimes it is better and less frustrating to skip certain missions that are 
harder to complete and finish the ones you can first. I will note on specific 
missions in the title the possibility of it being hard. Here is a quick list 
of missions that require more time and should be attempted last in your open 
set of missions:
SCENARIO A: Missions A-4 and A-6
SCENARIO B: Missions B-4, B-6, B-7, and B-8

Use the RESTART option in the game pause menu to your advantage. Not only does 
it save you the trouble and time of having to load in and out of the mission 
menus again, for missions that needs scouting first (i.e. Mission A-4, B-3, B-
4, B-6 etc.) it is suggested that the player first ignore the mission 
objective(s) and look around first. Especially for Mission B-3 it makes the 
mission a lot easier.

Use the right analog stick to view in first person mode. Some missions and 
secret vehicles will be easier to accomplish / obtain with this feature. Also 
can be used to view some of the hidden amazing background graphics this game 

Use your brakes and reverse gear wisely. Not only is it useful for cutting 
down time, for some stages you need to use it in order to advance. The reverse 
gear is useful also sometimes when you are stuck on a wall.

Although the game has an impressive graphical damage model for the player's 
vehicles, it is only cosmetic and will not affect the performance of the 
vehicles. Therefore do not worry about game overs because of too much damage 
to your vehicle. Have fun driving into things.

The game does not have auto save. Remember to save before turning it off.


A total of 20 missions exist in the whole game. At the offset the player can 
only choose from two missions, MISSIONS A-1 and B-1. After completing either 
one of these missions sets of missions will be opened up for each Scenario. 
After unlocking the first set of unlockable missions (3 for each Scenario) 
from Scenario A or B, the player can choose which missions they would like to 
complete next. These missions do not need to be completed consecutively but in 
order to unlock the next set of mission(s) the player will need to complete 
all the mission(s) that are still not completed. The missions will be unlocked 
as follows for each Scenario:

Unlocking Missions A-2, A-3, and A-4:
Complete Mission A-1.

Unlocking Missions A-5, A-6, and A-7:
Complete Missions A-2 through A-4.

Unlocking Mission A-8:
Complete Missions A-5 through A-7.

Unlocking Mission A-9:
Complete Mission A-8.

Unlocking Mission A-10:
Complete Mission A-9.

The same exact formula works for Scenario B.

NOTE: Missions 9 and 10 for both Scenarios are bonus missions that are rewards 
for additional play and are more or less "fun" missions. The story plot ends 
with Mission 8 of each Scenario.


Hong Kong Police & Inspector
Flying Dragons: Madoka and Mei
You play as a ditzy Japanese female police officer and a glasses wearing 
Chinese female police officer on the HK police force on a hunt for Yakuzas.

(Protect Armored Van and Yakuza Chase)
Chase down and demolish the 3 black Yakuza Mercedes that are chasing the 
Armored Van. As mentioned earlier, sometimes braking is needed not only for 
taking turns so as to not get stuck on a wall, but also as the damage model 
will only credit you with damage when a certain amount of force is exerted on 
the opponent(s) car(s). A time extension is given for each enemy vehicle 

(Recover stolen government money plates from Yakuza)
Steal back money plates from 6 Yakuza Mercedes. Same basic principles as A-1 
except the Yakuzas are driving all over the map for this mission. Demolish an 
enemy car to recover one plate. The sixth and final car will appear at the 
Wong Tai Shin Temple area when the fifth enemy car is demolished. A Time 
Extension will be given here as well for every enemy car destroyed.

(Exploding Dim Sum Stands)
Yakuzas are using Dim Sum stands as their front for business so you have to 
take them out. You will have a rival car to compete with you on this mission. 
For every stand you will receive a certain amount of points. The mission ends 
when one of you reaches 100 points. The points are displayed at the bottom 
right corner of the screen. For people that have trouble with this one just 
stay close behind the opponent's car and pick up any stands you see. As he 
will miss most of the stands, you can win easily. Following him closely also 
solves the "Disappearing stands" problem as stands will disappear or lose 
their ability to give you points after awhile. Do NOT stop or turn around for 
stands you missed.

MISSION A-4 ***(Hard)***
(Rescue Feng Shui Professor, get papers, and meet Police Chief on roof)
The Professor is tied to the front of a monster dirt dump truck. You have to 
rescue him and grab the papers that he has from the top of a building under 
construction and meet the police chief on the roof. This mission is probably 
the most difficult in the game considering the time limits, frustration in 
play mechanics, and not mentioning the optional secret vehicle to unlock later 
on while at the same time completing the mission. (The directions for 
obtaining the secret vehicle will be in the Unlocking Vehicles section)

This mission might be hard at first, so just drive around a couple 
times and realize the truck drives around in a circle and remember its 
route. Go into the pause menu and choose restart.

Section 1
Now in order to save the professor and stop / demolish the truck you 
have to drive off different ramps and hills and hit the back or side of 
the truck hard enough so the barrels it is carrying will explode. (4 
times in Normal mode) Timing is critical. The quickest way to do this 
is to wait a second or two after the mission timer starts and then 
travel toward the slope to your left. When you approach it the truck 
should be just to your right so at the top of the slope drive off and 
hit the truck (first hit spot). Time it so that you will hit the left 
side of the truck so that it bounces you back onto the slope. In front 
of you there is a ramp on TOP of the slope you are back on. Drive off 
that ramp and hit the truck again (second hit spot) on its left side or 
rear. Now fall down to the road the truck travels on. If possible hurry 
to the hill directly to the right of the path here. This is the 2nd 
slope after your start. Drive up the slope and make a left and onto the 
truck again (third hit spot). If you miss this one soon the truck will 
make a left-handed U-turn. There is a slope there to your left again. 
Line your vehicle up straight with the hill and wait about 100 meters 
away from the slope until the truck starts to make the U-turn. Drive 
straight up that slope and hit the truck (fourth hit spot). If you did 
all this right that would have been the last hit. But if not drive past 
the truck and make the left at the dark wall and to you right (This is 
also where the construction site building you have to go up later is) 
there is a clearing. Make a right-handed U-turn into the clearing so 
that you will be looking at the truck that is coming your way. Drive 
off the little hill to hit the truck (fifth hit spot) and that should 
do it. But this last one might be hard to time so instead of making the 
right-handed U-turn at the clearing to go up the hill, make a left 
after entering the clearing and there is another slope. Wait there and 
drive off of that to hit the Truck easier (sixth hit spot). It will 
cost u more time since there is about a 10-second wait until the truck 
is in position. If you missed this last spot the truck would have made 
a full circle so start with the first hit spot again. Also there are 
other places to drive off of but the spots that are mentioned are the 
easiest ones to reach. 

Section 2
You will get a Time Extension of about 40 seconds for this section. 
After the cut scene that ensues and the truck explodes drive up to the 
building under construction mentioned earlier (follow red arrows if 
having problem). Break through the barricades for this construction 
site area and do NOT go up the big ramp indicated to you with the red 
arrows once in the building area. If you go this way Yakuza cars will 
be waiting at every level to knock you off the building costing you 
precious time to go back up every time you get knocked off. Instead of 
going up the large ramp make a 90-degree right hand turn once inside 
the building area and in the back far right corner there will be a 
small secret concrete ramp leading up. Follow that up and cross a metal 
construct bridge to end up in an elevator. Hit Y to go up. During the 
sequence of the elevator going up line your car up so that it faces the 
open side of the cage. After reaching the top drive off the platform 
and make a 90-degree left to go into a metal construct ramp. Make 
another left to go down the ramp (basically equal to making a 180 
degree U-turn once you get off the elevator). Pick up the papers in the 
area at the bottom of the ramp in the square marked with the X. Then 
turn around and head back up to where you first got off the elevator to 
see a white light cube and stop completely inside of it to finish. If 
you insist on going the hard way up the large ramp the Yakuza Cars can 
be avoided by tricking them to steer one way then you going the other 
way because the AI does not counter steer well. Then cross a few metal 
construct bridges and end up in another elevator that takes you up to 
the same spot as the shortcut. 

(Destruction Derby Fun at the Convention Center)
Demolish 8 Yakuza black Mercedes in a dome arena. This one is purely for fun. 
But for people having trouble with it the super easy and fastest way to 
demolish them is not to chase them at the beginning. Instead after the initial 
crash and pileup go out to the outer rim where there is a ring of mines all 
around the dome. Weave around the mines in a continuous "S" course. The Yakuza 
Mercedes will pile up behind each other and detonate themselves. When there 
are only a couple left, switch tactics and chase after them to finish them 
off. (Note: Using the Tank and or APC on this stage later on is fun as well)

MISSION A-6 ***(Hard)***
(Rescue Police Chief from underground sewer)
Drive through an underground sewage maze to find the chief and escape while 
rescuing him.

For this mission you can gather a max amount of 6 packs of TNTs along the way 
to help you. The TNTs act as lives for the second and third part of this stage 
when you drop in the water. You can restart from the second and third part of 
this stage as many times as the amount of TNT you have with you. But it only 
activates when you drop into the water so do not let the timer run out before 
you drop into the water if you sense you cannot finish the mission and want to 
restart from the beginning of the section. However you will need at least one 
TNT pack at the end of the stage in order to blast the wall so that you and 
the chief can get out. The gathered and remaining amounts of the TNTs are 
displayed in the lower right portion of the screen. Also the timer for this 
stage will reset itself for every section so your performance on one section 
has no bearing on the next. It means even if you did really well or really bad 
on time in any given section you will not be rewarded or punished for it. The 
amount of time given to you for each section is preset. Also the Dragon-SPL 
(red sports car) might be the easiest to use for this stage.

Section 1 (195 seconds given)
Plenty of time is given for this section so no need to worry. Going through 
the first tunnel is easy but made tough by the water dam half wall after the 
right hand curve. The explosions on your left and right will make your vehicle 
stop, rock, and shake so try to avoid the fires bursting through the pipes on 
the sides and also the exploding barrels as it temporarily "blinds" your 
vision. The explosions near the half wall are especially frustrating. If you 
are using the Dragon-SPL gather up some speed as you are making the big right 
curve and just drive MIB style up and around the walls in a circle to avoid 
the water dam half wall. You need some speed in order to do this. You will 
enter a multiple elevator platform area that is more suited in a Mario game 
than a driving game. Use brakes and reverse when needed. The first three 
elevator platforms are pretty straightforward, just roll on when it is at or 
below your level. For the fourth and last one roll on and back up to the edge. 
Wait until it's high enough to jump off of (basically at its highest point) 
and drive off and get the last TNT and progress. Go down the ramp and pass 
through another tunnel to enter Section 2 of the stage.

Section 2 (20 seconds given)
Not much time is given for this section so you have to hurry. At the start of 
this section you can see a statue with his hands sticking out as if he is 
calling for help. It is not the captain. This part of the maze is in a figure 
8 shape so you can either choose one path or another. The easiest way is to 
take the path that goes to the far right. There will be three moving pieces of 
walls (a-la platform games) that come out from your right to push you into the 
water if you are not fast enough so try not to pause while going through this 
part. Remain at moderate to a little above moderate speed for this section and 
head for the black metal wall that is ahead of you at the end of the last 
slope going down.

Section 3 (60 seconds given)
More time is given for this section so you can slow down a little bit here. 
Follow the first spiral up and once you are at the top and facing north on the 
map again, drive straight and roll down the platform that goes to the right a 
little. Now here is a shortcut. Instead of taking the spiral down again, (the 
turn to the right at the bottom of the slope) directly roll off of the slope 
and onto the path beneath it. You should be able to see it quite clearly from 
the top of the slope. You have to have the right amount of speed (rolling 
speed, no acceleration) or else you will fly into the drink. After landing 
safely, follow the red arrows for the rest of the path to reach the last high 
platform. Gather some speed and fly off of it to enter Section 4.

Section 4 (20 seconds given)
Not much time is given for this section so you have to hurry. Also the 
irritating explosions you encountered earlier will activate along the whole 
path as well under your vehicle if you are too slow. Even though the path here 
is straight, it is very narrow so be careful not to make large adjustments to 
your steering and fall off. Slow down a little to rolling speed when 
necessary. At the end of this section you have to make a sharp left then right 
to go up the small concrete ramp horizontally in front of you. Make sure you 
don't get stuck on the walls here. After going up the ramp enter Section 5

Section 5 (110 seconds given)
Slow down once you break the fence and enter this section as you are given 
plenty of time to accomplish this. You will see the Chief's car on the 
straight concrete platform there. What you need to do is use your vehicle to 
push the Chief's car forward so that both of your vehicles enter the lift 
safely. Be careful and take your time as the chief's car can easily be pushed 
off the ramp to either side if you ram it. Slowly nudge the car along and when 
you see that it is veering off to one side push the side of the car where it 
is heading towards to bring it back to center. (i.e. if it is going towards 
the right, tap the right rear of the car to make it go left a little) Just 
don't push him off. Once you are both inside the lift press the Y button to 
activate it to go up. Now after reaching the top move towards the white 
lighted cube and Press the Y button again to activate the explosive to blast 
the wall open. After blasting the wall open drive up the ramp to finish the 

(One on One in Hong Kong)
(a.k.a. "Hong Kong" Highway Battle or Midnight Racing "HK Style")
This mission is just for fun. Race the other car a-la Chase H.Q. style for 
those that still remember. Race the enemy vehicle along the highways and city 
streets while ramming him into submission and oblivion. Make sure you brake 
after ramming him each time as some distance is required to let you get enough 
speed again for the next hit. Don't forget to get the secret vehicle for this 
stage mentioned later.

(Final Showdown with Yakuza Boss)
Tiger Takagi, the Yakuza boss, is waiting on the roof of a circular skyscraper 
for his helicopter transport to pick him up. Your objective is to defeat Tiger 
Takagi on this oval shaped platform that is the roof of the skyscraper and 
arrest him. You can accomplish this by either ramming him off the roof (easy) 
or just ramming him until he has no HPs left (even easier). Either way the 
story ends the same way and it has no bearing on the outcome of the ending. 
Halfway through his HP his helicopter will drop several Yakuza cars onto the 
roof to hinder you. Make sure they don't push you off the roof (There is a 
third and easiest way to defeat him by just one blast of the cannon using the 
tank, but you don't have that yet). After Takagi is defeated, a ramp will open 
up on the edge of the roof directly to the left of the starting point. 
Explosions will occur to hinder your sight so if you cannot find the ramp 
visually use the radar. It is a slit that juts out from the oval. Drive up 
carefully as it is narrow. At the top you will drop off to the roof of a lower 
skyscraper to accomplish the mission.

MISSION A-9 Bonus Mission 1
(Blood Pack Transport)
Foreign Prime Minister's daughter needs a rare type of blood fast so you have 
to transport the blood to the hospital. This is a fun and easy cruising 
mission in which there are several shortcuts. Follow the red arrows and try to 
find shortcuts in the mission. You will be carrying five blood packs on your 
vehicle. They act as your damage points for this mission. Whenever you receive 
enough damage to your vehicle you will lose the usage of a blood pack. The 
damage is context sensitive so if you crash really hard you will receive two 
damage points and have two blood packs taken away. When you lose all the packs 
it's game over. To help the player out there are shortcuts and in the one and 
only trip I made I found a few.

For the first part on the highway take the highway bridge to your right with 
the oncoming traffic. Although it makes more sense to follow traffic, in this 
case it is much better to take oncoming traffic as there are only a few cars 
that come your way on this side compared to the left. After the 2 sides of the 
bridge merged slow down and bear left because you will need to get on the off 
ramp to the left soon. There will be red arrows pointing to the left. There is 
however 2 shortcuts if you go towards the right, one is about 50 meters before 
the red arrows pointing to the left and the other is about a ways back before 
the red arrows. If you decide to go right go off either on-ramps with cars 
coming up towards you and go straight after getting off. Pretty soon you will 
see red arrows pointing to the right. Follow the directions and make you way 
to the hills.

After getting off the highway Yakuza cars will come at you from different 
spots on your path to hinder your task. Avoid them as they might make you lose 
blood packs. A shortcut here in the hills is when you are up the slope where 
the road winds left and right like a snake (it looks like a 'M', a '3', or a 
'W' on the radar depending where you're facing) there is a slope that you go 
up in. There is a wooden wall at the beginning of the curves, if you crash 
through that you can cut a lot of time by avoiding all those turns and Yakuza 
cars as well. The hills here connect you to the mountain.

Continuing up the mountain, after making a wide right hand turn up the hill 
there is another shortcut. If you look at the radar it is easy to find. It is 
a brown line that cuts straight through the next big left handed bend you have 
to make. The entrance is located on the left-hand side of a two way street 
that you will be travelling straight on. You can see the entrance covered up 
by some wooden boards to your left at the end of a row of diagonal parking 
spaces. Go through this tunnel while watching out for the exploding barrels 
and it will cut even more time for you. Make a sharp 90-degree left at the end 
of the tunnel and head straight to reach the hospital at the end of a rise and 
fall of another slope.

MISSION A-10 Bonus Mission 2
(Protect Double Decker Bus from Yakuzas)
A fun mission. Yakuzas want revenge and are intend on destroying a double 
decker bus with tourists on it. By now you will have unlocked the AUV (Army 
APC with the police logo and insignia on it). Use that vehicle for a breeze. 
All you have to do is run over all the Yakuza Mercedes that appear in your 
path. Follow the bus closely from behind and watch for the Yakuza cars to come 
at the bus and you. Hit them if you can before they hit the bus but this 
special bus can take quite a beating so don't sweat it if you can't stop their 
first hit. Just run them over as you see them and the mission should be over 


New Spies Ho and Chang
Spy Heroes: Ho and Chang
You play as two goofy Chinese spies working for the Hong Kong government to 
uncover the plots of the Yakuza and stop them.

(Recover laundered Yakuza cash)
You simply need to demolish the armored van in order to complete the first 
part of this mission. You do not need to wreck the three escort Yakuza cars. 
They might get in the way so it might be better to take them out first. You 
have lots of time so this one should be easy. There is a shortcut at the 
beginning of the stage in the snakelike bends if you want to get ahead of the 
motorcade (On your radar it's the 'M', '3', or 'W' shaped bends depending on 
which way you are facing). After destroying the van and getting the cash, you 
will be given a Time Extension to get to the airport. Follow the red arrows to 
get on the highway and continue following the arrows for this long stretch to 
reach the airport. There will be plenty of Yakuza cars in groups of threes 
that wait at certain spots to hinder your progress. Watch out for them. Drive 
through the long and winding highway to get to the airport. Once at the 
airport the timer is reset to 35 seconds irrelevant of how you did for the 
last section. Chase the airplane down on the runway and make it up the ramp on 
the back of the plane before the timer runs out or it will lift off without 
you for an instant game over.

(Intercept Yakuza vehicles with counterfeit plates)
The Yakuza damaged their money printing plates and are delivering them with 
cars to get them repaired. Your objective is to recover six printing plates 
from these Yakuza Mercedes (yellow boxes on your radar) and get to the goal. A 
new challenge is introduced here as the Yakuza cars, after having their plates 
stolen from you, if not destroyed, will try to steal the plates back from you. 
So you have to be careful as to not run into enemy cars that are chasing after 
you (red boxes on the radar). After recovering all the plates you will need to 
get to the goal within the time limit. For those that cannot make the time 
limit and for those that want to get the secret car on this stage later on, 
here are some tips:

Tip 1:
From the starting point at the Cultural Centre do NOT chase after the car that 
is directly in front of you going into the street to your left. Instead make a 
right at the street and after two blocks there will be two Yakuza cars 
unknowingly coming at you from the streets to your front and to you left. Get 
those two plates first and by the time you got both of them if you hang around 
that intersection long enough two more Mercedes will head towards this 
intersection. One will come from the street where you came from and the other 
will come from the street where the previous Mercedes came from to your left. 
Get these two as well and you need to only find the two remaining ones.

Tip 2:
The goal is an empty lot at the edge of the map directly to the right of the 
starting point and near the intersection mentioned below on this peninsula.

Tip 3:
If possible, when stealing the plates from the Mercedes, nudge them so that 
they will spin and face the opposite direction you will be travelling. That 
way they will take more time to recover and will give you more time to move 
away from them.

Tip 4:
The Yakuza cars with the plates have a logo with a plate and $ above them and 
are yellow boxes on the radar. The ones without do not have the logo and are 
red on your radar.

Tip 5:
If you see on your radar one car with the plates (yellow box) surrounded by 
ones that do not (red boxes) do not try to go in the group to get the plate. 
Instead wait a few seconds and the one with the yellow plate should be making 
his way out of the group and away from you. Chase him down then.

Tip 6:
If a Yakuza car with plates is speeding towards you, slow down so that when 
you see him on the screen it is easier to ram him and not miss him. Slow down 
when a Yakuza that is after you is heading your way as well to better judge 
where to go in order not to lose a plate to him.

(Recover Microfilm from Exploding Dim Sum Stands)
Your objective is to recover four pieces of incriminating microfilms that are 
stashed in four Dim Sum stands around the city. The mission might seem 
difficult at first but it can be made very easy with the following tips. It 
will also be necessary to use these tips when acquiring the secret vehicle for 
on this stage.

Tip 1:
If you choose RESTART in the PAUSE menu because you run out of time or 
otherwise, the locations of the Dim Sum stands remain the same. If you get a 
Mission Failed or choose RETIRE from the PAUSE menu and reload the mission, 
the locations of the Dim Sum stands will be randomized and different each 
time. Use this to your advantage if you want a different set of locations.

Tip 2:
Press START to pause and in the pause screen you can get enlarged images of 
the Dim Sum stands that holds the microfilms. The surrounding will give you a 
clue as to where they are.

Tip 3:
The arrow meters right beneath the timer clock in the top center of you HUD or 
screen is your "hotness" meter in relevance to the Dim Sum Stands. The more 
arrows you see the closer you are to the stand. When you see the meter go up 
to level 4 you should be able to use the analog stick to see where the stand 

Tip 4:
The Dim Sum stands in question will have a huge yellow arrow pointing down at 

Tip 5:
The stands are usually at or near certain locations even though they are 
randomized every time you quit and reload the mission. Some spots are:
1. The Cultural Centre
(Area with the "Small Ben" clock tower and raised walkway by the waterfront)
2. The Wong Tai Shin Temple
(One of the 3 exits or near the exits at the temple)
3. Mongkok food stand alley
(street with all the Dim Sum stands in the middle of the street)
4. Peninsula Hotel
(Building near starting point with the square fountain in the indented area)
5. Kowloon Park
(The park a little ways in the peninsula to the left of Nathan Road, which is 
the wide 6-lane road in the center of the peninsula leading inland)
6. Waterloo and Mongkok MTR stations
(Small Red edifices that rise out of the ground further in on Nathan Road)
7. Indented Parking Lot
(Parking lot where you find secret vehicle Car #B6 VAULTSAFE)

Tip 6:
This is the perfect stage to use the restart option. Scout out all four Dim 
Sum stands by choosing RESTART from the PAUSE menu whenever time runs out. 
After remembering all four locations RESTART again and easily get all of them.

MISSION B-4 ***(Hard)***
(Tiger Takagi photo shoot)
Tiger Takagi the Yakuza boss is attending a boat party at the JUMBO Seafood 
Restaurant in Aberdeen tonight and you need to snap seven incriminating photos 
of him with government and corporate officials. This mission is hard not only 
because of the acrobatics that you need to accomplish with your vehicle but 
additionally the physics models and properties of your vehicles make this 
mission even harder than need be. Your helium filled vehicles with anti 
gravity mechanisms for ground and magnetic mechanisms for water will give you 
some hard time. As the first four photos are straightforward and easy after a 
few tries I will only elaborate on the last three. Here are some tips also:

Tip 1:
The Super-Car ("Back To The Future" Delorean) or the Super-Buggy is probably 
the best car in your garage at this point to use here.

Tip 2:
Sometimes the photo spots two through four are randomized after you RETIRE or 

Tip 3:
The game gives you Time Extensions every time you snap a photo so you will get 
more time as you go along.

Tip 4:
At certain spots it is better to drop in the water after you take the photo 
since the game resets you back on land instead of the dry docks you're on. Not 
all spots are like that though (i.e. For the (most of the time fourth) photo 
spot where you have to go off a ramp then bounce off a platform that is 
slanted to the left this trick works. Also for the photo where you have to go 
up a twisted wooden ramp and do a flip it works as well).

Tip 5:
Use your brakes and reverse gear wisely!

Here are the advice for specific photos:

Photos 2-4
For the one in which you have to go up a twisted ramp aim your vehicle towards 
the left a little as you are going up the ramp to compensate out the momentum 
of the tendency to drop into the water on the right.

Photos 2-4
For the one at the far right of this shore map after you make the sharp left 
and make it over the first jump off the ramp, brake and there are two paths to 
choose from. Do not choose the one that is in front of you. Choose the one to 
your left, which is a bit easier. You have to go off a ramp and bounce off a 
second ramp so make sure you have enough speed. Now make sure you brake hard 
after the bounce or else you will bounce and fly directly into the water. If 
you fly into the water though, the game gives you a break here and restarts 
you where you landed last. Make a hard left to reach the photo spot. Turn back 
around and follow the only path out through a jump off a ramp. The drop in the 
water trick will not work here.

Photo 5
This one is at the far left of your starting point for this mission and at the 
edge of the shoreline here on the map. Go out on the wooden platform and then 
go up this 1/2 half pipe like looking wall here and make a U turn to the left 
at the top. Once you circle back down the wall on the other side of the 
barrier dividing it make another U-turn to the right and drive out to the 
photo spot out on the dry dock. Turn around after the photo and drive back out 
towards the Christmas tree to get off this area.

Photo 6
This one is near the starting point where you have make a large jump off a 
ramp; to clear it drive out on the dry dock and make the right. Line the car 
up and back up to the edge to get maximum boost for the launch. Then make the 
jump and hope you clear it. With either the Delorean or buggy you should be 
able to hit the front of you vehicle on the opposite edge and do a flip. If 
you are lucky you can make it across with a bounce. One other way is to make a 
hard right or hard left the instant when your vehicle is taking off of the 
ramp and have your vehicle do a lateral spin in the air and land sideways. Or 
alternately you can take off at a slight angle making the vehicle nail the 
edge of the opposite end with a corner and bounce up onto the dock.

Photo 7 Final
This last photo is relatively easy compared to a couple of the others or if 
you scout out the place where you have to go first. After you have snapped the 
sixth photo and watched the cut scene with the speedboat drive along the dry 
docks until you go off the little ramp (with the bump that prevented you from 
getting in earlier) and back onto land. Then leave the dock area by smashing 
through the wooden doors that are located directly behind and to the left of 
where you started this mission. (On the radar it is the opening between the 
long blue and the long green blocks directly behind where you start) Make a 
sharp 90-degree right after exiting into the streets and then basically follow 
the red arrows in a left-right pattern until you reach a stretch that makes a 
wide right. Follow this path along the shore and after the wide left you will 
see a little hill to your right with a parking lot in front. Make the right to 
go up the hill and you will reach a grassy spot at the edge of the Aberdeen 
shore some ways down from where the JUMBO is at. Snap this last photo to 
complete the mission.

Note 1:
The spot is along the route of Entrance 2 to find the secret 4X4 for MISSION 
A-4. It is in the grassy spot where you should watch out for driving into the 
water when you go off the path. Refer to the unlocking secret vehicles section 
for details.

Note 2:
You have to hurry a little because Takagi is leaving on a speedboat and if you 
don't make it to the photo spot in time, Takagi will pass the spot and it will 
be too far to take a photo and irrelevant of the clock you will fail. There is 
however a small leeway because you can still (with the help of telephoto lens 
of course; the game takes care of that, dun worry) take a photo of him even if 
the speedboat passed the photo spot a little.

(Organized illegal racing)
(a.k.a. "Hong Kong" Highway Battle 2 or Midnight Racing "HK Style" 2)
Some understanding cops organize street races at midnight. Win it to boost 
your reputation among them. Race two laps in a circle around the city against 
six other vehicles, with sedans, taxis, police cars, and other cars you see in 
regular traffic plus one boss car, which is usually your vehicle's equivalent 
in the other Scenario. Including you, there are seven contenders. Comes 
complete with arcade racing game style countdown numbers, countdown camera 
angles, and countdown sound effects (very similar to Gran Turismo 3). A fun 
and easy mission and there is even at least one big shortcut. It is located 
after the Cultural Centre (Area with beige colored tiles by the ocean with the 
Kowloon "Small Ben" Clock Tower). After that there will be 3 cargo docks 
(simulating Ocean Terminal, Ocean Centre, etc.) to your left as you are 
driving past them (The row of 3 rectangles that jut out into the water on the 
radar). After that you will see Kowloon Park (Grassy park area) and instead of 
making the hairpin U to the right to go around the park just drive right 
through the park by making a 90-degree right hand turn at the red arrows. 
Follow along the wall to your left and make a 90-degree left at the end where 
it goes back out into the street. The computer AI will compensate by slowing 
down or speeding up in their second lap depending on your performance and 
position after they enter their second lap. You will also get a Time Extension 
for the second lap though you will not need it.

MISSION B-6 ***(Can Be Hard)***
(Plutonium pickup and disposal)
Notice the two typos in the second to last sentence in the briefing screen. 
For this mission you have to recover and steal 3 sets of plutonium packs from 
the Yakuzas that stole it from the government in the first place. You have to 
pick up the packs from moving Yakuza trucks and drop them off with government 
disposal teams consecutively. This means you have to drop a pack off before 
picking another one up. Also make sure you stop completely inside the lighted 
white cube for drop-offs. The 3 locations of the plutonium drop-off points are 
listed below. You don't need to follow the order described below but it might 
be easier (see tips below). As there are multiple ways to get to these points, 
you can have fun finding other routes. The amount of plutonium packs you have 
dropped off / not yet done is displayed in the lower right of the screen. O.K. 
means the ones you have finished with so far. The biohazard radiation logo is 
how many you have left to do.

Tip 1:
There is a meter called the Geiger Gauge on your vehicles for this mission. It 
is displayed under your Tachometer and Speedometer on your HUD. Whenever you 
have a plutonium pack with you it will rise and when it reaches max level the 
radiation level is maxed out and it's game over. It will however decrease 
whenever you don't have a plutonium pack with you. That is why if you complete 
the disposal at the Long Dock first it might be to your advantage. This is 
because since the meter will start with nothing and be almost at max by the 
time you get out there you do not want to pick up another pack yet. You will 
need some time for the meter to decrease and the long trip back from the dock 
is perfect for this. Because also since the other 2 packs are pretty close 
together you will have more or less 1/3 to a 1/2 of the meter filled when you 
are completing those two deliveries. It will be to your disadvantage if you 
try to reach the long docks with a non-empty meter.

Note: I understand the directions sound confusing to say the least but there 
is a lot of free space in the map so this can be consulted only if needed.

Drop off spots:
1. Out on the Long Dock Platform Next to the Highway Bridge
This one is far so you either might want to do this first or last depending on 
your preference. After picking up the plutonium pack from the truck near the 
starting point, make your way towards the shore to the east (The shore on your 
upper left from the starting position of the mission). Make sure you don't go 
up into the elevated highways that lead to the bridge there. One easy route 
was once you made it near the shore to the east find the on and off ramps for 
the elevated highways and take the street that is in-between the two ramps for 
the elevated highways leading to the bridge. Then make a 90-degree right hand 
turn there and follow the street a little until you see the trees in the 
middle of the street and make a left out onto the grass. Once on the grass 
bear right and go into the opening between the metal walls on the right and 
the white concrete walls which are the struts of the elevated ramp on the 
left. Bear right and there will be a copper colored sound barrier wall on your 
left. Follow along that wall and you will end up on a street. Make a sharp 
left there and follow the street. You will go up an on-ramp that leads to the 
highway/bridge. Do not go all the way up the ramp onto the Bridge. Instead at 
the top of the ramp there is a fork to you left that leads directly onto the 
Dock Platform. Go straight and at the end is the radiation team. Make sure you 
slow down at the end or you will fly off the dock.

2. JUMBO Seafood Restaurant shore area (Boat full of lights in Mission B4)
This one is located basically at the starting point of Mission B4 (Takagi 
photo mission). After picking up the plutonium off the truck near a little 
circular or near the HongKong Bank Tower (Skyscraper with a metal frame on the 
outside and a lobby you can drive into), go towards the center of the shore 
and make your way to the wooden door. Make sure you don't go up on any 
elevated highways. Bust through the wooden doors and immediately to your right 
is the drop-off spot.

3. Under the Elevated Highway on the West Shore
This spot is very close to the grassy spot for the seventh photo in Mission B4 
and the Entrance 2 for the secret 4X4 in Mission A4. After picking up the 
plutonium pack near the freeway near the shore (the one surrounding the 
landfill for MISSION A-4) go towards the highways at the west shore of this 
map. Follow the freeway bordering the shoreline and the landfill. This shore 
is to the rear and right of you at your starting position for the mission. On 
the radar this freeway is bordering a large dark green block (which is the 
landfill). Make sure you don't go on the elevated highways and eventually you 
will see an on-ramp to you left to go up. Do not go up that ramp but instead 
continue straight and around the ramp underneath it to your left is the drop 
off spot.

MISSION B-7 ***(Can Be Hard)***
(Steal the Jade Cane)
Steal a Jade Cane from the Yakuzas that might bring up some new leads and 
escape. Fairly easy if you completed MISSION A-6. It is in the same sewer 
tunnels. Except this time you basically have to go backwards towards the goal, 
which is the starting point of A-6. Like A-6 you will be given Time Extensions 
for each section completed. You will be given six suitcases once you get the 
Jade Cane. They will act like the TNTs in A-6. You can have five extra "lives" 
in the following three sections, but only if you fall into the water. To get 
to the Jade Cane just ram the Yakuza cars Destruction Derby style in each 
room. Due to the limited amount of space offered in these rooms it might be 
easier to drive away from the cars after the initial crash / pileup and wait 
at the walls away from them. They will be aggressive down to the last car and 
will come after you. It is faster to let them just demolish themselves by 
ramming into you. There are 3 rooms with three, four, and five cars 
progressively and respectively in each. When all the cars in each room is 
demolished, the entrance to the next consecutive room will open. In the third 
room with five cars, when you dispose of them, the entrance to the vault will 
open. Get the suitcase and drive back out to the room with the five cars. 
Another opening to your right will open revealing the path you used in Mission 
A6. Go into this entrance and follow the red arrows for the path out. The goal 
is the starting point of Mission A6. There is a shortcut here in the first 
room with the zig-zag maze. After entering the room and going up to the top of 
the first platform instead of driving to the left and into the tunnel in the 
wall, with some speed fly straight off the platform to the path in front (a 
little to the right) and beneath it. Finish this section by following the path 
and fly off of the last platform into the next section. As the strategy for 
going back up the "Figure 8" and the elevator platforms are quite similar 
except easier here I will defer any questions to the part detailed earlier. 
Just follow the path to the left for easy reference. Remember the water dam 
half wall in the sewer pipes at the end of your run. Try to go up and around 
the wall MIB style again to avoid the half wall. Watch out for exploding 
blinding barrels as well. Also in this section Yakuza cars will come after you 
but overall they shouldn't be much trouble except for the one at the water dam 
half wall. Make the wide left at the end to reach the goal.

MISSION B-8 Final ***(Can Be Hard)***
(Yakuza showdown and Space Shuttle launch interception)
Note: Your time in the first part has a bearing on the second part of the 
mission so finish the first part as fast as possible.

For this one it can be really easy or be a little difficult depending on some 
luck and some skill. After the cut scene at the beginning you have to demolish 
four unlucky Yakuza cars in the Destruction Derby like dome again. Here you 
can use the "follow me into mines" trick detailed earlier for the first two 
cars. After the first two are destroyed the other two will drive away and not 
follow you as much. Chase them down and after all four Yakuza cars are 
demolished the doors to the dome will open. Follow the red arrows out of the 
place. Another cut scene ensues.

Slow down at the top of the ramp coming out and make a sharp left at the exit. 
Now you have to stop the space shuttle from taking off and also demolish two 
more Yakuza cars on the loose to get the Key Cards before going there. The key 
point to getting the Keys is initial speed. As there will be multiple Tanks on 
the streets shooting at you it makes it difficult if you don't grab the keys 
fast. The Delorean would be a good choice for this mission not only because of 
the speed but also because it is smaller and flatter (lower) so tanks have a 
harder time shooting you. Also because car weight has no bearing on your 
"bounciness" which is a big factor considering the major problem of the tanks 
here. Once you are spotted and hit by the tanks, they will not stop and will 
relentlessly pound you with shots. As you know by now the cars you drive are 
filled with helium or have anti gravity systems built in so once you get hit 
and start to bounce it will be difficult and sometimes impossible to get out 
of the cycle. Now if you are fast enough you should be able to catch the first 
car and demolish it in a couple hits straight out of the ramp coming out of 
the dome. Now chase the other car with the Key Card (yellow box) down to 
demolish it and acquire the Card. To add to the confusion multiple Yakuza cars 
will appear in your path to stop you by ramming into you and confusing you as 
to which car has the Card Key. As I said if you are fast enough you can 
demolish both cars before they reach the areas that have tanks and other 
Yakuza cars in them. Once you are near tanks it will be harder, if not 
impossible, to finish the mission. So try to get both Keys before you see 
tanks (The tanks are purple rectangles on the radar).

Here is another method that needs less luck that I gleamed off of a message 
board post (credits below) and tested as well. Once near the area with the 
tanks in the city, instead of trying to chase after the Yakuza cars with the 
Key Cards, travel parallel to them one block to their right. That way you can 
avoid the tanks and some Yakuza cars that try to hinder you and slow you down. 
Let the two Yakuza Cars with the Key Cards pass through this area while 
travelling parallel to them and once you hit a dead end they will make a right 
and come straight at you. Starting from here chase them down and finish them 
off as they head towards the highway bridge. If you somehow got stuck and the 
two Yakuza cars are way ahead of you on the bridge already, catch them on the 
way back on the RIGHT hand side of the bridge where the traffic is coming 
towards you. This is because they will make a U-turn at the launch pad area 
and come back on the right hand side of the bridge.

Just follow the red arrows to get to the space shuttle launch pad area. Or if 
you can remember the way it is located in the middle of the bridge on the far 
left (west) of the shoreline in Mission B6 (The plutonium mission). It is also 
the starting point of Mission A-9. Drive onto the ramp leading up to the 
bridge, follow the bridge all the way to the midpoint of the bridge and there 
is an exit to your left so stay in the left lane (The area is a huge beige 
rectangle on your radar).

After passing the two Yakuza cars at the gates and making a sharp 90-degree 
right there is a slope leading up to the launch pad area fading to the left. 
Follow that up and once in the clearing where the launch pad is there is a 
ramp going up the side of the structure to your left pointed to by red arrows. 
Four Yakuza cars will be waiting but once you go up the ramp they will leave 
you alone. Go up that ramp, follow it and there is an elevator at the end. 
Press Y to go up. Then floor it and make the jump at the end. Hit the Space 
Shuttle with Tiger Takagi in it and the Mission ends.

I was lucky on my 3rd try (Got stuck bouncing around tanks on the 1st 2 tries) 
to get the first car with 2 hits (multiple hits due to traffic in front of 
him) and the 2nd one with a few more. (He was stuck in traffic as well) Then 
after reaching the launch pad, as I was circling the launch pad for a way up 
all the Yakuza cars there chased after me, missed me, and flew off the edge 
into the ocean.

Depending on circumstances (Xbox system clock maybe?), the last cut scene 
might be nighttime instead of daytime.

MISSION B-9 Bonus Mission 1
(Collect boxes dropped from helicopter)
This one is just for fun and very easy. Just follow close to the helicopter 
and don't stop or turn around for boxes that you missed as you will run out of 
time and the boxes ahead of you will disappear over time as well. A Time 
Extension of three seconds will be added to the timer for every box collected.

MISSION B-10 Bonus Mission 2
(Yakuza Fun Time)
This mission is just for fun as well. Meant specifically for the Tank-90, this 
mission is truly a stress reliever. Use the Tank you just acquired from 
completing B-9 and blow all the Yakuza Mercedes off each of the wharves. You 
are located at the 3 Docks/Wharves I mentioned in the shortcut for Mission B5 
that sticks out into the ocean. Follow the arrows and travel to all three 
docks / Wharves to dispose of all the Yakuzas easily. The tank might be hard 
to maneuver at first if you have never used a tank in a game before, but even 
then you will get used to it after awhile. Just look at your cannon to see 
which way you are driving towards/away from. The cannon points at the 
direction you are moving towards.


At the offset the first two vehicles for each scenario (Car # A1, A2, B1 and 
B2) are given. For some other vehicles by completing certain missions they 
will be unlocked. For certain "secret" vehicles that needs to be unlocked you 
will need to reach the vehicles, touch them, and complete the mission it is in 
as well in order to acquire them. That is why it might be easier to finish the 
mission they are located in one time first before attempting to acquire them. 
They appear as a blue "?" on your radar. Once seeing the vehicles in sight you 
will see a "?" over the top of them. After activating them for acquiring by 
touching them, the "?" will disappear. You only need to touch them; you do not 
need to demolish them. Following is the list of requirements and directions 
for acquiring the secret vehicles in the game:


CAR # A5: UNLOCKING DRAGON-SPL (Red MR sports car)
Complete MISSION A-1.

CAR # A3: UNLOCKING BIG-4WD (Police 4X4 Big Wheel Monster Truck)

This vehicle might be the hardest to unlock due to its location in Mission A-
4. To attempt this, perfect the technique for demolishing the giant truck 
first then once you can destroy the truck fast hurry to the following 
location. The truck is down in the sewage inside the hill directly to the left 
of the starting point. From the starting point go left a little (away from 
where the Truck is going) and down the slope the truck will come back towards 
you on. You will see metal barricades to your left. Go through these and make 
a sharp 90-degree left. You will see a low concrete wall some ways ahead. The 
dirt road bends toward the right but you will ignore that and attempt to go 
over that low concrete wall. Now drive straight down this dirt stretch with 
some speed and use the little dirt incline to bounce over the low concrete 
wall directly in front of you (the wall, just like the road, is slanted and 
fading from the left to the right a little). You will land in a grass area 
with a small concrete ramp. Go up and there are two elevator shafts. Drop down 
either one but it will reset you back to the top if you do not land upright at 
the bottom. Now drive out make a left. Follow the sewage pipe and the 4X4 will 
be on your left in the lower level a bit in. Turn around after touching it and 
head back to the elevator and go back up. Then go towards the construction 
site and go up the secret ramp to finish the mission. Time might be tight so 
you might want to perfect the "2 hits on the first slope/ramp" move.

There is a second way in and out of the sewage pipe where the 4x4 is located. 
This 2nd opening into the sewage pipe is at the other end of the pipe (The 4X4 
is located in the center of the pipe). I will give the pros and cons and 
directions for the location of the entrance and leave it up to the player 
whether or not to use it and if used whether to use it as an exit or entrance. 
It is easier driving but located farther than the elevator entrance previously 

*****Advantages of using it as an ENTRANCE*****
You won't need to make the small jump at the low wall (for those that have 
problem with it) and also no fear of multiple resets at the top of the 
elevator shaft if you end up landing not upright every time.

*****Advantage of using it as an EXIT*****
There is no long wait for the elevator to slowly bring you back up as well as 
risk of landing not in an upright position while bouncing your way back onto 
the roads once you get off the elevator.

*****Directions from the Starting Point*****
(Initially it is the same as the way for the low wall jump) Go left a little 
(away from where the Truck is going) and down the slope the truck will come 
back towards you on. You will see metal barricades on your left. Go through 
them and make a sharp 90-degree left. Now instead of making that hop off the 
road, follow the road a little and after the bend to the right there will be a 
row of metal construction barricades on triangular struts on your right. Go 
through those and follow the path to the right a little until you get off the 
dirt road and into the paved streets with traffic. Make a soft right to follow 
the road and bear left on the road. Soon you will see an exit off to your 
left. Take the exit and go up the hill a little. You will see another exit off 
this hill path to your left that is covered with grass (If using as entrance 
slow down here as it is very easy to drive off the road and straight into the 
water if going too fast). Go onto the grass and follow that path onto a dirt 
road leading down into the sewer. Break the wooden barricades at the end (Slow 
down here if possible as well) and make a 90-degree left and a small drop into 
the lower level of the sewer pipe. Follow the pipe and the 4X4 is in front of 

CAR # A6: UNLOCKING TAXI (Red Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Medallion Taxi)

This vehicle is very easy to obtain. During the first part of the race ram the 
enemy until he has only one more hit left to be defeated. Drive ahead of him 
and eventually after you drive off the highway and pass through the narrow 
alleys you will see the "?" inside a building to the right of the street 
you're driving on. Go through the opening by breaking through the windows and 
inside the atrium you will find the Taxi. Come back out, wait for, and finish 
off the other car.

CAR # A7: UNLOCKING TIGER-SPL (Black MR sports car with rocket engine on rear)
Complete MISSION A-8. Notice Tiger Takagi still driving it.

CAR # A4: UNLOCKING AUV (Army APC with police insignia and logo on it)
Complete MISSION A-9.


CAR # B5: UNLOCKING SUPER-CAR (Delorean from "Back to the Future")
Complete MISSION B1.

CAR # B6: UNLOCKING VAULTSAFE (Armored van with "Vaultsafe" logo on front)

This one is easy to find except you have to complete the mission, which can 
vary in time depending on your performance on not getting your recovered 
plates stolen. If you follow the advice given for this stage though, it should 
be fairly easy. From the starting point of the mission it is located at the 
top of the map on the north border street to the right near the center. (you 
start in the left side of the map) If you head directly north and reach the 
northernmost street and make a right it is a few blocks to the east. It is 
inside a small parking lot to the right hand side of the street.

CAR # B3: UNLOCKING BIG-TRUCK (4X4 Big Wheels Monster Truck)

This one is even easier to obtain. The "?" on you radar is directly to the 
left of where you start. Make a left turn and immediately at the next block 
make a right. Ahead to your left there is a metal ramp but it is facing the 
other way. Go to the end of the block (so that you can get enough speed cause 
you need to make a jump at the top of the ramp) and make a U-turn to face the 
ramp. Now drive up the ramp with some speed and make the small jump. Drive 
along the balcony and break through the windows to get to the corner of the 
block. The Monster Truck is at the end of the balcony in an little area to 
your right. For people that have trouble finishing it in time after getting 
the 4X4, read the advice above for this mission.

Complete MISSION B-8. Notice the unmodified character models. The Yakuzas are 
left in the car and the one on the passenger side even has a gun sticking out.

CAR # B4: UNLOCKING TANK-90 (Tank with cannon turret on top)
Complete MISSION B-9. Press Y to fire the cannon. Hold Y for continuous fire. 
Try this vehicle for all earlier missions to have some fun with the cannon.


Complete all 20 missions. Incidentally if you have not acquired some or any of 
the secret unlockable vehicle(s) hidden in certain missions, you might want to 
try to use a vehicle from the other Scenario to get the missing secret 
vehicle(s) you still have not unlocked yet. Some missions are easier with 
certain vehicles (i.e. Tank-90 for MISSION A-4).


You can unlock camera filters both for replays and in-game use by completing 
Missions A-9, A-10, B-9, and B-10. There are 16 filters in total to unlock 
with each of these missions unlocking four filters each. Scroll through the 
filters unlocked during replays and during gameplay by pressing DOWN on the D-
pad. During the game and replays the number of the filter activated is 
displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen. To switch the filters off, 
scroll through until it displays NONE. To activate auto filter switching, 
scroll until it displays AUTO.


Aside from the unlockable camera filters mentioned in Section 7, during replay 
press UP on the D-pad for camera change. It is possible to toggle between the 
Behind-the-Car view, the Above-the-Bumper view, and the auto switching Scenic 
view (similar to angles Gran Turismo 3: A-spec).

There is only a certain amount of memory cache the game allocates to replays. 
Therefore if your gameplay time is extended (taking too long to finish the 
mission) the amount of replay video stored in the cache might be cut at the 
end of your missions. In other words if you want to watch all of your gameplay 
during replays, get better and finish the missions faster.

9. Q & A

Q: Can this game use the music stored on the Xbox hard drive for game music?
A: No.

Q: Is it 'like' (blah blah "insert game name" blah blah)?
A: No. The only game(s) that is (are) similar to it is the Runabout series.

Q: Is there a Multi-player option?
A: No.


Thanks to:
ir8prim8 for providing Tip 1 for Mission B2
erasmus for providing the Tips 5 and 6 for Mission B2
Chris Schmidt for providing IN-GAME CAMERA FILTER info
postmaster bates for providing alternate method for getting Key Cards in B-8

11. Revision History

Version 0.1: Initial Build  - 02/10/2002
Version 0.2: First Revision - 02/12/2002
             Corrected and added info for Unlocking Camera Filers Section
             Corrected Unlocking Vehicles Section info for Car #s A-5 and B-5
             Corrected Unlocking Missions Section: Missions 1 through 4
             Info added for MISSION A-8: Ramp
             Info added for MISSION B-4: Photo 7 Directions
             Info added for MISSION B-5: Contenders, Laps, and AI Compensation
             Info added for MISSION B-6: Drop-off Location 3 Directions
             Info added for MISSION B-7: Shortcut and Yakuza Cars Strategy
             Info added for MISSION B-8: Method 2 for Key Cards acquiring
             Info added for MISSION B-9: Time Extension
             Info added for Car # B4: Continuous Cannon Fire
             Info added for Unlocking Cars for use in other Scenario
             Info added to Q & A
             Added Replays Section
             Added Revision History Section
             Addition in Credit Section


This document is for private and personal use only. It can only be reproduced 
electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be altered as long as 
this disclaimer and the above copyright notice appear in full. This document 
is NOT to be used for profitable/promotional purposes; this includes selling, 
given as a gift, being used by publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or 
being incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY way.

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