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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE BOUNCER FAQ/WALKTHROUGH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Date:August 16th, 2001
E-mail:[email protected]
GameFAQ's Username:DemonSLAYER
Game Type:PAL
Hi everyone, this is only my 2nd ever FAQ, so I hope you all like it and find 
it helpful. I've decided to do it on THE BOUNCER because this is such a fun 
game to play, with user friendly controls and a good story line. I liked the
game quite a lot, so I want to help other people get the best from the game too
so that's why I'm writing the FAQ.

If you find anything wrong with the FAQ, like/dislike the FAQ, find something I
have left out of it, want to tell me how great it is :P or just want to plainly
discuss the game, please feel free to mail me at [email protected]
I guarantee a quick reply.

Well, hope y'all enjoy my FAQ!

BTW, I'm a regular on the CE board on GameFAQ's so you could talk to me there
too if you want.
1)Version History


3)Playing the Game

4)Characters & Their Moves
 a)Sion Barzahd
 b)Volt Krueger
 c)Kou Leifoh



7)Copyright notice/disclaimer

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>1)VERSION HISTORY<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Hopefully I'll get everything to do with the game in on just the one edition so
this version should contain everything to do with the game. There will be no
more updates, partly because there is not enough of the game to have to write
such a huge FAQ, partly because I have not the time to update this, so I'll try
to get it all in.

Version : 1.0
-Started FAQ, 16th August, 2001
 "Introduction" Section Completed
 "Characters & Their Moves" Section completed


Welcome to the world of THE BOUNCER, SquareSofts Action/Fighting game for the
PlayStation 2. THE BOUNCER will have you knocking the crap out of countless
enemies rnaging from dogs to robots, with nothing but your bare fists! Sounds
good, doesn't it. This FAQ will help you manage it all.

The Bouncer goes through the story of three bouncers who struggle to get back
their friend Dominique from the evil Mikado Corporation. The game is like an
interactive movie, with lots of cool cutscenes. You play through all the fights
and action packed parts of the game. The cutscenes change perspective depending
on which character you control.

Well, on with the guide!
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>3)PLAYING THE GAME<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

In the Bouncer, you watch a cutscene, then play out the fights that ensue, like
an interactive movie. I like to think of the game as a fancy version of Streets
of Rage from the old Sega Mega Drive.

Triangle |High Attack
Circle   |Jump Attack
X        |Low Attack
Square   |Middle Attack
R1       |Block
L1       |Extra Skill (ES)
R2       |Taunt/Gesture
L2       |N/A
Start    |Pause/Options

And as I'm sure you guessed, you move about by using th Analogue stick or the
D-Pad buttons. Also, as the PS2 buttons are pressure sensitive, if you press 
any of the attck buttons lightly, it will do one attack, if you press if hard,
it will do a different attack. So therefore, each character has two of each 
type of attack. Also, if one of your characters gestures during a fight, and 
press the gesture button(R2) while they are, you will preform a Trinity attack,
which is all three of you doing a combined attack.

Each character has 3 different stats which you can level up and max out. You do
this by winning fights, and collecting BOUNCER POINTS, which are the equivalent
of Exp. The character stats are as follows.

LIFE: Like HP. This is how much damage you can take before you are killed. If
your bar is long, ou can take lots of damage. If your bar is short, you can't.
Once your bar drops to zero, it's game over I'm afriad.

POWER: How much damage your attacks deal out to the opposition. The higher your
power stat, the more damage you can deal out.

DEFENSE: When you block an attack, your DEFENSE bar goes down a little bit. 
Once this bar reaches zero, your not able to block any more, so it's advisable
to level this bar up once in a while, It tends to be ignored.


You get BOUNCER POINTS by dealing the death blow to an enemy. They are like Exp
points. You use them to level up your stats and to buy special moves. What you
should do, is play through the game with one character, spend all your points 
on him through the game, then start over again with another character. Don't 
bother spreading your points out between your characters during one game. Play 
the game several times through to level up all your characters.

The enemies get tougher as you go in the game, that's why you should stick with
one strong character through the whole game. The points are used on the BOUNCER
POINT EXCHANGE screen, you can access it after every time you fight. Buying new
stats should always come in preference to buying new moves. It's very important
to have good stats, if you have good moves they won't be any good, because you
will be too weak for them to do good damage early on. So do your stats first!


Your characters ranks go from G, the lowest, to S, the highest. Your rank goes
up by you spending your BOUNCER POINTS. Below is an approximate figure of how 
much BOUNCER POINTS you have to spend to get your level to go up.

G - F = 1000 BP
F - E = 2500 BP
E - D = 5000 BP
D - C = 7500 BP
C - B = 11500 BP
B - A = 16000 BP
A - S = 23500 BP

NOTE:figures are approximate.

*Thanks to IGN Guides for the above figures*

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>4)CHARACTERS & THEIR MOVES<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Age : 19
Height : 5' 9"
Fighting Style : A combined version of Kenpo and Street Fighting.

Sion has just about even stats in all three departments to start out with. None
of his stats are too high or too low. He is faster but weaker than Volt, and 
slower yet stronger than Kou. Dominique is his best friend, and he takes it 
very badly when she is kidnapped.

Sions Stats

Life : 80 (max 205)
Power : 55 (max 200)
Defense : 55 (max 195)

1) Cost : 200 BP, HP goes from 80-97
2) Cost : 300 BP, HP goes from 97-115
3) Cost : 400 BP, HP goes from 115-133
4) Cost : 500 BP, HP goes from 133-151
5) Cost : 700 BP, HP goes from 151-169
6) Cost : 1000 BP, HP goes from 169-187
7) Cost : 1500 BP, HP goes from 187-205

1) Cost : 200 BP, Power goes from 55-75
2) Cost : 300 BP, Power goes from 75-96
3) Cost : 400 BP, Power goes from 96-117
4) Cost : 500 BP, Power goes from 117-137
5) Cost : 700 BP, Power goes from 137-158
6) Cost : 1000 BP, Power goes from 158-179
7) Cost : 1500 BP, Power goes from 179-200

1) Cost : 200 BP, Defense goes from 55-75
2) Cost : 300 BP, Defense goes from 75-95
3) Cost : 400 BP, Defense goes from 95-115
4) Cost : 500 BP, Defense goes from 115-135
5) Cost : 700 BP, Defense goes from 135-155
6) Cost : 1000 BP, Defense goes from 155-175
7) Cost : 1500 BP, Defense goes from 175-195

*Thanks to IGN for the lists above*

Buster Throw
Price : 400 BP
How : Extra Skill(ES) + High attack

Torpedo Kick
Price : 600 BP
How : Extra Skill(ES) + Low attack

Ground Sweep
Price : 1000 BP
How : Extra Skill(ES) + Medium Attack

Floating Mine
Price : 1200 BP
How : Extra Skill(ES) + Jump Attack

Tornado Uppercut
Price : 1600 BP
How : Extra Skill(ES) + Hold + Jump Attack

Double Knuckle
Price : 2000 BP
How : Extra Skill(ES) + Medium + Low

Hurricane Blitz
Price : 2800 BP
How : Extra Skill(ES) + Low Attack + Jump Attack

Age : 27
Height : 6' 4"
Fighting Style : Wrestling

Volt is the strongets and most powerful of the three characters. Most of his
special attacks involve throwing the enemy. This can leave you open to attack
though. Though he is stromg, he is also very slow. His past is shrouded, and he
seems to have previous connections with the one they call "Echidna".


Life : 105 (max 225)
Power : 70 (max 205)
Defense : 60 (max 180)

1) Cost : 160 BP, Life goes from 105-122
2) Cost : 240 BP, Life goes from 122-139 
3) Cost : 320 BP, Life goes from 139-156 
4) Cost : 400 BP, Life goes from 156-173
5) Cost : 560 BP, Life goes from 173-190
6) Cost : 800 BP, Life goes from 190-207
7) Cost : 1200 BP, Life goes from 207-225

1) Cost : 160 BP, Power goes from 70-89
2) Cost : 240 BP, Power goes from 89-108 
3) Cost : 320 BP, Power goes from 108-127
4) Cost : 400 BP, Power goes from 127-147
5) Cost : 560 BP, Power goes from 147-166
6) Cost : 800 BP, Power goes from 166-185
7) Cost : 1200 BP, Power goes from 185-205

1) Cost : 160 BP, Defense goes from 60-77
2) Cost : 240 BP, Defense goes from 77-94 
3) Cost : 320 BP, Defense goes from 94-111
4) Cost : 400 BP, Defense goes from 111-128
5) Cost : 560 BP, Defense goes from 128-145
6) Cost : 800 BP, Defense goes from 145-162
7) Cost : 1200 BP, Defense goes from 162-180


Shoulder Uppercut
Price : 960 BP
How : Extra Skill(ES) + High Attack

Hammer Typhoon
Price : 1000 BP
How : Extra Skill(ES) + Medium Attack

Lift Up Slam
Price : 1200 BP
How : Extra Skill(ES) + Low Attack

Power Bridge
Price : 1500 BP
How : Extra Skill(ES) + Jump Attack

Cannonball Strike
Price : 1800 BP
How : Extra Skill(ES) + High Attack + Low Attack

Price : 2400 BP
How : Extra Skill(ES) + Medium Attack + Low Attack

Giant Swing
Price : 3500 BP
How : Extra Skill(ES) + Low Attack + Jump Attack
Age : 25
Height : 6' 0"
Fighting Style : Tae Kwon Do

Kou is probably the best fighter because of his outstanding speed. He has good
defense too, and although he is not as strong as the other characters his speed
and good selection of moves more than make up for it. Use his uppercuts to well
and you will be fine.


Life : 90 (max 200)
Power : 60 (max 185)
Defense : 70 (max 210)

1) Cost : 220, Life goes from 90-105
2) Cost : 330, Life goes from 105-121
3) Cost : 440, Life goes from 121-137
4) Cost : 550, Life goes from 137-152
5) Cost : 770, Life goes from 152-168
6) Cost : 1100, Life goes from 168-184
7) Cost : 1650, Life goes from 184-200

1) Cost : 220, Power goes from 60-77
2) Cost : 330, Power goes from 77-95
3) Cost : 440, Power goes from 95-113
4) Cost : 550, Power goes from 113-131
5) Cost : 770, Power goes from 131-149
6) Cost : 1100, Power goes from 149-167
7) Cost : 1650, Power goes from 167-185

1) Cost : 220, Defense goes from 70-90
2) Cost : 330, Defense goes from 90-110
3) Cost : 440, Defense goes from 110-130
4) Cost : 550, Defense goes from 130-150
5) Cost : 7720, Defense goes from 150-170
6) Cost : 1100, Defense goes from 170-190
7) Cost : 1650, Defense goes from 190-210


Heel Smash
Price : 320 BP
How :  Extra Skill(ES) + Low Attack

Circular Uppercut
Price : 400 BP
How : Extra Skill(ES) + Medium attack

Double Spin Kick
Price : 550 BP
How : Extra Skill(ES) + Jump Attack

Mountain Storm
Price : 750 BP
How : Extra Skill(ES) + High Attack

Lightning Smash
Price : 1000 BP
How : Extra Skill(ES) + Low Attck + Jump Attack

Tiger Spin Kick
Price : 1200 BP
How : Extra Skill(ES) + Medium Attck + Low Attack

Tiger Frenzy
Price : 1500 BP
How : Extra Skill(ES) + High Attack + Jump Attack

Raging Tiger 
Price : 2500 BP
How : Extra Skill(ES) + High Attack + Medium Attack


You can play through this game as three different characters. You can choose 
whatever character you want to use for each and every fight. I would advise you
to choose one character, say Sion for example, and use him for the whole game.
Then choose Volt, and use him for the whole game, then Kou. If you start going
from character to character mid-game, you won't get the full story-line and you
will be stuck with some mighty weak characters to fight with.

For the walkthrough, I will give the name of every section you have to go in to
and a strategy for each section too. OK, lets get a move on...

SECTION 1 : The "Fate" Bar
5 Masked Soldiers

Watch the intro movie, it's not bad is it? You'll find yourself now in the bar 
where Sion, Kou and Volt work as Bouncers. Suddenly, some soldiers burst in the
windows and try to invade the bar, and assault the characters. You now have to
take control of one character. Choose who ever you want, and stuck with that 
porson through out. You'll begin on the top floor of the bar, each facing off
against one soldier. You just have to beat the crap out of the soldiers here.

The ground is now littered with objects that will get in the way, so watch out.
The soldiers can follow you done the stairs, so be sure to finish the three up
top off before going down to get the two down below. The main thing to do here 
is not let the Soldiers gang up on you, because if they do they can cause a lot
of damage. 

The strategy here, for all three characters is to combine STRONG and WEAK HIGH
ATTACKS and MEDIUM ATTACKS. If you get surrounded, try and pull off a STRONG
HIGH ATTACK, as these will take out multiple enemies. 

Once you win the fight, watch the cutscene. Dominique is kidnapped! You all
decide to get her back, and the way to do that is to get the train. To get to 
the station you have to go through the Central Square...

Enemies : 5 Masked Soldiers

So your heading to get the train. On your way through the Square you are jumped
by a group of enemies. The fighting area is wide open, giving you room to get
around and maneuver to your liking. There are trees and buildings and stuff all
around you where you fight, but it is best off just to keep the fight in the 
same place that you start off. There is plenty of room around here and no major
things to get in the way except the trees, with are no problem to you. The guys
you fight are the exact same as the first fight, so use similar attacks, and do
a STRONG JUMP attack if surrounded.

You shouldn't have any trouble at all in getting by this section. And there are
a few things I forgot to mention earlier, so I'll mention them now. SAVE AFTER
EVERY ACTION SEQUENCE. You never know what the next fight might bring. Second
of all, and your probably bored to death hearing this, but STICK WITH THE ONE
CHARACTER!!! There is no point at all in switching characters during the one 
game. It's now on to the Central Station.

Security Guards (3 at enterance, 5 at train)

You arrive at the station, you want to board the train, easy you say. Well it's
not going to be as easy as you think. There has been a nice welcome party left 
for you at the front gate, 3 Security Guards! The fight area is nice and spaced
out, so you have room to move about. Here, you are pushed for time because the
train will go, so use attacks like the STRONG JUMP ATTACK to take out multiple
enemies. You just want to kill them as fast as possible. Once the first three
Guards are out of the way, you will be taken to the area beyond th turnstiles,
and on your way to baord the train your group is met by 5 more Guards.

You want to use the same strategy as before, try not to get ganged up on, and
use your attack that will hit multiple targets. This fight will be a bit harder
then tha last one because there are 5 Guards, not 3.

If you win the fights quickly, you will calmly stroll on to the train. If you
take your time and do it slowly, You will run after the train and jump on once
you have caught up with it. From here, it's onto the next section.

Enemies : 8 Security Guards(3 on 1st car, 3 on 2nd car, 2 on 3rd car), Echidna.

You have to fight your way down the roofs of three train cars here. The fight 
area is pretty small, but you can't be knocked off, or knock enemies off the 
roofs of cars. Try to kill all the enemies with one big shot for huge BOUNCER
POINTS. For the two fights, just pummel the Guards until they are no more.

On the 3rd car you have to fight your first boss, Echidna. She is tougher then
ahe looks. Be careful, she is quite quick, and will try to pul off combo's on
you. She is accompanied by two Security Guards.

After the 2nd car, you have a chance to save your game. Buy any Special Moves
you can for your character. They will help in the ensueing fight. Strategies
for each characters are as follows.

She attacks with lots of kicks and sweeps and things like that, so block them
all. Now, if you bought a special move, use it here. After she has attacked, 
there is a moment or two where she is open to attack, so get your special 
attack in here. So block her attack, then when she is open, use your special
attack. She should be no problem.

Almost the exact same. Blocking is even more vital here. Don't bother with
regular attcks unless you are behind her because you are so slow. Wait for her
to attack, then block, then use your special move.

If you get the HEEL SMASH move, it's very useful. It knocks the enemy off their
feet, the if you use a LOW ATTACK while they are on the ground you can do more
damage. Still, keep blocking, and attack when she is vulnerable.

Once the fight is over, Sion questions Volt about his past with Echidna, but
the train is attcked by some planes. You have to find the CARD KEY in the room
you are in. Just look in any three boxes, the key is always in the 3rd box you
look in. If yu find the key, the train crashes. If you don't find the key, the
train crashes, and the station also starts to flood. I would advise you to find
the key. Now on to the next section.

Enemies : Security Guards(3 in first two halls, 2 in third hall)
          Security Chiefs(2 in first two halls, 2 in third hall)

This is the first level in the game where you have to contol the character out-
side the fights. In the first hallway you enter you will be attacked by 2 Guard
and 1 Chief. Once you kill these another Guard and Chief will attack you also.
To beat these easily just use HIGH ATTACKS to do a lot of damage. Use a SPECIAL
ATTACK if you are really stuck, but you should be fine. 

So now, once all of the enemies have been defeated, run down the hall. There 
are a couple of turn offs from the path you are on, but ignore these, they lead
to no-where. At the end of the hall there will be a staircase, so go up this, 
and on to the next hallway.

In this hall you will fight 2 Guards and one Chief, the same as the last hall.
Another Guard and Chief will attack you once the other three have been dealt
with, same as the last hall. This hall even looks the same as the last hall. So
do the exact same as the last hall, and go for the stairs at the end of the 
hallway, and go up.

Now, were in to a different hall. This hall is a bit different. You will have 
fight two Guards and two Chiefs in this area, and in the middle of the hall you
fight in are some big crates. So dodge around the crates once you have won the
fight and turn right to the door out. Now on to the next section.


Remember you had to find the KEY CARD on the train? Well whether you found it
or not will effect how this section plays out for you. If you failed to find 
the CARD, you will have to negotiate several passages where you have to get
through them quicker than the flood doors close on you. 

In the first hall, run all the way to the end of the hall and turn right. Here
you have to run by five closing doors. This should not be too tough for you. Be 
careful though, because if you get stuck behind a door, it's game over. Now, 
after you have run by the five doors, turn right again and go up the staircase.

Run to the end, and go left this time. In here you have to get round some boxes
and make it to the end before the doors close. It's best to use the Analogue
Stick here. Once your through, go to the end and turn right, past a few more
boxes. It's in to the last hall now.

There are a fair few boxes in here to be negotiated, there are about 5 or 6 
doors that close in between them. You have to be quick here but it still should
not be of too much trouble to you at all. Turn right at the corner then go left
in to another corridor with 5 more closing doors. Just run through these, to 
and your done with this section.

Enemies : Three Carrier Soldiers. 

You come out on a balcony here, and it looks like you have no-where to go, but
the group sees these Air Carriers going back and forth, and decides they are 
the way out. So you jump down on to one, to the surprise of the crew.

The fight area is tiny. The six of you barely fit in to it. You should try here
to use JUMP ATTACKS, because they will hit multiple targets, and thus multiply
the Bouncer Points you earn. Try to get a couple of the soldiers close together
then use a JUMP ATTACK to hit them all, hopefully killing more than one. If you
are facing off against one on his own, use the MIDDLE ATTACK attack to wear 
down their health. This fight should prove no real test. Onto the next section.

Enemies : Three Masked Soldiers, Two Guard Dogs (first part)
          Four Masked Soldiers, Megetsu 

The Air Carrier crash lands in the gardens, and security is alerted. You have 
to get by a couple of enemies before you are confronted by Megetsu, who is the
next Boss in the game. As you can guess I'm sure, this section will not be too

The fight area is pretty big here, with only a few trees here and there to get
in the way. You should have lots of room to move about, and the chances of you
getting cornered are quite slim. Against the first set of soldiers use the same
strategy throuout, MIDDLE and JUMP ATTACKS work wonders. Against the Dogs, use
LOW ATTACKS. After you defeat this lot, Mugetsu will arrive with some back-up.
In the fight, you only have to beat Mugetsu, so concentrate on him unless the 
soldiers are whooping your ass really bad. Here are strategies with all three

If you have the TORPEDO KICK, use it here. If not, any special attck will do.
Mugetsu is like a super-strong version of the Masked Soldiers. He is very quick 
abd will block a lot. SO what you do, is block a lot too, then when he finishes
his attack, hit him with your special move. Keep doing this and he will fall.

The others, Volt and Kou, should keep the other soldiers away from you, so just
concentrate on Mugetsu. Don't bother with the other soldiers.

Use the block a lot, because Volt is quite slow. Use any special attack you 
have in your arsenal, and maybe throw a HIGH ATTACK in there now and again as
well. When he is finished attacking, and you have successfully blocked it, then
just go at him with a Special Attack.

His Special Attack, The HEEL SMASH is good for here, as is his JUMP ATTACK, it
can hit many enemies. Just keep the guard up, and catch Mugetsu off-guard. Your
spped here will be a great advantage.

And eventually Mugetsu will be defeated, but you'll see him again, don't worry.
It's on to the next section now as you delve deeper in to the Mikado Building.

Enemies : Duaragon, Kaldea in Panther form (Boss Fight)

There are two places to fight here, the lower section, which is nice and large
or the upper section, which you reach via a staircase, and is quite small. Stay
in the lower part would be my advice. If you get cornered under the stairs your
screwed to say the least. You only need to defeat Dauragon to win the fight but
you get extra Bouncer Points for beating the Panther too. It will be hard to 
beat both, but it's up to you.

This fight is quite hard, because Dauragons attacks really hurt. That's why you
have to BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK! He does a big spinning kick, that will really hurt
if it catches you, but it takes a long time for him to get back his composure
after that attack, so nip in and give him a Special Attack with your respective
character. Just keep blocking and using Special Attacks and soon Duaragon will
be beaten, for now at least. If you want to beat the Panther too, block her 
attacks and use LOW ATTACKS to the best effect.

After the fight you have to choose a character, which will affect how the next
section plays out, but just stick with the same character you have been using
for the whole game so far to do the next section with. 

In the following sections of the Walkthrough, you can only control one person
on their own. You will have to fight on your own, do everything on your own 
until such a time in the game where you are re-united with your comrades. So 
here, it is even more vital than ever that you pick the character you have been
using throughout the whole game. It will help you through the combat side of 
things, and will also help you get the best from the story-line.

I have written the walkthrough for the three characters characters separately
so just skip down and find the section you are looking for. I'll do Sion first
then Volt and Kou will be last.

Enemies : Four Masked Soldiers, Two Security Guards

All the characters are split up now and you can only control one at the moment.
If you chose Sion, your on the 65th floor of the Mikado Building and you have
to fight your way through. You wak up in a little room. Once you exit, you are
attacked by a pair of Security Guards. Just use HIGH and JUMP ATTACKS for the
quickest end to the fight. 

Now watch the short cut-scene, and Sion will arrive in a room with two doors on
the left hand side. Go in either one, it doesn't matter, and you will have to 
fight four Masked Soldiers if you run down the hall. If you go in the door that
is opposite you will come out in the Meeting Room area.

Enemies : 1 Commander, 1 P-101

You will first be in a room with no enemies. It's a long room with paintings on
one side, and as there are no enemies, just run through to the other side and
go in the door. You'll come out in another long hall. If you run down it, you
will encounter 4 Masked Soldiers. If you go in the door, You will reach the
Meeting Room at last. In here you will have to fight a Commander, just a chief
who has more life, and a P-101, a funny little robot. 

For the Commander, just use MIDDLE and HIGH ATTACKS to finish him off quickly.
As for the P-101, LOW ATTACKS are pretty much the only thing that will work on
him because he is so small.

After you win the fight, save the Game, then exit the room via the way you did
not come in. You'll come out in a room full of desks, so exit this room also, 
again, via the way you didn't come in. Now you will be in another small hall 
with a door next to the double doors you just came out of. So go in here, and
were on to the next section.

Enemies : Four Security Guards, 2 P-101 Robots

Once you come out on the next floor, 66F, go in through the double door that is
next to the door you just came of. Your in a room now with blue light, so run
over to the other set of doors in the far corner. You will come out in a long
curved hall with benches on the left hand side. In here, you will have to fight
all the enemies listed above. Use the same strategies as said above, and if you
are cornered then use a JUMP ATTACK of a Special Attack. 

Now you can save again, and you'll see a short cutscene where Sion will see the 
Black Panther that you fought earlier. Now once this is done, you will run for-
ward into a Laboratory.

Enemies : One Masked Soldier, One Elite Maksed Soldier.
          Kaldea (In Panther form)

When you enter, go straight away to the computer pannel. Here, look at anything
you feel like, but to make the game move on, look to "BIOLOGICAL ENGINEERING
BIONOID EXPERIMENT" to see a scene about Kaldea, or the Panther. Then look at
"PROJECT A2" to see a scene about Dominique.

After you watch the thing about Dominique, you will be attacked by the Masked
Soldier and the Elite Masked Soldier. They are both the same, but the Elite has
a bit more health than the other one. You know how to kill these easily so just
beat the pair and move on.

Once you leave the Lab, you will come out in to a hallway that leads up to an 
office. Here you will encounter another Boss, which is the Black Panther again.
To fight the Panther, all you can really do is BLOCK, and use LOW ATTACKS for 
the best results.

Once you win the fight, Sion will go in to the office where he will see Volt 
and Kou again. Now it's on to the walkthrough with Volt.

Enemies : 5 Masked Soldiers (total), Two P-101's

You start off in a small area on a catwalk. There are two small trun offs on
either side. In this area, you will be assaulted by two Masked Soldiers, which 
you will easily defeat. Now in the door to your right. You will come out in to
a room that is small enough to fight in, roughly shaped like a rectangle. In
here you will have a much tougher fight than before, three Masked Soldiers and
two P-101's, five enemies in total. 

The best thing to do here is use Volts JUMP ATTACK, because it can hit multiple 
enemies, and also use the LOW ATTACK on the P-101's. Now once they are taken 
care of it's on to Volts next and final part of the Mikado Building.

Enemies - 7 Masked Soldiers (some Elite)

The last task for volt is a big fight against seven, yes, seven enemies on a 
little platform. Your outnumbered seven to one here so attack that hit multiple
targets are the dish of the day. 

You will start off on a catwalk, that will lead on to a much bigger platform,
so before you do anything else, move onto the platform. Here, use a combination
of JUMP ATTACKS, and Special Attacks to get rid of the opposition. The JUMP
ATTACK works very well because it will hit many enemies at once, and will get
you combos on Bouncer Points. Once this fight is over your little solo run with
Volt is over, and Volt will join up with the rest of the team. Now on to Kou...

Enemies : One Masked Soldier

You will awaken is a small room, full of lockers or something. This room is a
nice easy start off to Kou's run on his own, you just have to fight one single
Masked Soldier. I'm sure you can handle him on your own, so I won't insult your
intelligence by telling you how to win. Just beat up the poor cahp and move on
to the next section.

Enemies : None if you pose properly
          Seven Masked Soldiers, three Elite Masked Soldiers, One P-101 

This section is very fun and unique. You don't control Kou apart from when you 
have to pose, and when (and if) you have to fight. And what is posing you may
ask? Well, Kou is now pretending to be A Masked Soldier. He is wearing the nice
uniform and everything. These soldiers have some weird form of communication
which entails striking a certain pose, which in turn means something. What Kou
has to do is mimic this behaviour. If he does it right, he can pass. If he does
it wrong, he has to fight. The aim here is to get through fight free. If you do
have to fight you will be severely outnumbered and it will be a struggle for 
you. The poses are as follows.

TRIANGLE - Old Man in Thought
SQUARE - Unparalleled Friendship
CIRCLE - A Lady's Temptation
X - Lonely Warrior

You can see all this information by just pressing the start button. Through the
level you just watch Kou walk around, and only have to act when he approaches a
different soldier. 

The first three Guards you will meet will strike a random pose, but it will not
be the pose made by the "X" button. Memorize all the poses and it will hepl a 
lot. All you have to do for the first three is match their pose. Simple. If you
mess up you will have to fight three Masked Soldiers.

Next up you will come accross another Guard, and again you will have to match
his poses. He will do multiple poses, so be quick, and once again, the "X" 
button will not be used, unless you want to fight. If you mess up here you have
to fight the Guard, then meet another Guard who requires you to do the "X" pose
to let you pass.

Now you will see a Guard who is going through his poses so fast you won't be 
able to keep up. He is just doing the same as the others though, and not using
the "X" pose. So don't use it either. He always either starts with the "SQUARE"
or "CIRCLE" pose, it's random as to which. All you have to do to pass is copy
the pos he starts off with. If yu do it wrong you will have to fight a group of
the Masked Soldiers.

Now you will come up against Elite MAsked Soldiers. For the first one, he wants
you to pick a pose. Just pick anything except the "X" pose to pass. Now you 
will come up against two Elites. Each strikes a pose. You just have to mimic 
the two in order to pass. Again, the "X" pose won't be used. If you don't do it
right you will have to fight a load of Elites along with a P-101, which you do
not want, do you? Now Kou will be reunited, somewhat painfully, with Volt and

Enemies : Four Masked Soldiers (2 Elite), Megetsu.

The fight area is nice and big here and the best place to contain the fight is
right in the centre of the room where you have lots of space. In this fight you
just want to concentrate on Megetsu, and don't bother with the accompanying
soldiers. And, as with earlier fights, once Mugetsu is gone, the fight is over,
defeat of the others is not necessary. Your two other partners will take care 
of the others. The Strategies for each character are as follows.

Mugetsu is the same as earlier, so the same tactics still work. Block, then use 
any Special Attck you have at all. The TORNADO UPPERCUT is brilliant for this 
fight. Ignore the Masked Soldiers, your partners will tak care of them.

Use the SHOULDER UPPERCUT, and HIGH ATTACKS here, and keep your guard up. Since
you are slow, you will be more vulnerable to attacks from Mugetsu. After he has
attacked, and is recovering, hit him with all you have. Again, don't worry with
the other soldiers.

Any Special Attack from him is good, his JUMP ATTACK is also good if you are
cornered or surrounded in any way at all. Just keep going for Mugetsu and only
go for one of the soldiers if they are about to kill you or something. Then 
just clear them away with a JUMP ATTACK.

Now, once the fight is over, you are re-united with Dominique, you finally have
her back. You get in an elevator, and you have to chose a character to bring 
her to safety, through a tough series of battles, mostly with droids. Dominique
would prefer Sion to guide her, but just chose the character that you have been
using the whole time.

Enemies : Eight LD-15, One P-101, Nine MC-07, One Security Guard, One Security 
Chief. (20 enemies in total)

In this section you pick a character to bring Dominique through the many walk-
ways and platforms of the Rocket Tower. She can be attacked by enemies and has
a life bar, and if she dies it's game over I'm afraid. So what you want to do
here is either just run all the way through the whole section, only fighting if
you definately have to, or if you want to fight, make sure that Dominique is 
never left there to be beaten up by an enemy. Always keep yourself in between
her and the enemy you fight.

In the first area, you have to fight one P-101, so just use LOW ATTACKS on him,
and a new type of robot you won't have encountered before, a LD-15. There are
two of these. They are quite big and do big damage by hitting you with their
clawed arms. They aren't hard to beat though, and a stream of MEDIUM ATTACKS 
can polish one off nicely. All of their attacks can be either blocked or you
can stop them by hitting the robot. Not too hard. 

After those three are beaten, go down the staircase to another level. Here you
have to fight another LD-15, and another new type of droid, a MC-07. The MC-07
is quite like the LD-15, but a lot smaller. Use the same type of attacks for 
the both, MEDIUM ATTACKS all the way. Once the rorbots are beaten, go up the
stairway to the left. On this platform beat the MC-07 and go down the next set
of stairs. Down here, there is an LD-15 guarding another stairway, so take him
out too.

Now in the next area as soon as you come off the stairs you'll be attacked by a
Security Guard. He's on his own, so just beat him easily. Now you can go one of
two ways. Straight on from the stairs is a dead end that has two MC-07s waiting
for you. Go down here for the Bouncer Points only. The other way is down from
the staircase you enetered by. You will be assaulted by a Security Chief here.
Once you beat him take the staircase down to the next area.

In this area, there are a pair of walkways side by side, both leading to the
same place. There is a LD-15 in the way though, so take him out, and go up one
of the walk ways. Doesn't matter which. You come out on a platform that has two
MC-07 and one LD-15 on. Beat the pair using MEDIUM ATTACKS, and now you'll see
another pair of walk ways. These paths lead to another paltform, but this one
has one LD-15 and one MC-07's. Beat them, and behind them is the stairway that 
will bring you down to the ultimate section. 

The last section is a big platform with a big round thing in the centre. Head 
around to the left hand side, you will have to take out an MC-07 on the way and
hop on the lift to the end of this part of the game.

Enemies : PD-4

Once you reach the bottom of the tower on the lift, Dominique and the person 
that you chose to protect her will be brought back together with the other guys
who took a different route. Watch a little cutscene, and PD-4 will appear, the
top of the line enforcement model at the Mikado Corp.

This guy is hella tough. He is very very very fast. He has a couple of attacks
to watch out for, the most notable one is a series of kicks which he executes
extremely quickly. It can be blocked though, and blocking is still effective 
even if he hits you with the first kick. His right arm also turns into a big
long extended arm, which is very powerful and has an extremely long range. Here
are some tips for each character.

Hopefully, you will have the TORNADO UPPERCUT by now, which will do lots of 
damage to PD-4. Block all his kicks if you can, and watch out for the arm. If
you don;t have the TORNADO UPPERCUT, and of the other Special Attacks you have
will come in very handy indeed.

Use any Special Attacks you have, and the JUMP ATTACKS works well to because it
will knock him over if you do it right. You can do lots of damage to PD-4 when
he is getting up from an attack. Try to catch him off-guard, and BLOCK a lot.

Any Special Attack will do, the CIRCULAR UPPERCUT in particular would be really
useful. Block the kick move, and try to dodge the arm. Also try to use a quick
series of regular attacks which might catch PD-4 off-guard. BLOCKS lots.

Once the fight is over, watch the cutscene, this one is really cool. It also
contains a major part of the story, but I won't ruin it for you. But you have
beaten that section, now it's on to the next.

Two LD-15's, Three LD-X1's, Echidna

This area is split in two, both sections have big fights with big enemies, and 
one boss fight, Echidna, for the last time. The fight areas are large, so no 
problems there. In the first fight, you have to take on two LD-15's, and new
bad boys the LD-X1, a black version of the LD-15. It has more health, power and
defence, so it's a lot harder than the LD-15. Saying that though, you can use 
all the same type of attacks and strategies for the pair. The LD-X1's attacks 
can all be stopped just like the LD-15, so use this to your advantage. A combo
of MEDIUM ATTACKS will do lots of damage. Once the trio is gone Echidna will 
appear with two minions, a pair of LD-X1's. A tougher fight than the last, yes,
but nothing we can't handle. It doesn't matter which character you are using,
the strategy is the same. Just keep attacking. Only concentrate on attacking 
Echidna. You partners will take care of the robots. Block her attacks. Then hit
her with a combo of any attacks you want. Don't bother with the droids unless
they corner you or something like that.

Watch the cutscene afterwards and you will fly off to catch up with the Galeos.

Enemies : Mugetsu (un-masked)

You all get on the Air Carrier, destination : The Galeos. Here you have to pick
one character one character to fly the craft, while the other two fight for the
final time against Mugetsu. Pick your least favourite or weakest character to
fly the Carrier. The area in which you fight is quite small, so be careful.

Mugetsu has one big new attack. He turns himself into a human missile and flies
across the Carrier, drilling into anything in his path. The attack hurts a fair
bit but it can be blocked. Here are tips for each character.

Blocking is so important. Mugetsu will throw out an endless stream of attacks,
so block all these, and then when he is rcovering, hit him with all you got.

Much the same as Sion, although Kou's extra bit of speed will come in handy.
Use as many Special Attacks as you can and knock Mugetsu to the ground as much
as you can for breathing space. BLOCK lots too.

Blocking is even more important with Volt than the other two. Because Volt is 
so slow, you won't be able to get as many attacks in on Mugetsu, so he will get
a few more attacks in on you. Use you Special Attacks and HIGH ATTACKS as much
as you can. And also, BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK.

After you defeat Mugetsu, you land on the Galeos. Mugetsu also has a slight bit
of misfortune, watch the cutscene to find out. It's onto the next, and second
last section from here.

Enemies : Kaldea (panther form)

Your on your way to the control room, when Kaldea rudely interrupts you. She is
in Panther form, and she has a few new tricks up her sleeve. The fight area is 
like a rectaungle, but there is plenty of room.

The strategy is similar for all characters, go with LOW ATTACKS while Kaldea is
a Panther, if she turns into a human again, use Special Attacks and HIGH ATTACK
as well. This fight is not hard. 

The stroy can change around a bit here, if you used Sion for going through the
Mikado building, Kaldea will die after this fight. If you used Kou or Volt, she
will not die. Now we are on to the  last section of the game, the last showdown
with Dauragon.

Enemies : Dauragon(coat on), Dauragon(coat off), Dauragon(topless)

This is it, the big one, the last battle. The Galeos Control room is quite big
to fight in, with not many obstacles. Dominique is tied to the seat of the main
control panel in the centre of the room, and that is the biggest thing in the 
way. There is plenty of space one either side of the control panel.

The first time you play the game, you will only have to face two of the three
Dauragon's, and when you play the extra game for the first time it's the same,
but your second time through the extra game you have to fight him three times.
And your health doesn't recover between each fight either. So it's a very tough
fight I'm afraid. And as well, the Trinity Attack won't work here.

The first fight with Dauragon is much the same as the one you fought in the 
Crystal Dome, but his hand isn't behind his back now. He also attacks faster 
now, and he uses the HURRICANE KICK and the SHOULDER UPPERCUT a lot.

The second fight with Dauragon sees him remove his coat to get down to business
and try and kick your ass. He now has an uppercut that is unblocckable. In some
cases it passes right through you, but this is a glitch I think. When he does
the move, You'll see purple fire, so get ready to be pummeled.

The third fight with Dauragon is the toughest because he is getting tougher as
we go, and because you don't receover health between fights. You have to get
through the first two fights and have _at least_ Half a bar of health left to
fight with. Here are some tips for each character.

Using the block button well is the key to success. Don;t block everything to 
save your Defence rating, but block most of the attacks he throws at you. The 
trick is to try and get Dauragon to target your partners. If he is targeting 
you, just back away until he attacks someone else, Then go in with HIGH ATTACKS
and Special Attacks when his back is turned to you. If your partners die, block
all his attacks, and follow up on him with a Special Attack while he recovers.

The SHOULDER UPPERCUT works well. Blocking well is the key again. Don't block
everything, but most attacks. Don't try to pull of any throws either because if
they fail you are left wide open to attacks.Try to get him to target the others
again. Use strategies similar to Sion, and hit him with yor hardest attacks.

If you have the CIRCULAR UPPERCUT, you can really kick some ass. It will throw
Dauragon up in the air, and then when he is falling hit him with another one,
and Dauragon will fly back into the air, so you can juggle him and hit him with
a lot of attacks and damage. Block well again, and keep juggling him. Try to 
get him to target other characters as well. Eventaully, Dauragon should fall.


I won't spoil the end for you though. Just watch and enjoy more importantly.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>COPYRIGHT NOTICE/DISCLAIMER<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Copyright protected.
This FAQ is for personal use only, and may not be recreated, re-produced or re-
edited in any way, shape or form. It may not be used to make a profit in any 
way and may not be published. It also may not be used on any site but GameFAQ's
with out my permission. 


~ Me for writing the FAQ

~ CJayC and GameFAQ's for such a great all round site

~ SquareSoft for making a great game

~ IGN.com for providing lots of info on the game

~ Sony, for providing such a good console

Well, that's the end of the FAQ, hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed
writing. And look out for updates!

Copyright protected, 2001, by DemonSLAYER ([email protected]) 
All rights reserved.

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