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                             The Elder Scrolls V
               _______  ___ ___  ___ ___  _______  ___  ___ ___ 
              |   _   ||   Y   )|   Y   ||   _   \|   ||   Y   |
              |   1___||.  1  / |   1   ||.  l   /|.  ||.      |
              |____   ||.  _  \  \_   _/ |.  _   1|.  ||. \_/  |
              |:  1   ||:  |   \  |:  |  |:  |   ||:  ||:  |   |
              |::.. . ||::.| .  ) |::.|  |::.|:. ||::.||::.|:. |
              `-------'`--- ---'  `---'  `--- ---'`---'`--- ---'

|                               FAQ/Walkthrough                               |
|                         By: Greg Boccia aka noz3r0                          |
|                          Email: [email protected]                            |
|                                Version: 0.10                                |
|                        Copyright ©2011 Greg Boccia                          |
|                             Table of Contents                               |
|   I. Introduction ............................................... [01.00.00]|
|  II. Races ...................................................... ]02.00.00]|
|      - Argonian ................................................. [02.01.00]|
|      - Breton ................................................... [02.02.00]|
|      - Dark Elf ................................................. [02.03.00]|
|      - High Elf ................................................. [02.04.00]|
|      - Imperial ................................................. [02.05.00]|
|      - Khajiit .................................................. [02.06.00]|
|      - Nord ..................................................... [02.07.00]|
|      - Orc ...................................................... [02.08.00]|
|      - Redguard ................................................. [02.09.00]|
|      - Wood Elf ................................................. [02.10.00]|
| III. Walkthrough ................................................ [03.00.00]|
|      - Unbound .................................................. [03.01.00]|
|      - Before the Storm ......................................... [03.02.00]|
|      - Bleak Falls Barrow ....................................... [03.03.00]|
|      - Dragon Rising ............................................ [03.04.00]|
|      - The Way of the Voice ..................................... [03.05.00]|
|      - The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller ............................ [03.06.00]|
|      - A Blade in the Dark ...................................... [03.07.00]|
|      - Diplomatic Immunity ...................................... [03.08.00]|
|  IV. The Companions Quests ...................................... [04.00.00]|
|      - Take Up Arms ............................................. [04.01.00]|
|        - Animal Extermination ................................... [04.01.01]|
|        - Animal Extermination Part 2 ............................ [04.01.02]|
|        - Hired Muscle ........................................... [04.01.03]|
|        - Trouble in Skyrim ...................................... [04.01.04]|
|        - Family Heirloom ........................................ [04.01.05]|
|        - Escaped Criminal ....................................... [04.01.06]|
|        - Rescue Mission ......................................... [04.01.07]|
|      - Proving Honor ............................................ [04.02.00]|
|      - The Silver Hand .......................................... [04.03.00]|
|        - Stealing Plans ......................................... [04.03.01]|
|        - Striking the Heart ..................................... [04.03.02]|
|        - Retrieval .............................................. [04.03.03]|
|      - Blood's Honor ............................................ [04.04.00]|
|      - Purity of Revenge ........................................ [04.05.00]|
|      - Glory of the Dead ........................................ [04.06.00]|
|        - Purity ................................................. [04.06.01]|
|   V. The College of Winterhold Quests ........................... [05.00.00]|
|      - First Lessons ............................................ [05.01.00]|
|        - Rejoining the College .................................. [05.01.01]|
|        - Out of Balance ......................................... [05.01.02]|
|        - An Enchanted Journey ................................... [05.01.03]|
|        - Restocking Soul Gems ................................... [05.01.04]|
|        - Valuable Book Procurement .............................. [05.01.05]|
|        - Shalidor's Insights .................................... [05.01.06]|
|        - Forgotten Names ........................................ [05.01.07]|
|      - Under Saarthal ........................................... [05.02.00]|
|        - Arniel's Endeavor ...................................... [05.02.01]|
|        - Arniel's Endeavor Part 2 ............................... [05.02.02]|
|        - J'Zargo's Experiment ................................... [05.02.03]|
|        - Onmund's Request ....................................... [05.02.04]|
|      - Hitting the Books ........................................ [05.03.00]|
|      - Good Intentions .......................................... [05.04.00]|
|      - Revealing the Unseen ..................................... [05.05.00]|
|      - Containment .............................................. [05.06.00]|
|      - The Staff of Magnus ...................................... [05.07.00]|
|      - The Eye of Magnus ........................................ [05.08.00]|
|        - Aftershock ............................................. [05.08.01]|
|        - Rogue Wizard ........................................... [05.08.02]|
|        - Arniel's Endeavor Part 3 ............................... [05.08.03]|
|        - Arniel's Endeavor Part 4 ............................... [05.08.04]|
|        - Destruction Ritual Spell ............................... [05.08.05]|
|        - Illusion Ritual Spell .................................. [05.08.06]|
|        - Conjuration Ritual Spell ............................... [05.08.07]|
|        - Restoration Ritual Spell ............................... [05.08.08]|
|        - Alteration Ritual Spell ................................ [05.08.09]|
|  VI. Version History ............................................ [06.00.00]|
| VII. Closing .................................................... [07.00.00]|
                                 INTRODUCTION                        [01.00.00]

  Thank you for choosing to read my guide on Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This game
is massive and this guide will help you tackle it in full. This is the first
Elder Scrolls that I have played and it is quite enjoyable; I hope you enjoy
the game as much as I have and thank you again for reading.

  At the time of the guides release the author has no completed the game.
Please do not send spoilers or tips for parts not included in the current
release. The author will get around to writing every part necessary for all
quests to be completed.

                                    RACES                            [02.00.00]
 |   _   |
 |.  1   |
 |.  _   |
 |:  |   |
 |::.|:. |rgonian                                                    [02.01.00]
+`--- ---'--------------------------------------------------------------------+

Bonus skills: +10 Lockpicking
              + 5 Pickpocket
              + 5 Sneak
              + 5 Light Armor
              + 5 Alteration
              + 5 Restoration

Power: Hitskin - You regenerate health 10 times faster for 60 seconds.

Racial Abilities: 50% Disease Resistance
                  Underwater Breathing

  Little is known and less is understood about the reptilian denizens of the
Black Marsh. Years of defending their borders have made the Argonians experts
in guerrilla warfare, and their natural abilities make them equally at home in
water and on land. They are well-suited for the treacherous swamps of their
homeland, and have developed natural immunities to the diseases and poisons
that have doomed many would-be explorers into the region. Their seemingly
expressionless faces belie a calm intelligence, and many Argonians are well-
versed in the magical arts. Others rely on stealth or steel to survive, and
their natural agility makes them adept at either. They are, in general, a
reserved people, slow to trust and hard to know. Yet, they are fiercely loyal,
and will fight to the death for those they have named as friends. It is thought
that Argonians descended from the intelligent Hist trees of Black Marsh. The
band of mercenaries named "The Blackwood Company", is made up of mainly
Argonian and Khajiit warriors commissioned by the Emperor. Most of the
Argonians are immigrants from Black Marsh, and all are highly skilled in the
art of combat. The Blackwood Company serves as a sort of competitor of the
Fighters Guild, and are a point in the last few Fighters Guild quests. The
guild hall in Leyawiin, where they have their hist tree, imported from Black
Marsh. Hist is what all soldiers of the Company drink before doing a contract.
Argonians are the only race not to get effects from drinking hist.

  Argonians, like Khajiit, were oppressed and enslaved by rich families and
primary industries in the Morrowind, the last of the provinces to have
legalized slavery. Though slavery is now illegal in Morrowind, House Dres
still practices it. Racism is also strong against Argonians, as with all of the

  Despite both being seen as beast-races, and a sharing a history of oppression
from the men or mer races there is strong racial dislike between both the
Argonians and the Khajiit. Members of both races commonly see the other as
vastly inferior to themselves. If it were not for the lands of the Imperial
held Niben Bay, that seperates the lands of Black Marsh and Elsweyr, it is
very likely that both races would have gone to war with each other long ago.

 |   _   \ 
 |.  1   / 
 |.  _   \ 
 |:  1    \
 |::.. .  /reton                                                     [02.02.00]

Bonus skills: +10 Conjuration
              + 5 Illusion
              + 5 Speech
              + 5 Alchemy
              + 5 Alteration
              + 5 Restoration

Power: Dragonskin - You absorb 50% of the Magicka from incoming spells for
                    60 seconds.

Racial Abilities: 25% Magic Resistance

  Bretons are the human descendants who hail from the province of High Rock.
According to the Third Pocket Guide to the Empire, they have descended from the
people of Nede and Aldmer. The Aldmer thought of making a superior race with
their own "Elder", or "Superior", blood, by mating with other races. The
Bretons are sometimes called "Manmeri" because of this.

  They are pure spell weavers and are advanced in all the Arcane arts. While
lacking in physical skill, they make up for it in their ability to resist and
cast spells that overwhelm most people. They are united in culture and
language, but are divided politically. Their origins can be traced to the
First Era of Tamriel's history, when the Aldmer intermingled extensively with
the Nedic people. This mostly happened during the period in the first Era when
Mer held Men as slaves, which lead to masters impregnating their female
captives. Bretons are tall, dark haired, people. They are highly intelligent,
willful, and have an outgoing personality. It is said that Bretons are weaned
on magic, for it seems to suffuse their very being. Intermingling with Elven
blood has given Bretons an affinity for magic, though hardiness is also part
of their heritage. Breton culture operates under the Feudal system, and their
society is agrarian and hierarchical.

  Passionate, eccentric, poetic, flamboyant, intelligent, and willful, the
Bretons feel an inborn, instinctive bond with the mercurial forces of magic and
the supernatural. Many great sorcerers have come out of their home province of
High Rock, and in addition to their quick and perceptive grasp of spellcraft,
enchantment, and alchemy, even the humblest and least prominent Breton can
boast a high resistance to destructive and dominating magical energies within
their universe.

  The main religion in High Rock is the worship of the Nine Divines, however
some Bretons still worship the gods of their Elven ancestors.

 |   _  \  
 |.  |   \ 
 |.  |    \
 |:  1    /
 |::.. . /ark Elf                                                    [02.03.00]

Bonus skills: +10 Destruction
              + 5 Illusion
              + 5 Sneak
              + 5 Alchemy
              + 5 Alteration
              + 5 Light Armor

Power: Ancestor's Wrath - Creates a Flame Cloak that does 10 damage to nearby
                          foes for 60 seconds.

Racial Abilities: 50% Fire Resistance

  The Dunmer, more commonly referred to as Dark Elves, are the dark skinned
elves originally from the province of Morrowind. They have red, glowing eyes
and their skin tones vary from green to grey, and even light blue. They are
known to be extremely strong, intelligent, and very quick, but are said to be
ill favoured by fate. Their combination of powerful knowledge learned from
centuries past and strong, agile physique make them superior warriors and
sorcerers of great and powerful magic. On the battlefield, Dunmer are known
for their skill with a balanced use of the sword, the bow and destruction magic.
Offensive Spells seem to prove worthy alongside a spellcasting Dunmer in battle.

  In character, they are grim, aloof, and reserved, keeping to themselves as
much as possible. They are just as distrusting and disdainful of other races
as they are to other Dark Elves. The Dunmer and their national character
embrace these various connotations with enthusiastic behaviors. In the Empire,
'Dark Elf' is the common used term used by any humanic race, but in their
homeland; Morrowind, and among their Aldmeri brethren, they are known as Dunmer.
In Morrowind the main religion is the worship of the Tribunal Temple but a
large number of Dunmer also worship Daedric deities. They see Malacath and
Boethia as primary Daedric deities, and their lack of proper social behaviors
links them to their dark worshipping of the gods. The commoners ban their
behaviors with harsh distrust. The lack of proper etiquette among these
dark-skinned elves make them far inferior in the eyes of an Imperial.

  Originally the Dunmer were Chimer, however, they were changed by Azura after
the Tribunal Temple's betrayal of Indoril Nerevar.

  ___ ___ 
 |   Y   |
 |.  1   |
 |.  _   |
 |:  |   |
 |::.|:. |igh Elf                                                    [02.04.00]
+`--- ---'--------------------------------------------------------------------+

Bonus skills: +10 Illusion
              + 5 Conjuration
              + 5 Destruction
              + 5 Restoration
              + 5 Alteration
              + 5 Enchanting

Power: Highborn - For 60 seconds, you regenerate 25% of your maximum Magick
                  each second.

Racial Abilities: +50 Magicka

  The Altmer, or High Elves, are a race of elves that inhabit parts of Tamriel.
They hail from the Summerset Isle and are primarily known for their enhanced
magical abilities.

  As a race, the Altmer strive to maintain the appearance of their ancestor
race, the Aldmer, primarily through highly selective traditions surrounding
marriage and reproduction. They are among the tallest of the humanoid races,
taller than most humans and even most other meri races. Their skin maintains a
very pale gold hue, not quite the pale white of the northern human races such
as Nords or Imperials, but far lighter than the Bosmer. They are slender, with
prominently pointed ears and almond-shaped eyes.

  On average, Altmer are of smaller build than humans, and thus generally not
as strong. Their tall stature also makes them less agile than their Bosmeri
cousins. However, Altmer are among the most intelligent and magically-inclined
races on Nirn, surpassing even the Bretons in magical aptitude. This strong
tie to Magnus, the god of magic, has the unfortunate side effect of opening
Altmer up to magical attacks more than most other races. To their benefit,
however, their years of selective breeding have also provided them with a
strong resistance to diseases, nearly matching that of the Argonians.

 |   |
 |.  |
 |.  |
 |:  |
 |::.|mperial                                                        [02.05.00]

Bonus skills: +10 Restoration
              + 5 One-Handed
              + 5 Destruction
              + 5 Block
              + 5 Heavy Armor
              + 5 Enchanting

Power: Voice of the Emperor - Calms nearby people for 60 seconds.

Racial Abilities: Gold can be found in every container

  Natives of the civilized, cosmopolitan province of Cyrodiil, the Imperials
are well-educated and well-spoken. Imperials are also known for the discipline
and training of their citizen armies. With this they were able to fight off the
Redguard and control most of Tamriel. Though physically less imposing than the
other races, the Imperials have proved to be shrewd diplomats and traders, and
these traits, along with their remarkable skill and training as light infantry,
have enabled them to subdue all the other nations and races, and to have
erected the monument to peace and prosperity that comprises the Glorious
Empire. Imperials have a grudge on the Khajiit. The Imperials control most
ports in Tamriel and are similar in appearance to Bretons despite their darker
skin color.

  The Imperials forcibly took control of Tamriel under the leadership of Tiber
Septim, all provinces of Tamriel were brought under Imperial rule by force
except for Morrowind, they were brought in by treaty, so they are allowed most
of their privileges they had before hand.

  ___ ___  
 |   Y   ) 
 |.  1  /  
 |.  _  \  
 |:  |   \ 
 |::.| .  )hajiit                                                    [02.06.00]
+`--- ---'--------------------------------------------------------------------+

Bonus skills: +10 Sneak
              + 5 One-Handed
              + 5 Lockpicking
              + 5 Pickpocket
              + 5 Alchemy
              + 5 Archery

Power: Night Eye - Improved night vision for 60 seconds

Racial Abilities: 4x Unarmed Damage

  The Khajiiti race is made up of several subtypes with very distinct
appearances. All Khajiit are feline in appearance, placing them among the group
known as "beast races" by the human and mer inhabitants of Tamriel. The exact
appearance of a particular Khajiit is determined primarily by the phases of the
moon at the time he or she was born. According to recent studies in Elsweyr,
it appears that the phases of the moon Massar determine the primary form,
ranging from humanoid to resembling a domesticated cat; the phases of the moon
Secunda determine the relative size. Some scholars have claimed as many as
twenty different subtypes, but only about a dozen have been identified and
named to date.

  Outside of Elsweyr, only one or two subtypes of Khajiit are typically seen in
a given area. The Ohmes-raht make up most of the Khajiit in human inhabited
regions, such as Cyrodiil and High Rock. They also strongly resemble humans,
with light fur and a noticeable tail. A smaller subtype, the Ohmes, appear
almost identical to Bosmer, and those living outside of Elsweyr often tattoo
their faces to distinguish themselves from the mer. The Suthay-raht, and their
smaller cousins the Suthay, are more feline like, but still clearly humanoid
and bipedal. They have more variety in their fur and facial features, and make
up most of the Khajiit found in Morrowind.

  Visitors, or more likely intruders, to Elsweyr often encounter the Cathay
and Cathay-raht, which are often described as "jaguar men". These are still
bipedal, but very feline in appearance, and much stronger and faster than
humans or mer. The popular series A Dance in the Fire depicts multiple
encounters with these Khajiit, which appear to make up much of the Khajiiti
army and defense forces. They are described as having "pointed ears, wide
yellow eyes, mottled pied fur and a tail like a whip", and have at least basic
powers of speech. There is a fourth bipedal form, the Tojay and Tojay-raht,
but little is know of them, as they tend to live deep in the southern marshes
and forests.

 |   _  \ 
 |.  |   |
 |.  |   |
 |:  |   |
 |::.|   |ord                                                        [02.07.00]
+`--- ---'--------------------------------------------------------------------+

Bonus skills: +10 Two-Handed
              + 5 One-Handed
              + 5 Block
              + 5 Smithing
              + 5 Speech
              + 5 Light Armor

Power: Battle Cry - All nearby foes flee for 30 seconds

Racial Abilities: 50% Frost Resistance

  The Nords are a tall and fair-haired people from Skyrim who are known for
their incredible resistance to cold and even magical frost. They are
enthusiastic warriors, and act as soldiers and mercenaries all over Tamriel.
Eager to augment their martial skills beyond the traditional methods of Skyrim,
they excel in all manner of warfare. They thrive in the cold, reminiscent of
their native Atmora, and are known as a militant people by their neighbours.
Nords are also natural seamen, and have benefited from nautical trade since
their first migrations across the sea from Atmora. They captain and crew the
merchant fleets of many regions, and may be found all along Tamriel's coasts.

 |   _   |
 |.  |   |
 |.  |   |
 |:  1   |
 |::.. . |rc                                                         [02.08.00]

Bonus skills: +10 Heavy Armor
              + 5 One-Handed
              + 5 Block
              + 5 Smithing
              + 5 Two-Handed
              + 5 Enchanting

Power: Berserk - For 60 seconds, you take half damage, and inflict double
                 damage in melee combat

Racial Abilities: None

  The Orsimer, commonly known as Orcs are the sophisticated barbarian peoples
of the Wrothgarian Mountains, and Dragontail Mountains. Though they are common
in the walking city of Bosmer kings, Falinesti, and in other great cities
throughout Tamreil. They are in-fact elves or mer, hence the name Orsimer, it
means 'Pariah Folk'. They are noted for their unshakeable courage in war and
their unflinching endurance of hardships. In the past, Orcs have been widely
feared and hated by the other nations and races of Tamriel, but they have
slowly won acceptance in the Empire, in particular for their distinguished
service in the Imperial Legion. Orcish armorers are prized for their
craftsmanship, and Orc warriors in heavy armor are among the finest front-line
troops in the Empire and fearsome when using their Berserker Rage. Most
Imperial citizens regard Orc society as rough and cruel, but there is much to
admire in their fierce tribal loyalties and generous equality of rank and
respect among the sexes. In the middle of the Merethic Era, the Orsimer and
their leader Trinimac tried to halt the movement of Prophet Velothi and the
Dark Elves. The Daedric Prince Boethiah ate Trinimac, corrupting his body and
spirit and he emerged as Daedric Prince Malacath. All of the Orsimer people
were also changed into what they are now known as, the Orcs.

 |   _   \
 |.  l   /
 |.  _   1
 |:  |   |
 |::.|:. |edguard                                                    [02.09.00]
+`--- ---'--------------------------------------------------------------------+

Bonus skills: +10 One-Handed
              + 5 Archery
              + 5 Block
              + 5 Smithing
              + 5 Destruction
              + 5 Alteration

Power: Adrenaline Rush - You regenerate Stamina 10 times faster for 60

Racial Abilities: 50% Poison Resistance

  Redguards hail from the province of Hammerfell. They are a stocky, powerful
race that are known to be extremely quick and hardy. Legend has it that
Redguards are innately more proficient at weapons than any other race. They are
excellent in all arts concerning blade and shield. They are descended from a
long line of warriors and mystic seers.

  The most naturally talented warriors in Tamriel, the dark skinned, wiry
haired Redguards of Hammerfell seem born to battle, though their pride and
fierce independence of spirit makes them more suitable as scouts or skirmishers,
or as free ranging heroes and adventurers, than as rank and file soldiers. In
addition to their cultural affinities for many weapon and armor styles,
Redguards are also blessed with hardy constitutions and quickness of foot.

  The main religion of Hammerfell is a type of religion mixed between ancestor
worship and a nine divines type religion. According to Trayvond the Redguard,
in Hammerfell, they "don't much like spellcasters, because Wizards steal souls
and tamper with minds. If you use magic, you're weak or wicked." They
particularly hated Conjuration, relating it to Necromancy and Mysticism
because it messed with the mind. However, he does mention that he and other
Redguards were fond of Destruction spells -- suiting their culture well.

  ___ ___ 
 |   Y   |
 |.  |   |
 |. / \  |
 |:      |
 |::.|:. |ood Elf                                                    [02.10.00]
+`--- ---'--------------------------------------------------------------------+

Bonus skills: +10 Archery
              + 5 Sneak
              + 5 Lockpicking
              + 5 Pickpocket
              + 5 Light Armor
              + 5 Alchemy

Power: Command Animal - Target animal becomes your ally for 60 seconds

Racial Abilities: 50% Disease and Poison Resistance

  Bosmers, or Wood Elves, hail from the province of Valenwood. They are a
people of the forests, matching their features to all that is found growing in
the green woods of their homeland. They are known to be extremely agile and
quick. Their nimbleness serves them best in any art involving thievery. They
are also the finest archers in Tamriel.

  The Bosmer are cousins of the Dunmer, or Dark Elves, and the Altmer, or High
Elves. The Wood Elves lineage is less noble than that of the Altmer, but they
have adapted well to Tamriel.

  The Wood Elves are the various barbarian Elven clanfolk of the Western
Valenwood forests. In the Empire, they are collectively referred to as Wood
Elves, but Bosmer or Tree Sap People is what they call themselves. Tree Sap
suggests the wild vitality and youthful energy of the Wood Elves, in contrast
with their more dour cousins, the Altmer and Dunmer. Bosmer reject the stiff,
formal tradtion of Aldmeri high culture, preferring a romantic, simple
existence in harmony with the land, its wild beauty and wild creatures. These
country cousins of the High Elves and Dark Elves are nimble and quick in body
and wit, and because of their curious natures and natural agility, Wood Elves
are especially suitable as scouts, agents, and thieves. Their ability to
command a simple creature is well known.

                                 WALKTHROUGH                         [03.00.00]

  ___ ___ 
 |   Y   |
 |.  |   |
 |.  |   |
 |:  1   |
 |::.. . |nbound                                                     [03.01.00]
| Objectives:  1. Make your way to the Keep                                   |
|              2. Enter the Keep with Hadvar or Ralof                         |
|              3. Loot Gunjar's body                                          |
|              4. Escape Helgen                                               |
|              5. (Optional) Search the barrels for potions                   |
|              6. (Optional) Attempt to pick the lock to the cage             |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: Helgen Keep Key                                               |
|               Spell Tome: Sparks                                            |

  After the opening scene has completed you will find yourself amidst the chaos
of the village. The quest [UNBOUND] starts and Ralof commands you to follow him
to the Keep. Head into the tower and up the steps where the dragon will break
through the walls. Jump down and into a building then make your way into the
streets where Hadvar and some soldiers are fending off the dragon. Follow
Hadvar to the Keep where you meet up with Ralof. Enter the Helgen Keep where
Ralof will free your hands. Loot Gunjar's body and equip his gear then the
Imperial Captain will enter. Set up for the ambush with Ralof and slay the
Imperials, then loot the [HELGEN KEEP KEY].

  Head through the corridor from where the Imperials came to find a room with
several [CHESTS], one of which contains another copy of the [HELGEN KEEP KEY].
Return to the initial room and open the gate. You can find a bit of [FOOD]
amongst the containers. When you are done head down the steps and enter the
room to the left. Fight off two Imperial Soldiers and search the area for
[POTIONS], [FOOD], and various [INGREDIENTS]. Check the [BARRELS] just before
you reach the hallway to find minor [POTIONS] and complete an optional side

  Continue down to the dungeon where you will find the Torturer and his
assistant fighting some Stormcloak Soldiers. Aid them and then pick the lock
to the cage where you can find [SPELL TOME: SPARKS] and some gold near the dead
mage. In the large cell you will find an [IRON SHIELD] if you haven't acquired
a means to block yet. There is a [KNAPSACK] with [LOCKPICKS] inside, might as
well pick them up for later. Proceed down the hallway where there are locked
cells that you can increase your lockpicking on. One of the cells has a
[SKELETON] and a [COIN PURSE] inside.

  Make your way through the cavernous passage to a large open room with
Imperial Soldiers. Kill the ones that are in close quarters and when the second
wave arrives on the other side of the room, use the spell Flames to light the
oil on the ground to quickly dispatch them. Just around the corner is a [LEVER]
that controls the drawbridge. When you and Ralof cross it, it will collapse on
itself, leaving the others behind. Jump down where the bridge collapsed to find
a [SKELETON] and a [COIN PURSE]. Meet up with Ralof to find another [COIN
PURSE] lying near a skeleton.

  The next room is littered with Frostbite Spiders. Focus them down one at a
time or simply cast spells until they melt away. You can search the room for
eggs and Skeever Tails. but that's about all that's here. In the next area you
will encounter a Bear. Ralof suggests sneaking by it, but you can always fire
an arrow at it and pick it off from distance for the added experience. Just
past this area is the exit to Skyrim. The quest completes and the next one,
[BEFORE THE STORM], picks up.

 |   _   \ 
 |.  1   / 
 |.  _   \ 
 |:  1    \
 |::.. .  /efore the Storm                                           [03.02.00]
| Objectives:  1. Talk to Gerdur in Riverwood                                 |
|              2. Talk to the Jarl of Whiterun                                |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: None                                                          |
  With renewed freedom, follow the road towards Riverwood. At a point along the
road you will find the Guardian Stones; [THE THIEF STONE], [THE MAGE STONE],
and [THE WARRIOR STONE] that will grant blessings allow skills in those areas
to be learned 20% faster than normal. As you continue to Riverwood you may
encounter some Wolves. Approach Gerdur and tell her that you know Ralof. She
will tell you to inform the Jarl of Whiterun about the dragon. If you speak
with Lucan Valerius in the Riverwood Trader you can start the quest [THE GOLDEN
CLAW]. When you are ready to continue, head north to Whiterun. If you head
through Pelagia Farm you may run into the Companions, a group that is stationed
out of Whiterun. They will suggest that you head to Jorrvaskr to see if you
are worthy of being a Companion. When you reach the gate a Whiterun Guard will
halt you, tell him you have news of the dragon then enter Whiterun.

  Make your way through the city and up to the Keep, Dragonreach. You will once
again be halted, respond the same. Talk to the Jarl to receive your just reward
for bringing the news. This quest ends and [BLEAK FALLS BARROW] begins.

 |   _   \ 
 |.  1   / 
 |.  _   \ 
 |:  1    \
 |::.. .  /leak Falls Barrow                                         [03.03.00]
| Objectives:  1. Talk to Farengar                                            |
|              2. Retrieve the Dragonstone                                    |
|              3. Deliver the Dragonstone to Farengar                         |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: Arvel's Journal                                               |
|               Dragonstone                                                   |
|               Golden Claw                                                   |
|               Word of Power: Unrelenting Force                              |
  Follow the Jarl and speak with Farengar. Accept Farengars quest and head for
Bleak Falls Barrow. You should meet some resistance before actually entering
the dungeon, but it shouldn't be anything you can't handle. As you enter the
area it will seem quiet but there are Bandits on the far side of the initial
room. Unlock the [CHEST] and continue onward through the long and winding
chasms until you reach an ominous room with a Bandit. This room has symbols
that give hints on how to unlock the gate. The correct combination to enter on
the pillars on the bottom floor is [SNAKE], [SNAKE], [WHALE].

  The next small room has a [CHEST] and some [POTIONS], but be careful of the
Skeevers coming up the winding staircase. Head down the steps and through the
rooms until you find a pathway blocked by spider webs. Remove them and enter
the room to find a Wounded Frostbite Spider trying to attack a man. You can
bait the spider back to where you entered the room, it cannot cross into that
room so you can sit back and launch magic at it for an easy kill. If you have
yet to start the side quest [THE GOLDEN CLAW], it will start when you cut
Arvel down. Immediately slay him or he will take off deep into the crypts and
become harder to track down.

  Loot Arvel's corpse for the [GOLDEN CLAW] and [ARVEL'S JOURNAL]. Move through
the burial room and into the crypt where ancient nords, the Draugr, will awake
and attack you. Be careful of the trap door and continue down the hall where a
Restless Draugr is accompanied by some normal Draugr. The next trial is to make
it through a narrow channel where axes are swinging. Simply time your run and
sprint through to reach the other side unscathed. Descend the stairs and note
the oil on the ground here. Bait some of the Draugr onto it and light it with
a fire spell, such as Flames, and watch them burn.

  Move through this crypt and up the steps to a watery room where a Restless
Draugr will emerge from his coffin. Slay him and loot the [CHEST] then pull
the [CHAIN] on the southern end and follow the watery path to a cavern. Search
the [CHEST] at the intersection. Continue down the path and kill the Restless
Draugr then head to the bottom of the waterfall to find a [CHEST]. Go north and
pass through the halls until you reach the last room where a Draugr Wight will
challenge you. Once the Draugr falls, enter the Bleak Falls Sanctum.

  The first room in the sanctum has a few Draugr that appear from the tombs
and there is oil on the floors that can be lit. Ascend to the second floor and
cross the bridge and go through an iron door. The gate at the end of this room
can only be opened by setting the pieces in the correct order. The order is
found on the Golden Claw, [BEAR], [BUTTERFLY], [OWL]. Enter the massive room
and search the [CHEST] then approach the Word Wall to learn [WORD OF POWER:
UNRELENTING FORCE]. After learning the word, a Draugr Wight Lord will awaken
from his tomb. Defeat it and loot the [DRAGONSTONE], then activate the [HANDLE]
at the top of the steps to reach the exit. Return to Farengar and deliver the
Dragonstone to complete the quest.

 |   _  \  
 |.  |   \ 
 |.  |    \
 |:  1    /
 |::.. . /ragon Rising                                               [03.04.00]
| Objectives:  1. Talk to Jarl Balgruuf                                       |
|              2. Meet Irileth near the Western Watchtower                    |
|              3. Kill the dragon                                             |
|              4. Investigate the dragon                                      |
|              5. Report back to Jarl Balgruuf                                |
|              6. (Optional) Use your new Shout power                         |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: Axe of Whiterun                                               |
|               Dragon Soul                                                   |
|               Letter from a Friend                                          |
  This quest starts once you deliver the Dragonstone to Farengar. Head up the
steps and talk to the Jarl. He will reward you for the previous quest then
ask you to meet with Irileth due to the recent sighting of a Dragon. Head to
the Western Watchtower with Irileth then scope the tower out itself to start
the battle with the Dragon, Mirmulnir. It's best to battle the Dragon from
range until it lands, in which case you should attack from the sides to avoid
the fiery breath. When the Dragon falls, investigate it and take the wondrous

  You absorb the [DRAGON SOUL] and unlock the Word of Power that you obtained
earlier in the Bleak Falls Barrow. Go to your Magic menu and set this Shout
then test it out in front of everyone. Return to Jarl Balgruuf with the news
of the Dragon. On your way back into Whiterun however a Courier will stop you
and deliver a [LETTER FROM A FRIEND]. Jarl Balgruuf will give you the [AXE OF
WHITERUN] as a reward and the quest concludes as [THE WAY OF THE VOICE]

 |       |
 |.|   | |
 `-|.  |-'
   |:  |  
   |::.|he Way of the Voice                                          [03.05.00]
| Objectives:  1. Speak to the Greybeards                                     |
|              2. Demonstrate your "Unrelenting Force" Shout                  |
|              3. Speak to Arngeir                                            |
|              4. Learn the Word of Power from Einarth                        |
|              5. Demonstrate your "Unrelenting Force" Shout (3/3)            |
|              6. Learn the Word of Power from Borri                          |
|              7. Demonstrate your "Whirlwind Sprint" Shout                   |
|              8. Speak to Arngeir for further training                       |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: Word of Power: Balance, Unrelenting Force                     |
|               Word of Power: Whirlwind, Whirlwind Sprint                    |
  Before departing on quite the trek to the Throat of the World, talk to Lydia
who becomes your housecarl (follower) now that you are a Thane. Make your way
east and eventually to the village of Ivarstead. Just stick to the roads and
follow the signs until you get there. From here you should be able to climb
the 7,000 steps up to High Hrothgar where the Greybeards reside. Once inside,
speak with Arngeir then fire your Shout at him and talk to him once more.
Probe him with any questions you might have then he will ask you to learn from
Master Einarth.

  Look at the Word of Power and you will learn it and Einarth will transfer
his power to you. You can now hold down your Shout button to use a more
powerful Unrelenting Force. Fire your upgraded Shout at the ethereals that
are generated. After you have destroyed three of them you will get to learn a
new Word of Power from Borri. Meet him in the Courtyard to learn [WORD OF
POWER: WHIRLWIND, WHIRLWIND SPRINT]. Watch the demonstration and perform the
Shout yourself, making it through the gate in time. Return to Arngeir for
more training and the quest will complete, [THE HORN OF JURGEN WINDCALLER]
starts afterwards.

 |       |
 |.|   | |
 `-|.  |-'
   |:  |  
   |::.|he Horn of Jurgen Windcaller                                 [03.06.00]
| Objectives:  1. Retrieve the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller                      |
|              2. Read the note                                               |
|              3. Meet with whoever took the horn                             |
|              4. Return the horn to Arngeir                                  |
|              5. Learn the Word of Power from Wulfgar                        |
|              6. Receive the Greybeards' greeting                            |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: Horn of Jurgen Windcaller                                     |
|               Word of Power: Fade, Become Ethereal                          |
|               Word of Power: Push, Unrelenting Force                        |
  After accepting this quest, make your way to Ustengrav which is northwest of
Whiterun. There are some Bandits and some Necromancers along the way, but
eventually you will find the dungeon. The first room is a large one with two
Apprentice Necromancers. Take them out so that their summons go away then
check the [CHEST]. Go through the narrow corridor to find some Necromancers
fighting off the Draugr. Pick them off and continue into the next area. Move
into the northern room where there are lots of urns and a [CHEST]. Leave that
room and folow the path to another intersection, this time take the western
path to the end and spot a [CHAIN] that opens up a new path to a [CHEST].

  Return to the main path and continue south, defeating the Draugr that impede
your progress. When you reach the overhang, loot the [CHEST] near the shelving
unit and cross the bridge to reach the Ustengrav Depths. Follow the path and
kill a Draugr, but avoid going down the middle of the next archway as it will
trigger fire to spew up and torch you. In the next room, quickly cross the
bridge and descend the ramp to the bottom floor. Defeat the Draugr here and
search the tables for [INGREDIENTS] and [FOOD]. On the opposite end, ascend the
ramp and make your way to the next room.

  As soon as you enter this room activate the [HANDLE] on the left and then
a second [HANDLE] next to a coffin where a Draugr pops out. This should open
the gates that are preventing you from reaching the [CHEST] and an [ARCANE
ENCHANTER]. A large expansive room is next, this time with Skeletons. Head up
a set of stairs where fire is flailing at the top. Turn left left after the
the flames to find a [CHEST] and check the corners for [INGREDIENTS]. Make your
way safely down to the bottom floor. Opposite the waterfall is a [CHEST] and
if you run through the waterfall you can find another [CHEST], this one is
guarded by a Restless Draugr. Leave the waterfall to find the [WORD OF POWER:
FADE, BECOME ETHEREAL] to your left.

  Head back up and cross the large bridge to the east. There is a Skeleton up
the steps but where you want to go is by the large rocks on the bottom floor.
They will illuminate as you pass them and open barred gates blocking your path
for a short time. Use the Whirlwind Sprint Shout to overcome this challenge
and march down the path towards the Frostbite Spiders. A Giant Frostbite Spider
will drop down to aid the lesser ones. Break through the spider webs to the
east and move into another room through the door and via the [CHAIN] in the
hallway. Move down the pathway and read the [MYSTERIOUS NOTE]. Go through the
door in the back and open the [CHEST] then follow the narrow path out to
Ustengrav. At the end of the path use the [LEVER] to open the wall up then
exit to Riverwood.

  Stay the night at the Sleeping Giant Inn in the attic room. Delphine will
tell you that room doesn't exist but shows you to another room. Sleep here for
a brief time and Delphine will come in to talk with you and eventually give you
the [HORN OF JURGEN WINDCALLER]. The quest [A BLADE IN THE DARK] starts, but
first follow Delphine. After a longwinded conversation, quite a lot has been
revealed. Be sure to raid this room for all the [INGREDIENTS]. Return the horn
to Arngeir then learn the final Word of Power for Unrelenting Force, [WORD OF
POWER: PUSH, UNRELENTING FORCE]. After you have completed this task, you will
receive the Voice of the Greybeards and the quest will end.

 |   _   |
 |.  1   |
 |.  _   |
 |:  |   |
 |::.|:. | Blade in the Dark                                         [03.07.00]
+`--- ---'--------------------------------------------------------------------+
| Objectives:  1. Talk to Delphine                                            |
|              2. Locate the dragon burial site                               |
|              3. Kill the dragon Sahloknir                                   |
|              4. Talk to Delphine                                            |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: Delphine's Secret Door Key                                    |
|               Dragon Soul x2                                                |
  Return to the Ustengrav Depths and place the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller back
on the Tomb to absorb a [DRAGON SOUL]. From here Fast Travel to Whiterun and
begin heading due east, or if you've discovered anything near Windhelm you can
Fast Travel there and find Kynesgrove just south of Windhelm. When you arrive
you will be greeted and Delphine will lead the way to the burial site. Here you
witness Alduin resurrecting Sahloknir. Start unloading on the Dragon as it
begins to revive for some quick and easy damage. Use the same strategy as when
you defeated Mirmulnir and the battle should go smoothly. After the battle loot
the Dragon and talk to Delphine to receive [DELPHINE'S SECRET DOOR KEY] and
learn quite a bit regarding the Dragons reemersion. The quest concludes and

 |   _  \  
 |.  |   \ 
 |.  |    \
 |:  1    /
 |::.. . /iplomatic Immunity                                         [03.08.00]
| Objectives:  1. Meet Delphine in Riverwood                                  |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: 
  This quest will start as soon as you have slain Sahloknir.

                            THE COMPANIONS QUESTS                    [04.00.00]
 |       |
 |.|   | |
 `-|.  |-'
   |:  |  
   |::.|ake up Arms                                                  [04.01.00]
| Prerequisite: None                                                          |
|                                                                             |
| Objectives:  1. Speak to Kodlak Whitemane                                   |
|              2. Train with Vilkas                                           |
|              3. Give Vilkas's sword to Eorlund                              |
|              4. Bring Aela her shield                                       |
|              5. Follow Farkas to your quarters                              |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: None                                                          |

  If you run through the Pelagia Farm on the outskirts of Whiterun you can hear
the clash of metal. There is a band of Warriors fighting a Giant, you can help
or simply watch. After the battle you will get some information on who the
Companions are and how you can become a member of their heralded Guild.

  Talk to Kodlak Whitemane in Jorrvaskr and tell him you want to be a Companion.
He will have you train with Vilkas in the courtyard to test your mettle. You
must attack with melee, magic will not suffice. After a few swings Vilkas will
have you take his sword to get it sharpened. After some talking, Eorlund will
ask that you take Aela her shield. After you return the shield, Aela will
summon Farkas to take you to your quarters.

Animal Extermination                                                 [04.01.01]

Prerequisite: Take Up Arms

Objectives:  1. Kill the [Animal]
             2. Return to Aela

  This quest starts from Aela the Huntress. The quest is fairly simple, just
head to the area stated and kill the animal that is inside the dwelling. The
animal is hostile from the moment you enter so kill it quickly, take it's pelt
and return to Aela.

Animal Extermination Part 2                                          [04.01.02]

Prerequisite: Take Up Arms, Animal Extermination

Objectives:  1. Clear out the [Animal Den]
             2. Return to Aela

  Tell Aela that you are looking for some work and she will send you to a
nearby animal den and request that you dispose of all of the occupants. When
you reach your destination just wipe the area clean of all animals and when
they are all taken care of the quest will update and you can return to Aela
with the good news.

Hired Muscle                                                         [04.01.03]

Prerequisite: Complete Take Up Arms

Objectives:  1. Intimidate [Random Person] in [Random Location]
             2. Return to Farkas

  This quest starts from Farkas as soon as you finish Take Up Arms. This quest
requires you to brawl with a troublemaker. Seek out the ruffian and challenge
him/her to a brawl. Do not fight with weapons and kill this person, only knock
them out with your fists. Once they have collapsed, return to Farkas for the

Trouble in Skyrim                                                    [04.01.04]

Prerequisite: Complete Take Up Arms

Objectives:  1. Kill the leader of [Random Location]
             2. Return to Farkas

  Tell Farkas you are looking for work and he will tell you about a recent
disturbance that must be dealt with. Journey to the location of the incident
and slay those responsible, this time make sure you kill them and not just
brawl. To complete this quest you need only kill the leader of the faction but
you should kill the other assailants as well. When you are done return to
Farkas for your reward.

Family Heirloom                                                      [04.01.05]

Prerequisite: Complete Take Up Arms

Objectives:  1. Retrieve the [Heirloom] from [Random Location]
             2. Return to Skjor or Vilkas

  Speak with Skjor or Vilkas and they will inform you that a valuable family
heirloom belonging to a high-ranking family that is friends with the Companions
has gone missing. Go to the location of the heirloom and fight or sneak your
way to the flagged area on your local map. The [HEIRLOOM] is usually found
within a [CHEST]. Once you have secured it return to the quest giver, either
Skjor or Vilkas.

Escaped Criminal                                                     [04.01.06]

Prerequisite: Complete Take Up Arms

Objectives:  1. Kill the [Criminal]
             2. Return to Skjor or Vilkas

  Skjor or Vilkas will inform you that a wanted criminal is on the run from the
local authorities. Your objective is to hunt down this fugitive and kill him.
Head out to the area of the lawbreaker and bring about his swift demise. There
may be some other resistance from additional foes, so deal with them as you
deem fit. Return to Skjor or Vilkas for your reward.

Rescue Mission                                                       [04.01.07]

Prerequisite: Complete Take Up Arms

Objectives:  1. Rescue [Random Victim] from [Random Location]
             2. Return [Random Victim] to [Origin of Kidnapping]
             3. Return to Skjor or Vilkas

  Skjor or Vilkas will give you information about a member of an important
organization that has been kidnapped. The culprits have taken this person to
their hideout and your objective is to save this person and return them alive.
The target is normally near the enemy leader and is locked away in a cell. It's
best to just clear the area and then quickly rescue the hostage. When you reach
the world map Fast Travel to a location near the return area and trek it the
rest of the way. With the hostage returned, speak with Skjor or Vilkas for your
 |   _   |
 |.  1   |
 |.  ____|
 |:  |    
 |::.|roving Honor
| Prerequisite: Complete Take Up Arms and One Radiant Quest                   |
|                                                                             |
| Objectives:  1. Speak to Farkas                                             |
|              2. Retrieve the fragment                                       |
|              3. Return to Jorrvaskr                                         |
|              4. Follow Vilkas                                               |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: Dustman Cairn's Key                                           |
|               Fragment of Wuuthrad                                          |
|               Word of Power: Fire, Firebreath                               |

  This quest can start by talking to Skjor after completing [TAKE UP ARMS] and
one of the many [RADIANT QUESTS] available from the Companions in Forrvaskr.
Accept Skjor's quest and talk to Farkas. Head northwest until you reach
Dustman's Cairn. Make your way through the passages, killing the Draugr and
looting their corpses until you reach a wooden door. This path leads to a large
open room with an Arcane Enchanter and lots of [POTIONS]. Head through the open
gate and flip the [LEVER] to start a short scene. With the scene over, head
through the newly opened passage and fight off the Silver Hands. When you reach
the large room be sure to search thuroughly after dispatching the enemies.

  You will find several locked [CHESTS] and if you button hook left from the
top of the stairs you will find a [CHAIN] that reveals a secret chamber with
another [CHEST]. Continue through the corridor and fight off more Silverhand
and Draugr. The enemy grows more numerous as you descend towards Dustman's
Crypt. As you enter this area you will hear the fighting below of Draugr and
the Silver Hand. Rush down and unlock the [CHEST] then finish off the victor of
the fight. Through pathway you will come to a room where several Silver Hand
will strike at you. Don't miss the locked [WOODEN DOOR], because inside is a
shelving unit with some rare [INGREDIENTS].

  This next room is fairly large and empty. Search the [CHEST] on the left to
find [DUSTMAN's CAIRN KEY]. Use the key to unlock the door and fight off the
Skeevers. There is an [ALCHEMY LAB] and a locked [WOODEN DOOR] in the next
room. Continue through the narrow hallway and kill the Frostbite Spiders and
Skeevers that attack you in the open cavernous area. Cross the cavern and into
a cryptic hallway until you reach an iron door. In this next room you will find
the [FRAGMENT OF WUUTHRAD] in the center of the table in the back. Approach
the Word of Power to learn [FIRE BREATH]. Draugr will spawn continually from
every coffin in the room until they are all opened and defeated. Be careful and
fight with Farkas to increase your chances of survival. Once the area is
cleared, return to Jorrvaskr where Vilkas is waiting for you.

 |       |
 |.|   | |
 `-|.  |-'
   |:  |  
   |::.|he Silver Hand                                               [04.03.00]
| Prerequisite: Complete Proving Honor and One Radiant Quest                  |
|                                                                             |
| Objectives:  1. Talk to Skjor                                               |
|              2. Meet with Skjor at night                                    |
|              3. Enter the Underforge                                        |
|              4. Participate in the blood ritual                             |
|              5. Talk to Aela                                                |
|              6. Kill the werewolf hunters                                   |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: None                                                          |
  After helping Aela she will offer another quest. Talk to Skjor and then meet
him at the Underforge out back of Forrvaskr between 7PM and 8 AM. Here you have
the option of joining the Circle and becoming a Werewolf. Choose to participate
in the ritual and are turned. After a short scene you regain control and are
off to attack the Silver Hand. Enter the Gallow and slay the Silver Hand that
attack you and Aela. Head into the dungeon and pull the [CHAIN] to release the
barricade on the door. More Silver Hand await in the room, kill them and check
the [CHEST]. There is a dead Werewolf in one of the small chambers, another
door is barred from the inside. Proceed through the wooden door that does open
and continue down the hall.

Note: You can use Beast Form during this quest. Access it from your Magic
      Menu to make the quest a bit easier.

  Kill the Skeever that strikes and proceed up the steps. Tread carefully as
there is a trap door and two more Silver Hand waiting to destroy you. This area
can be deadly as a large group of Silver Hand will come up the stairs and
strike at you from distance. You can release the Werewolf but it will strike
you if you aren't in Beast Form. Head down the steps from where the Silver Hand
had come from and into a large room. Don't head upstairs quite yet, and search
the area for [PELTS] and a [MASTER CHEST] in the back room. Head upstairs and
kill some more Silver Hand, this room has steps leading downstairs but unlock
the wooden door first to access a room with [POTIONS] and [CHESTS].

  The final room houses the leader, Krev the Skinner. If you can lure him back
into the hall it will mitigate the damage you will take from the archers in the
room. Loot the corpses and the large [CHEST] in the back amongst other things
then use the door and unbar the next one to return to the beginning of the
dungeon. You must now complete three Radiant Quests for Aela before moving to
the next quest.

Stealing Plans                                                       [04.03.01]

Prerequisite: Complete The Silver Hand but before starting Blood's Honor

Objectives:  1. Steal the plans from [random Silver Hand camp]
             2. Return to Aela

  Locate the Silver Hand camp that Aela has specified and go in full force.
Slaughter the helpless foes and secure the [SILVER HAND STRATAGEM], normally
found under a table, but it can be in a [CHEST]. With the plans in hand, return
to Aela.

Striking the Heart                                                   [04.03.02]

Prerequisite: Complete The Silver Hand but before starting Blood's Honor

Objectives:  1. Assassinate the Silver Hand leader
             2. Return to Aela

  Inquire Aela about the next target and she will send you to a random location
where the Silver Hand Leader is located. Regardless of the area you are sent
to, plow through the cronies first and then take out the leader. Return to Aela
with the good news.

Retrieval                                                            [04.03.03]

Prerequisite: Complete The Silver Hand but before starting Blood's Honor

Objectives:  1. Retrieve the fragment of Wuuthrad
             2. Return to Aela

  Aela will tell you about her targets and mention a fragment of Wuuthrad. Go
to the designated location and kill the Silver Hand forces inside. You can find
the [FRAGMENT OF WUUTHRAD] in a [CHEST] or on a table, usually in the same
area as the leader of this group of Silver Hand. With the fragment in hand,
return to Aela.

 |   _   \ 
 |.  1   / 
 |.  _   \ 
 |:  1    \
 |::.. .  /lood's Honor                                              [04.04.00]
| Prerequisite: Complete The Silver Hand and Two Radiant Quests               |
|                                                                             |
| Objectives:  1. Speak to Kodlak Whitemane                                   |
|              2. Collect a Glenmoril Witch's head                            |
|              3. (Optional) Wipe out the Glenmoril Witches                   |
|              4. Return to Kodlak                                            |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: Glenmoril Witch Head                                          |

  Speak with Aela after completing two of her Radiant Quests to begin this one.
Kodlak Whitemane has requested an audience with you, best not keep him waiting.
After some dialogue, he will request that you kill a Glenmoril Witch and bring
back her head so as to remove his "curse." Begin the long trek to the south-
west and enter the cavern. The Coven has a main cave and then branches out to
the smaller caves. The Glenmoril Witches are in these caves and each one of
the branches has a [CHEST] with the exception of one. Be wary of the Witch's
familiars and slay them one by one, then return to Whiterun. As you approach
Jorrvaskr you should notice the slaughter and realize the Silver Hand has
attacked. Head inside and talk to Vilkas to immediately start the next quest,

 |   _   |
 |.  1   |
 |.  ____|
 |:  |    
 |::.|urity of Revenge                                               [04.05.00]
| Prerequisite: Complete Blood's Honor                                        |
|                                                                             |
| Objectives:  1. Retrieve the fragments of Wuuthrad                          |
|              2. (Optional) Wipe out the Silver Hand                         |
|              3. Return to Jorrvaskr                                         |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: Fragment of Wuuthrad                                          |
  This quest begins immediately after finishing Blood's Honor. Clear out your
inventory and make your way to Driftshade Refuge in the far north. Eventually
you make your way through the snow-filled lands and into the dungeon. Head
down the steps and slay the Silver Hand members in this room. The door to the
north is barred so head west where you will find more enemies. Pass through
two more rooms and head up the stairs to find yourself on a balcony. Kill two
more Silver Hand and descend, searching the alcove for a [CHEST]. Continue
north down the steps, but not too quickly or you'll miss the [LOCKED] wooden
door to the west.

  Open the door and kill the Silver Hand, then loot the room and the [CHEST]
of it's valuables. Continue to the northern room and slay two more Silver Hand
then check the southern room for some [FOOD]. Use the [LEVER] to retract the
bars on the east gate and enter the Driftshade Cellar. Button hook left to
find a [CHEST] then continue north. Make your way through the wine cellar and
fight off more foes. Don't miss the [PULLBAR] that will move a gate out of the
way and grant access to a [CHEST] that is just past the cell with a Werewolf in

  Head to the next room where you can see traces of snow. Continue your
slaughter of the Silver Hand and make your way into the snowy cavern. There are
some cages above with a Werewolf inside. The next area is fairly large but with
only a handful of Silver Hand, it should pose no threat. March onward to enter
the home stretch and back into the Driftshade Refuge. There is only one room
left and it houses the last three Silver Hand. The two-hander will take much
more to kill then the others, but he will eventually fall. The [FRAGMENTS OF
WUUTHRAD] are on the table and there is a [CHEST] near the [ANVIL] and the
[WORKBENCH] on the west side of the room. Once you are done looting the area,
return to Jorrvaskr.
 |   _   |
 |.  |___|
 |.  |   |
 |:  1   |
 |::.. . |lory of the Dead                                           [04.06.00]
| Prerequisite: Complete Purity of Revenge                                    |
|                                                                             |
| Objectives:  1. Attend Kodlak's funeral                                     |
|              2. Retrieve Kodlak's fragment                                  |
|              3. Give the final fragment to Eorlund                          |
|              4. Meet the Circle                                             |
|              5. Go to Ysgramor's Tomb with the Circle                       |
|              6. Return Wuuthrad to Ysgramor                                 |
|              7. Go to the burial chamber                                    |
|              8. Speak to Kodlak                                             |
|              9. Put witch head into fire                                    |
|             10. Defeat the wolf spirit                                      |
|             11. Speak to Kodlak                                             |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: Amulet of Mara                                                |
|               Fragment of Wuuthrad                                          |
|               Shield of Ysgramor                                            |
|               Spell Tome: Lesser Ward                                       |
|               Word of Power: Animal, Animal Allegiance                      |
|               Wuuthrad                                                      |

  This quest starts as soon as you return to Whiterun. Head to the backside of
Jorrvaskr and attend Kodlak's funeral. Afterwards, Eorlund will approach you
and take back the fragments of Wuuthrad, but ask you to retrieve another piece
that Kodlak kept in his room. You will find this [FRAGMENT OF WUUTHRAD] in an
end-table in Kodlak's quarters. Secure it and return to Eorlund where he
informs you that the Circle is waiting for you in the Underforge. Enter and
listen to the debate until Eorlund enters with the reforged Wuuthrad. Eorlund
gives you [WUUTHRAD] and marches onward to Ysgramor's Tomb.

  The closest place to Fast Travel is probably Driftshade Refuge, so head there
and continue onward toward Ysgramor's Tomb. Enter the tomb and return Wuuthrad
to Ysgramor and be prepared for a fight. Descend through the tomb and kill the
Skeevers that attack. Companion Ghosts will appear from here on out, luckily
they go down easily. When you reach a large room with water in the middle you
will encounter a larger amount of Companion Ghosts. There is a [CHEST] in this
room amongst other things and when you cross into the next room Farkas will
depart the group. Break through the spider webs and fight back the Frostbite

  In the next area a larger Frostbite Spider is accompanied by a few smaller
ones. Once defeated, use the [CHAIN] to open the barred door. Continue the
onslaught through the burial chambers and destroy the Companion Ghosts as they
appear. When you head through the iron door at the top of the steps approach
and activate the [HANDLE] to open a new passage to the north. This is the
second to last room and has a few [POTIONS] in the middle altar area, but you
must first dispatch a few more Companion Ghosts. In the final room you will
find Kodlak, speak with him and put a witch head in the fire.

  A ferocious wolf spirit will spawn, defeat it with haste and talk to Kodlak
once more to end the quest. From here you can toss another witch head in the
fire to cure yourself. Before leaving, search the northeast corner of the room
and [AMULET OF MARA]. Activate the [CHAIN] to the east of this chest and
return to the entrance room. If you activate [YSRGRAMOR] you can take back
[WUUTHRAD] to use in battle, if you so choose. Exit to the west and ascend the
mountain via the steps until you reach a word wall and learn [WORD OF POWER:
ANIMAL ALLEGIANCE]. With this quest completed you can perform a few more
Radiant Quests.

Purity                                                               [04.06.01]

Prerequisite: Complete Glory of the Dead

Objectives:  1. Cleanse Vilkas/Farkas of beastblood
             2. Kill Vilkas'/Farkas' wolf spirit
             3. Talk to Vilkas/Farkas

  Speak with Vilkas or Farkas to find that he wants to be cured of the
lycanthropy. Return to the Tomb of Ysgramor with a Glenmoril Witch's head and
toss it into the fires. Fight off the wolf spirit to cleanse the Companion and
speak with him to finish the quest.

Note: This quest can be done twice, once for Farkas and once for Vilkas. Be
      sure to cleanse them both.

                       THE COLLEGE OF WINTERHOLD QUESTS              [05.00.00]
 |   _   |
 |.  1___|
 |.  __)  
 |:  |    
 |::.|irst Lessons                                                   [05.01.00]
| Prerequisite: None                                                          |
|                                                                             |
| Objectives:  1. Cast a [Spell]                                              |
|              2. Report to Mirabelle Ervine                                  |
|              3. Tour the College of Winterhold                              |
|              4. Listen to Tolfdir                                           |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: Spell: Lesser Ward                                            |
  To enter the College of Winterhold you must approach Faralda outside the
bridge leading up to it. Talk to her and ask to gain entry then either
persuade her to let you in or show her your skills in magic. Cast the spell
she requests of you and then cross the bridge and speak with Mirabelle Ervine.
She will give you some Mage clothing and take you on a tour around the College.
When the tour is over head into the Hall of Elements and listen to Tolfdir as
he briefs new apprentices. Suggest to learn something practical and Tolfdir
will begin a lesson with Ward Spells. If you don't have one then he will teach
you [LESSER WARD]. Use the Spell: Lesser Ward and Tolfdir will fire a spell at
you that is blocked. The quest concludes and [UNDER SAARTHAL] begins.

Rejoining the College                                                [05.01.01]

Prerequisite: Complete First Lessons, Committ a Crime against the College

Objectives: 1. Speak with Tolfdir
            2. Give Tolfdir 250/500/1000 gold to lift your suspension.

  Beat down or kill someone in the College and this quest will start. After a
days leave from the College return to talk to Tolfdir who will lift the
suspension for a fee. The first time is 250, the second is 500, and the third
and all subsequent suspensions will cost 1000 gold to return to the College.

Tolfdir's Alembic                                                    [05.01.02]

Prerequisite: Complete First Lessons

Objectives: 1. Find Tolfdir's Alembic
            2. Return Tolfdir's Alembic to Tolfdir

  While not an actual quest, this can be done once a day for a reward of 30
gold and a soul gem. Talk to Tolfdir to find he is missing his Alembic, a small
green bottle. [TOLFDIR'S ALEMBIC] can be found in the Hall of Countenance,
opposite the Hall of Attainment where your room is. Check the bottom floor on
top of a crate, the chamber where the Arcane Enchanter is located, and the
top floor directly across from the steps on a barrel.

Out of Balance                                                       [05.01.03]

Prerequisite: Complete First Lessons

Objectives: 1. Cleanse the focal points for magical energies around the
            2. Return to Drevis Neloren

  Speak with Drevis Neloren and see if he has anything that you can aid him in.
He will ask you to cleanse the magical energies around the College and give
you the [MYSTIC TUNING GLOVES]. The Mystical Focal Points are now visible and
you can find them in the courtyard, the Hall of Attainment, and the Hall of
Countenance. Once you have cleansed the focal points, return to Drevis to
complete the quest.

An Enchanted Journey                                                 [05.01.04]

Prerequisite: Complete First Lessons

Objectives: 1. Go to [Random Person] in [Random Location] and pick up [Random
            2. Return the item to Sergius Turrianus

  Talk to Sergius the Enchanter and ask if there is anything you can help him
with. He needs you to venture out to a client and pick up an item that they
want enchanted. Head to the location, typically one of the Holds, and take the
item from the person back to Sergius to complete the quest.

Restocking Soul Gems                                                 [05.01.05]

Prerequisite: Complete First Lessons

Objectives: 1. Collect [Random Number] of [Random Type] Soul Gems

  Talk to Sergius the Enchanter and ask if you can assist him. He will tell
you that the College is in short supply of Soul Gems and will ask you to get
a random amount of a random type of Soul Gems. Once you have obtained them,
return to Sergius to finish the quest.

Valuable Book Procurement                                            [05.01.06]

Prerequisite: Complete First Lessons

Objectives: 1. Find the copy of [Random Book]
            2. Return the book to Urag gro-Shub

  Talk to Urag in the Arcanaeum and ask if you can assist him. Urag is looking
for a certain book and will tell you he has last seen it at a random location.
Head to that location and grab the book, then return to Urag to complete the

Shalidor's Insights                                                  [05.01.07]

Prerequisite: Complete First Lessons

Objectives: 1. Find Shalidor's writings
            2. Talk to Urag gro-Shub

  Speak with Urag gro-Shub in the College of Winterhold's Arcanaeum and
inquire about any special books he's looking for. He will refer to Shalidor,
an incredibly powerful wizard from the First Era. Head to the location that
Urag wants you to invesigate, typically a dungeon, and fnd [SHALIDOR'S
INSIGHTS]. When you return to Urag he will give three random scrolls and
increase one of your magic skills.

Forgotten Names                                                      [05.01.08]

Prerequisite: Complete First Lessons

Objectives: 1. Find the Ornamental Rings
            2. Release Velehk Sain
            3. Find Velehk Sain's Locker

  Head into the Midden Dark past the Augur's room (take the steps) until you
reach a room with a statue of a Hand and engraved with the symbol of Oblivion.
On the table nearby you can find the [MIDDEN INCIDENT REPORT] and the
[INVESTIGATOR'S KEY]. This key will unlock the [INVESTIGATOR'S CHEST] in the
Arcanaeum, but you could have done that before. Take the four rings and return
to the Hand. Place the rings on the Hand on the correct finger; Katarina's
Ring goes on the Index Finger, Treoy's on the Middle Finger, Balwen's on the
Ring Finger, and Pithiken's on the Little Finger.

  This will release Velehk Sain who will bargain with you for his release.
Freeing him will give you [VELEHK'S TREASURE MAP]. Head west of Winterhold
but south of Ysgramor's Tomb to find a Shrine of Talos. If you've reached the
Pilgrim's Trench you've gone too. Search this island and [VELEHK SAIN'S LOCKER]
will appear with all it's treasures.

  ___ ___ 
 |   Y   |
 |.  |   |
 |.  |   |
 |:  1   |
 |::.. . |nder Saarthal                                              [05.02.00]
| Prerequisite: Complete First Lessons                                        |
|                                                                             |
| Objectives:  1. Meet Tolfdir outside Saarthal                               |
|              2. Follow Tolfdir                                              |
|              3. Find Arniel Gane                                            |
|              4. Search for magical artifacts (4/4)                          |
|              5. Use the Saarthal Amulet to escape the trap                  |
|              6. Follow Tolfdir                                              |
|              7. Tell Tolfdir about the vision                               |
|              8. Follow Tolfdir                                              |
|              9. Find the danger within Saarthal                             |
|             10. Talk to the Arch-Mage                                       |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: Gauldur Amulet Fragment                                       |
|               Saarthal Amulet                                               |
|               Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson                                     |
|               Staff of Magelight                                            |
|               Word of Power: Ice, Ice Form                                  |
|               Writ of Sealing                                               |
  Leave the College and move a short distance to the southwest to find Saarthal
where Tolfdir waits. Tell him when you are ready to enter Saarthal then follow
his lead. When you reach the bottom of the spiraling ramp Tolfdir will stop
and see if you have any questions. Tell him you are done with questions and
he will give you an objective; Find Arniel Gane. Follow the pathway high above
the ground and eventually down to where Arniel is located. Talk to him and he
will task you with finding some magical relics.

  Search the surrounding area for three [ENCHANTED RINGS] and the [SAARTHAL
AMULET]. When you grab the amulet a spear trap is set off and locks you in the
room. Equip the Saarthal Amulet and check the wall where you took it from. Cast
a spell at the wall and it blasts away! Tolfdir makes his way through and asks
you to follow him. When you reach the bottom area an apparition named Nerien
appears and tells you a chain of events has been set in motion that cannot be
undone and that The Psijic Order believes you are the only one who can stop it.

  Tell Tolfdir what you saw then follow him. As he approaches one of the tombs
a Draugr awakens and strikes. There are a total of three that will attack, be
sure to take them out. As you go further in you will find a [LEVER] to gain
access to a larger room with many coffins. Draugr will pop out in groups of
two, dispatch them quickly with Tolfdir's aid. When they are slain you can
continue to delve further into Saarthal. Activate the two [CHAINS] then head
through the door into a new area.

  Pass through the hall and Draugr will emerge from their coffins, including
a Restless Draugar and a Draugr Wight. Go up the steps and back towards the
entrance of the room to find a [CHEST]. From the top of the steps head east to
discover a [CHEST] and an iron door. Through the door and down the ramp you can
find yet another [CHEST] and more Draugr to defend it. The next room has six
pillars and a [LEVER] that must be pulled when all the pillars are aligned
correctly. The trick is to match it with the smaller carving above it. From
the entrance heading towards the lever, the left side (north wall) should read
[HAWK], [SNAKE], [WHALE]. The south wall should read from right to left (the
entrance to the lever) [WHALE], [HAWK], [HAWK].

  Head into the next room and as you ascend the stairs a Draugr Scourge will
attack. Search the [CHEST] through the iron door and dodge the lightning traps
as you reach another puzzle. This puzzle is a little tricky as moving one
pillar could cause others to move.

[2]  [3]   Pillar 1: This moves pillars 1,3 and 4
           Pillar 2: This moves all 4 pillars
           Pillar 3: This moves pillars 3 and 4
[1]  [4]   Pillar 4: This only moves pillar 4

  The easiest way to do this is start at pillar 2 and turn it until it's where
it needs to be. Then move to pillar 1 and do the same, then pillar 3, and then
finally pillar 4. Pull the switch when all four pillars match the carving
above to enter the next area. Watch out for the dart traps and enter a large
room with a mysterious power. Fight off Jyrik Gauldurson by attacking with
spells that counter his shield, ie; a Frost Shield will melt under a few Fire
based attacks. Loot the corpse to find a [GAULDUR AMULET FRAGMENT] and the
[WRIT OF SEALING]. You can also find the [STAFF OF JYRIK GAULDURSON] on the
middle table. Talk to Tolfdir and he will ask you to report to the Arch-Mage.
Leave the room and find a [CHEST] in front of a Word Wall in the next room.
This Word Wall grants [WORD OF POWER: ICE, ICE FORM].

Note: You can read the Writ of Sealing to start the quest [FORBIDDEN LEGEND].
      Apparently, there are other Gauldur's in the world that have been
      sealed away.

  Return to the College and speak with Savos Aren. Tell him about Saarthal and
he will give you the [STAFF OF MAGELIGHT] and the quest [HITTING THE BOOKS]
will start as this one comes to an end.

Arniel's Endeavor                                                    [05.02.01]

Prerequisite: Complete Under Saarthal

Objectives: 1. Deliver ten cogs to Arniel Gane

  Speak with Arniel Gane and question him about one of his projects. He won't
divulge much information but he wants 10 Dwemer Cogs. You can find them in
and Dwarven ruin but namely the one you venture in during [REVEALING THE
UNSEEN], a quest you will eventually come across in this quest line.

Arniel's Endeavor Part 2                                             [05.02.02]

Prerequisite: Complete Under Saarthal and Arniel's Endeavor

Objectives: 1. Speak to Enthir
            2. Acquire the Staff
            3. Deliver the staff to Enthir
            4. Talk to Arniel

  After turning in the 10 Dwemer Cogs, talk to Arniel again and he will ask
you to speak with Enthir. He will inform you that he has what Arniel wants
but he requires a staff as payment. You will be sent to a random dungeon
location to acquire the [STAFF OF TANDIL] which is usually on the boss of the
dungeon. Once you have the Staff of Tandil take it to Enthir and he will trade
you the [WARPED SOUL GEM]. Talk to Arniel and give him the gem to complete the

J'Zargo's Experiment                                                 [05.02.03]

Prerequisite: Complete Under Saarthal

Objectives: 1. Test J'Zargo's Flame Cloak spell on the undead (3/3)

  Speak with J'Zargo after clearing Saarthal and he will ask that you test
some scrolls on the undead. Find a place where Draugr will arise and use the
Flame Cloak three times on them. With that accomplished, return to J'Zargo
with the results.

Onmund's Request                                                     [05.02.04]

Prerequisite: Complete Under Saarthal

Objectives: 1. Speak with Enthir
            2. Find the staff for Enthir
            3. Deliver the staff to Enthir
            4. Deliver the amulet to Onmund

  Talk to Onmund who explains that he mistakenly gave Enthir a sentimental
amulet. Speak with Enthir and you are going to have two options, either
persuade Enthir to return the amulet which is fairly difficult, or retrieve a
Staff that Enthir wants back. Head to the random dungeon location and pluck the
[GRAND STAFF OF CHARMING] from a [CHEST]. Return the staff to Enthir who gives
you the amulet that you should immediately give to Onmund and complete the

  ___ ___ 
 |   Y   |
 |.  1   |
 |.  _   |
 |:  |   |
 |::.|:. |itting the Books                                           [05.03.00]
+`--- ---'--------------------------------------------------------------------+
| Prerequisite: Complete Under Saarthal                                       |
|                                                                             |
| Objectives:  1. Speak with Urag go-Shub                                     |
|              2. Find the stolen books (0/3)                                 |
|              3. (Optional) Free Orthorn                                     |
|              4. Return the books                                            |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: Fellglow Ritual Chamber Key                                   |
|               Fragment: On Artaeum                                          |
|               Night of Tears                                                |
|               The Last King of the Ayleids                                  |
  This quest starts as soon as Under Saarthal is completed. Seek out the
Lorekeeper in his library and inquire about Saarthal to which Urag informs you
that books regarding the matter have been stolen by Orthorn. Head to Fellglow
Keep, located east of Whiterun and fight your way into the dungeon. Move
through the watery area until you reach an Ice Mage and two Frostbite Spiders.
Move straight through the intersection, dodging the dart trap, and through a
door to find a [CHEST]. Take the other path at the intersection to find some
cells with Vampires locked inside. A Conjurer enters but can be easily taken
out. Search the room then head to the next.

  There are three casters in this room so be careful how you deal with them.
Signs of obvious experiment on different races are scattered throughout the
room. Make your way down the steps at the end of the room to find a mage and
a pack of Wolves. Slay the foes and begin to search the room where you can
find a locked [WOODEN DOOR] with a [CHEST] inside. Speak with Orthorn and
optionally free him from his cage by pulling the middle [LEVER]. You can kill
him or have him follow you, but either way you need to progress further past
this room.

  The next room has some Mages practicing their spells on some Vampires. Kill
them and search the shelves for [POTIONS] of resistance then continue to
another cryptic area. A Necromancer and several Skeletons lurk this hallway,
so take out the spellcaster first. Just past this room you will enter another
part of Fellglow Keep. The first major room has two casters and possibly an
Atronarch. They explode once they are defeated so steer clear once you drop

  Continue to fight your through to a large area with another caster and
Atronarch. There is a door leading to Skyrim but it's locked. Search the room
on the bottom floor and the west room on the top floor. The southern door is
barred but the eastern path is available and leads to more Mages. Head up the
stairs and into another hallway that leads to an Atronarch. Before getting that
far, duck into the side rooms to find a [CHEST]. The room at the end of the
hallway is locked but leads to the [SHRINE OF JULIANOS] which blesses you with
+25 Magicka for 7 hours. The bedroom has a [CHEST] and other rare [INGREDIENTS]
in it. Return to the hallway and make your way up the steps.

  At the top of the steps be sure to grab the [FIRE RESIST POTIONS] and [ICE
SPIKE SCROLLS] from the shelves. Enter the Ritual Chamber to find The Caller
rightly upset. Use one of the Fire Resist Potions then start laying into The
Caller with everything you have. She will continually summon Fire Atronarchs
so there is no need to worry about killing them, they'll just come back. Once
The Caller dies loot her corpse for the [FELLGLOW RITUAL CHAMBER KEY]. Then
pick up the three books, [NIGHT OF TEARS], [FRAGMENT: ON ARTAEUM], and [THE
LAST KING OF THE AYLEIDS]. Loot the next room of it's plentiful [INGREDIENTS]
and search the [CHEST] before returning to Urag.

  When you give the books back to Urag he rewards you with several other books
that will increase your magical skills; [2920, HEARTH FIRE, V9], [DAUGHTER OF
ARTS ON TRIAL]. The quest ends and [GOOD INTENTIONS] starts.

 |   _   |
 |.  |___|
 |.  |   |
 |:  1   |
 |::.. . |ood Intentions                                             [05.04.00]
| Prerequisite: Complete Hitting the Books                                    |
|                                                                             |
| Objectives:  1. Speak with Tolfdir                                          |
|              2. Listen to Tolfdir                                           |
|              3. Follow Ancano                                               |
|              4. Speak with Quaranir                                         |
|              5. Find the Augur of Dunlain                                   |
|              6. Report to Savos Aren                                        |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: Mages' Circlet                                                |
  Find Tolfdir near the Saarthal orb and listen to what he has to say about it.
Ancano rudely interrupts and requests you to follow him immediately. Talk to
Quaranir in the Arch-Mage's quarters. After receiving the news, Quaranir begs
you to seek out the Augur of Dunlain, but no one knows where he is or if he
even exists. You can persuade Mirabelle for this information or simply ask
Tolfdir. Head into The Midden in search of the Augur of Dunlain.

  This first part of the Midden has but a Draugr and Wraith along the very
linear path to The Midden Dark. Loot the [INGREDIENTS] that you find and make
a beeline for the next area. Cross the icy bridge and bypass the set of stairs
to find a door where you can hear the Augur of Dunlain try to sway you into
leaving. Continually try to open the door to be granted access. Speak with the
Augur to learn about the Eye of Magnus then return to Savos Aren with the news.
He will give you the [MAGES' CIRCLET] and the quest will end, starting up
 |   _   \
 |.  l   /
 |.  _   1
 |:  |   |
 |::.|:. |evealing the Unseen                                        [05.05.00]
+`--- ---'--------------------------------------------------------------------+
| Prerequisite: Complete Good Intentions                                      |
|                                                                             |
| Objectives:  1. Speak with Mirabelle Ervine                                 |
|              2. Find the ruins of Mzulft                                    |
|              3. Search for Synod researchers                                |
|              4. Reach the Oculory                                           |
|              5. Find the Focusing Crystal                                   |
|              6. Return the Crystal to Paratus                               |
|              7. Follow Paratus                                              |
|              8. Place the Crystal into the Oculory                          |
|              9. Talk to Paratus                                             |
|             10. Report to Savos Aren                                        |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: Focusing Crystal                                              |
|               Mzulft Key                                                    |
|               Mzulft Observatory Key                                        |
|               Mzulft Room Key                                               |
|               Research Log                                                  |
  Seek out Mirabelle and probe her about the Staff of Magnus. She eventually
divulges that the Synod were looking for it, last heading towards Mzulft. You
will find these ruins to the far southeast of Windhelm. When you finally make
it to the ruins you will find Gavros Plinius dying and whispering direction.
Loot his corpse for the [MZULFT KEY] and his [RESEARCH LOG] then continue. Move
down the large hallways until you encounter some Dwarven Spider Workers --
Lightning magicka will take them out rather quickly.

  Head up the ramp and fight off more Spider Workers then open the northern
door, quickly stepping back to avoid the spear trap, and entering to find
another Spider Worker and a [CHEST]. Go through the eastern door and up another
ramp, defeating the Dwarven Spider Worker as it crawls out of it's hole. When
you reach the cavernous area don't shy away from the [ORE VEINS]. Up ahead you
will meet a Chaurus, slay it and note two more dead Synod Researchers. March
through the cavern until you encounter more Chaurus. Cut through them and make
your way up a ramp past the next door. You should encounter a Dwarven Sphere
at this point.

  Unlock the large gate infront of you to find two [CHESTS] and a plethora of
Dwemer products. Head north and up a ramp to find yourself in a large hallway
yet again. When you reach a set of stairs go down them and unlock the gate at
the end of the corridor to gain access to a [CHEST]. Return to the top floor
and move north to a large open room. Head along the left side and hug the
wall. If you have Whirlwind Sprint you can use it to cross without being
pushed off by the pistons, alternatively you can dodge them or jump over.
Sprint through the hallway to find a dead Falmer just before the entrance to
the Mzulft Boilery.

  There are plenty of decommissioned Dwarven machinima strewn amidst this area.
The Falmer have dominated it and they are the bulk of your encounters now. Move
northeast through the halls until you reach a room with a few cells and two
Falmer. Unlock one of the cells to find more scrap parts then continue east to
a cavernous area. When you encounter a Chaurus take a small detour to find a
[MOONSTONE ORE VEIN] and a [CHEST] in a small alcove. Traverse the terrain and
you will stumble upon a Falmer hut with a [CHEST] inside, but you must first
defeat the foes guarding it.

  Ahead you will encounter more Falmer and quite possibly a Gloomlurker. Check
the tent to find another dead Synod Researcher then head north. In the next
passageway, slay the Chaurus and find the [CHEST] hidden near the ramp before
moving on. When you return to the Dwarven ruins you should find a master
[LOCKED DOOR] inside you can find a [CHEST] and the [MZULFT ROOM KEY]. As you
begin to move west there is a door to the north. Unlock it and search the
[CHEST] before continuing. This large room has two Falmer and a sewer area in
the middle. Enter the southwest room to fight off a Chaurus Reaper and find a

  Progress northwest to enter the Mzulft Aedrome. Head up the ramp and into an
enormous room, but obviously after crumpling your foes, one of which hold the
[FOCUSING CRYSTAL]. Head east and follow the hallway to the end where you will
fight a Dwarven Sphere Master. There is plenty of Dwarven materials but the
[CHEST] in this room contains the [MZULFT OBSERVATORY KEY]. Back in the large
room you can find a Falmer tent with a [CHEST]. The door to the north can be
picked to find a [CHEST] behind it as well. Ascend the western staircase and
search the [CHEST] to the left of the door. Use the key and head up the ramp
to reach the Oculory and talk with Paratus Decimius.

  Follow him into the Oculory and place the Focusing Crystal in it. Put Flames
in one hand and Frostbite in the other. Stand under the Crystal and use
Frostbite until the light starts to criss-cross and shift. When the lights
are all positioned in the middle of the rows that you can move, head up to
the alignment buttons and move the reflectors until the all reflect the beams
of light. Talk to Paratus once this is completed then make your way back to
the College. Nerien will only reaffirm that something is amiss as you make your
way out of the ruins. When you reach Savos a scene occurs and the quest ends,
[CONTAINMENT] immediately starts.

 |   _   |
 |.  1___|
 |.  |___ 
 |:  1   |
 |::.. . |ontainment                                                 [05.06.00]
| Prerequisite: Complete Revealing the Unseen                                 |
|                                                                             |
| Objectives:  1. Find the Arch-Mage                                          |
|              2. Protect the town of Winterhold                              |
|              3. Defeat the creatures infesting Winterhold (10/10)           |
|              4. Report to Mirabelle Ervine                                  |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: Savos Aren's Amulet                                           |
|               Torc of Labyrinthian                                          |
  Luckily you remain unharmed from the blast. Rendezvous in the courtyard and
talk to Tolfdir; the Arch-Mage did not make it. The town of Winterhold is
being effected by the energies of the Eye of Magnus, you must defend it! Rush
down the bridge and see if Faralda will join you, it will certainly lower the
casualty rate. The Magic Anomalies are rather obvious as they rush through the
town. Be dead accurate with your spells or you will end up killing the townsman
that you are here to save. When they are wiped out, report to Mirabelle. With
another turn of events you are off to Labyrinthian, but not before Mirabelle
gives you the [TORC OF LABYRINTHIAN] and [SAVOS AREN'S AMULET]. This quest is
over, but the quest [THE STAFF OF MAGNUS] has just begun.

 |       |
 |.|   | |
 `-|.  |-'
   |:  |  
   |::.|he Staff of Magnus                                           [05.07.00]
| Prerequisite: Complete Containment                                          |
|                                                                             |
| Objectives:  1. Enter Labyrinthian                                          |
|              2. Find the Staff of Magnus                                    |
|              3. Return to Tolfdir                                           |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: Morokei                                                       |
|               The Staff of Magnus                                           |
|               Word of Power: Time, Slow Time                                |
  The trek is long and tough through the wintery area where Frost Trolls
frequent. As you approach the door you will see the ethereal figures, but you
cannot speak to them. Enter the dungeon and head straight to the door out of
this room. The spectral party makes another appearance but ignore them and
flip the [LEVER] and pass into a massive room where a Skeletal Dragon will
attack along with several Skeletons. The Skeletons quickly drop and the Dragon
will succumb to Fire-based damage for an easy take down. Descend the ramp to
an etched tablet then enter the Labyrinthian Chasm.

  Move down the ramp and you will hear a voice speaking in the tongue of
Dragon. Defeat the Frost Spirit and enter a large cavern. Make progress south
and slay the Draugr and Draugr Wights that attempt to halt you. There is a
room to the south with an [ALCHEMY LAB] and [ARCANE ENCHANTER] that you should
stop by to find [INGREDIENTS] or craft any last minute potions. Continue to
descend into the depths of the cavern. Cross the bridge and the voice begins to
speak in native tongue. Slay more Draugr and raid the shelves of their
[INGREDIENTS]. Go down to the watery/misty area and enter the Labyrinthian

  Make your way through the chasm and unlock the gate. There are two [CHESTS]
on this path (the other path leads to the same location but on lower ground).
Move into the next room where a Troll resides. Slay it and check the southwest
corner of the room for a [CHEST]. Move into the northern room and defeat the
Skeletons then cross the bridge to the west and kill the Trolls. There is a
[CHEST] in the back of this room. Return to the main room and throw the [LEVER]
to lower the spears. Move through this archway and turn left to ascend the
steps and find another [CHEST].

  Move through the graveyard area and fight the Wispmother. The next door
spawns a Flame Spirit, just hit it with Frost spells and open the door with
another Frost spell. Head east and continue to descend through the Draugr
and Skeleton onslaught until your reach the Labyrinthian, Tribune. Move down
the hallway and snag the [CHEST] before continuing west. The hallways is
littered with traps so be careful. The next room has a small tower that you can
climb and on the top level a [CHEST] sits. Drop down to the bottom level and
move west then turn south at the intersection and unlock the gate to find some
enchanted [WEAPONS] and [ARMOR].

  Take the other path west and dual it out with a Drauger Deathlord. When
the Deathlord falls approach the Word Wall to learn [WORD OF POWER: TIME, SLOW
TIME]. Move down the hall and into a small room where another flashback of Savos
occurs. Open the iron door to a large room where, Morokei, the Dragon Priest is
being held in check by Enthralled Wizards. Take the Wizards down to release
Morokei and fight him however you please. Just know that hearing his Voice will
drain you Magicka. Loot the corpse for [MOROKEI] and the [STAFF OF MAGNUS].
Make your way out of the room opposite where Morokei was. Snag the contents of
the two [CHESTS] and continue towards the exit until you are halted by Estormo.
Slay him and return to the Winterfold to meet with Tolfdir on the bridge to
the College. The quest will end and the final chapter of this quest line
unfolds as [THE EYE OF MAGNUS] begins.
 |       |
 |.|   | |
 `-|.  |-'
   |:  |  
   |::.|he Eye of Magnus                                             [05.08.00]
| Prerequisite: Complete The Staff of Magnus                                  |
|                                                                             |
| Objectives:  1. Use the Staff of Magnus to enter the College of Winterhold  |
|              2. Reach the Hall of the Elements                              |
|              3. Defeat Ancano                                               |
|              4. Talk to Tolfdir                                             |
|              5. Speak with Quaranir                                         |
|                                                                             |
| Unique Items: Arch-Mage's Quarters Key                                      |
|               Archmage's Robes                                              |
  When you arrive at the Hall of the Elements, Ancano will be there to meet
you. Magic is useless at this point and Ancano will cast a massive spell once
more. Equip the Staff of Magnus and cast it on the Eye of Magnus when it is
fully open. This will seal the Eye and allow you to hurt Ancano, let loose!
With the battle over speak with Tolfdir and then Quaranir. The quest ends and
you receive the [ARCHMAGE'S ROBES] and the [ARCH-MAGE'S QUARTERS KEY].

Aftershock                                                           [05.08.01]

Prerequisite: Complete The Eye of Magnus

Objectives: 1. Close the rupture
            2. Talk to Tolfdir

  Speak with Tolfdir after stopping Ancano and he will send you to a random
location where there is a rift leeking Magic Anomalies. Clear them out with the
Staff of Magnus and seal the rupture. Return to Tolfdir for a reward, unless
the rupture occurred in Winterhold.

Rogue Wizard                                                         [05.08.02]

Prerequisite: Complete The Eye of Magnus

Objectives: 1. Deal with the rogue wizard
            2. Talk to Tolfdir

  Speak with Tolfdir after the events of The Eye of Magnus has completed.
Your learn of a troublesome mage that is wreaking havoc and Tolfdir wants you
to stop him. The location is random but the Insane College Wizard will always
be there with a few companions. Slay the traitor and return to Tolfdir with
the good news.

Arniel's Endeavor Part 3                                             [05.08.03]

Prerequisite: Complete The Eye of Magnus and Arniel's Endeavor Part 2

Objectives: 1. Place the warped soul gem into a Convector
            2. Heat the Convector
            3. Retrieve the soul gem
            4. Place the warped soul gem into another Convector
            5. Heat the Convector
            6. Retrieve the soul gem
            7. Place the warped soul gem into a final Convector
            8. Heat the Convector
            9. Retrieve the soul gem
           10. Deliver the soul gem to Arniel

  Continue to aid Arniel is his project and he will give you [ARNIEL'S
CONVECTION]. There are many places you can find a Convector but the easiest
is going to be Mzulft since you have already cleared that dungeon. Place the
[WARPED SOUL GEM] in the Dwemer Convector then use Arniel's Convection to heat
the Convector. Take the gem out and move to another Convector -- the Dwarven
Storeroom outside Mzulft is probably the closest. Place the gem, heat it, and
take it out again then head to a final Convector. You can find one outside the
ruins of Bthalft. Repeat the process for the last time then return to Arniel
to complete the quest.

Arniel's Endeavor Part 4                                             [05.08.04]

Prerequisite: Complete The Eye of Magnus and Arniel's Endeavor Part 3

Objectives: 1. Talk to Enthir
            2. Find the courier
            3. Deliver the package to Arniel
            4. Observe Arniel's experiment

  Wait approximately 36 hours after completing the previous quest then talk to
Arniel once more. It seems Enthir is holding out once more, but upon further
investigation it seems a courier got lost coming from Morrowind. Head to the
dungeon and seek out the lost delivery man. Loot [KEENING] off of the corpse
of the unfortunate then return to Arniel. Watch his experiment and when he
disappears you gain [SUMMON ARNIEL'S SHADE].

Destruction Ritual Spell                                             [05.08.05]

Prerequisite: Achieve Destruction Skill of 90 or higher

Objectives: 1. Complete the book Powers of the Elements

  Talk to Faralda and see if she will teach you anything new. She hints that
you can learn newer, more powerful spells. The riddle in the book points to
Windward Ruins, west of Dawnstar. Find the pedestal and place the Power of the
Elements on it. Cast a Fire-based spell on it and then pick it up after the
explosion to find new text. This clue hints towards the North Skybound Watch,
which is east of Riverwood. Place the book on the pedestal and use a Frost
spell this time. After the explosion more text appears, leading you to Four
Skull Lookout which can be found between Markarth and Morthal.

  Move to the pedestal here and once again place the book. Cast a Lightning
spell and read the book after the explosion. This time you learn [SPELL: FIRE
STORM] and the quest completes. Return to Faralda to notice she now sells the
other master spells [BLIZZARD] and [LIGHTNING STORM].

Illusion Ritual Spell                                                [05.08.06]

Prerequisite: Achieve Illusion Skill of 90 or higher

Objectives: 1. Bring the Four Master Illusion texts to Drevis Neloren

  Speak with Drevis Neloren who is surprised you can see him. Inquire if there
isn't else to learn about Illusion spells and he will give you the [VISION OF
THE TENTH EYE] and ask you to find four hidden books. The first book is found
in the Hall of Countenance's second floor in the southeast room on top of a
barrel, it is called [MASTER ILLUSION TEXT]. The second [MASTER ILLUSION TEXT]
is found on the second floor of the Hall of Attainment under a bench at the
top of the steps.

  Move from here to the Arcanaeum and take a left around the circle. The first
table on the outer ring has the [MASTER ILLUSION TEXT] sitting next to The
Legend of Red Eagle. The fourth and final book is in the Midden in the same
room with the sacrificial pedestal. Return to Drevis with all four books to
receive [SPELL TOME: HYSTERIA]. The quest ends but Drevis' stock increases to

Conjuration Ritual Spell                                             [05.08.07]

Prerequisite: Achieve Conjuration Skill of 90 or higher

Objectives: 1. Summon and subdue an Unbound Dremora
            2. Deliver the stone to Phinis

  Speak with Phinis Gestor and ask if there is anything more to learn about
Conjuration. He will prepare a place for you to summon an Unbound Dremora
that you will subdue then obtain a sigil stone from. Head to the very top of
the Hall of Attainment and stand in the summoning circle. Cast the spell and
fight off the monster then resummon it. Talk to it and it refuses to submit, so
slay it again. The third time the Unbound Dremore submits and will comply.
The fourth summoning is a charm and the Dremora will bring the [SIGIL STONE].
Return to Phinis to obtain [SPELL TOME: FLAME THRALL] and finish the quest.

Restoration Ritual Spell                                             [05.08.08]

Prerequisite: Achieve Restoration Skill of 90 or higher

Objectives: 1. Get the Augur's approval

  Talk to Colette Marence, typically found on the second floor of the Hall of
Countenance, about learning more from Restoration. She tells you that you need
the Augur's approval first, so head down to the Midden Dark and speak with him.
He gives harsh words and warning that you will rely on your skill as a mage,
not on your items. You are stripped of your gear and left only to use the
Restoration magicka you know. Keep yourself alive through the fight with the
Ghosts and they will eventually disappear. The Augur approves and you are
learn the spell [BANE OF THE UNDEAD]. Colette will now sell [SPELL TOME:

Alteration Ritual Spell                                              [05.08.09]

Prerequisite: Achieve Alteration Skill of 90 or higher

Objectives: 1. Use Kavohzein's Fang to collect Heartscales
            2. Bring Dragon Heartscales to Tolfdir

  Speak with Tolfdir and inquire about learning more about Alteration. He
tells you he's been working on a new spell but needs Heartscales. You are sent
to a random dungeon where you can find [KAVOHZEIN'S FANG]. The item is normally
in a large [CHEST]. With the item in hand you must slay a Dragon (the dagger
must be equipped when looting) and loot it. The item won't actually be on the
corpse but you will obtain [DRAGON HEARTSCALES]. The easiest way to obtain this
is to go to a Dragon corpse that you haven't looted for some reason. Return to
Tolfdir to obtain [SPELL TOME: DRAGONSKIN]. Tolfdir also sells [SPELL TOME:
MASS PARALYSIS] now that you have helped him.

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