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            "There is nothing like returning to a place that 
            remained unchanged to find the ways in which you 
                        yourself have altered." 
                            -Nelson Mandela         
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                  Written by: Colby "Colbison" Chambers
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1. Table of Contents
2. Copyright Information
3. Revision History
4. Tale of The Wind Waker
5. Diversities 
    a. Characters  
    b. Races of Wind Waker
6. Basic Controls
7. Basic Moves and Attacks
8. Walkthrough (with dungeons*)
9. Boss Information/FAQ
10. Item Information/FAQ
11. Bottles FAQ
12. Great Fairy Guide
13. Wind Waker Songs
14. Heart Pieces+
15. Triforce Map Locations 
16. Secrets and Codes
17. Mini Games
18. Stealable Enemy Weapons
19. World Map Locations
20. Treasure Map Contents
21. Questions and Answers
22. Credits/Contact Information
NOTE ON THIS FAQ/WALKTHROUGH: Some of the things have been translated from
the Japanese version of this game so there may be a few mistakes with spelling
or names. If you find a mistake please contact me at: [email protected]

-Also note that this guide is SPOILER-FREE so it is okay to read ahead most of 
the time. Beware though, nothing is guaranteed.

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3.3.03 - 3.13.03: VERSION 0.8

- I started The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker FAQ for GameCube. I completed
  the Table of Contents and most of the entire FAQ, left out sections 15, 17, 
  18, 19, 20, and part of 8 in the FAQ. The FAQ made it's first appearance on 

3.13.03 - 3.14.03: VERSION 0.9

- I redid the Characters and Races section, and I also combined the Walkthrough
  with the Dungeons section to make the guide a little easier to understand.
  Also, I deleted the Bestiary section, because there's no point in having it.
  You can e-mail me if you need help with enemies or need a bestiary. 

3.15.03: VERSION 1.20

- I finished most the dungeon parts of the Walkthrough and I also added the
  Treasure Map contents and fully completed it. I also finished the Mini Games
  section and added in the Heart Pieces guide in section 14. 

3.26.03: VERSION 1.22

- I added in most of second dungeon walkthrough. The Wind Waker came out for
  retail yesterday but most people are getting it today (at last!!!!). 
A long, long time ago the World was in an age of Chaos. 

In the midst of this chaos, in a little kingdom in the land of Hyrule,
a legend was being handed down from generation to generation, the legend
of the Triforce; golden triangles possessing mystical powers.One day, 
an evil army attacked this peaceful little kingdom and stole the
Triforce of Power. This army was led by Ganon, the powerful Prince of 
Darkness who sought to plunge the World into fear and darkness under his 

Fearing his wicked rule, Zelda, the princess of this kingdom, split up 
the Triforce of Courage into eight fragments and hid them throughout the
realm to save the last remaining Triforce from the cluthes of the evil 

At the same time, she commanded her most trustworthy nursemaid, Impa, to
secretly escape into the land and go find a man with enough courage to 
destroy the evil Ganon. Upon hearing this, Ganon grew angry, imprisoned 
the princess, and sent out a party in search of Impa.

Braving forests and mountains, Impa fled for her life from her pursuers.
As she reached the very limit of her energy she found herself surrounded
by Ganon's evil henchmen.

Cornered! What could she do? ...But wait! All was not lost. A young lad
appeared. He skillfully drove off Ganon's henchmen, and saved Impa from
a fate worse than death. His name was Link. During his travels he had come
across Impa and Ganon's henchmen.

Impa told Link the whole story of the princess Zelda and the evil Ganon.
Burning with a sense of justice, Link resolved to save Zelda, but Ganon
was a powerful opponent. He held the Triforce of Power. And so, in order
to fight off Ganon, Link had to bring the scattered eight fragments of 
the Triforce of Courage together to rebuild the mystical triangle.

If he couldn't do this, there would be no chance Link could fight his 
way into Death Mountain where Ganon lived.Can Link really destroy Ganon 
and save the Princess Zelda? Only your skill can answer that question. 
Good luck. Use the Triforce wisely...
In The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker there are many different types of 
people and characters to meet. From the Gorons to the Gods you have the chance
to talk and interact with many diverse cultures. The following two sections 
contain information for some of the people and characters you will meet in
the game.
Link: Link is the main character and the person you play as most of the time.
100 years into the future Link wakes up to find his sister. But mysteriously
an odd bird captures and kidnappes her and now Link must set out to find his 
beloved sister.

Aryll: She is Link's sister and for some odd reason completely vanishes in
the beginning of the game by a large bird. We don't know much about her...

Links Grandma: A very odd old lady whom we no nothing about...

Blue G I: Blue G I is not only a master in the arts of fighting, but also an 
intelligent man. He keeps all of his books upstairs in his house, which he 
shares with his brother, Red Dowel. These books contain information on Ro 

Tetra: She is the prirate girl from the beginning of the game. She helps
Link get to Monster Island and maybe something more. 

Zelda: This is Zelda, the Princess of Hyrule, and since this portion of the 
FAQ is spoil-free I can't say much about her, but you'll find out soon

Ganondorf: This extremely evil character from Ocarina of Time was locked in 
the Sacred Realm by Zelda and the 6 sages of Hyrule. Now he has escaped with
the Master Sword and is searching for the all-mighty Triforce. The worst
enemy in all of the world is Ganondorf. 

Red Dowel: He is the brother of Blue G I, Red Dowel is also a combat master. 
He teaches his apprentice, Link, how to fight.

Medli: This is the bird-girl from Dragon Island. She was given a harp from
the soul of Zora that had mystic powers. 

Girl Zora: Who is this mysterious person? You won't find out until much later 
in the game. But she might have something to do with a harp. 

Makar: This Deku sprout plays a part with his secret violin given to him by a 
mysterious boy...

Mysterious Boy: The only thing we know about this guy is that he gave Makar
a violin.

Tingle: Remember this guy from previous Zelda games? Well, he's back.

Orca: Swordsman of Outset Island. He gives Link his first sword and hopes link
will become even a better swordsman then he himself. 

Sturgeon: Orca's Brother, he is almost opposite of Orca as he loves to read
and write because he is a scholar. He lives with his brother. 

Hylian: This is the main race in Hyrule. These people are just regular people
like you and me except that they have pointed ears and dress funny. Most people
in Hyrule are Hylian, which includes the Royal Family, peasants, and most other
people espescailly near the castle of Hyrule. 

Goron: The Gorons were once a prominent race in Hyrule but a mysterious thing
happened that forced them to change. They often are found wearing shirts and
hats that cover their faces and can be found scattered across Hyrule. 

Zora: Zora's are pretty much extinct and no one knows where any of them can be 
found these days. But it used to be different, something must have happened to 

Gerudo: Only the Gerudo King himself lives to continue the Gerudo family line.
All others have become extinct. 

Rito Tribe: This group of people live on Dragon Island and are considered very 
odd by most other races. They have beaks and wings and they can fly. They stay
on their island to protect the Dragon's Vall.

Kirok Tribe: These Deku Sprout-like people are very small and look like twigs
with small leaves covered all over their bodies. Not much is known about them.

Gods: There are four Gods that we know of. There is the Storm God, the Wind 
God, the Dragon God, and a large fish who looks somewhat like Jabu Jabu, the
last God. All of them together must try to control everything that goes on in 
the Hyrule-like area, much like the Sages of Ocarina of Time. 
A Button- The action button used to pick up a jar, open a door, and so on.

B Button- Attack with your sword.

Z, Y, X Buttons- Item Buttons (same as in Ocarina of Time)

L Button- Enemy targeting system (like in Ocarina of Time)

R Button- Acts as the shield if sword is equipped and out, and is used to 
crawl if your sword is put away or not equipped. 

C-Pad- Without the Wind Waker: Tap up for first-person camera angle or any
other direction for free camera angle. Press the L button to go back to
the regular fixed view. 

C-Pad- With the Wind Waker: Controls songs (same as in Ocarina of Time)

D-Pad- Map control, tap up for area map, or tap right and left to control
which small map you are able to view. 

Start- Item Screen/Main Menu

* Also, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker requires 13 blocks of memory on your
  memory card, just some extra information for those who want it. 
Basic Moves:

Move character- Simply press the analog stick in the direction you want to

Roll- To roll all you have to do is press the A button while running.

L Targeting- If there is an enemy or person nearby it will lock on target
team. If no one is nearby it acts as a zoom. 

Side Step- In zoom mode move sideways and press the A button.

Backflip- While in zoom/targeting mode press back on the analog stick and 
tap A. 

Talk- Just press A to talk to someone (may be easier with L targeting system 

Jump- This move will automatically be preformed if your character is near a 
jump or cliff or gap, etc. 

Pick up- To pick up an item simply press A.

Press up against a wall- Lean near a wall and press A to do this move. 

Corner View- This move will automatically be preformed. Just lean against a
wall and slide over near a corner to peep around the other side. 

Basic Sword Moves:

Basic sword attack- Press B to swipe your sword.

Forward sword attack- Tap up on the analog stick and press B to do this move.

L Target strike- This is a very common move that you should use often. Simple
activate the L targeting by pressing L near an enemy and then press B to hit 
them with your sword. 

Charged Strike- Just press B when you sword becomes green in color. 

Dizzy Strike- Just hold the B buttom after obtaining this move from the master
but it does use up your magic bar and lasts a few seconds. 

Hold strike- Press and hold the B button and then release it to do this move.
In this section I explain everything storywise in The Legend of Zelda:
The Wind Waker, including the dungeons and temples, but not the main Bosses.
See section 9 for the Boss Guide.

Outset Island:
It starts out with a short movie clip talking about Ganon, Link, Zelda,
and the Triforce in Hyrule. After it is over your sister, Aryll, wakes
you up and your journey starts...

-First you want to climb down the ladder and swim across the water to get
to your Grandma's house. Once inside talk to her to get the infamous Green
Tunic. Leave and go find your sister back by your home. Talk to your sister
to get the Pirate Telescope. Use it to look at the mailbox and start an event.

-Look up and you should see a huge bird with a young girl in it's beak. The 
bird will drop the girl into the forest. But in order to get to the forest you
must have a sword. To get the sword go to the lower area and go inside one of
the last houses near your Grandma's. You will get the sword there and also
learn some important training techniques as well. 

-To get the sword complete the training. The only somewhat difficult thing is
the A button move. When your sword turns green press A to slide under them and
strike your enemy in the back. A really cool move!

-Go up north from there to enter the forest. Chop down some of the trees and go
past the bridge to start the forest area event. You have to kill three enemies
to rescue the pirate girl Tetra. Once you defeat them a movie scene will begin
and you'll be back at the bridge. 

-You will notice that your sister, Aryll, was kidnapped by the same bird that
tried to take Tetra. She offers to give you a ride in her pirate ship to 
Monster Island, where the big bird is going, but you need to talk with Grandma

-Once at Grannies house again, go upstairs. You'll see that the Hylian Shield
is gone. Go back down stairs and talk with your Grandma. She will then give
you the Hylian Shield and off you go. Just talk to Tetra to leave on her ship.

Pirates Ship:
All you have to do in this sequence is get the Spoils Bag. To do this go
through the door in the back of the ship and go down the stairs to begin a
pretty easy puzzle game. Jump from the platform to the light and then just
swing to the end. In order to stop the swinging light simple press L. To
move to the next platform press up and down on the analog stick. When you
get to the end your prize is the Spoils Bag in a chest. 

-Now go back to the main deck and you will be blasted onto Forsaken Fortress 
Island. But wait...isn't something missing. Your sword! You lost your sword in
the process of being blasted from the ship. Uh-oh, not good.

The Forsaken Fortress:
This is not too hard of a mission. Your main goal is to get to your sister
located on the main tower. But in order to do that you must take out the
three searchlights. Go to the top of the halls and kill the guards. Now look 
for a circular room that has two Moblins in it ready to fight. Either make
a run for or try to kill them off. 

-When you get outside crawl up against the wall and slowly move across to get
to the main tower and get your sword. Yeah! But with that prize comes a bad 
thing. (But still not too bad) Your first mini-boss:

:                     Mini Boss: Warrior Moblin                        :
Difficulty: 1/5 (Very easy)- This mini boss is very easy to beat. He is 
basically a regular moblin with a spiffy sword and shield. All you have
to do is hit him a couple of times and he's history. Very easy. 

After that simple battle go to the prison section where your sister is being
held captive. But suddenly the same stupid big bird comes and shortens things
out by taking Link away. You will be thrown down into the ocean and soon
you'll be awoken by a talking ship. But he needs a sail in order to sail.
So now you need to find a sail for your new partner in The Wind Waker.

Windfall Island: 
This place isn't too big but you'll be coming here a lot during the game so 
listen up. You need a sail for your new partner and the only guy who sells
them in town is an Eskimo salesman and he charges 80 rupees. So since you
don't have enough to buy a sail you need to go chop some bushes down, a pretty
easy source of income. Once you have collected 80 rupees go back to the sales
man and buy the sail. 

-But before you leave you may want to free Tingle from the prison near the 
windmill. Go over to the side of it and find an entrance. Go inside and press
a small switch located on the left side. Once he is free he will give you the
GBA Remote and a map of directions for an island. Don't worry about it now, 
just go inside his cell and look for a hole you can climb through and follow 
the maze. At the end is a Black and White Camera, a useful tool later, not now.
Leave and go back to your ship and press the A button. Set the sail to either
Z, Y, or X and press it to activate your sail. Now you can go to almost any
island you want. 

Dragon Island: 
Once you are on the island the Dragon Boat will give you the Wind Waker, a 
basic remake of the Ocarina of Time, but it is used to change the direction
of the wind to sail to certain locations. Anyway, go to the back of the island
and you should be able to find a stone slab and on it is the Wind Song, learn
it now but you won't need it until later. 

-Now you can either pay Tingle 10 rupees a bomb to blast the boulders or use the
bomb plants to blast it yourself. You'll have a small movie scene with the bird
man from earlier in the game. After that is over with you will need to go talk
with their King and he should give you the Delivery Bag, which lets hold 
special trade items and a few other important things as well. 

-Go up the stairs until you find a bird-girl named Melody. Talk with her and
she will give you a letter to give to another boy-bird. Now go down the stairs
and find a short hallway that leads to a door. That's his room. Give him the 
letter and leave. Now go to the door opposite from where you entered when you
first got here. Go inside and give him the letter, now leave the entire place
all together and go to the opposite of where you entered the previous area.

-You should see some shriveled bomb plants, a big huge rock, a broken Bridge,
some water, and Melody again. Talk with her and then pick her up by pressing
the A button and go to the floating rock in the back and wait until the heavy
dust winds begin to blow up, or north, and toss her into the wind. After she is
across she gives you your first bottle of the game, YAY! Now go back to the 
area with the water and shriveled bomb plants and fill your bottle up with
water and then use the water to revive the poor bomb plants. Then pick one up
and throw it at that big rock. Water should start filling the entire area, so 
run over to that bridge and climb to the top where you will have an easy puzzle
to complete. Use the bomb plants and throw them into the two pots to bring down
the statues. Now you can get to the first temple on the other side.

1                         THE FIRE DUNGEON                             1

The first thing you have to do here is solve a puzzle. You need to pull the 
statue on the left towards you. Next grab the statue in the center and pull it
to the left. A door should open, so go through it and kill the two Moblins in
the room. You should find a dropped staff from the Moblins, pick it up and 
light it on fire with a torch. Use that stick and light all the other torches
left in the room. Once you have done that a chest will appear with a key in
it. Now open the locked door and walk into the next room of the dungeon.

-In this room you need to cut down the wooden poles with your sword. Now go
west and follow the wooden pathway until you reach a jump-able gap. Do so,
and you will run into a second gap. At this point drop down a level and grab a
box from ut of the wall and use it as a stepping stone to jump up to the next
part. Next wait a few seconds for the fiery flames to go away and jump to the
next platform. You may want to kill of all the annoying Keese in the room 
before you do anything else. Run across the wooden bridge you see and destroy
the large boulder with a bomb or bomb plant.

-In this room you will see pots of water on a table. When you toss these pots
into the lava the water inside on them makes the lava harden so you can jump on
to it. Use a pot near the left side so you can jump over there to get the map.
Make sure you hurry up because after a while the lava goes back to normal. Go
back to the main area with the table and use another pot to jump staight across
to the other side. Once you're there climb up the ladder and fight the red 
Blob. It only takes two or three hits for him to die. Now walk into the next
room of the Fire Dungeon.

-For this next room you will see those wooden poles again. Walk towards them
and a Moblin will come through. Kill him with your sword, then pick up his and
break all the other poles with it. Jump up onto the ledge and fight two red
Blobs this time (a litle harder). Again use the sword from the Moblin to break
down the wooden poles. Now you will receive a key, walk down the path and go 
through antoher door with two more red Blobs. Once you kill them you can move
on to the next area of the dungeon.

-You should find yourself in the room with the Keese and wooden bridge again.
On your left you should see a big wall with bomb plants growing on it. Toss
something at the wall to make it blow up. Go through and open the door that was
locked earlier. Go straight ahead and fight more red Blobs. Turn to the left
and break the wooden poles there. Now kill the Moblin and again take his stick,
and use it to set the poles on the right on fire. Go back to the door that you
skipped in the beginning and throw the burning stick at the wooden bars below 
with the A button. They should catch fire. Now run back to the first set of
wooden poles you burned down and step on the switch to access the next door.

-Now you should be outside the dungeon; daylight! On the left you should see a
pot. Grab it and carry it across the rope bridge and throw it at the Moblin.
If you use a sword you can accidentally cut it and fall down below, but you may
need to in order to kill the Moblin so just be very careful. Next climb the 
ladder past the flames and kill the bird on top. Go across the ledge and hang
from it with your hands. Slowly slide over to the other side and then pull
yourself up onto the top. Jump on the large stone you see and grab a bomb and 
use it to blow the boulder to bits. Now travel through the next door.

-In this room you will see a bunch of blocky stones. Grab the one in the middle
and pull it all the way out. Jump on top of the stone and grab the block that
was on top of the one you're standing on and pull it out just enough for you to
climb onto and do the same thing again. Now travel through the doorway and beat
all the little rodents you see and pull another block out of the wall. Now
climb up on that one and you will find a chest with the compass in it. Break
open the pot and use the stick; catch it on fire and toss it at the boards 
to the opposite of you. Now open the chest there for a key to the locked door.

-To get the key to open the next door you have to run up the stairs and kill 
the bird you see. Take the key it had and go through the locked door to be back
inside again. Break open another jar and use the staff again. Light the staff
and a torch and a few boards in the area. Now kill the Keese with your sword
and you will find a small ledge with a chest on it. Inside the chest is a 
Butterfly Pennant. Now you need to pick up your old stick again and relight it
with a new torch and then light all the other boards on fire to go through. 
Just light two more torches in the room to have access to the next door.

-Use the bomb plant you see and blow the boulder off the top of the pot. That
jar is a Warp Jat and can be used to warp outside the dungeon. Anyway, travel
across the rope bridge and go through the door. Kill the Moblin and then you 
have to break all the jars in the room. Kill the two Moblins that pop out of 
two of the jars and use the sticks they drop to light the torch an make a chest
appear near it. Inside the chest is Treasure Map #39, worth 200 rupees. Now
go through the door up top for the next part of the Fire Dungeon.

-In this room you need to move the large centipede. Try using the glowing
blade attack by holding the A button to try to kill him. Now go back and grab
the war jar and jump over to the platform. After the fiery flames go away just
throw the jar on top of the flames area and jump down to it. Hop over to the 
wood part and go and open the door there.

-Using a bomb or bomb plant blow up the two large boulders you see. One of them
is a door, go through it to get to the next section. You should be outside the
dungeon once again. Run up the falling stairs to find out that Medli has been
captured. First kill the two small Moblins and then go after the big one. But
watch out for the giant bird who wants to kill you at the same time. Now speak
to Medli and she will give you the Grappling Hook as a prize! 

-Now you will receive a targeting device. Aim it at the thing Medli is standing
on and fire; you'll know because it turns into a yellow mark. Now you can swing
over to the next platform and cut the poles. Next you need to drop down a level
and go through the door you were just at. Run to the warp jar and use it. You
should find yourself back at the beginning of the dungeon again. You have to 
kill the Moblins again and walk through the door and then go through the first
door to the west, then go right and you'll be at another recognizable area.
Using yuor Grappling Hook swing across to get Treasure Map #11. Now go back and
out the door leading to the first room. Now you need to go through the door
to the area where you got the Grappling Hook. Turn left and you'll see even 
more things to grapple onto. Swing over to the door and go through it. 

-Here you have to travel across the bridge, but this time you need to fall
down it to the lower section. So just for fun use your sword and kill the 
Moblins on the bridge and at the same time cut the rope to fall.

-In this section you have to jump inside the western cage. You have to cut all
strings of rope at the same time. To do this you might want to use the spin
attack with your sword by pressing and holding the B button. If all three ropes
are cut at the same time the bottom of the cage should fall down on top of a 
geyser creating a elevator effect to use. Once at the bottom go through the 
hallway. Jump acorss the wooden platforma and use the ladder ti get to
a huge mouth with a door located in the center. Turn opposite of you and use
your Grappling Hook to swing. Now hold the R button and turn around. Now you
just have to swing back to the door and go through. 

-Here you just have to use the Grappling Hook again to swing and then come to
a complete stop and turn right and then swing over to that area. Jump onto
the platform and swing to the next door. Now in this room what you have to do
is hit one of the centipedes and make it roll into a little ball-shaped thing.
Grab it with the A button and drop it on the switch to get the Boss Key! Next
you need to get all the way back towards the begginning of the dungeon. Okay,
the're two ways you can accomplish this, either way works fine. One: you can
walk all the way back to the entrance of the dungeon. Two: save the game and
shut it off. Then turn it back on and use the warp jars two times to be at the
next section. Whichever you choose. The area you need to be is the warp jar 
room I talked about earlier, you just need to get there.

-Here you should see a grapple pole near the lava to be able to swing across
and run up the big stairs to the door. Before you go in you may want to grab a
fairy in one of the pots you see. Once you have that done go inside the big
Boss Door to face the Fire Dungeon monster!

-Once you beat the temple the bird-boy you gave the letter to will give you one
of the three Element Orbs: the Fire Orb. Now it's time to go to the next 
island, Deku Tree Island!

Deku Tree Island: 
On the grid on the overworld map the location of Deku Tree Island is F7, but
you should see it marked anyway. Use the very useful Grappling Hook to swing
from rock to rock, also it does require fast timing with the Octorocks. When 
you're inside you should see a large tree with blobs covered all over it. Run
into the tree a few times to make the blobs fall down. Now you can kill them 
all, which will start a movie-scene. 

-Now the tree will tell you that one of the Deku sprouts from the dungeon has
gone missing. Then you have to go to the side of the tree and use the flowers
to bounce up to the Deku sprout leaf. Now equip it and glide down to the exit 
in front of you. After that you will be in an area where you have to use the 
Mini Tornado to get a flying boost to float to the Lone Island. Then from there 
use the boost again and glide to the second dungeon, the Deku Tree.

2                      THE DEKU TREE DUNGEON                           2


Once you're done with the Deku dungeon, you will be told to go to a certain 
island nearby. Waiting there for you is the same bird-man from the beginning. 
He'll tell you some information and leave. Once he has left, go back to 
Windfall Island.

Windfall Island Revisited: 
This next part isn't too hard, but some people do have trouble every once in
a while. You need to go to the back of the Bomb Shop where you will see a small
movie cut-scene with Tetra. After that one of the pirates will say a very
important password that you should probably write down! Now go to the pirate
ship near the gravestones and write in the password at the door that was given
to you. It can vary from game to game. Anyway, once inside you need to go back
to the same area where you got the Spoils Bag and do the new puzzle there.
This time use the L button to change the direction of the swinging lights. 
After you have completed that you will get the Bombs, very useful and important 

Outset Island Revisited: 
The first thing you want to do is travel to Grandma's House. You will see that
she is sick and needs a fairy to be revived. Therefore use a fairy near her
and she will give you an infinity amount of her special life soup. It increases 
your strength until you get hit by an enemy. Each bottle full can be used twice
and whenever you can refill it at her house anytime you want. 

-Now go to the north of the island and use the Deku leaf on the rock to glide
over to the forest area again. Go to the back section and find a large stone.
Just bomb it to reveal a Fairy Fountain. The Great Fairy should give you a 
Rupee Wallet that holds 1000 rupees. Assign the bombs to a button and go to
the back of the island where a movie-scene will take place. Now you'll find
yourself in a huge whirlpool (exciting, huh)? The whirlpool wall is bomb-able 
and has three sections to it and you need to bomb each one three times in the 
short amount of time that they give you. Once you have finished go inside and 
you'll find non-other then.......JABU JABU! He speaks old fashioned Hylian so
your boat will need to translate for you. Once he is done you get the final and
last Element Orb: the Water Orb. 
3                        THE WATER DUNGEON                             3


Overworld (three places): 
On you map there are three areas marked. You need to travel to all of these
areas and put an Element Orb in each shrine located on each one. After you
have all of them in place the path to the God's Tower will become accessible
to you. That is your next destination!

4                   GOD'S TOWER: SHADOW DUNGEON                        4


God's Tower (Top portion): 
You should be located at the very top of God's Tower where you will see a large
bell. Pull out your handy-dandy Grappling Hook and fire it at the bell to 
swing on it, therefore making it ring. Then you will be automatically 
transported to Hyrule Castle...finally, your next destination!

Hyrule Castle: 
Whoa! Now you get to see what the new Hyrule Castle looked like. Note: this
story takes place 100 years after the adult Link story ended so this castle is
an updated version of the old one from Ocarina of Time. Anyway, this next part
is somewhat difficult. Walk down to where you see three triangle pieces. Try to
fit them into the set holes for them, then you will see the Statue of Link 
move, revealing a walkway to travel on. 

-Walk down it and you will see THE MASTER SWORD! YAY! Snatch it out of the
pillar, but watch out because all of the enemies will now become alive. Kill
them all, or at least most of them, and get back on your ship, but you cannot
'til later come back once you leave, and sail into the light to get back. 

The Forsaken Fortress Revisited: 
The first thing that happens here is a fight with the Shadow Boss. Once he has
been diminished you receive the Hammer (Yay!). Take the same route to the top
that you did before, but note that all the puzzles are now different then 
before. When you get to the top you get to fight Zeetlock, the giant bird who 
was kidnapping everyone earlier. Now go to the beginning where the big door is. 
Go through it and you'll meet Ganondorf!!! After a long scene with him you need 
to take Tetra to Hyrule so she can find out her destiny...

Hyrule Revisited: 
Use to the stepping stones provided for you so that Tetra can get across. 
Now walk back to the pillar where you first pulled the Master Sword from and
you will see someone standing there. It's THE KING of Hyrule! He will hand
Tetra something and something will happen to her. (Don't worry you'll see when
you get to this part.) Then a whole lot of the story is told, and you are told
that you need to get the Master Sword to maximum power. This is the beginning
of the end of The Wind Waker, or is it?

5                      THE FORSAKEN FORTRESS                           5

Okay for this section you can do two possible things. First, you need to find
a giant tornado that sucks you in and spits you in some random place in the 
overworld. If you go inside one you will see a God inside. Shoot him three 
times before it's over and he'll give you the Warp Song. This song is a must-
have to complete this game. Play the song and warp to the highest northwestern
grid square on the second grid. When you arrive the awesome Fairy Queen will 
give you the Fire and Ice arrows. Okay, let's move on now. 

-Now you can go to two dungeons from this point. You can go to either the
Shadow Temple or the Wind Temple, it's your choice. If you go to the Shadow
dungeon first travel to the Dragon Island and get Medli, which is on a small
balcony near the exit. If you choose to go to the Wind dungeon then first 
travel to Deku Island and find the first Grappling place. Attach yourself to it
and swing down into the cave with the music notes floating from it. Go inside 
and you need to play the song based on which ever temple you want to go to. 
They are necessary to progress through the dungeons. 

-Medli's transport ability is flying, which uses only her own magic, and her
special ability is to use the harp to reflect light. The Deku Sprout's 
transport ability is the exact same as Melody's and it's special ability
is to plant seeds which make Hookshot-able trees grow. In order to become
these characters you must play the Soul Pocession Song. 

-When you beat the first temple you receive an upgrade for your Master Sword.
It makes it Master Sword X2. After the second temple it makes the sword glow 
and the little jewel flash yellow. Now you need to resurrect the Triforce of

You need the Triforce Maps before you can revive the Triforce and every one of
their locations are in the "Triforce Map Locations"; section 15 in this FAQ. 
Once you retrieve one all you have to do is take it to Tingle and he will
decode it for a very low and friendly price of...398 rupees. 

-Your best bet is to collect all eight of the Triforce Maps and have all of 
them decoded at the same time. Then you can match it to the normal map to find 
the location of the Triforce and open the pathway to Hyrule...

Hyrule Castle: 
Here you will see that the Statue of Link has been destroyed, but you will see
Zelda down below. Go down and meet her, but wait, it's a trap. You'll have to
battle two Nights in order for those annoying flames to disappear. 

-Now all you have to do is go back to the entrance area and break down the 
barrier that leads to Ganon's Castle, where toughest battle soon awaits!

Ganon's Castle: 
Remember how in Ocarina of Time you had to beat each section based on previous
dungeons that you had already completed? Well, now you have to do it again in
Wind Waker. But it's just a little bit different. There are only four areas
to beat: Fire, Plant, Darkness, and Wind. You also must battle all the bosses
from those dungeons again and you can't use any item that you received from
defeating the bosses of the dungeons. 

    You're going to need Ice Arrows here to blast magma platforms to jump 
    across. You can also shoot the Fire Blast platform to make it move upwards. 
    Once there you have to defeat the Scorpion boss again, not too hard 

    This part is kind of hard and tricky. You have to use the Deku Leaf to 
    move the platform over, then jump on it. Float backwards in order to go 
    foward, now go onto the floating platform and push the wind switch to bring
    the second platform over. Now you have to do the same thing again to bring 
    the other floating platform over. The first thing you have to do before 
    that is killing all the enemies so that they won't try and attack you and
    make you fall to a loss. Once you get past all that annoying stuff you have 
    to battle the big Deku Boss again. 

    Quickly run past the raining coffins. When you get those switches that need
    something heavy to hold them down then use the light on the dark blob 
    things to turn them into stones. Then move the stones over to cover the 
    switches which activates them and pulls the big steps down. Scurry up the
    steps and get ready to face the big King Poe boss next...

    You don't need help with this one, all you have to do is defeat all the 
    monsters in the area and open the final door. It's not hard at all. But now
    you need to prepare for the final battle which is so close you should be 
    able to smell it from your living room sofa. Once you have finished each 
    of these the seal will disappear and the door will open...

Inside Ganon's Castle: 
On the right there is a wooden door but it is sealed so you can't get past it
right now. Therefore go the to left and you'll see a door with the four 
switches on it. Then on the right room there is a huge pit and some candle 
holders with special candles on each one. Write it down because you'll need it
later. Then use the Boomerang to activate the switches, then your trusty boat
will appear. NOTE: This is your only exit from Ganon's Castle, use it if you
forgot to do/get something or to do another quest. Now jump into the bottomless
pit on the right...

-Now you will face the Shadow boss in every room. Ignore him and follow the 
following directions from the landing spot: Down, left, up, left, right, and 
up. Once you go through that you will have to BEAT the Shadow Boss in order
to receive the LIGHT ARROWS! After that use the door to be transported back to
the beginning where the large wooden door is located. Go inside and you will
battle the Shadow Boss for the very, very last time. Use the Light Arrows to
defeat him and open the wooden barrier with the sword he leaves behind. 

Blood Red Hallway: 
All you have to do in this portion of the game is kill EVERY enemy in the
entire hallway. Just use the Light Arrows and it should be simple. When that 
is completed the door to the final boss will open up, at last!

Ganondorf's Lair: 
YES, your finally here. The final room, but not the final battle...yet. First
you will need to face three resurrections of old bosses from Ocarina of Time
and A Link to the Past (pretty cool, right?). Defeat them and use the rope you
should see to go up, if you want you can use your Grappling Hook sometimes, 
you can. 

-When you get to the top use Fire Arrows, or just plain fire, to burn the top of
the Warp Urn to be able to get back down. That way you can keep going back and
forth to fill your jars with fairies. When you are all done with that stuff wip
out your Hookshot and fire it up towards the door leading to the FINAL BATTLE!
Defeat Ganondorf/Ganon to see the awesome ending!

-If you need help with any of the bosses at all just go to section 9 for the
Boss FAQ (below).
BOSS INFORMATION/FAQ  (All credit goes to "IronMouse" for this section)
Thanks to "IronMouse" for letting me use your Boss Guide. I didn't know how
to contact you so I am hoping it is okay for me to use it, if not e-mail me
RIGHT AWAY and I will change it and take it out if you want me to. Thank you!
           Dragon Island Dungeon: THE LAVA SCORPION

Very fearsome-looking boss. It looks like a giant scorpion, and lives 
a pit of lava surrounded by a thin border of land, with some wooden 
platforms welded to the wall. There are pots around the room and on 
the platforms you can break for hearts. Up above, poking out of the 
rock, is the tail of a Dragon that looks suspiciously like a grappling 
hook target. WHAT to do?

This boss has 3 attacks:
(1) Slams one of it's pincers at where you're standing - you can 
side-jump this if you're Z-targetting. It then gets it's pincer stuck 
in the ground for a while. 
(2) Slams both pincers down, trapping you in-between. Sticks it's head 
close and breathes fire (you can't avoid it if you're trapped). There 
are spaces in each pincer for you to roll through if you get trapped.
(3) If you're lingering on one of the wooden platforms, it will send 
a jet of fire at you, toasting both you and the platform. 

The point of the fight is to slash the bosses' eye. But you can't do 
that unless you break the boss' outer shell. So grapple-hook and 
swing from the dragon's tail, and when you let go the ceiling will 
come crashing down, stunning the boss. Don't bother doing anything 
at this stage. When the boss recovers, it will slap the ceiling back 
onto the dragon's tail, freeing the hookshot target. Repeat the process 
2 more times, and the boss' outer shell will break, going onto phase 2.

Same boss; just angrier, moving a little faster, and vulnerable. Wait 
until it executes attack 1, and then grapple hook it's head down for 
sword-slashing. Or if you suck at the hookshot, wait for it to trap you 
in-between it's pincers, then slash it's eye before it starts breathing 
fire. You can swing from the dragon's tail to get to the platforms at 
any time during this fight - just don't swing too long because the boss' 
flailing pincers can hurt you if you're really unlucky. 

           Tree Island Dungeon: THE HANGING GARDEN

Now where have I seen THIS before. Never mind. This giant flower has 
a bunch of tentacles, and lives in a room with a sinister-looking neon 
blue glow to it. It is suspended from the ground by a score of vines 
attached to the ceiling. There are bushes around you can slash for 
hearts. The weak point is at the [center] of the flower, enclosed by 
the boss' petals. 

This boss has 2 attacks:
(1) Thumps you with it's many, flailing tentacles. Just keep moving 
and you'll avoid them. Watch out for the stationary ones. 
(2) The tentacles go underground and start chasing you around. You 
can tell that it's happening because the tentacles cause small amounts  
of green smoke. When you see green smoke, just run around the room 
and they'll all miss.

To make the flower come down, use the boomerang on the vines. If you 
don't do this fast enough, the vines will grow back and this battle 
will take alot longer than it has to. Multi-target as often as you 
can, and on tentacles close to each other (nothing so annoying has 
having 2 vines left on opposing sides of the flower); keeping 
constantly on the move to avoid the tentacles. If I had made this 
sound hard - well, it's not, actually. 

Once the flower comes down, you have several seconds to slash at it's 
core before it wraps itself up again. If you get caught while at it, 
the flower will chew you up and then spit you back out again. Then 
the process starts all over. Do this a couple of times to make it 

                  Tower of God: THE GUARDIAN

Same face, same neon-blue glow... just looks more mechanical this time 
round. The guardian is a giant face with 2 eyes and a mouth, along with 
2 hands; each with an eye in the palm. It hovers around in a round room 
with a raised arena and electrified floors at the edges. No pots or 
bushes to break for hearts this time round. 

This boss has 3 attacks:
(1) It's hands will try and sweep you off the arena and onto the electric
floors. This can take a while (and some damage) to climb back out, so 
watch out. 
(2) The hands will try and thump you, either by itself or by clamping 
it's hands together. Wouch.
(3) Once the hands are out, the face will start shooting a stream of 
fireballs at you. You can tell it's about to happen because the 
surroundings will start glowing yellow. Run in a curved line around 
the arena to avoid the fireballs - as long as you're moving to the side 
(and not forwards or backwards), you shouldn't get hit.

First, take out the hands. Z-target the eyes on the hands; 2 shots each 
will take them out. You'll then have a certain amount of time to take out 
the face before a hand comes back to life. Take too long and both hands 
will come back to life, and you'll have to start the process all over. 
Two shots to each eye (in-between avoiding fireballs) will take the face 
out. When the face is on the ground, it's mouth will be open, beckoning 
you to toss a bomb into it. Repeat the process, and after 3 bombs, 

(Don't worry if you run out of arrows or bombs; the face will snort some 
out of it's nostrils for you to pick up.)

                Monster Island: THE SHADOW-MAN

Hmmm... not quite the looks, but the abilities are familiar. This 
boss looks like a big black floating... shadow, with neon blue 
markings. It carries a big sword, but favours blasting fireballs at 
you. You fight him in a place you've been before - the open courtyard 
outside the fortress. 

This boss has 3 attacks:
(1) Charging up a red fireball, and then releasing it in the form 
of small red fireballs at you (I think they're eyeballs, actually). 
Just walk out of the way.
(2) Charging up a white fireball and throwing it at you. Hit it 
back with the master sword for a game of tennis. 
(3) Disappearing, and then reappearing and surrounding you with 4 
replicas of himself. The real one will do a circle cut; just roll 
out through the gaps or do a spin-slash attack. 

You can take shadow out by waiting for him to do attack 3, and then 
slashing the real shadow when the rest disappears. But the much 
faster and more fun way would be to wait for him to blast a white 
fireball at you and then hitting it back at him. Good timing is 
required, because the ball gets faster and faster. When you win, he 
will be temporarily stunned - run over and smack him with your sword. 
Just keep doing it until he "dies". 

               Monster Island: THE BUZZARD KING

When was the last time you fought a giant bird...? But this battle 
is fun. It starts at the bottom of a tower, which is rapidly 
filling up with water. The aim is to sprint up to the top (fun!) and 
into the open through the long flight of platforms. As you run, the 
bird will be destroying the platforms behind you, and will block your 
path when you get to the top. Whip out the hammer instantly and 
whack it to make it move. 

From them onwards, it's a fight at the top of the tower. The bird 
will hover over an arena filled with spikes at the perimeter. Just 
stay near the [center] and nothing should go wrong.

This boss has 3 attacks:
(1) Lands on the ground, and walks towards you, trying to stamp you 
out with it's claws. It will follow up with a hefty attempt at pecking 
you, getting it's beak stuck in the ground. Just roll out of the way. 
(2) Diving at high speed towards you, scraping it's feet when it 
touches the ground. Roll out of the way at the right moment. (If you 
have your back towards a tower in the background, the bird will fly 
straight into the tower and get plastered there for a moment. Funny!)
(3) Flying towards you, and then creating a gust of wind with it's 
wings. If you don't stand your ground, you'll be blown backwards into 
the spikes on the walls. 

The hammer is all you need. Wait until the bird is about to peck, then 
use the hammer on it's head when it's beak is stuck in the ground. 
After 3 hits, and the mask it's wearing will break. It will then 
start executing attacks 2 and 3 as well. Repeat the process, and 
after a few more whacks, it'll all be over (just watch out for the 
pieces of the broken mask). 

                Earth Temple: BIG FAT GHOST

The silliest supernatural entity I've ever seen. This is an 
over-weight, over-sized ghost who floats around semi-transparent, 
carrying a lamptern. It wears a mask and is made up of many smaller 
multi-coloured phantoms, who spends all their time panicking and 
doing not much else. It haunts a room filled with spikes and spiked 
columns around the edges - for you to impale it ON, ofcourse.

This boss has 2 attacks:
(1) Shooting giant fireballs at you. You can't miss them since they're 
so huge - just watch carefully and get out of the way. 
(2) Turns purple, and flops on you. If you get flopped on, your 
controls will be scrambled (there is a mask sign on your head) and 
for a while you'll be running in the wrong direction until you figure 
it out. Run into the spikes or wait a while for the effects to 

The ghost can't be harmed physically, you'll have to use the mirror 
shield to reflect light onto it for a while to make it "real". For 
some reason, there is a handy spot of light right there for you to 
send the ghost to second hell. When the ghost has been set on light, 
it will sit there, too fat to move, until you pick it up and roll it 
into a column of spikes. Once "spiked", it'll revert back to a crowd 
of multi-coloured phantoms, ideal for using the second spin-attack on. 
Until you pick off every last one, the ghost will reform itself 
and start again.

After a while, you'll find the spot of light disappearing and 
reappearing rather quickly. How it does that is a complete mystery, 
but you'll have to be quick with your maneouvering to shine the light 
on the giant ghost. The good news is that once you get into the right 
position and is reflecting the shield onto the target right, the 
spot of light won't disappear until the giant ghost is in solid form. 
Get it wrong during the process and the spot of light will move. 
Repeat until all the mini-phantoms are gone.

              Wind Temple: BLUE-TONGUED SANDTRAP

Another giant sandworm. This one lives in a pit of sand, and looks 
like a giant flower when it sticks it's head out of the sand, mouth 
open, tongue out. Since the sand around it sinks when it has it's 
mouth open, be careful not to get too close to it for you will be 
gradually sliding towards it's waiting mouth. What to do with it's 
vulnerable tongue, seeing I've got the ultra-cool hookshot now...?

This boss has 2 attacks:
(1) Either waiting for you to fall into it's mouth, or it may sink 
into the sand and then suddenly dive out at you. Every now and then 
it'll rise up, fly around for a while and then dive back into the 
sand. Unless you're very slow, you can probably avoid these attacks. 
(2) Send 3 smaller worms out to get you. It's best to kill these worms 
before you go for the big one; just Z-target and hookshot them to 
get out of the sand. Once exposed and helpless, 2 slashes will put 
them away for hearts.

Very simple. Kill the 3 smaller worms whenever they appear, then get 
close enough to the big worm's mouth to hookshot it's blue tongue. 
Slash the tongue when you get it over to you. Ta-da. It'll disappear 
and reappear elsewhere when damaged, so watch underfoot or it'll 
catch you in its mouth and chew you up. That said, the only thing 
difficult about this fight is walking around in the slippery sand. 

              Ganon's Tower: BLACK MAGIC MARIONETTES

Get ready to fight 3 very, very ugly bosses, the ugliest you'll 
see in this game. These bosses, produced by Ganondorf's black magic, 
is a sorta replacement for Ganon I suppose (they're certainly ugly 
enough). You have to fight all 3, one after another, in a room with 
reflective floors and stone platforms around the edges. The stone 
platforms have pots with magic refills/arrows/hearts in them, but 
you'll have to be at the right place to be able to hookshot up to 
them. It'll be easier to stay on the ground unless you need refills. 

     A giant pig puppet with retractable arms that try and pummel  
     you if you're standing in front of it. It's slow moving, so 
     you should have no trouble getting to a better spot. At the 
     end of its tail is a glowing blue orb that is asking for you 
     to shoot a light arrow at it. 

     But you can't shoot a light arrow at it now. You'll have to 
     use the boomerang to cut down all 5 BLUE string that keeps it's 
     limbs moving. Once cut, it will hang loose, including the tail. 
     NOW is the time to shoot a light arrow. 3 hits, and phase 2. 

     A giant spider that springs into the air, somewhere where you 
     can't see it, and then comes crashing down, squashing you if 
     you happen to be in the wrong place. Avoid it's body-crash 
     attack by watching the reflection in the water and running to 
     to sides of the arena (preferably under the stone platforms). 

     If you're lucky, you will be staring at it's butt, and the 
     glowing bue orb attached to it. Light arrow the orb 3 times, 
     and it's phase 3.

     Woah, has this boss gotten ALOT uglier since "A Link to the 
     Past"! Then, it was somewhat cute and really annoying; now, 
     it's EXTREMELY hairy nd ULTRA-annoying. It moves VERY fast, 
     trailing the blue orb at the end of it's tail, and will body-
     slam you when it gets close. It's movements are WAY erratic 
     and difficult to predict, as anyone who has fought it's 
     earlier incarnation would know. 

     You can stun it momentarily by hitting its head with your 
     sword, but you'll have to be quick in light-arrow shooting its
     tail. Alternatively, you can try shooting it's tail from afar 
     or from the stone platforms, but unless you're good, prepare 
     for some cursing. 

                    Ganon's Tower: GANONDORF

This fight is the coolest fight in the game, and the coolest in Zelda 
game history. Why? Because for the first time, Link does not fight 
the boss all by his lonesome self. After 8 games where he faces the 
boss alone, THIS time he has help; and infact, cannot finish the boss 
off without that help. The arena is cool too - an open platform 
surrounded by falling water. What is not cool that you will have 
lost your bow and arrows, so you can't use a light arrow on Ganondorf. 
You'll have to rely on the trusty Master Sword. 

Other reasons why it's cool:
1) You get to sword duel with Ganondorf! Sword duel!! Not swinging 
you sword at giant lumbering monster or floating black sorcerer, but 
a REAL sword duel! Wow!
2) ZELDA FIGHTS!! Looks like political correctness has caught up with 
the game developers. After 8 games being the damsel-in-distress (and 
one where she just stands there in the final boss fight), Zelda 
finally shows us she doesn't have the Triforce of Courage for show 
(The Super Smash Bros games don't count).

First of all, you can't get past Ganondorf's defenses with conventional 
sword techniques. You'll need to do the A button timed attack to even 
get a hit in. For the first third of the fight, you'll be combo-attacking 
Ganondorf, while Zelda will try and zap him with her magic. Ganondorf, 
meanwhile, will be flying around avoiding your attacks and Zelda's, 
while executing moves that look far cooler than any of yours. If 
Ganondorf gets zapped by Zelda, it's a good time to slash him though 
you don't HAVE to do so since it's not the number of blows that 
determine the fight. 

After a while, Ganondorf will get annoyed by Zelda and K.O. her in one 
blow. You're then on your own, and this is THE time to use A button 
timed attacks (no other way can you hurt him). Once you use the A 
button, Link will slash at his eyes, stunning him temporarily. Turn 
around and slash him in the butt. Repeat this until Ganondorf figures 
out how to block your A button attacks - then you'll have to wait for 
Zelda to wake up. 

Zelda wakes up, and she comes up with a plan. She will zap her magic 
at you, and you will use the mirror shield to reflect it back at 
Ganondorf. From then onwards, you'll have to watch where Zelda is 
standing, wait for her to charge up her powerball and then position 
your shield at an angle. Careful to have your shield out when you see 
Zelda all charged up; her magic can hurt you too. Once Ganondorf is 
stunned, DO NOT hit him with a conventional attack. Use the A button 
on him (at the right moment/distance), and one blow will finish him 

YAY! You have now finished the game! Enjoy the (rather short) ending!

(Thanks again IronMouse for the Boss Guide above).
Swords and Armor:

Hero's Sword
Efficiency: 5/5
Location: Orca's Training
Description: The hero's sword is the sword you will be using for the 1st half
of the game. Pretty much, its the main weapon for most of the enemies.

Master Sword
Efficiency: 5/5
Location: Hyrule Castle
Description: 2x more powerful than the Hero's sword and still the main weapon.

Master Sword 2X Power
Efficiency: 5/5
Location: Shadow or Wind Temple, which ever one you beat first
Description: This upgrades your Master Sword to be twice as powerful.

Master Sword Full Power
Efficiency: 5/5
Location: Shadow or Wind Temple, which ever one you defeat second
Description: This upgrades the Master Sword to Full Power!!!

Hero's Shield
Efficiency: 5/5
Location: Grandma gives it to you
Description: Your very first shield this used to block hits and things fired
at you. It is pretty much your basic Hero's Shield.

Mirror Shield
Efficiency: 4/5
Location: Shadow Dungeon
Description: This great shield can reflect light and magic to bounce back to
where the light came from. Used at the end of the game. 

Equipible Items
Efficiency: 1/5
Location: Aryll gives you this in the beginning of the game
Description: You only have to use it once, in the very beginning. But it
does have the ability to zoom when you need it.

Wind Sail
Efficiency: 5/5
Location: Buy from Eskimo man on Windfall island for 80 rupees
Description: This item is used to travel with your boat from island to island
in the game. You must have it in order to complete Wind Waker. You can't
travel without it. 

The Wind Waker
Efficiency: 5/5
Location: Given to you by the King of Red Lions after reaching Dragon Island
Description: One of the most used items in the game because it is needed to
play songs which can unlcok hidden areas and help to beat certain temples and
dungeons. Bacially the same as the Ocarina. You must use this to beat the game.
For a list of the songs you are able to play see section 13.

Grappling Hook
Efficiency: 4/5
Location: Dragon Island Temple
Description: This item is a lot like the hookshot and you use it to grab on
to things that have a yellow exclamation mark near it. You mostly use this
item in the beginning of the game, not much at the end. 

Deku leaf
Efficiency: 5/5
Location: Deku Tree Island
Description: This item uses magic to work so you need a magic bar to use it.
It's a very useful item to float certain places and to create gusts of wind
to beat dungeons and temples and some puzzles. 

Efficiency: 4/5
Location: Deku tree Dungeon
Description: Use this item to stun enemies or knock down things or even get
rupees. It now has it's own lock-on target system which makes it much more
useful, but not too much towards the end of the game.

Efficiency: 3/5
Location: Pirates Ship (second time with password)
Description: Use bombs to blow walls to bits or open certain pathways. They
can also be used in battles but can be inaccurate with some bosses. You don't
have to have bombs to beat the game because you can pay Tingle to blast stuff
for you if you have the GBA/GCN Cable and a GBA.

Big Hammer
Efficiency: 4/5
Location: Forsaken Fortress, second visit
Description: The hammer is a useful tool because it can be used to kill and 
damage enemies and also to push down big switches or buttons. Basically the
same as in Ocarina of Time. 

Bottles (4)
Efficiency: 5/5
Location: Various, see section 11 
Description: This item is needed to store water, fairies, Grandma's soup,
fireflys, blue potion, red potion, and green potion. Very useful and needed
throughout the game. Try to get them all if yuo can, see section 12 for more.

Efficiency without GBA and GBA/GCN cable: 0/5
Efficiency with GBA and GBA/GCN cable: 5/5
Location: Windfall Island, inside Tingle's Cell
Description: Needed to get certain information, receive a discounted price for
bombs (10 rupees each) and some people say there is a health recover system,
but I never saw it work for me, but I don't know for certain.

Camera/DX Camera
Efficiency: 1/5
Location: Regular: Tingle maze, DX: Regular, get firefly and give
to photo man after a few missions, special save file: In inventory
when beginning.

Only used for missions and the figure gallery. Useless otherwise.
Fun for late game completion, though I do recommend getting the
American version to do the missions. The camera missions can be found
at one of the bottom sections

Iron Boots
Efficiency: 3/5
Location: Ice Island
Description: These heavy boots are used to go up against the wind in certain
areas of the game and also to sink to the bottom of a pool or water. 

Barrier Shield
Efficiency: 2.5/5
Location: Eskimo man after completing Trade Game
Description: This item also uses up your magic bar but it cuts any damage
you receive in half, which is somewhat useful. 

Spoils Bag
Efficiency: 4.5/5
Location: Pirate Ship first time
Description: Use this bag to store everything an enemy you have killed drops.
Needed for some missions and temples. 

Bait Bag
Efficiency: 4/5
Location: Beedle's Shops
Description: This is used to store the Seagull Seeds and Animal Food. You
need to be able to carry the food around because it allows pigs to dig deep
under ground to search for things and to feed the fish to beat certain sections
of the game.

-Seagull Seeds allow you to control the Seagulls for special parts of the 
game. Comes in packages of three.  

Event Bag
Efficiency: 2/5
Location: Dragon Island
Description: Needed to store event and trade items you receive early in the

Bow and Arrows
Efficiency: 5/5
Location: God's Tower
Description: This item is a MUST have because it is used to shoot arrows,
a necesity to beat the game. You can use it with the L targeting system or
fire arrows in first-person in battles. 

Fire Arrows
Efficiency: 4/5
Location: Queen Fairy's Fountain (2,2)
Descriptions: The Fire Arrows are used to melt ice and catch enemies and some
bosses on fire. Not extremely useful, but they're okay. 

Ice Arrows
Efficiency: 5/5
Location: Queen Fairy's Fountain (2,2)
Description: The Ice Arrows are used to put out fire and freeze water to
make platforms to jump across. More useful then the fire arrows.

Light Arrows
Efficiency: 5/5
Location: Ganon's Castle
Description: This item is used for an instant kill on all regualr enemies,
but you'll only use this in Ganon's Castle, which means you don't get it until
late in the game unfortunately. 

Efficiency: 4/5
Location: Wind Dungeon
Description: You can use this item to stun enemies or to swing yourself 
on certain things. Mostly used to pull yourself up to special targets,
much like in Ocarina of Time. 

Miscellaneous Items

Help Pendant
Efficiency: 2.5/5
Location: Can be found in your Inventory
Description: This stupid thing helps you with where to go and what to do. 
It's very, very annoying besides the fact that it is a rock.

Strength Rings:
Efficiency: 3/5
Location: Fire Island
Description: This item is much like the gloves from Ocarina of Time and gives
you an insane amount of strength to push boulders and rocks and things. 

Enemy Damage Mask:
Efficiency: 3/5
Location: Not really sure...
Description: This item is equiped in the main menu screen and lets you see
the amount of health on an enemy. Select it to an item button or A.  

Efficiency: 5/5
Location: All over the place
Description: These items from all previous Zelda games. They replenish all 
your life/health meter and are must haves to live in Wind Waker. 

Efficiency: 5/5
Location: All over the place
Description: The currency in Hyrule. Rupees are needed to purchase special
items and things needed to beat the game. There are Green, Blue, 
Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, and Silver Rupees; in order of rarity and worth. 

Heart Pieces:
Efficiency: 5/5
Location: Various areas
Description: One of the most famous components are the Heart Pieces. For every
four you collect you get another Heart added to your health. Each time you
get one it fully replenishes your entire health. 

Common Treasure Maps:
Efficiency: 3.5/5
Location: Various areas
Description: These maps are very useful because they show the location of
Rupees (worth 1-200), and heart pieces. They have a golden beam located on the
spot where you can go to find these items. 

Special Treasure Maps
Efficiency: 2/5
Location: Various areas
Description: These maps show the location of only special items. They hardly 
ever show up on the map because they are rare. Not very useful unless you get
really lucky and hit a find. 

Triforce Maps
Efficiency: 4/5
Location: All over the place
Description: These very important items are used to find the scattered pieces
of the Triforce of Courage, which you must have in order to beat the game. 
Bottle 1
Location: Dragon Island

Melody automatically gives this bottle to you. 

Bottle 2
Location: E6, Submarine near Bomb Island

Found in a Treasure Chest in a submarine at Bomb Island. Enter and defeat all
enemies inside to open the chest with the bottle in it. 

Bottle 3
Location: C3, Beedle's Shop

At Beedle's Boats at Rocks Island, the shop sells a bottle for 500
Rupees. You will need the Big Rupee Pouch before you can buy this bottle.
The shop also sells a heart piece and a treasure map for around 900 rupees. 

Bottle 4
Location: Windfall Island after the second Monster Island visit

Getting the last bottle is a little bit tricky. Speak with the Eskimo
on Windfall Island to hear him talk of a thief. Then use the Sun Song to 
go to night and then talk with the girl from the Forsaken Fortress and then
walk past her and she should begin to sneak off. Now just go behind the left
wall she was next to and wait for her to come around to the safe and start 
turning it. As FAST as you can sprint up to her and talk to her. Just keep
on choosing the first option and eventually you'll get a bottle from her.
Rupee Upgrade Fairies (First upgrade: 1000 max, Second upgrade: 5000 max)-

A3- You need to have bombs or you can use Tingle.
Outset Forest: Bomb the rock near the forest area where Tetra originally was.

Bomb Upgrade Fairies (First upgrade: 60 max, Second upgrade: 99 max)-

C5- You need to have bombs or you can use Tingle.
F4- You need to have bombs or you can use Tingle.

Arrow Upgrade Fairies (First upgrade: 60 max, Second upgrade: 99 max)-

C2- You must own the hammer in order to get this upgrade.
D7- You must own the hammer in order to get this upgrade.
Other Fairy Upgrades

Fire/Ice Arrows-

B2- Play the Warp Song to be warped to gird B2, where the item is located.

Double Magic-

G4- Look for the Four Eyed squid. Beat it with the boomerang to release
a fairy that will give you a double magic bar.
* Wind Song
Learned from: The Slab in the back of the Dragon Dungeon.
Play by pressing: Up, Left, Right
-The Wind Song is the song you will use most often. It is used to change
the direction of the wind so you can sail to different sections and islands
on the world map. 
* Sun Song
Learned from: Funky-looking guy near gravestone on Windfall Island.
Play by pressing: Right, Left, Down
-This is used to change Night into Day and vice-versa. It is useful to
do certain missions in the game. 
* Body Possession Song
Learned from: God's Tower.
Play by pressing: Left, Center, Right, Center
-You only use this song in temples. It allows you to take control of three
Ganon statues, Medli, and a Deku Sprout. To cancel press the L button.
* Warp Song
Learned from: Find a giant Tornado by shooting the Tornado God three times 
with regular arrows.
Play by pressing: Down, Right, Left, Right
-A very useful song for getting to certain points. The only drawback is you
can only use it from the boat, and it only warps you to certain parts of the
map, usually the important ones, which is good.
* Song of Wind
Learned from: Slab near entrance to the Wind Dungeon. 
Play by pressing: Up, Up, Down, Right, Left, Right
-This song is used to get the small Deku Sprout in the Wind Dungeon. Try not
to get this song confused with the Wind Song, as many people do/will. 
* Song of Shadows
Learned from: Slab near entrance to the Shadow Dungeon.
Play by pressing: Down, Down, Center, Right, Left, Center
-Mainly this song is used to open certain doors in the Shadow temple. It has
a few other uses too but they're not very important. 
Coming soon...(i.e. next version).
First Map: 
Location: E2
-One a small island are a couple of bomb ships. Kill all the 
people on them and go inside. The play the Wind Song on the small mark section
and you'll receive the first Triforce Map.
Second Map: 
Location: E5
-The first thing you have to do is get the camera from Tingle's Cell on
Outset Island from the beginning of the game. Then go speak with the teacher
on Windfall Island, when thats done leave and go talk to the children outside
and they will challenge you to simple and fun game of Hide and Go Seek. You 
have to find each kid in the time limit. The first one is in a tree near the 
ocean dock, roll yourself over to him. The second kid is behind the Bomb Shop
and the third kid is on the big balcony close to the gate from the beginning.
Once that is done you will get a piece of heart (what a bonus!), now go talk
to the teacher again to get 50 free Rupees! Now go talk with those kids again 
and then they will tell you to try and find a hidden secret Happiness Necklace
to give to thier teacher. Go near the Bomb Shop to find the necklace. Now go
give the necklace and 20 more to receive her deed. After you get it go inside
the house. Put out the flames by using the Grappling Hook on the ceiling. Then 
you have to go through a small maze. At the end of the maze you'll find the 
Wind Mark, play the song to get the trasure chest with the second Triforce
Map located inside. Dang, that was a long one, but at least the hardest one
is done with. 
Third Map: 
Location: E7
-Go to the location E7 and knockout one of the birds. The change
into a seagull with a seed and hit all the switches over the door to make it
open. Then go down to find the wind mark and play the song and open the chest.
Fourth Map: 
Location: Various areas
-Go to Diamond Island and complete the maze that is
there. When you complete it you will get the Pirate Map. Check the map to find
out exactly how many times the moon has to change in order to get Diamond 
Island. Now play the Sun Song and wait on the island for a boat to come. Go
inside the boat and kill all the enemies to receive a chest with the fourth
map located inside it.
Fifth Map: 
Location: E1
-To get the fifth map you have to follow a series of events. 
First, go to E1 and beat the Golden Bomber ship to receive a treasure map. 
Follow that map and it will take you to another map. Then follow that map and
it will lead you to the fifth Triforce Map, finally!
Sixth Map: 
Location: G2
-Go to the location and climb up onto the rock at the top near the bridge.
With the Deku sprout fly over to the lone stone on the far cliff area. Then
lift the rock up and you will find a hole. Here's the hard part: you have to
beat 30 floors of enemies! But after 10 floors there is a health section to
power back up. There are three of those health sections. After you defeat all
the enemies you'll find the Wind Mark. Play the song and get the sixth
Triforce Map.
Seventh Map:  
Location: E3
-Go to section E3 on your map and lift up the rock there to 
discover a hole to jump in. Go in to find a battle arena. Defeat all the doors
filled with bad enemies. Once you do that two Knights will appear, once you
beat them a door will open with the Wind Mark in it and the seventh Triforce
Map. Almost there...
Eighth Map:
Location: A7
-To get the final Triforce Map go to section A7 on your map and
use your Hookshot to swing from tree to tree. Eventually you'll get to a small
hole. Go inside and there will be four Knights. Kill them all to get the last
Wind Mark; play the Wind Song near it to get a trasure chest with the last
Triforce Map in the game! When you get all eight of the maps go to C3 on your
main map and pay Tingle 398 Rupees per map to have them all decoded. Once you 
have them all decoded you can go ressurrect the Triforce of Wisdom!!
SECRETS AND CODES (from GameFAQS.com; various contributors)
DX Camera: 
Beat the game once and save. Next time you play, the DX camera will be in 
your inventory. You can take color pictures instead of Black and White like
the other camera did. 
Wear Pajama's Instead of tunic: 
Beat the game once. You now can play the game with the pajamas you wore in
the beginning of the game. 

Hint: Trash in the ocean:
When you lower your hook from your sailboat near a glowing mark in the water,
you might pick up trash, such as a boot, instead of a treasure chest.
(Contributed by: MetaRidley15)
Sword Combat
Playable at: Outset Island
Price: Free!!
-In this game you need to hit the old man with your all-mighty sword a set
amount of times. The catch is you only get three hearts to fight with and 
everytime you get hit by the old man you lose a heart. You get a better prize 
depending on how many hits you get.

3 Pig Hunting
Playable at: Windfall Island
Price: 3 Skull Necklaces
-Pay the man three Skull necklaces to play this game in which you have to 
collect three pigs in the amount of time he gives you (just ask him to find
out) and return them back to him.

Battle Boats
Playable at: Windfall Island
Price: 20 Rupees
-This is just like that battleship game, you have to choose a location to bomb
and hope you hit a ship. If you do a sound will be made and a mark will show
the hit. After you sink three ships you win a prize (the first one is a Heart

Battle Boats II
Playable at: C2 on map grid
Price: 20 Rupees
-In this battleship game you find yourself in a boat and you have to shoot
all the barrels. If you win the first time you get a Heart Piece and the 
second time you get Treasure Map 17.

Kid's Hide 'N Seek Game
Playable at: Windfall Island after getting camera and talking with teacher
Price: Free!!
-You have to find four kids who are hiding in different places with no limit
on time. AFter you find them they take off running and you have to do it again.
Once you win you receieve a Heart Piece.

Letter Toss
Playable at: Dragon Island
Price: Free!!
-In this mini game you toss letters according to the shape they have. Your
only prize is a couple of Rupees but the game is free, so don't complain.

Shoot the Fish
Playable at: Feed a fish a second time in any of the squares
Price: 10 Rupees
-You use your Bow and Arrows in this game in which you get ten arrows to 
attempt to shoot ten random ship that pop up on the screen. Your prize is
a bunch of Rupees, depending on the amount of hits.

Painting Puzzle
Playable at: E5 on map grid
Price: Free!!
-You have to put together a painted puzzle as quickly as possible. It's 
fairly easy and you get a bunch of Rupees for winning.

Deku Leaf Flying Game
Playable at: G2 on map grid
Price: 20 Rupees
-The prize in this game is a Heart Piece so you really want to win this. ALl
you have to do is float your Deku Leaf acorss to the end of the area. Make
sure you use the wind to push yourself across.

Sail Boating Race
Playable at: F7 on map grid
Price: 30 Rupees
-Just like it's name implies you race a boat; a small wind-powered boat, and 
whoever wins the race gets the prize, which is a whole bunch of Rupees.
* Staff
Enemy: Normal Moblin
Efficiency: 2/5
-You really need this item to light fires and torches in most of the dungeons.
You don't use this much for battling.

* Pirate's Sword
Enemy: Battle Moblin
Efficiency: 2/5
-You can use this sword to break open large wooden doors and things. It is 
very slow and you shouldn't use it for battling. 

* Spear
Enemy: Pig Moblin
Efficiency: 1.5/5
-You can sometimes use this spear to stab enemies but it's very slow and takes
forever just to hit someone. I don't like it much. 

* Knight's Sword
Enemy: Armor Knight
Efficiency: 3/5
-When you have to battle a Knight I reccomend using this sword if you can. It's
very good against it's owner but otherwise pretty much useless.

* Spiked Club
Enemy: Stafolos
Efficiency: 0/5
-Hey, it looks awesome, that's all that matters, right? 

* Shadow Sword
Enemy: Shadow Ganon
Efficiency: 4.5/5
-You have to have this item to get passed a giant barrier. It looks pretty
cool as well, but once you defeat the enemy that owns this sword you can't 
really use it much more.
In The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker there is a map you use throughout the
game. On the map there is a grid, which as you go along, slowy becomes 
revealed. There are 49 equal square grid sections and each one of them has
a couple of islands and a fish and usually a purpose, although some don't. 
The World Map Locations section of this FAQ tells you all the islands in all 
the sections of the entire grid map. 

* A-Block Islands:

A1: Forsaken Fortress Island

A2: 4 Hole Island

A3: West Fairy Island

A4: 3 Hole Island

A5: Needle Peak Island

A6: Diamond Island

A7: Horseshoe Island

* B-Blocks Islands:

B1. Star Island

B2. Oyako Island

B3. Rock Island

B4. Fish Island

B5. Steel Island

B6. 5 Hole Island

B7. Outset Island

* C-Blocks Islands:

C1. North Fairy Island

C2. Spectacle Island

C3. Tingle Island

C4. 1 Hole Island

C5. Stone Face Island

C6. Dolphin Island

C7. Earth (AKA shadow) Island

* D-Blocks Islands:

D1. Wind Island

D2. Windfall Island

D3. North Triangle Island

D4. 6 Hole Island

D5. South Triangle Island

D6. South Fairy Island

D7. 2 Hole Island

* E-Blocks Islands:

E1. Moon Island

E2. Foot Island

E3. East Fairy Island

E4. God's Tower

E5. Teachers Mansion Island

E6. Ice Dragon Island

E7. Block Puzzle Island

* F-Blocks Islands:

F1. Seven Star Island

F2. Dragon Island

F3. Volcano Island

F4. East Triangle Island

F5. Bomb Island

F6. Tree Island

F7. Boat Island

* G-Blocks Isalnds:

G1. Tree Ledge Island

G2. Deku Leaf Island

G3. Triple Star Island

G4. Thorn Fairy Island

G5. Bird Peak Island

G6. Tobi Cliff Island

G7. Five Star Island
T. Map #1:
Location: (6,2)

T. Map #2:
Location: ???

T. Map #3:
Location: (1,3)

T. Map #4:
Location: (2,5)

T. Map #5:
Location: (4,7)

T. Map #6:
Location: (5,4)

T. Map #7:
Location: (4,6)

T. Map #8:
Location: (1,1)

T. Map #9:
Location: (5,7)

T. Map #10:
Location: (5,7)

T. Map #11:
Location: (6,6)

T. Map #12:
Location: (3,1)

T. Map #13:
Location: Die Fort #2 (4,1)

T. Map #14:
Location: (3,1)

T. Map #15:
Location: (6,2)

T. Map #16:
Location: (1,3)

T. Map #17:
Location: (3,6)

T. Map #18:
Location: ???

T. Map #19:
Location: Die Fort #4 (1,6)

T. #20:
Location: Shadow Dungeon (3,1)

T. Map #21:
Location: Die Fort #1 (3,4)

T. Map #22:
Location: (3,7)

T. Map #23:
Location: Windfall Island (4,6)

T. Map #24:
Location: ???

T. Map #25:
Location: (4,2)

T. Map #26:
Location: Die Fort #6 (4,4)

T. Map #27:
Location: (5,3)

T. Map #28:
Location: (3,2)

T. Map #29:
Location: Windfall Island (4,6)

T. Map #30:
Location: Water Dungeon (5,4)

T. Map #31:
Location: ???

T. Map #32:
Location: Die Fort #3 (1,4)

T. Map #33:
Location: ???

T. Map #34:
Location: ???

T. Map #35:
Location: Wind Dungeon (4,7)

T. Map #36:
Location: Ice Island (5,2)

T. Map #37:
Location: (2,5)

T. Map #38:
Location: ???

T. Map #39:
Location: Fire dungeon (6,6)

T. Map #40:
Location: (5,5)

T. Map #41:
Location: Die Fort #5 (2,2)
E-mail me if you have any questions or comments and I will post them here.
You can contact me at [email protected]

Q: After beating the game the first time, I would like to know if there are 
any differences the second time around?
A: The only differences are that yuo can't see certain pictures taken.
Everything else is exactly the same. 
Thanks IronMouse for the Boss Guide in section 9. Thank you so very much!!!

GameFAQs.com for excepting this FAQ to be put on their website and for having 
such a great game site overall. Also I thank you for the codes for Legend of 
Zelda: The Wind Waker, thanks! 

Jason Howell, thanks for helping me to redo this FAQ, I really needed it, 
Thank you!

GameWinners.com for providing some codes and secrets. Thanks!

Neal Silvester for being a really tight friend and for also playing this game 
because he bought it and let me borrow it and everything else, right? And for 
just knowing EVERYTHING about EVERY game EVER! Thanks IAN! (inside joke...)

Francisco Galan because he at least knows what Zelda is and loves the series.

Amethystine for the extra tip on fighting Maldorn. Thanks. 

All the people who read this FAQ, thank you for reading (not just the FAQ but
also the Credits. If you are reading this, e-mail me and I'll give you some 
respectable credit). Thanks!

Here is a really cool website that really has nothing to do with Zelda: 

You can always contact me at: [email protected] or at [email protected], 
AIM: Ferrari360gt, YIM: ColbisonX 

"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and 
                    some have greatness thrust upon them." 

                     -From Twelfth Night (II, V, 156-159) 
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