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Titanfall is a slightly unusual guide to write since it is a completely online
experience. This makes it hard to give you advice that will consistently useful
since human players will always attempt to adapt to whatever strategy you're
employing. The best thing you can do is know your information and prepare. Once
you hit the ground, I'll only be able to help you so much.
What is Titanfall?

This might seem like a strange question since you're already here but Titanfall,
despite seeming like just another shooter experience, is quite different than most
games you played. Knowing how this game differs can also shed light on the most
important aspects of Titanfall and how you can leverage them to your advantage.

Titanfall is obviously a First Person Shooter that borrows heavily from the
concepts present in most modern shooters, particularly the Call of Duty series
(most of the key developers worked on the original Modern Warfare). Pilots (that's
you) run around, shoot, and throw grenades in an effort to kill enemies or capture
objectives using various loadouts that you build yourself. However, even each of
those simple things is different and changes the way the game plays drastically.
You'll quickly find that the basic shooter aspects are just the foundation for a
much deeper experience.

Movement, for instance, involves the use of jet packs that allow you to double
jump in mid-air or wall run on the side of buildings. This kind of verticality
makes the game much more like Halo than Call of Duty but even then, the movement
is much faster, making it much less dangerous to get to a vantage and much more
likely that someone is above you. Many of your guns operate as you would expect
but right from the get go, you'll have access to the "Smart Pistol" which will
lock on to multiple enemies allowing you to take out large groups with a single
pull of the trigger. It's not as quick at killing an enemy players as normal
weapons but it can change the way you play every match.

And of course the Titans... Titans are giant mechs capable of piloting themselves
(though poorly) or by a player. Once the Titans start dropping into a battle,
everything changes. If a Pilot doesn't stay alert to what's going on around them,
a Titan can quite easily kill you completely by accident by stepping on you or
boosting over you. Most of the weapons would kill a player with ease. Where in the
early games, you use your mobility for speed so you can get kills faster, you'll
likely find yourself using your mobility to get above the Titans for safety.

The Titans themselves end up playing like an odd mix of MOBA and FPS game. Where
Pilots can go anywhere, Titans are only capable of walking in areas that are large
enough to fit and lack the ability to jump over even small obstacles. This forces
Titans into lanes where they are constantly fighting and flanking to get the
advantage on the enemy. 

Now that you've got a basic idea of just how crazy these games can be, make a
point to play through the tutorial. When you're done with that and understand how
the game works, return here and I'll get you up to speed on the finer details of

Controls listed are default controls. If you feel up for it, the Bumper Jumper
control scheme is probably the best option. Note that Playstation controls are
included for those playing on a PC using a Playstation controller.
Pilot Action	Titan Action	Xbox	Playstation	PC
Jump	Boost	A	X	Space
Crouch	Crouch	B	O	Ctrl
Reload	Reload	X	Square	R
Switch or Take Weapon	Pick-up Weapon	Y	Triangle	E
Tactical Ability	Titan Ability	LB	L1	Q
Grenade	Ordnance	RB	R1	F
Aim Down Sight	Aim Down Sight	LT	L2	RMB
Fire	Fire	RT	R2	LMB
Sprint	Sprint	L3	L3	Shift
Melee	Melee	R3	R3	C
Titanfall / Titan AI Mode	Core Abillity	D-Pad Down	D-Pad Down	V
Equip Anti-Titan Weapon	N/A	D-Pad Left	D-Pad Left	3
Voice Chat (PC)	Voice Chat (PC)	D-Pad Up	D-Pad Up	Z
Scoreboard	Scoreboard	Back	Share/Select	Tab
Change Load-Out/Menu	Load-Out/Menu	Start	Options/Start	ESC

--U--IMPORTANT PC NOTE: For those of you playing on a PC, I highly recommend
picking up a controller. Titanfall is 70% movement and 30% shooting and a keyboard
just can't compare to the mobility that an analog stick offers. Thankfully,
because of the heavy focus on XB ONE development, the game handles marvelously on
a controller. An X360 controller either needs to be wired (a play-and-charge cable
doesn't count) or make use of a wireless adapter that is sold separately. The XONE
controller should be supported soon (if not already).

If you are like me and refuse to spend an extra $30 on an adapter for an MS
controller on an MS platform (Windows), it's also quite possible to connect a
Playstation controller with what you get out of the box. For the PS3 controller,
you'll likely need to download some extra software to get it to function properly
such as MotionInJoy. The PS3 controller can take some tinkering and be a real pain
but it is feasible with no additional cost.

If you have a PS4 controller, it's much easier. Download the DS4Tool, unzip the
folder, and plug in your controler. Go into the DS4Tool folder ---> Virtual Bus
Driver and run the ScpDriver application. Click "Install" and when it says Install
Successful, you can close the window. Go back to the DS4Tool folder and open
ScpServer. At the bottom, click Start (if i's not already greyed out) and then
look to the top of the window. You should see an empty circle that lists a
controller next to it. Click that. You're all set to play and it should only have
taken about 2 minutes! (You may have to restart if it doesn't work immediately).



General Strategy

General Strategy are the types of concepts and plans you'll put into action on a
regular basis, regardless of what map you might be playing on. These will be the
most useful to you early on before you develop more in depth strategies for each
map. Keep in mind that any strategy put down in writing for the public to see
brings with it a much higher chance that someone will come up with a counter to
the strategy.
Early Game

In the early parts of a game, aside from the normal goal that you're going for,
you're aiming for getting your Titan to fall as quickly as possible. If you have
the only Titan on a map, that will give you a huge leg up on the opposition. If
you are playing as part of a team, then the goal is really to have one or two
people get their Titans quickly while the rest of the team tries to hinder the
other team. Get two people started running Smart Pistol + Minion Detector so they
can farm Grunts effectively for kills. Cloak is also a great way to start as it
can help you get behind the enemy pilots to the denser groups of Grunts behind them.

The other four members of the team should have an assortment of weapons for
varying ranges and play just like in any other online shooter game. Take out
Grunts when you can but focus on the players and make sure to keep in contact.
Another viable strategy is to actually defend your Grunts as the other team is
most likely going to be aiming to get some easy klls. Use the Grunts for bait and
then deny the enemy players.
David (you) vs. Goliath

Once the Titans fall, make sure you stay aware of where they are. If you are a
pilot, you should aim to support your team's Titans in taking down the enemy's
Titans rather than trying to take them down yourself.

1) Build a Titan Killer loadout. On this loadout, equip your choice of Anti-Titan
weapon, a powerful and rapid-fire primary weapon (Spitfire
LMG|Spitfire LMG is probably the best if you have it unlocked), Arc basd
ordnance, and a Cloak|Cloak. Your Tier 1 kit can be any of the
first three unlocked though I recommend the Power Cell - Tier
1|Power Cell most highly. The Cloak is great for getting close to a Titan
and also dislodging from a Titan and getting away if things gets hairy. Having it
for both instances is great. The second kit should be the Warpfall
Transmitter - Tier 2|Warpfall Transmitter kit (see that section for how
to use that to your advantage). Remember that Arc Grenades don't do big damage but
if you use one on an enemy Titan who's already engaged, it can make the kill a
cake walk for your team.

2) The most obvious method would be the use of Anti-Titan weapons. The best
situation is when you are far enough away from a Titan that you can't rodeo them
OR in large fire fights where you're likely to get picked off the back of a Titan
by their allies.

The optimal way of using these is to shoot, move, and shoot. You want to find a
position such as a large building with a lot of windows because this will give you
good cover and prevent an enemy from pinpointing your location based on your
weapon's trail. You want to try and wait for the Titan to start engaging your team
before you attack simply because once engaged with a Titan, they aren't going to
want to spend their time trying to hunt you down. This means that you'll be able
to unleash whatever you can on them without much fear of retribution. 

3) Rodeo. Much like a real rodeo, whenever you rodeo a Titan, you need to keep on
your toes and stay very aware. Make sure you choose the right weapon. If you
happen to be carrying a Smart Pistol with you, change to your Sidearm instead.
It's a waste of good ammo doing that. However, with most other weapons, you can
deal far more damage with your Primary so go for it. DO NOT use your Anti-Titan
weapon. They all do splash damage and will kill you. 

The ideal situation is to hop on a Titan who is already engaged in combat with
another Titan and to choose one without allies nearby. Allies can pick you off of
the hull while. The Titan being in combat means that the pilot will generally have
to choose between getting pummeled by his target or getting hammered by you. Of
course if he has Electric Smoke, then he can juggle both. As soon as smoke is
popped, get free quickly because that split second could get you killed. While it
may seem like a waste, remember that now he can't use the Smoke against your ally
and you can resume your attack once the smoke has dissipated.

While this is the ideal situation, you can still take down Titans that are alone
by jumping on them. Hop on and start shooting but pay very close attention to what
the Titan is doing. An experienced pilot will hear you attach to the hull well
before the warning sounds. That can make a huge difference. They can disembark or
pop Electric Smoke and have you dead before you replace your first clip. If either
of these happens, just disembark, throw an Arc Grenade if you have one and
activate Cloak if you have it (notice all of these are in your Titan Killer
loadout). This will make it almost impossible to kill you.

At this point, the Pilot may hop back in to protect themselves. In which case you
can rodeo again or just leave and come back later. If they DON'T then you should
have a relatively easy Pilot kill (if you can find them). Kill them, hop on the
TItan who will now simply kneel since there is no Pilot inside allowing you to
take it down without it damaging your team. If YOU happen to be the Pilot and you
get hit with an Arc Grenade as outlined above, get back inside. Outside you are
vulnerable and can't see. Inside, you still can't see but you are much better
protected and can even kill the enemy accidentally.
Goliath (you) vs. David

This tends to be much simpler since you have the upper hand. If Pilots try to
shoot at you with Anti-Titan weapons, you should be able to dash out of the way
(most of the time) or use a Vortex Shield|Vortex Shield to catch
and return their attack. Keep in mind that the Vortex Shield doesn't stop energy
weapons like the Charge Rifle. Keep an eye out for the Lock-on warning and try to
use it to pinpoint the enemy. If you find yourself out in the open, even a tree
can provide adequate cover from the incoming attack. If you can return the attack
and eliminate the player then feel free to do so. It's an easy 4 attrition points
or at the very least the removal of an annoyance. If not, just try to position
yourself in such a way that they can't hit you. Frequently they'll be too far away
to easily adjust for your location change.

If a player Rodeos you then things get a little bit more crazy. You need to keep
sharp and listen for the sounds of scampering feet. If you aren't engaged with a
Titan, tend to this immediately. The will ALWAYS be on your right shoulder. Either
use Electric Smoke and stand still to get rid of them or get out and start
shooting. If you are lucky, they won't move. In the worst case scenario, they'll
get off and you'll have a fight on your hands. If they get off and move far enough
away OR they hit you with an Arc Grenade, immediately get back in your Titan and
confront them this way. You are better protected and there's little damage they'll
be able to do to you with the weapon they have out.

Hop in, turn in their general direction and DASH. This might be enough to kill
them before you can even see clearly. If they are far away, start backing up and
just pick them off if they try to approach. Usually, such a player is going to try
to remount. Try to avoid this at all costs. If they can manage to continue to do
this then at best they will waste your time and at worst they'll also whittle your
health down a little at a time. It would be better to ignore and abandon this
Pilot all together.
Goliath (you) vs. Goliath (not you)

Gameplay changes drastically when you are fighting other Titans. This plays a lot
more like a MOBA than anything else. Everything you do revolves around sight
lines, lanes and using abilities at appropriate times to maximize damage and
protect yourself. Titans are so evenly matched for the most part that even if in a
1v1 you win consistently, it's very hard to out fight two Titans at once. Your
team is easily your biggest asset and a smart player can utilize even a poor team
for success if they keep their wits about them.

1) The single most important tip I can give you is this: FLANK. Even if your team
doesn't understand the concept, it doesn't mean you can't use it. Allow your team
to engage the enemy in a head on fight and then make your way around the side.
Usually the fight in front of people holds people's attention so even if it's a
small distance, the flank will usually work. Get around behind them or beside them
and unleash everything you have. You can demolish an otherwise spotless Titan like
this. If fighting two Titans head on is nearly impossible, imagine how difficult
it is to fight them coming at you from two different angles. In this situation,
the only solution (if you are alone and being flanked) is to retreat. There's
really no other way to survive this. Even a Particle
Wall|Particle wall will only buy you a little bit of time.

2) Rotate. If you are with your team in a head to head battle and your shields go
down, rotate. In this situation, the team that can rotate their shields the best
will win. Unleash whatever you can and move out of the way. Even better? Use
Vortex Shield. This will absorb most of the incoming damage allowing your team to
focus more on attacking and less on preservation and rotating.

3) Vortex Shield is great but you want to use it sparingly. Don't keep it active
for long periods because it is a waste. Catch what you can, through it back and
dash behind cover. When you use your abilities well like this, it can actually
give you a fighting chance in a two on one. Catch a lot of shots, throw them back.
If you saved some Vortex Shield, wait a second and if they use their own then
you'll be seeing those shots very soon. Catch them with the Vortex Shield again.
This will give you a lot of ammo really quickly. Catch it and immediately throw it
back. Most players think they are clever for countering your Vortex Shield with
their own. They usually aren't prepared for you to do it again. If they are? Toss
it at the other Titan instead. He will almost certainly not be prepared for it.

4) Electric Smoke|Electric Smoke is very versatile. Rush in, pop
smoke, get out and shoot in for a good amount of damage and a disoriented enemy.
Need to escape? Run away and pop smoke around a corner. They won't be able to see
which way you went. Worried about being flanked? Pop smoke at the end of a lane to
prevent enemies from coming down that lane.

5) If you can see your enemy then you can generally hit them. As long as your
Titan's head can be seen over an obstacle then you can shoot over it. Of course,
be careful with weapons that explode because if you judge wrong, you can end up
doing more damage to yourself than they enemy. The best option is the
XO-16 Chaingun|XO-16 Chaingun for this. Use it if you can but do
it too much and you're asking to get trapped, flanked, and destroyed. It's much
better to keep moving.
End Game

The end of a match generally sees one team or another rushing towards an Evac
point and boarding a ship. This won't change the outcome of the match but you can
get bonuses for doing well. If you die during this period, you stay dead and have
to watch for the rest of hte match.

1) Staying alive might be a little tough. There are a lot of people converging on
a single point on the map. Lines will intersect and it's quite easy to
accidentally just end up in front of an enemy. The best solution to this is always
the same. Titanfall. If you an ride a Titan to the Evac point then you'll stay
safer. It's pretty hard to really harm a Titan that is constantly moving away
from.  When this isn't available, try to climb onto a friendly Titan instead. If
either of those options fail, try to keep your head down and wait until you are
close before using your Tactical Ability. This can help you stay safe but not for

2) Surviving until the Evac ship gets there can be a little tough. Once on board,
it's largely out of your hands. It's possible to fire out of the ship to try and
protect yourself but generally the part you can see out of most easily is the
door... which is also opened towards the rooftop you just came from. It can give
you the chance to score a kill on a Pilot who is too close but it'll be hard to
see any Titans for the building. The best way to protect your ship is to try and
thin the crowd while waiting for your ride. Even better, make sure your Titan
comes along and leave him at the Evac Point on guard mode to distract your enemies.

3) Destroying the Evac Ship can be quite hard. It has a very thick layer of
shields with some good armor underneath. Since it only really exists for about 15
seconds, you have to do a lot of damage really quickly. Try make sure you have as
many Titans on hand as possible. Further, get out of your TItan and use your
Pilot's Anti-Titan weapon to try and up the damage a little. If all elese fails,
you can always try to drop a Titan on top of it. Don't get discouraged though,
it's one tough bird. Taking down the Evac ship probably only happens in 5% of matches.

4) Evac ships tend to appear in the same spots and depending on where players are,
you may be able to predict where they will appear. I'll try to cover the most
popular positions but you'll have to use your own judgment based on where players
are distributed. In generally, the ship will appear at whatever Evac point is
least populated and furthest away from players..
Game Types

Game types are the various types of matches that you can partake in. While the
mechanics and most elements are the same, the strategies, tactics and equipment
used in each tend to be different from game type to game type. Following will be
tips for each specific game type.

Attrition is the standard TItanfall game type and is much like Team Deathmatch but
with Grunts and Titans. Most matches consist of an early phase where teams rush to
set up positions and get kills to earn their Titans faster. After that comes a mid
phase where most of the combat occurs. These are a little bit harder to predict
but once Titans fall, the combat tends to focus in certain areas. The late game is
usually a hard mess to discern but most players will be trying to earn another
TItan in time for the Epilogue or trying to get to what they think will be the
most likely Evac point.

During a match, Attrition points are earned and the first team to the goal wins
the match. Attrition points are gained by killing Grunts and Spectres (+1 per
kill), killing pilots (+4 per kill) and destroying Titans (+6 per kill). If you
manage to kill a Pilot with their Titan, this would of course net you +10 points,
making it a great way to get points quickly but there are usually dangers
associated with such aggressive play.

Hardpoint is much like Domination or Territories in that the objective of the game
is to hold certain areas of the map. It takes roughly 10 seconds to capture an
area and having additional allies in the area makes it go quicker. Each Hardpoint
generates points for the team that holds it so having as many as possible is to
your advantage. The trouble is that the more Hardpoints you go after, the harder
it is to hold them which can lead to losing more hardpoints than you gained in
your offensive push. Killing enemy pilots, Grunts, and Titans doesn't earn you
points towards your goal but it does knock time off of your TItan timer.

Important to keep in mind is that since you're trying to hold positions, you're
going to spend less time moving than in other game types. For that reason, you may
want to change up your loadout signficantly. Give your Titan some good Anti-Titan
weapons as you're far more likely to leave it alone to guard an area. For person
weapons, until you get Satchel Charge|Satchel Charges or
Arc Mine|Arc Mines, go with Frag Grenades and the explosives kit.
 Most abilities are useful but by for the most useful is going to be the
Active Radar|Active Radar Pulse because it will allow you to know
when someone is coming around the corner to your capture point. Also, rather than
using a Smart Pistol, go with a solid close range weapon since the Hardpoints are
almost (if not always) indoors.

Lastly, especially if you are out of your Titan (which you will be frequently in
this game type), listen very intently to what your Titan is saying. It will tell
you what it is fighting, letting you know both what's nearby and if you need to
assist your Titan more directly.
Last Titan Standing

Last Titan Standing is an Elimination style match in which each player only has
one life and one Titan. Everybody starts out each round in their Titan. The Pilot
is free to leave their TItan if they would like but once their Titan is gone, they
won't be able to get another. Once the Titan is destroyed, the Pilot may continue
on foot but if they die, they don't respawn. This allows them to still help their
team if their Titan is destroyed but it prevents them from having too significant
an impact that the combat between Titans becomes a secondary concern.

The first team to lose all of their Titans, loses the round. If time runs out, the
team with more Titans wins. If there are an equal number of Titans, the team with
the most cumulative Health/Armor amongst them wins. There are 4-5 rounds with the
first team to 3 rounds being crowned the winner.
Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is a gametype not unlike in other games except with Titans.
Titans that can carry flags. This gives you the advantage of having Shields while
carrying the flag but it also makes it harder to slip away since most of the map
is going to be aware of you. Also unlike in other games, because of the size of
the Titans, your escape paths can be rather limited forcing you to go it on foot
instead simply because the lanes have been blocked off. This almost forces an
amount of strategic play in order to get the flag back since the odds will be
stacked against you.

Unlike most game types, getting from one part of the map to the other has never
been so important. Because you wall run faster than you do on the ground, finding
good chains to get you from one end of the map to the other can be a huge help in
CTF. If you choose to take the flag in your Titan instead but later leave your
Titan then you take the flag with you. Capturing the Flag requires that your flag
be at your base and if it's not then your team needs to first recover it to score.

In the middle of the match, teams will switch sides. This isn't so much an end to
a round as it is just a half time. Your score is cumulative between both halves
and whoever has the most captures at the end of the entire match wins. Switching
sides removes all Titans and resets build timers so make sure you aren't letting
your Titan go to waste.
Pilot Hunter

Pilot Hunter is a game that plays very much like Attrition with one very important
difference - you only score points by killing Pilots. You don't earn any points
for kill Grunts, Spectres or Titans. These kills still work towards your Build
Timer so it is still in your best interest to do so but  in the end, only the
Pilots matter. The game will play very much the same as Attrition except you
should expect to see more weapons focused against Pilots rather than Grunts or
Titans such as the XO-16 Chaingun|XO-16 Chaingun and far fewer
Smart Pistol|Smart Pistols.

Here, you will find a list of the maps currently available in Titanfall, along
with in depth starting strategies for each map. These are here to advise you but
keep in mind that each match will play out differently and that you'll have to
build upon these strategies or scrap them entirely depending on the situation.
Also keep in mind that any strategy put down in writing for the public to see
brings with it a much higher chance that someone will come up with a counter to
the strategy.

Airbase has a large central area with three round sections below ground and a ring
(for the most part) running around the outer edge of the map that is largely
outdoors. The central area has lots of pylons and Titans can only move in certain
ways down here but there's plenty of room to shoot through.


Early Game ========

The first and most imoprtant thing is that on this map, unlike others, the two
teams don't start at opposite ends but adjascent corners. The Militia starts in
the NW corner (generally) while the IMC starts in the NE corner. Most players will
head towards the central N point where there is a hanger connecting the two
points. You'll generally end up with a large fire fight in this hanger. This is a
great way to get rid of enemy pilots but you'll very likely end up dead too. This
always has a strong draw on everybody so if you can pull yourself away then you
can usually farm the rest of the map for Grunts.

The only real place not to go is the center as the Grunts tend not to filter into
there as often.


Mid Game ========

Because of the layout of the map, pilots tend to be in close proximity and some
very dense Titan battles end up playing out. Usually, eventually the combat spills
into the center of the map where players can use the height differences to try and
break line of sight with enemies. Pilots have plenty of hiding spots right in the
open here. Ideally, however, this center section should be avoided. Routes through
it can waste a lot of time if you are on the hunt and the openness can cause a lot
of problems if you're being hunted.

Outdoors, you'll find that there's not a whole lot of side to side mobility
options for the TItans leading to rather frequent head to head clashes. In a lot
of instances, this means you'd be best off if you were riding in an
Ogre|Ogre since there's not going to be much room for escape.
Keep in mind that you don't necessarily need buildings for cover. There are a lot
of other obstacles (a plane, shipping crates, etc.) that can be used to protect
yourself so even lighter Titan builds can be successful on this map.


End Game ========

Obviously, the center isn't really a viable extraction point so Evac will usually
end up somewhere on the outside ring, likely on top of a building such as the
Radio Tower. Remember that you can generally get around the center point by
climbing over it and this is going to be the best way to get to an Evac point.
Titans can take quite a while to get there since there's no easy path to the far
side of the map. Try not to get pushed off the edge of the map when all the TItans
do finally arrive.
Angel City


Angel City is a section of city scape by a harbor. The IMC tends to start in the
SW corner of the map while the militia starts in the dock area to the N. On the W
and S sides of the map are slightly more open courtyard areas while certain parts
of the Dock have a little more space. Because of the layout of the map, Titan
combat tends to be more direct and focused than normal. Because of the large
buildings, it can sometimes be difficult to flank the enemy in a timely fashion
but there are lots of sections where you can shoot through areas that your Titan
can't go.


SW Corner Start ========

If you start by the apartments in the SW corner, you have a few obvious choices of
paths. If you are looking to flank enemy pilots, start out headed for the building
in front of you, jump through the window on the far right side. Jump out the other
side and wall run to the left. Turn right and continue double jumping up the next
to buildings. This will get you about as high as you can go and will likely get
you out of the way of Pilots trying to farm Grunts on the ground. From here, you
can easily wrap around to the left and get around behind the enemy.

Alternatively, if you want to farm Grunts, turn left. You can follow the wall
separating the city from the courtyard. If you are inside the city then you may
bump into a player or two on this path so keep your eyes sharp. A common tactic is
to run just outside the wall and watch for enemy pilots. You'll frequently see
other players doing the same so be careful but this is usually safer than running
through the city side. Just before the end and inside the wall will be a small
open space. From here, you can generally find a large pack of grunts filing out of
the large building to the right. From here, you can head up that street in front
of the building and generally find more packs of grunts before the drop locations
become unpredictable.

Likely the worst thing to do (strategically) is to go straight for the middle of
the map where you'll find an apartment building and a small statue. This tends to
be a hotbed for Pilot activity. Anybody outside that area tends to have a good
view of what's going on inside, making you an easy target. Stay outside on the
streets and you will likely bump into pilots in a much more even combat situation.


N Start ========

This position is slightly weaker and less protected than the other side of the map
so you'll want to get movin as soon as possible. Similar to the other team, if you
are interested in killing Grunts, go for the W path (to your right). Read the
previous section to be prepared for the likely paths enemy pilots would take here.

Unlike the IMC (SW) team, the best way to flank the enemy is still to go left.
Your team has a much more direct route along the tops of the buildings that can
land you right inside their spawn zone much quicker. This will also likely net you
a good number of Grunt kills but if you turn left and follow the street, you'll
likely come up right behind a few players.

However, the enemy team will likely try to flank you the same way by using their
own path of least resistence. If you fancy yourself a team player, follow the
buildings along the E side of the map and try to hunt down any Pilots coming up
that way. This isn't as effective for flanking but if you manage to survive any
encounters, this can leave you in a great position once Titans start to fall. You
should be on the buildings just above that curved section of street near their
spawn zone.


Mid Game ========

Regardless of which side you start on, the mid game ends up pretty similar. Once
TItans start to fall and one team gets the upper hand, combat tends to push to one
of three spots. If the IMC (or SW) team has the upper hand, they'll usually push
their oponents back to the water. Most of the combat in this situation ends up
around the large area with the shipping crates. If you are the Militia (N team)
then this is the worst place to be and you should try to find a way out. There are
several routes from the center of the map to enter and attack from turning this
area into a barrel with big Titan shaped fish. The escape routes out the back can
get you away but they are rather narrow and hard to navigate backwards while in

Alternatively, if the Militia has the upper hand, they will generally push through
the center of the city and the combat will take place near the bend in the street
that turns towards the spawn point. For the IMC, this isn't an inherently bad
position because it's a great choke point. There are several flanking paths but
they tend to take a large amount of travel time. For the Militia, this is
definitely to your benefit though because the IMC will have enough room to rotate
Titans for shielding while holding you back in narrower spaces. Go through the
Courtyard to the W because this will allow you to fire into the sides of their
position while keeping you in a well protected position. If the IMC can be pushed
back into the market area all the way back, they'll be in a terrible position.
It's hard to move around but the obstacles provide no protection and there''s
really no back exit to escape with.

Lastly, if the teams are relatively evenly matched, Titans will tend to start
fighting in the streets around the central building, flanking and feinting to get
the advantage. If you are having trouble getting a good flanking position, the
best thing to do is to leave your Titan on Defense mode in a position that will
help prevent flanking. Get on the rooftops and find the rear most Titan of the
enemy (if he's being attacked, all the better). Either rodeo on top or use one of
the tall buildings to drop heavy weapons on them. If they are busy, you should be
able to take the Titan down with ease.


Late Game/Epilogue ========

Like most matches, the late game tends to devolve pretty quickly. Once TItans
start exploding and pilots are ejecting everywhere, it's hard to predict where the
next front is. Like most matches, the best thing to do is try to regroup with your
team, try to get to the most likely evac site (based on who is losing) and try to
reduce your Titan timer so you can go into the epilogue with good protection and
heavy fire power.

As the game unwinds, be prepared to find the Evac point. The most common locations
are just SW of the docks by the large building or by the curved section of street
near some billboards in the SW corner. The former is pretty easy for Titans to
target but rather hard to get to for escaping players so practice your routes to
figure out the best way up there. The latter evac point is relatively easy to get
to but because there are so many crevices on these roof tops, it can be quite easy
for the enemy to ambush you. Titans have a harder time getting here and it can be
easier to go up the sides through the open areas rather than trying to reach it by
street. Once there, unleash on the evac ship.

Boneyard a large map which has sort of an amphitheater shape to it with the W, S,
and E sides funneling downward towards the middle point between them. The strange
shape of the map tends to push Titan combat down while the Pilots stay on the
upper rim of the map. Zip lines allow for quick traversal of the map but they also
give away your position. With so many buildings and the varying ground heights,
there are a lot of hard to find doors that allow you to sneak around the map unseen.


Early Game ========

During the early game, players will slowly work their way down the bowl to the
middle though not all at once. If you stay high up and run through buildings, you
can usually make your way around to their back. Minions tend to spawn along the
upper parts of the bowl, particularly at the rim and this is a good place to look
for them. A few players will stick to the rim for the height advantage so keep an
eye out for them as you farm Grunts.

If there is one thing you really need to watch out for then it's snipers. The
large open map combined with the height differential screams out for snipers. When
you combine that with the complex building structures, you have a haven for
snipers up top. Obviously it would similarly benefit you to use long range weapons


Mid Game ========

As Titans enter the match, the fighting will quickly move down the bowl to the
lower points. Most Titans will be hesitant to actually enter the actual bottom
part of the bowl because it is so wide open creating an interesting tit-for-tat
combat. Longer range weapons are absolutely a must for this map. Because the
Titans tend to be a little more reserved than normal, the XO-16
Chaingun|XO-16 Chaingun can be useful for taking out enemy ground troops
from a distance while still getting some damage on Titans from across the map.

Since the TItan combat on this map can be a little bit more reserved, it's not
necessarily a bad idea to leave your TItan on guard mode at a high point with some
good cover. They can take pot shots at enemies lower in the bowl while you hover
nearby taking care of any enemies that decide an Auto-Titan is too easy of a kill.
This is doubly so if you happen to be playing a Hardpoint match.


Late Game ========

As the game winds down, make sure you are getting ready to drop a Titan. The Evac
can be quite difficult because of the nature of the map. With the bowl being so
much lower than the rest of the map, if the Evac is on the NW part then you could
very potentially be below most of the buildings. Otherwise you're going to have to
fight your way up the rim to get to the Evac ship and that may not be an easy
task. This could potentially be the most vicious Titan combat you'll see all match.

Colony is a small/medium sized map with a warren of short buildings towards the
middle which fan out towards the edges of the map. Because of the low rise nature
of the buildings, Titans make for easier targets but so do any Pilots on the
rooftops. The Titans have to watch out for getting trapped however as the space
between buildings is minimal. Get comfortable moving around on the map and you'll
be able to dominate the Titan game.


Early Game ========

The best thing you can do is pick up cloak to start off. Because of the way this
map is set up, there's really no safe route through the map, even at the start.
The only way to get around safely is to use a cloak. Stay off the rooftops and
avoid going into buildings if you can. The nice thing is that similar to how hard
it is to avoid Pilots, it's similar hard to avoid minions. Double check your
surroundings before you start firing because you may find yourself in a situation
where you are getting pummeled from all sides.


Mid Game ========

The Mid Game is similarly complex to the early game. However, once things get
going it can generally be pretty easy to get an idea of where things are going
simply because things are so tight. Titans tend to start falling right in the
middle of the map and because it's so hard to get out, you'll probably see the
first round of Titans fall right in the middle there. Sometimes, this will spin
its way out of the center and into the open spaces outside. It's actually easier
for a Pilot to get some hits on the Titans when this happens rather than in the
middle of the map where you're more likely to get hit by a stray shot than you are
to survive.

Since there is little movement in the center, the Quad
Rocket|Quad Rockets can be pretty useful. Alternatively, you can use one
of the other weapons (most of them are much more precise) to much greater effect
by hovering just outside the middle area. Do it right and you should be able to
hit enemies in between or over some buildings to score hits from safety.

As I said earlier, if you can master movement on this map, you can dominate it. If
you feel confident, the Stryder|Stryder can be a great way to go
on this map. If not, ditch it because if you don't know the map then your boosting
isn't going to do any good.


Late Game ========

The late game won't be much different from the mid game. you'll likely be towards
the middle of the map fighting it out when the match is closing out. To get to the
Evac point, it might be better to take your Titan to the outside of the map and
work your way around rather than trying to fight your way through the middle.
Conversely, the Pilots will likely find the optimal path to be straight through
the middle of the map. When you get to the Evac point, you may want to spend a
little more defending the area if you are trying to escape. The nature of the low
rise buildings allows your enemies to attack the ship from much farther away, even
if they can't reach you.

Corporate is the campus of the Hammond Industries robotics lab. On the E side of
the map will be the main building with the lobby area and board room. Teams will
start on the N and S sides of the maps at the rooftops abive tgus area. The map
expands outwards from this area with some space all around the buildgins
themselves. The center of the map has a large fountain the buildings form (more or
less) a circle around it. This creates an interesting vision problem where your
enemies could be not far down the same hall that you are in but you can't see them
because of the curve.


Early Game ========

Oddly enough, the first thing people tend to do on this map is drop into the
buildings and filter down onto the lower levels of the map. This generally leaves
you free to cross on the rooftops. Try not to be too direct and you should be safe
all the way across. Get to the far side, drop down into a building and you can
start cleaning house.  Minions for the most part either drop in pods along the
outside of the map or use drop ships to drop onto the roof and enter the buildings.

Pilot conflict tends to focus largely on the insides of the buildings. you'll
generally have a couple of players roaming the upper hallways while most of the
players will go to the main building and end up either in the lobby or in the long
curved hallways connected to it. Because of the complexity of the building
structures, the Active Radar|Active Radar Pulse is a great
ability to have on this map. While I generally love the Smart Pistol on most maps
(and it isn't bad here), some form of SMG is usually perfect. You can generally
reach anywhere you can see from the buildings with an SMG and the advantage it
gives inside is priceless.


Mid Game ========

The mid game on Corporate can tend to be pretty tame compared to most maps. The
reason for this is that there aren't any Titan sized rooftops. Either you tend to
be on the ground or far above them making it far more effective to use Anti-Titan
weapons rather than to try and rodeo one. Most Titan combat will end up around the
fountain at the middle of the map and spread out slightly to the lobby areas. It
isn't uncommon for fighting to happen beyond the bounds of the buildings as well
and these can sometimes get quite heated but once those resolve, Titans almost
always without fail end up back at the fountain area.

Since the map tends to be so circular in the middle where the most combat takes
place and the combat outside the buildings tends to be so long range, your ideal
weapon is probably going to be the 40MM Cannon|40MM Cannon or one
of the two energy weapons. While the Chaingun seems like it might be useful in
these instances, much of the combat will be very Titan focused and you'll want the
extra punch these weapons provide. Alternatively, you could take the
Triple Threat|Triple Threat which would be terrible on the outer
rim but in the Fountain area, it has the potential to deal massive damge.

The one place where it is absolutely crucial to watch out for Pilots is in the
main lobby area. It's easy to forget that they are there with the intense Titan
combat that tends to happen there but they can quite easily nail you from the
windows leading to the upper level.


Late Game ========

As the game begins to wind down, you're going to want to start making your way up
the buildings. There aren't a whole lot of other tall points on the map to make an
evac so the ship is almost certainly going to end up on top of the building
somewhere. If you can get up there, it's a lot easier to just move along the roof
to get to the drop ship than try to climb the building in a pinch. Put your Titan
on follow mode if you have one and lead it to the drop ship.

If you can get the Titan on the rim of the map then you may have a better chance
of getting the Evac ship but don't be too disapointed if you don't. This can be
both one of the toughest maps to reach the Evac ship and one of the toughest maps
to take it down.

Demeter has a large central building with a power core at the center. Around the
outside are several smaller buildings that are connected in various ways to the
large building. Unlike most maps that have a lot of places where you can run
between buildings on the lower level, Demeter tends to require you to climb higher
to get by Titans safely.


Early Game ========

If you are looking for Pilots, you can do no better than heading towards the
center of the map and making your way higher up the structure. You'll have plenty
of company before long. Minions on the other hand will end up staying largely
outside the center structure and they will spawn there as well. Cloak is a great
tool early on to get through the large open spaces without getting picked off.
Stay off the track just outside the center building and run a loop to get plenty
of kills.


Mid Game ========

Once the Titans come, the combat will shift very quickly. Without a doubt, the
hottest part of the map is going to become the SW corner. Titans always end up
bunched up over there. This will also generally lure the Pilots as well. At this
point, things get to be a bit of a mess. There's no easy way to manipulate this
since there's generally so much going on at once. Sometimes the combat will spill
out to the road E or N of that corner and this is your best chance. Try to stay on
the outside and wait for enemy Titans trying to escape the central mayhem. This
will generally allow you to clean up the Titans that are trying to escape. Most of
the time, you'll probably be able to finish them off with a volley or two making
them little threat to you.

The big standout concern on this map are Pilots. With the structure of the map as
it is with the high walkways, It's quite easy for a Pilot to get on your back
while you're already mixing things up with another TItan and cause some serious
harm. Hands down, the best ability on this map is going to be Electric
Smoke|Electric Smoke. You will use it very consistently throughout the
match. Even on offense, the simple fact that so many Titans end up so close
together gives you an easy chance to score some extra damage.


End Game ========

Since the outer areas of the map have walkways but are otherwise rather low lying
for the most part, the Evac ship is going to have to get in low and close. This
makes the Evac ship and the Pilots trying to get to it pretty easy targets. Rather
than trying to fight off enemies at your destination, it might be easier to try
and set your Titan to Defend mode and set them as a barrier on one of the main
paths. This will generally slow down the enemy enough for your ship to get away.

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