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	       /		    /
	      /			   /
             /________	     _____/
		     /	    / _______
		    /	   / / ___  / _______  ______
		   /	  / / /  / / /  ____/ / ___ /
		  /	 / / /  / / /  /     / /  //
		 /      / / /__/ / /  /___  / /__/ \
		/______/ /______/ /______/ /_____/\_\
		_______   _____     ______ ______   _______    _______    ____ ____        ___
___________   ________  ________
	       / ____ /  / __  \   /     //     /  /       \  / ____ /   /   / \   \    
 /  //  ________/  / _____ / /____   /
	      / /   //  / /  \  \ /  ___//  ___/  / _____  / / /   //   /   /   \   \   
/  //  /_______   / /    //      /  /
	     / /___//  / /   /  //  /   /  /__   / /    / / / /___//   /   /     \   \  /
 //   _______/  / /____//   ___/  /
	    /  _  _/  / /___/  //  /   /  ___/  / /    / / /  __  /   /   /       \   \/
 //   /________ /  ___  /   /___  /
           /  / \ \  /  ____  //  /__ /  /___  / /____/ / /  /  \ \  /   /       
 \     //            //  /   \ \   ___/ /
	  /__/   \_\/__/   /_//_____//______/ /________/ /__/    \_\/___/          
\___//____________//__/     \_\ /____/

Toca Race Driver 3 (The Ultimate Racing Simulator)

Playstation 2 Version
Version 1.0
Created by Codeboy633

---------------Table of contents---------------(TRD000)

1. - Introduction                            (TRD001)			 
  1.1 - About the Author		     (TRD002)
  1.2 - Contact Information		     (TRD003)
  1.3 - Copyright Information		     (TRD004)
  1.4 - Information before you read          (TRD005)
  1.5 - About the Game			     (TRD006)
  1.6 - Your Racing Career                   (TRD007)

2. - Getting Started			     (TRD008)
2.1 - The Controls			     (TRD009)

3. - The Game				     (TRD010)
  3.1 - The Race Modes			     (TRD011)
  3.1.1 - The Simulation Modes		     (TRD012)
  3.1.2 - Pro Career Modes		     (TRD013)
  3.2 - The Cars			     (TRD014)
  3.2.1 - Car Tiers			     (TRD015)
  3.3 - Damage				     (TRD016)
  3.4 - Rules and Flags			     (TRD017)
  3.5 - Car Upgrades			     (TRD018)

  4. - FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)     (TRD019) 

  5. - Version History			     (TRD020)
  6. - Credits/Acknowledgements		     (TRD021)

Note - For very quick access to any of this FAQ press Ctrl+F and the desired
section. For example, Ctrl+F and TRD3002 will take you to the About the Author 
section of this FAQ.

1. ------------------Introduction -----------------(TRD001)

Hello everyone. And welcome to the unoffical Toca Race Driver 3 FAQ.
I do hope that this will help you on your way to victory in the world of racing.
If you or anyone else has any queries about the game or contribute to this FAQ
then please do contact me (My details are in the Contact section of this FAQ)
by email or Personal Message. Enjoy the FAQ!!

1.1 - About the Author ---------------------------(TRD002)

Well, firstly my name is Jamie, Hello. In the forums everyone will know me as 
Codeboy633. I live in SOuth wales, (U.K) I like cars, my fav car is the Porsche GT.
This is my first ever FAQ!! and I am only 15 years old.

1.2 - Contact Information-------------------------(TRD003)

As I said above, if you or anyone else has any queries or would like to contribute to
this FAQ then please do contact me at:

[email protected]


[email protected]

If you can't or unable to do that the you can also reach me on the site by either by
finding my on of my posts or by putting this 
http://www.cheathappens.com/show_user.asp?userID=323589 into your http bar and sending
me a PM. (Personal Message.) All you have to do is click on the "Send PM" icon on
the site. :)

1.3 - Copyright Information ----------------------(TRD004)

Codeboy633(c) 2007 onwards, all rights reserved. It is forbidden to reproduce,
reiterate, copy and redistribute this FAQ to ANYONE without my permission. There
severe consequences for anyone who does. Right now the only site to have my permission
to display this FAQ is www.cheathappens.com. If you find this FAQ on any other
site then
please tell me so that i can do deal with it.

1.4 - Information Before You Read ---------------(TRD006)
Some of the following in this FAQ has been taken out of the booklet supplied with the

1.5 - About The Game ----------------------------(TRD007)

Toca Race Driver 3 is a new addition to a long line of Toca games. In this
addition you will
have your Concentration and skill level put to the max as you win races and win
the trust of
your mechanic who is called Rick (who you will get the full down on later.) You
will be racing
in cars from classic FORDS to up to date F1 cars. This really is what dreams are
made of. You'll
even be able to race on tracks from Brandshatch to Laguna Seca!!

1.6 - Your Racing Career ------------------------(TRD008)

When you start your first career you will start with your first race. You can go
though the race
or you can retire from the race, but I would recommend that you go through with
the race till the end.
you'll then meet Rick he will tell you how you did in the race. You'll just have
to find out how you do.
As you go up the ranks so will the cars you drive and the harder it will get. When
you are doing some races
in the World Tour you will be set objectives. (These can go from 'Finnish in
Fourth place or better to complete
this objective.' To 'Finnish in first place to complete this objective.' And so on.)

2. - Getting Started ---------------------------(TRD009)

Well, what is the use of this game with out knowing the controls. You would spend
more time pushing every button
to find out. Well luckily for those who don't bother looking in the booklet that
comes with the game.

2.1 - The Controls -----------------------------(TRD010)

The following are the default controls. You can change them in the option menu.

The controls are:

X                    = Acceleration
Square               = Brake/Reverse
Circle               = Hand brake
Triangle             = Change camera view
Right Analog stick   = Accelerate/Brake/Reverse
Left Analog stick    = Steer Left/Right
Control pad Up       = Boost (In cars fitted with boost only.)
R1                   = Look Right (Not used when in close/Far away camera modes
R2                   = Look Behind
L1                   = Look Left (Not used when in Close/Far away camera modes
Start                = Pause

3. - The Game ---------------------------------(TRD011)

Yes, finally we have reached the good part. Sorry if the above was boring but i
had to go through the basics.

3.1 - Race Modes ------------------------------(TRD012)

Race modes are diffrent from one to the next there are three diffrent modes to
chose from they are:

World Tour Mode         - This mode let's you get a tast of all the diffrent
categorys in the game.

Pro Career Mode         - This mode let's you improve your skill in driving
through the diffrent categorys.

Simulation Mode         - This mode let's you have a quick race, multiplayer or go

All these categorys are alot of fun!!! As all these categorys chalenge your
concentration and most of all skill level.

3.2 - The Cars --------------------------------(TRD013)

There is a range of cars in this game ranging from simple classics to technical
Formula 1 cars. (F1 for short)
But with all this range you wouldn't know where to start. well these cars have
been put into relevent categorys going
from Classic cars to Open Wheel to make finding the cars and races easier to find.

3.2.1 - Car Tiers -----------------------------(TRD014)

The car tiers range are diffrent in their own rights for example if you for
arguements sake you choose the Open Wheel 
category you get a row of diffrent car tiers ranging from GO-Karts to Formula 1
cars (F1 for short) it's the same for 
the rest of them. Like I said earlier it makes it alot easier. :P

3.3 - Damage ----------------------------------(TRD015)

Damage has a range of setting from Simple knocks to frightful engine failure. The
best thing to do is avoid this as much
as possible but like in the real world there are going to be a few knock and bumps
so I have come up with this to tell you
what can be damaged in a crash.

Body         - The body can be damaged from a crash but be carefull because this
isn't just for show. If you were to dent
	       your body work then you dent the airodinamics of your car. So be carefull.

Gears        - If you damage these to much then you are on big trouble as you lose
speed when you change the gears and can
               also prevent your car from reaching it's top speed. The way these
can get damaged is either changing down 
	       Incorrectly (Manual only) or if you have a front or side on crash.

Steering     - Steering damage can reduce the cars responsiveness. But severe
damage will cause the car to pull in one 
               direction or another making it harder to steer at high speeds. So
it is best to keep this from being damaged.
               The steering can be damaged by side on crashes or by driving on the
infield at high speeds.

Suspension   - Suspension damage will affect the road holding and cornering
ability. Severe damage can increase the chance
               ofthe car to bottom out ( In other word the whole body falls to the
floor.) this can be damaged by lot's of
               impacts or the driver i.e you driving the car across the infield
areas at high speed. So it is best not to crash
               and drive in the infields.=)

Engine       - Engine damage will seriously reduce the cars perfomance on the
track, reducing the cars top speed and acceleration.
               When damaged severely damaged the chance that the engine either
cuts out or overheat is greatly decrease, The bar under
               the engine icon shows the engines current temperature. 

Wheels       - Damage to the wheels reduces the stability and handling of the car.
A loss of a wheel can mean you can't finnish the remainder
               of the race. A bar under the Wheel icon shows the current
temperature of the wheels.

Tyre Wear    - As tyres wear down they begin to loss grip on the track surface
meaning that you are more likely to slide of the track.
               Driving across the infield will mean that the trye will wear down
more quickly. So it should be avoided as much as possible.

All the above apart from the body work will change colour if damaged meaning that
white means good and healthy and red being about to fail.

3.4 - Rules And Race Flags--------------------(TRD016)
In free race and Pro careeryou can opt to use the full rules and flags. Below will
tell you what flag is used for what. these can be turned 
on or off in the championshp set up screen.

Blue Flag   - Commenly referred to as the passing flag and indicates that a driver
should be aware of faster driver attempting to lap them.

Black Flag  - The black flag indicates that the driver has either recieved a timed
or pit penalty.

Yellow Flag - The yellow flag is displayed as a warning of an accident ahead.
Overtaking is forbidden when this flag is out.

Green Flag  - The green flag (waved after yellow) signals the end of a caution
period. Drivers can resume race speed again.

White flag  - The white flag indicates that a driver has commenced their last lap
of the race, or mean that (In some championship races)that there
              is a slower vehicle on the sector of track controled by that flag post.

Black and White Flag  - A black and white diagonally devided flag is shown to
drivers for unsportman like behaviour on the track, such as careless 
                        driving and cutting cornors.

Black flag and Orange circle  - A black flag with orange circle is shown to
drivers whose vihicle has mechanical problems. Drivers shown it must enter 
                                pits as soon as possible (ASAP)

3.5 - Car Upgrades ---------------------------(TRD017)

In certain championships you get to choose the upgrades that your car has. Without
These your car won't go as fast as it would if it did. Upgrades
increase your cars BHP (Brake Horse Power) or the lightness, depending on what it
is. The following below will tell you which upgrades do what.

Induction Kit   - Increases the BHP but decreases the fuel efficiency.

Brake kit       - Increases brake strength.

Brake Hoses     - Increases brake strength.

Cams            - Increases BHP but decreases fuel efficiency.

Clutch kit      - Increases BHP.

Dump Valve      - Increases BHP.

Electronics     - Increases BHP and fuel efficiency.

Engine Tuning   - Increases BHP and fuel efficiency.

Engine Hoses    - Decreases engine overheating.

Exhausts        - Increases BHP and fuel efficiency.

Flywheels       - Increases BHP and fuel efficiency.

Ignition kits   - Increases BHP and fuel efficiency.

Intercoolers    - Increases BHP and fuel efficiency.

Oil Coolers     - Decreases engine overheating.

Roll Cages      - Increase performance and resistance ti mechanical damage.

Seats           - Increase structural stability.

Strut Bars      - Increase performance and resistance to mechanical damage.

Suspension kits - Decrease suspension damage.

Transmission kits - Increase gear speed and performance.

Turbochargers   - Increases BHP but decreases fuel efficiency.

Tyres           - Increases traction and decreases tyre wear.

Wheels          - Decreases axle and tyre damage.

In total you have 50 slots to fit each upgrade in but the only thig is that the
upgrades range from level 1 - 5 
level 1 uses between 3 - 5 slots depending on what  you use and level 5 uses 5 - 6
slots depending on what you use.

4. - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) ------------------(TRD018)

1. Q) Why doesn't Richard Petty's stock car cheat work?

   A) Mabye you haven't entered the code as a case sensitive code.

2. Q) Why doesn't L2 work?
   A) The L2 button isn't used in this game.

3. Q) Where can I find more cheat codes?

   A) You can either play through the game or use the details on the back of the
manual supplied with the game.

4. Q) Why doesn't the FMV cheat code work?

   A) You might have put the code in wrong.

5. - Version History -----------------------------------(TRD019)

v1.0 - First version of TRD3 FAQ finnished. Main section finnished.
       Little room for improvement. 
       Started 6/01/2008. Finnished 11/01/2008.

6. - Credits/Acknowledgements-------------------(TRD020)

Firstly I would like to thank Chingy42007 for allowing me to use his FAQ as a
guide line.

I would like to also thank Codemasters for making the most amazing game.

I would like thank my mum, dad, brother, sister and friends for suppoting me in
Making my first FAQ.

I would like to thank CheatHappens for hosting my FAQ On their website.

And Finally I would like to thank you the reader for reading my FAQ. :)

------------------- THANK YOU EVERYONE--------------------------

Created by Codeboy633(c)
Started on 6/01/2008.
Finnished on 11/01/2008

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