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			Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark
				    By: KOH13
			      Copyright 2014: KOH13
Table of Contents							[TOC]

Version History					[VH]
0. Introduction					[000]
I. Disclaimer					[001]
II. Controls					[002]
III. Chapter 1: The Dark Spark			[003]
IV. Chapter 2: The Lost Vault			[004]
V. Chapter 3: Getaway				[005]
VI. Chapter 4: Possession			[006]
VII. Chapter 5: Hustle				[007]
VIII. Chapter 6: The Gates of Kaon		[008]
IX. Chapter 7: Infiltration			[009]
X. Chapter 8: A Desperate Plan			[010]
XI. Chapter 9: Ascension			[011]
XII. Chapter 10: Hunted				[012]
XIII. Chapter 11: Investigation			[013]
XIV. Chapter 12: Ambushed			[014]
XV. Chapter 13: Extinction			[015]
XVI. Chapter 14: Locked Down			[016]
XVII. Primary Weapons				[017]
XVIII. Heavy Weapons				[018]
XIX. Hacks					[019]
XX. Techs					[020]
XXI. Achievements/Trophies			[021]
XXII. My Opinion/Review				[022]
XXIII. Special Thanks				[023]
XXIV. Contact					[024]

Version History								[VH]

July,08,2014 [VERSION 1.00]

- Guide is created and posted on GAMEFAQS

0. Introduction								[000]

Hi and welcome to my guide for Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, this game 
is supposed to bring together the last 3 games and make sense of it all but I 
didn’t play any of those games and chose to play this one so Im not really 
sure what is happening but I do know that the AUTOBOTS are trying to protect 
the planet from evil forces. In this guide I explain how to beat each CHAPTER 
as well as help with the descriptions of the WEAPONS, HACKS and TECHS of the 
game, hopefully this helps you.

I. Disclaimer								[001]

This guide is written by KOH13. This may be not be reproduced under any 
circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any 
website or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

II. Controls								[002]

Here are the controls for the game for the PS3;

[]: Reload/Interact 
/\: Switch Weapons 
O: Switch Weapon Hands
X: Jump
L1: Aim Down Sight/Boost while in VEHICLE MODE
L2: Boost while in TRANSFORMER MODE/Hold to Sprint
L3: N/A
R1: Fire Weapon
R2: Use Special Ability
R3: Melee Attack
Select: Look at interesting objects when prompted
Start: Pause Game/Bring Up Menu
D-PAD UP: Use Tech
D-PAD LEFT: Use Tech

III. Chapter 1: The Dark Spark						[003]

Move to the MARKER and then you drop, use the BLADE DASH ability to kill 3 
guys here, then grab the ASSAULT RIFLE and then shoot the BILLBOARD and then 
the TANK to jump up, keep following the path till you see a RAMP with 2 BARS 
and each side, when you drop down there are 3 guys here then 3-4 more guys, 
blow up the TANKER to drop the BRIDGE, after coming up look right for another 
BILLBOARD, then continue don the TUNNEL where you will fight at first 3 GUYS 
then 2 GUYS then 1 GUYS then 2 at the exit, push all the TRAINS out the way 
for you to move up.

After hearing OPTIMUS PRIME tell you the amount of the people outside get 
ready, as you come out there are 2 GUYS to the left and then about 13-16 GUYS 
drop down, just hold out till the ROCKET TROOPERS come for you to advance 
further, kill all before leaving, [THERE ARE 2 BILLBOARDS IN THIS AREA, 1 IS 
UP TO THE RIGHT]. After entering the next part there are about 3-4 GUYS, you 
must kill all the before OPTIMUS PRIME and BUMBLEBEE show up, make sure you 
get the BILLBOARD here, drop down and about 4-6 GUYS, continue down into the 
GARAGE where 3 GUYS come out after blasting a hole in the wall, continue and 
see a BILLBOARD when you drop down across from you, keep moving till a 
CUTSCENE happens.

You need to hold out till the energy field around the DARK SPARK comes down, 
basically there are infinite enemies so make sure to use cover and pick off 
enemies, using the HEAVY WEAPON here is also good, when the shield drops just 
run to it to finish the level.

IV. Chapter 2: The Lost Vault						[004]

You should do this part all in VEHICLE MODE, the reason being is that these 
things are small and the SCATTER BLASTER really sucks, you can just zoom 
through this part to STARSCREAM and SHOCKWAVE, before you can enter the 
building you must kill enough of the INSECTS before you can enter, then the 
doors shut behind you can then more INSECTS come in, continue moving forward 
till you enter another room with more INSECTS, make your way to the LEVER 
where you then switch characters from SOUNDWAVE to SHOCKWAVE.

[1] Kill all the INSECTS in the room till the door opens, after that you will 
encounter HARDSHELL, around him when he TRANSFORMS as he will hit you with a 
EMP BEAM which is really annoying, stay in VEHICLE FORM and use the ROCKETS 
to down him really fast.

[2] After defeating HARDSHELL you will fight HARDSHOT which is the easiest of 
the 3 BOSSES here, just stay in VEHICLE FORM to end his existence really 
fast, if you decide to fight him fair then you have to deal with all the 
INSECTS near him.

[3] SHARPSHOT is the hardest of the 3, you have to damage him a bit and then 
he will run away to his SNIPER SPOT, to beat him easily you have to do a 
HIT-N-RUN, boost underneath where he is and then come straight up and use 
your SPECIAL ABILITY which cause massive damage and then jump off and stay 
underneath him, repeat this 3-4 times to beat him [YOU CANNOT FIGHT HIM FAIRLY 

You then shift back to SOUNDWAVE with STARSCREAM, just move up and when it 
prompts you to use LASERBEAK [SPECIAL ABILITY] use it and defend and wait for 
LASERBEAK to open the DOORS for you, do this about 1-2 times, after you 
regroup with SHOCKWAVE there will be some TURRETS and then SCENE.

After the scene there is an enemy below you, wait here till the 2 ORBS come 
attack you, then there are about 2-3 GUYS on the left and right side below you 
with another 2 ORBS when you go down, and on the bottom floor another 2 ORBS 
with 2-3 GUYS.

Now switch to SHOCKWAVE again, switch to your VEHICLE FORM to take out the 
enemies here easier, there are about 6-9 GUYS in the corridor, take your time 
to take them out till you reach the power core. Drop down and head left and 
there are about 4-6 GUYS and stay in your VEHICLE FORM to pick them off, then 
pull the LEVER and move to the next one across from you, same amount of GUYS 
as the last spot you were at with 2 ORBS guarding this spot, then the next 2 
LEVERS have the same type of enemies, when you have pulled al 4 LEVERS you can 
go to the middle, where there are 4-5 GUYS waiting for you, after you have 
dispatched them pull the LEVER and then CUTSCENE.

V. Chapter 3: Getaway							[005]

Clear all the SWARMS out on each floor with IRONHIDE till you reach the very 
top of the building, now IRONHIDE tells you to press a BUTTON to which you get 
trapped, hold out till IRONHIDE opens a DOOR for you to escape.

Now make your way to each MARKER to get back to IRONHIDE, you will encounter 
enemies but shouldn’t pose a problem for you, after reaching IRONHIDE you have 
to fight a GIANT INSECT, to hurt it you must make it CHARGE at you and then 
evade it for you to hurt it, keep doing so till it is destroyed, and when you 
reach the exit there is another one.

Just make your way down to IRONHIDE till you have to pull him up and then meet 
up with OPTIMUS PRIME and BUMBLEBEE, then you have to call in the TRAIN and 
when you get back to it, it will takeoff, you then have to defend till the 
next one shows up, activate the TURRET here so it will help you out, wait till 
STARSCREAM shows up and shoot him as well as the INSECTS, keep holding out 
till the TRAIN shows up.

VI. Chapter 4: Possession						[006]

Move up slowly and takeout the 2-3 AUTOBOTS that are here, move up and drop 
to the left and fight about 5-8 AUTOBOTS while fighting IRONHIDE, when you 
move up IRONHIDE should have at least 1-2 AUTOBOTS with him, and then he is 
really easy [DO NOT ENGAGE UP CLOSE].

After getting split up from SOUNDWAVE, go right and pickoff the AUTOBOTS but 
they are infinite so takeout all 4 GENERATORS in VEHICLE FORM and use the 
ROCKETS to do so, move up to the next part and do the same thing and then they 
send 2 HEAVYS at you, after you destroy them a CUTSCENE will happen.

Pick up the FUSE and put it into the GENERATOR to get power, then do it again 
till you hear a RECORDING, then make your way up the PLATFORMS and to activate 
another GENERATOR and then head to the BASEMENT to activate the POWER CORE, 
when you are making your way back up, you will encounter some GUYS along the 
way which pose no immediate threat, continue onto SOUNDWAVE and then continue 
up till you have to blow up the DEBRIS and finish the level. 

VII. Chapter 5: Hustle							[007]

Head to all 4 BEACONS to turn them off, you have to deal with LAND and AIR 
enemies but shouldn’t be problem for you, after you have done that you have 
to head back to SHOCKWAVE and SHARPSHOT, you then have to head to each MARKER 
with SHOCKWAVE to advance [IF YOU DON’T HE WONT MOVE], keep heading to each 
MARKER till you reach the AUTOBOT DROPSHIP to which you have to destroy to get 

After exiting the room drop down and head left where you see 1 GUY so take 
him out and then when you drop down there will be a SCENE. After the scene 
move up and use your DRONE to draw enemy fire for you to advance up, keep 
pushing up and damaging CLIFFJUMPER so he uses his CLOAKING, keep killing the 
AUTOBOTS till SHOCKWAVE tells you to go down the left path. After exiting the 
room there will be GUYS on the ground as well as on the PILLARS, move up 
slowly taking out the enemies while damaging CLIFFJUMPER in the process.

When fighting CLIFFJUMPER there is a CHALLENGE not to destroy the CATWALK hes 
on, if you are up to it then you have to have really good aim otherwise just 
blow up the CATWALKS and fight him on the ground, he will use his CLOAKING 
ability if he gets hurt too much, careful of his SNIPER RIFLE as its likes 
SHARPSHOTS and can kill you really fast, after you beat him you will get a 

VIII. Chapter 6: The Gates of Kaon					[008]

Pick up the PHOTON BURST RIFLE and shoot the RED PIPES just to the left of 
TANK, then move up and 4 GUYS here, continue all the way down and look left 
for PIPES which have another RED PIPES hiding behind them, move into the next 
room and when you see the first AUTOBOT jump out to the right and takeout the 
last TANK by shooting the RED PIPES behind it, head back to SHOCKWAVE and help
 him fend off AUTOBOTS till you can enter the DOOR across from you.

After entering you will have to defend again till you can go up top and 
TRANSFORM into BRUTUS, here you have to destroy all the BRIDGES and then 
defend your allies from the AUTOBOTS till you can return to SHOCKAVE and then 

IX. Chapter 7: Infiltration						[009]

Follow the highway till JAZZ says "there’s some enemies below you" now there 
are about 3-4 after killing the GUY below you, when you move up there are 
about another 3-5 GUYS, keep moving up and JAZZ and OPTIMUS will start 
talking, when you are about to drop there are 2 GUYS waiting for you.

Go and PRY the DOORS open and continue till you reach the TURRETS, use your 
SPECIAL ABILITY which is your KINETIC SHIELD, after that keep moving up till 
JAZZ splits up with you, then look left and takeout all the TARGETS before 
you can deactivate the turrets for JAZZ and then some more TARGETS come after 
deactivating the turrets, head up to JAZZ. Shoot the CONSOLE and then about 
5-8 GUYS and then 4 WALL GUYS, jump onto the WALKWAY and smash the WALL and 
then PRY the DOORS open, there are about 7-10 GUYS here, move up and destroy 
the RED POWER CORES to disable the LASERS for you to move up, get to the top 
to shoot the last one to disable the LASERS to room you need to go to.

After the SCENE you will have to save CLIFFJUMPER, takeout all the enemies 
first before JAZZ can start helping CLIFFJUMPER escape, if you want to do the 
DIFFRACTION BARRIER up to protect JAZZ otherwise just use the TURRET to one 
shot everyone you hit, after that you have a SCENE.

X. Chapter 8: A Desperate Plan						[010]

Follow the PROBE till you reach a room with FANS, then look for the glowing 
GATES to destroy with your SPECIAL ABILITY, then follow the PROBE again but 
this time you have to avoid the FIRE that is coming out the walls, when you 
reach the end go up and 4 GUYS waiting for you.

After exiting the room you will see STARSCREAM, after he leaves you can 
attack, SNIPE everyone from here and then go pull one of the LEVERS, there 
will be about 9-11 GUYS after pulling the LEVER with a HUGE GUY, stay in 
VEHICLE FORM to take out all the enemies, then do the other side LEVER and 
will the same amount of enemies minus the HUGE GUY, after that go up top and 
pull the final LEVER.

After you have dropped down you have the option of changing weapons if you 
want but not really needed, after you see STARSCREAM again will have to fight 
3 TURRETS and 7-9 GUYS with 2 more additional TURRETS on the left and right 
walls after destroying everyone first.

You need to restart both REACTORS to make the weapon work, both the LEFT and 
RIGHT side reactors have the same amount of enemies in them, destroy the 
CONSOLE to restart the reactor, before you can get to the main CONSOLE you 
have to destroy about 3-4 AIRCRAFTS, after you fire the weapon you have to 
escape, just be careful of the FIRE and LASERS, if you avoid getting hit by 
these you get a TROPHY.

XI. Chapter 9: Ascension						[011]

Go up top and then PRY the DOORS open and then about 4-5 GUYS that come out, 
you then tell JAZZ and CLIFFJUMPER to leave and you to head out solo. Destroy 
all the GUYS here so only the TURRETS remain, go up to the first TURRET and 
destroy the CORE that is behind it and the CORE behind to the right beside 
some CRATES and then use the CONSOLE, then destroy on of the TURRETS, head 
over to the over side and turn off the CONSOLE to destroy the net TURRET, 
after that about 4-6 GUYS come out to kill you, exit the room.

After coming out there will be about 6-8 GUYS and 1 HUGE GUY waiting at the 
exit, takeout all the small GUYS and then focus on the big one, after that 
you have fight MEGATRON.

You have to knock down all the GUYS that spring up, don’t worry they are 
fairly weak but can be handful if they swarm you, after you takeout the first 
wave, MEGATRON will come down and just shoot him so that he has to recharge 
using the DARK SPARK at the same time there are 4 PILLARS you have to destroy, 
repeat this step 3 times to win the fight.

XII. Chapter 10: Hunted							[012]

Go left and see 2 GUYS here, keep moving up and then BRIDGE gets blown up, 
use the GRAPPLE to get across, kill the people across the BRIDGE and then the 
SNIPER to the right, after this you need to provide SNIPER COVER for DRIFT 
while he is on the bottom, you have to do this 3 times and there are about 
3-4 guys each time, after clearing the last of clusters you reach a AMMO 
CACHE, after that you have to face FLYING SNIPERS, so take cover and pick off 
one by one till DRIFT comes over.

After getting DRIFT up the wall in front of you will blow up and 4-5 GUYS, 
then head to the next part where there are 13-15 GUYS waiting for you, after 
you have dispatched them head to the MARKER and watch SCENE. After that go 
left and 4-5 GUYS, keep moving forward and when you reach the next room with 
people the DOORS behind you close, there are 3 GUYS on the bottom with you 
and 2 HEAVYS up top, when you have killed everyone you can advance to the next 

XIII. Chapter 11: Investigation						[013]

This basically happens right after when those big DOORS at the end of CHAPTER 
10, head to the right side and takeout the GUY and destroy the CONSOLE here, 
also destroy the CONSOLE across from you, now you need to hold out till the 
BLAST DOORS open on the bottom before you can move any further [USE THE V32 
CYBR CORRUPTER TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR YOU], basically the same thing as the 
first room minus destroying the consoles, when everyone is dead you can head 
up to the next part and get a SCENE, after that snipe the GUY holding DRIFT 
and another scene.

Now you play as DRIFT, go look left for a RAMP going to up which leads to a 
WEAPON CACHE, make sure you equip yourself properly to face them, have the 
V32 CYBR CORRUPTER as it will be your best friend, keep holding out till the 
TITANS show up, you the need to run away with BEE so just follow the MARKERS, 
when you shoot the CONTROLS open the DOOR shoot the CONTROLS on the other 
side to close it. Now make your way to the top, there are about 4-6 GUYS on 
each floor before the top, when you reach the TOP a SCENE will happen.

XIV. Chapter 12: Ambushed						[014]

This is right after you reach the EXIT in CHAPTER 11, here you have to hold 
out till the TITAN shows up to which GRIMLOCK shows up in DINO FORM to help 
you, keep attacking till you are allowed to switch to TRANSFORMER MODE, you 
then need to destroy the TARGETS and then onto the TITAN.

XV. Chapter 13: Extinction						[015]

Continue down the HIGHWAY killing everything in you path until OPTIMUS tells 
you to go down another ROUTE, here you will encounter a lot of enemies and 
then few TITANS that show up afterwards, continue moving till you see an 
ENERGY FIELD, use the CARS to the right throw at the BEACON to destroy it to 
lower the FIELD, now move up and you need to destroy 3 BEACONS by throwing 
DEBRIS at them to stop the enemy reinforcements from coming, here you will 
encounter LEAPERS which jump at you but should pose no problem.

After meeting up the OPTIMUS and the rest of the gang you need to protect 
OPTIMUS, there are 4 waves that come at you, the first 2 waves are no problem 
and OPTIMUS shouldn’t get hurt that much, the last 2 WAVES are harder as they 
throw a lot of small fries with a few TITANS to take you down with OPTIMUS, 
stay in DINO MODE till the TITANS show up to cause mass panic with your FIRE 

XVI. Chapter 14: Locked Down						[016]

Move up and encounter 3 GUYS and then the next room has 3 more GUYS, go blow 
up the TANK to the right where BUMBLEBEE splits up, avoid the LASERS which 
are very easy unless you are terrible with timing, when you reach the next 
room there are about 9-13 GUYS here, keep pushing forward till you meet DRIFT 
and then about 4-6 GUYS, when you reach the next room 3-4 GUYS are in the 
room with a TITAN breaking the wall for his entrance.

Now onto LOCKDOWN, you have to hold out till he tries to activate the 
GENERATORS, you have to destroy 3 of them before you can fight him. The main 
point for this part is using cover and the CORRUPTER to help you out, make 
sure you take out all the FLYING SNIPERS that come in which is going to 
cause a problem.

This is probably the easiest fight in the game, you cannot damage LOCKDOWN 
while he is hanging of the WALLS and must shoot him for him to come down and 
attack you, all you have to do is have your KINETIC SHIELD [YOUR SPECIAL 
ABILITY] out every time you shoots and melees you which will block all the 
damage, you have to run and recharge your SHIELD if you use the SHOT ABLITY 
in the SHIELD, just keep repeating this step till you beat LOCKDOWN.

XVII. Primary Weapons							[017]

Here are all the primary weapons in the game, certain weapons can only be 
obtained from GEAR BOXES or by finding them on the ground


This is the weakest weapon in the game but probably the best all-round weapon 
to use, it has decent damage and can used in range of combat, you probably 
want to reduce the recoil first as it is pretty bad then work on whatever you 
want next.


This is really powerful weapon but the only drawback is the amount of ammo 
you get and sometimes the rocket doesn’t go straight, this is good for taking 
out tough enemies and should be used when you upgrade it at least twice.


The fastest and most deadliest weapon in the game, the problem with this is 
its only meant for close quarters fight making mid difficult and long 
impossible, you want to reduce the recoil first on this weapon and then 
upgrade either the reserve ammo space or the amount of ammo in the clip.


This is good for enemies that are big and cant really move a lot while 
fighting small things become a problem, like the SUBSONIC REPEATER its only 
meant for close quarters and only close quarters as it’s a SHOTGUN.


This is probably the best weapon besides the PHOTON BURST RIFLE, it’s the most 
accurate of the weapons and the damage is extremely high, the drawback is the 
ammo clip and reserve, you want to upgrade that first, when fully upgraded 
this weapon is a monster and will obliterate almost anything in 1 hit with its 
special ability.


A 3-Round burst weapon, this will take a while to get used to and to be 
efficiently used, you must be using the SCOPE, it usually takes 2-3 bursts to 
take something down but is the most accurate weapon by far but the NUCLEON 
CHARGE RIFLE holds that title.


This weapon is the strongest and most accurate weapon because it’s a SNIPER 
RIFLE, for it to used to its fullest potential you must charge the weapon 
while aiming to 100% to do maximum damage, the only problem is if you fight a 
lot of enemies and this weapon doesn’t have good ammo capacity.


A weapon that connects with other enemies if close enough causing a chain 
effect making it really useful when fighting in close quarters and against 
small enemies, the problem with this is its range and its damage output which 
are really poor.


If you watched the original TRANSFORMERS in 1984 you would know what this is 
if not I will tell you, it’s the weapon that MEGATRON transforms into and 
have someone else fire, yes its pretty awesome, its pretty good overall with a 
nice to kick to it every time you fire it.

XVIII. Heavy Weapons							[018]

Here are all the heavy weapons in the game, certain weapons can only be 
obtained from GEAR BOXES or by finding them on the ground.


This can either be a hit or miss weapon, the reason being is that you have 
the ability to detonate the shot whenever you want by just pressing the aim 
button, now this can be useful in some cases and in some terrible, its not a 
bad weapon.


You don’t have to be in your vehicle form to use rockets that track, this 
will lock-on any enemy giving the amount time needed to track, the big 
downside of this weapon is the reload time which takes a really long time, 
when this is fully upgraded it’s a beast.


This is slow down any enemy caught in its area when shot, it will also damage 
enemies over time meaning if you are pinned down this is useful for taking out 
those guys without peaking out to shoot them.


This is pretty neat weapon as you can charge it so it can fire 3 blades and 
will go more damage, if the enemies are close enough it will auto track and 
will bounce of certain enemies and surfaces.


Probably my most favorite weapon to use in the game and the best of all the 
HEAVY WEAPONS, why fight enemies when they can fight each other, this weapon 
will make any enemy except boss fights attack their allies and help you for a 
while until they are either destroyed or if you hit them by accident, the big 
drawback on this weapon is that you only get a couple of shots to start off 
with so make those shots count.


This is close range weapon that will destroy almost any enemy it comes in 
contact with, it fires 2 shotgun blasts causing the enemy to drop health and 
give it to you when he dies, not a good weapon to unless you are in close 
quarters then it’s a lifesaver.


This shoots a BOLAS that will entangle an enemy and disintegrate them, this 
can hit multiple targets if they are close enough but has a little dip when 
firing it. 


Its pretty much the improved version of the NUERON ASSAULT RIFLE, it really 
strong but the recoil on this thing is garbage making you have to fire in 
controlled bursts to effective hit enemies till you upgrade it.


It’s a grenade launcher which you detonate in the ait to make it a CLUSTER 
BOMB and hit multiple enemies in a small area, not really a useful weapon to 
use unless doing a challenge.

XIX. Hacks								[019]

These things can either make the game harder or easier for you, playing with 
a HACK will give you a big boost in EXPERENICE POINTS from 75%-300%, the 
higher the percentage the harder the game will be for you, if you want to get 
rid of the current HACK you have you can either equip a new one or just 


[200% EXP BONUS] This hack makes your enemies weaker which is good for you but
the downside is that they do way more damage to you, it’s a nice trade off 
if you want that kind of challenge and should be used when you have at least 
some decent weapons and upgrades. 


[75% EXP BONUS] This hack makes enemies you destroy blow up damaging nearby 
enemies, allies or you if you are too close to them when you destroy them 
quite useful when fighting a cluster of them.


[150% EXP BONUS] This hack is basically the same thing as the EXPLODING 
ENEMIES HACK but you have to get a headshot for it work, this is good for 
people look like aiming for headshots.


[175% EXP BONUS] This hack makes you fire your weapons faster but your 
enemies have more HP since you can fire faster.


[300% EXP BONUS] This hack makes all the everything disappear leaving only you 
with a nice view of the game and character, you cant see the amount of ammo 
you have, how much HP and shields you have left as well as any indicators that 
show up in the game.


[300% EXP BONUS] This hack is obvious, NO SHIELD REGEN which means once your 
shield come off you cant regenerate them unless you kill an enemy this makes 
you take cover more often and accuracy plays a big role with this.


[75% EXP BONUS] This hack allows you get more ammo from enemies that are 
destroyed by you with the trade-off of getting less health when they die.


[125% EXP BONUS] This hack is the opposite of the MORE AMMO HACK, instead of 
dropping more ammo you get more health often, this is quite useful at certain 
parts in the game but ammo is always a key factor in the game so playing this 
is risky.

XX. Techs								[020]

This will make the game easier for you as you have abilities to help you out, 
these range from grenades to drones to healing you and others, having the 
right TECH equipped for each mission is crucial for beating harder missions.


This will heal you and nearby allies, making you a walking hospital so 
everyone get in line to get healed.


This will constantly heal you making you virtually impossible to kill until 
the TECH wears off.



You will toss grenades that will auto track any enemies in the nearby area, 
turning anything into scrap metal


This little fella will follow you around providing some extra firepower when 
you need it, it can also act as a decoy so you flank those enemies that have 
you pinned down.


This emits a spherical barrier which protects anyone inside preventing any 
enemy fire from hurting you, you can shoot from inside the barrier but if they 
decide to rush you be prepared as they can enter the barrier.


This will increase your defensive and offensive output while in VEHICLE FORM 
making you a force to be reckoned with.


This will instantly heal your shields when downed making this a must carry 
tech when fighting a lot of enemies.


When activated you will get 2-6 times the original EXP for killing enemies, 
this is useful for starting players as you need to level up to get better 


Unlike the BATTLE DRONE this guy just heals you, this makes you a walking 
tank which is helpful when pushing enemies back or rushing their defense.

XXI. Achievements/Trophies						[021]

There are a total of 51 trophies in the game;
42 Bronze, 5 Silver, 3 Gold and 1 Platinum

Aligned [Bronze]: Choose your allegiance 
How to Get: Choose your allegiance in ESCALATION MODE

Bleeding Edge [Bronze]: Complete the game with a HACK active
How to Get: Im not sure if this means complete the last CHPAPTER of the game 
or just complete a CHAPTER, just have a HACK equipped to get this.

Blasters! Blasters! Blasters! [Bronze]: Unlock every weapon
How to Get: You have to unlock all the PRIMARY and HEAVY weapons to get this

Challenge Accepted [Silver]: Complete 50 challenges
How to Get: Just complete 50 challenges in the game, I think you can repeat 
ones to get this

Covenant of Primus [Gold]: Activate Prime Mode
How to Get: Must reach Level 25 before you to get this

Double Tough [Bronze]: Make it through wave 10 in Escalation
How to Get: Make it through wave 10 in Escalation

Double Tough Hard [Gold]: Make it through wave 15 Escalation
How to Get: Make it through wave 15 in Escalation

Full Metal Jacket [Bronze]: Reload 1000 times
How to Get: If you plan on playing the game over and over again then you have 
no problem but if not just fire 1 bullet at a time when walking around to get 

Give Me The News Doc [Bronze]: Heal 50,000 health points between yourself and 
your allies
How to Get: Use the HEAL BEAM TECH on your allies to get this

Healing.exe [Bronze]: Repair 5000 points of damage with your Repair Sentry
How to Get: Use the C.U.R.E.D. TECH to get this

Hmm, Upgrades [Bronze]: Upgrade any installation to max level in Escalation
How to Get: Upgrade any installation to max level in Escalation

I Hope You Have Insurance [Bronze]: Heal 15,000 health points with your Heal 
How to Get: Heal 15,000 health points with your Heal Beam

I’d Like to Leave Please [Bronze]: As Jetfire, escape the ruins of Trypticon 
without taking any damage from the laser gates
How to Get: If you take your time when escaping you should have no problem 
getting this

It Was An Honor [Bronze]: Defeat 250 Decepticons or mercenaries
How to Get: Done over time and really easy to get

Its Not a Sprint [Bronze]: Drive or Fly 26 miles [42km]
How to Get: Done over time and really easy to get

It’s the Though That Counts [Bronze]: Open 3 Gear Boxes
How to Get: Complete 3 challenges to get this to get 3 GEAR BOXES

Loadsa Money [Bronze]: Earn 25,000 Energon Shards
How to Get: Get this while playing in ESCALATION MODE

Make It Rain [Silver]: Discover the Fate of the Entrepreneur
How to Get: Find all the audio logs to get this

Make Peace, Not War [Bronze]: Destroy Lockdown’s Weapon Caches
How to Get: There are 5 RED BOXES glowing during CHAPTER 13 while playing as

Marked for Destruction [Bronze]: Defeat 50 enemies marked with the E.D.U
How to Get:

My Blade Has Tasted Better [Bronze]: As Drift, defeat 25 enemies with the 
Blade Dash ability
How to Get: In the very first CHAPTER of the game is where you have to do 
this and its really easy to get

Need...Oil...Can [Bronze]: Defeat 75 enemies that are slowed
How to Get: Use the CORROSIVE SLIME CANNON to do this, hit them with this then 
kill them

No One Gets Outta Here Alive! [Bronze]: Destroy everything outside the Gates of 
How to Get: In CHAPTER 6 there are 7 RED PIPES you have to shoot not including 
the ones you used to blow up the TANKS

Of Merit and Destruction [Bronze]: Earn 250 Combat Distinctions
How to Get: Complete 250 combat challenges

Peach through Tyranny [Bronze]: Defeat 250 Autobots
How to Get: Defeat 250 AUTOBOTS

Perfect [Bronze]: Reach Level 10
How to Get: Reach Level 10

Quartermaster [Bronze]: Resupply 250 times with the Ammo Supply Core
How to Get: 

Scrapped [Bronze]: Use the Explosive Path to defeat 35 enemies
How to Get: 

Shadow Company [Bronze]: Defeat 25 enemies with the Cloak Ability
How to Get: While cloaked kill 25 enemies

Short Circuit [Bronze]: Reach Level 5
How to Get: Reach Level 5

Snitches Get Stiches [Bronze]: As Drift, destroy all the Anti-Alien Propaganda 
How to Get: In CHAPTER 1 there are 6 BILLBOARDS you have to destroy to get this

Softly Softly Catchee Monkey [Bronze]: As Swindle, defeat Cliffjumper without 
causing any collateral damage
How to Get: Better you come back when you have better upgrades and weapons to 
this to not destroy anything

Somebody’s Watching Me [Silver]: Find all the Stalkers Observation
How to Get: Find all the audio logs to get this

Spectacularly Amazing! [Bronze]: As Sideswipe, get through the whole chasm 
using less than 6 grapples
How to Get: This is quite challenging, its more of trial and error and 
finding the shortest route to get to the end

Spoils of War [Silver]: Listen to all the Veterans laments
How to Get: Find all the audio logs to get this

Sting Like A...[ Bronze]: As Bumblebee, defeat a sniper with a melee attack
How to Get: During CHAPTER 10, you have to fight FLYING SNIPERS, get close 
enough to and melee one

This Weapon of Iron and Wood [Bronze]: Fully upgrade a primary weapon
How to Get: Must have 4 upgrades to get this

Thumbs Up Soldier [Bronze]: Defeat 35 enemies using throwback damage from the 
Kinetic Capacitor Shield Ability
How to Get: Only used as OPTIMUS PRIME, use his SPECIAL ABILITY to kill 35 

Til All Are One [Platinum]: Earned All Trophies
How to Get: Get all 50 other trophies before getting this

Tormenta [Bronze]: Use Thunder Blast to earn 35 multi kills
How to Get: Use either SHOCKWAVES or JETFIRES special ability to get this

Totally OP [Bronze]: Defeat 100 enemies with the Riot Cannon
How to Get: Defeat 100 enemies with the Riot Cannon

Tough [Bronze]: Make it through Wave 5 in Escalation
How to Get: Make it through Wave 5 in Escalation

Tread Lightly [Bronze]: As Grimlock, prevent Optimus from falling below 50% 
health while defending him
How to Get: This is quite annoying to do but if you use TECH its no problem

VROOM-pire! [Bronze]: Defeat 50 enemies by siphoning their health away with 
the Energon Harvester
How to Get: Defeat 50 enemies by siphoning their health away with the Energon 

Welcome to Earth! [Gold]: Defeat Lockdown
How to Get: Defeat Lockdown

What Could Go Wrong [Bronze]: As Optimus, complete the rescue of CLiffjumper 
without using the turret
How to Get: In CHAPTER 7, when you are saving CLIFFJUMPER use all the TECHS 
you have to do this

What Dos This Do? [Bronze]: Use 50 T.E.C.H.
How to Get: Use 50 T.E.C.H.

Y U Heff 2 B Mad? [Silver]: Use the V32 CYBR Corruptor on a Power Foe and have 
them defeat an enemy
How to Get: Use on a TITAN or HUGE GUY to get this the earliest is CHAPTER 9 
before you fight MEGATRON.

You Get Nothing, Good Day Sir [Bronze]: Slow down the reverse engineering 
How to Get: There are 3 of these in CHAPTER 11, 2 with BUMBLEBEE and 1 with 

XXII. My Opinion/Review							[022]

I found this game to be quite fun but had alot of problems with it, if you
played at least 1 or 2 of the CYBERTRON games then get this or if your a big 
fan of the franchise then ok but if your looking to play new game keep looking.

XXIII. Special Thanks							[023]

I would like to thank some people but cant as I did this guide by myself. If 
you want to help me please do and you will be credited in my guide.

XXIV. Contact								[024]

If you got any tips or information that is useful for the FAQ, please email me 
@ [email protected], you get credited for sharing this info with 
me but make sure you check the FAQ before emailing me, it might be covered in 
the FAQ.


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