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The gaming industry has seen a rise in development and delivery of indie games.
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With a heart warming music track and an even better story, Trine 2 shows great


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Up               -- W
Down             -- S
Left             -- A
Right            -- D
Jump             -- Space
Use              -- E
Wizard           -- 1
Thief            -- 2
Knight           -- 3
Primary skill    -- LMB
Secondary skill  -- RMB
Additional skill -- Shift
Destroy item     -- 2
Change Weapon    -- Mouse Wheel
Skills Menu      -- Tab



 Three in one - If you played Trine then you will know that it is a great 
                artifact that binds souls. The three souls that are bound as
                one are those of a Mage, Thief and a Knight. Because of which,
                one only of them can exist at a time but you can switch them
                anytime you want to. In fact, to play the game properly and
                collect everything and unlock everything, you need to 
                constantly change the characters - it's quick and easy.

 The Powers of Three - Similarly, each character has specific skills and 
                       powers which need to be used whenever necessary, so if
                       you cannot accomplish a task or kill an enemy or cross a
                       hurdle with the character you are playing then it is 
                       safe to say that maybe another character can do it...


Not everyone is workless like I am and not everyone can spend all their time
playing games when they should be out working (unlike me again!). You can save
your progress at any time but this will not save your level progress, it will
only save your experience (the orbs and phials you collect). If you quit in the
middle of a stage then you can hit "RESUME" and this will start the game from 
the last checkpoint you were at. But if you directly load it from the saves 
then you will start from the beginning of the level but again, all your 
experience is saved and you will not be able to recollect all those but you can
do this to start from the beginning of the level to collect the orbs and exp
which you might have missed earlier.




The locations and details on how to grab each pearl and phial if mentioned 
would take unnecessary time, so I have made video walkthrough for the game.
Just watch the videos on -

That way, you will know how to collect each phial, just for illustration, I
will write how to collect the phials for the first part only below.



The video to grab all the pearls and phials is at -

After Amadeus wakes up move to the right to come out of the cottage and see
the mysterious light, alas... for now it is gone. Nevertheless, keep going the
same way and you come to a hurdle, jump when asked to and jump onto the big
mushrooms and wait on the second, large bubble come out of the ground, I wonder
if they are strong enough to hold Amadeus - only one way to find out.

Jump on the bubbles and when they are high enough, jump onto the edge of the
path ahead and collect the small shiny roung thingy - let's call them pearls.
These are very important because they are needed for you to level up.
After you slide down, jump back on the slope and try to get onto one of the 
mushrooms above the slope. When you are on the second mushroom, leave the 
closest pearl alone but instead, look ahead on the top. You should see a phial,
being a wizard, you can control the swing the phial is on. Just move the
pointer over the swing and hold right click and move it to one side so that the
phial drops down. Collect the pearl in the air ahead of you and also the phial
that fell down. Here is a pic of where the phial is, just look at the pointer
in this pic....

videos and pics only at -

When you get near the large boulder, there is another phial on top on a shroom,
here is another pic- 

Just hold the right click and bend it to make the phial drop. The shroom I am
talking about is attached to the tree on top of the boulder. Lift the boulder
by holding right click on it and collect the pearl and move ahead. There is
another phial on a shroom on top of your head which you can take in the same
way. Now, move to the edge and hold the left click and draw a square and you
will conjure a box. The size of the sqare will determine the size of the box.
So, conjure a box and jump on it and onto the path ahead while collecting the
phial. After you jump up, look back and on a swing is another phial, just
pull the swing like you did earlier and drop it. Here is a pic -

Now, there is another pearl high on top of your head. Conjure a box on the
edge here and jump onto the swing and make it swing to the right and jump and
collect the pearl. Move ahead, you will come to a see-saw. Drop a box to the
left to make it go up and jump onto the shroom and lift the shroom with your
powers, as high as it can be lifted and jump and grab the pearl. Move ahead to
meet your old friend....


The video to grab all the pearls and phials is at -

Move ahead and you will come to creeping vines. Swing your sword at them to
teach them a lesson and when you come to the end of the road another vine is
blocking your path ahead, jump and hit it and jump onto the path and you will
come to a large pumpkin. If you hold space for long enough you can jump high
to grab the pearl high up. Jump ahead and you will come to another pumpkin.
Hold space to jump high enough to grab the pearl and you will come to a cart
which you can push. Push it to the edge and jump on the wheel and hit the vine
blocking your path. The wheel starts to move, jump on it and move ahead.

After you fall, move to the rubble blocking your path and use your mouse wheel
to chage your weapon to the hammer. Break the rubble and move on and you will 
be surrounded by the vines, keep hitting the nasties and soon the Trine will
show up.


The video to grab all the pearls and phials is at -

Keep moving ang jump onto the wall and you will come to a block of stone hung
by a rope. Hold left click and shoot an arrow at it. Jump over and there is a
phial on top, shoot an arrow at it to make it fall and move on. Shoot the
grappling hook onto the wooden platfor on top ahead and use the left or right
button to swing properly and jump to grab the pearl. Again, use the grappler to
shoot at the wooden platform high up and move up with the aroow key and jump 
onto the slope above the stairs to grab the pearls and move ahead. When you
come to the end, hit the grappler at the bottom board and move up, jump and
quickly shoot at the board above you and jump ahead. Again, there are boards
here yu need to use to jump. But when you get to the top most board, do not 
swing into the alcove above the building. Grapple the platfor above and jump
back to grab the last phial.


And now starts the real game...

One important thing before we begin is that, when you level up, you need to
unlocked two skills for Amadeus first (leave the other two for now). Those
skills are - "Two conjured items" and "Plank". It will take a total of three 
level up's for you to buy these as for each level you will get one skill point
to spend and plank costs 2 whereas two items costs one point. If you can
conjure two items or use any two items and place them so that one is on top of
the other, jump on them and hold the pointer in the middle of the two items
where they meet and lift them up slowly, this way you can move anywhere you
want on the screen. You don't need this in this mission but you will need this
by the next mission, more on this later...

As you know, you can switch between characters by hitting 1, 2 or 3. This way
you can use different powers and skills to progress and also this way, if one
of them gets hurt, you can switch to the one with higher health.

After you start, look behind you and an exp phial is on a shroom growin out of 
the tree. Switch to Amadeus by hitting 1 and bend the shroom by holding right
click on it. You will most certainly level up a couple of times in this mission
so just hit TAB to get to the menu and then select any of the powers which are 
available. I advise you to save 2 points and buy the "plank" power for Amadeus.
This will come in handy later, or you can jusy buy whatever you want. Move on
and jump across. Or you can switch to the thief and grapple the swinging log
above you and jump onto the leaf ahead to pick up the exp. Then from the top 
of the leaf jump onto the log swinging ahead and switch to Amadeus and hold
right click and make it swing and jump onto the next leaf ahead and pick up 
the exp. Fall down and go back down since there are a few exp orbs and phials
to collect down below. There is a creeper ahead so hit it with an arrow and
a log falls. There is an orb below and also in the wall behind some wood. Hit
the wood with the log using Amadeus's power and pick it up after it falls down
and go ahead.

You can see a shiny circle which is a checkpoint, here is a pic below -

Move ahead and switch to the Knight Pontius and hit the thing holding the orb 
with the hammer and it will come loose and you can collect it. Move ahead and
you will see two things from the ground which are shining. Above you, you 
should see a piece of wood hanging and water falling from it. Control it with
Amadeus holding the right click and bend it to your side. You will see the 
mushroom bloom from the ground. There is a leaf ahead of you, again use Amadeus
and and being the leaf near you towards the other shinging thing in the ground,
you can pull the leaf that side and it will bloom too. Jump onto the leaf and
onto the shroom and then onto the wood hanging and also on the shroom to the
left and collect everything. Move ahead and bend the water wood to the right
and jump onto the other side of the wood making the see saw to bend it and
another shroom blooms. Jump onto the water wood and onto the higher shroom
and collect everything and then jump over to the next area but there is an
exp orb below and you will need to conjure a box and make Amadeus hit the wood
holding it to make it fall. move ahead and switch to Pontius and smash the wood
blocking the wall.

Switch to Amadeus again and lift the boulder and release it so that it breaks
the wood it was on and fall down. Break the wall ahead. You will fight a lot of
goblins now. Use Pontius to fight them and the hammer works really well. If you
are low on health or if Pontius dies, run left to the checkpoint and he will
come back with full health. This is a thing you should remember throughout the
game. Just run back to the previous checkpoint to recover fully or bring back
your dead friends. There are two exp phials and you just conjure a box and lift
it up and push them over and make them fall down. Move ahead and conjure a box 
onto the hanging platform above you and this will make another one ahead come
up. Lift the wood box and place it near here and jump onto the platform ahead
and lift the wooden box and place it beside you. There is a large exp phial
and health pickup above you and another wood box near you here. Use Amadeus
and lift a box and push it again the spikes on the wall above you to the left 
and lift another box here and place it on the higher spikes to the right above.
Use Zoya and grapple onto the higher box and press (W) to move up and swing and
jump to the left box and collect the phial and jump right for the health and
jump back down and move on.

Switch to Amadeus and lift the boulder above and drop it and it will fall down
and block the plant that is shooting the magic balls. Move the boulder close to
the plant to block it effectively and jump over. Move ahead and move in the
lower area and switch to Pontius and hit the boxes holding the exp and take
all of them and move back and jump onto the see saw and you can see a swinging 
boulder ahead and just jump correctly and with proper timing so that you can
jump onto the platform and then onto the boulder, give it a few tries. After
you are on the boulder when it swings to the left, switch to Amadeus and 
conjure a small box here and jump onto the higher ground and you will come to
a chest. Hit E to use it move ahead and jump and collect everything and fall 
down. Another boulder is swinging ahead, so jump on it and after it swings
fully to the right, jump onto the higher ground and pick up everything and
conjure a box and jump left for the health pickup. More goblins here. Use
Amadeus and manipulate the wood platform above to make the exp fall down and
move on. Conjure a box infront of the shooter and jump on it and move ahead.

Ignore everything above you and move ahead down. Switch to Pontius and go 
right and break the wall and move ahead and after you fall. Switch to Amadeus
and conjure a box infront of the plant below. Jump on it and move ahead and
when you get to the area above the lower plant, there is a lever which you need
to move. Hold E and then A to move it. You should see a platform fall so go 
back, jump onto it and move ahead. An ork will throw down a large boulder so
beware. Kill it and conjure a box and jump onto the are where it was and pick 
up the exp and move ahead and use Amadeus to move the boulder and lift it and
place it behind you and run down. You will come to three bouncy shrooms and
a lot of exp above you. This place is a bit tricky. First kill the Ork and pick
up the orb from the holder by smashing it and then stand in the place where the
bubbles come from and keep a conjured box ready and hold right click to lift it
and after you get onto the bubble, use the box to move the bubble to the left
and make the box go below the bubble and lift the bubble high to get all the 
things above. Remember that you need to use Amadeus for this and you should be
on the bubble and Amadeus must lift the box with his powers and make the box
move the bubble, watch the video above to get a clear idea on how to do what I
just said.


         Or you can just use the Thief to jump from the mushrooms amd grapple
onto the log above and jump to the left and right to collect everything. And
to jump to the next area, keep swinging with the grapple and make sure the 
length of the grapple is long enough for you to fall on a bubble and jump to 
the next area, if that is not working, just make Amadeus conjure a box and
stick it to the spikes by lifting it and this should make the bubbles move left
and above. Move ahead and hit the wood blocking the exp to the left and move
right and make Amadeus bend the wood to the left and conjure a box above it to
make it stay bent to the left. There is a piece of wood to the left of the two
boxes which you can lift near the falling water to make it fall on the shiny
plant and then see what happens. You need to lift the wood while holding it to
the right most end so that it bends to the left. Move ahead after the snail

First kill the two goblins below and then jump onto the shroom and to the first
leaf. Conjure a box on the bouncy shroom and when it bounces up, jump onto the
box and onto the higher leaf, watch the video if you can't get it at


In this area, you can just jump onto a bubble and make Amadeus conjure a box
and slowly push to the bubble to the right or stand near the place below the
lever and break the wood blocking the log and jump up to the lever, bend it
and run to the right as the log blocks the platform from coming down and jump 
up to the next area. If you are using the box to move the bubbles then make 
sure to move it slowly. There are lots of exp here so after you figure how
to get across, go back and pick everything up. When you are across, use Amadeus
to bend the platform above you to make the exp fall.

Push the large rock onto the goblin below and lift it and place it on the 
higher ground ahead, you can just jump onto it so you won't need it to jump
there. When you are there, jump onto the rock and conjure a box and jump onto
the left platform above and then right and collect the exp and stand on the
rolling log and make Amadeus move it using right click. There is an exp below 
so when you are across, conjure a box below the exp orb and then jump onto the
box to grab it and jump back across. To get the exp above, conjure and box
above and push it to make it fall. Kill the goblins ahead and move back to the
checkpoint to recover fully. Conjure a box and jump over. The three rock
bases will fall when you jumo on them and the wood one will fall but come back.
First go across and then jump back onto the boulder and jump over. Watch the 
video if you can't get it at -


You will come to pipes and air coming from them can float you up. There is a
weed blocking the pipe to the right so kill it and make Amadeus lift the pipe
and join it the first pipe and this will give us a higher stream of wind. Jump
over the air to get across and if you cannot reach the exp, just conjure a box
above the wind and jump over it and collect the exp. Move ahead and it's time 
for the boss.

You cannot hurt the snake. Conjure a box and jump to the left and then onto the
highest wood platform ahead. The snake will open its fangs to strike you. It 
will pull it's hea a bit back before striking you and this is your cue. Jump
just before it strikes you so that it hit the platform you were on and makes
it fall. Jump to the second platform and do the same. Then onto the third and 
the same. After it drops the three platforms, see what happens. Remember to 
stay behind the conjured box so that you don't get hit by its poison, also run
back to the checkpoint behind you to regain full health and any fallen mates.
Watch the video at the above mentioned site for help.


The area from now will become very difficult to explore if you want to find the
places of all secrets and all exp orbs and phials. You will understand when I
say that it is extremely difficult to describe the locations of all the orbs
and also how to get to them. I will do my best to give the most detail to each
place but it is finally up to you to keep exploring each frame. Give it some
time and you will find the places.

Before we begin, I'd like to remind you about the skills I asked you to acquire
and how to use them. You will need specifically the "plank" and " two conjured
items" for Amadeus and if you forgot, just read which I said in the beginning
of the previous mission. So, if you conjure two things and place them on each
other, you can jump on them and lift them using Amadeus and by doing so, you 
can explore every but of high and hidden areas. If you don't get it, just 
watch the video at -


I did that trick in the beginning of the video itself so that it will be easy
for your viewing if you did not want to see the whole video.

So, conjure two items and jump on them and then place the pointer in the middle
where the two items meet, I prefer two boxes, but it is your wish. After
positioning the point there, gold right click and gently lift them up. Do this
very slowly and carefully. Take them as high and keep moving forward and you
will come to a large exp phial infront of you. Take you flying carpet near the
place where the phial is and relesae right click and jump ahead and take the
phial. If you don't get it - again - just watch the video. From here, change
into the Thief and shoot the box ahead of you which is carrying a Phial. Drop
and hit it with Pontius and move on. You would have seen the bee hive here.
Very dangerous but you can just hit it with an arrow or lift it with Amadeus
and throw it on an enemy if any are around. The bees will disappear very soon
so don't worry, just keep a bit of distance from them.

Conjure two boxes again and take them to the top and grab the exp there. A
couple of goblins will come at you soon so be careful. There are more exp phial
really hig up and you need to levitate to get to them, I mean really high.
They are well place and I cannot describe their locations but they are in the
video above. Move ahead and if you are on top then just jump from one place to
the other collecting all the things, jump to the next check point and then
fall back down behind you as there are more things to collect there. You can
come back by jumping on the bouncy mushroom and onto the ledge on the wall an
so on.

Fall down and kill the goblin here and go back and jump back on the wooden
ledges here and when you jump on the first one, you will activate a pressure
plate which brings down a ram and another ram. If they are not in full swing,
just use Amadeus and make them swing and jump onto the next and cross this
place. A lot of goblins will come at you shortly so after taming all of them
move to the end of this place and you will see fire ahead and there is a wooden
door and a lever near where you are standing near the edge. Before you do 
anything, you need to reach the top of this area to pick up the several exp's.
There is one hidden in the trees high above, you will not even be able to see 
it but you can jump there from the platform high up. Watch the vid for more.
Get down and there is a stone block here, use it to block the fire so that you
can walk to where the fire is coming from. Use the lever and look up and you
will see a wheel above you, when you pull it, the wheel rotates and it has
attached planks to it, after pulling the lever, conjure a box near the edge
of the platfrom close to the wheel so that the wood coming out of the wheel is
stuck on the box and the door cannot close. Move on.

Break the box holding the exp and take it and you can either use two boxes to
float and take all the things here or make boxes float on the air gusts and
pick them up. Fall down after you pick the ones in the air and to the left of
the left air pipe is a bent pipe on the ground. Float it and take it to the
right and break the wood blocking your way to the place with the fire and
attach this piece of pipe to the two pipes to divert the fire and go pick up 
the exp down there and come back and go up and move on. But you will need to
lift the extention of the air pipe on the left one and put it on the right one
to be able to do all of that. Now, if you want to cross over from the air
gust to the other side which has the bridge hanging below it, there are three
ways to do this.

The firs is obviously using two boxes and lifting yourself up along with them
as shown in the video -


The second is to first make yourself rise on the gust and conjure a box below 
you so that it comes up and quickly change to Zoya and double jump to the other
side. Or, again, lift yourself up first with the gust and when you are floating
on the top, conjure a long plank from the top of the area across you to the 
place you are at, the planks can only be so long, bu you can jump onto them in
the air itself and go across, you it is not working then just use the wood box
in the area below and put it under your feet when you are in the air to get
a slight boost and then conjure the plank.

A couple of goblins come at you in the next place so hit them and then lift
the boulder from the bottom and place it one level higher in the alcove. Go
left and jump onto the platform above you and lift the boulder to smash the 
wood holding the two exp phial above your head to make them fall. Move on and
after falling down, go left into the small cave and you will see a rock slab.
Lift it and take it to the right where you will find another rock slab. Place
the two slabs on the first fire vents and jump over to pick up the exp and go
back as you can't move ahead from here. put any two stones or conjured boxes
and take them up and get on the wheel above and use Amadeus to move the wheel
to the right and jump down.

What a happy little frog !!!! (WTF?)

There are some exp orbs in the water below you, swip in and pick them up, you
can change characters underwater and they will have full oxygen. Yes, there is
a blue oxygen bar below the health bar. Anyway, stand on the edge of the left
path and look up and you will see large round green berries. Shoot them down
and become Zoya and jump onto the frog's tounge and jump again when you reach 
it's mouth and fall into the water below for more exp and a secret in the
water to the right side, keep swimming till you get to land and pick up the
secret and the large phial, there are two more phials to the left above the
water, go back all the way and jump onto the platform to the right of the frog.

Go ahead and fight all the goblins here. This place again has exp high on top
and the stones hanging to the wall fall down as you jump on them but by now
you will know how to go thru here, watch the video at


if you can't find the phials on top. Jump onto the swinging log and jump onto
the stone slabs ahead and keep jumping to get to the next place. Keep going 
straight ahead evading the fire, try to move from the top. In the end of this
area, there is a small alcove in the lower wall in which there are two phials
but an air pipe prevents you from going to them so just conjure a box behind
the phials and push them towards you. Lift your seft up and to the next area
watch the video if you are missing something. When you get to the next place a
door slams behind you and you will be ambushed by goblins so teach them a
lesson. Moving on, you will see a huge bee hive and you can't shake it or hit
it with anything. But, you see the fire to the right? there are two bent pipes
on the ground - one to you left and the other below the fire. Use these two
to make the fire hit the beehive and it will collapse. You may have trouble
turning the pipes for them to properly hit the pipe so just bring the pipes
close to you and conjure a box and drop the pipes on them on their edge to
turn the pipes and so on, just watch the video  if you don't get it, vid at -


Ahead, there is poison gas on the groud so you will need to jump across 
stepping on the platforms which evidently bend down after you jump on them, so
be quick. When you reach the other side, a goblin falls down from the top. 
After defeating it, conjure two boxes and jump onto them and lift them up into
the hole where the goblin fell down from. There are a lot of exp phials up
here so collect all of them. Watch the video above for more help.

  Video at -

Move ahead and you will slide down a path and come to the next checkpoint.
Use Zoya's bow and arrows too kill the two goblins on top of you to the left 
and right. Above the path you just slid down is a secret chest and more exp to 
collect, you can just jump on the platforms above you to get there - they are
to the left, mind you and also, there are two more exp phials above to the
right so conjure two items or use the wood boxes that are below you to get to 
those goodies.

Moving on, stay on top of everything here and from the last platform, conjure
a big box and smash it into the wood wall which has a phial behind it, this
is also the path to the next area. I'm sure you saw those phials above you.
It is very tricky to get to them because the screen shifts so fast that you
will lose control of the boxes you are on, use small boxes and try to catch 
them after you lose control and watch the vid above for more clarity.

Video at -

You will fight a horde of goblins in this place when you jump onto one of the
higher platforms so be ready and there a checkpoint here itself on one of the
platforms, go there if you are low on health. After killing the goblins, 
conjure two boxes and move to the next place, watch the vid if you have any 
trouble. I think you can actually get into the next place using the two pipes
and the air duct at the bootm and the lever which is on the left highest
platform which raises a wood bridge of sorts. But I could not figure it out.

A small puzzle again. There is a water wood on top which can be bent either
ways and another wood on the bottom which also is a see saw. Stand on the lower
wood to the right side so it bends to right and use Amadeus's power to bend the
upper water wood to the right so that the water goes into the shiny seed in the
ground. Out comes a bounce tree. There are three bounce cushions on the tree,
just keep jumping to the highest point to grab all the exp and move to the
checkpoint ahead.

In the next area, before jumping to the area ahead, fall down and take the exp
which is behind wood rubble to the left on the ground. Jump back up and jump 
across but you will need imppecable timing to make it to the other side
without being hit. Use Pontius to jump just in case, I think he takes lesser
damage than the other two but you can jump across without being hit. Start
jumping from the left area to the right just as the third shot from the first
flower comes close to the first platform, watch the video above for the timing.

Video at -

You have spiked logs swinging around here, avoid them. Amadeus can actually
hold them, so lift the first on far to the right and move away or just conjure
a box and stick it to the log os that it does not hit you. The next two are
a real menace. Again stick a box to the first one and jump on it and stick
a second box to the other log and jump on it and cross this area. Watch the
vid above for help.

Another short puzzle here, go down and stand on the brown wood to the right so
that it bends to the left and place a box on the wood to the left so that it
bends to the right and pull the leaf which is to the right using Amadeus so 
that the water hits the plant. Go back up and put two boxes, one over the other
If you did not unlock that yet then there is a box on the ground below use it
and jump across and hit the two goblins on the other side. Break the barricade
and fall down.

Time for a boss battle - BONECRUSHER. He's just a huge goblin with a bigger
club. Ther trick is to evade all his attacks by jump over him, just jump over 
him when he is trying to hit you and move to the left most area and jump up 
onto the alcove. When he comes here, he will try to smash you and get his club 
caught in the wood, now is your chance to ambush him. He will get loose soon,
just jump over him and keep repeating this a few times, his health bar is to
the right. I had Pontius's explosive hammer skill unlocked which made this a
lot easier. After killing him, pull the lever to the right and go thru the
door. Next is an amusing contraption which has legs and you need to use
Amadeus to lift those legs and move ahead. Or, just lift the left leg and push
it into the right leg and this will lock it in place. Doing this, you can just
lift the whole contraption into the air to pick up everything here and when you
get to the other side, the level ends.


It is time you have unlocked Fire sword for Pontius. It is very helpful.

Keep going and going and when you come across a barricae just jump over it or
break it down with Pontius. You will come to a cauldron which gives out
bubbles for us to climb over. Just get on one of the bubbles and using Pontius
conjure a box and use it to push the bubbles left or right in the air. Keep
going and when you see a dark area with a spider web on the wall, be ready
because something really nast is going to come. Switch to pontius and hit it
and when it tries to hit you, just block it with his shield. Infact, you can
just keep jumping over the spider and it won't be able to even touch you.
Watch the video above for more help.

  Video at -

You will come to another cauldron in the next area. Jump over the first 
cauldron because there is no fire underneath it and it can't make any bubbles.
Get to the next cauldron and conjure a box or plank and use it to move the
bubble to the left so that you can jump onto the platform which has two blue
colored levers. If the bubbles pop early then use two box methoud to lift
yourself. These lever move the portal mirrors left, right, up and down.
Just hit E once to activate the levers and you can let go of the E. Then W,A,S,
and D to move the portals. You can't move the portals everywhere, they have a
fixed distance they can move about, determined by any thing blocking them. To
grba all the exp orbs, just position the left portal over the orbs and the 
right portal under you so you can jump in and come out of the left portal.
Watch the vid if you are having trouble. On the next platform is a wind pipe
and a switch on the ground jump over the wind pipe and conjure a box over the
switch and run when the door tilts. There are exp on the top.

You will find another two portals in the next area and also two wind pipes on
the ground. Position the left pipe under the right wind pipe and air will come
out of the right portal. Move the portal to the left and jump over the air to
take the things and thn again poisition the portal a bit left from the middle
and jump over the air and conjure a plank and jump over the plank and get to
the other side. In the next area is a very big fight with lots of goblins.
After you destroy all of them, conjure two boxes and jump on them and onto the
platforms on top and take everything and move to the next area. To get there,
move close to the door to the right on the ground and conjure a box over the
switch on the ground and movein. Shoot at the rope holding the plaform over the
door to make the exp phial fall down and move forward to see the wheels of fire

  Video at -

Keep using two boxes and jump on them and onto the next platforms above you and
onto the next area. There are portals again here so go down to the ground.
First, there is a gap to the right of the second portal, go thru it to come to
a secret chest, use the two box lifing to get to the chest, watch the video if 
you don't get it. Then get back to the levers and position the right portal
under the fire and the first portal so that the fire coming out of it heats
the couldron, this makes bubbles come out of it which you can use to jump to
the next place and you will come to another checkpoint.

Again, a fight with orcs after which, jump onto the platform above to come to 
the next area. Use Zoya's grapple to hod onto the middle platform high above
and swing to the right where a secret chest is waiting for you. Use the two
box technique to get to the exp phials on top or just conjure a box and push 
them down. Move thru the door below and another nasty spider comes at you. Keep
jumping over it to avoid taking damage. And when you jumo onto the platforms
above, another one hits you down. Grabbing the phials hig above can be a bit
difficult. I suggest jump over the first three platforms and use two boxes to
lift yourself over. The next jump is very very tricky. First, jump on first
platform and conjure a plank from the second platform to the right and by this
time, the shots will have passed and you can jump, but ou may still get hurt.
Watch the vid for more.

  Video at -

Conjure two boxes and jump up for the exp. Try not to fall or else, you will
have to do that all over again and I suggest going back to the checkpoint if
you do fall over so that you have your health back.

More portals to work with. Use the right lever to position the right portal
over the wheel and I mean stick it on tpo of the wheel to the right. Now
move the left portal close to you and jump in and you will come to the right.
Grab all the exp and you may die here but don't worry you still have two more
lives right. To avoid dying you can just run to the left by timing your run
properly. But you will certainly miss the rightmost orb and there is a cave
to the right which has health and exp and you will miss that too. What I did
here is very difficlut to describe so I suggest you watch the video to get a 
better understanding but I will still describe it anyway.

When the fire wheel is parallel, conjure two boxes and this will block the 
wheel from rotating. You need to conjure the boxes one over the otherunder the
axel of the wheel and conjure them to the right side of the axel so that you 
can jump on them from the portal above and jump to the right. You may need to
reposition the portal for this to work correctly so that you will fall on the
boxes and not elsewhere. Position the portal as high as possible or you will
come back thru it and from the first portal. You will fall on the axel if not
the boxes and jump to the right and grab everything and go back. Now, position
the left portal to the top right where the next area is and bring the right
portal above you and jump in thru the bottom and you will come to the next area
but you will miss exp which are high to the left an in the middle. Use your
imagination to get them. I used two boxes and lifted myself.

Now for a balancing act. Place boxes on the left or right platforms to rise or
lower the platform you are on. (Video's to help you above)

And then comes a dragon...

Updates come earlier on...


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