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  			   Wario Land II
 		         FAQ / Walkthrough
		         For Gameboy Color

			    Version 1.0

		      Written By: The Crippler


table of contents
1) Intro
2) Update History
3) Story
4) Controls
5) FAQ
6) Walkthrough
7) Misc. Info
8) Secrets
9) Credits
10) Author's Note
table of contents

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What's in this FAQ?

- Good question. The intro, credits, legal info, all that normal stuff,
of course. Then I have added the story to the game, the controls, and
a FAQ to help get you started. Then there's the walkthrough; remember
that there are other ways to complete the game; this is just the way
I chose to do it and write about it. Then we have the misc. info, 
containing all the other stuff you need to know in order to play this 
game, and a load of secrets for some fun.

1) Intro

A lot of cool stuff makes up the reason why I am writing this FAQ. First
off, I really wanted this game really badly a few weeks ago, but I was
broke. But now that Blockbuster rents out Gameboy Color games (best news
of the year so far), I can finally play this game for five evenings and
present a walkthrough.

I've finally managed to drop a walkthrough for this game; I thought it'd 
be impossible now that school is back in session. But being that the
game was great and it was one of the top games on the Gameboy Color
Request List, I thought I'd give it a shot.

I've never played the first Wario Land for Gameboy, but I think it's
pretty obvious that this one is better. Not only does it have incredible
gameplay in sharp, close color, but it is packed with up to 52 levels
and mini games galore along the way.

This game is without a doubt a must for Wario fans (like myself) or any
Nintendo fan at all, for that case. 

2) Update History

Version 1.0 (9/12/99)
This is obviously, the first release of this FAQ. It comes complete 
with a FAQ and Walkthrough, as well as other stuff to help along the
way. I will admit that this FAQ is not complete, and I hope to head
back to Blockbuster some time and do more with this FAQ, or maybe
just buy the game from EB.

3) Story

There are several stories in this section; all different:

 a) The Manual Story
 b) Nintendo's Story
 c) My Story

a) The Manual Story

"Straight from the Instruction Booklet"

One quiet morning, Wario was resting peacefully in bed. He was so tired
from treasure-hunting that he did not hear the suspicious intruders
enter his castle. Who are these mystery characters, and why are they after
Wario's treasure?

"Aaargh! I can't believe that Captain Syrup and the Black Sugar Gang
have stolen my treasures! I am one angry Wario! I'm going to get my
treasures back if it's the last thing I do!"

"Wario Land 2 is much better than any of my previous games. Why, you
ask? Because in this game, I am immortal! There is no Game Over! With
multiple endings, you can play my game MANY times. Isn't that great?!"

b) Nintendo's Story

"Straight from the Creators themselves"

Wario may be looking better than
ever, but that certainly hasn't
improved his disposition. Captain
Syrup and her comrades -- who
are even more ill-mannered than
Wario himself -- have swiped
Wario's treasure and left his castle
thoroughly trashed. To reclaim his
treasure and sock it to Syrup,
Wario must journey through as
many as 52 baffling levels, gathering coins, 
trouncing troublemakers and solving mini-puzzles. 

c) My Story

"From my brain; scary"

Captain Syrup and his punk @$$ gang have taken all of Wario's freekin'
treasure, dammit! It's Wario's job to get it back, so let's do it!

(Nintendo should hire me as the story-teller, huh?)

4) Controls

Control Pad:

- Walk
- Enter Door
- Sit
- Press Down and Jump to get into hard spots
- Press Down while Jumping to smash enemies, break rock's, or change an
  enemy's direction
- Roll on Hill
- Swim
- Move Cursor on Sub Screens

A Button:

- Jump
- Jump to destroy blocks
- Press Up while Jumping to jump higher
- Swim Upwards
- Confirm Commands on Sub Screens

B Button:

- Attack while pressing Left or Right on the Control Pad
- Throw enemies or objects
- Swim Faster
- Cancel Commands on Sub Screens

5) FAQ

Q: Is Wario really immortal in this game? There's gotta be a catch. If not,
   what's the point of playing?

A: He is immortal; he can't die, but being attacked by enemies causes him
   to lose coins. And the catch is that you will have to let the enemies
   hit you sometimes in order to help Wario get somewhere.

Q: How do I pick up and enemy or object?

A: To pick up an enemy, jump on it to stun it, then walk toward it. To
   pick up an object (if possible), simply walk toward it.

Q: How many endings are there? Is your walkthrough accurate if there's
   multiple endings? Is there replay value because of the endings?

A: There are exactly five different endings to this game, depending on
   which way you play it. My walkthrough is accurate, only if you follow
   it step by step. If you make a wrong turn or something, you can wind
   up in an area I've never been, and the walkthrough won't help out.
   Due to the five endings, there is tons of replay value in the game,
   with new secrets each time you play.

Q: What are the Pictures Pieces for? 

A: Collecting all of them will give you a map. When all picture pieces
   and treasures are collected, Flagman D-D and The Really Final Chapter
   become accessible to play.

Q: Do the mini games have replay value?

A: No, once you play or defeat a mini game, you may not play it again in
   the same story.

Q: AAAHHH, what happened to Wario?! He looks weird!

A: You've been touched by an enemy. For more information on how Wario's
   appearance changes, see the miscellaneous info section in this FAQ.

6) Walkthrough


You'll watch a small cinema of Captain Syrup's thugs come in, steal
your treasure, and flood your castle. Press anything to wake Wario up,
and hop out of the bed.

Before exiting the room, ram the right wall to get some major hidden
coins. And be sure to ram all pots in order to get more coins, then
exit through the door which is to the right of Wario's bed. Ram the
shrew that comes out immediately, then ram the left wall for coins. Then
ram every pot in the stack for even more coins. Ram the enemy with the
weapon, then go under the blocks. Before exiting, kill the enemy to the
right then ram the wall for extra coins. Then exit via the door.

Continuously ram the metal object here to move it over, then use it as
a stoll to the top level. Get all the coins going right, then continue
to jump to the highest parts. Ignore the enemy, ram the final right
wall for hidden coins, then exit through the door in this room.

Kill the first two enemies in here, destroy all pots, and ram the right
wall for some good coins. Then be sure to exit through the second door
on the right; the other is a dead end. Kill the first two enemies in here,
and you'll be at the boss. Jump on him to turn him upside down, then
ram him to take him out and complete the level.

Please note in this level (chapter 2), falling in the water will push
you back to the beginning of the level, so if you should fall in,
just start this walkthrough all over again. Walk forward while jumping
and grabbing coins, then use the platform across the gap, but be
cautious; it breaks. Ram the right wall for coins, and keep climbing
up and going backward for more coins. Go back to the end, drop down,
and enter the door.

Watch the fire enemy in here! If he gets you, drop down into the water 
to cool off. Exit through the door to get out of this tiny room. Enter 
this room and go forward grabbing all the coins and using platforms.
Beware the fish that jump out of the water, and grab all coins from
pots along the way (there's a hidden batch at the top near the ceiling).
Ignore the first doorl use some super jumps over the gap, and if
you think you're skilled enough, hit the last wall for some coins. Then
exit through the second door from the right (the one at the end).

Now, do not kill the enemy to the right here! Instead, pick him up, and
throw him at the green thing on the floor to ge rid of it. If you
accidentally kill the enemy, exit this room then enter back in. Kill the
other enemy near the door and enter this it, but not after ramming the
wall on the right for coins.

Hop over to the other side in this room, and ram the water pipe three
times to stop the water flood and to complete this easy level.

Ram the pots and boxes in this level then hop into thw water, while
either avoiding or killing the enemies. Get all the coins in here, and
enter the door by swimming to the bottom and pressing Up on the Control
Pad. Grab all the coins in here while floating upwards, and avoiding
getting trapped in the bubbles. Hop onto the platform at the top and
enter the door there.

Ram the two boomerang throwers in here as quick as possible to take them
out. You'll probably get hit, but getting rid of them fast is the best
strategy. Be sure to avoud the bubbles in this next room, for they will
continue to take you up which is against your wishes. Keep going down
while grabbing coins, then enter the door at the very bottom.

Get the coins that are above the water and beyond the right wall, then
enter the second door to the right which is under the water and closer
to the right wall. Float to the top in this room, and hop onto the 
platform while grabbing all coins. Avoid the shark, and head onto the top
of the next platform, then into the door which is under the water.

Get as many coins in here as you can, but use the bubbles to get you up
past the beams that push you back down. Keep working your way up 
using the ram (works under water) and the bubbles. This will eventually
require skill; just keep in mind that you can steer the bubble and you
can ram pots under water, and it will be a piece of cake. Hop onto the
platform and enter the door at the top here, which is now out of the water.

Ok, this is tough. You'll need to roll down the steps (Down + A + B) and
you will roll under the gap and into the pots, allowsing you to get
further in the room. Ram the big blue thing in here to reveal water
popping out, and this level is complete.

If you get squished in the beginning of this level, let some of the 
green goo drop on you to restore your size. Drop down, get all your
coins, eand enter the door which is at the end to the right. Don't be
intimidated by this next room; timing is everything. Run by the
squishers with the ram move, and grab all the coins along the way. If
you get hit, there's green goo at the end of the room near the exit door.
Make sure you're at normal height, and enter the door.

Watch all the bats in this level, and use the ram move to get by them
when they are above you. There are a couple shrews; don't be afraid,
they're the easiest enemy in the game and ramming them takes them out
immediately. Also ram the big set of boxes to crush them and get by them.
Before exiting, climb up the boxes you didn't crush, and hop onto the
top platform, then start going backward for mad coins. Then head on back
to the end of the room by once again avoiding bats, and enter the door.

Once again in here, timing is everything. Watch the bat in the beginning,
and slip into the narrow path. Ram through right when the crusher is
going up. If you're hit, let a bat get you to bring you back. Ram through
the boxes here, then drop down the hole. Going backward, collect all the
coins, and you'll be back to the beginning of the room. Now, purposely
get squished, and go back to the hole. You'll walk over it. Get back to
size with the goo near the door at the end, but first collect any extra
coins in this room. Try to enter the last door, and the level will be

This first room is very basic; ram through all the boxes and enemies until
you reach the exit door at the end. You'll pick up a few coins, and that's
it, you're in the next room. This next room is even more basic than the
first, being that it's small. Ram the boxes for coins and exit the door
at the end there.

Now in here, jump on the snake to wake him up, and let him eat you! He'll
digest you to the top level leading to a door! Ram the boxes in here to
get through to the next door. But, keep ramming! You'll go through the 
hidden wall, collect more coins, and pick up two Wario coins! Now go
back to the door and exit this room.

Now this is tough. Jump down and get all the coins. Then work your
way back up, while jumping down, avoiding the zombie, and collecting
coins, except for the drop in the middle. If you turn into a zombie, 
drop to the bottom and stand in the light to get out. When you get
all the coins, drop down the middle hole, stay to the left, and enter the
door to play a mini game with the prize a stronger ramming hand (mini
game section coming soon). Now go back to the snake, and when he tries
to bite you, jump on his head. Do this a few times to complete this chapter
and story.

You now have some of your treasure back!


7) Misc. Info

The different types or Wario:

When you are touched by an enemy, depending on what enemy it is, your
appearance will change drastically. It's not really a bad thing; you'll
need to use some of these appearance changes when you're stuck. Here's
what they are and what they do:

Flat Wario
He won't be able to jump, but he'll be able to float.

Fat Wario
He moves slow but can defeat enemies and destroy blocks better.

Hot Wario
This allows him to detroy certain blocks while on fire.

Crazy Wario
Makes Wario act like a drunk bastard.

Zombie Wario
Allows Wario to fall through floors. Find light to turn him back.

Puffy Wario
Makes him rap just like Puff Daddy - JUST KIDDING! Makes him get a fat,
ugly face.

Tiny Wario
Makes him small and faster.

Bouncy Wario
Gives extra height to his jumps.

And of course, there's an enemy list. Here's what they are and what they

Small, but strong and can throw you.

Stings you with food (??? Don't ask ???).

He's a dumbass but he throws a big metal ball with spiked on it at you.

Be nice to the hen or she'll come after you.

8) Secrets

Special thanks to Game Sages for these (http://www.gamesages.com). Also
see the credits.

Flagman D.D Game 
Complete the game with 100% Stage Clear,
Treasure, and Map Pieces and you will get the
final stage and a bonus game, Flagman D.D. 
Submitted by Brian Kent ([email protected])

How to Find the First Secret Chapter 
To find the first secret chapter in Wario Land 2, enter the first level. 
Don't wake Wario up, and the Gooms will kick Wario out of his house. The 
story will then proceed along a different path. 

Alternatively, you can let the first boss eat you. When he spits you out, go
through the door, face the wall, and ram it. It should break and allow you
through a new passage which leads to the secret exit. 
Submitted by Ben Kosmina and Mike Walsh

Instant Reset 
If you're stuck or just want to reset, press Select, Start, A and B all at 
the same time. You'll have to start over from your last save point, but you 
won't lose coins or items. 
Submitted by Tab52185

Traction on Conveyer Belts 
To prevent yourself from moving on a conveyor belt, carry an enemy. As
long as you're doing this you'll move normally. 
Submitted by Kvanderk ([email protected])

Back to Normal 
If you become a version of Wario that you don't
want to be, here's how to feel like your old self

Zombie Wario - walk into the light by a

Stung Wario - keep floating to the top, you will
pop up there. 

Springy Wario - simply wait a couple seconds and it will wear off. 

Small Wario: If you get turned into a small Wario from that giant pitchfork
guy's spell, than all you have to do is find a pool of water, jump into it, 
and presto, your big again!

Flattened Wario: If you get flattened by those stupid weight dropping bats,
than just let a regular bat pick you up, and you'll be straight again.

Fat Wario: Unfortunately, if you get fat, there is mainly nothing you can do
but wait till it wears off, but at least you make an earthquake when you

Dizzy Wario: If a penguin dude hits you with some kida blue ball thing, you
get all sick. But just like the small Wario, just jump into a pool of water 
and he's cured!(Hint: If you press B while your sick, you can puff out these
poisonous bubbles at bad guys!)

Frozen Wario:If this white bird breaths out some kinda snow flake at you
and you get hit, you'll be frozen. Just wait till you hit a wall and the ice 
will melt off.

Fireball Wario: If you get hit with fire from that annoying little mouse, 
you'll run around while your on fire. If you jump into a pool of water, you 
will be back to normal. If you wait, you can turn into a fireball and destroy 
blocks with fire symbols on them. you can also just wait till the fire burns 
Submitted by Maisn and Chris A.

Beating the End Boss 
Defeating the Princess/main boss is easy! First she throws out spear-men.
Jump on them, pick them up and hit her with it twice, but be careful not to
get touched by the fire, it will take you to the top. After you hit her twice 
the fire will slow down, and she will begin to throw out bombs. If a bomb 
hits the ground it will explode, and bring two fire things out, so catch the 
bomb in the air. Throw the bomb into the fire (yes, really) as she is going 
over it. It will shoot up and hit her. Do this twice and you win the game! 
Submitted by Rob the "PRO" ([email protected])

Secret Chapter 
To get one of the secret chapters, begin a new game. DON'T WAKE
The pirates will kick him out of his castle, and the secret chapter will 
Submitted by Corpshandler

Secret Exits 
Here are some of the secret exits:

     Drop the Anchor: Go through the first room. In the second room,
     breack the blocks on the floor and fall down the long shaft. Clear out
     all the walls (especially the wall on the left). Pick up the guy that 
     walks around and punches, and throw him at the left wall util you come 
     to a door. Go throught this room and you will find the exit. The S.S.
     Teacup will sink and the game goes on a different route.

     Escape from the Ruins: Go through the level untill you come to the
     long shaft with ducks on both sides all the way up it. Behind the
     lowest duck on the right side, is a breakable wall. On the other side is
     a switch. Hit it and the blocks will rearrange. Then go back through
     the door on the bottom and find the exit.

     Anyone for B-Ball?: Go to the room with the boss door. Go under
     the stairs on the left, to the platform thats right over the guy with 
     the spear thing. When he's under the little platforms things that are 2
     blocks wide, jump up and stomp the ground and he should come up a
     little. Keep doing that until you can stomp him and pick him up. Go
     over to the wall by the boss door and throw the bad guy at it. Keep
     going until you break through two walls and you can find your way
     from there.

     Defeat the Giant Snake: In the very first room, break the floor where
     the coin arrow indicates (an underground room will open up - go in).
     Go up the long shaft on the left end of the underground room. At the
     top of the shaft, break the wall to the right and proceed all the way to
     the right end of the room (past the zombie) to the door - go in. In this
     next room, go all the way to the right until you see the door with the
     two big blocks to its right. Break the top block and the wall next to 
     it. Keep going all the way in, roll down some stairs and you will reach
     the alternate exit! 
     Escape From The Factory: When the level starts, cross all the way to
     the door on the opposite side of the room. Then, go to the right and
     fall down the first hole you come to. Destroy all of the boxes and then
     look at the bolts in the floor. Butt-stomp the bolt that is the second
     one from the right wall. Go down the hole where the bolt was and
     butt-stomp the next one. Crawl to the right and butt-stomp the bolt
     and pipe that is in the middle of the next room. Continue to the left 
     to the door. From here, get flattened, climb the ladder on the left 
     side of the room, and float to the alternative exit. 

Secret Game 
When you get 100% stage clear, Treasure, and Map peices, you will be
awarded with the final stage and a bonus game called Flagman D.D. It's a
Game and Watch type game, where the Flagman goes through a sequence
of numbers that you have to repeat. 
Submitted by Rob the "PRO" ([email protected])

Traction on Conveyor Belts 
To prevent yourself from moving on a conveyor belt, carry an enemy. As
long as you're doing this, you will move normally. 
Submitted by Michael Stalker

Game Shark Codes

There's only three:

1 - Coins Go Up By 100                     01990FC5
2 - Wario Height in Air Modifier           01??3BC5
3 - Quick Coin Gain                        01090ED5

Special thanks to [http://www.cmgsccc.com] for those.

9) Credits

Game Sages
For the secrets

Game Shark Code Creators Club
For the 3 Game Shark Codes

Nice Game!

Gameboy / Gameboy Color
Nice Game!

Blockbuster Video
For renting out Gameboy Color games!

For publishing this work.

10) Author's Note

Thank you for reading this Wario Land 2 walkthrough. I hope it helped,
and I will be updating frequently (hopefully) in order to expand
on it and make it more helpful.

Please be sure to read the copyright information at the top of this FAQ
for international copyright laws, and the credits section (above) for
my personal thank-you's to those who contributed or helped out this FAQ.

The latest version of this FAQ can only and always be found at:

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