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__        __             _   _                            _
\ \      / / __ ___  ___| |_| | ___ _ __ ___   __ _ _ __ (_) __ _
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   \_/\_/ |_|  \___||___/\__|_|\___|_| |_| |_|\__,_|_| |_|_|\__,_|

 ____   ___   ___   ___
|___ \ / _ \ / _ \ / _ \
  __) | | | | | | | | | |   For Gameboy and Gameboy Color
 / __/| |_| | |_| | |_| |   Version 1.4
|_____|\___/ \___/ \___/    FAQ Written by Aaron Jennings 

Disclaimer:  This FAQ is Copyright c1999, Aaron Jennings.  You may not 
distribute this FAQ for profit.  If it is to be distributed on a compilation 
CD-ROM, my permission is needed and I need to receive a copy of the CD.  
Please do not post this FAQ on your site without giving me credit.  Do not 
take my FAQ and put your name on it, and do not take my FAQ and wine it and 
dine it.  It is not that easy...

Version History
----------------  (or:  "My bazooka is locked, cocked, and ready to unload.")

     Version 1.4:  12/06/99:  Sorry about the recent lack of updates.  I got 
caught up in Wrestlemania 2000 for N64.  This update:  Many more questions
answered, fixed spelling on ScoopsWrestling.com...  =)  and (thanks to 
FalconsRa) added *THE BACK GRAPPLE!* (yay!)  =)  Added Special for Vince.  
Added sorely needed Table of Contents.

     Version 1.3:  11/30/99:  Corrected a couple of small errors.  Added a
hints section.  Added more Q&A's.  Plugged SccopsWrestling.com. (They rock!)

     Version 1.2:  11/25/99:  Added Q&A section.  Bought N64 version of WM2K.

     Version 1.1:  11/22/99:  Fixed some little errors, fixed apostrophes and 
 other symbols to look decent.  Corrected numorous spelling errors.  Added some
 moves and info.  Changed format, started new section, "Game Quotes".  Added
 descriptions of TitanTron videos.

     Version 1.0:  11/21/99:  FAQ created.

(Note:  The (or: ...)'s are little text snippets from the game that I found 
humorous.  Some for the wording, or the censorship, or just the fact they 
included it on a game made for all audiences)

__________________Table of Contents
------------------  (or:  "There's plenty more wood where that came from.")

I:   Version History
II:  Table of Contents
III: Intro
IV:  Section 1: Getting Started
V:   Section 2: Championship Mode
VI:  Section 3: Playing the Game
VII: Section 4: Game Tips
VIII:Section 5: Other Modes
IX:  Section 6: Game Quotes
X:   Section 7: Q&A
XI:  Section 8: TitanTron Videos
XII: Section 9: Final Thoughts

--------  (or:  "Make some noize!"):

     Hi, my name is Aaron, and this is my first FAQ.  I bought this game 
yesterday and I immediately played through it.  I was disappointed that the 
censors got ahold of it at the last minute (an incomplete version had swearing
 intact, now replaced by symbols such as squares, triangles, and circles).  
However, the game is VERY enjoyable, it has a great two-player mode, and other
 features not found in most Gameboy games.  Well, lets get started...

  Section 1:  Getting Started 
------------------------------  (or:  "All night long!"):

     When you turn on the system, a few copyright screens come up, followed by
 a picture of Mankind, Austin, Undertaker, and the Rock.  Press start and you
 will be at the main menu with the options of:
-1 Player              |                    |
    One player game    | > 1 Player         |
                       |                    |
-2 Players             |   2 Players        |
    Two player game    |                    |
Select one.  I haven't checked out the 2-player game much because you need two
 of Ôem to do it, but the 1 player options yields the following options:

                   |                      |
                   |  > Start Game        |
                   |    Training Mode     |
                   |    Options           |
                   |    Biographies       |

-Start Game
     Options for gameplay

-Training Mode
     Fight a defenseless wrestler in the training room

     Difficulty, music, SFX, play mode (sets or time), time (if time is on)

     Provides basic info on all of the games wrestlers except for Mr. McMahon

  Section 2:  Championship Mode 
--------------------------------  (or:  "Welcome to the doghouse, where we 
  always kick it doggy style!")

     First, Shane McMahon will ask you for the difficulty level (easy, medium,
 or hard).  Then you can choose your character.  (All characters except for 
Vinnie Mac are selectable)  The list of characters for Championship mode is:

-Steve Austin
-The Rock
-Ken Shamrock
-Val Venis
-Jeff Jarrett
-Billy Gunn
-The Big Show
-Triple H
-Shawn Michaels
(In regular game play modes, Vincent K. McMahon would fill this space between
 HBK and Undertaker)
-Big Boss Man
-Road Dogg

     Choose your character, then let Vinnie Mac start off your career with an 
insult.  OK, this is really awesome, especially the first time.  After the WWF
 logo goes off the TitanTron, it starts off a fake video for Vince.  Vince 
comes out, mic in hand, Cut to close-up of his face, then he says, "McMahon 
3:16 says I've got the brass to fire your ---, if you smell what the boss is 
cooking."  Then your first opponent comes out.  You get to see his TitanTron 
video, and his fake entrance (for example, Billy Gunn shakes around a water 
bottle, then throws it offscreen, and X-Pac does his Happy X Chops), followed 
by a text taunt (each person has about 3, and after the match, if you win, 
your guy will say one of 2 or 3).  Then you fight.  You fight a lot, Vinnie 
Mac makes your life hell, censorship abounds, and if you win (on easy, I 
haven't tried medium or hard yet) both the Intercontinental and the 
Heavyweight Championship belts, Vince McMahon will come out and have you 
defend against the former IC and World title holders.  If you win, Vince says 
(and I quote...), "You son of a -----!" and challenges you to a match.  Your 
health starts off lower than usual (either half off or how it was at the end 
of your previous match, I'm not sure) and you fight him.  Oddly enough, 
Vinnie's pretty strong for an old guy.  Win, and you see a digitized pic from
 Raw is War.  In the background, I saw a sign saying "God Bless You, Owen" or
 something to that effect.  The main part of the picture is Brisco and 
Patterson leading a beaten Vince away from the ring.  The text box says "You 
son of a -----!" again.  Then the credits roll.

  Section 3:  Playing the Game 
-------------------------------  (or: "When I'm done with you, you're gonna 
know what it's like to serve hard time!")

(NOTE:  It is possible to put the other guy into a Back Grapple, but it is
 extremely hard and not worth it.  I did it only once and was never able to 
duplicate it.  You have to catch them from behind while they are getting up.)

More info on *THE BACK GRAPPLE!*.  "K, just get their meter down to nothing 
and be The Rock and do a Rock Bottom on them. Then go to the side of them 
and pick them up (Push A at their side) and get to the back of them. You just 
gotta be fast. You can also do a running drop-kick and try it that way. It 
all depends on how fast you are, and luck. I've done it like 10 times before.
Any person or move can do it really, but The Rock with the Rock Bottom works
for me. If you need anymore let me know."

--Credited to FalconsRa.
   >The controls are:

Control pad:  move around
Select:       Special move (when Boxed meter is full)
Start:        Pause
B Button:     Reach for a grapple (hardly ever successful)
A Button:     Punch

    >Moves vary for each competitor, but the basics are:

Walk into the
other wrestler: Mutual Grapple (either one can win it)

(double tap):   run

    >In a grapple...

B-moves (same for every wrestler, I think)

Up+B:     Vertical Suplex
Down+B:   Piledriver
Away+B:   DDT
Toward+B: Body Slam

A-Moves (Varies, but this is most common)

Up+A:     Eye Rake
Down+A:   Headbutt
Left+A:   Irish Whip Left (always)
Right+A:  Irish Whip Right (always)

    >Downed opponent

Over opponent's head

A:   Head Stomp
B:   Varies, usually Leg Drop or Mounted Punches

Over opponent's feet

A:   Kneedrop (occasionally something else, I forget)
B:   Half-Crab

At opponent's middle

A:   Pick-up
B:   Pin (press B while in pin to let him go)


While running

A:   Running Clothesline
B:   Dropkick

Top rope (opponent needs to be down, can't hit them while up)

A:   Kneedrop
B:   Legdrop

Running opponent

A:       Various things (Big Boot, Back elbow, Spinning heel kick)
Away+B:  Press  Away and B at the same time when the opponent is right upon
         you to perform either a powerslam or a back body drop, depending on
         your character.  This move requires a little practice.

    >Special Moves

Select While in Grapple, with Box meter full

Austin:      Stone Cold Stunner
Rock:        Rock Bottom
Billy Gunn:  Fame-Ass-er
X-Pac:       X-Factor
Big Show:    Showstopper
Triple H:    Pedigree
S. Michaels: Sweet Chine Music
Undertaker:  Tombstone Piledriver
Kane:        Chokeslam
Boss Man:    Bossman Slam
Road Dogg:   Dancing Punches then a Crazylegs Kneedrop

Select over legs, while Box meter (from now on called Special Meter) is full

Shamrock:    Ankle Lock
J. Jarrett:  Figure-Four Leglock

Select over head while Special Meter is full

Mankind:     Mandible Claw

Select on Top Rope, with Special Meter full

Val Venis:   Money Shot

Select from *THE BACK GRAPPLE!*, with special meter full

Vince McMahon:  Low Blow

  Section 4:  Game tips
------------------------  (or: Ya know ladies, no one sizes up to the Big

Here are some tips to help you win matches.

1)  When going for a grapple move, hold the direction you wish to use and 
rapidly press the appropriate button as you get into the grapple.  This 
increases you chances greatly.

2)  If you are a beginner, pick someone with a special from the grapple.  That
 way you don't have to knock them down first.

3)  On the other hand, if you are good, pick someone like Mankind or Shamrock.
  To get to the head easily, just charge into them with .  For
 the feet (Ankle lock), give them a dropkick.  If done correctly, you will be 
near the area for the finisher to be applied.  With the right timing, you can 
repeat the knockdown rather easily and suck their life away.

4)  If they have their Special Meter up, avoid getting knocked down the best 
that you can and try to pull off a move, any move, if they get you in a mutual
 grapple.  If they force-grapple you, you may be in for it.

5)  When fighting Vincent Kennedy McMahon, remember, he's pretty tough.  Try
 to win your grapples most of the time.
  Section 5:  Other modes 
--------------------------  (or: It's me, it's me, the D-O double G)

         |    Championship      |
         |   >Vs.               |
         |    Tag Team          |
         |    Survivor Series   |
         |    Gauntlet          |

     Pick yourself and your opponent for a quick match.  (Normal Ring or Cage)

-Tag Team
     Tag team match, pretty fun.

-Survivor Series
     Not a survivor series match, but a 3-on-3 tournament of singles matches

     Pick your character, then face each opponent once.  I prefer Championship
 mode because of the TitanTron movies and the interviews.

  Section 6:  Game Quotes
--------------------------  (or:  Val ALWAYS rises to the occasion!)

     I created this section because this game is filled with hilarious quotes.
The purpose is to put all of the quotes I find, because they are just really
fun.  This list is by no means complete, I am just putting them up as I find 
them, send some I missed that are in the game to me.

Anyway, here we go!

    >Stone Cold Steve Austin

"If you wanna see Stone Cold Steve Austin kick someone's ---, gimme a yeah!"

    >The Rock

"I just made your monkey --- famous you piece of trash!"

    >Ken Shamrock

"You'll see why I am the world's most dangerous man!"
"I'm in the zone!"

    >Val Venis

"Hello, Ladies!"
"Hello, Chicas!"
"What Val wants, Val gets!"
"Ya know ladies, no one sizes up to the Big Valbowski!"
"All night long!"

    >Jeff Jarrett

"There are no puppies in your future."
"Don't ---- me off!"
"That was for ------ me off!"

    >Billy Gunn


"Make some noize!"

    >The Big Show

"It's Show time."
"Prepare for the Show stopper!"

    >Triple H

"I got two words for ya, SUCK IT!"
"There's plenty more wood where that came from."

    >Shawn Michaels

"I am the showstopper."
"Hit the music!"


"You don't know what pain is until you've been beaten by the Undertaker."
"Rest in peace." "You will burn."


"From the very depths of..."

    >Big Boss Man

"When I'm done with you, you're gonna know what it's like to serve hard time!"

    >Road Dogg

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages..."
"Welcome to the doghouse, where we always kick it doggy style."
"It's me, It's me, the D-O-double-G."


"I want admission to your house of pain."
"Have a nice day!"
"If ya smellalalalala what the sock is cookin!"
"Smell the sock!"
"Screwed pretty bad!"

  Section 7:  Q&A
------------------  (or: "I want admission to your house of pain.")

I'd love to answer any questions.  Send 'em to .

--> Do you only get your character's entrance when you play championship mode

Entrances are only in championship mode, but there is a versus screen before 
every matchup.

--> In your faq you list 4 modes of play, what about cage, 2 on 1 and
handicap modes I heard about

I'll add this to my FAQ.  You can select Normal Ring or Cage Ring after you 
select versus.  The 2 on 1 match and the Handicap match are the same thing, 
and appear once during Championship.  It's actually one on two, as Vinnie pits
 you against X-Pac and Ken Shamrock (usually).  The cage match also happens in
 championship, but you can select it during versus.

--> In championship do you just fight one wrestler after another or are there
special matches

See above, you have a cage match, a 1 on 2 match, and a fight with Vinnie Mac.

--> The picture at http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Arena/6217/018.jpg
shows Bigshow holding a baseball bat, are their weapons in the game

I haven't seen any weapons, nor have I been able to find any outside of the 
ring like in the N64 version of WM2K.  As for that picture, the "bat" is 
actually part of the WWF logo.  The Big Show is doing a kneedrop.  To 
reiterate, there are no weapons in WWF Wrestlemania 2000 for Game Boy Color.

--> Is out of the ring play like in WWF Warzone for the gameboy?

All there is to do is fight and climb back into the ring.  You don't even get
 to fight on the apron.  You just hop up and climb in with Up+B.

--> Is the People's Elbow in the game?

Afraid not.  But the Rock Bottom looks pretty cool.

--> How about the Kane's Tombstone?

His finisher was changed to the Choke Slam, because in all previous wrestling 
games, Kane and the Undertaker were identical.  So on here, they gave them 
different trademark moves.  So Kane does his Choke Slam and Undertaker does 
his Tombstone Piledriver.  Kane does his Chokeslam as his finisher on Raw 
nowadays anyway.

--> Is pat Patterson on this Game?  --hyatte

Hey, Hyatte!  I read you Mop-ups on ScoopsWrestling.com all the time!  Well, 
the most likely candidate to enjoy a nice Test drive at Mr. Martin's bachelor
 party is sort-of in the game.  When you defeat Vincent K. (Assault my 
daughter, but don't diss the rug!) McMahon, there is a picture of Brisco and 
Patterson leading him away from the ring.  However, Patterson is mostly cut 
off from the picture, his arm on Vince's shoulder (the only part he cares 
about...) is the only part shown.  Note to the readers: the best Recap for Raw
 and Nitro is Chris Hyatte's Mop-up on Scoops.

--> Where are the women of wrestling on this game?

Appearing on a system where they can show up to some nice degree of detail.  
There is a nice women's division of WWF Wrestlemania 2000 for Nintendo 64.

--> Does the game feature entrance music?

No, it's like on Revenge where they have 2 themes that switch.

--> Are there any hidden characters?

If you try really hard, you can count Vince, because you can't select him in
Championship mode, or Pat Patterson because he was cropped from the ending 
picture. (Hidden character...  get it?  Yeah, I know it wasn't funny.)

--> Does Val Venis come out wearing a towel?


  Section 8:  TitanTron Videos
-------------------------------  (or: "Hello, chicas")

Here I'm gonna describe the TitanTron videos on the game...

Steve Austin:  It says "Austin 3:16" in big red letters, then flashes to the 
the Stone Cold skull logo, then Austin's face.  It flickers between the skull
 and face for a while, then it shows a different picture of Austin with the 
words "Steve Austin".

The Rock:  Shows the Brahma Bull logo as the words "Do you smell what the Rock
 is cookin?" flash by.  When it gets to "cookin?" it shows a close-up of the 
Brahma Bull's eye, with raised eyebrow.  Then you see a pic of the Rock with 
the words, "The Rock".

Ken Shamrock:  Flashes "DANGER" in red letters twice, then Shamrock's 
screaming face moves from right to left twice.  New pic of Shamrock, then 
another pic with "Ken Shamrock" written.

Val Venis:  Says "Hello" then "Ladies", followed by a split picture of Val 
gyrating.  It goes from top to bottom, then the top and bottom sections are 
shown with the words "Val Venis" sliding into the middle.

Jeff Jarrett:  

Billy Gunn:  Flashing lips, then picture of Billy Gunn informing people of his
 favorite two words...  =)   New pic of him, saying Billy Gunn.

X-Pac:  X with line of green electricity flashing through it, occasionally 
flashing "X-Pac".  Next is a cool picture of X-Pac saying "X-Pac".

The Big Show:  Red pic of Big Show with big "Big Show" letters, blue pic of 
Big Show with the letters, then Big Show's eyes. along with words saying "The 
Big Show"

Triple H:  HHH Logo, Hunter, HHH Logo, Hearst, HHH Logo, Helmsley, HHH's face
 with "Triple H"

Shawn Michaels:  Broken Heart Logo with "Commissioner", then "Shawn", then 
"Michaels"  pics of the HBK with "Commissioner Shawn Michaels" on the last 

Undertaker:  Undertaker logo fades twice, then UT's face fades, repeat, UT 
picture with "Undertaker" written on it.

Kane:  Burning cross, words "Big Red Machine" appear, picture of Kane, new pic
 with "Kane" on it.

Big Boss Man:  Collage of Bossman pics, followed by eye shot with "Big Boss 
Man" below it.

Road Dogg:  Similar to Bossman's, but with face shot instead of eye shot.

Mankind:  "Have"  "A"  "Nice"  "Day" flashes, with the really cool happy face
 with Mankind mask, saying "Have a nice day", then a cool shot of Mick Foley 
that says "Mankind".

  Section 9:  Final Thoughts 
-----------------------------  (or: "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, 
  children of all ages...")

     Wow, this game just blows my mind.  It's just the best wrestling game for
 any 8-bit system.  It's compatible with the older Gameboys, to boot.  They 
have little TitanTron videos, text quotes, even the finishers show attitude. 
 Yes, the Rock does stare at the crowd for a second before nailing the Rock 
Bottom.  This game will be in my collection for a long time, and I cannot wait
 until I get the N64 version.  
UPDATE!  I now own the N64 version of Wrestlemania 2000, and I must say that
the Road to Wrestlemania is pretty damned hard!  Well worth the money, though.
Most extensive Create-a-Wrestler in the U. S. of A.
     This was my first FAQ.  If you have any questions, suggestions, or 
 additions, please email me at .

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