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Yu-Gi-OH Shin Duel Monsters 2
PS2 Tactical Card Battle Game
1~2 Players
Playstation 2 8MB Memory Card Space - 250kb

FAQ Created By: Kevin Payton AKA Shin Gokou EX
Contact: [email protected]
Version 0.3
Created: 4/19/2002

This document Copyright 2002 Kevin Payton 
          I expressly forbid ANY one person, publishers/publications, 
and Other Web Sites from using this FAQ. This FAQ can be found 
exclusively at Gamefaqs.  And this FAQ can be Viewed on the internet or 
Printed for personal Use ONLY!  This FAQ Cannot Be used  in any form 
that you are not authorized to use it for!  Any Questions, Comments, or 
even Help please e-mail me at  [email protected] or u can find me 
on AIM under shingokouex or shinshadonic.

1.) Plot
2.) Options
      2a.) New Game
      2b.) Continue
      2c.) Custom Duel
      2d.) Trade
3.) Controls
      3a.) Map Screen
      3b.) In Battle
      3c.) Deck Edit Menu
4.) Walkthrough
5.) Tutorial
      5a.) Deck
      5b.) Summons
      5b-1) Fusion Requirements
      5c.) Movement
      5d.) Battle
      5e.) Victory
6.) Passwords

Special Thanks
Version Info

1.) PLOT

          This is only what I got from the story of the game thus far 
with limited knowledge of japanese.......The characters are from comic 
but the story line is original.  You are a man summoned back time during 
an era in the year 1490 during the final Rose War in England.  There 
were two faction in this War of the Roses...One was the Red Rose lead by 
Yugi/Yami-Yugi and the White Rose lead by Kaiba.  They used Magical 
Cards used from a time in ancient Egypt.  But now this great War has 
begun and must come to an end and that is why you were brought back in 
time but now it is up to you to decide...Who will you join?... the Red 
Rose or the White Rose...either fate depends on you.


2a.) New Game
          Of Course this does what it does in every game that has this 
option so when starting you will see the opening of you being greeted by 
a being from Yugi's Kingdom and he will tell you why u are here and you 
will also get to make a name for your character {use any of the L or R 
buttons for english alphabet} Then you will pick your deck leader, 
afterwards kaiba appears and they both tell u reasons why u should join 
each side then you get to pick....join Yugi and the mysterious being 
will be pleased...join Kaiba and the mysterious being will be shocked.  
After picking either option your dueling journey to save either kingdom 
will begin...

2b.) Continue
          Of course this is what u pick to start where you left off on 
you dueling journey

2c.) Custom Duel
          Is The Two-Player Mode in the game, when starting both players 
must have their saves on their memory cards as there can only be 
basically one deck per card.  Before the battle you and your opponent 
will get a chance to set the rules for themselves in the match. The 
Option are as follows:
          -Choose Deck: A, B, or C
          -Set Life Points: 1-9999
          -Set Star Chip: 1-12 (*starchips are deducted as the cost from 
each card you use and setting this to whatever number you choose will be 
the amount you get back when your turn comes back to you).
          -Use Deck Leader to Attack: Use/Not Use
          -Card Style for Play: Hide**/Open

* In the Normal Game you only get back 3 everytime your turn comes back 
to you
** Hide does just what it says it hides all cards from being seen and 
you won't know what it is until the card is play or placed in use/attack 

2d.) Trade
         Trading is just that trading you can trade with your friends 
and if you have two memory cards you can use this as a method to get 
better cards for a particular deck you may have on another card.


3a.) Map Screen:
Directional Pad- Moves the Cursor
Square------Hold the button, then use the directional pad to move the
            screen while the cursor stays in the desired screen
L3--------- Moves the cursor along with the screen to view the rest 
            of the map.
Select----- Brings up the quit game menu
Start------ Takes you to the small system menu in the lower right 
            hand corner there you can Edit Deck,Save,Options,and
3b.) In Battle:
Directional Pad: Move to select cards or Deck Leader
Square------ Used to bring up the card placement grid which is Blue 
Triangle---- Used to View Card Stats and Information
X----------- Used to Backout/Exit A selection.
Circle------ Used to Select Cards and place them.
            -When Used on Deck Leader it can be used to move, grid is 
             Yellow Colored.
            -Select Card to Move in Which ever direction it can move
R1---------- When Card is Selected it is used to Rotate card to its side
R2---------- When Card is Selected it is used to Flip The Card Face Up
R3---------- Used to Zoom Camera If nothing is selected 
             ( Anytime on  Your Turn Only)
L1---------- When Card is Selected it is used to Turn Card Back into
             the original position if it is turned to its side
L2---------- When Card is Selected it is used to Flip Card Face Down 
             if the Card is Face Up
L3*--------- Used To Rotate Camera If nothing is selected 
             ( Anytime on Your Turn Only)
Select------ Used to Surrender Duel ( Anytime on Your Turn Only)
Start------- Used to End Your Turn

*Just remember 1 special feature, during the battle when your Deck 
Leader LP is critial, the draw card icon at the lower right will flash 
and you can press the L3 button in to gain a special HEALING (restore HP 
to 4000) for one time only, sometimes it is useful to buy time.

3c.) Deck Edit Menu:
Directional Pad: Picks Cards and Sections One by One
Square----- Removes card from deck
Triangle--- Detail of card and when pressed again u get to see a 3d 
X---------- Back/Exit
Circle----- Adds card to deck
R1--------- Scrolls Through Cards In Descending Order x5
R2--------- Selects How Cards are sorted by,
           (New Cards,Name,AP,DP,Class,Attribute,Level,Deck 
            Costs,Rank,and Card Color.)
R3*--------- Scrolls Through Cards In Carrying Case
L1--------- Scrolls Through Cards In Ascending Order x5
L2--------- Selects How Cards are sorted by,
            (New Cards,Name,AP,DP,Class,Attribute,Level,Deck
             Costs,Rank,and Card Color.)
L3**--------- Scrolls Through Cards In Carrying Case
Select----- Unknown
Start------ When on Carrying Case it is used to Designate the Deck
            Leader to one of Three Decks
            When on Any deck it is used to select one of the other
* When R3(Right Analog Stick) Is pushed in this brings up the Password 
** When L3 (Left Analog Stick) Is pushed in this lets you take any card 
marked reincarnate and get a new card for each one.

          At the beginning you have the option of choosing your name, 
which deck master (seems you get to pick different deck masters 
everytime you make a new game with a different name.), and to choose and 
which side to play (Red Rose Team (Yugi's Team) or the White Rose Team 
(Kaiba's Team).   
          I chose the tree/forest deck master and to play on the side of 
yugi of naturally. This deck is mainly composed of forest monster/ 
insects/ beasts/ 2 water types/ 1 dragon type/ 1 dark 1 angel and some 
traps and upgrade cards. So the main focus is on insects/forest and 
beasts. In general forest and beasts can combine. Insects I've found are 
a class of their own.. they don't combine with any except for an 
exception I'm going to list here. 

          The first boss Weevil(upper right) uses insects too and has 
forest terrain as a outlay. This of course benefits both you and him and 
makes him rather easy to deal with. Just make sure you pull out some 
high attack cards or combine some out. Upgrade them and go kill. Pretty 
straight forward.. Minimal strategy required. Cards to actually NOTE to 
get from him which is important are: Trap card (kill any card 2000 attk 
under), grow forest (makes terrain forest), Sacrifice (2 beetle bugs and 
other insects to make better insect) and most important of all COCOON 
(combine with larva to get moth.. must wait 6 turns and flip on defense 
and face up). This COCOON is a MUST!!! the attk power is 3500 and 
defense is 3000. To me it will Kill ANYTHING and on forest its +1000 on 
attk and defense.   Then after he is defeated two paths open up...one 
leading to Pegasus and the other leading to ?(character unknown at the 

          The second boss Rex Raptor(lower right) is rather harder... 
his terrain is rock. So you must make them into forest to benefit 
yourself and make sure you hold out until you make MOTH.. None of your 
other monsters can kill his 3000+ sometimes monster except the moth. If 
you upgrade the moth his attk can become 4000. I haven't defeated him 
yet because i'm still trying to build my deck.

Next Update...........
Defeating Rex
5a.) Deck
          Your Deck Consists of 40 cards when you play and all your 
other cards are held in the "carrying case".  First you have your Deck 
Leader...with it you choose what cards to play and where to place them.  
This Deck Leader can be any monster that has earned the rank to be deck 
leader, which can be obtained by having that one card played alot or by 
defeating the opposing deck leader.  If the deck leader is destroyed 
then it is game over!  So with this new system of play style for Yu-Gi-
Oh it really is strategic as you have to not only plan your attack but 
also your own defense.
         As in the other series of the games deck construction is 
extremely important as you must have knowledge of all the other series 
to truly be able to have that outstanding deck.

5b.) Summons
          When your Deck has been constructed your dueling adventure can 
begin.  When card are placed out they cost a certain amount of "Summon 
Power" which is represented by star chips and you know the cost of each 
card because it is presented on each card above their picture.  The 
highest amount you can hold is 12, your start the match with 4, and 
everytime your turn comes back to you you get 3, so use your cards 
          You can lay your cards around your deck leader by 8, 3 in the 
front and back and 1 at each side.  And the rules for laying the cards 
is you can only have 5 monster cards and 5 magical/trap cards on the 
board at one time, making a total of 10 cards at one time.  If you try 
to bring out more than that the card(s) will be sent to the graveyard.
          When looking at the 5 cards in your hand you can choose which 
one or more(up to 5 can be played at once if you choose to and if 
there's enough star chips).  Also when choosing more than one card that 
action can lead to a fusion (in order to pick more than one just pust up 
on the card you want and a number will appear at the top left of the 
card...that is how you can select more than one) The fusion can only 
happen depend on if the number near the gray square which is commonly 
called the hand bill evens you- *example-say you pick a level 6 card, 
you can then go through the other monster cards that may be level 5, 4 
etc. if the number evens out more than likely it can fuse, especially if 
the fusion conditions are met.


Fusion is very simple, but very hard to tell if you want a full list of 
the ways, the game is following exactly the same rules of OCG, so any 
OCG rules apply(go check it out yourself). Here are a few rules: 

1.) Type A + Type B :  Fire + Warrior => Flame Warrior Thunder + Dragon 
=> Two-Headed thunder  Dragon(very useful for dragons)

     For type One, it is easy to try out and you should only bear in 
mind that the level of cards before fusion should be lower than after or 
else no fusion start.
2.) Specific Card(s) + Type B, 
3.) Specific Card(s) + Specific Card(s) 

     For type 2 & 3, very hard to tell but you should know if you did it 
once in combat, like time magician is a specific card. 

4.) Sacrifice 

     For type 4, it is written on the ritual card itself of what cards 
are needed.

5c.) Movement
          Cards can be moved in four directions one square at a time(up, 
down, left, or right), movement is indicated by the grid spots turning 
yellow.  In some instances in the duel your card(s) Attack and Defense 
can be modified depending on your location on the field and the field 
type as the field can have multiple field type at once...*example-one 
board can have mountain,lava,water,and meadow all on one board because 
its grid based.  So the topography of the field is very important. Some 
field type can give some of your monsters an advantage say for example 
you flying creature gain an advantage in mountain sections and not only 
does their attack and defense rise but their field/range of movement 
increases x 2 so with that in mind that tells you to get to know your 
decks as well as the field types advantages and disadvantages.

5d.) Battle
          When your one of your cards finally gets to meet with another 
opposing card on the grid it is time for battle.  The calculation of 
damage is basically the same as in all the other DM games in the series.  
How ever this time it can be a magic or trap card when it is face 
up(*also note some trap/magic cards will activate as soon as it is turn 
face up).  If your card wins the battle it will take over the sqaure 
that the opponent was on, when it fails it will move back to the 
location it was at before. When a monster from the opposong team attacks 
your deck leader, whatever the monsters attack power is that is how much 
will be taken away from your Life Points...that is why it is important 
to guard your deck leader

5e.) Victory

          You and your opponent duel and take turns battling until one 
of these conditions are met to declare victory over your opponent....

     1.) Opponents Life Points completely gone-0-
     2.) The Opponent has no more room to place cards
     3.) If time runs out
     4.) Or if you summon the FORBIDDEN EXODIA


These Passwords can be found at the following (Konami Japan) Web Site  

YF07QVEZ - CARD # 670
EKJHQ109 - CARD # 655
CZN5GD2X - CARD # 506
N1NDJMQ3 - CARD # 372
81EZCH8B - CARD # 348
054TC727 - CARD # 152
N54T4TY5 - CARD # 291
CZ81UVGR - CARD # 191
S5S7NKNH - CARD # 510
GME1S3UM - CARD # 043
69YDQM85 - CARD # 687
UMJ10MQB - CARD # 699
E5G3NRAD - CARD # 758
S14FGKQ1 - CARD # 765


Special Thanks:
Konami of Japan: Supplying passwords and other misc. info  and for 
making such a great and addictive game (finally something other than 
Pokemon not to say there's something wrong with pokemon ^-^)

LarryLui: Who Gave out some of the valuable information about fusing 
when the game first came out.

Version Info

Version 0.1 - 4/16/02 First FAQ that jus scratches the surface of the 
Game. I planned to do this FAQ last year but never could find the time 
until know......  Next Update time and arrival unknown but destined to 

Version 0.2 - 4/16/02 Updated Controls for deck menu about the analog 
sticks. Added password section.

Version 0.3 - 4/19/02 Added/Modified info to the story section and 
changed the tutorial section layout and added tutorial information.

Beware...Evil is everywhere...and it is Relentless

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