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****************begin document***************

                                    Mortal Kombat4
                                  written by:KJ
  The Realm of Mortal Kombat Presents...

 M I D W A Y              $o$$$o$$$$$$$$$$$$$o$$o$             E U R O C O M
                      "$o$$$$""$oo $ ""      """$$$oo"
                    "o$$$$"   ""o  $oo o o       ""$$$o"
     /\           "o$$$"       oo$$$$$$$$$$o        "$$$o"            /\
    |  |         "o$$$   $ o$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"$$oo       "$$$"          / /
    |  |        "$$$"   "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$o$o$$$"        $$$"         \ \
    |  |       "$$$    o$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$o o   o  "$$"        / /
    |  |       $$$"    o$$$$$$$$$"$$$$$$"" "$$$$$$"$$$$$  $$$"       \ \
    |  |      "$$"    o$$$$$$$$$$o""$$$""""ooo"$$$$$$$$"   $$$"      / /
    |  |      $$$"    o$$$$$$$$$$            ""oo"$"$o""   $$$$      \ \
    |  |      $$$     o$$$$$$$$$$                """""$    o$$$      / /
    |  |      $$$    o$$$$$$$$$$$$o                   "o "oo$$$      \ \
 |\_|__|_/|   $$$ 'oo$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ooooooo$$$$$oo    $"$ "$$$   /\_/ /_/\
 \__.__.__/   $$$"  ""  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$o    " $$$$   \__. .__/
    |  |      "$$$       "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$o    o$$$"      | |
    (__)       $$$o       "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$o   $$$"       |_|
                $$$o       $$""$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$o  $$$"
                 "$$o    "$""  "$""$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$oo$$$"
                  "$$$o        "     $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$o$$"
                    "$$$o         oo$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"
                                     ,$ $$$
                                    $$o $$$
       __ M  O  R  T  A  L         ,$$' $$$         K  O  M  B  A  T __
    __/ /_____________________    .$$$$$$$$$"   _____________________\ \__
  <)__| |_____________________>         $$$    <_____________________| |__(>
      \_\                               $$$                          /_/

Move List:D=down F=forward U=up B=backward RN=run BLK=block +=press together @=also 
in air ()=hold LP=low punch HP=hard punch LK=low kick HK=hard kick
             alternate outfit: leather jacket/shades
    Weapon [D,B,LP] (Kali Dagger)
    Fallin Fireball[B,B,HP]     Rising Fireball  [F,F,[email protected]]
    Turbo Air Fist [D,F,HP]     Super RoundHouse[D,F,LK]
    Handstand      [BLK+LK](LP)spin)LK/HK(kicks)BL(standup)
   !Fatality       [U,F,U,B,HK] 2nd(outside sweep) [U,U,U,D,BL]
   !Fan Fatality   [F,F,D,BLK]  Spike Fatality [B,F,D,HK]

                 alternate outfit: MK2 Uniform
    Weapon [F,B,HP] (Wooden Mallet)
    Torpedo        [F,F,[email protected]]       Teleport      [D,U]
    Electric Spark [D,B,LP]
   !Fatality       [BL(F,B,U,U,HK)] 2nd [D,U,U,U,HP]
   !Fan Fatality   [D,F,B,BLK]      Spike Fatality [F,F,D,LP]

    Weapon [B,F, LP] (Nagimaki(Bladed Staff)
    Impersonation Moves:Jarek [B,B,B,LK]   Kai     [F,F,F,LK]
    Sub   [D,B,LP]      Liu   [B,B,F,HK]   Fujin   [F,F,B HK]
    Scorp [F,B,LP]      Sonya [F,D,F,HP]   Raiden  [D,F,F,HP]
    Quan  [F,B,F,LK]    Tanya [B,F,D,BLK]  Reptile [B,B,F,BLK]
    Reiko [B,B,B,BLK]   Cage  [D,D,HP]     Jax     [F,D,F,HK]
   !Fatality      [D,B,F,D,RN] 2nd [D,U,U,D,BL]
   !Fan Fatality  [D,D,F,HK]  Spike Fatality [D,F,B,HP]

Liu Kang
              Alternate outfit: headband/karate outfit
    Weapon [B,F,LK] (Flamberge` Sword)
    Fireball       [F,F,[email protected]]      Low Fireball   [F,F,LP]
    Flying Kick    [F,F,HK]       Bicycle Kick   [(LK)+3secs release] (count like 1
   !Fatality(Sweep)[Fx3,D,HK+LK+BLK] 2nd [F,D,D,U,HP]                  mississipi 2 
   !Fan Fatality   [F,F,B,LP]        Spike Fatality [F,F,B,HK]         missi.......)

               alternate outfit: old ninja costume
    Weapon [B,B,LK] (Battle Axe)
    Acid Bubbles   [D,F,HP]      Dashing Punch  [B,F,LP]
    Invisibility   [BLK+HK]      Super Krawl    [B,F,LK]
   !Fatality   [(HP+HK+LP+LK) U] 2nd (outside sweep)[U,D,D,D,HP]
   !Fan Fatality   [D,F,F,LP]    Spike Fatality [D,D,F,HK]

               alternate outfit: grey without mask
    Weapon [F,F,HK] (Broad Sword)
    Spear          [B,B,LP]      Teleport Punch [D,B,[email protected]]
    Air Throw      [BLK ^]       Flame Breath   [D,F,LP]
   !Fatality(sweep)[B,F,F,B,BL]  2nd            [B,F,D,U,HP]
   !Fan Fatality   [F,F,D,D,LK]  Spike Fatality [B,F,F,LK]

               alternate outfit: white shirt/pants
    Weapon [D,F,HP] (Spiked Klub)
    Energy Wave    [F,F,D,LK]    Dash Punch    [D,B,LP]
    Backbreaker    [BLK ^]       Fireball      [D,F LP]
    Multi-Slam     [LP,RN+BLK+HK,HP+LP+LK,HP+BLK+LK,HP+LP+HK+LK]
   !Fatality[(LK)3secF,F,D,F rel] 2nd [B,F,F,D,BL]
   !Fan Fatality   [F,F,B,LK]     Spike Fatality [F,F,B,HP

    Weapon [D,B,HP] (Spiked Klub)
    Teleport/Slam  [D,U @]~~[BLK (when close, to slam)]
    Spin Behind    [B,F,LK]      Flip Kick     [B,D,F,HK]
    Ninja Stars    [D,F LP]
   !Fatality[F,D,F,LP+BLK+HK+LK] 2nd(outside sweep)[B,B,D,D,HK]
   !Fan Fatality   [D,D,B,LP]    Spike Fatality[F,F,D,LK]

Johnny Cage
                alternate outfit: Bond-esque tux
    Weapon [F,D,F,LK] (Weird BladeII)
    Shadow Kick    [B,F,LK]      High Fireball [D,F,HP]
    Uppercut       [B,D,B,HP]    Low Fireball  [D,B,LP]
    Crotch Punch   [BLK+LP]
   !Fatality       [F,B,D,D,HK]  2nd [D,D,F,D,BLK]
   !Fan Fatality   [D,D,F,F,HK]  Spike Fatality[B,F,F,LK]

    Weapon [F,F,HP] (Weird Blade)
    Cannonball Roll [B,F,LK]    Ground Shaker  [B,D,B,HK]
    Projectile      [D,B,LP]    Vertical Roll  [F,D,F,HP]
   !Fatality        [F,B,F,F,LK] 2nd(outside sweep) [U,U,F,F,BL]
   !Fan Fatality    [F,D,F,HK]   Spike Fatality [B,F,F,LP]

                Alternate uniform: black dress
    Weapon [F,F,HK] (Boomerang)
    Fireball       [D,F,HP]    In Air Fireball [D,B,LP]
    Splits Kick    [F,D,B,LK]  Corkscrew Kick  [F,F,LK]
   !Fatality [D,D,U,D,HP+BLK]  2nd             [D,F,D,F,HK]
   !Fan Fatality   [B,F,D,HP]  Spike Fatality  [F,F,F,LP]

    Weapon [B,B,LP] (Crossbow)
    Whirlwind Spin [F,D,(LP)]   Air Dive Kick  [D+LK^]
    Levitate       [F,D,F,HP]~~~Slam [B,F,D,LK]
    Super Knee     [D,F,HK]
   !Fatality(sweep)[RUN+BLK x4] 2nd (outside sweep)[D,F,F,U,BLK]
   !Fan Fatality   [D,D,D,HK]   Spike Fatality [B,F,B,HP]

                alternate outfit: half-frozen
    Weapon [D,F,HK] (Icy Wand)~freeze with it   [B+LP]
    Ice Blast      [D,F,LP]      Ice Clone      [D,B,[email protected]]
    Slide          [LP+BLK+LK]
   !Fatality [F,B,F,D,HP+BL+RN]  2nd(outside sweep) [B,B,D,B+HP]
   !Fan Fatality   [D,U,U,U,HK]  Spike Fatality [D,D,D,LK]

Quan Chi
    Weapon [D,B,HK] (Mace)
    Air Throw      [BLK ^]      Tele-Stomp     [F,D,LK]
    Skull Fireball [F,F,LP]     Dash Kick      [F,F,HK]
    Weapon Steal   [F,B,HP]
   !Fatality[(LK)5sec F,D,F,rel] 2nd (outside sweep)[U,U,D,D, LP]
   !Fan Fatality   [F,F,D HP]    Spike Fatality [F,F,B,LK]

             alternate outfit: pink uniform w/o hat
    Weapon [F,F,LK] (Blade Wheel)
    Fireball       [D,F,LP]      Leg Grab       [D+LP+BLK]
    Sq-Wave Punch  [F,B,HP]      Vert. Bike Kick[B,B,D,HK]
    Air Throw      [BLK ^]       Front Flip Kick[B,D,F,LK]
   !Fatality(sweep)[D,D,D,U,RN]  2nd(outside sweep) [U,D,D,U,HK]
   !Fan Fatality   [D,D,B,B,HK]  Spike Fatality [F,D,F,HP]

    Fireball        [F,B,HP]    Air Stomp     [F,F,B,HK]
    Lunge Kick      [B,B,HK]    Swipe         [F,F,HP]
    Juggle Uppercut [D,D,HP]    Ground Stomp  [B,F,D,D,HK]

Noob Saibot
                     alternate outfit: hood
    Weapon [F,F,HK] (Scythe)
    Fireball [D,F,[email protected]]            Air Throw      [BLK ^]
    Teleport/Slam  [D,U @]~~[BLK (when close, to slam)]
   !Fatality       [?]            2nd [?]
   !Fan Fatality   [D,B,B,HK]     Spike Fatality [F,D,F,HK]

Meat: The character that u pick it will be there moves and style

Kombat Kodes:
Enter one of the following codes at the versus mode screen to activate the 
corresponding cheat function. There are two threedigit icon boxes at the bottom 
of the screen. The first icon in each box is controlled with Low Punch, the second 
with Block, and the third with Low Kick.

Result			Kode
One hit win			123 123
Noob Saibot mode  		012 012
Red Rain (On the Rain stage)  	020 020
Explosive Kombat  		050 050
Drawn weapons can not be lost  	002 002
Disable throws  		100 100
Disable max damage  		010 010
Disable throws and max damage  	110 110
Random weapon appears  	111 111
Start with random weapon  	222 222
Start with weapons drawn  	444 444
Many weapons 	 	555 555
Silent Kombat  		666 666
Big heads  			321 321
Fight in Goro's Lair (Spike Pit)  	011 011
Fight in The Well (Scorpion's Stage)  	022 022
Fight in Elder God's (Blue Face) stage  033 033
Fight in Tomb Stage  		044 044
Fight in Rain Stage 		055 055
Fight in Snake Stage  		066 066
Fight in Shaolin Temple  		101 101
Fight in Living Forest  		202 202
Fight in Prison (Fan Stage)  	303 303
Fight in Ice Pit  		313 313

FAQ Revision History

Revision 2.6
     - Added the PSX Cheat Menu code.
Revision 2.5
     - Added playing as Noob and Goro in Group Mode.
     - Added more bugs and unintended effects.
Revision 2.4
     - Added the Simplified Keyboard-Friendly Fatalities for the PC version
       to Section 7-4, thanks to Patrick McCarron.
     - Made some miscellaneous corrections.
Revision 2.3
     - Added more Bugs & Unintended Effects thanks to Brenton Simpson.
     - Loads of corrections, thanks to Brenton Simpson and Patrick McCarron.
Revision 2.2
     - There have been reports of modified copies of this FAQ being
       distributed elsewhere.  Do NOT update this FAQ yourself, this can
       lead to confusion and misinformation since some of these revisions
       include corrections to significant errors.  Link the copy on our
       server or just post it with no modifications.
     - Corrected the codes for Goro and Noob on N64 and PSX, added for Win95.
     - Added a Max Dmg "Kombo" for Cage, thanks to Dre Stinson.
     - Added more bugs and unintended effects.
Revision 2.1
     - Added Basic Strategies section, thanks to Andrew Baran.
     - Reorganized the sections a little and made some random additions and
       corrections, including a detailed Weapons chapter.
Revision 2.0
     - Removed the PSX Cheat Code (it's changed in the final release
       version) and added the Goro and Noob Saibot codes for PSX.  Thanks to
       Patrick McCarron and Chris Kefallinos.
     - Added the No Rain Kombat Kode (#10) thanks to MAGUS7000.
     - Renamed the weapons based on the names given at Midway's official
       web site.  Updated all weapons listings and made corrections to them.
     - Redid the Table of Contents section.
     - Goro CAN be Air Thrown, a mistake on our part, thanks to Ryan for
       pointing it out.
     - Corrections to Noob Saibot, thanks to Sid, and some to all others,
       thanks to Brad Lynch.
     - Tons of other random corrections and additions.
Revision 1.2
     - Added all the Kombat Kode text (thanks to McCarron, who used a hex
       editor on an MK4 N64 ROM dump to get it for me).
     - Even more corrections and minor additions to the codes sections and
       character descriptions, thanks once again to Patrick McCarron.
Revision 1.1
     - Three spins on Tanya's icon to get her third costume too.
     - Added full towers (all four sides of every Destiny Tower), and Goro's
       bio, thanks to Patrick McCarron.
     - Made tons of corrections, thanks again to Patrick McCarron.
Revision 1.0
     - First revision of this FAQ.  Everything has been reorganized and/or
       corrected since the Arcade Fullscale FAQ.

Introduction to Mortal Kombat 4                      *

     Mortal Kombat was created by a team originally led by Ed Boon and John
Tobias, at Midway Manufacturing Co. (now Midway Games, Inc.'s arcade
division).  As of April 1st 1998, Midway Games is officially no longer a
subsidiary of WMS Industries.
     Midway is now an individual company with its main arcade division in
Chicago, Illinois., referred to as "Midway Games, Inc.".  Along with a home
platform development house (which handles some of the arcade conversions to
home platforms) in San Diego, California., referred to as "Midway Home
Entertainment, Inc.", which is also the name of their home distribution and
marketing division in Corsicana, Texas.  Plus, Midway now owns what was
formerly a combination of the software division of Atari and Time Warner
Group, which was previously known as Time Warner Interactive.  Now known as
Atari Games Corporation, it is a wholy owned subsidiary of Midway Games, as
an alternative arcade developing division.

     Mortal Kombat 4 toured the United States of America in its incomplete
preliminary form back in July 1997.  After many BETA test revisions in
Chicago, Illinois (home of Midway's arcade division), Revision 1.0 was
released across the continent of North America in September of the same year.
This still-incomplete revision was soon replaced by Revision 2 later in the
fall season, and finally with Revision 3 in January 1998.
     Although many of the originally planned features still never made it,
many innovative new additions to the mechanics of Mortal Kombat did make it.
Using a real Weapon Kombat system, the game allows players to draw their
weapons at any time during a fight.  Weapons can be dropped, and picked up
by either of the match's participants, and can even be thrown or dropped at
will.  There are even objects laying on the floor in many stages that you can
pick up and throw at your opponent as a weapon.
     Being the first Mortal Kombat to be in 3 dimensions of glory, it just
wouldn't be complete without some use of the 3rd dimension in the gameplay.
You can now side-step into the depth of the arena, or toward the direction
of the camera view.  This is done in a way that, unlike some of the past
games with simular concepts, prevents you from using it to "cheaply" avoid
attacks.  It takes an almost impossible timing to actually avoid many hits
using this, as it comes in handy mainly to dodge projectiles or get to where
a dropped weapon or useable object is on the ground.
     As even the Chicago MK Design Team agreed that Mortal Kombat 3 had gone
too far with humor in finishers (ie. stretching people out, inflating their
heads, etc.) MK4 returns to the dark, violent, feel of the original.  Despite
the small bit of "humor" used in MK4's Fatalities, you can no longer find the
finisher types that were created as parodies (Friendships, Babalities, and
Animalities).  The goal here was to create a game that is visually realistic
but physically impossible, the way Mortal Kombat was, and forever should be.

The Story                                 *

The Elder Gods rule all Realms of the Universe, overseeing the creation and
destruction of worlds.

When the new realm of Earth was created, one of those Gods decided that he
would take that world for himself.  Shinnok knew that if he could control
Earth, he would have untold power.

What Shinnok didn't count on was the presence of Raiden, the God of Thunder.
The Elder Gods had already sent Raiden to Earth to act as the realm's
guardian, and when Shinnok arrived, the two Gods engaged in a titanic battle.
Their combat almost destroyed the entire planet, and for many centuries
Earth was plunged into darkness.

Raiden eventually defeated Shinnok and banished him to the Netherealm, the
place where all unwanted spirits are sent.  The Netherealm has existed since
the beginning of time and has had many names.  Whether it's known as Hell,
Hades, Gehenna or Pluto, it has always had the same purpose: to act as the
final home of those who have done wrong.

When Shinnok awoke in the Netherealm, he found himself under attack by
Lucifer, the leader of the fiery realm.  Lucifer used the souls of those whom
Shinnok himself had banished to the Netherealm to attack the Elder God.
Shinnok was quickly beaten and found himself in the dregs of Hell.

Continually tortured and tormented, Shinnok remained a prisoner of the
Netherealm for thousands of years.  He believed that he would never escape
and had no hope until the arrival of Quan Chi, a mysterious sorcerer who had
the power to travel throughout all of the planes of reality without detection
from any of the Gods.

Quan Chi told Shinnok that he would help him escape from his prison and
defeat Lucifer.  All Quan Chi wanted in exchange was power and the right to
rule at Shinnok's side.  Shinnok agreed, and the two waged a war in the
Netherealm that lasted for centuries.  They eventually beat Lucifer and took
control of the Netherealm.  Shinnok was now the ruler of the dead realm, but
he wasn't happy with his conquest.  The Netherealm is nothing more than fire
and brimstone, and he only rules over the grotesque demons that inhabit the
realm.  Shinnok wants more, and what Shinnok wants, Quan Chi must try to 

To Quan Chi, the Realm of Edenia seems like a good place to start...

                             Darkness is calling.

    "Thousands of years ago, in a battle with the fallen elder god known as
Shinnok, I was responsible for the death of an entire civilization.  To rid
all realms of Shinnok's menace, I waged a war that plunged the earth into
centuries of darkness and banished Shinnok into a place called the
    "Now, after Shao Kahn's defeat at the hands of earth's warriors, Shinnok
has managed to escape his confines in the Netherealm.  The war is now being
faught once again... only this time, it can be won by mortals."
                                            - Raiden, God of Thunder
                                              Defender of Earth

Frequently Asked Questions                       *

** Story-Related Questions **

Q: Why do Scorpion and Sub-Zero suddenly hate eachother again?
A: Endings have always been "What If" scenarios, and as you may recall, the
 endings of the past games (from MKII to Trilogy) acknowledge the character's
 ending from the previous game as having happened.
 For example, in the ending for Scorpion in MKII, he discovered that the
 Sub-Zero he had followed to that tournament was actually the younger brother
 of the one he had already killed in MK1, so he lets him live and swears to
 protect him for eternity to make up for the death of his older brother.
 Then In UMK3 and Trilogy, the ending for Scorpion acknowledges the above
 events as having happened, so he had to turn on Shao Kahn since he swore to
 protect this young Sub-Zero.
 However, as far as the endings in MK4 are concerned, none of these "What If"
 scenarios (endings) from the past games ever took place (which, in a way, is
 logical, since they show the events that take place "IF This Character Won
 This Tournament" and the character, in most cases, obviously didn't).
 So in summary, Scorpion never discovered the true identity of this younger
 Sub-Zero and still believes he's the same one who he had already killed in
 MK1 and has been hunting down since.  Like it, love it, or hate it, this is
 just the way the story of MK4 works.

Q: Didn't Johnny Cage die?  Why is he back in MK4?
A: Yes, Johnny Cage died in the course of MKII.  There are really two answers
 to the question of why he has returned:
 In reality, he has been added to MK4 because he is one of the most popular,
 if not THE most popular, characters in the whole series.  He was written out
 in MK3 for many reasons, but the fans demanded his return.
 But as far as the story goes (which is used to explain WHY), he was
 resurrected by Raiden to help in the battle against Shinnok and his Army of
 Darkness.  Don't try to analyze that subplot too deeply, just accept the
 simple fact that one of your favorite characters has returned because of
 your own popular demand.

Cheats for Goro,Noob Saibot, and Meat

Goro: go finish the game with shinnok now go to character screen and go highlight 
the "hidden" option now hold run button(hold it until the match starts) then press 
up(3),left now u will highlight shinnok now hold block button(hold it until the 
match starts too!) now u will be Goro.

Noob Saibot: go finish the game with reiko and go to 2 player and do the code 012-
012 which is player1=R1, circle, circle player2=R1, circle, circle 

Meat: go to 2 player now go to the "group" option in the character screen and 
finish it with all 15 characters now pick anyone in 2 player still and u will be 
meat.....ohh yah if u go back to the main menu and u wanna pick meat again u will 
have to do it again

Weapon Kombat                              *

Introduction to Weapons
 Every character has a weapon that he/she pulls out when the Weapon Draw move
 is used.  When a character is holding a weapon in his/her hands, it will
 drop to the ground if he/she takes a hit.  Once a weapon is laying on the
 ground, either kombatant can pick it up.  To throw a weapon you're holding,
 just do your character's Weapon Draw movement while a weapon is already in
 your hands.  If you're already holding a weapon in your hands, you can't
 pick up another weapon that is laying on the ground, or pick up any other
 objects laying around in the stage you're fighting in.

Objects in the Background
 You can also pick up any objects that are laying around on the floor in
 Goro's Lair, The Well, and The Tomb.  Pick them up the same way you would
 pick up a dropped weapon, but you will immediately throw the object at the
 opponent automatically (you can't hold it).


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