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                        Harvest Moon: Back To Nature
                          Festival FAQ/Walkthrough
                                  By, L621
                          ([email protected])
                        Last update 2/14/01 (2nd Version)

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                             Table of Contents:

                             I. Introduction

                             II. Version History/Updates

                             III. Note

                             IV. Spring Festivals:
                                -New Years Festival
                                -Goddess Festival
                                -Spring Thanksgiving Festival
                                -Horse Race
                                -Cooking Festival

                             V. Summer Festivals:
                                -Swimming Festival
                                -Sumo Chicken Festival
                                -Tomato Festival
                                -Cow Festival
                                -Fireworks Festival

                             VI. Fall Festivals:
                                -Harvest Festival
                                -Moon Viewing Festival
                                -Sheep Festival

                             VII. Winter Festivals:
                                -Dog Race
                                -Winter Thanksgiving Festival
                                -Starry Night Festival
                                -New Years Eve Festival

                             VIII. Other Special Events:
                                -Harvest Sprite's Tea Party
                                -Your Birthday

                             IX. FAQs

                             X. Credits

                             XI. Copyright Information

                              I. Introduction

This is my first FAQ so please bare with me while I get used to writing 
it. I'm writing this because there seems to be a lot of people who have 
a hard time winning the festivals or figuring out where to go. If you 
want to contact me you can e-mail me at [email protected] or you 
can post a message to me on the GameFAQs message board I'm L621. I'll 
either be at the HM:BTN board, FFIX board, FFX board, CC board or HM64 
board in that order. If you e-mail me put HM:BTN or something similar as 
the subject or it may be inadvertently deleted. You can e-mail me 
questions which I will answer and possibly put in the FAQs section. You 
can e-mail me corrections. You can e-mail me strategies for winning 
festivals/races and things such as what people will like being thrown 
into the pot at the Harvest Festival or a good recipe to win the Cooking 
Festival. You will be credited with anything you tell me that I add 
unless someone else told me first. You CANNOT send me any kind of chain 
letter. Any cute/funny forward you think I'll like, I assure you I won't 
I get enough mail already. No spam mail or links to sites not HM 
related. If you do you will you will be blocked from sending me anything 
else. If you have a HM site that you think is good send me a link and 
I'll check it out. I might add a links section if I get enough of them. 
If I miss something that you think I should add let me know. I hope this 
is helpful for some of you at least. :)


                        II. Version History/Updates

Version 2: 2/14/01 - Happy Valentine's Day!! I've tried to clean this up 
a bit, I hope it looks better. I also made some corrections and added 
the GS codes for chocolate to the FAQs section.

Version 1: 2/13/01 - First version.


                                 III. Note

Attending festivals makes people like you more. Even if you don't win 
they will still be happy with you for coming. If you do win they will 
like you even more. I know that some festivals like the Swimming 
Festival can get very tiresome and annoying after a while but usually 
you'll get the hang of it once you know what to do. I'm not going to 
repeatedly say that going to or entering the festivals will raise your 
friendships that's why I'm telling you now. Remember that you won't be 
able to take care of your animals after festivals that start at 6PM or 
Midnight and you won't be able to save on those nights either. Make sure 
you save the day before and take care of crops and animals before you 
go. There are other Notes added to certain festivals and there are also 
Fun Facts. Fun Facts are just little amusing things that you might not 
have known you could do. Send me some if you find them. :)  


                            IV. Spring Festivals

New Years Festival
Go to either Rose Square or the Inn at 6PM on Spring 1st. Karen may come 
by your farm before the festival to ask you to practice dancing with 
her. You have a choice of going to the Inn for a "party" with the adults 
or you can go to Rose Square for a "bonfire" and dancing with the girls 
and your rivals. You decide. This festival doesn't happen on year one 
because you start the game on the 2nd of Spring.
Note: Be sure to check your mailbox. Over the next few days you will get 
letters wishing you a good year from villagers who like you. If you're 
not sure who you still have to work on try writing down the people who 
send you letters and give things more often to the people who don't send 
you anything.

Goddess Festival
Go to Rose Square at 10AM on Spring 8th. On the 7th go talk to the girl 
you like and you will be given the option of asking her to go to the 
festival with you. You won't be able to go with anyone the first year 
because they will all most likely still be at a black heart. If you ask 
anyway they will say no and apologize. They go with your rivals instead. 
But, if they like you you can ask them and they will say yes. At 6AM she 
will be at your farm all dressed up and ready to go. Take care of your 
animals and water your crops before you tell her you're ready to go as 
you won't be able to do it afterwards. After the festival she will ask 
you if you want to go somewhere. Agree and you'll have a late night talk 
in a secluded area before going home.

Spring Thanksgiving Festival
Go give the girls cookies on Spring 14th. All the girls are expecting 
cookies from you so if you give them something else they won't be very 
happy. Unless you have a Game Shark to get some cookies you won't be 
able to give them any on year one. Also if you don't have a kitchen or 
the necessary things you won't be able to give them any. But if you do 
have these things make cookies and give them to as many girls as you 
can. I'll list the recipes.

1) Cookies.
Ingredients: Flour, Egg, Butter (use milk and the mixer to make butter)
Utensils/Seasonings: Sugar, Oven, Rolling Pin
*You can add honey.*

2) Chocolate Cookies.
 Ingredients: Flour, Egg, Chocolate, Butter (use milk and the mixer to 
make butter)
Utensils/Seasonings: Sugar, Oven, Rolling Pin
*You can add honey.*

Horse Race
Go to Rose Square at 10AM on Spring 18th. Sometime during Spring year 
one you should go by Yodel Ranch where Barley will give you a horse to 
raise. Take good care of it and get it to at least 8 hearts by the next 
Spring. Barley will come back and give you the horse for taking such 
good care of it. If you don't have at least 8 hearts he will take it 
away. Brush, talk to and call your horse everyday to make sure this 
doesn't happen. You can't enter the first year because the horse is 
still too small to ride. That's okay, you still need to go. You can bet 
on horses and win medals. When you have enough medals you can exchange 
them for prizes by talking to the Mayor. 1001 medals will get you a 
Power Berry so be sure to bet! The horse with the lowest odds is usually 
the horse that will win. Don't spend all your money on medals the first 
year, if you take good care of your horse you can bet on yourself next 
year when you have money to spare and win a lot. When your horse is 
grown you should ride him around your farm as much as you can to make 
him faster. For winning the race you will get a picture to put in your 
Note: If you get your horse taken away you can get another one by 
planting a lot of grass.

Cooking Festival
The Cooking Festival starts at 10 AM on Spring 22nd. To go to this 
festival simply wait until 10AM and go to Rose Square. If, however, you 
want to enter the Cooking Festival bring a dish you have cooked, when 
the Mayor asks if you have brought one answer "yes" with it in your 
hands and he will take it. The first year you won't have a kitchen but 
you can still enter by bringing a Spa Boiled Egg. If you're using a Game 
Shark you can enter and win the first year with a dish you've forced the 
game to give you. ;) What dish should you enter? I will list some.
Note: If you want to win you must add in some optional ingredients, the 
more the better because the judge likes dishes with many different 

1) Relaxation Tea. 
Ingredients: Relaxation Tea Leaves (Read the Harvest Sprites Tea Party)
Utensils/Seasonings: Pot
*There are many optional ingredients you can include to make this 
better. For example you can add blue, red or green grass, honey, fruits, 
milk, etc. If you add fruits make sure to use the knife to cut them up. 
You can also add sugar.*

2) Apple pie.
Ingredients: Flour, Apple, Egg, Butter (use milk and the mixer to make 
Utensils/Seasonings: Sugar, Pot, Rolling Pin, Knife, Oven
*You can add wine or honey.*

3) Pizza.
Ingredients: Flour, Cheese, Ketchup (tomato, onion, salt, sugar, 
vinegar, mixer to make ketchup)
Utensils/Seasonings: Oven, Rolling Pin
*Here are some things you can add; truffle, egg, fish, green pepper, 
pineapple, onion, corn, mushroom, tomato, carrot, salt, sugar, knife.*

4) Curry.
Ingredients: Curry Powder, Rice Balls
Utensils/Seasonings: Pot
*You can add MANY different things to this I'll list some. Boiled Egg, 
fish, onion, apple, carrot, corn, honey, pineapple, mushroom, sweet 
potato, milk, grapes, grape juice, turnip, green pepper, spinach, bamboo 
shoot, cheese, potato, salt, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, knife.*

5) Mixed Juice. 
Ingredients: Fruit Juice, Vegetable Juice
Utensils/Seasonings: Mixer
For this you need to mix 2 recipes together so I will list those as 

Fruit Juice
Ingredients: Apple, Pineapple, Strawberry and/or Grapes
Utensils/Seasonings: Mixer
*You can add honey, grape juice, sugar, knife.*

Vegetable Juice.
Ingredients: Carrot, Cabbage and/or Cucumber
Utensils/Seasonings: Mixer
*You can add spinach, tomato, green pepper, onion, turnip, mushroom, 
eggplant, bamboo shoot, corn, truffle, salt, soy sauce, vinegar.*

Note: If it's your first year and you don't have a kitchen but you'd 
like to enter, take an egg to the hot spring and toss it into the water 
at one of the openings in the fence. You'll get a Spa Boiled Egg in 
return if you've done it right. You can't win with this but you'll still 
be able to enter the contest.


                             V. Summer Festivals

Swimming Festival
Go to the beach at 10AM on Summer 1st to enter. If you've played HM64 
this may seem familiar to you at first. If only it were as easy as it 
was in HM64. This is one of the hardest festivals in the game, maybe 
even the hardest if you don't have a proper strategy. Walk around and 
talk to the villagers. When you're done talk to Mayor Thomas to start 
the race. Here comes the hard part. You need to have a strategy if you 
want to win. And you DO want to win because the reward is a Power Berry! 
Pay attention to your stamina, if you run out of strength you'll stop in 
mid-swim to rest and breathe. If this happens even once you have no 
chance of winning. The face in the speech bubble shows you what your 
stamina is at. If it gets to red breathe! After red you go to blue which 
results in you stopping to rest. To swim press X repeatedly, to take a 
breath press triangle. I can not stress enough that you MUST stop to 
breathe during this race, you can't get to the end without doing it. 
That being said here are some strategies.

Strategy 1) Start off by pressing X quickly. As soon as the little 
yellow happy face changes to a dull yellow face with a "-" for a mouth 
press triangle until you go back to the happy face (full stamina). Yes, 
I know they are all leaving you way behind but not to worry. Continue to 
do what I've told you until you get a little more than half way to the 
finish line. Kai will be close to the finish line by now but he's tired 
and moving very slow so don't panic. Once you're half way to victory 
press X like crazy the rest of the way. No more stopping to rest at this 
point. You'll pass Kai (and everyone else) to the finish line just in 
time to get your Power Berry.
(This is how I won. I know there are more and possibly better ways out 
there so please feel free to send in your own strategy to win and I'll 
add them giving you credit.)

Strategy 2) Press X and triangle alternately as fast as possible you 
should pull in the lead when Kai slows down. - Chronofan6

Note: You will have to practice a little before winning, don't be 
discouraged if it takes you some time to win. It took me almost 2 days 
(RL) of restarting the day repeatedly.
Fun Fact: You can go fishing before you talk to the Mayor and time 
stands still for you. Don't leave to throw trash away or take your fish 
home, just keep it in your rucksack until the festival's over.

Sumo Chicken Festival
Go to Rose Square at 10AM on Summer 7th. Don't forget to bring your hen 
if you plan on entering. If you bought a chicken fairly early in Spring 
it should be old enough and have enough hearts to win even on the first 
year. Feed it everyday, if you keep it outside in a pen make sure to 
scare away wild dogs if they come around, they can frighten or even kill 
your chicken and never leave it outside in bad weather. (I say just 
leave them inside year round but that's just me.) It may also help to 
pick it up and walk a little with it everyday. Doing this should get 
your hens hearts up in plenty of time. Pick the hen with the most hearts 
(that hasn't already won) and talk to Rick to start the game. He'll 
explain the basic rules for you so I won't go into that. There are 3 
rounds, 1 being the easiest, 3 being the hardest. This festival is quite 
simple to win if you know what you're doing. For a lower level hen, 5-8, 
wait for the opposing hen to jump in the air in an attempt to startle 
your hen. Once it jumps press X to jump right after it. Done correctly 
your hen will land after the other hen and it will be scared away. Make 
sure your hen is facing the other hen before urging it forward or you'll 
probably walk right out of the ring. If both hens are near the outside 
of the ring you can still urge your chicken on as long as the opposing 
hen is closer to the edge. Even if both hens go outside the ring the one 
who goes out first loses. Only do this if you're hen's facing it and the 
other hen is facing the edge of the ring people! For a high level hen, 
9-10, you can jump right from the start and still frighten the other hen 
first. The opposing hen might even be scared out on the first try. For 
winning this festival your hen will lay golden eggs worth 150G! Very 
useful the first year when money is tight.

Tomato Festival
Go to Rose Square at 10AM on Summer 12th. Food fight! In this festival 
you'll get to hurl tomatoes at villagers! Anyway, to win you and your 
other two teammates need to hit all three members of the opposite team 
before they hit you. There are four teams to join. Talk to the villagers 
and they will ask you to join their team. If you say no they won't ask 
you again unless you restart the day. Popuri and Ann have the best teams 
so join one of them if you want to win. After joining a team the game 
will start. Start off by pressing and holding triangle to hide behind 
the barrel. You can either stay that way and let your team finish off 
the others or you can get right in there and throw some yourself with X. 
Hide by pressing triangle if one comes your way or you'll get hit and be 
out. Personally I just hide like a cowered until a) my teammates take 
out everyone else advancing us to the next match (or winning) or b) my 
teammates get taken out and I'm left all alone forcing me to come out 
and toss some tomatoes. Don't try to hit someone who is already out it's 
pointless. There is a time limit to this. After the time's up whichever 
team has hit more members of the opposite team wins. If the number is 
the same after time has run out, as in 1 left for each team, or if the 
last two remaining hit each other at the same time it's a tie and that 
round will restart. Popuri's and Ann's teams are also the hardest to 
beat in case you haven't realized that. If you're the last one left on 
your team and they still have 3 members you can beat them if you get 
lucky or if you have mad skillz, go ahead and try. :) For winning your 
team members will like you even more.

Cow Festival
Go to Yodel Ranch at 10AM on Summer 20th. Talk to, brush and milk 
(adult) cows everyday to make their hearts go up. On days you can't take 
care of them ask the Harvest Sprites to do it for you in advance. Barley 
will come by your farm on the 19th to ask you if you want to enter a 
cow. If you do and it's an adult you can enter it. If it's pregnant or 
not grown Barley won't take it. I doubt you'll win your first year 
unless you bought your cow very early and have it up to 10 hearts 
already. Unless you used a Game Shark you wouldn't be able to afford one 
for quite some time. Pick a happy cow with 10 hearts, make sure it 
hasn't won before unless you only have one cow to choose from. Barley 
will take it. On the 20th go to the ranch and talk to the villagers. 
When you're done, talk to Barley to start the judging. If it cuts to 
Barley saying the festival is over you didn't win. If you do win he'll 
announce it and your cow will give golden milk worth 300G.

Fireworks Festival
Go to the beach at 6PM on Summer 24th. You will find some villagers 
gathered there to watch fireworks. Talk to the girl you like and you 
will have an option of asking her to watch them together. She will like 
you more if you ask her. Also, if you go to the beach on Summer 23rd you 
can ask Kai to watch the fireworks with you during the festival. Doing 
this will make him like you more.

Music Festival
Go to the Church at 6PM on Fall 3rd. On the 2nd Pastor Carter will come 
by the farm to ask for your help with the Music Festival. Say "yes." Go 
to the festival and he will give you an Ocarina to play. You and the 
girls will perform for the villagers.


                             VI. Fall Festivals

Harvest Festival
Go to Rose Square at 10AM on Fall 9th. The villagers get together and 
cook a big dinner for this festival. Everyone brings something to throw 
into a large pot so don't come empty handed. You can bring anything you 
want to throw in, even your dog though you shouldn't. :) The outcome of 
the entire meal seems to depend on what you alone throw in, better pick 
something good. Talk to the villagers to hear what they have to say 
about the food. When you're ready talk to the Mayor and tell him you 
brought something to add. Go up and toss it in. Everyone will then eat. 
Talk to them to find out if they liked it, if they didn't it's all your 
fault! :p Try to put something in that they will like. I will list some 
things they like and some they don't.

Green pepper 
Orange cup fruit

Sweet potato 

(Please send me in other things they like and dislike.)
Note: If you throw in your dog or a chicken they won't like it and it 
will be gone for good. Only do it if you're planning on restarting. 
Fun Fact: You can fish in the hot pot once everyone has eaten, nifty 
isn't it? I don't think you'll catch anything though.

Moon Viewing Festival
Go to the peak of Mother's Hill at 6PM on Fall 13th. You will find the 
girl who likes you most waiting for you. She'll want to watch the moon 
with you. Do so and she'll like you even more.

Sheep Festival
Go to Yodel Ranch at 10AM on Fall 21st. Barley will come to you on the 
20th asking if you want to enter a sheep. Like the Cow Festival you need 
to have an adult sheep that's not pregnant to enter. The sheep also has 
to have wool at the time. It takes seven days to grow back after you cut 
it. Before sheering your sheep make sure it will grow back by Fall 20th, 
if there isn't enough time don't sheer it!! Brush and talk to your sheep 
everyday and sheer it when you can (unless it won't grow back in time) 
to make it's hearts go up. Putting your sheep in the pasture with full 
grown grass will make the hearts go up faster but it becomes a pain to 
bring them in before bad weather. Even on year one you can win if you 
bought a sheep A.S.A.P. this may mean you have to buy a sheep before you 
buy a cow which most people probably don't want to do even though sheep 
cost less. It's up to you. Pick the sheep with the most hearts to enter. 
Talk with the villagers at the festival then talk to Barley to start the 
judging. If you win he will announce it and your sheep will produce gold 
wool worth 600G.


                            VII. Winter Festivals

Dog Race
Go to Rose Square at 10AM on Winter 10th. In early Fall Won should have 
come by and sold you a pink dog ball. You need to throw it for your dog 
a lot everyday to make him smarter. 10-15 times a day should be enough. 
You should also be picking your dog up everyday to make his hearts go up 
to 10. You can get your dog to 10 hearts in time even in year one if you 
play with him and pick him up like you should be. Zack will come by the 
farm and ask you to enter the dog race. Tell him you will and he'll come 
by to take your dog to the Square before the race. Talk to the villagers 
then to Zack to start the race. If you have been taking care of your dog 
this should be simple. Press O to run towards the finish line. Your dog 
doesn't need to be right on your heels the whole time, as long as he's 
close enough to follow you keep running. When your dogs starts falling 
behind stop briefly so he can get closer. Try not to let him get so far 
behind that he stops running and wanders away. You can go the entire 
race without the dog stopping once as long as you pause to let him catch 
up a little. 

Winter Thanksgiving Festival
Stay at your farm on Winter 14th. If you have been paying some attention 
to the girls they will bring you either chocolate or chocolate cake. If 
a girl is at a black heart she won't come so make sure all the girls 
have at least a purple heart. You will get chocolate if the girl has 
either a purple or blue heart. You will get chocolate cake if the girl 
is at a green heart or above. You need to keep at least two girls at 
purple or blue hearts because this is the only way to get the chocolate 
you need for at least two of the recipes. One girl will come at 6AM, one 
at 8AM, one at 10AM, one at 1PM and one at 3PM. Make sure you're on the 
farm. After 3PM you can go on about your business.

Starry Night Festival
Go to a girl's house at 6PM on Winter 24th. On the 23rd the girls will 
all invite you to come to their house for a party if you talk to them. 
It's up to you which house you go to. Decisions, decisions. You will 
then see a short cut scene with the girl you choose and her family.

New Years Eve Festival
Go to the peak of Mother's Hill at Midnight on Winter 30th. Talk to the 
villagers then talk to Saibara, the blacksmith. You'll then watch the 
first sun rise of the new year.


                          VIII. Other special days

Harvest Sprite's Tea Party
You can attend this party in spring on non-festival days. All of the 
sprites must be home as well so none of them can be helping on your farm 
the day you decide to go. First you must be able to carry seven gifts in 
your rucksack which means you need to get the large rucksack at the 
supermarket for 5,000G. The party will be over by the time you get back 
if you bring some gifts then leave to bring more. Now you must bring a 
gift for each Sprite. Flour works extremely well, it seems to be their 
favorite gift. You can also buy this at the supermarket for 50G. What 
gift would be complete without wrapping paper? Wrap the seven gifts at 
the supermarket for 100G each. Expensive, I know. Now that you have the 
gifts go to the Harvest Sprite's tree. It's located behind the church, 
up the path on the right. Go between 3-4 PM, no earlier and no later. 
Talk to Nappy, the orange sprite. If you're there at the correct time he 
should tell you to bring gifts if you want to join the tea party. Walk 
around and give out the gifts to all seven sprites, one each. They will 
be happy and urge you to continue giving gifts to the other sprites. 
When you give the last gift you will be invited to join the tea party. 
As you go to leave you will receive Relaxation Tea Leaves as a gift. 
Note: You can't get more until you use the ones you have.

Your Birthday
It is a little misleading for me to put this under special days because 
nothing really special happens. You will get letters from some villagers 
if they like you enough. If you're married your wife will make you 
something. Woohoo right? I know, it sucks.

After you get the 2nd house upgrade (the one with two beds), buy a blue 
feather and have your girl up to a red heart so that you can propose to 
her. Just give her the feather to propose. It will take exactly one week 
for the wedding. It will be marked on your calendar with a red heart. If 
there is a festival a week after you propose the wedding won't be 
canceled it will just be rescheduled to a festival-free day. Make sure 
you get the Sprites to take care of your animals on your wedding day 
because you won't be able to.


                                  IX. FAQs

Q: I asked my girl to marry me and she said no, why?
A: You must have the 2nd house upgrade so she will have somewhere to 
sleep. Make sure her heart is Red and not Orange. Keep giving her things 
she likes and soon she will say yes.

Q: My baby is sick, what should I do?
A: Take it to the Clinic.

Q: How do I bring in my animals before a storm?
A: Ring the bell and they will walk towards you. Get behind them and 
push them inside.

Q: Why don't my animals come to me when I ring the bell?
A: They may be too far away or their hearts aren't very high. If your 
dog is grown place it near the animals and ring the bell again. The dog 
will bark to heard them towards you.

Q: I lost my dog ball can I get another one?
A: Yes, Won will come by and sell you another one.

Q: What are the GS codes for chocolate?
A: Rucksack Item Mod. Codes:
Rucksack Square 1 - 80071AC0 00XX
Rucksack Square 2 - 80071AC6 00XX
Rucksack Square 3 - 80071ACC 00XX
Rucksack Square 4 - 80071AD2 00XX
Rucksack Square 5 - 80071AD8 00XX
Rucksack Square 6 - 80071ADE 00XX
Rucksack Square 7 - 80071AE4 00XX
Rucksack Square 8 - 80071AEA 00XX
Pick where you want the chocolate to be and enter F3 where the XX is.


                                 X. Credits

Tenken- Gave me some recipes to win with at the Cooking Festival, things 
to add at the Harvest Festival, things not to add at the Harvest 
Claude52- Things not to add at the Harvest Festival.
Chronofan6- A strategy for Swimming Festival.
Prima's Strategy Guide- Some recipes.


                         XI. Copyright Information

This FAQ is for personal use only. You can print it or parts of it for 
that reason only. Do not copy any part of this document and claim it as 
your own or you will be guilty of plagiarism which is punishable by law. 
If you post it on your site, publish it, use it in any kind of 
promotional way or use it in any way for personal gain, civil and/or 
criminal charges can and will be pressed against you. This FAQ is only 
to appear at www.gamefaqs.com This document is (c) L621; 2001 

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