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Team Fortress Classic Fighting FAQ

Copyright 2001 by Soulcleaver

Go ahead and put this FAQ on your site, BBS, or UseNet group. Just don't 
change a single character, and that includes typos. And don't try removing 
all my bizarre, pointless comments scattered throughout this FAQ. If you do,
I just might remove your eyes from their sockets with a claw hammer. But not

v1.0 Just started

1. Index

 1. Index....don't tell me how to write
 2. Glossary
 3. Fighting Guide
 4. Credits
 5. Misc
 6. Contacting the author

2. Glossary

I use a lot of slang and abbreviations in this FAQ. Most of them are 
commonly used in TFC play and this FAQ, so I don't want anyone to be 

AC - Assault Cannon. Used by HWGuys.

AIDs - The disease enemy medics give you. Slowly drains your life until you 
       die or a friendly medic heals you.

BS - "Bull excrement." Often used in conjunction with lag.

Clan - A groups of players who get together to fight against other clans. 
       "Gang" is a better word for it IMO. You can tell what clan someone's 
       in by the initials (Almost always three) at the beginning of their 
       name, which are usually in brackets or parentheses. (For example, 
       [POS]Bill ) And no, I don't want to join your clan. I turn down each 
       and every clan invitation I get. I'm a vagabond.

Conc - Concussion grenade. Knocks you back and forces you to look in a 
       figure-eight pattern for about 15 seconds, (Simulating dizziness) 
       throwing off your aim. Used by scouts and medics.

CS - Counter-Strike. Another Half-Life mod, much more popular and and less 
     fun (IMO) than TFC.

CTF - Capture The Flag. Maps where the object is to go into the enemy base, 
      get their flag and take it back to your base. Used in most TFC maps.

Demo - Short for demoman. Also: DM (Which I advise against using for fear of
       people confusing it with deathmatch.)

Detpack - VERY powerful explosives that take 5 seconds to set and 5, 20 or 
          50 seconds to explode. Can't be thrown like other explosives. Used
          by demomen.

DM - Deathmatch. Maps where the object is to kill rather than capture flags.
     Looked on with disdain by most TFC players.

Doc; Doctor - Medic.

Drunk; Stoned - When someone has been rendered dizzy by a concussion 
                grenade. Not used very often.

EMP - Energy something Pulse. Or something like that. Does more damage to 
      the target depending on how many ammo or grenades they have. Used by 

Engie; Engy - Short for engineer.

Fnord - FNORD! The fnords are coming! uNf!!!

FPS - First Person Shooter. What people invariably say they don't care for 
      when you mention TFC to them.

Frag - Kill.

Gren - Grenade. Can be used with any type of grenade, such as "nailgren" for
       nail grenade.

HPB - "High ping bastard." Someone whose lag is so high that they're 
      practically worthless.

Hunted - Slang for the civilian on The Hunted maps. See "Prez".

Incendiary Cannon - The weapon no one can spell. Used by pyros.

Lag - Everyone's worst enemy. This is what it's called when things get slow 
      or even stop while playing online games. See: "Ping".

Llama - An insult said to people who have absolutely no talent or go out of 
        their way to make the game less fun for others. (And no, I don't 
        know where they got "llama")

LPB - "Low ping bastard." What you'll most likely get called if you have low
      ping and you kill someone with high ping.

Macro; Script - A set of commands typed into the console that enable 
                numerous actions to be done with a single key. IMO, this is 
                pure cheating, since there's no margin of error and it's 
                impossible to detect.

Med - Short for medic.

Medkit - Heals allies of their wounds, pumps them up to 150% their natural 
         health maximum, (200% for civilians) cures afflictions and infects 
         enemies. Used by medics.

Newbie - You if you don't know what this means.

NS - "Nice shot."

0wn - To completely an utterly defeat a person or team. That's spelled "zero
      double-you en".

Ping - How much lag you have. The lower the better. See: "Lag".

Prez - Short for president. Slang for the civilian on The Hunted maps. See 

Puke Bomb - Slang for the spy's gas grenades, since they look a lot like 

RCTF - Reverse Capture The Flag. Maps where the object is to take the flag 
       from your base into the enemy's.

RTFM - "Read the freaking manual." Often used in reply to people who ask 
       simple questions that can be easily answered by reading the Readme 

SG - Sentry Gun. Built by engineers.

Skill - What I have and you don't. Nyah nyah.

Skin - A player's color, or a spy's disguise. Sounds obscene when heard by 
       non-TFC players.

Smeg - All-purpose swear word from the TV show "Red Dwarf". Used by me. And 
       yes I know what it means.

Spanner - An engineer's wrench. It's an actual word, but few people know 
          what it means.

SS - Super Shotgun. Not used very often.

TF - A mod for the original Quake, much like TFC but with worse graphics and
     different physics. Since then several first person shooters have TF 
     mods for them.

TFC - Team Fortress Classic, a TF mod for Half-Life. The game this FAQ is 
      all about.

TK - Team Killer. One who intentionally attacks team members. Despised by 

w00t - That's spelled "double-you zero zero tee". Used when someone 
       accomplishes something good or noteworthy, much like saying 
       "Allright" or "Yes!".

3. Fighting Guide

    This part, the most important one, will tell you how to fight every
class as every class. Here is where I'd usually say something witty, but
I don't feel like it right now.

        Heavy Weapons Guy
        Sentry Gun

Civilian vs. Civilian

I sincerely doubt anyone has made a map with more than one civilian, let
alone a map where civilians can fight each other.

Civilian vs. Demoman

On the other hand, I've seen several Hunted maps with demomen. The best 
thing to do is, as always, run like the wind and get your bodyguards to 
fight him. As with all classes, watch out for pipebomb traps and MIRVs. 
Smeg, as a civilian, you need to watch out for crowbars! If you even imagine
you see a grenade, RUN!!!

Civilian vs. Engineer

Has anyone made a Hunted map with engineers as assassins? If so, contact me 
and tell me what map it is so I can make a strategy.

Civilian vs. HWGuy

Has anyone made a Hunted map with HWGuys as assassins? If so, contact me and
tell me what map it is so I can make a strategy.

Civilian vs. Medic

Has anyone made a Hunted map with medics as assassins? If so, contact me and
tell me what map it is so I can make a strategy.

Civilian vs. Pyro

Has anyone made a Hunted map with pyros as assassins? If so, contact me and 
tell me what map it is so I can make a strategy.

Civilian vs. Scout

Has anyone made a Hunted map with scouts as assassins? If so, contact me and
tell me what map it is so I can make a strategy.

Civilian vs. Sniper

RUN. Think you've run enough? Wrong. You're not done running until you've 
made it through the map.  A L W A Y S  have as many bodyguards as you can 
around you. I prefer at least three, including a medic, but anything's 
better than fighting assassins by yourself with an umbrella. Always make 
sure you're surrounded by bodyguards in case a sniper has his red dot 
trained at you.

Civilian vs. Soldier

Has anyone made a Hunted map with soldiers as assassins? If so, contact me 
and tell me what map it is so I can make a strategy.

Civilian vs. Spy

Has anyone made a Hunted map with spies as assassins? If so, contact me and 
tell me what map it is so I can make a strategy.

Civilian vs. Sentry Gun

Has anyone made a Hunted map with engineers as assassins? If so, contact me 
and tell me what map it is so I can make a strategy.

Demoman vs. Civilian

What a joke. Come on! 50 health and 0 armor? Anything you can do will kill 
him with ease. Just watch out for his bodyguards. Unlike the Hunted, they 
actually have a chance of killing you.

Demoman vs. Demoman

Try to set up a pipebomb trap where he can't see you doing it, then lure him
into it by shooting pipe grenades at him in a way so he runs into the 
pipebombs. If he lays down a detpack, get out of there. Remember that he can
do anything that you can.

Demoman vs. Engineer

Pretty easy. Engineers aren't fast enough to dodge your pipe grenades 100% 
of the time, and they're not strong enough to kill you if you're not heavily
damaged or unskilled. Just watch out for his EMP -- It'll blow you to bits 
even if you have full health and armor. If he runs away, it's usually a bad 
idea to follow him, since he's probably running back to his SG so he won't 
have to fight you alone.

Demoman vs. HWGuy

Use a MIRV or a huge pipebomb trap unless you want to be shot down. If you 
don't have any MIRVs and you don't have the time to make a pipebomb trap, 
you're better off running away. After you run, make sure he's following you,
then lay some pipebombs or a detpack right by a corner and watch the 
fireworks. Remember that even big explosions might not kill someone as 
strong as a HWGuy.

Demoman vs. Medic

DON'T LET HIM GET NEAR YOU!!! If he gets half the chance, he'll give you 
AIDs. Plus he's fast enough to dodge any grenades you throw at him. You'd 
best shoot him with your shotgun while running away and hope he doesn't come
after you. Set up a pipebomb trap in case he does.

Demoman vs. Pyro

You'd probably be better off fighting him with help, since he can use fire 
in many ways to obscure your vision. And if your vision is obscured, you 
have no chance or hitting him with any bomb. Use the shotgun since it's 
instantaneous. Only fight him if you feel lucky or he has no skill.

Demoman vs. Scout

Don't bother. He's so fast that you have NO chance of hitting him with 
anything but a pipebomb trap or your shotgun. Since he's probably headed to 
your flag, you should have a bunch of pipebombs right by it so you can blow 
them up right after he gets the flag. Don't get mad if it doesn't work, 
since he might be able to dodge it. If he's smart, he'll run right next to 
your pipebombs then quickly run away and hope you blow them up so he can get
past. While he's doing this, shoot him.

Demoman vs. Sniper

Get in close. That way you can use pipe grenades to make him bounce all over
the place to throw off his aim. Make sure you kill him off fast, since he 
can kill you with one hit. Try shooting explosives into the enemy 
battlements so you can take out snipers and they can't even see you. A 
detpack on the sniper's nest is risky, but it's a really good way to keep 
snipers out of your team's hair for 50 seconds.

Demoman vs. Soldier

Your only hope is a pipebomb trap or a MIRV. Or, if he's wounded, a whole 
smeg of a lot of pipe grenades. Try to stay away from him until he shoots 
four rockets, then hit him while he's reloading. But if he reloaded before 
firing the fourth one, he'll probably kill you. Don't push your luck -- Use 
a pipebomb trap.

Demoman vs. Spy

Don't let him tranq you. If he does, you have no chance. He'll dodge 
anything you throw at him then he'll plant his knife in your back. If he's 
going for your flag, make sure you have some pipebombs there to blow him up.
No disguise can get around that.

Demoman vs. Sentry Gun

If you can, try to richochet pipe grenades off a wall at the SG. If it 
doesn't work, run in for a second to see where the SG is, then pipe gren it.
If engies are nearby, MIRV the SG. If the first explosion doesn't take it 
out, the second will......and when the engies run at it to repair it, the 
MIRV's second wave will take them out. If you hit, you're guaranteed to 
either take out an SG or an engie.

Engineer vs. Civilian

Has anyone made a Hunted map with engineers as assassins? (Which would be 
pretty interesting and would require teamwork) If so, contact me and tell me
what map it is so I can make a strategy.

Engineer vs. Demoman

Run. He will 0wn you with little effort. Run to your SG and hope he's stupid
enough to follow you. (If he doesn't manage to destroy it, he'll be shot 
down) If you can't do this, throw an EMP at him. It'll take him out -- 
Guaranteed. EMP's can also destroy his pipebombs, which will make your 
teammates grateful.

Engineer vs. Engineer

If you're in your base, try to lure him to your SG. He'll be dead in 
seconds. If you're in his base, you probably should get some help since you 
aren't likely to win in a fight against his SG.

Engineer vs. HWGuy

RUN. RUN VERY VERY FAST. The only way you can win is with an EMP (And even 
then if he's already damaged) or your level 3 sentry gun. A level 1 or a 
level 2 simply will not beat him if he has any skill. Be careful of his 
MIRVs......if he wants to take out your SG, he'll use them. While he's doing
this, decide what's more important: You or your SG. If you're more 
important, then just EMP him, then shoot him with your super shotgun a few 
times and get out of there. If your SG takes priority, make sure it's at 
full health, wait for the first explosion to go off, then repair it. You'll
almost certainly get killed, but your SG might take him out.

Engineer vs. Medic

Super shotgun the smegger and hope you take him out before he gets next to 
you. If he does, you can forget about living. Try to fight him near your SG,
since it can't get infected like you can. If he tries using his super 
nailgun to take out your SG, blast him.

Engineer vs. Pyro

He'll most likely 0wn you in a fair fight. That's why you shouldn't fight 
fair. His fire attacks will kill you fast, but they don't do so much damage 
to your SG. Notice how all of these basically say "Lure him into your SG"? 
That's what you should be doing all the time when you're an engineer.

Engineer vs. Scout

Grrr. Your EMP won't kill him if he's at full life, and he's too fast to 
shoot. If he's good, he'll try taking out your SG with a nailgun. This is 
why you shouldn't leave your SG unless you need to resupply or your team's 
offense sucks. Remember that he doesn't have any grenades, so if your SG's 
in a good spot, he can't take it out.

Engineer vs. Sniper

If they can get at the right angle, they can take out your SG with one shot.
So while they're charging their sniper rifle, throw some grenades (Don't 
waste EMPs on snipers. Save them for stronger classes.) at them and shoot 
them. If you're on offense and they're on defense, try using grenades to 
kill them, since if you get in their line of sight they'll kill you in an 

Engineer vs. Soldier

Your second worst enemy. They can use rockets and nail grenades to take out 
your SG with ease. If you're stuck fighting them, throw and EMP and hope it 
hits, cuz if it doesn't, you're dead.

Engineer vs. Spy

It's your own worst enemy....ringing the bell on the door....but the person 
inside says "Nobody's home" and your own worst enemy peeks inside, and sees 
you softly weeping, because he took out your SG while standing right in 
front of it and you weren't nearby to defend it. One stab from him will kill
you, and he can destroy your SG with incredible ease. So put your SG in a 
place where it's hard to destroy it with grenades, like the ledge by the 
ladder by the tunnel on Badlands.

Engineer vs. Sentry Gun

Unless you can take it out with a grenade or your railgun, (From a distance)
you're better off getting some help. (Note: Never, never, ever use the 
railgun unless you want to take out SG's from a distance. Aside from being 
slow and incredibly weak, they create a bright green laser that indicates 
there's a pansy engie nearby. It also fools your allies into thinking you 
might be an enemy spy.)

HWGuy vs. Civilian

Has anyone made a Hunted map with HWGuys as assassins? (Which would be 
completely unfair. It would be like Bruce Lee fighting Bob Dole.) If so, 
contact me and tell me what map it is so I can make a strategy.

HWGuy vs. Demoman

You're slow enough to get hit by his explosives, but strong enough to 
survive them, plus you don't get knocked around as much as the other 
classes. Keep your barrels spinning and try to avoid his MIRVs and pipebomb 
traps and you'll probably pull through.

HWGuy vs. Engineer

Too easy. The only way he has a chance of beating you is with an EMP or his 
sentry gun. Kill him before he can EMP you. His SG is probably nearby.

HWGuy vs. HWGuy

Basically, if both combatants have equal health and armor, whoever starts 
shooting first wins. So, try to shoot first. Attack him before he can see 
you and you'll almost certainly win. A good spot to do this is from the 
"sniper's nest" nearby command points 2 and 4 on CZ2. If you're fighting 
another HWGuy and you're getting killed, throw a grenade or MIRV and get the
smeg out of there.

HWGuy vs. Medic

Annoying. He'll probably try to run up to you and give you AIDs. And since 
you're so slow, he'll probably succeed, although you can usually kill him 
after he does this and runs away. If you see a medic coming at you, try to 
get at the end of a long corridor where you can continually shoot him where 
he can't dodge and he can't infect you. Watch out for concussion grenades.

HWGuy vs. Pyro

With the new patch, HWGuys are weaker and pyros are stronger. They're still 
not too much trouble, unless they manage to blind you. If you get blinded, 
keep shooting and run away until your vision clears. Then go after him.

HWGuy vs. Scout

You can kill a scout in literally one second with your assault cannon. He 
has  Z E R O  chance of beating you unless he sees you before you see him 
and you're mortally wounded. Basically, all he can do is throw a concussion 
grenade at you or drop some caltrops as he's running away. If you're on 
defense, start shooting your assault cannon, stop before you start firing, 
then start it up again. That way, if a scout comes running past you, you 
won't have to wait two seconds for your AC to charge up and you can kill him
with ease. As with medics, try to get at the end of a corridor so he can't 
get past you.

HWGuy vs. Sniper

You are slow. Their rifles are fast. If you're far away, you might take a 
hit before you can get to cover. (Thankfully, it takes two shots to kill 
you, unlike the other classes) If you manage to sneak up on a sniper, he'll 
have about a second to hear your AC's barrels spinning, turn towards you, 
and shoot you. This is why you should use a grenade to weaken them or just 
clear them away with a MIRV. Don't even think about attacking them from the 

HWGuy vs. Soldier

Since HW's don't get pushed around by explosions so much, you can keep your
aim on the soldier and keep hitting him even while he's firing rockets at 
you. When he fires four rockets, he'll almost certainly run away to reload. 
This is your chance to finish him. If he throws a nail grenade at you, he's 
probably trying to get you away from him so he can reload or run. Instead, 
keep shooting him. You have 300 armor, remember? You can take a few hits.

HWGuy vs. Spy

Using your AC as a spy checker is a good way to kill enemy spies fast. It's 
also a great way to get your teammates mad at you. If you get in a fight 
with a spy, KILL HIM FAST. If you don't, he'll tranq you and easily run 
behind you and stab you to death. If you have full armor, it'll take more 
than one hit to kill you, so you might have a chance to kill him. Watch out 
for his gas grenades. You'll take a lot of damage running through them since 
you're so slow.

HWGuy vs. Sentry Gun

The best way to take out an SG is to get to a point where you can see it, 
but it can't see you. Then you can destroy it with your AC easily. If this 
isn't possible, try a MIRV. You might even kill both the SG and it's 
creator. If you get stuck fighting an SG mano-a-mano, keep shooting and 
throw a bunch of grenades. If you don't win, your grenade might.

Medic vs. Civilian

Has anyone made a Hunted map with medics as assassins? (Guess he put too 
much money into health care, eh?) If so, contact me and tell me what map it 
is so I can make a strategy.

Medic vs. Demoman

Pretty easy. You're fast enough to dodge all his explosives and strong 
enough to survive his shotgun. Just run up to him and give him AIDs. Watch 
out for pipebomb traps, though. And if he throws a MIRV, run.

Medic vs. Engineer

You shouldn't have much trouble giving him AIDs, altought his super shotgun 
hurts, his EMP can probably kill you, and his SG can DEFINITELY kill you. If 
he starts running away, don't follow him. He's probably trying to get you to 
run into his SG's line of sight. If you can manage to take out his SG, you 
can give him AIDs with no trouble then get the smeg away.

Medic vs. HWGuy

Try to attack him before he can see you. This is a LOT easier on a server 
with footsteps turned off. Once you give him AIDs, it's easy to get away. 
Unless, of course, he decides to attack you, in which case you will die 
fast. So try to attack near corners so he can't shoot at you before you're 
gone. A conc might save your life if he sees you first. The second you give 
him AIDs, get the smeg out of there. Don't  E V E R  try to fight him with 
anything but your medkit.

Medic vs. Medic

You're pretty evenly matched. He might try to attack you with his medkit.
You can get hurt, but you can't get AIDs. So use your super shotgun instead.
Try running away and dropping a grenade. If he's dumb enough to think he can
give you AIDs, he might be dumb enough to run into a grenade. If he attacked 
any of your teammates, make sure you heal them ASAP. No one likes dying a 
dishonorable death from AIDs.

Medic vs. Pyro

You can probably give him AIDs....if you can manage to hit him despite not 
being able to see. You'll probably get hit a lot if you get close to him, so 
make sure you have plenty of health and armor unless you enjoy being a 
martyr. Be sure to heal any flaming teammates you see. Remember that even 
though you can put out a teammate's fire, you can't put out your own.

Medic vs. Scout

You're the only class anywhere near fast enough to keep up with him. And, 
unlike him, you have the super shotgun, which can take him out in four hits 
or less. If you're chasing him, watch out for caltrops. Try to get a friend 
to walk on them, then heal him. It's a waste of time to try to give scouts 
AIDs unless you're in a narrow corridor and he's trying to get past you. As 
fast as you are, he can blow you away in a race.

Medic vs. Sniper

Do not let him see you. Virtually all snipers train themselves to kill their
most annoying enemies, the medics, on sight. If you must, use a concussion 
grenade to disorient them first. It might save you. If you can, get behind 
them, give them AIDs, then RUN. Don't stay to finish the job or infect the 
other snipers. If you do, you're begging to be shot.

Medic vs. Soldier

You should probably just run. He can knock you all over the place with his 
rocket launcher. It hurts, too. Giving him AIDs is quite difficult unless 
you can sneak up behind him. And if you can sneak up behind him, prepare to 
get a rocket in the balls. If he throws a nail grenade, get the smeg out of 
there. Most of the time, a single soldier will 0wn you. If you absolutely 
have to fight, run around like a chicken with its head cut off. When he uses 
four rockets, give him AIDs, then RUN LIKE THE WIND.

Medic vs. Spy

Heal absolutely every single person you see who appears to be on your team. 
If you hear them yell and see them bleed, you know you got a spy. Chase 
after him and make sure he gets AIDs. An enemy who pretends to be your 
friend deserves to die a painful death. If he tries to run behind you, run 
and shoot him with your super shotgun or super nailgun. If you can't take 
care of him, tell your team. If you don't have the time, keep shooting 
him.....don't use your medkit. If your teammates see you shooting at an 
ally, they'll know he's a spy, too. Stand by to heal tranqed or 
hallucinating teammates.

Medic vs. Sentry Gun

Try bouncing grenades off of walls. If this doesn't work, try to get into 
the right position so you can shoot it with your super nailgun (Never use 
the super shotgun, it's too slow, too noisy, and too easy to trace back to 
you) and it can't shoot at you. Sometimes if it can't shoot with its gun, it 
can still shoot rockets, so get ready to hit 'n run.

Pyro vs. Civilian

Has anyone made a Hunted map with pyros as assassins? (He raised taxes? Burn 
him!) If so, contact me and tell me what map it is so I can make a strategy.

Pyro vs. Demoman

Actually, I've never had this encounter, since I rarely play as a pyro. I'd 
probably stay away from him, since his bombs aren't hindered by your flame-
proof vest. I swear, they should have made it so pyros take half damage from 
explosions. Then people might actually want to play as them.

Pyro vs. Engineer

Mmm......Reese's Pieces......oh, sorry. Burn him and take his pot o' gold. 

Pyro vs. HWGuy

Even with the new patch, it'll take a long time to roast a HW. So you're 
better off torching him once and letting your companions handle him. Your 
napalm grenades will hurt him a lot since he's so slow. TMBG forever!!!

Pyro vs. Medic

Light him up so he can't see you and therefore can't give you AIDs. Then 
cook him. May I recommend grilled medic? Those medkits REALLY bring out the 
inherent flavor.

Pyro vs. Pyro

Since you can't set each other on fire, you'll probably blast each other to 
bits with super shotguns. The fight will go a lot faster if you have a 
friend, hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge.

Pyro vs. Scout

Your flamethrower will inflict DEEP HURTING on him thanks to the new patch, 
but you'll never catch up with him. So go drink a bucket of A&W root beer 

Pyro vs. Sniper

Don't waste your ammo firing rockets at them from a distance, since, unless 
their tear ducts suddenly stop producting fluid and they lose their sight, 
they will see them coming. A napalm grenade into the battlements will stop 
them from firing from a certain area for awhile, but it's not quite as 
effective as a puke bomb or a nailgren.

Pyro vs. Soldier

Pyros are basically wussified versions of soldiers. (With a few changes, of 
course) So, naturally, you're at a disadvantage. So run away and bring 
friends. Not pyro friends, you idiot. 

Pyro vs. Spy

If you're on a server where you can't hurt teammates at all, use your 
flamethrower on everyone and keep attacking anyone who starts burning. 
They're either a regular enemy or an enemy spy. If you're on any other 
server, this is a great way to get your teammates to TK you.

Pyro vs. Sentry Gun

A napalm grenade will probably take one out. I'm not sure about the other 
weapons, since I don't use pyros that much. You guys are SUCKERS!

Scout vs. Civilian

Has anyone made a Hunted map with scouts as assassins? (Which would be 
pretty stupid) If so, contact me and tell me what map it is so I can make a 

Scout vs. Demoman

Ah, the scout. My favorite class. When fighting demomen, you'd best stay 
far, far, far away....and leave some caltrops behind you. Try to find ways 
of getting past pipebombs, like walking by them for a second, then running 
away before he activates them. If he uses a detpack, just walk on it to 
deactivate it. Be careful, because doing this will really smeg him off.

Scout vs. Engineer

He's not a whole lot stronger than you, but he does have the super shotgun, 
EMP's and not mention his all-powerful sentry gun. If he throws an EMP at 
you, you can probably use it instead of a conc if you want to fly (Just make 
sure you don't have a lot of shotgun shells, or you'll get blown up). If you 
manage to take out his sentry gun, he'll definitely run after you. When he 
does this, drop caltrops and throw a conc at him. His super shotgun hurts, 
but hey, at least it's not a sentry gun.

Scout vs. HWGuy

Run. Done running? Run some more. Think you've got away? Keep running. Don't 
ever stop running for any reason. I mean it. Don't consider fighting a HWGuy 
unless you want to die. I'm serious. If you fight a HWGuy, you WILL die. You 
might be thinking, "But I can run rings around him and he can't hit me!" No. 
He can hit you. He will hit you. You WILL be killed. In case it hasn't sunk 
ALL AT ANY TIME. EVER. Unless, of course, you want to be sent back to 
respawn for some reason. When I'm playing CZ2 and I want to get back to my 
flag room, I pick a fight with a HWGuy. If I see him first, I can chip a 
little off his armor before I get shredded to bloody ribbons. If you're 
being chased by a HWGuy, drop caltrops, concs, whatever. Just keep running 
and hope he doesn't figure out how to catch up with you.

Scout vs. Medic

Keep running. As a scout, you should run from all non-scout enemies, but 
especially from medics. They're the only other class that has ANY chance of 
catching up with you. Which means that you might get AIDs. Stay your 
distance, get off a few shotgun blasts if you can, drop some caltrops, but 
keep away from him.

Scout vs. Pyro

Before the new patch, if I saw a pyro, I'd think "Big deal, I'll just take a 
hit from his flamethrower and keep on running." Now I think "Where's another 
way I can get past him?" Now that the pyro's flamethrower does more damage, 
scouts can get fried like shrimp in seconds. Oh man shrimp is good. I want 
some right now. Aw smeg, it's snowing outside and I don't want to walk to 
Long John Silver's. Anyway, stay away from pyros. You can probably jump over 
their napalm grenades, and their incendiary cannons are relatively easy to 
dodge, but if you get in close, get ready to take some heavy damage from the 
flamethrower, if you survive at all.

Scout vs. Scout

This is the only fair fight you will ever have. Be prepared for a long 
fight. It takes a surprising amount of time to take another scout down, 
since both your weapons are so weak and you can both dodge attacks so 
easily. Most of the time, someone else will show up and uneven the odds. If 
they don't, you should find a nice, long corridor, run down it and drop a 
smegload of caltrops, enough that even a scout can't jump over them. Even 
the paltry amount of damage caused by caltrops hurts a scout, not to mention 
that having their speed reduced eliminates their only advantage. Don't waste 
your time with concs. The other scout will dodge it easily.

Scout vs. Sniper

Don't. Technically, they can kill you even faster than HWGuys. After all, 
one shot is all it takes. If you're in their base going for their flag, 
don't run up to them, shoot once, and run. As fun as this is, they might 
come after you. If they do, they can guard all the corridors from any 
distance. Even though you're fast enough to dodge most bullets, their auto 
rifle hits repeatedly. And it hurts. It's a scratch to other classes, but 
you aren't the other classes, are you? If you are, why are you reading this 

Scout vs. Soldier

This is not a fair fight. It's what is probably the best class in the game 
versus what is definitely the worst class in the game. One direct hit from a 
rocket will kill you. One splash hit from a rocket will almost kill you. One 
nail grenade will severely damage you. Even the super shotgun hurts like 
smeg. While they can't kill you as fast as a HWGuy, they can still kill you 
very quickly. Your best chance is to drop caltrops and run like Forrest 

Scout vs. Spy

You're best off touching anyone on your team, espeically if they're acting 
suspicious (Sometimes this makes your teammates think you're an enemy spy 
yourself, though). If they're an enemy spy, they'll lose their disguise 
immediately. They'll most likely run to some obscure location and put on a 
new disguise. Alert your team with his location and disguise, and don't ever 
stop shooting. He can't hit back without losing his disguise, so you can 
keep pounding at him. If he throws a grenade, you can easily dodge it. If he 
throws a gas grenade, run out of its radius, and keep shooting. Usually an 
ally will come in time to take him out for you. If they don't, and you don't 
want to be cheap and change classes so you can kill him, he'll be damaged 
enough that after he takes your flag, someone else can finish him off.

Scout vs. Sentry Gun

Your only, and I mean only chance to take it out by yourself is to get to a 
position where you can get a shot at it with your nailgun and it can't shoot 

Sniper vs. Civilian

Oh, please. You can kill him in a few seconds with your crowbar! One shot 
from an uncharged sniper rifle will send his entrails flying into the air 
(Try to get a groin shot for style points). If he sees you, get out the auto 
rifle and fire like mad, since he's a lot less likely to dodge a couple 
dozen shots than just one. If he has bodyguards around, try to shoot him 
anyway. If he's surrounded, you'll probably kill one, unless it's a HWGuy. 
If it's a HWGuy, he'll probably come after you. Plan out a good exit away 
from wherever you snipe from.

Sniper vs. Demoman

No problem at all, unless he manages to sneak up on you. In which case, you 
should fire your charged shot, then run straight to respawn unless you want 
to die. Watch out for his MIRV. If you see a MIRV, (Or a detpack, or any 
explosive for that matter) run away until it's done exploding.

Sniper vs. Engineer

No problem. Watch out for EMPs and SGs.

Sniper vs. HWGuy

Problem. Even a fully charged head shot won't kill him unless he's already 
wounded. His AC will rip you to pieces. His MIRV will blow you to bits for 
sure. Your best bet is to get in one fully charged headshot, then shoot him 
with your auto rifle and hope he dies before he can start shooting. Of 
course, if he's still far away after the first shot, you should keep using 
the sniper rifle.

Sniper vs. Medic

He might be too fast for you to shoot. In this case, you should try to get 
him to run at you in a straight line. A good way to do this is to get at the 
end of a corridor. Be careful, since he can conc jump right into the 
battlements. (On most maps) He can also give you AIDs quite easily if you're 
zoomed in. So, zoom out every once in a while so you don't get AIDs.

Sniper vs. Pyro

If you get caught on fire, you can forget about winning until it goes away. 
Get ready to run and take lots of damage.

Sniper vs. Scout

Using your sniper rifle is usually a waste of time. Use the auto rifle 
instead. If he conc jumps into your battlements and runs for your flag, you 
should run after him. If you keep firing, he'll be weakened by the time he 
gets your flag. By this time, backup will usually have arrived. If it 
hasn't, keep shooting him anyway.

Sniper vs. Sniper

Get to a spot where you can see him, but he doesn't know you're aiming at 
him. It's important to put your laser sight in a spot where he won't notice 
it, like above his head. If you miss and you're far away, go to another spot 
and try it again. If you miss and you're close, run like the dog you are. Be 
ready with a charged shot when he and/or his friends come after you.

Sniper vs. Soldier

You can usually see his rockets coming from a mile away. When you do, get 
FAR away. Don't get to where you think you're far away enough. I've been 
killed too many times when I thought I was out of the blast radius. If he 
gets in close, shoot once then RUN. He will 0wn you if your shot misses. If 
you see his nailgren, run away until you hear it explode.

Sniper vs. Spy

Annoying. If he gets behind you, you're dead. His gas grenades prevent you 
from sniping in a large area for quite some time. You can shoot everyone who 
looks suspicious, but you'll invariably hit your teammates a few times. I'm 
sure they'll love having all their armor taken away. (This is why I like to 
play on servers where hurting teammates hurts you instead)

Sniper vs. Sentry Gun

Unlike the other classes, you can kill the SG while it's seeing you. Just 
charge yer sniper rifle, look at it and fire. If you miss, it would be a 
good idea to get the smeg out of there and try again. Watch out for angry 
engineers afterward.

Soldier vs. Civilian

Has anyone made a Hunted map with soldiers as assassins? (Which would be 
like Chuck Norris fighting Ross Perot) If so, contact me and tell me what 
map it is so I can make a strategy.

Soldier vs. Demoman

You can usually waste him, but be careful because you're slow and it's hard 
to dodge his explosives. If he runs away, he might lead you into a pipebomb 

Soldier vs. Engineer

He has basically no chance against you unless you're at death's door, he 
uses an EMP or you run into his SG.

Soldier vs. HWGuy

As strong as you are, HWGuys are even stronger! Don't stay in one place. 
Keep running and jumping around unless you want to be murdered by his AC. 
Don't expect your rockets to knock him around much, since he's so heavy. If 
you get wounded, don't run away. You're so slow you probably won't make it. 
Drop some grenades and keep shooting. If you run out of rockets and you NEED 
to fire, use the super shotgun.

Soldier vs. Medic

Shoot at the ground in front of him so you'll knock him back. Do whatever it 
takes to keep him away from you unless you want AIDs. If he concs you, 
you're screwed since you can't run fast enough and you can't aim well enough 
to shoot him. Just fire randomly and hope you hit.

Soldier vs. Pyro

Remember that your cannon is stronger than his, but his has a bigger splash 
and can set you on fire. I've always considered pyros to be a weaker 
combination of soldiers and spies. But that doesn't change the fact that he 
can blind you easily. Get in close and get burned. Stay far away and get 
maybe get burned. If you get blinded, don't waste your rockets, since you 
can't see very well and you probably won't hit him. Use your super shotgun 
until the fire goes out.

Soldier vs. Scout

One shot, one kill. And you're not even a sniper. The only thing you have to 
fear is if he takes your flag. Stay in a corridor that he's running down and 
he has no chance of getting past you. If you need to get past a scout's 
caltrops, either just run past them and get slowed down even more, of, if 
you need speed, rocket jump over them.

Soldier vs. Sniper

Here's a hint: Don't fire rockets at them from a distance. Since they can 
see them a mile away, they'll only hit idiots who don't run when glowing 
things come flying at them from the enemy's base. That and they'll know 
there's a soldier coming at them. Fire rockets at them only when you're 
close. When you do this, it might take two hits to kill them. If the first 
shot doesn't kill them, GET OUT OF THERE! You're tough, but snipers can kill 
you in one hit. Throw nail grenades in the battlements for extra fun.

Soldier vs. Soldier

Don't jump all over the place. Sure, it makes it harder for you to be hit 
directly, but it means a splash hit will knock you really far away. It also 
makes it harder to aim. So stay on the ground and stay off ladders. If you 
get wounded, don't run if you and he are alone. No matter how far away you 
get, he can shoot you with rockets. If you're looking where you're going, 
you can't see the rockets coming and he'll hit you for sure. If you look at 
him while you're running, you can't see where you're going. d0f!

Soldier vs. Spy

They're only a problem if they're disguised and you don't know it. In this 
case, there's nothing you can do about it. If they aren't disguised, two 
shots will kill 'em. They'll probably come in close for a stabbing. Keep in 
mind that if you shoot at an enemy really close with the rocket launcher, 
you'll hurt yourself, too. But you have more armor than him, right?

Soldier vs. Sentry Gun

Ways to take out an SG as a soldier: 1. Run in, fire a rocket, run out. 
Repeat.  2. Fire rockets from a distance.  3. Throw a nailgren at it.

Spy vs. Civilian

Has anyone made a Hunted map with spies as assassins? (Which would be pretty 
cool) If so, contact me and tell me what map it is so I can make a strategy.

Spy vs. Demoman

For the love of smeg, don't run over their pipebombs unless you have a 
disguise on and you're certain they don't know you're a spy. You'll have to 
get in close to stab them, and they have the advantage there. Practice your 
dodging skills.

Spy vs. Engineer

These guys HATE you. You are their enemy. Your Republican to their Democrat. 
Your Eminem to their Insane Clown Posse. The thing is, they're about even 
with you unless you get in close with your knife or their SG sees you. Try 
to make the former happen and avoid the latter.

Spy vs. HWGuy

Stay away from these smeggers even if you have a disguise. Most HW's like to 
use their assault cannons as spy checkers. If they do, you are quite 
screwed. If you try to stab them, it'll take more than one hit, (Unless 
they're wounded, of course) so be prepared to be shot. If they run after 
you, drop a puke bomb, because they'll take a lot of damage from it since 
they're so slow.

Spy vs. Medic

How ironic. Neither of you are very good in a fight unless you're right next 
to the enemy. The problem is, he can give you AIDs with one hit, and it 
might take more than one hit for you to kill him. If he runs away, use your 
super shotgun (And maybe your tranq first). If you're disguised and he 
doesn't know it, pretend you have something important to do so he won't heal 
you. If he's any good, he'll heal anyone and everyone he sees as a spy 
checker. You don't want AIDs interfering with your mission, do you?

Spy vs. Pyro

Get in close and you'll burn. So use your super shotgun instead. If he 
doesn't have his flamethrower out and you're in close, run in and stab him 
before he can switch to it. That is, if you're feeling lucky.

Spy vs. Scout

Don't bother trying to stab him unless he can't see you. He's just too 
smegging fast. Even your puke bombs won't do that much since he can run 
right through them. You could always tranq him, but he'll probably dodge it. 
Your nailgun has the same problem. So use your super shotgun or don't bother 
at all. If you're disguised, don't let him touch you, or he'll reveal you 
for the dog you are.

Spy vs. Sniper

If they're zoomed in, get behind them and stabby stabby stab. If they 
aren't, I wouldn't bother. Toss a puke bomb into the battlements to keep 
them out for 15 seconds.

Spy vs. Soldier

This is like a weasel fighting a lion. Technically, the weasel is a lot 
smarter and sneakier, but the lion can still rip the weasel to pieces. Since 
you are a weasel, stay away from lions, mmm-kay?

Spy vs. Spy

Break into his base and steal his nuclear plans. D'oh! That window is really 
a guillotine! (End of reference) Seriously, you should stay away from him 
unless you want to lose your disguise. If you lose your disguise in his 
base, you will probably be killed.

Spy vs. Sentry Gun

What a joke. Just throw two grenades in the right place and say goodbye. If 
it's in a hard to reach spot, pull the pin on the grenade and hold onto it 
for a few seconds, then let go at the right time so it explodes right next 
to the SG.

4. Credits

Valve, for making such a ludicrously awesome game

YelseyKing, for formatting this FAQ so the text doesn't go off the edge of 
the screen

TFC sites I recommend: (Tons of strategy for all the classes) (Even more tips for classes) (A great, comprehensive site, just stay far 
away from the articles, which are written by idiots) (A great place for beginners to 
get info)

5. Misc

My best TFC score of so far: 848/72 (Not a typo)

If you ever want to see me on TFC, I usually use the name Smeghead. I'll be 
the guy with the highest score. (j/k)

I listened to the following albums while writing this: (In chronological 

2Gether - Again
The Aquabats - The Fury of the Aquabats
Metallica - ReLoad
Limp Bizkit - Significant Other
Weezer - Pinkerton
They Might Be Giants - Why Does the Sun Shine
Limp Bikzit - Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water
Goldfinger - Stomping Ground
They Might Be Giants - Severe Tire Damage
Limp Bizkit - Three Dollar Bill, Yall$
The Aquabats - Myths, Legends, and Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 2

Yeah, I know that these are drastically different types of music. But I like 
all kinds of music.

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