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F           A            N           T           A            S           Y      !!!

Name: Finonic
E-mail: [email protected]
Version: 1.3
Last Time Updated: Feb. 12, 2005
Game: Final Fantasy 1 & 2
Faq: Final Fantasy 2
     (with SoR includes)

1. Charcters
2. Magic
3. Walkthrough
4. Bestiary
   Special Need-To-Know Things
   Q & A


Firion: (Best with sword and shield)
Taken in by Leon's family at a very young age,
Firion was raised as a brother to Leon and 
Maria. After losing his adopted parents when 
the empire invades the kingdom of Fynn, Firion
decides to join the rebels to exact vengeance
upon the empire.

Maria: (Equiped with bow, that means shes a bowsgirl!!!)
Leon's sister by birth, Maria is a strong young girl who
carries on her fight against the empire even as she searches
for her lost brother.

Guy: (Axe Warrior, i said AXE not Sword)
None can match Guy's extraordinary physical strength; however,
his imposing figure belies his gentle and somewhat naive nature.
Guy also has the unusual ability to communicate with animals.

Leon: (Equip with sword and shield like Firion)
Leon is Maria's brother and Firion's adopted brother.
Leon's parents are killed during the empire's invasion 
of Fynn. He escapes with Maria, Firion, and Guy, but
becomes lost when they are set upon by a party of black
knights in the forests.

2: Magic

White Magic:

Cure:                 Life:                      Basuna:
Restores HP.          Revives a KO'd ally        Cures status ailments that wear off

Esuna:                Barrier:                          Blink:
Cures status ailments  Defends against Special attacks   Raises evasion

Protect:         Shell:                 Wall:            Dispel:
Raises defense   Raises magic defense   Same as Shell    Removes magic barriers

Mini:            Silence:                       Sap:
Shrinks target   Keeps foes from using magic    Reduces target's MP

Fog:                         Slow:
Inflicts amnesia on target   Reduces targets number of attacks

Swap:                          Fear:
Switches HP & MP with target   Drives foe away in terror

Teleport:                                            Holy:
Banishes target or transports party ut of dungeon    Deals holy damage

The ultimate magic, sealed away by the ancient mages of Mysidia

Black Magic:

Fire:               Thunder:                 Blizzard:          Scourge:
Deals fire damage   Deals lightning damage   Deals ice damage   Deals poison damage

Drain:                   Osmose:                  Flare:
Absorbs HP from target   Absorbs MP from target   Sets off a fusion reaction

Sleep:                 Stun:              Stop:
Puts target to sleep   Paralyzes target   Disrupts target's time, paralyzing it

Confuse:          Blind:                        Curse:
Confuses target   Blinds target with darkness   Curses target

Toad:                           Break:             Death:
Transforms target into a toad   Petrifies target   Kills target instantly

Warp:                                                   Berserk:
Banishes target or transports party to previous floor   Temporarily raises attack

Temporarily increases targets number of attacks

Enhances effectiveness against various foes

3: Walkthrough

3.1: The Beginning

When you start out you see the prologue with its scenes. Once the prologue is 
finished you have to fight black knights, but they knock you out instantly. then 
you see the princess and a white wizard. You also see another person whos lynig on 
the floor. Once the princess and the wizard leave, the guy on the floor gets up and 
walks out of the room. You then see Maria and Guy come up to him outside of the 
room. As they talk you learn Leon is missing. they then go into a room and talk to 
the princess and she tells you the password there. Then three commands come up but 
you can only choose learn. Learn the words in red and then ask her wild rose and 
sheel tell you that Leon might be in Fynn. now talk to Minwu(the white wizard) and 
ask him wild rose. He'll tell about the password and some other usefull information.
Now, since everyone else doesnt have any usefull information go to the room where 
you started out in and talk to the ppl in there. They will tell you what you need 
to know about journeying.

3.2: Going to Fynn

Now comes the journey to Fynn. First you must get some equipment. Heres the list of 
what you need.

Everyone: leather cap and leather gloves, equip them go outside and get in a few 
battles, come back and buy Maria and Guy a shield but don't equip Maria's yet.

Maria: get her a cure Tome. When you get to gatrea, get her leather armor.

Firion: get him a fire tome when you get the money.

Guy: Buy him a Blizzard tom and a shield when you get the money.

Now once you have all this you can depart for Fynn. Once you get to Fynn you see a 
knight but don't talk to any of the knights in Fynn cause it would only mean 
instant death. Go to the northern part of the city and you notice an area of fince 
that is cut off. go behind but not too far or you will exit Fynn. Go to your right. 
You'll find the corner of fincing. Go a couple of steps past this corner and the go 
down. You see a building. Go inside. Here you see tons of knights. Don't talk to 
these knights either. Go to the upper right corner and you see a man. Ask him wild 
rose and he'll tell you there's a wounded man in the back. Once he leaves go right 
and you go right through the wall. Keep going til you get to the bottom. There's 3 
chests with potions in them. Then talk to the man in the bed. You find out he's 
prince Scott. He gives you his ring and then dies. Now go back to Altair and show 
the ring to Hilda. She tells you about Mythril. Now learn Mythril and then ask her 
Mythril and she'll tell you to go to Salamand with Minwu. Now talk to Minwu. He 
joins the party. now get him a javilen and whatever he needs and be on ur way.

3.3: Mythril, the Legendary Metal

Now go to the lake close to Altair, (not Gatrea) cross it and theres a town and a 
ship. Enter the town and get the better armor and weapons you need. Also get any of 
the white spells for Maria if you have enough money, if not then you should get 
enough gil for at least 2 of the spells. Now that you have all that you can either 
take the ship to paloom or take my prefered root, The Long Way. Take the long way 
so you can get more gil and experince on your weapons and shields. About halfway to 
Salamand you might check the map to keep yourself on track. Once you get to 
Salamand you should get a Life tome for Maria if you have the gil. once you have 
what you want go to the house above the sanctuary. Talk to Josef and he tells you 
he'll talk to you if you free the people in the Semitt Mines. Now you can either go 
to paloom and hire Cid's airship or look at the map and find ur way there like I 
did. Once your there you should open any chests on the first floor and then move on 
to the 2nd floor. Here check the chests and then move on. The 3rd floor doesnt have 
many chests but it holds prisoners. 1 of the rooms has the men, Josef's daughter 
Nelly, and Paul. Talk to Paul and he tells you he came after the Mythril himself 
cause its his job. He then takes the prisoners out. But theres also the stairs to 
the next floor here. The 4th flloor doesnt hold much as well. But in 1 of the rooms 
here there's the Mythril. But a sergant is gaurding it. Heal the wounded and 
prepare for your first boss fight. This shouldn't take long if you did what i did. 
but it would take hours of your time to work evry1 up to 2000 hp and work your way 
down to Mysidia for better weapons and armor. All it took for me to assasinate him 
was 1 hit. And i mean 1. Back to the main story. I had him in about 4 rounds using 
mostly attack. but i used magic the 5th round and killed him off.

3.4: The Dreadnaught Nears Completion

Now make your way back to Altair. Give the Mythril to Tobul and sell anything you 
dont want or need. Then buy your Mythril armor and weapons and it all needs to be 
Mythril or else you gonna die when you start SoR(Soul of Rebirth). Then talk to 
Hilda and she'll tell you she wants the Dreadnaught destroyed. Now go to bafsk and 
there should be a knight there the you can ask dreadnuaght. Find him and he'll let 
you in. Now go down the stairs. There's only 2 floors and the chests are only worth 
checking for the extra gil. When you get to the end you see the Dreadnuaght take 
off. Now go back inside and turn right. Go into the room. Take the pass out of the 
chest and exit through the portal in the room. Now go to Paloom and ask Cid about 
the dreadnaught.

3.5: Sunfire, the Weakness of the Dreadnaught

Cid tells you that AIRSHIPS are powered by SUNFIRE. He also tells you that if you 
let the flames get too high the thing will blow sky high. Here is the part that 
took me the longest to figure out. First you go ask hilda SUNFIRE. She tells you 
about it being part of a celebration at Kashuan Keep. Now go to the room the king 
is in and ask him Sunfire.

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