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Version: 1.2
Last Updated: April 22, 2005
Created By: Psionic(CHEATKING746) & Mech Raptor
1.2- Fixed the section on missions, forgot how 
to tell if somebody is capable of completing the
   1.1- Getting Started
   1.2- Meeting the Clan
   2.1- Important Characters
   2.2- Clan Characters
   2.3- Special “Hidden” Characters
3.)Races & Jobs
   3.1- The 5 Races
   3.2- Beginner Jobs
   3.3- Expert Jobs
   3.4- How to get Expert Jobs
4.)Missions: Dispatch/Battle
   4.1- Missions
   4.2- Dispatch Missions
   4.3- Mission Items
   4.4- Laws/Law Cards
5.)The Totemas
   5.1- Totema Battles
   5.2- Using the Totema in battle
   7.2- Armor/Helms
   7.3- Shields
   7.4- Accessories
8.)Usable Items: All types
9.)Moves: Most Often Used w/ Descriptions
10.)Contact Me/Copyright Notice
    10.1- How to Contact Me
    10.2- Questions/Comments
    10.3- FAQ use Rules and Regulations

Okay, this is the unofficial walkthrough for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the 
Gameboy Advance (SP). NOTE: This walkthrough contains spoilers and you 
may not want to read it. 

1.1- Getting Started
Okay, so you’ve got your new cop of FFTA and ya wanna play it. Well, here’s a brief 
intro. When you start a new game, it starts at the school. Everybody is dividing 
into teams and already you can see tension between the classmates. Anyways, with the 
help of Ritz, the teacher explains to you the basics of engaging, except with a 
snowball fight as demonstration. I’d pay attention because it explains things such 
as fighting and moving. After the lesson, you get to try it out. After a few rounds, 
the teacher stops and you fade into Mewt being picked on. Blah, blah, blah. After 
that, you hear Mewt talk of this book that’s is all about magic and monsters. Well, 
Marche invites them over his house to show the book to his brother Doned. When at 
his house, they open the book. You get your first glimpse at the magic and monsters 
you will soon encounter all the time. When the group tries to figure out what it is, 
Ritz thinks it’s a magic book and Mewt says an incantation that later causes the 
world to change and his wishes come true. After they leave, you see the world 
change. Okay, now to the good part. You actually get to fight. When you wake up, 
you’re in a new world, in the town of Cyril. You bump into a lizard…. I 
mean “Bangaa” But, this Bangaa doesn’t like being called a lizard and engages you. 
Lucky for you, Montblanc, a moogle, comes to your rescue. He’s a black mage and is 
strongest of the 4 creatures there. So, now you fight the lizard man and his friend. 
Congrats! You just won your first battle. After, you see the law at its force. When 
the lizard man uses his potion, you see him sent to jail. Not good. 

1.2- Meeting the Clan
Okay, after engaging with the Bangaa, Montblanc takes you back to the Pub. Here, you 
meet your clan. When you join the clan, Montblanc asks you to name the clan. 
Personally, get rid of “Nutsy” and put something catchy in. I’ve used “Blue Fire” 
and “Nighthawk.” After meeting the clan, it’s time to start missions! 


Okay, everybody requests this. A list of ALL the characters. Well, here ya go!

2.1- Important Characters:
MARCHE- The main character. When you play the game, this is whom you are. When 
Marche wants to change the world back and starts to destroy the crystals (read about 
the Totemas), the palace places a bounty on his head. After that, he…

RITZ- Marche’s friend. When the world changes, she starts Clan Ritz. When Marche 
mentions that his quest to turn the world back to what it was, Ritz says she will 
not join him. Eventually, in your quest to return to the real world, you WILL have 
to fight Ritz and her clan…

MEWT- Always picked on at school, Mewt is a depressed person. He has no mother and 
his father always works. “After mom died, he just stopped caring” When the world 
changes, he becomes Prince and his mother is Queen. More about him is for you to 

JUDGEMASTER CID- Mewt’s father, Cid, becomes the Judge master when the world 
changes. Basically, he is in charge of all the Judges of Ivalice and has the highest 
authority. Once against you, he later joins your side after defeating Exodus.

QUEEN REMEDI- The queen of Ivalice and mother of Mewt. In the real world, she is 
dead. In Ivalice, she serves as Mewt’s guardian and gives him whatever he desires. 
You will see another form of Remedi in the final battle of the game!

BABUS- Mewt’s servant. Babus is a Nu Mou and is very powerful. During the battle to 
defeat Exodus, you will have to fight him. Babus is Mewt’s loyal servant and does 
whatever he is ordered to do.

LLEDNAR- After a certain point of the game, Llednar becomes your newest foe. Defiant 
and arrogant, Llednar is always looking to fight and destroy you. With his 
devastating move Omega, it takes true skill to survive his attacks.

SHARA- Shara is Ritz’s clan member and always goes with her. Shara is a Viera and 
always supports Ritz.

MONTBLANC- Montblanc is on your side from day one. A strong black mage, Montblanc is 
useful in situations where magic is optimal. Though a small moogle, Montblanc can be 
quite the lifesaver.

EZEL BARBIER- Ezel is an anarchist…well, not really. But he hates the laws. After 
you save him from the judges, you can visit Ezel’s shop to buy anti-law cards, cards 
that nullify the laws or add laws making battles to your advantage. 

NONO- Montblanc’s brother. One time, you go to Babuga Port and you meet Nono. Nono 
is a gadgeteer and was robbed by bandits. When he asks you to get his items back, 
you learn of the Jagds, lawless places where only bandits go…

2.2- Clan Characters:
As I said before, after facing the Bangaa, you meet your clan at the pub. Well, when 
you’re on the World Map, hit the start button and choose “Party.” When you start, 
you will have 6 people in your clan, you and 1 person of each race (5). Your clan 
will include you, Montblanc, a Human Soldier, a Bangaa White Monk, a Viera Archer, 
and a Nu Mou White Mage. They will all be these jobs, while their names are totally 
random. Every so often, by random chance, after completing a mission, you will get a 
notice saying a new person wants to join the clan. Now, this is good if ya want clan 
members. You get people with regular and expert jobs. Also, when checking out their 
stats, check out their abilities. Some people have some abilities already mastered. 
After checking their stats and abilities out, choose, “yes” or “no”. However, 
remember you can have a MAXIMUM of 23 clan members.

2.3- Special “Hidden” Characters:
Okay, once you beat certain aspects of the game, you can unlock secret characters to 
join your clan. Here’s a list of who can join your clan:
-Ritz    -Judge Master Cid
-Ezel    -Eldena
-Shara   -Pallanza
-Babus   -Cheney

Ok, these characters are bonuses from the game. The only two characters you can get 
before beating the game are Lini and Quin. Getting these characters is completely 
random, some harder to get than others. 

To get Lini, equip the Hero Gaol as a mission item. This item can be found in the 
middle of the game. When you equip it and win the mission, Lini just MIGHT join your 
clan. I find by equipping the Hero Gaol for the mission "Twins Swords" is highly 

To get Quin, it is pure luck. If you're lucky, he will join your clan when you 
complete the mission "Missing Professor."

Now, for Ritz, this is extremely easy. You dont need any special items. After you 
beat the game, go to the pub in Cyril. Sign up for any mission you want and check 
the rumors, since some new ones will be there. However, make sure to sign up for the 
Mission "Mortal Snow." After you sign up, you will come into a little clip where 
Ritz rushes into the pub. Just pay attention if you want, nothing major here. Ok, so 
once you're done with the clip, go to Lutia Pass. When you get there, notice that 3 
undead will appear. Ain't it funny they have the same names as the bullies form the 
beginning of the game? (Lyle, Guinness, Colin) Anyways, I find a white mage with 
Full Life, a White Monk with Exorcise or a Sage with Raise work well. After you win 
the battle, Ritz will offer to join your clan. She is using a rare weapon, the Femme 
Fatale. Also, Ritz knows some good abilities such as Piercethrough and Manastrike, 
but lacks Nighthawk. Ritz is a fencer, but she is a Viera, not a human. It's most 
likely because of her white hair (spoiler!) and her being a female, afterall. =P

Ezel is also easy to get. After you beat the game, head to Cadoan and pay a visit to 
Ezel. This time, when you walk in, Ezel asks you to do him a favor, like always. 
After him explaining that the Palace and Resistance will have talks, he asks you to 
help be guard to prevent angry protestors from causing riots. Fun, fun. To sign up, 
just go the ol' pub. The mission is called Reconcillation - pardon my horrible 
spelling skills =P So, when you get to the mission, you see a Bangaa Bishop and a 
Human (seen the person before at Audience Day, but as of now, I do not know the job. 
Never seen his job before) talking, when all of a sudden some protestors appear! 
Should be an easy battle. Just take out the Fighter and Elementalist first and 
you're gold. After the battle is won, Ezel has a chat with you. At the end (woo its 
long) he offers to pay you by joining your clan. Man, Ezel is useless. His only 
attacks are Astra and Azoth. Astra prevents any status ailment once and Azoth can 
put your enemies to sleep, but barely works. Also, hes got a pain-in-the-youknowhat 
job that cant be changed or learn abilities. He's a Hermetic and you cant do a darn 
thing about it. I think he's a waste of clan space personally.

Shara, is along the lines of easy to get. Just like her partner Ritz, you meet up 
with her at the Pub. The Mission is called "A Maidens Cry." Apparently Shara was 
wandering when an antlion larva fell on her head. Doned is there too, being a bit 
rude. So, as with Ritz, just complete the mission and she'll join. Shara is a Viera 
Sniper who knows Doom Archer, Death Scythe, Double Shot and Beso Toxico. Plus, she 
has a rare bow too! The Seventh-Heaven, the all-necessary bow for Hunters that'll 
let you learn Ultima Shot!

I'll have the others soon! I'm just checking that my thoughts are right.

This is a good section to learn about races and their jobs…

3.1- The 5 Races:
In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, there are 5 races of beings. These races are Nu 
Mou, Human, Moogle, Bangaa and Viera.

HUMAN: Humans are the most common and most rounded in Ivalice. Humans can perform 
almost any job and perform all of their jobs well. Humans can perform 5 Beginner 
Jobs and 6 Expert Jobs.

BANGAA: The Bangaa are a lizard like race known for their toughness and ferocity in 
battle. They have high HP, Weapon Attack and Weapon Defense, making them ideally 
suited for the frontline of battle. Bangaa are great with brute force, but weak in 
the areas of magic and large weaponry. Bangaa can perform 2 Beginner Jobs and 5 
Expert Jobs.

VIERA: The Viera are a beautiful, female-only race specializing in the areas of 
stealth, agility, and finesse. Their slender shapes and long ears give them 
unmatched agility and speed. The Viera are also very spiritual; they have several 
exclusive jobs focusing on elements of speed and spirituality. Vieras can perform 3 
Beginner Jobs and 5 Expert Jobs.

NU MOU: Nu Mou are a quiet race, but the most potent magic users in Ivalice. Nu Mou 
have low weapon attack. They prefer to attack their enemies in battle by casting 
magic from long range. No Mou can be valuable in battle, aiding their clan with 
offensive and defensive magic. Nu Mou can perform 3 Beginner Jobs and 5 Expert Jobs.

MOOGLE: Moogles are a small, fun-loving, and mischievous race. In battle, Moogles 
like to play tricks and have fun. Moogles have high Weapon Defense and Magic 
Resistance, but low HP, Weapon Attack and Magic Power. Thus, Moogles are better 
suited for long-range combat.
Moogles can perform 3 Beginner Jobs and 5 Expert Jobs.

3.2- Beginner Jobs:
HUMAN: Soldier, Archer, Thief, White Mage, Black Mage
MOOGLE: Thief, Black Mage, Animist
VIERA: Archer, Fencer, White Mage
BANGAA: White Monk, Warrior
NU MOU: Black Mage, White Mage, Beast Master 

3.3- Expert Jobs:
HUMAN: Paladin, Fighter, Blue Mage, Hunter, Ninja, Illusionist
MOOGLE: Gunner, Gadgeteer, Mog Knight, Juggler, Time Mage
VIERA: Sniper, Elementalist, Summoner, Red Mage, Assassin
BANGAA: Dragoon, Gladiator, Bishop, Templar, Defender
NU MOU: Morpher, Time Mage, Alchemist, Sage, Illusionist 

3.4- How to get Expert Jobs:
PALADIN: To get a Paladin, have your human soldier master 2 ACTION abilities
FIGHTER: Same as Paladin
BLUE MAGE: You must master 1 Black Mage ability + 1 White Mage ability
HUNTER: Master 2 Archer Abilities 
NINJA: Master 2 Thief Abilities
ILLUSIONIST: Master 3 White Mage Abilities + 5 Black Mage Abilities 

GUNNER: 1 Animist Ability
GADGETERR: 2 Thief Abilities
MOG KNIGHT: 1 Animist Ability
JUGGLER: 2 Thief Abilities
TIME MAGE: 5 Black Mage Abilities

SNIPER: 2 Archer Abilities
ELEMENTALIST: 1 White Mage Ability + 1 Fencer Ability
SUMMONER: 2 White Mage Abilities + 2 Elementalist Abilities
RED MAGE: 1 Fencer Ability + 1 White Mage Ability
ASSASSIN: 1 Sniper Ability + 2 Elementalist Abilities

DRAGOON: 2 Warrior Abilities
GLADIATOR: 2 Warrior Abilities
BISHOP: 2 White Monk Abilities
TEMPLAR: 2 White Monk Abilities
DEFENDER: 2 Warrior Abilities

MORPHER: 5 Beast Master Abilities
TIME MAGE: 5 Black Mage Abilities
ALCHEMIST: 3 White Mage + 5 Black Mage Abilities
SAGE: 3 White Mage Abilities + 2 Beast Master Abilities
ILLUSIONIST: 3 White Mage Abilities + 5 Black Mage Abilities


This section is devoted to the meat of the game—missions

4.1- Missions:
Okay, Final Fantasy Tactics advance revolves around Missions. To sign up for one, 
visit a Pub in any of the towns. However, for some missions, you just can’t sign up. 
For some missions, you will need a mission item. Also, when you sign up for 
missions, you’ll notice different kind of missions. There are 4 different kinds of 
missions. Battle, Liberation, Dispatch and Clan Missions. Battle Missions have a 
little sword icon and to be completed, you must win the battle. Liberation missions 
have a white flag icon and these missions free an area. Some of these you will have 
to win a battle, but most will need a person to be dispatched to complete them. 
Dispatch missions have a scroll icon and means one clan member has to be sent out. 
More about them in 4.2. Finally, Clan missions. Clan missions have a blue symbol and 
mean that you must fight another clan to complete it. To check on your mission 
status, in the World Map, press START, Clan and choose Missions. (Only available 
after the mission, “The Cheetahs”) In total, there are 300 missions.

4.2- Dispatch Missions:
Ok, earlier I started to explain dispatch missions. Dispatch missions are more 
complex than the other types of missions. For starters, when you send clan members 
out, you cannot send yourself or Montblanc out. Also, there are 2 kinds of 
completion methods. Sound confusing? Let me explain. When you choose a person to go 
out and after equipping a Mission Item (see 4.3), you get to the “make sure you’re 
okay with the mission” page. Notice where it says “[Dpatch] days:” or “[Dpatch] 
enemies ” If it is “[Dpatch] days:” then you just have to go through the listed days 
to complete the missions. If it’s “[Dpatch] enemies:” you have to defeat the listed 
amount of enemies, which can be people, totemas, monsters, etc. Choosing the correct 
member for a mission is critical. At the screen where you choose the character to be 
dispatched, watch them. If the character is sitting and/or crying, they are not 
capable of completing the mission. Characters standing up have a 50% chance of 
succesful completion. Characters jumping up and down have a 95% chance of success. 
ALWAYS aim to choose members who are jumpin up and down. To get members to be in the 
succesful state, try increasing their level and known abilities. Sometimes, only 
certain jobs can be dispatched for missions. (i.e. White Mage only, Hunter only)

4.3- Mission Items:
Okay, as mentioned in Section 4.1, some missions require Mission Items. Mission 
Items are basically items that can be used to increase your power and to help with 
missions. Mission Items can be obtained by completing certain missions and events. 
Mission Items can also be used on missions that don’t require them. To view your 
mission items, do the same as with Mission status, except this time choose “Mission 
Items.” For info an item, press SELECT when it is highlighted. In total, there are 
64 Mission Items. I have not found all 64 yet, but when I do I will update the FAQ.

4.4- Laws/Law Cards:
In your first engagement, you saw the Bangaa sent to jail for breaking the law. As 
the game goes on, more than one law may be in effect at a time. Later, you learn of 
Ezel Berbier, who makes anti-laws, or law nullifiers. After you rescue him from the 
judges, he tells you of his shop where you can get law cards. You can also get them 
by completing missions after this point. To check the laws in battle, be sure to 
press SELECT when choosing units to make sure you don’t break the law and get a 
yellow card, or worse a red card. To use a Law Card in battle, when you have the 
Move/Action box up, press B, then SELECT and choose Law Cards. Point the icon to the 
law you want to get rid of, press A and choose your law card. Cards that can be used 
will be in an orange color. To add a law, do the same thing, except go to the empty 
row and press A. For more info on laws, read about them at the Pubs.


When you first stumble upon the seam to the world thread, you discover the Totema 
and its unfathomable power…

5.1- Totema Battles:
After discovering the secret of the Crystals and their guardians, the Totema, you 
will have to face all 5, one for each race. When you come upon the seam, or warp, 
you are transported to the shrine or abode of the Totema. 3 of the Totema battles 
(Famfrit, Adrammalech, Mateus) have you actually face the Totema. For the other 2 
battles (Ultima, Exodus), you have to destroy these branches of the Totema (no, not 
tree branches) because the Totema have already been weakened. Either way, after the 
battle, the Totema is defeated and the Crystal shatters, causing a change in 
Ivalice. Sounds bad, right? Well, you get a reward. By defeating the Totema, they 
reward you with their power. The power they reward you with goes to an individual 
race. What race is each Totema linked to? That you must find out yourself…

5.2- Using The Totema In Battle:
Okay, so you defeated the Totema and it has granted you its power. How do you use 
it? Simple. Notice after you defeat the Totema, you get a message saying “Added 
(insert race here) Totema Command” Basically, that means you can use the power in 
battle. To use the power, however, you MUST have 10 JP. When you have 10 JP, choose 
Totema and it will attack all enemies with an array of special effects and video 
clips. (Watch them, as some are cool) Using the Totema however, costs you 10 JP and 
counts as a Target All move.


This section will be full of notes, tips, questions from people and other stuff. I 
will edit it as I see necessary.

-In Section 7.2, when CLOTHS are listed, it IS cloths, not clothes.
-Magic Res. = Magic Resistance


Okay, this section—weapons! (And armor)

Okay, in FFTA there are many weapons to choose from. Bows, Guns, Swords, Spears, 
Rods, Instruments, etc. Since there are too many weapons to list, I will give a 
brief overview of the weapons and who can use them.

SWORDS: Basic weapon. Can be bought. Dragoons, Soldiers, and Warriors can use swords.
BLADES: Similar to a sword. Fighters, Mog Knights, and Gladiators can use blades.
SABERS: Useless weapon. Only Blue Mages can use sabers.
KNIGHT SWORDS: Defenders, Paladins and Templars can use Knight Swords.
GREAT SWORDS: Simple Weapon. Paladins and Soldiers can use Great Swords.
BROAD SWORDS: Very strong weapon. Used by Defenders and Warriors.
KNIVES: Small, but powerful. Used by Thieves and Jugglers.
RAPIERS: A favorite of Vieras. Used by Red Mages, Fencers and Elementalists. 
KATANAS: Strong when used right. Ninjas and Assassins use katanas.
STAFFS: Magic Weapons. Used by White Mages, Bishops and Summoners.
RODS: Similar to a staff. Used by Black Mages, Time Mages and Illusionists. 
MACES: Strongest Magic Weapon. Only used by Alchemists and Sages.
BOWS: Average Weapon. Only Archers use bows.
GREAT BOWS: Stronger than a bow. Used by Snipers, Hunters and Assassins.
SPEARS: A Bangaa weapon. Used primarily by Dragoons, but also Templars.
INSTRUMENTS: Weak weapons. Only used by Beast Masters and Animists. 
KNUCKLES: Strong weapons. Used by White Monks and Gadgeteers.
SOULS: Acquired by capturing a monster using Hunt. Only Morphers can use souls.
GUNS: An unexpected weapon. Only Gunners can use guns.

7.2- Armor/Helms:
As with weapons, there are too many armors and helms to list. I’ll do the same thing 
I did with weapons.

ARMOR: Can be worn by Defenders, Dragoons, Mog Knights, Paladins, Soldiers, Templars 
and Warriors.
CLOTHS: All jobs EXCEPT Defender, Dragoon and Paladin can wear cloths.
ROBES: Widely used. Bishops, Black Mages, Blue Mages, Defenders, Elementalists, 
Illusionists, Morphers, Paladins, Red Mages, Sages, Summoners, Templars, Time Mages 
and White Mages all wear robes.

HELMS: Only worn by Dragoons, Defenders, Mog Knights, Paladins, Soldiers, Warriors 
and Templars.
RIBBONS: Unique headwear. Only the Vieras can wear these.
HATS: All jobs EXCEPT Dragoons, Defenders, Paladins and White Monks can wear hats.

7.3- Shields:
I am not sure if I have found all the shields, so I will list the ones I have. Only 
Fencers, Mog Knights, Soldiers, Sages and Warriors can use shields unless they have 
mastered Shieldbearer allowing use of shields, regardless of job.

BRONZE SHIELD: Adds 0 Defense Points and has 4 Evasion and 2 Magic Res. This shield 
allows Soldiers, Warriors and Fencers to learn Shieldbearer. 
ROUND SHIELD: Also adds 0 Defense Points and has 5 Evasion and 4 Magic Res. This 
shield allows Sages, Fencers (as well as the Bronze Shield) and Mog Knights to learn 
ICE SHIELD: Adds 0 Defense, 9 Evasion and 6 Magic Res. This shield has the power to 
absorb Ice attacks; half Fire attacks, but is weak against Lightning Attacks.
CHOCO SHIELD: Made of Chocobo Hide, this shield adds 0 Defense, 10 Evasion and 0 
Magic Res.
FLAME SHIELD: Same as Ice Shield with the values it adds. This shield has the power 
to absorb Fire attacks; half Ice attacks, but is weak against Water attacks.
OPAL SHIELD: This shield adds 2 Defense, 7 Evasion and 6 Magic Res. This shield has 
no other effects.
DIAMOND SHIELD: Stats unknown…
AEGIS SHIELD: Stats unknown…

7.4- Accessories:
These items can be used by ALL jobs. As with shields, I will only list the 
accessories I have. If you have others not listed, please tell me. For the ones 
without stats, I had the item but it was either stolen or destroyed in battle…

SPIKED BOOTS: Adds 4 Defense, Increase your Jump by 1.
GAUNTLETS: Adds 5 Weapon Attack and 5 Weapon Defense.
BATTTLE BOOTS: Adds 7 Defense.
FORTUNE RING: Adds 3 Defense, 5 Magic Res. and nulls Sleep/Doom.
MAGIC RING: Adds 3 Magic Power and 10 Magic Res.
SCARAB: Adds 2 Defense and 8 Magic Res. Nulls Immobilize/Disarm/Frog
ANGEL RING: Added Stats unknown. Bestows Auto-Raise on wearer.
CALIGULAS: Added Stats unknown. Increases your Jump by 2.
THIEF ARMLETS: Added Stats unknown. Increases your chance to steal.
BONE ARMLETS: Added Stats unknown. Increases your weapon attack and defense.


Usable items are healing items. These items can be used in battle by choosing “Item” 
from the Action box. (You have to assign “Item” as an ability) These items can heal 
HP, cure status or other things.

POTION: Heals 25 HP (Deals Damage to Zombies)
HI-POTION: Heals 50 HP (Deals Damage to Zombies)
X-POTION: Heals 150 HP (Deals Damage to Zombies)
ANTIDOTE: Heal Poison Status
BANDAGE: Cures Immobilize/Disable
PHOENIX DOWN: Revives fallen unit and half HP
HOLY WATER: Cures Zombification. (Deals Damage to Zombies)
ETHER: Restores ALL MP
MAX ETHER: Restores ALL HP and MP
SOFT: Cures Petrify status
EYE DROPS: Cures Blind Status
ECHO SCREEN: Cures Silence
MAIDENS KISS: Cures Frog Shape
CUREALL: Cures every status condition you have


Okay, many moves are used in the game. I’ll list the most used ones. 
If you think one should be added, please contact me.

CHOCOBO RUSH: Summons Chocobos to damage in a line.
AIR RENDER: Strikes at an aimed distance.
OMEGA: Heavy Damage
ULTIMA (not the Totema): Heavy Damage
EXPLODE: Heavy Damage
TAKE AIM: 100% Accuracy, low damage
STEAL: Steals an item
HURL: Throws an item
BREATH OF GOD: Totema move
FIRST AID: Heals HP and Status
JUMP: Ranged attack for Dragoons
DOUBLE SHOT: 2 Consecutive Hits
QUARTER: Deals ¼ of your total HP as damage
DEMI: Deals ½ of your total HP as damage
DEATH: One hit KO
ICE/FIRE/LIGHTNING BREATH: Dragon area damage attack
CURE: Cures HP


All the info you’ll need!

10.1- How to Contact Me:
Contact Psionic:
AIM Screen Name: PsionicMWarrior
Email: [email protected] (please put FFTA FAQ in subject line!)
Web Site:

Contact Mech Raptor:
AIM Screen Name: Velociraptor811
Email: [email protected] (please put FFTA FAQ in subject line!)
Web Site: Currently being worked on…

10.2- Questions/Comments:
Please email all questions/comments to the addresses above! If necessary, you may IM 
me, Psionic.

10.3- FAQ use Rules and Regulations
-Reproduction of this FAQ is prohibited
-Before posting parts of this FAQ elsewhere, you MUST ask permission via e-mail 
first and tell where you will be posting this information
-This FAQ is copyrighted and may not be taken credit for by anyone other than 
Psionic and Mech Raptor.

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