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I'm marjo5858, and I'll tell you where to find the lost 
Level 1: City Escape: To find the lost chao in City Escape, you must have Sonic's 
Mystic Melody. Go to the part where you fall from all of the buildings. When you 
reach the bottom, turn left and go back. You should see a ruin. Use Mystic Melody, 
and a spring will appear. Jump on it, and you'll go up a bunch of pulleys. at the 
top, the lost chao will be sitting 
Level 3:    Prison Lane: You need Hover and Mystic Melody for Tails to find the 
lost chao in this stage. Go to the part where there are 2 wooden containers and a 
flying guy. You should see an elevator to your right. Go on it. If you look to your 
left, you should see a big platform with a ruin. Hover to it. Once you get there, 
use Mystic Melody. The chao is found high up in jailbars. I forget if you use a 
pulley, a spring, or both after you use Mystic 
Level 2:    Wild Canyon: You need Mystic Melody, Dig, iron container breaker. When 
you start the level, climb all the way to the top of the starting point room until 
you see an area shaped like a circle. Run around until you see 4 iron containers. 
Break them. Dig into the painting you see. There should be a ruin. Use Mystic 
Melody on it, and a portal should open up. There is another ruin, and if you use 
Mystic Melody, a swirling thingy will appear. Jump into it. There it is. The lost 
Level 6: Pumpkin Hill: All you need is Mystic Melody. Go to the top of pumpkin 
mountain. A ruin is at the top. Use Mystic Melody, and platforms will appear. Jump 
on them. At the end of them, a few normal platforms are there. At the end of those 
platforms, is the lost 
Level 14: Meteor Herd: To find the lost chao in this level, all you need is Mystic 
Melody. Go to the very top of the building with lights (not the place where 
Knuckles and rouge fight). A platform connected to the building is where the ruin 
is. Use Mystic Melody, and a blue swirly thing will appear. Jump into it, and 
you'll drop down in an area made of metal. Soon, you'll see the lost 
 2.DARK     A2.Shadow: I do not have Mystic Melody for 
Level 1: Iron Gate: You need Hover, Mystic Melody, and Iron Container Breaker. Go 
to area 3. Look to your left, and there should be an iron container on a small 
platform. Break it. Hover to it, and jump on the spring that appears. Up there, on 
the platform the spring took you to, start hovering off the platform to your left. 
You'll see a platform with a ruin. I think you can get it from 
Level 3: Sand Ocean: You need hover and Mystic Melody. Go on the spinning thing. 
Jump on the place opposing where you go to beat the level. Defeat the enemy, and 
you can access the ruin. The ruin will take you to the lost chao. Find the rest out 
Level 2:    Dry Lagoon: You'll need dig, iron container breaker, and Mystic Melody. 
Do everything the way you would for Knuckles' Wild Canyon 
 Level 5: Egg Quarters: In order to find the lost chao in Egg Quarters, you must 
have dig and Mystic Melody. *NOTE: dig power is found in this level! Go to the room 
shaped like a circle with the moving spike balls. Jump on the big platform which 
the balls are connected to. A ruin is there, so use Mystic Melody. A blue swirly 
will appear. Get in it, and I think you might have to dig into a painting. You'll 
end up in a room with one of those big black things that crushes you. Quickly, run 
down under it and the lost chao is down 
 Level 12: Mad Space: All you need to find the lost chao in this level is Mystic 
Melody. Somewhere you'll see a platform with one of those tentacle guys. Defeat it, 
and behind it is a ruin. If you use Mystic Melody, a swirly will appear. Jump into 
it, and you'll end up in a metal room. You'll find the lost chao 
That's all I know on finding the lost chao. BYE!!!!!!!!!! If I discover anything 
new, I'll update it as soon as I can. Reading this guide could give you a whopping 

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