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                              \.:*~FIRE EMBLEM~*:./

*note that I cannot help you in training characters or battling, but I can point 
out where items are, small tips, and hints on who to choose in preparation mode.

~Getting Started~ 

-first of all, press start
-then you will have a few choices to enter from on the main menu
-you're probably going to want to go to "new game"
-after you've chosen "new game", enter your personal info (name, birthday, gender)
-now you're ready to go!


??-"Are you awake?"
Girl-"I found you unconcious on the plains."
Girl-"I am Lyn, of the Lorca tribe. You're safe now."
Girl-"Who are you? Can you remember your name?"
Girl-"Your name is ___? What an odd-sounding name...But pay no mind. It's a good 
Girl-"I see by your attire that you are a traveler. What brings you to the Sacae
      Plains? Would you share your story with me?
Girl-"Hm? What was that noise?"
Girl-"I'll go see what's happening. ____, wait here for me."

She goes outside and runs back in

Girl-"Oh, no! Bandits! They must have come down from the Bern Mountains! The must 
      be planning on raiding the local villages. I... I have to stop them!"
Girl-"If that's all of them, I think I can handle them on my own. You'll be safe 
      in here ____."
Girl-"What? You want to help? Well, can you use a weapon?"
Girl-"Ah, I see... So you're a strategist by trade? An odd profession, but..."
Girl-"Very well. We'll go together!" 

They exit

Girl-"Over here!"
Girl-"If you want to help, ____, I could use your advise. I'll protect you so stay
      close to me."

~You're First Battle with Lyn~
goal-seize throne
*hints- just follow the instructions given to you

Lyn facts- Lord from Sacae/Caelin
           compatable weapons-sword

I can help you with this battle since it is all the same to everyone.

1-To start off, move as far left as possible with Lyn and click wait.
2-Next, the opponent brigand will move towards you. So, on your move, you should 
  get close to him and attack. You will attack twice this time and hit him both 
  times. He will miss. On his turn he will attack, hit you, and you will kill him.
3-Now, you will have to use a vulnerary, so move where it tells you to. Then,click 
  on item and go to vulnerary, and WOW- you're back to full health.
4-Now time for your first boss, get next to him and attack him. You will hit him 
  twice, but he will also hit you.
5-It's now his turn and you're low on health, luckily when he attacks he misses you
  which allows you to attack two more times, the first will take him to 8 health
  left and your second ends up being the killing blow that is a critical hit. Now
  you're level 2(WAY TO GO!), even though your weak it is a start.
6-All that's left is to seize the throne. So, take Lyn to where the boss was and 
  click on "seize". You win!

Lyn asks if she can travel with you and you learn about her parents' tragedy

~CHAPTER 1-Footsteps of Fate~
goal-defeat all enemies
*hints-you are in Bulgar,the biggest city of Sacae. Here you find Kent and Sain.

Kent and Sain facts- cavaliers from Lycia
                     compatable weapons-sword and lance

1. For the beginning just follow the instructions that they give to you. You will 
   learn about the weapon triangle here, if you need to review this triangle, then
   look for it at the bottom of this walkthrough. You will also learn how to trade 
   items. Also, you will learn about the advantage of the woods.
2. After they get done teaching all that stuff, kill the remaining brigands. Here's
   a little tip! Stay in the trees until you are forced to move to attack. It lowers
   their accuracy rate. All of the opponents on this level are axe-wielders, so it 
   would be best to just use swords as your main weapon.
3. Next, all you have to do is kill the boss. An easy way to kill him is to surround
   him. If he SOMEHOW happens to get you in a bad situation, remember about the 
   vulneraries you own and use them.
4. After you kill Zugu(that's the name of the boss in this chapter), you win!

After you win there will be much talking. In this, you learn that Lyn's/Lyndis' 
grandfather is the marquess of Caelin and her granduncle, Lord Lungdren, thinks 
that Lyndis is out for a title and wants her head.

~CHAPTER 2-Sword of Spirits~
goal-seize throne
*hints-you will find the Mani Katti, a sacred blade that chooses Lyn as its wielder.
       also, the boss wields a sword, so fight with Kent and Sain's lances. 

1. First, follow the instructions, which means we have to go down and talk to all
   villagers for clues.
2. After that, kill all of the reachable enemies. Here's a hint, use the trees as 
   protection. Also, use the fortresses which raise defense, lowers their accuracy,
   and heals you once every turn (cool eh?).
3. After you kill them, you figure out that horses can't cross mountains so how are 
   you going to get to that boss when the entrance to the building is blocked by 
   mountains. Well, you can notice that Lyndis CAN cross it, but Kent and Sain have 
   to break down the wall. Find the part of the wall that is cracked and destroy it.
   Now, you have an entrance for Kent and Sain.
4. Now to kill the Mercenary boss, Glass. He's another relatively easy opponent if 
   you use lances. 2-3 hits and he'll fall. If you haven't killed the remaining 
   brigands, then do so now.
5. All that's left is to seize the throne. YOU WIN!

Lyn saves the old priest and he allows her to try and pull the Mani Katti from its 
sheath. She does it effortlessly...The Legendary Mani Katti is now hers to wield.

Meanwhile... Lord Lungdren poisons his brother (the marquess) and hopes that Lyn's 
life is growing short.

~CHAPTER 3-Band of Mercenaries~
goal-defeat all enemies
*hints-You will get two new characters in this level, Florina and Wil.

Florina facts-Pegasus Knight of Ilia
              compatable weapons-Lance
Wil facts- Archer from "unknown"
           compatable weapons-bow, ballista
           weakness-close ranged combat

1.First follow the given instructions to learn about Wil and Florina. Next, visit 
  the village in the upper-left hand corner of your screen with Florina. You will 
  2,000 gold and learn a little about armories. Make sure to visit the local armory.
2.Kill all of the enemies. These enemies include mercenaries, brigands, and archers.
  Kill the mercenaries with lances, the brigands with swords, and anything against
  the archers. Make sure you move in on archers fairly fast so they can't use 
  indirect combat on you (it gets annoying).
3.The easiest way to kill the boss is with Wil. Just get two spaces away and fire 
  away at him. He won't even move in on Wil to kill him. This is as easy as it gets.
  All you have to do is kill him and you win! 

Lyn asks Florina and Wil if they will accompany Lyn in her quest. They both agree. 
You also learn of the Ganelon Bandits who are out for your army's necks.

~CHAPTER 4-In Occupant's Shadow~
goal-protect Natalie for 7 turns
*hints-You will get Dorcas in this chapter.
       The easiest way I found to win was by placing Kent and Sain in the front 
       entrance so that they can only be attacked by one way.

Dorcas facts-Fighter from "unknown"
             compatable weapons-Axe

1. First follow the given instructions, which is putting Lyndis by the eastern
   entrence. She will end up talking to Dorcas who is Natalie's wife. He sides with
   you. This is a good way to build your army(by talking). He contains a weapon 
   called a hand-axe which can be a long or short-ranged 
2. Place Kent and Sain in the main entrence so they can only be attacked from one 
   direction which makes defending much easier. Have Wil and Florina attack the 
   mercenary and brigand on the western wall. Do not break the wall down, as it will
   be used to delay them from entering. Just keep shooting them with Wil, and when 
   they do break the wall down, fill it with Florina and have Wil behind her still 
   shooting. Guard the eastern entrence with Dorcas and Lyndis. No ones breaking 
   these defenses.
3. Really all you have to do is protect Natalie, but if you want to gain a few more 
   experience points, then move in and kill the boss, Carjiga. He wields an axe so 
   you should use swords on him. Otherwise, just guard Natalie. You win!

You ask Dorcas if he will join you in Lyn's journey to Caelin. He agrees saying 
that he needs a way to get money, and that he has a debt to you for saving his wife.

~CHAPTER 5-Beyond the Borders~
goal-defeat all enemies
*hints-you will stumble upon Erk and Serra in this chapter

Erk facts- Mage from "unknown"
           compatable weapons-anima magic
           weakness-Elder/Black magic

Serra facts- Cleric from Ostia
             compatable weapons-staves

1. First, Erk will automatically challenge an archer nearby. Then it will instruct
   you to move Lyn next to Serra so you can talk to her. Bingo! you can now control 
   Serra and Erk on your own. Now use your new unit, Serra, to heal Erk. Now, move
   Erk in some spot where you can deliver the killing blow to end the archer's life.
2. Next, I suggests killing any enemies(or atleast wound them). You don't really 
   have to do this, but send Florina across the water near that house. A mercenary 
   will attack you on his turn and you can kill him on your next.
3. I suggest that you kill as many enemies as possible with Erk and try to always 
   use Serra's healing power every turn if possible. Serra is hard to train but if 
   you can get her leveled up high, then later on in the game, you can promote her 
   so she can use magic. Erk will also be very powerful if recruited well. Most 
   magic users are.
4. After you've killed the regular enemies, try to visit the houses and go to the 
   armory if you have money to restock your weapons. But, keep at least half of your
   money for later.
5. The boss, Bug (yeah, that is his name), is a brigand and wields an axe. So I 
   recommend using Wil and Erk with indirect combat and using 2 of your sword 
   wielding units to use direct combat. Use Serra to heal injured units if needed.
   Once he's did as well as the other enemy units.....YOU WIN AGAIN!!

Just as Lyn says goodbye to Serra and Erk Sain jumps in and invites Erk and Serra 
to join them. Serra realizes that Lyn is a pretty important person and it is good 
to have Lyndis in her debt. They both agree, or atleast Serra agrees for Erk. You 
now control magic wielders!

Meanwhile...Lord Lungdren is furious about hearing of Lyn's passing through the 
borders. He sends many men to Araphen to meet her. He gets so angered that he even 
doubles the poison's strength for the marquess.

~CHAPTER 5-Blood of Pride~
goal-hit all three switches
*hints-You are in Araphen, the second largest city in Lycia
       You will aquire Mathew and Rath in this chapter

Rath facts- Nomad from Sacae
            compatable weapons-bow
            weakness-close-ranged combat

Matthew-Thief from Ostia
        compatable weapons-sword (and if you consider a pick)

1.First, follow the instructions, which means; visit the village, hire Matthew, 
  open the door with Matthew, and have Rath "wait" on the switch to trigger it.
2.Now you should visit all of the villages. You should get a door key out of
  this. Kill any enemy units nearby.
3.Now that you've triggered one of the switches a sopt clears in the wall that 
  allows Matthew to see a treasure chest that he wants to open, so do so. It 
  contains an Angelic Robe which raises your Maximum HP. Now kill any enemy units 
  nearby as always, and open the the other door to the south with your door key you 
  received. There is a guard inside, kill him, and step on the second switch which 
  will open up your way to the boss and a weak little archer.
4.Before you fight the boss, there is a locked door with a guard in front of it. 
  Kill the guard, open the chest, and WUPEE! You got an armorslayer.
5.The boss, Bool, is pretty new to you because he is a knight. This means he is 
  heavily armored which gives him awesome defense. Although, he is weak against
  MAGIC, AXES, and your new ARMORSLAYER. So, use indirect combat with Erk, direct  
  combat with Dorcas and anyone who can wield the armorslayer. Magic is the best.
  Don't even try using arrows on him because it barely does anything if anything at
6.After you kill him, wait on the switch and YOU WIN!! And you enter the hidden
  passage to meet the marquess of Araphen.

Lyn and her growing army finally meet the marquess of Araphen. Yet, when they 
approach, he sees the blood of the Sacae in her. Hating the Sacae, the marquess 
swiftly withdraws his offer. Being proud of her heritage, Lyn leaves the castle 
without argue. Then, Rath overhears the marquess talking about how the Sacae are 
such savages. Rath ends his service and sets out to aid Lyn with 5,000 gold and 

~CHAPTER 7-Siblings Abroad~
goal-seize throne
*hints-you get Nils and Lucius in this chapter
       you are in Kathelet, and are only 10 days from Castle Caelin
       Learn about to magic triangle
Nils facts-Bard from ?? (it's a secret right now)
           compatable weapons- rings(don't get any for a while)

Lucius facts-Monk from "unknown"
             compatable weapons-Light magic
             weakness-Anima magic

-I'll now be telling you who to take and other hints in preperation mode!

a.if I were you I wouldn't take Wil, I would take Rath instead.
b.there are magic users here, so Florina should shine.
c.keep Matthew out(there's no chests) unless you want to increase his sword-play.
d.check to see if everyone is stocked on weapons and trade items from people who 
  can't wield them, to people who can

1.First, do what it says, move Lucius by a shaman. Then Nils comes in, move him 
  next to Lucius and then select "Play", Lucius can now move again to kill the 
  shaman. I would also visit the shop on this turn too, and visit the villagers.
2.Kill all the enemies you can on this turn, and make sure you use Nils, because it 
  there is no other way to level him up other than by playing songs to units.
3.Make sure that you visit the North-East village because the man there will give 
  you Pure Water. Now, this is just something that I did, I sent Florina south over
  the mountains and across the river to defeat a couple of shamans down there.
4.All the guys on horse-back have to take the eastern bridge by the village, 
  because of the mountains the block the other side of the bridge. Kill all the guys
  that are near you.
5.This is kinda cool, if you visit the little south-eastern house that's all alone,
  you will meet the Ostian noble,Hector, who is a main character later in the game. 
  He speaks of the character, Eliwood, who to is another main character. Here's a 
  little hint, speak to Hecter with Matthew if you brought him.
6.Now the boss, Heintz. Use Florina on him since she has good magic resistance. 
  Close-ranged combat is your best stradegy. Use Lucius too.Fight mostly with magic.
7.After he's dead, seize the throne with Lyn.

Lyn and her group search for Nils' sister, Ninian, but are unsuccessful...Until... 
Eliwood shows up with a young women in his arms...It is Ninian! Lyn and Eliwood 
quickly become close friends. Ninian tells that she is a dancer who performs 
"Sacred Dances". Ninian and Nils tell about their ability to sense danger which 
convinces Lyn to let them travel with her and her group. Ninian later sees that she 
has lost her precious ring.

!!this will or will not be your first side quest!!
!!depending on if you want to help Ninian and Nils!!

~CHAPTER 7x-The Black Shadow~
goal-defeat all enemies
*hints-use the narrow corridors to your advantage

a.Florina is useless in here so change her. sure to take Matthew to open the doors and chests.
c.take anybody who can attack from atleast two spaces away. would be wise to take and train Nils too.

1.First of all, I'm gonna tell you that this stage is very simple if you play it 
  right. Start by making sure that Matthew and an escort go to the cracked wall to 
  to the chest. Kill the archer and open the chest.A hammer will be inside.Make sure
  that you get to the chest before the other enemy thief does.
2.Now, split your stongest guys up and make them lead the people who can attack far
  away. This is so easy is you do this that it could come after the 1st chapter.
3.The boss is a mercenary and is farely easy as well. Really all you have to do is
  surround him with archers and magicians and then unload on him.
4.After everyone's dead, YOU WIN!!

Lyn presses onward towards her destination after recovering Nini's Grace. Nils and 
Ninian are very grateful.

Meanwhile... Lord Lungdren sends more men to kill Lyn.

~CHAPTER 8-Vortex of Strategy~
goal-defeat all enemies
*hints-capture the ballista

a.don't take Florina because the ballista would kill
b.bring Wil because once you kill the dude in the ballista, Wil can use it.
c.This is kinda strange, but Matthew won't be attending you for awhile due to some 
  "minor business".

1.First of all, whoever has the best defense should just sit out in the open away 
  everyone else to be a decoy.
2.take the ballista out as early as possible.
3.Visit the armory and village. You get a free lancereaver from the village
4.After the ballista is gone, place Wil in it, and have him shoot at the people 
  down by the forts.
5.The boss, Yogi, is a knight and wields an Axereaver(don't use axes). Use magic 
  and Armorslayers. He's your hardest boss so far. After he dies.....YOU WIN!!!

Matthew returns astonished and gives credit to Lyn for being able to take out the 
ballista. Matthew tells that he was gathering information in the village, and he 
heard that the marquess was being poisoned by his own brother. He also learns that 
Lord Lungdren started to tell all who would listen that Lyn was an imposter. This 
means that there was also two traitorous knights guiding this imposter. Kent is 

~CHAPTER 9-A Grim Reunion~
goal-seize throne
*hints-You get Wallace here.
       Matthew can see farther than others in the fog

Wallace facts-General from Caelin
              compatable weapons-Lance and Axe
              weakness-Magic and Armorslayers

a.Matthew would be good because he can see farther than all the others in the fog.
b.Otherwise, just take whoever you like. whatever things that need to be traded.

1.You start out meeting a knight named Lord Wallace. He used to be the commander of 
  the knights of Caelin. He starts as your enemy but then sees Lyn's eyes as claims 
  that she is telling the truth. He then decides to join you.
2.Now just follow the instructions given and you get to see the knight be promoted
  to General. He can now use axes. His defense is awesome now so make use of it.
3.Now that that's all taken care of, visit the village so you acn get some torches.
  they light up a portion of land when the fog rolls in.
4.After maybe two turns, the fog comes rolling in. Matthew can still see far. Be 
  careful and guard and men closely so that you don't get caught with a surpise 
5.The enemy will send many reinforcements, mostly brigands, through the forts.
6.Visit the house to the north.
7.The boss, Eagler, is a Paladin (promoted from cavalier) and carries axes and 
  lances. Use magic on him and also use General Wallace, because he almost gets 0
  damage every time.
8.Seize the throne.....YOU  WIN!!

Lyn closes in on Castle Caelin, and is ready to save her grandfather.

Meanwhile...Lord Lungdren curses at the Marquess for being in the way of the 
throne. He tells the Marquess that Lyn is dead and soon he would follow.

~CHAPTER 10-The Distant Plains~
goal-seize throne
*hints-use magic on Lord Lungdren
       visit the armory, it contains many powerful weapons to break Lord Lungdren
       the rain will slow you down, so just keep most of your people together.

This is the the battle to decide the throne-are you ready┬┐?
a.It's your lucky day! Because....YOU GET TO TAKE EVERYBODY!
b.really all you have to do is trade any items that need to be traded.

1.First, send Florina over the mountains and have her kill a mercenary or two, and a
  brigand. Visit the North-eastern house, the girl will tell you about the rain and
  how it affects you. 
2.Visit the North-western house, the boy will tell you about his father's armory, 
  and a few things about Lord Lungdren. Kill all who get in your way.
3.After about 2 turns it will rain, Rath won't be too much affected, but the rest 
  will. Just listen to Ly nand she'll tell you when it will stop and come.
4.Visit the village, they are all behind Lady Lyndis and they will give you an
  Energy Ring. Then, break down the old snag to reach the armory.
5.Visit the armory, they have everything you need to battle Lord Lungdren. The shop
  is also useful because it has Thunder in it for Erk to use. Magic is effective too
  against LordLungdren.
6.The Battle the decides the throne is finally here...Lord Lungdren...Make sure 
  Serra is near so that she can heal people, but don't get her in range of his
  javelin. He wields a SILVER lance which means "BE CAREFUL" about who fights. 
  Wallace would be good because of his defense. try to mainly use distant attacks
  like Fire, Thunder, and Lightning.
7.Now for the the thing we've all been waiting for........Have Lyn seize the throne.

Finally Lyndis and her grandfather are united for the first time. Lyn's grandfather 
survives the poison and fights it away. They live happily for not even a year until 
something happens.

Now you'll go through a hole bunch a stuff. After all of it it will ask you if you 
want to continue with Eliwoods tale. You have to do this if you want to know what I 
ment by "something happens". I'm making a walkthrough for that next but it is not 
featured in this one.

~!Here's just a few tips for battling!~

~The Weapon Triangle~

*Swords bests Axes
*Axes bests Lances
*Lances bests Swords

take note that weapons like the axereaver, swordreaver,and lancereaver reverse this
~Magic Trinity~

*Anima bests Light
*Light bests Black
*Black bests Anima

-In any level where there are thin corriders, use them. Stay inside them so you can 
battle one guy at a time instead of having them surround you.

-before you start the level, go to check map, the go to view map and see what kinds 
of weapons your enemy uses. 

-you can also switch your guys' starting areas too by going to Formation.

-an easy to kill some bosses is if they only have a close-ranged weapon, stand a 
two spaces away and kill them. They usually don't even move.

-to train your weaker guys, just weaken the boss of that level and have your weak 
guy just finish him off and he'll get most of the credit and usually grow one level.

~Here's a list of the bosses in Lyn's tale~
(this doesn't include side-quests)

Batta    -Brigand-PROLOGUE
Zugu     -Brigand-CHAPTER.....1
Glass    -Mercenary-CHAPTER...2
Migal    -Brigand-CHAPTER.....3
Carjiga  -Brigand-CHAPTER.....4
Bug      -Brigand-CHAPTER.....5
Bool     -Knight-CHAPTER......6
Heintz   -Shaman-CHAPTER......7
Yogi     -Knight-CHAPTER......8
Eagler   -Paladin-CHAPTER.....9
Lungdren -General-CHAPTER.....10

Well, that's all I can help you all with right now.
Hope you liked it!





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