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Hello again, It is Forrest, with another great walkthrough, This one is for raising 
your kid and providing for a family. WARNING! cotains spoilers!

1. congrats it's a boy!

you thought you had it all, A nice wife, a great farm, not a care in the world. You 
soon find out you have to take care for a family. you have a sweet, adorable boy, 
That's the last thing you need is a kid right. It's actually pretty fun. It's a 
surprise, who knows he could grow to love you. or hate you. He could take over the 
farm or become a musician. It's all up to YOU!

2. Toddler years.

these are the years to influence your kids interests and gain his love and trust. 
First his career path. there are 6 career choices.   Scholar, music, athlete, 
artist, plant farmer, or animal rancher. To guide him towards the scholar path. Do 
the following: Befriend Daryl(scientist),and flora and Carter at the dig site. Daryl 
likes fish. I do not Know about Carter and Flora. give him the car and/or the 
blocks. show him to Daryl and the dig site people. Use milker and electric shears.   
to guide him towards music do the following: befriend Gustafa and lumina. show him 
to gustafa and Lumina. I don't know any toys. For the athlete do the following: 
befriend Hugh and wally and chris. They love milk?! Show him to their family. buy 
him the ball. for the artist do the following: befriend cody(artist). I don't know 
what he likes. and keep the scratch pad. For plants do the following: show him 
plants. befriend vestas family. and show him to them. (Celia's son already loves 
plants so you are set.). For animls do the following: own lots of animals. dont let 
them die. dont use milker. bring him to barn often. show him pets and eggs. dont 
know any toys. to make him love you pick him up when he asks you. hug him and all 
that jazz.

3. kid years.
By now he knows his interests. and has his own room. to really find uot read his 
journal on bookshelf. he either loves you or not. He is more fun to talk you. be 
kind. have fun while you can and dont make him grow up too fast.

4. teenage years.
In my game my son hated me. don't relive my mistake. be kind. he  might have a crush 
on a girl. usually nami's kid does. He is fun and understands you(hopefully). don't 
stop him from life's experiences. he is a teen with a life(hopefully).

5. they grow up so fast.
he is a pre-mature adult, my son hated my house and loved the farm. he was never 
inside the house only with the animals. you age a little.

6. Adult.
Sadly lifes journey is almost at its end. your son has a job and a life
(hopefully).there is nothing left of you in his life you've done all you could. you 
raised him from a toddler. you have known him, almost 30 years game time. you have 
gray hair, like many others in town. After the twilight chapter you die. (before 
takakura I know scary) you watch a cutscene with your son wife and takakura. life is 
over you loved your kid and he loved you(hopefully). Congratulations you owned a 
farm, got married, raised a kid and provided for a family. not a care in the world 
right(or in this case heaven or hell) who knows maybe he took over the farm, maybe 
he was a musician. well you know!

-----plagerizm is a dumb thing. if you have respect you will write your own work. 
questions email me at [email protected] put harvest moon in the title or I asume 
it is junk. thanx for reading   

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