Flying Without License: Planes and Heli's! - Guide for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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It's me again, and this time I’m not parachuting, I’m exploring for stuff that you 
don't need a pilot license for.

And I found something you may be interested in; it's called a crop duster. It's on 
top of a huge hill, with a trail that winds all around it. It's just a little bit 
south of Easter Airport; it looks like a swirl of brown in your map. When you get 
into it, you can click R3 and spray poison for the crop fields. But there's 
something special about this one. You can do front flips, back flips and barrel 
rolls, all by moving the Right Analog stick. Move the stick up and hold it for a 
front flip, down for a back flip, or side-to-side for rolls. Note: You'll need to 
be pretty high up in the air to do this.

Yes, the maverick from vice city returns, with better sounds. This can be found in 
Easter bay airport, don't fret if all the planes are locked, because they probably 
all are if you don't have your license. The Maverick is the only unlocked one 
without having your license and is to the far Southeastern corner of Easter bay 
Airport. On your map it's by the last of the little squares. 

IF you don't understand where any of these things are, email me and I’ll try to 
give more specific details.

There's only one qualification that is required for you to fly these two aircrafts 
and those requirements are:
You need to have beaten the Green Sabre, and you need to sneak over Easter bay 
Airports walls.

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